There’s NO STOPPING IT! Channel REVEALS Humanity’s FUTURE – It’s NOT What You Think! with Cindy Edison

Life, in its mysterious dance, often sweeps us into moments of profound revelation. It is within these moments that we find our deepest truths. On today’s episode, we welcome the incredible Cindy Edison, a remarkable channeler who connects with a collective consciousness known as Josef. Through Cindy, we gain profound insights into our existence and the vibrations that shape our reality.

Cindy’s early life was marked by a sense of lovelessness and fear. Raised in a big family in upstate New York, her childhood lacked guidance, leaving her to navigate life by the seat of her pants. She spent 35 years in the advertising industry, a career she loved, but her life felt mundane and fear-driven. It wasn’t until she began hearing voices and automatic writing that her journey toward channeling and connecting with Josef began.

Cindy Edison, who channels the collective Josef, explains that our lives are shaped by vibrations and their alignment or misalignment. When two out-of-alignment vibrations come together, it manifests in various forms, such as toxic relationships. This isn’t a judgment but rather a recognition of the vibrational reality we create. “We are the same and live it,” Josef once told Cindy, emphasizing the unity and interconnectedness of all beings.

Cindy’s initial experiences with Josef came through automatic writing, which then evolved into a constant, conversational connection. Josef’s teachings center around the idea that humans are the physical aspect of the soul, and our emotions guide us towards alignment or away from it. When we feel love, peace, and joy, we are in alignment with our true selves. Conversely, feelings of fear, jealousy, and revenge indicate a misalignment.

One of the most challenging aspects of being a channeler, Cindy notes, is trusting the information received. She emphasizes the importance of understanding that our beliefs create our experiences. For example, a belief in unworthiness can lead to manifestations of lack in various areas of life. By shifting our beliefs to align with love and abundance, we can transform our experiences and live more peacefully.

In relationships, Josef teaches that we attract partners who mirror our beliefs about ourselves. If we hold unworthy beliefs, we will attract partners who reflect that vibration. Understanding this allows us to shift our focus and attract more aligned relationships. Cindy shares a personal example of how her own belief in unworthiness manifested in her relationships until she recognized and addressed it.


  1. Focus on Alignment: Aligning with love and joy is crucial. Our feelings of peace and happiness indicate we are in alignment with our true selves.
  2. Shift Your Beliefs: Our beliefs shape our reality. By adopting beliefs based on love and abundance, we can transform our experiences.
  3. Embrace Your Power: Recognize that you are the creator of your experiences. Your focus invites matching vibrations into your reality, so choose love and alignment.

As we conclude this enlightening episode, remember that the journey towards higher consciousness is a continuous process of expanding love and understanding. It begins with focusing on our own alignment and trusting the guidance of our soul.

Please enjoy my conversation with Cindy Edison.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 300

Cindy Edison 0:00
No judgement from your soul's perspective. But it is just a manifestation of to have an out of alignment relationship to vibrations that are out of alignment coming together and experiencing each other. So instead of damning the relationship are saying, you know, I keep getting the same thing I heard this someplace I keep getting the same thing over and over and over. That's because you have this vibration that's attracting that I had it.

Alex Ferrari 0:28
I'd like to welcome to the show Cindy Edison. How you doing Cindy?

Cindy Edison 0:41
Alex, I'm so grateful to be here. How are you? I'm good.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I'm, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your journey. And to meet Josef, they are an interesting collective to say the least, and pretty profound teachings that they are are trying to get to the world. And hopefully, this conversation will expose their teachings to even more and more people around the world. So I appreciate you coming on.

Cindy Edison 1:07
Thank you. We appreciate you having us.

Alex Ferrari 1:10
So the first question I have for you is what was your life like before this insanity that is channeling?

Cindy Edison 1:16
You know, that's a that's an interesting question, because I don't remember a lot of it, my childhood I would deem as kind of Loveless, a lot of fear. I only say that now because I have the contrast. So it's not a sad thing. To me. It's just a recognition of what it was. And the situation I was fly by the seat of your pants. really never had guidance from anyone, or I didn't believe that I did. And I'm excluding my excuse me, my mother from this because it's not heard, but there was a whole situation. But yeah, so big family, upstate New York, small town. You know, it was peaceful, but fearful, you know, no guidance kind of thing. I spent 35 years in advertising, which I absolutely loved. And Creative Advertising. moved around a bit with that. And you know, it was it was just a no plan kind of life. It was very, I would say mundane, fearful fear, fear based really.

Alex Ferrari 2:24
Right. And you were basically just playing the game of life. And not thinking about anything else other than the exterior, essentially.

Cindy Edison 2:32
Exactly. Exactly. Right. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:34
So at what point did a, for lack of a better word start? Did you start hearing voices? And when you did, and when you started hearing these guys, are these this this collective start talking to you? Did you think you were losing your mind? Because a normal human being would think this.

Cindy Edison 2:53
Well, I never considered myself normal. I was always drawn to channels,

Alex Ferrari 2:57
You're an advertising, so you're obviously not normal.

Cindy Edison 3:02
But I was always drawn to channels. So it had friends that dragged me to channels and psychics and I loved it. I just was fascinated by it. never considered that I would ever take that route. I mean, it was never anything like that. But, and I had a lot of Inklings now that I look back now now that I know more, I can see where it was, in my younger years. And when they started talking, I was thrilled and nervous. But I couldn't stop on a laptop or so I was typing, sat down to write an article. And all of a sudden, I was typing dear Cindy, and it was a nine page letter that came through. That was very odd when I go back and read it now very odd at that time for me. But I wasn't afraid of it. It was a loving feeling. I knew what that was, it was something different than I've ever experienced before. But it no never scared me. I was always interested in what some refer to as the paranormal, you know, I don't consider it that. But you know, the other side, the other the other explanation of things.

Alex Ferrari 4:10
So they started as automatic writing, but then it kind of evolved into what you're doing now with Josef?

Cindy Edison 4:15
Well, yeah, and I still do a lot of writing. I mean, everything, the books are all channeled. And I write with them, mostly, like we have ongoing conversations all day long. And I mean, they're like, I don't even I don't even know how to separate them from me. And they're applauding me right now because I'm finally getting that you know that we are one in the first letter. I remember two things distinctly that they said that that I keep in front of my mind all the time and that is we are the same and live it and now as time has gone on, you know, it's been many years. I still know why they said those two things to me. You know, we are one they've always said For years, they started our conversations by saying, you may begin your loved we are one. And that's when I knew they were there then.

Alex Ferrari 5:11
So from what I've heard that from so many channels have spoken to that your nervous system has to be kind of primed to receive this energy. Did you? Was it just a simple? Did you start it off? How does it feel when the when they come in? Was it an energy? Joel, do you get drained? What is your process?

Cindy Edison 5:29
No. You know, I tried to look at other channels in the beginning when they were first talking to me. Because all I was doing the beginning was writing. It's all conversational, and I have every one of the 1000s of them. And it just it was just a refocus. And I would always ask them, How do I do this? How do I start speaking, you know, how do I just focus just focus, just focus. So but I never got it, you know, I would look at other channels and say, Why am I not like that? Or why am I not like that person? Why don't I go into a trance? Right? And they kept saying, Cindy, all you have to do is focus we are teaching later in the years, we are teaching new Earth perspective. And the trance is not necessary unless it helps you. And you were telling you, you don't need to do that. All it is is refocusing on a different vibration. Their entire message is a vibrational foundation for everything. And it clears everything up.

Alex Ferrari 6:28
So you so you don't go into a trance. So it's not your so your channel that can basically they're on 24/7 Yes, sitting in.

Cindy Edison 6:37
Alright, so Joseph teaches that the human is a physic the physical aspect of the soul, just like God made man in His image. We're talking about vibrational image consciousness. And so we have we all have that consciousness within us. And that's part of our physical vibration. And it's where our loving emotions come from. That's how we know when we're in alignment. When we feel love and peace and joy. That's that part of our physical vibration, speaking to us and saying you're in alignment, you're in alignment, keep going feels good, it feels good, right? Well, we're in the contrast, in order to choose what I say choose our way out of the third dimension. This shift in consciousness is a shift in perspective, from the perspective of fear, to the perspective of pure love. So we're moving as we have been in the third dimension for eons of time, lifetime, after lifetime, we have expanded that our US you may, our human aspect of our unique soul through timelines through third dimensional timelines, taking on more light, if you will, every time we come back, because as we expand, our soul expands. And so when our soul refocuses into the human aspect, it has expanded by way of its souls, vibration of love. But we pick up that contrasting vibration of the human, our experiences in the third dimension, you know, our beliefs that we pick up the teachings and understanding was that have come up with us through time, you know, that don't fit in this new perspective anymore. So the way we understand our opportunity to choose is by being in the contrast, and we choose the vibration of who we really are, and that is our souls eternal path. But when we're in the contrast, and we are making choices and decisions based on out of alignment, sorry about that in a second out of alignment beliefs that are not in alignment with our souls perspective, our souls consciousness of who we really are. That's when we mess up, we don't mess up we never mess up. But that's when it goes awry. That's when we step off the path so to speak. And we keep attracting that so Joseph describes our the choosing ground as being under two umbrellas, we try to make it really simple. There's two umbrellas of thought really two umbrellas of vibration that are not in agreement with each other. So there's no manifestation, okay? One is the pure love and one is the contrast. We have both of those within us by way of our soul and by way of the physical contrasting vibration of the human. Okay, so every time you make a choice, you're choosing from underneath one of those umbrellas if you're choosing from fear, what most people call fear, which is anything jealousy, loneliness, revenge, all the stuff that's not love, and those thoughts, unlimited thoughts that are under that umbrella. You get that manifestation you live that manifestation. And unfortunately, I say unfortunately, they don't say it's ever unfortunate because it's all a learning process. of learning of who we really are. It's a choosing process. So when we start looking at our beliefs that we have accumulated through all of our lifetimes in the third dimension, most of them are out of alignment, because they were on the timelines that were out of alignment, but they're all evolving. So Joseph comes in, you know, for their example, Joseph comes in as the evolved, one collected group speaking from the evolved consciousness of Seth and Abraham, which means they tell us that so we have a frame of reference, to see our own evolution of consciousness, our own consciousness, because the message that Seth started with you create your own reality, you know, expanded through Abraham and Esther, and it just blew up. And now there are as the consciousness expands, more teachers join forces to teach from that consciousness. And this is the consciousness that we are moving into as a human collective. And that consciousness has no fear.

Alex Ferrari 11:08
Beautiful now everything that you just said, how much of it was you remembering teachings and how much of it was Josef?

Cindy Edison 11:14
It's it's a it's mostly them, but I understand it. It's not I can feel that. Yeah, I can feel and when I when I'm rambling like that, it's always there Ramblers, but I'm a Rambler, too. So that's where we get along. So well. Yes, they we get on this topic. Yes. They are always front and center when it comes to these conversations. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 11:36
So let me ask you, when did when you decided to finally come out of the channeling closet? Yeah. How was that for the people around you, your colleagues? I've been in the advertising industry for a long time. I know that I don't I know them people. And they are creative. But yet they're, you know, how did that work out? So I'm just curious. How did they deal with it? And how did you deal with it psychologically?

Cindy Edison 12:04
Well, I didn't talk about it when I was still in advertising. When I left advertising, that's when most of the channeling started. I was into it and studying some things I had been prodded, let's say, by turned out to be Joseph, I didn't know who it was for many years. But I was being prodded. So I didn't know where it was going. I didn't know until 2009 where it was going. Last a loss. My youngest brother thinks I'm crazy. I told my mother Don't talk to her anymore. She thinks God talks to her. And that just makes me laugh. A lot of people not a lot, you know, relatively speaking. My family. They don't really say much. I don't know what they think about it. My brother, my one brother, who I'm pretty close to He supports me but he has no idea what I'm doing. But you know, so it's not an i don't i don't know people are some people are fascinated by it. And some people are just afraid. You know, they think it's evil. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 13:03
Oh, yes. Yes, the old demon. The old positive demon talk. I always find fascinating people look at their demons. Man, they're doing their job really wrong, because it's pretty profound, positive stuff that's coming out of their mouth. Like it. I mean, I've seen a lot of movies, I did see a lot of demons talk.

Cindy Edison 13:27
I had when I first started channeling, I started talking to the dead people. And that came very spontaneous to me. And I've never doubted that I could do it. Because for me, it's just reaching out to a vibration. You know, I understand how your focus brings, you know, you're inviting something. And it was very easy for me. And I had a couple of Southern Baptist wonderful friends who brought me Bible scriptures and said, You are practicing evil. And you need to stop doing this. And sitting in front of me are these people who are healing, you know, and crying from love from from now understanding that their loved ones are, are happy and peaceful and still here. So it's all about perspective.

Alex Ferrari 14:13
It seems like you handled it pretty well. Psychological good, good.

Cindy Edison 14:19
I really can't I mean, it's too strong. I couldn't not do it. You know, right. Most of us can't not do it.

Alex Ferrari 14:26
Yeah. And a lot of people always think like, oh, they're scamming. I'm like, there's such easier ways to hustle. And to scam people. I mean, she's man, if this is the hustle. I was like, yes, because the channels are rolling around in the cache. It's just, yeah, it's you alienate everybody you know, and you put yourself out there someone who's talking to voices. And then if there's something besides what you truly doing, which is trying to help people behind that, man, there's just easier ways to Do things. It's gambling a

Cindy Edison 15:02
Lot less painful in the beginning. But yeah, exactly. Comments, you know, she's just doing it for the money. I don't really. Where's that? You know?

Alex Ferrari 15:12
And my favorite is other just doing it the sell books. I'm like, if anyone knows,

Cindy Edison 15:17
Yeah, they don't obviously don't know,

Alex Ferrari 15:19
Your last name is King or rolling, it's not making a whole lot of cash. So as you've been doing this work, has there been an instance that you're channeling has had a profound effect on somebody's life?

Cindy Edison 15:32
Yes. I, I think it has shifted a lot of people now that, you know, what we teach is pretty profound. And it's not commonly understood yet. And when Joseph has told me many times, you know, you think you're ready to, to branch out, but the the collective is not ready to hear it. Because we're talking about, really, I guess, quantum physics in a way, we're talking about vibration. And people don't understand vibration, and it scares them. But you know, like, the whole ego thing that's our favorite subject is what they started with. In their first book, The whole perspective of the ego is completely different. And I remember someone I was talking to, she said, I love your perspective. I love Joses perspective of the ego. It is it feels so good. And it feels so right. But Eckhart Tolle doesn't say that. So I'm going to stick with his description. And so, you know, and of course, I say, you know, whatever, whatever you think is right. But that is, that is the great description of our belief system. You know, that's an out of all I mean, I'm not I, all teachers, whatever they're teaching is wonderful. And it's all for a purpose, I get that. Our perspective is perspective without fear. And and, you know, as the human collective, we don't really know how to live without fear. We've never done it, not in this body.

Alex Ferrari 17:02
But the thing is that when people say something like that, it's because they've now built a new foundation based on this. And if I admit that what I've built, my foundation is different than or I don't believe it anymore. Then the ego comes into play, like, Well, you were been foolish, or you've been lied to and like, and it starts to rock the foundation of it. So when these new ideas come up, it's hard for people to assimilate new ideas, even something that's like, they admit that they like Josef's ideas better, and it rings true to them. But like, but I can't break away from this foundational idea that I've already set into stone. And if I move from this, it's going to check to a chain reaction, where as opposed to being very open to all ideas, and shifting and moving, because if that's the case, then you would still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa, because that's my rocks. That would you mean, Santa doesn't doesn't exist? It has to exist? Like what do you mean? And if you change that foundation, it rocks the world. Luckily, that information is provided to children early doesn't allow to 20 year olds that still believe in Santa?

Cindy Edison 18:18
Well, it's a fun belief. You know, it's a really

Alex Ferrari 18:20
It was I had to go through with my kids. And they finally like started asking questions. I'm like, we don't lie to you. But what's the fun? It was? And it's and it's everybody's in on it? Yeah, there's industries around? Yeah, like, Yeah. and the like, I guess, oh, yeah, it was fun. I mean, I would love I love waking up with the magic of what was going to happen. But anyway, so you too. So let me ask you, what is the most challenging part of being a channeler?

Cindy Edison 18:51
Trusting the information I think? I don't like I said, I don't really care what anybody thinks, because I feel the truth in it. And I see the shift in myself. You know, about this perspective, that is a huge subject. It's, it's, it's almost, you know, it's the how do you eat an elephant question, you know, where do you begin because it's a shift in everything. And when you understand the vibrational component to it, it makes it easier, but then again, people don't understand it. And so that's difficult for me. Because it seems so easy for me now, and I want to shake people like oh, no, just think about it this way. Because everything is a belief, your belief and the ego what you have as a belief in the ego is very real to you. And the belief that I have in the ego is completely opposite of what you have, and it's very real to me, but I live a much more peaceful life. I can tell you, because I don't have that monkey on my back because I understand what it is and what it comes down. One Two is nobody's right or wrong. It's just a perspective. And it's a belief. And we can choose to believe anything we want, based on the experience we want to have, because our beliefs create our experiences. So if you believe in something fearful, if you believe you're unworthy, which we all kind of grew up with some aspect of that, right? If you have a belief that you're unworthy, then that has many tributaries, that run off throughout your life, you know, in your relationships, your career, your relationships with your spouse, or whatever. That unworthy belief carries a lot of weight, you know, in the third dimension, and it's out of alignment. So you have an experience that's out of alignment, you have many experiences that are out of alignment with who you really are. And that's why people say, you know, this is not fun, it's supposed to be fun. And understanding brings that expansion to the understanding of who we really are. And that's where vibration comes in.

Alex Ferrari 20:59
It's very, very, very true. It's, it's, it's, it is the circle of life, as they say, in The Lion King. So do you mind if, well, justice here, so I have a bunch of questions for Joseph. So when, when he when they kind of come through you, they've been kind of talking through here and there through this conversation? But what is direct conversation? or direct questions for them? Specifically, Is it going to be different a little bit in the way your your like? Because I know, I've heard channels like, like yourself that like question, the information, and sometimes the channel, the entities will go, hold on a second, we need to talk to the John, because John does not accept him what we're talking about, let us explain to John first. Which is always fascinating to me.

Cindy Edison 21:51
Well, if there's a word that I'm trying, you know, I get blocks of thought so and I'm pretty well blended with them. Now, after all these years, so if i It will be them. But, you know, I just kind of people say step aside, I don't know how to do that I just kind of take a seat and start listening. And I throw my two cents in it's a blended, you know, with Mr. exampling, what we all can do, you don't have to go into a trance to hear your soul. You know, it's part of your vibration. It's a focus, it's just a focus. So I would just I just focus on you and your question, and they answer it, they'll answer it.

Alex Ferrari 22:27
All right. So let's, let's get to let it rest question. First question, can you explain the concept of multi dimensional selves, in simpler terms.

Cindy Edison 22:42
There are many, many aspects unlimited aspects of the soul, we we refer to God as a collective soul. And soul is unique. And each user will have limited, unique aspects. One of which is and one of which is everybody has their own soul. This is you'd get Re Spect is unique. vibrationally. So multi dimensional aspects are vibrations. They are they are vibrational, I want to say blobs. It's a vibrational activity on a vibrational timeline, and the timeline where that aspect of the soul is and we have been on many unlimited timelines and the third dimension and before we came here, to the third dimension, and we evolve, you evolve through a consciousness, so every time you experience a timeline, that aspect of that, that is in agreement with that timeline, that aspect of your soul. You have experienced many different timelines that are in agreement with the third dimension. So every aspect of you is still alive and well. This is where past life regression is. Past Lives come in, they are they are accessed by way of your focus, focus on an experience something that will jolt, that remembrance that memory that we call the memories, but they're actually in your vibration. It's an experience that's part of your physical vibration. So every aspect that on multi dimensions, unlimited dimensions, there are aspects of you some that the human collective cannot even fathom to understand at this point. But that's what it is. It is held within your physical vibration. Every lifetime you've lived is held within your physical vibration, and your physical vibration is as unique and your fingerprints are a manifestation of your physical vibration that you carry uniquely of your soul.

Alex Ferrari 25:02
Is that why we carry with us sometimes ailments or scars or DNA that is generational? Because of that?

Cindy Edison 25:13
Yes. Yes, all illness you refer to it as illness we, we don't believe. We don't want to say believe in healing, it's not a healing. From our perspective, it's an evolution. Because the contrast you're out of alignment vibration is what causes every ailment whether it's emotional or physical. Every single ailment is a sin is a is a signature, of an out of alignment belief, very difficult for our human aspects who are especially those who are suffering. To understand that at the core of everything is the physical vibration at the core of every illness. That's why babies are born with cancer, and they're born with illness until that vibration is evolved, shifted beyond where there is no vibrational agreement for the contrast, that manifests as that illness because it will keep repeating itself. This is what we're Karma comes into, which is a different perspective. But as long as the vibration is alive and well, through your beliefs, understandings experiences that you've carried through many, many, many lifetimes, it will continue to manifest until you shift the vibration. And that's not changing the belief that's adopting and conjuring a new belief from a new timeline that is not in vibrational agreement with the belief that caused the illness.

Alex Ferrari 26:42
Make sense. Oddly enough. Makes sense.

Cindy Edison 26:45
I hope you follow it. You know, it's it's like I said, it's a big subject that all relates to vibrational agreement. Everything at the core starts with the vibration. Everything we experience is vibrational, non physical first. And by way of our focus, we bring it into our physical experience.

Alex Ferrari 27:04
And so how did how does the law of attraction work at the molecular or quantum level?

Cindy Edison 27:09
We're going to sound very repetitive because the law of attraction is is the law of vibration and vibrational agreement, vibrational agreement, every single manifestation, every desire, you have every experience that you have had emotional, physical, relational, doesn't matter. What it is, is a manifestation of vibrational agreement. Some are in alignment, some are out of alignment, mostly the human collective is out of alignment, the dominant, collective vibration is out of alignment. That's why you're seeing the chaos that you have. So the law of attraction is the law, really a vibration, every universal law, we call them the universal truths. Because they are vibrational at their foundation, every single one of them. And it all has to do with vibrational agreement. So Law of Attraction is as you focus, you are inviting that matching non physical vibration into your awareness. And the more you focus on it, the more it expands your awareness of it. And ultimately, it manifests as your physical experience. Now, if you're in alignment, that experience will be a loving experience, if you're out of alignment, not so much.

Alex Ferrari 28:31
So, so that's when like when you're you start thinking of buying a Tesla and you hadn't seen any Tesla's in your neighborhood and all of a sudden, you're driving around, you're like I see Tesla's everywhere.

Cindy Edison 28:40
Exactly right. We always say don't think about the red ball.

Alex Ferrari 28:46
Try not to think about the, the pink elephant in the room.

Cindy Edison 28:49
That's right. That's right. And everybody listening just saw a pink elephant in their mind's eye. Exactly, no. And that's how it and as you focus on that pink elephant, you will see why you will see one somewhere in a picture on the TV, you will see. And once you recognize that you are the creator of every experience through your focus, which is the invitation the law of attraction, doesn't care why you're focusing on it doesn't care if it's in or out of alignment, it just works. There's no judgment here. It just works. It just brings you what you're asking for. And you ask by way of your focus.

Alex Ferrari 29:27
Now my next question is, Can you provide any practical steps for Achieving Self Realization?

Cindy Edison 29:34
Define Self Realization from your perspective, if you would.

Alex Ferrari 29:38
Self realization is understanding who we truly are as a soul as a piece of God and to elevate past the need for three dimensional thinking or living works.

Cindy Edison 29:50
Yes yes. There is certainly not a need. It's always a choice. The third dimension is a choice but it is it is a choice. for expansion, that is the purpose of, of every incarnation and the third dimension. And that is the expansion of the Godhead of the soul that because every time you expand your physical aspect, your soul expands, which expands God, it's a, it's a ripple effect of a vibration. So the realization of, or the awareness will say, the the expansion of the awareness of who you really are, is achieved, experienced, by way of your focus on your soul's vibration. Now, that experience will happen to everybody on the new earth, you know, we are, we are a vibration of the New Earth. That's why we're here now, to try to, you know, push love and, and understanding because when you understand where you are, and you understand that you are creating your experiences, that's when you can start to create the experiences of who you really are, as opposed to those of not who you really don't, you know, it's understanding is at the base. So the best way to do that is focus on love, focus on love, focus on love, and every decision, Joseph says, Choose love in all resolution, in all resolution, there is always a loving solution. Because when you look at alignment, you are not looking at the problem, you cannot resolve an issue from the vibration where the issue was created ever. So you must look in a different perspective. And that's what it is this the souls eternal path is paved with love. And it is and that is your eternal path to and when you're focused on it. You're the events that are pre planned, not the experience, the events, and the events are events of vibrational agreement, and expansion. And that happens when you're focused on alignment, because that's where you expand your awareness. So you have to be aware, first of who you are, and why you why you are you have to be aware of why you are why you're here and that is to expand this aspect.

Alex Ferrari 32:14
Now, can you give us any advice on how we can connect to our inner guidance system?

Cindy Edison 32:19
It's same thing the answer is the same. It is focused on alignment people ask us that a lot. How do I focus on alignment, focus on love, we say choose a person choose, you know, when you first held your girls the first time, I'm sure you can feel that now you can feel that expansive love, that's alignment, that is the feeling of alignment. So the best way to experience it is to relive an experience of it that you know is in alignment like that. Or when you're loving your dog or if you're in love with somebody or just whatever it is, if it's painting, whatever brings you joy is alignment. And the most important thing is to feel it is when you when you feel love, you are experiencing alignment. So it's a shift in your perspective about not only understanding it, but feeling it because it's vibrational. And when you start to feel vibration, that's when you can understand how to choose because the in alignment, vibrations feel good, be out of alignment, vibrations don't.

Alex Ferrari 33:30
So when you are, you know, following your bliss in your life, whether that be art, whether that be engineering, whether that be math, whether that be podcasting, whatever it might be, if you're in alignment, and are feeling good doing it, that is an indication of where you should be going, regardless of financial reward. Because if you're in alignment, you will be taken care of financially, to a certain extent. Now there is journeys that we all have to go, I was a struggling artist for many, many years. But I always had food on the table. I always figured we'd always had not what you want, what you need. Exactly. So is that a fair?

Cindy Edison 34:19
Spot on! Yeah, universe supports itself. I mean, you can't be in alignment and have a belief in lack, because the lack of belief is out of alignment. You know, so the beliefs, you have to really check your beliefs, you know, they're they work well and third dimension, because third dimension is dominantly out of alignment. So if your belief is out of alignment, you're hanging out. And the third dimension is saying, Well, this is the way life is. It just sucks. This is you know, this is supposed to be hard and all this stuff. And if you believe life is supposed to be hard, then you will experience a life that is hard. But you don't have to have that belief. We're free to choose the belief.

Alex Ferrari 34:55
Right! And that's the thing that's so interesting to me is that people have heard people say you can never make it as an artist, there's no way you could be a musician or a painter. You can't make a living that way. And yet, there's 1000s, and millions of examples of people making not only a living but a good living, not the outs, not the outliers, not the giant stars, just working people that are in the arts, following their bliss, as an example, as opposed to being the practical way. So it all depends on what your belief system is, if your belief system is I have to be a lawyer, and then paint on the weekends. And I hate law.

Cindy Edison 35:37
Yeah, that's what you get, then, you know,

Alex Ferrari 35:41
But isn't that what most of us in the West do?

Cindy Edison 35:44
Yes, because the dominant vibration is out of alignment, the collective dominant vibration. That's why when all this COVID stuff started, you know, I just kind of backed up and said, whatever, and, and I said to Joseph, one day, it was really fun. I said, okay, so they're taking all this stuff away? Where am I going to buy my groceries? I'm not going to do that. So where do I buy groceries, and they said, the way will be shown. I'm driving down the street two days later, and I see this market that just opened up, and I swing in there, and like, nothing ever happened. And that became my market for a year. So I mean, the so that's what I mean about being in alignment. When you focus on alignment, the doors open because you your awareness, nobody wants you to fail, you know, your soul is your guide. It's the lighthouse. Joseph calls themselves the lighthouse. It is the guide in the third dimension for love, the loving guide.

Alex Ferrari 36:45
Now, how does the collective consciousness of the universe influence our individual consciousness?

Cindy Edison 36:51
It only does if you allow it to. Now, let me explain that you are always in part of that story I was telling you before when all that COVID stuff started, Joseph said, focus only on your own alignment. That's the only thing that really matters. Right now, focus on your own alignment, because not only do you do wonderful stuff, vibrationally for the universe by focusing on your own alignment, because the ripple effect, right? You also are still creating your own reality. So it doesn't matter what's going on, you're still creating your own experience of it. So they would, the only thing that is really important to you is your focus. If you believe that the outside world or other planets have a say, in your reality in the creation of your unique reality, it's an out of alignment belief, because your unique soul is not in is focused on you. And you are not in alignment with other vibrational realms as your focus. You are human aspect in the third dimension, and you have your connection to your higher self, fifth dimension, ninth, whatever it is, through your soul, but your focus is here your souls focus on its physical aspect is here. So we say it doesn't matter what's going on out there because you are interested in your own experience and your own evolution.

Alex Ferrari 38:24
So a deep question what happens to our consciousness as after physical death?

Cindy Edison 38:30
Your consciousness which consciousness, your souls consciousness, it expands, it expands, exponentially spans, it's expanding all the time. It's expanding Cindy's expanding it right now because she's having so much fun and the love she feels right now, for us and for you and for your audience is just expanding the universe. Her physical aspect, however, when she grows, as Esther says, will remain in the vibrational timeline where there is agreement for it. Now, it will be as we see her now it will be on the fourth dimension, and possibly with us in the fifth and now that's all up to her as she expands her own awareness, but vibration and your vibration the body body is not necessary in the higher dimensions. So your physical body is always a physical manifestation of your vibration, illness, sickness, whatever wellness well being comes from your soul. So your physical vibration remains on the timeline, the consciousness within the consciousness realm, that there is vibrational agreement your soul the part of you, the only thing you take with you is the love the love that you have experienced while during this episode here. And when you raise when you rise up and that vibration goes home, whatever you want to call it takes all the love with it expands the soul doesn't matter when because it's just a constant continuous expansion of love.

Alex Ferrari 40:05
Let me ask you this, I keep hearing the word awareness. And I've heard this from multiple people on my show, and my perspective on awareness from my own spiritual studies is that when we're born, we might have a pin needle of awareness on this space in this in this dimension. And as we start to widen it, our life becomes fuller. And then when you start getting into the spiritual aspect of awareness, these Yogi's these Ascended Masters, Jesus, Buddha, these kinds of these kinds of beings, their awareness started to grow grow gross worth to the point where they can start seeing things that the rest of us can't see yet, because they're choosing to see it vibrationally to the point where they're the, to the point where they're just like, oh, I figured this game out, I don't need to be here anymore. I can evolve to the next level. Is that a fair statement?

Cindy Edison 41:03
I would say that's really Yeah, that's really good. And the fact that there are no limits, first, you have to believe that there are no limits to your consciousness, you know, and that there is more than the third dimension, you know, so yes, and and when this communication is happening in any channel, really, they're communicating with a different consciousness with a higher vibration than third dimension. And this is where, but that is through their focus. And that is because they believe they can do it, you can do it, you do it already. And many, many men, we all do it. We all have that ability. If we understand that we are vibrational beings. So the the yogi's, God bless them, they have mastered the physical experience. And now yes, so it's a choice to move on, you know, been there done that kind of thing. And but but the reason they do it is to expand the physical aspect of their soul, because the soul is made up of so many aspects, and they're all expanding all the time. There are there are aspects coming behind us, who are you know, Joseph gave us a chart that looks like a tunnel black in the middle and expands out like this, with red rings on it, to visually show the evolution of the human aspect, moving through these timelines, and the physical vibration as we go and come back and go and come back the physical vibration, what we would say lightens up because you're moving out of the denseness as you expand your awareness, that's the manifestation of that your physical vibration lightens up and as you move forward

Alex Ferrari 42:55
Now, this concept of heard from near death experiencers and channelers and entities like so collected from the other side of simultaneous simultaneous time, there is no time on the other side, everything's happening all at once. Can you explain that if you possibly can for our audience to understand and how it affects our existence here in this time and time and space dimension?

Cindy Edison 43:25
Well, I think everybody knows everybody who's listening to you anyway knows that there's that time is a construct of the third dimension and it's part of you know, it's part of our workings here. But the simultaneous movement is, you guessed it, the vibration. So, every every everything is energy and the vibration is a manifestation, manifestation of movement of that energy and the vibration. The, the vibrational, the simultaneous movement is all about vibrational agreement. So when we were talking about the third dimension and the chart they gave us, so you have unlimited timelines in this consciousness, right in this consciousness you can picture them spinning around in this consciousness all happening at once everything is constant motion, constant motion. And it's it's a big subject but everything that is in constant motion is always in vibrational agreement. So we are we are in vibrational agreement with the third dimension now in this body but those aspects we were talking about earlier, that are alive and well in our physical aspects are alive and well in those timelines if we are still there, if you still have out of alignment beliefs, and we all do, but if you're always those beliefs are in agreement with the third dimension and an experience that we had. Energy doesn't go away vibration doesn't you can't kill It doesn't stop, it just lays dormant until it's focused on again. So the simultaneous movement hasn't obviously nothing to do with time. But our movement through levels of consciousness happens on an event driven basis. And those events are vibrational agreement of expansion of our awareness. When we say, Ah, I get that boom, you expand.

Alex Ferrari 45:28
That's why a show like this, where these ideas are being flown around. So often, people are connecting at different levels at different points of conversations and where they are matching certain times in their life and evolution. The idea might either plant the seed that they grow or understand a year or five years or 10 years from now, or they get it right away, and it expands them a little bit more.

Cindy Edison 45:50
A lot of people don't want to listen to this. It's monotonous because it's vibration by Bray, some some guy said on one of the comments. He said, Take a shot every time you hear her say vibration, and I cracked me up, I was like, Thank you for pointing that out. You know, it's so true.

Alex Ferrari 46:08
But the concept of vibration is is you know, it goes back into the 60s, they may have some good vibes kind of thing. But everything is vibrational. Now, quantum physics is telling us that everything is vibrational and everything is energy flowing. You know, and everything's flowing in, there's an energy to everything. And everybody, I think everybody's experienced meeting somebody. And going, oh, yeah, or meeting somebody and going. Oh, exactly. Exactly. So can you can you kind of clarify the concept of vibrational match in relationships specifically?

Cindy Edison 46:48
Yeah, relationships, we get a lot of questions about this, you know, when there are what are referred to as toxic relationships, that is just a manifest, again, no judgment from your soul's perspective, but it is just a manifestation of to have an out of alignment, relationship to vibrations that are out of alignment coming together and experiencing each other. So instead of damning the relationship or saying, you know, I keep getting the same thing, I've heard this someplace, I keep getting the same thing over and over and over. That's because you have this vibration that's attracting it. I had it. I had it for most of my relationships that I you know, and when I started to understand, well, you know, it's not them, I'm attracting that. What am I believing about myself? It's always about you, what are you believing about yourself, and mine was an unworthy belief. And so I'm attracting someone who is also unworthy. But it manifests very differently. They were very arrogant. But that was an under that was a manifestation of unworthiness in their experience, my unworthiness came through differently. So it doesn't matter what it is, it's either in or out of alignment. So instead of damning the relationship and saying, you know, I'm forced here, or I would never have chosen this, no, no, you are choosing all the time. vibrationally. So you have to look at your manifestations, not damn them, but say that my manifestation is an indication of the vibration that created this. So if I'm in a shitty relationship, you know, I have to say, wait a minute, I'm in this, you know, I created this relationship for myself. And you have to look at your beliefs about yourself, because that's relationship wise. That's what you're attracting, you know, others, a lot of people say, Well, I've been in so many bad relationships, all relationships are bad. And that's a belief. That's a belief that will continue to manifest it

Alex Ferrari 48:51
Life is hard. Life is money, money is hard to get. It's not easy to make. You have to work hard for money.

Cindy Edison 49:00
And that's yes, yeah. And they have tributaries, those beliefs like that have tributaries that run in every area of your life, you know, if I'm, if I'm, if I go around saying I am always broke, I never have enough money. I never have enough money. That vibration, I'm focused on that I'm sending out and inviting that to make the vibrational agreements. So I can experience that lack of asking for, you know, is sure to come because the universal laws never cease to work. So, you know, the foundation of our message of our being is really the universal truths, the universal laws. You can get those and work within those instead of resisting them. Then you live your soul's journey.

Alex Ferrari 49:47
What is the biggest barrier humans face in understanding and applying your teachings?

Cindy Edison 49:53
The understanding of vibration.

Alex Ferrari 49:55
Hold on, I gotta take a drink.

Cindy Edison 49:56
Yeah. Yeah, I mean You know, I've said to them so many times, you gotta be kidding me with, but, but it really is the whole, the whole foundation and people just want an easy way out, they don't want to understand. But the thing is that once you understand, like, once I understood this when they first told me a few years ago, we're gonna kind of go in the science route. And I said, What? Because I am not a science person. I said, You got to be kidding me. And they said, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it, you know, we'll and so I was floored of how easy it is, once I understood the foundation, once I understood the foundation of the vibrational agreement and how we create and manifest all vibrational. That's the problem. That's the biggest problem, people don't get it. Because we're not taught to think really, for ourselves, we're taught a perspective, we're not taught that every time we evolve through a different timeline, we're actually experiencing a different perspective. And the perspective that we're moving into, is in complete contrast to the perspective we're living in now. So it's,

Alex Ferrari 51:05
It's very interesting, because I've had, I've had Dr. Bruce Campbell, Bruce Lipton, on who talks about the programming we get when we're younger, and it's very true, we are, we're just programmed, you know, that we are inserted software. And the educational system that were raised here, at least in the West is not built for self thinking, or to think for yourself, you're built basically to be a factory worker, because that's how the whole system was built back. 50 years ago, whatever it was, yeah. And now the new where we're going doesn't need those kinds of workers anymore. They need people to think for themselves in need people to, to kind of create exactly, it's,

Cindy Edison 51:48
Well, you know, we're creators, I mean, we're all creative in every moment. And once you learn how to, and it's just my focus, you know, they told me that for years before I finally got it, focus focused on once you learn how to focus your vibration, and knowing that what you're focused on, you're going to experience changes the game, you know, because you're in total control your own vibration, nobody or no thing can ever inject something into your vibration if you don't allow it. It's total responsibility and Fifth Dimension total, because it's vibrational, and no one can control your vibration, but you so you must take responsibility for it.

Alex Ferrari 52:30
Now, can you elaborate on the nature of this upcoming shift or the shift that we're in of human consciousness?

Cindy Edison 52:37
Yeah, we're in it. Well, first, we go to the fourth dimension, you know, try to put this in detail. Not a lot of people talk about the fourth dimension. And when Joseph first presented it, to me that and the sixth sense, which I thought was very interesting, your sixth sense is the sense your five senses that we use in the physical are not necessary, of course, and the fifth dimension, you will move away from the more in the fourth dimension, but as it is your sixth sense, that becomes activated as you expand your awareness of who you really are, that comes with it because it's vibration. It's your vibrational acuity, simply people refer to it as the third eye. It's your vibrational acuity, your vibrational understanding of who you really are. So the shift is we're moving from a physical experience a physical aspect experience, into a physical, a physical aspect of the soul, vibrational experience, we will still be physical, but it won't be this, we will we will have a body even in the fourth dimension we will have our body will shift because your body is a manifestation of your vibration. So the more you in the fourth dimension, your physical vibration is dominant in your soul's perspective, which means that you are calling out to focusing habitually focusing on love dominantly 51%, let's say as opposed to the contrast that we're coming out of, you know, we're all of our understandings, all of our beliefs are out of alignment, and they just keep, you know, expanding. So the shift is from physical to vibration. And when you're physical vibration, the more you focus on alignment, the more you focus on love, your physical vibration begins to shift and you're ultimately you're create that you're creating from that vibration. So your physical reality takes on that manifestation too. So the shift is through the fourth and to the fifth dimension where it is all love. And we will you know, some people call it telepathic communication I've heard some of the past life You guys say it that way and the near death experience or say I had a telepathic conversation, it's vibrational, because it's a vibrational agreement, which is what we have a vibrational agreement where we're exchanging information. And so the shift is all about understanding who we are vibrationally. So we can move forward, because we have got to be a vibrational agreement with the consciousness we're moving into, which is why we say you have to lose all those old beliefs, those third dimensional beliefs cannot be activated. They don't come with you. Because there's no vibrational agreement. There's nothing out of alignment in the space of alignment. There's no belief in lack, there's no there's no belief in limits, there's no belief in time, there's no, there's none of that there's no belief and unworthiness, there's no all the beliefs that we have accumulated and taken on and adopted over 1000s and 1000s of years, still live in our vibration, if we still have those beliefs. So we say conjure new beliefs from the from the foundation of the universal laws are the seven steps to self discovery and healing. They are so

Alex Ferrari 56:18
So it's very, it's very similar to if you are going to go and be dropped into the middle of the ocean, you're going to take a bag of hammers with you, they really are not going to be very helpful, nor do they have any use.

Cindy Edison 56:31
It'll kill you, you can't get in, you know, you can't. We say You know, you we we have this one post where we do where it's walking upstairs, and there's an open door, and it's blue sky. And at the bottom of the stairs are these two huge dumpsters full of hefty bags deposit fear here, you cannot bring it with you. You can't bring that vibration, your physical vibration has to be a match to the consciousness that you are that you're going to experience, you have to prepare for it, you have to include it, not the other way around.

Alex Ferrari 57:05
So with this great shift that's happening right now, how is it going to affect our institutions and our social structures that have been in place for, you know, here in the West, for hundreds of years, some places in the world, even, you know, getting over 1000 years, some of these ideas?

Cindy Edison 57:25
Well, they, you know, they will remain where there was vibrational agreement for them, they will remain it's the human collective that will move away. It's the human collective that will evolve beyond it, you know, we say if you want to cure your illness evolve into a space of vibration where the illness cannot exist, which is in alignment, so everything that the chaos that's happening and all the stuff that's been created, third dimension is not going away. We just are moving from it, we go through it, it doesn't go through, we go through it, we move through the consciousness and we experience ourselves in a different realm.

Alex Ferrari 58:06
So it's very similar to at a certain point, all of humanity was basically barbaric. And it was doing barbaric things to people around ourselves. Now. Now, there are pockets of the world that still believe that and still do that almost the same way they did 1000 years ago. Yes. And there's other places that have evolved, and not evolved to the point of you know, enlightenment, but have evolved somewhat, from where we are, is that kind of what you're talking about.

Cindy Edison 58:36
Yes. But as you evolve, you know, as your as the human aspect, the individual and the collective, as you evolve, you experience less and less obviously of the contrast. You don't choose it anymore, because it's always only a choice. So there are there are those that are we are we are leading edge you are leading edge we are we are you are, you are built, you have built a platform for all of this stuff, you know, that people are waking up to because the vibration is shifting on the planet and people, you know, the people that know what's going on, they're handling it, you know, as best they can. We've not been through this before, remember, but the people that don't know what's going on are going more into fear now that the consciousness doesn't change. We are the ones that change ourselves. So the third dimension, the Earth is not going away. But we're building a new one we're creating the new Earth is available in its non physical form right now it's in the fifth dimension. It's already created vibrationally that it's non physical state, but you cannot go there because you are dominant and your third, your third dimensional aberration and there's no vibrational agreement for a physical body on the earth. are not this physical body? And that's what we're moving toward. Answer that question.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:07
It did answer that question. Now does this Josef have any parting question of parting messages for the audience?

Cindy Edison 1:00:18
You know, we would say that to begin this journey always begins with yourself and it's all about you. And it's all about loving yourselves, when you are authentically in love with yourself, which is your collective self, which is the US of you. authentic love, you can do nothing that will impact the universe, your family, your relationships, your soul, more than loving yourself. It is it is the vibration your planet needs at this time. For more to be focused on their own alignment, because as Abraham says, One an alignment is more powerful than a million who are not. And you are seeing the results of the out of alignment, choosing to remember there is no judgment. When you move into the space of alignment, you have no judgment. It is a perspective of love. And it's a perspective of choosing. So we would say, start by loving yourselves, love yourself, figure out, talk to your soul, talk to your guides, talk to whoever you're talking to, and shift your vibration. The most important thing right now is to conjure new beliefs conjure a new foundation, that is built on the universal laws because they are in alignment. And when you build you cannot take your beliefs with you, cover them up, tuck them in and leave them where they belong. And the third dimension of contrast, they are a vibration.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:52
Cindy, I'm going to ask you and Joseph a few questions I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Cindy Edison 1:02:03
Joy, just living joy, living happy. Because you're in alignment.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:12
Now this question is specifically for Cindy, if she can go into if you Cindy can go back in time in a time machine and speak to your younger self. What advice would you give her?

Cindy Edison 1:02:22
Wow, I might start crying. not pay attention to what other people say about you.

Don't see what other people say about you. Trust yourself. Don't believe what other people tell you you can and can't do. And you're so much more than they think you are.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:43
How do you define God?

Cindy Edison 1:02:45
The Collective Soul which is the all of everything.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:50
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Cindy Edison 1:02:52
To expand to expand love to expand the if you're talking about our our physical life, it is to expand the human aspect of the soul which expands everything its expansion

Alex Ferrari 1:03:07
And Cindy where can people find out more about you and and Joseph and the work that you guys are doing in the world?

Cindy Edison 1:03:13
On our website, Everything is there. You know, our books are there, the seven steps are there. There's a resource page there for people that were just starting out that might help them with other things. You know, we're just getting started if you haven't realized yet, this is a big subject. You know, so we're we're treading water right now. We're treading trying.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:39
And Cindy, do you have any messages of parting message just for the audience?

Cindy Edison 1:03:43
Yeah, I'd say don't give up. Don't ever give up and trust your own guidance. It's a frustrating time for a lot of humans. I've been through going through the thick of it all the time. We are all expanding and focus on focus on your soul. Get Connected, get connected. And you know, because that's where your truth comes from. That's what I would say. Just don't give up. Don't ever give up. Just keep going.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:12
Cindy, thank you so much for this time. And Joseph, thank you so much for this time. And I hope this conversation helps people around the world and I appreciate what you and Joseph are doing to awaken the planet. So I appreciate you.

Cindy Edison 1:04:23
Thank you so much, Alex, we appreciate you too. Thanks for what you do.

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