Alex’s LIVING Spirit Guide Interviewed! Mankind’s Future PREDICTIONS & Atlantis! with Connie H. Deutsch

In today’s episode, we welcome back Connie Deutsch, a profound spiritual guide and channel who has deeply influenced my journey. Connie, with her remarkable ability to connect with higher realms, shares an extraordinary experience that transports us back to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Her wisdom and guidance have captivated many, and today’s conversation promises to be another enlightening voyage into the mysteries of our existence.

Connie begins by recounting an intense, reality-based experience where she found herself in Atlantis, moments before its fateful demise. As a high priestess named Artika, she vividly describes the atmosphere, the people, and the profound sense of purpose that permeated her life there. This was not merely a vision but a lived reality where she interacted with her pupils, preparing them for an urgent departure. They were instructed to take only one lightweight item and disperse across the globe, carrying the wisdom and knowledge they had acquired.

In Atlantis, Connie’s role was crucial. She emphasizes the advanced abilities they possessed, such as creating miracles through thought and energy manipulation. This heightened level of consciousness allowed for instantaneous healing and other extraordinary feats. Her teachings were aimed at ensuring the survival of these enlightened beings, who would go on to seed new civilizations across the world.

The journey then takes a mystical turn as Connie finds herself in ancient Egypt, again as a high priestess. Here, she contributed to hieroglyphs that conveyed information far more straightforwardly than the convoluted English translations she later dreamt about. This dream was a catalyst, helping her solve an astrological problem using long-forgotten knowledge. Her experiences in Egypt paralleled those in Atlantis, highlighting her deep, unbroken connection to these ancient sources of wisdom.

Connie’s insights delve into the importance of higher vibrations. She explains that these higher frequencies are entering our world, offering immense potential for healing and transformation. However, they also bring a crucial choice: to embrace these vibrations and work for the benefit of mankind or remain in the lower vibrations characterized by greed and corruption. Her message is a clarion call to rise above our current limitations and embrace our true potential.

Looking ahead, Connie predicts significant changes in our world. She foresees the fall of current oligarchic structures and the rise of new technologies and ways of living. This transition, while challenging, offers a chance for humanity to evolve and align with higher consciousness. Embracing this change requires an open mind and a commitment to helping others, she advises, as the coming years will bring opportunities for profound personal and collective transformation.

Throughout this conversation, Connie stresses the importance of thought and visualization. Our thoughts have immense power, and by practicing visualization and positive thinking, we can manifest miracles in our lives. Her experiences in Atlantis and Egypt serve as powerful reminders of the timeless wisdom embedded in our souls. By embracing higher vibrations, harnessing the power of thought, and serving humanity, we can navigate the changes ahead with grace and purpose.


  1. Embrace Higher Vibrations: The coming years will bring higher frequencies that can transform our lives. Embrace these vibrations by focusing on self-improvement and service to others.
  2. Power of Thought and Visualization: Our thoughts have immense power. Practicing visualization and positive thinking can lead to profound changes and manifest miracles in our lives.
  3. Service to Mankind: Helping others dissipates negative karma and aligns us with higher consciousness. Our actions towards others significantly impact our spiritual growth and well-being.

In conclusion, Connie Deutsch’s experiences remind us of the timeless wisdom embedded in our souls. Whether from Atlantis, Egypt, or our present lives, the knowledge we carry can guide us through transformation and towards a brighter future. By embracing higher vibrations, harnessing the power of thought, and serving humanity, we can navigate the changes ahead with grace and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Connie Deutsch.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 440

Connie Deutsch 0:00
The things that we left behind in Atlantis, they are coming back to us in one form or another. We've gone through a lot of good peregrinations be the word. And we'll continue to do so the political structure that we have now doesn't even start to compare to what we had in Atlantis. In Atlantis. I didn't see the crime and the corruption and the greed. I didn't see that. There, maybe it was there. But I didn't see it. Now one of the things that was really jolting to me was that I could hear music in the background

Alex Ferrari 1:04
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Connie Deutsch. How you doing Connie?

Connie Deutsch 1:10
I'm fine. How about you?

Alex Ferrari 1:12
I am doing great, Connie, I'm doing so great. It's such a pleasure having you back on the show. It's been a while since you've been on the show. And for people who don't know who you are, I'm going to give them a little brief introduction to who you are. Because you're very, very important person in my life. And last time you were on, we've hit over almost a million views across all languages with you. People really, I know, right? So many people really, really love you and what you what you say how you say it, and they enjoy our banter. Because there's nobody else on the planet who talks to me like you do. And I can talk back. So forever. So for everybody who's watching, Connie is my for lack of a better word spiritual guide, who has been with me since I was 23. She has been trying to guide me patiently all those years, to where you see us today. She is responsible for the creation of the show, meaning that she is the one that told me I had to do it. I did all the heavy lifting, but she pointed me in the direction and with a very firm and pointed me in the direction that you have to start a spiritual podcast. When I said it was insane. She said you got three weeks. So if you've enjoyed the next level soul, this woman in front of you that you're watching is the pretty much the main reason this is in existence. Without her it would have never occurred to me to open up a spiritual podcast. So that's who you are.

Connie Deutsch 2:49
And you said, as only three weeks?

Alex Ferrari 2:53
Yes. That's crazy. No one could do that.

Connie Deutsch 2:56
And I said, You're right. No one could do that. But you can. And you did it. You did everything in three weeks.

Alex Ferrari 3:08
Website, new logo, trademark, the logo, had guests had a podcast, audio editing video, started a YouTube channel, all of it within three weeks because we needed to launch on Easter. of Easter of 2021 is when we launched Sunday, Easter Sunday. 2021 is when we launched this. You were like, That's a good. That's a good time to launch this show. That's going to be a good time.

Connie Deutsch 3:33
Not what I said.

Alex Ferrari 3:35
What did you say? You see, here we go

Connie Deutsch 3:38
I said the channel said you have to start it on Easter Sunday.

Alex Ferrari 3:44
That's right.

Connie Deutsch 3:46
I don't make the mistake of arguing with the channel anymore.

Alex Ferrari 3:50
Correct. And that's the only thing I forgot to tell people that you are a channel. You have been channeling for years. But you're not a trance all your life but you're not a trance channel, you actually just you ask questions and it comes through or sometimes the channel just does what it wants to do and kind of sends you information whether you like it or not.

Connie Deutsch 4:11

Alex Ferrari 4:12

Connie Deutsch 4:13
Sometimes, it's all the time. I don't have.

Alex Ferrari 4:18
So you have been such an instrumental part of my life and an extension been an instrumental part of everyone watching these lives because without you this show wouldn't have existed. So I brought you've been on the show now four times the first two times were audio only which I'm going to release in the future because they were very powerful conversations. But the first video when we did was the last one which was a little bit I think a year ago or a little less than a year ago. That came out and like I said before people went a little crazy for you. Because we talked about your visions in Atlantis talked about our relationship together and and your life was kind of turned upside down after the airing of the show. Correct?

Connie Deutsch 4:58
Has it ever Yes.

Alex Ferrari 5:01
Booked up. You were booked up for many months, I mean, months and months, we turned it off. I think it turned it off. Because you're like, I can't, I can't anymore.

Connie Deutsch 5:11
Well, wait a moment, you might have turned it off. But you know what I've been getting?

Alex Ferrari 5:17

Connie Deutsch 5:18
Oh, I was just at my friend's house. And we were listening to Alex. And you. And that's why I'm calling. So it's has made its own.

Alex Ferrari 5:31
Oh, God. And it's and and now and you also have now people in Spanish calling you add in German and in French,

Connie Deutsch 5:40
Habla Espanol? No!

Alex Ferrari 5:47
Un poquito, un poquito solo,

Connie Deutsch 5:51
So demented,

Alex Ferrari 5:51
Solamente, solamente un poquito. Very good, you're getting better, you're getting better. So the reason why I brought you back on the show is that you called me and said, Alex, I think it's time for me to come back on the show. And I have a lot of stuff to tell you. And I'm going to wait till the show. So unlike any other episode I have ever done in the history of this show. I am I have no notes, I have no idea what we're talking about at all. And we're the the audience, the audience is going to go on the ride with me and you to go wherever you are going to take us but you said it was going to be pretty mind blowing. So I'm going to build it up here, it's going to be pretty mind blowing. You were really curious on how I was gonna react to it. And I'm open to whatever you have to say, because I know you're nuts already. And that's clear. That's been clear since I was 20. Something. So I'm very well aware of that. So I'm really curious. So I will I will hand this over to you. Now Connie, tell me what was so important that you wanted to come back on the show to talk, talk to me about it and to share it with the world.

Connie Deutsch 7:02
Okay, let me let me establish one thing. Yes. That I am reality based. I am not one of these woowoo people. I'm not one of these people who is airy fairy. I'm very, I'm very grounded. And what you're about to hear and to see will defy everything you ever thought about me about I guess was a couple of weeks ago, couple of weeks ago ahead of very unusual experience tremendously. So. And I want to establish the fact that I'm not one of these woowoo people. I started a couple of fictional books that I never got around to finishing. And that was a few years ago. Because I don't have that kind of a creative imagination. They're not like ours, ours can make a whole story out of a thread. I can't. It has to be reality based. Some by 13 books that I have published, or are reality based. These two books are not the affliction. And I can't finish them because I don't know what to do with them. Now, once you go in here, defies all of that. If I didn't tell you about this, you probably have been locked up in a loony bin. I was sitting here. My mind was vacant. I was not preparing to meditate. I was just sitting here and all of a sudden, I could feel my body being picked up and then push and I wasn't here anymore. I've ranted in Atlantis. Not just landed in Atlantis. But this was right before it sank right before the floods. So that's where we're gonna take our recognize all the people from Atlantis, my name was article and everything that you're about to hear. Sounds like Looney Tunes. It took me three days just to process it before I could even talk about it. I was I know the difference between a picture a video and real life experience. This was a real life experience. I was actually in Atlantis could hear everything, I could feel everything. And, of course, I recognized you, Alex. I recognize all the people who have come to me for consultations. Over the past few months, I recognize everyone. Now, the things that I was hearing were astronomical. This was before Atlantis sank into the ocean. And they were just about getting prepared. They were just hearing that Atlantis was in danger. Nobody knew what it was. I was a high priestess in that incarnation. So these are my pupils who have gone through the training with me. And the trainings are very energetic to set but very least, you learn how to create miracles on a daily basis. Nothing is impossible, everything is doable. And there is no such thing as can't do. Because everything can be done, and are restraining these people to do it. So now I have this whole room full of people, all of whom I recognize from the consultations that I've done in the in the nine months, since we had that first video cast. And it suddenly dawned on me that I need to prepare my students. And this is what happened, I started talking about is that I said, I've just received a message. And I didn't tell them it was channeled, I didn't have to I said I just received a message that we have to leave Atlantis. Now, today, you are not allowed to take anything with you except for one item. And that item has to be very lightweight. So it can be a book, it can be a scarf, it can be anything that's lightweight, you will not have to take anybody with you. So if you have family and friends, they're going to be left behind, because they're not going to be allowed to come. So that means if they are caught with someone else, or if they're caught with two things that they want to take, they're going to be left in Atlantis. And that means that they are going to die. So that's your decision. But we have to leave now, the reason I have all of you here is because I have trained all of you. So each and every one of you has been chosen, so to speak. And the reason that you've been chosen is for a number of reasons. Number one, you've been very well trained. Number two, which is very important to me is that each of you has wisdom, each of you can think your way out of a paper bag. Now, you may not know what a paper bag is this Atlantis. So you may not know what a paper bag is. But in the future, many, many hundreds of years into the future. You will know what a paper bag is, right now, just know that you are a chosen one. Because you have all the things that are needed to survive. Each view is going to be placed in a different part of the world. You will be different colors, you'll be different beliefs. And each of you will be the beginning of a new civilization in different parts of the world. So right now, I'm looking at all of you and you look confused and I don't blame you. Because it's kind of confusing to me as well. Because I just got the message moments before you walk into the room right now. The things that are most concern is going to be survived the people Leaving behind will no longer exist after today. So you won't be able to say goodbye, you won't be able to do any last minute things, you have enough time to grab one item at lightweight and be ready to go. I will tell you each where your destination is, because they're not going to be together. So the people that you see in this room, they're not going to be with you. None of them know why we're all in this together. But we're apart, so to speak. So now, if any of you have any questions, this is the time to ask them. Because you won't have a chance later on Brantas will no longer exist. I'm from your future. And you don't know that yet. Because you're millions of years from my past, someday, you will know it. But that isn't for a very long time. Now each of you has been trained up to the outgrows, you can do anything that you have in your mind, all you have to do, as you know, from past experience, all you have to do is think it. And it happens. And that is called Mind transfers. When you get where you're going. Make sure that you do not use your voice.

Because that will identify them. And that's something you don't want right now. Because right now we don't know who our enemies are. Or if we have enemies. Someday we may find out but it probably won't be in this lifetime, you're all destined to future lives, it may be difficult for you to believe now. But someday, you will see that you have lived many, many lifetimes. So starting now, take a look around, but in your mind in your memory. Because you're going to have to draw on it in the future, someday, you're going to have to figure out a way for survival. That is very different from the way we are surviving today. Someday, people won't remember Atlantis, or someday they may have heard of it. But there's nothing to ground them. So there's nothing that they can hold on to. And that's where you come in your job be to tell them to bring this message to them. There have been many, many Earth changes, and many changes in the galaxy, you probably don't know about Earth yet. And you probably don't know about the Galaxy yet. But you will. So keep your mind open, you will be asked to do things that are unfamiliar to you. And when you have to do them be open to learning. Because your survival is going to depend on that there is going to be a lot of a lot of wars that you know nothing about a lot of instruments that you have yet to see a lot of inventions that you have yet to hear.

So you need to keep an open mind. You can't close it because it's going to be your survival. Alex you have any questions?

Alex Ferrari 19:15
A couple one is that you are so you are essentially jumping jumping into your lifetime. So almost quantum jumping into a parallel life that are quote unquote past life. That you yes and you are explaining to people who see you there because you are what kind of form Are you are you have an Atlantean form or are you?

Connie Deutsch 19:43
Yes. Okay. Let me tell you that in this lifetime. I am much much younger, even younger than I am now.

Alex Ferrari 19:55
Hard to believe I understand.

Connie Deutsch 19:57
Yeah, sure. In Atlantis, to show that I was a high priestess, I wore a white gold band around my upper wrist around my upper arm, okay? In this lifetime, I've yet to wear anything like that. In this lifetime, I really don't wear jewelry except for one piece. That's an heirloom from my mom before she died. Other than that, I don't. But in Atlantis, I did. And that was indicative of the fact that I was the high priestess who everyone came to, to wisdom, for direction for guidance. And teach them to train them. So that nothing is impossible. You think it and you make it happen?

Alex Ferrari 21:10
So when you were there, Connie, you saw me there as well?

Connie Deutsch 21:13
Oh, yes.

Alex Ferrari 21:15
Am I one of these people?

Connie Deutsch 21:16
Yes. Interesting. You were one of the chosen ones, then. And you're one of the chosen ones now.

Alex Ferrari 21:27
Okay, so what happened next?

Connie Deutsch 21:33
Then I took everyone and went to one area that was not really discovered. And I gave them more verbal directions where they were going, and how they were going to get there. There were no animals to take, because they were going to go elsewhere. them much was told to me. So it was going to be by foot. And we were not going to travel together. Each one was going to go separately. I don't know how that turned out. But I do know that we all went separately. And they were to different parts of the world. So nowadays, if you see people with yellow skin, or black skin, or white skin, you will know that they came from Atlantis. And this is where they were told to go. This was their destiny and the destiny and that includes you our x the destiny was to bring forth the knowledge, the wisdom and the tools that they will need to survive in this new environment. It also was also told to me that what we know now will cease to exist in the not too distant future. What we know now be like baby steps in comparison to what is coming for us. It reminds me very much what I saw in Atlantis. So I will expect to see some destruction in this lifetime. In this century,

Alex Ferrari 23:46
Hold on a second hold a second. I'm lost a little bit. So are we now awake? We're now gone from Atlantis. Now what you're just talking about what's happening now?

Connie Deutsch 23:54

Alex Ferrari 23:56
Okay. Just wanted to clarify that. Okay, so start Okay, so go ahead.

Connie Deutsch 24:00
So the things that we left behind in Atlantis they are coming back to us in one form or another. We've gone through a lot of peregrinations be the word. And we'll continue to do so the political structure that we have now. Doesn't even start to compare to what we had in Atlantis. In Atlantis. I didn't see the crime and the corruption and the greed. I didn't see that. There maybe it was there. But I didn't see it. Now one of the things that was really jolting to me was that I could hear Music in the background, and the music signified what was going on, still the very somber music that I shared, that was in the foreground, and it was coming closer and closer and closer. And that meant that something terrible is gonna happen. I heard in the background, a very, very distant background, very joyful music. And that signified that the training had been successful. And that the people who were trained, had something to carry forth into the new lives. Some are going to survive. And in Atlantis, most of Atlantis went under the sea. In time to come, what was lost in Atlantis is going to surface we're going to see bits and pieces of it rising from the sea in this lifetime. So it might be an island that will start to see bits and pieces come to the surface. It might be the continent itself. But the things that we did in Atlantis, were so astounding. I saw a healing take place with the mind. All had to do was say, I see someone on another continent, who has a terminal illness and is in tremendous pain. Please, God, heal him or her completely, forever. And two minutes later, that healing was accomplished without the person even knowing that he or she was healed and never been sick again.

Alex Ferrari 27:14
Why is that by the way? How is that? How does that work? It's a direct, the conscious level of consciousness is so high that there's a direct connection to Source?

Connie Deutsch 27:26
Coming into that I can feel it every day of my life. I've been telling the people that you've been sending to me a bearish it's coming. Right now it's at war with the low of vibration that we've lived under all of our lives, and people will have a choice. Do you want to continue to live under this lower vibration that we've had all of our lives you're accustomed to? Or do you want to train the higher vibration, which will be a lot of work. And in addition to that, you will only be allowed on the high vibration if you are working for the benefit of mankind. If you are greedy or selfish or corrupt, you will not be allowed on the higher vibration. On the higher vibration, I can stand on one side of the planet. And think about someone on the other side of the planet. And that person will either appear or get well or something that I will be able to communicate just by thinking it.

Alex Ferrari 28:45
If you're enjoying this conversation, I invite you to go deeper down the rabbit hole with me on next level soul TV. It's packed with exclusive content like live special guests Q and A's daily podcast commercial free access to the entire next level soul catalogue early access to episodes before they air and special meditations you won't find anywhere else. We will be adding new exclusive content every month. Plus you can connect with me during my monthly live streams. Just go to and join our soulful community today. I'll see you on the inside. Connie let me ask you this because I've had I've had conversations with people and gurus and channels and psychics will talk about this, that there is no past life or future life that all lives are happening at the same time that there is no time or space. And that that life and Atlantis that you're talking about is happening right now. And our future life is happening right now. And they're all connected. And then what you're describing is quantum jumping. It seems to be where you are able to kind of step out of this life. And wherever your attention goes, it follows to another life. So if you want to go to Egypt to go to Egypt, if you want to go, and that's where a lot of these past life regressions go to, because they're not looking at past events there. Those are events that are happening in the moment in that life. Is that make sense to you?

Connie Deutsch 30:19
Well, I didn't finish telling you.

Alex Ferrari 30:21
Okay, let's continue, continue then.

Connie Deutsch 30:26
After everyone dispersed, and went their own ways, or was then transported, physically transported to ancient Egypt. And there was also a high priestess. And there are things that I understood the hieroglyphics that were on the walls. I even contributed to some of them. He didn't have books. We didn't have any of the culture that we have today. But it was a lot easier to understand than it is now. I had something happened many, many years ago, probably about 20 years ago. I wanted to learn astrology. But I didn't really want to learn it there in this. I just wanted to know about it. So I asked a woman who is an astrologer. I said, I do well, when something is taught to me on a daily basis. Don't tell me about it once a week, or once a month. I needed to see it every day. And it needs to be for sure time because I can absorb it in that short term. So she said, Alright, if you do a psychic reading for me, every day, I will. I will tell you every day. And I'm thinking to myself, What the hell can I talk about on a daily basis? How life isn't going to change every day? So I agree. And I haven't been very deep, to try to think of something to tell her. One day, very shortly after we started. We can hour This was before computers of course.

Alex Ferrari 32:46
Of course.

Connie Deutsch 32:47
Shut up.

Alex Ferrari 32:53
You see the tone, you see what I've had to deal with for over 20 odd years now. This tone 26 years, 26 years, I've been dealing with this this tone. But anyway, I was I didn't even mean anything that by that. I was just saying of course there was no computer. Go ahead. Continue. Good lord. Continue.

Connie Deutsch 33:16
Thank you. Okay, so because we didn't have computers, I had to learn how to do the computations by hand. It was one manual. And we got to something and neither one of us could figure that. So she went home. And I when when I've learned something, my way of learning is probably screwed up. But I put about six to eight books on my bed, all spread out. I go from one to the other day of the year. And other than that, right. And that's what I did that night. I had all my books spread out and nothing was covering it. And I was kind of disheartened. I went to sleep that night. And all of a sudden I had a dream. And I was in Egypt and on the left side with the hieroglyphs and on the right side was everything in English. Well, the hieroglyphs were was very easy to understand. And it was the equivalent of a paragraph. On the right side was or the English. And it was long and drawn out. And I didn't understand a word of it. The astrologer came in next day. And I took out the books. And I said to her, I know how to solve that problem that we were looking at yesterday. And I showed her how to do it. And it was algebra that I had learned in high school hadn't used it, hadn't thought about it, nothing. But the hieroglyphs were so easy to understand. And the English was so convoluted that I couldn't understand it. She got up, she said, when the student knows more than the teacher is time for me to leave, she picks up her stuff, and walked out of the room, went home, and I never saw her again. When I was in Atlantis, I was wearing jewelry, by that gold band on my arm. In this life, with the exception of an heirloom piece, that by my mom, the only piece of jewelry I wear. I can admire it on other people. But I myself, the one reported with it. And so I haven't. So I was dressed differently. Of course, I was much younger than Atlantis. And my hair was black. In this incarnation, it's brand clothing was different. But even to this day in this incarnation, I'm not too conscious about clothing. It really doesn't occur to you people do the same thing every single day, for the next 25 years. And I won't know the difference.

Alex Ferrari 37:06
Connie what type of technology did you see when you were there?

Connie Deutsch 37:09
I don't know what you would describe as technology now technology and I are not friends. That's very true.

Alex Ferrari 37:17
But did you see anything that is so far beyond what we are doing right now that? It's Oh, yeah, it's something that you would want to talk about.

Connie Deutsch 37:28
I don't know how to explain it.

Alex Ferrari 37:30
Do the best you can with our convoluted English.

Connie Deutsch 37:33
No, because it requires visualization. And I don't know how to describe it. Right now, some things that we have depended on will be non existent in a few years.

Alex Ferrari 37:47
What is the what like what?

Connie Deutsch 37:48
I don't know, I don't know the terms.

Alex Ferrari 37:51
Okay, so some technologies that we have currently that we're extremely dependent on will be non existent in a few years. Yeah. Very similar to very similar to

Connie Deutsch 38:03
Like the computer. When I first started, there were no computers in existence. At least none that I knew. Well, it's going to be the same thing in five years, 10 years?

Alex Ferrari 38:19
Well, yes, it's similar to whale, whale oil. That was the number one industry in the early 1900s. And then petroleum showed up. And they were out of business in three years. It was gone. So they were doing whaling and getting the oil from the whales. And that's what used to run the lanterns. The second petroleum came into the world. It went away. So it can't happen. And it can happen very quickly.

Connie Deutsch 38:48
It's going to happen quickly. I remember when computers were just in its infancy prediction at that time, that while everyone was thinking that it was going to be labor saving. It's not going to happen that way. But it's what's going to happen is that people will be out of jobs,

Alex Ferrari 39:15
As any industry and any industry that gets upgraded or taken over by a new technology. It's of course gonna gain jobs and lose jobs. Like AI is right now.

Connie Deutsch 39:26
Yes, we got what you're talking about. And now you're your baby. I appreciate that. In my generation, you didn't see that. What you're seeing today? No, of course not. So in my generation, things stayed around forever and ever. Today, you close your eyes, and something new happens. And what? There isn't a way there.

Alex Ferrari 39:56
Oh, listen, I mean, we were making movies for the same way for 110 years or so, we shooting celluloid, exposing it to light running it through a camera. And that's how we made movies. And things pretty much stayed the same with a couple of things changing here and there. But now, that's almost all gone. And we make movies so differently, we can make a movie with the phone. It's completely changed. But it stood around for a long time, in our world, at least, or at least in our timeline. So things do change, and things will continue to change, and they're changing so much faster than I've ever seen in my life.

Connie Deutsch 40:35
Oh, you haven't seen anything yet?

Alex Ferrari 40:37
It's gonna really. So let me ask you, what do you think is gonna happen? Moving forward. I mean, this is a weird year. This is an election year. You know, there's a lot of wars happening in the world, I'd love to hear what your channel has to say about that.

Connie Deutsch 40:51
My channel has been wanting me about this for a long, long time. Okay. It's just that I had no way to bring it out. So I sat on information for all these years. But I've known about this for a long time, you're going to see changes that are going to turn upside down, the things that we know, the old guards who are ruling this country right now are going to be out of business existence, something is going to happen. I don't know what it is. Because it's technology. And I can't identify technology, but something is gonna happen. And the oligarchs who are controlling everything right now will cease to exist, whether they will die off or replaced, I don't know. I do know that they won't be around. And things that will be around aren't here yet. We have no way of knowing what they are because they have in existence here. But I see new things coming in. I see people out of work, I see famine coming into this land. I see internal wars, that will be happening in the not too distant future in this country. And they scare the hell out of me. But I can't turn off the channel. When it wants to tell me something. It just proceeds dumbing. And that's what it's showing me. It's showing me the things that we're accustomed to seeing we will not be seeing in the future. And the things that we're seeing couldn't possibly happen, will happen. I don't think I've ever seen so many changes. As I'm seeing flash in front of my eyes. Even now,

Alex Ferrari 43:02
This is all going to happen within my lifetime.

Connie Deutsch 43:04
How old are you going to live?

Alex Ferrari 43:06
I don't know 100-110?

Connie Deutsch 43:09
It might

Alex Ferrari 43:10
It's going to be a bumpy road?

Connie Deutsch 43:13

Alex Ferrari 43:15
But we'll make it out the other end to a better place.

Connie Deutsch 43:18
It depends. It depends on this difference between action and reaction. If you have a reaction, it's going to be very difficult for you. If you're going to take it in stride, you'll be okay. But things are gonna happen quickly. All of a sudden, you'll see them and then all of a sudden you want one of the things I was going to be teaching you when I wanted to open your channel was what transference, which I am teaching the people on my team now. It's thought transference, you think it and you make it happen just by thinking it. So I can see someone in my mind's eye who is suffering on the other side of the world. And I can say God, heal that person completely. And that person will be healed. And that comes with the higher vibration that's coming in. The higher vibration will be here in the next probably the next three to five years is trying to get in now. Which is why people are feeling so discombobulated now. They used to come to me and say, Tell me about my husband, my wife, my children, my finances. My this my that is not coming to me and saying the parent would be those aren't the questions that they're asking. They want to know about the vibrations that you're feeling. And those who are sensitive enough are feeling the vibrations. I feel them every day because I'm an empath. So I pick up everyone's illnesses, it picks up everyone's vibrations. I don't recognize faces, or voices. I recognize vibrations. And that's how I that's how I found you.

Alex Ferrari 45:31
Did you? Did you have anything else from your time in Atlantis in Egypt that you want to tell us about?

Connie Deutsch 45:36
Yes. In Egypt, I'm gonna hope that I'm gonna hope to the fourth are shown that and I was shown raw a sudden God. So the religion was kind of very much different in this today. Today, we vision is based on fear. I didn't see that there. But I saw there was devotion. Not knowing but the voltage. I didn't see the division that I'm seeing in this country or anywhere else in the world. Like I like Ireland. Catholics against palaces of water, killing each other.

Alex Ferrari 46:35
Ridiculous. Yep. All in the name of Christ. All in the name of Christ.

Connie Deutsch 46:41
Yes, of course. The Crusades Yeah, Children's Crusade. That was all in the name of Christ. And poor Christ. He had nothing to do with this. Correct? It was just man's misconceptions. So yes, we have lived before. Yes, we will live in the future. Yes, the lives do run together. When I used to go into the Akashic Records, which incidentally is very difficult to do, because just seeing them all at one time. And there are trillions of Akashic records, each person, every thought, every action, everything about you is in the Akashic Record field. So if you say, can you tell me about a past life? I have to think now which pass Let's see one. As you want to know about.

Alex Ferrari 48:03
I didn't mean to interrupt you. But this is something that I've always wanted to ask you. And I've never asked about this to anybody. What do you have any information about any of my past lives?

Connie Deutsch 48:15
Of course I do.

Alex Ferrari 48:17
I know that the audience will get a kick out of this. So if you could, if you have one, one have an interesting one. If you have one.

Connie Deutsch 48:25
Interesting one, how the hell would I know which one you would think is interesting?

Alex Ferrari 48:30
Okay, how about dealer's choice? Dealer's choice. Yeah, whatever you want to say, I'd love to hear about one of my past lives.

Connie Deutsch 48:41
Okay. In this lifetime, and probably why chose you in this lifetime was because of what you did in a few past lives. Or in conceptually. You were very much a healer. You were also very, very wise. People came to you with their problems. So you did counseling. Although you weren't really a counselor, by profession. You also had the ability to build things. Oh, that was another thing I forgot to tell you in Egypt. We stood round in a circle. And I was in that circle. I felt all the vibrations from all the people in that circle Move over 1000 people in that circle. And we circled around word, the term that was going to be built and they were not called pyramids in those days. They are now that they weren't that but you were a builder. In this lifetime, you I have the same abilities, you use them differently. But you have the same abilities. You're also very artistic in a past life. In this life, you bring that with you how much of it you use or don't use is immaterial. The fact is that whatever you've had, you bring with you into the current life. So let's say that you were an accountant in this lifetime, and in the next lifetime, you may be moving, sir. And not interested in numbers at all. But you still carry with you, all of your accounting information. You just not utilizing it in that lifetime. So that's what I'm seeing with you. You bring with you many, many traits, many assets from past lives. I don't think that you're using them more. I don't think that you're using even most of them. But one thing that you are using is your ability to vast communication, which is why I brought you here to start with, because you have a very great responsibility in the years ahead, which will be mass communication.

Alex Ferrari 51:36
One thing I want to ask you, Connie, and I know this is something that a lot of people in this community that I've put together with next level soul this next level, the soul tribe, the next level soul tribe, are curious about where this show, and the mission that we're trying to do in the world to spread this kind of knowledge and information and experience out to people who have never seen or heard the stories that we talked about on the show or the knowledge that we bring out or the gurus or the the love whatever we're putting out there. Can you tell the audience what you see for this show? And where and what impact that's gonna have on the planet?

Connie Deutsch 52:19
Oh, sure. I knew before you even started,

Alex Ferrari 52:23
I know you did.

Connie Deutsch 52:27
This show is one of a kind. There'll be all kinds of copycats. But nothing will equal this show. Especially once it really get started.

Alex Ferrari 52:44
We haven't kicked off. We haven't kicked off yet?

Connie Deutsch 52:46
We're in its infancy, Darling.

Alex Ferrari 52:49
Wow. Okay.

Connie Deutsch 52:51
You haven't seen anything yet. I've only see what I've allowed you to see. No more, eventually, you're going to have to see the whole thing. So that you can distribute it well enough. Now, this show will hit it has to hit trillions of people. And I was made very aware of how's gonna happen in meditation that I told you about. That was just to protect your physical your, your physical body, nothing else. So I wouldn't have to worry about you.

The higher vibrations are powerful, and they are in combat, so to speak, with lower vibrations that we're on now. People will have been making a choice. And I tell everybody who comes to me Do not make the choice. Now, I don't want to hear it. Now. I want you to think long and hard. It before you make a choice, because once you make that choice, you can't go back and forth. If you choose to go on the higher vibration, you can't go back to the lower vibration or vice versa. So think long and hard before you make a choice. Now, the choices will be this. I had to do this delicately.

Alex Ferrari 54:43

Connie Deutsch 54:47
I'm supposed to do this delicately.

Alex Ferrari 54:49

Connie Deutsch 54:50
All right. I'm thinking I'm not accustomed to delegate. As you work on whatever you have, whatever you've started in this lifetime, whether it's a relationship, a project, a belief system will be taken away from you and replaced with something better. But because you have not seen what is better, it's like the devil, you know, as opposed to the devil, you don't know. So some people want to stay here. And that's fine. No, you know, it doesn't matter which choice you make. Because you're gonna be living it. That's why I want you to do it carefully, think long and hard about the things because everything will be taken away from you, whether it's your relationships, if they're not, as spiritual as you are, will be taken away, and will be replaced with something better. Everything has been laid out by God. And your physical, mental, financial, emotional needs will all be taken care of. You be able to change your career. Every five minutes, if you want, you can start one career, if you don't like it, after a few minutes, you can look at another career and go into that, on the higher vibration on this vibration, you can't do that. And so that would be taken away and replaced with something better, which is that you will have more choices. No harm, no foul. And that's coming on a higher vibration that is coming into the planet into the galaxy. You will have those choices. I was trained on the higher vibration, or the high priest in Atlantis, in Egypt, in China, in Asia Minor. So I bring with me all the knowledge and all the training that you could possibly want. Okay. And that is what I do in all of my sessions now.

Alex Ferrari 57:44
All right. Connie, is there anything else that you would like to say to the audience, before we wrap this this episode up?

Connie Deutsch 57:52
Yes. Everything is on visualization, on your thought process as well. And on your commitment to helping mankind if you help mankind your negative karma dissipates very quickly. It's when you don't help mankind that you seem to look through all the negative cover as you possibly can. So if you want that to disappear, help mankind to the best of your ability and it will disappear. Afterwards watched it happen. I've seen it and I know it exists.

Alex Ferrari 58:49
Connie I want to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with all of us and for everything you've done for me over the years and also for everything that you're doing to still help awaken people and help them and help awaken the planet. So I appreciate you more than words can say my dear so thank you again for everything.

Connie Deutsch 59:08
Thank you for having me.

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