How to Raise Your Psychic Senses with Chris Lippincott

Amidst the humdrum of our daily lives, there exists a realm just beyond our grasp, a place where the veil between the physical and the spiritual is thin. On today’s episode, we welcome Chris Lippincott, a gifted medium who has journeyed from the materialistic world of Wall Street to the enlightening pathways of spiritual connection. Chris Lippincott shares his profound experiences, guiding us through the intricate dance between our world and the ethereal.

From an early age, Chris knew he was different. As a child, he engaged in conversations with unseen entities, mistaking these encounters for the wild imaginings of youth. But the spirit world had other plans. “I was aware of spirit as a child,” Chris recalls, “but I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was just my imagination.” This early awareness was tucked away as he grew older, overshadowed by the demands of a logical, material world.

Life, however, has a way of steering us back to our true path. After years of high-stress living on Wall Street, Chris found solace in meditation. What started as a simple relaxation technique blossomed into a profound spiritual awakening. During one meditation session, Chris experienced an out-of-body visitation, an event that rekindled his childhood encounters. “I began to feel I was completely loved and at one with the universe,” he says, describing a powerful shift in his perception.


1. Embrace Patience and Timing: Chris emphasizes that spiritual growth cannot be rushed. “We have to learn how to be patient and allow ourselves to evolve in our time,” he explains. The spirit world operates on a different timeline, one that transcends our earthly constructs of time and distance.

2. Connect Through Meditation: One of the key practices Chris advocates is daily meditation. Consistency is more important than duration. “Meditate every day, even if it’s just for 10 to 15 minutes,” he advises. Over time, this practice can open up new realms of awareness and connection with the spirit world.

3. Find Joy in Helping Others: Chris highlights that our true purpose often lies in the joy we find in helping others. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness or more dedicated service, these actions resonate deeply with our spiritual path.

As Chris delved deeper into his spiritual journey, he discovered the profound presence of spirit guides and angels. These entities, he explains, are here to help us navigate our earthly existence. Spirit guides are souls who have evolved beyond the need for reincarnation, while angels are representations of divine source energy. Both serve to guide and protect us, often placing subtle hints and signs on our path to steer us in the right direction.

The essence of our existence, according to Chris, is to learn and evolve. Our earthly experiences, no matter how challenging, are designed to teach us valuable lessons. “The ultimate purpose of life is to learn the lessons that our spirit comes down to learn,” he says. These lessons, often delivered through pain and struggle, are what propel our spiritual growth.

In his book, “The Spirit Beside Us,” Chris shares his journey and the insights he has gleaned from his interactions with the spirit world. The book came to life in a whirlwind of inspiration, a process Chris describes as almost automatic writing. “It started flowing like the dam had burst open,” he recalls, emphasizing the profound connection he felt during its creation.

In this profound conversation, we explore the realms of the spirit, uncover the truths that lie beyond our physical existence, and learn how to integrate these insights into our daily lives. The journey from skepticism to spiritual enlightenment is not a path everyone will tread, but for those who do, it is a transformative experience.

Please enjoy my conversation with Chris Lippincott.

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Chris Lippincott 0:00
Well it's it's definitely true that we have to learn how to be patient we have to learn how to be allow ourselves to evolve in our time because our time and spirits time are two very different things because as you probably know spirit doesn't have any time. The reason they don't have any time is because they're not physical and time is a function of distance. They are there for us man made

Alex Ferrari 0:38
I've been able to partner with Mindvalley to present you guys FREE Masterclass is between 60 and 90 minutes, covering Mind Body Soul Relationships and Conscious entrepreneurship, taught by spiritual masters, yogi's spiritual thought leaders and best selling authors. Just head over to

I'd like to welcome to the show Chris Lippincott. How you doing, Chris?

Chris Lippincott 1:12
Okay, Alex, how are you doing? Great to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
I'm good. I'm good, my friend. I'm good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you because I haven't spoken to many mediums on the show before. And I'm fascinated with the process. And, and the messages and all of that kind. I know a lot of people are a little confused about what mediums are. And what's the difference between that and a clairvoyant and the psychic, and all these other all these other kinds of terms that we know. But before we get into into it, how did you start this journey? What was the journey that got you to the place where you started to be awakened?

Chris Lippincott 1:47
Yeah, that's a good question. If you want to think about it, from the very beginning, I was aware of spirit as a child. But at the time, of course, I didn't really know what it was, you know, because it's when I was a child, prior to six, maybe seven years old. I was in contact with other people that were outside, and they were having full on conversations with me, but nobody else can see them. And I didn't know what was going on. I thought, Oh, it's just my act of imagination, right? This is great. And then at nighttime, there are some times where I would actually hear voices in my room, which is a kid scared me to death. I thought there's like a monster just coming from one of my bed to take me away. Right? No Hollywood stories. And at one point, I even had a hand, touch my back while I was on my bed on my stomach trying to sleep. And that was for me, it kind of like almost like the culmination of what was going on. As a child that is kind of starting to beg them to go away, they're going to go away. And sure enough, I got my wish. They went away. And then I suppressed it probably for you know, a whole bunch of decades says no, I don't want to deal with this. And then went into finance became this very logical, materialistic, you know, guy who was just not even thinking about anything spiritual, religious, or spirit of any kind. And I was noticing I was getting really, really stressed out at work. Because I was on Wall Street, I was going absolutely crazy with my job. And I heard somewhere Oh, yeah, you want to try meditation. Meditation is a really relaxing thing that's like meditation. You know, I looked at people who did meditation as is, you know, a little bit out there. You know, somebody from the Hindu Kush said, like, that's not for me, right? So I said, Well, let's go find a video or rather an audio track that resonates with me, and maybe it'll work. So I did. And I became so hooked on that one particular track, that I wound up doing it every day for, you know, 1520 minutes or so. So that way, I'd be really relaxed in the morning and I go to work really, really chilled out. But I did this every day for about 12 months. And then at the end of that 12 month period, I made my man cave because every guy's gotta have his man cave. And what winds up happening is I somehow, after about 30 minutes and mentally taken away to some space, that's very much of a, you know, out of this realm, area. And I just remember being I don't want to say visited by but seeing these four people in silhouette, there were no spirit people that were coming to me and I felt I recognized them but didn't want to know who they were. And went all the way to my right who was the tallest and felt the most powerful. My notice was suddenly sending like this energy beam, straight through my chest out to my back, which shocked the bejesus out of me. It's like, wait a second, I mean, I'm not sleeping, this is real because I could feel it. And then it just kept on escalating from there go into the point where all of a sudden, I began to feel I was completely loved. I was completely at one with the universe. And I began to realize the the singularity that we're all here and the illusion of the duality in the physical. And it really shocked me. And soon after that awakening, all my family in spirit started coming to me in rapid succession. In these dream visitations that I started to feel people around me, I could feel the energy, I could feel the tingling all around me. I could sense the energy. I knew there are people around me just like I was when I was a child. So I knew something had happened. I knew the Portal would quote unquote, reopen, right. That's kind of when I had to start. You know, looking into this, I had to investigate what was going on? How do I control it? How do I work with it? And what can I do with it? Because at some point, I realized, this is not just for me, this is for the greater good of the world, which sort of took on a whole new platform as it were.

Alex Ferrari 6:30
So it was this during meditations or during the dream or dreams, that you're having all this these visions,

Chris Lippincott 6:37
Oh, the vision, they were their dream visitations. And you know, there are a dream visitation based on the fact that a dream visitation is so crisp, detailed, to the enth degree. And you can remember all of the details specifically for yours. For example, I remember my father visited me I can, you know, this was years ago, I can remember, everything we said she was an opening his mouth is more, I guess, mental telepathy or just using the mind. I remember his smell, I remember the colors, I remember exactly where we were. So all these dream visitations are very specific. And they're easily discernible from just a regular dream. To the regular dream, you can't really remember what happened is kind of vague. You're not quite sure what it's about. And you know, you easily forget it. visitations you'll remember the details for years on end.

Alex Ferrari 7:39
Yeah, it's really interesting, because I mean, we all have dreams. And I've been told by by many different spiritual masters and clairvoyance and many mediums, that dreams, there's no accidental dream, that every dream is a message. Every dream is something that they're trying to tell you. Sometimes they get sometimes they're clumsy in the messaging, because they can't just straight out and say, Hey, this is what's happening. They'll show you some sort of analogy or representation of what they're trying to say. Rarely do I get when I have my dreams, I rarely get voices. They come in sometimes like the people talking. And I remember the voices that happens every once in a while. But most of the times is just big, giant analogies of things that like, I cannot that analogy is not the word I'm using. Kind of like some sort of story, trying to tell me something deeper about what's coming. Whether it's something I have to do something that's going to come in the future to prepare myself. Sometimes it's just a visitation of an old grandparent who just wants to just, Hey, man, just let you know, I'm here and, and wanted to show you some laughs tonight. Those kinds of things. Is that what's your take on it?

Chris Lippincott 9:02
Yeah, well, what's interesting is we've discovered over the years, everybody travels the astral realm at night. Every night, we're connected to the material cord. It's a silver cord. And that's how our astral body travels to the astral plane. And that's where we kind of meet up with our family and spirit, regardless of what plane they're on. That's kind of like the meeting point. And so every night we're actually meeting with different people. And most of the time, we're not going to remember it. And that's why a lot of people just don't even remember their dreams at all. They don't even they say, Oh, I don't drink like yeah, you do. You just don't realize you do. A lot of it's obviously subconscious. A lot of it's obviously your mind grappling with all the garbage that your subconscious is dealing with during the day. But there's also a lot of times when you are in fact connecting with spirit In the astral realm on a regular basis.

Alex Ferrari 10:02
So the definition of a medium Can you explain what a medium is? And, and the question that many people do see dead people?

Chris Lippincott 10:12
Well, what I say is sometimes talking to dead people is a lot more fun than talking to people who are walking around on the street, I find.

Alex Ferrari 10:21
I could imagine I could imagine.

Chris Lippincott 10:23
Oh, yeah, it's a lot more fun. Then they got a sense of humor too, because what's great about spirit is their personality does not change. I can give you an example. There was one time I was sitting for reading, giving somebody a contact, and the first person who walked in it for the rating was this man who just had this uproarious laughter. And then he's got this pint of beer. In his hand, he goes, Hey, you want to drink? I just burst into laughter. I couldn't help but, and this kind of stuff happens all the time. It's their personality they want to break through. And that's how you connect with spirit is right off the bat, you know, the personality, you feel the personality, you describe that personality? Immediately. People go Oh, yeah, that's right. That's Harry or whatever. Right? So that's the kind of

Alex Ferrari 11:14
Do you do you ever, like just sitting around during the day? And then someone walks by you? And you're like, I'm sorry, excuse me? Do you know a John because he's here and he's got a message for you?

Chris Lippincott 11:28
Or you never do that.

Alex Ferrari 11:33
But does that come in? Though? I don't know. You might not say it. But does to those messages come in going to see that lady in the corner over there does ever happen?

Chris Lippincott 11:41
No, because I what what mediums do is we turn on and turn off our portal. It's kinda like we have a sign, right? We click on the sign open for business. Literally, literally, we think ourselves open for business. Come on, in, we invite spirit in. And then we just kind of like step into this Daydream like state, you know, it's like, the best way I can describe it would be think when you're back in grade school, and it's like, you know, you got like, two weeks left to the school, you're zoning out staring out the window and know exactly. Your mind is outside. You're not in that classroom, that's daydreaming. That's the same thing. When you're sort of, in a light altered state. And you're connecting with spirit, you're out here somewhere, right? And that's really what it's about.

Alex Ferrari 12:32
So that's but you don't actually because I've heard some mediums seeing people and other people hearing it just, you know, coming through that there's no visuals of it, but there's visuals in their mind. But then there's other mediums that have visual representations of like literally seeing that people like in The Sixth Sense, is that which is which is the talent that you have, or the skill that you have.

Chris Lippincott 12:53
Well, I definitely see spirits, I'll see the images, they give me it in your mind, in my mind. And in my mind, it's so that's that's clairvoyance, I'll definitely get all the feelings like their personality, their character traits, their hobbies, and all the things I like to do. What were they most like, and so I get their feelings and you know, upbeat, downbeat, funny, gregarious, outgoing, whatever it is. So I get those feelings. That's really one of the more tangible aspects of it. And then I'll also have Claire audience where I'll start to hear either music, which seems to be a favorite of theirs. least for me, because, you know, I love music. So I've got music. And what spirit basically does is, you know, they'll go into our memory bank, and they'll start pulling files as it were, of, you know, what's relevant. They'll say, oh, and they'll kind of go through the Rolodex, and I'll go, Alright, oh, I see something. I see a song that works. Let's plug and play. And all sudden, I'm hearing like a fragment of a song. I don't know why I'm hearing it, but I just know I'm hearing it all sudden, it has a very specific relevance to the spitter. And it's, it's absolute bizarre, or I can think of a couple of examples like once I was doing reading for woman, and also I'm hearing Guns and Roses. I'm like, I don't know Guns and Roses. Why am I saying Guns and Roses but I'm hearing Guns and Roses. You want to send Guns and Roses? And the woman just goes oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god for the last two weeks I've been hearing nothing but Guns and Roses. The roses apparently that was there you know, the couple's favorite group I guess. And that kind of stuff happens all the time because it's so easy to recognize a song

Alex Ferrari 14:40
And it seems like it's cuz it seems like it's customized to either you that you understand it but more specifically for the person you're reading. So in a similar is explaining it to the audience listening, kind of like when you have a dream and there's something that means. So if you're thinking of, let's say politics, For whatever reason, and there's a politician, you know, they're going to use that politician or if it's a singer, it's a singer that, you know, they're not going to bust out a singer from the 20s, you have no idea who they are a movie star from exactly the 30s or 40s.

Chris Lippincott 15:14
Exactly what they're gonna do is use your reference material that's in your memory bank, and they can go way back. Because like, like I said, you know, our minds are basically an open book, and they'll go through our minds and our memory bank and use what we know. So that way we can describe it. Very similar to, let's say, symbology, you know, in clitoral audience, sorry, in clairvoyance, they'll use symbology for different meanings. And so they'll start showing you things that are important to you. And you're like, oh, yeah, okay, I remember that, you jump up on that, and it has a certain meaning. Now, what they bring through, doesn't always have to have a meaning that you understand. All it requires is that you understand what they're saying, or the information they're giving you. And then you give the information to the sitter. They're the ones that will understand it. Mediums are nothing but a like a relay station conduit kinda like, yeah, where he literally conduit, a channel, a relay station, the satellite dish, telephone booth, whatever you want to call it. That's what we are. We're just here in the middle where the middleman, they're trying to dial up the center. And we're here and we receive the information, give the signal. That's all we do.

Alex Ferrari 16:27
Right, exactly. So if you're having a sitting and you going, how I keep seeing a cowboy hat, does that mean anything to you? And they'll be like, Oh, my God, my grandpa wore a cowboy hat every day of his life. And exact or something along those something real specific to the person you're reading.

Chris Lippincott 16:44
Right! Right. Because think of that, think of it, put the shoe on the other foot. If you are suddenly in spirit, how would you describe yourself for somebody else?

Alex Ferrari 16:53
Right, because it's not like you're talking to me directly. So like, let's say my grandfather was sitting here. He knows how to talk to me, and he knows things about me, but you don't. So he would be like, tell him, tell him about that time. In the shop with this happened. And you like the PA, oh, my god, the peach, that whole thing happened with the beach, something along those lines.

Chris Lippincott 17:16
Shared memories are a big one. Because if you can bring through if spirit is able to bring through well, they were always able to do whatever they want. But if if we're communicating with spirit well enough, we encourage them to give us shared memories. It's the combination of the personality and the shared memories, that will land them pretty quickly.

Alex Ferrari 17:33
Now, does it stress you out physically? Does it stress you physically when you when you go through some of these.

Chris Lippincott 17:41
Because what happens is that when spirits bringing through their energy, I'm receiving, you know, their energy, when you've got a good contact, it's like being in trance. When you're in trance, you feel the flow of spirit, you're energized, literally energized by spirits energy, because that's what spirit is. So when you're in contact and channeling spirit, you're fully energized. If you find that you're getting a headache, or you're tired, or you're exhausted after doing a couple of readings, you haven't really been connecting well enough with spirit because you've really been trying to do it mostly by your own mind your own head, as opposed to spiritually connecting.

Alex Ferrari 18:23
In other words, instead of using it, you're trying to muscle your way through it, if you will, and

Chris Lippincott 18:30
You'll get tired, if you're not connected well enough. If you've got a good connection, then you're just going to be receiving all that love and energy and that healing, because that's the great thing about being a medium is that for all the healing that the sitter gets, as the channel I get a residual portion of that healing. So it's a beautiful feeling. Right, right.

Alex Ferrari 18:56
Now I have to ask you, I mean, you you were talking about you being a Wall Street guy. And you you know, kind of denounced all of this for dec for a couple decades, as you said, and then you just rediscovered it it kind of just came knocking on your door. It's kind of almost like Spirit just said, Let him have his fun. Let him do his thing. He's gonna figure it out. And then this is not his path, but we're gonna let him go down this road for a little bit and and then we're gonna wait knock on the door and go, Okay, it's time here here. How did the How did your, your social group around you whether it be colleagues, family, how do you? How did you deal with it? Because I can imagine that not everybody was like, Oh, thank you immediately. Oh, oh, thank God, I would. Honestly I've been waiting. I mean, I've been waiting for this, Chris. So how did you deal with it on a second just on a on a human level? How did you deal with it?

Chris Lippincott 19:53
Yeah, that's a great question in the beginning, as what happens with most mediums is in the beginning I was I was in the closet with about my mediumship. Right? I was like, No, this can't be me. I'm just not gonna let anybody know, right? Because I was thinking, Oh, we must be our total Oddball here is this is going crazy. And clearly spirit have been leading me by the nose, you know, all this time trying to make be aware of it. And eventually as I started to accept it over a course of years, I'm like, alright, you know, I can start to slowly crawl out of the closet. And eventually, you know, it's like, yeah, hey, guess what? I haven't medium. And so my friends. Hey, wow, that's great. Phenomenal. Other friends? Not so much.

Alex Ferrari 20:43
Right! And I'm a family and all of that. I mean, everybody around you. Because I have to imagine there's certain people that'd be like, great, and other people like,

Chris Lippincott 20:55
Oh, yeah, in the beginning, in the beginning? Well, at first, I thought I was going crazy. And I was like, Oh, my God, I'm hearing voices. And the only people that hear voices are like these incredible gurus, or people that are going crazy. Why? No, I'm not a guru. Oh, my God. I'm going yeah, I'm going nuts. And so I when I started telling my wife about this, she was a little perplexed at first, because, you know, she's not very religious or spiritual at all. And she's like, What, huh? I was like, hesitant to tell her, but it was sort of like dripping pieces of information to her over time. And, you know, over time, she kind of got used to it. And now she's like, okay, great.

Alex Ferrari 21:43
It does she does she does she abused the servicer sometimes. Chris, Chris, well, I need to talk to grandma. And I want to ask her about about what we're going through here right now.

Chris Lippincott 21:55
Well, the funny thing is that people sitters can actually shut themselves off without realizing it, because they'll either be skeptical, or they'll have a negative attitude about it, or they can block it just with their thoughts. Because when a sitter is trying to be open, or as I said, trying to connect with spirit, they have to be wide open, they have to be at a point where they are allowing themselves to receive the full of love, full of healing, and full of high vibration. That's the biggest thing. And I always tell people, when I begin a session, it's you know, think of it think of it like a three way energy cocktail between you, me and spirit spirits, always high energy and high vibration. Anyway, it's us humans that are the lumps in a log, right? We got it, we got to raise our vibration. So it's kind of like the analogy also of like plugging a phone into a wall. If you plug your cell phone in the wall, you're charging up your battery, all of a sudden, you can start getting calls from anywhere in the world. Well, we can do the same thing in the material world, we can plug ourselves into the spiritual vibration, and get a call from anywhere in the Universe.

Alex Ferrari 23:13
Fair enough. Now, I heard you talk about the human subtle, subtle energy system. What is that?

Chris Lippincott 23:21
Good question. That's really our aura. It's all about our aura and the seven different bodies spiritual bodies that we have. Everybody's got him. Not a lot of people know about it or see it. But our makeup is composed that between the seven different energy bodies that we've got, the physical body is like the first and foremost, but it's basically the makeup of all the other energy bodies that we have. You can see the composite, if you will, just in the aura. The aura has all the different colors that are manifest predominantly in those spirit bodies. And when you you've probably heard of chakras and seen chakras and those colors, those will resonate out in the aura. And sometimes they've taken photos of the aura reaches out to about seven or eight feet. So that's huge. And so you can really get a sense of what a person's energy is like. Are they vivid, vivid colors? Do they have you know, bright, colorful aspects in their aura? Or are they kind of dull and dark and dingy colors that are kind of like browns and blacks and muted colors, and it's just a reflection of the vibration.

Alex Ferrari 24:48
Interesting so that's that sometimes you meet somebody and you just let her go. Take a shower afterwards. Because you feel the energy.

Chris Lippincott 24:56
You do everybody and this is what I am I'm so adamant about everybody has psychic senses. Everybody has, I mean, look no farther than your gut instinct. Everyone's like, Oh, I got a gut instinct, you know, sometimes I feel I should do X, Y, or Z. And most of the time we ignore it, right? Because our logical conscious mind yapping away, and you don't even feel it. But that gut instinct is the solar plexus. And that's the seat of your clairsentience. And that's one of the major players that we work with. And we've all you know, what will sometimes walk up to somebody meet him for the first time shake their hand and go, I'm not so sure I liked this person. Or maybe, you know, maybe you're at some house or some party or someplace, you walk into a room, and you suddenly feel this really heavy, dense energy, you're like, oh, this energy doesn't feel good. That's usually when you walked into a room where somebody has just had a massive argument, because that energy is its residual energy there. The converse, the converse is also true, you can be at a party, and you can literally feel the vibe, you can literally feel the energy.

Alex Ferrari 26:18
Oh, I mean, I went to I was visiting New York, and a few years ago, before the pandemic, and I went to 911, I went down to where we're not 11 happened, I went to the museum and everything. And I never, I just haven't forgotten it. As I was walking towards it. The second I stepped onto the, to the site off the off the street onto the sidewalk, on where the World Trade Center was. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I was just like, oh, it just, I felt the heaviness of that place. And then I consciously seriously was just trying to like, deal with the energy that I was coming through. Because you walk down into the into the museum. And you're, you're you're at the bottom of the World Trade Center, where the buildings went down, and they you just the energy that was there, you're just like, the sadness, the feel, people feel that people have reported that going to Auschwitz. And you just, you know, in these places where there's been tragedy, you it's it's stained the area, the energy of the area has been exactly stained in that way, battlefields, battlefields as well. They don't, it doesn't go away. Especially. It was it was just really, it was really interesting. And then, you know, oddly enough that when you go to other places where, you know, you're in the middle of a volcano somewhere in Hawaii, or just Hawaii in general, is, I mean, you know, you walk off the plane in Maui, and you're like, Oh,

Chris Lippincott 27:49
Yes, I'm not going home. I'm gonna stay.

Alex Ferrari 27:52
This is super cool. You feel there's a there's a vibe there. That's really interesting. But people do feel you do feel and whether you're aware of it or not, these are energies that people feel.

Chris Lippincott 28:05
Yeah, totally. And that's, that's the whole thing. And because everything is vibration, and one of the things that being the materialists that I was, I had to understand what was going on. So I started learning a little bit about quantum physics, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. But nonetheless,

Alex Ferrari 28:23
I dabbled in quantum physics and neuroscience.

Chris Lippincott 28:29
What I what I discovered was that quantum scientists have learned that 99.9999% of everything in existence is just empty space. And that empty space is filled with energy. And the example they use is if you took a carbon atom, and you then went to the nucleus, and you expanded that nucleus to the size of a golf ball, the electron would be something like two miles away, everything else would be empty space filled with energy.

Alex Ferrari 28:58
It's pretty remote. It's yeah, it is we start, I just had a quantum physics physicist on the show. He hasn't come out yet as of this recording, but he will be coming. I just had the conversation a couple days ago. And and he's a quantum physicists with who deals in spirit. So he's a very interesting, very interesting guy. And he was combining he's using quantum physics to explain spirit. Yeah. And vice versa. And he was a he's written his massive book about it. But it was really interesting to see how much science is starting to catch up to what people have been talking about for 2000 years and in spiritual texts, the concepts the ideas of well, there's also vision.

Chris Lippincott 29:45
Yeah, there's also a difference between Newtonian physics. Quantum physics, correct.

Alex Ferrari 29:51
That's materialism versus the materialist. The materialists were when everything is like matter based. Everything's matter, man. matter as opposed to quantum physics, which is energy and space, and a whole other conversation, and they still am. From what I understand that conversation he goes, quantum physics was started around about 100 years ago and Einstein was trying to figure it out and it goes, yet no one's it's gotten nowhere since that, like, seriously 100 years later. Pretty much everyone's still like, there's something here. We just don't know what it is yet.

Chris Lippincott 30:22
Yeah. I mean, that's just, that's what's so crazy. It's like that now they're also talking about, you know, the dark matter in the universe, what what fills the universe is like, dark matter what is dark matter? They don't know. But it's all theory.

Alex Ferrari 30:37
Right! Exactly. It's it's that, but they're always trying to figure things out here and there, you know, we're trying to move forward. Now back to the world of spirits, or the Can you tell me the difference between spirit guides? And angels? Because I mean, I've understood, you know, I haven't spoken about angels on the show very much, because angels have a connotation of religious connotation to it. Spirit guides, not so much. I'm not sure you can call it a million different things. What are the differences between the two,

Chris Lippincott 31:09
Sure, the spirit guides or guides that have evolved so far that they no longer need to reincarnate. They're so highly evolved, that now they are seeking to help others still in the physical. And they literally have to go through intense training, in order to be a guide. And you've got just within the guides, you've got multiple levels of guides themselves, you know, each Each guide is more advanced than the other. And it's just a state of evolution. You know, what I remember, we were in trance once and somebody was somehow gotten in contact with their, their own guide. And the guide started saying, don't think of us as anybody's special, what is farther along the path? And I heard that and I was like, Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Okay, I get

Alex Ferrari 32:08
These like, these like Ascended Masters?

Chris Lippincott 32:11
Not so much Ascended Masters, those are much, those are perhaps the peak, if you will, those are even higher. But spirit guys are with us all of our lives. And, you know, when I say lives, I mean, as in multiple lines we live, our main guide is typically the one that is going to be with us for most of our incarnated lives, we'll have a band of inner guides around seven guides or so. And then we'll have anywhere from seven to 10, then we'll have another outer band, that's probably another 10. Ish. And then we'll have beyond that, a whole series of subcontractor guides that we can write,

Alex Ferrari 32:53
I love that subcontractor guides. Are there good benefits of the spirit realm?

Chris Lippincott 33:01
You've got to sign up with the union.

Alex Ferrari 33:04
I'm assuming, I'm assuming there's not many unions up there other than the only one

Chris Lippincott 33:09
Yeah, right. But the subtract or subcontractor guy just are the ones that you can call on for specific things. You know, these might have been gods who might have been experts in their specialty or whatever, they're, you know, maybe under the earth, they are a specialist in real estate. Maybe you're trying to figure out something in real estate, you've got a Real Estate Guide, and you call upon them, they'll be in your life, till that thing, whatever it is you're looking for, it's fixed, and then they go away.

Alex Ferrari 33:37
But do they how do they help the situation? If they're not you? If they can't have a direct conversation with them? \

Chris Lippincott 33:45
Yeah, well, you're what they do is they put things like like any guides, what they do is they will put things on your path, they'll put things in front of you, so that you'll be aware, you'll see them or you'll start to, in your mind, become aware of certain ideas that

Alex Ferrari 34:02
Push it to our book, or push it to a course push it to something else that gives you the idea that oh, maybe I should pick up a Tony Robbins book and like, oh, that Tony Robbins book is exactly what I needed at this moment in my life, because this is where I'm going. And but they're the ones that throw the idea into your head. Because I still remember there was one time when I started my whole journey in podcasting, over seven years ago, eight, almost eight years ago, but I launched seven years ago. And the thing that got me started was this book that was sitting in my Amazon list. And all of a sudden, I was just like really just trying to figure something out. I'm like, I'm in a really dark place in my life. You know, we had a business that wasn't doing great and I was lost. And I was like, I need to find something. And all of a sudden someone something came into my mind to say go check a look at Amazon and I looked at Amazon and first thing that pops up is The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Oh yeah, right. it. And that book, I was like, I, you know what I'm gonna let me just read that. And that was the book that started all the education about online businesses how to build this business. And it's brought me to where I am today. But it was all started with that book that launched me into the direction that I am changing the course of my life. Really.

Chris Lippincott 35:19
Right. Right. And you know, that'll that'll happen. I mean, for me, the same kind of thing happened was that before I even had my awakening, probably good 20 ish years ago. I, for some reason, I had this voracious appetite for reading books on metaphysics, spirit mediums, I didn't know why. I was just fascinated by it. But here I am still Mr. materialist going on, I believe native stuff, but I was so fascinated by it. So spirit was it was kind of like, well, Hansel and Gretel, right. They're dropping breadcrumbs, a book titles in front of me. And it just kept on getting more and more severe until I'm on my bus ride into work one day. And I just happened to look out, you know, I'm on the bus is on 495, we're coming around the curve, and has happened to glance out and staring me in the face was this gigantic billboard that said, lights, the boy that lights between us, you know, signs of the modern world, it was this most amazing book, it's like, gotta get that book. And I didn't have any. I didn't have very good memory. But I knew exactly what I was going to do that night, when I got home.

Alex Ferrari 36:41
That's, that's amazing. Now, okay, so do we understand what spirit guides are? So what are angels then?

Chris Lippincott 36:47
Angels, from my best understanding of what angels are, is they are the representation of the Divine Source energy. And I too, like to avoid using the word like God or anything, because it does have the connotation of religious aspects. And you know, that turns some people off. So I always refer to it as source because that's like the Big Bang, we're all kind of from source, right? And so from what I understand, it's basically angels are the representation of source energy. And it's, you know, they're similar in concept to spirit guides, except they're so evolved. These are beings that have never incarnated spirit guides always have incarnated because they have to know what it's like to live on this human planet, this material planet can go through the pains of humanity. I mean, with the pains of humanity. In all likelihood, this sucks. It hurts.

Alex Ferrari 37:54
Right! Right. And yeah, completely, completely understandable. Now, do our, our relatives come with us and are with us like so you know, our grandparents hanging out our, our aunts and uncles, or maybe some dear friends, people we had deep connections with once they pass? Are they they're helping us or they they're just watching? What's going on?

Chris Lippincott 38:18
Yeah, the our departed family and loved ones in spirit, do try to help us. They're not, you know, our guides, a lot of people confuse our family with the spirit guides, they're typically not the same. Because they're not as evolved. They haven't been trained. They have been, they're not that far along the path. But what our family is, they are helpers, they are there for us, they are trying to help us as time progresses. So you'll always feel their love and you'll sometimes you know, you might be in a reading and they'll just come through some they're not always gonna be there. And then I always gonna come through. But it's sort of a question of, what's the greatest need, what's the highest need spirit always meets the highest need, not necessarily the wants. So what I always say it's very much like the Rolling Stones can't always get what you want, but you get what you need.

Alex Ferrari 39:21
Exactly, exactly. Now, what is intuition is that the spirit guides or the universal inner source trying to guide you through the path.

Chris Lippincott 39:35
Intuition is again, it's one of your Claire's, it's your it's your gut instinct, your clairsentience your your, your you're feeling it. So when you're in contact with either spirit or your guides, you're gonna feel it your gut, because it's that gut instinct is your intuition. As you connect with spirit, you've got to basically be listening to it because you'll, you'll, you'll have, like a, either a feeling that, that you ought to be doing something or like a little tiny word comes into your mind or something. And it's so subtle that it's difficult to even hear. Because your mind is chattering away. If you just allow the thought to stay there and quiet that monkey mind at your everyone's got this monkey mind. Everyone's just like chatting away like bouncing off the walls. But if we allow that clear sentience, to open up and just listen to what spirits trying to tell us, we'll hear it. And then the key is, we got to act on it. Because how many times like you walked outside and said, God, I feel I ought to bring my umbrella. There, forget it, you come back, you're soaking wet. An example like that.

Alex Ferrari 41:02
So, so we've been talking about Spirits and spirit guides and so on, what is the spirit, what realm like it from your experience?

Chris Lippincott 41:13
What's really interesting is that spirit always tries to show themselves where they are now, in readings, what they'll do is they'll paint pictures of what they're like, where they are, the scenery where they are. So they can kind of, I don't want to say alleviate but calm and smooth the sitters minds. So that center goes, okay, yes, my dad or my spouse or whatever, they're in a great place, because the Spirit will start showing us examples of where they are. I can remember one time when, when a spirit I think it was somebody's father was coming through in a reading. And he started showing himself this beautiful houses, Italianate villa. Just beautiful on the inside, there's this incredible porch on the outside, with, you know, the pillars on the top that are made of stone or something that were like kind of curling all the way up. And there's also like these olive trees, just in the background, and then he looked out, so that beautiful field. And what was amazing was that everything I was describing was the Italianate Villa that he had lived in when he was still alive. So apparently, what he is trying to get across as the what he had transitioned to, it's a place that was similar to but only even more beautiful, because as I described it, that's what the two daughters are saying. They're saying that sounds very much like his villa, except for the fact that it's got that many more colors. The the spirit world is got unlimited amounts of color. It's so vibrant, it's so colorful, and it's got and the colors are a representation of the vibration. Because remember, color is nothing but a vibration. And likewise, the colors are giving off sound music. Because again, the everything is a vibration. So we're just dealing with vibrations in both colors and sounds. And it's very peaceful. You've got seven different planes, where as each person is evolving over time, they're moving up to a more rarefied if you will, existence a more evolved us existence takes time. But as you allow yourself to learn as you allow yourself to grow, you move up and you're kind of moving along your spiritual path in the spirit world.

Alex Ferrari 43:55
Do you Do you fear death anymore?

Chris Lippincott 43:57
No. I don't know sometimes. These days, sometimes I will come up

Alex Ferrari 44:06
With the way the way the world's going.

Chris Lippincott 44:08
Exactly. I'm like, Oh, check it out.

Alex Ferrari 44:12
Let me know when I can get off this train. Man. I want to I want to head out

Chris Lippincott 44:15

Alex Ferrari 44:17
Wait, but before before the Awakening, you had the same fear of death as many of us do.

Chris Lippincott 44:24
Oh, yeah. I mean, I was like, Oh, God. Don't let this happen today, you know, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 44:29
It was like, because everybody wants to go to heaven, but just not now.

Chris Lippincott 44:32
Yeah, exactly. And yeah, we're never really quite sure what's on the other side. We're like, what are you Where am I gonna land though? Oh, God, I hope I'm gonna land in the right place.

Alex Ferrari 44:41
Right. But I guess after you've been obviously you're experiencing everything you're like, Okay. So you're here to go through your through your mission, and help as many people as you can and evolve your owns your own soul. And yes, exactly. This is probably not the first life you've done this.

Chris Lippincott 44:59
People have said that actually so many mentors who have done spiritual assessments may have actually said that it's every lifetime. It's gotten progressively greater or stronger and stronger. Yeah. Because it's like, apparently in one of my lifetimes, recently, I was like a monk, very focused on spirituality, which I thought monks are more religious. But apparently this one was very spiritual. And there was no other one. There was very much like a teacher, a spiritual teacher. And I, I know, one of my guides, is a rather profound spiritual teacher. And one of my guides is a Native American healer. So it's very interesting that they would start to come through this way, apparently, and get some kind of relation there.

Alex Ferrari 45:57
But the Spirit guides are are beings that won't reincarnate. They've now they're, they're done. They're done with they're done with this level of the gas. They're on another level of the game that next together, all together.

Chris Lippincott 46:10

Alex Ferrari 46:10
Then they're not coming back.

Chris Lippincott 46:14
They've done their they've done their sole duty, literally.

Alex Ferrari 46:19
Now, you were mentioning the monkey mind is, is there a way or any advice you can give us to be able to quiet our minds to a place where we can listen and hear these, these either messages, or at least feel the the guidance that comes through this the things that we all kind of understand what the intuition and the gut instinct and you like, don't go into that business deal, because you feel like this is not a good deal. You can't trust that person, that kind of stuff. But a lot of times we ignore because of the monkey brain, what can we do? to quiet down I meditate, I'm a heavy meditator. And that's really helped ground me and opened me up to a lot of things. What do you what's your advice?

Chris Lippincott 47:02
Yeah, absolutely. Meditation is perhaps the first and foremost thing that anybody and everybody should be doing if they want to a calm themselves down, but also be begin to receive and or connect with spirit. Because you can't really hear or understand what's going on. If your mind is, you know, going 20 miles a minute, I mean, 20 miles a second, it's just like, it's just going way too fast. So meditation is critical. Find a guided meditation that really resonates with you, and you gotta meditate every day. It's less the duration as much as the consistency. So you can meditate 10, maybe 15 minutes a day, every day, then all of a sudden, you'll find yourself after maybe six, nine months, you'll really start to see yourself, beginning to shift beginning to open up being able to realize more that's around you. And so the meditations is absolutely critical.

Alex Ferrari 48:01
This is really interesting, even a few times as we've been talking today, time seems to be a prerequisite for spirit, meaning that anything that really is valued or is valuable in our evolution, takes time takes not months. You just said nine months later, you'll start to feel like that's a substantial amount of time for someone to do something without any results. Whereas in spirit we so many times people, especially in the West, I want I want can I get enlightened tomorrow? How can I hack How can I bio hack enlightenment, like you know, the life hack please a life hack or or soul hack for enlightenment trademarked? No, but like it from your experience, you know, going through all of this. You don't talk about spirit and evolution of your soul or of your Spirit, even in the lifetime you talk about it in years and decades, before substantial things start to open up and start to happen. And you know, when you meditate like I've been meditating six years, it took me a long time it took me about a year before I started to get real, real benefit from it. And then now it's kind of a snowball like now it's it grows and I could tap into it really easily and things like that. But it's like any any major skill that you need to do it takes time but with spirit I've noticed even in the spiritual texts just like that this decade next decade you're just like yeah, God

So what's your what's your feeling on that?

Chris Lippincott 49:45
Well, it's it's definitely true that we have to learn how to be patient we have to learn how to be allow ourselves to evolve in our time, because our time and spirits time are two very different things because as you probably know, spirit doesn't have any time. The reason they don't have any time is because they're not physical. And time is a function of distance, they are there for us manmade. So,

Alex Ferrari 50:15
Without, there's no time is based about our rotation around the sun. If we were in Jupiter, our time would be different. If we were in a different galaxy, our quote unquote, time would be different. So time is a construct that we've created to just kind of move things along for ourselves. But it doesn't really exist. I mean, if you just scientifically doesn't really exist,

Chris Lippincott 50:36
No, not at all. And that's the thing we feel it exists because we've grown up that way. We've, you know, we deal with the sun. And it's always going around for that, what are the 23 and 5023 hours, 54 minutes or something like that? And we're working with that yet. The point is, that's a physical construct spirits, not physical, therefore, there is no construct related to time to them. It's, they measure things based on milestones, what has happened to them. So that's really like mile markers. Right?

Alex Ferrari 51:12
Exactly, exactly. So, so many of us come down here looking, looking for a mission, looking for a purpose in life. And so many of us are caught up in, you know, going being in the stock market, namely, like who wants to do that? So like working in a stock market? For two years, two decades? Obviously, you were off your path. This was wasn't your true path. But something pulled you back in what is there any advice you can give us that we can kind of find our meaning, our purpose, our mission in this life? What we're here to learn a little bit quicker, or just something to help us guide us through this? So many of us are lost?

Chris Lippincott 51:53
Yeah, absolutely. And that's kind of the biggest thing that I'm always trying to help people do is to find out what is their mission? And the thing for me that I found out is that the way you can really discover or at least unfold what your purpose is, is to find out what gives you the greatest joy. Because so many people are saying, Okay, well, I got to support my family, I got to do this work, I gotta go to Las Vegas and win the lottery or whatever it is. And the concept is, what is it that gives you the greatest joy in and it's got to be joy from deep, deep, deep down within most of the time, you'll find that helping other people in some fashion, will give you the greatest joy. And it's not something where you're getting recognized for it specifically. But the fact that you're actually helping another human being just just typically makes you feel that much better. I mean, imagine the last time you were helping somebody out, and maybe you held the door for a senior citizen, or you got somebody's paper, or you smiled at somebody who didn't look so happy and all sudden they return on your smile, and you made their day mean these little things. It doesn't have to be like this month, you know, monstrous type, you know, action, it can even be the little thing. So if you're starting to do that on a regular basis, and then you start to kind of increase, like maybe you're working at a homeless shelter. Maybe you're working at a soup kitchen, maybe you're you know, anonymously donating whatever, some percentage of your, you know, wealth. It's like, what can you do to help other people and that's, that's ultimately what's going to help you find it because it's your inner joy. And that's really our mission is joy are that's why we came down here to have joy but also undergo the tough lessons of the School

Alex Ferrari 53:51
Of the earth school. No question about it. Now speaking of the earth school, the Earth is a little bit of a problem right now. There's a lot of stuff going on between pandemics and economies and politics and, you know, different kinds of, you know, war and aggression that's going on around the world. There seems to be a shift going on, there seems to be there seems to be something in the air, if you will. That's just not COVID. Something else seems to be in the air. There seems to be a shift going on. I'd love to hear your point of view. What is going on? What have you heard from spirit and source about why we're going through this? And where we're where we're heading for this? Because I don't think we're at the bottom yet. I think we still got a we got a little bit of go before we hit the bottom. But what's your thing? What's your feeling?

Chris Lippincott 54:44
Well, it's a great question because I was in a trance circle is somebody and he was connecting with his guide. And what came out was his beautiful account. momentary about everything that was happening. And it basically said and some that the reason mankind is going through all this is to help us to work together, to help us to try to no longer be separate. But to come together as one, to try to love one another, again, work with one another again, and try to bring back peace and harmony to the world, and kept saying, you know, we will not give you more than you can handle. But this is one way we know that you will be forced to come together in a unity to fix all the problems that you're experiencing.

Alex Ferrari 55:48
So it seems that that's what's happening. Because I mean, you know, when the pandemic hit, it was a hit it affected the entire planet, at the same time is something I've never seen before. And I've never even heard of something completely affecting the entire world at the at the exact same moment. And we're all there was a couple of months in the pandemic that we all were at home, the entire world. Was that home, not moving boats weren't shipping floodlights were going anywhere, like it was it was done. And you're just like, this seems insane.

Chris Lippincott 56:21
Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 56:23
It seems insane. There's a lot of there's a lot of talk about connecting to our higher selves. What does that mean to you as far as the higher self meaning the is that meaning our source? Our soul? Is when you're connecting to higher self? And if that's the case, how do you have a closer connection to your, your your soul? What really matters? And that this meatsuit that we walk around it? Yeah.

Chris Lippincott 56:52
Well, I mean, if you think about it, the soul actually has kind of almost two parts, there's the inner soul that is basically the vehicle to our spirit. And there's a higher soul, the higher self that is remaining in the spirit world, so that when we transition back, we ultimately are reconnecting with our higher self, our higher soul that remains there. And we actually are able to sometimes if we connect with it here from the physical, we're actually able to get a different perspective, you may sometimes suddenly get this bizarre feeling or bizarre view and different from a totally different perspective, you're like, Whoa, I just get that idea. And it's, you know, it's your idea. But it's something where all of a sudden, the view, and the perspective of the view has completely shifted. You're now looking down at yourself. And your awareness is from a different plane altogether. As opposed to, you know, I'm just here on this love old and that's all I know. That's all I see. So it's a very different perspective, I guess you put it.

Alex Ferrari 58:07
Now, I wanted to ask you about your book, The Spirit beside us. How did this come to be? And you know, was this kind of like a channeled book? Or does it come through you? How did that how did that whole? How did it come to be?

Chris Lippincott 58:24
Yeah, it's funny, you mentioned that because it really went from blank page to publish in about three or four months. That's insane. Yeah, that was insane. It totally. It, it started out as a sort of, like, you know, gee, I'd like to get my thoughts down on paper, I'd like to get the, you know, the world to know what's going on. And then it just started flowing, like, you know, the dam had burst open. And I just went wild, working at it. And I remember showing my manuscript to someone mentors. And they kind of looked at me and they said, You do realize that about half of that books automatically written nothing like Oh, that explains why it was so fast.

Alex Ferrari 59:09
It's just coming through you with your, your, as they say, spiritual stank on it. But it was coming through us content.

Chris Lippincott 59:17
Exactly. I mean, they are moving my fingers faster, and I knew what was going on. And next thing I know, it's just, you know, plug and play. I'm like, Alright, letter.

Alex Ferrari 59:26
It's done. It's done to get out there. I'm gonna ask you a couple questions that I asked all my guests. What is your mission in this life?

Chris Lippincott 59:34
My mission in this life is to raise the spiritual healing the spiritual awareness of consciousness and of humanity is to really let the world know that, that we are not just this one life. Let the world know that the spirit lives on and that it's pure love, and that there's nothing to be frightened of now like a Hollywood ghost story, because that's what kind Through is pure love and healing. And if people know that their loved ones live on in a higher state, and they know that they're bringing through transformative love and healing, then your reality completely changes. It's very much like Plato's Allegory of the Cave, where he had, you know, the three prisoners, you know, chained to the wall, they didn't know anything about, you know, what was on the outside of the cave, because they never left the cave. One prisoner breaks free, sees the real world sees people, trees, animals, sunshine, vegetation, absolute surprise, the beautiful world, he comes running back, tell us his co prisoners, hey, you'll never believe what I saw out there. Not even believing because beyond their understanding, they have no way of knowing.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:51
Right! Exactly. Very similar to if we would have been telling people 100 years ago about an iPhone, they'd be like, what's a phone? Yeah. So and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Chris Lippincott 1:01:07
The ultimate purpose of life on Earth is to learn all the lessons that our spirit comes down to learn. It's a tough life. But otherwise, if we didn't experience these lessons, then we wouldn't learn them. It's very much like the five year old, who you can tell 10 times don't touch that hot stove. Or else you burn yourself. Does a five year old ever listen? No. But one day he you know, touch that hot stove and ah, he will never touch that hot stove again, because he experienced pain. It's like us, we have to experience these frustrations, the pains of life to learn the lessons. That's why so many times life seems so painful.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:52
And where can people find out more about you pick up your book and find out all the services and things that you do?

Chris Lippincott 1:01:57
Sure. Well, you can look at my website, which is You can find a book on Amazon just look at it. Spirits Beside Us. And that's really we go to those two primary portals. Those are really everything else will go. You'll see exactly the same information both on Facebook on Twitter and Instagram. It's all Montclairmedium.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:28
Chris man it's been a pleasure talking to you my friend. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and answering some some spiritual questions I know a lot of our listeners have and I appreciate all the hard work that you've been doing over the course of your your life so far and trying to help as many people as you cancel. I appreciate you my friend. Thank you again.

Chris Lippincott 1:02:45
Well, thank you so much, Alex. great being here.

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