EXPOSED: CIA Using ESP/Pre-Cog & Physic Programs to SPY on Their ENEMIES! with Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is a multifaceted individual who has made a significant impact in the realms of consciousness, spirituality, and the exploration of the human mind. With a diverse range of talents and accomplishments, she has gained recognition as a filmmaker, author, speaker, and energy healer.

As a filmmaker, Caroline has produced and directed several thought-provoking documentaries that delve into topics like consciousness, extraterrestrial life, and the nature of reality. Her work often challenges conventional beliefs and encourages viewers to expand their understanding of the universe and their place within it.


In addition to her filmmaking endeavors, Caroline is an accomplished author who has penned books that explore the depths of human potential, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of all life. Her writing is known for its ability to guide readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Caroline’s role as a speaker has allowed her to share her insights and wisdom with audiences worldwide. Her captivating presentations cover a wide range of topics, from the nature of consciousness and the mind-body connection to the existence of extraterrestrial life. She engages her listeners with a unique blend of scientific knowledge, metaphysical understanding, and a deep sense of spirituality.

Caroline Cory is also known for her expertise in energy healing, having developed the OMnium Method, a powerful modality that combines various healing techniques to address physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. Her work in energy healing has positively impacted the lives of many, guiding them towards greater health and well-being.

Caroline’s holistic approach to understanding and improving the human experience has touched the lives of countless individuals. Her passion for exploring the mysteries of the universe and her dedication to helping others evolve on their spiritual journey make her a truly remarkable and influential figure in the world of consciousness and spirituality. Caroline Cory’s work continues to inspire, educate, and uplift those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Please enjoy my conversation with Caroline Cory.

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Caroline Cory 0:00
During the Cold War, the Russians were doing ESP experiments. And basically, they were training soldiers to be able to remote view meaning to look at a distance and see what's happening somewhere else. So first it was in another building, and then to spy on the people, and then all of a sudden, wait a minute, that works. Maybe we could do it on America, you know, Intel in the United States that women, the Russians are doing this, we should be doing this. So they opened a program, they passed it through Congress, it was called the Stargate program was in the 80s. And it ran for about 20 years.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I like to welcome back to the show, returning champion, Caroline Cory. How you doing Caroline?

Caroline Cory 0:54
Am I a champion?

Alex Ferrari 0:55
Yes, you are. You're a returning champion. Absolutely. Thank you so much for coming back. Last time we you were on the show was about a year ago. And the audience really loved talking to you our conversation and what we talked about, which was a deep conversation, if I'm not mistaken about the nature of reality, the matrix, the simulation theory, all that kind of stuff. And you were one of the first people with also Tom Campbell, and those that are really had deep conversations about that, since then, we've talked about it all the time now. Because I love going into it deep. But it's such a great conversation, I wanted to have you back to talk about a few other things that you have great experience in with your film, superhuman, this amazing documentary that covers ESP, psychic abilities, precog, precognition, remote viewing, and all sorts of other interesting things. So my first question is, when you when you set out to make superhuman, a documentary, what was your goal? To kind of show people about all of these different abilities?

Caroline Cory 2:01
Well, it started out with my own experiences. You know, as a child, I would have experiences that would get validated, that would look at someone and I knew exactly what was wrong with them. And I will say, oh, did this happen this morning? Or do you have a stomach ache, you know, whatever, as a child, you know, and they would validate it. So I kind of grew up with this sort of understanding that it was a natural thing, because I didn't know you know, I didn't have a frame of reference, of course. And then, you know, I studied psychology in college. But I realized that's just a teeny, teeny piece of the puzzle. And it was more about consciousness. And so I got into the study of consciousness very, very deep into the subject. And I started working with so many people around the world, I developed methodologies for energy medicine, you know, and to develop abilities the way I had them naturally. For example, how is it possible that you can go to someone's house and look on the other side of the wall? I know exactly what's there, you know, you've never been there? How do you see an event before it happens, you know, all of these things. And so it took me a long time to really, really, really understand the subject, not just to understand it's like, you know, intellectually, but how does it really work? You know, like, what does your consciousness need to do to get there? And can everybody do it because of course, by then, as an adult, I realized, oh, wait, like, not everybody is doing it spontaneously. And so because I was getting validation after validation, and people were transforming, because of these experiences, healing something, or awakening to something or, you know, I thought, Wait, this is real stuff. This is not crazy stuff. This is not woowoo stuff. The fact that science doesn't understand it doesn't mean it's not real, it just means that they don't have the science to study these things. And so I said, we need to bring whatever science we have to validate because, you know, people think it becomes credible, you know, like, for me, it was more like, I don't know, testing, like I wanted to put myself under a test and say, what is it that my mind is doing? My brain is doing that I can move this object at will what is my I mind doing? Is it my brain? Or is it my consciousness doing that I can move this object? When it's in a vacuum? That's a whole different story, right? So I was experimenting with all the scientists and we were getting crazy results in their eyes would be like, how did that happen? You know, like, the first experiment was DNA I was working with, one of the most significant ones was with Glen Rhine. And we were in his lab, and he had the DNA samples. And the idea was to increase the electrical conductivity of DNA. Because there was a study that was done that showed that when you increase the conductivity of DNA, it changed from being a double helix, it turns into a Taurus like, shape, and it starts to self repair. So because it was significant, we wanted to see, okay, how does it work? So we set out to do a bunch of experiments. And for those who are listening, these are scientists, so we create baselines, we, you know, we go over a bunch of time, this is not just random stuff. And I just looked at it, and I just intended, I want to increase the electrical conductivity. And me literally Alex, like, in seconds, it jumps 400%. And he's like, Okay, what just happened here? Do it again, do it again, you know, again, with the baselines and everything. And so when we were getting such really significant event results, I said, the world needs to know, what are we doing here, you know, teaching people to take a medicine or to do this or to go on a diet and, you know, and some fundamental understanding of who we are, is not being told. All I've done is look at this thing, and told it to increase to change in a certain way. And it did. So I did. So

Alex Ferrari 7:23
So So is it like sending an electrical charge that's raising the vibration of the DNA? Is that what's happening?

Caroline Cory 7:33
So anyway, that's how the story of superhuman film I said, we knowing this, and then it's exactly the question, what is it that did that? Is it Is there something because I'm not touching the thing, right? There is no, and like I said, most of the time, it's in a vacuum. So people cannot say, I'm moving the electromagnetic or I'm changing the temperature, you know, all of that, that could trigger any sort of response. None of this is happening under laboratory conditions. So you have to think that there is a connection of some kind, between my consciousness and this physical object, because at the end of the DNA is a physiological sub in biological substance, it's a substance, it's physical. So my mind connecting to the DNA sample must have gone through a network of some sort and medium of some sort, some sort, what is it?

Alex Ferrari 8:39
So I would, I would call it the quantum field, if you will, maybe something along those lines. Yeah,

Caroline Cory 8:44
Exactly. So we are demonstrating and proving that we're not living in a void, that the space that looks empty is an actual field of some kind. And to me, it's, it's an information field, it's information, everything is information, you are information I'm in for my DNA is information. And so because of that, and because it is a field that connects everything, then whatever happens here can is entangled with everything else. We've also demonstrated that entanglement exists, that it's a real thing. So my brain cells are entangled with the biological substance that's sitting on the other side of the desk, right? But what is the charge? What is what happens between me in other words, what made it do something? This is where consciousness comes in is the intention.

Alex Ferrari 9:46
You what's interesting, if you're this is an old movie called Phenomenon with John Travolta, do you remember that movie?

Caroline Cory 9:53
Yeah. When he gets struck by lightning,

Alex Ferrari 9:56
He gets struck by that and then all of a sudden,

Caroline Cory 9:57
I thought it was called the coffin,

Alex Ferrari 10:00
I think it's no Michael is when he was Michael Angel, Archangel Michael is a different movie. So Phenomenon, yeah, he gets struck by lightning and he starts to his intelligence starts to grow and grow. But there's a scene I never forgot where he is moving the pencil on the table with his, with his kind of like his his finger. And he says, oh, it's not, I'm not moving it with my mind. It's a relationship. It's a cooperation I have with the pencil that's moving it. And I was like, that's, that in its own way is kind of like this, the beginning of this, but we're kind of talking about right?

Caroline Cory 10:41
Right, exactly. So you know, people think like, you know, your mind is doing things it is in a way, but the only thing it's really doing is setting a clear intention. That's why sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't, because everybody sets intention and understands intention in a different way. You know, and that's why, you know, the, so that's why I created protocols. So that the intention is super clear and very well directed. So for example, a lot of people don't take into account your emotions, your belief systems. And as you are saying, I want to move this object, all kinds of subconscious beliefs are coming up, like wait, how does that work? Can I do this, you know, I don't have those abilities. All of this is interfering with what you're trying to do. So that's why the intention is super important. So yes, he's not moving it with his mind, per se. But what I learned, it was very interesting doing these types of experiments for for quite some time now, is, it almost depends on the actual objects that you're interacting with. It was fascinating. So when I would work with DNA, which is a biological substance, substance, or with water, we're trying to change the pH of water, raising the pH or lowering the pH. It was very quick, especially the DNA, it was literally seconds, as soon as I would look at it, boom, it would jump, the minimum that it's jumped, every time I did, it was like 100%, that's a huge jump. However, when I started working with physical objects, a pen or a piece of paper, it was very interesting, I would do the same thing, I would connect with it with the intention with the understanding that we are entangled, like in the movie, right? And so, but then it's almost like the response would be different. First of all, it takes it would take longer. And then I would get some sort of human response. Like, for example, I would say, I'm trying to turn this piece of paper, you know, to I'm getting it to rotate. And then it's not moving. And then I get a sense of feeling like, it doesn't want to rotate. Like it's resisting. Or it's telling me or I'm like, visualizing it rotating to the right, clockwise. But I'm sensing is telling me no, I want to rotate to the left or something. So I was like, that's in the beginning, right? When I was investigating, I was the way did I just make this up? What's going on here? How come it works in one way with the DNA. And then with the physical art and other physical object? It's very different. It's as if that piece of paper had an ego, I swear. It was like, yeah, exactly. And so I started thinking, why is that? And I realized that the DNA is literally a pure biological system. But where did the paper come from? So which was even more fascinating findings? The paper was made from wood, and glue and some factor in some factory, right? And then the guy who's working on the paper, and the guy who's putting it in a bar, I mean, I don't know, you know, what, all of these interactions, you know, made it that that energy remain embedded, which is even more crazy. So now we're talking about the consciousness interacting with the physical world and remaining embedded. And so by the time I come to work with this piece of paper, all of a sudden, it's not this pure substance that I'm working with. I'm interacting with the hit stray pretty much all of the information that was embedded in this piece of paper to become that piece of paper. So I had to kind of change my whole, you know, like tactic, you know, my whole protocol, depending on what it is that I was interacting with. Fascinating, right?

Alex Ferrari 15:17
It's extremely fascinating. And I think that everybody listening has felt this in one way or another, when you walk into a room at a smaller, smaller, smaller level, or basic level, you walk into a room and there was a fight or two people were fighting in there before you walked in, and then they're quiet. And you walk in, you feel the energy in the room, that's a basic level. Or if there's a tragedy at an event in a geologic, geographic location, like 911, if anyone was ever walked in the Museum of 911, the energy is so heavy, and just, it's or you go to Auschwitz, you feel the energy of that place. So that energy has stayed in the physical form of wherever it was. So there is some thing to say about that. Even if you might not believe what you're saying, I think we've all felt that at one point or another, or you just feel sometimes when you're with your significant other, and they haven't said a word, but you go, Oh,

Caroline Cory 16:20
You're absolutely right. So it's not just people, but it's also physical things. When you walk into a furniture store, for example, right? Or a house that could go haunted or whatever, you know, the information is literally embedded in the fabric, and also or in anything. So how is it that you have two couches, two chairs that look exactly the same? Exactly the same, made from the same factory at the same time, and yet, you are drawn to one, you said no, I'm going to take this one home, you know, and not that one, or an apple at the store something like you are drawn to, you know, what I mean to you to a certain energy, even though technically is it looks the same. So it's, it's 100% True. In fact, we've done more studies, and more recently, where frequencies are being embedded in objects, you know, some people call a talk about the, you know, like the pendants and stuff that are embedded with scalar scalar waves, or any sort of healing, you know, frequency or something like that. I can vouch for everybody, cuz I don't know what technology they're using. But the principle is true, and is accurate. And we know that because we can measure this object before, you know, we can measure it in different ways. You know, the effect it has on you, you can measure your body before you could do use the biocell system or some I mean, there are all kinds of things to measure to measure with. And before and after you put this object on your body or what have you. So there's definitely something to the effect that everything is energy, of course we know. Therefore, everything has a frequency. And it everything is information that is constant. continuous interaction, energy is constantly interacting with everything.

Alex Ferrari 18:37
So with so jumping off of this conversation, getting into things like ESP, or psychic abilities, can you explain to people or what your definition is of ESP?

Caroline Cory 18:49
Yeah, it's extrasensory perception is basically the ability to send something before it happens without any knowledge of it, or just sensing something is going to happen. Without any frame of reference, for example, we did a we did a study with Dean Radin of ions. He's a chief scientist. And actually, that's in a movie. One of the things we've done is we studied, he had a device that measures the pupil the size of the pupil, because it was it was a fact that people's pupils dilate. When you come in contact with a significant event, something that shocks you, in a good way or bad way doesn't matter. And so we had this, you know, this device, and we were projecting images to the subjects. We had those somebody in the room was basically looking at these images. Sometimes they were really negative images. Sometimes they were beautiful images. Basically it was in the idea to trigger that That's very strong emotional response. And then we would measure the size of the pupil. But what would happen is his pupils will would expand before the image would come on, when it was a boring neutral, you know, image like nothing would happen. But then all of a sudden, the pupil will will dilate. And then it would be a very, like horrific, you know, some like fire or some like something really negative. That would be very shocking. So we did that over and over and over. So this means that it's not just, you know, like, Hey, I'm psychic, you know, I'm sensing something's going to happen. But the body literally is registering something that's about to happen.

Alex Ferrari 20:54
Well, it's, it's, it's I think everyone listening as well. has had an ESP experience. Everyone listening has had one and everyone's listening going, What are you talking about? I've never had one. If you've ever picked up a phone that was ringing, and you said, Oh, it's Bob, before Bob, and you had no idea wasn't caller ID or anything, but you just had a feeling it was Bob, and you pick up? It's Bob, I think all of us have done that, in one way, shape, or form, or you think of Bob, and then Bob calls. Yeah. So that's a version of what we're talking about. Correct?

Caroline Cory 21:27
100%! I guarantee everyone has had that experience, whether it's the phone, whether it's the door was whether it's, you know, who's coming, you know, and you didn't expect it? I mean, 100%. Now, how does this work? Going back to the information fields, our consciousness is information, we're putting out information with our thoughts, right. So so every time you think you are basically putting out information. And we talked earlier, about frequencies and information being embedded literally in a pouch, or an object or another person. I mean, you know, if I'm yelling at you, I won't tell you. You know, that energy, that frequency is literally it's not mental. It's, of course, it's mental, but it's energetic. I'm literally sending out frequencies into your cells. That's why you start to have heart palpitations, or this or whatever you you're upset, not just mentally because we had a fight, but because you literally absorb that frequency. So so we know this to be a fact. So when I'm just thinking out loud, like, like, Hey, I'm confused about my life. And I'm confused about whatever, right I don't know what job I should have, or something, struggling with money, or relationships or happy thoughts, you know, like, hey, you know, I've just built this business, it doesn't matter. So I am pouring information, not just necessarily directed at one person. But in the unified fields. It gets embedded in the field, once energy is created, it can never be destroyed. Einstein said that it doesn't get destroyed. So where does it go? Where, where? Where are my thoughts going, if there's nobody in the room. And so if I am pouring this information into a field, and so are you and the neighbors are doing that, and everybody else is doing that, we are all collaborating, we're putting information in one big bowl basically, of information. This is what we call the collective consciousness. So that's why I can have an inspiration. And I think it's coming out of nowhere, and another guy in India would have the exact same thought, hey, I'm gonna create this device, what have you at the same time because we're all tapping into the same field of it was,

Alex Ferrari 24:25
I found out recently that Alexander Graham Bell is gone credit for the telephone. But that was another guy who submitted a patent, I think before him by a day or something for a quote unquote, telephone esque style event. And then you start going through history. There's a lot of those Pokedex like some revolutionary thing, because the Wright brothers weren't the only human beings at that moment, trying to fit route flight. There was another group somewhere else I can't remember where But same thing. I think it was in Europe or somewhere else. Same thing with Edison and the film camera. Edison had the film camera, the Lumiere brothers in France had the film camera as well. So there was it was just I think it showed up at the exact same time. It didn't show up in the middle ages. It showed up now, because I think the collective consciousness is ready for those things to kind of present themselves. And this continuously happens again and again, happens with movie ideas, too. You and I both filmmakers. So you see all of a sudden others like for asteroid movies, when there was none over the last 30 years. Things like that all the time. happened in Hollywood, you're like, Oh, well, why did all of a sudden all of these things now all of a sudden, multi multi universe multiverse movies, every one won the Oscar, and Marvel's putting it out. And it's like so many multiple before, never met barely a mention of a multiverse idea. So it gets those are the ideas that are needed to be brought into existence now. And they're starting to just come out all over the place. Would you agree with this?

Caroline Cory 26:09
Yeah, absolutely. So you know, we're not just pouring. We're also receiving, you know, we're also being downloaded, you know, people call download, I just downloaded this out of nowhere. Well, it came from somewhere. You know, and so think about this, I don't know if we want to go in that direction. But you know, so the planetary consciousness, basically, it's all the humans. But guess what, it's not just the current humans, it's every human that ever occupied the earth. So that since the beginning of time, that's a lot of information. Right? Right. Yeah. So the collective consciousness is not just today, it's since the very beginning. And it will continue. And so, so as I am here on planet earth, and all of a sudden, I have a dream, or I have a download, or I have a vision or a meditation, I see myself, I don't know, as a soldier in the in the Civil War shopping as a little boy or something. And I'm tapping into the past life. Right? Or past life regression, how does that work? Where do you get the information from? Well, basically, you are finding it when you put it there. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 27:29
So you put you put that book, you put that book in a shelf somewhere, quote, unquote, and now you're going back to find the book.

Caroline Cory 27:35
Exactly. Because you we are in this information field, it makes perfect sense. And so that's why you know, you know, that's why we think it's a, you know, like a past life, and we're tapping into some other thing, but it's really information that you embedded the basically, it's the fabric of space time itself. That's how it stays within this time space continuum.

Alex Ferrari 28:01
In this face time is space. And time is a thing here on the other side, there is no time there's no space, or anything. Because again, you know, I've talked to somebody near death experiences and other people like that, that, you know, again, if you want to, if you want your head to hurt, this concept of there is no past, there is no future, there is only present. And yet everything is happening at the same time. So the soul is having all of its lives at the exact same time. And when you do something here, it ripples, quote, unquote, back ripples forward, then the head starts, it's hard for our little computer to process that because it goes away from the space time. Idea, space, and time is what physics is based on. That's why entanglement freaks us out. That's why quantum physics breaks it as a general statement.

Caroline Cory 28:48
But if you understand that this unified field has is actually a matrix, it's a network of information. And this network is organized is geometrically organized, it's not random. It's not just like stuff floating around. And now this is a whole very long conversation about the nature of reality itself, which is based on geometry and geometry, like super, super simplifying. But imagine this network, you know, you've seen networks, you know, images, like on the internet.

Alex Ferrari 29:27

Caroline Cory 29:29
If you notice, the networks are geometric, right? There's hexagons everywhere like a web and there are nodes. There are nodes where the lines intersect, there are nodes. These nodes are basically wormholes. If you were to go through this wormhole or this node, you are outside time space. But if you are inside The overall myth matrix, you have the illusion or the impression or the experience that you are living in a time space continuum. So when our minds when we do a past life, or you know, like a meditation or in the experience or what have you, you are basically in one of those nodes, and you literally feel there is no time space. And you can go in all directions of time span of time, or space. And so these nodes, actually, I did a whole thing called the planetary grid, I found the algorithm basically, and I created this whole thing based on the algorithm of how these nodes are organized, where they are, and what each nodes allow you to do. Because not all nodes are created equal. That's another long hours. But think about this. So what I also found out is your brain has the exact same geometry and nodes as the space around it. So that so that, when you align your brain perfectly with the space, the structure of space time, all the nodes start to align. And that's those moments when everything aligned, this is where you think you're out of body, because you have no more sense of space, or time. So this is how, and the reason why this this is, is for you to have a linear experience as a human, you know, like, hey, you know, we wake up tomorrow, and it was yesterday. And you know, and I live in a house and I go on a street. So to have a normal linear experience, but your consciousness is is is infinite has no boundary at all. So the idea is to be in both at the same time, or to go and come back at the same time was that?

Alex Ferrari 32:13
I think I think we're going down deep wormholes or rabbit holes. Well, let's bring it back to Earth for a second. And when we're talking about the psychic abilities, or ESP, you know, a lot of people are like, is this kind of gooey, woowoo stuff? And I don't believe in any of this stuff. But yet, there is documented proof of the government, our government, the US government, doing, how opening up entire entire departments dedicated to remote viewing ESP studies, using it as spying and things like that. What information do you have for the audience about that? And your all your research that you've gone through?

Caroline Cory 32:57
Actually, it started with the Russians. And during the Cold War, the Russians were doing ESP ESP experiments. And basically they were training soldiers to be able to remote view, meaning to look at a distance and see what's happening somewhere else. So first, it wasn't another building, and then to spy on the people. And then all of a sudden, wait a minute, if that works, maybe we could do it on America, you know, during cold war, as you all know, that was we were Yeah, it was a little tense. Yeah. And so So of course, so they started training soldiers, and they were very successful. So the folks, you know, of course, the Intel, the Intel in the United States, that women, the Russians are doing this, we should be doing this. So. So they opened a program, they passed it through Congress, it was called the Stargate program was in the 80s. And it ran for about 20 years. And when so they started the program specifically for the purpose of training soldiers to spy on the Russians. And basically, they would, they would choose the ones that seem to have to be maybe Empath or something like that. And they would train them on how to quiet the mind and how to see. And the program became so successful. They were able to see exactly with precision where some of the missiles were on the Russian base, like think about that. If the missiles would move from one base to another, they were able to identify those locations, describe the buildings, described some times the offices and even some documents. Think about Have this Wow. Yes. And the reason why we know that it was successful in general, it was about I think, 74 or something to 80% successful. But sometimes it was 100% 100% accurate. And that's that affected politics, because they would report back to the President. And at the time was Jimmy Carter, and he would make decisions accordingly. So to me, for the government to be doing this for 20, you know, putting in millions of dollars. What does that tell you? Is this a fluke? Is this woowoo stuff? I don't think so.

Alex Ferrari 35:44
It's yeah, and do you know why they stopped? Or have they quote, unquote, maybe they haven't stopped?

Caroline Cory 35:51
It stopped under this program. I think Congress started you know, politics, you know, how it starts to kind of whatever agenda it's serving at the time. So they close the program, but my understanding is there are still agencies that are definitely continuing with this work. And, and definitely, I can tell you this for a fact, China, Russia, especially China, they've gone even beyond just spying. I mean, they're investigating children's abilities, doing things moving objects, teleporting, levitating. I mean, like, pretty crazy stuff. And all under, you know, the national security or what have you, but it's all ESP. So when it's done on a government level, you can't tell me that it's wowoo stuff.

Alex Ferrari 36:52
No, because I mean, you can't be spending that kind of money on woowoo stuff. Generally speaking, in the end, the US government spends money on other things that they shouldn't have, probably. But they did. They definitely don't throw money away like that on on something that could be politically harming to them that we can self interest alone. Now, you were mentioning teleportation and levitation. I've spoken to a lot of gurus Yogi swamis, on this on the show. And it's one of my fascinations is the yogic powers of of lore. You know, even if you read Autobiography of a Yogi, the bio location is talked about and their levitation is talked about in their manifestation is talking about there, there's even talk of a Yogi who's, you know, 5000 years old, I think it's Baba Ji, who's still in the Himalayan Mountains and, you know, has complete control of his physical body and comes and goes as he wishes and all this kind of stuff. A lot of the stuff we're talking about, especially, it's things like levitation, and bio location and teleportation or bio location. Those have been documented for millennia. For millennia, I've actually interviewed a grandmaster, his name is Grandmaster Wolf, who is able to he's shown on his YouTube videos, moving objects with his hands, starting fires with his hand, but he's a Chinese. He's studying Chinese martial arts. So even in the martial arts, you hear about this kind of power, focusing of the Chi, focusing of that energy. What in your experience through making the film and just in your research in general? What have you seen that you would just go? Okay, I don't know how that he's doing that.

Caroline Cory 38:32
Yeah, I mean, so we've seen actually, some of it is on the internet, some of it, some of the, the demonstrations of how sound actually can create can create levitation, how levitation can be done with anti gravity, propulsion and stuff like that. So that is, to me is already kind of common knowledge. I think. The teleportation is a different story. And there was another project called the Manhattan Project. Do you remember that one? Of course, yeah. And so so they were they were actually working, I believe, with stealth technology, again, for military purposes. Can we become invisible to the, you know, the enemy? adversary? Yeah, to the enemy. They started out this way. And I think it turned into a whole experiment where instead of just really, you know, disappearing from your eyesight, to reappearing right there would appear somewhere else. And so, but also a lot of that didn't go as well as we thought, because I heard and I saw a lot of documents It's and people who were involved in a program, talking about not understanding the fabric of space time, the way we were talking about it like with the nodes and stuff like that. And so what happened is when an object would would disappear and reappear somewhere else, it wouldn't appear exactly, for example, technically it should appear, disappear from this node and every appear in that node, because there is a How should I say, coherence between the two points, you know, you're in this location, and then the two locations are in perfect coherence. And so that's why you're able to just teleport from here to here, because technically, it's the same space. That makes sense. But then, because you didn't, they didn't have the exact understanding of this, it would appear like slightly off. And it's like half of the object would be on this type, this side of Timespace. And the other side would be disappear, like would not be visible. You also had people who would appear without a limb without an arm or without a leg. Have you heard these stories? before?

Alex Ferrari 41:11
I haven't heard that the arm and leg I haven't heard I've heard about. I mean, maybe it's from the movie that I saw years ago called The Manhattan Project. Whereas the boat like a battleship, or something like that was able to do something like that. Can you explain for people who don't don't know about the Manhattan Project, what they were really trying to achieve during this this program?

Caroline Cory 41:34
Well, like I said, originally, it was to be invisible to the enemy. Because, hey, if you can be invisible and get there, and then bombard the heck, you know that

Alex Ferrari 41:44
And then take off without off, and

Caroline Cory 41:47
Then they'll be like, That's a perfect, you know, weapon. So.

Alex Ferrari 41:51
So then what did during that process, what did they discover? I mean, we've talked a little bit about it, but like, what, how far did they go with? This is my question.

Caroline Cory 42:01
Yeah. And that's what I mean, I think it didn't work out the way back, it wasn't safe, basically. So my understanding is they stopped doing it because it wasn't safe. Because like I said, people would show up with like, half a limb or something like that. And so So I think it wasn't continued in this way. But I know of some individuals like, you know, yogi's and stuff like that, that tried to teleport, but again, I don't, I have not seen a person with my own eyes, doing it without a shield. Because technically, you can create that frequency of the node where the note is because again, the nodes are outside time space. But if if you are able to change the electrical electromagnetic field around your body, then you can mimic so to speak, the same vibration that is at those nodes, and then you can teleport to a different location. Does that make sense? So you have instrument or some sort of container that allows you to teleport, and that I have not seen done without.

Alex Ferrari 43:22
So it technically with from what I've understood with the yogi's, it's done through vibration. And it's also done through it's done because it's these are like kind of like bonuses, as you continue to go through to enlightenment, you you gain the ability to teleport or you gain the ability to levitate. It's not. It's they call them traps, because it could come very intoxicating to the person. Well look, the power I've been able to do. But from what I've heard, I haven't heard a teleporting. I've heard the bio location, which being at two places at the same time, we've just spoken about An Autobiography of a Yogi. And then when I spoken to Yogi's about that and gurus about that, they go well, it's that two bodies. It's the body is still here, but his consciousness is elsewhere. And it looks and appears like it's real in the place that they that it is it's not like another human bodies there it's more of a consciousness or projection that can interact with the environment. It's we're getting into deep areas.

Caroline Cory 44:33
What I mean so it's not actually two bodies and it's not actually this body goes from here to there, you know? Because again, you know, you have to think about however I want to say that enlightenment or you know what, what is that like what's what happens when you become so enlightened. If you look at everything being frequency, everything having a frequency every cell in your body has a frequency, every organ has a frequency. So there is an optimal frequency that allows the cell to rotate to continue vibrating and operating. Right? If it's turning at the perfect frequency, then it will continue doing so forever and ever and ever and ever. But what we do is that we eat the wrong foods, we breed the wrong air, we drink the wrong water, and that's all frequency. So now you're adding to the cell a lower frequency. And when it's lower than gradually doing this for many, many years, it ends up being diseased, because it's not functioning optimally. It's not going, you know, like that. Yeah, and so the idea, those who live, you know, we hear about 400 years and 5000, you know, is that you get to a point of mastery, that you are able to keep every cell in your body vibrating at the optimal level all the time. That's it, you're on automatic. And that's it. Even if it shifts a little bit down and goes back up, and off you go. And the idea is, if you're able to do that, then all you have to do is vibrate higher and higher frequencies. Just like the water is visible as you raise the vibration and becomes vapor and disappears. That's how eventually we ascend by raising the frequency of every cell so that we become invisible,

Alex Ferrari 46:39
Which happened has happened, there's documented proof of that of these Yogi's or Tibetan monks or something like that. They just, I saw this one video, or it was photos of a monk who had died, he had found enlightenment, he had died. And then during the process, his body was disappearing. And they took pictures of the body, the dead body just literally imploding on itself imploding, and they took the stages of this body like this. And you just at the end, it's nothing he's gone. He's

Caroline Cory 47:12
What did he What did He die from though?

Alex Ferrari 47:14
Oh, he left, he wants to go. Yeah, he decided he decided to go.

Caroline Cory 47:19
So the ultimate human existence, how do we become enlightened is to understand how we're able to maintain every cell in our body to maintain their optimal vibration. So you can go on forever, the car can keep running and running and running, if you know how to self repair, self repair and keep the perfect spin, perfect rotation. And then we don't have to get sick. We don't have to get cancer because the genetic tells us this. So because the mother know, when we're ready. We say okay, I'm finished with my work on Earth. And I'm ready to go. Because you're very clear how you got here, and where are you going? Then you can go in your bedroom lie down, and then speed up the frequency of every cell, and you gradually dissolve, and off you go. And of course, we're talking about the physical sells, but of course your consciousness can be released and go back to where it came from.

Alex Ferrari 48:25
What was like Yogananda and autobiography Yogi when he died, he was at an event, speaking and He told His disciples that today I leave, and they're like, What do you mean, Yogi? And he's like, No, today at today's, I'm leaving, I'm going back home. And he said, a few words. He said, this beautiful statement, and then just collapsed. And the really was interesting about him was, and this is not 1000s of years ago, this is within the 20th century. When he died, his body did not decay.

Caroline Cory 49:02
Exactly. Well, it cannot decay. Because when you are rotating, when you are vibrating at the perfect optimal speed, then you're not accumulating any toxic material. That's the point. It's the toxic material that changed that lower this vibrational rate. And that's how you get sick and that's how you decay. So there's so when you are at the optimal vibration all the time, it means that there is no toxic material therefore, there is no decay. That is the ultimate human experience. The way we really become enlightened. So when you talk about special abilities, all have our special abilities are are basically taking us to this point.

Alex Ferrari 49:55
And from my understanding as well, these these masters, who have been a Well to raise their vibration to this level, couple of things happen one, even if they take, they don't generally take in food that is low vibration. Generally vegetarian diets, you know, generally very clean diet simple stuff. But even if they took in stuff, which I've heard stories of them taking certain things that it doesn't even affect them, either they raised the vibration of it or their vibration is such, the machine, their machine is so highly vibrated, that anything that comes into their field lifts up to their where they are, to the point where you hear stories of Yogi's and their disciples, like when you walk into the room, they're intoxicated by their energy. And they you know, or they can't take the person, for whatever reason have their own reasons, can't handle being so close to that person, because they're vibrating at such a high level, maybe they're so low, that it just, I can't even be near you. It's you too much. I've met people. I've met people that I can't stand. But I can't stand being here. I'm sure we all have. But it goes the other way too. When you when you run into a toxic person who you have a feeling of and you like you feel drained being around them. They are sucking energy from you. There's that aspect of this as well. So it's it's pretty, it's pretty fascinating to see where I'd love this conversation because we're talking about spiritual and esoteric ideas, but mixed in with science and quantum physics, if you will, because if you are able to raise vibration, that is the goal of life. That's what meditation is about. That is what spiritual practice is about when you as you continue to raise your vibration. That's why it's it's really interesting how a lot of these masters, they all have similar diets. They are similar. They're not they're not always vegetarian, but they're vegetarian made with a little fish, you know, or something like that, or something along those, they all kind of have the same path when you start getting to that level. Yeah. Would you agree in your research?

Caroline Cory 52:07
Yeah, absolutely. And so what happens is, as long as they have a human body, and processing information through our digestive system, or respiratory system, it's still being processed this way, so the less information you know, so for example, if you're eating meats and heavy foods and things like that, it's more information and it's more, it's harder on the body to digest. So naturally, they gravitate towards those types of foods. However, it's still being assimilated through a normal digestive system or respiratory system, because your breathing stuff too, however, you start to gradually need less and less. And the vibration, we talked about this, in the beginning of the show, when you're raising the vibration, the DNA is constantly instead of it being in this double helix format, it's now in this Taurus vibrational rate vibrational state. And that makes itself repair. So it's constantly self repairing, it's constantly keeping you in this optimal state of being physically and when they're ready to leave. I bet also, some of them are, what do you call this bread? Brother? terian. Right. But they only breathe. They don't eat?

Alex Ferrari 53:37
Yeah, yeah, there are when they get to certain levels, they are people that they literally don't need food anymore. They barely need water. They're in a different, they're just at a different level. They're just at a different place in their journey. They don't sleep. There's I mean, Yogananda spoke about that all the time. He's like, Hey, I sleep a couple hours every other day. And that's all the sleep you need. If you focus your energies, he teaches people how to try to do that. If you meditate heavily, sometimes you don't even need to sleep because you've rested, or you've been able to get the repair time that you would normally get in sleep in meditation. But that sounds like we're talking about very, the PhD. PhD levels at this point of view, we'll

Caroline Cory 54:28
also normal people who are able to maintain this, but that's ultimately I mean, you don't have to starve yourself or anything, but you of course, gradually get there. Because you because it's like that's what feels good. Like I've been, you know, vegan for like, like 20 years, you know, like more actually,

Alex Ferrari 54:49
But how are you alive? How Where do you get your protein from? I'm joking. I've been vegan for about 10 years.

Caroline Cory 54:56
It's like you and then I literally like I don't think I can but a piece of meat probably will

Alex Ferrari 55:04
Oh will destroy your system.

Caroline Cory 55:07
Yeah, so you get used to it and I'm not judging you know, different. Also men have a different muscular structure than women and hormones and stuff. So, so everybody's in a different place a different time, whatever. But I'm just saying in general, it's information, everything is information, you're putting a lot of information that you're asking the body to process. And if you are able to maintain these, the rotation, the vibration of the cell, and it's up to optimum level while you're eating meat, I doubt it but you know, then so much the better that's it doesn't matter, you know, but ultimately, for this ascension process to happen, usually your body's is almost, you know, clear.

Alex Ferrari 55:53
Yeah, it's in. Again, it's the vibe, it's the vibrational is what we said at the beginning of the conversation what you do to the DNA, you're raising the vibration of the DNA in vibration, it's like people listen to hear vibration, they go, Hey, man, good vibes, man. I'm like, listen, it's a little bit more scientific than that nowadays. But there is a energetic registration of vibration, the higher the vibration. So again, from my conversations with some spiritual masters, love is the highest of the vibration, hate, anger, fear, low vibrations. So you never see a yogi lose his crap. Generally speaking, generally speaking, generally speaking, because they're at a different level or any spiritual master doesn't have to be Yogi's, but spiritual masters in general, who are quieter themselves enough? In let me ask you this, because you and I are both in media. The media we consume has energy to it as well, doesn't it?

Caroline Cory 56:57
Everything. And you know, believe it or not, even when you watch a movie, I mean, it's like not like you think you're being entertained? I'm not talking about news, or news is one thing, of course, the negative stuff, but even a movie, you know that you think, Oh, it's just for fun, but you're watching more, you're watching horror, even though it's all fake. But what happens is that the images that you see, even though you understand them, as it's just a movie, they register the pixels, you know, that your your brain is picking up as a woman being killed or a child being tortured or whatever, are still remember, we've been talking about imprints, they're being imprinted on your brain, in the form of memories. And so even though it's meant for entertainment, but what you're watching has literally embedded in your consciousness every time you watch something. So think about that.

Alex Ferrari 58:04
If you're watching news, negative news, all the time, that your Outlook or your outlook on life changes dramatically. When you're associate you're exposed to so much negativity, where you feel like a lot of people like oh, the world's coming to an end, I'm like, is it we're in a place. I mean, look, I get it, things are, quote unquote, not doing great right now. But we're in a place in history that we've never had less war in the world. You know, a lot of there's a lot of good things happening well, but that's not what's sold for selling. You know, hey, everything's great guys. Not so much. It's gonna be like the one time some place across the world something happens, or in another state in the US something happens. You're like, oh, god, look what's happening in San Francisco that must be everywhere. It's not right now. So keeping that in mind when you do media, and that's one of the reasons I think I hear so many people in the comments say that they go to bed listening to these shows, Next Level solo episodes, because they're like, it's a way for me to it's a good at the energy that we put out in the show. And the information we put on the show is something that is calming, and really relaxing and nurturing. It's it's organic food for the soul. It's clean, organic food for the soul, as opposed to going to bed watching a horror movie. Like it's tough to sleep after that.

Caroline Cory 59:33
Exactly. Even if it was fake. You've seen blood and things and you know, dismembering, you know. So, absolutely. And that's what I was going to say. So I watch sometimes like funny stuff. Sure. Yeah, no, that's very clean it just like super fun or inspirational things or you know, so definitely and the good news is just like you absorb this Information spontaneously, whether you want it or not, like it or not, you can also purge it. So let's not forget that because now people, you know, go, Oh my God, you know, I watch on now it's all in my memory, whatever it is. But it's a very simple process. Again, we're talking about energy. And, you know, to remind people that Nikola Tesla, you know, the biggest scientists of our century, you know, talks about energy and frequency is not woowoo. It's all science, this is all real. Einstein talks about energy, everything, all life is energy. So, so really, we're talking about it, we're coming at it from this perspective, that's what the film is about superhuman. So these energies and frequencies, follow universal laws. If it comes in, you can also go out. And you know, it's like, if it could be moved in one direction, then you can throw your intention also heard the information that you don't want to keep imprinted on your consciousness and your your brain cells, actually.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:08
So how do you purge for people listening? How could you purge this kind of information outside out of your own cells.

Caroline Cory 1:01:14
So I mean, the simple thing, you know, I have a whole methodology, of course, in my energy healing course. But it's the simple thing is just be aware of what it is that you are feeling at the time. So for example, of course, if you just watched a horror movie, just purge the whole thing, you know, but like, sometimes you're not quite sure what it is, you just feel angry or weird, see if you can feel it in what part of the body, because what happens is, it gets imprinted in one organ or a part of your body that you're most vulnerable. And every person is different. That's why some people get sick in the liver, some people gets it in the lungs, or you know, and then you simply focus on that. And through your intention, that's the simplest technique. I mean, there's so many more, but you can say, I ask and intend to release to purge, to delete, to extract the frequency of sadness, depression, anger, whatever it is that you're feeling, or the memory of a car accident or something. From every cell, in my lungs, from every cell in my body, from my conscious, my subconscious and cellular memory you breathe in. And as you exhale, you imagine that you're pretty acute imagine stuff is coming out of you. Whether you visualize or not, just imagine that it's just coming out of you. And if you're a little bit sensitive, you will feel lighter, you will literally feel it. And then notice what else is there? What else would I don't know, I feel it doesn't matter, then you keep going until you're in this peaceful state. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:10
And just to kind of add to that is, and again, I try to always try to bring something that everyone has felt when you are carrying a secret, or you want to have a talk with somebody and you say, I'm going to tell you my truth, or I'm going to tell you the secret, or I'm going to tell you how I really feel you feel lighter. You like it this way. There's a weight people say, Oh, I felt this weight on me. That's what we're talking about here. This is something that can come out. And one of the things I wanted to ask you because energy is energy, holding on to hate, resentment, trauma that you've might have experienced in life, holding on to it and even adding to it like they always say when you when you hate someone, you really are, you know, you're drinking poison for yourself, because it's not hurting the other person when you ate them. So best let it go. Is that one of the reasons why we get diseases, we get cancers, we get things that hurt the body, because we're just holding on to this energy and it has to go somewhere. So it starts to really break down the body and maybe your weakest area. Is that makes sense?

Caroline Cory 1:04:23
Yeah, absolutely. So like I was saying, so those frequencies these thoughts get accumulated in the organ of your body, that's the most vulnerable, which is different for each person. And so also these frequencies are lower when it's hate, or anger, it's lower than, again, the optimal vibration of that organ. So the more you put that frequency in the organ, the more you're bringing down this vibration. And when you do that, let's say the optimal vibration for the liver is 684 or whatever. For example, And then you putting, you know, anger 250 is actually less than, you know, hey 250 hertz, wine, alcohol for the sake of being angry or whatever, or disconnecting, you know, 50 hertz. So you keep inputting this 50 hertz, 50 hertz, the cell is used to 684 hertz, but you keep putting at one point, there's so much the dominant becomes 50 hertz, you see, and the liver goes like, Wait, I don't know how to function at 50 hertz, I can't, I don't have enough time to, you know, process the information or whatever the livers supposed to do. It's too small of a vibration. That's why it can no longer function. That's how disease comes.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:49
And that's why when you that's why there's been spontaneous healings, documented spontaneous healings, when people do a juice, you know, juice cleanses, or start eating proper food, because the energy of the things that they're consuming, or they move to a place or when they go on a retreat or something, because the energy that's coming in, is starting to raise the vibration, and then heal them in one way, shape or form. I'm not saying that's how you heal cancer, everybody, please go to a doctor. But generally speaking, yeah, I mean, yeah, you know what I mean? You know what I mean? But generally speaking, I mean, even when I was, I did juice cleanses years ago. And anytime I've done a juice cleanse for like, a week or something like that, I feel so energetic, and jumping, and I'm not eating that many calories, I'm not eating anything. And I'm jumping all over the place. And I was like, wow, what is happening to my bodies, because the energy of the food is so pure coming in, that is literally raising my energy level. One vibration, if you will. And then and then the second I used to, when I used to eat meat, I'd go to in and out and eat a big burger. And I would just go, Oh, I just, you know, when I used to eat meat, you eat a steak, like you can barely move because it's all the energy in your body is being used to process this a mass amount of food that's coming in, or if it's badly processed food or things like that, that it's super hard to go through your system. It's it's, it's a fascinating topic. Carolyn, I could keep talking to you as always for hours.

Caroline Cory 1:07:27
It's important stuff because it affects everyone on a day to day basis. And it's such, I mean, basic information that we're not paying attention to or not talking about, you know, we talk about nutrition, we talk about doing meditation, the basic understanding of life, of how you operate as a consciousness, that's what's not being talked about. So that's why this is fascinating. And it's the laws of the universe. Now, my laws, yes. It's not like some scientists, it's the laws of the universe. Everything is energy, everything interacts with everything spontaneously, because it's all energies, all frequency, and everything is imbalanced, with everything else because of it. The planets aren't bumping into each other. Everything is organized, the organs in your bodies, like the universe, things are working perfectly under normal circumstances, until you interfere and make it do different things.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:31
Right! I always wondered that myself was like, Why? Why is the body decaying? Like, because there's a moment in our life where we're in an upward strike. And as opposed to the at 18. You start to go downhill. And like the peak of it is 18 19 20. The physical body Yeah. And then it starts to degrade. I always ask him, Why does it have to degrade like, what is causing it is dropping hormones is dropping this is so this is such a deep conversation. But you're right, I hope this conversation has opened up some eyeballs and ideas and about how you can take better care of yourself. We started off with energy, we're ending off with energy and vibration. In the middle, we talked a little bit about other things like ESP and the government agencies and all that. But this is all connected. It is all connected in this kind of unified field, if you will. So I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Caroline Cory 1:09:32
It's understanding who you are. Again, it's if you understand who you are, and you build your life accordingly, then you have to be fulfilled. You have to be fulfilled, because it's your religion, literally living your true essence, your original essence. You're not trying to be this person or that person or listening to this or his or her or my opinion. You're in service, or whatever you are understanding that you are this pure Divine Consciousness inhabiting this body. This vessel has a purpose, it's part of who you are. And so you start to live in harmony, when that is the basic principle of your life, and you have to feel fulfilled.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:21
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time, and talk to little Caroline, what advice would you give her?

Caroline Cory 1:10:28
Little Caroline, I would, what would I tell her?

Alex Ferrari 1:10:32
Yeah, what advice would you give her?

Caroline Cory 1:10:36
You have no idea.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:39
But girl, strap in!

Caroline Cory 1:10:42
You have no idea you thought you, you knew how that was gonna happen. But it's a whole different ballgame. When you actually are experiencing it really. It's it keeps amazing me how as much as you can be perceptive and have, you know, an idea how things develop, but you are still in the collective. You know, so you are creating your reality with in collaboration of the collective, whether you like it or not. And so that's what makes this hard. Sometimes, if you don't mind me sharing this, you know, sometimes, I feel like, gosh, it's like, we're still at this place. Like, you know, no matter how much how hard you work, or whatever you do, you know, it's still not quite where you want to be, and the relationship doesn't work, or this is not working, or this or that. And so I'm like, stop, stop, stop. The way I can reset that I like to share with others, hopefully, it will help them. What If today is your first day on Earth? You just landed. And it's like a sports. It's like a game, you know, where you're part of a team. So they tell you, Okay, here you are. And you have you know, 10 other team members, you have to work with this team, right? Play, play the game sports game with his team. So you look around and the team is not perfect, because you didn't pick it. So you know, you have a team member who's like running in the other direction, you know, like putting the goal in V. Enemies. You know, the other. You have, you have a team member who has psychological problem, you have a team member who has a mental issue, you have a, you know, another team member who's great, who's loyal and fantastic, you have other amazing team members, but you have a few team members that aren't perfect, but you have to win this game. And this is the team that you are with. So what do you do? This is your first day on Earth? Do you spend your time fixing this guy's problem is fixing this guy's problem? Or do you say, Okay, it's not perfect, I have three or four things that aren't perfect. But I have to win the game. We have to win the game, we and you start to look at the team as all aspects of you. And I think when you do that, it starts to change your perspective. On all the dysfunctions and the malfunctions and the horrors that are happening, you know, and you start looking at it as this is where we are, there's a lot of positive and just keep looking at the final vision, the final goal, which is to elevate this team humanity to the next level of consciousness, just keep looking at that and accept that things aren't exactly the way you thought they would be. And it's okay, you're still going to win this goal.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:11
Beautifully said Caroline. Now where can people find out it helps beautifully? Where can people find out more about you? And the work that amazing work that you're doing and your projects that you've been working on?

Caroline Cory 1:14:22
For consciousness work and healing work, they can go to And for the movies, the best thing to do is to go to

Alex Ferrari 1:14:35
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Caroline Cory 1:14:39
Kind of what I just said you know that it's hard. You know, let's like we were saying like, let's not pretend it's all perfect. It's not. It's not. However, however if we keep our eye on the goal, and also keep thinking that we're all in this together. We all have have somewhat similar challenges. You know, sometimes we look at people and think, how do they do it? Like they have everything? No, they don't. We don't know you're not and you're not in their mind, for all you know, they're struggling with horrible depression. And so that's just bringing it back to yourself. And just believe that each one of you is here for a purpose. There is the universe does not work randomly. It's purposeful. And so you are purposeful. And we mentioned that every time you think you embed in the collective consciousness, your thoughts and your energy. So keep thinking that everything you're embedding is having an impact on the collective consciousness. That's why you're here. So just

Alex Ferrari 1:15:52
Caroline thank you so much for being on the show again, and for the amazing work you're doing in the world to raise the consciousness of the planet. So I appreciate you my dear. Thanks again.

Caroline Cory 1:16:01
Thanks so much for having me. This was great fun.

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