INVISIBLE INFLUENCE: The HIDDEN Force That Shapes Your “CURRENT” LIFE’S Journey! with Dr. Toni Reilly

In the vast theater of existence, some individuals possess the rare ability to traverse the boundaries of life and death, uncovering the timeless truths that bind us all. Today, we welcome Dr. Toni Reilly, a distinguished past life regression therapist whose profound work delves into the mysteries of reincarnation and the soul’s eternal journey. Dr. Reilly’s exploration of past lives offers transformative insights into the human experience, revealing the hidden connections that shape our current realities.

Dr. Toni Reilly began her journey into the realm of past lives and reincarnation about 20 years ago. At the time, she was going through significant changes in her life, including the end of her marriage, which led her on a path of soul-searching. This period of introspection awakened her intuition and introduced her to the concept of past lives through Dr. Brian Weiss’s book, Many Lives, Many Masters. “It seemed so cliché, but everything clicked, and I thought, ‘Oh, this is what I’m here to do,'” she recalled. Driven by this newfound purpose, Dr. Reilly pursued training in past life regression and started documenting her cases, each one reinforcing her belief in the therapeutic value of this work.

Dr. Reilly’s method of past life regression involves guiding individuals into a relaxed, meditative state where they can recall experiences from previous lifetimes. This process, she explains, taps directly into the soul’s energy, revealing memories that are essential for healing and self-awareness. “It’s a beautiful thing,” Dr. Toni Reilly describes. “People start to recall themselves at another time, often seeing and feeling these past experiences as if they are happening now.”

One of the most profound aspects of Dr. Reilly’s work is the concept of the “in-between” lives, a space where souls prepare to incarnate. Here, souls review past experiences, plan future ones, and understand the purpose behind their current life circumstances. “Beyond that space, we don’t have a mind. It’s just this beautiful everything and nothing,” she explains. This understanding helps individuals realize that their life’s challenges and circumstances are not random but part of a carefully planned blueprint designed for their soul’s growth.


  1. Understanding Life’s Blueprint: Dr. Reilly emphasizes that our lives are predestined, and every experience is part of a larger plan. This perspective can be liberating, as it shifts the focus from blaming oneself for perceived mistakes to understanding the deeper purpose behind life’s events.
  2. Healing Through Past Life Recall: Recalling past lives can provide significant therapeutic benefits. By understanding the origins of fears, phobias, or physical symptoms, individuals can achieve profound healing. This process often brings a deep sense of relief and clarity, enabling them to move forward in their current lives with greater ease and understanding.
  3. Embracing Self-Awareness: The ultimate goal of past life regression is to foster self-awareness. Dr. Reilly explains that recognizing patterns from past lives can help individuals understand their current emotional and psychological states. This awareness is crucial for personal growth and development, as it allows one to live more authentically and with greater compassion.

Dr. Reilly’s work has not only transformed the lives of her clients but has also provided her with deep personal insights. Her first past life regression experience revealed a life as a young girl in Scotland and a man of status, both of which explained her intuitive abilities and fears in her current life. These revelations were pivotal in her journey, allowing her to embrace her gifts and overcome personal challenges.

Today, Dr. Toni Reilly continues to explore and teach the concepts of past lives and reincarnation through her institute. Her work underscores the importance of understanding our soul’s journey and the interconnectedness of all our experiences. By embracing these insights, we can live more fulfilled and meaningful lives, aware of the larger tapestry of which we are a part.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Toni Reilly.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 320

Dr. Toni Reilly 0:00
Beyond that space, we don't have a mind. So there is no choice. It's just this beautiful, everything and nothing. But in the in between space, there's this interaction. Sometimes you see it as human light. And sometimes it's more, much more energetic color, for example. And, but what happens there is we're deciding what we're doing, you know, we aren't when we go back as now, if we go back for a visit in between, we'll find out why we planned what we're doing now, why we have these circumstances, and what the purpose of them was. So all of the information from what we're doing here, what we've done before, and even what we'll be doing in the future, is accessible there.

Alex Ferrari 0:50
I like to welcome to the show, Dr. Toni Reilly. How, you doing Toni.

Dr. Toni Reilly 1:04
Hey, good thanks, Alex!

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Thank you so much for showing up. I appreciate it, we're gonna go into a deep dive into past lives in between lives, reincarnation, it's going to be a fun, it's going to be a fun show. So I'm excited to talk to you about it. So let me ask you, can you tell the audience a little bit about your background as a doctor in these because it's generally not something you, you know, is known as, like a doctor of past lives and reincarnation. So can you talk a little bit how you got to this point?

Dr. Toni Reilly 1:41
So it all began about 20 years ago, when I became aware of past lives. So I was in my 30s. And it seemed I had a very mainstream life before that, actually. And there were came to a time in my life where big changes were happening. I, my marriage split up. So I began soul searching. And in that soul searching place, I became aware of intuition, my intuition. And also in that process, I became aware of past lives, I read Dr. Brian wises book, many lives, many masters. And I thought it everything clicked in. And I thought, it sounds so cliche, but I thought, Oh, this is what I'm here to do. And from there, I became obsessed with making this happen. So I learned to do past lives. In fact, the lady who told me to read that book taught me, she happened to be having a Class A couple of days later, and and taught me and I went on to train with Brian Weiss. And also people came for regression. They came, who even knows where all these people came from, but they came in, I documented every case from the beginning, is so got a lot of them. And just took notice of what was happening in them. And it was healing things for them was very fascinating for me back in the day. But even before that, actually, before I started working with people, I had my own session. And that's the clincher for me, because I don't make stuff up or fool myself. And I was on the couch with the lady who taught me having a session and I could see, I could see these past lives in my mind. And they were moving almost like movies. And I could feel I felt like I was there. I felt like I knew what was going on in them. And most of all, they cleared the fears or that they cleared the things that I asked to clear.

Alex Ferrari 3:55
Well, let me start when you're saying, can you explain the process of a past life regression for people who don't understand it?

Dr. Toni Reilly 4:03
Yes. So it's, it's a beautiful thing. So basically, you're guided into a relaxed state, I don't even call it hypnosis, actually. It's just you're guided into a relaxed state, usually with guided visualization. So a meditative state. And what happens is the person starts to recall themselves at another time. So what happens is, they usually will see it in their third eye, not everyone sees but most do. So they'll have feelings as well as in if they find themselves as a small child, then body might start to feel really small if they're just lying on the couch, but it's all the senses are working all the six senses and the physical senses. So they're getting usually seeing, feeling and knowing what's going on in there and when it's facilitated the facilitators prompting for for them to respond, you can always respond. And so they'll relay back what's happening. And then the facilitators guiding them through usually to achieve fixing something, or at least mine was for the therapeutic value in it. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 5:19
So so then let me ask you on the more of the spiritual side of things, these are these memories are in our soul, if you will, are our Akashic records, as they say, so this information lives there. Are we accessing it? Through what are we accessing? Because a lot of people say, Oh, is in the subconscious mind, or it can't be in the subconscious mind, because it's a spiritual aspect of our soul, these other lives. So what are we accessing? And is it an open book, or do they only show you what you need to know, to heal or to move on in this life?

Dr. Toni Reilly 5:55
I believe that it comes directly from our soul. And when someone comes along for regression, or they do it themselves, I believe that their soul has kind of guided them to that point, so that they have something revealed to them at that very moment in their lifetime, that is going to help them for now. So although it comes from the soul energy, it's always what's given or presented to make this life here. Now better to fix something to heal something, even maybe just to help people realize that there's more. And it's we're not just here in life as a human, that, that our soul energy exists. So it has many facets of why I would come to help somebody. But yes, it comes directly from the soul. And I feel like that's why it's so effective. It's why it's so effective as a therapy, or, or even just for people to lose the fear of death, and start to really embrace life and not worry so much about things that don't matter.

Alex Ferrari 7:14
Can anyone do it? Or do you need to go through a kind of a practitioner?

Dr. Toni Reilly 7:18
Anyone can do it, anyone can do it, because we're all born of our soul energy and our soul prepared, or we agreed what we're doing here, so we can all do it. There's some colleagues of mine, even that are not fans of doing it yourself. But I in my whole 20 years, it's completely fine to do it yourself. I think the thing with a facilitator is, perhaps because your energies are together, and it's, it's, and they know what to delve for, to get to the bottom of a specific issue that you might have. And also, you're not left with questions, because the facilitator will know exactly what to ask so that you get closure from it. So you can do that yourself as well. However, the facilitator is going to take any of that thinking away for you.

Alex Ferrari 8:18
It's so for people listening, a lot of times, if you experience something in a past life, you're going to feel it in this life in some way. So if you were thrown off of a pyramid by Aztec by Aztec priests and sacrifice, you might have a fear of heights in this in this one, or if you were, you know, burned at the stake by your family because they thought you were a witch, you might have a problem. expressing yourself to your family or letting people know who you really are. Is that a fair assessment?

Dr. Toni Reilly 8:53
That is a great assessment. Yes. And I think those are really, I guess they're, they're wonderful simulations for what could happen. But very often people get into the past life, and what's happened to cause their, their feeling, or their symptom now is so simple. It's so simple, and it's so ordinary, that we I never if someone's coming for a certain symptom, I never suggest what it could be. Because often it's something that was so ordinary or normal that happened that caused, but certainly with the fires and things, those are those are not really normal things to experience, but a lot of it happens if people have a fear of fire or heights or flying, any of those things, something pretty wild will have happened for it to be such a fear.

Alex Ferrari 9:49
Interesting, and how does it work with or does it work in past lives and it affects your physical body where I've heard of scar Marine, I've heard of had one person on who's talking about a past life of theirs. And they were he was an Asian man in this life but it before he was like a six foot eight Scottish man fighting in the field somewhere in a war or battle. And he basically got axed in his in his shoulder. And he'd always had bad that shoulder has always been bad for some strange reason, like it issues with it. Is that makes sense to you in your work?

Dr. Toni Reilly 10:30
Absolutely. So, scars or birthmarks even, they will always be able to trace them back to an usually it's an injury from a past life. So certainly with the scars, they might maybe don't even have to have a scar, it might just be that they have shoulder problems and Western medicine or X rays, and X cannot detect anything. So it's this mystery. Oh, yeah. physical symptom. That's when it's like, that's from a past life. And you go along and you see, potentially something brutal. But you see it detached by the way, it's not scary to see what happened. But it fixes it almost like this.

Alex Ferrari 11:19
Yeah, I've heard stories of like, oh, there's this big mole on the back of your hand, like they hear like I was shot in the back in a war, or something along those lines, these kinds of little things that come along along the way. So let me ask you, how does understanding your past life contribute to a person's self awareness or personal growth in this lifetime?

Dr. Toni Reilly 11:37
Self awareness, my favorite side effect of past lives. I think what it does is it helps them aside from clearing fears, or phobias or physical symptoms, it helps them understand themselves. So if we look at emotionally what it does, they'll often see a past life that is similar, or certainly it invokes the same emotions in them that they're feeling now experiencing now, let's think about a relationship, that's a trouble for them, gives them trouble. So they'll they'll find out what happened, then what the cause of it was. And somehow it really gives them this deep understanding. And hence, when they understand themselves and why things are happening. It gives them big self awareness. And also, of course, what we know is self awareness is it takes the, it takes away blaming other people. So no matter what you see, in the past live, let's say someone's got a hard relationship. And they might see themselves, even potentially with the same person, but in a different, maybe different dynamics, even maybe the opposite sexes, but they see it and then they can understand why the dynamics are the way they are now, by what happened before. And it's the awareness from that you can't go back from it. It's just amazing.

Alex Ferrari 13:07
Did you have a belief and past and reincarnation before this?

Dr. Toni Reilly 13:12
I I, I wouldn't say I was not a believer. I just was not aware of it. It wasn't something that I thought about, or really was involved in

Alex Ferrari 13:23
Or grew up with. Yeah, but it wasn't something that but when I when you when that information hit you that you like, that makes sense to me. And that's where you start to go deeper and deeper.

Dr. Toni Reilly 13:33
Yeah, when I read that book, and I suppose it's potentially seems out there. But when I read that book, it was like, oh, everything. I just knew it was real and true. So yeah, so

Alex Ferrari 13:46
Can you elaborate a little bit on the concept of in between lives.

Dr. Toni Reilly 13:50
So the way I see in between lives is the space where we're preparing to incarnate. So when people describe it there, there's human elements to it, because we're talking about choosing but really, beyond that space, we don't have a mind. So there is no choice. It's just this beautiful, everything and nothing. But in the in between space. There's this interaction. Sometimes you see it as human light, and sometimes it's more much more energetic color, for example. And, but what happens there is we're deciding what we're doing, you know, we all when we go back as now if we go back for a visit in between, we'll find out why we planned what we're doing now or why we have these circumstances, and what the purpose of them was. So all of the information for what we're doing here, what we've done before and even what we'll be doing in the future, is accessible there. So it's quite the Oh, it's such a liberating and beautiful experience to get that information because it, it's so it's surpasses anything that our mind could perceive gives us a different perception. And it's, it's, it's something that you can't really explain without having the experience. Can't quite articulate it as it feels to be there.

Alex Ferrari 15:28
So you're talking a little bit about a soul blue creating your soul and your soul blueprint, if you will?

Dr. Toni Reilly 15:33
Yes, yes. And we do do that, that we come our life is it has a blueprint. And you don't even have to go between actually to access the blueprint there. There are ways that we can do that. In fact, that was one of the the big bodies of work that I did from knowing that we have a blueprint and how to access it. So I made that part of my psychology, it's called a life map. But essentially, you can't because it is predestined before we're born. Of course, we we can access it. It's why psychics can see what's what's happening, or read into us read our aura. And tell us about our attributes and your characteristics, these kinds of things. So there's, in when we access it, it makes it makes our lives make sense, it makes us makes sense. It makes us more comfortable with who we are. And even with our insecurities, everything is destined, everything is blueprinted that we do here that we experience.

Alex Ferrari 16:44
Well, what about free will, then I'll be the devil's advocate.

Dr. Toni Reilly 16:47
I love talking about freewill. So Will is of the mind and the mind is only part of the human experience. So it feels like we have wheel here. And we do because we do have a mind. But freewill when we feel like we have the willpower to change that blueprint, we don't actually, but part of that blueprint that we're living out will be that we think we can change it and we have control over it. We're control freaks people. It's it's a symptom of, of having a mind that we need to feel like we have control over what's happening. And I don't say that we don't have control so that people are apathetic or, and it's not what happens the human, the human, the way that we are overrides it. But what it does do if we realize that everything is happening with purpose, everything the good, the bad, the challenging the wonderful, then we delve deeper for why it's happening. And actually you get less caught up in the trauma of it. So finding out why things happen. Why was that part of my plan is the way to make life much more easy.

Alex Ferrari 18:12
So from my understanding, though, from what I've heard from people I've spoken to, in regards to the blueprint that, yes, everything is predestined, everything's, these are lessons in there, like kind of guide markers along life's paths, if you will. But the in between the guide, the big, the big things, is where you get to wiggle a bit. And if you wiggle too far off, you will get either nudged back in or become so unbearable going that way that you're like, let me just get back to where I was. Because if today I say, you know, I'm gonna go to the NBA, it's probably not gonna happen. I'm not gonna play in the professional basketball. I'm just not, I could start trying at my age and my eyesight and my skill level. But chances are I'm not going to get there more than almost 110%. Yes, I won't get there. But I could, but I have the free will to choose if I want to go down that road. So you're saying that that choice that I have was kind of a predestined choice. And it's an illusion that free will. So that's your point of view, which differs from many other people's point of view?

Dr. Toni Reilly 19:19
Yeah. So I think one of the things I call it the unpopular truths, or one of them about incarnating is that people feel like they're off path. Oh, I've gone off path and that's because life got tough. It didn't go the way that you wanted, or it's in the natural. The natural thing is we did the wrong thing. That's how come we ended up over there. But actually, the experience of life is to it's not a bed of roses, and it's not a straight path. It's to the wiggles in that path, are destined for And I think realizing that you didn't go off par. But it was part of the journey, if you like, is it's actually liberating. Because in one way, what you're doing when you say you've gone off path is you're blaming yourself, I am so bad. I'm so silly. I did the wrong thing. But it's like, no, no, you didn't. It was you were to have that experience. And I think, I mean, so many terrible things happen, that when they happen, people can't perceive that that could possibly be playing planned, or that one would agree to it. So you can understand where the resistance for that they didn't go off path and that it was actually meant to happen is hard to take. But it's truly part of it. And I think the other thing that people like to tell themselves is, this person went off path. And it's because they don't like where they went, for example, someone left them and they they love them so much. And it's like, it's so much easier to say, well, they've gone off path. But they didn't. It's it's all we always have to bring it back to. Why Why did our life go there? And then, and to be honest, it doesn't come to you like that until you're back usually. So Hindsight is the big harboring Oh, knowledge of them. Actually. That's when we go. Oh, okay, I get why, why I ended up there and had to scramble back.

Alex Ferrari 21:44
I see where I why I lost that job, or I didn't that I broke up with that person. Thank God, I broke up with that person. Thank God, I lost that job. Yeah, Yes. Wisdom it's painful.

Dr. Toni Reilly 21:58
It's so painful.

Alex Ferrari 22:00
Now, what are some of the common themes and patterns you see in past life regressions?

Dr. Toni Reilly 22:05
Gosh, the first one that comes to me when you ask that is loneliness, loneliness, people who feel lonely, or alone in life, they might when they come for a session, what they might be shown is several lifetimes where they felt alone, or they literally been alone. So loneliness is a thing, a pattern, you see a lot around abandonment, and a lot around. But rejection as well. They're two different things and being betrayed things. They're the same things that invoke insecurity and emotional turmoil in us in life, you'll see these same patterns in the past lives. The I think that the past lives are they're very literal. And the assimilation that's made for people and patents that they're shown are the same things that are happening now. So throughout life, since we're a caveman, they go back to those times as well. Sometimes, since then, it was all about the emotion that the person felt. Were they afraid? Were they were they not feeling good enough? Couldn't they weren't a very good hunter, for example. And then they can't provide for their, their family, which might be a tiny family. So the emotions are always the point of what what we're, it's how we fix things, acknowledging the emotion that was felt. So the patterns are always around that. And gosh, what other patterns do I see? There's there's many, but I really would say that commonly they're going to be loneliness, abandonment, rejection, betrayal.

Alex Ferrari 23:59
Why, when the concept of past lives came into the zeitgeist, which is really, if I remember correctly, I mean, many lives, many, many lives, many mansions was a seminal seminal book, but it wasn't Harry Potter. Not everybody was reading that book. So it was a very specific group of people that were ready for that information. The first time I remember hearing it was Shirley MacLaine. In the 80s, when she came up with her memoir about her past lives, and everyone thought she was absolutely Loony, and crazy, but she was, you know, she's an under underappreciated person who came out and really brought a lot of these ideas into the Western western world back in the 80s, as well. But why is it that then the joke started happening? Well, all you're living in a past life you were Napoleon, or you were Caesar or you were Cleopatra, you're like, everyone always was super famous in there. As slaves have you come across anything like that? Because like you said, most people are not going to be the king, they're probably going to be the guy or the gal in the kitchen.

Dr. Toni Reilly 25:15
That that is true.

Alex Ferrari 25:18
Just by mathematics, just by mathematics, that

Dr. Toni Reilly 25:21
The ratio of people who are celebrity now, it's just saying, there's a tiny portion of them. So within the people who recall past lives, I think that whole famous thing is just people's resistance to the possibility that this is a thing. And of course, I think people just copy what other people said when they don't actually know. So it's really easy to say, oh, everyone was famous in a past life, of course, they're not. But there has to be people who were that person who lived as the person or people that were in authority or famous. So it's not out of the realms, I never like to discount what people say, if they, if they genuinely have recalled something, then I would take it on board. But as a facilitator, if you there's things that you can ask to determine, is it really, are you really that person? Or you often you might be the maid, actually. So but we can determine all of these things in the session, but the famous the famous people, there's lots of people who claim to be, and I mean, I don't want to undermine them, because someone was those people. For me, I think, one of my most exciting I've personally find this exciting, because it ticks all the boxes of skeptics, in that a friend of mines husband, who was a disinterested in past lives, and very, very successful actually in in his life, but not interested in past lives. But she was, and he humored her, if you like, like, oh, yeah, I'll have a session. While he was so incredible. And this is often what happens. He was textbook in that he immediately was in there. He's recalling what's happening, because he was skeptical in the first place. And that that semi remains, even when you're in your past life, you still you can still question what's going on. He was like, Really, but he's recounting all of this information to me. And it was so exciting in that it was medieval, and he had killed a king while he came out of it, and all of the information that he recalled and the timelines because you can go backwards and forwards within the life. They they made sense. And I'd heard many 1000s of things like this before. But we just went through it. And off he went. And later that night, He's researching on Google. And he's like, what the, you know, these things that he had recalled, which, which seemed to be like, totally unbelievable. And he was not into history or anything. It was written there and documented. And he's like, this is the uniforms that he'd seen. So if you Google Well, we have that. Now, that wasn't always there. And people can go on Google, but his, his story was there. And it was exciting, because I think there was a whole lot of within history. There, they didn't know who killed that King. It was written they didn't know it was never found out and he'd said all these things, it is regretted. I adored that. But I mean, that's he wasn't the king, but certainly up there.

Alex Ferrari 29:23
So it wasn't. So let me ask you then what is the most surprising case that you can recall of a past life regression that you were just like blown, like completely blown out of the water by it?

Dr. Toni Reilly 29:37
Um, I'm thinking that this trajectory, that one is the most exciting for me, really is? It's, I think, because I personally am fascinated with those errors as well. But you cannot believe the things that people So what are the things that they recall? And what happens when you're hearing it all the time is each person session comes and goes, and I don't really retain it all. I can recall if they if they come back and say, Do you remember my session? But I would usually have to get my notes. I'm like, yes. But surprising. I think surprising. Surprising is always when people are skeptical. They see something that will they see, for starters, it happens, they recall a past life. And the other thing is, the surprising factor will be that it associates with what's going on for them now. So for example, as you said, with the shoulder thing, there'll be I'm thinking about a lady who was a psychologist, and she came to a to learn to do past life therapy, recall therapy, I call it and she literally was lying on the ground because her back was so bad. And anyway, she had a regression. And she was injured in a in a on a battlefield in a past life. And she got up, he was fixed in in that course. So it's not like evangelistic, please don't think it's like that. But literally, she's got up and it was so brilliant. Because she had Prudential she was a psychologist. And unfortunately, people believe it more if people have got these credentials, but but she got up and she walked out she was fixed. And so it was a three or five day course and all good. So it was a beautiful example of how physical things can be fixed instantly. Oh, surprise.

Alex Ferrari 31:52
How far back? Have you heard what the old is life?

Dr. Toni Reilly 31:57
Yeah, so when they go back to, let's say, cave caveman time. So really, I've not seen them be. I have not seen them be monkey like or the evolution before we're human. They're scruffy and and hairy. And Biddy, as you would expect, because there's no

Alex Ferrari 32:19
But they are human to but they're human.

Dr. Toni Reilly 32:21
They're human, but they're human. But having said that, when people come for past life regressions, they do go elsewhere. Sometimes they go to other planets. They go,they do go

Alex Ferrari 32:33
Atlantis, Atlantis, I'm assuming is a big one.

Dr. Toni Reilly 32:36
I must say when they go to places that seem like what we know of Atlantis. They don't always say it's Atlantis, and but the disc the way that they describe it. Is that what we hear many people have said, but the other the other thing that is surprising to me is when people go there, it seems to them. They're like, what was that? So what happens is you get people who they've not read about it, they maybe have never really resonated with it. And yet they go to these places. So it's like, it's it's almost like not a question. Did it exist? Was it there? Because they're recalling it. And they're as surprised as anyone else that these other places exist. But life on or I believe that Earth is a school. It's one school that we go to the hardest one. But certainly there are other places that people or souls incarnate to have an experience. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 33:49
How do you deal with disturbing or traumatic past lives?

Dr. Toni Reilly 33:55
Yeah, something happens when someone is recalling their past life. And I must say I believe this is because the soul is in charge. So there's a detachment there. So very often you you can see what's happening. You're looking at what's happening, and it can be gruesome. Yet there's a detachment in there. And you're seeing it almost from the plant perspective of why it happened. Though, having said that, there are times when people literally feel like they're on that battlefield, and they can feel it. Feel the pain sense, sense it. So all's we do then is tell them to look at it. Just look at what's going on. You don't need to feel it again. And immediately. They'll switch and they'll be looking at what's going on, rather than feeling the sensations. And you know what, that's one of the things that could be different if you do the regression yourself or you do the recall yourself in a meditation is you Like, feel all those things and be like, Whoa, that was not pleasant. So that I guess that's one of the brilliant things about having a facilitator is if, if there's any pain like that it can be removed, but can I say it doesn't last long. And also people have real big emotional, I'm going to call them outbursts in that space and it part of the healing. It's really, it's profound. So we don't stop it. Don't want to stop the the feelings that arise, they're super important.

Alex Ferrari 35:35
Now, how does the concept of soul groups or soul mates work within the framework of past lives or reincarnation?

Dr. Toni Reilly 35:44
Often, people in the past lives when they recall them, they recognize people that they know now or people that they've encountered. So indeed, the soul will all pardon me, the soul groups, that's a thing. And when people go in between lives, they can visit with their soul group or meet them per se, and recognize the souls of the people that they've either been with now or potentially are going to come across. So the soul groups the soulmates, and I think we all love, people love, love. So they want to be all about the soulmates that come when they had the most fabulous, you know, love relationship. And of course, that's a beautiful thing. But our soulmates in our soul group are always as well, the people that create the most trouble for us. We will don't like it, and they're like, what's, what's he doing in my soul group, or what's she doing here? And, and, but it's liberating for them, because it brings awareness to that this thing was agreed, and there was a purpose to it. But I think as humans, we're like, why you can't possibly fathom that someone that you went through such a hard time with, could be in your soul group. But I think it also cements that the lives are blueprinted, they're destined. And there's a reason for it. And also, life is not just a merry go round it is, from my 20 years in this, my basic assimilation, and why we're here is to experience emotion. And almost everything that we do as a person in a body invokes emotion in us, whether we like the touch of that, or we don't, there's an emotion involved. So that's what the purpose behind it all is, and the souls that come together with us to invoke emotion and cause trauma, and, you know, have a play a part in our cycle of life. It's, it's just, it's just how it is.

Alex Ferrari 38:06
I mean, every every good story needs a villain. That's how the hero grows. So without a good villain, there is no growth as the hero the hero has nothing. You know, so. So let me ask you then do think that lessons and skills from past lives transfer over so if you were a great pianist, does that you like hey, you know, I really like piano or you can play piano on this site. But sometimes it's maybe like, like I have, I have this I love acoustic guitar. I just love that guitar. I can't play a lick. But anytime I hear it, it's just like, that's the thing that just gets me. Really I just love that music. So flamenco and all that kind of that music, especially spaniel music, I love that Gypsy Kings, that kind of stuff. But I can't play a lick of it. I tried, cannot play a lick of it. But there's a connection with that vibration of the guitar that connects to me. So what would you what would you be your explanation of that out of curiosity?

Dr. Toni Reilly 39:12
Yes, I feel like music would have had to have featured for you in another lifetime it will have had to have. But also, I think that music is one of the it's absolutely one of the pleasures are treasures of light that our our hearing allows us to have and we can feel it as well in vibration and that it's just extraordinary. But I think the way that you're talking about how you feel about the guitar music and what it evokes in you and the other styles of music, you'll absolutely have been associated with it before and with your Spanish Spanish, too, so stay tuned.

Alex Ferrari 40:00
Spain Yeah, Spain. Yeah, I love I love Spaniard like flamenco guitar.

Dr. Toni Reilly 40:08
I'd love to regress you.

Alex Ferrari 40:12
We just, we just met Toni and I'm married. But joking. I'm joking. No, it's it was interesting because I thought about that like, just because you, you might have been the greatest guitar player of all time in another life. But this life, that's not your purpose. So it's not part of your blueprint, but you still have a feeling of it's like food, you might have been a great chef. But you might enjoy food at a higher level than others. There's there's these, there's almost like shadows or echoes of past lives echoes, I think it's a great way to use a

Dr. Toni Reilly 40:49
Way to say yes,

Alex Ferrari 40:50
Like echoes of a past life, you would feel it in this life. Not but not necessarily be. You know, like, you might love hearing singing. But you can't sing a lick in this life, because it's just not your path. Yeah, me too. You know, like, it's, it's my children always like stop that just stop. So let me ask you, what do you think karma plays in all of this in past lives, have you from your perspective and your experience? You know, the concept of Karma of, of that in a past life and how, you know, because according to karma, the law of karma, my understanding of it, is that these are lessons that you need to it's energy that has to be either repaid, or lessons that you want to continue to learn based on something that was done in a former life. But your experience with karma does,

Dr. Toni Reilly 41:43
Yeah. So when I first started in this, I was aware of that perspective on karma. But what I've come to discover is that karma is also a human concept. But what the way that I like to see our lives is as we are coming for an experience, it's not to pay back. It's not necessarily for a lesson, of course, we learn while we're here, of course we do. That's the cycle of life insists that we do we learn as we go. But what we're not doing is coming back, because in paying for something that we did before, and we're not when we go back, we're not going to be paying for what we did now. It's almost like what goes on on Earth stays on earth.

Alex Ferrari 42:39
Like last week, it's what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Dr. Toni Reilly 42:42
That's right. Yeah. But it's it is like that. And I think all of the all of the beliefs that people have about karma, and they've been bad, and they're going to be copying it next time, or they're copying it now, because they were bad last time. All of that I think comes from a fear based religion that was taught to us from a very long time ago. But the reality is, when we go back, the moment we leave our body, our soul leaves, we are back to peace and harmony and be it's beyond peace and harmony. Actually, those are our human words to try and just describe it. So we return to we return to that ultimate enlightenment, or you're a tea, we return to purity. So there is no way there's no mind to even judge what was good or what was bad. So all of that happens here. So therefore, karma is something for humans to have an experience with. Because again, even when someone's thinking, I I'm having a shitty life now because I must have been bad before. That's also part of their experience in this life. But can I tell you now, anyone, if you're thinking you've got bad karma, please do away with that. And find out why actually, is this going on in your life, because you're not being paid back for a past life

Alex Ferrari 44:21
From what I understand is, from near death experiences, I hear every single near death experience I've talked to who's had a life review. They say there's no judgment. There's no judgement in a life review. So I understand that I agree with what you're saying. What I understand karma to be is as the evolution of the soul, you choose to come back down and deal with certain like, there's like, I didn't pass that test. I can't get my diploma. Unless I do that test. It's your choice. If you want to come down or not. It's not forced upon you. And it's kind of like I want to go down there and what it's not because there's something I did before but I need to go through is less than part of my soul blueprint in order to continue with my evolution in this in this spiritual journey, that's at least from my perspective, from what I've understood, learning along the lines, but I agree with you, I don't believe it's like, I hurt somebody here. So I then must be hurt. I think that you choose to come back, and maybe have that experience if you want to continue to evolve. Does that make any sense?

Dr. Toni Reilly 45:26
I feel like Yes. And I feel like what we do is we are to experience all sides of any experience which are going to experience let's say being a perpetrator or being abused by a perpetrator or maybe not even abused, but

Alex Ferrari 45:43
Rich or poor. Yeah, yeah. Abandoned and loved. And, yeah. To contrast the contrast,

Dr. Toni Reilly 45:52
Exactly. So, yeah, but no, I think karma is really more about it is cause and effect here. So if you're, if you're cranky, and you're nasty to people, then people probably going to be cranky and nasty back to you, for example, and if you, you know, so cause and effect in that way, it's, it has relevance. But I think, when we incarnate it's to experience all sides of any facet of life.

Alex Ferrari 46:23
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, this is a question I get asked all the time. Do all dogs go to heaven. Do animals have karma? Do animals have that not karma? dead animals have past lives and go through reincarnation? Do they evolve? This is a question I get constantly. So I'd love to hear from your perspective. What do you think happens to our furry friends?

Dr. Toni Reilly 46:50
Okay, um, I tell you, what I haven't seen is people incarnating as animals, I have not seen that. But people do see their animals. And they might see a life where they've had an animal. And they say, Oh, that's my, that's my dog now. So I think that the animals must come back with people as well. And I suppose if we think about animals, particularly probably dogs, and and cats, they really have a resonance with their owner. And I think dogs being man's best friend are just so unconditional, that I do think that they play such an extraordinary part in people's lives. And yeah, they do see them. They they do you see them as a different dog.

Alex Ferrari 47:48
Which is which is interesting because in some in some near death experiences, I've spoken to new doctors, I've they've had seen their animals on the other side. And, and sometimes the animals come to them under I've heard I've spoken to other people about the deathbed sequence of what happens and the animals show up as someone's dying, as well. So these are doctors who have recorded these, these experiences, but the concept of reincarnation concepts of past lives of animals. I mean, they have you can look into an animal's eyes and not if something going on. They all have personalities. They all have corks. You know, and anyone who's ever owned a dog or a cat understands that without question.

Dr. Toni Reilly 48:34
And also when when I think about it from a self awareness perspective, and you look into a dog's eyes. It's like they're more aware than us. That's because they truly truly unconditional it's so special, aren't they?

Alex Ferrari 48:53
The dogs are unconditional cats are not definitely not unconditional. Because I have cats. Now I've had dogs and cats cats are not they have a specific energy to them. say the least. But there's a love there. There's There's dogs are just happy. Every time you walk through the door. Oh my god, I thought you would never come back. Thank you for being here every time. It's and it is they are such therapeutic creatures for people in life. Sometimes that's the only friend you have is your animal or the animals there during when you've broken up with your significant other. The animal knows when you're crying. I remember my dog would like look at me when I started crying or I was going through a breakup or something was sad. They knew it's really fit. That's a whole deep well of rabbit hole that one day no pun intended that we will go now what do you think is the biggest misconception about past lives and reincarnation that people have

Dr. Toni Reilly 49:59
Oh, I think that it would be that everyone's famous that they go off path. And those those are probably the biggest ones or that other people go off path. They would be the biggest misconceptions. I think also that they're being paid back, or that they couldn't possibly have chosen this. But I totally understand that because from my observations until you've had an experience, not just past lives, it might be a near death experience. But until you've had some transcendent experience of your own, then it's truly hard to fathom. So I think that there's a lot of misconceptions until it happens to you or until you experience it.

Alex Ferrari 50:52
Now, the big question is, what was your first past life regression? Like? How did you and what did it do to you? How did it affect you, in your own journey, not as a doctor or as a therapist, but as a, as a healer, as a soul on this planet?

Dr. Toni Reilly 51:10
My first my first past lives was after I'd read Brian wives, Dr. Brian Weiss, his book, and I saw, I saw two in that life, I've seen so many. But in that time I had asked for, because you're supposed to, or you're not supposed to, but you can ask for a symptom. So I asked about guilt, because I felt so guilty for leaving for leaving my marriage. And I asked about public speaking, I couldn't speak in front of people. And I also went through school covering my writing, because I couldn't bear the thought of someone looking over my shoulder, which I didn't even realize was a phobia until in my 30s, and I'm like, oh, yeah, I did do that weird thing. Going through school. Anyway, so what I recalled from those passwords, or sorry, the other thing I asked for was, why if I'm intuitive, how have I gotten to my mid 30s, before I realized this? So those were the questions I asked him, What I saw was, I was a girl, young girl in Scotland, in the late 1700s. And I could see that I used to pay people would come to the house and hold their hands over mine. And I also could see that I had, I knew how to match up. Hurts leaves into pelvis. And so people would come to have their wounds healed. So but I was just a girl, I was 17 When I first saw that, and so many other details in it. And gosh, I've even met people from it now. But what transpired was, I was to be hung in the middle of the village. And because it was witch days, so something happens, and the people would turn on you and deem that you're a witch. And you in that case, I was to be hanged. But truly exciting, actually, because I didn't see who did it. But I know when I was on the platform, in that very first time that I'd experienced a pass like that someone let me go. And suddenly I'm running up the road. And I thought, well, that's weird. How would you be able to get away? But he let me off this man on there. And I found out why because I've been back to that lifetime to find out why super exciting for me. But anyway, that explained the intuition, and it opened it up. It exploded after that, my intuition. Because I suppose there's this fear of being hung. It's very subconscious, but it was there. And the other thing with the writing, and the speaking in front of people, I saw myself as a man, the next slide, so we went to do two lives. I was a man and I had very typical, the stockings with the black buckle shoes and the Knickerbocker pants on and the fitted coat. And I was writing with a quill in a beautiful book. And I could tell that I was somebody like somebody of status. I thought I was the mayor of the town that that I was in. And what happened was I I must have been able to foresee things and I wrote them down, but nobody knew. And I could foresee a storm. It wasn't even witchy I could foresee a storm was coming And it was going to do a lot of damage to our town. So I called the people, it's foods elbow that a storm was coming. And we need to take measures. And they turned on me. The they were like, what? How would you know that? And they turned on me. So they must have thought I was crazy. Or something? Of course. Sure, I guess it was it was back a long time ago as well. So witchy days, but yeah, that is they locked me up actually, I died in locked up. So I think that what that unleashed in me was it's okay to speak up, it's okay to say. So. And also they, they went in and read my, this big book that I recorded my, I guess visions in and they were like, they knew you are nuts. So off you go. We're locking you up. So what happened after that Alex was, I was just starting out in this work. Well, after that. You couldn't shut me up. I because I started to talk at events and things about past lives. Because the mission was back then I was told was for it to become mainstream. So I've been talking about it for a long time now. And I would write articles and have them published. So all of my fears in that regard will go on. So the past life worked. And and of course, you can't argue with what I didn't argue anyway. Because the moment that I had that session, I knew that it was real. It to me, it was like no scientists can can take this away from me, I know that it was real. So I guess I got a thick skin as well, from any any pushback that happened. And you know, what's now we're 20 years later. And it is there's been so much work done from by Shirley MacLaine, for example, imagine she came out in the thick of when it was not, it was not mainstream, such a big mission for her to do that, and all of the others that did, but now it's pretty mainstream.

Alex Ferrari 57:28
People understand and I've heard that concept of reincarnation ever the concept of past lives, and it is not as woowoo as it was once a lot of people still believe it's woowoo. But then there's past life regression, this and it gives it legitimacy, like we your work gives it legitimacy is not just like, you know, you're at a carnival, and you walk into a tent, and there's, you know, a lady there going, Okay, you were once Marilyn Monroe, like it does. This actually puts it to a different light. Well, I'm glad I could help, hopefully shine a light on this, and expose this information to a whole lot of people who are curious about it. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Dr. Toni Reilly 58:13
Oh, my goodness. For me living a fulfilled life is finding what resonates with you. And working with that not fighting yourself and doing things that make you feel good. So whether it's touch, taste, sound, do those things, I feel like life is such a blessing to enjoy. The aspects of it, that are good, are really good. So gosh, do do what it takes to make you happy, and or bring you joy, I suppose. Because ultimately, contentment is the ultimate space that we can be in most of the time.

Alex Ferrari 58:55
Now, if you can go back in time, and speak to a little Toni, what advice would you give her?

Dr. Toni Reilly 59:00
I would say to myself, be yourself and realize that you don't know what that means until you are, but to be yourself is the most powerful thing I believe on the planet that we can do for ourselves. And it can take a lot to get to that stage. And part of my journey of self awareness is going back to being myself all the time. Or Yeah. So be yourself.

Alex Ferrari 59:34
How do you define God?

Dr. Toni Reilly 59:35
The collective that we are all part of collective energy.

Alex Ferrari 59:41
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dr. Toni Reilly 59:43
To experience emotion

Alex Ferrari 59:45
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Dr. Toni Reilly 59:49
It's all over social media and my website is And if anyone wants to learn past life regression or way beyond that, we've got a whole new psychology from it. So I'd love to hear from you.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:06
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Dr. Toni Reilly 1:00:09
I would say, try not to worry. Try not to worry and be good to yourself. Because when you're good to yourself, and you're trying not to worry, you think good to other people. So don't give up.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:23
Dr. Toni, thank you so much for so much for coming on the show. I really appreciate this conversation. Hopefully it's gonna help some people around the world so I appreciate you my dear.

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