My 14 Years of NDE Research Shows What Is Coming to Mankind | David Suich

In the symphony of existence, we often overlook the quiet whispers that guide us toward enlightenment. On today’s episode, we welcome David Suich, a man who has dedicated his life to unraveling the mysteries of near-death experiences. With a history of over 1,200 interviews, David has ventured into the realms where the veil between life and death becomes transparent, offering insights that challenge our conventional understanding of existence.

David Suich shared with us his profound journey that began with a personal struggle with chronic tendinitis, which led him to explore the afterlife. He found solace in the testimonies of those who had crossed the threshold of death and returned, bringing with them messages of love, interconnectedness, and divine purpose. His work as a certified spiritual counselor and author of “God Took My Clothes” aims to bridge the gap between our earthly experiences and the spiritual truths that lie beyond.

One of the most striking revelations from near-death experiences is the realization of the immense power of our thoughts and words. As David recounted, many return with a heightened awareness of how their actions and behaviors impact others. “When you bring hope or joy to just one soul, because we’re all connected, millions receive the vibration,” David explained. This interconnectedness is a recurring theme in the experiences of those who have glimpsed the other side, emphasizing the collective impact of living with unconditional love.


  1. The Power of Love and Thought: Near-death experiences highlight the profound influence of our thoughts and words. Our behaviors ripple through the fabric of existence, affecting countless lives. This understanding calls for greater mindfulness and compassion in our daily interactions.
  2. Life Reviews and Self-Reflection: Many near-death experiences involve a life review, where individuals relive their actions from both their perspective and those they affected. This dual experience fosters a deep sense of empathy and accountability, reminding us to live with kindness and intentionality.
  3. Interconnectedness of All Beings: The concept of oneness is a common thread in near-death experiences. Understanding that we are all part of a larger whole can transform our approach to life, encouraging us to act with greater love and respect for all beings.

In this profound conversation, David Suich also touched upon the transformative power of facing our fears, as exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic forced many to confront their mortality, re-evaluate their priorities, and seek deeper meaning in their lives. Such global events, while challenging, can serve as catalysts for spiritual growth and collective awakening.

David’s insights into the afterlife are not merely about what lies beyond, but also about how we can live more fulfilling lives here and now. He emphasized that every action, no matter how small, contributes to the grand tapestry of life. By living with intention and love, we can create positive change and inspire others to do the same.

As we navigate our earthly journey, it is essential to remember that we are not alone. The stories of near-death experiences offer reassurance that there is more to life than meets the eye. They remind us of the enduring presence of love and the guiding hand of a benevolent source that is ever-present, even in our darkest moments.

In conclusion, David Suich’s exploration of near-death experiences invites us to embrace a more expansive view of life. It challenges us to act with greater compassion, seek deeper connections, and live with the awareness that our thoughts and actions have far-reaching consequences. Let us carry these lessons forward, creating a world where love and empathy prevail.

Please enjoy my conversation with David Suich.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 151

David Suich 0:00
One of the things near death experiences will say they'll come back and say, Well, I had no idea how powerful my thoughts and words are, you know, I would have chosen them more carefully if I had known or I had no idea that my behavior was affecting other people negatively. You know, that kind of thing. They'll say things like, well, you know, when you bring hope or joy to just one soul, because we're all connected, millions received the vibration. One person living and unconditional love is more powerful than millions living in fear

Alex Ferrari 0:40
I've been able to partner with mine valley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind, Body Soul Relationships, and Conscious Entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to I'd like to welcome to the show, David Suich. How you doin David?

David Suich 1:18
I'm doing fine. Thank you very much, Alex, it's a pleasure to be on the show today.

Alex Ferrari 1:22
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you my friend because I've, I've interviewed probably 30 Plus near death experiencers at this point, but you've done a few more, a few more than I have done some. You've done like 700 You've written a book about it. And you've come over 1000

David Suich 1:40
Now we're now yeah. My book, it was 700. And it's probably it's probably close to 1200. But I I stopped counting after the book so.

Alex Ferrari 1:48
Exactly. And I've been it's a subject that I've been very fascinated with ever since I started bringing near death experiencers on the show it. It is a fascinating, you know, believe don't believe you know, there's so much like, oh, that's just chemicals in your brain going on? All this kind of stuff. You came at it from a very pragmatic approach, if I'm not mistaken. And what you've discovered along your journey has really opened you up spiritually. It's opened you up in many other ways, which we'll talk about. So how did you get started? And why did you want to get started investigating near death experiences?

David Suich 2:24
Well, all started back in 1999. And I came down with chronic tendinitis. And it started in my hands, and then it moved to sort of my elbows, and I had my jaw. And then I got my feet, and it got worse and worse and worse. And I actually had it for about 20 years. And 2019, it finally started to just clear up and go away. And I actually spent three years from 2016 to 2019, I had to use a mobility scooter. Because if I was on my feet, you know, for half an hour while shopping at the grocery store, I you know, I'd be in pain. And so I had this chronic pain, doctors didn't know why they never figured it out, actually. And I don't know what caused it to just miraculously heal. I was told actually, by one of the guys I interviewed, who was quite psychic, he had had a near death experience. He says, Oh, you're you're gonna get your healing. And of course, I didn't believe him, you know. So, but I've been prayed for by dozens of churches, hundreds of people, and nothing. And back then I was a what you would call a Christian. I was raised Catholic. And I came to a very painful conclusion. And that conclusion was one of two things going on here. Either there is no God, I didn't think that was right. I was pretty sure there was God or there is a God, and he doesn't care about me, you know, I'm the son who has been badly behaved. And, you know, he's, you know, I'm disowning you because I'm embarrassed with you, you know, that kind of thing. And I clicked on a YouTube video. And this was in 2007. And it was about atheists who died, saw the afterlife and returned. And I had gotten training because I worked in sales. And so I had gotten training and how to spot a lie, and this guy didn't have any of the signs. And I started looking into it. testimony after testimony. And I started on YouTube at first and then I would be talking about it and you know, somebody would say, Well, I had a near death experience and, and they tell me about their experiences. And after I decided you know, people need to know about this because they tell a story that's quite different than when I was taught by, by my religion. So I wrote the book, God took my clothes and now I'm a spiritual counselor. I'm a certified spiritual counselor and I counsel people who have near death experiences out of body experiences, you know, spiritually transformative experience or spiritual awakening, things like that. So yeah, I've included the journey

Alex Ferrari 5:01
I've had, I've had a few guests on that. There, you know, what they were taught growing up is not exactly what they saw when they went to the other side, as far as religion is concerned, as far as dogma is concerned, and like I always tell people like whatever your path to spirit is, if it's religion, if it's not, if it's being of positive mind to you, great, go down that road, you're doing most more than most. But, you know, at all, it's very interesting near death. I want to ask you one question before we get deep into it. Have you? Have you interviewed Near Death Eaters near death? experiencers, who are from different cultures? Because Jesus shows up all the time. Jesus is a busy guy, he's constantly he's all he's everywhere all the time. He's, he's, you know, but I never heard Buddha. I've never heard Shiva. I've never heard Mohammed like it from different cultures, people having near death experiences. Have you come across that?

David Suich 6:03
Yes. I have heard people describe seeing all sorts of religious figures and haven't

Alex Ferrari 6:09
Really? So yeah, so it was. So you've heard of Buddha, you've heard of Shiva, you've heard of Hindu gods, if that's if that was the culture that they were, or that's what they recognize.

David Suich 6:19
Not Shiva. people who saw Buddha who saw Mohammed who saw Jesus, Moses, Peter, the guy, now you'll be met by, you know, they created environment to make you feel comfortable, you know, so if you're a Buddhist, maybe you'll meet Buddha. You know, if you like nature, they'll bring you into a garden. You know, if you were a Christian, now, you know, you'll meet Jesus, maybe if you're a Catholic, you'll meet Mary or one guy, he was a big fan of Peter. And so when he got to heaven, you know, Peter met them. And they can appear any, any way they want. But they'll generally appear how they did on Earth, you know, so you kind of see what they look like. And so in these, he meets Peter, the hot headed apostle, and he says, yeah, he was a bit shaggy looking.

Alex Ferrari 7:09
It's kind of like, you know, if you make a good point, they want you to feel anyone say they, the other side, for lack of a better word, wants you to feel comfortable, because it's kind of like waking up from, from, from anesthesia from like, heavy drugs, and you're just kind of like wobbly, and you're just a little disorientated. And if you you walk into, like, I use that as an example. Because I've, you know, after you've come out of anesthesia, you're just what's going on? What's happening zombie, just like is who's that what's going. So it's kind of like leaving that kind of environment. And if you're in a in a, like, Who is that Buddha, I don't even know who what is Buddha, like they would bring Jesus if you've been if you feel comfortable with Jesus, or if you feel comfortable Buddha or so on. So that makes sense. I love the idea that you like, if you like gardens of throw you in a garden. And that's I've heard many of those stories. You know, some people are in the sky, some people are in a castle, some people are in different places, it all depends on what they are. So before we dive in a little deeper into near death experiences, what do you say to people, which is a common common argument, which is like, Oh, this is what just happens when the brain shuts down? These are the chemicals that are released that create this common story, because it seems to be not always the exact same, but there's this tunnel of light or there's a light, there's a relative there's all these things is that, that the brain is causing that as it dies, what do you what is your response to that? What is your explanation for that?

David Suich 8:44
Well, that's not a very good theory. It doesn't match what these people say. So I have heard it explained by scientists that you know, when you die, the the little cones in your eyes, that sense vision, they start to die from the outside. And so it'll look like this, you know, this tunnel with a light at the end? Well, people describe going into the light, and it being huge, and encompassing everything and moving closer to it. So that doesn't fit. They have conversations with this light, you know, and they described feeling more alive and more real than they've ever felt on earth. You know, others say well, you know, they were in the hospital and they had these drugs. Well, no, it's your the clarity of your mind is far greater. It's it's not a drug trip. It's it's people who have taken drugs say No, it's nothing like it even, you know, something like DMT, which is very psychedelic and sort of otherworldly. It's nothing like the near death experience. And there's other people say, Well, you know, it's a hallucination. Well, that doesn't fit what they say either because, you know, you get blind people who are blind since birth out of the 1000 Plus testimonies. I've heard three of them were blind since birth, and they could describe colors the You could say, you know, these people were wearing the same color as, as these. Of course, they don't know what color it is because they never learned what color goes with which word, right? So they have to just kind of do their best. And then of course, it transforms people's lives and hallucinations don't transform people's lives, they come back, more altruistic, less materialistic, they are focused on meaningful, you know, loving relationships, they have career changes. You know, one man who was involved in organized crime became a counselor for, for young people who were delinquent and in problems. Another guy who was a policeman became a high school teacher, a billionaire big, gave up all ties to the financial industry and became a certified marriage and family counselor. You know, it just it transforms these people's lives completely. And of course, the first one I ever heard, the guy was an atheist and an art teacher, and he became a pastor in the United Church of Christ. So, you know, hallucinations don't do that. And then, of course, there's all sorts of other things they, you know, people will meet, somebody arrive in heaven, and they'll meet their brother, and they'll come back home, they say, Mom and Dad, I thought I was only child, but I met this guy in heaven said he was my brother, and that you had a miscarriage. And you know, the parents eyes get real big, because they never told anybody about that, you know, well, that can't be described as hallucination or a trick of the dying brain. The only reasonable explanation if you're trying to dismiss it, and it's not a very good one is to say there's a massive, coordinated, conspiracy to lie about this. By many doesn't fit very well.

Alex Ferrari 11:47
And millions of people also throughout time, yeah, it's not just they all decided in the last 10 years to do it. It's this has been going on for a long time, I think, what was the early I think the earliest? The I mean, even the Greek we're talking about near death experience, right?

David Suich 12:04
Oh, yeah. And, of course, even Tibetan Book of the Dead. You know, it's over 15 years old, and it says, A gleaming light will shine from the heart of God that will be so bright that you, you don't dare look at it, but you can't pull your eyes away. Well, that's exactly what people describe a light 10,000 times brighter than the Sun that'll all harmful to the eyes and most beautiful feeling and thing they've ever seen in their lives. You know, people talk about the experience, like it's the all, it's the everything of life is to be in that love. And they get to it, and they can't describe it human words. You know, if we were all in interactive dream together, right, and one guy woke up, and came back to the interactive dream and tried to describe the real world. You know, and so well, you were just hallucinating. It's like, no, it's obviously, when you wake up from a dream, it's obvious that this is the real world. It's far more solid and real. It's obvious that your dream world is not real. And that's what they say. It's like taking one step higher, to a higher level of reality consciousness. It's it's very similar to waking up from a dream.

Alex Ferrari 13:12
Right! It's Neo in the matrix. I mean, it's yes.

David Suich 13:16
Yeah, that's a good analogy. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 13:18
It's Neo in the Matrix. There's no, there's no question about it. Another example, I've heard of people, when they argue about the whole chemicals in the brain thing is, I had eaten Alexander on the show, and he, you know, was brain dead for 20 minutes. Clinically, there's a lot of those like that the brain has gone, just gone. And they're like, six minutes, five minutes, eight minutes, 10 minutes, sometimes even longer. And these people come back. So there's not even an a convert? How can you argue that, you know, with with, with, with Pate, with, with witnesses and other doctors who didn't believe in this stuff? And they're like, no, no, I'll sign an affidavit, he was gone. And he came back. So doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, either. I think it's just a way to try to explain the unexplainable because anytime something unexplainable happens, scientists really want to explain it.

David Suich 14:14
Yeah, it's outside the cultural paradigm of beliefs, they will try every excuse they can to dismiss it. I mean, you know, even 500 years ago, when Copernicus worked out the math, and he said, we're not the center of the universe, guys, we're going around the sun at 90 miles a second. I mean, he had to delay the publishing of his book, on the revolution of the celestial spheres until after his death, because people just thought, oh, that's mad science. I mean, that was just craziness. The earth is moving. You know. I mean, it's, we have a long history of that. Alfred Wagoner in in 1912. He first suggested that the idea that continents were slowly drifting across the surface. He was laughed at by the continents drifting Come on. Outstanding slaves. Yeah, even in 1841 Richard Oh, and this guy who examined large bone and teeth fragments speculative they were once giant lizards Rove in New York that he called Dinosauria. Not everybody thought it was a hoax that he was just trying to make money. That's it. So it's considered crazy anytime it's outside of the cultural belief system. But you make a good point, there are testimonies where there's nothing you can explain of how they knew this, Pam Reynolds. During her NDA, she was dead for an hour. She had a massive brain aneurysm, they drained all her blood. And she was describing what was happening after the head stopped her heart after they had drained all her blood after she was brain dead. She was describing what they said, you know, they were trying to, you know, get this thing in one of her legs, and it didn't work and had to go. And she described the tools. She described what the doctor said, Well, she was brain dead. So how do you explain that? Well, there's more to our existence than our physical bodies. That's, that's the reality that's going to be commonly accepted within 50 100 years.

Alex Ferrari 16:08
But yeah, and I think it's, it's already changed from one from the when the term near death experience was coined back by Raymond Moody, in the 70s. From that point to now, it is much more known. And it is much more accepted than it was prior. It's still not widely accepted. And it's still not a concept that is popular, but it is in the zeitgeist without question. And it's so much more acceptable now than it was you know, out of body experiences, meditation, yoga, all of these things in the last 100 years have been adopted by society as a whole. Even channeling people are like, I've chat. I'm channeling this to do this. It's a term that people throw around now like, it's like, it's part of the vernacular. But but that was a, that was witchcraft, you would be burned.

David Suich 17:00
Oh, yeah. And, you know, 100 years ago, if you told your doctor about your near death experience, chances are they put you in a mental institution, and they weren't so friendly. 100 years ago, so much good. As they are today. Yeah. So it's, it's changing. I mean, even things like, you know, you'll see it in the movies. Now. They'll joke around about it, you know, don't go towards the light gym. You know,

Alex Ferrari 17:24
It's part of it's part of the Zeitgeist. Yeah,

David Suich 17:26
We didn't have that 50 years ago, you know, even things like if you were to when I was a child, you know, seven years old, 50 years ago, if you said things like, you know, my higher self or my chakras are out of luck. People look at you like, what are you talking about? What do you mean, your higher? Yeah, they did? Well, now we have terminology for this stuff. And yeah, it's becoming much more widely accepted.

Alex Ferrari 17:45
So can you take me through a typical, I hate to use that word typical, a typical near death experience, like an every day, you know, run of the mill, fast food, kind of drive through the drive thru kind of,

David Suich 18:03
You make a good point, there is no normal because having, as we mentioned earlier, creates a unique experience for the individual. And, you know, everybody has different likes, dislikes, and that kind of thing, and every experience is gonna affect them differently. So they want to have the biggest effect to get the change, you know, for when you go back, that's probably the reason they're all designed differently. But typically, a person will die if it's at the scene of an accident or in the hospital, it'll see themselves from above, you know, and they'll see people working on them, they'll realize they can hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of the people and they have 360 degree vision, you know, and there's no blind spots back here. They feel more alive and more real, you know, just filled up with energy kind of the height of life. A lot of them are very calm, and sometimes they don't recognize their own body they say you know, when you see it in 3d, when you see yourself in this world, you're always seeing yourself in a TV screen. You never really see yourself in 3d. It's always and some people don't recognize themselves in some do they realize oh, that's my body I must be dead and then at some point you know they may try and talk to people realize they can't hear them and you know, it's not because they're like a ghost you know these near death experiences people ask them were you like a ghost? It's like no, I was the opposite of the ghost I was more real and more alive than I ever have been in my life. So Bill, something behind them are off to the side will get their attention they'll look they'll see a little pinpoint of light they describe this light as being beautiful loving, they get drawn towards it like a magnet and then they get to the light and it's you know, very bright they say would burn you up if it was in this world but in that world isn't heard at all to look at the light. They don't have to be told that this light is God. It's like the the universe reverberates his name. You know there's there's no question when you're in this light. because of the love and they have a feelings of love and peace and joy, purposefulness, you know that everything that happens has a purpose, a feeling of protection, you know, this being of light is going to protect me forever, nothing can ever happen to me. And sometimes there's a conversation, sometimes they're told, it's not your time, you gotta go back. Other times, they say, Well, you have a choice, you can stay if you want, you're done with your work on Earth. But if you go back, you'll accomplish these things. And of course, nobody wants to go back, you know, even a mother with a newborn child, you know, will say, Oh, my, my child will be fine. I'm not leaving this place. I mean, that's how good it is. So people describe it, as they say things like, imagine the 100 happiest moments in your life, and put them all into one moment, you don't come close to what it feels like to be there. Imagine the strongest love you've ever felt in your life multiplied by 500 or 1000, then that's about what it feels like it is joy and bliss, beyond words and human understanding. I mean, if you had a magic lamp with a genie and unlimited wishes, and you could just wish, anything you want on this earth, you still wouldn't come close to what it be like to be there. So some are told, you know, you have a choice. And they're very crafty. And you know, they're very intelligent up there. So people who say no, no, I'm not going back. And then you know, there'll be shown Well, these will be the vent benefits, or this will be be what happens to your child or your spouse or whatever, if you don't go back, you know, they're going to never get over it, or they're going to have these issues. But if you go back that's not going to go well, these people always decide, you know, if I heard their testimony, they decided to come back, right. So that's basically it. Now, the census over there are very different. So you can see many more colors, people, many people describe the colors of heaven, they say, well, there's colors that don't exist on this earth. So well, what colors Nicola can't tell you, they don't exist here. And it took me a while. But like one guy who was an artist said, Yeah, I was looking at over 80 primary colors. At ease, we have three primary colors, yellow, blue, and red. And a mixture of those three colors make up all the colors we see from three, they have over 80. So the colors are amazing, your hearings, amazing. You can hear tones all over the place. But your hearing isn't really used for communication, because there's a mind mind communication, where it's impossible to have a misunderstanding. So your hearing is more for the music of heaven, which is really beautiful. Some people will meet relatives in heaven. Some have what's called a life review. So they go through your life from beginning to end. And it's not really like a judgment thing. Even I use the terms right and wrong, but they show you what you did right and what you did wrong. And they show you how you affected other people. So in this world, you're always one person, you, you're experiencing life from the perspective of you. Well, in that life review, you experience it simultaneously from your own perspective, and from the people around you, as if you were them seeing through their eyes feeling what they're feeling thinking what they're thinking. And they show you the effect of what of the things you said and did. And how that made these other people feel and how they reacted. And there's no judgment, it's, it's, you know, good or bad. You know, one lady, she had tied a ribbon around her dog's neck and had tried it too tight, and didn't realize it. And when she had a life review, she experienced it from the dogs perspective, who was suffering all day long with this thing. jokin you know, or one lady stopped to give a stranded motorist back east in the cold. And this was before the days of cellphones. And you know, she was stuck in the cold, she just didn't have the Jumpstart. And this lady was hurrying on her way to work and stopped and gave her a jumpstart and took off and forgot about it. Well, in her life review, you know, that lady had been there for a few hours and was getting nervous. I mean, you could freeze to death if nobody stopped and helped you it happen every, every so often, when I look back east before the days of cellphones that that would happen, you could freeze. And so, you know, they show you that everything you say and do has an effect on other people. And you know, you need to be mindful of that. One guy who was kind of a big bully, had a had a life review. And it was very unpleasant. And he had a second near death experience. Well, after his second near death experience, he had been a hospice worker. And so he got to feel all the good feelings of every elderly person he cared for and was nice to and talk to and helped him and he said it was like emotional fireworks. And then the purpose of these life reviews is just show you that, you know one of the major things we're supposed to learn here is to treat others with love and kindness and compassion. especially when our ego tells us they don't deserve it. So anyway, they get sent back, they read, they describe the return trip is happening very fast, we're instantaneous, some of will come back in their body with a thud. And then of course, they'll try and tell people about it, and people just get in strange looks. Or if they're in the hospital, they'll say, Well, you've had a traumatic experience, you know, you, you just imagine that. Some doctors, they've heard it before, and they'll tell the patient to shut up, they don't want to hear about its head in the sand type deal. And then, of course, you know, their lives are transformed because they come back completely different people and, and often they'll go through a marital change, marital status change, you know, because they're not compatible with their spouse anymore. And if the marriage survives it, you know, it goes on in a completely different way. Because the person has been transformed. So that's basically the overview of the nd experience. And there's lots of variations and lots of different things. And you know, some people don't see the light. Some people just don't the Dark Void, some are just with relatives, some are in a garden.

Alex Ferrari 26:03
Yeah, it's been my, basically, everything you've said is what I've heard all that before. It's all again, the drive to typical ethics experience is what you kind of explained. But there's everything you just said, I haven't think I've heard all of that at once. I think there's always variations in all of everybody's One thing I've I've, and I want to hear if you've come across this and since you've done over almost 1200, if not more interviews with our testimonies of Near Death Experiences. Everything you just explained, is very positive, quote, unquote, positive or negative, instead of not good or bad, just positive or negative. In an experience, everyone seems to be in a positive place. Yes, they go through some stuff in the life review. But it's a feeling of it's not a judgment, it's a feeling of like, this is the better you, it's all about helping you evolve. But how many of your testimonies had hell in it, or had a negative connotation where they were terrified?

David Suich 27:09
About 5%?

Alex Ferrari 27:11
So what can you kind of dive in a little bit deeper into that? Because I haven't heard many of those. I've had one person on the show. Yeah, who's yet to be released as of this recording, that had a negative experience, which was really fascinating to hear. So I'd love to hear what your what your perspective is on that.

David Suich 27:31
Well, contrary to popular belief, the hellish experiences are not a punishment. You know, we have this idea that was given to us by religion that, you know, well, Suzy, she's been a good girl, so she's gonna get rewarded and you know, go to heaven and Johnny Well, he's been a bad boy. So you know, he's gonna get burned in hell, frog. No, it's not like that. The universe, it's set up to give us what we want. So we're creator gods, with a lowercase g, right? Just like our father with the with the upper case. So whatever emotional state you're in, when you die, you're probably going to be attracted to a realm where people are most like you, Heaven and Hell, there's really no such thing. You know, if you had an alien come to earth, you could show him like the most luxurious neighborhood of Beverly Hills, and he would call that heaven. And then you could show him the slums of Downtown LA, you know, Skid Row, and he might call that hell, but there's not really a heaven and hell there's just rounds created by the collective group of souls that are there. So if you're in a super negative state, you know, suicides not always but suicides for instance often have hellish nd ease, it's because you're drawn to a place where people are most like you and it's not a permanent sentence. You know, when a soul is ready, they all come home. Hell hellish experiences. I think every soul at some point has at least one hellish experience. And it's a disconnection from source is it's a disconnect from God and when you're disconnected completely from love all that's left is fear and all the manifestations of it and so yeah, their entire environment so I've heard of you know, lakes of fire and demons torturing people, you know, pulling their arms and legs off and stabbing people with spears and, and all sorts of horrible things. There's there's hellish nd ease where you're just kind of in a dark void with no body, all alone all your own own memories. But I don't think any of those are permanent. I mean, it's almost like when the child is mad at his parents says, Yeah, you're not my daddy, you know, and eventually they'll come around. Okay, so it's kind of a state that's designed to be as scary as possible. So you choose connection and choose the path of love.

Alex Ferrari 29:54
So you so in other words, those people are so far removed from source that they need something to essentially scare them back to source to remind them who they truly are.

David Suich 30:09
Yeah, well, you experience it for probably many reasons that I don't understand. But that might be one of them. Another is, you know, negativity has its purpose. You know, the perfect divine plan. I've heard it said many times from near death experiences that there's a perfect plan, and it's working itself out. And it's perfection. Well, doesn't seem to have fear and negativity and all sorts of bad behavior that doesn't seem to fit into the perfect plan. Well, it does. Okay, it's what propels us towards the light. It's like rocking a car out of the mud, you gotta go back first, before you push it forward. And you keep doing that. And so there's this process this, this oscillation, and experiencing fear kind of holds the space for the love. So, you know, good analogy would be you know, what if you, what if you grew up as a child of parents who owned a gourmet five star restaurant, and people came all over the world to eat at this restaurant, and you ate there every day, your life? And people would rave about how good the food is, and you just taste normal to me, I don't understand what they're talking about. How can you appreciate that food? Now, you can do it slowly, by eating crappy food for a year, or you can do it fast by not eating for three days. And it's gonna taste real good. When you take a bite.

Alex Ferrari 31:31
Anything anything's gonna taste real good. After

David Suich 31:34
You experience complete separation from God. Well, what happens when the connection is there against a lot stronger? Right? What happens when somebody you love has been gone for a month or two? And they're come back? What does this joyful renew? Oh, my gosh, it's so good to see you. Right? That strengthens strengthens that love that connection. That is a great analogy. So everything, even the things that seem negative and unpleasant, are there for a purpose. And are they're propelling us into a higher consciousness of love and compassion.

Alex Ferrari 32:05
Great analogy, I love the food analogy there that really does make all the sense in the world. Because if you're raised, you know, rich, let's say and you have all the wealth in the world. And then you don't understand you literally are in a bubble and you really don't comprehend like, like, like, was it Paris Hilton once said, years ago, she's like, Do you know where Walmart is? She's like, is that where they sell walls? He didn't, she just didn't, she just couldn't understand. She didn't have a reference point. Walmart sells walls. I don't know if it was a joke or not. But it's genius. But that's a disconnection from reality. But that's her reality. And that's what she was raised. Like, just like the kid that was raised in that gourmet restaurant. So it's a really, that's a really great analogy. Now,

David Suich 32:57
They make movies about it? You know, the 1987 movie overboard. Going on see that movie? Of course. Yeah, it transformed her made into a more loving, kind, compassionate person, didn't it?

Alex Ferrari 33:09
After she left her Richie Rich world, and then experience being poor. Oh, yeah. And being a mom and having a family and having people who care about them and, and all that stuff. Yeah, completely chose a genius with with the Kurt Russell as a wonderful, wonderful film. Now, I've heard also, the term spirit guides. And we've spoken that, you know, sometimes you're presented with Jesus, and sometimes that figure whether it's Jesus, Peter, Mary, who you know, whoever you feel the most comfortable with, is that guide through this process. But many times I've heard that it is just a being who does not represent anything doesn't there's no representation, but it's kind of just guiding you through this process. Have you heard that as well?

David Suich 33:53
Oh, yeah, people will say, I knew I knew this being right, we were together for a very long time. But, you know, the amnesia takes a while to kind of fade away when you're in this different realm. And so a lot of times they can't put their finger on who this being asked, but they say, I knew we were old friends. And I had this feeling that we're very old, very, very close friends.

Alex Ferrari 34:19
And how about the council of elders? Have you heard about them? Yeah. So can you explain a little bit of what the council of elders is when they're like kind of brought into this? Quote, unquote, room or area where there's literally spirit guides, ascended masters who note but there's a group of elder souls or entities who are who kind of helped you put together your life plan. If I'm not mistaken, it please correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.

David Suich 34:47
I don't know specifically, what the blanket term council of elders covers. I've heard people say they met this council that could be called the Council of Elders. So I'd Don't want to really speak to that too much. But I can tell you there is a pre life planning. So it's generally done with your soul group. And then a few wise elders, probably for lack of a better term, there's, there's really no old age in heaven.

Alex Ferrari 35:14
But more evolved, if you will, more evolved souls

David Suich 35:17
More evolved. Yeah, so they're just been around longer, more experience. So you know, they'll give you a few lives to choose from, and you kind of choose the major events, it's just like going on vacation, you know, you you write up a vacation itinerary, you decide where you're gonna go, what you're gonna do, and you can always deviate from that once you're on vacation. You know, but a lot of the major events in our lives are planned pre planned before we come here, especially if there's a big accident, or you know, like a nasty divorce or a traumatic incident, you know, like a plane crash, the person survives, or something like that those are generally planned, even the way a person dies is planned and when is planned. But again, a soul can always decide to deviate from the itinerary. But, you know, typically, when you go on vacation, you pretty much follow the itinerary. It's pretty rare, you know, you fly to France, and you say, Well, I don't like this place at all, I'm going to Hawaii instead. That happens, but not not very commonly,

Alex Ferrari 36:12
Right. And when you're saying the big events are planned, and that means that the you know what I'm going to have for dinner tonight, probably not going to, you're going to have a dinner bus probably not going to be in the intent, there's not a conversation that was had and the other side going on October. Second, you're going to go to McDonald's. And you're going to order the Big Mac, not the quarter pounder, but the big night, that's not that's now those are kind of the places where you kind of roam free, but these giant land, mile markers, if you will, throughout your life, our big things like you're going to meet this person, you're going to get married, you're going to have these kids, you're going to have this job, you're going to have be fired from this job, and it's going to take you on this other direction, you can open up this company, these kinds of things are all laid out, as part of what you're supposed to be learning, you're gonna meet this person, he's gonna be hell, and he's gonna, and he is going to abuse you, he is going to yell at you, he's going to be your boss, and he's going to make you feel horrible. And that's karmic, which we could talk about karma a little bit what in your experience with near death experiences, how much of reincarnation the concept of reincarnation, Karma, these ideas have been around for 1000s of years, come into play?

David Suich 37:29
Well, I'm not a big fan of the term reincarnation because it makes it seem like one life after another with no connection in between. And the reality is more like, our reality is with books and movies, right? So human beings having a life down here very long life. And once in a while, they want to experience a different reality. So you sit down and read a really good book, or you watch a really good movie, and you're engrossed in it, you know, it feels like you're there and part of it right. And you even get scared or excited or happy when something good happens. And just like we human beings do that souls like to incarnate into physical lives to experience a different reality. So you're kind of in this eternal place of beauty. And occasionally, you say, Well, you know, I want to have a life here to learn this and experience this. Now, karma was something real, like, if you got some negative energy into your field from let's say, you had a lifetime as a very wealthy, selfish person to kind of work through that negative energy, you would be on the other side of that. So you would be the person oppressed by the wealthy, you know, the poor person oppressed by the wealthy. But because we're in a different place in space right now. And we're kind of past a marker, we were going to destroy ourselves, that was the potential for 1000s of years. And right around 1989 1990, that changed, and there was a big celebration, because you know, we're going to make it this time, we're not going to destroy ourselves. We passed a marker, and karma doesn't have to be followed, like it used to be, you can just decide to release that and release the energy. And there's all sorts of exercises, you know, all sorts of YouTube videos on releasing old karma and that kind of thing. So yeah, I do believe in it. It's one way of working through negative residual energies, you know, we it's encoded actually into our DNA, which is multi dimensional quantum in nature, which was a big shock to me, I didn't, I didn't know DNA had that role. But, you know, if you do something in a previous lifetime, that can kind of make it to the next one. Same with parents, you know, they can do something that gets encoded in the DNA and affects you. But that's doesn't have the same impact that it wants did because we're in a newer energy where we can clear those things out out without, you know, going through more negative negative stuff or negative experiences,

Alex Ferrari 40:05
But it so essentially is cause and effect. It's almost like what you were talking about in the life reviews, like it's not judgment, but it's like, you did this and this is how that other person felt. So you are going to feel the perspective. And again, in the life reviews, you're feeling everybody, everything almost all at once, which is hard for us to understand. But it's kind of like this panoramic, you know, almost 360 degree HD monitor with multiple screens up almost, I think the closest visual I can have is Minority Report, where you saw if you remember Minority Report, Tom Cruise, he just moves those video images is something similar apparently to that. And you're feeling both sides at the same time. So you feel what you feeling and how that person felt. So it's kind of like that. But karma is on a much larger scale. Is that fair to say?

David Suich 40:54
Yeah, I've even heard it described as a panel, panoramic life review are happening instantaneously. Now, some see it in chronological order. But one of the things they all say about that review is, it's not just a screen where you're watching it. When you look at the screen, all of a sudden, you're there. And you're the people. I mean, like one guy, he was a bully, and he got a fight. Some pedestrian crossed illegally in front of his truck, and he had to stop and he gets out and he gets in a fight with this guy. He was a big strong guy. He beat this other guy up 34th, Lowe's broke his nose in his teeth. Wow. In his life review there he was, again, raining blows down this guy. And at the same time, he was the other guy. He felt his nose break, he felt his teeth break. He felt the embarrassment of you know, being beat up in a fight and fear this guy felt going out in public for, you know, the near future. Oh, yeah. So it's you. It's not just the screen, you kind of relive it, but it's very instantaneous. And yeah, it's kind of panoramic kind of happens all at once. There's no time over there. So it gets real difficult to describe certain things, because there's no element of time.

Alex Ferrari 42:10
And I think what you said is something really point really important to kind of point out is that as he was punching the other guy, he felt it as he was the other guy. Oh, yeah. So essentially, when you do something negative, and energy to somebody else, you're essentially doing it to yourself, which is an aura, as all of a teaching as possible, do unto others as you'd like to do unto you. The golden rule, but the thing is that you will, since we, if you understand the concept of one, and that we're all connected, when you hurt someone else, you're just truly hurting yourself at the end. Correct?

David Suich 42:49
Absolutely. I mean, one of the things near death experiences will say, they'll come back and say, Well, I had no idea how powerful my thoughts and words are, you know, I would have chosen them more carefully. If I had known or I had no idea that my behavior was affecting other people negatively. You know, that kind of thing. They'll say things like, well, you know, when you bring hope or joy to just one soul, because we're all connected, millions received the vibration. One person living and unconditional love is more powerful than millions living in fear. Because we're all connected. We're now down here, we have the illusion of separateness. But it's just an illusion. I recall, I was out on my bike one day, and the bike path out and back when I lived in California. And there was this big poster and it said, None of us are well until all of us are well, that is true. Humanity realizes our common connection, they're going to stop playing some of the games that are causing so many problems, you know, the cutthroat cutthroat competition in business and, you know, one person abusing another for their own personal gain and, and war. And war is the most foolish thing. You know, we're all connected, you know, wars, like, we're the like if I was out and about my backyard working in the yard, and I poked myself in the eye with my right hand by accident. And so my left hand said, you son of a gun, I'll make you pay for that and picks up a hammer and starts smashing the heck out of my right hand. That's what war does. It's like no, you know, if we were conscious of our common connection, there wouldn't be war. You know, corporations and governments would be cooperating instead of fighting and suing each other and you know, it'd be a different world and we'll get there it'll take some time but we'll get there.

Alex Ferrari 44:29
Now, I do have to ask you this question because I haven't had anybody on the show that could answer this yet. I haven't asked it really what happens to our pets because so many people talk about pets and heaven and they can see their dog that they died when they were kids and stuff. From your experience talking to to all of these near death experiences what part two pets and animals have

David Suich 44:51
Well domesticated pets here kind of our are here to teach just certain aspects of unconditional love. That's their role. Every object in existence is part of the creative benevolence source. So even a gnat has a soul. So, are your pets gonna go to heaven? Yes. I've lost count of how many times people got to heaven. And were shocked that their former pet was there, you know, my little dog for when I was nine years old was there even had one year of experience here who saw all these animals, you know, come running over this hill. And I think he was with Jesus. And he asked him, What, what are all those animals? He says, Oh, well, they all kind of play together, while they wait for their owners to arrive, you know, for their four of our owners to arrive. And they're happy and they play together. But yeah, you'll see your pets again. So, so communicate with them. mind to mind you can have a conversation with them.

Alex Ferrari 46:00
So all dogs to truly go to heaven.

David Suich 46:06
Cats parakeet there's all a soul to that. And now there's some people believe that the human soul used to incarnate into animals and out now that it's a different kind of soul that that doesn't happen. What's the difference in their animal soul incarnated the animal? Human Soul and human? Yeah, it's their designs for specific incarnations.

Alex Ferrari 46:28
Now, we've talked a little bit about religion, what part if any, does religion have in the afterlife? In your experience?

David Suich 46:39
Well, religions are generally inspired by a master that comes to the planet. You know, Mohammed, Buddha, Jesus, Masters comes to planet, and then they elevate this person to a status of a deity and have a religion around it, and it gets somewhat corrupted, but they're very useful tools. So some people can cook really well. All right, my wife is a great cook. If I don't follow the recipe, it's not going to be edible. I need the structure of the recipe. Some people need or prefer the structure of organized religion to connect with God. Doesn't matter if some of their philosophies aren't quite right, or they've got some doctrines that are off. That doesn't matter because they contain most of them contain the main active ingredient. So the analogy I like to use is Captain Cook's brew. So the late 1700s When ships would take long voyages, lasting several years around the globe, a lot of the crew half or more would die from scurvy, which happens when you don't get vitamin C in your diet, and you got no fresh fruits and vegetables. They're out there for years, people die of scurvy. Well, Captain Cook had a brew. And he had all these weird ingredients. And, you know, malts and vinegar and sauerkraut and all that. One of the ingredients in Captain Cook's brew was lemon syrup, which is loaded with vitamin C. So if you drank Captain Cook's brew, you didn't get scurvy, but it was only because of the active ingredient, which was the lemon syrup, the active ingredient, man or any religion is the unconditional love of God. And so many of the world's religions preach love and its manifestations. Brotherly Love charity for the impoverished, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, self control, good behavior. And we have so much in common. And the only big problem with religion is each religion thinking they're the only path up the mountain only only grew, they only grew right. So the way God feels about religion would the analogy that I like to use is I'm stealing this from Lee Carol, who channels crime. He says it's like, you know, imagine you are in a bitter divorce, and your children are very young, in this divorce and your spouse gets custody and out of spite and hatred, takes them away, you know, hides them. You're never seen your children again. And for years, you live children, you know, and a decade passes and you just give up in despair. And one day, you know, you get a phone call. It's them. And they say, we've been looking for you all these years. We're in your neighborhood right now. Can we come and see you? It's like the best day of your life. You know, finally after all these years, my kids are going to come and see me and you run outside when the end of the driveway and there's a car coming down the street and it's them. Now let me ask you a question. Do you care what kind of car it is? Do you care if it's The broken down old car with a lot of problems and smoke building out the back or a perfect new car in great condition, you don't care, you're just after your kids are coming to see you. You know, when we leave that perfect place of connection, where we're all in communion, the great I AM. And you come down here and you're separated. And your Father in heaven knows that you only remember him. And then you find him. Well, he's overjoyed. He doesn't care doesn't care if you're in a religion with a lot of messed up doctrines and mistaken beliefs. And you come and see your dad. So I just see all the world's religions has different ways of honoring and connecting to God. And I think just as bees collect pollen from different flowers, a wise person will take a sense of goodness from each and every religion.

Alex Ferrari 50:59
That's a great, great analogy. It really, really is. And I think you said so beautifully. Is the any truth. The only true religion is the one that takes you back to God.

David Suich 51:09
Yeah, and that's people asked about what's the right religion when they had their NDE's first wirebird, Howard Stern said, Well, that's the correct religion. They said, Whatever brought one brings it closest to God. You know, they don't they don't care.

Alex Ferrari 51:19
They don't care what the car is. They don't care what the car, at least you're getting in a car. Because other cars, others don't even they're like, there's no car, there's no nothing. I don't want to see that first. And they, they seem to be a little bit more lost.

David Suich 51:33
Yeah, and the religions are maturing. And that's the beauty of it. There's going to be a time when religions honor each other's beliefs. And I'm interested in your beliefs and how you honor God, you know, 500 years ago, Catholics were selling indulgences. Oh, pay us money to prep your dead relatives, so they get into heaven. Well, they don't do that anymore. That's barbaric.

Alex Ferrari 51:56
I mean, there's still a couple of mega churches. I'm throwing that out there. I don't know. There's some TV evangelists. They're still like, I need a plane. God wants me in a Learjet. That's a quote!

David Suich 52:11
For Oscar to your divine. Right. Yeah, that's, you know, when it comes to comes to all that, there's this idea that if you follow everything correctly, you're gonna be rewarded, you know, and it's not like that. It's know, the connection to God is so much so much different. So different. And the mega churches? Yeah, I mean, even they have their role in trying to get people to behave well. And they kind of preach a message of love and so forth. But I mean, okay, so I went to this Catholic, I got a Catholic service, because my wife is Catholic, you know, she kind of believes it, I believe. And this was a few months back, we were in a church, and they told the story about the prodigal son, for those who don't know, it was two boys, and they've got a wealthy father, and the one is tired of, you know, working in the company store or whatever, and says, give me my half the inheritance. Now he goes up, blows it all. And now he's starving to death and comes back thinking, Well, my dad's servants, you know, are getting fed, I'm just going to go back and, you know, be a servant with my dad, you know, not worthy to be a son anymore. And his dad, of course, you know, welcomed some home with open arms and throws him a big party and says, You're my son, I love you. And so this priest says, You see, this was his conclusion, this Catholic priest in the Catholic Church, he says, You see, God's not going to judge you for being bad, he loves you, no matter what you do. I would not have heard that 50 years ago, if a priest would have said that 50 years ago in service, he'd never preached in that church, again. Your religions are maturing.

Alex Ferrari 53:45
I think they I think it's I think they're maturing, because people are maturing, and becoming more awake. You know, I mean, like, you know, if you look in the Bible, everyone had slaves. It was, I mean, it was very, like, slaves were slaves are good. It's fine. So there's things that were in the Bible, that's the thing that I always find interesting about religion is like, when these religions were started, they were started at the time and with a message of the people of that time, the evolution of the people of that time, people could barely understand what Jesus was talking about for hundreds of years after his death. He's like the, the power of the kingdom of heaven is inside of me, I am God I, I will do I will do greater things then you like what are you talking about? We're now these concepts are much more accepted. Not 100% Still, but still more accepted. And, and then if you start going back into like Hinduism or Jainism, these concepts were talked about 1000s of years before Jesus showed up, which is another conversation to be had. But when people become so dogmatic about well, like in the in the book, it says this, I'm like, what The book was written a long time ago, and might not affect what's happening in today's world in the evolution because things continue to change. As long as the core ideas still there, which is trying to get back to God trying to get back to source, trying to find trying to get down that street to see your dad at the end, waiting in the parking in your, in your in your garage, waiting to see you. It's such a great analogy with with Lee. I'm gonna have Leon soon too. I cannot wait to talk to him. He's gonna be great. Now, one last one last question I want to ask you, what do you think is happening in the world today? There's so much insanity, so much craziness, there's war, there's famine, there's economy, there's COVID, a pandemic that stopped the entire world from for months on. And there's so much environmental stuff happening, what is currently happening to the world, to our society to humanity in general. And what is this all for?

David Suich 56:03
Well, we are in a period of great change. And with great change comes great turmoil. The dance of consciousness is always one of two steps forward and one step back, you know, we're rocking the car to the minute back and then forward. Well, I don't think it takes much of an intelligent person to take a look around at the world today and see that we're in a step back. It's It's pretty crazy. And there's a lot of nasty stuff going on. And there is a great awakening taking place. This is a very exciting time. This is a time that was foretold through the centuries. And even the Mayans knew about it the Mayan calendar, you know, I don't remember the 2012 thing. Well, that they weren't talking about the end of the world, they were talking about the end of an age. And in the future, this time, especially pre 2012, will be called the barbaric era. Yeah, because we were fighting each other, and we haven't learned how to cooperate. So what's happening right now is all the dark behavior, all the bad behavior that was it's always been there. It's been hidden for centuries, for 1000s of years, it's been hidden. And now it's coming to the surface, it's being exposed. And the more I'm gonna call them, the dark hats are being exposed, very wealthy, powerful people who have a vision for humanity's future, the more they're being exposed, and the more they're losing their grip on controlling humanity, the more desperate they're getting. And so you have an entire mass media, trying to manipulate human beings and take them one way. And human beings are saying, no, no, we want to go this other way. So there's a big fight between light and darkness. And in the past, dark always won. Well, we're in a new energy now. And we're being backed. To use an analogy, we're the referees on our payroll, you know, he's on our side,

Alex Ferrari 58:11
We've got some reinforcements, we have reinforcements.

David Suich 58:14
So love is winning. But it's a painful process. You know, there's a reason they call it the terrible two twos, for those of you who have kids, you know, they're just learning not to fight each other in the sandbox, just learning not to be selfish. And that's kind of where we are. And so a lot of dark stuff is going to come out. And there's probably going to be more division and more hatred before things get better. But a lot of good things are happening to people are waking up, people are starting to realize there's more to life than just my nine to five job, you know, and surviving in the rat race.

Alex Ferrari 58:49
And that's what the pandemic, that's what the pandemic used to help us to do.

David Suich 58:53
The pandemic did a lot of things. So there are wild cards coming up. So the pandemic was a wild card that gave Mother Earth a breather, because we're kind of stressing out on the planet right now. Not from global warming, not from climate change. That's people that aren't gonna like to hear this. But climate change is not an issue. We're not causing the climate to change. We're not that much different from the primitive tribes that you know, there is an eclipse and they think they pissed off the gods. The climate is changing, it must be our fault. We're affecting it. But if a big truck is rolling down a hill, yeah, you can get behind it and push it and make it go down faster. You can get in front of it and try and slow it down a little but it's gonna go down at the bottom of that hill, whether you like it or not. The big issues are GMOs, and dirty soil and contaminated water and contaminated air deforestation before Mother Earth, and this is from the other side of the veil. Mother Earth is much stronger than our scientists believe. And she can recover from any damage that we can do. To her, barring a nuclear war, that's not going to happen out, there's not going to be a global nuclear war. So that was averted. So there's big changes happening and COVID force people to face their fear of death, it forced people to examine their value and their place in society outside of their job, you know, we tend to value ourselves by our jobs, it forced people who were in bad relationships to either fix the relationship, or to break up, you know, so they could move forward. It had a lot of benefits, and it was done for subconsciously, humanity allowed this to happen for our own benefit. And of course, a lot of people had near death experiences when I was at the ions conference, the International Association of Near Death Experience studies. Back in end of August, beginning September, in Salt Lake City, I met a few people who had any east from COVID. So yeah, it everything like that has a purpose. I've heard many times the phrase from from heaven, it's a perfect plan, and it's working itself out. And it's perfection. Well, you survey the world today. Sure, doesn't seem like that. But changes are happening, even though from our perspective, they're happening fast. In the big picture, they're happening very, very slowly. So you have to look long term to see humanity's maturation process, you know, look back 1000 years, Jesus was pretty common murder and, and rape and, you know, having your village overrun by whatever armies coming through, that was pretty common. It was not a tamer calm world. And even here in United States, if you look at the paper from 1900, you know, 120 years ago, you'll see an article that, you know, while we have this young black man, because he was fraternizing with a white woman, and they talk about it, like, you know, a coyote was killing the farmer's chickens. So we had to put them down. Well, that's barbaric. And Hank, somebody for me, that's crazy. That was only 120 years ago. And even when I was a child, there were still segregation in the Deep South, and were in a, a gentler, calmer world, you know, where people don't quite act out of fear, like they used to now some people are really buying into the message of fear. You know, the news media is a big fear report. And some people are really buying into a message of fear and everything they're selling, and that's causing a lot of problems, of course, because you get a lot of people who are angry about things that are not the issue, you know, and they want to keep us separated and distracted and that kind of thing. And, but yeah, it's it's going to work itself out. And within about 150 years, it's going to be a new planet, the new world of love is coming.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:47
And we're doing our and we're doing what we can here and the time that we have to spread the word. And that's kind of why I do what I do, trying to put out good energy and help people. And, you know, guide is best if not me, but guide by our conversations and these things that help people along their journey. So, David, I appreciate so much. You being on the show in your in the work that you've been doing. Can you tell us a little bit about your book, God took my clothes, fantastic title, by the way. He talked a bit about that where they can find it.

David Suich 1:03:23
Well, you can get a copy of it right here. This is my book right here, God took my clothes, and it's on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Books a Million and all the major books still stores I even think it's on I think it's on Walmart and eBay and all those places, but it's spirituality one on one. And so you know, if you're a psychic medium and you've been doing this stuff for 50 years, it's gonna bore you it'll be nothing new. If you're kind of new to near death experiences or new to spirituality, it's it's a great introductory book to kind of get an overview of our place, you know, in creation and how we're helping the fractal of God grow and, and the future of mankind and it gives a real good overview of what near death experiencers go through the after effects. And, you know, I kind of talk about some of the problems on Earth competition versus cooperation, and I really have a positive spin on it, and I'm working on another book should be done in the year two called the new world of love. So I'm gonna be taking what near death experiencers who are showing the future, say about the future humanity? That's very positive, you know, we tend to be very negative. We tend to always think the worst, but humanity really does have a bright future. And so yeah, those are the my books and then I do my spiritual counseling. If you go through an NDE's sometimes you can't tell anybody about it. Or it can be very depressing because when you come back to this world, even if you have a really good life here by comparison, what it was like over there, it feels like hell. So I help people. Help people out And I have a program for people who are in financial hardship or low income. And more than half my clients are on that program. So if you've had an NDE and you want to talk to somebody and you know I'm there for you can go to God took my, my contact information is there and we can set up an appointment. Or if you have any questions, you can email or text me and I, I just put my book out last year, and it's just now starting to sell and get more popular. So hopefully I can keep responding to every question that comes in. But things are getting a little busier, it's get a little harder to keep up. But for now, at the time of this recording, I'm still answering all questions and emails.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:37
Fantastic. Now, David, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

David Suich 1:05:45
Living a good life, I am going to say that's living a life of joy and compassion. Right with balance. So there's a few people that are on the side of the give too much of themselves and get burnt out. And there are probably the majority there on the selfishness side. So a life of balance, love for yourself, love for others love for the planet. Yeah, well enjoy. It is the biggest sign of spiritual maturity. And you can have it without an ounce of spiritual knowledge. Children are very joyful, and they don't know anything about what we talk about on shows like this.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:19
Very true. Very, very, very true. Now, how do you define God?

David Suich 1:06:25
I'm going to define God as the creative benevolent source that expresses itself in all that is,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:37
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

David Suich 1:06:39
The ultimate purpose of life cannot be described in human words. But those who have experienced it, may now and the closest word we have, of course, is love. It's all about love. The Bible talks about which is a very good book, it people asked about the Bible, and they said, Oh, yeah, it was channeled and you know, true for the most part, and you got to interpret in a spiritual sense. The Bible mentions love over 500 times. And it says God is love. And every human being has experienced love. Animals, even plants, experienced love. Yeah, it's an energy. It's a measurable quantum energy, and it's the very substance of God, and the substance of who we are. And it creates all things, and it projects onto all things. And it's the glue of the universe that holds everything together.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:36
David, thank you again for coming on the show. It has been an absolute pleasure talking to you, my friend, thank you again and continue doing the good work that you're doing my friend. Thank you.

David Suich 1:07:44
It was a pleasure being on the show.

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