Divine Council’s CHANNELED Message That Humanity NEEDS to HEAR! with Desjanée Threat

Life is an ever-evolving tapestry of mystery and discovery, woven with threads of intuition and spiritual awakening. On today’s episode, we welcome the luminous Desjanée Threat, a channeler, psychic, and spiritual educator. Desjanée has journeyed through realms both seen and unseen, guided by the voices of ancestors and mystical beings. Her life is a testament to the profound connections we can forge with the spiritual world when we open ourselves to its whispers.

Desjanée Threat is a born psychic, a gift she’s been aware of since childhood. Her journey into channeling began with an innate intuition that saved her life on more than one occasion. “I’ve always heard spirits,” she shares, “it’s the discerning of who is speaking to you that is key.” Desjanée’s path has been one of deepening her understanding of these voices, distinguishing the guidance of her spiritual team, which includes ancestors, angels, and mythical creatures.

In our conversation, Desjanée delves into the complexities of developing psychic abilities. She explains how knowing oneself is crucial to understanding one’s gifts. “Every spiritual teacher, every elder, teaches differently,” she notes. “The key is realizing how you learn.” For Desjanée, this meant embracing her clairaudience and claircognizance, honing her ability to receive and interpret spiritual messages. Her journey has been a mix of self-discovery and spiritual development, marked by a persistent connection to her spiritual team.

Desjanée’s relationship with her spiritual guides is intricate and deeply personal. She describes how each guide has a unique energy and purpose, helping her navigate the realms of the mystical and the mundane. This connection extends to her ancestors, who have been a significant source of support and wisdom. “Even though you may not be close to your physical family, you have a spiritual family of your ancestors,” she emphasizes, highlighting the comfort and guidance they offer.

One of the most challenging aspects of Desjanée’s journey has been setting boundaries with the spiritual world. The constant influx of messages can be overwhelming. “Boundaries are extremely important,” she says. Despite her spiritual team’s persistent guidance, she has learned to manage the flow of information to maintain her well-being. This balance is crucial for anyone on a spiritual path, as it allows one to stay grounded while navigating the ethereal.

Desjanée’s story is also one of personal healing and transformation. Raised in a religious household, she had to reconcile her spiritual gifts with her family’s beliefs. This journey led her to a deeper understanding of generational karma and the importance of breaking cycles of trauma. “Generational karma is about recognizing repetitive patterns in your family and taking steps to heal and break those cycles,” she explains. Her path has been one of courage and resilience, facing difficult truths to pave the way for future generations.


  1. Intuition as a Guide: Trust your inner voice. It often knows more than you consciously do and can guide you through life’s challenges.
  2. Healing Generational Trauma: Recognize and address the patterns that have persisted through generations. Healing yourself can help heal your lineage.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Cultivate a relationship with your spiritual guides and ancestors. Their wisdom and support are invaluable on your spiritual journey.

Desjanée’s journey is a beacon for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their true selves. Her experiences remind us that the path to spiritual enlightenment is unique for each person, filled with moments of profound insight and growth.

Please enjoy my conversation with Desjanée Threat.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 267

Desjanée Threat 0:00
So even though you may not be close to your physical family, you have a spiritual family of your ancestors that offer you. That's good that you can be close to this journey is not easy. It can be lonely. It can be at times try healing is deep.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I'd like to welcome to the show Desjanée Threat. How you doing Desjanée?

Desjanée Threat 0:30
I am doing well. And thank you so much for having me, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 0:33
I appreciate you for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your journey as a channel and and hopefully talk to the ancestors and the guides that you channel as well. I'm excited to ask them some interesting questions along the way. But my first question is, what was your life like prior to the insanity that is channeling?

Desjanée Threat 0:54
So I'm somebody who has known that they have been psychic their whole life. And beforehand, my psychic abilities have always kicked in and out. So my intuition is like my strongest gift. And this always clicked in and out throughout my life. And it's literally saved my life several times. So there was one time that stands out the most to me is when I was in high school like my freshman year, and I was going to go to a party with my aunt. And I heard very clearly not to go. So I said we shouldn't go, we decided not to go. This is like 30 minutes to an hour later, we heard that someone got shot and that person we happen to know and they know when they lost their life. So it was like my gifts and abilities. bilities have always been prominent, even though I haven't always utilized them to the extent that I utilize them now. And for me, I've always like magical mythical things. That's a part of my identity. I love mythology, I love lower. I love anything in that around, but I never dived deep enough to get to that spiritual point into I decided to within and go on my spiritual journey.

Alex Ferrari 1:54
So. So being knowing about your psychic abilities as a young person is one thing. Channeling is a whole other conversation. Did you have this? Did you start hearing voices quote unquote, in your head early on? Were you not scared when you first heard it? Or did you kind of just understand? How was that like?

Desjanée Threat 2:12
That's a deep and loaded question. The truth of the matter is, I'm clear audience and being clear audience I've always hear, I've always heard spirits, I've always hear them. I hear them all the time. And it's the discerning of that, because when I started started to develop my gifts, I started to work differently. And that's where it clicks in. So most of the time, when it comes to my spiritual team, I get downloads like Claire cognizance, but clairaudient in between. And it's really hard to master clairaudient abilities because you hear voices outside inside, you have to be able to see discern who's speaking to you, is it just spiritual team. And that's where the energy of the stoning, the energy comes into play. Because when I'm talking to my ancestors, to my spiritual team, which aren't angels, Gods goddesses and deities, I'm talking to my like mythical creature, my dragon or my unicorn, you tie into those elements and onto those rounds, they all have distinct energy, and they're all higher level energies. And that's where you have to get to a level of discernment, a level of development to get there. And it's also extremely important to know that so I've always heard spirits, I've always seen them to let going in and out because I'm a channeler channel is a form of medium. But to the extent of knowing how to channel I just thought they were just like gifts and abilities, and most definitely heightened when I started developing my channel or abilities. Now it's like non stop, it's annoying.

Alex Ferrari 3:35
So when you say developing, how do you develop these kinds of these kinds of abilities?

Desjanée Threat 3:40
So the key to that is because I've been led to go down my spiritual teacher educator hat like role, and I started focusing on that in February of this year, is understanding who you are and that every spiritual teacher, every elder, every educator teaches a little bit differently. For me, personally, I focused on energetic connectivity and understanding. So when I teach a course because I do it in like a webinar around an hour format, I have it laid out and we have focus intentions, because I learn and you learn and everyone learns differently. So if the key for me when I teach is helping you realize how you learn. So like I mentioned, I'm very intuitive and I'm Claire audience, and I get a lot of downloads for Claire cognizance. So to know yourself is key when you are developing your gifts. Because if someone was trying to teach you an intuitive way and you don't come through as intuitive, that's not going to work for you. So developing your gifts is having a level of understanding of yourself. And the basic understanding is like your Claire abilities people feel things Clairsentience people know that Claire Cognizant people smell these clear alien people taste these clear gusting if people can touch these abilities Claire can jeans. So diving deep into your foundation, how you get communicating is important. That is like the basic foundation of developing your gifts because you have to know yourself and until after, during the sorting gifts and abilities were awakening ascend. And then you realize, okay, maybe I should be focusing on this. Like, even though I was clear that I'm clear audience, becoming a channeler has made that heightened stillness that I had to focus on it and learn how to learn how to discern it. But the foundation of understanding you, and then reading and researching and then communicating to your spiritual team is important because they can, they can help you a big thing for me when I teach, and I feel like everyone should know if you have a guide, a spirit guide, connected to an Arch Angel to a mythical creature to gods, goddesses or deities or ancestors, you have specific connections and intentionally, because you have gifts and abilities that relate to them, they can help you develop that Pacific gives them ability. And people tend to not realize that, especially when it comes to spirit guides, because Spirit guides are so big. Yes, spirit guides that relate to your gifts and abilities. The first spirit guide that I connected to is His name is dances with crow is a native indigenous guy. And he helped me with my native indigenous lineage this go around to but he's a seer, he helped me with astral astral projection going between rounds. So it's an aspect of you, they help you develop as you develop that relationship and they help you ascend. You're not alone, even if you feel like you're alone, because we have guidance, spiritual team all around you. And I think that's a really big foundation that people have to be aware of. So knowing yourself, who you're connected to, and then helping you to dive deeper into that. Understanding that connectivity in who you are, you have a level of mastering

Alex Ferrari 6:28
You were mentioning earlier, you're like, yeah, it's annoying now. Because it's like so, so much. That's a good question. How do you turn it off, I've heard some channels like say, I literally turn a closed sign on, and I go, Hey, guys, I'm not on right now. And then they'll turn okay, I'm on now. And then the information comes in.

Desjanée Threat 6:46
So boundaries are extremely important. And I would say it depends on who you are being completely honest with you, me being me, there are times that I've been irritated. And my spiritual team has been very much still talking to me, because that's how they are. But you can't have a sign of times on times off, and you put up those boundaries, and you implement them, it's just you sticking to them. And it also depends on how you get information. People receive information and downloads in many different ways. So if you're an antenna, like a channel, or is like you get information, you get downloads in different ways, it depends on how you want to pay attention to it and how you decide to respond to it. So you may be dreaming, or you can just be out at a restaurant, you get a download for something people get communicated to and various ways. But you can turn it off or you can filter it or you can pay attention to it. But what the way you've seen to choose to sometimes it's easier people implement certain things like a sign or switch that they implement to be able to do it. Personally. I don't have that. Because my spiritual team doesn't listen to me because they're making me development. Right? Yep. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 7:50
So they understand the the audience as you will and be like, Well, no, you gotta we gotta force her to do some stuff. Here. We gotta

Desjanée Threat 7:59
I'm stubborn. I'm a Taurus. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 8:04
So she's, so they're like, no, she's got a she's got a we got to kind of nudge her along, whether she likes it or not kind of,

Desjanée Threat 8:11
Yeah, 100%. To be honest with you. That's how my spiritual team is, I always say that their path and loving, because my spiritual team is in the realm of they love hard, and they know who you are, you have to be keep that in mind. If your spiritual team is really connected to you, show you they know your personality, they know how you are as a person. And in this case, this is how my spirit team has to be with me, and I understand it. I'm not saying I don't get annoyed by it, but I understand it.

Alex Ferrari 8:36
So the the voices that you hear internally, at a certain point, you know, I'm assuming he does get annoying, and you have to kind of like process it and deal with it. And you know, and sometimes the information that comes in isn't particularly good for a client or things like that, is that the how do you deal with it on a psychological level.

Desjanée Threat 8:57
So, I always tell people, if you get a reading from me, that I'm going to read you. And let's be honest, I'm channeling and not intuitively reading you. So if I'm in the chat, channel, state, if someone's channel link in the channel state, they don't feel proud of what they're saying, because they have no control over what they're saying. And that's really important to know. So, I've full fledged, just give that disclaimer, like if I'm channeling going to channel state and your spiritual team has something tough to say the they're gonna say it to me, and it's gonna come out the way it comes out. I'm more of like, like shadow a dark, you have to embrace shadow and darker aspects and still be a light because people try to like they try to clean it up or trying to be a little nice. But if you're typically speaking at the spiritual teams give you more of a tough love, love approach. You may be stubborn like me, and you need to hear it.

Alex Ferrari 9:47
Very cool. Now, how do you you've been obviously you said you've been second most of your life and kind of understood all of that. But when did you come out publicly come out of the closet if you or have you lived outside of the closet? You know, were you in high school going? Hey, anybody want to read in? Come on over? How did you come out of the spiritual closet? And how do people around you deal with it?

Desjanée Threat 10:13
So that's a deep question. To start off with, I want to emphasize that I was raised Christian. And I was very Christian. But I've always teeter totter in and out of the religion, that belief system. And my mother is like, more open, because my gifts are genetic. And she's always been very supportive of my gifts. That's like the most positive thing, but I can say about my mom. But my grandparents were extremely religious. So in 2015, and I don't know, remember what year that was, but I was 15, when I had the option to stop going to church. And that's when I chose to, and that was kind of like the first break in that system. And then when I went to college at 18, I decided to not be religious at all, but I've always believed that there was more like bigger scene and scenery. And then I think it was around 2021 When I lost my brother. And then I started to like, read the Bible for myself and discern things. That's when I learned about spiritual gifts. And in that learning about spiritual gifts, because people don't talk about them, that and depending on the denomination, they don't even mention it. That's important portent because Ephesians. In the Corinthians, they make the spiritual gifts quite a bit, which correlate to psychic abilities. For people who don't know, you can look up spiritual gifts in the Bible, and it correlates like the Claire's and different abilities. And that's when I started to develop more of a understanding of spiritual gifts and kind of finding my place because I always felt in differences. I didn't know other spiritual gifts in the Bible, even though I was raised Christian. And that would make sense to me, as someone who's always known that, that they were psychic. So I started developing my gifts, I took that step to develop my gifts in 2018. That's when I bought my first tarot deck. So it's about to be from five years. And when I started to be open ly spiritual was the end of 2020. And even though I was speaking to sort of people about it, like I told my mother, I told my favorite certain people, like, I'm like, I'm just going to be openly spiritual, because I've always been magical. And I've always known this, but then that's also like a whole band aid that ripped off a lot of stuff. Because 2018 was also the start of my healing journey and coming to you to pieces and places about everything. So when I wrote the band aid off, I started talking about everything I've been through, and that's where people don't like it too much.

Alex Ferrari 12:32
Yeah. And how did you deal with it psychologically, because that's, that's a big deal, like people around you, your support system, your friends, your colleagues, your family, it's a thing coming out, I know the feeling, because I had to do this show. So you know that that was not the show is my spiritual outing, if you will. So it's a very interesting thing. Very interesting thing. So I'd love to hear what you thought how you dealt with it.

Desjanée Threat 12:58
So being honest, I lost so many friends, and people that I used to be close with being raised Christian and being one of those people in my life. And throughout that journey, it's so interesting that you say this, because I'm on my shamanic journey. And I'm literally at this place in that path, where I speak to three to four of my family members. So I'm currently still going through it. And my spiritual team made me realize how toxic people are and how many people I had to release. So I speak to three or four of my family members, I speak to about two or three friends that I still have, and one of them is noon. And basically, if you do not serve me and you are not okay with me being openly spiritual, because I am openly spiritual, animal spirits, many different ways. It's an energy of, you don't need to be a part of my life. But it's not easy. Especially since the bat, the wounds are still fresh, because I just cut off and went no contact with most of my family. And it's April right now, it would be the end of January, and I just had a really awkward conversation with my grandfather in April, like on the 13th. To be precise, it was one of those conversations that I had to have, that I had to have. And my spiritual team had made me put it on the radar being open about it, because I had to tell them, and this is not even about spirituality or place in my healing journey. And if I am a survivor of SA at the child and my grandfather, I just told him the detail of everything that went on without going too deep into it. But it's the main thing that when I started my spiritual journey in 2018, they had me start healing and they had to rip the band aid off and now I know that a lot of it's I've been getting visions about the situation and what's going to occur and that energy was just bad, but I had to pull that off you know, with no contact. I text him saying let me know when you're ready is going to be serious about them. Kill him and like get that final off my chest. And it's not easy. It's really fresh for me. Three to four people no joke.

Alex Ferrari 14:59
Wow. That's pretty, that's pretty powerful. Thank you for sharing that. By the way, it's important to ask these questions, but this is important for people listening.

Desjanée Threat 15:07
Thank you. I think it's a good point too. I'm gonna drink a sip of water. But since we tend in, in the ancestors kind of want to jump in at this moment in time, is that okay with you?

Alex Ferrari 15:17
Sure. Go ahead. Yeah.

Desjanée Threat 15:18
The ancestors. If you like that, you may, if you are that black sheep in the family, that person I choose to, chooses to go to a different path and go down a different route. Allow yourself to go go to what your soul was being called to do. The thing about being the black sheet, the person that's different, the person that has to heal generational trauma, that karmic debt is a lot of weight on you, because you're doing it for yourself, but also you're doing it for your lineage. Let's focus on this. Many people were taken from the roots into from their cultures, their identities and don't even know. And now when they go on this journey, of discovery of spiritual journey, a healing journey, whatever journey it is for you, you start to reconnect to yourself to your roots in your lineage, it's not an easy thing to do. That is a journey to go on. And there are times in this journey is gonna be long. For us, and Janae, we were the first step in her spiritual journey, her awakening started connected to us. So remember, you have ancestors that are for your highest and best good that can help you. And as an esky, she has never believed in that close to our family. But she's close to us. So even though you may not be close to your physical family, you have a spiritual family of your ancestors that offer you that's good, that you can be close to this journey is not easy. It can be lonely, it can be at times trying, healing is deep. There are layers, you have to understand your shadow, you start to reflect and understand the parts of you that you picked up in your family that you may not even want, then you start to dive deeper and realize the generational trauma and things that have been repetitive in the cycle that you're breaking. And it's not easy. It's deep is reflective is healing is therapeutic. And healing take steps is the process. It's a journey, and and not easy at all. But since he's doing an interview, Alex, do you have any questions that we can answer related to this energy?

Alex Ferrari 17:14
Yes, can you dive in a little deeper into generational karma, and how, how we deal with that kind of stuff.

Desjanée Threat 17:22
So when you think about generational con, you have to be able to realize that exist, there are certain people that do not think that generational karma exist. And the truth of the matter is if you take the time to reflect on your family, and let's say your mother, your grandmother, your great grandmother, her siblings, things that happen in your family, you're able to pinpoint things that are repetitive, typically things that are repetitive or generational harm. You got deep into that, to see the root of it, and see the things that need to be broken. And quite often that generational karma is things that you have to let out and designates case is her essay. She's having this revelation. In this case, her grandfather didn't respond in a positive way at all. Going a little deeper and she tried to build with his will be anchored on the field during her grandmother was aware that she started to dive deep and to understand that what happened in her sit her grandmother siblings and what her great grandmother was aware of. And that's a generational karma and cycle that people didn't want to talk about only the family knows, and designates case when she started talking about her essay and being open and really an advocate about essay. And being a survivor that has given negative light because one last showing that she was essayed that her grandmother was aware that she had to be around her abuser, which was her. And that generational karma that generational cycles ending with her because there was a band aid on a wound that had to be opened. And quite often people don't want to keep put the business out there. People don't want people to know about those type of things. But then that's how they've cycled pieces, so repetitive energy. But diving deeper into that, you got to see the things that your family did does, that keeps going on and own, that maybe it's property, maybe it's abuse, mental, emotional, psychological, physical, toxic relationships, things that people shouldn't be putting up. But those are all generational karmic patterns. Those are also patterns that people are raised with them, that they are get used to and then they repeat until you realize something was wrong. And then you break that cycle and you openly advocate about it, and show the future generations and tell people that this is not okay in the first place. The only way you hilly and if you want to dive deeper into that you have generational karma and cycles that also pass on to you through your from your past lives. So you have your lineage right now. And then you have things that you have from your past lives because your past lives are tied to your soul. That vision is realizing that she has been healing and traveling is only negative energy. So there can be multiple generations and multiple lineages lineages You are healing I do allowance for sale. Is there anything else you need clarity on Alex?

Alex Ferrari 20:05
Yes. Can you talk a little bit about soul families, and what how this interacts with that.

Desjanée Threat 20:11
So that's really deep, we'll give the example designated because obviously we're our ancestors and she's a living example. Do your soul family or people you are connected to on a soul level, and do have a soul family that can be completely different than your regular family. One thing we often tell designate is, your soul family is not the same experience sure that you're going to have with your immediate family. Because in her face, in her case, her family is very toxic. She's always seen it. She doesn't like it. She's always been very reflective of what she did not want. And now she's parting ways with that. When it comes to your soul family, you have soul family on different levels, you have combined meshing that you're doing together. There's in this case, it's raising the Earth's vibration, it's helping people tap back into their magic. So environmentalism, helping people on their spiritual journeys have helping people activate reawaken, helping people come into themselves spiritually. And when it comes to your soul family, there's different levels, because it depends on who you are. So you have people that are really connected to their ancestors that are finding their roots. So you have other people that will be connected to their ancestors, finding their roots that you connect to, and you help other people connect, that's a layer. Let's think about Star season where people consider extraterrestrial energy. So all star seeds have a soul family, related to their origins, to their missions related to that origin, and dive in deeper, there's layers into that, then if you want to go deeper than that, you also get to go into people that have Earth Angel missions that are light workers that are spiritual workers, people that make more of a shadow Walker, Soul fan family based to you who you are, what you're meant to do, and the combined energy of donated together, but also being different because you're going to have layers and a combination of that. Anything else you want to know? Yes?

Alex Ferrari 22:02
This is a question I get asked all the time. Do animals have souls?

Desjanée Threat 22:06
Ofcourse they do have! Animals have cells, they are powerful. And thinking about it on the simple route. simple, very straightforward thing. animals have souls, they're tied to people, animals are spirit guys, their nature advocates. And if you think about our mission monitoring, that's why they exist in different planes and dimensions. So definitely loves birds. And she's diving deeper into her connection to nature as she's on her shamanic journey, she often can walk around and get downloads as she sees crows and different birds and note they're speaking to her. Many indigenous cultures, asked to speak to the animals and they help advocate and they leave and down the path. That was extremely important to realize how sacred animals are and how connected they are. They give sign all these different things about what's going on within the world. It's one of those things that are sad because as people disconnect from nature, in that in that connect, human nature is very sacred, they just connect to the realizing the animals, what they can learn from them, and what they communicate as a whole. So their souls are very loving, they're very psychic, you can actually connect to reconnect. Like if you're intuitive and you're connected to nature to animals, to get science Equinox that is in many indigenous cultures do that's why it's more some people have this energy of you shouldn't eat animals, you should eat animals. And if you do eat animals, seeing us the animals are sacred at the sacrifice and being thankful for it for nourishing you. It goes deep.

Alex Ferrari 23:31
So then are the animal souls different than ours, because obviously, our were a more evolved level of soul, quote, unquote, being able to do what we're doing, how different are that, that consciousness versus our consciousness,

Desjanée Threat 23:46
Animals are more closely related to earth and this the essence of nature itself. trees and plants also have a level of soul. Most things have a level of energy and connectivity. So there's a different level of consciousness they think, only then you doing how designators but it's just more slowly, more straightforward, more so connectedness, because in reality, humans are the ones that are disconnected. Think about and most people talk with their voices, people used to be able to talk telekinetically it communicate. And really, when you connect to nature into animal, animal, that's how you connecting and communicating there. So humans are the ones that disconnected the way that these used to be. But that's also because people have as a whole disconnected to their magic into nature as well as an essence. And nature is the foundation of all magic. So animals connect to that.

Alex Ferrari 24:40
So what happens to animals after they die? The souls of the animals after they die, they get reincarnated like humans. Is there an evolution that they are like working their way up to become human?

Desjanée Threat 24:52
No being human ain't that great.

Alex Ferrari 24:57
Can you explain to people what are some Spirit Guides?

Desjanée Threat 25:01
So spirit guides, it's a generic term, Desjanee teaches courses on spirit guides and they come through different ways. Really, they're just sold that incarnated here with you to help you on your spiritual journey. Some people consider their ancestors, their spirit guides, or angels or spirit guides. They consider Gods goddesses and deities and energy, their spirit guides, they're just general it's a general term for spiritual beings, divine beings and incarnated here, before you became Be yourself and knowing who you are to help you along your journey. It's a generic term. So the spiritual helpers are guys that have been connected to you from birth that They incarnated here with you probably before you were born to help you along the way. And spirit guides helping you like just not in the spiritual aspects. They're around you, even if you're not aware,

Alex Ferrari 25:50
How can we build a deeper connection with them?

Desjanée Threat 25:53
One by acknowledging that they exist, and setting intentions. It's interesting, you ask that because designate teaches a course about this. And we had to force her to teach because she stuff, real stuff. And it's basically setting the intentions. So it can be overwhelming depending on who you are, and what guides you have. But you dive deep into that. And focus on one guide or one aspect, you start a connection. And then also who are you as a whole. So if you want to connect to a spirit guide, and you know who you are something you may be connected to example that you made is a divine feminine, and she wasn't really in that energy because she was healed, because she had to heal it. So she had the Divine Feminine guide, you say, you know, this may be your divine masculine or you want to embrace more darker energies. So you set the intention to connect to your divine feminine and divine masculine, darker energy guy, do you start to know who they are, attentions are very inefficient. But some people feel this energy of lostness of doing it on their own, even though you can. So you want to be able to guide your way through it, which is how that you may could use our forces or you just set the intention to write down a question ask and dive deep. Because you're gonna be able to have to listen, you're gonna be able to have to trust yourself and asset and guessing. And that's an energy that is very prominent when it comes to people connecting to their magic in their spiritual teams. Quite often people second guess what they're able to do with their spiritual gifts and their magic and their abilities. So when you're second guessing it or you're doubting your experiences, you're blocking, being able to experience. So intended settings is the most important thing. You can light a candle set the time, set the intentions and to see where it goes. Or you can do something that's more guided until you get to a point where you can do it on your own.

Alex Ferrari 27:44
Is it Is that what a gut instinct is or intuition is.

Desjanée Threat 27:48
So your intuition is really what guides you and it helps you. When it comes to your gut instinct, gut instinct or intuition. It's usually towards a specific situation or case or environment that you need to be picking up on. What your intuition was definitely can guide you in all aspects of your life. So this energy, maybe you want to set the intention to speak to a guide. And then that guides energies around you. And they're giving you intuitive downloads for you to know how you should be connecting, that you should be listening to. But that goes to trusting and second guessing what do you feel led to do?

Alex Ferrari 28:20
Now you mentioned that the Spirit guides are here to help you along your path. Is that based around a thing called a soul blueprint, or a plan that you come down here in this incarnation to go through? They're here to kind of guide you through that process?

Desjanée Threat 28:36
Yes, 100% of people have soul contracts. So blueprint, they have things that they need to do and accomplish. And a key point to this is that people have different levels, to their awakenings, to their journey. So we have different guys that will be helping you with different aspects and different levels and certain guides will make their presence known to you when you get to a certain point on your journey. This is extremely important to be in a realization. So they know what you're meant to do. Like we mentioned earlier before you are away. So when you're ready to listen or connect to a certain guide, or when you're at that level, that's when they'll make their presence now, you're waking to different levels and different guides throughout your journey in your life. We'll give an example. Dejan is fairly new on a shamanic journey, even though she's a born Shaman. That's when her indigenous ancestors are helping spirits and that past life as a shaman really started to play a key. And that's when they started to really make the presence now even though she's always been connected to the different levels, different things that's when you awaken to it. This one is meant to be.

Alex Ferrari 29:37
So how does this play with the concept of freewill?

Desjanée Threat 29:40
Freewill is a very interesting thing we laugh because we think about how Desjanee has been feeling it's just been going through her shamanic dark night of the soul. She made the choice to choose our spiritual journey back in 2018. And this energy back in 2020 2021 They gave her a sign Tell her that once you start to really dive deep, and this is one, she started to channel around this time, that there is no going back. So she made this choice to develop her gifts, we gave her a sign before she started to really channel and dive deeper into it and start to know things that she knows that basically, once you are aware, once you have a level of awareness, when you develop your gifts to a certain extent, there is no going back because they're activated. So that's your next step, if you can't tell. So in this energy, she got really, really mad. And she was like, as this is fairly new, by the way, as she's been on a shamanic journey, because I don't want to develop my gifts, I don't want to hear anything, I don't want any download, she got frustrated, like I'm not doing anything spiritual. For a week, I just want to rest I don't want to be in my spiritual purpose, it didn't work out. Because guess what her gifts and abilities are going to work they're going to activate, she's meant to know she's meant to share. So you have free will, you can be stubborn and not do it. But that's going towards your purpose is going to get what you're meant to do. And once you get to a level of awareness, so you have unnecessary obstacles and challenges once you get to a level of awareness that your free will have taken you to. But once you're aligned, you're a lot of people don't want to hear that. Engineers a lot right now, she can't go back, she can't go on a different path or a journey. She can't try to go back to being a part of the Monday she's on a spiritual journey. She's building into being a spiritual influencer and entrepreneur and a boss mystic. In her words, if you want to be that way, you have to be serious about it. That's why people always talk about how serious it is, to have a spiritual purpose to be to have a divine purpose and to be actual spiritual worker. And as there is a difference between being spiritual and having a spiritual purpose, when you are aligned, and you know, once you get to a point of knowing it's harder to have free will gonna go in and guess what you're supposed to do. That's where stubbornness comes into play. That's where you're trying to disconnect. You're supposed to be going this way, in that way. And that's when you have unnecessary obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome and go through is that a flowing with the obstacles and challenges that are meant to be a part of your path.

Alex Ferrari 32:07
So we choose in many ways, the not only the obstacles and challenges that come across, but when we become stubborn, and start deviating from the path that we agreed to be on. That is when it becomes even more difficult. So right now, if there's an A wants to become an astronaut, and starts going to school to become an astronaut, there's going to be obstacle upon obstacle obstacle to the point where it becomes so difficult that she returns back to the path that she's supposed to be on Is that a fair assessment?

Desjanée Threat 32:36
That's pretty true. It may work out but there's going to be obstacles and there's always going to be a second guessing a lot, longing and it's gonna be more difficult path. So most spiritual workers, people to divine purposes are meant to travel the world road less traveled. So this is more of the unknown, the abyss the void the darker energies that are around spirituality, and darker not in a negative way. But you know, like guessing, I have certain fears and things you don't know until you get to a point of knowing, then you have more of a lit path that is more than traditional nine to five. Let's think of it in this way. Think of it in a simple business terms. People that that are entrepreneurs take risks. People that are want to work for other people that nine to five, want comparability and stability. So that entrepreneurial route can lead to many successes. But there's always a stage for my three to five years where it's hard to become stable. Many businesses fail, people have to re envision things you have to re plan and realize that's the same thing with a spiritual journey. Then you have this comfortable nine to five working for somebody else, you know, you have guaranteed income, you know what you're going to spend in spirituality and that divine purpose, this divine path, you don't know what you're expecting, you're diving deep, you're going into the unknown into the abyss.

Alex Ferrari 33:53
So let me ask you are human souls unique? Individual or are they part of a collective soul or consciousness of God or source? Or is that both?

Desjanée Threat 34:05
It's about and we were gonna say that before you said it this energy of you have a you your own unique soul, your own unique purpose. But everyone's committed to a higher solar cycle. Everyone's connected to nature and the planet even though people have certain levels of disconnection. We'll give an example because you like challenge she's on the show right now. Think of it this way. If you ever on social media, and you have this thing, collective energy, which designate focuses on a lot, no matter who the person is, and they're focusing on collective energies, think of it like astrology, people get similar messages because that source wants to be relayed, and it doesn't matter who it's coming from. It can be coming from ancestors it can become from art angels can come for certain God, God is so deeply that collected energy what people refer to as source or the universe is giving the same message because no matter who that person believes in are what they're getting here from is meant to be at that collective energy.

Alex Ferrari 35:00
That's why certain ideas are brought into existence at certain times when people are ready to hear them, no matter where they come from

Desjanée Threat 35:08
100% Think about how many people are waking up right now. And how Desjanee aligning with their purpose and other people are waking up to help them along their journeys. That is not listening to divine timing.

Alex Ferrari 35:21
This is a this is a question that's kind of plaguing us right now, with the rise of artificial intelligence. Can a machine ever possess a soul?

Desjanée Threat 35:29
That's the question we're not going to answer. Because there's such a thing, as you're not going to know 5g, and magic and alchemy does this, think about alchemy, and then you'll be able to pass masses. Now we want to point out that a lot of the things that you think are newer technologies and stuff are repeated history. That's where you go into the lake. That's when you go into the Akashic records. And you realize that certain things have been destroyed intentionally for that, though, that people do not do it. But then they refind it anyway. So that's the mystery of life.

Alex Ferrari 36:04
That's why certain information was not released during barbaric times, because if if barbarians had the kind of technology that we might have today, they would have destroyed themselves 10 times 10 times over. And we're pretty close to it orrself. So we're not too far away from

Desjanée Threat 36:21
Well, we'll give you this example. You have certain things in history that had a lot of memory, they have a lot of things reading, because you as humans like reading things, that oral stories that people tell, that's the myth or lower reading. So you think of things that were destroyed, like the Library of Alexandria, which is a vast library that had so many things, reading about so much information related to magic to history and culture as a whole. That intentional destruction of those documents for people to have that void information is important. That's also why Atlantis was destroyed. So you have certain things like that. And those are not the only two cases that have that destruction. And that intentional destruction for you cannot do certain things. But the way that magic works, and the way that people's gifts and abilities work, simplify it, where the divine inspiration works is people receive information from source, they create the things and then put it back into the world. So in a way, history repeats itself. But that's our rhythm to say, Everything's connected.

Alex Ferrari 37:25
How can we heal our physical and emotional pain and suffering?

Desjanée Threat 37:29
That's a deep question. One, you have to set the intention to heal. And you have to pursue enlightenment. And it's not easy. Dejan has been honest, serious healing journeys in 2018. And there's different levels to her healing. And as she's on her shamanic journey, right now, we're having her really deal with darkness and heaviness. It's in our emotions. And there's levels to that. And we want to emphasize that most healers and people that have that we gifted in the ability of healing goes with the most pain and suffering. So they have to heal themselves to heal other people. There's layers, there's processes, there's a reflection, there's embracing certain things, you have to release certain things. It's really a combination of a lot of things, and working with yourself, your spiritual team to heal. But every person in each individual is different. But things that are most definitely true. It's one you have to set the intentions to heal, you have to know that healing is a journey and there's layers to what you're going to heal, there's things you're going to have to realize you're going to have to heal, like later down the road. And there's things that can be put to the forefront right away, like designates as a situation as a child. That was the first thing she had to work, work on healing, because it affected her the most.

Alex Ferrari 38:39
What advice would you give someone who is just beginning their spiritual journey?

Desjanée Threat 38:44
We will say that it's a journey. And in that journey, there's going to be ups and downs, their cycles, there's periods of stillness, and in those periods of stillness it was people consider uncomfortable of the most profound periods because that's when you reflect and that's when you heal. And a spiritual journey. It's a journey. It can happen quicker, it can happen slowly, and really go at your own pace which you feel led. Don't feel pressure to do things that you don't feel like align with you, which is important. You can avoid certain traps that way, find out what resonates on your soul. Don't commit to anything unless you feel led to not everyone is trustworthy. Some people will pick up on your light and you won't realize it and they will not be the right teacher or guide for you definitely had this experience back in her journey. And sometimes you may be aware of something and know it's a part of you and you're meant to do it, but then it will not align you. Example designate was thinking about doing shamanism back in 2020. But we sabotaged it because we didn't want her to go down that route yet. For her she was focusing on healing, even though she's a born shaman, focusing on healing aligning with her gifts, so she was working as an intuitive Channeler fear developing her gifts and abilities and that's what she was focusing on. Now the practitioner side is her being a shaman diving deep and understanding. So again, you may know something, but in that may not be the right time, a journey you awaken in level but different parts that are meant to be. And do not commit to something that is not right out of desperation. When you're on a journey, do not do anything out of desperation. If someone tries to pressure you into something, it's a red flag, go with the flow. Take your time, do not rush is your journey is sacred to you. And there's different levels, there's different time periods there things are essential. And again, be kind to yourself on your journey. You have to be kind to yourself. And also be honest with yourself. Because when you're journeying when you're healing when you're aligning on the spiritual journey, because you have to heal on a spiritual journey, you're gonna realize some behaviors and traits you had or not, that won't make you proud. But you have to be kind to yourself in that realization, but also be honest and assessing for you to be able to pinpoint what it is you need to release and heal. And you have a spiritual team that you should be working with. So depending on who you are, that may be somewhat different to start off with in her designated case with her ancestors.

Alex Ferrari 41:17
What are some of these traps that you were mentioning that we should avoid?

Desjanée Threat 41:21
That's a deep question. Boss profit. There's the collective energy of false prophets, with being spiritual and spirituality being such a trend nowadays, there are people that are doing it for money, fame, ego, talking about stuff that they're not connected to. And that's a collective energy.

It's not that it's the fact that Galactic Federation made their presence very known. They're like, let us talk about it for Star seeds, because you're into channelers. And you know a lot about the spiritual community, the star season, that topic is pretty popular right now. And Federation has been emphasizing them and having the channel this message about the false prophets and the people's connectedness and realizing that and they're like, we'll talk about the false prophets energy, some some water and we're gonna chant, a big sign that people need to watch out for if false prophets, people saying that they're connected to things, or doing things for a trend. In this third OSI community, this is a big energy. Because star seeds are a big topic. People are always talking about it, people are giving messages and relaying things, but they're not connected. And that is a big energy that we want to emphasize. Because when you think about a star seed, you can't just take information from anyone. People want to do star seed reads and talk about it. But have you ever heard them talk about being a star seed, their level of connectedness, anything in that around, if you hear someone doing a reading towards a specific topic or energy, and yet you have never heard them talk about being a part of that collective, or being being that being a part of their purpose, that is a red flag. And it goes on so much when it comes to starseeds. People do readings on Star seeds that people talk about being a star seed and don't identify with being a star seed being connected to an origin, being connected to the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Federation of Light is this energy of, oh, this is a trend, let me talk and do a reading about it. Well, let me share information about it. But I'm not connected to it. And that not connectedness is a problem as a whole. That is I'm spiritual, I want to get recognition. Let me bring awareness to something that I don't know about. And that is a huge energy when it comes to star seeds. If you have heard someone talk about being a star seed and do not identify as being a star seed does not give you any information about being a star seed, they don't tell you the type of star seed they are. And they don't dive into this energy. And they don't have cosmic energy, or they're not relaying messages, or iteration or from their origin or talking about it as as a whole, but are giving you reviews and telling you about it. That's not connected. That's a false prophet. And it's an energy that is so prominent right now. And it's so frustrating, because a lot of those people have big plat form they don't need to be discussing. And those people that have smaller platforms, and they're reaching people in magical ways that need to be more illuminated. We had designated do this whole year message between 23 and a big part is false prophets. But towards the end of the year, you're going to start having people that are more connected and more known start to rise up and trusting that but that also goes into people having be able to discern individual energies and who's really what but that's energetic connectivity in that a lot of people are not as connected as they say they are, or they're in this level of developing and understanding energy as a whole. Any other questions related to this?

Alex Ferrari 45:13
What is the most important lesson that you would like to give us today?

Desjanée Threat 45:17
The most important lesson that we would want to say is, is that there are many Darcy, there are many origins, and there are many missions. Many of you are aligning with who you're meant to be, and you're activating and you're coming into cell. That's remembering your past life memories, why you incarnated here, and realizing how magical you are a lot of people are coming into connectedness of everything, and realizing that they're not just themselves, they're not all about themselves. They're part of a bigger hole, bigger collective, and they have a lot of amazing things to do. And in that energy, you need to realize that it's bigger than you. Too many people are self absorbed. Everything that's going on with an earthly humanity, what you're meant to do, it's bigger than you. It has a purpose behind it. It's an impact you're doing. And the earth vibration is really low right now. So everything if people are awakening and aligning and coming together, is to help the earth to help humanity. Think about it, the earth as a whole sustains human life. So as people are awakening, becoming more conscious and caring more about the environment and planning, there's a huge push an emphasis on realizing the sacredness of it all.

Alex Ferrari 46:28
Thank you so much for your information. I appreciate you. There you go. She's back. Could we ask the ancestors a few more questions before we go? Of course, yeah. I like to ask you, what is the most important lesson you would like to give us today?

Desjanée Threat 46:49
I want to start by saying that it's extremely important. To be true to yourself. When you become true to yourself, and what you're meant to do who you are, and aligning with that basic foundation, and allows you to open up to the universe, to your magic to the essence and what you're meant to do. That you are aligning with yourself purpose, what's your soul contract to a layer of yourself and opening up to the other layers, because everyone is layered, that allows you to be in this energy of confidence in an empowered energy that allows you to be connected. But diving deeper into that is this energy of being true to yourself allows you to release things that no longer serve you. And in that energy that comes with uncomfortability because that requires you to reflect. It requires you to release people, places, situations, toxicity, things that you should have never allowed to happen in the first place. And then allows you to attract your soul tribe, your community, people that think like you, they're on a vibration group. It's the lagging, that you're meant to do amazing things with as the sirens are going by aligning with your true self. Allow yourself to be your true self healing yourself and allowing you to be on a journey towards sale. And the journey will be long, you're awakened to different things and the journey will be magic.

Alex Ferrari 48:15
Do you have any predictions for 2023 that can help humanity with the awakening?

Desjanée Threat 48:20
I want to say connect to your ancestors that are for your highest and best good. And we use that distinction because obviously, just like certain family members are your highest and best good. You have ancestors that are the same because they haven't evolved. You are in this energy of tapping into your magic, which recommends it to many people are the diving deep and getting more wisdom as you connect to your ancestors. Many of us have lived through certain situations because earthing humanity lives repeat history. So you're tapping into ancestral guidance, you're tapping into ancestral wisdom, you're tapping into your ancestral magic. And I think that's very true that people need to realize is that Earth, the actual Earth is the foundation of magic. That's why so many rituals and spells utilize, are there's a home, there's fire, there's water, there's herbs, this air, everything is beard ether, is utilized to create any type of spill or ritual, no matter what you're doing is healing. So as you're connected to your ancestors in comparison to that wisdom, we're able to guide you and give you insights about what's going on. Besides that GPA, we want to emphasize that it's important for you to connect earth at this time, fine and restart your connection or deepen that connection to earth because the earth will give you sigh, the Earth is alive. You connect to nature ground your energy and it will give you glimpses of what's going on. Because many people that are spiritual, spiritual workers, the light workers, whatever you identify as are connected to Earth, everyone is connected to earth as you deepen that connection. The Earth itself will give you insights about What's going on? Y'all figure out how you can help build arthritis vibration, but connecting to your wisdom connecting to your answer, connecting to the earth and getting the insights and guidance along the way that you have to set that intention. Because there's a lot going on. And the predictions is this the chaotic year, no matter who you are connected to, they will let you know how chaotic The year is. And it's very intense. It's very, very serious. So in that energy, there's things you need to do to help transmute the negativity to raise the vibration things you need to share the interconnectedness of of of it all that you need to do you ever set the intention to individually know what it is that connects to Earth connecting to your ancestors connected to your spiritual team, and allowing them to guide you personally along the way.

Alex Ferrari 50:46
Do you have any final words for our audience?

Desjanée Threat 50:48
Earth and humanity is in a period of awakening, earth and humanity is an imperious? It shadows and darks coming out. And so there's the rise of light workers, allies arise of spiritual workers arise of people realizing that they have things that they need to do to try and meet this negative energy. As a whole, everyone needs to come together and realize it's bigger than themselves. Because you're seeing the parallels of all the human rights issues, the corruption, the greed and everything happening throughout the world becoming a forefront. Pay attention to the similarities that are happening throughout the world. It's important to realize this because the parallels, the reflections are intentional right now. As a whole, everything that's happening is intentional right now. And the connectedness is needed to actually heal the world to go into a new cycle and not repeat the history that many of the ancestors have lived through, you have to come together have to realize it's bigger than yourself. And you have to share and bring awareness to what's going on throughout the world and the issues that are plaguing the world that are very low vibrational to raise the vibration and to transmute the negativity.

Alex Ferrari 52:03
Thank you so much for this, I really do appreciate it. And she's back. How do you feel? Are you energetic? Are you tired? How's it work?

Desjanée Threat 52:14
Um, so I channel so much, because for me, I'm an intuitive channel and seer. That's how I consider myself that I'm used to it. Like, there's not a day that I don't channel and since most of my readings and everything I do as a spiritual influence, or our channel based like a channel channel, I'm fairly used to it, it takes about a bit of energy, but most of my readings are like 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer. So I'm used to channel and what channeling for long periods of time, so Oh, it drains me a little bit, but I can go along. It's not a big deal to me at all.

Alex Ferrari 52:47
Yeah, you jump in and out pretty quick, too. It's and by the way, are you here? When you're channeling? Are you off to the side? Do you remember?

Desjanée Threat 52:55
So I remember bits and pieces of it. And most channelers do so my consciousness, how I will say I personally experienced channeling I feel their energy. And I'm aware of what they're saying. Like consciously I'm aware, but I'm not in control. And it's more so a flow. And then usually when I channel there's usually bits and pieces that are like emphasize afterwards that they're telling me to emphasize and for me channeling really is like a second nature to me, which is why I can channel in and out so easily. Except for I drink a lot of water because of my throat channeling Sure. It's like this energy of I'm conscious. And I'm aware that I'm channeling this like it's just second nature and so used to it now. My spiritual team patted you stop using cards in my platforms, and at the end of 2021. So they forced me to get to this point. So in about a year and four or five months, I'm so natural at doing it since I do it. So as an as a whole every day, and just enough flow. It's second nature. And I love it. I'm happy I got to this point. To me, that's a quilt. It's a proof of my growth in this basically proof of who I am. How I'm progressing, so it's like a, like a milestone for me in a way.

Alex Ferrari 54:13
All right. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Desjanée Threat 54:19
I'm currently going towards this into me it's being aligned with my spiritual purpose and being aligned with what I'm meant to do. And for me personally, I have two parts of that which are raising Earth's vibration of lifting humanity, which is why I talk about the seriousness of the world and what's going on. And this humanitarian energy like the Earth is sacred. And I'm diving deeper into that personally as I'm on my shamanic journey. The second part of that is helping people tap back into the magic of the magic within the universe. So as I'm helping other people, when I'm channeling messages, and I'm helping them have those aha moments and realize their magic as a whole, it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction because you realizing how magical they are. And they were up there realizing that there is magic and how connected they are. And what they're connected to, is the most beautiful sense of everything. To me, it's this magnetic as a whole. And also, for me personally, diving is funny that that's a part of my purpose, because I've always known that was psychic. And I've been on my spiritual journey primarily by myself with bits and pieces connected to my spiritual team. So I understand how it feels that for many people who may not have a family that are spiritual, and we're not raising to spirituality, like I wasn't, and I have a purpose of helping other people along their journey in doing it. So it's a full circle moment. So just being aligned with my purpose and being magical. And being unapologetically myself.

Alex Ferrari 55:43
What advice would you give your younger self?

Desjanée Threat 55:46
Develop your gifts sooner. Because it is a process? It's a journey. You're right, magic exists, because when I was younger, I used to always know that magic exists, but you have that energy of doubting it. It's like I knew like Claire cognizance before I realized that, and there's a reason why you are drawn to magical mythical supernatural type of stuff. Now, that would be a really big thing for me, because, yeah, it was like, Who knew?

Alex Ferrari 56:14
How do you define God?

Desjanée Threat 56:15
You know, it's so funny. I've did this whole reading, focusing on ancestral energy and focusing on a little bit disparaging popping in, but I'm a representative of the Divine counsel and I did not channel any gods goddesses in the 80s. And, God. I'm gonna say it this way. There are truths. In most religions. There are truths. And most Gods goddesses and deities and cultures is insulting to call a god goddess or deity, a myth. That is something that intentionally disconnected from their culture and their belief system through colonization through slave slavery. And just being straightforward. I know that can be triggering for people. And I want to emphasize that most Gods goddesses and deities when it comes to ancient civilizations, and cultures have a tie to magic. So as you are taken away from the gods and goddesses indeed is tied to your culture and your belief system, who you are, you should have been raised around. It also took people away from their magic and that connectivity to magic. And it as a whole, it's very insulting. But that's an a personal at my main purpose is literally being a representative of the Divine council level. So then the general sense of Gods goddesses and deities are divine beings that help and guide people with purposes and stuff. But in the sense of what I feel like you're asking me about, where this was, what people just didn't deem as source or as the universe is the energy that people tap into that are guiding people as a whole. But um, yeah, I can do a whole nother interview solely on that. That is the highest level power source and they are, they have a council, the gods have a council. They work together on behalf of Earth and humanity from different belief systems, and basically here to help and guide us and be around. And what is the ultimate purpose of life, to live and experience to evolve and to really help people and come together. So when you're in life, you live in you experience and you evolve, everyone does you think about it from the stages of your baby or fetus to a baby, when you post out, you become a baby, you grow from a toddler to a kid to a teenager to an adult to an elderly and you go through stages, you're evolving, that's that is just your physical body, you also evolve on a soul level, which is very, very important to know and realize to. So your purpose is to evolve to awaken to align and to realize thing to gain wisdom and grow. And honestly, I do want to emphasize to help and empower other people along the way too, because it's not only about yourself, community is really important. And there's this energy of lack of community be community and people pulling apart and that caring enough about their planet and other people as a whole. So yeah

Alex Ferrari 58:58
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Desjanée Threat 59:02
So, you can go to my website at desjaneethreat.com desjaneethreat.com And all my social media is at shamandesjanee so shamandesjanee I am most active on TikTok and, and on YouTube so

Alex Ferrari 59:23
And do you have a parting message for the audience?

Desjanée Threat 59:26
There are multiple truths and multiple realities. And you are aligning with your truth. And as you are aligning with your truth, not everyone will understand. But that is a part part of your truth and your story and your magic to be to be a part of. You cannot focus on people trying to prove to people that things exist or prove to people that you are right. What you do is focus on your truth and then aligning with your truth and debt, diving deeper into your truth and resonating with who you're meant to resonate with. Because not everyone's going to understand not everyone's Meant to understand and there are people who will never understand you go towards the people that are that are on the same vibration and frequency that you are on in the people that you're that are meant to hear your story or know about you and that maybe you change their life along the way by living in your truth.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:16
Desjanee thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you and the work that you're doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you again, my dear.

Desjanée Threat 1:00:23
Thank you.

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