ANCIENT & SECRET Forces Controlling & Driving ISRAEL-PALESTINE & HAMAS Conflict! with Bruce Lipton

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Bruce Lipton return to our show today. As a pioneering figure in the field of Epigenetics, Bruce has continued to push the boundaries of our understanding of biology and consciousness since his last visit. With his groundbreaking insights into the relationship between mind and body, Bruce has inspired countless individuals to explore the power they hold over their own genetic expression. In this episode, we’ll delve deeper into his latest research, discussing how our thoughts and environment shape our biology and the profound implications this has for our health and well-being.
So sit back, relax, and prepare to be inspired by the wisdom of Dr. Bruce Lipton.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 425

Bruce Lipton 0:00
The problem. And then when I hit the advanced two pictures show up side by side. One is a picture of Israeli kids playing with machine guns. The other is a picture of Palestinian kids dressed in military uniform carrying rifles. I said, this is your programming. I said, What are you just stop for a second look at this. After I explained the nature of programming. I said, Now look at this. What do you expect? This is really kids are not going to like the Arabs, they never even met them. But they're not going to like them. Why? Because look at this program. And I said the same. The Palestinian kids are not going to like to Israeli because because look at this program. And I want to tell you for a moment of realization, the whole audience, but 1500 people, they saw it, they saw for that moment, they said, Oh my God, we've been propagating this hatred.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
I would like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Bruce Lipton. How you doing Bruce?

Bruce Lipton 1:12
Alex I'm one of the happy guys, I'm so happy to be with you on this program. I enjoyed our last interview so much. And I also want to really enjoy as your audience. Our audience has got the thinking people, the cultural creatives, the ones that are saying, hey, this isn't work and what can we do? And that's a wonderful audience. Let's talk to the thinking people.

Alex Ferrari 1:34
Oh, I appreciate that very much. Yeah, we at the tribe is that we're building is pretty remarkable. I have to say, I'm very, very humbled by the people that are being attracted to the show into the stuff that we're talking about. So I appreciate that very, very much. So our last conversation, we talked a lot about the unconscious mind. But I think it's something that I wouldn't mind diving back into because it is something that so many people just still don't understand about what how the power of the unconscious mind. And I was watching the other day I was listening the other day to one of those radio shows that they like a catch a cheater, kind of thing, like they call up and they try to catch the wife cheating, or the husband cheating or something like that.

Bruce Lipton 2:13
Domestic fun!

Alex Ferrari 2:16
Domesticc fun! But what I was listening to them, I kept hearing the programming in their voice was really fascinating. I was listening to them, I'm like, wow, their approach to life is based on the programming that they have received, partly through experience, but also partly through what they were raised with. And the in the examples that they were raised with is in their household or in their family or in their society, are what they were told the truth was about the opposite sex, what love is, what a relationship is,

Bruce Lipton 2:50
And who told them that with their personal story, influencing the outcome of that story. And that's why I think it's interesting because those beliefs pass and families. Big, you know, Here's a big one people don't understand. Cancer, there's no, there's not one gene that causes cancer, there's no gene, you got this gene, you got cancer, the genes are correlated with cancer, okay? And the relevance about that, and this is like, think about this, they follow what happens to a baby, when it's adopted into a family where there's cancer running in the family, the adopted baby will get the same family cancer as the same probabilities and either natural children, but the adopted child came from totally different genetics. What was the point? Cancer is programming passed this functionally from parent to child, parent to child pass just as regular as genes are passed. And that's why we were confused for a long time, because we thought anything running in a family would be connected to the genetics. But we now recognize no programming runs in the family in the same fashion that genetics is propagated from generation to generation. This is a very serious issue. Let me just have because I was just just hit there, and it says people who come from races that have had history problems, let's say Native Americans, or black families with, you know, Aboriginal issues and like that I go, they have been programmed to be less than complete citizens. They've been programmed to be flawed in some way and not working. And the problem about that is it's an unconscious program. And it just passed from parent to child without the parent knowing they're passing it and without the child recognizing they're downloading it. And the significance is things Had it been going for generation we always look at as genetics. It's like no, this is programming is passing. And neither the parents nor the child have any awareness. Hey, I just got programmed. And this is really, really interesting. Especially like, when I was in Israel in Tel Aviv, I gave a lecture at university in Tel Aviv. And we bussed in 300 Palestinians from the West Bank never even been in Israel before. And we bust them in and of course, the audience started, the Israelis were over here and the Palestinians were over here, oil and water, we don't talk at all that I started to give a lecture on the nature of the programming that we're talking about. And I, the slides are they were beautiful, I created a slide wouldn't have hit the slide. It was a black screen, but it said the problem. And then when I hit the advanced, two pictures show up side by side. One is a picture of Israeli kids playing with machine guns. The other is a picture of Palestinian kids dressed in military uniform carrying rifles. I said, this is your programming. I said, What are you just stop for a second look at this. After I explained the nature of programming. I said, Now look at this. What do you expect? This is really kids are not going to like the Arabs, they never even met them. But they're not going to like them. Why? Because look at this program. And I said the same. The Palestinian kids are not gonna lie to Israeli because because look at this program. And I want to tell you for a moment of realization, the whole audience, but 1500 people, they saw it, they saw for that moment, they said, Oh my God, we've been propagating this hatred from programming generation after generation. And then I showed them the next one, I said, the solution. And I had two pictures show up one Israeli girl and Palestinian girl walking down the street arms over each other's shoulder walking down another picture of Palestinian boy and Israeli boy playing with something. And I said, these kids will never fight each other. That's that's not their experience. And I said, You guys have been propagating as BS, all these years without even knowing you're the responsible element that is causing us. But I wanted to I wanted to emphasize was the moment the picture showed up. It was like your hair got sucked out of the room was like a vacuum. And there was like dead silence. You could hear a pin drop in this auditorium why? It just dawned on him. Oh, my God, we are creating, passing this on to the next generation. Right? It was it's a wake up call that this world needs to understand right now.

Alex Ferrari 7:53
Yeah, without question right now. And the funny thing is, is that, that on top of that the programming, it's a vicious circle in the sense that then the experience that those young people have, of, let's say, the opposite side bombing them, or the opposite side doing so. Well, yeah. And then then they grow up generation like, Well, they did do something that what my parents said were true. So it's reinforcing what the programming is. And then it just keeps going and going going. And that's how we can have an argument for 1000s and 1000s of years.

Bruce Lipton 8:25
Oh, it's 100%. That's the issue. And I say, Well, how are you going to change it? And your answer. Knowledge is power. That's why I'm honored to be with you because we're reaching a pretty good sized audience. knowledge needs to be enhanced or updated.

Alex Ferrari 8:43

Bruce Lipton 8:44
Yes. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 8:45
The software, the software needs to be updated, sir.

Bruce Lipton 8:48
That's exactly. That's exactly what it is. So beautiful, because it's like, no, it's not any more complicated with what you just said. That was

Alex Ferrari 8:56
Yeah, exactly. And because I get asked a lot of, you know, I have a lot of people come on the show who are spiritual masters and channels and, and even psychics and mediums, sometimes I asked them, Why is why are we constantly repeating the same wars? Like when, when what was going on in the Middle East happened again? I mean, I'm old enough to know that, you know, there's been a lot of things going back and forth over the last 50 years, there's no question, let alone the last 1000 years. But I'm like, my first feeling was like, again, like really? Like, is this still, they're still arguing. They're still like, there's so much anger towards each other. Again, it just didn't make any sense. And it just it was just like, why, why, why, and you're absolutely the answer. Is this, this kind of conditioning that we have. And, you know, speaking, you were speaking earlier about, you know, certain kinds of races or kinds of people who might be disenfranchised or programmed to think they're lesser citizens. You know, I grew up As a Latino, in this in this in this country in the US. And I was never taught that, per se because I was born here. And I was very blessed in the in my upbringing. But when you go to I know a lot of Latinos who have that programming, who think they're lesser than, and then you go to Bogota. And you see that there's 11 million people in a giant metropolis. And you're just like, no one's lesser than, you know, or if you're African American, you go to an African, you know, giant city of some sort. And you see your people just doing things that you were like that that's impossible. How is that possible? In my, where I live, they can't do things like that. It's programming. It's all just programming and belief systems.

Bruce Lipton 10:51
You know, something interesting is, it's also about this programming and the violence and the problem we have. And it's interesting because of this, when the problem is between two groups of people, whether it's religious groups, or racial groups, those antagonism that can always go into violence. But when there's a problem that is not connected to race, or religion, or culture, everyone works together. And I saw this, when I was in New York, years ago, in the 60s, there was a blackout that happened from Boston to Washington for like, several days, okay. And when you go back and look at the crime rate, it was the lowest crime rate New York had ever experienced during the blackout, when it could have been the biggest one. Because no alarm systems, everything's down all that stuff. Why? Because it wasn't generated against one people versus another people, everybody was in the same boat. When they were all in the same boat, they all work together to get out of the problem. But when there's antagonism that's in there, then they fight together. And this is, you know, a clearer picture says, when we're in unity, everybody worked in harmony. When the tsunami happened. Everybody worked in harmony around the world. And it's interesting, because our military does, of course, the military thing, but it also does humanitarian things. And what's so wonderful about it is we never really talked about the humanitarian things. But like, when the tsunami came in American troops were called into action, and do a lot, they all came back, saying that was one of the best experiences in their life to be involved in that help process. And it's really interesting, because helping us a global people will help anybody from anywhere at any time, when it has no stigma attached to race, religion, culture, is our destination. Because when humans recognize we're all in the same damn boat, and stop this pre programming, whether it's a programming slave mentality, or the programming, oh, these people are alcoholics or something like that, once they get that label, they've now not part of the whole, they're part of this. And they issue that so important. And what I'm doing and what you are doing, that's the beautiful part about it is, let's get out of the camps and start recognize we're all on the same damn boat here. Because that is our evolutionary destiny, the evolutionary destiny is to recognize all humans, are part of one organism called humanity. It also the evolution is, all the individual humans are like cells. And but when the cells started to organize, they created plants and animals. And unlike in our body, we have 50 trillion cells. I go, What about them? I say, every cell, not every cell, okay? Every cell with a nucleus is a sentient being, meaning what? It's its own cell. It does his job. It has a response to the environment. It's got a program, but it depends on the other cells for the coordinate all things, the heart cells, look, I'll beat, I'll do the beating, but somebody else has got to do the digestion and get the food and get me to health care and all that stuff. And the point about it is salsa like Minister people. And I go, You know what's interesting, when the brain which is led by consciousness is the government for 50 trillion cells. And the government is a beneficial government, a government that, you know, works with health and harmony and let's make a world better and all that 50 trillion cells in that community work together and peace and health health is harmony. But when there's disharmony in the mind, it's translated to disharmony in the cells and disharmony is disease. And I said the image it's a fractal actually, if you study how it works, In the cells, how can 50 trillion citizens live in harmony, because the government is a government of humanitarian means, you know, you're helping and fixing, that's when it works. But when people are under stress, meaning they're not cooperating or the world's not cooperating, that's true stress is then manifests as a breakdown of the community, which is where disease comes from over 90% of illness. One less than 1% of illness connected to genetics. 90% of illness is actually due to stress, which is an environmental learning experience.

Alex Ferrari 15:42
And the stress and the stress that that I mean, we've all felt that when I've been the most stressed in my life is when your immune system is the weakest. And it just allows whatever comes in now, I'd love to hear

Bruce Lipton 15:52
The stress hormones function is to shut down the immune system, right? And the reason there's a reason why it's like, let's not punish you, why, what what am I in stress? Stress means fight or flight, get the hell out of here, the Tigers there run, I say, Well wait. I say if the body is in fight or flight, then it has to energize those things that are going to save your life. I go, What do you mean, I say because the blood carries the energy. So I say, Where's the blood when you're not in fight or flight, the blood is in the gut. And I say why? Because that's where the system is in growth, maintenance, take care of the system filter, clean fix, that takes care of your biology. But the moment you're in stress, meaning that saber toothed Tigers coming, the guts not going to save your life, save your life you need your arms and legs are run like hell. So the body all of a sudden from growth, let's take care of every organ and fix this thing says shizer. The tiger is coming. And it says where do you need the blood, arms and legs. So the number one factor is the moment you're in that state of stress. Stress hormones cause the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shot, you can feel it, it's a queasy butterflies in the stomach. That's a blood vessel. I said why they squeezing shot, push the blood to the arms and legs because I don't need it in the gut rather than things chasing me. So the first thing that happens in stress as the immune system shuts down to growth and maintenance of the body. But the one that we just talked about was the immune system has protection, but protection from the internal environment, adrenal protection from the external environment. And noon system uses so much energy, that if you've been really sick, you don't even have the energy to get out of the bat. And so the point comes down to this logic. I have a bacterial infection, my immune system is trying to handle it. And I'm being chased by a saber toothed Tiger. How do you want to split the energy? The answer is screw the bacteria. Why? Because of the Tiger catches you, you don't have to worry about the bacteria. It's done at that moment. So basically, this is where we were just getting out. Stress hormones shut off the immune system to conserve energy to run from the threat. And so powerful that doctors when they want to transplant an organ from person A to person B, they give the recipient stress hormones before the operation. So when they put the foreign tissue into that person, the immune system will reject it. So I said, Oh my god, stress hormones are used therapeutically to shut off the immune system. And I go, Well, this is a lousy idea for nature. I go No. Because in nature when it evolved, the only thing you had stress from was the damn saber toothed Tiger. I go so what was the result? You run five minutes, 10 minutes you're away from the tiger. Guess what? No more threat. Everything goes back into growth and maintenance. But today's world stresses 24/7 365 Every day, we were never designed as organisms for sustained protection. That sustained protection compromises the gut compromises the immune system. And I like to add this because I call this adding insult to injury I go what? Stress hormones. Remember I said this week the blood vessels in the gut, they squeeze the blood vessels in the forebrain consciousness? A why? Because it pushes the blood to the hindbrain reaction, reflex, no thinking, thinking is too slow and an emergency you need to react. So when we're in stress, we become less intelligent. And I said that add that to them. Next, and then you understand why we have a healthcare crisis on this planet. Because 1% of the people own everything, and 99% of the people are enslaved to support the 1% that own everything. Hey, we're slaves paid.

Alex Ferrari 20:16
Right! It's a different it's a different form of slavery. Oh, yeah, it's I mean, listen to 50% of the American public can't withstand a $1,000 emergency hit

Bruce Lipton 20:26
$400 now!

Alex Ferrari 20:28
Yeah, it's now it's $400. Now it's $400 of emergency hit. This system is this system can't continuously, it can't hold this anymore. Something has to dramatically change. I am all about abundance for everybody. Everyone should live their best life, as they say. But at a certain point when you have 300 billion, you know, after the first billion, billion, billion, billion billion, 7 billion,

Bruce Lipton 21:00
8 billion people?

Alex Ferrari 21:01
No, no, I'm talking about money. After the first 300

Bruce Lipton 21:07
I'm not in that group, so yeah,

Alex Ferrari 21:08
I mean, I mean, either I miss I'm a little shy of the 300 billion, just try just a little bit. But when, when you're when you have that much money in that many resources at your disposal, you know, I understand. There has to be a point where you just go, what can I do for humanity? What because you have more money than than 50 lifetimes that you can spend. So what are you doing to better other people, because there is only so many yachts you can buy. So many islands, so many planes, at a certain point, you just run out of things that you can literally buy, like to spend it, if you were if I gave you a billion dollars, and I go, I need you to spend this in 24 hours. Hard. That would be insane. But I do believe that this system that we're all in, and this guy goes into a deeper conversation, Bruce, about all of these systems that we have that are not serving the masses that are not serving humanity. They're all you're starting to see the cracks in the foundation, economic politics, money, the economy, religious, all racial, all of the agenda, all of these things, these systems that are not, they're not helping the human, they're not serving humanity anymore. You started to see the cracks. And these kinds of conversations, or the conversations are waking people up to go, I'm not going to accept this anymore. I need something better in my life. I need to I need to take control of my life and stop with this programming. Would you agree?

Bruce Lipton 22:39
That that is the whole point. When do we get to that critical level? Okay, because you need to get to a threshold where people say, Okay, I'm done. I'm done. Yeah. And the point that I have to acknowledge right here is, it is now recognize that to support the world today, just you know, if everybody wanted to live just the way they're living today, it takes 1.6 Planet Earth to provide resources. Like the mathematics, we have no extra points six Earth. And I said, so what is it means we are taking the life out of the planet to support us for today without the future being you know, considering the consequences of the future and what we are doing, we're destroying ourselves. We're destroying our world. I go, so what? And then we bring up the issue as well. What are we going to do about it? I said, well, where's the cause of the problem? I go culture. We have been programmed to live this way. Yeah, you could throw out all the garbage. I know, they don't have any food that Darwin. They don't have any food. That's their problem. solution. And I got an extra scientific belief. And I go, so what's the point? And the point is simply this. Today's civilization is living way beyond its means not capable. I can't do this anymore. I don't think so. What does that mean? I say you cannot fix it is the problem. I say so what does that mean? I say well, then people start let's put some band aids on the system I got. No, it has to absolutely collapse. To build a new system. Buckminster Fuller, I think was the one who said don't go in and fight the system, step outside create the new system. And yet the fear the media of it's falling apart and you're gonna die. You're gonna you know, the fear made everything worse for the people because one of the fear to made them sicker and less intelligent. And that is, the world is very happy with that why? The corporation called Health Care enjoys the fact that the health crisis is bigger now everyday than ever, no matter how much money we put into it, okay.

Alex Ferrari 24:53
But that's a system that's going to crack as well. You already start seeing you're seeing the crack. It can't sustain itself. When you spending $400 for a Tylenol? No, I learned that the best is this when you go to the doctor I had I had a friend of mine who had a she was from France. And she had an accident happened to have to go to an emergency room. And they tried to shove down $100,000 bill for an emergency room. Okay, this is some of the skin. This is the scam. It's it's just This is so insane. They go she's like, I don't have $100,000 Well, they settle that like okay, well, if you have 100,000 Do you got like 1000? Sure. And then they settled up at 1000. Sunday 100 to 100x and hoping that they would be stupid enough to pay it. If not, we're like, Well, okay, we'll take 1000 cash now. That's how bloated. That's how insane this system is.

Bruce Lipton 25:47
My brother had hepatitis C, and they have this pill. You could heal yourself. Oh, a pill can hear you? Yeah, it only is the $1,000 a pill? Oh, yeah. How many do I need 100 pills to complete the process. Let's translate that. That's $100,000. And I got Jesus, that's highway robbery. You might as well stick a gun in a guy's chest that give me $100,000 You want to live. And I just want to add one more because it really I don't know the company. But it really pissed me off. There's my own neural dysfunction in newborns that caused them to die by the age of two. Okay. And this company, which I wish I had the name so I could blast them created a genetic engineering process to save the child. Like whoa, Creed's point, they go up to this woman who just had this baby just diagnosed, your baby's not gonna make it, your baby's gonna die in two years. It's like, man, tell me this woman's in the right place right here. And then they say, we can save your baby. Oh, wow. Yep, we have the process. And this Yeah. $1,500,000 price tag. I thought you are talking to this woman who just gave birth to a baby. And now you're this is where the real gun is? You either give me Oh, $1,500,000 or your baby's dead? Go? Oh, Jesus. The concept of humanitarian which human humanitarian? You mean, is based on compassion. The medical industry, not the doctors, the medical industry is in you mean? They don't care how much they're going to charge you. Because they don't care. Because they know you will pay if your life is on the line. And they'll take advantage of you. And that's where you started with? How much does it cost to go to the emergency room more than you have?

Alex Ferrari 28:03
Then it's let me ask you this first, do you believe that the only you can't talk to you cannot talk directly to that, that let's say let's say it's called a medical institution, or the medical business, you can't talk to them. You can't kind of convince them that like, hey, look, you got to be more humanitarian, you got to drop the, you can't have these conversations. It won't work. It's like talking to a wall, essentially. So the only way that that change truly happens, and this is what I've seen happening little by little is that people are starting to wake up, there is a consciousness shift happening in the world, where people are starting to open their eyes. And if that one person, let's say that let's say the industry is one person, well, there's 20 people around them. You can't get to the one, but the other 20 might start waking up. And those are the people that start going, You know what, this is not right, we got to change this. It's only by awakening that because you can't go directly towards them. You need to awaken them in a different way, in a spiritual way, to a point where like, I can't do this anymore. You know, like you said, with the soldiers, the best experience they had in the military was helping somebody could you imagine someone a force like the United States military as a humanitarian force around the world with those resources,

Bruce Lipton 29:26
That's why if we're going to maintain a military budget, we'll only maintain them for war, then the only way you can use that military is you got to find where the damn war is. But what if the military was equally assigned. Let's fix the world as look. You're already on the payroll and you're sitting in the barracks waiting for somebody to drop a bomb so you can get a job. How the world needs fixing right now why? I actually had a video and I called it the the Department of mobilization meaning Why? Well, the military can be mobilized to do a war to protect, but why? But we also have used that to mobilize to make peace and bring, you know, bring the world back into shape. And so instead of calling the War Department, the Department of mobilization says we're, we have people working for us, they're on salary. We can use them to fight. But if there's no fight right now, why don't we use them to do something fixing? Because they're sitting on their ass waiting for the war?

Alex Ferrari 30:31
Yeah, and it takes your guns with you. If you like it, it makes you feel better. I mean, it's certainly the case something happens, you can move. But while you're there, drop a bag of rice.

Bruce Lipton 30:42
The name of the game,

Alex Ferrari 30:43
Build built, build something. But do you agree that this, the only way to solve this is to awaken as many people around the world as possible, so they can start to demand? No, I don't want poisons in my food. I don't care what the FDA says, I don't want this to happen. I want I don't want this to happen. I'm like, no, they have to kind of just they are the change because without the masses, this whole system comes crashing down.

Bruce Lipton 31:10
Oh, absolutely. But now they're to purchase. One of these just said, let's give them knowledge, knowledge is power. You're not a victim, you're a creator, let's explain how you're doing this and why you're Felter a victim. Number two, and this is the more important one, in my opinion, start with the children, because they were the ones that were programmed before they even had an opportunity to use their consciousness and, and help them because their programming is going to be 95% of their life is that program because that's what's happening right now. And the people that we want to give knowledge to we also have to give a very important knowledge and that is this. How come with all this intelligence in your ability to create, you're in the middle of this mess? Because they do not know they have been programmed. And that you can talk to somebody until you're blue in the face. Because they're gonna say, No, I wouldn't want this. I want it to be happy. I want to be healthy. I want everybody to have love and love it. I go, then how come? You're hearing this battle song right here? It's like, they, they're not living their wishes and desires. They're living their program? And is this a new? No, no, this is the part that it's like really is not new, this idea of programming in the first part of your life controlling the rest. The Jesuits for 400 years have told their followers Give me the child until it is seven. And I will show you the man 400 years ago, they knew whatever program I get for the first seven years controls the life of that person through their adulthood. And I go, this is not new science, folks. This is an awareness that's been around for 400 years. If not longer aware of it. You're nobody's aware of it. Right? Nobody's going to tell you why. Because the people that understand it are the ones that are controlling. They don't want you to know that.

Alex Ferrari 33:05
Well, that's a perfect example. Because back in the olden days with with when religion and not even that old, and when there was no other options, if you were in the town, there was a church in that town. No, that was the religion. It was nothing else you didn't know about Buddhism, you didn't know about XO asterism. You didn't know about Hinduism, you didn't know about any other philosophies, Taoism or anything else. You just knew, let's say the Catholic Church. I'm a recovering Catholic. I was like the become on the on the Vatican. So that was the church and that's all you knew. And anybody else that came in out of it, like Muslims, or anybody else would be like, wait a minute, that's not what we are. There's so much more information now. We're so interconnected with so many different cultures and now spirituality. With conversations like this, they'll open up ideas that those institutions are starting to starting to crack starting to fall because their usefulness to society is becoming less and less not every but every some people like to go to church want to go to church want to go to different religions, it makes them feel good as long as they're not hurting anybody else. And it's not fear based. Knock yourself out. But fear base, but we are they are feeling great, but they are fearful.

Bruce Lipton 34:14
You're gonna go to hell, right for 10% of your salary. We will get you out of that hell. And that amazing thing that costs a little bit more than

Alex Ferrari 34:25
There was there was I forgot the pope but there was a pope that just said, Okay, listen, guys, if you want to get into having us buy your way in, like come in, give us give us some cash. We'll we'll talk to the big guy and let you walk in. That happens that went on for like 100 years until someone said dude, this is not a good idea.

Bruce Lipton 34:47
dispensations, okay. Hey, stock market work right here.

Alex Ferrari 34:52
I mean, it was insane. But to bring to your point, the programming I was programmed as a Catholic for seven years of my life. I went to Catholic school is taken me decades to deprogram myself. And I was always a little. I was always one of the weird ones that I was like, this doesn't make a lot of sense. But it was still programming. So much. So you know, it's funny it was I was I was one day in high school or something like that. I was already kind of leaning away from the Catholic Church. And it was good for I never forgot it was good Friday, I think it was. And I told my mom, I'm gonna go play basketball, like, are you gonna go on Good Friday? And I go, why wouldn't I go out and play basketball on Good Friday? Well there's bad juju out? I'm like, I'm sorry. There's bad what? Well it's good Friday, and you have to kind of rest and there's like, the bad stuff that's going around outside of it. You haven't been to church in 20 years? What's wrong with you? This is not a that's the programming. Isn't that amazing? You know, like, oh, have you baptized your children? No. They don't have a sin. Their babies. What is wrong with you?

Bruce Lipton 36:04
That was the catch. My recent lecture,

Alex Ferrari 36:06
Original Sin.

Bruce Lipton 36:08
About recent lectures I talked. I call it the power mongers credo, those that take power. And I say, how did they do that? I tell him, they give you the poison for free, and then they sell you the antidote. And the idea was, Where did hell come from? Well, actually, it didn't even come from the church. It was Greek mythology.

Alex Ferrari 36:32

Bruce Lipton 36:34
And they brought it in. Why? Because it's like, well, you don't want to go there. And how much money you have you will sell you the ticket out of there. You know, and it really got worse, but Dante put a picture to it. Holy shit. I don't want to be there.

Alex Ferrari 36:50
Oh, that Dante. Dante says little little story really did help them out in the marketing aspect. Please remind me in I'm not sure. The Torah. Yeah. Which is the Old Testament. Yeah. Doesn't have hell in it correct. If I'm mistaken. There is no hell and in the Jewish but in the Jewish map, there's no hell. So then that was added in the Council of Nicaea. When they put together the whole Bible.

Bruce Lipton 37:14
Yeah. And the idea is, first, you scare them of questions and sell them. This is not at all because recently, we're sold covid covid, the fear, the fear of death. And I said, what everybody, what do you want me to do? Put the mask on? Don't go talk to anybody and go hide my house. Wait till it's all on gone? It's like, yeah, and then get the free vaccine. I go, Wait a minute. Free vaccine. You mean this drug companies giving you these vaccines. I go, come on, folks. You paid a billion dollars for the damn vaccines. And now they're going to tell us free there was nothing was free here.

Alex Ferrari 37:57
But listen, listen, I was wiping down Amazon boxes. So I mean, it was it was serious back in the back in the in the early 2000s 2020s. It was because that's what they that was the fear that we're selling. Let me ask you this. Because this is one of my favorite topics. Because it's something I struggle with. I struggled with, I hopefully don't struggle with a pistol pops its head up every once in a while, is programming around money, around wealth around all that stuff. Now, I was raised in the middle class, hard working great work ethic, kind of family, you know, you know, pull you up by your own bootstraps, you know, entrepreneurial kind of family. I never had, I think I've had a job twice and was fired from both promptly when I was younger. Because I just did not, did not work other than warm. Yeah, other than my video store days, which I really enjoyed back in high school. But that was a whole other conversation was free videos, and free video games for God's sakes. But this idea that you need to work hard for money, that money is hard to get that this programming of all of this like, you know, it's hard to get it's scarce. If someone else has it, they've taken it from you these these belief systems, these ideas, but then when I started studying, grown up programming, I guess the wealth creation, I started looking at people who were not raised in my circumstances, people who were raised and I met these people, I've met people like that when I went to school and things like that, who were to be honest with you, Bruce, absolute idiots, morons, absolute idiots and morons. But yet, in their subconscious, they understood how to make money easily how to how to get money easily, they had no hang ups, about money. They had no hang ups about it's that scarce. It's super easy to get money. You know, you just my dad just showed me how to do this. And so a lot of times they didn't show him they were just in the room. Heard it at the dinner table. That's subconscious programming. Because how many of us have met a rich guy or gal who you'd like they can't tie their shoes. but yet they have millions. Okay, exactly, exactly. So So can you talk a little bit about that programming? It's been called I've been, it's been told to me that it's called poor people mentality. And a lot of times I run into the poor people mentality myself like, Oh, should I buy that? I don't deserve it. Oh, I don't know that that kind of stuff. It's pretty remarkable. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Bruce Lipton 40:25
Well, the thoughts actually, this is in a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Yeah. Hirosaki wrote the book, and it's wonderful book if you program and if you're in that poor family, what is the belief life is hard. You can work real hard, but you're not going to get anything here. And you can struggle because that's what we do. We have to struggle. I say a kid is like, okay, life hard life struggle. These are downloaded programs. And then 95% of your life comes from that program. So all of a sudden, what did I say your program has just prevented you from taking a forward step? Because 95% of your life is it's too hard. I can't get it. I'm a struggling person versus the rich guy who is stupid as hell, but got a program, you know, the idea about as what, they're stupid, and they're still, you know, on the rich side of the spectrum, and they're stupid. Why is the point? Because we're not running from our conscious intelligence level, we're running from our program level. And that program is generated. That's why right when we started and talked about Native Americans, oh, growing up, yeah, we're alcoholics, we're drawings. We're lazy. We can't do anything black people were stupid. We can do this. All Latinos anything? Yeah, sure, passing this on, right, right, to a child who is in a record, because the child's brain is in record through age seven, meaning it's like a video recorder, I just watch. And I download, and that becomes a program, I have a storage of programs. And then when I go to pull up these programs, I'll play these programs, because they're called habits. And then the habit will repeat itself continuously. And the more habit you're in, the more you repeat it, the deeper the groove can't get out of the habit at some point. And the issue about that is, Do people know that they're not creating their life with their conscious mind, the creative mind that 95% of the life is a direct printout of the programming they got, especially before age seven. And I go significance of that is, Hey, folks, when most of us are not actually creating this, we're playing the program. And the program is recognized by the overseers. why they've known the program since the Jesuits told them the program 400 years ago, now they can program kids much better than the Jesuits could ever dreamed of programming them, you see an infant who can barely walk with an iPad. And I'm saying, Man, as you're seeing some programming right there, hardcore, hardcore. idea is, but all of us watching this show right now, including myself have to come to the recognition. Am I creating my life with my wishes and desires? Or am I creating with a program? And the answer is, I don't care who you are your programs running 95% of the day. Now the question is, are your programs supporting you? Or are they sabotaging you? Well, that's your life. And really, Alex, it's very hard for people because I say you've been programmed, and I said, Well, what programming tell him? I said, Well, wait, you were already being programmed before you were born three months before you were born. Say you were programming a whole year from zero to one you can you tell me what program you got when you were zero. Though, your consciousness wasn't there. You were programming about another whole year from one to two and another whole year from two to three, around three or four all the sudden consciousness. I remember I remember before that Nope. So I say, Listen, all of us out here are playing programs. We got most of the programs long before you were conscious of it. So I say you cannot tell me from your conscious mind what your program is because you weren't there. When the program went in? Well, that leaves us in a problem because 95% of my life is coming from the programs that Yeah, but that's also the solution. I go, why your life is a printout of your program. Look at your life right now and recognize this. The things you like that come into your life. They come in because you have programs to acknowledge those but and this is the one the things you wish for desire, want to experience want to create in your life and you're not manifesting and you're working real hard, and you put a lot of effort and I'm gonna make it I'm sweating over it, I'm gonna make it, like, stop for one second and recognize why don't you have those things in your life? And the answer was you haven't paid attention to because you didn't know was the programming you got does not support that conclusion. And you're trying to override the program with effort. I go, that is a bad use of energy. Because the odds are against you on this one, why your program runs 95% the day, your 5% wish to not be in that program runs 5% of the day, there's your problem right there. And this is the wake up it says, Well, if you want to change, then you have to look at your life right now and say, Where am I being stifled? What shall where am I being shut down I go, your life, whatever you're struggling with. It's not that you were you were born to struggle, you have a program of prevention to get to that point. And now you're trying to override it. That's not how you change the program. So that's why that effort for most people fails, like you are.

Alex Ferrari 46:11
So how do you change the program?

Bruce Lipton 46:15
Oh, that's another hour here. Okay, well,

Alex Ferrari 46:19
I need it in three minutes Bruce let's go!

Bruce Lipton 46:22
The three minute version is this how did you get the program? First seven years, your brain was not at the level of consciousness, it was at a lower level called Phaedo. And I go, wow, that's where hypnosis takes place. I say yes, we, in the old days, watch the watch. Then you watch and you're getting tired, I go, what is the mean? As you get tired, you bring the vibration down toward theta. And when you're in theta, whatever I say goes in your ears and now becomes program. Well, every night when you go to bed, the moment you fall asleep, the moment consciousness is like I'm gone, I'm sleeping, the next part of your life for a short time you're in theta. So what ever you're hearing is not going into the conscious mind that went to sleep. But whatever you're hearing is now going straight into the subconscious mind. It's called self hypnosis. Put earbuds or earphones on play a program, you want to be true in your life and go to sleep. You won't hear the program when you're sleeping, but your subconscious will download it. So that's number one. Number two, you still learn new programs after age seven, I said, How'd you do that? I said repetition. You practice something, I go then practice a new way of life. It's a practice. But you have to repeat it because it's a repetition that makes a habit. And therefore, you know, the new agey thing is, you're not a happy person, you want to be a happy person. I said, What are you doing all day long, you say, I am happy to yourself. I'm happy. I'm a miserable person. I say no, just keep saying I am happy Why repetition will download a program. And one day you'll wake up and you'll already be happy. Why? Because the programs are automatic, when you got them in there. So number one, self hypnosis, number two, repetition. And number three is called energy psychology, which is a super learning technology. It's not the old fashioned talk psychology. It doesn't make a difference what happened in your past, you're carrying a program today, who gave you a program wholly irrelevant, I don't care. What is it you want to know is what is my program, look at your life, you'll see where if it's not working in some place, that's a program, I see them what you can get into what is called a super learning state. Because this is what children are in under seven, they can experience something just one time. It's now a part of their life for the rest of their life. Because that super learning moment. Well, you can get back into super learning, we lose it after age seven. And it has to do with the right and left the brain there's a line down the middle of the brain called hemispheres. The left hemisphere is more intellectual. The right hemisphere is more emotional. When you're under seven. Every life experience has an intellectual and an emotional component. That's what made the experience Okay. After age seven, the brains don't physically separate. They functionally separate. After age seven, us, you me right now, Alex, Bruce, what the point is, we're not in both hemispheres at the same time. After age seven, that's called Ultra radian, where for two hours or three hours, you're in the left hemisphere, and then two or three hours are in the right hemisphere, and then two or three. So in other words, sometimes during the day, you're more emotional about things. Sometimes during the day, you're more intellectual about things. What's the point? They're not integrated? Can you integrate them? Yes. One of the ways is called cooks hook up. Very simply, it means this my right arm is controlled by my left hemisphere, this control over here, right? My left arm, of course controlled by my right hemisphere. But here's an interesting fact, what if my right arm crosses over the middle, and is now playing over here? Well, it's still picked up by this hemisphere, wherever it is. But once it gets into this zone, it also gets picked up by this hemisphere, because it's responsible for what's going on in this side. So if you cross your arms, like that, and you hold them on your chest, and you cross your ankles, you're taking the left and right side of the body and crossing them at the midline, which causes both hemispheres to integrate. And then that integrative state you become a super learner. It's a relaxation exercise. Think about most people don't even know when they're sitting down and relaxing. They crossed their ankles. I go, what's that? That brings the integration back, I go, What does it mean? Calming. So if you're in a stressful situation, you're cross your arms you got like this, cross your ankles, and just in a few minutes, calming comes about, but it's also a doorway for Super learning.

Alex Ferrari 51:13
Is that Is that why when you cross your legs in a meditative space, they when you know the classic motion of the legs can cross is that also another way to kind of come

Bruce Lipton 51:24
100% and it's an integration process, because then when you're it's called whole brain, why you're not working on whole brain right now. Right now you're working on one hemisphere, the other I don't know which one if the intellectual side gets or the emotional side, you're on one or the other. But if you can put them back together, let them hold together for about a minute or two, the integration of the whole brain will work. Now you're like that seven year old child, you can download something and repeat it. And guess what, in a very short time, five minutes or seven minutes or eight minutes, walk away with a new program. But that's the key. That is why why is it so hard to learn after age seven, I mean, a child under age seven, Excuse me, could be in a family with three different languages. And that child under seven is going to learn all three languages. And I say now the child is 10 years old, and starts to hear a new language. It's like one language is already? Well, that's hard. You know, when we're under seven, three languages, no problem. over age seven, just adding one new language is a intellectual effort at some point. So the issue about it is, if we get back into that pre age seven mentality, then we have access to a higher level of learning and deeper influence on the program. And this is why I'm so excited because the idea of Oh, it's so hard to change the program. Yeah, well, it is hard. Well, first of all, you said it was hard. And since your belief system is important, if you believe it's hard, well, then it's not going to be easy, right away. But the point about is, it's hard because you have to be able to push that record button. If you don't push the record button, your your computer's got a hard drive. It's got programs in it just like your subconscious. I say go and talk to your computer and tell me when it's going to change. Never change. I go Ah, that was the point. You need to do the button. I go self hypnosis, repetition, habituation, energy, psychology, energy psychology, just to help the listeners on my website, which is really simple. Bruce Under belief change, I've got over 25 different modalities of energy psychology with a little paragraph describing each and access to a website. So you can see which one of those might be of interest to you. But the point about doesn't work. I can sit here saddened and absolutely say yes, 100% I wouldn't have been able to write my book. If I didn't change the belief system I was programmed with able to be on a honeymoon, when T eight years every day. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to reprogram the dysfunctional relationship that I got from my father. Seven years. And I say yeah, reprogramming empowers you. It's the program that can limit you. When you look at your life and you find limitations. It's not because God won't give it to you. But you won't give it to yourself because your program will prevent you from downloading that thing you want to manifest.

Alex Ferrari 54:45
You know, it's funny, I hear I've heard my audience tell me that they go to sleep, watching the show, or listening to this show a lot of times and now I understand what they're why it's affecting them the way it is.

Bruce Lipton 54:57
Yeah, because while the conscious mind is disconnected conscious mind is on. And whatever's coming in is a program such as your program. Now that's better than my brother who used to go to sleep with Fox News.

Alex Ferrari 55:14
I know, the world's coming to an end all the time. Bruce, lastly, I want to ask you with all this conversation about what we're talking about programming and non programming and changing your programming. How does this affect this spiritually? What is the purpose of all of this in our spiritual evolution?

Bruce Lipton 55:33
Man, I love that question. You know why? Because most of my life zero spirituality, Cell Biology, proteins, DNA, all these things? Yeah, that's a life and then it's definitely the chemistry is back in the dirt. And there you go. When I started to understand this was with the understanding of quantum physics, and then the understanding that no two people are the same. To the extent what I mean is we can exchange parts with each other. Because your cells have an identity marker on and that the immune system says, oh, yeah, that's our identity, you put somebody else's cells in there with a different set of markers and the immune system goes, who the hell is that? An immune system? We'll get rid of it. Okay, so the point about it is what the identity is based on a set of antennas called protein receptors. You have receptors, eyes, ears, nose, taste, thoughts, paying, okay, where are your receptors in your skin? I got exactly. The cell membrane, the skin has receptors, but the receptors are facing outwards. They're not facing inwards. I go, what what does that mean? On the surface of yourself, these antennas? I know, their antennas are called receptors receivers, I say what do they receive a signal that only you receive from the environment? No other person has the same signal because no two people share the same set of receptors. So the moment I say, Well, wait a minute, I can't exchange I can't put myself into your body hours, because my receptors are different than your receptors. What if I took those receptors off the self receptors and I go, well, then you have a generic cell that doesn't belong. It's a human cell. It doesn't belong to anybody, okay? Then I say, Well, what if I take Alex receptors off of his cell? Remove mine, and then put Aleksis receptors on my cell? It's not my cell anymore. It's Alex's cell, why? I put that cell back in my body immune system says not self put analysis body going? Yeah, that's us. Okay. Getting to the point of my transformation of my whole life. So I'm sitting there going, okay, so this receptors pick up an identity? Yes. I said, from what? It's an energy, it's a field. And I said, What's the field? Invisible moving forces influence the physical world? I go, what spirit, invisible moving forces that influence the physical world, I said, that signal that your self receptors are picking up, is coming from the field. And then I say, Now, here's the analogy. The body is like a television set. The cells have the antennas to what the Bruce show. And so Alex is watching the Bruce show here on the TV. But the point about it is if the TV breaks, we say the TV's dead. I go, yes, it is. No more, shall I go? Did the broadcast die? There's just no broadcast is still there. And television broke down the broadcast still there. Another embryo shows up with the same set of antennas that is on your cells. Your back in a different body. A new TV? Doesn't make a difference is male or female? Oh, no, that's a TV set. Doesn't make a difference of his wide red, brown, black, yellow. I don't know, as a TV set. You are the broadcast. We are all the broadcast. Our televisions are different. But we're all from the same place. The same broadcast. The moment I said, I said, Oh my Jesus, I can die. I'm not here. I'm the receiver of the show. And I thought, Oh, wow, that's really great. can't die. And then of course, the idea of reincarnation shows up right? The broadcast is still there, just waiting for a TV with the same set of antennas to show back up. I go whoa, wow, it is really good. And then this is a joke because it's real. It it was funny for me, is I begin to realize, oh my god, I have a spiritual existence. But when I'm in my body, I have a physical existence. And I asked myself a question, being the science guy who just awoke to the fact that I can die because I'm not in here. I asked myself this question. Well, then why have a body why not just be a spirit? And Allah says, When I found out I have Jewish comedian cells in my body, I go, What do you mean I go, I asked a question. Why have a body or spirit right now it's just the spirit, and 50 trillion Jewish comedian cells welled up with the answer in the form of a question. I asked a question the cells answered with a question. sounds sad this, Bruce, if you're just a spirit, what does chocolate taste like? Get the big picture, you realize all of the sensations that we experience, vision, sound, smell, taste, feeling love, pain, fear. Those are translations of this the virtual suit that is translated into an electromagnetic field sent back to source. And now all of a sudden says, Oh, my God, I came here to have experiences. Yes. That's why you got all these receptors. So you can experience things, love and stuff like that experience, fear, anger, you can fit all of those are all potential. So I got to conclude with this part, Alex, and that is this. So I said to myself, Oh, we came here to experience life. Personally, I recognize something that and a lot of males out there will recognize this. We were programmed not to be sensitive. To be sensitive. We I remember, as a kid, we used to hit you in the shoulder or something and say, I get flashed, you know, it's like, and you would have to be strong, you would get hit in the shoulder and say to yourself, I don't feel it. I don't feel it. Even though it's a pain. You're saying I don't feel so why you can look straight and go, I say that didn't bother me. I had no sensitivity to that. The reason why you cannot make a soldier out of someone who is sensitive, because they won't shoot. And then the women are not in that program. So what's the point? They can have all the sensitivity, they like, man, no, can't have that sensitivity, because that's, you're a weakling. You know, you gotta be strong, you got to be a soldier. So we lost sensitivity at that point. Okay, pressure, but that's why we're here. If you can't feel it, enjoy it, touch it, smell it, taste it and love it. And if you try it and it doesn't work, then don't do it again, just go for the ones that are really good. That's why you're here. But then came this part. But we're also creating our lives based on our experiences, our learning our intentions and our desires. And then I said, oh, oh, like a what?

People are program to believe that you go to heaven, after you die if you've lived a good life. What is what if think about this one? You were born into heaven? What do you mean? I said, this is where you came to create with a virtual reality soon, to help you do all that creation stuff to experience life manifests. I go, What the hell is heaven. That's a personal manifestation. You can tell me what you believe happiness. I said, Well, you can have it here. Now all of a sudden, it's like, oh my God, how many of us are waiting to enjoy our life because we'll just wait. And then when we die, we're going to get the reward. I go in missed it. You missed it. You came here. When people fall in love, it's one of the first times they ever touched the reality of what is called the honeymoon. I said what was the honeymoon? Your life is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you meet this person. You fall in love. 24 hours later. Life is like, Oh, man. Like, the food's great. The music's great. And you're so excited go blah, blah, blah, blah. 24 hours later. Like what? You know what it is? We talked about the matrix the movie that's the red pill and sciences recognize why we stopped thinking when we fall in love. We stay what is called mindful we stay present. What does that mean? Well, if you're not thinking you're not playing the program, I go oh my god. It's the first time you stop playing the damn program what you manifest heaven on earth. I go, it was here all the time.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:12
Well, as they say, as they say, Bruce, everybody wants to go to heaven, but just not right now.

Bruce Lipton 1:04:16
Well for the last 28 years, have been in that honeymoon with my partner, Margaret. And the idea is to leave this place. Are you kidding me? I just learned how to participate in it at the level of yeah, this is a place that creative friends.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:40
Bruce, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work that you're doing in the world?

Bruce Lipton 1:04:46
Um, my website, How simple is that? Everything we talked about their videos, audios downloaded articles. All this is free. It's a doorway, the key to take your power back. And when you take your power back, then you can also realize you can create heaven if that's what you want. And I do, and I love it. And I know you're touching it yourself, Alex, I'm a happy guy. And you came to this not by accident.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:21
Bruce, it has been such a pleasure and honor talking to you again, my friend, we have to have you back anytime. I'd love talking to you. And it always goes down different rabbit holes, no pun intended with the matrix. But, but I appreciate you my friend. Thank you for all the amazing work you're doing to awaken the planet, my friend. So thank you,

Bruce Lipton 1:05:36
Alex, I want to thank you because we're both doing the same thing, aren't we? And I acknowledge what you're doing. You're bringing that awareness and consciousness to a public in dire need of get your power back because the game is if you don't get your power back, you lost

Alex Ferrari 1:05:53
Appreciate you my friend.

Bruce Lipton 1:05:54
Thank you so much for the opportunity. Alex, I look forward to being with you again sometime. It's kind of fun.

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