Man Dies; Shown the FUTURE & Meets DIFFERENT Versions of HIMSELF: BONE-CHILLING NDE with Dennis Bullock

On today’s episode, we welcome Dennis Bullock, whose near-death experience (NDE) offers an extraordinary glimpse into the nature of existence and the afterlife. Imagine living a life grounded in the everyday, only to be catapulted into a realm of profound spiritual awakening. This is Dennis’s story—a journey from skepticism to profound spiritual insight.

Dennis begins by recounting his life before the NDE. Raised in a Christian home, he wasn’t deeply religious, viewing spirituality with skepticism. His spiritual quest started in his teens, exploring different faiths but finding no definitive answers. “I was curious about life. I wanted to know all these mysteries,” he shares. This quest took a backseat as he grew older, until a profound event changed everything.

Dennis’s first major spiritual experience occurred after his mother passed away. In a moment of deep grief, he had a vivid vision of his mother appearing in his room. “It was like the sun was in my room, and waves of love covered my whole body,” he recalls. His mother communicated with him, providing future predictions that came true, profoundly impacting his view on life and spirituality.

The defining moment in Dennis’s journey was his near-death experience. After consuming a potent marijuana cake, he found himself in the hospital, out of his body, observing everything with heightened awareness. “I popped out of my body, and the first thing I said was, ‘I’m out,'” he describes. He experienced profound abilities, such as stopping time and seeing from multiple perspectives, all while feeling a divine presence guiding him.

Dennis received profound insights during his NDE. He learned that there is no right or wrong, only perception. “The reason why souls come here is to experience, not to grow or go to school,” he explains. This perspective shifted his understanding of life, emphasizing the importance of love and experience over traditional notions of judgment and karma.

After his NDE, Dennis struggled with integrating his experiences into daily life. He eventually embraced his gifts, using them to help others through energy readings and spiritual guidance. “I read your energy, and it tells me what you need to know,” he says. His journey from skepticism to spiritual teacher underscores the transformative power of such profound experiences.


  1. Embrace Love and Experience: Our purpose is to experience life and embrace love, which is the ultimate power.
  2. Understand Interconnectedness: We are all interconnected, and our actions and thoughts have profound impacts on our reality.
  3. Trust in Divine Guidance: There is a higher presence guiding us, and understanding this can help us navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Dennis Bullock’s journey from everyday skepticism to profound spiritual awakening offers valuable insights into the nature of existence and the transformative power of love and experience.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dennis Bullock.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 302

Dennis Bullock 0:01
So I drink the drink down, tastes horrible man tastes horrible. I drink the drink down. And I lay back and I'm saying, I'm going to be okay. I'm going to be alone. And as I relaxed back on the bed, I start to hear my heart in my ear is like somebody put my heart in my ear, and then started to hear it. Beep boop, boop, boop, boop, boop. And when it did that popped out of my body that just popped out. Like, as if I would just jump off the couch here. I popped out of my body. And the first thing I said, Then I said, I'm out?

Alex Ferrari 0:52
I like to welcome to the show Dennis Bullock. How you doing Dennis?

Dennis Bullock 0:55
How you doing Alex? How you doing man?

Alex Ferrari 0:57
I'm good, brother. I'm good. Thank you so much for coming on the show man and sharing your remarkable journey with all of us and hopefully getting a glimpse on some very special things have happened to you and your life. So first question I have to ask you is what was your life like before you had a near death experience? Were you spiritual? or religious how's it before?

Dennis Bullock 1:18
Well, I was raised in a Christian home, but I was not religious at all. Okay, I mean, up until about 12 years old, we did go to Sunday school to church, you know, was a Christian background, but it was not like a serious, serious religion background. But that was about it. As far as religion goes, you know, I was not a serious. I would say I was Christian. This pretty much was what I believed, but I was not a serious practicing Christian.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
Right! You are the like, like myself up maybe the holiday question. Maybe it's a Christmas? Yes. Make Christmas Mass, maybe Easter mass if they pull me.

Dennis Bullock 1:56
Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. So I mean, I couldn't I couldn't keep up the the rules of the Christian thing. And all that stuff is just was, for me just was allowed to many question marks. And so you know, but

Alex Ferrari 2:10
But you didn't give a real deep? You know, you didn't go down a deep rabbit hole or a path to discover or learn more about spirituality or learn more about God, you just had a belief that there's something bigger out there?

Dennis Bullock 2:23
Well, I did it 14 and 15. I mean, at 14, I have to say at 14 13 14 15. I was quite serious to find out. What's What's it all about. But the bigger the more I did that, dig into the Christianity, check a little bit of a Jehovah Witness I read about the Muslims, you know, I Dibble and dabble to see what but for me it was. I didn't find anything, really that said, Oh, this is it. And you know, so I kind of it was a phase I went through, you know, I'd say around 15. to about 16. There was like a real big phase. Even my mother thought, well, maybe he's going to be approved. No, I was just curious about life. You know, I want to know, all these mysteries that everybody seems to hold so strong, and priest and pastors and everything is so serious. So when I looked about it, you know, there was a neighbor in my neighborhood when I was a kid, and they were Jehovah's Witness, and the kid needed a blood transfusion. And the parents didn't give it into kid died. And for me, I thought, I thought it didn't make sense. Why? Why would God give you a brain? And, and technology, but you don't use it? Because it's against God. It just didn't. You know, it just it's like God says, here's the keys to the car, but don't drive it. You know, you know, so it's like, you know, for me, that's why religion started, take a backseat. And I started to not take it so seriously as I was when I was 14 and 13. Yeah. And then life happened. Well, then girls happens. Oh, man, I know, those teenagers. And then I was like, Well, you know, religious, yes. God bless. But look at this.

Alex Ferrari 4:20
We'll talk about that about 2 3 4 or five decades down the line. Let's let's have some.

Dennis Bullock 4:24
Right. Right. Exactly, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 4:27
So was your first kind of mystical experience. The the visitation you had a visitation from your mother after she passed? Correct. Was that the first thing that happened?

Dennis Bullock 4:42
That Well, well, that's the first I would say major, major thing. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 4:46
So what was the first thing that started shaking? You're like, wait a minute, what's going on?

Dennis Bullock 4:50
Well, actually, the house we lived in was slightly kind of haunted. And when I say haunted, I mean, just strange things would happen, you know? Sometimes a door would slam and there's no wind. And it would slam at the moment you approach the door, stuff like that. doorknobs would turn by themselves and nobody's behind them. Little things like that, but I was a kid, I was like 1112 years old, even nine years old. And for me, it was just like, you know, it's Casper the Friendly Ghost or whatever. We laughed at it. We didn't take it. So, oh, my god is poltergeist. You know, we didn't, we didn't take it like that. And it wasn't as bad as poltergeist poltergeist was pretty bad. But it was enough little things that would happen that you, you knew something was a little bit out of the ordinary, but not enough for me to say, you know, I'm curious or going on a quest and said, Ah, the house is a little bit strange. Sometimes. That's, that was about it.

Alex Ferrari 5:53
But you didn't have any abilities to see anything or were experiencing anything out of the ordinary, nothing like that. Okay. So then the first major thing that happened was your mother, you know, passing and coming to visit you. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Dennis Bullock 6:10
Yeah, sure. Well, my mom, me and my mom, we were very close. I mean, super, super, super close. I mean, my mother didn't have a job. She used to be a legal secretary. But she had quit her job to marry my father. So she didn't have a job. And her and my father were getting along so great. But she saved her money and bought me my first saxophone, because I'm a singer and saxophone player. And, and so so she meant the world to me. I mean, it was nothing. My mother was the joy. My father was a Marine. Also, he was a cop. And he was from a military family. So everything, he loved me, but he only loved me, in a way of duty. I was I felt, not in a way of, you know, what do you really like? Or what do you really feel? It was more like, you know, here's what do you want for Christmas? Okay, got it here. What do you want is your birthday here? Bye. That's it. You know, it was very dutiful, where my mother, she was just the joy she brought to life. She would tell me, Hey, did you see the birds in the morning? It's so beautiful. You know, she was the joy. And when she got sick and died, my whole world crash because it was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, somebody, like somebody turned out the lights in my life. And I said, well, and that, when that happened, two weeks after she died, I was I started to drink. This sheet, she died when I was 29 years old. And I started to drink. And every night I had a routine, you know, I go to the bar, drink. And then come back home. I was living in Montreal, Canada at the time. And I come back home to my apartment, said turn on come in my room, turn off the lights. And I'm sat in my bed and could cry myself to sleep. Now I did that for about a week and a half. And will this one night I came back ready to do my routine coming from the bar. And I turned in my room turn on my light, like I always do, and sat on the side of my bed. And I was gonna untie my sneakers at the time. And when I looked down, I saw that there was still light and I said, that's impossible. I know it just turned out the light. That's impossible. Now here's the crazy part. When I looked up in my room, it was like the sun you see in the sky was in my room. It was and it was like a wave of love that I can only describe as a when you're in the ocean and the wave comes of water and it's too tall for you and covers your whole body. That's how the water was the love and it just covered my whole body. And it was so powerful. This love just came out so powerful. And I was just like this in my room shot. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And then out of this sun, which was later on I found to be God came like two other lights which were more like the size of stars. One was a bigger star than the other and the other one was a smallest star and the smallest star. I recognize that it was my mother. Now how I recognize that it was her was just the feeling of her the I knew that it was her because she was just a light like like a star. You know, like a star coming and they floated right out to me A. And I said, Oh, Mom, that's it. I said it's like that over there. It's like that over there. And it was so much love and spin. You know, when my mom had died, man, I, all I know is she was dead. I didn't know where she was, you know, even though I had religious upbringing, I didn't believe none of it really. So I didn't, in my opinion, I didn't know where she was, I just know she was gone. She's somewhere but She's gone. She's not here. And when I saw her, that, and I saw all this love, and I said, Oh, it's like that over there. Because it man, it felt like I was in Hawaii on vacation. And I'm a billionaire. And everything is perfect. And everything is wonderful. And I got nothing but love around me. So and then she's, and then she started to talk to me. And when she started to talk to me, it's like we're talking now. Except, instead of seeing someone's mouth move, she was like shooting the conversation into my brain. I could hear her like I hear you. But it was being shocked. But I could also feel it coming into my body, that conversation, I could literally feel it coming in. And she said, I'm going to tell you a week in advance in the future. So you're going to know that this is real. But this is not a an illusion, or a fake, this is real. Now she said, You're gonna, you're gonna get a job next week. Now I was a musician. And I didn't, I hadn't worked in like two or three weeks. And it was kind of like a dry spell. It was not really great. That grid, she said, you're going to find a job, a job is going to come to you by the next week, as you said, there's going to be a bouncer a guy there. And she said, he's going to be a homosexual. She said he's going to be a cycle path. And she said, Whatever you do, don't argue with him and don't get into a fight with him. Because my mother knew me. I was in my college roaring 20s, I was vigorous. And it was like an I have nothing against anybody who's gay or lesbian. But if you're homosexual, then you know that I'm not. And you you come after me. I was going to defend myself, you know. So she knew that I was, you know, I wasn't looking for trouble. But I could be hot blooded. If if it came my way. So she said, Whatever you do, don't fight because she said this, she explained it like it's like two possibilities or two timelines. She said, the first timeline, he'll kill you, he's gonna kill you. If you get into a fight with him, if you get into argument with him. The second time timeline, he said, she said you would kill him, but you would go to jail for the rest of your life. And she said these two timelines one of them will happen if you get into an argument with him. Said No, Mom. No, I won't get into an argument. I won't do exactly what you said, you know, you know, I was just so happy to see her man. Sure. Whatever you have to say, whatever you have to say, my mom right there, I do exactly that. She said, the second thing I'm going to tell you is that the girlfriend you have now I've only been seeing this girl for about, like maybe a year and a half or something like that. She said, she has three kids that you don't know about. And she said, she's going to try and have a fourth kid with you. And she says she's going to try to lie about it. Like, say she's on the pill or say she's, you know, she's gonna try to catch you. Challenge. She said, Yeah, trap you. And so she said, Be careful about that. And I said, okay, okay, mom. And then she said, the other thing she said was that I'm going to be around you always. But you you're not going to be aware of me as much as you are tonight. And then, and then she stopped for a minute talking. And then I said, But mom, who's this other life? Because this was this tall light that was standing right next to her. I said mom, who's this other light? And then the light spoke to me. And it said, I'm an escort. And he said on the scoring your your mother to the to the earth. And the exact words it said, this is an interruption in your life. And then I said, Okay, well interruption. Okay, well, listen, I have some questions here. You know, I say I got God in my room right now. I want to know, I want to know who's gonna be my wife. How many kids are gonna happen? Why am I here? You know? And the angels answered very commonly the easy says, it says, I'm going to tell you all of that all the answers, but you won't be allowed to remember. Right? So it told me all the answers that I was only allowed to remember what my mother said. So, so they after that, my mother told me, she loved me and she will always be around me and, and then they floated. And they started to melt like, it's like, if you have a glass ice cube in a glass and it just starts to melt. That's how they they went back to the big light. And they floated away and everything just it started getting dimmer and going back to the room being dark. And when they left, i Tears just burst out my eyes, man. Sure, because I said, nobody's going to believe me. Nobody's gonna believe this happen. Nobody. Nobody's going to believe this happen. It's so incredible. I said, nobody's going to believe this happen. But I got the proof.

The next day after that, I got a phone call from my bed. And he said, Amen, we got a job. Just like my mother said. Now, I didn't dare tell my bed what had happened the night before, because I didn't want them to say, you know, he's a great singer, great saxophone player, man, but he lost it since his mother died, you know? So I said, I'm not telling them nothing about this. So I said, Oh, that's that's great. And my alert inside I said, Oh, wow, everything started to happen like she said. So I said okay, so the following days after that, we had to go into a soundcheck and so we went to the soundcheck and we went to this the soundcheck there was this guy at the door. Huge now I'm a pretty big guy, but this guy made me one of his arms was my whole body. He was huge, like, you know, the hawk. Colgan wrestling, you know, yeah, you know, type of people. And so he was there, but we came in we did our soundcheck, nothing happening was cool. We didn't say nothing to me. So then we came back for the gig. We did the first set. Okay, I came in the club we did the first set was great. And I was talking and we were on the break, and I was talking to the band, like the band was here, and I was here. And we were talking. And this bouncer this huge bathroom walk behind me like that. And grabbed my butt. Just like you know, just grabbed my button. I went, hey, you know, but my band. They didn't really see that because he was right behind me. You could I was standing. Yeah, so you're blocking see that he was grabbing me? You just seen him passing me but you didn't see the grant. But I felt the grabbing. I said, Hey, I gotta tell this guy something. to jog. I see that. He said no. He said, This guy just grabbed my butt. Man. I gotta tell this guy something. And I was mad, you know, you know? But then I said, Oh, yeah, remember mom? Remember, mom? Don't Don't Don't lose it. Just go over there and tell him you're not like that. So I went over there. And I said, Amen. Just want to tell you, I'm not like that. Don't touch me anymore. You said, Man, you have too much to drink. I didn't touch you. I said, Yeah, you did. And then I said, just don't do it. Man. I'm not. I'm not like that. Don't touch me anymore. And then he said, Well, why did you tell your friends that I touched you? And I said, I told my friends because you did touch me. And I said, I'm not like that. So please don't touch me. Thank you. And I just walked away because I knew that the conversation was I stayed there was going to the path what my mom was talking about. So I didn't. I said, I don't walk away. That's it because I knew where if I continue that conversation wherever it's going, so I just walked away. And I did the second set. We left the club and that was it. Next day, their member calls me says, Hey, man, did you hear what happened? I said, You know what happened? Remember that bouncer you were talking about? I said, Yeah. He got into an argument with the club owner and crushed both of his rib cages and went to jail for manslaughter. He's in jail now.

Alex Ferrari 19:41
Ohh the owner died,

Dennis Bullock 19:44

Alex Ferrari 19:44
Oh. Wow!

Dennis Bullock 19:48
Crushed both of us. Now United strong. You have to be depressed, immense, both a man's rib cages. I mean, you gotta be Yeah, that's a mess. Yeah. So he bet that you have to be recycled, because and the sad thing is I know, I knew the owner because he was a friend of mine and he was cool people. So I said, Oh my god, thanks for telling me man. I didn't tell him anything else. I said, and I said, Oh my God, everything my mom is saying is coming true. I said, If that's true, then I have to call my girlfriend then what she says about her is true. Yeah. So I pick up the phone, I call my girlfriend, and I say, hello. Hey, tell me something. I said. Just tell me the truth. It's okay. Do you have three kids? And the phone went silent? And then she said, Who told you? And I believe my ears. I couldn't believe my ears for so long. I said, Wait a minute, I'm going to ask you again. It can't be. Do you have three kids? She said, Yes. I have three kids. I said, Who told you? And I said, Well, I'm gonna tell you who told me my dead mother told me. And I said, Me and you finish because of you gonna deny your kids. I can't, I don't know what else you might be hiding. The way finish. So then I hung up the phone and my mind was blown. And then I knew I had the proof. And that guy's still in jail to this day. So you know.

Alex Ferrari 21:19
Wow. That's amazing. That's amazing. That was that's just that was your first spiritual transform. It was a spiritual transforming event or something along Yes, yes, exactly. Um, so then let's get into this near death experience. If that's the that's that was like, that was the appetizer for the near death experience. Tell me about what happened on your experience?

Dennis Bullock 21:42
Well, the thing is, after that first experience, it was so powerful and so much that I tried. As a young man, I tried to say, okay, that's so over the top, nobody's going to believe me anyway, if I tell them so. I said, I'm going to put that aside and try to go back to normal life. Right, just try to go back to normal life. So that's what I did. And I was following this guy who was one of the lead singers of the platters. The renewed platters, not the not the original, but the renewed because that solves old group pass my age, but it's a renewed guy, platters. And he had record deals he had. I mean, everywhere in Germany, America here, he had success, and he could sing his butt off killer killer vocals. And so I was I was following him. Until one night, he introduced me to drugs. And, and I started taking drugs with him. And something I'm not so proud of. And I was following him. He was like my mentor, I thought, you know, he's got success. This must be the way you know, I want success too. So, you know, when he offered me drugs, I started taking drugs with him. Then he died. I did his last show. And he died. And when he died, that was like a wake up call for me. I said, That's it. So So I stopped, I stopped cold turkey, no drugs, no nothing. And but I replaced it. And what I replaced it with was marijuana. So I decided, instead of doing the, you know, real hard drugs, I'm going to do a little marijuana. And that's it. smoke a joint every now and then. Okay. So that's what I was doing and with my new girlfriend at the time, and one night, we ran out of marijuana. We just didn't have any that day. So, sadly to say, this is not no push against musicians, but most musicians know where to get marijuana. It's like, this is not this is not news. This is not new, sir. Yeah. That's not breaking news. They will know for sure. So

Alex Ferrari 24:04
In whatever town they're in, in whatever,

Dennis Bullock 24:06
It doesn't matter. Exactly. So. So I'm in Montego Canada still and we, we ran out of marijuana. So I called a friend. And of course, he has marijuana. He says to me, Hey, I'll bake in a cake for you and bring it over. And I said cool, because I never had it in the cake before. So he baked it was a chocolate cake. And he filled it with so much marijuana, which I found out now after the fact but at that time, I didn't know but he must support the kitchen sink in that thing. But so he brought the cake over, left and he left me and my girlfriend there. So I cut my girlfriend at peace and I cut me a piece. We ate a piece and 10 minutes went by and nothing happened. I said I think we probably got to eat a little bit more because it takes maybe, you know, maybe he didn't pay a lot in there. And we have to, that's why we don't feel anything. So we took another page, she took another piece. Actually, no, she took half and I took her off. Because we wanted to, we wanted to get high. So she took half and I took her off and went by again, nothing, that's it must be a bad batch or something, you don't feel anything. I mean, either. Then another 10 minutes went by, then we start feeling something. And what we were feeling was not necessarily that we were getting high, but more like our bodies was shutting down. First first, like, I will be talking to her, and I would forget to breathe. You know? And then it started to be a little bit hard for me to move. And my girlfriend said, Hey, you better go 911 or something. Because while we still can, you still can. I said yeah, you're right. And I was hard for me. And I dialed 911. And then they said, how can we help you? And this was the embarrassing part. Because we had to tell them, you know, well, you know, we had too much, maybe too much marijuana and a cake. And we feel like can you come and help us? We feel like we're dying. Yeah. You know, and they said, Okay, we'll we'll be right on live on our way. Now when you call them about any narcotic, they also call the police. So the police came with them. But we ate all the cakes. So there was nothing, nothing of charges with so they they left the cops left and took us in a stretch. And now this was at four o'clock in the morning. We were on the third floor on a stairwell case. And we were talking and stretches each separate stretches for clogged lights are flashing neighbors looking out the window like this as we coming down the stairs in front of them Windham what happened? You know, and, and it looks like a scene out of Mick Jagger, David Bowie overdosing or something. It's just wild man. So they put us in the ambulance. And we're in the ambulance. And they're rushing, I'm happy that they arrived because I was like when they arrived that was really holding on to dear life because I knew that I didn't have much time. Because my heart was trying to beat and everything was coming stiff. I couldn't move. And, and the I believe it's because he puts so much and it went directly in my bloodstream and start to paralyze. Instead of just getting high, it starts to paralyze the system. Anyway, we got to the hospital. And another strange thing happened was when we got to the hospital at the reception, I saw my dead mother again. She was standing at the reception, looking through papers. She had this this shirt on that she wears, she had a like a women's club. And they were like 10 women, they would go play bingo, they would go to trips. And they would wear these particular shirts. You know, and she had that on. And she was looking through the and I said as they were rolling me past the reception. I said That's strange. There's more. Now, later on that as I put two to get to two together, I was so close to death. At the time when they rolled me in. That's why I was able to see her. as clear as I see you standing right now. Wow. And so they rolled us in, they put me in one room, they put my girlfriend in another room. And they gave me this black drink to drink. I thought it was tar but later on I found out there was trouble. So they left me in a room gave me this drink and I'm on the bed hospital bed. And I'm saying thank God, they finally find me I'm going to be alright, I'm gonna live I'm gonna live. And so I drink the drink down. tastes horrible, man. That is horrible. I drink the drink down. And I lay back and say, Oh, I'm going to be okay. I'm going to be alive. And as I relaxed back on the bed, I start to hear my heart in my ear is like somebody put my heart in my ear. And I started to hear it beep boop boop, boop, boop. And when it did that popped out of my body that just popped up like as if I would just jump off the couch here. I popped out of my body. And the first thing I said then I said, I'm out. And my body was in the bed and I was standing beside it. And then I looked at my head aim was looking at my hand. And the way to describe that was, I describe it, like, if you watch television too late, and those emergency broadcasting system comes on, and you have all that static. And if you look in the static, you can see colors. If you look really hard, it's not just gray. And when I looked at my hand, it was like a gray with a light blue tint all around it. And I was just looking at it like that. And then across from my bed was a sink. And in the sink, there was a drop of water dropping. And for some odd reason, when I was out of my body, my curiosity was like at 1,000%. And to a soul, a drop of water was amazing. And I said, Wow, a drop of water. I said, I would like to see that water up close. And the minute I thought it, my vision went directly up close and back again to where I was. And then here's the other part. Then I said to myself, I'd like to see now then I said, I would like to to stop this drop of water and to to stop time to tell I couldn't see it because it was called Bob Bob. And it was as if, if you don't ride a bike, a bicycle, and 20 years and I give you a bike, you still don't be able to ride it. It was like that, for me. It was like I was remembering. And I just wave my hand across the air. And the drop of water froze in midair, I stopped time. And for some odd reason, the soul or me I didn't wasn't so surprising. You know. And then I said, I'd like to see that drop of water from every angle. And then I just opened my hand. And five of me appeared at the sink at the drop of water. One was on the right one was on the left one was was was underneath the water looking one was watching them. And I was watching all of them. And, and I was looking at it. Wow. Wow, this is amazing. And when I would close my hand, they would all suck back to me. Okay, then I would open my hand, then I'll be back. And it started to be funny for anything to do that. And then I said, this time, we're going to add a little shake. And I went through and they all appeared and they all shook like that a little bit. And we just kept going back and forth. And it's basically turning into Bugs Bunny man. It was like Bugs Bunny man that was going back and forth. Oh my god, this is funny until I burst out laughing. When I burst out laughing on the other side. It was like I was laughing in the Grand Canyon. Just what ha ha ha ha. It's waiting to return back going. Yeah, yes. And then after the laugh, I felt somebody was watching. And, and I heard a voice and this voice said kind of like a parent would say to a child at a playground. Don't run around the corner too fast. You might fall. It said to me. If you don't go back now, you might have to stay. And I said, Oh yeah, that's right. My heart can't stay stopped like that. Too much longer. I said, Yeah, that's right. You're right. And I didn't question who was talking to me, I felt like it was probably got because of the but it was gentle. It was not saying you must go back. It was like almost like a choice. If you don't go back now you might have to stay.

And it was now up to me to make that choice if I wanted to go to stay or to or to go back. But I mean, I was you know, a young man 34 35 I wanted to go back. So I pointed myself in the direction of the body of the body. Now, the interesting thing was that I never wanted to look at my body man. Really because I was no I only saw my leg but I didn't want to look at the whole body because I was afraid I was going to have some facial, you know, look of death. And I and I didn't want to be scared so I never looked only saw my leg and I knew I was standing on the side of the bed and my body was there because I could see my legs. But I didn't want to look so I pointed myself in the direction of the body and then i i I just willed my soul to go into an went into it. And my heart started to beat. And it just did a double purple. And it started to be and then that was it. But there was something else I have to mention that as I was out of my body, this was another thing that was happening all the time. It's like, I don't know, if you have Alka Seltzer. You know how to put Alka Seltzer in the water. And it's dissolving, right? When you when I was outside of my body, inflammation was expanding. Like that. And I got a lot of doubt when I called we wouldn't call downloads or information about everything about the earth about why souls come many things and that I didn't believe in before. And it blew my mind. But I got all that information. And this time, I was able to bring it back this time I was able to remember it. And yeah, and then my heart started beating and everything was okay. But I knew a lot of things that I didn't know before. Like, what? Oh, for example. On the other side, there is no right or wrong. Only perception. The reason why souls come here is to experience not to grow or not to go to school, they're already perfect. They come here to experience if I give you a book to read on how to drive a car, but you've never driven a car. You know, it's like that you have the knowledge but you don't have the experience. Stuff like all the Bible, the Bible, there's only some things that are are correct in the Bible. The rest is manipulation from the priests and the governments that wrote that was controlling the people at the time. The other thing, price crisis like there's a Christ consciousness, just under unconditional love is the consciousness but it's not. It's we all are sons are gods. Oh, yes. The other thing. We are gods with a big G, we are part of God. But we also are gods. We can have multiple lifetimes at the same time. We can. There's so many things that we can do. And we only use a fraction of our power to have a lifetime like we're having now. I learned so much about Yeah, here's another one. What about the hell yeah. Why people experience Hell, some of them when they die. Because what they believed in, because they're such powerful gods, what they believe then they actually create it. Now, according to the Christian religion, if you die and you go to hell, you're never supposed to get out right? Why is hundreds are getting out? Why? Because they created that God is only love only, and will never torture you is another one. No karma. There's no such thing as karma. Karma is not it's not just thing. But there is a such thing as law of attraction frequency. And that means if you kill somebody, it's not because you killed that person that you're going to be killed, is because you're on that frequency of the possibility of you being killed it happening for you killing or being killed. It's like a radio station. If you have rock, you can't get classical music, because you're on the frequency of rock. And the same with killing or lying if you're on the frequency of killing you on that frequency. So you may kill but you also may be killed. Because you're on that killing frequency. And that's what it's about. It's not about oh, you get paid back all you got to get no no, no, there's no there's no debt with that. Many things. Yeah, I learned a lot of many things. And yeah, we were such, it's it's very important. And people have different death experiences because of the process of when they die where their mind and heart is at that moment. Right. And I also learned that even even from my mother, she needed an escort to come back to Earth because you have it takes time for different souls to get used to the other side. Everything isn't quite automatic. It goes slowly and slowly and slowly in a comfortable way that's comfortable for the individual. So that's why you may see comfortable things a guy who's into Buddha Krishna, they may see Buddha, the guy who's until Muslim may see Allah that's it's to make you comfortable. Right. That's what I've heard the truth the true religion is love. It has nothing to do with it. And there's no Forget about all that sin and all that stuff. That's that's joke. The Baby. Baby has done nothing wrong. It's not a sinner.

Alex Ferrari 40:13
Yeah, I've had that conversation before, okay about my own kids. But the relatives, the relatives, the relatives are like, so you're not going to baptize them. Like, why? Because because they have a sin. This. And if I don't do it, they're there. No matter what they do in life, they're going to this place called hell. And they're like, Well, when you say it like that? Well, that's how you're saying it.

Dennis Bullock 40:41
Exactly. That makes no sense. It makes it's almost a threat to life, you know? So, anyway, I learned I learned a lot. And also, I got a gift from that. Yeah, what was it what you get back? Well, it's something I discovered by by accident, actually. Because after after I died and came back. And that was over. I, you know, I wanted to go back on my life, let's, let's try to be a little bit normal. Let's go back to life. And I was in the club in, in Canada, and move alone. It's called. That's like north of Canada. And there was a snowstorm, and my band was there. And normally, nobody was there. And there was two waitresses. Now, I had never played this particular club before. It was a new club. So we were happy. We got a new gig in the club. And, but there was nobody because we were snowed out. And so we were having our beers. And there was a waitress, and I said, Come on, we're just for fun. I'm gonna tell you your future. There was supposed to be a joke. I grabbed her to give me a left hand, and I took her hand just for fun. And I said, Your boyfriend is paraplegic. I said, he blamed you for his handicap. I said, you're going to meet a guy, three months from now and you're gonna fall in love, and you're going to marry. And you're going to live happily ever after with that person. And then I just left, left up through their hand and left her. I didn't pay attention that she she didn't say anything to the to the whole thing. I was talking. And I just finished my beer. A year later, we played the same club. This girl ran up to me and said, Hey, do you know everything you said was true. I said no way. Impossible. I said your boyfriend was paraplegic? She said yes. I said he blamed you for his handicap. It was your fault. If she said yes. I said, three months after you met another guy. She said yes. I said, you fell in love and you got married to him. And then she showed me the wedding ring. And then the hand the bumps went up my arm. And the band looked at me and like, what do you what's happening to you managed to turn it into Nostradamus? What's going on? And I became afraid because I said, what happened in my family and my alien. Now? What? What is this?

Alex Ferrari 43:12
You know, it's really interesting, because I mean, you're in the music business. I'm in the film industry. I've dabbled in the music business. I know the people in the and I've done music videos and stuff. I lived in that world. So artists in general, are fairly open minded. Generally speaking, yeah. But even artists have, especially in the music business, you start freaking people out real quick. And you're a working musician, who could easily just be like nah you crazy. I don't want to work with him. Or he's like, he's exactly a spooky,

Dennis Bullock 43:50
Exactly spooky.

Alex Ferrari 43:52
So how did you psychologically deal with Well, first of all, before we even get to that, when this near death experience happened, how did you psychologically deal with it? And then when did you decide to come out of the closet, if you will, the spiritual closet and the NDE closet? To tell people Look, man, this is what's kind of happened in May?

Dennis Bullock 44:12
Well, the thing is, I kept it for a long time. I said, Man, if I tell them this, they just gonna think he's cuckoo. You know, they just not gonna, you know, but the thing was, is that it came to a point where I said, you know, you got to be you. So this happened for a reason I said, and also who cares what anybody thinks anymore. You know? What, what? What is good? Is that gonna do you if they Oh, they either they like you or they don't, you're a nice person. So they don't like you. That's their problem. And, or they think you're crazy. That's their problem. You know what happened to you. Just tell the people because it's going to help them because the information you got can help so many people can To help people not be afraid of death that can help people to understand that they're not pain, some karma tab is just just frequency, get on a positive frequency stay away from the negative frequency and the angels watch your life get better. So it's not you know, so I struggled with that for about two years. And then I said, That's it. And Jeff Mora, I was watching a program because I usually don't even watch about nd ease. I don't even watch it because I was it was always it would would remind me of what happened to me and a Why you not talking about it? You know, so I was watching Jeff Mar, and this was this girl that was on. And she had did some kind of an Alaska trip. And she looked cute. So I said, Oh, she's brilliant. Let me to check this out, see what's going on with her. And she was telling about her trip. And some of her things she was saying reminded me of my experience. And I then I wrote Jeff, and I said, Hey, Jeff, that was a great interview. I said, that sounds like some experience that I had similar, you know? And he said, Well, why don't you come on and tell your experience? And I was shocked, because I never thought. I mean, the guy has so many followers. I never thought he would ask me and, and so he asked me and then I that's when I started. And I felt really liberated. Because when you have a story like that, man, it's like, a deep dark secret. Oh, yeah. Not, you know, you know, and you carry that burden around. And it's like, you know, it's like, you know, something, but you're not telling and because you're afraid of what people think, Man, forget about it. Don't care about what people think. So I came out with it. And after that, my interviews went crazy. And I've been doing interviews all the time and helping people. But to get back to the gift. The gift, had some ups and downs with that. One down part, which was a big question was one time after, after that incident with the waitress? We had a friend we used to, after our shows we'd go to after hours. Yeah, we call those places that stay open after the clubs. Close. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 47:27
The After Party of the after party.

Dennis Bullock 47:29
Yes. And this guy, he was a bouncer. But he was a cool people. It was a friend of mine. And a friend of the band. He was cool. Come to our shows, you know, cool people. One weekend, I had a premonition that for him not to go out this weekend. I had it on Thursday. And I said, Yeah. And I mean, it was so strong. It stayed like a cloud for the whole day over me. And I said, Yeah, but if I tell him not to go out for this weekend, stay home. He's gonna think I'm crazy. I said, I mean, the guy is huge. Guys strongly take care of himself. He's not stay home, don't go out and stay in your apartment. They'll go off for the weekend. He's gonna think I'm not. So I didn't tell him. And I saw him on that Friday. Everything was cool. And I said, you know, maybe it's me, you know, maybe I'm just sensitive. All this stuff going on. Maybe you just imagine that feeling. So Friday, so on, everything was cool. I wanted to tell him that I said, Now I don't want him to think I'm crazy. So I will tell him. So then. Sunday came, I came to the same place same after hours after my show. Except the bouncer wasn't there. It was another bouncer there. And he was at the door with tears rolling down his face. And they said, Hey, man, what's wrong? What's what's going on? said you didn't hear. I said, Hear what? You know, the the bouncers dead. I said, dead. I said, what happened? He said, Saturday, he met this girl. And he took her after his job that's finished at six or seven in the morning. He took her to a hotel. She waited till he fell asleep and he slashed her throat. She slashed his throat. He lost so much blood that he could not fight back because he was sleeping and she just went at it. And by the time he realized what she was doing, he lost consciousness and the app and when that happened when he told me that it just blew my mind. I felt so guilty. Because I said to myself, and I had to, I went to his funeral. And I said to myself, never again, am I gonna hide any psychic impressions that I get, even if it's the President of the United States. And I said, I'm going to tell them, I don't care if they think I'm crazy, whatever I'm going to tell them least is not going to be wrong. But will later on I found out, like, from my sole point of view was that he might not have listened to me anyway, even if I had told him. So not not for me to take it in such a guilt. Guilty way. Yeah, it's not your fault, I was thankful. So and also, everybody in the life, here's another download, everybody in the life has exit points. No exit points in their life is like the time you had a coffee, instead of going to work on time and you missed an accident, or you didn't catch that plane and a plane crashed, stuff like that, or you or you didn't walk across the red light, because you were on the phone, and you had to talk and you didn't cross them, this car would have hit you, if you hadn't crossed because he ran the Ebro and the light, you know, those are exit points. And we all have exit points to if we want to stay or want to leave. Here's the other thing. We take, we take this life too serious. Because this life is again, it's created by soles for souls to experience in, and the earth is a soul. It's alive. That's why if you put something in the ground, if you plant something in the ground, it grows because there's light, it's not just a rock. And it has, it's actually a soul. And I'll give you a little bit of what's going on now with this with this, because we're experiencing a vibrational change, a complete vibrational change. And what the earth is doing is offering everybody a choice, because there's going to be two timelines, there's going to be a five d timeline and the 3d timeline. And it doesn't matter which choice you take. Because I mean, God loves you anyway. And then here's the other thing, maybe your viewers, this would help some of your viewers is that nobody dies a horrible death. Now, I'm going to tell you why. Because seconds or even minutes, sometimes even sometimes even 10 minutes before you're going to check out of here. Your soul is out of your body before it happens. So you won't experience the murder. You won't experience the knife or the bullet going in your head. You want to experience that. How about long term, like pain, like a disease? Well, long term disease depending on how much the how, how much pain it is, because if it's a certain if it gets to a certain level, your soul leaves the body anyway, it'll leave, you won't be experiencing that. You can explain something. Yes. Excruciating to, but not for too long periods of time, because after a while, your soul will won't deal with that it'll leave. So you'll be experienced, the body will might be experienced, but you won't be feeling that at all. So that's why you don't you won't you don't feel like a child is murdered or whatever. You can even hear people say I was not there. When it actually happened

Alex Ferrari 53:36
No, I've heard that multiple times from near death experiences, that they don't feel that

Dennis Bullock 53:41
Or a car accident seconds before the car impacts. Oh, yeah. They're not there. They don't even remember the impact. Right? Right. That does. I've heard that, too. Yeah. But that's because that's what I got my downloads because you've taken out your soul was taken out before.

Alex Ferrari 53:57
So then let me ask you this. When you finally decided to come out of the nd e closet, and the spiritual closet as you as you have, how did your colleagues in your career deal with it? Was it business as usual?

Dennis Bullock 54:13
Hello, that's a good question. Well, the thing is, I I started to do readings for people. And I do that now. I read energy, I help people with health I've helped people with relationships, sometimes. Cheating wives and cheating husbands. Yeah, because your energy has all the all I do is read the energy, the answers are in you. So I read your energy, what your energy says to me, and I just repeat back to you what it says to me. That's all and and so yeah, well, it made me I go for my music now in a different way because before it was just only ambition you know, I have to be with the best the top of the bar I've got to do this. I've got to they've got to love me. I've got to practice I've got told that it was like that instead of doing it now I do it more out of love out of just a enjoy it. And I hope you enjoy it. And I'm hoping I'm giving you love from my music that is changing your day or change making you feel better for that moment that you're listening to my show.

Alex Ferrari 55:22
And you have worked with some interesting people in your life.

Dennis Bullock 55:26
Yes, yes, yes. Oh, quiet. But you know what's funny, was a Quincy Jones taught me a lot. And because I was when I first met him I was in or I was like this Michael Jackson's producer.

Alex Ferrari 55:40
He's also a sax player. And he's also a sax player.

Dennis Bullock 55:43
Yeah, exactly. So So I was freaked out. And when I first met him, I said something really stupid. I said, I was, hey, Mr. Jones, you know, you made my life. And you know what he said to me? He says, and you made my life too. And we said it to say that I'm not better or different than you. So don't treat me like, like a God said, I'm just like a normal guy just like you. Yeah. And, and, and he said exactly what I said back to me, in order for me to hear how I sound like, you know, you made my life, man. And you said, You made my life and hearing that from Quincy Jones. I'm like, Oh, my God. Yeah. So but he taught me he taught me that. Nobody's better than anybody. Don't treat anybody better. Just treat them nice, but don't treat them any better. I said, so we're all human beings. And we I sit with Quincy for three, four hours. And we talked and he had a woman bodyguard. But I learned a lot from him. And then after that I was able to meet, like more of the stars and in a more calm way. Right. But it was it was hard for me because Michael Jackson was like, series hero. People don't realize that in the 80s Michael Jackson was ruling like he could have been President. Even the President had to meet him to make sure he wasn't gonna run.

Alex Ferrari 57:14
But it was, I mean, there was the three Michaels of the 80s and 90s. It was Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson. And those are the those that man those are the three most most powerful, powerful, and and most famous human beings on the planet like exactly you can be in Zimbabwe somewhere and Mike Tyson shows up today, and everyone's gonna go Mike Tyson. Like it just

Dennis Bullock 57:41
Yep. Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 57:43
Is it Michael Jordan? Like it's in Jackson. And they are Michael Jackson. So yeah. And it's I grew up in the 80s. I remember I was in New York when when beat it hit and thriller.

Dennis Bullock 57:54
They had you understand. Michael Jackson would come on to the stage manager stand there for about five minutes and people would pass out. Passing out. Listen, man, I never seen an artist that that happened to maybe maybe Elvis maybe. But But Beatles. Yeah. The Beatles to The Beatles, Beatles? Yeah, but but not many. Not?

Alex Ferrari 58:17
No, there's no many. It was a very interesting time to be alive. I was a kid when he was coming up. I was a fan, obviously. But people can't comprehend how popular and how famous. Michael was in the eight is it just because it's hard to understand that there was just not the competition for eyeballs and attention. We had three channels on the television. You know, we had one or two radio stations, right? You know, it wasn't the world that we live in today. Someone like Michael today would probably be popular. But they wouldn't control the world. I mean, it

Dennis Bullock 58:57
He ruled the man he ruled the world, man. I mean, laying the princess the princess of England had to meet him.

Alex Ferrari 59:05
Oh, no, everybody is just like, I mean, it's like you look at someone like Taylor Swift today, or Beyonce in their massive star.

Dennis Bullock 59:13
Yeah. Oh, yes. But they

Alex Ferrari 59:15
don't own every piece of media all the time for like years at a time. That's what Michael was like. Yeah, there wasn't a week, a week that wouldn't go by without someone talking about Michael Jackson. It was great.

Dennis Bullock 59:26
Ohh forget it, forget it. Forget it. So, you know, so anyway, to have his producer in my presence. I was like, you know, because I'm a kid of the ad. So I'm like, Ah, you know, it was hard for me not to be you know, starving. Oh, no. Yeah. And all again, so but Quincy brought me back down to human level. And after that, that that was a big blessing for me, and I appreciate it.

Alex Ferrari 59:50
So Dennis, what is the biggest takeaway you had from your near death experience?

Dennis Bullock 59:54
That's a big, good question. Well, there's one is that love is the key to all the power, no matter what's in front of you and the other. The other is that we are so powerful that we were we kind of brainwashed from the beginning of life to believe otherwise, but it's not true. We are super, super powerful. This is this is, this is the tape because many times in my life I felt so you know, helpless or powerless and all this. And it's not true. It's just you have to control what we're thinking and what vibrations we surround ourselves with. We surround ourselves with you know, it's important. And it's funny, it's so simple. You know, it sounds so cliche, oh, just be happy. You know? It sounds so funny. But guess what? That's true. And guess what? That's more powerful than you ever know. You know, my I have to mention, my grandfather used to would say to me, you know, go when I was a kid, how many mistakes did you make today? And school when I said, Well, today, I made no mistakes, and he would be disappointed. And he asked me again, the next week, how many mistakes did you make today? And I said, Well, I didn't make one and algebra didn't he take me out for ice cream. And he did that for me to not be afraid to make mistakes and not to be afraid to try. Very hard. That taught me a lot. And that's why, you know, when I was 1819, I went on a world tour. Because I had to try. I was in competition with about 100 adult professionals. And I was in high school. And and I had won the audition and I went on tour with the stylistics you know, around the world. And I never had done that before. But that was from my grandfather also saying you can just try, just try. And so

Alex Ferrari 1:02:08
I'm gonna So Dennis, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Dennis Bullock 1:02:15
I would say, happiness, being happy and sharing love with with others. That's if you are able to be happy and share love with people. For me, you. You're rich, you've won.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:29
If you can jump into a time machine and go back in time, what would you tell the little boy, they used to be you?

Dennis Bullock 1:02:35
Oh, that's good. Well, I would tell him, You don't have to follow anybody to be successful in music. Always. Believe in yourself a little bit more, no matter what anybody tells you. And Oh, and don't forget to love yourself in love others. That's all was it.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:03
How do you define God?

Dennis Bullock 1:03:04
What I got in my downloads is that God is everything. And the description is almost undescribable is everything you know, even the bad people, we think about this all part of God. And it's all has a plan. Also, that's another thing. Some of the bad things that happen your life is the plan. And if you look back on it, you'll see like my father when he was not, it didn't want me to do music, but he would come home after work than on the police force and play the greatest jazz you ever want to hear. And that made me interested enough to become a musician, but he didn't want me to be a musician. He wanted me to be a lawyer. But I did my music but my father didn't support me on that. And because he didn't support me, it made me want to work harder to be a great artist. He played his part. You see exactly they played his part he played it.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:05
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dennis Bullock 1:04:08
Experience and also remembering who you really are you really love. That's it. And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing, sir? Well, they can reach me for energy readings or session at my email I hope you can put it in your description box. Sure, sure. Sure can, can reach me there. And they can write me with anything. I mean, I help people with suicide to help stop that I help people with illness. I help people with personal problems, anything they want to know about. Because when I read energy, anybody you hate and anybody you love, you're connected to your energies connected to them. It's more harder for me to read a person that you have no connection with. You see, I can do it, but it's harder. But with somebody you love or somebody you hate, you're connected, your energy is connected to them.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:10
And do you have any parting messages for the audience my friend?

Dennis Bullock 1:05:12
Yes, we are going through an energy change on the planet, you have a choice. Rather you go positive high vibrations, or negative, low vibrations, low vibrations will leave you in 3d Third Dimension. And we're going to change in the next coming times years, we're going to change it's going to switch. So I would say if you want a world of just love and peace and harmony with everything, and everyone, you might want to go to five d. If you don't, it's okay. I don't hate anyone who wants to likes the roller coaster ride. Then you just stay on the lower vibrations. But don't be confused with all this confusion. Because the confusion why it's affecting everybody on the planet is because of vibrational change. The earth is rising. It's not getting worse, like people think it's actually getting better. There's more light coming in. But the people who are in low vibration are having a harder time because you can't put a positive battery and the negative battery together for a long time. What happens they tried to split apart and that's what's happening right now.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:28
My friend, thank you again so much for coming on the show and sharing your your story, your journey with us and, and spreading the good love and energy that you are in the world. My friend, I appreciate you.

Dennis Bullock 1:06:39
I appreciate you Alex and I am a big fan of your work now. And I also hope you continue to open the doors of mystery to life and that people can benefit from those mysteries. And they will feel more knowledge of a positive nature to deal with the life we live in every day.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:06
Appreciate you my friend.

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