SECRETS to CHANNELING the UNIVERSE & Manifesting Your DREAM Life! with Dee Wallace

Internationally known for her five series, Dee Wallace has starred in appeared in 7 television series, over 400 commercials, as well as holding the record for any living actress with over 280 films/TV movie credits, including Critters, The Howling, Cujo, The Frighteners, 10, The Hills Have Eyes, and the number one blockbuster, E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (Celebrating its 40th in 2022).

Dee is an Emmy-nominated actress, as well as a best-selling author and a multi-nationally respected authority on the art of self-creation for over 30 years. A proper tour de force in the industry, working with countless producers and directors and some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Lewis Teague, Stephen King, Blake Edwards, and Rob Zombie. Dee has appeared on every major news and talk show and has been featured on E! True Hollywood Stories and Oprah.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dee Wallace.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 307

Dee Wallace 0:00
So, how I see myself how I see the world, how I see the world seeing me. And if those three aren't in alignment part of the house is collapsing. So I can see myself as an actress. But if I see a world and I go, Oh, it's not going to be possible out there for me. Or I see a world where it's possible and then I see everybody looking at me in my imagination going Yeah, we don't know her. She's not an actress. She's nobody. Then I've got walls that can allow me to build the house I want.

Alex Ferrari 0:53
I like to welcome to the show Dee Wallace. How're you doing Dee?

Dee Wallace 0:56
Pretty fab!

Alex Ferrari 0:59
Thank you so much for coming on the show, my dear. I've, I mean, to say the least, I've been a fan of yours since I was a kid growing up, and not only was I a fan of your acting, but I was when I discovered that your spirituality side and that you were channeling and, and the self creation message that you're putting out to the world. I was really, really become a really big fan then. So that's why I reached out to have you on the show. Because you are a unique unicorn in this space. There's not a lot of people like you doing what you do. So my first question is, you know, how did you begin this spiritual journey of yours?

Dee Wallace 1:38
I was born. Right? I think we're all on a spiritual journey, whether we call it that, whether we call it live, whether we call it getting by, it's all a journey of learning who we are, you know, but even when I was a very little girl, I would get messages. I I just thought they were intuitions, you know. But my mom didn't poopoo it. She didn't take it lightly. When night I woke her up. And she had to be at work at 7am every day. And I said, Something's wrong at Grandma's house. Something's wrong. So she called over there. And grandma didn't answer now. Yes, it was 3am like grandma had a phone by her bed. So bless my mom, we got in the car, and we went over there, the cat had gotten up on the stove and turned all the burners on. But they hadn't lit and so the house was filling up with gas. Grandma was fine. But I got that information I received there was something wrong, you know, and I had several experiences. My dad visited me after his suicide as a light in my room and all that sounds really airy fairy I know. But little kids do this all the time. We call them there. You know, they're imaginary friends. Because our adult brains can't accept the fact that kids are so innocent, that they just get that information. But that's really what happens. So anybody can channel. I just wasn't afraid of it. I'd known it since I was little. And when my husband died at 40, I kind of dropped to my knees and said, I don't want to be a victim and I don't want to be pissed off. I want a way we can heal ourselves. Which in the Good Book is Ask and ye receive, you have to ask. And most of us don't ask and we don't ask for what we want. So within like seconds, I got the first message which was used the light within you to heal yourself. And I've just been kind of exploring that ever since.

Alex Ferrari 4:24
So when you were at such a young age as you were growing up, when did you begin your acting career when? How old were you?

Dee Wallace 4:32
Oh, I it was well, I did community theater in Kansas City. And I graduated with a theater education degree. I taught a year of high school. And then I said if I don't get out of here and you're never gonna get out of here, so I wrote a very cheesy letter. And I mean it was very cheesy, and send an even cheesier headshot by the way to help Brent to then was the biggest producer on Broadway, because he was looking for an unknown to start A Little Night Music. And everybody laughed at me and said, Yeah, D that that's really cute. Like he's got it. Three weeks later, his secretary called and said, Mr. Prince, wants to fly you to New York to audition you. So the day I arrived in New York, I sent all my belongings to an apartment I'd never been to. And I went to Rockefeller Center and audition for how prints I got down to the last four or five girls.

Alex Ferrari 5:40
Wow. So you were you were fairly young, when you started? What part of this this other side of your, your personality view the other side of you, of your life? Started to seep into your acting? Did you ever include the channeling? Did you even understand what was going on?

Dee Wallace 5:59
You know, I understood what was going on. And I never called it channeling. So the the acting technique that I use, is based on very, very high energy, and you get your energy very up and you throw all your energy toward the werewolf, or the dog or the person you're working with. And what that does, is it opens up a channel. And so I was trained to get out of the way and let the character tell me what to do. I never break as seen Damn, I never go okay, wherever I going to wherever I've been, I don't do any of that. I truly get out of the way and love the character and tell me what to do. So when I started channeling, I went, Oh, my God, I've been doing this in my acting for years. I know this. You just listen, you listen, and you get out of the way. And and you allow the information to guide you. So it wasn't foreign to me at all. It was it was just an expansion of what I already knew.

Alex Ferrari 7:30
Was, was the energy that comes through, is that your higher self? Is that the other side? Or is it just energy? So where does that energy come from you think?

Dee Wallace 7:41
Everything is energy, everything, we learned that in fifth grade, there's no positive energy, no negative energy, energy is neutral. All the information is available to anybody. It's just hanging out right here. But you have to ask to receive. So I made a deal with my channel. I said, Okay. Why me? First of all, I'm little Deanna Bowers from Kansas. And they said, Exactly, that's why because you'll be able to say it in a way that everybody can understand it. And I said, alright, but you're not using my mind. You're not using my body. I'm not taking any of this stuff on. I just want to be able to reach into energy, understand it, dissect it and help people heal themselves. And the channel said, that's exactly what we want you to do. So that's what I do.

Alex Ferrari 8:51
So with when you say that, they said, are you hearing the voice? Are you feeling it?

Dee Wallace 8:56
Yeah. Well, both. Okay. I mean, I, what happens to me if I were to act it for you, what happens to me when I get a hit? is inside. If, if it were in a movie, I'd go like that. Right? It's really much more subtle. It's kind of a hey, go here. You need to go here, they need to look at this. You know, like when you hear two or three things, within two or three days from different people. You're supposed to look into that and focus on that and find out what they're wanting to communicate.

Alex Ferrari 9:48
Right. So if in the last three days three people say pink elephant, you're like, maybe I should look for a pink elephant somewhere.

Dee Wallace 9:54
Yeah or what is that mean? Right, exactly energetic meaning Behind pink elephant, or what's the energetic meaning behind sciatica? You know, I have three people in two days call me about sciatica. There's something about that then for everybody, for everybody. So, you know, somebody called into my my show that I do every Sunday morning and said, Who do you channel? I said, don't have a clue. Let's ask. And the answer was all thought, and all possibility is what I Shanell? Well, to me, that's what the creative force is in the world, and you can call it, you can call me, you can call it God, you can call it the creative force, you can call it divorce. You can call it the main name of every in any religion that's ever been out there really doesn't care. It really, the energy just wants you to know that you are here in embodiment. And you are given free will to create yourself. So you have to take the responsibility, and get clear about what you want. And commit to that. And then the universe can intercede and work with you.

Alex Ferrari 11:40
Very, very true. Very, very true. Now, when you've like you said, You've been doing this almost all your life, and you didn't have a name for it when you were doing it. But when you decided to come out kind of publicly about this, how did the people around you deal with it? Or was it a seamless transition?

Dee Wallace 11:58
I remember being seamless started in my acting studio. And interesting. And I would, people would get up to work and man, I would get hit with information. Like they get three or four lines into a scene and I I would go but what's going on with your wife? What's the problem at home right now? What did your mother teach you about money? What's up about money in your? And you know, I, I would have six auditors. Every class three of them would go oh my god, I have to get into this twice. Three, we go. Hey, nice. See ya bye. It was kind of freaky house right on without even knowing these people's names the nation was.

Alex Ferrari 13:02
So how did you? How did you include this in? Or can you give us an example of how this was included in some of your performances? Like in E.T for instance?

Dee Wallace 13:11
Yeah. So I can give you a perfect example. So like I said, I don't break things down, didn't decide how to play scenes. My job was just to be merry in the moment I was in and at the big dinner table saying, you know, when Elliot looks at me and tells me his dad's in Mexico with Sally, and you see me take this huge hit. And I felt the tears coming up. And I had the thought as Mary. I can't let the kids see me cry. So I got up and left the table, which was not in the script. So Steven yells, cat, and he comes over and he said deep, why did you get up and leave? And I told him what happened? And he looked at me and turned around and said, Guys, I need you got to half an hour. I need you to build a set over here with a sink with running water so I can bring her over to the sink. And then bring her into this big close up. Where are you says he hates Mexico.

Alex Ferrari 14:34
I remember.

Dee Wallace 14:35
It all happened like that, because Mary had to leave the table.

Alex Ferrari 14:45
I'll tell you something.

Dee Wallace 14:46
I mean, take happens. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 14:48
Well, yeah. And you know, I've I don't know if you know or not, but I've been in the industry for about 20 30 25 30 years as well as a director and being on set as a director when You're working with actors you. There's those moments that you just kind of like let things come through you. And it's really difficult to understand. I've been on sets when I've seen it happen when I'm not the director. While I'm on the director, I feel something like, Okay, how do I fix this problem? How do I get that something comes through. And it's a collaborative channel in many ways,

Dee Wallace 15:22
And that the sets that don't allow that collaboration, magic doesn't happen. It's all great directors, all the great directors that I've worked with. We've had moments like that like Peter Jackson when I was doing The Frighteners. Yeah. And we were doing the transition where Patricia sees him, you know, and he said, we'll try it this whole time that way. And they were, you know, when I, when I'm acting, I feel like bugs are crawling over me, being everything just is like that. So they'd already broken. And we're going off to do and I went, Oh, Peter, I've got it. I've got it, because I just had to sit there with no information. And just be and that's, that's when we got the tape that we used in the film in 10. With Blake Edwards, we had finished doing the scene where Mary Louis's watching him play the piano at the bar. And again, they broken and deadly just started playing. And I was sitting there, and I was so moved by watching him and i Tears came to my eyes and Blake happened to walk by. And when everybody come back, set up again, quickly, we're gonna get a shot of Mary Lewis listening to him play. And it's this huge, heartfelt moment close. But it's just because I was really in the moment. You know, that's, it's an all the magic happens. And so, beginning directors often think, you know, alright, I have to have a shot list. And I have to have everything. I have to know exactly what I'm doing and try it this way. And try it that way. And it's funny, because they're really making such an effort to do it. Right. And in that effort, they're limiting the creativity on the set so much.

Alex Ferrari 18:11
Oh, I agree with you. 100%. When I first started off directing, I had shot lists and storyboards for every single moment, and every single thing. Sure, because I wanted to be Hitchcock, because we all directors, I mean, Steven wanted to be Hitchcock. Everybody wanted to be Hitchcock. So as I gotten older, now, I just kind of like show up. I'm like, Alright, let's see what we're gonna do today, guys, and kind of just flow with it a lot more. And I also have to be some

Dee Wallace 18:34
Steven does that too. Right? Prepared. But he he was open to all the kids. So yeah. Yeah. Which were phenomenal. By the way, a lot of the stuff they came up with. Kids don't have you know, those blocks and well, maybe I should maybe I shouldn't kids are just hey, what about I love working with kids, because they're just always in the moment with you always

Alex Ferrari 19:09
Now, because of your you know, your career and working with so many amazing, creative people over the course of that time. Is that can you explain or can you explain to the audience, the process of the artist in the sense of how we're able to just channel and I think I've used this example, so many times with athletes, when they're at the very high levels, with artists when they're the very high levels. They're almost just almost channeling at a different energy level.

Dee Wallace 19:41
Oh, things about energy.

Alex Ferrari 19:43
Yeah. And I've had the conference, I've been in the room with some of these big actors and big directors, I've spoken to many of them, had them on shows and things and you just feel the difference when when you're talking to them about stuff. You're just like, oh my god, it's just like a different level. Can you articulate that in any way for the audience?

Dee Wallace 20:02
Oh, yeah, it's the ability to be in the moment. Not be in control of the moment, but to be in the moment of creativity. And to trust that. But when you trust yourself as the artist and the conduit that it's coming through, you let go. And then the greater guidance comes in, whether it's channeling healing work, and me going into people's energy and putting together what where the belief systems are, that are in their way, or being in the moment of the character, and what they're feeling and, and even thinking. I mean, when Mary Lou, when Mary, Mary Lewis was the girl intent, when Mary and a T, said, No, I, I don't want the kids to see me cry. That was her thought, not mine. And it's so exciting when that happens.

Alex Ferrari 21:22
So what you're saying is almost the artistic process is an analogy for life in general to be in the moment? Absolutely. You're connecting to source energy, you're connecting to that higher guidance that, yep, we're going through, and I'll have to agree with you 110%, that when an actor is trying to control their performance, it suffers dramatically, where you have someone like Meryl Streep, or Daniel Day Lewis, or a Denzel, or any of these amazing actors who just, every single time they're on screen, just like, Oh, they're just, they're on a whole other level. They allow things to kind of flow and be and become, as opposed to actors who want to try to control and you can tell when you're watching a movie, or a show.

Dee Wallace 22:11
Doesn't that apply to our life, too? I was about to say, where we're taught, we have to control our life. We have to control it, or we're not safe. Right? And, and so that makes us go to our monkey mind. And your mind is literally designed to question and doubt. That's its purpose. So if you're questioning and doubting, your life, and your creation of it, you're never joyfully and excitedly with love. Looking at your life going, Wow, what a miracle. What can I create today? You know, during the pandemic? I got up and there was all this news within the industry of you know, everybody shutting down, and how are we going to get? And I went, Oh, my God, am I going to make a living? And my channel said, the business isn't your living D your consciousness is your living, get up every day, and say today, what can I create? And do you know, I never suffered financially or creatively. During the whole pandemic. It was pretty miraculous. I mean, like a month into it, my agent called and he said, Dee, I even forgot I negotiated this because they never came back. They want to use a clip of one of your movies in this big movie that's coming out. And I negotiated $20,000 for you. And they they just wrote me and said, Okay, we're going to use it. I mean, I couldn't have made that happen. I had no idea that he'd negotiated it. I didn't even know what the movie was. Wow. But when you're in alignment, yeah. loving money, and loving yourself and trusting the universe and allowing everything to be delivered to you. Then you're in alignment and the universe goes okay, we'll figure it out. You don't have to.

Alex Ferrari 24:52
Oh, God. Yes. It's so true. Because once you let go, and instead of letting go of your free will where a lot of people always You're confused. It's like, well, if I have free will I need to continue? No, no, no, it's about letting go and just allowing the universe to kind of guide you on the path, you choose which path which stone you want to walk on.

Dee Wallace 25:12
Exactly. You have to know what you want. Right now. I can go out and speak and have somebody that I've never met come up on stage and and go, Okay, what do you want? I don't have to worry about money spread. What do you want? Well, I, I don't want to, you know, be so worried that I don't have enough money. Good. What do you want to miss can go on, I'm not kidding, for 20 minutes. Until they get so pissed off. They say God, do I want more money. And I said, now we can start. Because that's the first time you've told me what you want. We are literally programmed not to ask for what we want. Because that's not being a good little girl, or boy, you know, you can't get everything you want. Right? God doesn't love you. If you ask and get everything you want. I mean, there's all kinds of limiting beliefs that go into that. And then till we go, you know, I love getting what I want. I love it. And the more money I make, the more I can give to my charities, the more I can do for my kids, you know, and my babies, my daughter's baby that's coming and more I can do for my friends. You bet. Bring me the money. But my message that it took me about three years to become conscious of and redirect. Was there the rich people? Were the good people?

Alex Ferrari 27:06
Oh, yes, I've got that belief.

Dee Wallace 27:09
So cut to 32. And I'm coming out in the biggest blockbuster of all time, and making a lot of money. And I went, Oh, I'm one of them. And what do you do with that? That so you have conflicting, you know, what you want, consciously, and subconsciously, your little girl or your little boy saying, Don't go there. You can't want that. You're not going to be loved. If you get that. You know, our, our brains are locked in by eight years old to most of our belief systems. So I tell everybody, and I suggest for everybody watching this. Write down what you're working on money, success, relationships, health. And then under that write down everything you were verbally taught, or everything that was modeled in front of you. And you will see where you got your limitations from, you will see the walls that you're hitting.

Alex Ferrari 28:30
He says you brought up that little little independent movie you did back in 82 about an alien. What was it like being in the center of the ET hurricane because it just uh, you know, et was the first movie, I was dragged to see it. As it was. There was a finger and there was like a moon and the marketing. I was like, there was there wasn't a lot of TV commercials. I could see at the time. I was so young. I was in second grade. And I'm like my mom's like, go go for my birthday. I'll never forget and I'm on line outside getting in there. And she's like it. I'm like, what is it about? It's like an alien alien. Oh, this looks horrible. Is it like Star Wars? No, it's not like Star Wars. So I go in and it changes my life. Because it's the first time ever I think about being a filmmaker. When an 82 There's not a lot of information about being a filmmaker, or being like that's not a thing as it is in today's culture. Yeah. So I knew how it affected my life and then being at that age, everything was et. You couldn't walk anywhere on the planet without seeing et something about et. What was it like for you being in the center of that et hurricane?

Dee Wallace 29:39
It was awesome. It was it was awesome. And I think what was most awesome about it was that I I really got the spiritual impact of the movie. It's a movie movie that transcends the mind and the brain and reaches right into people's hearts and reminds us all of what's important. You know, and I look back now. And I think it was by no mistake, that I was chosen for 80. Because it's pretty much everything I teach in my healing work. You know, keep your heart open. He was very clear about what he wanted, he wanted to get home. He allowed all the kids and the universe, all the little things he collected, to come together to help him create what he wanted. And he got it. And that's really, in the simplest terms, what creation is, that's how you manifest everything.

Alex Ferrari 31:08
I've never actually sat down and analyzed et that way. But it is so true that at the character was collecting all this stuff. Yeah, to help him manifest his way. Back home, which is an analogy for all of us in life. We are all trying to gather information, trying to gather things, trying to gather stuff, relationships, people to try to get back home at a subconscious level, if you will. But you agree.

Dee Wallace 31:37
Well, it's very conscious level for me. Sure. It wasn't always and somehow I just always knew it. On some level I think we all do when we get out of our minds and, and just get into allowing ourselves to feel the truth.

Alex Ferrari 32:09
Did you have any major takeaway or lesson you learned from Steven on that set of ET? Because he was such a young director? I mean, he he was already Steven Spielberg at that point. But you know, what were any lessons, either spiritual, or creative, or just life lessons that you might have learned from him?

Dee Wallace 32:29
I think it was always not to allow anybody else to define who you are.

Alex Ferrari 32:34
Such a beautiful idea. Such a beautiful lesson. Because we all do that, don't we?

Dee Wallace 32:39
Pretty much. Where you become conscious that we are in charge of defining and creating ourselves.

Alex Ferrari 32:49
Now we've been talking a lot about channeling and how you channel what is your exact process to connect to, to that information to source energy? What do you what is it you just ask and it just comes to you? Yeah, that's simple.

Dee Wallace 33:02
Yeah, ask me something now. What you want to know about?

Alex Ferrari 33:11
Oh, God, I wasn't prepared for this. Um, okay. I wasn't prepared. Okay, let's see what comes up. Um,

Dee Wallace 33:21
Where are you challenged? Where do you want to break?

Alex Ferrari 33:25
Oh, for me? Oh, for me, I was gonna look for a bigger questions about the world, about me?

Dee Wallace 33:29
You can ask about the world. I don't care ask anything.

Alex Ferrari 33:33
Okay. My challenges, the Great, the Great Awakening that is happening throughout this world of consciousness. What is the biggest block that we have? As a as a species?

Dee Wallace 33:48
The biggest block is that we can't know. And right after that they're saying is that we're scared to death to know. I can't be God. I'm scared to death to be God. I can't be the creative force. I'm scared to death to take that responsibility.

Alex Ferrari 34:15
How do we overcome that? How do we overcome that?

Dee Wallace 34:18
Something higher? No, I'm working with my pensil on you can't see it. But

Alex Ferrari 34:22
Sure. Is there anything? Is there a way to overcome those fears?

Dee Wallace 34:28
Well, sure. It's like everything energy has to be directed. You know, again, energy is neutral. It's just hanging out there. It will match whatever your thoughts feelings and beliefs are. So if you want to change your life, you've got to become conscious of what you want. And then choose the thoughts and the feelings and the beliefs that Support, getting what you want creating what you want.

Alex Ferrari 35:04
So is this is this a form of the law of attraction or manifestation?

Dee Wallace 35:09
Yeah, and it goes way beyond that. Right? There's a simplistic understanding of that.

Alex Ferrari 35:17
Right! Anytime I even bring up the word law of attraction, I just kind of cringe a little bit because it's been so misunderstood for so many, so often,

Dee Wallace 35:24
And so overused and and I think the greatest challenge is that people get stuck in the original sin small explanation of what it is. Instead of expanding out and allowing that to be greater and grow, and

Alex Ferrari 35:52
During all of this time that you've been publicly doing this, I'm assuming you must have had some sort of skepticism along the way. How do you deal with that? If you did have any?

Dee Wallace 36:02
Well, like, I deal with anything, that's not a thought that's gonna give me what I want.

Alex Ferrari 36:07
So if you have if you if someone comes in, it's like, because people ask me all the time, but like this channel and stuff out, it's really are you like, you used to usually be a filmmaker, now you're talking to channels, and Afghans channels on the show? And people that go full all in, as well. And, and I go, Well, what's the message? Does it ring true to you? Great, if it doesn't move on, you know, with skepticism. So

Dee Wallace 36:32
What's so funny, you know, is that they'll ask, because they want to know and then, because they don't.

Alex Ferrari 36:39
It was just exactly, that's the thing I always fascinated about, like, if you're asking that means you're curious, if you were completely just like dismissive of it, you wouldn't even ask, you'd be like,

Dee Wallace 36:50
I want to be got in, I don't want to be gone. I want to be in control of my life. And that's way too much responsibility. You know, so people will call in to me and go, Well, what is my guide, say, and I my responses, your guide wants to know what you want. That the guides, the angels, whatever you call, the creating force, is waiting for you. On this plane, nobody can think of thought for you. Nobody can feel a feeling for you. Nobody can hold a belief for you that you do not choose. That makes you the creator with freewill. Have you on this plane, the energy of what everything is in part of is waiting for you to direct it where you want to go. If you want ice, you have to decide you want ice, you have to put the water in the tray and the tray in the freezer, to get eyes to get what you want. All of creation is pretty much the same.

Alex Ferrari 38:06
So that point of asking is so important. Because you forever to learn.

Dee Wallace 38:13
You know what you want.

Alex Ferrari 38:15
It took me forever to ask for help. Not from what the people were taught not to. Yeah, until in the few times, even before I got deeper into this as I am now. I would just ask the universe. I just didn't help someone helped me with this, this or this. And then magically a phone call would come the next day or a job opportunity would come the next day. I'm like,

Dee Wallace 38:39
Yeah, just like the money that came to me.

Alex Ferrari 38:43
Right magic and magic like it? This is no no.

Dee Wallace 38:46
Even audition for E.T.

Alex Ferrari 38:49
How did you get E.T then?

Dee Wallace 38:51
I had auditioned for used cards years before

Alex Ferrari 38:54
With Robert Zemeckis. Yeah.

Dee Wallace 38:55
But he Steven remembered me and my quality. And that's who he wanted for Mary

Alex Ferrari 39:04
Simple as that that just called you like, hey, Steven Spielberg wants you to be

Dee Wallace 39:07
Simple as that. And I was enrolled in a program a philosophy program, if you will. And the whole summer was on creating what you want. Writing it down. I wanted to start a major motion picture with a major director. That would be very six. I got everything that was on that sheet.

Alex Ferrari 39:37
Do you do you suggest people do that more? Instead of just saying it writing it?

Dee Wallace 39:41
Yeah, my channel is very big on writing it down. Really? Well, you can see right in front of you. And you can experience in the exercise of writing it down what you're resisting when your thoughts go oh, that It's too much to ask, you know, that kind of stuff. But most of all, you it helps you get very, very clear. And it helps you commit. When one of the big parts in my newest book Born, is the three pillars, how I see myself, how I see the world, how I see the world seeing me. And if those three aren't in alignment, part of the house is collapsing. So I can see myself as an actress, but if I see a world and I go, Oh, it's not going to be possible out there for me. Or I see a world where it's possible. And then I see everybody looking at me in my imagination going, Yeah, we don't know her. She's not an actress. She's nobody. Then I've got walls that can't allow me to build the house, I want.

Alex Ferrari 41:06
How do you start? How do you find those walls? Because that's a very difficult thing, when you're looking for these walls, these blocks in your life. And their subconscious, something that happened when you were three or four or five, some belief system

Dee Wallace 41:19
Happen then, by the

Alex Ferrari 41:20
Right, how do you dig through all the muck?

Dee Wallace 41:26
What in your life? Are you not getting that you want?

Alex Ferrari 41:32
Simple as that? And then they'll start digging in?

Dee Wallace 41:35
And then wow, let me write down what? What did my mom teach me about that? What did my dad or what did my grandparents teach me about that? What did my church teach me about that? What did I watch being modeled in front of me? I mean, I couldn't, for the longest time, figure out why I couldn't find a mate. That was equal in what they made. And I was having to take care of everybody. And I did that exercise once I had been taught. And I've thought, Well, my dad was an alcoholic all my life, I saw my mom, take care of him. Take care of all of us. My grandfather had been a very big CPA, it had two strokes. When I was very, very little, so I witnessed my grandmother taking care of him hand and foot every day anyway. Oh, okay. There's my belief. Women have to take care of men. And until I consciously redirected that, oh, what do I want? No, I want relationships, where he's completing himself, and I'm completing myself in all subjects. And we can together and bring our completion into a complete union. That's what I want. And then I started getting it.

Alex Ferrari 43:24
Yeah, I mean, the big one big belief I had to deal with was you have to work hard for money.

Dee Wallace 43:29
Oh, I didn't.

Alex Ferrari 43:31
I mean, my gen. I mean, my gen, my grandfather's generation, my parents generation. Working class, lower middle class, middle class. Yeah,

Dee Wallace 43:39
They they all came from depression from the depression. Oh, yeah. And those are sense memories and beliefs that are literally passed down in the water of who we are. Water is, you know, holds it memory from the beginning of time. And where almost 90% water.

Alex Ferrari 44:04
That's an interesting concept. Can you dig into that a little bit? And can you explain a little bit more for people?

Dee Wallace 44:09
Yeah, if you read any of the tests of like, Emoto, the Japanese gentleman who did all the tests with water and everything. Water contains frequencies and vibrations that have been around forever. So that's a truth. Yeah. So we not only want to redirect the limiting beliefs from this lifetime, but from many of the other lifetimes that we lived when we went through plagues And we lived in foreign countries, third world countries and starve to death. You know, all of that is in our energetic field. And again, energy needs, direction and re direction. So if there's something that you don't want, you need to be clear about what you do want so that you literally can consciously direct the energy to create that.

Alex Ferrari 45:40
So because I think that

Dee Wallace 45:43
72 hours to change the synapses in your brain, if you are excited and happy and doing it consistently for those 72 hours.

Alex Ferrari 45:58
So you have this concept, actually super remembering my my grandfather, who did come from that kind of time period of the Depression, where he would literally reuse paper towels. He would write, he would dry paper towels. And I remember seeing things like that when I was growing up. I'm like, Oh, I guess you gotta work hard. I was working hard since I was like, I was seven, eight. I was trying to figure out how to make money.

Dee Wallace 46:20
Well, and, you know, it's good to have a good work ethic, correct. It's not good. And it does not serve the ease of your creation, to marry that with the belief that it has to be struggle. So people say to me, at least three times today, oh, my god, Dee, how do you do everything you do?

Alex Ferrari 46:51
Same here.

Dee Wallace 46:52
Yeah. And I go, Well, I love everything I do. And I get to choose, if I need some time off. Then I am the creator of that, you know what? I'm feeling like, I'm pretty close to the wall here. I'm going to take two days. And I swear, you know, three hours into that first day, I'm going I'm going freaking nuts. What is there to do? Know You got it. When you're at choice, you are always at choice.

Alex Ferrari 47:33
Now, you mentioned in a little earlier that you were doing some pretty transformative channeling in your acting class. Can you give an example of an experience that transforms somebody's life when you were dealing with your channeling?

Dee Wallace 47:46
Um, yeah, this one guy was doing this scene about proposing to his girlfriend, and I stopped him four lines in and I said, Why is your energy blocked? What's up with relationships with you? And and completing relationships with you? And he started crying, and he said, Oh my God. I've been engaged three times. And they've all reneged on me. And the first thing I heard was mom. And I said, What? What do you remember your mom teaching you about relationships? And he paused for a minute, and he said, Oh my god, she used to say to me, you'll never find a woman who loves you more than I do. Whenever he got close, he had, he literally had to attract women, that would not complete a relationship with him. Because he had to maintain that belief that his mother had given him. He wrote me six or seven months later, he had moved back to New York, and he said, Miss Wallace, I just want you to know, I just got married to a wonderful girl.

Alex Ferrari 49:29
That's a beautiful,

Dee Wallace 49:30
You know, and really, it's really easy. Of course, everybody's going oh, no, because if you say it's hard, then you're directing yourself to make it hard. And then it will be hard.

Alex Ferrari 49:48
Whether you believe you're wrong or you're right, you're correct. Yeah. It's really true. Yeah. What what do you say to somebody who's listening who's like this all sounds such positive thinking In a Pollyanna kind of thoughts, that this doesn't make sense.

Dee Wallace 50:05
Okay, because if you really do it, your life will change. And you'll go, I get it, and you'll be off and running in your life.

Alex Ferrari 50:15
Fair enough. I'm gonna ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Dee Wallace 50:22

Alex Ferrari 50:23
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to the little D that used to be you, what advice would you give her?

Dee Wallace 50:33
I, you know, I love who I am. And she started at all. I would thank her. I would thank her for being the bright light. She's always been

Alex Ferrari 50:50
Beautiful. How do you define God?

Dee Wallace 50:54
Me and you

Alex Ferrari 50:58
What do you say to those people who cannot accept that? We are all God, we are all the creators of our own life,

Dee Wallace 51:06
I would say you get to create yourself. So if you want to create yourself limit it that's your rights

Alex Ferrari 51:19
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Dee Wallace 51:22
To be happy. And to take responsibility for the creation of yourself

Alex Ferrari 51:30
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing for the world?

Dee Wallace 51:35

Alex Ferrari 51:37
That has everything and your books on Amazon and all that you do private sessions as well?

Dee Wallace 51:41
Oh, yes, I do private sessions. I have three today. private sessions, I do monthly webinars. There's a whole new area of energy that's opened up called intrinsic data fields. But I'm getting ready to do a big webinar on the meaning of intrinsic data feels. We haven't used them in the direction of energy because they're kind of a pocket of energy off to it. And we we haven't really known they were there. So this is inclusion of a lot more energy that we get to play with. So it's really exciting for me.

Alex Ferrari 52:31
And did you have any parting messages for the audience?

Dee Wallace 52:33
Yeah. Love yourself, guys. Love yourself. And love yourself and love yourself more? Because that's really what it's all about. Who do we want to give everything to the people we love? Let's put ourselves at the top of the list and then our cup runneth over. And we get to give a lot more to everybody else.

Alex Ferrari 52:59
Dee I appreciate you and the amazing work you're doing for the world. Thank you again, so much for being on the show.

Dee Wallace 53:04
Thank you. This was a great interview. Thank you.

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