On today’s episode, we welcome Darius J. Wright. His insights on out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and the spiritual realm offer a profound exploration of consciousness and existence beyond our physical reality. In this conversation, we delve into his unique journey and the wisdom he has gathered from countless OBEs.

Darius begins by sharing his early life, deeply rooted in spirituality thanks to his family’s guidance. Unlike many who experience a sudden spiritual awakening, Darius was always attuned to the other side. His childhood was filled with learning how to read energy fields and meditating for hours, which set the foundation for his later explorations. This upbringing was crucial in shaping his understanding of reality, allowing him to maintain a continuous connection with the spiritual realm.

As he grew older, Darius’s experiences intensified. At 16, he had his first conscious OBE, guided by a being named Celeste. This marked the beginning of a journey that would see him having hundreds of thousands of OBEs, each revealing more about the nature of existence. Darius describes OBEs as controlled near-death experiences, where the soul exits the physical body and experiences a reality more vivid and tangible than our physical one.

Darius explains that an OBE is different from astral projection or lucid dreaming. When out of the body, one is fully conscious and aware, similar to the state of awareness during a near-death experience. This level of consciousness allows one to access different realms, meet with beings or guides, and retrieve profound insights about life and the universe. He recounts numerous encounters with beings who have shown him the deeper constructs of reality, such as the Halls of Amenti and various heavenly realms.

Throughout his OBEs, Darius has visited places like the Halls of Amenti, a repository of universal knowledge containing records of ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Egypt. These halls are filled with tablets and crystals that download information directly into one’s consciousness. He has also explored the heavenly realms, where organic technology similar to our smartphones exists, offering a different perspective on pleasure and connectivity in the afterlife.

One striking revelation from Darius’s experiences is the concept of the construct, a multi-layered reality containing 12 realms. These realms range from our earthly existence to higher realms inhabited by angelic beings and gods. Each realm offers unique experiences and insights, all accessible through the practice of OBEs. He emphasizes that these experiences are not reserved for a select few; everyone has the potential to explore these realms with practice and dedication.


  1. The Power of Focus and Meditation: Darius’s early training in focusing energy and meditating for extended periods laid the groundwork for his spiritual journey. This practice can help anyone connect more deeply with their spiritual self and the broader universe.
  2. Unconditional Love and Integrity: Integrity and love are essential for spiritual growth. By aligning our actions with these principles, we enhance our spiritual well-being and contribute positively to the collective consciousness.
  3. The Reality of Other Realms: Darius’s experiences affirm that our physical reality is just one layer of a much larger, multi-dimensional construct. Understanding and exploring these realms can provide profound insights into the nature of existence and our place within it.

In conclusion, Darius J. Wright’s journey is a testament to the boundless possibilities of spiritual exploration. His OBEs have provided him with a unique perspective on life, death, and the universe. By sharing his experiences, he encourages others to embark on their own spiritual journeys, discovering the deeper truths that lie beyond the physical world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Darius J Wright.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 391

Darius J Wright 0:00
The soles are massive right? And the puddles on the floor, things like that are all different constructs. It's just I just said constructs stacked on God shells. But it's, this is the best image that I could share to illustrate that which what are shown. Now what exists outside of all of this, you could say, this space is the void, the black space, right and the void the black space is the, you could say the beginning of all things if there ever was a beginning, but it's the it's the point where all things are created from.

Alex Ferrari 0:32
I'd like to welcome to the show, Darius J Wright. How you doing Darius?

Darius J Wright 0:46
How you doing? It's nice to be here, man.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
Thank you so much for coming on the show man. You are one of those guests that my audience is the same. You gotta get Darius on your show. You gotta get Darius on your show. You gotta get Darius on your show so I reached out and here you are my friend. So I'm looking forward to our conversation.

Darius J Wright 1:03
Yeah, well, this, this one will be pretty good. Because, you know, let's just lay it all out here for the people, even all the information. So

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Yeah, absolutely, man. So you, you really are the most experienced out of body experiencer that I have run into, definitely that we've had on the show. And your insights are really unique in regards to what you experienced on the other side. It's not just like, hey, let's just float the Paris kind of events, you're at a different you're at a different level, in your exploration of, of the astral plane. But before we jump into all of that, what was your life like before you started doing out of body experiences before you started going down the spiritual path?

Darius J Wright 1:48
Well, my whole life from childhood was always spiritual. I have a very spiritual upbringing from my uncle. Father. Yeah. So as a as a child, what people would typically say normal was not my normal life, I was being taught at a very young age how to read people's energy field, sitting in a room for three, four hours, that was not a that was just a normal thing, then to focus, you know, because focus is the most important thing once you focus on something which is, which is you could say, bred out of children, right to get distracted on other things. Right. But that was always supported through my entire upbringing. So there wasn't, there was never a point where I had like a spiritual awakening, because I was always connected to you could say the other side from childhood because it was never shut down or talked about in a way to shut it down. Right. So it's always been, it's always been happening to me since childhood, it's always been present the entire time. And that's something that parents right, should should should actually be doing. Because when they do that, it's like the other side is the eternal aspect of us, we've always returned there, in children, right? When they come in, they are very fresh from the other side,

Alex Ferrari 3:08
They're more connected, they're more connected to the other side. And I find it, I found it from my experiences that you're more connected when you come in. And when you're about to leave, it's kind of like you start to get a little bit. If you're going through if you're leaving in a slower process, you start to connect more back to where you where you came from. And when you come in that your pure love your, your you know, you ever seen a child's face and how they interact or even children, how they interact with each other. It's, you know, us as humans, programming them with all this other crap that they have to deprogram themselves throughout their life, essentially,

Darius J Wright 3:44
Yeah, because a lot of it, once you cross over and you access the other side, you realize, oh, majority of the things here that are taught is not true at all. It's actually not even the nature of reality. It's not how it is on the other side, and how it's actually viewed from the other side looking in. So there's a lot of deception, from the point of birth, where the child's fresh coming in where it understands, see, it's very in tune. And then you have the life span, where it's all based on deception and lies, and then you reach the end where people start quiet, they start actually actually asking the questions that they should have been asking the entire time, but it's very unfortunate that they have to wait until death to ask those simple questions. Who am I? Where, where am I? What is this place? You know, to then start actually realizing it because they're on the transitional they're transitioning out but through our body states, right? What what you do is you access the other side while you're physically here and physical density, right, it can be done it's no different from the near death. It's a near death experience controlled. That's what another body state is.

Alex Ferrari 4:46
Now, okay. So before we get into that, what can you explain to people what an OBE is or an out of body experience is for people who have not heard it or experienced it?

Darius J Wright 4:55
Okay. Okay. So one once you do an out of body state, it is not an astral projection, or a lucid dream, right? Once you come out of your body, right, it is more physical than the physical body that you have right now your soul is physical, it has what you would call density, you know, in terms of feeling things, touching things, and not just a light orbs spinning in space. So once you could learn how to control the shutdown of the body, you lower the magnetic field of the physical body, which keeps the soul within the body, right when that magnetic field is lowered to a sense, you exit. And once you stand, right, you are actually standing in your soul and your soul is physical. It's literally no different from a near death experience. Because that what you access, once you're out of the body is no different from that what you access when you die, you access the record, you access relatives, you access thought forms time, the events within this realm, you access the very nature of reality in terms of the 12 realms within this construct. I've been shown many different constructs on the other side look like round stacked on God shells, right? So you access all these things. And all these things come within you. And you start pinpointing things and getting a you could say, an understanding again, or memory because it's really the memory right? Coming back within you. Right and you start applying things in your physical life and walking the path of accordance of how you would act on the other side, which is an integrity and unconditional love. So also want to say say this as well. Alright. The reason why I say it's not astral projection or lucid dreaming, right? Because when you when you come out, you're 100% conscious, right? You you the consciousness that I'm speaking to you right now, on this interview, right? is no different from when I come out. Or when you come out of your body, you're 100% conscious, but when you're dreaming, just to get like a percentage, right? When you're dreaming, let's just say 25% of your consciousness is there. This is why things fade in and out. You know, they you're not fully there, lucid astral, you're maybe about 52, I don't know, 70 70%. They're just throwing out numbers to give a illustration and stuff. So but when you are dead, or controlled near death out of body state, you're 100% conscious, 100% aware. So that's a difference of what.

Alex Ferrari 7:14
So you said that an out of body experience is a controlled near death experience. So I've spoken to over 100 near death experiences at this point. Near Death Experiences seem to be guided, meaning that you are being guided as a soul. A lot of times they don't know what's going on. They don't even know that they they've passed on until they're like kind of either a spirit guide or Jesus or Buddha or someone shows up and kind of walks them either through a life life review or council of elders or meats, their relatives, things like that. How is that different than the out of body controlled out of body experience that you're talking about?

Darius J Wright 7:53
Well, you do meet beings. Yeah. So I'm in contact with beans there all the time. Once I come out of my body, reoccurring beings come to me and show me things. So that it's no different there have of beans and like what people call guides that you can access? Right? So when I'm out, there's, like I said, there's beans that present themselves to me. I've taken me many places like the Halls of Amenti, the cathedrals, the record soul records, right have shown me the very nature of this place from the outside what the construct looks like. So it's no different they are because what people die and they see these beings, right relatives or guides. So it's the same thing. Right?

Alex Ferrari 8:31
So when did you have? I mean, I'm assuming you didn't come out of the womb having an out of body experience. So when was the first time that you actually had your first out of body experience? I'm assuming you were looking for it. You were trying to achieve that state and it just didn't happen to you. So how did you do it? And what did it feel like the very, very first time?

Darius J Wright 8:54
Okay, so when I was a child, right, I was entering sleep paralysis coming out of my body, not realizing that I was coming out of my body sometimes acts accessing certain things within the physical body bringing it in, you could say here, right? So I didn't understand what was happening. And because when you're a kid, due to all of the fear things that happen, right, I shut it down as a kid due to fear, right? Fast forward, progressing into around 16 years old is when they started to happen all over again, or popped out was shown by being her name was Celeste, but showed me you could say all things. I didn't know how to interpret it back then. Until, you know, the hundreds of 1000s of out of body experiences that I've had from present day 2014 When I was in Morocco, is when they started to happen uncontrollably. And they happen to me so much more. I begged them to stop at a certain point. Because once you come out of your body too frequently, right? There's a finite effect of the central nervous system. It's no different from a computer right when a computer has let's just say A terabyte of memory, right? When you're accessing information, let's say it's three terabytes, when you try to download that into the physical vessel to the computer, there could be a fine out effect things slow down, bogged down. So that was happening to me. And I begged that to stop in Morocco, did it stop only temporarily. And then I just learned how to over the years control this into a state where every single night if I choose to make a shutdown the body, leave it and access the information that I want to access.

Alex Ferrari 10:26
So there is let me ask you this man, why you almost seem prodigy esque. When it comes to out of body experiences, like you were kind of put on this earth to do what you're doing? Why do you think you've chosen in your soul contract or in your soul blueprint to experience this, and this gift has been given to you at this high level? Like we've all believed basketball we all can't be Michael Jordan, Kobe. So there's a difference. So I'm looking upon you as the Kobe or Michael Jordan, of auto body of experiences. Why has that been gifted to you? And why is this information so important for us to be hearing at this point in human existence?

Darius J Wright 11:08
Okay, so I understand where you're going with that, right? And the physical body sensor, you know, I could be Kobe Bryant or whatever, right? Sure, sure. But as the soul, right, your soul has all the capabilities as my soul, right, and there's no difference at all, between the abilities and things that we could do and access right. Now, this out of body state was a very natural thing, especially you get back into the Halls of Amenti, accessing the dimensional spaces within this realm and traversing the you could say creation of all things, it's a very natural thing, it's as it's as natural or what's as natural as breathing back then. Right. But due to all of the all of the things that have been taking place here, you could say, modification of the DNA, the dumbing down of of consciousness, right, trying to disconnect. You could say, your soul, from the physical body, your spirit, like your essence, like, truly, truly bringing that in. That's why this is so difficult for people, right, but it's a very trainable thing to reactivate it again, because it's just like a atrophied muscle, right? Because it's one things, you're not working on things, it's just takes a little bit of time to reactivate that again, and then you're up and running. Right? So it's not you don't need to, this isn't something that you need to sit in a like, for many, many, many years to to accomplish. Right? That's not true at all. Right? That's what they would want you to believe to make you believe that this is something so hard to achieve, that you don't even try, right? Because it's very accessible. If you're going to sleep every single night, right? It's, it's just learning how to control certain sleep cycles, with shutting down the body staying consciously aware, and you're out every single time.

Alex Ferrari 12:57
So why did you choose to have this? What what what part of this is in your spirit or your soul's evolution to go through this lifetime doing this work?

Darius J Wright 13:10
Okay, um, I don't really, I know that there has been certain things that are pre planned for souls, right, certain event markers, right. Now, these event markers are, you could say major things that you've what you said pre planned right? Now, the only thing that I could what was explained to me is about the great work, which is waking people up to the other side, because when they wake up to that they wake up to everything. So a part you could say part of what I'm doing here is just doing that. Right. And that was actually explained to me by my uncle, but I don't know specifically, why other than waking people up to the other side, because that just it has a catalyst effect of knocking down all of deceptions and getting people direct access to that which they are the eternal aspect of themselves. That makes hope that hope that answers

Alex Ferrari 14:06
It does, as your question is similar to what I'm doing. In that way, I'm trying to awaken people with these conversations and give people access in a large way to these conversations, not only in English, but now hopefully in multiple languages around the world. So it's trying really to expand these ideas, as well. So all right, so I, I feel you brother, I feel you at that level that we're both here doing similar things but in different ways. But it's very similar to like so many, there's so many different

Darius J Wright 14:36
So sorry to cut you off and take it like this. It's like everybody's acting as a tuning fork, right? So based off the certain level of consciousness of individuals, you're going to act as a certain tuner for a certain level of consciousness. Same with me. Now, you know, I'm not necessarily going to speak to a level of consciousness. Let's just say that's way over here. That's just waking up to the very basic aspects of consciousness or the soul. All right, that people would be better off going to just the the right person at the stage that they're at in the path, and then that sort of just progress, because we are all destined to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Right? So that's just that that's a preset event that each soul is destined to become the greatest version of themselves. So in the process of getting there, you know, everybody will get there, everybody wakes up to all things again, right?

Alex Ferrari 15:26
It's like, you know, you know, start boxing and then your first fight be against Mike Tyson in his prime. Like, that's not a thing you should do. You should you need to work your way up until you get to a place where your skill set is at a place where maybe Mike Tyson can teach you a few things, but you don't just start learning from. I'm using boxing as an analogy, but a violent analogy, but an analogy, nevertheless. But you see what I'm saying? Does that make sense? Yes, yes. Does that make sense? Yes. So when you were on the other side, you said you've met you've met Guides? Have you met your spirit guides specifically?

Darius J Wright 16:02
Yes. So I met many of them. One of them's called Celeste. Also, I've met my uncle. Many times, he's taking me to the Halls of Amenti. There's a few other ones that I don't necessarily that want to share their names, specifically. But yeah, one of them mistake me to the cathedrals, which was the heavenly heavenly realms heavens actually here. So within this construct, right. But um, yeah, so I've, I've guides that have been in contact with that. My first time, you could say, my second time here, coming out, then seeing them again, didn't remember them. And I was just like, you know, the third time coming? And I was like, Oh, I remember who you are. And then you know, because there's a history. So this is where you get soul, soul families or stuff like that.

Alex Ferrari 16:48
So let's get into the construct. What is from your opinion, distinctly you call on the construct? Because there is something called simulation theory, that quantum physics, quantum physics is put out, in proven actually now that there is chances are that we're in some sort of matrix ask construct. What is your understanding of that?

Darius J Wright 17:11
The construct is what we're in right now. Right? So you could say that's the container contains everything, it's it's actually a toroidal field as well. This is where you get many different realms stacked upon realms, all coexisting within here, right? This particular construct has a total of 12 rooms, right? So 12, total, within here, this is where we have the earthly realms, realm, one, which is the realm that we're in within this construct is the earthly realms. Right? And there are other land masses still here that have not, you could say, has not been presented to us through the official model that we're given. Right?

Alex Ferrari 17:47
So you mean on Earth on Earth? Oh, yeah, I'm sure. Yeah. Antarctica alone.

Darius J Wright 17:54
Yeah, this is where this is where all of the races, you could say ET races exists, right? Even even the you could say a lot of the while a lot of the bodies, the original, giant bodies, Angel bodies are in stasis in articles, what I what I saw out of my body. Now, when you go through the many different realms, right? They have different names, these rooms have different templates, right? So one of them I'll share here is around five, which is the heavenly realms. Heaven is within the construct that we are within it's not actually on the other side, it's within here to certain template within the the I'll just, I'll just call it the

Alex Ferrari 18:39

Darius J Wright 18:40
Yeah, well, that I'll just call this construct the game of duality. Right? Let's just call it that. That's, that's the thing. I usually do have images, which I don't know if I can share at all.

Alex Ferrari 18:53

Darius J Wright 18:57
But round five is heaven. So this is where you get the realms of heaven. Right? So there's, there's different layers within heaven that you can access, right? The records the cathedrals, right, some of these places are very pleasurable as well that you can access when you go up to round seven. This is where people call the Angelics right? The angels right this is where the angels exists within this construct around seven right? Now as you go up even more you access where all nine which is the realm of you could say the Rainbow Bridge gods are another another way to call it is what they call Asgard. Right? realm of Gods within this construct, right? Round 12 Right, etc. Like there's there's different templates and different things that you can access outside of the body that are all here, right? And it's just like basically tuning. It's like, it's like a radio frequency. Right. So as you start to tune the radio frequency, you access different stations. Same thing once you're out of your body. Once you start tuning the soul to different frequencies you access different realms within this construct, and you access these different realms as well, how is how I have been showing, there's two ways one within the halls of amenity, and also through the core of this realm, right, which they call the core of the Stargate, watch the stargates give you access to all of the realms within this construct the 12th round, exit you out of the construct completely, where you can actually step out from the outside view it from the outside see it from you could say God's point of view.

Alex Ferrari 20:31
Now, you've mentioned the you say, let's go into the 12 realms, can you kind of go into a little bit more detail of what each realm is, or at least an explanation of what each realm is? Because I've heard of this concept before of the 12 realms. It's been sometimes said nine, sometimes different numbers, but generally speaking, the multiple levels that we all have to kind of go through as far as I don't know if it's called ascension. So like Ascended Masters who have walked the earth have transitioned into different levels and realms. We can get into that in a minute, but let's just go over the 12 realms, as you know.

Darius J Wright 21:10
Okay, so the the ones that are known the ones that I feel comfortable sharing right now, the ones that I've already shared, right? Because there's there's still certain things that I'm mapping out currently, of specifics like the realm of Eden, right? That's actually a true, that's, it's a place, right, that's here still. Right? So yeah, just the ones that I've shared are the ones that I feel comfortable with at this moment. But yeah, so you have heaven here, you have the angelic realm, which is angels, right? The gods right earthly realm, and there's a total of 12. Now, a good way to understand this is a construct was designed that you know, basically, you can say this, right? As above, so below, as within so without, right, so these physical bodies are perfectly mirrored off the construct design, right? So 1212 months, it's originally supposed to be 13. Right? But let's just stick with 12. Right? So 12 months, right? 12 cycles, right? We have what people call the 12. DNA supposed to be 13. Right? Also what people call the 12. chakra system supposed to be 13. Right? So these physical bodies war, original blueprint was designed to access the spaces within physical density, but because of all of the distortions at play, right, and the you could say, the onslaught and the attack on the physical health, these, the strands of the DNA, as you would say, is now only two. Right? So now we're not we're not actually we don't have the, the four capabilities of the physical body of what it was designed for, which is accessing the construct, right? The full construct. Now, this is why this is why you come out of the body, right? So you come out of body, the soul is not limited, or it's not limited by anything, you can't measure the salt, if you measure the salt, and you already put a limitation, it's also one of the unbreakable truths of the universe, which is you can't have ultimate expression of freedom without limitation. Just like you can't have unconditional love with the judgment alright. So that at a point in time, right, before the reset before you can say the crack within the ferment above us Milky Way which waters above spilling through here within this realm, the plane the world, right? There was a point in time within this round, where you have the Giants you have the angels heaven was on on the earthly plane, right? All of these beings were here, right? Everything was here, right? And due to that, the reset and stuff like that, now things have been you could say, we're basically living on the the destruction of an old world of an old realm, essentially here anyways, this is why you could find all of the records here the truths when they dig down, they could bring things up dry bodies, etc.

Alex Ferrari 24:01
Is that what is that was that's what the pyramids, the Sphinx, Gobekli Tepei, all of these things that have been around for longer than the the official human timeline, which is supposedly 6 7 10,000 years the most, where we are more, more intelligent than we were 100,000 years ago. But archaeology. But archaeology, though, is stating now that the ancients actually knew more than we did, and many other avenues, they might have not had iPhones, but they were more advanced, hence, the pyramids, hence, these things that cannot be explained. So please.

Darius J Wright 24:41
Yeah, well, all of the technology that's here right now, right though the weaker it is, you could say a very dumbed down version of that which we are naturally naturally capable of. Right. So organic technology exists within us, right. And this can be activated. This is where you get project Looking Glass project looking glass. OS is a piece of technology from you could say, the government to access potential time events. Now, you could do this naturally by coming out of the body, right? When you come out of the body, you could access potential time all exists here within the physical body, your soul has access to it. All. Right, so all these telepathic communication through text message, or you could say, text messages, you know, communication, telepathically, we have the ability to do that, right through through our natural intuition. It happens naturally to people, but they just write it off, because it's a little small thing. But the more that you start to get in tune, and start practicing these things, the more the more those abilities start to awaken. Right. Right. So back in the time of Egypt, right, the these pyramids are a lot larger, right? A lot. Most of them, were just seeing the tip of the iceberg of the pyramids, because they go a lot deeper this way, access the halls, but they knew this and they were actually doing this, they were able to right actually take their consciousness, their soul at that time, transfer it out through the tables that they have them right, which was projecting frequency, right through the body, right. And they were able to take the soul out of the body and transport it into another body. Yeah. And this is where they also have the living gold living gold is within the within the bodies back then anyways. Right? The blood was living gold, the blood that we have now. So

Alex Ferrari 26:23
This is fascinating. So the concept of Atlantis, the concept of Lemuria, these ideas, these stories, what is your understanding of those, those places, these events,

Darius J Wright 26:35
They all existed here, so So Atlantis in the Egypt war of the same, this is a same time timeframe, people think that there are different timeframes, but this is the same timeframe. Right? Egypt was wasn't a desert like it is now this was a very lush, there was water all over the place. Right? This is this is part of the technology that they had then like using the understanding how the construct is how this realm operates, how the celestial right how we are the center of it, all right, and they mapped out everything here. And they use that in the way in terms of modeling their structures based off the very nature of this place of how it works free energy, right. And they were able to use them. And also use out through the physical body as well. In almost sounds full capabilities.

Alex Ferrari 27:26
It almost sounds like you're talking about Neo and the matrix, he has understood the code of the matrix and started to be able to manipulate and move within it in a godlike fashion. But only look God like compared to what everybody else is kind of dumbed down, as you said, or stunted abilities. Everybody can be Neil, everyone could be Jesus, everyone could be Buddha. But they just happen to break free and get access to understanding within themselves, how the whole system works. And that's why it looks God like when they do certain when they did certain things. Let's use new as an example, where it would be the equivalent of us going back to the 1900s. With an iPhone, we would look like gods with just over the machine gun. 200 years ago, we would look like absolute gods. But really, it was just a different understanding of how certain things worked. Is that a fair statement?

Darius J Wright 28:30
Yeah, so the more the more you understand the very nature of this place, the very construct the room and the other side, right? You're gonna say someone that doesn't know that. It's going to be perceived to them as godlike, but they have the same capabilities and the same abilities and they could do exactly what you are doing. And everybody else is doing it even more. So. Yeah. So it's not limited to just one thing. It's just once you have souls that are asleep, here, right? Like, many souls are still asleep. They're in a amnesia. Right? Now, when a soul is awake, you could say that one's soul carries an allegiance of souls with them, right? Because they're more because they're awake, their eyes are fully open, right now versus someone that's asleep, still sleeping in the bed. If you go ask that person, can you do this? The if it if at best, they're going to be sleepwalking while trying to perform the task versus a person that's awake, seeing everything for what it is, is going to be able to navigate certain spaces and do certain things much more effectively. But it's just a natural thing that just sleeping, right. You could say how do you tell a blind person what the color blue looks like? Right? can't necessarily do it. It's not because it's not because there'll be blind forever, they will eventually get their site back again. Right? But it takes some level of willingness for that soul to step forward. And this is part A lot of the agendas in the New Age community and also what people call love and light and stuff like that is to make them in a way, convinced them in a way and lead them down a path of sitting down. submissively passively, right thinking that somehow being awake and aware and enlightened, or the truth of things is somehow you'd become more, get rid of your ego, become more submissive, sit back and do nothing. When it's a very active role. The more you wake, sometimes the more angry you get, because you see things for what they really are all playing out here.

Alex Ferrari 30:33
Yeah, yeah. Oh, no, I agree. I agree with you under percent, there's things that I see that I'm like, it doesn't even make sense to me anymore. You know, the violence that's going on overseas right now, or, you know, control over people or media or things just before you wouldn't even think twice about it. But all of a sudden, you start to it's kind of like that old movie they live. If you remember that movie, with John Carpenter's, they live with Rowdy Roddy Piper, when he put the glasses on, he could see the truth of everything and how he was that everybody was being manipulated? Yes, but he took the glasses off, he was back into the construct that was being built for them. So it's very similar. And he got angry. Oh, he got very angry when he figured it out and wearing these glasses. And he was trying to wake everybody up. But like we put these glasses on, put these glasses on, put these glasses on. So it's an analogy for what we're talking about. Really.

Darius J Wright 31:28
Yeah, they even even unconditional love is is misunderstood, right love the true frequency of love. When people think of love they think of and although this is, you know, there's truth to it as well. But they purely think of love and unconditional love as a very passive thing. Sit back allow, right? When love is a very, it's the very energy in the force that creates all things. And they perverted it and twisted it in such a way that now people are using love in a way of in a place of non creation write it love as a weapon just as just as much as it is creation itself. Because love could pierce through a mountain and pierce through all barriers if applied correctly, right? It's no different from a mother giving birth to a child, right? So she loves this child unconditionally. Now watch what happens due to unconditional love, without child's put in any harm. That mother will pierce through all barriers, right? Everything that's placed in front of that mother, due to the unconditional love for the child to protect the child, right? So when you start applying love in the correct way in terms of not in this overly passive state and you start directing it, right? That is a very powerful force. Right. And it's also it's love, unconditional love, right? You can't have unconditional love with a judgment. And this also applies to this as well, people that are judging, right. So when people judge other people, they literally step out of unconditional love. And they become no different from the very things that the very evil that they judge, right? This is where this is where you'll you'll hear me say sometimes I don't necessarily work for the light. But I don't work for the dark either. Because the light in the dark both have judgments on one to one another. And you'll begin to quickly see the foundation of that they're actually no different, right? So

Alex Ferrari 33:20
I love what you said in regards to active and passive. Because so many people do have the image of the yogi sitting in a cave in the Himalayas for 40 years meditating, to find enlightenment. And that was at a certain time in history made sense. Because humanity wasn't even capable of understanding as history has proven Jesus, not very well received during his lifetime, and so was Buddha and all of these great spiritual teachers. At that time, that made sense. But in today's world, it's different. You have to actively be working and doing things to change society with this knowledge that you are gaining, whether through meditation, whether through your own spiritual practices, would you agree?

Darius J Wright 34:11
Absolutely, it's a very active thing. And it's, it's disheartening to watch especially when you have a lot of the teachings now that are getting rid of things that is an expression of the soul. Right? Right.

Alex Ferrari 34:28
Can you give an example of that.

Darius J Wright 34:30
Okay, so when people say get rid of your let's just say get rid of your ego, right? What people will realize once they leave the body or they die, that their thought process who they are at this very moment does not change. The everything comes with you. What do you think right now, your emotions which you feel all come with you and it's all presented, or it all comes with you on the other side? The only thing that changes is that you start to get memories of your experiences, all those sorts of come within your soul again, and you start getting clarity on why you act, the way you act, why you do things, the way you do things and why you, you could say have done certain things within this realm and forgetfulness. Right? Right now each soul is you could say, the highest version of themselves, acting and forgetfulness here or within this realm. Right? Because they forget who they are. Right? So, all these things are aspects of you, your, your, your personality, get rid of your ego, never get rid of those, those are expressions of your soul. Right? It's an aspect of you. And it's basically like, say, it's a, it's a spiritual warfare on the soul, once you start doing that, because you're trying to diminish the expression of a soul. And you cannot have ultimate expression of freedom when limitation. So they're already trying to put limitations on the souls expression.

Alex Ferrari 35:52
It makes perfect sense. You said something that just echoed in my head is like everyone, everyone is capable of doing the things we're talking about, and greater. And his exact words, if I may, quote, Jesus Christ, he said the exact same thing you could do everything I could do even more. Are these masters who walked the planet? Can you explain to people what was actually happening to them? The Baba Ji is the Buddha, the you know, all these masters who walked the earth? What were they doing? What were they accessing within themselves, that gave them the glasses that from they live or the abilities of Neil, because a lot of the stuff I mean, Jesus is, you know, miracles, sound very yogic in, in nature, so like the masters of the yogi's levitation bio location, a lot of things that are talked about in the spiritual texts, what are they doing? And what have they accessed within themselves, to give them these kinds of understandings?

Darius J Wright 37:02
Okay, so I'm not necessary. I'm not read up on on those on things like that, like the masses and stuff like that. But what what I can tell you is this based off experience, my my experience, is once you start accessing information, and you start seeing these things, whether that's through, you know, because if they're doing meditation, and then they're leaving the body, I would say they're leaving the body to access all the information, right? So once you access this stuff, like you see it, right, and you have no choice but to, but to grow from it, right? You can't, once you open up the door, and you walk through it, you can't necessarily walk back, it's a door that you can no longer you know, go back. You can't forget it. I mean, you could try but it's very painful, right? Because you know the truth, right? So I would just say these people that you're bringing up, right, I've just stole truth for what it is and started applying it in the physical, physical sense to the best of their ability, and also teaching people that they have the same capability. A lot of people very quickly turn into a place of worship something, worship something outside of themselves, worship somebody constantly giving their power away, because this is what they've been indoctrinated and trained to do. Right, to give their power away constantly through education systems through work, everything within this realm is pre set up to make somebody give their abilities away. Right. So when you worship something automatically, you have forgotten at the basic level that you are no different from that soul and have the same capabilities and capacity of that soul if you apply, right, because it's a very active thing. So yeah, I mean, that's, I hope that answer that?

Alex Ferrari 38:42
That makes that answers that question beautifully. Now, you've mentioned the Halls of Amenti. A few times, what the heck is the Halls of Amenti? Is it like the halls of of the Akashic records? Can you explain to us what

Darius J Wright 38:56
that is? Okay, so the Halls of Amenti are like when I talked about the Halls of Amenti, or the heavenly heavenly records, the cathedrals? These are just records, you could say, like a universal record database, it's like a, it's like a, in other terms, that's like a hard drive. Right, that contains all of the cloud. Yeah, yeah, the cloud contains all the all the history of what has taken place, through through the realm through that time period as as well. Now, when I access the Halls of Amenti, it's just that it's accessing this certain point in time, while at the same time it's accessing the present, because the halls of them, let's say, are still a present thing that still exists, all exists here, which can be accessed, you see. So there still are beings there in the present time, that are still there, right, but they hold an entire database of records within the Egyptian and Atlantis time event. Alright, so that time in particular, what's interesting is when you access certain things within the Halls of Amenti, or even the heavenly realms as well, but I'll just stick with the Halls of Amenti. They have like these tablets or like you could say books, right? Or, or, or certain crystals, right? When I was in the halls of minutes, I remember seeing the first time there was a crystal there, and that crystal had a white frenzy around it, right. And once you walk in into the door, the passageway, all the doors are open, by the way, but when you walk in there, this crystal will change based off the frequency of the soul. Mine was great, right? And so when each soul walks into that door will change, right based off the Sauron energy signature frequency that the soul is bringing at the time. There's also certain doors and passageways that you can access, where when you touch something, it sort of downloads all the information within you. But it's not necessarily like you get every single nuance of it, it's almost like, it's like a, you're getting the movie trailers is the trailer, the trailer of the movie, you're getting all the good bits, and then over time, that slowly unpacks within you, and then you're like, Okay, that makes more sense, etc, etc. Right? Also in the halls are meant to be mapped out, when you go down to the all the way down the middle Hall, to the very end of it. They've mapped out the entire construct all the 12 stargates. Right, the the entire realm that we live within the 12 rounds, 12 stargates, when they have been on like a table, like they actually the firmament, everything is there, and they have it all displayed. And in the Halls of Amenti. There's certain halls as well, that access due to frequency, right, so there's certain frequencies based off the stargates that they have aligned to within certain halls that you walk into, which gives you direct access to the many different realms within this construct. Because stars are based off certain frequency points, fixed dimensional space access points.

Alex Ferrari 41:43
Okay, can you go into what you've seen with a cathedral? And what's what information is there versus the Halls of Amenti?

Darius J Wright 41:50
So so it's all of the records of heaven, right at the point in time of, or the records of heaven and present as well, because it's having a still, it's still here, right? But what was interesting when I was in the heavenly realms, right, is what we call iPhones, right? Or like, iPads, tablets, like they actually have these devices within heaven. And it's just, it's just that it's another database, you could say, so a form of organic technology, I remember seeing a girl holding this device that looked like a iPhone, it was just like, why does she have a phone? Well,

Alex Ferrari 42:25
I mean, I can answer that question as Steve Jobs is on the other side now. So he's obviously manufacturing these in heaven. Obviously, he's now on the other side. And, and even God was like, I got these are fantastic. The only thing I could think of?

Darius J Wright 42:42
So that's a good one. But the Yeah, they they have they have organic forms of technology, right? So so that that's what they use within the heavenly realms as what I've seen, like these tablets, these these phones, but they're not phones, but they look very similar. Right? It's the same thing, when you touch it gives you access to an entire database of information, that what you want to access within the heavenly realms. Right? Well, even when I was there as well, yeah, God wasn't even when I was there as well, like the the, the cathedrals, right, when when people when people think that somehow, once you are on the other side and accessing these split these spaces that you don't have pleasure, pleasure exists. On the other side, it's all the pleasures of physicality, with no limitations. So inside of the cathedrals, right, there's actually you could, you could delight in your soul and its pleasures, right? touching other souls, contact, all of its there

Alex Ferrari 43:45
When he was talking about technologies, I've heard so many near death experiences, talk about the life review, where all their lives, their whole all their lot, their life is laid out in this kind of like, Minority Report style floating screens that you can kind of like, go into. And then you there's also a feeling of you feel everything on both sides. You feel what you did somebody else in what somebody else did to you. And, and that technology sounds very in line with what you're talking about this organic technology, and we use that for lack of a better word.

Darius J Wright 44:24
Yeah, yes. So like life reviews, stuff like that all exists. Like, that happens, right? I remember being shown a small part of a life review, right? And I'll actually take this in two different ways. So give you context, please. But I remember seeing a life review with my uncle. He gave me a small part of it. When I was coming out. This is a time where I was trying to access my Uncle Bob, that passed away deceased relative, right. And I was there and then he was showing me certain things that I was doing here that was withholding love. Right When he showed me that it wasn't necessarily that he was judging me, right, because it was that we are the judges of ourselves. So you're not being judged for the things that you do on the other side, you judge yourself, right? The, the unforgivable sin is the sin that you can forgive yourself for. So he was showing me very small things that I was holding back with love. And that brought me to my knees and pain, absolute pain, right? Because I realized who I was on the other side who we all are, right, because everybody realizes who they are that the divinity of each soul in all of the memories, right, and it's painful. So the love that you withhold here is the pain that you're going to carry temporarily. Anyways, on the other side, it's not for eternal or anything like that. But you do feel emotion, right? Now, when you're accessing life reviews as well, right? It's like a, it's almost like a virtual reality. Like you're in it, like you're physically in that experience. As it's playing out. You could move all around it, you could view it almost like accessing, well, it's just like accessing the records, right? When you're accessing certain records, you're actually in that time event that has taken place. And you could view it from all different angles, you could walk, you could you could view it from that person's perspective, your perspective. So yeah, the life review thing is the strip,

Alex Ferrari 46:25
The idea of parallel realities. And the multiverse, which I'm not sure if they're the same or two different ideas, but that every time we make a choice, a major choice, not catch up, or no catch up, but major choices. It splits off into another reality while this one continues to see how that plays out. Because that is something I've also heard in life reviews, where they're like, Oh, I wonder if I would have married Sally. Oh, well, hold on. Here you go. This is how it would have worked out if you would have married Sally, instead of breaking up with her in high school. And that went down the road and you're like, Oh, God, thank God, that didn't happen. Or something along those lines. Yeah. Well, from your experience, tell me tell me what it is?

Darius J Wright 47:05
Well, that would be giving you a potential. Right. So. Yeah, yeah. So there are potential time events here. Right. So potential time, all that you could say all the potentialities. Right. Are Are there. Right now there are fixed event markers within this room, right? And so this is going to be like I'm going down this way. But then answering the question here, I just want to give clarity. So there's preset event markers within this round, one of the ones that are right in front of your face, is that eventually every single soul will wake up to the other side and access all things again, right through death through dying, that crossover the body dies, right? But you don't need to die, you can have a controlled out of body state to access that information. Now, there are many different you could say soul contract, major event markers. So yeah, so as you as you're living your life, if this is the event marker right here, there could be 1000s of different paths that you could take, it doesn't matter which one you take, but you one, that event marker is here, those paths will eventually converge and hit that final destination. Right? Whether that's meeting a loved one, or as something major. Now, it's not all scripted, right? Not all things are scripted, like the different paths are not scripted. But there are preset things. Yeah. Now. Now, once you are, let's just say making a choice in life, right? So your choice is to get on the bus, or don't get on the bus, right? So you get on the bus, then you take the potentiality of that time you're actually living in in that time event. Now the potential of not getting on the bus that will only go so far, it's not an infinite see the the entire life of that soul for the the depth, right? It's just it gives you a, you could say 10% of the potentiality of what could have occurred if you did not get on the bus, right? And then the rest of it just turns fuzzy at that point. So

Alex Ferrari 49:09
So it's it's when you and I want people to be very clear about this. When you say markers, mile markers, for lack of a better word. These are big events in your life. So like meeting your meeting, you're the loved one that you're going to spend the rest of your life with, let's say, or at least this next chapter of your life with having children, not having children, getting this job that then spawned you off into into a career. A car accident, a windfall of some sort of maybe financial, maybe spiritual windfall. Who knows? These are big markers that are laid laid out for you, as and that laid out for you that you've laid out for my understanding you've laid out yourself for the evolution of your soul in this lifetime, how you get between markers, is open potentiality where you can go, you can make a long left turn, you can go straight, you can go, date Jenny date Sally, they bob, however you want to get down that road, you'll get but eventually, you're gonna get to that mile marker. That's basically

Darius J Wright 50:20
Yes, yeah, it goes back into what I was saying before, like, each soul is destined to become the greatest version of themselves. So when they set certain things, right, not not all souls set certain things either right some some souls do. Like they have like a plan. This is where like even you'll hear some people, parents where the child comes in, right? Through the parent. Yeah. And they say, oh, yeah, I've chose you. I'm happy I chose you this son. Right? Because certain things are set. So let's just say the preset one was meeting Mary Yeah, the love your life. Right. So what you just said, the path of getting there not preset, but eventually converging and meeting that person, right? Let's just say on the sidewalk or something was a preset event for that to converge at some point. Right? Now, what happens after that? It's not necessarily preset, because that's the paths that you could take. Right? So it's just the major event markers that are that are preset what I've been shown.

Alex Ferrari 51:15
Now, is the is the multiverse something different than parallel realities are the time the same concept from your point of view.

Darius J Wright 51:22
So, so the so the nature of reality, like, like I said, so you have, you have constructs on the other side, which are, you could say games, right, there are different versions of of console, like X, Xbox, or Playstation or Nintendo, right. And then the rounds are basically like the different versions of the game, like, you know, let's just say called anyone call it 82, etc, you know, now there are dimensional spaces as well. These dimensional spaces are thought forms, right thought forms that you project you create with the world of the soul, the spoken word, you project you, you create dimensional spaces through your thoughts, that you could experience what you want as well. So it's, that's how we'll show it to me anyways. So when it comes to time potentialities, which we covered in the multiverse, right, it's not necessary. It's, you could call it the multiverse there, but it's just that that's the way that I've been shown anyways, constructs around dimensional spaces, which are on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 52:27
Now I, I heard that. In other in other interviews you've done, you've talked about in the construct ending, that this is how this whole thing is going to kind of finish. What is can you explain that to my audience?

Darius J Wright 52:43
Okay, so that's what I was showing that 16 years old by being called Celeste. And at 16 years old, I was showing the USA completion of this round, right, and how it was a big celebration. And that completion was basically all things reopening up again, to all souls, all souls remembering all things again, the great event right? Now, when I speak about that, I'm very hesitant anymore to speak about it, because I don't necessarily want to turn into putting people's hope, hope, harvesting, or anything like that. But that's what I was shown from the age of 16, of the completion of this entirety of this construct, because everything that has, could have been experienced has been experienced here from some soul, right? This is where you get the loop in history always repeats itself, right? Because we've played so many different versions within this construct within these realms. And they're all just, we played out all the roles, all the scripts, right, it's just repeat, repeat, repeat. Now, when it comes to an end of what I was showing, right, it's not necessarily an end, because all of the information here is stored within the records of all things. Right. But like, I need to be careful with that. Because then, you know, it's,

Alex Ferrari 53:58
You know, fear mongering or, exactly, they lead into fear and things like that, which, which is not what we're trying to promote at all. But that does also make sense because if you've studied, if you've studied some of the Vedic texts, that there is these 26,000 year cycles, where you start hot, you start evolved, then you start to go down, down down to you get to the Dark Ages, and then you come back up. And we're in this stage right now of being awakened again, we're going back up, but then the, you know, there's people who are saying this is the last cycle. And by the way, last cycle could be another 20,000 years. Another, you know, whatever how many 1000 years it is. Go ahead, you're gonna say so,

Darius J Wright 54:47
So so basically that that's what I was saying. So the cycles repeat me, right. So we repeat the cycles over and over and over, repeated them so many times. So what I was showing is that the cycles in terms Wait, you're talking about of repeating, no longer repeats, like, it just comes to? I don't know how it actually looks, I just know what I was showing is that these cycles, these, you know, the Golden Age and then back into the dark ages in the golden age, they stop. And then we all go back to the eternal aspect of our soul. Again, you could say, on the other side, we're not bound by the cycles of anymore, right? Because this is just this. You see what I mean?

Alex Ferrari 55:29
I understand what you're saying. Which leads me to another idea of, and again, I've heard this concept before. And I've asked this question a bunch from people, because I'd love to hear their point of view on it. And I'd love to hear your point of view on it. I've been, I've been shown and been told about the concept of, no, there is no past lives, there is no future lives. All lives are happening. At the same time, all timelines are happening at the same time. And we just are focused on this point of view. And if we do something in this life, it ripples, quote, unquote, back or ripples forward. So are there lessons like if you learned a lesson in this one, that you because of free will, like, oh, he wasn't even supposed to learn that till three, let three lives down. But he'd learned it in this one. So now we can erase it from the next three lives from now. kind of idea. So this plays with time and space a little bit. I'd love to hear your perspective on this idea, this concept.

Darius J Wright 56:24
Well, not nothing is erased. Nothing is truly ever lost or race now to its, you're not necessarily a yes, all things are happening right now. Like your past lives. Like your your past experiences are, they exists, but they don't exist in terms of that you're experiencing them right now. You could as a soul, go back into that experience in terms of viewing it right, as a virtual reality. So that it's true in a sense that all things are playing out. Right. past present and future potentialities, this is where I was also shown time as well. But it's your soul right now experiencing this is on the, this is what you're experiencing. But when you want to access past lives, past memories, it's just that you're popping into a memory that you could view almost like a life review. That makes sense, right?

Alex Ferrari 57:23
So it's almost like you have all in this. This is for the older for the older people listening. All your lives are DVDs on a shelf. And you can go in and go, Oh, this is the medieval times. This is when I was a Viking This is when I was with the Aztecs. This is when I was the Egyptians. Although I did a bunch of Egyptians, okay, I really like that time period. And, and you just put it in press play. Sorry for all the young ones listening. Look up Google what a DVD is. But But is that kind of the idea of that?

Darius J Wright 57:55
Yeah. But that's that's a good way to put it as well, for another another way for people to understand it. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 58:01
So what is your understanding of because it's hard for our, our hardware, our brain to understand it from this point of view, time and space. Because time is relative. I mean, again, I've talked to a couple quantum physicist, but that there is a way to actually mark time based on the original Big Bang, all of that kind of stuff. But from my layman's understanding is like time is based around rotations, if the Big Bang actually happened exactly the way I understand. But if, if, if the sun are revolve all resin or revolutions around the Sun dictate our time, if we were on Jupiter, it'd be a completely different timeframe, if we were in Mars would be a different timeframe, they rotate differently. So our time would be different, but it's all based around a rotation around the sun. If we're out 5000 light years away, and there is no sun. Is there time? That's the question. So what is your understanding of time and space from the other side?

Darius J Wright 59:06
Well, I'm going to be very careful here because a lot of the a lot of the world view worldview space sun is not is not actually how it is we are within a construct firmament plane right? We are the center of all things all is contained within the firm and above all spins, all is revolving around us, right social alignments. So just, you know, but time how it was presented to me, right? Is is all is happening, right? How they view it from the other side, all potentiality all all this happening, right? You could, you could say it's the time dimension, right? Time is not just a linear thing, right? You get access just by coming out of your body, right? You get access what you've done in the past, present input optional future. But how how it was the How was shown to me as sort of an illustration is a female being came to me, she laid out a deck of cards, right. And I've explained this in many other interviews, but it's, it's a good illustration. She laid out a deck of cards, and she just put them straight on the table. And she said, you experience time in this way, this event, this card, to this card to this column, all that marker is all very linear. And she put the cards together, she looked down, we look down through the center, and all time was happening all at once. Right? So that's, that's how they can. Yeah, that's how they can access it, are they? That's how they view it, and access it as well through past present potentials. Right? So this is this is also why a lot of fear based narrative things that are playing out at the moment how people are constantly on fear, fear fear, the more souls focus on something, the more they create the potentiality of that potential time event to take place. Right? So this is why fear is very unnecessary, because there's nothing to fear, right? But its greatest illusion, is fear, right? It's the number one way to control the soul and have dominion over the soul is fear. If you have if you put fear, make a soul fearful, then you have control over that souls expression.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:23
That's, that's a very interesting way of looking at it. Because you just said basically what I kind of presented before that all things are happening at the same time. So it's just all about perspective, essentially, of how you're accessing the information. Because even in a computer, a computer harddrive is not linear. It's all over the place. So you can pick information from here, information here information from here. So it's not all just a A to Z kind of information. Okay, so then have

Darius J Wright 1:01:56
Makes sense?.Makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:57
It makes Yeah, it makes all the sense in the world. Now, you also just said something that was interesting that you when you go out of body you see past events, so you access past lives and your out of body experience, and potentially potential for future lives.

Darius J Wright 1:02:13
Not not future lives. No, no, like, it's like I said, Before, I was just the beginning, or the middle of this, where I said potentials you only see a 10% I was just throwing out a number just to give like, sure context, but it's not necessarily like I'm not accessing and it's not necessary. I don't think it's possible access the your future lies, right, because it's not necessarily preset those things aren't preset in terms of future lives, you know, but I have seen paths, past lives, past experiences that I've had within this construct. Right. So I've also been a was one of them time of Egypt's in Atlantis. And I remember that. I remember the great war that took place here, which was also part of all beings are involved in that. Remember that one as well. But yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:05
Okay. Now, have you been? Have you been able to see or have given access beyond the construct?

Darius J Wright 1:03:12
Yeah, yeah, I've that's why I said in the beginning, I was showing outside of the construct completely, so the 12 Stargate within this construct, right, which is part of the 12th round. When you enter that Stargate, it, you pop out completely, and you actually view it. from God's perspective, you could say, like, you could see all of the main construct this one, but you could see all of the many constructs stacked on God's shelves, right. So there's still just all on display, like some of them look like open open water, like, you know, like puddles on the floor that you walk into, to have an experience, right? This place in particular, right is the only place where incarnation exists where you have to be birth, birth, and then die to exit. Because once you are on the other side, you're in your soul, the Perfected version of yourself, which never dies. So when you have an experience, you pop in, once you're done, you pop right out, there's no death process in that, right. In particular with this round two, right? Remember that has came come to me through viewing it from the other side as well is when you come into this realm, you come into this realm through water, this is why when you sit down and water right, on the other side, your memories start to bleed through the realm. This is why water contains all information. Right? And this has also proven as well. If you say certain words to water, if you freeze it, it will start to take the picture of that which you spoke, right. Because all the all the information exists within the water here. So yeah, that's just diverge into another. Anyways,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:48
A whole other world, other deep conversations. So these other constructs that you were seeing, first of all, what is the environment that you're in? Are you in a dark void Read with literally like things on a shelf kind of vibe, or is it just kind of like, they're kind of everywhere in this in this dark void? Or is it like, what does it look like being outside of this construct?

Darius J Wright 1:05:11
Well, what what I was the place that I was in when I was outside of the construct kind of like a, you know, you are, it's like this and golden. I have an image that I share all the time to show people. But um, it's hard to explain without actually seeing it. But I don't know if you want me to bring that up at all.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:32
If you can, if you have it right now, even

Darius J Wright 1:05:34
Yeah, I have Yeah, I have it right now. I'll just show this one.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:37
Just Yes. Yeah, share this image, I love to hear I like to see what it looks like.

Darius J Wright 1:05:41
So yeah, so it's, this is the image to, to best illustrate, when you're outside of the construct of what it looks like what what I was showing one year outside of this particular construct that contains 12 rooms. Now, as you see here, right, you see where the individuals are standing. Right? Like they're standing, viewing the construct from the outside. That's what it's like the soles are massive, right? And the puddles on the floor, things like that are all different constructs. It's just I just said constructs stacked on God shells. But it's, this is the best image that I could share to illustrate that which what are showing now what exists outside of all of this, you could say, this space is the void, the black space, right in the void, the black space is the, you could say the beginning of all things if there ever was a beginning, but it's the it's the point where all things are created from. So one individuals think that light is first, right? Light is always secondary, because light is birthed from the black space, right? Even when you go into religious texts as well. God created the firmament created this earthly realm experience, right? He said, Let there be light, light was secondary, even when you close your eyes, right now you're inside the void. And when you start to imagine something, you birth, the light in creation, birth, the light into creation, right? So light is always secondary from the void from the beginning, right, which is, then you access here, which has all of the different you could say constructs, rounds spaces, for the soul to the light in in its senses and experiences. uniform, I'll just, I'll just stop sharing.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:26
Um, that was that was very illustrative. Thank you for sharing that with us. Thanks for sharing that with us. There's no, I have a feeling that you and I could talk for at least another five or six hours. So we will probably definitely have you back to dive in deeper into a lot of these ideas. But before I go, I'd love to ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Darius J Wright 1:07:53
Walk in your path, right doing doing what you truly desire, walking your soul's expression, but in integrity and love, right? So when you start walking in integrity and love, while at the same time fulfilling what you know, to be true within yourself. That's the when you could say you're you have more spirit or soul within the physical body. This is where you live longer. Right? The body doesn't age as quickly. It's no different from a house, right? So when somebody has a house, if the house is empty, that house deteriorates pretty quickly. Same thing applies to the physical body, once you're not walking your path, your souls path in integrity and love. It's basically like taking the soul out of the body. The body is just a empty house. And this deteriorates the physical body very quickly. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 1:08:49
It makes beautiful sense, actually. And it's another reason why then we become more open to diseases, cancers, things like that. Because if you are on path and vibrating at a very high level, on your path with love and purpose, it's almost impossible for that kind of lower energy or frequency to enter your bottom.

Darius J Wright 1:09:13
Yeah, it's Yeah, absolutely. So as long as you're walking that path, then things will start to be sustained within the physical vessel, and also you being fulfilled in your life. Soon as you step out of those things, you'll start to see a catalyst of things taking place that actually creates disease, illnesses, etc. and depression, sadness.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:35
I'm not sure if you know this or not, but when Paramahansa Yogananda the great yogi master died, he did not decompose. For five days before his burial. He was warm to the touch. All documented stuff, and you just saw the video of him like going in his funeral and you're like the guy's been dead for five days like it was it Not they never embalmed him like that. And it was, his frequency was so high. And his, his path was so that it just he transcended the physical. The body just transcended what everybody else goes through kind of. It's pretty fascinating.

Darius J Wright 1:10:17
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that's, that's pretty much what causes rapid aging. Like you take a, you take an individual that is not connected to its true path or the soul, right? That person is going to become very weak, very sick very ill very quickly. A lot of the diseases that exist within the body armor naturally aren't actually, because of the physical attributes of the body. It's typically from the energetic side of things, blocks, right that are being expressed as above, so below, right, so your soul, let's just say that's the above, if you're out of if you're out of harmony are balanced, that creates disharmony disease, and creates a catalyst effect through the physical bodies. While this is why there's such an attack on the physical body, physical body health as well.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:07
So so if you had a chance to go back in time and talk a little Darius, what advice would you give him?

Darius J Wright 1:11:12
Keep walking your path, don't be distracted by other things. Because things tend to pull your strings into other directions. And

Alex Ferrari 1:11:21
There's a lot of, there's a lot of shiny light syndrome in this area

Darius J Wright 1:11:26
Lot of things. Yeah, absolutely. That's a good way to put it.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:33
How do you define God or source energy?

Darius J Wright 1:11:35
Okay, so God is basically the soul. So people say that we are created in God's image, that it's more like the you we are created in the image of the soul. Right? So each soul is is God's you could say, right, we all hold the same essence the same? Infinite, we're infinite beings. Right? So it's, this is more of like a question to, that people can ask themselves, does consciousness dictate the universe? Or does the universe dictate consciousness? When people believe that the universe that takes consciousness they believe in the Big Bang Theory, there's a possible afterlife and eternal aspect and it's all you know, etc. When you understand the truth, that your consciousness is the dictator of the universe, and you understand that you are the dictator of the universe, you live on forever, your will of your soul manifest reality. And therefore, you have ultimate expression of freedom with no limitation.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:33
What is the what is love?

Darius J Wright 1:12:36
Love is essentially when when in terms of unconditional love for another soul, right? It's honoring that souls expression. Because each each of us have the, we all have an eternal aspect to us. And so honoring each soul for their souls expression. That's, that's love. That's unconditional love. I'm not judging that soul for its expression of self. Because as soon as you judge that soul for its expression of self, you become no different from the very evil as like I've stated already, that you judge, you actually step out of the frequency that creates all things, which is love. So love is just standing in integrity, non judgement, and honor for that soul to express that which it chooses to express and be?

Alex Ferrari 1:13:26
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Darius J Wright 1:13:29
Experience. Can't have experience without existence, existence without experience.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:34
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Darius J Wright 1:13:38
Yes, so everything that I do could be found on my website So that's where I do all my work, or workshops, and teach people what I'm doing. So

Alex Ferrari 1:13:48
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Darius J Wright 1:13:52
Do not, do not allow yourself to be weakened by fear. Do not allow yourself to get trapped into the narratives of fear. Because as soon as you step into that, right, you start to actually give your power away, and you allow other souls to have dominion over your soul. Right? A lot of people have been away from home for too long. And this is why they fear, right? Because they have forgotten the true nature of who they are. Right? When you understand the true nature of who you are, you'll quickly realize that nothing could touch or entrap you the soul unless you believe it to be so.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:37
Darius it has been a pleasure talking to you, my friend. Thank you so much for a such an enlightening and fascinating conversation. I appreciate you and what you're trying to do to wake up the world, my friend, so thank you.

Darius J Wright 1:14:51
Thank you. Thanks for having me.

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