Jewish Man Met Jesus in His Near Death Experience with Dr. Laurence Brock

In the gentle embrace of today’s episode, we are graced by the presence of Dr. Laurence Brock, a healer whose journey through life and death reveals profound truths. Dr. Brock’s tale is one of transformation, of moving from the mundane into the spiritual, and discovering the boundless energy of love and healing.

Dr. Brock shared the pivotal moment of his near-death experience, an event that shattered his perception of reality and opened him to a higher consciousness. In 1976, a car accident left him out of his body, floating above the scene, enveloped in a radiant white light. He observed his physical form, lifeless against a tree, with a police officer nearby. Behind him, a silhouette bathed in divine light imparted a profound message: he had to return because his father wanted him to stay. This father, as he later understood, was God. This realization, bathed in love and tranquility, forever changed his path.

Before this transformative event, Dr. Brock described his life as one of seeking without understanding. He dabbled in spiritual experiences but never fully embraced them. It was only through the profound clarity of his near-death experience that he began to see the world through a spiritual lens, understanding the intricate connections between life, energy, and the divine.


  1. Meditation as a Gateway: Dr. Brock emphasizes the critical role of meditation in connecting with the spirit. Even if one feels they are not meditating correctly, the act of committing time to this practice fosters a deep connection with the higher self and the divine.
  2. Embrace of Universal Love: The overwhelming sense of love and peace during his near-death experience highlights the essential truth that love is the ultimate force in the universe. This love is both the question and the answer, guiding us in our spiritual journeys.
  3. Awareness and Acceptance: Dr. Brock’s journey illustrates the importance of being open to spiritual experiences and guidance. Whether through teachers, meditation, or intuitive insights, staying receptive to the spiritual dimension can lead to profound personal growth and healing.

Dr. Brock’s life after his near-death experience became a quest to understand and harness the spiritual energy he encountered. He studied under various teachers, including a Mevlevi Sheikh, delving into the teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi. Through these studies, he learned to articulate his experiences and apply them to his work in healing others.

His abilities, such as warming hands that bring comfort and healing, and the intuitive knowledge about people’s conditions, were gifts he nurtured and refined. These abilities, initially met with hesitation and uncertainty, became the cornerstones of his healing practice. His journey underscores the importance of accepting and embracing one’s spiritual gifts, despite societal skepticism or personal doubt.

In our conversation, Dr. Brock guided me through a brief spiritual exercise, a testament to his skills and the depth of his connection to the divine. This exercise opened a gateway to a profound energy source, leaving me with an unparalleled sense of strength and clarity. It was a reminder that within each of us lies the potential to tap into this universal energy, to heal, and to grow spiritually.

Dr. Brock’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that even in the face of life’s greatest challenges, we can find profound love and purpose. His journey from a seeker to a healer, from confusion to clarity, is a testament to the transformative power of embracing our spiritual paths.

In the words of Dr. Laurence Brock, “Love is the answer, love is the question.” This simple yet profound truth is the essence of his message and the cornerstone of his work.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Laurence Brock.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 143

Dr. Laurence Brock 0:00
Well, I think meditation is probably the most important thing that to practice that at least most days and even if you like I said if you don't think you're doing it right still you take that time it's it's kind of I'm gonna you commit that time to connecting to spirit to God and to your your soul in high self

Alex Ferrari 0:31
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I'd like to welcome to the show, Dr. Laurence Brock. How you doing Dr. Laurence?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:08
I'm good. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:12
Thank you so much for coming on the show. Um, I'm excited to talk to you about your near death experience and all the other amazing stuff that you've been doing since your near death experience. But my first question is, what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:27
Well, I guess I always was kind of looking for something. But I would never have guessed it was a spiritual thing, actually. So I was, you know, I went to high school, I went to college, and I was living in Colorado before it happened. And working in a restaurant not really knowing what to do with my life, but looking for something. But you know, I was drinking and smoking pot a lot and doing stuff like that. Yeah. I had some I had did have some spiritual experiences before that, but I just kind of ignored them like. Well, I guess the biggest thing was, I saw my grandfather after he passed away in a movie theater. And it was definitely him because he was a unique looking guy that, you know, it's not like I could have seen someone to look like him. And, you know, I saw him I walked kind of, I was sitting like, in the 10th row on the side around, you know, of the movie theater, watching the movie. And I saw this person from the back that looked like him. And then I walked around the front, and I looked at him and I don't know, I didn't even know what to think, you know, now, if I had the wherewithal, like I do, now, probably would have gone to talk to him. So I just left. And, you know, later on, when I became more aware and connected, it enabled to connect to those things, I just realized he had passed away when I was away at school. And he just kind of came back to say goodbye, because I wasn't really there. It was kind of cool. That again, I just dismissed it and didn't think anything of it, which is kind of weird in itself.

Alex Ferrari 3:16
Isn't it interesting, though, I've heard that from a lot of people that things that have happened to them spiritually throughout their youth and, and things and they just kind of just like, meh!

Dr. Laurence Brock 3:29
Right, but just that I didn't totally freak out was just a, you know, a sign of my openness towards that kind of thing, but not really knowing what to do with it really?

Alex Ferrari 3:39
Is that more you think at that point in your life more intellectual meaning that your brain was trying to like, no, no, that's not real. But your inner self is going that's why you didn't freak out. Because if you would have just freaked out. Which, by the way, completely acceptable reaction?

Dr. Laurence Brock 3:56
Yeah. You could go into like a horror movie drama in your mind. But no, I Yes. What you're saying is true. I didn't know what to make of it. In my mind. It didn't really reference anything I knew except for in science fiction, and I just kind of let it go. Which again, it's kind of like why didn't it seem like a bigger thing, but I guess part of me knew that it was okay.

Alex Ferrari 4:23
And, and as I've talked to a lot of people who've had near death experiences, most of them I think, if not all of them felt a bit lost. Throughout before all the before time there kind of like walking around wandering, jumping from thing to thing, not really feeling anything internal, any connection to to a higher power or even just having an understanding of what to do while they're walking around the Earth. It sounds like that's what happened to you.

Dr. Laurence Brock 4:55
Yes, I mean, I, I wouldn't say it's I did when I lived in In Colorado, I always had a passion for cooking. So I got a job in a restaurant. And so it wasn't nothing. But the perception is very different. Even while I had my near death experience, it's not like I even knew what to make of that. It wasn't like now. There was no internet. It's not like you could look it up and have I didn't know those words or anything like that. So even that I had this great experience. I didn't really tell that many people right when it happened either. Didn't know what to make of it at all.

Alex Ferrari 5:33
And what year was it when you had it?

Dr. Laurence Brock 5:35

Alex Ferrari 5:37
So it's just starting to hit the zeitgeist in books like Raymond Moody. And

Dr. Laurence Brock 5:43
That that year, it was starting to be there. But I, I didn't know that

Alex Ferrari 5:48
Ohh Yeah, it for people listening who are younger, it's a different different world when you had to. I mean, you could just you could the library. Maybe the book store.

Dr. Laurence Brock 6:01
Well, I didn't even think there would be something to look, you know,

Alex Ferrari 6:05
What do you what do you if you don't know the term near death experience? What do you look up? Like? How do you like, died came back? Is there a section called died and came back is there?

Dr. Laurence Brock 6:15
Well, actually, so what I found out a little while later, when I got involved with some spiritual people, there were like The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Sure, there were other books written about it. But it didn't. It wasn't even a thing enough for I would think, let me go look it up. Because I didn't know that. But I did start meeting people. Now something probably could be the biggest thing that changed in my life is I just started meeting people that were aware of these kinds of things. Selling that was really, I mean, it's so cool that it happened didn't happen many years ago. But not till maybe within the last year and a half that I realized, wow, this was another amazing thing. This woman showed up at my door, knocked on the door without me looking without me doing anything. And basically said to me, my sister told me some cool things about you. And her sister was one of the few people I mentioned my experience, too. And this woman at the door said, I know this person who teaches about things like that. And I needed to know, you know, but I didn't do anything to even initiate this contact. So it was kind of cool that someone just showed up at my door.

Alex Ferrari 7:29
Yeah, and it's cool and scary, depending how you look at it. It's all it's all relative, I guess at that point, but it was it was at the 70s when that happened. So it was a little bit different. Yeah.

Dr. Laurence Brock 7:41
Yeah, even now, if someone knocks on my door I don't even answer it because I assume it just an Amazon package or something.

Alex Ferrari 7:47
Right. Exactly.

Dr. Laurence Brock 7:50
And no phones, no texting, no internet. None of that.

Alex Ferrari 7:52
It was so funny. I thought I saw a comedian say that the other day is like is when I was growing up. Someone knocked on the door. Everyone was excited. Like, the door we had. We had a cake always waiting for people just in case visitors came over it was a thing. Then in the 80s You're like someone who you to knock on my door. And don't you have a life like you don't even call like,

Dr. Laurence Brock 8:15
Right now. It makes me nervous. If someone knocks I go, who is that? Like? What are they doing here? Like,

Alex Ferrari 8:20
What do you want from me?

Dr. Laurence Brock 8:21
Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 8:23
So that tell me about your junior to experience what exactly happened.

Dr. Laurence Brock 8:27
Okay, so like I said, I was living in Colorado at the time, my I grew up I spent my childhood in the Northeast of the United States and Westchester, New York. My roommate in Colorado was also you know, from from my childhood. So we came back east to see our parents for a little while. We drove in his car, so we had just driven, you know, 2000 miles straight without stopping. And we both went home to rest for a little while. He dropped me off at my parents. And I don't remember how but we found out about this party, one of our friends from high school was having so we decided to go I took my mom's little it was a Bob Ford bobcat.

Alex Ferrari 9:13
I remember those.

Dr. Laurence Brock 9:14
And but yeah, like a two ad ZX. I think there's a Datsun back then. So but yeah. And so we went to this party, we were definitely smoking pot and drinking some other things. So I was a little high. I didn't feel like I was at high but I kinda like the young lady who was having the party so I pretended I couldn't drive. So I asked my friend to drive me home so I could go back to the party the next day and basically flirt with the girl who was having the party. Almost back to my parents house. I realized my sister needed to use my mom's car the next day. And I said my A friend drove me back, I got to get the car. And he drove me explain that I was pretending or I thought I was pretending I was too high to drive. So I went back to the party, I still remember I still have an image in my mind of, after that I went in, you know, to tell her I was taking the car, I can still see the party in my mind when I checked my memory. And, you know, I looked at it now, I should have never been driving because it was kind of extra bright and a little hazy, you know, like, we did drink too much. But I remember walking towards the door. The next thing I remember, I was out of my body. Looking down on my car, the bobcat was smashed. And it looked like no one could have survived. My body was leaning against the tree with my legs straight out this way. And a police officer was like crouching over me like he was you know, looking at me eyes, I never checked he is I assumed he pulled me out of the car. But I was looking down all of this seemed fine. There was I was in white light all around me down where my body in the car was it was nighttime and dark. And behind me was this big circle of a different shade of white. And within there, there was like a being like a silhouette, full bodied silhouette of a person or being with, you know, still another shade of white light kind of radiating off of that. The feeling was amazing. Just like I don't even I start to say something in me kind of starts to shiver a little bit because I still use that to connect to that incredibly loving, warm energy. Like everything was okay. I was okay. The car was okay. My body even though my head was smashed open was okay. And life, everything was okay. And I just seem to understand things like, you know, in my early 20s, it was, you know, a job, family, all this stuff, you know, I guess still, those were always turned. But everything just seemed to make sense. That being behind me. And I don't know how long ago but someone finally said, Oh, you're so you could see behind you. I didn't even really think of that. It just I knew it was behind me. It's almost like I could see three dimensionally. But I was looking this way. And the being behind me said you have to go back your father wants you to stay. I knew right at that moment. The father was God, not my physical father. And I went back into my body, and then came to three days later in the hospital.

Alex Ferrari 12:45
But you didn't go through a lot of the things that you hear like a life review or a conversation. So it was like a really quick, if you say quick, near death experience, like you were there.

Dr. Laurence Brock 12:58
I could I explain it. But when, like when someone asked me that, and I tried to check how long it was, I don't really know, it there seemed like it could have been forever or not at all. So the the thing where people talk about there was no time that I definitely experienced.

Alex Ferrari 13:14
So was there any information other than that sent to you at that time?

Dr. Laurence Brock 13:22
I, you know, yes. And no. So as I mentioned before, I did not know what to think of this. So it was an I guess in a certain way, that was a blessing because it became my mission, I need to find out and needed to learn this. And even I would say maybe a year ago, all of a sudden I go oh my god, I can't believe I didn't understand that mentally because it was there was something about meditating that I got, ah, I was shown that during my near death experience, I just didn't register it in my mind. So you're asking things that are referenced of this physical level and thinking in a linear way. And that did not happen there. So in one way, I got everything, but in another way. I had no idea what to do.

Alex Ferrari 14:12
Right. Exactly. Oh, so So you. So you have your near death experience. I'm assuming you're like in a coma for those three days are out cold? Yes. Then when you wake up, you have a memory of what happened, correct? Yes. And what I have to ask you, what do you what's going through your head? I mean, you just got done. You're How old are you during this?

Dr. Laurence Brock 14:34

Alex Ferrari 14:35
So you're obviously a sharp, sharp 22 year old sharp, very sharp, not knuckleheads at all. No offense to any 22 year olds listening.

Dr. Laurence Brock 14:46
No, it's a different way of looking at things.

Alex Ferrari 14:48
Exactly. So you're you've just had a car accident, you're in the hospital. And then this information did you think it was a dream? Because against this is not in the zeitgeist. Nobody knows about, or it's not publicly talked about so much. So what did you think it was?

Dr. Laurence Brock 15:07
You know, I just knew that it happened. I didn't really think about it very much. That was the thing. And I, you know, I was happy that I was alive. I, you know, remember the nurse and doctor basic, they didn't tell me I flatline but they, you know, the nurse said it was touch and go for a while. The neurologist looked at me with this big smirk on his face. And I can still remember you said, you're lucky. And I don't I don't know, you know, you're like, it's, it was just something I kind of put to the side and didn't really think about it or mention it to people. And, you know, it's a totally different reference now, like, now it's on, you know, have the TV shows mentioned near death experiences or things like that. So you know what to think of it. I didn't, I mean, I knew it was a real experience. But I didn't know anything more than that. It was just kind of allowing that to happen. And knowing something in me really needed to know because I really spent the rest of my life still, I'm trying to find out what it was and what it is, because you just can't seem to know it all right here.

Alex Ferrari 16:17
So when so how long before after that you woke up? Did you start thinking about it more seriously, when you started to like, because I'm assuming you there's a reference point of like, I just gotta get healthy again. I'm trying to get all that. But at what point did you start going back and going, what the heck was that thing I went through?

Dr. Laurence Brock 16:38
After so I, I went back to Colorado after getting somewhat physically better. And then my mom kind of convinced me to move back east and I was sitting in my apartment back East. So I, you know, not so good with years and days and all that stuff. So but within a year, this woman showed up at my door and introduced me to this teacher. And right away, he started talking about this stuff. So it was some, you know, I talked about I was connected into the invisible internet, you know, that spiritual internet. And he did not use the term near death experience either. But he had a similar experience. And a lot of the people in the little groups that he taught at near death experiences also, again, not using that word back then, even though it was it was started to be used. So he taught classes and I spent time with him in southern New York City and Colorado, in Vancouver, Canada and Texas. I just needed to know and it was funny because I was born in a Jewish family. He was in Islamic teacher, again, didn't really matter to me, I just this truth, this knowing this loving what you know, I'm still always I don't even want to pin it down too much, because it's not a tenable down thing. It's it's moving, growing, loving, warm, wonderful thing. So, interestingly, right away, he started to talk to me about Mary. And as soon as he did, I felt all that and how he would talk like Mary was so open to God's love, that she left the Christ energy. And I go, ah, that is what happened to me, in my near death experience. Then he talked to me about Jesus, and I go, Oh, that being behind me was Jesus. And I just knew that I know that now. People say Is there any way to prove it? Now of course, there's not. That's my knowing. And he just talked about other things about he mentioned in the, the ocean of divine love and benevolence, that he talked about that was the white light around me. So it started to give me a mental reference and words to use to understand more of what happened and how to explain.

Alex Ferrari 18:56
So I have to ask you, because, you know, you have at that point in your life, you're you're in your 20s At that point, you've got a lot of dogma I'm assuming built up in your mind, over the years of religion. You've also got in your intellectual mind, when these knowings start coming in. Is there a little mini battle in your brain going? Yeah, I felt all that but they can't be real. With Jesus Do I sound like I'm crazy. Jesus was behind me. Like did you have those kinds of internal conversations?

Dr. Laurence Brock 19:29
I did. And to tell you the truth I still do because there are times I'm just in doubt about it. Like you know, it's it's not like you're a wall it's not like the solid thing. But I yes there and I didn't really you know, I talked somewhat about these experiences within the small groups and then like now it's everyone's interested in it. So it's a different thing, but it is, you know, how do you balance that inside? You got to make a living it know all that stuff and take care of your house, take care, you know all those things and still do the spiritual part? It's, it's not an easy task, because I mean, nowadays people are way more open to it. But still what I do and what I see is a little out there even for most people that are

Alex Ferrari 20:19
On the path people who are on the path. Yeah. And when you finally kind of came out of the closet, the spiritual closet, if you will, what happened with the people around you, family, friends, because I always love asking that question because I have to imagine, not everyone accepted the situation. And there were some issues, and I just always love to find out how you dealt with it, how you felt with it, how you dealt psychologically with it.

Dr. Laurence Brock 20:46
I definitely had some people in my life that didn't really want to have anything to do with me after I opened up about that, surprisingly. It's, I mean, some my dad recently passed away like about a week ago, so sorry, thank you. But some nice things with him is when I first taught so I'm a minister, and when I thought it'd be such a big deal to tell him this, because after my near death experience, my you know, I consider myself before that to be Jewish. Not that I was that into it. But starting to believe in Jesus is a whole different thing. And when I wanted to tell my dad, I was a minister. And when I told them I was without missing a beat, he said, Do you have to pay income tax, I thought he'd be so upset about that I was doing something Christian. And he was more that typical Jewish businessman concerned about it. Later on in life, he started to become a much more loving man, when he was in his early 80s. He met this woman and really fell in love with her. And he really changed. So he one time, he must have looked me up online after that, I mean, I talked a little bit about it to him, but he's taught started to talk to me about my near death experience. And in his desire to love and connect with me, which was really nice. He started to say he had a near death experience. But his was he fell asleep while driving one time and the gravel as his car pulled off the road, the gravel hit the bottom and woke him up. So he didn't really have a near death experience, how we talk about it, but he said, you know, if the gravel didn't wake me up, he probably would have died. But his wanting to connect with me, you know, soup, and he was not, he was totally sharp in his mind. So it was almost funny to me that funny in a nice way that his love, superseded his mind to, you know, to try to connect to me about what was going on. That's beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 22:46
That's beautiful. So there's another little aspect to your near death experience. That's very interesting that you came back with some stuff. Yes. When did you discover the gifts and the abilities that you now had, when you went after your near death experience?

Dr. Laurence Brock 23:04
I started to discover them pretty soon. So one thing I noticed, and it still happens when I touch people, my hands become warm. And that I noticed again, I didn't know what to make of it. It's not like I'm thinking healing. You know, nowadays, it's everywhere on TV. I think TV shows really influenced people so much to be looking for that. I just didn't even think of it. But I knew that my hands became warm, and people felt good. There was one time I prayed for someone and something happened. When I met the teacher I was talking about he started talking to me about and he would call me a sensitive, which I knew was a good thing, because he referred to himself in that way. And he just started talking to me about different healing things and but still, it was hard to really grasp. And I've had my practice for a long time. But I would say about five years ago, something happened, that I was really able to embrace it in a way to, you know, be okay with it and not almost feel embarrassed. And like you were saying, Oh, what do people think I'm crazy. I just helped this woman who had a miscarriage who was she was in really bad shape physically after that. The doctor said, Forget ever having a child and at this point, you know, we're a little concerned about saving your life. And she came to me one of her friends kind of forced her to come see me and after two sessions, she sent me this email saying, I don't know what you do, but the doctor said I'm getting better and they can't believe it. And it was a couple of years after that, but I was looking for things. You know, it was around Thanksgiving and I started looking for things to post and I read this like, oh wow, that's like amazing, because she went from being very sick to being healthy within a few weeks. And I just let it in. And it was like, I doing something really cool here and a lot of my embarrassment about talking to people about this kind of out there thing went away, right? So it was gradual over the years of accepting it and experiencing.

Alex Ferrari 25:19
It sounds like you were almost reluctant about it just kind of like, yeah, I don't know. I mean, I can heal people, but should I do it? And what are people gonna think?

Dr. Laurence Brock 25:28
Well, I know I should do it. Part of the reason I talk about it that way is, like I said, it's not something you can pin down. So if I describe it a specific way, then someone else is looking for that exact thing. It is really about helping the person unfold spiritually. And usually within their there's a way for them to heal. And it could be physically, emotionally. I mean, sometimes I help people with business stuff, family stuff, you know, anything it could be.

Alex Ferrari 25:57
So is that the only gift that you came back with?

Dr. Laurence Brock 26:00
You know, sometimes I know things about people that are very, very specific that I couldn't know otherwise.

Alex Ferrari 26:07
Just comes into your brain just comes into it, like images come into your mind.

Dr. Laurence Brock 26:10
Yes, sometimes it's images. Sometimes it's images out in the world. Sometimes it is here, just hearing something. Sometimes it's just knowing.

Alex Ferrari 26:19
And when that I'm fascinated by this, when this first happened. How did you? How do you deal with this stuff? Like it's better? Like, it's kinda like Superman, like, I can fly? Like, it's weird. How did you?

Dr. Laurence Brock 26:34
I mean, my reference is more from Star Trek fan soup air. That's what it was, like, you know, again, like seeing my grandfather, it just was kind of part of me. So I didn't, it wasn't like I freaked out about it is more, is it a, you know, should I say something? Are people going to think I'm crazy kind of thing. But it again, it just seemed to naturally evolve, which is a certain point of view. Because if you're not thinking that way, even when I was young, you know, I went to Hebrew school, the things in the Bible that were these very mystical, magical things are what caught my eye. You know, the teachings about how you're supposed to act like that bored me to death. But like the thing for Hanukkah, there's, you know, there's a story in the Bible, where the, you know, one day worth of oil lasted for eight days, and, like selling in me when I heard that, wow, that's magical. And you know, things like that. And then, you know, later on I read the New Testament, so the things Jesus did or you know, those are the those magical healing things are what really caught my interest from when I was very young.

Alex Ferrari 27:43
Did you like comic books growing up?

Dr. Laurence Brock 27:46
I did I really make sense.

Alex Ferrari 27:50
I did do I mean, I, you know, I love I love those superhero aspects. When I, when I started studying the Eastern philosophies, especially the yogic powers, you know, you start reading about those kinds of things. And you're just like, this is, it's, it's pretty awesome. I mean, it's,

Dr. Laurence Brock 28:09
Yeah, so a lot of things kept bleeding me. So when I was, before my near death experience, I went, I was taking this class in. Suny Purchase in New York. And that was near where my parents live says, you know, a bit younger, and I, there was this cute girl in the class. And I've started talking to her, and she told me, she was taking a yoga class. So I went to the yoga class, and some of this, like, wow, this, that girl never showed up at the class. I got introduced to yoga, and this woman would, you know, she would teach about meditation and stuff like that. So I have a little bit of interest in, you know, introduction to that. But more thought of it like exercise and the breathing part of it was all. So there were things along the way. And sometimes I'd say if I was really paying attention, I wouldn't have needed to have my near death experience, because there were enough clues that I should have been on the spiritual path before that.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
So do you meditate?

Dr. Laurence Brock 29:11
Yes, definitely.

Alex Ferrari 29:12
So what does that do for you? And is it is it where is it kind of like a doorway back to that place in your near death experience? Which is I've heard that from others.

Dr. Laurence Brock 29:22
Yes, definitely. Yes. So there's the part of quieting inside which to tell you the truth, even after all these years doesn't always happen. So I encourage people to meditate even if they don't think they're doing it, right. When it really works, I connect to this energy that comes in and fills my body and I start to see visions and it is it is like, I'm going to say it's like but it's being there in that place connecting to the spirit in the way that I did during my near death experience. Part of you said did any other things. So part of what I do when I work with people cuz I can bring that energy in. And I can sort of see a line for them, like how they get there. Some by energy manipulation, and some by talking to them they can connect into that was great.

Alex Ferrari 30:12
So let me ask you, since you, you've been able to tap into this kind of universal energy, with your work and through your meditations and things, is, is there any advice you can give people who want to connect with their higher selves with their true selves with their, their soul? If they're, if you will?

Dr. Laurence Brock 30:32
Yeah, well, I think meditation is probably the most important thing that to practice that, and at least most days, and even if you, like I said, if you don't think you're doing it, right, still, you take that time, it's, it's kind of, I'm gonna you commit that time to connecting to spirit to God and to your, your soul, and high sulfur. You know, there's different words people use, I think journal writing is the next thing that's really important to do. I think finding someone to help us really important because those are the times it is outside of what we know. And it is very hard in your mind to get outside of what you know. So that, you know, that teacher and I studied with other teachers, those seem to be the times where I have the biggest jumps were there. And it's not verbally there's something that's kind of trans, you know, communicated somehow invisibly, spiritually, to help that stuff.

Alex Ferrari 31:33
You from your experience, do you believe that we are their spiritual assistance for us throughout our lives? Do we have, you know, either spirit guides, ascended masters archangels, you know, by the way, all of this stuff a year and a half ago, two years ago, I would have said, You're nuts. By the way, because that's how I was when I was young, you know, because I did study, you know, yoga and, you know, read a lot of a lot of Eastern philosophies, and I was raised Catholic. And so I have a reference point to a lot of these things. But these these things are a little bit outside the box, like, you know, the concepts of Ascended Masters, which are, you know, like Jesus and Buddha and Yogananda, these kind of people. But then archangels, and spirit guides and yeah, council of elders in your life, like your life plan that you come in, all this kind of stuff, you know, I've learned over and it's become much, not only accept that I understand it is a truth in my life. But I understand people listening to be my like, so what is what what's your experience in regards to spiritual assistance?

Dr. Laurence Brock 32:44
I there in my Yes, my experiences, there definitely is and you mentioned Yogananda, so I read Autobiography of the yogi when I was in high school, and it was cool, but it almost seemed like science fiction. And, you know, even the way he talked about that, oh, yeah, but that's only for certain kinds of people, like, you know, not in a negative way, in a way that are they're dedicating their whole life to that. And so when I wrote my doctoral treatise, I use that book as a reference. And it just I realized, you know, I got that, and it was like something out there. And, you know, but then I realized up, it's in here, so that was a big, but so yes, I think there are things and I would say no, there are because I see those things now, and I can help people. And it's kind of cool when I talk to someone. So I work on the phone and video. And it's so cool. When people get it in other parts of the world. You know, you talk about whatever. You mean, Jesus is one that helps a lot of people. Not everybody, but a lot of people. So you talk about those things, and people feel the difference. And they they get visions that are similar, or you know, I mean, I've had experiences where there's just no doubt about it. Sometimes people say how do you know it's not all in their head, I say it doesn't really matter if someone's getting better. But there are angels around there's Archangels. There, there are the dark things in the Spirit also that affect us in a negative way. But thankfully, the light wins out over dark.

Alex Ferrari 34:24
So Jesus is a busy guy. I mean, Jesus, I mean, he needs a break in it's a vacation. I mean, this poor guy's been working hard for 2000 years,

Dr. Laurence Brock 34:36
But you're humanizing him with it is endless, loving, caring. energy that is like, you know, the, the closest thing I can imagine to it is how much I love my daughter. And it's but still see, I say that and I go I can just let it in. Because you're talking and my mind goes there too. It's like no, this is this endless,

Alex Ferrari 35:00
It's hard for us to even comprehend like infinity or something that doesn't have a beginning or an end. It's, it's hard for our intellectual minds to understand that. But our, but our spirit starts to feel it. And that's one thing I've found, after speaking to so many near death experiences is that there is a not only a telepathy in regards to speaking, because there's not language per se, kind of, but whatever your language is that you understand at that point, you feel it. But there is a knowing and that's and if you as you read these ancient texts, you start to understand that it is a knowing and it's hard for or truth, like a universal truth, that is difficult to, to articulate in our language.

Dr. Laurence Brock 35:51
It is. So I always add that into what I say to people, and then they go, Oh, I know what you mean. And it is using words, it's kind of guiding them to allow their mind to open up to this thing inside of them. And then they open up and it goes, and they get it. And then the words don't really matter. You know, if you're, you know, all the things we're talking about are connected to certain religions. So people have to get past that to get there. But they, maybe they don't need to, once they get that feeling, then it's like, Oh, I get it. And I kind of know everything. Well, the thing of saying knowing everything is a requirement that there's something to know. But so it's more like this amazing acceptance like that everything is just okay. So you don't need to know anything, but it's nice to know things. Like, it's really cool. When I see something about someone and I, you know, it's a very specific thing, that's always kind of fun.

Alex Ferrari 36:48
It's essentially, that kind of feeling you're talking about the feeling of just knowing that everything's okay is a faith is a faith that you, you feel it, and there's no explanation for it. And that's the thing that your intellectual mind is going.

Dr. Laurence Brock 37:07
If you try to think about it too much, you can't get it.

Alex Ferrari 37:10
There's, there's those levels of, you know, the primitive mind, the intellectual mind, and the spiritual, and it stages that we all have to go through and at certain points were primitive, which is just instinctual. Then we go into the intellectual, that's everything's thought, thought, thought thought thought, there's a God, but we'll talk about that later, kind of thing. And then the spiritual, which is all feeling all knowing, all connection, and understanding that you just, it is what it is, which is so hard for the brain. And

Dr. Laurence Brock 37:42
It's like, there's a limit there. And then it's always more. So it's yes, it's, it's hard to put into words. But you know, when we come together and talk about it within a certain agreement, then that energy comes in. And you know, the thing Jesus said, when there's two or more gathered in my name, there's a great truth

Alex Ferrari 38:02
In from, from your experience, because I know, you know, we live in the West. So we have Western, you know, people like Jesus and Mary and things like that. But I have to believe and I haven't had an opportunity to, to, to talk to a Buddhist or talk to a Hindu, going through a near death experience. I wonder if Shiva shows up. I wonder if Buddha shows up because Buddha is not going to show up for you or me because that's not we know him, but he doesn't have the same relevance.

Dr. Laurence Brock 38:34
Well, like I said, I was born in a Jewish family and Jesus showed up I I've never spoken anyone but I speak to people who were of different religions all the time. And there's so in a lot of my studying spiritual stuff was studying jalala din Rumi, like for the first 10 years, so they the Islamic teacher was a Mevlevi Sheikh who taught you know, the, the sect that followed the teachings of Jalaluddin Rumi, so Rumi, the poet that people read his little poems all the time now, but in his books, he talks about Jesus marry Moses, all of these things. So there is, I mean, in the spirit, there's, there's no, there's no religion, they're just these amazing beings. But so I sometimes have gone to city yoga, they have an ashram in upstate New York and there are these giant candy beings there that are just so cool. You know, and but there's also Christian beings there when they're doing I forget what they call but they're sitting there chanting and everything. So there are there are beings of all religions that are helping. You know, I tell people try not to, in your mind limited to either against the religion you were born or for that religion, because it could be pretty much anything

Alex Ferrari 40:00
So you've mentioned a couple times your work, can you kind of just walk us through a session of what you do with people and not as far as the healing, it might be the end of the physical healing we kind of talked about before the spiritual connection and connecting to the higher power and the universal energy, how can you just explain what you do?

Dr. Laurence Brock 40:20
I can try, I can explain what I do. And I know that it works. So it is. So I usually say a prayer in the beginning. And a lot of it just happens almost automatically now, but there's kind of a connecting into my heart and connecting into the spirit. And then just kind of holding that energy. And luckily, having something to say to the person, sometimes I do have to say, I need to stop talking for a moment, because I don't even know what to say, because his energy comes in, a lot of times, my hands will start to shake, they're doing it now. Because when you said that I go, I start to try to experience it to explain. But it is like I see a path for the person, that and it's their spiritual unfoldment. But usually along there is hit physical healing. Usually along there, there's financial abundance, there's emotional balance and mental balance. And then it's like. So I've also studied a lot. And it saw it in a certain way, the blessing of not knowing what really have, not knowing how to explain it was I got on this mission. And I've been studying ever since. And I still do. So I know a lot about the systems in the body about acupuncture about Bach flower remedies about the amount of all these things, so I can kind of check. And usually now just intuitively, it goes to one of those things like, oh, that's what this person needs cleared up. And, like, if I don't, if there's lists I have, in my mind, I could check Oh, is it acupuncture is that their nervous system is that this is it their brain is their emotions. And that it is like asking for healing for them and asking for a blessing and being very open to whether it is Jesus or Buddha or Abraham or the ark, angels, or whatever that is, and allow for that to come in, and then just kind of keep holding and holding. And it puts this energy around them. Once in a while, I kind of nudge it a little bit. But I'm always reluctant to do that. Sometimes people are not healing physically. I mean, if it were up to me, people would always get better like that. But that's not how it is. And so sometimes it's like, I need to nudge a little bit, which usually turns out right, but sometimes people their system will react, kind of panicking in relation to that, but it gets her energy going to heal.

Alex Ferrari 43:03
Now, you mentioned that you mentioned spiritual unfolding. Yeah, so you able to see the evolution of where the Spirit needs to go between now and death kind of situation. Or I mean that like you don't know, when they're gonna die or anything like that. But you see, they're not there. They're there kind of blueprint of this life of what they need to do.

Dr. Laurence Brock 43:23
It could be explained like that it to me, it's more like a path. I don't know, actually, today, I was doing some meditating, and it actually was looking like a chain for some reason. And so I'm not resist, you know, you want to be open to have, because part of it is how the person's consciousness expresses it. And what, you know, their karma is, which is all the past lives, all the things they need to learn, and how that can unfold in the most in this lifetime. So it's, again, you're asking specific questions, but it's just really be open in this loving way of knowing something is really wise and all knowing within them that knows this stuff. And how can you connect it to them? Or how you can get them to be more aware of it, because it's very connected? It's funny, because our conscious mind is kind of the last part to know, there's all these other parts of us that know. It's almost like a cosmic joke. You can't know it. It's right there.

Alex Ferrari 44:22
So it's always inside of us. And it's kind of like intuition. In many ways. It was that kind of the spiritual guides along the way

Dr. Laurence Brock 44:30
Our intuition. We're trying to put words on it. So it is intuitive, but there's a lot of be careful to label it. So you mentioned spirit guides, and there are spirit guides, but I even tell people be careful with that word because it almost right away you imagine a person and that's making it more human eyes and physical. And there's a part that it's like this great, amazing thing. Sometimes there are beings that come in that are very human form. It's a trick of how do you keep your mind open? It's kind of like you know, something, then you let go, you know, you let go. And I don't really know how to surf. But I imagine it's like that where you get to a certain you got to get on this tricky wave, and then there's part of it, that's easy, then there's a tricky wave. And then there's a part that easy, but you have to kind of let go, you can't resist the water. You can't resist this thing. And our mind is so quick to go. Well, it's this well, it's this. Well, it says, but you got to keep letting go.

Alex Ferrari 45:32
But that is that's just nature, our nature is to buy as a survival instinct, we need to put categories of like, you're good, you're bad. This is this, this is that this is healthy. This is not healthy kind of thing. So it's hard to break away from that. But yeah, when you think of spirit, I mean, when I think of spirit guide, I think of you know, a dude or Lady hanging out. She's like, okay, he's gotta go this way. Today. Let me slap them this way. Or

Dr. Laurence Brock 46:02
Sometimes I look like that. But it is, how do you do that where you can open up. And so I was talking to someone yesterday, and they were kind of choosing and told his karma that had to do with struggling. And they had an when I'm working with people look like where's the karma, like, where's the past life that is happier and healthier and better. So then it's like, well, if I can activate that a little bit, so then I said to this person, you have some real, so that a nice life in Japan, where it was really happy. And they just kept connecting into past lives that were not so happy, and you know, had a lot of negative thing. And she goes, Oh, I love that stuff. I go spend, I said spend a half hour every day meditating. With that. And that part that's just opening and loving, you know, then you can bring more of that energy in because that's within your karmic makeup. Like, you can't not be in your karmic makeup. But you can kind of choose and you can clear some of the stuff and make it better.

Alex Ferrari 47:05
By doing so it's essentially a Netflix for the soul, where you can actually stream Yes, a better movie or better show with better experiences and connect to that, as opposed to watching the horror movie the entire time.

Dr. Laurence Brock 47:18
Yes. To a certain degree, it's very technical, by the way, go through things. Well, no, but that's a great way to describe it. If we just had a remote control, it'd be a little easier,

Alex Ferrari 47:29
Obviously. So that's really fast. And I've never heard that before that we have the ability obviously, our past lives are our data, if you will, of our past lives is encoded into our souls experience. We are for, for obvious reasons, not exposed to those information because one we lose our mind because we could barely handle what we deal now with. Can you imagine if you had to deal with like stuff like I was a Mayan? I was a samurai Samurai, you know, you go back I was a villager. And, and you just like, you know, go crazy with it. But you're able to tap into those experiences. But for what? So it's just more about the energy of that time. So like you just said, use that example, like, oh, you had a really good life in Japan, you can go back to that time and just connect to that good energy to bring it into this lifetime.

Dr. Laurence Brock 48:22
Yeah, we use our imagination, but the qualities and our attributes are, they're all in us. So when you can focus on those better qualities and attributes, you can make the quality of your life better. There are certain things we need to go through there. It's usually just something we have to go through and the learning is not something we can understand our mind. So it is can you go through that and still appreciate yourself and love yourself. That's more of what it is. And the lesson oh I need to learn to allow it is a lot of times people say I need to stay away from people like that. Usually that's not the lesson because if you need that kind of person, you'll find someone else. It's more like a new love yourself with that person there or you know, mostly about loving yourself. But yes, you can choose into the positive qualities from those lifetimes and keep making your life more about that. Then learning how to handle the situations that we might consider. You know, not good karma in that same way with the integrity that you did in that lifetime. That was really good.

Alex Ferrari 49:35
I have to ask you, did you ever see the movie defending your life?

Dr. Laurence Brock 49:39
Sounds like I have read

Alex Ferrari 49:41
Albert Albert Brooks.

Dr. Laurence Brock 49:42
Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 49:45
Isn't that a brilliant film? It is. I mean, he's they're just looking at the past life pavilion. And they go in and Meryl Streep's like, you know, on Shining Armor, and he's like,

Dr. Laurence Brock 49:58
Movies about that. Yeah. That's great. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 50:01
Such a great, great film. Now, just, you know, from all of this experience, especially from your near death experience, what was the biggest lesson you pulled away? Even at that early stage of of that when you first had it before all the spiritual awakening and understanding? Is there a lesson that you took away from that experience?

Dr. Laurence Brock 50:22
Yeah, I think that love is the answer. Love is the question like, you know, how can I be in my loving more that? That it's an ongoing process that you never, like, you know, you ask questions, like, you know, I've been doing this a long time, but I don't consider myself the ultimate expert in any way whatsoever. Even meditating, there's some days, it is hard for me to sit there and meditate. Today was one of them. And I said, Oh, you need to meditate before the interview. But yeah, I didn't quite make the time I did a little bit. But so it's, you know, it's being the student being open to learning, knowing that there's more, that it is this endless, loving, wonderful thing, I guess. But, you know, again, it's trying to put something into words. It's indescribable. And, you know, you're just open up to stuff. And so now I'm seeing my grandmother here. I don't know what she has to do with it. But you open up. But love is is the thing. That is the thing.

Alex Ferrari 51:27
Now I have to ask as we've been having this conversation, I'm just curious, do you see anything with me? As as we've been talking? Because as we're as we're having this for a free service, or but I'm just?

Dr. Laurence Brock 51:38
Well, I could not? Wasn't? I don't look, I've learned not to do that when I'm not asked. But so yeah, you I would tell you to breathe into your heart a little bit. And then I could see what you know, there's a bit of a procedure with it. It's not, sometimes I just see things without people asking, but it is kind of like, you need a certain permission to do that.

Alex Ferrari 52:00
You have you have permission, sir. How would I do I breathe in? How would you tell me if you want to do it, if you don't have to do it,

Dr. Laurence Brock 52:05
You can put your hand on your in the center of your chest and focus in there breathe. So there's so there's so yeah, there's some stuff starting to clear for you. So there's, it's kind of like your energy field is here that you're aware of. And then, like I said, there is the part beyond that. But then even the part way beyond that is where you start to connect into the spirit. And you could do that. And you're, you might start to feel something happening because it's starting to happen. And then you just breathe, and you kind of let that in. And it's like, what, how can you get your mind to that place that just open to? So yeah, there's someone there, it might be your grandfather, a great grandfather, actually, that's kind of trying to help you so. So it's, you could do more. So you're kind of clear, which is kind of good because most people are very act up to tell you the truth. And then you could do that and connect. So see when I'm holding my hand up here, it's helping you to connect to that thing. Yeah, just take a breath there you go. So within the things that you've studied in religions, there are all the things from all the religions, but it's like what do you like the most, which is the thing that makes you kind of smile inside

So there's, there's a negative form there that will just ask for that to clear that's blocking you a little bit. So your energy fields nice and expanded. So there is a part of it that we almost like put our it's more of our imagination up into the spirit even it's like our spiritual mind and then you can start to get information. So when you do that stuff starts to flooding. I'm not seeing exactly what it is but you're surprisingly clear to tell you the truth, which is cool.

Alex Ferrari 54:28
Well, I've been working out so there's

Dr. Laurence Brock 54:31
Physical exercise.

Alex Ferrari 54:35
Well, I appreciate it. My hands tingling, that's for sure. The handle. The handle is contained here.

Dr. Laurence Brock 54:41
Try to like let your mind sit back like your see. You did good. You didn't put your mind out here but it's right here. It's almost like you let your mind be back here and then see what comes here.

Alex Ferrari 54:54
Close my eyes?

Dr. Laurence Brock 54:56
It can close your eyes. Yes, that helps you do that. So you're really let your mind sit way back, because you keep, like, our tendency, like we talked, your mind keeps going to it, to try to define it. Got it. So I go, there's more and it unfolds and then kind of after the unfolding, you might get the information, you might not get the information. Now, you might get it in a few days, or you might not at all. And there would be a knowing that goes along with it. So you can allow your intention to connect a little further and up into the right, because you're being drawn into the spirit really nicely. Luckily, your minds kind of not going there to interfere with it, which is good. But now you can let your mind go there, because you can kind of see some things possibly.

So yeah, you're doing good. So do you feel that somewhat of the connection there, right. It's really sometimes really light and subtle, but that lightness is what it is. So that's good. So breathe into your heart again, you can start to connect back into your body a bit. So the things that are in the very high levels of spirit, it is it is hard to talk from that place or even know what it is. Okay, so it's kind of cool to see things on that physical, the astral or causal level, because they're very similar to the physical level. But in the spirit, there's not much we can say about it.

Alex Ferrari 56:39
Well, all I can tell you is it started to get to this. It's kind of like I started knocking on the door. Yeah, it was like a knock. I started literally kind of like going to another another place. Yeah, wasn't visual, it was all feeling. And when I got there, it was I was just starting to dip my toe in. Yeah. And just dipping my toe in, I started to feel an immense amount of strength power, not physical, just energy, just kind of like, yeah, you saw me do like that, that thing. When I rolled my shoulders back a little bit. I was like, Yeah, something's, like I just started. I felt like, okay, take on the world. It was just kind of.

Dr. Laurence Brock 57:22
That's right. And so connecting into that, and then we do have to process it somehow. But so yes, we breathe into your heart and expand your heart and let that in. That's kind of how the healing takes place. That energy comes in and can fix all sorts of things.

Alex Ferrari 57:38
And it's happy to happy energy. It's a loving energy

Dr. Laurence Brock 57:42
Usually is but sometimes when there's stuff to clear it comes up. And

Alex Ferrari 57:46
But um, but apparently, I'm pretty clear, as you said,

Dr. Laurence Brock 57:49
Yeah, surprisingly clear. So that's cool.

Alex Ferrari 57:54
I appreciate that. That was really good. We did kind of like a live little session of what you do. So I'm gonna like a commercial, not for you. Now everybody who's watching. All right, if you want. It's all Dr. Brock. Yeah, I know. It's really I mean, I'll be honest with you, it's really, you know, I meditate a lot. And everyone on the show knows I'm a very heavy meditator. been meditating for years now and try to do two to four hours a day, sometimes. And those feelings, I'm still high, by the way, I'm still a little, I'm still a little high.

Dr. Laurence Brock 58:26
So this is good. So just feel your feet on the ground. So you want to be able to kind of do that and then your body there. So you can without stopping that you just feel your butt in the chair, feel your feet on the ground, and start to talk from that place. Sometimes you might have word sometimes you can't

Alex Ferrari 58:45
No, no, it's it's, um, as I'm talking my face is like, I feel like I'm flush. It's a we this is a weird feeling. Like, I when I meditate. I sometimes get here. When I do deep, deep meditations, I'll walk out with this blissful feeling. But I've never been able to do it just like that with. I mean, obviously, you've helped the situation. But this is really like I'm like, really high. Right? This is just the weirdest feeling that, you know. It's kind of like a touchdown, right? Yeah, it is. Really, we I mean, Doc, I gotta tell you this is I mean, you do good work, sir. Because I just, I feel I feel kind of like, thank you. Yeah, yeah, it's just like this energy, and I feel like it could take on the I literally feel like I'm 20 again. I feel like I'm like 18 And I'm like, you feel invincible. That's kind of the feeling this feeling is and I'd imagine if there's someone who's sick or has issues that this this energy would help. Yes, that you know, thankfully, I've apparently pretty clear. Yeah, I've been working on it. As you can see, I've been trying. I've been I've been spiritually at the gym.

Dr. Laurence Brock 59:55
Good. Yeah, you got to work out just like your body. You got to work out your spiritual stuff.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:00
I'm not it for everyone listening, it is a very interesting feeling. I've never had this. I've had I've had taste of this feeling, but it's kind of like a prolonged feeling of this kind of love. And it just, it's just almost like you've tapped into an energy source that you can't explain. Is the way I'm looking at can't put words to the way I feel right now. It's bliss doesn't even. Yeah, exactly. It's not even blissful. It's,

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:00:29
I gave up trying to describe it exactly a long time ago, you know, but saying, I can't quite describe it, that it's kind of like this, then people go, Oh, I know. Because most people experience it at some point in their life doing something, you know, whether it's, like I say, daughter, sometimes I look at her just like, wow, the greatest thing in the world. There's, you know, sometimes playing sports when I was younger, you know, whatever music, whatever it is that you like,

Alex Ferrari 1:00:56
I've been in the zone before. This is not the zone. This is something this is at another level of the zone. I understand, like when you're surfing and you'd like are blissed out, and you're in a different place, or you're writing or you doing something you'd love to do. This is a whole other whole other energy.

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:01:12
It's that and then you left the spirit. And that's like, it's really cool.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:17
Doc is extremely cool. I, man, I'm speechless, and I just want to do for a living. And I'm speechless now. So I really do appreciate that. I'm going to ask you a few questions. If I can I get those words out. Your questions that ask all my guests. Okay, what is your definition of a good life?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:01:40
Ah, well, that's a good question. I think having you know, when you say that, I think I'm, I love my daughter so much. You know, when I think about her, that's a big part of it. I mean, having a nice place to live, you know, all those things, but doing the spiritual part, I think is really important. Having other spiritual people in your life. You know, doing I do a lot of service work, I volunteer a lot. I actually, so I was talking about these positive qualities and attributes, expressing those in whatever way that is for you. I learned a lot. You know, there are certain things that for me, it seems that's natural, and how you would do it. There's other ways for other people that to me might not be the way like there's, like, I'm not a martial arts person. But for some people, that's the way to express that. And, you know, I just not a fighting kind of person, but you know, cooking, drawing anything that you're adding in that spiritual experience into it. On top of the bliss, we're talking about when you add that spirit and your qualities are being activated, whatever that is, I love I'm a cancer you know, my son needs me to Sir, I really so very nurturing that is part I love to cook I take care of people and luckily I found a way to make a living doing that also. So but it could be anything some people are even making money could be the way the Spirit comes in and their qualities are activated.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:12
What is your mission in this life?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:03:16
My mission in this life is to reach God I guess and but part of that is to help people and be a good dad, you know, be of service to my family, to my friends to my community to bring in to be a blessing you know, to hold that. To be a blessing is not equate it but it's more like hold that blessing inside and then you overflow that to be available to other people I guess you could describe it as

Alex Ferrari 1:03:45
And what is the ultimate purpose of life? Love?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:03:49
That is no doubt like everyone's motive for everything is they want to be loved even the things that would be so hard to conceive like how could someone doing selling that terrible but selling and them is moving towards wanting love and connecting to spiritual love and love from other people?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:09
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're amazing work that you've been doing?

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:04:15
Well, my website is I have my youtube drlaurencebrock. The kind of cute one is my Tiktok because it's DocBrock@tiktok. That's Doc Brock at Tiktok and my phone number for texting or on WhatsApp is 732-567-6388.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:40
Doc, I appreciate you coming on the show. Thank you for this amazing experience.

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:04:45
That's so cool.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:45
Yeah, I'm so glad I asked that for that experience. Yeah, this is this is a beautiful commercial for, for what you do because it is it's pretty remarkable. It's pretty remarkable. What you do and thank you for sharing your Oregon. Thank you for the good work you're doing for people out there. So I appreciate you coming on the show my friend.

Dr. Laurence Brock 1:05:04
Thank you!

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