They DON’T Want You To Know THIS! Unlock the Secret of REPROGRAMMING Yourself with Bruce Lipton

In the grand symphony of life, there are moments that bring us to the edge of our understanding, revealing truths that are as profound as they are transformative. On today’s episode, we welcome Bruce Lipton, a visionary in the field of epigenetics and the science of belief, whose work bridges the gap between science and spirituality, offering insights into the power of our thoughts and the nature of our reality.

Bruce Lipton began his journey as a cell biologist, deeply immersed in the study of cells and genetics. His groundbreaking research revealed that our genes are not the ultimate determinants of our destiny, as once believed. Instead, the environment and, crucially, our perception of the environment, play a pivotal role in shaping our genetic activity. This revelation marked the beginning of a paradigm shift in our understanding of biology and the power of the mind.

In his own words, Bruce explains, “The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.” This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the essence of his work. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions directly influence our physical reality, affecting everything from our health to our overall life experience. This understanding empowers us to take control of our lives in ways previously thought impossible.


  1. The Power of Belief: One of Bruce’s most significant contributions is the understanding of the placebo effect. He explains how positive beliefs can trigger healing and beneficial changes in our bodies, while negative beliefs, known as the nocebo effect, can cause harm. This highlights the critical importance of maintaining a positive mindset and the profound impact our beliefs have on our physical and mental well-being.
  2. Consciousness and Creation: Bruce emphasizes that our consciousness is a powerful creator of our reality. By becoming aware of our subconscious programming and actively reprogramming our minds with positive, empowering beliefs, we can transform our lives. This process involves understanding that much of our behavior is driven by subconscious programs learned in early childhood, and changing these programs can lead to profound personal transformation.
  3. Stress and Health: Bruce sheds light on the detrimental effects of chronic stress on our bodies. Stress hormones shut down non-essential functions, including the immune system, to prepare the body for fight or flight. In today’s world, chronic stress is pervasive, leading to a host of health issues. Learning to manage stress through practices like meditation, mindfulness, and positive thinking is essential for maintaining health and well-being.

Bruce’s insights into the nature of consciousness and the power of the mind have profound implications for how we live our lives. He describes how our brains, much like computers, are programmed in the first seven years of life, creating subconscious beliefs that guide our behavior. These programs can either empower or limit us, depending on their nature. The good news is that we have the ability to rewrite these programs through techniques like self-hypnosis, repetition, and energy psychology.

One of the most compelling aspects of Bruce’s work is his exploration of the “honeymoon effect,” a state of bliss and profound connection experienced at the beginning of a romantic relationship. He explains that during this time, individuals are fully present, not operating from subconscious programs but from their conscious desires and intentions. This state can be maintained by continuing to live consciously and fostering positive beliefs, leading to a sustained experience of joy and fulfillment.

Bruce also addresses the concept of epigenetics, the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. His research shows that environmental signals and our perceptions of these signals can activate or deactivate genes, profoundly influencing our health and development. This understanding moves us away from the deterministic view of genetics and towards a more dynamic and interactive understanding of biology.

In conclusion, the conversation with Bruce offers a revolutionary perspective on the power of our minds and the potential for personal transformation. His work encourages us to take responsibility for our beliefs and perceptions, recognizing their profound impact on our lives. By aligning our thoughts with our highest aspirations and managing stress effectively, we can create a life of health, happiness, and fulfillment. Bruce’s insights remind us that we are not victims of our biology but masters of our destiny.

Please enjoy my conversation with Bruce Lipton.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 160

Bruce Lipton 0:00
Okay, so when you're in stress, the first thing you do is you shut off the maintenance of the body because the energy is needed for running. The other thing stress does right now that's most important is it shuts down the immune system. Why?

Alex Ferrari 0:25
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I'd like to welcome to the show Bruce Lipton. How are you doing Bruce?

Bruce Lipton 1:02
I am a happy guy, Alex, and I'm so happy to be with you. But more so with our audience because we know, hey, there's a lot of chaos going on out there in the world. And what we need is that empowerment to thrive into the future not survive, thrive. And so thank you for giving me an opportunity to be here with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:20
Absolutely, my friend. And listen, I was telling you before we got recording, I've been such a fan of your work for so many years, he was instrumental in the way I look at my own life and look at the way I talked to other people and I was telling you is like I've been reciting your your quotes, your your thoughts are out of your books for years. And I just it's just became so part of my vernacular, that only by doing research in this, this for this interview, I go, Oh my god, that was Bruce. Oh, God. Oh, my God, I owe so much the purpose is just to talking everything.

Bruce Lipton 1:53
And thank you, thank you. But Bruce is a student, I downloaded this from the university, you know, the universe showed me I had cells cells were my teacher. And, boy, they taught me something. And I'm so glad to be here with that knowledge. Because as you know, and using that same knowledge, we can create a completely different life experience on this planet,

Alex Ferrari 2:15
Without question. So let's get to the very first beginnings of your work is the basic concept of the first seven years of life and the programming that we go through. Can you kind of go over that whole concept like The Matrix is not it is not a film, it's a documentary kind of concepts.

Bruce Lipton 2:35
For sure, because this is where the crux of the problem comes, I could go talk about the cells. But we can start at this, what we'll get, we'll get to the really important level for the simple reason. The brain is an information processor. It's the most powerful computer that humans have ever experienced. And I go significance is still a computer I go so why I say, Look, when you buy a brand new computer, you can go on home, push the start button, it boots up, and I say well do something and then you go well, no, I can't really do anything. First I have to put programs into the computer, then I can access to computer I go is exactly the same with the brain. It boots up in the last trimester of pregnancy before you're born the screens on. But until you download programs, you can't use a computer. So nature designed the first seven years of our lives. last trimester pregnancy, first seven years of our lives. Our brain is not functioning at the level that we're talking about right now conscious level working consciousness, our brain was actually not even in the consciousness level until around age seven as a predominant state. I said, well, then we're arisen. I said, Well, it's a little lower vibration. Vibration. I mean, if you put wires on a person's head, you can read the electrical electrical activity of the brain. For the first seven years, we're at a vibration even lower than consciousness called theta. Theta is imagination. This is why kids under seven can mix the real world and the imaginary world you know that right? A broom, it's a horse, they have a tea party, they pour nothing into the cup, drink nothing and then say the greatest tea in the world and I say, ah, imagination theta. But theta is hypnosis. I go well, significance I say, after the screen boots up in the last trimester of pregnancy, you need to put programs on how to use this machine. And it actually programming starts before you're born, because your mother is feeding the fetus with her blood nutrition. And that's all we used to say in the old days. So how do you become a good mother? Well, you eat well take vitamin supplements and exercise and your blood is good for nutrition, because we used to think the biology was controlled by genes. So all the mother had to do is just feed the baby and the jeans made the program like completely wrong. And now we know that blood has more than just Nutrition has information, her emotions, her feelings. her hormones, and how she's experiencing life. They go with the blood into the fetus and affect the same targets in the fetus as in the mother. So, if the mother is not feeling secure, the fetus is not feeling secure. If the mother's happy, the fetus is happy. So that's when start, the programming starts. But for the first seven years, when we're in theta, theta is hypnosis, I say so significantly, nature said, Look, how many rules does it take to be a member of a family? I, how many rules does it take to be a member of a community, I go 1000s of rules. I go, you can't put those in the genes. Anyway, those things change, you can be in one culture with these rules. And these cultures got different rules. So the idea is how do you learn the rules for where you are? And the answer is first seven years, you're in theta, imagination, but hypnosis, I say significance. This is how we download behavior to get ourselves off the ground. This is the first programs that go into the computer. So we can use a computer I say, Well, what do you do I say you observe your mother, your father, your siblings, you observe your community. And in the state of theta, the brain is like a video recorder. It downloads behavior, it's downloading other people's behavior. And so that hopefully, their behavior is in harmony with the world. So now your behavior should be in harmony with the world, okay? After age seven, then like in a computer, you get the type on the keys with consciousness, you can add what you want to the computer. So consciousness is the creative part of our mind. The subconscious is a hard drive. That's where the programs are. And I go, Well, this is very significant, because programs are habits. So I'm gonna say it's a habit mine. We learned how to walk before we were to and no matter what age it could be 102, you're still walking. That's the same program you copy for you were to it's a habit built in. habits don't want to change, which we'll come back to in a little bit. But so you get the habits of what how to be a member of family how to be a member of a community, of course, then your teachers are those other people. And if their life isn't that great, then guess what, you just download a bad program yourself. Because the first seven years is programming point. As you mentioned, the matrix is a documentary because the premises everybody has been programmed, I go well, that's not a premise. That's a scientific reality, everybody's program for seven years. And the programs come from other people. So now I say, Well, wait, there's two functions to the to the mind. Everyone says the mind, no, no, no. Two minds. And they're very different minds. They have different functions. And more importantly, they learn in different ways. So I said, What are the two minds I say the conscious mind is a latest evolution, right behind your forehead. Go. function to the conscious mind connects you to source? Who are you, you are different in your conscious mind, no two conscious minds are the same people, they're different vibrations, different energy. So the conscious mind is me, my source, my spirit actually comes into this place. And I go, so the conscious mind, function is creativity. And that's where humans differ than all lower organisms. We can be you know, have a state of imagination. Well, if you can imagine something, then you can manifest something if you can imagine it. So creative mind is really cool gives us that, that advantage to create the life that we're in the conscious mind. And the subconscious mind, well, that's just where the programs are. And the programs as any habits are, you push the button, the program replays itself, you will learn how to walk before to your 100 to just decide to walk and you'll play the program. So habit, so conscious minds, creative, subconscious, mind, habit, mine, okay. And I go so what I said, Well, when you're in your conscious mind, you're exercising creativity, wishes and desires come from that. Aleksei tell me what you what do you want from your life? If you offer me what you want, I say I know where it's coming from the creative, conscious mind because that's imagination is what I want. Okay? So creativity from that mind. And as long as you're operating from that mind, and you become very creative, but here's the monkey wrench and the world goes upside down is this. The conscious mind is not first imagined. The body is a vehicle, no steering wheel. And the conscious mind is driving looking out the windshield driving us where wishes and desires. That's the destination. I go. And here's the monkey wrench. The conscious mind can not only look out the window, the conscious mind can think I go so what does that mean? I said, Well, now thinking is not looking out. Thinking is looking in a thought is on the inside. You know, Alex, today's recording, we're on a Wednesday and I say yeah, but tell me Alex, what you're doing on Saturday and it's not written right in front of you. In a minute or so you'll think, Oh, I'm doing this like a where'd you get that? Inside? I said well, then your attention from your conscious mind was not looking out and More attention is looking in for a thought. So I said, Well, if your vehicle is being driven by your conscious mind and you start thinking and then the conscious mind is not looking out the window anymore, what the hell is gonna happen? Now I say, whatever function you're not paying attention to. The subconscious generally has a program like how to drive the car, that's a program, that's a habit, you learn how to do it. So the moment my conscious mind starts thinking, and I'm driving, the subconscious is autopilot. It steps in, it's a million times more powerful a computer than the conscious mind itself. So it's the one that really can handle the car better than the conscious mind. So here's the point. When I'm paying attention to the world, I'm moving toward wishes and desires. When I'm thinking, my subconscious takes over and becomes autopilot. Now the issue, how much time do we spend thinking I go, Wow, 95% of the day, is the average amount of time thinking I said, so what does that translate into? It says, Well, that means 5% of the day, you're using your conscious creative mind to manifest wishes and desires. 95% of the day, you default to the subconscious, while the conscious mind is thinking, and the subconscious is playing programs 95% of the day, but guess what? These programs, aren't you? They're your parents, your family community, that's where you got those programs. And I go, What if they don't answer your wishes and desires? I said, well, then if you keep playing those programs, you'll never get your wishes and desires, because 95% of the day and the subconscious is a million times more powerful a computer than the conscious mind. So 95% of the day with a million times more powerful computer. It's the subconscious such controlling your life.

Alex Ferrari 11:45
So yeah, but let me ask you this, though. And this is something I think I heard from you as well is that the subconscious mind does not care about your dreams, or aspirations. It is not built to do that it is built to keep you alive is keep the to, to watch around the the tiger around the corner to drive like and how many people have how many people listening, have been driving a car, and you just start thinking about something and all of a sudden you just go, Oh, how did I get here? And you just been driving for 15 minutes, and it did turns and parked? And you're like, how did I get here? I was thinking about problems are that that

Bruce Lipton 12:19
Alex is the crux of the entire problem? Because you just said, Look, I've been just driving 15 minutes, I was thinking about all these things. I said, Oh, you were thinking oh, so I said then your attention wasn't looking out the window was looking inside. Then I say, what were you thinking about? Oh, I was thinking about doing this? And this and this? I go great. And and then I asked this question, well, what's on the road? For that last 15 minutes? You go? No, I have no idea why I wasn't looking out the window. So then here comes the then that problem that I talked about, and that is this? Well, if I'm spending my time thinking or focusing on something completely different. And the subconscious steps in and runs the show, do I see the behavior? I say no, you're not even paying attention. I look out the window, you're playing a program. It's a tape, boom, boom, boom tape. And that's my age. It's a program, and you're playing this program, but you're the only one that doesn't see it. So same story. 50 years, you have a friend, you know your friends behavior very well. And you know, your friends, parent. And one day you see your friend has the same behavior as their parents, so you gotta You got it. Well, hey, well, you're just like your dad. And I said back away from Bill. Because bill, the first thing Bill's gonna say, I already know it. He's gonna say, How can you compare me to my done? I'm nothing like my dad. And the audience laughs why they've been experiencing this. And I say that is the problem. I said, What is it? Bill? Behavior is program fundamentally by observing his dad. So subconscious is that program. When Bill is thinking, He's not looking out the window. But he's playing the program. I said, what program? His dad's program? Does Bill see it? No, why not? Bill's not looking out the window, hills ranking, whatever is playing is playing without observation. And so the idea is, well, if you're playing behavior without observation, and that ops, that behavior is not good. Then you are manifesting a life you don't want I go on, you go. Because we've been we live off of these programs 95% of the day. And a big issue is of course, that's one of my programs. Oh, you got these programs even before you were born. You were getting programs before you were born. You got to approach that whole year from zero to one. You were being programmed from communities you get when you were 00. No, okay. Okay, it was programmed for another whole year from one to two. What programs you get when we were two? I don't know. Okay, another whole you had from three to four, or two to three. And I say, Well, maybe around three, you might remember something. Okay? But up until then no memory, I say, Yeah, but that was all program. So then comes the big issue. What are my programs? I go, why? Well, I don't know what they are they were downloaded before I was aware. And I go, Oh, here's the answer. Your life 95% is coming from the program. Your life is a printout of your programs. You're just looking at your life and recognize simple fact the things that you like that come into your life. They come in, because we are programmed to acknowledge those things. But the things you wish desire want in your life, and you work hard to make them happen. You struggled, you sweat over it, and put in a lot of effort, and I'm gonna make this happen. Why working so hard? And the answer is whatever that destination is, if your program doesn't support it, and you're trying to use your conscious creative mind to override the program, I say, Yeah, by conscious minds, 5% programs 95% I go, it's not gonna work well at all.

Alex Ferrari 16:11
So that's why poor people stay poor, and rich people stay rich.

Bruce Lipton 16:15
Yep. That's why the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that was exactly what the whole point was. If you grew up with the programming of a rich family, you don't have to think programming is subconscious. Your thinking might be quite stupid. I mean, a former president of ours was a relatively rich person, but not very smart, and in his conscious mind, but his program was, how do I got how I got rich by what he downloaded that from his family? Okay. And if you're in a poor family, what did you download? Oh, life's a struggle. It's not I can't get there. Oh, my God, we work so hard.

Alex Ferrari 16:43
You gotta work hard for money. You know, you got to keep these. These programs are something that's really entrenched in so many of us. And I'll tell you a quick story, Bruce, when I was, I was in the film industry. I've been in the film industry for 30 years. And throughout my time in the film industry, I wanted to be a big time film director. And I worked as a commercial director and I worked and I made a living as a director, but never could actually get to the studio level. Even though I met big movie stars and big power players and did a lot of these meetings in Hollywood and did all this stuff. Something always blocked me and like, and then on top of that, to add insult to injury, I worked in post production, where I was editing and do a visual effects and color grading for other directors. And I'm like, these guys, I'm fixing their movies, I'm actually making their movies better, because they didn't know what they were doing. And I can't get a shot. Only recently, like maybe within the last eight years, I figured out that there was a programming issue that I found, when I was 26, I almost made a $20 million movie for the mafia. And during that time, I was in a year with this monster who verbally and abused me basically, for a year while I was meeting the biggest movie stars in the world, running around all that stuff. So on a subconscious level, I associated my dream with pain. And he just kept self sabotaging myself throughout my entire life. And so when I finally became conscious of that, it switched, and I was able to start doing what I wanted to do. It's amazing.

Bruce Lipton 18:20
Yeah, but it's not amazing. That's the reality that almost everybody out there in the world is experiencing right now. They're experiencing a life with I got great vision. I got great ideas. I got real great wishes I go that's conscious. But you're not manifesting them. I say why not? Because your subconscious program running 95% A day does not necessarily support anything that you want. And if that behavior sabotages you This is where the monkey wrench comes in. I say what I just sabotage my life that I see I did it and I say no, it was unconscious and visible. I said, then if I'm that person, I just sabotage my life. I look around I go those people, they did that. And these people, they interfered and they they interfere. And I say you didn't see you were the source of the whole thing in the first place. Because the programs were playing when you weren't paying attention. We're undermining you. And you're the only one like Bill that didn't see the program coming out. Because the reason you were playing the program, you weren't paying attention.

Alex Ferrari 19:20
So how can you change your subconscious mind this this operating system? How can we give some updates to this operating system? And we wire some of this hardwiring that's inside of us?

Bruce Lipton 19:32
You can't know that was a big joke. If you couldn't change it, this would be a really bastard of an interview. Or no no. As you know, you can change it. I say yeah. How can you change this? Remember I said Well, there are two minds conscious is creative wishes and desires subconscious hard drive with a program. I say, the conscious mind being creative can learn from anything read a self help Oh yeah, I know how to do that. I said, you read the book, I give you a quiz, you get 100. And you say, you know this stuff. And then I say, Well, now that you know this stuff, did your life change? And the answer is no. I go, why? The conscious mind learned from reading the book. That's how the subconscious mind learns. So are smart. Stay up here. I read the book, I knew the information. I understood how it worked, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, go. Yeah, that's the thinking mind that knows. But I go, does that translate into subconscious? I go, No, it doesn't, because that's how the subconscious mind learns. You want to change the subconscious and you have to put in the data the way the subconscious mind learns conscious mind creative can learn from anything, you could just go, Aha, I just changed my mind. I can do that. Okay. Subconscious Mind, habit, point of habit. It resists change. If a habit changes, and by diminishes I habit a more. So habits resist change. And yet we have these habits. And we want to change them. So how can do and I say, the only way you can change the habits is the way that the habits were learned in the first place? I go, what was that I said, first seven years, your brain was at a lower vibration than consciousness. It was called theta. Theta is hypnosis. And I go, Oh, so what do I do? I say, Well, you can't just say, Okay, I want to go into hypnosis. Hypnosis is part of a scale of low vibration going to high during the day. And then when you come home from work, the high vibration slows down and goes to sleep at the lowest vibration. So you go through a range of different vibrations as you're sleeping, awakening, calm, conscious, focus conscious, you're at work, focus conscious. And I go, then what you come home, you calm down, now it's calm, conscious. And then I say, What, then you fall asleep. I say the instant you fall asleep, the next vibration down is theta. I go, that's hypnosis. I go. Yeah. So I say that every night. The moment you fall asleep, the brain for a short period of time, is in hypnosis theta. So I say so what? Well, you're putting on earphones or earplugs, and you go to bed playing a program that you want to be true in your life. I say. So what I say you put it on just before you fall asleep. And while you're still awake, you probably hear some of the program. Okay? But the moment you fall asleep, conscious minds disconnect. It doesn't hear anything coming off of the program anymore. I say, but what does it say? Ah, the subconscious mind is in theta record. So whatever's coming through the earphones, is not going into conscious mind. But it's now being directly downloaded into the subconscious. So this is called self hypnosis. You have to repeat this process because the amount of time and theta is relatively short before before you hit the lowest vibration delta, which is sleep outright. Okay? So every night when you go to bed just after your consciousness falls asleep, there's a period of record opportunity. And then we put the earphones on play the programs called self hypnosis. That's hypnosis, you're doing it yourself. Okay. Number two, you still learn programs after age seven, you learn how to drive a car, you learn how to play an instrument, I go, Well, how would you do it that way? I go, repetition. Habituation is practicing something and repeating it and repeating it so many times, that the subconscious mind says okay, I got a pattern, I got the pattern. And that pattern then becomes the habit. Okay? So I say, Well, after age seven, you can put in new programs by habituating. A new behavior, practicing a new behavior. New Age, fake it till you make it. I know what the hell's that mean? I say, let's say you're not happy. You want to be happy. So I say then what you have to do is fake it all day long, as many times as you can say, because it's repetition. I am happy, you're gonna be a miserable son of a gun. I don't care. The point is, you say, I am happy. I am happy, repeat. I am happy. Just repeat it. That's all you have to say. So I am happy many times a day as possible. Repetition. One day you wake up, you don't have to say I'm happy because repetition is now created a habit. And you wake up happy. And that means program done. I'm finished. I don't have to do any more work than that. And there's a third way, which is new. It's called energy psychology. It's not conventional psychology where you go back and say my mom did this. And you're repeating the story and you're living the story and I go, you're replaying the same damn program that you got, I don't need to replay the program. I got the program. I don't read how I got it. Don't make any difference. I got the program. I am carrying that. So I say what does that mean? I say, I don't have to go backwards. I can say what is it from here that I want? I got while I'm here. things that I like have come in, I don't have to change that I've got great programming, those things come in. But the things I was looking for the things I wanted to have in my life, the things I desired wish for, well, this, you want to put that into the program? Okay? So I say, Well, how do you do that? I say, energy psychology is a new version of psychology that engaged with something called Super learning, super learning, what's that? I go, maybe cheating, somebody read a book by moving their finger down the page, just as fast as they move their finger down the page. They read everything about, you know, on the page on both pages, they could just read it. So the idea is this well, what if you can engage super learning and use that in downloading a new behavior, you're ready, you can change a belief you had your whole life 5060 years, you can change that in minutes. Because super learning is the equivalent of pushing the record button. On on the subconscious. Super learning allows you to download a new program in minutes. And we need that why? Because the behavior that the culture and civilization using today is so out of harmony with nature, that humans are causing their own extinction at this moment, it's called a mass extinction. NASA scientists have have already told us that industrial civilization, the one we're in, is facing and I want to emphasize this because it was in the title of their report. And I just said, we are facing and you reversible collapse of civilization in the next couple of decades. Well, we're seeing it right now. Civilization is not working. The chaos, it's all over the planet is a sign that it does not work this way. And if we don't change, then we're facing our own extinction. And then that means why your previous question was so important. Now it says, Well, if I want to change, I got to change that 95% of my behavior. I said, that's the subconscious. And I said, How do you do that? Well, we just went over the three, three ways of doing that, just to help people energy psychology, on my website, Bruce Under resources, I have 25 different modalities of energy psychology listed with a little descriptor and a access to a website to understand more. So if you're interested, then Bruce will give you an opportunity to review 25 different energy psychology modalities.

Alex Ferrari 27:32
Let me ask you, Kenny, could you talk about theta and doing the self study self hypnosis, which is it's not a new idea that thing's been that idea has been around the self hypnosis been around for a while? Can we do something like that in meditation? Because in meditation, from what I understand, you can get to theta without going into delta. But there are other vibra there are others zones as well. I'm not familiar, I think the the Buddhist monks go deeper and deeper and deeper into it. So can you explain is that a possibility?

Bruce Lipton 28:03
Yeah, certainly is just you don't have to fall asleep with this. Matter of fact, but you want to get tired. Because when you're getting tired, that means I'm letting go the act of process I'm letting go. And that's why I'm originally when hypnotherapy was coming out of the the hypnotherapist had a watch on a chain, and they would swing it back and forth. He says, you're getting tired, you're getting sleepy, and you're watching this thing. And that's what that was lowering your brain activity toward theta so that the hypnosis could take right there. So you don't have to fall asleep. But it's a process to do this. And, and it's so critical because it is one of the fastest ways of rewriting your life programs.

Alex Ferrari 28:46
Now, can you tell us what the honeymoon effect is?

Bruce Lipton 28:49
Yes. I am such a character. I'm living it for the last 28 years of what waking up every day going, man, heaven on earth. Yeah, the world is crazy. It's in chaos, not my world. No, I don't touch that. My my consciousness doesn't put me into that that realm because I don't have that program anymore. So I said, Well, what do you mean program and chaos I go. The movie The Matrix, which most people have seen, listed a science fiction is in fact a documentary. As you mentioned earlier, I go What do you mean? I said, well, the premise of the movie is everybody has been programmed. I go, that's not a premise. That's not reality. We all got programmed, there's no way you could be here, if you didn't get that program. And then in the movie, though, they said we can take the red pill, and you get out of the program. What does that mean if you get out of the program? Well, it turns out when people fall in love, that is the same as taking the red pill. I said, What do you mean? What is it that made that difference? I say, if you stop thinking and stay present, meaning you keep your mind in the present moment and not going there and start Thinking about the past or the future, you stay in the present moment. That means you stop thinking I go. So when I go, the only reason the programs that have played that have terrorized your life is because you were thinking. So if you stop thinking, then you stop playing the program. I go, Yeah, but if you're not playing the program than what's controlling, I said, the conscious mind, the subconscious, the program, you're not going to call it in, then you're going to be operating from the conscious mind, say, what's that? wishes and desires? I go. So what do you think happens? When you fall in love? I say, you and your partner are no longer thinking, you're only paying present. I say, so what? Well, then you're not creating life from those programs that have been creating a problem. Now you're creating life from wishes and desires. I said, What do you think two people do when they create wishes and desires? Honeymoon, I go, the honeymoon experience heaven on earth, I go, heaven on earth as always here. The issue is if you are not, if you are thinking and you are defaulting to subconscious programs, and you're not controlling this anymore, now the program is controlling it. And then you don't have heaven on earth because most of the programs are disempowering, self sabotaging and limiting. So I go, Well, if I stopped thinking, I don't play programs, then my life is wishes and desires. They go absolutely. Honeymoon. I couldn't do this. Because nearly 50 years remember, how do I get my basic programs, I watched my father, I go. So what I said, my father, mother had a very dysfunctional relationship. And I go, What did I download, just function in relationships. And for 40 plus years, my subconscious, I'd meet somebody and we get off of it right off in the beginning, like this is really great. But in a very short time, my subconscious would throw in these bad programs, and whoever was a partner at that moment would go, I'm not really interested in that. And although my relationships went to hell, but then when I started to understand this, I reprogrammed my subconscious, okay. And when I reprogram my subconscious, what was really relevant was, I reprogrammed it to, to be in love, to be happy to create joy, wishes desires. So guess what? Now my mind instead of having my father's program, which was dysfunctional, has the same program that my conscious mind has my wishes, and my desires are now part of the program. So here's the cool part. If I'm not thinking my conscious mind is creating life with wishes and desires. But now if I am thinking my subconscious mind is creating my life with what programs of wishes and desires, so all of a sudden, I never defaulted and left the honeymoon, it was always there. Because it was either I was doing it lifetime conscious, or defaulting to the subprime subconscious, which had the same programs in it. So I was 100% of the time creating wishes and desires. And now 28 years after I couldn't get a relationship for 50 years, the last 28 years, I wake up every day, I am still a honeymoon, it's a honeymoon, I live on this planet doesn't mean everything works. It just means that I am not affected by those things that don't work anymore, because I've changed my program. So I'm not responding to that.

Alex Ferrari 33:29
To you're in a bliss, you basically are doing what Joseph Campbell says you're following your bliss,

Bruce Lipton 33:33
100%. And guess what? That's a lot better track I'm on now than it was when I was doing the programs. And that's why I wrote the book, the honeymoon effect, the honeymoon effect. When you're in love, you stop playing the program. And I go, interesting. It doesn't have to be in love with a person I go. That's the other thing. No, it doesn't. It has to be in love with something or doing something that takes your attention. Like if you have a pet, you can be in love with your pet. Okay, give a lot of attention. When you're with your pet. You're not thinking I'm playing here, boy here, boy catch the ball. I'm playing lifetime no thinking. But I could also be a gardener. I could be a chef. I can be an artist, I say what doing things that use your mind in the current moment that don't depend on you thinking a lot is the same as a red pill, any of those things that keeps you from thinking is something that stops you from playing the programs.

Alex Ferrari 34:33
So that's it's kind of like the concept of the of being in flow as like an athlete or an artist. You're in that flow state where Time Stands Still you lose track of time, you're only focused on the thing that you're doing and artists and athletes are two very specific people that do the chef's as well like when they're in their work.

Bruce Lipton 34:53
Scientists do the same thing exactly. Just don't work in this plane, they think somewhere out here and then bring it back into Just like a musician or an artist does. So yeah, that is really important understanding is that when you're engaged in things that you enjoy so much, that you keep your attention on it right now, rather than doing it and thinking about something, I say, No, no, you're keeping your attention right on it. That means you are not thinking, which means then whatever is coming out of the system, it's coming from the creative, conscious mind, and not from any preset program.

Alex Ferrari 35:30
Now, there's another concept that you talk about, which is the placebo effect, and it's negative opposite than the SIBO effect and the power of that, and what it does to us. Can you talk a bit about that?

Bruce Lipton 35:42
Yeah, a lot of people say, you know, that, Oh, God, I did positive thinking doesn't work. I had a lot of positive thoughts, and nothing really manifested from that. And I go, Well, let's first just look at it mathematically. Oh, you had a positive thought I said, how much of the time I said, maximum 5% of the day, I go, Well, that's gonna be difficult to override the program running 95% of the day with a different outcome. So it's like, your positive thinking isn't gonna work. Why? Because you're too busy in your own thinking process. But I said, What about a placebo, I say, Ah, you gave the power of truth to your doctor in the first seven years of life when you got programming. Because when the first seven years, if you were in a conventional family, when you got sick, anybody got sick, they go to the doctor, and I said, Well, what is the pattern that is acquired from doing that? I say, when it comes to health, I don't know anything about the doctor knows about it. And I goes, then when I say then the doctor provides a truth because I can't. And then whatever the doctor's words, are, they become a program. Okay? So doctor says, Oh, look, this new pill came out. I know, you've been having this chronic issue for years. But this new pill greatest thing from the pharmaceutical industry, who are not your friends, greatest thing from them is this pill. It's kind of it's designed for just you, and you take the pill and you get better. Only to find out the pill was a sugar pill. And then the idea is a very important point. Well, then what the hell made you better? I say, not the pill, I was sugar pill. What made you better? Your belief in the pill, the positive thought that this is what I was going to make my life better. And you had that vision. You took the pill you You did what the step was, Okay, I'm ready for a better and then it worked. Okay. Well, that's positive thinking. And that's a scientific demonstration of it. 75 years ago, they they recognize this was 75 years, medicine is knowing that you can heal yourself with their thoughts, okay. And when I say them, why don't we teach this? And the answers, I have to tell you because I was a professor at a medical school. The curriculum in a medical school is significantly designed by the pharmaceutical industry, they no money in it. There is no money and energy, you can't put it in a capsule baby, so then don't teach it. And so medical students get what a litany of where you got this disease, this is the drug you got that disease, this is the drug. This is the drug that's the drug and one of the drug dealers. Do they know it? No, because they're being programmed that that's the answer. I got no, they don't realize that they're being programmed to sell the damn drug. And when it didn't work enough, then they put the damn ads on the TV and said, Well screw the Doctor, let's just sell the drug right to the patient. And I'm tired. This drug, we're top of the world, and you take this drug and everybody's happy.

Alex Ferrari 38:43
Till there's no leakage and possession of it. Then the other disclaimers, it might cause any leakage might cause death might cause mental stress.

Bruce Lipton 38:53
Every one of those things, they call them side effects. I want to tell you why they use that term. Because it disempowers if they said these are direct effects, which they are, there's a direct effect of taking the drug. If they said these are direct effects people might go, I'm not sure. And they go Oh, no side effects. I'm not I'm not on that side. I will not have the problem. Of course as well. Hey, it's a drug. Just a little insight. I think the number was like 37,000. So people die from illegal drugs in the United States every year. And we have a war on those drugs. I go wow. And then I have to tell you a fact of science. 300,000 people die from taking prescription drugs. What about a war? No, no, no, that's the cost of doing medicine. That's what they say. That's the cost of that's very expensive costs 300,000 People die for prescription drugs. Nobody talks about it.

Alex Ferrari 39:50
So So you were talking about the placebo. So how about the no SIBO effect?

Bruce Lipton 39:55
Well, that's it we focused on everybody's talking about give me positive thinking positive positive thinking I'd say Nobody talks about what is the consequence of negative thinking. And as you mentioned, the name negative thinking it comes under the title and medicine as no SIBO. That's a negative thought. And I go, Well, what about it? And here's the point people, positive thinking and negative thinking are equally powerful and controlling your life, they have equal power, while positive thinking can heal you from any disease. Negative thinking can cause any disease, you can even die just because you believe you're going to die. So I said, Oh, we never talked about negative thing. I think it should, because more than half of our thoughts every day are negative 7% or something like that. Yeah. So you're just repeating the negative thinking negative thing, I go, Well, that's not making you healthy. That's taking sec. And nobody talks about the negative part. And then they argue over the positive thinking, I go. science folks, consciousness is creating this I go, science, I go, Yeah, listen to this. Quantum physics is the most valid science on the planet. I say that on the basis that all the theoretical expectations of physics of quantum physics before they were tested, almost every one of them turned out to be absolutely accurate. So as far as accuracy, quantum physics has more insight into accuracy than any other, I go, relevance. Principle number one, quantum physics, consciousness is creating our life experience. And all of a sudden, I go, Well, this is what we've been talking about. For years. For years. So we're talking whether it's positive thinking or negative thing, I said, consciousness is creating this experience, and then I go, then recognize this. Why are you if you are the creator of these life experiences, then why aren't you creating heaven on earth every day? I go, because you're not using that consciousness. 95% a day, you're using the other consciousness the program? Well, that's the one that takes you away. So I go, Yep, we're creating this. We are creating it just like the story of Bill. You know, when he says, I'm, what do you mean, I'm like my father, because he can't see. He's the only one it can't see that behavior coming out. And the fact is, we're all built in this story. And the relevance about that, of course, is, then we're not living the life we want. We're living the life we got programmed to live. And I'm not the first guy to say this, Alex, I mean, the Jesuits, they have told their followers for 400 years the truth. And the fathers never really understood what they were saying, what did they say? They said, Give me a child until it is seven. And I will show you the man. I suppose. We've been saying it for four years, I go, Yeah, what did they know? If I can program the first seven years, the 95% of that person's life is going to be that program. So give me the challenges for seven years after that. Automatically that 95% of the life is going to come from that program I just gave them. And that's when Catholic school came in and says, Well, if we're going to program let's program with our program. Today, the programming is much more significant than the programming the Jesuits ever thought about. I mean, you got an infant that can hardly walk carrying an iPad, you're looking at program. That's a program, right? They're saying, Yeah, we're being programmed better now than even the judge was kind of imagined. And we're being programmed. And those programs take away our power. And therefore, we're not creating the life we want. We're creating the programs that were provided that disempower us.

Alex Ferrari 43:49
Without question. Now, the work that you did with cells, yeah, is the kind of basis of a lot of what we've been talking about. So can you talk about what you discovered with your stem cell research and your cell research in the laboratory? And then also how, how the the establishment reacted?

Bruce Lipton 44:10
Well, okay, I was teaching at the time students, the conventional curriculum, which was called genetic determinism, which is what the name says genes determine the character of your life. So we've talked about how genes turn on and off and control the character of your life. The significance is, as far as you know, you didn't pick the ginger came with. And you can't change them if you don't like the character. And the fact that oh, they turn on and off by themselves, I was programming people to believe that genes control their lives that they're victims of their heredity, cancers running in my family, I'm gonna get the cancer. You know, why the genes a little sidebar here? There's no gene that causes cancer, not one gene in the whole world. causes cancer genes are correlated with cancer. So what does that mean? I say they didn't initiate it. What initiated was a disharmony in the consciousness that created a disharmony in the physiology, which is then expressed as the cancer. Cancer cells are not the cause of the problem as a result of the problem. That's why when people use radiation and chemotherapy, and they want to kill the cancer cells, which are indistinguishable from what we call stem cells, which is the subject I haven't even talked about yet. Cancer treatments kill healthy cells as much as they kill the cancer cells, right? But the healthy cells are killing you the ones that keep you alive stem cells, so you can die. Any cancer treatment, even if you don't have the damn cancer. And the idea is, Well, geez, how's that affected person does have a cancer, I say they were already sick before this poison went into them. And I said it made it worse. Okay, let's go back. Okay, so the idea is that stem cells are in your body and I so what are stem cells? I said, Well, when you look in the mirror, see yourself as a single entity, there's handsome Alex looking in the mirror going, Yeah, I'm I'm analyst. I'm a single entity. I'm pretty cool and everything. And I say But Alex, that is a misperception. Because you're not a single entity. By absolute scientific definition. You are a community of 50 trillion cells. The cells are the living entity, you our community of cells. So your body's got 50 trillion cells inside. And I go, so when I said, Well, every minute you lose millions of cells, Oh, Jesus, well, how long can I live? If I'm losing millions of cells? Every minutes I sit with a very, very short lifespan, boom, you run out of cell phone. That's it. But no. Inside your 50 trillion cell community, there are cells that are called stem cells. I say, what is the stem cell? I go? Well, to be truthful, the moment before you were born. If I did a biopsy and showed you a slide and I said to see that cell, I said that's an embryonic cell. And you go, Yep, okay, I'm not born. That's an embryonic cell. I got it. I wait a minute, after you're born, do the same biopsy, see the very same cell? I go? What's that? I said, that's a stem cell. I thought it was embryonic. So I said it is. But the point is, now you're born can call an embryonic cell you're born. Now. It's called stem cell. Stem cells are embryonic cells, what's their function? Replace the hundreds of billions of cells that die by the end of the day? And if you are wondering, do I have stem cells? I can give you a very quick answer. If you are watching this program, stem cells, right? Because if you didn't, you wouldn't be alive. So we all have stem cells. And I go, so the important part about this is, I'm teaching students that genes control life, but I'm working with stem cells, I take one stem cell by itself, put it in a culture just by itself, it divided to retain hours, 10 hours, 12 hours. So he's got one south and I got two, then I got four, then I got 816 32. They double every 10 hours. I said, What do I have, at the end of the week, I got 30,000 cells in the petri dish. I go, what's important, they all came from one parent. So that meant I have 30,000 genetically identical cells. And I said, what was my experiment? I took those cells split them up into three petri dishes, 10,000 cells in each dish, but all the dishes have the genetically identical cells. And then I said, What did I do in my lab? I said, Well, we grow cells in culture medium. I go, what's that that's a fluid in which the cells Lab, I'm going to give you a hint, we'll come back to it. culture medium is the laboratory version of blood. If I grow human cells, I said what's human blood made out of it, then in the lab, I put those things together and then feed the cells culture medium. But since I create the culture medium, I change the chemical composition. So I had three different versions. Let's call them environments, because that's what they are environment A, B, and C. And I have three dishes genetically identical cells, in dish one environment, a bat culture medium, the cells for muscle dish, two genetically identical cells, but a culture medium B, the cells for bone dish, three genetically identical cells, but the culture medium is version C. And if I said, What's the difference? And does shade the cells for muscle and dish be the cells born bone? In dish, see the cells form fat cells? I say? What controlled the fate of the cells? The answer is, first of all, they were all genetically identical. Right? What was the difference? I said, it was the environment the cells were in, that determined the genetic activity of the cells. So then all of a sudden, I say, well, then the old idea I'm teaching in the classroom, genes control the character of life. genes control this character, which means this character is controlled by genes, which that's what it means. And I said, now what's the idea I said, in my will ever lab experiments I say, this character that is not controlled by genes that's controlled by environment. I said Well then how do I say that I say this is the character is controlled by epi genetics. But that was that Epi means above. So what do we call skin? Epi dermis? Go. Why? Because just below the skin is a layer under there called dermis and skin is above dermis, epi dermis, Epi means above. So I said, this character is under EPI, genetic control, I am saying the new science, this character is control. Above EPI, the genes, these characters are told above the genes not by the genes, it was controlled by the environment, which then control the genes. And I go, Well, what's the difference from what I was teaching, I said, I was teaching you were a victim, your genes control your life, you had no input can change them. And they turn on and off by themselves. New Science, environment controls changes, I go, why is that important? Because we control the environment, and others and I said, well, then your control, you can change environment go yes. And then all of a sudden, I said, well, then you control your genes I go, that's the difference. Genetic control your victim, epigenetic control, you are the master because you can regulate the environment that will then manifest the genetics to conform to the environment. And all of a sudden, oh, my God, I did this in this research. And I have all my colleagues and I say, yeah, hey, you know that stuff, we're teaching about gene controlling live? I don't think that's really right. And they look at me, like, I said, Look, here's my experiments. And then they go, and I go, look, it's predictable. I said, What do you mean, I say, I can do this experiment tomorrow. And I'll tell you exactly what's gonna happen in three days, I can predict the outcome I go, predictability is the hallmark of science. It means you know, something, they did not buy it. Why? Because everybody knows genes control life. And I'm the only stocking crazy talk here.

Alex Ferrari 52:05
The World is Flat. What do you mean, the world is round? What do you mean that that the Earth revolves around the Sun, it's everything revolves around the Earth.

Bruce Lipton 52:15
I left the university mainly because my research revealed that what I was teaching was incorrect. And I realized I can't change the curriculum that's controlled. Therefore I have a choice, teach what I know is wrong, or don't teach it. I walked out, I had tenure, I could have stayed that job forever. They could have had to bury me and still pay me at that point. But I walked out that I wanted to come back, just because I needed a scientific input to hear my idea in theory of how it all works. So I remember going back to my old department at the University of Wisconsin in medical school, and I said, I'd love to give a talk on this stuff. And they didn't really want to hear from me why because I was a professor tenured and I walked out, I'm not necessarily welcome to come back

Alex Ferrari 52:58
Politically not so good.

Bruce Lipton 53:01
I left the club and but they let me come back. And they gave me what's called a lunchtime seminar on a Wednesday where everybody brings their lunch in the faculty, the graduate students, and they, it's a social time, really, for most because they come together. And then whoever's in the front is talking, bla bla, bla, bla, and nobody gives a damn, because they're all engaged anyway. But I said, at least it's an opportunity. So I come in, give a Wednesday lecture. And at the very end of the lecture, like a minute before it ends, I noticed one important thing. Nobody's eating lunch. And I'm looking at them. And they're looking at me like with, like, I'm some crazy guy, right? And then I get to the end of my understanding about how genes don't control life and environment through the membrane. I give my technology and they and I get to the very end. And I look around I say thank you very much. Oh, crickets. That was the response, the longest dead silence I've ever experienced in my life. They just sat there and looked at me. Nobody moved. And then one guy in the back of the room. I'll never forget one guy in the back of the room, left side of the room goes twice. Then everybody looked at him. And he put his hands down. And then they all got up and walked out. Oh my god, Ron, I was standing in the room alone with a thought you may be I'm crazy. Why crazy people believe they're right. I said this and they all ran away all my former colleagues, everybody Nobody stayed in the room. I was left alone in a room and I said, I think I might be crazy. But I followed this up I went back to where I got my PhD and there was a world class cell biologists there, Lenny revenue, world class number one kind of guy. And I said, Look, let me let me tell you what my ideas because tell me where I'm wrong so I can get off it. I don't want to be He just told me where I'm wrong. So I give him the story of my environment controlling James. And he sits there. And he goes, Well, Bruce, that's not what we're thinking. I got what I know is not where you're thinking. I want to know what's wrong with it. Well, it's too simple. I bellowed in laughter now I am ready for the straitjacket. There's a guy. He says it's too simple. I have started laughing out loud. And he looks at me now a little bit like this guy's crazy. Okay. And I stop. And I say long enough. I say, first week of graduate school. I learned something you guys taught me it's called Occam's razor. Occam's Razor is a statement that says the simplest hypothesis is the most likely hypothesis and should be considered before all others. And I go, if it's too simple, I accept that. Thank you very much. And then I went back from not being crazy, because I said, Man, this is cool. Because this guy that had cell biology couldn't find anything wrong with the idea except it was too simple. And I go great. And it took me years to finally own it, and then write a book on it and stuff like that.

Alex Ferrari 56:12
But it did finally become epigenetics is now a field

Bruce Lipton 56:17
1990 I did this in 1967. I was 23 years before they recognize it, I knew it. You might say that's what's on

Alex Ferrari 56:29
You're in the desert for 23 years.

Bruce Lipton 56:30
Yeah, but I never stopped the research being fine. I just keep on doing I'll take my idea and keep looking into. And that's what led me not just the idea of epigenetics, but how consciousness and subconsciousness and programming, all of that built. It was like finding the little piece that repeats us, you know, once you got this little piece, the whole thing is built on that piece. A human as a cell, I get what you mean, I said, we're made out of 50 trillion cells, I say, Yeah, but every function that you have in your body was already present in almost every cell in your body. You don't create anything new with this. This is just the expression of 50 trillion of them. I go, yeah. So that's why if you understand how a cell works, you understand how a human works. And if you understand how a human works, you understand how humanity should work. Because it's called a fractal. And that's a geometry, a special geometry, not the one we learned in school that was called Euclidean. That was the one was cubes, and triangles, and spheres and circle guns and all those things like that. Yeah, that's how we make our technology using that kind of geometry. But you can't use that to make nature get make a tree out of it. Can't make a mountain out of it. Oh, there's a different geometry is called fractal. And can't we don't have enough time to get into it. But I'll tell you the most important part of fractal is it uses the same equation and repeats it over and over and over again, you get an equation, you solve it, you get an answer, then you take the answer, put it back into the same equation, solve it again, get a different answer, bla, bla, bla, bla bla bla. And if you put this on a plot and map it out, it will repeat all the structures in nature. So all of a sudden says nature's practice, and I go, why is that important? Because the fractal principle is, as above, so below why it's the same equation, whether you're looking at a small version, or at the larger or the next larger version, it's built on the same, same process, same mechanism. So if you can see it at one level, you can understand that any of the other levels. And that's why how cell biology can teach you about human biology, which then can teach you about humanity's biology. And the evolution that we're facing right now is, we have to become more human, human, and start to understand what Native Americans knew 10,000 years ago, this is a garden, we're supposed to be gardeners. What have we done with it? We're destroy the garden, I go, Well, you know, there's a problem. Because people don't realize you are in the garden, you from the garden. If the garden doesn't exist, and humans don't exist, that's like, oh, maybe we should be a little bit more cautious with the environment. I go. This call. This is where we are today.

Alex Ferrari 59:17
And really quickly, if you can, there's some other one other spending I wanted you to touch on, because it's so important, and it kind of blew my mind when you said it. It's biology 101. But so many people don't understand it, what stress does the body and the limbs and all that stuff. It's so brilliant.

Bruce Lipton 59:36
Let me just summarize quickly. Remember, the function of the brain is to take the picture in the mind and turn it into complimentary chemistry. Stress means there's a threat. I go like what well, for example, when the system was forming, the thing we were afraid of was that saber toothed Tiger. I go so what does that mean a threat on the outside just threatening your life. So I said well, how do you deal with a threatened outside? I say it's your adrenal system, which in high school fight their flight. Okay, that's how you deal with it. Okay? I say well, then guess what? When you perceive a stress, you release stress hormones, which get the body program for fight or flight. So I said, What does that mean? I go listen to this is right out of a physiology book when stress hormones are released into the system, the blood is preferentially sent to the arms and legs are why blood is where the energy is preferentially sent to the arms and legs. Where the hell was it before the stress hormones I got? Oh, it was concentrated in the gut. I go. So what's doing the gut? It's energizing the functions of what the gut maintenance of the body, cleaning the body, repairing the body, doing all the things that keep us healthy. I said, then when stress hormones come in, what do they do? They want the energy the body not in the gut, they want in the arms and legs, they can run away from that damn Tiger. So the first thing stress hormones do is cause the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shot. I said, Why? Why? Because that pushes the blood to the arms and legs where the energy is needed. But it shuts down the function of the gut, which is what maintenance of the body? I go, Oh, okay. So when you're in stress, first thing you do is you shut off the maintenance of the body, because the energy is needed for running. The other thing stress does right now that's most important is it shuts down the immune system. Why? Why the immune system use a lot of energy I go, if you've ever been sick, you probably couldn't even get out of bed, you didn't have that much energy. So I say, Well, what if you have an infection and you're being chased by a saber toothed Tiger I go well, which zone Do you want to protect the interior zone which is immune, or the exterior zone, which is adrenal fight or flight and I go, the hell with a bacterial infection, if the tiger catches you and eat you, bacterial infection is not your problem anymore. Okay. So the point about is what? Well, when stress hormones come into the system that conserve the energy to run away by what shutting off the immune system, why it conserves energy that I can use to run away from the tiger. And so I said, Well, what shuts off the immune system stress hormones, I said, what's caused the sadness of fear causes that I go, Oh, so when you're afraid you are shutting down your immune system to go? Absolutely. I'm gonna go why, again, getting ready for the fight or flight and I go, Well, now let's recognize 100,000 years ago, what was your stress? Saber toothed Tiger? I go, that was pretty much it go. So if you escaped the saber toothed Tiger, do you need to stay in stress? I don't know the moment you escaped the tiger, then you go back into function again. The gut starts working immune system starts working, you're back in hell. But today's world stresses 24/7 365. It's dripping stress hormones in your body every minute. And I go, what's the result? Well, you're shutting down the maintenance of the body not for a few minutes now for chronic? And I said, What about the immune system, I say you're shutting down the immune system with stress hormones point. Medical doctors use stress hormones, therapeutically. I go for what I say, if they want to transplant an organ from person A and to person B, they don't want the immune system and person B to reject the organ after I put it in. So they give the recipient of that organ stress hormones before the operation so that it shuts down the immune system. So when they put the foreign tissue into that body, the immune system is not rejecting it. I go. The stress is so good at shutting off the immune system, they use it to shut off the immune system. And I go so why is that? Well, my so when I'm watching the damn news, why you think they're gonna tell you life is rosy Life is beautiful, everything's great. No, be afraid, be afraid of this, be afraid that fear made people sick. I go well, that's what it does. And fear shuts your system.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:49
It's such a it's such a powerful concept to people. Because I know all I mean, I the times that I've been stressed out in my life, armies, I might get sick more often I'm exhausted things, you know, I'm just weaker, because of the stress is just constantly bombarding. And, you know, I live, you know, I have children. So I'm stressed all the time. But But generally speaking, if you go into work every day, you have a boss that's pounding on you or, or you have bills that you can't pay and you're stressed out and you're hustling Ubers or you're, you're you know you're doing you know, whatever Uber Eats or whatever to make a living. Just that stress is hurting you from even being able to get out of the situation. And then we go into the whole programming thing that we discussed earlier.

Bruce Lipton 1:04:33
Yeah, but that that was the whole idea. If I sell you stress, I control your life,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:38
Bruce I could talk to you for days.

Bruce Lipton 1:04:41
I'd love to talk with you. I'd love to talk. Because of the more information we lay out there the whole idea of what you're doing and what I'd like to contribute to what you are doing is awakening a population to their own empowerment. Yes. And if you don't know the fact is a you are creator, b You're not creating what you want, because somebody else put program that has taken away your power and your subconscious. And, and that's why people listen to Alex's show, you have to change your consciousness and stop being victims, because we must exercise our creative character. Because I trust that creative character, the population more than I trust, the so called Leadership, which is controlling us, I want all of us to have our power back. Because if people had the power, then everything would be a honeymoon on this planet. And that would mean Heaven is Earth. And that is my final thought that I want people to recognize. You think you'll die and go to heaven? You were born here I go. Why is that map and I say, this is where you came to create. What? Whatever you desire. I said, Then how come it's not working? Because I say, unfortunately, the creative part of your brain, the conscious mind is not actually working that much. And you're creating the program that somebody else put in there.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:03
My friend, I'm gonna ask you a few quick questions. I've asked all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Bruce Lipton 1:06:09
If you've ever experienced the honeymoon? That's a good life. What does that mean? You wake up every day. It doesn't mean everything works. Everything doesn't work my life. But guess what? When it doesn't work. It doesn't bother me either. I live here. I enjoy it. How many of you have watched the sunset lately? No. Oh, you're in the car driving home from the stress job? Oh, okay. In wrestling? Oh, yeah. Okay, cool. We're not recognizing you. You're in a world that is most beautiful, imagination world ever. The environment is like, Oh, my God, aliens would come here just to see where we're living. And then when you die, you lose this mechanism, the body, which was a device that Spirit uses for creation?

Alex Ferrari 1:06:57
What is your definition of God?

Bruce Lipton 1:06:59
Everything. God is all the energy in the universe. And which is very important, because most important factors this, your spirit is an energy field that is picked up by your cells. Because your cells have a set of antennas to receive the broadcast. They're called self receptors. No two people in the entire world have the same set of antennas. So you are receiving a broadcast and nobody else is receiving. But everybody else is receiving their broadcast. But all broadcasts came from the same source all energy and what's the point? You can never be separated from God, never be separated. Nobody could get in between you and God and change that relationship. No one can connect you with a god because you've never been disconnected from God. You are a creator. You're just creating from bad programs.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:54
And first, I have to ask you one last question I've been dying to ask and it just popped back into my head. This is jeans. This is a genes question. If genes replicate, and we have stem cells that constantly are repairing the ones that we are not, they're dying off our our skin gets replaced every one eight years or something like that, or I'm sorry, our stomachs get replaced. We're basically a new version of ourselves every so many years. Why do we die?

Bruce Lipton 1:08:19
Well, the idea is, number one, we're dying way too early because the minimum age of death should be minimum 150 years if not much longer. We die because we're not living in harmony with the planet. That stress levels are killing us. The food we eat is toxic when it comes from industrial farm food doesn't give you the nutrition that you really require to keep a healthy body. That's why we should be eating natural organic food, not the chemically treated versions at the supermarket. We weigh too much. Why? When you burn fuel, you always get toxic byproducts so you don't breathe the exhaust pipe from your car when you burn the fuel. When you digest food that's burning food. There's a toxic byproduct called free radicals, which are charged particles that are like bullets that when they hit a cell, they punch a hole in the cell and they kill the cells. The more food you eat, the more cells you kill, the shorter your lifespan becomes. And all of a sudden it says my God we're eating so much food. And the issue is now what we're changing the ecosystem. Let's cut down the rainforest so we can have more hamburgers I go. Green forests is the lungs of a planet that clean the air put the oxygen back in. You cut down the forest you're killing yourself to eat what more food which is killing yourself. The amount of food we should eat should be subsistence. But we're program from a kid you eat breakfast most important military. Then around lunchtime, you're hanging out so eat some more food whether you're hungry or not. And then dinner that's the big one. We wait for dinner and we eat the big dinner and I go wait If we're eating way too much food, we're killing ourselves. That animals when they control the amount of food they gave them and gave them just a subsistence just enough to keep them going, the animal lifespans doubled. And we are animals that are eating way too much food. And we're destroying the planet and the process for destroying ourselves and destroying the planet by this diet. It says, we don't need to eat as much food. As matter of fact, something new. Hello, Bruce is gonna say something new to the world right here ready? Plants make their energy from the sunlight, using it to take water and carbon dioxide making sure so they can generate their own nutrition. Humans now it's recognize that in your skin, or pigments called melanin, melanin or crystal proteins crystals, like or what about them? Well, they always say, oh, yeah, that blocks the sunlight from burning up our body and all that melon part of it. But melanin takes energy out of the atmosphere and turns it into biological fuel. The point about evolution is why would we create an organism that is so voracious, it has to destroy the planet to feed itself that's not evolution as evolution and evolution is we were created not to require the devastation of the environment to enjoy ourselves here. The less food we eat, the longer we live. And that's basically a conclusion. Because melanin is like chlorophyll in humans, it takes energy out of the atmosphere, and turns it into nutrition. So we don't have to eat so much. But food is fun. Just wanted to ask.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:43
Now, where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing Bruce?

Bruce Lipton 1:11:45 Very simple. And guess what everything we talked about. They're free videos, free written articles, free interviews, like Alex's here. They're all freely downloadable. So it's an information knowledge is power. We Alex is an empowering force. I'm supporting Alex and his empowering force, to what help you create heaven on earth, because of you creating heaven on earth, and I'm experiencing heaven everywhere I go. And that's the destination.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:20
Bruce, I appreciate you and all the work you've been doing all these years, my friend, thank you so much for everything. And I truly, truly appreciate you coming on the show my friend that keep up the good work!

Bruce Lipton 1:12:28
Alex, I am a happy guy to be here because our audience are the ones that are saying whether I was going on here and I say if we give them knowledge of power, knowledge is power. And what you're doing is empowering people with listen, if you don't get this knowledge, you don't understand why it's not working. But if you get the knowledge, then you have the power to make it work. And that is why you're here and that's why I'm here. So thank you, Alex. And more importantly, thank our audience, because these are the people are looking for answers that are not in a box because the answers in the box are the ones that are causing the problem. So we step outside, create a different evolution right here.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:05
I appreciate you my friend.

Bruce Lipton 1:13:07
Thank you, Alex.

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