The Universe is NOT REAL! How Quantum Physics Proves Reality Isn’t Locally Real | Brian Scott

In the boundless cosmos of our existence, there is a hidden layer, a dimension where our consciousness dances with the fabric of reality, shaping it, molding it, and bending it to our will. Today, we have the profound honor of welcoming Brian Scott, an author, metaphysical researcher, and guide who has explored these very dimensions. His book, The Reality Revolution, delves into the fascinating intersections of science, consciousness, and spirituality, providing insights and techniques for anyone looking to transform their reality.

Brian’s journey of transformation began with a life-altering near-death experience. During a home invasion, he was shot at, and miraculously, the bullet bounced off his back. Reflecting on this event, Brian shares, “I should have died. It was a miracle that I lived when that happened.” This harrowing encounter served as a catalyst for Brian, prompting a profound reevaluation of his life and setting him on a path of spiritual and metaphysical exploration.

Brian’s curiosity led him to the intriguing world of quantum mechanics. He explains, “The space that holds everything has intelligence.” This revelation challenges the conventional notion of empty space, suggesting instead that it is a living, conscious entity. Experiments such as the double-slit experiment demonstrate that light behaves differently when observed, collapsing from a wave of infinite probabilities into a single possibility. This discovery highlights the pivotal role of our consciousness in shaping the reality around us.

Building on these scientific insights, Brian delves into the concept of the multiverse—the idea that multiple, parallel realities exist simultaneously. He posits that through focused intention, we can navigate and shift between these realities. “Your focus and attention, you as an observer, affect the reality around you,” he asserts. By understanding and harnessing this ability, we can actively choose and create the life experiences we desire.


  1. Harnessing Consciousness: Our thoughts and intentions are powerful tools that shape the reality around us. By consistently focusing on positive outcomes and visualizing our desired reality, we can manifest those experiences.
  2. Navigating the Multiverse: The existence of multiple realities means that we have the potential to shift between them. Through conscious choices and actions, we can align ourselves with the reality we wish to experience.
  3. Meditation as a Key: Meditation is a vital practice for quieting the mind and accessing higher states of consciousness. In this stillness, we can connect with universal wisdom and align our subconscious with our goals.

Brian’s teachings emphasize the practical application of these concepts. He highlights the importance of meditation in reprogramming the subconscious mind. “In meditation, you start to distinguish these voices, you can tell these voices are perhaps from your relatives. Oftentimes, it’s a higher self. In most cases, it’s the Universal Mind,” he explains. Regular meditation enables us to tap into this inner guidance and make choices that lead to a fulfilling life.

One of the core ideas in The Reality Revolution is the ability to bend reality. By visualizing our desired outcomes and infusing them with strong emotions, we can shift into a reality where these outcomes manifest. “You can change what you believe deep down, that’s how you manipulate and change the subconscious,” Brian notes. This process requires consistent practice and a deep belief in the power of our consciousness.

In conclusion, Brian Scott’s journey from near-death to spiritual awakening is a profound exploration of the power of consciousness and the nature of reality. His insights encourage us to embrace our inner power, to meditate and connect with our higher selves, and to consciously create the lives we desire. By understanding and harnessing these principles, we can navigate the multiverse of possibilities and live a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Brian Scott.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 141

Brian Scott 0:00
This space is also not empty space or void. This space is a living conscious being that we're maneuvering through is the best way I can explain it. You don't have to necessarily believe that but this space that holds everything has intelligence.

Alex Ferrari 0:27
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I'd like to welcome to the show Brian Scott, man, how you doing Brian?

Brian Scott 1:04
Doing great!

Alex Ferrari 1:05
Thank you so much for coming on the show. Man. I appreciate what you've been doing over a long time now, with your show and your books and the information trying to get out there, man. So I appreciate you, man.

Brian Scott 1:17
I appreciate that as well. It's it's an honor to to be of service in any way that I can be.

Alex Ferrari 1:23
So my first question is, after doing research about you, there's like one line somewhere in one of your bios, it said that you had a near death experience. Is that true?

Brian Scott 1:33
It's true. And in my book, I told my story. It wasn't that I was dying, it was that I could have very easily died, I had a break in in my house that I was living in. And some some people shot at me. And the bullet bounced off my back. And so you know, after that I you know, my life sort of changed. I took a reevaluation of where I was and what my situation was, and as a result, you know, you see what you have now. I mean, I just don't I'm grateful for every breath that I should have died. It was a miracle that I lived when that happened.

Alex Ferrari 2:16
I mean, psychologically, man, how do you come back from something like that? Like, I mean, if you if you got bullets bouncing off of you. That's essentially what John Travolta and Samuel Jackson had, or at least just saying, oh, Jackson had that moment in Pulp Fiction. Exactly. It's the same thing, right?

Brian Scott 2:34
Yeah, it's the same thing. No, and I felt like, like, you know, how Samuel Jackson describes the end of Pulp Fiction, I felt like walking the land. You know, he talks about how kung fu just walks the land. That's what I felt like, at that point, you know, I'm just gonna go to, you know, and help people out. So essentially, I kind of did a virtual version of what the Samuel Jackson's talking about the end of that movie, right?

Alex Ferrari 2:57
That's crazy. And then that's when you began, that's when you wrote your book, and you started your podcast,

Brian Scott 3:03
I had been studying metaphysics. I know, trained in neuro linguistic programming for a long time. And so you know, I just been somebody that's sort of explored consciousness in a variety of different ways. But then I really felt like, I had been able to use some of these techniques and ideas to help my life out and help others out. And I felt like an obligation. You know, it was it was all wasted knowledge for me to have if I wasn't able to share it, and help others with it. And so that was that was my goal is like I have I have an opportunity with with the knowledge I've gained to help other people out. And that that was the primary impetus. That's what pushed me to that next level.

Alex Ferrari 3:47
So when you had that spiritual awakening, what was the path start? Where did you start your path? Or were you already kind of on the path? Well, prior to that near death experience, you you are completely off the path and this kind of puts you on it, but what was the first things you did you start reading books, did you how did you get on your path?

Brian Scott 4:04
I was definitely on the path at that point. But this would inspired me to take it to the next step. So you know, I had lost. I had my, my wife had left me a lot of my kids. I was struggling. I had been in a long term relationship. And it was it was hard for me and I was struggling, you know, I just had lost all hope and bills were going up and I was having to work 14 hours a day. It was It felt hopeless. It felt like there was really no way out of this. And I had, you know, every negative thing that you could imagine was happening to me. And I didn't really there was no way for me to get out of it except for myself. It was either, you know, jump off a building and give up or do something myself. I didn't have the means. I didn't have the finances or resources. So I took it upon myself to go within and change my consciousness and take responsibility that all the stuff that had happened to me had been a result of my own thinking. And so I embrace that it was hard for me to come to grips with all the terrible things that had happened to me being my own fault, because it's so much easier to say, oh, you know, this, this is not my fault. I had nothing to do with me. So once I started to take responsibility for this, I started to heavily meditate. And I started to experience shifts in my reality that were tangible, crazy shifts. And when when this happened after this happened, this near death experience. You know, when I got back I, the world was different, you know, there was objects in my house that were different, I found buildings nearby that had never been there, it felt like I had tangibly moved into a nether parallel reality. And that had been along the lines of what I had been researching with reality, Tran surfing and quantum jumping. Dr. Joe Dispenza. So I started to go back and sort of figure out a way that I had been meditating, to shift into other realities and started to teach this as for other people, teaching that you could choose the reality that you wanted to go into, essentially.

Alex Ferrari 6:23
So talk a little bit about that. Because what I love about your work is that you mix science with consciousness with spirituality, which was kind of personal growth, it's all kind of mixed in which is wonderful. Can you talk to people who don't understand quantum mechanics, which is not an easy subject to understand the basics of how quantum mechanics and quantum quantum physics has up ended? What we now believe is reality where it's kind of like when the atom was discovered, or like people were like, what's going on? Quantum physics is really up ended that in, in science, and the in, in the, in the world in general? So can you talk a little bit about how that has happened?

Brian Scott 7:07
Yeah, it's, it's fascinating to me, because this, I need to have the science I need to have an understanding, I'm, I'm not gonna, I was raised that way. When you look at what's been going on in physics, and really start to research it, it's not being discussed in the mainstream, but what they found with the double slit experiment with essentially shooting light through these double slits, and then observing the light, and then in not observing the light, they found that the light responds to the observation to the observer. And when it's not being observed, it's in a wave form, meaning that it carries the it's so they can, they can look at the effect of the light after it was observed or not. And they could see that light sort of acts within a field, that that becomes a wave form when it's not being observed. And what that means is that the light when it's not being observed, is just infinite probabilities. And then when the observer sees that light particle, it collapses into a single possibility. So then we start to research that and understand that the observer has an effect on light, we're constantly maneuvering and walking through light, light is all around us all the time. So our consciousness has a specific way of interacting with the reality around us. And so the many worlds theory, and a number of physicists took this experiment and the mechanics of the way that light works, and theorize that there are multiple, many worlds that exist at the same time, each and time each every each time that you make a decision. You split off into different realities, you either go get ice cream, or you don't. And it is my current belief. At more and more we understand this and the age that we're in, we're starting to become aware of these different realities. And we can start to become aware of them and shift into them by using our visualization. A lot of what you hear about in the secret is happening because of parallel realities. It's not that you're attracting a reality, you're just choosing a reality that already exists.

Alex Ferrari 9:21
The multiverse, it's the multiverse.

Brian Scott 9:23
It's the multiverse right. And so, you know, for some people, it makes it too complicated when you mentioned the multiverse and physics and stuff. The bottom line is your focus and attention you as an observer affects the reality around you. And you collapsed waveform states into realities, by your intention. And there are a lot of dynamics to this. There's because it's a constant ongoing thing that never stops. But the more we understand it, the more we can utilize this principle to maneuver into different experiences. In reality in our own life,

Alex Ferrari 10:02
What it sounds to me like with that explanation is that science is starting to catch up to what spirituality and gurus have been talking around for 1000s of years. I mean, a lot of these Yogi's a lot of you know, even even Jesus said things of this kind of idea. But people weren't ready to hear it at that time. And it seems like, you know, when we, I mean, yogi's have been talking about energy for forever about, we're all made up of energy, all this kind of stuff. And now we literally, with our microscopes went so far down into, into an atom where where we found when we got all the way to the inside of it, we're like, well, there's space between atoms. So what's in that space? It's just like, so it's, there's nothing solid, per se, as we perceive it, we perceive things as solid, but when you go into the microscopic world of it, it's their space, their space in between. So what's holding everything together, then? Is the question.

Brian Scott 10:59
And it's true. It's a fascinating question. Most of what is around us in the chair that you're sitting in, is just atoms that are vibrating, and most of that atom is just space. So the question is, what is the space, this space is also not empty space or void, this space is a living conscious being that we're maneuvering through is the best way I can explain it. You don't have to necessarily believe that. But this space that holds everything has intelligence, it has intelligence. And that's the best way that I can explain it, physicists are still trying to determine or identify or understand this dynamic.

Alex Ferrari 11:44
It's absolutely fascinating, because, you know, I was I was, I was reading some spiritual texts. The other day, a yogi yogi was write something that one of the yoga Yogi's wrote, and he basically was saying, this was like, over 100 years ago, about how you know, we are all made of atoms. And when we atoms don't die, they just get re brought into like, so when we die, our form dissolves, because our consciousness is now gone. Our soul if you lack of a better word is gone. So it goes back into the earth, it goes back into the soil, and then is created in a in a plant, and that plant is then eaten by an animal or eaten by a human, and it just keeps going and going and go. So it's constantly reforming based on the consciousness around it in many ways. And the obviously the constantly The Earth is obviously, its own consciousness, its own its own energy as well. But like, when it when a wolf eats, you know, a deer that ate a leaf, the atom just keeps going. And then you know, what I mean is it hurts the brain, it hurts, the brain

Brian Scott 12:53
It hurts the brain. But we can take it to another level, if you look at all the teachings, and you know, I have I have an episode called The Secret of the atom, some atoms are different than others. And so it's theorized some some mystery schools claim that there is a there is a dominant atom within your heart, the know whose atom that sort of controls all the atoms in your body, it's the thing that goes about gathering up all the atoms in your body and making the body that you have. And then once it leaves, it's still around that atom can go into another body, that there's one dominant atom that has been with you and all the different lifetimes that you've been in. That's one theory that I find very interesting. And all the other atoms are just sort of like slaves to that one atom, they do the bidding of that one atom. And then once that once you dissolve as a body, there's that single atom that will remain and it can do whatever it wants. And that's you.

Alex Ferrari 13:45
It isn't interesting that you know, we apparently, every seven years, we completely replace every cell in our body. Every seven years. I think it's every, the skin is so many years in the heart so many years. Yeah. So we're constantly replenishing and replacing ourselves, but yet we're still getting older, and yet we die. But if we're replenishing ourselves and rebuilt, what is causing the aging process, and we can get into the technical medical stuff of like, you know, the but in theory, if you had a strong enough and many of these spiritual leaders and Yogi's have been spoken about living couple 100 years, two or 300 years, some even living longer than that. Theoretically, it could possibly happen. Would you agree?

Brian Scott 14:34
I agree. I think that aging is is predominantly a program, very subtle and sophisticated. That's given to us from when we're born, that tells us you know, the how we're going to evolve and grow and die. And so it's so deeply seated, and it's on so many different levels. That we just we are falling trapped to that program. And sometimes we can get to a point where we can overcome that programming. And I think we will reach a point that we understand that aging is not just a natural process, that it's part of the programming because we are replacing ourselves, as you say, you know, I tell people that when they look at their past and they they regret their past, well, that's a different person. Different body cells is not even you.

Alex Ferrari 15:22
So, right, yeah, all the all the knucklehead stuff I did when I was a teenager, it doesn't matter. That's a whole other person. I mean, I wouldn't mind his metabolism, but to say the least. Now, with all of this talk that we're talking about here, with quantum mechanics and different realities, what can you tell the audience about bending reality in your own world, because we are everything around us is based on our consciousness is based on our perspective, our focus. So what can we do to start to bend reality into the way we want to, and as I say these things, the only thing that keeps popping up in my head is the matrix. And we're all Neo in the Matrix starting to understand how to manipulate the code, to do what we want to do within it within the in the matrix, if that's a good analogy,

Brian Scott 16:14
The matrix is a great metaphor for what we're experiencing, which is essentially an illusion, we are experiencing an illusion. And the more that we understand it, we understand that everything in that illusion is us. Even the people that we are all one we're all the same being. But for us to bend and maneuver through realities, the primary idea is that whatever you place energy upon, whatever you focus upon, is what you move towards, in your reality. So it's just a matter of, a lot of people will experience their present is just a result of all the past, the past is constantly creating for them all the time. So if you sit down and start to visualize your future, and you magnetize, that visualization with feelings that are related to those visualizations, you will find yourself moving through a bridge of incidents that take you into a place that aligns with that vision, if you continue to do it. Now, you can sit for a couple minutes and visualize and focus on something, but then spend the rest of your day focusing on the opposite. So it's really about what you think about most of the time, 51% of the time, the world that you're constantly believing in and moving towards is the move is the world that you're creating, your thoughts are creative, the environment around you, every little thing that you see you created on a subconscious or conscious level. And taking an active role in this creation process is a big deal. Most of the time, what we're trying to, we're realizing that a lot of what we see in our reality is unconsciously created from programs that we've had in our past, all the way up to our present time, now that we're aware of it, we can start to consciously create, and become aware of those unconscious programs and change them. And you know, a lot of you know, you're gonna have people that are watching this, they're gonna say, I don't believe it. I've been trying, and I've been visualizing this, it doesn't work that is absolutely expected and natural and normal. And I tell you to test it out, test it out, there's different techniques that you can do that you can start to see reality. The primary thing in bending reality is understanding the subconscious mind. And so oftentimes, you'll have great success if you can do this prior to sleep, when you have contact with your subconscious. If you start to visualize it, imagine a world not as being separate from you from as actually happening. Now, the the reality sources tries to says what this is not really happening now. But he's imagining that it is the reality starts to bend itself to maneuver and align itself. So it's consistent with what you're imagining. So there's a lot of different ways and techniques to do that. It's not difficult and hard. It can be done in five to 10 minutes before you go to sleep. And then regularly affirming and seeing this reality around you acting as if it's true. In a waking state.

Alex Ferrari 19:17
Can you you mentioned the subconscious and it's something that I learned about years ago about the power of our subconscious and what it basically runs the show and so many ways in our day to day, our day to day world is is I would say 90% Run by our subconscious and maybe 10% is actively run by what we're thinking about and doing because we're breathing we're moving and and people were like, I don't believe you. I'm like, Well, have you ever driven somewhere and all of a sudden you get to your place you're like you've completely forgot how you even got there. That was the subconscious driving it. It's, I mean, it's happened so many times. So can you dive in a little bit about the subconscious the power of the subconscious and how we can Use that subconscious to, to train it to plant seeds into it. So we can start moving ourselves in the direction we want to go.

Brian Scott 20:08
Think about how amazing the subconscious is how many times your heartbeat, how many times you breathe, how many times you blink your eyes, and you don't even think about it. It's an amazing program better than any computer that we've had. It's keeping you alive, it's regulating all the different parts of your body, doing all of these amazing things, it is a powerhouse, there's a reason we have our subconscious, because we don't want to consciously blink and breathe in our heart, it would be it'd be annoying, we don't want to beat our heart, we want our subconscious program, this same subconscious is also connected to so much more outside of the body. It's connected to a universal mind. So in order, the subconscious is just like a computer program, so the so in order for you to change it, you need to change the program. And so oftentimes, it's it will do as you desire, what you think is true, what you feel, is actually true. And so you have to go about tricking the subconscious at the beginning, by putting yourself into states that are more consistent with the reality that you want to that you want to have, that you can also change the subconscious through affirmation, but not just vain repetition, affirmation that you feel that is significant, that is powerful. On a regular basis, imagining having imaginary events, conversations, situations come up on a regular basis. Really the best person that is most powerful in adjusting the subconscious, so that you actually change the reality is the actor, the actor that can walk around your house, that is a you know, 500 square foot, you know, trash pad that you live in. And imagine that you're walking around in a mansion. Now that sounds like the make believe that we did as kids, but we were pretty powerful as kids, we could make believe that we're and we would, and it was easy for us. But if you can make believe the reality that you want to live in, is happening now, on a regular basis, you sort of trick the subconscious. And the subconscious looks out and says Wait, this is only a 500 square foot, but yours supposed to be in a mansion. So I'm going to start grabbing other events and doing other things to put you into that mansion that you want to live in. It's a bizarre thing. But it's the truth, if you can change what you believe deep down, that's how you manipulate and change the conscious the subconscious. For some people that's hard. A lot of our programming that we have that we react in the way we act in the world is based on on decades of stuff that our parents told us TV shows that we've watched. So for me to get up and say I'm gonna sit for 20 minutes and do an affirmation that's going to change what we're trying to think changes all this programming. So if we can amplify our feelings, and continue to do it on a regular basis, we do reach a tipping point where the subconscious says, Okay, I've changed the program. So everybody's a little different. Some people are really good at it. So people can just change the subconscious. If you study hypnosis, there are some ways that you can start to change your programming very effectively and powerfully using language and other things. If you study neuro linguistic programming and other things. For some people, they don't have access to that or they don't understand it. So the best thing to do is just repetition on a regular basis. That's feeling oriented, that goes beyond just repetition, and primarily doing it in deep meditation, or sleep when you're in a state that's closer to your subconscious mind.

Alex Ferrari 24:00
Now, I found this to be a true statement. And please let me know what you think about it with the unconscious mind subconscious mind so powerful. But I heard once and I feel it's so true, that the subconscious mind doesn't care about your dreams. It cares about keeping you safe, it keeps about keeping you from the tiger around the corner eating you that's why it likes to keep you in boxes in the things that it knows the second you try to move out of its comfort zone. That's why we get pushed back. So it's like you want to go to the gym. This is that new, this might be dangerous, blah, blah, blah. And it keeps you stop, stop, you know stopping in your life and you keeps you stuck in where you are. Do you find that that is the truth? And if you do, what can we do to start breaking through those barriers at the subconscious, which is so powerful, keep you in boxes for decades without you even knowing about it, which happened to me. One of my bad things until I finally just go, Oh, this is why it's been going on and then The second I did that, I'm like, Nope, I got to reprogram myself, I got to change the groove in the record, I gotta move out. And then it'll, it'll get used to, because what was scary once becomes the new norm. So you start going to the gym after two or three months, the gym is the new norm, I got to go to the gym, as opposed to those first few weeks, or I got to eat differently, or I got to build, I'm using those as example. But I'd love to hear what you think

Brian Scott 25:22
What we have built in genetic programming that has been built in through us through millions of years, that is all designed around protection, you know, protects us from the fire from the snake. We have natural instincts that are built in, that are a part of our genetic programming as part of being human that in for most cases allowed us to survive up to this point. But we can move beyond this programming. It's a root chakra level, when you open the Root Chakra, and you feel safe in your environment. And, and that's when you are able to start changing that programming, a lot of what happens is it's a it's a fear response that happens with the amygdala, and a lot of cases. And so you can you can change that in a variety of ways. The biggest thing is to feel rooted, to feel safe, and do root chakra work a lot of times for me, helped me to feel safe, opening up the red Ray energy, but more importantly, doing the same things, the affirmations. But a lot of times people don't even aren't even aware that that's what they're doing that it's a survival instinct that's kicking in. So the one of the biggest things is just an awareness that you're you're dealing with a survival instinct, because the toughest thing with that is you're changing a reaction and immediate reaction. Oftentimes, we later on, we look at it and say, Oh, that's we it's not really it's pretty safe. But our immediate reaction is the one that says it's scary right now. And so we're training ourselves almost like a martial art, to react, that the world is safe, to confirm that everything's working to our advantage, to start changing the world, our view of the world around us. And that's a part of the programming that you're doing on a regular basis, part of the affirmations a part of the information that you're bringing in, that's a little bit different for everybody, because it's tough to say, you know, you know, a lot of people might be struggling with their job or, and they're going to always be scared. In that lower level of being concerned and protected, it's tough, when you got your next paycheck coming up, and you don't know what you're going to do, you're always going to be naturally there. So it takes a little bit of programming and being aware that you are powerful that you have the power to change your instincts, your reactions, and affirming that safety, and protection, the more you do it, you'll start to see it in the world around you. But it's an ongoing thing. I think everybody's struggling with it. Even the best people are struggling with that because we're stuck in a body that has that as a permanent program in order to protect us. And so overcoming can't can be difficult. And sometimes those fears and things are helpful, we're not abandoning them altogether. But we're trying to understand the ones that are distortions, and, and fix those.

Alex Ferrari 28:21
So there's another thing in regards to the subconscious mind and that program you've been talking about is the negative bias, which, when I first discovered it years ago, I was like, Oh, this makes all the sense in the world. And I think if people listening can understand what's going on. Maybe that's why they look at the world the way they do. Is that fair, I think it's a think Harvard did a study or something like that for every 10 things that we see. Or think about nine of them is negative and one of them is positive. We are programmed to think negatively, again, as a survival instinct. And that creates that creates the world that we live in. So do you haven't do agree with that? And also, do you have any advice on how you can break free from that?

Brian Scott 29:05
I absolutely agree with it. And the only way I've been able to break through is through regular meditation and use of affirmation, imagining a reality where that's not true, affirming that I'm safe that the world is working to my advantage that everything's working perfectly, that everything is working at ease, continually affirming that and then when things come up, that you react to with a negative bias, being able to look back on it and observe your actions, you eventually reach a point where you become a sort of neutral observer to your own behavior and actions. That's what happens with regular meditation, consciousness, you know, techniques and behaviors. The key is that you're able to step back and view yourself almost like a third person, monitoring your thoughts and actions. When you reach that point. It's super easy to transcend those programs. But the first step, as we said before, is an awareness that this is even a problem. Most of the people I meet, don't even know that they're acting that way, or they're responding to this programming. But once you know, you're going to find all kinds of ways to change and adjust it, things will come to you to adjust it. The things that have worked for me is affirmation meditation, on a regular basis, those are the things that have worked for me.

Alex Ferrari 30:26
Now, I know you're a meditation instructor as well. And I've been a heavy meditator for many years now. And I know what it's done in my life. And I've spoken about it multiple times on the show. But I'd love to hear from a almost a more practical scientific route, from your experience. What is it about meditation that opens us up more into our consciousness allows us to break through a lot of these programmings programs and things like that, just some, what is it that people can like, hang their hat on? If you're going to tell people meditate? And this is the reason why. And this is what's going to happen to you, can you explain it and articulate it in some way,

Brian Scott 31:07
We'll just take a moment to monitor the way that your mind works, when you're not meditating. You have all these crazy thoughts that are coming through. And sometimes it can feel like it's out of control, you have anxieties that come up, just the way that the society has crafted us into thinking. So something wonderful happens if you can take a couple of minutes and go into silence. And you start to realize that the thoughts that you're having are not really you. It's a big thing to learn that the and so once you go into the silence, those insignificant irrelevant thoughts go away, and a greater wisdom comes through. something wonderful happens in the silence. The best way I can describe it, you've ever you've always you've had that friend, that you know you love them, but they they do all the talking and you can't say anything, you know, like you they'll do all the talking. And then you know, and they're just they talk, talk talk, you're that friend, right? When most of the time you're the one thinking and doing the talking, but if you can just stop for a second. And listen. Amazing things will be told to you and whispered through this, the subconscious is connected to a universal consciousness. And this universal consciousness is there and accessible in of meditative state. And if you are able to let go of the pattern of the monkey mind and all the thoughts that are going through, beneath it, and outside of it, is this voice that is always right, that is always smart, that is wise that can guide you in more than words and things. So if you came, if you encountered God, suddenly, wouldn't you be disappointed if you're the one that did all the talking, and then you left? If you had a second? If you could just spend a couple of seconds and listen to what God might have to say to you imagine it would be wonderful, right? So that's the thing that meditation, prayer is me praying to God or praying to the universe. But meditation is me listening. And so a lot of times, we're not aware that if we listen, we think that's our own thoughts. As we meditate more and more, we start to distinguish where this thoughts coming from, if that thought is mine, what it is and how it's important. And there's, there's something wonderful that starts to happen in that silence that you have, and it doesn't take long. You can even do it for a couple of minutes a day. Scientifically, if you're talking about scientifically, it will change your brainwave pattern so that you move from the standard beta and high levels of alpha, which your mind is not as effective in a laboratory setting. When you move into certain levels of alpha and theta, and start functioning at a different brainwave setting, you're able to remember more, you're able to be more efficient, you're able to get a lot more things done. And so Scientifically speaking, just that little bit of time that you spend in silence or in transcendental meditation, repeating a phrase or word, a meaningless word over and over again, can put your mind into that state, then suddenly you have these huge advantages. We're all gods. We're super beings, we have these amazing abilities. We're psychic, I believe we're telekinetic. We can do all these amazing things. The reason we don't is that we're stuck in this this level of consciousness, where we're battling the thoughts that we hear all around us in our monkey mind, and we're not able to go to that place where all those abilities exist, which is in a different level of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 35:00
When and I'd love to hear your thought on this. When you're saying that you go into that quiet space and you hear a voice, you hear the information the guide, is it your higher self? Is it? Or is it your guides? Is it God? Is it you know, old relatives talking? What what is that intelligence coming in from? Is it connecting to your own Higher Self, or to the other things, as I said,

Brian Scott 35:26
I believe as you as you meditate more, you're able to distinguish that I can tell when my higher at the beginning, you just know there's something different. And the more and more you meditate, you're able start to distinguish these voices, you can tell these voices are perhaps from your relatives. Oftentimes, it's a higher self. In most cases, it's the Universal Mind, which is God speaking through you, God is inside of you. And God is just waiting to help speak with God's been there the whole time, God's not some being in a, you know, in a chair with a long gray beard millions of miles away, God's within you, and God's been watching all along, hanging out with you all along. And that is, the voice you start to hear is that voice. The higher self is it's a whole other thing. You know, in the log one, as I studied, the higher and higher self is a aspect of you, that is billions or millions of years in the future, that is aware of all the possible different realities that you can maneuver through. And so it's this entity that you can access. So to me, I can access the higher self, but the entity I'm accessing in meditation is even more than that higher self. It's a universal intelligence, the Universal Mind God. But I've gotten better as I meditate in distinguishing these voices, somebody that's learning to meditate might hear these voices. As you continue, you're able to understand and all of them, my answer to your question is that you'll hear all those voices. And the more you meditate, you can start to distinguish and clarify what they are and where they're coming from.

Alex Ferrari 37:10
I mean, I've found that in when people listening, it's, it's sometimes it might be a voice. But a lot of times it's a feeling,

Brian Scott 37:18
Exactly, it's not just an audible voice that you hear it's a feeling and energy that comes through the words beyond words, it's

Alex Ferrari 37:27
It goes beyond language, it goes beyond it, there's, it's it's, you know, I've heard of a lot of, I've had a lot of near death experiences on the show. And what they say when they're on the other side is that there's an intelligence, you don't hear voice, and it's beyond language, but you understand it all coming through. And when you're meditating, it seems that that's what's happening, especially when you go deep, and you're very experienced meditator. And, and it takes years to get to this place. It doesn't happen overnight, generally speaking. But there's this knowing that comes through, that is not a voice. And it's not language, because language is just very primitive. You know, there's, it's extremely primitive in English, or, you know, I mean, Sanskrit was one of the most perfect languages ever created, and we can't even speak it nowadays. And all this kind of stuff. But, you know, when people ask me, like, what do you feel when you're in, in this deep meditation, I go, the only word that even comes remarkably close to it is bliss. It's the only word that even scratches the surface, but it still doesn't encompass it. Because there's so many things going on. When you go into a deep, you know, and you're in there for maybe two hours, three hours. And you're just, there's just this deep connection, and warmth and love, and there's so many. But again, it took me a long time to get to this place. Yeah. And I imagine it was the same for you.

Brian Scott 39:02
Yeah, absolutely. And that and that it bliss is the perfect love. It's just this thing, this energy of sometimes you'll hear your voice. Some people seem to be clear audience where they can hear voices, sometimes you'll get a hunch, you'll get a feeling. But it is a it's an intelligence. Right? It's an intelligence that is not outside of you, that is a part of you that you are accessing. For the scientists that doesn't believe in God. Believe that you have a level of intelligence that's genetically programmed into your cells in mind that you can access when going into that silence. You can believe that you don't have to believe in, in, in God, I do. But that for the scientists that doesn't you can still get something out of the meditation because something really amazing happens when you work on actively silencing your mind now, when I do I do a ton of meditations on my channel and not all of them are About Silence. You know, for a lot of people meditation is not very fun. And so I tried to make meditation fun. You can actively imagine things in your, in your meditations, you can use affirmation in your meditations, you know, there's hundreds of different kinds of meditations, the primary one to begin with it just entering into the silence. But there's so much more that that goes beyond that.

Alex Ferrari 40:24
Yeah, without question without it, you know, we talking about parallel realities, and being able to jump back and forth, I really want to kind of dig into that a little bit, because it's the first time I've ever heard this concept of I understand the multiverse I understand. I don't understand the multiverse, I grasp the concept of the murder, multiverse, and having infinite you know, outcomes, you know, did if I would have dated that girl, what would have happened if I would have, you know, this happened or that I've took that job, all these kind of things. And there's, there's actually some movies coming out about that specifically, like, I think there's a movie on Netflix that's out or about to come out,

Brian Scott 41:04
Hundreds of movies.

Alex Ferrari 41:06
But there's just one right now that was so specific, like, they literally take two roads? What if I would have kept the baby? What if I would have not gotten pregnant? What if I got pregnant and their lives and how like one one more career oriented? Well, we're more family oriented. And it's the same character. And it's fascinating to see that. But I've noticed that there's been more and more of these movies coming into the zeitgeist, it's something that the the, the the the society is starting to understand and accept these ideas more and more like the multiverse and, and all of that the matrix, I think, was the one that kind of kicked the door down a lot with this kind of stuff. So can we dive in a little bit in regards to how you can maneuver or kind of hack into? Or is it called Conscious surfing or consciously surfing it

Brian Scott 42:01
With all kinds of words for me. So the bottom line is, we're constantly shifting through the multiverse on a regular basis, you're constantly moving through different realities, you're just not aware of it. You don't go and ask your girlfriend Do you remember when we had dinner that one time because maybe you didn't, you know, you don't go and ask her that she might have experienced other stuff. So especially in this environment, I believe that the Earth is changing, the nature of the light that we are accessing is changing. And so there is a multi dimensional consciousness that is much more there's much more prevalent than before. And so you might not be aware of it when you start meditating and becoming consciously aware of it, then you can start manipulating and understanding it. I believe that I meant you might be referring to reality, Tran surfing. It's a book written by Vadim Zealand, that explores shifting through the multiverse through a number of different techniques and talks about the dynamics and modalities of that there's been some amazing authors that have talked about this. Cynthia Sue Larson talks about quantum jumping, Frederick Dotson talks about parallel universes of self. And it's, I'm fascinated by all of it. In my own experience, you can shift consciously into other universes. Through a meditative technique that I call quantum jumping, there's a couple of ways that you can do it, you can in meditation, you can meet your you can meet your twin self, and maybe a version of you that's super wealthy, and then you go, and you can meet them, talk to them, get to know their world, integrate with their knowledge, come back, and it sort of shifts you, you can also shift into that person's world, take over their body. And slowly there's a bridge of innocence that's pulls you into that timeline. The primary thing scientifically, when they look at an atom, that jumps doesn't just slide over when when quantum particle moves, it jumps after a burst of energy. So in my meditations, you know, try to create a burst of energy, I'll do a Qigong exercises before, and then I'll do, you know, a breathing technique, and then I'll feel myself jump into a reality and by using those particular techniques, more on a regular basis, you know, people report having shifts, I have found that, you know, if I have I have so many shifts happening. If I really focus on them, there's some portion of my higher self that stops the shifts from happening. So I'm open I'm open to having the shifts, they're not scary to me. But you know, you've lost items, and then came back and it was in the exact spot you looked at, right? That's, that's one of the early examples. You know, recently I had my neighbors they they had a 10 Your old kid that's popped up, like, they did not have a 10 year old kid. I've been over there, and I've hung out with them. They did not have a 10 year old kid. Now it's just and my wife's like, yeah, they've always had you know what? No, they did not. You know, you look up different names for movies, different lines in movies, usually, it's very subtle changes, since the Is this the Mandela effect, the Mandela Effect is absolutely a part of it. That's just your own consciousness aware of the shift. Some people are still not aware, when they're shifting, their memory slowly starts to merge with the other memory and they're fine. As you start to meditate and are aware of it, you carry some of the memories from the other realities, the ongoing dynamics of this are constantly changing, we're still learning the aspects of it. And there are people that are still talking about it. But in my own experience, the quantum jump works. And when doing regular quantum jumps, you start to imagine the reality that you want, you start to imagine what it is about it that you want, you start living in that reality, you sleep in that reality, and you do energetic techniques to push yourself into that reality. And walk around in that reality. When you do that, you start to see that reality happen. Some people do that, and they get scared, you know, they've had very, very dramatic shifts, or they're in different houses, or they have different cars, and they can't handle it. I'm opening embrace these shifts and changes. And the more I do, the more I see these shifts and changes happening. Vadim Zealand calls it the mirror makers, it's like, you don't want to, it's like the universe is changing. And there's some aspect of it, that doesn't want you to know.

Once you become aware of it, then it seems to change. I know that sounds crazy. But for most people, most people are doing it unconsciously just shifting through realities. They get super angry, they get super angry, and they have a big fight and a lot of energy is expended. And then a sequence of events, puts them in a different reality that's corresponding to that big energy burst that they had. So using that understanding one thing I like to do it like in the morning, I get super excited about something totally insignificant. Something wonderful is happening, I get excited about my coffee, then I see a sequence of events later in the day that is pulled me into that timeline. You're, you're not going into a parallel reality, and then they're there forever. You're constantly maneuvering like water in between these realities. And the idea is to get into a stream of reality, and you want to stay there, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 47:37
Yes. So it's kind of like if I may use because the head starts to hurt. There's no question as we keep going down this road. It's kind of like, in this morning, I woke up and there's literally 1000 Let's say, for lack of a better number of outcomes of me walking out the door. Right? And where am I consciousness goes, I can focus it on being something that takes me down the path of becoming wealthy, finding love becoming more spiritually enlightened, whatever those those movements are, and it kind of takes you into those realities. But as I'm walking through, let's say, the spiritually enlightened path today there is a version of me who is going down the physical instinctual path primal primal path, as well. And and sometimes you can jump back and forth between those realities, if that makes any sense. That's correct. So with the Mandela Effect, which I find fascinating, I did learn a lot about the Mandela Effect years ago and the one that always gets me there's a couple of examples of the Mandela effect that just in for for people under never heard of it. To my understanding the Mandela Effect is kind of that thing that there's a shift in the reality. I don't remember exactly how it got the term Mandela, I think, had something to do with a soccer game or the Olympics or

Brian Scott 49:02
Nelson Mandela had died and he was still alive. And why realities people said, Remember to Nelson Mandela, funeral, and he was still alive, right? So

Alex Ferrari 49:11
Right. So the ones that always get me our products and things that we remember as run up, so I always remember Jiffy peanut butter. But there's never been a jiffy peanut butter. It's right. Yes. Peanut butter, like Jeff, but I remember Jiffy. And there's it's not the Berenstein Bears. It's actually the Berenstain Bears, which is impossible, which is it boasts bears the embarrassed it's always been the bears. But if you look up right now Berenstein Bears not Berenstein it's Berenstain Bears. So these are these little examples. You know, KitKat never had a dash between the logo and just sits like that. I remember at that. And you can there's so many you just go down the rabbit hole of the Mandela Effect online. And there's just hundreds of examples of things. and movies. So like, oh, wow, what was the good one? Oh, Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. Right. That's what I remember when I saw it right. Yeah, that's, that's the line in the movie is if you build it he will come,

Brian Scott 50:19
Which is impossible. There's no way it's happening. And my theory is on the Mandela effect that is a group level change. Yeah, right. You're individually changing through these different branches of reality, but then there's some sort of event or something that happened that caused a conscious change for a large chunk of people, a group change, perhaps the whole planet. So maybe half the planet went to one and one half the planet went to another. And that that is my theory why we have that book. Yeah, it's I wanted to you know, the Publishers Clearing House, you know, that that whole thing in there so much. Ed McMahon was never a part of the Publishers Clearing House. Of course, it was no no he wasn't. No man was never people you think that had big man was the advocate for Publishers Clearing House he was he was I saw he wasn't. He wasn't there's another one that he was, I think a part of but he'd never all he was never part of Publishers Clearing House. Right? It was never part of Publishers Clearing House, right? Oh, Jesus

Alex Ferrari 51:23
Christ. You gotta be kidding me. Right. So I've never heard of that

Brian Scott 51:27
Something is happening. Obviously, maybe it's not. It's we're in a matrix like simulation. It's very possible, oh, the most important thing is all that doesn't matter. Our consciousness is playing a role in the way we create our reality. That's the bottom line. And you don't have to believe in parallel realities. But you can't look at your life, whoever's listening to this right now. And you can't say it's all random. No, you created everything, everything that's happened to you, it's all you. And if you can, some people that's really hard to come to grips with, because there's no way they would accept that,

Alex Ferrari 52:05
Right! Because if all this bad stuff has happened to me, you tell me, I brought the car accident to me. But you did.

Brian Scott 52:14
And if you if you can embrace that, it's a good thing. Because that means that you have control to change it, you have the control to change it. So you it's undeniable, look at all the stuff that's happened in your life, it's undeniable that you caused it that you're responsible for it. But that's great, because right now, that means that you can do anything, anything's possible. If you take this by the reins and embrace this idea, you now have the power to enter into the most amazing realities, it's all you you can do it, you are the the one that can choose. We're just tourists moving through this multiverse. And we can choose whatever reality that we want.

Alex Ferrari 52:53
And, you know, according to the sages, the ancient sages, you know, the concept of vibration, and a concept of lower vibration, higher vibration, and you attract, like attracts like, in so many ways. So as you rise, raise your vibration, you attract those kinds of people, those kinds of situations, those kinds of things into your life. But if you're in a lower vibration, I always love using the example of my cousin. Years ago, when we were younger, he would go clubbing. And every single time he'd go clubbing, he got into a fistfight every single time, right. And anytime I went, I never got into a fistfight ever in a club. And he would go man, every single time I go out, man, I just start throwing I just start throwing arm throwing fists, and I go, Dude, how many times is that because it happens almost every night that I go out to a club, I go, Dude, I have to tell you something. Maybe it's you. And even at that level is like he was actively looking for it. Maybe on a subconscious level.

Brian Scott 53:53
Same thing, you know, it that takes me to the teaching, it's more than just a parallel reality. The world around you is a reflection of what's inside. It's a mere reflection, a three dimensional reflection of what's inside. So I have a friend, he's always angry. Whenever he goes out. He's always getting into fights. He gets a new job, and the people are fighting with him at his job. And he's like, Brian, I don't understand why does everyone fight me? It's It's you. It's you're reflecting an anger on the world and people are gonna want to fight you. It's just what you're reflecting. It's the vibration that you're reflecting. So it's a big realization you know, I'm sure there's somebody listening to this right now that is similar. I every time I go that's a classic case. You know what I mean? And why is it people want to fight me?

Alex Ferrari 54:39
Right! Or like you know, you know, I've met girls who are like, I'll kind of only ever date or losers I'll ever data right asses are people who take who you know, don't take care of me who don't love me who cheat on me. And after like five or six of them, you just gotta go. Honey. In my I mean, you're the common denominator. neater, you know. And same for James. I mean, I dated a whole bunch of frogs for a long time, you know that? Did you just like, well, you know what, at a certain point, maybe it's me, maybe I'm attracting this at a subconscious level at an energetic level. But when I shifted my energy, over a quarter, of course of a couple years, my wife showed up like that it was fascinating. It was fascinating, just, and she just was there. I'm like, oh, where have you been? And then, you know, we've been happy ever since. So it's just really, it's just a really interesting thing. And, again, going through my own life, I've seen it happen, because I remember where I was almost bankrupt. And I was at the darkest point of my my life. And you start looking at how I was feeling at that time. And I wasn't happy go lucky. I wasn't thinking about positive things. It was just negative, negative, negative, negative, and it just kept built, the more negative you got, the more negative things gotten, it was just kind of a compounding effect. But the moment I shifted, because, you know, at that moment, I think I've said this on the show before, but I yelled out to the universe to God, I go, Look, I want to pay my debt, guys. But if you're not going to help me, I'm gonna sign these papers, but it's got to protect myself. And the next day, I got a call for a job. And then I was able to get myself out of debt and build my my life back up after that. But it was a shift of mindset. And it's shift of energy and shift of view of reality, because it was literally a shift of reality over the course of a few months. It's pretty, it was pretty magical.

Brian Scott 56:36
It is when it when it happens like that it is magical. And I That's why I wrote the book, I just want everybody to understand the magic that's available to them, no matter what their situation that they're in right now. It's a tangible, changeable simulation, right now, you can go into the matrix, and you can change what you see around you by what you have going on inside and don't take my word for it. Try it out.

Alex Ferrari 57:04
And tell me tell me lit up, tell me a little bit about your book, and where we can get it.

Brian Scott 57:08
The reality revolution, the mind blowing movement to hacker reality, it's just on Amazon. So it'll tell my story, what I went through and I talked about shifting through realities and different techniques that I found.

Alex Ferrari 57:20
So I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all of my guests. What is your definition of a good life?

Brian Scott 57:28
Being of service to the most people that I can possibly be giving happiness and joy to the most people that I can't

Alex Ferrari 57:36
What is your personal mission in life?

Brian Scott 57:39
Same my personal mission is now to be of service to the greatest number of people that I can with the time I have left.

Alex Ferrari 57:47
And where can where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing sir, and your show as well?

Brian Scott 57:53
Brian Scott on YouTube, just look up Brian Scott, you'll find me.

Alex Ferrari 57:57
Brian you got amazing shows my friend. Listen, thank you so much for coming on show. This is fascinating we can

Brian Scott 58:01
Thank you brother.

Alex Ferrari 58:01
A few other few other hours or so. My brain hurts but in a good way. So I appreciate you coming on man. Thank you for doing the work that you're doing and helping the world out as much as you can my friend so I appreciate you.

Brian Scott 58:14
Thank you!

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