Quantum Reality, God & Why The Universe Isn’t Real with Caroline Cory

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker, author, and the founder of the Omnium Method of Energy Medicine and Consciousness Studies. As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and “paranormal” experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to spirituality, the study of consciousness, existential topics and the mechanics of the universe.

After teaching Energy Medicine and Consciousness Studies for over a decade, Cory founded Omnium Media, an entertainment and media platform that tackles thought-provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality. In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind-over-matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows, including such popular series as The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channel’s Ancient Aliens. Her films include, AMONG US, SUPERHUMAN: THE INVISIBLE MADE VISIBLE, and A TEAR IN THE SKY.

Please enjoy my conversation with Caroline Cory.

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Caroline Cory 0:00
Till your freewill, your higher self is always aware of the bigger picture and the prenatal contract, and is going to trigger that response like No, no, keep walking.

Alex Ferrari 0:24
I'd like to welcome to the show Caroline Cory. How you doing, Caroline?

Caroline Cory 0:28
Hey, Alex, thanks for having me. It is awesome.

Alex Ferrari 0:31
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm so excited to talk to you. You know, we were just talking before we're both filmmakers. We both come from that side of the world. And we both are interested in this side of the world as far as spirituality and consciousness and quantum physics and how the whole world in the universe works. So and we were just mentioning, like, how rare that is to find a kindred spirits. Who speaks the same language as in both both arenas.

Caroline Cory 0:56
Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, isn't that what life is about? You know, it's like, what is this reality about? So, you know, we're making films as a job, you know, as just a creative outlet. But I like to go deep and say, What's the point of it? Going so then that takes you down the rabbit hole.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
Without without question. So my first question to you, my dear is, can you tell the audience what happened to you? When you were five years old, there was an event, a little something, something that happened at that time in your life kind of started you on this path. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Caroline Cory 1:33
Yeah, so what happened was, I was just there, I remember, it was December 24. I was five years old. And so you know, my parents were just kind of messing around with the preparations for whatever the holidays and things. And I looked around, and I noticed that humans or adult humans anyway, didn't know how to interact with each other, they kind of like, there was I felt like there was no love, it was just talking and fussing and arguing and stuff. And so it was exactly at that moment where I was just thinking, you know, as a child, I don't feel love, you know, in this room. Exactly. In that moment, I noticed this huge amount of light those beings that literally showed up, and, and I realized that I could see them, hear them sense them. And we kind of were exchanging it some sort of telepathic message. And they told me that we were kind of the same lineage, and we were connected, we were gonna stay connected the rest of my human life. And they kind of showed me how they were kind of communicating how they were exchanging energy. And, of course, I'm five years old, right? They, you know, it kind of it was very organic, it was spontaneous, and it felt amazing. So I just went with it. And they said, if you want to maintain this communication, you have to ask for it. And I was thinking, What do you like, Who do I ask? And they said, just look at what your brain is doing right now and ask for that to happen again. So I realized I was concentrating on a thought and intention, I want this to happen again, the rest of my life. And basically, they were teaching me about intention. That's all it was. And so, so since that time, and then they just kind of left. And so since that time, I realized that way. In the beginning, I thought, oh, you know, all kids do that. It's nothing special about this. Nothing special about me or anything. But it was later as I grew up, that I realized, like no, wait, not everybody necessarily can see the subtle energy, because I was literally seeing the cell energy, not that the beings, but the space between me and them. I was seeing code or seeing all kinds of stuff. And that's how I started asking the question, wait a minute, like, how did this happen? How, what's the mechanics of all of this? And that's how I got into the field of consciousness for 20 years, and asking these questions and going deep into how can I make this happen again, consciously.

Alex Ferrari 4:45
So can you tell the audience in your own words, what do you what are you doing? What's the work that you're doing?

Caroline Cory 4:51
So so that I spent 20 years, really trying to understand the science of consciousness how it all works out I developed methodologies for meditation for communication for healing. And eventually I started working with scientists. Because there was so much validation, whatever I was teaching, whatever we were doing would actually happen would manifest. So I started working with scientists to validate this work. And because we were getting such incredible results, for example, focusing on the water to change the pH, and it would change. Now we're talking about scientific settings, right, telekinesis or what have you, we would have actual measurable results, that after a while, I said, Wait a minute, we need to put this out in the world. And that's how I started making films. Because I felt that in the world of film, as you know, I mean, there's a lot of material out there. But what I wanted to do is bring that scientific angle to bring measurable validation, you know, we hear about your mind affects your reality, affects your body, your stress level, meditation is good for you. We know that, but I want to show how, and why. And that's how I started making these films superhuman turn this guy, I mean, I have a few films on different subjects in the same area.

Alex Ferrari 6:29
So how do you define consciousness? Because that's always a, you know, everyone has a kind of different but from your point of view, what is the definition of consciousness?

Caroline Cory 6:37
Yeah, so scientists think that consciousness is just the act of being conscious. To me, consciousness is more the fundamental substance from which all of life emerges, meaning it is an energy. And from that energy, you are going to have the physical world emerge intelligent life, the planets, the universe, physical and non physical life emerges from that one, same substance. And so because of that, it's almost like there's a common denominator for all of existence, all aspects of existence. And that's the reason why when you hear people talk about, we are connected, we are literally connected. Because every that energy that substance consciousness is within our cells. If it's in my cell and your cell, then we have that commonality. So to me, that's what consciousness is.

Alex Ferrari 7:40
So these are, we're dancing around some rabbit holes here that we're going to go down in a minute, just because you start start asking these kinds of questions inevitably goes to, to certain, certain areas that you can go deep into. So the first one deep rabbit hole we're going to fall into is simulation theory, which is something that we've I've had on the show I've had Tom Tom Campbell on on the show, and was fascinating. Just, just literally, that interview was two hours long. I just keep talking to him forever. He's fascinating. But can you explain to people what simulation theory is for people who don't know what it is, and then let's start digging into it a little bit.

Caroline Cory 8:23
So it's the idea that we live inside some sort of matrix, some giant computer that's predetermined. And so So everything that we are seeing is just a reflection, it's an illusion, it's not even real. And so that's kind of in general, the gist of what simulation theory is, but yeah,

Alex Ferrari 8:46
So then, so then if you were saying that we're all connected, and there's this energy, could you replace the word energy for code, DNA, even DNA is a little bit of a difference, but a code that is a language that we all can connect to. And that's why we all we're all kind of made at the same stuff. And there is consciousness as the energy that brings it all kind of together. Because without consciousness, this body is just a meatsuit, essentially, a bunch of atoms that just wouldn't have even come together without some form of consciousness and let alone run for as many years as I've been alive and hopefully from anymore.

Caroline Cory 9:24
Yeah, so So consciousness is not code to me, okay. From consciousness emerges code, okay. I mean, you have to keep thinking if there's such a thing as before and after. Consciousness is before anything. It's INFINITY itself from infinity, then life gets created.

Alex Ferrari 9:48
So it's, it's an, it's an awareness that that it's standing behind. Yeah, tell me I'm sure it's just trying to fit again, these are difficult questions. This is not easy stuff. We're talking about them. But like, so there's there's us. So we see we act we interact, but there's something behind us, that is kind of seeing farther along seeing the bigger picture than we are, which could be argued as the sole Higher Self, some sort of connected, spiritual entities or being is that a fair? Kind of where we're going?

Caroline Cory 10:26
Yeah, sort of. So again, consciousness, you can I use the word substance or energy, but it's something I mean, we have to call it something you know. And from that, you're going to have your higher self, you're going to have your physical body. So it's really before anything at all, like before anything could ever exist. God, it's before existence,

Alex Ferrari 10:51
I think, if there was if there's a before and after, which then you hurt, your head starts to hurt a little bit.

Caroline Cory 10:57
We're totally down the rabbit hole now.

Alex Ferrari 11:01
Because of course, of course, the source energy, God energy, there is no before and after, which we can't comprehend because the universe was there before and will be there after or never had a beginning or after. So it's just always been, that is a concept that spiritual masters throughout the years, have tried to explain and it's extremely difficult for us to comprehend in this physical realm. Right?

Caroline Cory 11:28
Exactly. So I mean, I think maybe the closest word could be infinity. What how do you grab on infinity? Like what it as soon as you start to explain it, you're making it finite? So it's a little bit like that, you know, so. So consciousness is, like infinity, it's, it just is. And from that as soon as you start describing, okay, so here's my body, and I'm aware, that's it. You're you're already past, you know, you're already part of the one aspect of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 12:03
So, so what is quantum what is quantum reality?

Caroline Cory 12:08
So, wow,

Alex Ferrari 12:11
I told you, we're gonna go deep,

Caroline Cory 12:13
Very, very deep. Okay, so, so again, going back to maybe the simulation theory, so everything exists on a quantum state, and in a physical manifested state, so to speak. And so so the quantum signature of things, it's kind of like the energy or the probability of something existing. happens before it exists. So it's a state of being that allows all probability to be and then here comes you as one unit of consciousness, you're an intelligent, being creative being right. And so you are one form one type one way that consciousness expresses itself. So you are this one unit of consciousness. And you are in this pool of probability, future probability. So the minute you put your focus on this outer reality, there's the world of probability, and you say, I want this or I want, whatever, then that interaction triggers a chain of reaction that that is energetic is we're still at a quantum level that eventually precipitates a manifestation in your physical reality.

Alex Ferrari 13:43
So okay, so let me unpack that for a little bit. So the and a lot of times when I bring on people talking in science language, I try to bring in the spiritual language to kind of translate it a little bit. So we from from a spiritual standpoint, we, at least from my spiritual studies, and people I've had on the show before, we plan our lives ahead of time, we come down, we go through, through different adventures, dif different obstacles to things to learn along the way to grow and evolve as a spiritual soul. While we're down here, we have free choice, which is a big, big, big issue with when people talk like you're talking. They're like, Well, wait a minute, we have good free choice. We do have free choice. We always have free choice, but the chances of me walking along the street, and then I'm gonna go burn that tree down. Would I do that? Absolutely. I could go there, sort of set it on fire and watch it burn. The chances the probability of me doing that is not going to happen more than likely I'm going to keep walking. You know, I'm not going to kick the dog that sitting they're probably just going to pet him and move along. So there's always different you know, opportunities for anyone to do anything? How many? How many times have? I don't know if you've ever done this, this is a guy thing. You've just sit there talking to somebody. I did this when I was younger. And I just think like, you know what if I just clocked him in the face, he would never see it coming. Like when you're like, I'm just talking to this person, like, you know, if I just just clocked him in the face, he would never see it coming. Could I do that? Absolutely. Probability not so much. But but the potential always is there. So that's kind of where we're, if I if I'm correct, and kind of translating what you're saying it more likely will go in a certain direction, does it sometimes go in another direction? Sure. Because we do have free choice. And there are things that you could at any moment, just change your mind, I could turn this interview off right now. You know, we could you could just run around the room. And these are things we could do. But chances are we're not going to do is that fair?

Caroline Cory 15:53
You will never do that. No, but it's true. But to me, I feel that there's two things happening here. Before you incarnate, you come in with what I call a pre natal contract you because creation is purposeful. I mean, look at every single cell in your body has a purpose, there's not one thing that doesn't do something. So So kind of as a base concept, if you will, ingrained with existence, creation is a is purposeful. So you come in and you create, you say, Okay, I'm gonna come down to planet earth as Alex, and I'm going to do all that stuff. So it's a creative, thought and idea and plan. And so because of that, you have some sort of goal, you have a contract, you said, I'm going to go down, and I'm going to help people awaken. I'm going to be creative, I'm gonna make films or what have you. But it's also a bigger picture. It's more, how do I contribute to the evolution of my consciousness, and to the collective consciousness because as soon as I come in, as a human, automatically, I am contributing, and I'm affecting the collective consciousness. So you come in with this, you know, pre plan, if you will. But of course, when you're down here, the idea for you in order for you to be in the moment and to create from a place of authenticity, then you don't, you're not always remembering your prenatal contract, you're in the moment. And this is where you still have free choice. So your free will. And so at one point in your career, when you were younger, or what have you, you had a choice? Do I take these drugs? Do I get into the alcohol? And whatever or not? You know, my friends are doing it? What should I do you still have freewill. So somewhere in the back of your mind, you have the remembrance of your prenatal contract that tells you wait, you're here to do spiritual awakening help people awaken spiritually. So if you go down this on this road, you're probably not going to achieve what you said you're going to achieve. So something within you, you know, feels wrong about making that choice. So even though it's still your freewill, your higher self is always aware of the bigger picture and the prenatal contract. And it's going to trigger that response, like, no, no, keep walking, don't burn down that tree, don't take that drug, don't go down this road, whatever. So that you remain on that path, and you fulfill that contract that you set out for yourself.

Alex Ferrari 18:46
And I've had, I've had a lot of near death experiences on the show. And I spoke to one once they said, I lost my way. And I was then brought into a near death experience. And then they told me you are not doing what you're supposed to do. And then if you don't, we're gonna, we're just gonna stay and we're gonna have to redo this all over again. Kind of like you went off, you went off the trail. And then she's like, No, if we send you back, you got to do this. Now if you don't do this, we're pulling you out of the game. Essentially.

Caroline Cory 19:19
Yeah, and I see a lot I work with a lot of people because I can communicate, you know, who are in a coma. And, or Alzheimer? Like, they're not here, they're somewhere else. They're halfway here I'm saying with near death. So here you have an opportunity to stop what you're doing, to step out and to re evaluate and most of the time, it's exactly what you said. And they have the choice because they weren't so off track. And what happens is that there is no such thing as karma, like punishment like hey, like you said, you're gonna do something and you didn't therefore you have to be punished. It's not about that. It's about you. You are the one that says had my consciousness wants to do this to evolve to the next level of consciousness on this earth or on Mars or whatever, you know, whatever life or whatever experience I will have in the future. So it's kind of like, this is what you said you're going to do, you bring all the tools, all the, you know, all the experiences that you need. But if you don't end up doing it, it's almost like you have all this baggage. And then you have to exit you have to leave because it's Oh, you're already 65 or whatever, you know, you're getting old, and you're running at a time. So it's all your staff. And so, so it's so it's almost like you've accumulated added homework, that you've, you know, that you couldn't finish. And so even you leave this body, it's still you, it's like attached to you. And I unfortunately, I see this also with people who commit suicide, which is very sad, because they think that by committing suicide, they are resolving like they're stopping whatever problem they're they're struggling with. But guess what I see like, where they're going. And the same problem continues with the mental torture with everything else, because it's the consciousness, experience, the experience that you're taking with you. So that's the reason why the faster you get with the program that you set out for yourself, the faster you're going to graduate.

Alex Ferrari 21:36
But isn't it also easier to when you're walking the path that you're supposed to be on doors, open opportunities present themselves, you meet the right person who gives you the right door opening this or that. I've just noticed that in my own life, when I struggled to go against the grain, I just kept running into wall. So when you are running into walls again and again and again, and again, it seems to be like something is telling you, maybe you should go over here. And I use the show as an example, I came over here. And when I started doing this show, door swung open ways that have never been open to me before. And I'm like, oh, okay, so this is what it's like to just go with the flow go with the river. And so I use the analogy of video gameplay, for this conversation to really simplify that the consciousness is the player outside of the video game. The game itself is a simulation, and the player is who we are, we are avatars, essentially avatar, yeah. And we're learning how to play the game. So we walked down, we walked down and don't turn that corner because there's a monster there. Well, one life, and literally, it's called a life. They go like what's in this door, I'm gonna go check it out, you walk in, you killed by the monster, shoot, start again, walk down that same path. But like, you know what, not gonna go into that door. Because that's I know where the monster is, because I was here last time. And now you so then you start you start evolving in play. That's it. So is that a fair analogy to what we're kind of talking about?

Caroline Cory 23:08
Totally, totally. And then you being the player consciousness, you are also guided by your bigger consciousness, because that's what another thing that happened in, in that five year old experience that I had, when I was five, I was telling you. So what one very important realization is that, it's as if I was on this side of the veil in physical form. And they were my extension, so to speak, like my lineage in non physical form in spirit form. So it's kind of like that connection is never severed, right. And that line of communication is never severed. So even though I was here as a child in this human body, that information, they kept feeding me information from the other side, just because that's the process, not because you're psychic or whatever, whatever, if that's the way it works, so that your higher self is constantly reminding you of the path, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 24:10
And that could be also interpreted as intuition to intuition is telling you, yes, no kind of guiding your gut instinct pushing you in certain directions. Because, I mean, I think everybody has felt the gut instinct at one point or their life or another, like, Oh, this is not the right person, I really shouldn't date this person or I really shouldn't take that job. Or maybe you feel you feel about a lot of times the ego gets in the way and stops you from listening to your intuition. But the closer you are, to your higher self, the closer you are, to who you truly are, that that communication seems a lot easier. That's why meditation is so powerful when you meditate, you are connecting yourself more and more into the code, if you will, into the into the where that language is able to connect us why so many meditators They are able to just feel things out a lot easier than people who are stuck there, I think they're closer to the other side than they are to this side. In other words, this is very dense, very, you know, in a very, you know, there's a lot of temptations, there's a lot. But as you meditate, and you start getting into closer to who you truly are, all that stuff kind of falls away, and you're just like, I don't really care about the huge TV, my TV is fine. I might not even need a TV, you know, the basic things become a little bit more important to you. Is that make sense?

Caroline Cory 25:30
Yeah, absolutely. And so I think it's, it's very confusing. When we come down here, you know, as a, as a human, first of all, our parents are in the same boat, like, we think they're going to educate us and tell us about spirits and consciousness, they don't know, and their parents didn't know. So you already arrive in this environment, that doesn't help you. That doesn't make sense, really, that doesn't tell you why you're having these experiences, why you're feeling this way, why you are seeing imaginary friends, or whatever. And so you don't know how to process your emotions, you don't understand that your emotions or your guidance system, and so on, so forth. And so already, you are in a very confusing environment, and you observe people around you, including your parents, who are suffering and struggling. So you start creating belief system that, you know, life is not so easy, and it's confusing, and nobody knows what's going on. So you grow up with, you know, you create a belief system that keep you more and more in that confusion. And, but but this all this time, your higher self, as we were saying, is still sending you messages, you still feel like your gut feeling like what you're saying, is the truth, but you don't know how to go there, you nobody teaches you these things, certainly not in school. In school, it's like the grades and what you're going to be and how you're going to blah, blah, blah. And so. So I think that's why at some point, the two are in such conflict, your inner gut feeling your true heart, the truth, your truth, and what you're being told, and what you're observing on the outside, they're in constant conflict, until one point you hit a wall. And then your higher self, you know, wants to bring you back on the right path. So it's exactly what you said. And we think we have like some sort of crisis or whatever. But really, the only way to do that to navigate through all this confusion is through meditation, because you got to quiet your like, you gotta shut out, you know, shut off, all this outer, you know, information that's confusing you, in order for you to only listen to your inner truth.

Alex Ferrari 27:55
And sometimes you hit a wall, and sometimes the wall hits you. That's true. Sometimes you're so stubborn, that the walls like oh, he's not listening, or she's not listening, we're going to have to throw the wall on top of her. And that's, that's when you have an event in life that stops and you've got to, and there was a kind of big giant reset for everybody during the pandemic, the entire planet stopped. And everybody just to wait a minute, why am I doing this? And it was fascinating to watch what has happened? Well, we'll talk a little bit about that later, as far as the evolution of the entire species, again, small, small questions. So I love it. So we were talking a little bit about programming. And I'm fascinated with this stuff. I've had Dr. Bruce Lipton on talking about subconscious. And the programming we get from our parents, which you could argue is you ask for it, you ask for these parents to teach you these lessons to program either way. So these are the struggles you have to go through in order to evolve. But can we so now if we're if we're sitting here listening to this conversation and going, Okay, I've got some limiting beliefs, or I think I have some limiting beliefs that are stopping me from moving forward. What can we do to start to reprogram ourselves in a positive way to go to the direction where because that subconscious programming of those first seven years, it is powerful. It is extreme, because it's so it's it sitting on your shoulder all the time, and you don't even know it's there. It's really, really powerful. So what can we do?

Caroline Cory 29:25
Yeah, for sure. So what happened? I just wanted to also reach I always go back to that experience, because when I was five, as I was saying that I saw the subtle energy, and what is the subtle energy it's actually information meaning when I said I would see the structure of space between me and you, like I would see how it was made the geometry or whatever, but it was information. It's as if it was telling me it was describing to me what it was, how it was made. And so as I started working with people, and you know, One person is stuck, because you know, in their relationship and one person in their finances, and it's the physical health or what have you, I realized that when I would look at them, I could read the information and that where they were blocked. And as you just said, it's all in the subconscious mind. So as I was following this trajectory, okay, how did I get today? To the age, I don't know, 34, or whatever, you know, whatever, to believe, and to be convinced that I'm a failure? How did that happen? You didn't come in thinking you're a failure. Yeah, I think you came in thinking, Oh, I'm here, give me food, give me love, give me, you know, give me joy, you didn't come in thinking I'm a failure. And so as you trace this back to the root cause, you know, in your subconscious mind, you are observing the physical reality around you, you are observing your parents perhaps fight, or the father who leaves at an early age and never comes back, for example, or the mother. And so you start to have feelings as you are observing this, this reality around you wait, my father left my mother left. Therefore, I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough. If they if I was good enough, they'd be here. That's the first time through your feelings, you create the first belief system. So you create it through your thought, we think thoughts are invisible, therefore, they don't exist, like where our thoughts like, where are they? But actually, it's an actual frequency. And it's an actual form. I mean, I can literally see the thought, like I could see, it's a cluster of energy. That's what it is. And so as you are thinking, and you're you are emitting this cluster of energy, where do you think it goes, it doesn't just like dissolve in thin air around you. It goes, it stays within you. In your cells, you're kind of literally pouring inflammation, clusters of energy inside your cells. If you happen to have a predisposition, maybe for you because of genetics, or whatever. In your stomach, or in your liver or in your heart. That's exactly where it's gonna go. If it's negative, if it's negative, yeah, because it's a frequency. So the cell is supposed to vibrate between 734 and 1000 hertz, it's supposed to be rotating at a certain speed in order to maintain the chemistry, the electricity, the functioning, the proper functioning, everything has a so when you add another cluster of energy that has a lower frequency, same as our foods and same as a, you know, alcohol, what have you, let's say that thought cluster equals 150 hertz. So now you're adding to yourself a lower frequency, and then you're going to do it again, of course, because you're gonna go to school, now you have a new belief system. I'm amazing. And I'm beautiful. But I'm also not good enough. So I'm going to go out in school and I'm going to create another experience that proves to me that I'm not good enough. And you see, my friend just left me now he's not friends with me, he's friends with this other guy. Ah, see, I'm not good enough, add more, that same frequency over and over to those cells. Fast forward 20 years, you're and you're, you know, you're a teenager, you've convinced yourself, you're not good enough. That's it, you know, for sure. And then you get into a relationship, try to get a job, of course, you're not going to get it because you're not good enough. So So long story short, this is all the subconscious mind, we store all of this information. So so now when you have a problem, and you're trying to resolve so going back to programming, basically, you programmed yourself to believe that you're not good enough. But the good news is, if you did that to yourself, then you can do it to yourself again. And so when I'm working with someone and I see that cluster that information, I'm not good enough and I go back to the very first time that this happened when they were three years old, and the father mother did that and then the mother left and so so, ah, go back to the very first time you emitted that first thought that first belief system and reprogram it deprogramming so it's kind of like, when you take something at the root, you, you you take out the route, then it's like a domino effect this entire added energy that you're accumulated on top of the same thing. So starts to crumble, you see. So that's how you can reprogram very efficiently and fast, something that you're struggling with right now. So of course, I can see this energy, I can tell you what's going on. But when you're doing this to yourself, you're like, Wait, how am I gonna know is it at age three, or age four, or whatever. The best thing, I mean, it's a whole methodology, really. But if you really, really, really sit with it, anybody can do this. And so basically, pick one topic that you're struggling with right now, not tense, the biggest one the most important one. And as you start to quiet down, do a meditation, I like the meditation, of course, that I created connecting to source because it just really aligned you. And this perfect vibration, and this alignment, your brain channels are perfectly aligned. And so you go into that state, and you go into your heart. And as you say, I am struggling with this problem, you know, I don't know why I'm still stuck in relationships. So you're gonna feel things, all you do is reverse that feeling. Every time you feel, for example, I feel sadness, that I'm still where I'm at, you know, and I'm at my age, okay, I asked and intend to release my feeling of sadness, and the belief that I'm still where I'm at, at my age, and I can't get whatever. So I'm releasing it from myself, myself, if you're not sure where in the body just say every cell in the body, but sometimes you're gonna feel it, sometimes you're gonna feel it in the stomach, you're gonna feel on the shoulders, or you're gonna feel it. Sometimes it's in the brain. If you don't feel it, just say it. I'm asking to release this programming from every cell in my body, breathe in. As you exhale, you imagine those clusters coming out of you, you literally can start feeling these things, you know, you really have to concentrate, you start to feel something left to you. And then you focus again, what am I feeling now? I feel like nobody loves me, for example, whatever. You know, where do I feel it, I asked an intent to release the programming, the belief that nobody loves me from every cell in my body, breathe in, breathe out, expel, expel expel, if you do that, you will get to the root cause to the very first time people who are sensitive will actually see like a video, they will, all of a sudden, they'll see the mother kind of in their field, doing something saying something, it's going to trigger that memory of the very first time. And when you find the very first time you say, I asked to release this feeling of being not worthy, at the age of three, from every cell in my body, my conscious subconscious cellular memory you breathe in, exhale it. Same thing, purge, you basically now have undone this entire programming. I mean, of course, I'm summarizing now, of course. But it's just in general, this is how you kind of reprogram yourself.

Alex Ferrari 38:26
Well, that's fascinating. Thank you so much for that, that little peek into the process, and hopefully that can help somebody. But I've seen some I've seen stuff with people I've known that, it seems to me that you are building your own reality, you are building everything that your mind is literally constructing what's in front of you, and what happens to you. So I watched it from a distance, we're friends who just I hate where I'm at in life. I don't like my job, and they just it just keeps piling on to them and piling onto them and piling on to them. And they see them struggle and then they get into a car accident. And then like I got now I gotta I lose my insurance. And now I can't get to my job and my lose my job and Oh, my my girlfriend left me and, and it just keeps piling and piling and piling and piling on. And it happened to me early in my life, too. I had a moment in time where I reached bottom, it was almost going bankrupt. It was his bottom as I have gotten rid of my life, to like kind of just said, I was so fascinating to when I will get to that place. I literally yelled out to God. And I wasn't particularly spiritual at that point. But I just said, Hey, I'm going to sign these papers of bankruptcy. And if you don't help me, I'm going to sign them because I have to help I have to protect myself. So I'm more than willing to work this off. But I need help. And the next day I got a phone call from my first boss in the business, where they said hey, there's an editor. They need up in this wherever. And I went up there, and I got the job and started to build out my credit against our to pay off my bills, and I got another job. So that was working two jobs where before I couldn't even, I couldn't even get arrested. But it was just a switch of that, that mindset. And it just, it just explained that opened up our business and, and when it just took off from there, and I've never seen, I've never looked back. And by the way, it hasn't been smooth sailing the entire time. But generally speaking, I was going in the right direction. A couple of walls, a couple of walls were thrown at me a couple of boulders along the way. But generally speaking, that was the moments and that's something I think we really need to tell people listening that you are creating the world around you. And I know it's hard to hear that when you're in, in the crap. When you're in the crap. It's like, you don't want to believe that this is changed your mind. Do what what Caroline just said and start to release a lot of these programs because you're there because of your programming. And I want to talk to Bruce, on the show. He's he was talking about like, this is the why rich, rich people stay rich, poor people stay poor. It is programming, subconscious programming. That's why what is the I don't even know the percentage. That's I think like 90% 85% of people win the lottery are either dead in jail or broke within five years. Yeah, that's pure programming of their situation. Isn't that amazing?

Caroline Cory 41:34
Yeah, absolutely. I love what you just said. But it's it's so true. It's exactly it. When you are in it, you have a tendency to say, Why is God doing this to me? If that's if that's the belief system? Or why is this happening to me? Like, I haven't done anything like, you know, I'm innocent. I'm innocent. Yeah. Like, why is this happening to me? And so it's very hard, though, when, especially if you have allowed things to pile up for so long, to kind of say, wait a minute, I did that to myself. So it's true, it is hard. But you know, think about like what you just said, the fact that you did it, then you could do it again. I mean, that's the good news, you know, and so so that's, that's kind of the idea. And before what you did what you said, you said God helped me or, you know,

Alex Ferrari 42:27
I just yelled that out, like God, if you don't help me, you don't get me a job. I'm gonna sign this papers. I don't want to, but I need to let's work it off. I'm willing to pay my debts. I put myself in this situation, but help me.

Caroline Cory 42:41
Exactly. So what you did you surrender to the idea that you you're controlling you, you're creating you, you know, what you're doing was all ego or whatever. And so when you said it's almost like you let go to the higher, you the higher Alex, you know, I mean, God, you know, in this sense, it's whoever knows the bigger story. I'm down here, I helped me out. And so that's what you did. And so that's why things shifted for you. It's this surrender, that your truth starts from your higher consciousness. Just allow it to guide you. If you allow yourself to listen, it will if the flow through the heart, not the thinking, not the processing through the heart, then your life will change, for sure.

Alex Ferrari 43:30
And to be and to be honest with you what happened again, with the show, I didn't want I was scared of doing the show. I didn't want to lose all that stuff I've done and, and my other shows, I'm like, you know, I didn't want to come out of the spiritual closet, if you will. And I had this same conversation. It was around the end of December of last year. And I said, Okay, God, I'm all in. I'm I surrender. That's a really, really key word to use here. I surrender. I'm in your hands. I'll do the work. But I'm going to I'm just going to end a second I said, it. Doors started opening starts on opening, I do more work. So I'm like, Okay, I'm on the train, I got to get it. I got to work. And it just started opening up doors, opening up doors to where we are today.

Caroline Cory 44:17
This is a fine line. And it's a very interesting topic, where you are basically surrendering your freewill to God's Will you know, but we have to be very careful. Because then in certain religions, certain belief systems, cultures anyway, it's almost like that turns into fate. And so we have, you know, where it's like, Well, God wants me to do this. God wants me to do that. And so that's why I said that's why it's important that I think the difference between you consciously saying, I know it's my well, but My freewill is to align with my higher prenatal contract, not just some person that tells me what to do, you know what I mean. And that's, and that's very empowering. Because it's almost like you're you're surrendering, you're trusting to yourself, your higher self, not something outside of you. And that's the difference. And I think that's what's beautiful about what you said,

Alex Ferrari 45:25
Well I think that, if you if I might use another analogy, I love analogies, because I'm a filmmaker. So I love the picture. If you're on a train, and you're an old, it's an old, like, you know, coal train, you have to keep piling the coal into the engine to make it go, where the train is going is being guided by a higher place. But if you don't get up and put the coal in the engine, the engine doesn't go, that higher that higher place or that higher, the higher self guide you it doesn't push you, it guide you, you still have to do the work. In other words, you can't wait sitting at home watching Netflix, eating pizza and expect to be discovered, as a singer, or discovered as a writer or discovered as a scientist, or no, no, you've got to do the work. But you have to trust that where you are heading is being guided by a higher, higher place. And that could be in that would be your Higher Self Aligning with that prenatal contract that you call it or life contract, whatever you'd like to call it.

Caroline Cory 46:25
Yeah, I love that. And it's also not just you have to do the work you have. To me the work is doing the asking the intention, that's not so much the work like making phone calls, and you know, and also how you do the work. So, you know, again, aligning with always, every morning, it's so easy. Set your intention in the beginning of the day. That's what I do every single day. I mean, I've been doing this, for my whole life, people will say, Well, why do you have to keep saying that? Why do you have to keep protecting yourself? Where are because you're in a physical world and you're in constant interaction with the physical world, you have to keep resetting re, you know, so at the beginning of each day, set your intention, my intention is to remain on my higher path to fulfill this higher purpose. And so everything that comes into my experience, I ask to attract those experiences, those resources, this information, to me, only those that are aligned with my higher path, letting go of everything else. This is so important. So so important. So that, then I go about my day, I know that the response I have for whatever email is the right one, and those that fell away, aren't you see? So that's why I how we do the work also is very important. I'm not going to call this guy just because he's somebody at his studio or whatever. I'm not going to go out with this guy just because he can get me a role in the film. I'm not going to you see what I mean? It's not just doing doing doing it's how I'm doing. That's very, very important.

Alex Ferrari 48:16
That's a really great distinction. I'm glad you said that. Because you're right. People might take that the wrong way and go Well, okay, I'll do this or that and like, no, it's, it's how you do it as well. Now, you talked about, I've heard you talk about positive and negative negative energy imprints, which I found fascinating, especially in your film superhuman, that we all kind of, you know, I always love talking to telling people like, Have you ever met somebody? That when you're done, you feel like you got to take shower? Yeah. Like, you're like, I feel sleazy. Or you just run into somebody, I have somebody in my, in my extended family, that I, when I meet when i In the rare occasions, I see them every few years. I just can't. They've done nothing ever to me in my life, ever. But their energy is so toxic to me, that I just I can barely be around them. i It's like I can't, I can't even and again, they've never said a negative word to me. They've never done an action negatively to me. It just is a weird, weird thing. And you run into people like that. And then you're on the other side, you also run into people that like, oh my god, where have you been all my life? I completely connect with you. I feel like I've known you for a million years. And even if you don't have that relationship, you can feel positive energies like when I've spoken to spiritual masters on the show. You feel even through zoom, you feel something you feel like the presence and I have been in presence of, of people like that in real life and you just like there's something about them. There's some energy about them. So can you talk a little bit about energy imprint and the power that it has over us?

Caroline Cory 49:56
Yeah, exactly what we were saying earlier when you have you emit these thoughts, these aren't invisible things, these are frequencies, they're actually energy clusters that stay in your body and stay in your energy. So if you are somebody who's you know, who has who has accumulated belief system and thought clusters, you are literally carrying all of this information in your body and in your energy. So it's all I'm not good enough, it's about competition. It's about control, or what have you, or I'm a damaged person, or I hate myself, you see. And so when you come in contact with this person, even though they could be saying, Oh, I missed you, I love you, but you can feel because you also have an energy. And so the two energies are interacting spontaneously, because that's what energy does. So you are sensing the true energy behind what they're saying. And because that energy, again, it's about frequency, you know, you're supposed to be vibrating at 734, Hertz and up. And all of this information that they're bringing to you is around 100 150. So it's almost like you're bringing, it's bringing you down to that level. And you're like, Oh, my God, I'm exhausted, I just feel awful. Because of that, you know,

Alex Ferrari 51:20
Is that the reason why historically, when you hear stories of these Yogi's who are at an ashram somewhere in India, and their followers, like, if you walk within 30 feet of them, you have this blissful feeling that you're like, I don't want to ever lead, they're literally feeding off of their positive energies of what they're able to do. I mean, and this is documented for 1000s of years from different Yogi's and spiritual masters is that basically the opposite end of that,

Caroline Cory 51:50
Exactly in what you're saying, also, it's also even you can sense it through zoom. So it's non local, you don't have to be walking within 10 feet of that person, if you allow yourself to sense because it's not local, there is no such thing as time space, when you talk about consciousness, because it's, again, it's the fundamental substance, it's everywhere, and it's connecting us all. So if you are open to the conversation with me, then you're open, you're open to my energy altogether. And you can sense it in your field. In fact, that's how I do these healing sessions. I mean, I have recorded sessions from like, 10 years ago, and people do it now. And they get the same, you know, the same whatever experience, how does that work, even though I poured my imprint, my energy in that session 10 years ago, but when you come across it 10 years later, it's not about the words, it's about the energy, the consciousness behind the words that are imprinted there.

Alex Ferrari 52:59
That's so amazing. That's it mind boggling.

Caroline Cory 53:02
And it's so it's so so important to live in that level of awareness. It's actually very simple. I mean, you go, you don't even have to meet a person that brings you down, you go into a store, I mean, go into Best Buy with all the or, you know, go into, I mean, not to I'm not saying it's a bad stuff, material, you're talking about stuff all over the place electronics. And same thing with cities. Hello, we're talking about, you know, certain cities, certain areas, you know, you go in, you are a basically a radio broadcaster and a receiver. So you are receiving spontaneously all these clusters of in from all this energy that's pouring into your energy, and it's all frequency, it's bringing you down, it's latching on to you. And then you go home, and you feel horrible. So think about that. So I do what I call energetic. Oh, my God. Like to flush out all the energy that you've accumulated on that day, whether you know it's there or not, just do it. So you can think about, you can visualize a bright white light that's kind of pure like a shower, you're taking a shower, but it's energetic. This pure white light has the ability to flush out anything that you've accumulated on that day, that it has a very low vibration that's not aligned with you. And you just bring it through your body very, very slowly from the head, into your brain, into your throat into your arms, you know, and you imagine you're flushing out all that stuff out through your feet, and it's gone. If you did that five minutes, just five minutes at the end of the day before you go to sleep. And then you do it in the morning to prepare to bring that shield Things that you want to emit to the world. Simple, simple, simple things that can do a lot,

Alex Ferrari 55:08
I don't know if you've ever been to Hawaii. But I just remember getting off the plane in Maui. And being hit by this wall of relaxation. I remember just like, oh, you can't I was coming from LA. And you're like, you just can't, you can't move fast like it was, at least on Maui. I'm not sure about Honolulu. But in Maui, you just felt like this wall of relaxation. And then you go over to New York, and you that you go to Manhattan. And you're just like, who and you're like literally being lifted off the ground by the energy. Like, I remember waking up and going 630 to go get some coffee, and it looked like it was noon, like everybody was out the cars roll running. It was just, it literally is a city that never sleeps. It's always moving, that energy was there, and you can literally feel it. So places have energies, as well. And it's, it's fascinating. That's why when you get to someplace like Maui, that's where you relax, or the Caribbean or one of these places. That's just everybody else who lives there. It's just chilled.

Caroline Cory 56:10
Yeah, I feel that in Palm Springs, like when I get there, I just want to like slow down and do nothing. So but yeah, I mean, we're talking about this, because this is our daily life. And it is so important. This is a way for you to remember that you are emitting and you are receiving in your being all of this energy, this external energy, and it's changing you. So that's why just like you brush your teeth every day, just like you take a shower every day, you you know, it's an energetic cleanse, five minutes for you to reset Wait a minute, what, why is why am I off? What am I feeling? Okay, you don't have to do a whole session just by you thinking about it, intending for it to happen to flush out whatever it is, you go back to this zero point, and then you start your day.

Alex Ferrari 57:07
So there was another thing that you did in your, in your movie superhuman, which I'm fascinated with. And there's so much science behind this, that it's scary, remote viewing the power of remote viewing, can you just tell the audience what remote viewing is and then we're gonna get slightly into the weeds of what and the science behind it and government agencies and all the things that we're doing is doing and still doing to this day.

Caroline Cory 57:34
So remote viewing is the ability to see at a distance to pick up information at a distance. So I can see, let's say what you're doing in a in your home, even though I'm not there, for example, sounds scary, but it's possible. And so what happened is that in the 80s, you know, we're still in a Cold War. The, the Russians were experimenting with that. And they started to have some success. So they were training soldiers to basically spy on us on the United States. And of course, we found out about it. And we said, Wait a minute, wait a minute, we should be doing that. Not just the Russian. So there was a whole program actually in the government that was created called the Stargate program, basically, to train soldiers to spy on the Russians. And they actually were successful a lot of the time, they would basically, of course, it was for military purposes, so that, you know, to find out where the military bases were, or the you know, and so, but sometimes it was to pick up real. I mean, intelligence, like information when they were going to plan something or do something. And that information was brought to some of the leaders to Congress and to even Jimmy Carter at the time, because that was in the 80s. And they actually, it affected policymaking because of the accuracy of those predictions. So there's definitely something real about it. And so and I know I'm one of them, many people who can do that. So it's not about spying on people. It's about picking up the information that is useful to you, by the way, you can also shield yourself. So if you don't want anybody just spy on you, but so this isn't about spying on your boyfriend to see if he's faithful, you know. And speaking of that, you know, speaking again, on purposeful to be purposeful, you know, if you have set your intention to be here to for the highest good and to be on higher purpose. You're not even going to be able to pick up information on silly things like that. You know what I mean? It would be you could use it, for example, I am planning a trip, you know, I'm planning a trip, is it going to be safe for me? Or is it going to be fun for me? You know not because I mean, I've gone to my Wii sometimes. And it wasn't such a great trip. And I've gone other times when it was an amazing trip. So what is the difference? It's the same location, it's energy. It's the timing. It's the circumstances, there's all kinds of things that could happen, that could interfere with your experience. So you can use these types of abilities, to, to kind of sense what it's going what your experience is going to be like, for example, working with someone signing a new contract with someone. So I mean, very, very valuable tools.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:49
And I've heard of people doing remote viewing not only presently, but also in the past, to the past and to the future. Some there's been remote viewing, to find archaeological sites that no one could find, even in Egypt data scientist on who worked with remote viewing, I think, is less than shorts. And he, he went to the Egyptian archaeology society and said, we're going to do this that like you're crazy, and like well test us. And they went to the middle of the desert, somewhere within two feet, found something that they'd been looking for forever. And they're like, whatever you need, sir. You can have it. And they so finding, going there and going into the past and see what happens, but also going into the future. What's your experience with that?

Caroline Cory 1:01:34
Yeah, so again, we're talking about consciousness, which is non local. And so there is no time there is no time space, there is no forward and back, it's just, it just is. And so what happens is that you can also go to different places, you can go to the moon remote view, the moon, for example. But in terms of time, you can go back to an experience that already happened. But in terms of the future, it depends on the the how much the momentum has been accumulated about a particular event. So for example, let's say if I if I want to look at one thing, let's say, am I going to get married and have kids, for example? I mean, sounds silly, but even on a bigger picture, is that going to happen? So I mean, it depends on where I am, if I'm 14 years old, right now, or 17, or something, I may not see anything. Because technically, technically, I'm supposed to meet the person or whatever, what latent in my life, for example. So my point being, I haven't accumulated enough momentum, to see the final outcome, that clearly I will see a probability a possibility, but I will also because speaking of going off the path, there are so many positive ways that you would go off the path before that one thing would happen, you see. So that's the reason why you may not have an accurate prediction, when when it's not enough momentum. But if I'm almost, you know, three years before, I'm supposed to meet the person, or whatever, I have already accumulated, I'm already on the path that supposed to lead me there, there's very little probability that I'm going to change course at this point. So then I will be able to see very accurately that prediction.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:41
So that makes perfect sense. So in other words, like, if there's a, you know, a terrorist attack, or a World War or something like that, the most things have been put in motion that it is likely that this is going to happen, because there's so much that happened, if we're in a world event, let's say like a World War Two, there was too many, too many things moving that that was it's gonna happen. Someone could kind of say that. So this is gonna be a tough question. I'm gonna ask you here, because as we're talking, it's interesting. You're saying that consciousness is not local. So you know, quote, unquote, 50 years down the line, there's already probabilities of what's going to happen. 50 years down the line. 100 years down the line. Which area but yeah, generally speaking. So are we right now on the needle in the record of consciousness, meaning that this is the needle? This is what's recording, or playing back at this moment? Is there a needle ahead of us? I mean, I know there was a needle behind us, but again, now we're going into past the future. But is this the needle? Or are we going to get into the multiverse?

Caroline Cory 1:04:52
Yeah. But yeah, are you talking about are we going to make it or not?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:56
Well, no, that I we have that that but I'm just saying like, is this Is this the needle on the record? So are we the needle the record? Is there another needle in front of us? Meaning that, is there another reality in front of us playing ahead? Or are we the ones who are like, this is the this is this is the show, the show is here. And there's probabilities of the rest of the show. And the shows already that's gone behind us. So the song that's, there's songs that play behind us, there's probable songs, they're gonna play ahead of us, but on the neck, but we are the record needle on the record. Does that make sense?

Caroline Cory 1:05:28
Yeah. Or maybe timeline, if you will?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:32
I'm using a record.

Caroline Cory 1:05:35
Yeah. Okay. So I think there's not just one needle or one timeline, but there's multiple timelines, multiverse. Yeah, multi multi multiple timeline happening at the same time. However, there are two main ones, one that is leading the earth to Prosperi. You know, of course, we can't see it right now. Because you can look around. So just turn on the news. And so but that path, and that trajectory has already been set. And we actually, believe it or not, we already made the term, we made the turn in that direction. However, there are other potential trajectories that are also in parallel, that are also coexisting, but they have a different speaking of momentum, they have a different momentum, some of it is not strong enough to to manifest, you know, and others are a little bit stronger. So so the idea is, on which timeline, are you? This is where this is the juncture where we are right now. So I feel we've already made the turn. It's and we're not you know, how you remember, like the whole 2012 thing where, you know, are we going to make it we're not going to make the end those

Alex Ferrari 1:06:55
2000 It was 2000 1st, y2k. 2012. And then 2016, I think was another one. And,

Caroline Cory 1:07:01
Yeah, yeah, so we have all right, we already passed that we've already made the choice. Actually, quite recently, I want to say, probably from two from 2020. That was the turn for me. And so so I feel this is my personal opinion, that this new trajectory towards prosperity, I mean, basically, surviving all of this is the strongest, we can't see it right now. We can't see it, because it's, we just made the turn here, like you, you're in the turn. So you can't really see the end of the new road, if you will. Whereas the others, I feel one of them, which is the self destructive. One, to me is the weakest, even though the outer reality you think that's it for self destructing, you know, between, you know, global warming, and look at the crime and hate and this and that it's horrible. That's probably what's happening, I don't believe that we are on the outside. That's how it looks. And then there's another trajectory that's kind of like, somewhere in between, where, basically, this is the moving off planet, it doesn't mean that the planet self destructs, but it kind of continues in both places. And so that's another momentum that's also being created. So I don't know if that was, was that your question

Alex Ferrari 1:08:27
Again, not easy questions here on the show. Like yourself, I love it. I love it. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Caroline Cory 1:08:41
Being who you really are.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:44
What is your definition of, of God?

Caroline Cory 1:08:48
Being who you really are.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:50
That's the definition of God. Okay?

Caroline Cory 1:08:53
And when I say who you really are not just like being yourself and social setting, I'm talking, being your true, true, original divine essence.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:05
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Caroline Cory 1:09:09
Being who you really are

Alex Ferrari 1:09:11
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing and watch your films?

Caroline Cory 1:09:16
So for consciousness work, just go to CarolineCory.com for the film that we've been talking about superhuman go to superhumanfilm.com and for other films, you know, my latest film is also very fascinating, I think is it atearinthesky.com It's this topic is slightly different, but bring science and of course, though, just as a quick mention on the side, we think we found a wormhole. We recorded a wormhole so just as an FYI, it's

Alex Ferrari 1:09:51
I mean, it's this. This is why I started the show is to have conversations like this about really deep and fascinating conversation conversations about every aspect of React. ality of spirituality of who we are why we're here. These are large, large, massive questions that could we could talk about forever but I really appreciate you coming on the show. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful conversation hopefully, it has helped a few people listening today so I appreciate you my dear.

Caroline Cory 1:10:17
Thanks so much for having me. And you know, I so appreciate you asking these questions because these are the questions we should be asking. We should be talking about this at this level. So I'm so so so grateful to you. Thank you so much and you also please keep up this work.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:35
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