PROFOUND Channeled Message From the Angelic Realms with Daniel Neusom

In a world brimming with unseen energies and spiritual awakenings, Daniel Neusom stands as a guide through the mystical realms. A professional channeler for over 36 years, Daniel’s life is a testament to the transformative power of connecting with higher consciousness. His journey from a tumultuous childhood to becoming a vessel for angelic wisdom is both inspiring and profound.

Before embracing his path as a channeler, Daniel’s life was fraught with emotional turmoil. Growing up overweight, effeminate, and struggling with his identity, he faced significant challenges. At the age of 20, overwhelmed by despair, he attempted to take his own life. This moment of crisis became a pivotal turning point. “I called out to God and asked for help,” Daniel recalls. This plea for divine intervention opened the door to profound psychic experiences, which he initially struggled to comprehend.

A chance encounter with a woman in a dance class who possessed remarkable psychic abilities became the catalyst for Daniel’s spiritual transformation. “She started telling me things about myself that she had no way of knowing,” he shares. This revelation led him to a path of self-transformation, blending psychotherapy with spirituality. Through this process, Daniel felt the depression lift and the energy of God move through him. Inspired by his teacher, Daniel asked to become a channel, igniting a journey that would define his life.

“For any experience of pain or suffering or struggle or lack, choose to let the light of God come into the consciousness energy and patterning within you that has created or produced that experience,” Daniel advises. His teachings emphasize the importance of opening oneself to divine energy and allowing it to transform and heal the deepest parts of one’s being. This practice, he explains, is an ongoing process of spiritual growth and self-discovery.

Channeling, for Daniel, is akin to submerging oneself into a warm, comforting bath. “I can just take a breath, and I kind of dip into that light,” he describes. This connection with the angelic realm brings forth messages of love, guidance, and healing. His work is deeply rooted in the understanding that each individual is deserving of infinite joy, peace, and fulfillment.

One of the profound messages Daniel channels is the importance of releasing self-judgment and embracing one’s true nature. “Self-judgment creates some form of punishment and pain,” he explains. By expressing and releasing these judgments, individuals can transform guilt and suffering into love and self-acceptance. This process, Daniel emphasizes, requires ongoing dedication to spiritual practice and self-reflection.


  1. Self-Acceptance and Love: Embrace your true nature and release self-judgment to experience profound love and self-acceptance.
  2. Daily Spiritual Practice: Consistently open to the divine within you, allowing God’s light to transform and heal your deepest wounds.
  3. Connection with Higher Consciousness: Engage with the angelic realm and higher consciousness to receive guidance, healing, and support on your spiritual journey.

In his work, Daniel also addresses the relationship between free will and destiny. While certain experiences and relationships may be pre-planned before birth, free will ultimately guides how one engages with these destined encounters. “Your free will overpowers your destiny,” he asserts, highlighting the power individuals have to shape their own paths.

Daniel’s message is one of empowerment and hope. By recognizing the divine within and committing to ongoing spiritual practice, anyone can transform their life. “You are deserving of being always in the consciousness of heaven with God,” he declares, inviting all to embrace the limitless love and joy that is their birthright.

Please enjoy my conversation with Daniel Neusom.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 264

Daniel Neusom 0:00
For any experience of pain or suffering or struggle or lack, choose to let the light of God come into the consciousness energy and patterning within you that has created or produced that experience. And simply ask for its transformation, healing and release

Alex Ferrari 0:43
I like to welcome to the show, Daniel Neusom. How you doing, Daniel?

Daniel Neusom 0:46
I am amazing. Thank you. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I am doing fantastic my friend. Thank you so much for being on the show. I'm, I really am excited to talk to you or you've been channeling for at least a minute or two.

Daniel Neusom 0:58
I have been channeling professionally for 36 years.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
How is that possible? You only look 24? Sir, how is that possible?

Daniel Neusom 1:06
With God! All things are possible. I don't know. Either. I'm gonna tell you I turn I'm gonna be turning 61 No, I am. And I look in the mirror. And I just am thinking this is not what I would look like as a 60 year old man. But as you know, as I said, With God, all things are possible.

Alex Ferrari 1:24
No, I was gonna say like, you know, I was thinking I was looking at the other day, you remember the movie cocoon, from the 80s.

Daniel Neusom 1:30
I remember, but I don't think I ever saw.

Alex Ferrari 1:32
Well, there's an old man. And they're Wilford Brimley, who was an old actor. And in that movie, he's 55. Okay. And he looks 80

Daniel Neusom 1:43

Alex Ferrari 1:44
So the people are aging a little bit differently as the generations go by, like, my kids will probably look a hell of a lot better than I do. But I look a hell of a lot better than my parents, and so on and so on. So we'll, we'll see where it all leads. But my first question to you, sir, is what was your life like, prior to this insanity, that is channeling?

Daniel Neusom 2:06
Ah, my life was incredibly difficult. I had a, a, emotionally, and that caused me to have all kinds of problems. As a child, I was overweight, I was effeminate. I was a bad wetter appy. And, you know, I grew out of a lot of that stuff. And then I'm gay, also, which I discovered when I was 12. So there was this, this build up of emotional turmoil and pain. That kind of came to a head when I was in my early 20s, I was, I think I was about 20 years old, I tried to take my own life. And at that point, I called out to God, and I asked for help. Because I just because something inside of me knew that killing my was really not the answer. I had a feeling that life was eternal. But I was I was just out of options. And so I said, God, you know, just help. I just can't go on like this. At the same time, I was having psychic experiences, but I didn't. I didn't even believe in psychic experiences. So I thought, well, this is is this really psychic experiences part of my, my emotional mental disturbance? So I was at that time, I was working as an actor. And I was doing a show that that caused me to have to switch dance classes. So I went to this new dance class. And there was a woman there, her name was, and the class would sometimes Oh, very late. And I was living with my grandparents in White Plains, New York. And so she would let me stay over her house overnight sometimes. And one night, she just started talking to me and she started telling me things about myself that she had no way of knowing. And back then I was very hard headed and arrogant. But I I opened up to her and I understood oh my god, this woman was psychic. And she started to work with me on an app of self transformation, which was channeled by Eva periodicals. I don't know if you've heard of her work. Okay. So then my father died and that was a whole there's always this happening when I'm 21 years old. That was a whole other opened up a whole other category. You know what, Danny, I think you need to go to my teacher and white. So I went to and my first session I felt and raced in this amazing spiritual life. Eat. And I remember and said, So where do we begin? And I said, Well, I don't know. So she just closed her eyes, said, I see you walking down a road. And I can feel you're so needy of your mother, you want your mother. And that was she just into a very real scene, they were often where we lived, walk hour by myself along these roads, and I adored my mother during the first part of my life. And so she started to work with me on this path of self transformation, which combined psychotherapy with spirituality, I started to feel the depression that I had lifted I, I began to feel the energy of God moving through my body and my energy field. And I then wanted to be able to do with other people the work she had done with me. And so I asked to become a channel. And that's how it all started, I worked for years, very intensely, and that my own channel opened up. And then I started to work directly with the angelic guides, which I still do to this day. And that was my life before being a channel.

Alex Ferrari 6:26
So when so you actually actively looked for this ability. A lot of people it's thrust upon them, and all of a sudden, they start hearing voices in their head and like, Am I going crazy, you didn't have that.

Daniel Neusom 6:38
I was having psychic experiences. I was not hearing voices, but I was having different experiences of feeling energies and having my perception, changing the whole the way that the world looked to me and I didn't quite understand what was going on. But I but I didn't. So once I started working with an my teacher was a channel and I experienced the way be the energy spirit, the energy of God came through her. And how that working with her transformed me, I then wanted to become a channel and a spiritual teacher. So it was something that I asked to open to.

Alex Ferrari 7:20
So what can you describe the process of how you channel and what it feels like when when you are actually channeling?

Daniel Neusom 7:27
Yes. So I've I right now I can feel embraced in a spiritual energy, and light. So when I channeled, I can just take a breath, and I kind of dip into that light. And then I allow the light and the angelic realm to just express itself through me. So it's kind of like submerging yourself into a really wonderful warm bath, if you can think of spiritual energy like that. And that's, that's what it feels like to me. And it's very different for me than my like, the self that I am talking to you now, notice this last night, I had to teach a class and when I teach my development classes, I channeled the whole thing. So I actually didn't feel like teaching the class I said, oh, gotta go to teach this class and I was sitting in a chair and I called on the angels to work with me. They did work with my energy and my consciousness and got me ready for the class. And then when I started to channel the class, it was like, it was a glorious I was in this whole other state, filled with light. And you know, when spirit is coming through you, it is it is it is amazing. And Andy, why would I ever not want to do this? What was about that I was resisting. You know, teaching this class tonight. Did I answer you?

Alex Ferrari 9:04
Yeah, it sounds like ego was what was getting in the way. He was like, Oh, God, do I have to have to channel the angels again?

Daniel Neusom 9:14
I know can you imagine? But what's what's interesting is, and this is this is what I learned from I never met Eva Paco is that one of my my, my students actually got to study with her. But she said that if you become they call it a medium back then. But if you become a medium or a channel, that the most important thing is to continue to work on yourself to continue to work to purify your own anger, guilt, grief, ego, all of that stuff. And that will keep of course cause you to become a more open, loving, happy, fulfilled person but will also cause your channel to become increasingly weakened. So what I've found over the last three years is that my channeling has has begun to take more out of me energetically like when I'm not working, I really kind of don't want to talk to people, I want to just be quiet, I don't socialize. I, hopefully I will come out of that soon. So that the whole situation is one that I like thoroughly.

Alex Ferrari 10:28
Well, let me ask you, though, do you Is it because of some channels I've spoken to is that it's on 24/7, meaning like the, the voice is there, like anytime you want to tap into it, you can tap into it like in like, it's constant, it's a constant two way conversation in your head. And other channels are just like, when the closed sign is closed, the closed sign is closed, I have to turn the sign to go open. And that's when information will begin to come in. How was it with you?

Daniel Neusom 10:57
I can I can channel anytime I want to. But I am not open all the time, I'm not in a constant dialogue with the Holy Spirit of God and the angels. I wouldn't want that. That's so it's, it's it's very much when it's when I asked there there. And when I'm certainly when I'm working with people they come through. But if I'm just living my life, living, I can still feel I still feel the energy of God within me and around me shenana The constant dialogue. I couldn't I guess I could be if I want it to be. But I understand that I'm actually here to be a human in, you know, and to learn my lessons here and to engage in a very human way with other other human beings. No, do you believe that anyone can channel? That's really a great question. I think it's, it's like any like, like, if somebody is born with an innate ability to play the piano, they still have to take lessons and study but they probably develop the ability and other lifetimes. So I think it's the same with being a channel because of how you possibly worked in that area and other lifetimes it you will have an innate ability. But I do think that everybody has a potential to be channel, but some are, it comes more easily to some than others.

Alex Ferrari 12:22
So I'm assuming because you were going through this spiritual awakening and actually training and trying to open yourself up to opening your channel and things like that. I imagine that coming out of the spiritual closet, like I did, you know, which is you people are scared to come out and say, Hey, I believe in God or this or that? Yeah. What was it like for you to kind of with your friends and family? Because like I've said before on the show, it clears a room when you say Hi everyone I channel angels. So if anybody likes to come and talk to me, like in generally, that's not something you do when you walk into a room? How did it? How did you deal with that psychologically?

Daniel Neusom 13:00
You asked the questions, Okay, because I actually remember talking about this, my teacher and you know, and I said, well, and people asked me, what do you do? And at that time I was I am I'm an I'm a minister, also. Jesus just say you're a minister. And that's usually enough for people. But if they ask more than you tell them more, so that's basically the way I approach it. And there's also an I don't hide all people want to know what I do. I tell them I'm a channel for the Holy Spirit of God and the angelic realms. Sure, but there's also a sense within that, you know, where people are and how much they're able to take. Yeah, and so I'm very sensitive in that way.

Alex Ferrari 13:56
That makes that even I do that too. Now, because of the show. You know, people like what do you do? I'm like, I have a podcast. Oh, what is it about? I'm like, spirituality and personal growth. And then if they start to dig deeper, like what do you tell me? Like I don't have near death experiences on then like I've channels on that channel? What is the people are fascinated with channeling? I'm fascinated with channeling I think it's a and based on the numbers of my show. When channelers Come on, people really do love to listen to their stories and also to the messages that come through them. They're very, very, very profound, and it is not. It's not an easy path to walk in life. I would, I would imagine. It's not an easy path to walk in life. Some some embrace it more than others, I guess. But it all depends.

Daniel Neusom 14:42
I've got to tell you that. Since I've had an amazingly joyous life since I began to work. So it was and it was very, very strange. Ah, because before I started working with and I could barely get through a day. And then something happened, I met and when I was 21. And then I, I really worked on myself. And so by the time I was 28, I had started channeling and I remember I had this old fashioned typewriter and I was doing channeled writing. And the path is such that when you're working on yourself, you have contractions where all of your stuff comes up. And then we have expanded states and I kind of got used to contraction expansion. And then one summer I went into the stick bandit state, and I kept waiting for the contraction to come. And it never came. I was in I was in the state of joy that I and I kept waiting for the joy to leave, and it just never left. And the guides said you have now entered into the Kingdom of Heaven. So, and then I became very self conscious. Because whenever people would ask me, Well, how are you? I'd be like, Oh, my God, I'm great. I'm fantastic. I'm, every day, every conversation, it was restrained. And I started to hate people asking me how are you? Because my answer was always people couldn't understand. I remember one time I was walking, I ran into this guy on the street, who was an acquaintance and he said, Well, how are you? And I just, I'm just fantastic. And he said, Well, what are you on? What drug are you on? You know, and so it's Yeah, but the the path of self transformation brings you into the consciousness of heaven, and you begin to experience something on Earth. For me, the challenge has been to accept myself as a spiritual teacher. And as a spiritual leader, meaning I'm supposed to be in the consciousness of heaven, and to help other people there. So there's a part of me that wants to be like everybody else. So that's, that's still, I have to say, a struggle of mine. And I was working on it today,

Alex Ferrari 17:12
It seems that the closer you are to remembering who you truly are, the happier you are, your awareness becomes much wider, things become much calmer, but things become easier in many ways. Because you're not caught up in the drama of the physical and are caught up in the drama, the ego and all of that. So when you were younger, in your 20s, early 20s, you were all in on this drama on this movie that we're all in. Yeah. And then you started to realize, oh, no, we're just actors, you're gonna play and we all have parts to play and Oh, but this is where and the deeper you go down that road, it seems like you've just become happier

Daniel Neusom 17:50
You do and there is artistic joy. And we all have that inside of us. And I think the path is to allow the Holy Spirit just as it says in A Course in Miracles, of course circles to release the blockages, remove the blockages to the awareness of love's presence. So you start to live in the spiritual love which you feel coursing through you and your heart and your happiness than is not dependent on what is happening or not happening or who loves you or doesn't love you. It's just this you're in God. And that is basically what happened.

Alex Ferrari 18:35
From my experience of talking to somebody near death experiencers who go to the other side, that's the first thing they said they'd like you are in got engulfed in this love that you can't explain it is so far beyond any thing that we can experience here that you're just connected at that level. meditators feel that when they're able to, I would say dip the toe in the universe. Like you get there for a second, even people who take psychedelics, feel it for a brief moment because you open the door, and you're there

Daniel Neusom 19:08
The very famous prayer, the word prayer Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We all know that prayer, we say that that became the theme of the ministry. And it's the title of my first book on earth as it is in heaven. Because what Jesus was telling us is that heaven is a consciousness that you can open to while you are on earth and the ultimate goal of the reincarnation of cycles of life is to open to the consciousness of heaven.

Alex Ferrari 19:37
It's very interesting that you know, you're a minister and you you preach in regards to Jesus in Jesus's teachings and that kind of thing. But you also talk about reincarnation, which traditionally don't mix I completely understand. I mean, I have a different point of view on Jesus as well. I felt that he's a yogi, at one point or another that he trained And because what he was doing was so amazing in his ministry when He was walking the earth. And his teachings have been misunderstood for many years. But you talk about reincarnation. So for people listening who believe in Jesus, or Christian or Catholic, and then you bring in the concept of reincarnation that kind of throws the foundational beliefs of that religion. It kind of just shakes everything up. And it doesn't cause it. So how do you connect that? How do you explain that to people? I'm assuming this has come up at one point or another? And you're

Daniel Neusom 20:34
Yes. And I'm certainly glad you asked the question. So I came, I came to Jesus, which is so funny.

Alex Ferrari 20:42
I knocked on his door and Jesus was there.

Daniel Neusom 20:45
I came to Jesus through articles, you know, he is the author of A Course in Miracles, he came through the channel, Helen Schucman. So what I'm just is that Jesus is our elder brother. And he is really one of the guides of the path of self transformation. My relationship with him has deepened, and I am not at all a traditional Christian. I'm a mystic. And my church is an interfaith metaphysical church. So there's no conflict there. But ironically enough, Alex today I got an email from some new about me from And he said, You You're, there's not a biblical god, you're not the right God, at why you needed to tell me that? I don't know. But, yeah, and also, the reason why our website, my church's website has been had to be reconstructed as our web hoster found out that we were an interfaith metaphysical church and said, You're not following our precepts of faith so we can no longer host your website. So but you know, what, I, what I am teaching is that God wants you wants me wants all of us to be completely happy and totally fulfilled. Right now. Our succeeding moment of now. And the work the angels are doing for me that the Holy Spirit is doing for me, is transforming the consciousness, energy and patterning that prevents us from being happy in every moment of now with every breath we take. So frankly, I don't care. You know, you can be Christian, you read the Bible you can ever you want to do. I am following the path of God. And I am enjoy. And I'm happy to share it with anybody who wants to be on that path with me.

Alex Ferrari 22:47
You know, what? When you said that I you know, because I read all the comments that come in for the show, and it is fascinating how many people feel the urge to let me know that you are not this is not correct, you're wrong. Yeah, you're obviously demonic. You're like these things, these crazy things. And I'm like, and I sit down myself, like, even if I disagree with somebody on something online, I don't take the time to sit there. And then because it's I feel it's because there's a threat to their core beliefs, that they feel threatened because it's an idea that's shaking the foundation a little bit. Because if you're if you're, if you are secure in who you are, and what you believe, nothing, anyone else says, I can look at a flat earther all day. And by the way, just by me saying Flat Earther. We're gonna get some messages. I'm like, Oh, come on, you know, the earth is flat. I promise you that would be in the comments. But you could have a flat earther talk to me like, well, obviously, you could tell me anything you want to know about the flat. I'm like, Dude, I'm sorry. The earth is round. I'm sorry. And by the way, I promise you someone's gonna say something in the comments after I said that. But it doesn't. I'm secure in what I believe. And whatever you say, the Earth is hollow. And there's a civilization inside of it. Cool. Fantastic. I'd love to visit Where's worse? Where's the train? I'd love to see this situation. You know what I mean? So it doesn't matter. But a lot of people listening will feel the urge and I feel it's because they are being their, their their foundation has been threatened. Where and they're insecure about their foundation in many ways. So that's why they feel the urge. Because I can say anything I want to hear you'd be like, whatever and I and you can say anything you want them to be like that's you. You do you boo. And I'll do me. And that's that's the way it is. So listen, would you mind channeling for us a lot of I have a few questions for for your for your angelic that.

Daniel Neusom 24:54
Thank you. Absolutely, I absolutely wouldn't mind at all.

Alex Ferrari 24:58
Thank you so much. Now And what's your, what's the process are we so the audience knows.

Daniel Neusom 25:03
So I'm just asking that the spirit of it over within me and bring through whatever would be most helpful for all those who would listen or see this forum, thank you God. So, I can actually feel the light over within me, we are most grateful to have this opportunity to channel the love of God into the hearts and minds of those who will receive what is brought forth in this forum our work with humanity is to assist those of you who wish to step off the Wheel of Karma, who do so, beloved of God karma is within you. Karma is the feelings, the beliefs the trunk lodged in your emotional bond, your magnetic center which draw to you be experienced inform in your life on Earth, it is in the will of God that you be completely happy and totally fulfilled in every moment about whenever you open in prayer sent to you after the prayer is answered. Whenever you open in meditation, we are sent to you and we begin to work with you Lee billing was of your body with the energy of God. Now, you are meant to direct that energy to the part of the self that suffers the part of the self that believes in guilt or that is the key. As guilt is released from the emotional body. You do not magnetize to the self punishing experiences pain, suffering, struggle and lack this is an ongoing process of spiritual practice. And the most important message we those of you who are receiving us in this way is to make each day To open to the part of yourself, that is God to review what you have experienced in the preceding 24 hours and for any experience you have had, that any feeling within you that you do not enjoy that does not feel good to you for any experience of pain or suffering or struggle or lack, choose to let the light of God come into the consciousness, energy and patterning within you that has created or produced that experience. And simply ask for its transformation, healing and release. Thank you God. And we will take just a few moments now. To guide you through this. Show yourselves join with us and have the thought I been now to the part of myself that is and take in a nice breath and you will feel a stiff view in your energy field. And as you breathe, let yourself have the thought God I let you in will draw into yourself through the chakras of your body. But healing light giving transformative Light of God as you read, it enters into you through your crown and third eye and the Spirit of God is saying let go into me now, let go into my love for you. As you breathe, this light fills you through and hurt and may all already begin to feel energies and streams of consciousness and patterning being released from you. As our light fills you through your solar plexus or creative center and route center, at the base of your spine and the mother of creation says to you you will never have to hold or carry within you anything that you are not enjoying. Feeling good to and beloved ones, we want you to honor that to take that in I never have to hold or carry within anything that I am not enjoying and that is not feeling good to me and take the time now worth any release of anything you have been holding or carrying. That you are not enjoying that hasn't felt good to you. Speak it aloud if you choose. Green and you will feel a release and an opening and look with us now at any form your life has taken that you wish to change or transform and look beyond the form into the conscious energy and patterning within you that has produced this we will give voice to it. It says, I am not deserving of love i, Irving of happiness, abundance and as you breathe know that the Spirit of God within you is indeed your healer, and your transformer and we guide you now in this prayer Thank you God for changing my heart and my mind causing me now to feel deserving of infinite infinite joy in peace, infinite fulfillment Thank you God and we say to you, that as you practice with us in this way, and to the part of yourself that is God, daily, we are with you. As you look at anything, you are not enjoying anything that has not felt good to you. Anything that you want to experience that you have not yet allowed yourself to experience know that it is consciousness, energy and patterning that grace. Love the energy the light of God within you can transform and you are deserving of that transformation and conditionally deserving of being always and this is how we will conclude our message by saying to you you are unconditionally deserving of being in the consciousness of heaven with God where pain, suffering, struggle, and lack do not exist and are completely impossible. And let yourself speak this aloud I am unconditionally deserving of being always in the consciousness of happy with God where pain, suffering back do not exist and are completely impossible. Thank you, God for causing me to feel this and know this to believe this and read that in that it is so and so be it and that is our message do you have a question or two?

Alex Ferrari 39:30
Yes, thank you for that message. What is the purpose of angels in the universe?

Daniel Neusom 39:39
We will speak of our purpose with humanity Our purpose is to first of all help you Those of you who have been caught in the cycle of negative creation on earth, to release yourselves from that cycle, through spiritual practice in the way that we have just described, who Daniel, we are also charged with helping each soul to fulfill the hearts dyers to fulfill the purpose they create for self before birth. Humans experience and express the self in the ways that the heart desires in every incarnation, our work with other beings in other dimensions is not the same. But it is all meant to help the creation of God the light of creation to expand and expand in infinite ways to move creation forward into more and more light. Does this answer your question? It does.

Alex Ferrari 41:36
How do you view the concept of freewill and its relationship with destiny?

Daniel Neusom 41:42
We will say destiny has to do with experiences you plan to have before your birth. This mostly has to do with the people that you want to experience life with it human form you are destined to meet those people, because you have planned to do so, before you are born, there is a destiny in let us say the profession, you plan to have the work you plan to do on Earth. So you will a call to take certain actions once you are born. But you always have free will. So in that sense, your free will overpowers your destiny, you may be you may have planned to meet a particular person and going with them in a very deep relationship. But once you meet them you have the free will, as to whether or not you will go forth in deeper and deeper intimacy and connection with them or not. Does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 43:19
It does. How can we achieve a greater sense of inner peace and joy?

Daniel Neusom 43:26
By first of all knowing not just with your mind, but knowing in that deep emotional body that deep magnetics enter that as the creation of God as the holy, beloved innocent daughter or son of God, you are deserving of peace and joy. It begins with an idea. Just having the thought I am the holy beloved innocent, infinitely, the Son of God, I am deserving of peace and joy. Having that thought begins the process. But is the act that causes what you know in your mind could be integrated into the emotional body, your magnetic center, are now caused by God within me to feel deserving of living in a state of peace and joy and cause by the Spirit of God within me to know on the deepest level that I am deserving of living in a state of peace and joy. And so we say to you that when you pray, do take the time to read the prayer in and wait until you its energy integrating with you. Does that answer your question.

Alex Ferrari 45:01
Yes. How can we heal physical and emotional pain and suffering?

Daniel Neusom 45:09
Again, it comes from the foundation of knowing that you are we, beloved, innocent, son, innocent daughter of God, and you are meant to enjoy everything you are meant to be in heaven. So, first of all, having that knowledge, asking and prayer that that knowledge, move deeply within. Now, healing physical or emotional pain is a very deep process, you must first of all, allow yourself to feel your or no pain, or we must say that any physical pain or really your and mental pain taking. So you must ask to let yourself feel exactly what pains you what is hurt you so deeply in your life, and in your communion with the part of yourself that is God, in your spiritual practice, you begin to express it, we give this outlines for transforming the self, what has hurt me the most in my life? What has angered me and frustrated me the most in my life. And what am I afraid of, and as you open to the answers to those questions, and you express them aloud, and you allow yourself to cry your tears, to let your anger come forth and out you through sound and movement. The light of God will enter into those places, pain, that have calcified within you, and brought forth the emotional, emotional or physical pain. And just as Reverend Daniel was describing that energy of God will move into those places and flow through that consciousness, energy and patterning and it will cause you to ribbing, of joy, deserving of health. And that is how you experience the will of God. Of having all things within you be made new, Behold, I make all new, so it is an on and then process. Hate they're a part of the process is forgiveness, self forgiveness, asking yourself what have I been judging myself? Or re thought every feeling is creative. And self judgment creates some form of punishment and pain. And as you become aware of ways you have been judging yourself as you speak them aloud as you allow yourself to be conscious of them, my light says the mother of creation can enter in tremendous into that guilt into that will to hurt nigh and punish the south and transform it into love and the will to give to yourself, all of our gifts to you. Every gift, every blessing, every manifestation of our love, our grace and a will that you be completely happy and totally. So, it is an on going process. Is that clear? Have we answered your question?

Alex Ferrari 49:22
Yes. And finally, what what is your parting words for the audience?

Daniel Neusom 49:28
That God is within you and with you always you never are stuck in any internal or external situation that you are not enjoying. Transformation, healing and help are available to you. If you are willing to go Within, if you are willing to steal everything that is within you, if you are willing to go beyond your human ego consciousness in to the depth of your being, where you are the Christ where you are the holy, beloved, innocent daughter, son of God, deserving of nothing less than nothing other than heaven, and while you are on earth, your heaven on earth. Thank you, God. And that is our message we send great, great love, of reverence, healing, and support to all who will receive a mission. Thank you, God, and blessing. And like I said, it's like immersing yourself into a beautiful, warm bath. I feel myself back to my human consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 51:16
How are you feeling? Are you wiped out a little bit? Are you? Are you? I feel great. You feel very good energy. Yeah, it was interesting. I was gonna ask you, do you what is with the kind of going back and forth? Like almost like a satellite dish? You're like,

Daniel Neusom 51:33
I have no idea. I bet.

Alex Ferrari 51:36
Yeah, cuz you just said you kept kept twisting. I'm like, oh, that's an interesting, everyone's different. Everyone handles it different. Everyone channels differently. But I just if you knew what the reasoning of that was, it's just the way it comes in.

Daniel Neusom 51:47
I just left the energy I let Spirit just move you around. You know,

Alex Ferrari 51:53
That was you remember, by the way, when we when you said

Daniel Neusom 51:56
I remember the general themes. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 51:59
But not the exact stuff that can you were there. So when that was happening, where were you? Were you there conscious? Or were you kind of like hanging out? Where did you go?

Daniel Neusom 52:07
What a great, that's another great question. So I can hear it all. And, but it's like a part of me that's talking to you right now. And putting it over to the side. And I'm kind of acting as almost like an interpreter, I'm letting because they're using my vocabulary. And so I have to say heartedly. But I it's kind of like a collaboration where one part of me has to be present and allow, allow them to use my vocabulary and find the right words. Whereas also I need to just be totally out of the way. So I think that what happens is my higher self joins with the angelic realms, and then that then comes through, that's the best way to explain it.

Alex Ferrari 53:01
All right. That sounds very good. Well, it was a beautiful, it was a beautiful channeling, and I think it will help hopefully people listening to connect a little bit more to their higher self and find a little peace in their life. It was all about Yeah, it was a beautiful, it was a beautiful message. Now I have a few questions that asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Daniel Neusom 53:23
To really experience what you're passionate about the things that you love, to do on to show up in your relationships, as love dropping an undefended way and allowing the love that you are to really come out and you learn and be expressed unconditionally and actually to feel that you contribute to the happiness and well being of other people. I think that's my definition.

Alex Ferrari 54:14
If you had a chance to go back and speak to that little boy, when you were coming up growing up and give them one, give him one piece of advice. What would it be?

Daniel Neusom 54:24
Don't let the world or other people define you know that you're perfect the way you are and you're deserving of being happy and fulfilled and love just as you are.

Alex Ferrari 54:40
How do you define God?

Daniel Neusom 54:42
The light of creation, the light, the love, intelligence, the power that is created all that is and also the love that sustains all that is in that house. What it has created to transform and heal When healing and transformation is needed,

Alex Ferrari 55:02
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Daniel Neusom 55:05
To become more and more loving? And to bring new forms to only come through you so as you follow your heart's desire, you're actually giving, bringing new forms of life to the creation that only come through you.

Alex Ferrari 55:25
And where can people find out more about you and where they can pick up your books, as well?

Daniel Neusom 55:30
So my two books on earth as it is in heaven, and you are here on the earth to enjoy everything that we bought are available on Amazon. And you can find out about me and my church through my website, which is The Neusom is spelled

And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

I love you and I am totally supporting you in fulfilling yourself, your life and your purpose on earth and experiencing yourself and whatever requires. Take advantage of the part of yourself. The power, it's not about religion, it's it's the love that created you and that wants you to thrive.

Alex Ferrari 56:22
My friend, thank you so much for coming on the show. And I appreciate all the work that you're doing to help elevate and awaken the world, my friend. So, again, it's been a pleasure and an honor.

Daniel Neusom 56:33
Alex, it's been a it's been a privilege to be with you. Thank you.

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