Channeling for Beginners: How to Channel & Connect with Your Spirit Guides with Daniel Scranton

On today’s episode, we welcome the remarkable Daniel Scranton, a man whose journey from atheism to becoming a renowned channeler is as inspiring as it is enlightening. Daniel’s path is a testament to the transformative power of openness and curiosity, leading him from a life in the film industry to channeling higher consciousness and teaching others to do the same.

Daniel Scranton’s life before channeling was rooted in the practical and tangible world of filmmaking. Moving to Los Angeles in 1997, he pursued a career in the film industry, a dream that many share but few see to fruition. Interestingly, during this period, Daniel was an atheist, having abandoned his Catholic upbringing after a transformative experience at Boston University. He found himself disillusioned with the stories and teachings of religion, seeking a more profound truth.

The turning point came when he encountered the works of Deepak Chopra through a Tony Robbins interview. Deepak’s ideas on raw food, the body’s ability to heal itself, and the deeper scientific understandings of life resonated with Daniel, reigniting his spiritual curiosity. This new perspective led him to explore channeling, initially through the works of Neale Donald Walsch and the “Conversations with God” series, which marked the beginning of his spiritual journey.

In a profound conversation, Daniel Scranton delves into the intricacies of his channeling experiences. He shares a transformative moment from 2010, where, during a Reiki session, he felt an overwhelming surge of energy, marking the beginning of his channeling abilities. This experience was characterized by physical sensations, including involuntary movements and a euphoric state that he describes as being akin to near-death experiences.

Daniel’s journey into channeling was not a passive reception but an active pursuit of understanding and honing his abilities. His commitment led him to attend numerous workshops, including those conducted by Abraham-Hicks, where he found guidance and prophecy about his future as a channeler. Despite initial resistance and frustration, Daniel persevered, eventually connecting with the collective known as “the Creators.”

One of the remarkable aspects of Daniel’s story is his dedication to practice and improve his channeling skills. He describes his process as similar to learning a musical instrument, emphasizing the importance of persistence and continuous practice. His analogy of picking up a violin 1,000 times underscores the discipline required to master the art of channeling.


  1. Embrace the Journey: Daniel’s path from atheism to channeling highlights the importance of staying open to new experiences and perspectives. His story encourages us to embrace our spiritual journeys, no matter how unconventional they may seem.
  2. Persistence Pays Off: Just as Daniel practiced channeling diligently, any spiritual practice requires dedication and perseverance. Consistent effort can lead to profound personal growth and transformation.
  3. Listen to Your Inner Guidance: Throughout his journey, Daniel paid attention to the subtle nudges and guidance from within. Trusting your intuition and inner voice can lead you to your true path and purpose.

Daniel’s insights into the nature of channeling provide a fascinating glimpse into this mystical practice. He explains that channeling involves receiving energy first, which is then translated into thoughts and words. This process, he notes, is a blend of receiving and interpreting, making it a collaborative effort between the channeler and the higher consciousness being communicated with.

In a quote that encapsulates his philosophy, Daniel states, “Everyone is capable of loving something, or someone. Everyone is capable of finding the love within themselves that exists always as that spark of divinity.” This profound statement underscores the universal potential for love and spiritual connection within each of us.

Daniel’s story is a powerful reminder that spiritual awakening and growth are deeply personal journeys. His transformation from a skeptical atheist to a channeler of higher consciousness is a testament to the boundless potential within us all. By embracing our paths, practicing diligently, and trusting our inner guidance, we too can tap into the divine love and wisdom that Daniel so eloquently channels.

Please enjoy my conversation with Daniel Scranton.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 237

Daniel Scranton 0:00
The world is perfect as it is because as we said, you need to have certain experiences to get you to grow. So what you're seeing in the world is you're seeing that everyone has something they're focused on. For some people, they're concerned about the environment for other people. They're concerned about the economy. For other people. They're concerned that there's too much religion being crammed down people's throats and other people think, Well, the problem is there's not enough religion being crammed down people's throats. So everyone has a different concern.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I'd like to welcome to the show, Daniel Scranton. How you doing Daniel?

Daniel Scranton 0:50
Hi, Alex. Great to be here. I'm doing great.

Alex Ferrari 0:52
Thank you so much for coming on the show. My friend. I know we've been trying to do this for a while now. But we finally we finally got together our schedules aligned and I'm looking forward to talking to you my friend because I really haven't had anybody on the show, who is not only a channeler, but also teaches channeling and, and shows people how they could possibly connect their own or open up their own channeling abilities as well. So before we get into all of that, what was your life like, prior to this insanity that is channeling?

Daniel Scranton 1:23
Well, I like you was trying to make it the film industry and I moved to LA in 1997. I was an atheist at the time I grew up Catholic, I abandoned all that when I went to be you Boston University and learn that everybody's got these stories in their books, like even you know, non religious, they're all the same stories. And I thought, Well, wait a second, what makes mine so special that and it just like, so I went from being I was really into my Catholicism, to the point where it's like, kind of the biggest trauma of my life growing up Catholic, you know, and being afraid of God. And so then I and then I didn't believe in God. And then I actually listened to a Tony Robbins interview with Deepak Chopra, because my boss at the time said, Everybody's gotta listen to personal power, too. And when I got to the Deepak Chopra, one, I was like, Hey, I like this guy, because I was into raw foods, I still am. So I'm raw vegan. And I believe in the body's ability to heal itself. And so that's what Deepak sent to now, you know, he started out as a doctor, and then and then was like, when I'm just a glorified drug pusher. So anyway, it resonated with the guy. And basically, through science kind of proved to me that there's something more than this go Friday and Darwinian view of the world, you know, which is what I was into at the time as an atheist. I wasn't, I wasn't a proud atheist. I wasn't like Ricky Gervais going around trying to tell everybody how great atheism is, you know, I was like, scared still. So now I'm scared. I'm just going to die and go in the ground. And I start getting into Deepak stuff. And I'm like, oh, oh, so there must be something more if that's the way things are behaving on the quantum level. And, you know, he just had all this kind of like, anecdotal evidence of there being more, and I found Conversations with God, I would do, I would do something if like three people told me to do it. Three different people. And I remember after the third person told me three conversations, God I did, and that was my introduction to channeling. So I was so into channeling I was into him. And then Seth, who I think you've started to find Who's my favorite all time favorite.

Alex Ferrari 3:41
Isn't Seth one I mean, other than editor Casey, one of the original the OG's at the channeling space

Daniel Scranton 3:46
1963 She started Yeah, so yeah, other than Edgar Casey, there's, you know, there was not a lot of people doing and I think, and, and the, the amount of material that you've produced over those 20 years of books, and it's amazing, and it's just so that was blowing me away. And then somebody convinced me to get into Abraham on a message board and I was like, Okay, I'll check out check out this Abraham, and then I could actually go because I always wanted I was like, what would have been like to be in that apartment in Elmira with Rob and Jane and Seth. And then I got to go to see Abraham. So I'm going to see Abraham like, all the time. I first one was in Sedona and I got called on and I got to ask questions, and it was like, it was kind of like Abraham was telling my future because I asked them a question. They're like, well, you're really good at like, at communicating this type of information and and you're gonna have several well received books and I've there's a couple of my books right there. And, and I was like, I didn't I had no idea whatever channel I had no desire to channel. I wanted my now ex life to be the channel because I liked being the Jerry Hicks. I liked asking all the Questions. But then 2010 comes along and everything changes in 2010. So I'm doing Reiki on someone and I feel energy for the first time like, Whoa, this is this is new. And I want to talk to you later about about energy and channeling, because it's all about the energy. And then I once I had that experience, I just want to do Reiki on everybody. So I'm like, I'm doing Reiki on people, and my arm starts going like this. I'm like, What's that? Why is my arm then my, my head starts going like this, like Stevie Wonder. And Ray Charles. I'm like, Okay, now this is happening. But then the lips start moving. So I'm like, Oh, my God, channeling. So that was in January of 2010. The first time I ever thought is this going to happen? And then March comes along. And I'm that even though I have this outwardly looking, good life, you know, I'm going all these Abraham workshops. And on the cruises, and I have my own business, I used to go to an amoeba music and Hollywood and buy him stuff and resell it on. And I probably flipped through and saw like your DVD in there at some for all the bins they have, and then resell it on eBay, and Amazon sighs making enough money to go and all these Abraham things. And me and my wife, you know, if you saw us in public, you think great couple, but our marriage was not doing well at all. And on top of all that, I had this painful hernia next to my belly button that I was too scared to ever get checked out by anyone. So I was in pain, I was had to move all these boxes for my business around to do my shipping days, which were terrible, terrible, long, long days. And then I was in so much pain one day that I just collapsed. And I was in tears. And I was like, I don't want to be here anymore. Like how do I how do I end this? How do I get off of this earth? And there's no way I was ever going to do it. But that not that night, but the night after, I woke up from this dream. And I turned to a guy that I knew through Abraham in the dream, and I go, I understand now about the other beings. And that was it. That was the whole dream. We were like staying in desert. And then all this energy starts pouring in through the crown of my head while I'm laying in bed. And it's so it's so much ecstasy it's so much like what near death experiencers talk about where it's like I cannot tell you how good this felt because that's how good it felt it there's no words. My back is like arched because I'm I'm in so much ecstasy. I'm barely on the bed anymore. And I'm just begging it for more like more, please, more please. One more time, one more time. And then I was wondering like, what does this have to do with that dream? Like who are the other beings? And as soon as I started thinking about that, I start getting more energy and and then I'm asking them questions. And they had to be yes, no questions, because all this is happening in my head? And if the answer was yes, I get another surge of energy through my body. And then I thought, well, maybe, maybe you're in the room with me right now maybe I can see that all this is happening, my eyes closed, I opened my eyes to look around in the room. And it starts flooding in again. Like just that was just the same as intensity as at the beginning. So again, I'm just like, Oh my God, I don't know how long it lasted for it eventually had to end. Unfortunately, everything has to end right. And so then I was just I'm, you put me to shame with your three to four hours of meditation a day, or two to three, or whatever it is. That's a lot. But I was meditating an hour a day, at least for 10 years. So So then that happens, and then I go, Okay, I want to feel that again. So now instead of just meditating, I'm meditating to feel the energy again, to feel it coming in. And what I could get myself to is I eventually got to the point where I could give myself full body goosebumps and I'll just show you how easy that is for me to do. Doesn't take long

I'm trying to feel it all the way down my ankles, it's definitely over my arms, but it's um, it's like it, you can feel it. It's not just like your arms or that because you have the arm years by the way, Bashar has said, that's your antenna, when they're standing up like that. Now your antenna I are at full attention when your hair stand up like so I could get to the point. And when I was meditating, I could get to this point where I get so deep into it. That'd be dry heaving. Like I'm like I'm throwing up but nothing's coming out. So that's the second time I thought something want to come up and out of me like like words like channeling and I Try with a friend, a friend would sit there and watch me dry heave and think. So then October rolls around, and I'm at an Abraham workshop in Asheville, North Carolina. Those are the smaller ones that she does. And I my arm raises by itself. Because I because I had had the dry heaving thing again. And I'm like, what's going on? I sat in the hotel room with my friends. I was like, You guys ask questions, maybe that'll maybe I just need somebody to ask the questions. But I just was like this. And that's all they got. was me doing my Jim Carrey impersonation. And then, and then the next day like I said, I'm I'm at the workshop, that's a two day or so the second half my arm raises by itself. By the time it gets up to here, the full body goosebumps she calls on me, of course, Abraham calls on me, and I get up there. And I'm like, What's going on with me? This this. And they said, You're gonna do this thing that Esther does, but you're gonna have to work through your resistance to it. And I was like, Okay, I didn't even know I had resistance to it. But you know, past lives, whatever, could have been drawn and quartered for I don't know. So I had, my marriage had ended in the, in the span of 2010, as well, I met someone on an Abraham Cruz who lived in London. And she and I were Skyping all the time. Anyway. And I was like, okay, Abraham said, I can do this, let's practice together, I'll sit here. So all I need to do is like want it to come in and come in. And again, I'm doing all this facial movements and upper body movements and stuff. But nothing's coming out. And I'm getting really frustrated now. And eventually, I started making phonetic sounds, I started going put, put put to, and then I one time, I kind of forced it. And I started speaking, and then she was asking questions. And afterwards I go, I think, I think that was me. She goes, Yeah, I think that was you. So then we kept at it. And eventually, the group that I came to call, the creators came through me and said, We are here for you. And I was like, Oh, that wasn't me. So then I that was the birth of the channeling. And then I was like, I followed again, I was I was into Darryl and Bashar so much, I follow their teaching, if you want to do this thing, you've got to take whatever steps you can take action wise to do it. You don't wait for the universe to send you an invitation. So I told all my friends look, because all my friends were Abraham errs. Basically, that was like you guys want me to channel for you just call me up anytime I'll do it. And then I'm just like, I'll do workshops. I'll make them free by donation only. And I drive I'd have to drive like hours to do these workshops, because all these people lived in San Diego County. And and that's what I was doing for a long time until I started really getting more confident in it and putting it out there more. And now. I've got this YouTube channel with over 5 million views lifetime, you know.

Alex Ferrari 13:12
So as you were really courting this experience, it wasn't like something that was just kind of thrown upon you. You were really looking for it. You were trying

Daniel Scranton 13:21
Without knowing it without even realizing that I wanted it because I didn't think I was the type of person who could channel I think I was the type of person who could ask questions, and somebody else could do the channeling.

Alex Ferrari 13:33
You think that it Yeah, could have been the same past lives, it could have been something else that was stopping you, from you, like I want to be around. I want to be the person I want to be around it.

Daniel Scranton 13:43
Well back in 2010, believe it or not, because I know you know, like everybody's channeling now. But back then I didn't know that many people who were channeling, I didn't know who to call upon to be a mentor, or to help teach me how to do it once it started. And I wanted that so badly. And then. And then in late 2011, I did find a couple of women who were also in Southern California, Nora, Harold and Wendy Kennedy. And they helped me develop it and they they gave me more confidence. They became my friends and and it was great. It was just so great to have somebody there. It'd be like it's okay. You know, everybody has these doubts. Everybody sounds like somebody else at first, like you don't have your own voice necessarily at first, and I'm sure it's the same in filmmaking. It's like, oh, yeah, that's just that's just he's just doing like people say Tarantino Yeah, he's just ripping off old samurai films, or he's, you know, whatever, you know, and, and you get your own voice eventually. And, and it it takes time. It really takes time to develop it, and to be confident in it and seamless with it. But it's one of these things and the analogy I always use for people is you pick up a violin, the first time you can do something, you can put your fingers on things and you can use the bow and, and you can make a sound but the 1,000th time you pick up the violin, you're gonna be a lot better. So if you don't keep picking up the violin, you can't expect to get better.

Alex Ferrari 15:15
Well, that's a really good point. Because a lot of times when I mean, I've talked about 3040 channels at this point, and everybody's very different, the way they bring to how they come in how they come out, all this kind of stuff, but you know, some of the more seasoned people like Darrell or Paul Selig, or, or Sheila does Theo, they are, when they speak, they don't stutter. They don't, they don't pause. It's just a stream of consciousness. But then some of the other guests have had, do pause a second, do think a second, sometimes they'll do an arm to do it this or that. From your experience being kind of like a channel, a fish, a channel aficionado, what's happening between these two? These two kinds of channels?

Daniel Scranton 16:02
I'm so glad we're having this conversation. Because I don't want people to think that if someone's umming and ahhing, it means they're not channeling. And if they're pausing, it means they're trying to come up with a good answer. Because that's not what it is. It's that if now I took Spanish for seven and a half years, and but I've never lived in a country, a Spanish speaking country. And I can, you know, I can think of words, it takes me a minute to be like, okay, grandmother, abuela. You know, like, I have to do the trend, the, what's it called? Translation, translation. Do it in my, I'm getting like that now. With words and stuff. But when it's energy, so everyone who's channeling first channels energy, they don't know, one is a sock, and the end the channel that is ease the hand and they're going, that's not how it is because it's a it's a collaboration, it's a blending, it's emerging. And there's something inside of us that, and I think one of your other guests who's a channeler said this, too, it's like, don't really know how you're doing it. There's no secret decoder ring. And there's no you know, there's no, there's a mechanism, it's an internal mechanism. And I think, you know, the conversations with God books, they talk a lot about remembering God says it's you're remembering this, you're not learning it, you're remembering it. There's something inside of us that knows how to channel and that has to remember how to do it. And it's, it's not, that's something that just like I said, with time, you'll develop that or remember that. But for some, it's easier than others. Some like Mozart, you know, Martin Mozart could play the piano at a very young age and do it really well. And write things I think at age six. But that has to do with, you know, his journey and everything. And everybody's journey is supposed to be different, too. So some people are supposed to try to channel for five years and not be able to do it and then are able to do it because I've had students like that. I've had students who eventually have that breakthrough moment where they can do it, you know. But as far as I was telling you before, my ex wife said to me, you know, you do the UN thing when you're channeling and I was like, No, I don't. And then I went and this is this is about four years into me being a channeler. I went back and I listened. And I was like, oh, yeah, I guess I do. So you don't even realize you're doing it while you're channeling. But then after you've been doing it for as long as like Sheila's been doing it and Paul's been doing it and Lee Carol, it's gone. Because you've picked up the violin 10,000 times for those people, you know what I mean? And, and now I'm over 12 years into it. So it's a bit more seamless for me. But another thing I always want to I always point this out to people is with the pausing. If you read the Seth books, her husband Rob would put in there, Jane paused at 915 It was a long pause at 1020 You know, so even to me the best channelers ever lived had these pauses and I think what's happening is and Esther Hicks says it's blocks of thought. She says I'm receiving a block of thoughts

Alex Ferrari 19:46
Downloads, downloads, like big chunks of downloads.

Daniel Scranton 19:49
Yeah, and then so you as a channel or have to like make sense. That's why the channel is always a part of it. Because like I said, it's not you're not ventriloquist dummy, you have a brain, you have a vocabulary, you have words that you you're more likely to use now, my, I transcribe myself all my channeling so I can tell like, Okay, I don't really speak like that when it's me. And when they are speaking through me it's different. So I noticed it, but I'm not using a lot of words I don't use in my normal conversation, you know?

Alex Ferrari 20:27
Well, let me let me say, because this is something that I, you know, and I'm glad we're having this conversation. This is the conversation that doesn't, it doesn't happen very often these conversations, because there's a lot of doubt in the chat and people within the channels, because, you know, let's call it what it is. It's freaky, it's clear, it's weird. It's awkward. It's outside of outside the box, from somebody outside looking in. And when I first started seeing it, as you know, the story, I knew Darryl Anka, who's Bashar for five years before I even knew there was a channel. And then Then one day, okay, he doesn't like walk in the room, like, I have a channel. Like, he doesn't do that. So then once I started working with him on the Bashar project, which was a documentary about Bashar, yeah. And I was working with him as a collaborator on it. I said, What's this channeling thing? And he's like, Oh, it's just something I do. And he was my first introduction. Can you imagine there'll be my first introduction to channel list? And I and I asked, and I just asked all these questions about how, because I just knew him as a normal person, not anyone, you know, he's a filmmaker, he's just doing his thing and living his life. But this other side of him was like, Well, what's going on? And I got into the details with him. And knowing him, you know, knowing Paul, knowing Sheila, and many of the other channels that I have, I always tell people, like, do you think it's real? Or they just, it's you think it's just BS? Are they just acting and I go, Listen, two things. One, I come from Hollywood, I've directed Oscar winning actors. I've been around really, really competent performers, and actors, and stand ups in improv are some of the best in the world. What these people are doing is unprecedented if they are faking it. Because it's one thing to have a monologue in your head. And, and even doing that, not to, like, the arms and the O's. Okay, fine. But when you when you have the level of Paul or Darrell, or that they don't break at all, it's like, give Meryl Streep those lines, and tell her to talk for an hour and a half like that.

Daniel Scranton 22:41
And yeah,

Alex Ferrari 22:43
And every, by the way, everything that comes out is profound is all l. But then I throw in the extra mix of like, I'm asking questions that they don't know they're gonna get right. And they're tough questions. They're not easy questions I asked. And they're answering it without a beat. I'm like, so that's the whole I don't believe in it. But secondly, what are they saying? It's a profound to you, is it helping you? It's resonating with you if it is take it, if not dismiss it and move on.

Daniel Scranton 23:12
By the way, I fell in love with Paul Selig, during your two. I love that man. I hope I meet him someday. And I get to hug him. Mutual we have mutual friends on Maui, so I could make it happen pretty quickly. But because I live on Maui, and so to see now

Alex Ferrari 23:30
Because both somebody has to do it. So thank you for taking the bullet for the rest of us. Yes.

Daniel Scranton 23:34
What a terrible life. I don't how awful would that be though to have to fake it? Like, all the time? Oh, my God, your hair would fall out or something from the stress? And the I think like, what? Because we were talking about this earlier, too, about how many channels are are out there now. I think they all mean well. I think everybody and I'm the type of person you know, we thought OJ was innocent. You know, like I I want everybody to be innocent. You know, like

Alex Ferrari 24:04
Kicking kicking the butt. You're dating yourself, sir.

Daniel Scranton 24:09
But um, you know, I never seen somebody and gone oh, they're faking it. But I have seen people and gone. They're highly influenced by what they read on the internet. This channeling is not it because everyone has a filter. And I don't know if you've ever spoken to any channelers about the filter, but there's a filter that we all have that we don't have any you can't just say I don't want to filter, get rid of my filter because you're still human. And you still could let something come through. And you might say, I don't want to let that come through. You know what I mean? Because well, and the other thing too, here's the other thing. There's trance channelers there's deep trance channelers I was gonna ask you conscious channelers and my friend Nora Harold, she'll talk to you as Nora and Then so go up. This is the Pleiadians. And you're like, and she'll talk to you as a play. And it's that quick. And then she'll go back to talk to you as Nora. And so some people are like that they're that conscious with it. And so there's everything in between. The terrible thing about being a conscious Channeler is if you're a perfectionist like I am, that and you've always been hard on yourself, like I've been, then you're listening to it. And sometimes you're going this isn't very good. You know, because you're still there, you're still aware of what's happening. So I wish to God, I was a blackout trance channeler. And I didn't have to, you know, like, they're like, Darrell, or like Darrell and Jessica Herman, who's Wonderful, wonderful. channeler. Everybody watch all these old episodes, by the way, they're all amazing. Yeah, but here's the thing I want to say about channeling that is so important. Because what you're saying is right, what you're saying is true. But there's more. And the more is there's an energy, there's an energy that to some is palpable to others, they'll be like, Well, they didn't tell me whether I should buy dinar, or whether I should buy this currency. Or they didn't tell me like when the financial collapse is going to happen. So I'm skeptical, because if you're up here the whole time, and you're not sensitive and open, which you have to be to channel like, you have to be a sensitive, empathic, open, emotional being. But if you're just in your head, and you're in your head, thinking about the channeling, too, then you're missing the main course, which is the energy that's being transmitted is incredible. It gives people their own downloads people tell me later on, or, you know, in the arcturion said this during our session, like I know, they didn't say that, but that's what they got. Because they were having their own experience over there. Because, you know, if you're receiving channeling if you're really receiving it, you have to open up and I think that's what the our Turians do through me to get everybody to be ready to receive what it is that they're giving by doing these crazy tones and sounds at the beginning, is that they're they're attempting to get the listener to do more than just listen with their mind and their ears.

Alex Ferrari 27:41
Well, yeah, here. Yeah, I was gonna say the your channeling is by far the strangest intro. There's no question my friend. I mean, I mean, when I saw you the first time, I was like, This guy's like, what's going on? Because you're like, the arms are flailing you're making sounds. It's It's intense. It's an intense situation. I was like, What is going on? So that's why I really wanted to have a deeper conversation about your process, right? Why is it happening? So people that watch it are prepared for this this because if you're not ready for it, they're like, this guy's

Daniel Scranton 28:18
You gotta you might you might want to turn them down.

Alex Ferrari 28:21
You would have been burned at the stake. There's no, there's no question you would have been burned at the stake. Because it just seems almost otherworldly. So is that is that energy coming in. It's like the movements. And all that

Daniel Scranton 28:33
I've never I had a friend who by the way, he was also a filmmaker. He told me and he's a yoga teacher, too. He told me, this is called a mudra. And I'm like, Oh, I don't know what a mudra is. But I do this. And, and I looked up the mudra is and there's no mudra like this, there's one like this. But this one, it feels like the thumb and the finger are pushing against each other. So the way that I've made sense of it is the energy must be coming up and circling back down. And then in this hand, the other hand, I wonder if I can do it. The fingers are flapping around, like a fairy. And I channel a fairy. And at first I thought oh, Philia is here, too. That's what that is. But it's been going on for years. Now with the flapping. And I actually saw a guy once a video of a guy and his fingers were just doing it like that much, you know, but they're also rubbing against each other while they're doing it's not just they're not like not touching there. There's friction. So I don't know, but I do know that like I could stop it. I know if I have an itch I can itch. But I basically am like, as soon as I'm open I'm channeling I'm not doing it to channel or to make it happen in some way. But it's part of it. It's part of the the transmission as we channel almost call it is a transmission that's going on that if you're open to it can affect you in ways that are that go beyond what the answers to the questions will be.

Alex Ferrari 30:09
And the other thing I always find fascinating with people who talk to me, because by the way, I ever since I started this show, I get asked so many questions people like, you know, call me up, or they'll tech friends from Hollywood or other people or just people who just find out what I do. They just don't, they just are fascinated. And they're very curious about everything. And they go, Well, do you think they're just faking it to sell books? And I go, do you know how much money people make selling books? Are you kidding? Like, do you think, do you think if there's, there's a lot easier ways to scam people to get rich than channeling. You know, it's just like, this is this is a, it's a it's a full time thing. And I want people listening to understand like, Oh, they're, they just want to try to sell a course or other one like, man, there's such easier things you can do in the world, than putting yourself out there like this. Because you're basically exposing yourself into the world now publicly, in a way that like when Darryl and Sheila beat did it, like very quietly kind of word of mouth, maybe a book or something like that would come out every once. But now it's like, you've got a website, you got a YouTube channel, you're out there. So you're basically putting yourself out there vulnerable for the arrows in the, in the rocks to be thrown like this such easier ways to make money in the world. So that's another reason I pointed out here because I want people to understand that channelers that if they put themselves out this way. I mean, I don't know how many channels you know that have Lear jets. You know what I mean? It's like it doesn't, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. To me. There's a lot easier ways. Now there's some there's some mega churches, guys who have lived yet. I'm just throwing that out there not saying who but you see what I mean? There are other ways to do it. So I just wanted to kind of put that out there and kind of so people listening can understand. This doesn't make sense, at least from my point of view, and I'm assuming you yours as well.

Daniel Scranton 32:12
Yeah, and honestly, there's some times that I go like, I wish I was just a life coach or something, you know, like so much easier. Yeah, like, you know,

Alex Ferrari 32:23
You could have easily turned into a life coach, yet still done all of this quietly.

Daniel Scranton 32:27
I'm really good at coaching people too, because I was so into all this stuff. Like I, I threw myself into spirituality in the early like, I think I woke up in the year 2000. So it's been 23 years. And I just followed everybody read everything and like, yeah, I could I could really have been a life coach instead. And that would have been easier for sure. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 32:53
A lot. easier path, you know, and people like, yeah, absolutely. So there's, there's, it's a choice what you're doing. And

Daniel Scranton 33:02
I want you to have to say yes to it. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 33:04
It's a choice that you're saying yes to. And I've spoken to many channelers who's like, I kept it quiet for years, I will just do it for my friends. Because it's it's a big coming out of the closet, spiritual closet if you're channeling closet to do this. So I really, I really appreciate you being so honest and forth what you know, raw about this conversation, because it's something that doesn't get talked about very often, everyone always talks about the woowoo stuff. But there is a practical human being behind the channeling and what they have to deal with and what they have to go through. And I think that gives a little bit more gravitas to what they're saying and doing adds a channel when you understand, arguably some of the sacrifices that they're making to do it.

Daniel Scranton 33:47
And on the other hand, if I didn't do it, God only knows what my life would be like because I need the energy. It I've heard you ask the question before it is it were you out or is it gives me energy the reason I meditated all those years is because I probably would have been diagnosed with with chronic fatigue or something. That's how tired I was all the time. So to be able to do this thing where I become this, this conduit of energy, it gives me so much energy it it I do because I'm conscious while I'm doing it, I do get to hear all the answers, which helped me in my day to day life. Because even though I've been spiritually awake for so long and channeling for so long, I still have my challenges and my issues that I'm facing. And what they say through me, is for me as much as it is for everybody else. And that's why I channel almost every day put out a new channeling. I want to know what they're saying too. I want to know I want that that reminder because a lot of it's reminders for people to it's like people will say to me I knew all of that already but still I'm glad we did it, and I'm glad I did get something out of it. But But yeah, so a lot of people, I know you, you've studied a lot of spiritual texts yourself. I've heard you speak quite eloquently about spirituality. And you know that like, it all comes down to a few simple truths. You know, there's only a few really basic truths. And when people talk about being awake, I really think that knowing those truths is what being awake is, I don't think being awake means you believe that. You have the right theory about what chemtrails are, you know, but some people use it that way. Some people say, oh, yeah, I'm awake, man. I don't you know, I got aluminum foil inside all the drywall, you know? So,

Alex Ferrari 35:52
I mean, why wouldn't we? Why? Because if not, the Earth will tilt over because we're flat. So, so sorry, all flat. earthers. Listening, I apologize. Out there? No, are you kidding me? They knocked on my door constantly.

Daniel Scranton 36:07
The thing that I think about when it comes to flat Earth, is this, like, I can't both be true. Because it can can we have multiple realities? I think so. And I also think the only thing that's really true, besides that, we're all source. And we're all love, like those are some of those universal truths. But your experience is true. So that's why you can't really call anyone crazy, because you know, they're experiencing life in the way that they're telling you it is. That's their experience. And if you're walking on the earth, and you say feels flat to me, then you can come up with this theory

Alex Ferrari 36:47
And the thing, and I understand what you're saying too. But it's also based on the experiences based on how you were raised your life experiences, the traumas in your life, all of those things that make you your personality will make you think one way or the other, was some people will look at pictures of the Earth and go is pretty. It's looked around all the planets around. That's all makes sense scientifically. Okay. And others will go, No, there's a nice wall, and you can walk to the end. And you know, what, if you believe that, God bless you, I wish you the best, I wish you the best. But generally speaking, but it is all perspective. And you're absolutely right. It is the perception, we walk through life, through the through the, through the lens of our experiences, you know, and I was talking to channel the other day about this. And she's like it the the entity that was coming through her said, if you walk down the street, and you see in the middle of New York City somewhere, you walk down the street, and there's lights and noises flashing and buildings everywhere people walking. That's the experience, right? Well, if you're an architect, you're walking down the street, you're looking at the buildings, how they're built. If you're a real estate agent, you're walking down and like, oh, I want to sell that. If you're an electrician, you're like, Oh, why is that light out? Oh, is because of the the electricity breaker was a bit broken. You look at the same scene as looked at by everybody completely different based on their experience. So I completely agree with you. 100%.

Daniel Scranton 38:15
Okay, go ahead.

Alex Ferrari 38:17
Real quick. I wanted to ask you about the channels because this is something I really am curious about. What how many different kinds of channeling is there I know there's trance, channeling and Edgar Cayce, he was the sleeping prophet. There's people that come in and out and people just look up, like Susan Guzman and just goes up on there. And she can do trans channeling, how many different ones are there? And can you talk about it a little bit?

Daniel Scranton 38:39
And I don't know, really. All I can say is I think I think everything is channeling because like what you said before, about what kind of beliefs you're going to have like based on your experience based on your what some people call programming. So you're born and you're pretty much like this. Just tell it like like my daughter, I have a three year old. Something else we have in common. I have a three year old and and like she if I do something, it's funny, she'll do it too. She'll want to do it too, like so he's been programmed. She's been programmed. Yeah, yeah. So and I speak light language to her and she'll speak it back and we have so much fun with that. And yeah, so we absorb you know, we go around absorbing what we're being told we have a version of the truth that we're given an A version of history and all this stuff. And our brains and this is I'm borrowing this from Bashar our brains are receivers. They're like radios. And so your your brain then given what you're vibrating, so vibration is like tuning the station. It's the frequency like FM stands for frequency something like modulation or something like that. So there's frequency See, I have a vibration. So meaning hertz and all that I'm not a science guy, you can probably tell. But you're, you're vibrating. And so then your brain receives what's a match to what you're vibrating. That's what you're getting. That's what you're channeling. So, the big truth about channeling is all that I'm doing and Sheila and Paul, and everybody else is doing is we're saying, Okay, be that, since that is the case, I'm going to change where my dial is set, so that I'm getting something that's coming from a higher source, then the news, my teachers, my parents, my friends, everybody else who's ever given me their perspective, on reality? And what I should believe, and what are the ways that I should think so then you and, you know, maybe you've talked to certain people about dimensions to and the difference between the dimensions. So because we now are fourth dimensional, we only perceive a certain spectrum of energy, you know, people, everybody knows that you dogs can hear us things we can hear. And you can only see a certain amount and stuff like that. But it's true with with everything, it's not just the five senses. So you've got to raise your frequency to be able to get what's coming from a higher dimensional plane, those higher dimensional planes are all around us to end inside of us. It's not like they're places. It's like, you know, our our superhero movies or Marvel movies and stuff, they're kind of getting into this stuff of like, the alternate reality is right there, you know, and often they'll use multiverse skill. Yeah, you've got to have a portal or something, gotta have something visual, but it really is right here right now in a different vibration. So that I only perceive the walls and the lights and the stuff in the room here but there's a lot more present, it's just vibrating at a frequency whereas where I don't perceive it, so as a channeler you're saying I'm going to raise my vibration. So anyone who wants to channel just go raise your vibration do the thing that puts you into your happiest place. And when I teach people I often say go out in nature like get away from it all and go sit under a tree and that's where your your channeling is more likely to happen because in your house, you got all the thought forms. You got all the energies that have been present in your house and you got to get away from it all in order to sometimes be able and the and the trees and the rocks and the wild animals they're all They're like rooting for us you know they all want us to like kind of come come where the water is warm you know and and enjoy this thing that was gifted to you this earth and you can tap in so much Jesus went to the desert right when he did his thing 40 days or something you know, he's Yogi's go to the Himalayas. They go in caves? Yeah, they're not they're not doing it in the middle of Times Square. On soapbox.

Alex Ferrari 43:20
Exactly. And if they are on Time Square, beware of that person. That is in Times Square. The Elmo in this in the spider man in Times Square, you gotta be careful them. So alright, so if somebody's wanting to become a channel, what are the first steps that you would recommend? And how they could possibly if they're even if they're, I think I agree with you. I think we're all able to do it. It all just depends on how much we're able to let go and open ourselves up to things. What are some steps that people if they're truly interested in walking down this path? What can you do to get there?

Daniel Scranton 43:56
Well, honestly, my I can tell you from my own experience that like just being around channeled material, you're not just you're not just receiving those words and those teachings you're, you're being introduced to a vibration. So if you if you listen to and read channeling, it can give you those attunements that you need for your body to be able because I think the body to another part of it is our bodies have to be able to handle the energies. And I think one of the things that was happening to me in that that experience I had in March of 2010 Was that my body had to be readied for the energies that were coming that I was going to be channeling. Right. So yeah, so it's, you know, any, like I said before, you could write a list, you could say I'm gonna have a list of the 10 things, or even five that I could do in a day to raise my vibration. Maybe it's like just go for a walk. Meditate. sing dance, take a bath, you know, all these things are going to help you open up more and and be intentional to, you know, you can meditate like I was meditating to get energy so I could go and live like a normally functioning human being. But you can meditate without intention, like I'm meditating with the intention now of opening myself up to higher frequency, energy and beings who want to come through and, you know, speak through me. And it's good to be to be clear about it too, because that's the other thing. That's the fear that people have with channeling they think, Well, if I open up How do I know it's not going to be some lower vibrational entity? You know? The truth is, you're never safer than when you're channeling because if you're doing it right, you're raising your vibration and guess what they can jump up and get you from their lower vibrational plane, they're gonna stay down here, where people who are using Weegee boards are right, you know, people who don't take any of the steps to raise their vibration are more vulnerable than the people who are like, Okay, I'm going to, I'm going to speak mantras, think mantras, I'm going to go home I'm you know, toning is obviously, you could have, you should probably have somebody on some time who can talk about the power of sound like Jonathan Goldman or somebody like that, who, these these sound healers and New Age musicians, you they understand it much better than I do, I just channeled it, you know, I just like, when I left when I first received overtones, and and created overtones, my that the beings were just moving my lips and tongue and mouth around to create those sounds. And an overtone is, it's a higher tone with a bass tone at the same time. So you're hearing two sounds at the same time. So anyway, there's a lot you can do. And it might be different for different people in terms of like what gets you you know, some people like running and some people like biking and some people like walking. So whatever it is that you is your way of getting yourself in that higher vibrational state. And another thing I just want to I just want to say one more thing I know I'm talking a lot. This thing here is somebody pointed this out to me, this will synchronize your left and right hemispheres of your brain making it one brain. Because we have this thing called the corpus callosum in between the right and left hemispheres that kind of get you in, you know, you're there and left brain mode, your right brain mode, and you want to integrate, and that does that naturally. And that's what binaural beats are meant to do as well. That's another sound thing. Binaural Beats, they're meant, because because it's called Hemi Hemi sync, the Monroe Institute call it's called Hemi sync hemispheres syncing. So you want one brain one unified brain to be that receiver of what you're getting.

Alex Ferrari 48:13
So is that kind of like why and for everyone listening and not watching? He was shaking his head back and forth? Like Stevie Wonder right now? Or Ray Charles? Is that why they did it? Is that why they did it with the music?

Daniel Scranton 48:23
They were probably I mean, the greats are all the greats not channeling Oh, option. I mean, you know, Abraham has said, the song that you know, so and so is writing is is being written by the people who will receive it. And they are the songwriter is just the, the one who lets it through. And then and then they bring it through and then they go to the you know, my wife just went to go see Ed Sheeran, and there's 60,000 people in that stadium. You know, they're all They're receiving what he brought through for them, basically. And, you know, Michael Jordan, he he made a free throw with his eyes closed. I mean, the guy was, he was otherworldly in terms of what he was able to do with his body. Sure. And, and there's a there's an element of that anyone who's ever played sports, or danced, gets that or has acted, if you've ever done if you've ever performed in any way, you know, at some point, like, you're just like letting it happen.

Alex Ferrari 49:24
Well, you're in the, you're in the flow.

Daniel Scranton 49:26
Exactly. As soon as you start thinking, like if, if music is playing, and I'm going like this, and then I noticed, I'm dancing. I'm like, oh, now I'm self conscious. Now I'm thinking like, what was I doing? Was I doing this? You know, I'm a much better dancer than that. Terrible.

Alex Ferrari 49:41
No, it's very, very true. And I've had the opportunity to speak to some big rock stars and movie stars, leaders. And I asked the same question like, Did you are you channeling? I use that term not in the way that we're talking about it, but in the way that the word channeling has become very mainstream. The word channeling you're channeling this is Michael Jordan for that shot. You Michael, you're channeling, you know, you know, the Beatles for that song that you wrote, like, there's that kind of thing. But, you know, I've spoken to some of the biggest rock stars and movie stars in the world, and directors and writers, and they all say, Oh, um, it's coming from somewhere else. Like, it's, I'm just, I just show up, and let them know I'm gonna be there. And it comes through, and even directors who are on set who, you know that the stories of Spielberg and Scorsese, and Tarantino that they're just like, in a flow, they just, they can, they can see a scene and fix a problem like that instantly, boom, boom, boom, and not even think it's not even a thought process. It's just, it's like, it's like your orchestra, like an orchestra, or like an orchestra conductor. And just moving things and people around them, like, how did they figure that out? How did they

Daniel Scranton 50:53
There's no trying involved, it's like Yoda said, you know, and the thing that another analogy I use with channeling, it's like, if you're trying to channel and you're not getting anything, it's sort of like when you're trying to find your keys. And you can't find your keys and you can't find your keys. And then you give up and you sit down, you're like, Oh, I get the remote. Oh, they're my keys. Because they were under that pillow that was on the couch that you had to give up to sit down on. And with channeling as soon as you give as soon as you stop trying. Because it's more of an opening up to allow this thing to happen, that we still those of us who channel still don't totally understand the mechanics of it, we just know that like, there are times when we're more often than not so sure, it's a it's a collaboration to like I've done an event an in person event where Darryl channeled and other channels channels and it was the biggest in person one that I've ever been at. So sitting up on a stage with all those people in the audience is a way different experience as a channeler than having someone that you're channeling for over the phone who's in Iowa and you're in Maui or wherever you are, you know, it's just different. And if a person's a skeptic, if a person sitting there going like this while you're channeling and they're like, you know, and they're just reading questions and they're not it's different experience. It's a co creation, you know, and and that's the thing too, like you know, everybody is nobody's perfect. So don't expect just because it's channeled it's it's some sort of perfection, right? Because everybody has good days and bad days and like I said conditions that make it easier for them to channel and other times when they're feeling more self conscious or they're you know, they're worried that this person is going to start yelling because they don't like what they're getting as an answer you know that the person is like really angry to begin with angry wants to speak to you and it's like well we're sensitive beings too. And like I said, I was a big drinker back in the day and I've had many blackouts and I really wish it was like that

Alex Ferrari 53:14
Just be like I'm gone and I'm back and well since we've been talking about channeling for almost an hour now I think it's time to show people what you can do sir as a channel and ask as the the beings that come through you a handful of deep questions and see what they come up with so I'm waiting I'm waiting now for the show sir

Daniel Scranton 53:44
You might want to turn your volume down if it's it's already pretty high

Hello, Alex. Hello. Wonderful to be here with you and to have this opportunity to chat.

Alex Ferrari 56:53
Thank you so much for doing so is indeed, my first question to you is how do collectives like yourself who wanted to channel in this world pick the channels or the vessels that they're going to use.

Daniel Scranton 57:10
Sometimes there is a preexisting arrangement, sometimes you do have a part of that being who's in the physical who is also in the collective, they are channeling. Other times, there are agreements that are made in the astral plane while the human is asleep. That did not exist prior to the incarnation. But because that person made certain choices in their life and took themselves down a particular path. They became excellent candidates to be channelers. And there are a host of beings and collectives out there who want to have their voices heard. They want to also contribute to the great transformation that is happening there on earth. We all have an agenda when we help you, we want to see you succeed. We want to elevate the consciousness of humanity. And we also know that as you grow and expand as you evolve and ascend, so do we, we get to reach the next level of our consciousness by helping all that we help. And so it is not an answer, where there's only one way that this can happen. But there are several, and you're seeing it, you're seeing all the different people coming forth and channeling because there are so many ways for those agreements to be forged.

Alex Ferrari 58:55
Is that why there's so many more channels now than they were 40 years ago? 50 years ago?

Daniel Scranton 59:00
It is it's because of the asking. So there's more of an asking on earth at this time for something due for a transformation. There's so many who have become upset with their religion or religious leaders, there are some who feel lost and are calling out in the middle of the night for something for some sort of help or some sort of sign. And then when they relax enough, when they open up enough to receive an answer, they get that answer and sometimes that answer comes in the form of a little voice in their head and other times that answer comes because they were listening to a song or watching a movie or they glanced over at a billboard there's so many different ways people can get those answers, but certainly channeling is one of them.

Alex Ferrari 59:58
Can a soul live multiple lives at the same time?

Daniel Scranton 1:00:01
All souls do, because all time really is simultaneous and every soul is very curious, every soul really does want to grow. And even though you as a human, don't even want to stub your toe, nevermind, have a car accident or lose a loved one, the soul wants as many experiences as the soul can get. And so when you get into alignment with your soul, you start living your purpose more, you start to find that there is a path and that the path that feels the best is the path that you're meant to be on. And so then you're sort of living the truth of the life that you set out to live before you incarnated. Because there has to be that forgetting, when you incarnate when you are born, if you knew everything, then you wouldn't be able to have all the emotions that you have, you wouldn't be able to first think that this is all there is. And this is your one lifetime that you get to live in. So you better make it count, you wouldn't be able to have all those thoughts and feelings and beliefs, if you knew everything that you know, on that soul level. So really, every individual who is living a life right now ought to be thinking in terms of aligning with their soul lining with that intention of the soul, because the soul definitely wants to have particular experiences through you. And by the way, before people start thinking that they're now mad at their souls, you are your soul. There is no separation in reality between who and what you are, and your soul. So that's why you hear people saying in the new age, you have to accept you have to go with the flow, you have to surrender. It is because you're really giving in to you, you're giving into your own agenda for coming forth. And living a life. It's only when you're fighting it when you're trying to swim upstream, when you're saying, No, I'm supposed to be a famous actor in this lifetime. And I'm going to keep struggling and trying until I make that happen somehow, instead of settling in to what it is that you can do and what comes easy to you and how you can be of greatest service to others how you can find love in your heart and compassion through whatever it is you can do. And that can be something as simple as being a cashier, it doesn't have to be that you write a book that millions of people read or you open a new age Healing Center.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:58
Why do we suffer? Why are there? Why is this experience filled with quote unquote, bad experiences? Bad people, evil people, evil situations, bad situations? Why do we suffer in this life?

Daniel Scranton 1:03:13
Because as we said earlier, every soul really does want to have a multitude of experiences. So every soul wants to play the villain and also wants to play the saint, and the soul is doing it simultaneously, the soul doesn't have to experience the villain having their huge transformation to become the saint, because the soul gets to experience both at the same time. Now as to the question about suffering, suffering is a choice. And when people realize that suffering is a choice that they're choosing to resist, they're choosing to push against something or someone and they're not allowing they're not in the flow. They're not in that place of acceptance, then yes, there is suffering. Now there's loss. And some of that loss, it would be hard to fathom a person not going through some suffering due to a loss of a loved one, especially if that person then thinks it was their fault somehow. So there's all kinds of experiences that as a human being, you cannot imagine why this experience would even exist. Why should that experience exist? It makes no sense. It has only bad associated with it, but on that soul level, you see that if you did lose someone that you loved and you did blame yourself for it, well then you get to experience the movement from blaming yourself, too, accepting it forgiving yourself, actually helping other people who are doing the same thing to themselves and you, as a soul get to have all of those experiences. If you take the growth, if you say, there must be something in this for me and for me has to go beyond the ego, sometimes it has to go beyond getting what you want, and go into how do I grow from this? How is this serving me? How is the raising of my consciousness possible through this and it is through forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, all the things that come when you first have an unwanted or so called negative experience that is there to get you to examine something, you may need to be looking at your life differently. If you break your leg, you might need to slow down and so you broke your leg. And now you have to slow everything down. Now you have to receive help from other people. These might be things that you don't want to do from that ego mind level,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:14
How do we overcome the fear that we walk around with in our lives?

Daniel Scranton 1:06:19
You first of all feel it, you recognize that, as a soul, you don't just want to feel happy, and love and peace all the time as a soul, you want the full spectrum, you want to taste all the flavors so that you can become the best chef. And that means that you have to allow these certain emotions to be what they are. You don't have to transmute fear. You don't have to transform fear. Fear is what it is think of it as a ball of energy. And it's a ball of energy that you intersect with at a certain point where now you're experiencing that aspect of source. So you have a choice in that moment. You can fear the fear, you can get angry because you were told that you're supposed to be brave at all times, because you're a man in society, and men shouldn't be afraid, however, you can judge yourself, you can judge the fear or you can embrace it. So that's something else you hear a lot in the new age, you hear people talking about embracing this and embracing that. You embrace the fear, you actually get curious about what it feels like. And you allow it to be what it is. And guess what, then a little ball of energy moves right through you. It doesn't stick around. It doesn't stick around in children very often, when a child is sad, or a child is afraid, they can easily process that emotion more quickly, because they don't have ideas about the emotion itself. They haven't set up a bunch of beliefs and thoughts about emotions and the way they should be feeling in that situation. So they're just allowing it to pass right through them. And then before you know it, they're off playing again. So one thing you can always do with fear is you can tune into where you feel it in your body, it's most likely to be felt in one or more chakra. And then you can breathe into that chakra breathe into that fear with that intention of Alright, fear. Now is your moment. This is your day in the sun where you get to shine. And I'm going to feel you as completely as anyone has ever felt fear. And then your time with the fear will be over the fear can move on. You'll have a clearing you'll feel more clear. You'll be in that state where you can actually choose then what you want to feel after the fear. So again, part of this journey for all of you is movement, moving from fear to love is a journey and you get to take that journey. Once the fear is felt you get to gradually climb your way back up to what is your truth. What is your essence, which is love?

Alex Ferrari 1:09:30
Do we all have a destiny or purpose when we incarnate?

Daniel Scranton 1:09:35
Yes you do. Everything is purposeful. Everything is about wanting to have a particular type of experience. And every soul knows what they're getting into. When they enter into a life they even look at it. They're able to watch it like a silent film before taking Have the body on that will give them that experience. Now, that doesn't mean that every moment of your life is preordained and scripted, because you have freewill. And you get to make decisions at various decision points in that life. And that's what none of us knows, for sure you're going to do, we don't know, we can't tell you the one future. Because everyone gets to decide whether they choose love or fear, whether they go left or right, whether they choose film school, or to become a corporate lawyer, it really depends on whether they're following their guidance, they're following their feelings, their intuition, and this is something else you hear a lot about in the New Age. But it's like that for a reason. It's because it's important to follow one's bliss, and to listen to that little nudge that you're getting from within because it's either your guides or your higher self or your soul, it's some aspect of you, or a team that's really looking out for you that's trying to get you to move in a direction that's going to be part of that purpose, it's going to help you fulfill that mission that you had, before you started out in a mission doesn't mean that it's something you do for 40 years, or 50 years, it can be something very simple it can be, I want to go forth, and I want to have three children. And I want to raise those children and I want to have grandchildren, it's different for every soul, because everything that you can imagine is. And so as we said before, souls like variety, and souls crave experience. So of course, there's going to be people who are interested in bugs, even though most people aren't interested in bugs, but some people really want to study those insects,

Alex Ferrari 1:12:02
What happens to a soul once it's done with when it's done within life?

Daniel Scranton 1:12:05
There is a moment of feeling free, there is a moment when a soul realizes that they have died. And sometimes it takes longer. For some than others, some are more prepared for it, you've probably heard the stories of people in India who say I'm dying Thursday at four o'clock, you can come if you want to. And so of course, their transition into that next realm, that next dimension is going to be a lot easier than someone who has a sudden car accident, and doesn't really know what to expect when they do die. So people tend to get what they expect, after they die. And if they don't expect anything, if they don't know. Or if they believe that that's when everything ends is the end of the life, then they're going to be in for a bit of a surprise, they're going to have experiences that at first, also don't make sense. They also will think this can't be real, I must be imagining this, but eventually, they come around to no I have died. This is it. And then that being which is really just an aspect of the whole soul, because the whole soul, of course knows that this is the time to release from that body. But it's an aspect of the soul that then goes on and meets with ancestors and people they knew during the life that passed on the for them. And they meet with guides and they go and they have this big family reunion where they talk about what just happened and how it could have gone differently. And they could have made different choices and that sort of thing.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:54
And what do you think about what's happening in the world today?

Daniel Scranton 1:13:57
It's perfect. The world is perfect as it is because as we said, you need to have certain experiences to get you to grow. So what you're seeing in the world is you're seeing that everyone has something they're focused on for some people, they're concerned about the environment for other people. They're concerned about the economy. For other people. They're concerned that there's too much religion being crammed down people's throats and other people think well, the problem is there's not enough religion being crammed down people's throats. So everyone has a different concern, something that they think is the problem with the world and it's not the problem with the world. It's their challenge. It's the thing that they wanted to work on the thing they wanted to master. And so even getting to that place where you can accept things as they are as a human being. You've now taken something that you once saw as a problem with the world. And you've realized, Oh, that was there to get me to release my resistance to it. So I could feel that relief. So then I could see that there is a better future for all of us. For all of humanity, there is a better future. And this condition right now this experience we're all having collectively is getting us to choose that better future, to to the reality, where everyone is treated fairly, where everyone has enough, where everyone can coexist in peace, where everyone's living in harmony with Earth, and with animals. And those sorts of things are what people are now deciding they want because of the state of the earth as it is today.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:48
And do you have any final messages for our audience?

Daniel Scranton 1:15:52
Everyone has a heart. Everyone is capable of love. Everyone is capable of loving something, or someone. Everyone is capable of finding the love within themselves that exists always as that spark of divinity. Spend some time every day, tune into your heart. Ask yourself, honestly, what is it that I love? What is it that I love to do? What is it I'm feeling called to do when I tune in to this organ that's right there beating at all times trying to get my attention. When I dropped down from my head and into my heart, what's causing my heart to sing? What is it that I'm here to do that I can feel the calling. Because I know when I'm doing it, I feel more love, I feel more expansion, I feel more peace, I feel timeless. Tune into that more so than your head. And you'll make your shift in consciousness right now. Because that's what the shift in consciousness that people are talking about is really all about, and everyone has a chance to do it. In every moment of every day, take the opportunity you've given yourselves, and you will change your lives and you will change your world dramatically.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:16
Thank you so much for this this conversation, my friend. I really truly appreciate it.

Daniel Scranton 1:17:22
We are there Touring Council and we have enjoyed, to connecting with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:33
How are you doing Brother?

Daniel Scranton 1:17:34
I don't know why I was nervous for this. Because I mean, you've done anything. I don't have to do anything.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:42
I'm assuming you've done this a few times in your life. You shouldn't be nervous.

Daniel Scranton 1:17:46
I love it. It's the best. It really is that just the I you know, I know I chose it. But I still feel lucky. Yeah, I still feel like I get to do this, you know, people? No, they come to me and they tell me how much it means to them. And I don't always let it sink in either. You know, I know the sealable, like deflecting all the time, like all the praise. But man, I'm just I don't know what to say, I'm so happy that I get to do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:18
This has been such an eye opening and wonderfully raw conversation about the art of channeling and what, what you guys do, and it's not a conversation that happens often. So I do truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and your experience with everybody. And now I'm going to ask you those few questions. I'm sure you know, oh, you asked all my guests, I do know, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Daniel Scranton 1:18:45
I want to be present, I want to be present with whatever I'm doing, and whomever I'm with. And you know, I work a lot. And then I spend time with my child and my wife and I just want to be there completely with them. And be able to relax and enjoy the moment that I'm in. That's I think, and I was gonna say this is my answers is for me. But now I think that really is something that's good for everyone. I do think it's, it's really we've got to be present, we got to let go of the mental, the tendency to focus on past and future all the time. What is your definition of God? I think that the best way to define God is how we could experience God which is sort of love. I don't I don't think that we could really put words to what God is we could talk about God for a couple hours too. But we get to as humans connect by feeling God as love in ourselves. And I think that if you do that if you set out to do that, then you know God then you can, you can say, I know God, I've, I love that flower over there, and what is the ultimate purpose of life, to live it, to have experiences to grow from those experiences, to make choices and to create to you know, you're a creative guy. I mean, that's how we get to be God is through our creations we get to take, they were talking about like tasting all the different foods so you can be a better chef like that's what we're doing essentially, is we're having all these experiences so we can put different ones together and create something new. And I think that if you have any sort of creative outlet, then it's great because it's it's the purpose,

Alex Ferrari 1:20:44
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Daniel Scranton 1:20:47
I have a website, it's my name, I'm on YouTube. And I've got 1000s of videos on YouTube that I post too. I post new ones on usually five days a week. And those are the two main places I'm on Instagram and Facebook, too, if people want to find me there,

Alex Ferrari 1:21:05
And what's and do you have any final messages for our audience?

Daniel Scranton 1:21:07
Well, we talked a lot about channeling here today. And I want people to know that I was 38 when I started channeling Lee Carol was 43 when he started channeling your recent guests, Yvonne, I think 47 or 46, when she started channeling it, you don't have to be seeing ghosts when you're six. And then be like I always knew I always knew you don't have to be that person. I've heard that person be interviewed too. And it's great that, that God wants to have that experience too. But but it's it's not meant for the few. It's meant for the willing and those who are open. And if you really want to experience something different than like everyday life. It's available to you no matter where you are in your journey right now.

Alex Ferrari 1:21:56
Daniel, man, I appreciate you and thank you so much for this lovely, lovely conversation. Hope it helps some people around the world my friend, I appreciate you.

Daniel Scranton 1:22:04
My pleasure, Alex. Namaste!

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