Clinically DEAD Man Shown in NDE the FUTURE of HUMANITY! Will Leave You SPEECHLESS with Bill Tortorella

Life has a way of unfolding in the most unexpected and profound ways. On this episode, we welcome Bill Tortorella, a man whose near-death experience (NDE) has offered him extraordinary insights into the nature of life, death, and the divine. Bill Tortorella’s journey from Brooklyn to a heavenly realm is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of divine love.

Bill Tortorella grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1950s, surrounded by a vibrant and close-knit community. His early life was marked by memorable experiences, such as watching baseball games at Ebbets Field and mingling with legendary players like Sandy Koufax. Despite his happy childhood, Bill faced significant challenges, including the tragic death of his older brother Peter from cancer, which deeply influenced his spiritual development.

Bill’s spiritual journey took a dramatic turn in 1994 during a business trip to Tucson, Arizona. While attending the largest gem and mineral show in the world, he contracted a severe virus that led to a life-threatening condition. One night, as he lay in his hotel room struggling to breathe, he experienced an NDE that would change his life forever.

As Bill describes it, he left his body in a beautiful, glowing, fluorescent green mist, hovering over himself and realizing that his physical body was no longer alive. He was then drawn into a magnificent tunnel of light, filled with colors and an overwhelming sense of love and protection. “I almost felt like I was being cradled, like if you were a child or an infant,” he recalls. This journey led him to a heavenly realm where he was surrounded by spirits he recognized as family and friends.

In this divine realm, Bill encountered his brother Peter and a guide named Antonia, who revealed that Bill had three guides watching over him. He was taken through a life review, experiencing both the good and the bad moments of his life. The review was intense, especially when he felt the pain he had caused others. This part of the experience was a powerful lesson in empathy and the impact of his actions on others.

One of the most significant revelations during Bill’s NDE was the concept of life’s interconnectedness and the importance of our choices. He was shown the “Hall of Events,” a place where he witnessed major historical events and their impact on humanity. This profound understanding of our collective journey emphasized the power of unity and the need for humanity to come together.


  1. The Power of Divine Love: Bill’s experience highlights the transformative power of divine love. His journey through the tunnel of light and his encounters with spiritual beings emphasize that love is the fundamental essence of existence.
  2. Interconnectedness of Life: The Hall of Events showed Bill how deeply interconnected we all are. Our actions have far-reaching consequences, and understanding this interconnectedness can inspire us to live more compassionately.
  3. The Importance of Choices: Bill’s life review underscored the significance of our choices. Each decision shapes our spiritual growth and impacts the world around us. By making choices aligned with love and compassion, we contribute to a more harmonious existence.

Bill’s NDE also included a glimpse into possible future outcomes for humanity. He saw two distinct paths: one leading to a utopian world of peace and love, and the other to a dystopian reality of conflict and survival. This vision serves as a powerful reminder that the future is shaped by our collective choices and the importance of striving for unity and understanding.

Returning to his body was not easy for Bill, as he felt deeply connected to the divine realm. However, he understood that his journey was not yet complete, and he had a mission to share his insights and help others on their spiritual paths.

Please enjoy my conversation with Bill Tortorella.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 343

Bill Tortorella 0:00
As I left my body, I see myself leaving my body in this beautiful, glowing fluorescent green mist. It was It was magnificent. It was like the color of life itself. That's all I could explain it as. But the glowing green mist was magnified to the point where I can't even explain here. I would say if you took a neon light and magnify that 100 times, or 1000 times even, that would be the color it was so brilliant. And I was part of this mist and now I'm hovering over and hovering over my body, looking down upon myself, realizing that is my body now, at this time

Alex Ferrari 0:45
I like to welcome to the show Bill Tortorella. How're you doing Bill?

Bill Tortorella 0:58
Oh, just fine. Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:00
I'm good my friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend we are going to be talking about your book, The ninth level of enlightenment, the wisdom of the light, which is based upon your knowledge that you've gained through your near death experiences and near death experience. And it's, it's going to be a heck of a journey. So my first question, my friend, well, what was your life like before you had your near death experience?

Bill Tortorella 1:25
Well, I originally I was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950 to grow up growing up at an awesome life. My mom on the bar and grill across the street from Ebbets Field with a Brooklyn Dodgers play. And she used to take me to games on game day because even when I was very young, I was about five, probably about five years old. I remember being at the pennant games, and everything. It's amazing how you have these memories. Flashbacks. I could see it right now. And it was also amazing that all the Dodgers used to come into the bar. So my mother got to me to hold them. Gil Hodges, Sandy Kofax all these great the past. And one day. Lee of the Rocha is just a short story. We'll do Rocha brings this young man into my mom's bar. And he says Olga, with his lunch today, you have to give him a Coca Cola. No, no beer for him because he's only 17. And my mother says to him, what's your name young man? He said, My name is Sandy Koufax. I'm gonna be a great ballplayer one day, oh, my gosh, the stories that she had that she related to me later on in life was wonderful. And then from there, my dad was a he was president of the teamsters union in New York City, he ran local 804, which was the United Parcel. He started out as a young man, and when he was a kid driving a truck, and all of a sudden when he's in his 30s, or 40s, he becomes president of the Union. So it was quite an interesting life growing up in Brooklyn.

Alex Ferrari 3:04
Were you, were you spiritual as young man?

Bill Tortorella 3:07
I was. Yes, I was just about to get into that. I was. I was believed to be very spiritual. I mean, see, my dad was away a lot. And my brother Peter, and I were very close. He was a lot older than me. He actually was the one that you know, he took me to all the ball games, Mike practices for Little League. You know, he took me to the circus when it came into town. He was 30 years old. When he passed away. I was 15. And he passed away of this cancer that came on him so quickly. And all of a sudden, after he went into the hospital, they told us three days later that he has three or four months to live. And it was it was heartbreaking. I mean, it was heartbreaking. It tells me you're talking about getting close to God, then I remember. Oh my gosh, and praying and praying. I'm, I'm Christian. So I was born and raised. Roman Catholic. I believe nowadays, I'm more Christian. But I was that never forget the night he passed away. Everybody was broken up in my house, and I couldn't take it. I was devastated. Because don't forget, like I said he was the standard from my dad, most of the time when my dad was out of town. And we were so so so close. And the passing was so hard and the pain he went through was unbearable in those days. You know, they didn't have the kind of medicines they have today and everything so he went through a horrible horrible, horrible day. But I remember running out to church that night and standing in on I couldn't get in the church for some doors were not open and I I stand in front of the Mother Mary statue and I just got on my knees and prayed. And I mean, I believe I got more close to Christ than I've ever been in my life. It's amazing how things happen because that I was in the School of Art and Design in Manhattan and in New York. And I remember my graduating year they had a, they had this project we had to do. So it was a storyboard project. For a film. If you remember the olden days, they used to do storyboards for commercials, and films and stuff like that. And the project was the, you know, paint, paint 17 panels depicting some kind of story. So, you know, everybody chose their own stories, but I said, What could be better than the greatest story ever told, and I painted the life of Jesus on the 17 different panels from Jesus's birth, and the major scene all the way up to his crucifixion. And it won the top award at the school for art and design, you know, so I was all excited about that. And they displayed it right on Second Avenue there and 57th street, and they had a whole bunch of windows in front of the school and they just did an alignment of all my paintings. And it was, it was just, you know, a wonderful feeling for me at the time. And my teacher, Mr. Holly's word said, What was your inspiration? I said, Well, Jesus is love. And, you know, that was enough for him. He said, our things run together in life. I believe we have angels around us all the time. So I had just graduated. And all of a sudden over the radio, I hear on W NBC radio. It was a station we used to always listen to in New York. They have the new play coming out by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jesus Christ Superstar and doing this massive contest. It was quite unbelievable. So they the contest was for the you know, make up a card for the play Jesus Christ Superstar and W NBCs. Birthday for the television radio station. They were 50 years old. So all these things went through my mind because I just finished school with all that project I just did there and then all the sudden that night I'm I'm picturing it already. I see Jesus standing standing seven feet tall. And the mountain in the background, burning it in the night, with 1000s of people coming down from the mountain you know, really tiny, tiny at first, but becoming about two and a half, three feet tall on the bottom when of the of the panel when Jesus was standing seven feet tall, with his arms spread out. And at the bottom, all these people are holding their canes and torches up. And it's just a beautiful pictures. So I had it on these hinges so would open and close as a card. And inside the card I did a little saying, but it was the outside the painting that got me to win the contest. And I didn't know what was going on. I had to drop it off in New York City. I dropped it off at wn DC building. They had like a gigantic ballroom and the building. And the lady told me to put it right in the middle of the room. Now I got my card finished pretty quickly, about a month, a month and a half after you know competition came out. And it was not going to be until this was in July or August. It wasn't going to be till October. I believe the play open. I'm not exactly sure. I remember the exact date the play open. But they called me up about two months later and said to me that I won this contest and I was like oh, so excited. But I had no idea there was 250,000 contestants. And I was lucky enough to win that contest. Though and Jesus you know, it was beautiful. It was beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 9:12
So it seems like that you definitely had a strong connection to Jesus and to spirituality before your near death experience. So what led up to so what happened when you had this near death experience when did this happen?

Bill Tortorella 9:25
Tucson Arizona it's 1994 Now I've done this show already. Alex I've done this show for probably five years so far. And the shows in February. It's the biggest gem and mineral show in the world. And people that sell jewelry they're also like I was I show I sold sterling silver and watches and every year in February you know that's a cold and flu season. So your picture this where the biggest show in the world. You know how convention centers are when they shows involves, the rooms are completely filled. Well, not only the convention center was filled all the major hotel rooms and hotel ballrooms in the city, every hotel ballroom was filled with vendors. And people literally millions and millions and millions of people go to that show. And I still believe it's still going on today. So it's the Tucson gem show, if anybody wants to look into it, but there was terrible virus going on. During the show or something. No, no one knew what it was actually, we didn't know if it was a bio virus or if it was bacterial. And I remember working the show, and we're doing real well. It's actually one of my best shows of the year. And the third day, you know, people coughing since I, I was there. And the third day, the lady across from us, and another booth, she just collapses and falls to the ground. And then my old paramedic skills kicked in. So I ran over and I was you know, trying to make her comfortable. I didn't know what what was wrong with her. I just want to make sure her airway was good. And she was breathing properly until the paramedics came, you know. So paramedics came and picked her up. So I was fine. Up until that day, it was the fourth day in the morning, when I woke up my throat Alex was so swollen, I could barely breathe, and pain. The pain was excruciating. Now pains throughout my whole body. It was terrible. It was like having a really bad bad flu type of thing. So I go in to the show, and my people I have working for me take one look at me and said, Bill, you gotta get yourself to a doctor or the hospital or something. So I said, I think you're right, you know, so thank God, I had them to work there because they kept the show working in open. And I went to the hospital and the hospital was so busy the emergency room out. It was it was it was like packed. So evidently, a lot of people were coming down with this. And they asked us if we, you know, go to different, you know, medical setups and clinics around town medical clinics. And I went with a small group to this specific clinic and Tucson there. And they took a look at me and just put me on a gurney and put me hold me right in. And they hooked me up with IV solution. So I was low on everything they said. They said I was dehydrated. My oxygen levels was completely, they were horrible. They said they were bad. So they had to bring my oxygen. And I was there a long time because they put me on at least I remember two or three bags of IV. And during the time they had me on the IV solutions, they was injecting antibiotics into the into this in the solution bag, you know, the terminal part there. And they didn't know what it is, like I said, it might have been bacteria at the time. They couldn't identify it. It was too quick. It came on too quick. And none of the hospital people even knew what kind of virus it was or bacterial thing. And after several hours, my my oxygen levels came up. I could breathe a little better because they had me on the oxygen. So I felt a little better myself. And they gave me they gave me some an inhaler. And then they gave me a bottle of pills. And they said well go back to the you know, go back to your hotel where you're staying. And just rest up. And that's exactly what I did. I went back to the hotel and I rested. And I took Saudi to take they told me to start taking the pills about six hours because I hadn't antibiotics in me already. That's six hours later. Now it's in the evening. I I popped the pill, I could barely breathe, but I'm laying down I'm having trouble breathing and but I finally fell off asleep. And Alex that night turned into a night of light love. It was It was magnificent. What happened? This is one of the most profound near death experiences. I know you've probably heard a lot in your time. But I remember exactly exactly how I left my body. I left my body through my eyes. And it was magnificent because I left my body I seen myself leaving my body in this beautiful glowing fluorescent green mist. It was It was magnificent. It was like the color of life itself. That's all I could explain it as. But the glowing green mist was magnified to a point where I can't even explain here. I would say If you took a neon light, and magnify that 100 times, or 1000 times even that would be the color it was so brilliant. And I was part of this mist, and now I'm hovering over and hovering over my body, looking down upon myself, realizing that is my body now, at this time. Now I hovered for a while I remember looking over my body and looking over my body and just looking down upon it. And then all of a sudden, I, I recognize my spirit recognize that that body has no life at anymore. And once I remember saying that, in my mind, this beam of light comes from behind and comes right, right under me. And it just turns me, I didn't turn, I don't remember, it instantly turns me in this beautiful gateway opens up in front of me that that's magnificent. And I'm just pulled right into it. I had no, I could do nothing. I mean, it had full control over me. And it brought me into this magnificent tunnel. And now I'm moving. And I'm moving out, I'm moving faster and faster. The tunnel is made up of these beautiful, beautiful, magnificent colors. And the faster I move, I'm feeling love and embrace like I've never ever felt in my life. It was a completely different kind of love, the love and the love kept getting stronger and stronger. I almost felt like I was being cradled, like if you were a child or an infant, I was being protected. I know that and taking care of on the way home. And I'll never forget my arrival, which I'll call heaven. Because that's our home that's home to me. And mostly everybody I believe. I said to myself over and over again, I'm in this beautiful illuminated place. This spirits all around me, I felt in my mind. And I'm gonna say in my heart, even though I didn't have a body at this time, but I felt they were family and friends. And I'm saying I'm home, I'm finally home, thank God I'm home, I recognize that it's home. That's where I came from. That's someday where I'm going back to. And all of a sudden, I hear this whisper in my ear, I'll call it this whisper. They ambil Yes, your home your home in the light of God. And this is the first time I hear another voice. And now I'm actually communicating. The communication was unbelievable. Everything is telepathy. And it's wonderful because your mind opens up and expands on the other side. You there. There's so much expansion, I think that in on Earth, we use maybe five or 6% of our capability of our mind. Well, when we're on the other side, because we're light beings have beautiful light. That's what we are. When we're on the other side. I believe we use 100% of our mind, and senses. And the being told me this beautiful, gorgeous Angel, my guide, she said, I'm one of your guides, you have three guides. My name is Antonia and I am the one that team in to get you to bring you home.

And I realized at that point that I didn't realize she was with me in the tunnel coming home or anything but she says I was with you all the way. And now for the first time here I'm communicating and this family and friends I'm communicating the communication is all with telepathy. You feel and hear exactly what people are saying to you and you, you speak back to them. And it's beautiful. And then she explained to me that bill, you have two other guardians. And all of a sudden, I hear this voice. Alex, it's my Brother Peters voice. Now my brother peed his voice. I recognize I grew up with that voice. Now he's standing in front of me in this beautiful light. Do you have a question? No, no, no, please no, please continue. Oh, he's standing in front of me in this in this beautiful light and, and he said Billy when he said Billy it was like my whole being melted. And to him. It was wonderful. I felt tears coming down. Even though I didn't have a body. And the feeling was magnificent. And he says Billy is time. This is time for your life review. I didn't know or the life review was, at this time, I was perfectly fine where I was I was home, I felt like I'm part of this light. Now it's magnificent. And we just whisked off to another plane. And this plane was magnificent. And all of a sudden, it felt like they were showing me all the good, the good I've ever done in my lifetime. And they're showing me things. And they're moving me through time. They taking me from when I was a child, showing me things I'd done with that my friends, and you know, we used to all hang out. And, you know, Mom made some good money at the bar. We weren't rich or anything, but we were comfortable. And she'd give me money to bring my friends to the movies. And without take them to Coney Island, I remember these things because they were showing me these things in a life review. And I buy popcorn and sodas for everybody. And it was just just wonderful. And sometimes we go to Coney Island, just ride the rides. It was fantastic upbringing in Brooklyn where I lived. And then it takes me it takes me to shutter speed to a time when I was a paramedic. And the things they show me that show me the good things I've done because over the years that I was a paramedic, I must have done CPR hundreds of times. And some of the years was on when I was based in certain stations. There was CPR being done every single day. And we ran 24 hour shifts. And they're showing me these events over and over in sequence. And then I'll never forget this, this one major event item. And my partner and I we picked up our unit downtown. And now we're heading up to North Miami Beach to our station. And we're on I 95 and 79th Street well call was on 135 Street 995. And I got right on the mic and said call off a unit 69 F this is 67 F we're going to respond to the call because we have less than a two minute eta, we actually had less than that at this point. And the next thing you know, a minute later we're at the scene. And they called off the other unit. So we both see this this young boy he's he's like running around in circles frantically. And then he's just sits on the floor and he starts crying. So we thought he was hurt. So I grabbed the medic bag we ran out we're heading towards him. And the young young man is saying, Look, my sister, my sister and he's pointing and me and my partner both go the same time we look over like this. And his sister's head is through the windshield. I mean completely through the windshield, Alex, there was there was massive amounts of blood when there's a head injury, the blood is is massively all over the place. And what happened was the whole windshield in front of it was filled with blood. But the top of her head was out the window inside of her head was in the window. So me and my partner said, you know we assess this in less than 10 seconds, we said to ourselves, and then we said out loud. If we wait for the fire engine to come with the cutters, she'll be dead. So we just made a quick assessment and I took the top of her head and pushed it through into my fault my partner's hands. And you know, he gently took her put it down. She was still breathing at this time. And now I have a bunch of gauze pads in my hand and we got her on the stretcher just shooting her over to the unit. I'm just trying to hold the top of her head down. And but like I said it was massive and it was blood all over got up in the unit that the brother ran in the back with me. I told them to come in back. So he's looking out the back window crying, crying, crying, and now she starts to cease, her whole body starts to cease out. So I'm trying to hold the top of her head down with gauze bandages and pads. And I was trying to wrap a bandage around it. But now her body's jumping up and down and I have a hand under her neck cradling her neck so she doesn't crack her neck the way she was moving. And I'm holding the top of her head down with my hand and I scream out God helped me and I was actually talking to the I was talking to this, the brother and I think when you ask for God's help, I know at this point when you ask for God's help when you need it. You have your angels there Help, help. And when I said God helped me, and I have my hand down on her head, I physically saw peed his hand come in with mine, and put it on top of her head. And now we're only about three minutes from the hospital. So I'm just holding her in place. She's still breathing procedure is slowing down, her body is getting more limp now again, and now she's totally out cold all this time, even through the seizures she had no, there was no talking to her or anything like that. Soon as we pulled up in front of the emergency, they all knew we were coming. They always ready. As easy out everybody was there, and they took her in, took her right into operating room. And we went back to our station and get, you know, cleaned up. And, you know, because we had 24 hour shift coming up here. And it was horrible out. All I could do is think about that all day long. Because when it's that massive, and if you have any kind of heart you it's gonna affect you. And I thought about it, I thought about it thought about it. And the next morning, before we had to go back because I was most of the time was during during the night we had a call. And but I was up a lot of times other than that during the night and I just got my partner up early. And I said, I said, Danny, we got we have to go back in. We have to go back to Parkway. And he looked at me like I was crazy. He said Bill, she's she's dead? No. She said, he said don't even think about it. And finally I convinced them. I said, Listen, I never do this. I never asked because it was about 6 5 6 miles out of our way and about six miles back the other way, you know it was gonna take a while. So that's, I said please, you know, agree with me finally. And we went to part where I'll never forget this. We walk in the emergency room. I know all the nurses there. One of the nurses come over to me. I think her name was Becky. And she said, I said first said to her what happened to that young girl that we brought in yesterday. And when she said you want to meet her like this, she says to me, do you want to meet her? I swear to you out the hair on my chest. When I say today, the hair on my arm stand up and back my neck, I could still feel it. That's how strong it was. I said she's alive. And she said Come on. And she took us up to the floor when she was on. And she was still in the emergency section, the ICU section. But she was up in bed, standing there eating jello, our whole head was bandage it looked like a giant turban on the top of her head. And luckily for her face only had little scratches on it, and a little abrasions. But she was cut now, her head was sliced off from the top, all the way to the back. She never had a skull fracture, we thought our skull we thought that because you couldn't see there was so much blood and you know, the fatty tissue under the under the layers of skin. This there's so much blood that all we could assume is that that that glass was inside her skull, and you know, damaged her brain. And her brother was sleep and he jumps up when he heard us. He said this is the man that saved your life. And everybody was just jumping up and down in the room. I was joyous. She was happy as can be. It was.

Alex Ferrari 28:32
So that so then so this is what you're seeing in the life review? So how's it feel there?

Bill Tortorella 28:36
Actually what happened to me back years ago, you know,

Alex Ferrari 28:41
And are you feeling it? Are you feeling the sides?

Bill Tortorella 28:44
You feel everything, you are feeling everything because only in my life review and only in the Hall of events are you are back in our physical bodies. Other than that we're not spiritual form. We're completely in our spiritual form. So they proceed after that show me the good things, the good things, but then they switch it over. And now they're showing me the wrong things I've done in life. And you know, like all kids growing up and everything, everybody gets a little trouble here and there. You know, all I say to myself is Thank God, I never did anything really bad. You know, but I've done things. I've heard people on the way you know, I mean, I not not physically hurt people. But you know, I think the biggest thing the hardest time they showed me some bad things, some wrong things, some wrong things over and over again and I don't never forget the part of them, showing me I had left my first wife and I have a two year old son at the time, you know, being selfish and young and dumb. You know, I admit to that. I was And it was just a bad thing to do. At the time when I actually did it in real life. I didn't feel it. But I actually, on all these things they were showing me, I started feeling some pain more. And the pain kept on evolving like growing inside of me, and I'm in my physical body, and I'm feeling mental pain, and through a point physical pain. And when they showed me her pain, and my son's pain, it just got so high of a level of pain, that I felt I became their pain. I physically became the pain it was that bed. And they showed me a few other things after that, and I got to a point where I said, I can't take it, please, please forgive me. I can't take it. And I remember all this greatness dropping off, and we're back in our spirit form again. And Tony is there and Pete is there at this time and, and Antonia said, Bill, look at yourself. And I remember looking at myself, remember I explained myself in this misty green flowing freeform. Now I'm a beam of beautiful light, I look like them. I'm a beam. And it's, it's unbelievable. And then knowledge that I'm feeling pouring into my mind was incredible. I'm collecting all this wisdom. And then my brother Peter announces my third guardian, or and he says, Will you have your third Guardian that's been with you your whole life. And I didn't know what he meant by that. But when Oren spoke to me, I knew what he meant by that. You know, we all go through our lives with this heavy intuition sometimes. And I always describe war and as orphans, the angel that sat on that shoulder, and he let me know what the right path to go was, and what bright choices to make, versus wrong. choices to make in my life. I was very fortunate to have that my whole life. And of course, when we're alive, we don't realize we have it, but we have it. Our Angels are with us, throughout our life. My brother Peter was there whenever I called our gods for help, I needed help badly. And Tony, it was there to bring me back home and, and, and bring me back in the origin was with me my whole life. But he was a master angel of wisdom, I believe, and 1000s of years old. I don't know how but his spirit was so strong, it was magnificent. And Oren explained to me that we're going, we're moving again now, and they take me to this place. And it's all like crystal, it's magnificent. I explain it as I'm sitting in a hole of crystals. It's it's just beautiful. And I take it in my book, I wrote down the hole of events. That's how I explained it in the book. You hear from a lot of people out there that had nd eases the Akashic records. And you know, that's how I've heard it from other people that had Andy's. Well, whatever it is, all events are Akashic records. It was amazing, because now we're back again. But now it's like a flickering. It's almost like being in a computer screen. That's flickering at speeds that are moving so quickly. And they're they're again now taking me from event to event, but it's not my life. It's the whole worlds life. They take me to the past, they take me to the past, what before I was even born, they take me and show me wards that I weren't even in. And every place they take me I'm now I'm feeling it. So I feel like I'm feeling things. But I'll never forget this so that I wasn't in the Korean War or World War Two, but I had family that was there. So I think maybe they showed me that because of that, I don't know. But then they're moving forward in time. And I remember them stopping. And this is how I would move. It would move like a screen was flickering, flicker flicker flickering, and then stop. And then we were there at the event. We were physically at the event. And what happens they physically stop and I'm in a classroom and I forget what grade it was. But it was in 1963. When when JFK because I remember looking up and I'm looking at the speaker where the principal used to speak to us over the loudspeaker in the school. But he said that JFK was just shot in Dallas. And it was a real somber moment for everybody because everybody loves JFK at the time. And I remember going home that day. I went home and my mom and a lady by the name of Christine she used to work for us, and she used to take care of me growing up because my mom was always always working, she was working at the bar because she was she had a restaurant there too. Oh, she used to cook all the time. She used to love these gigantic pots down from our apartment and just, you know, bring them because they took a long time to make and she didn't have the time in the morning. So she wanted everything to be made by lunchtime. But she worked hard her whole life and then Christine would watch me and but her and Christine were at the table that they and they will cry in their eyes out. And usually in my house, there was nothing but singing and he says it sounded like my mother used to saying she had a chance to sing with a Tommy Dorsey band at one time. Back in the day. I don't know the 30s 40s whenever that those big bands were, were popular. And Christine the music sound like Diana Ross's voice like when she sang Lady Sings the Blues. I mean, it was it was incredible. My house, I actually even became a singer in the neighborhood around my neighborhood. That was all there was

Alex Ferrari 35:59
So they're showing you. So they're showing you all of this in the in the Hall of events?

Bill Tortorella 36:04
They're showing me everything in this hall of events, okay. And in this neighborhood that I was in Barbra Streisand lived a couple houses down from me on Ocean Parkway, and a friend's veto on the salutations, son song Unchained Melody back in the day and the tokens that sang the lion sleeps tonight. I just wanted to set that scene a little bit. But then now they move us again. And we're moving and moving in the show me things through the through the Vietnam War, I remember that ending, and everything. And I remember being things in the 80s. And now they're taking me and I'm seeing my my death experience. But I'm going past my death experience. And the next time we stop, we stop at 9/11. And I won't forget this part because this part was emotional to me. Because I had a lot of friends working in those buildings. And we're sitting now I believe at the bottom of the tower first however, they went down. And now this people running and the people are running frantically. And there's the brief fall down all over the place. And I remember saying I started to run like in, I believe that I was running. I was hopefully trying to find out if some but it's so many people. So I'm running in and Oren sort of grabbed my experiences Bill, you can't do anything. You're not here yet. He said Stop for a minute. And I stopped. I remember him saying, Do you feel this debris? And I didn't feel the debris. I seen it but I didn't feel it. Meanwhile, I said, Can you see clearly he says to me, I said, I see perfectly. He says yes. Because we're looking at this from a different realm. He says, You can't do anything to help here. This is your future events. And I'll never forget that scene. And it was one scene to another after that. They brought me to Well, there was a short scene for the after 911 part. But then they brought me to do a scene and stopped again. And now I feel like I'm in Baghdad because I remember how the people were dressed. And there's bombs going off all over. And I remember running again and again. Instinctively, I remember starting to move and fast again, they grabbed me and told me I can't do anything here. And you won't, you won't feel this won't hurt you. You know. And so I believe they would make me comfortable at that time. But they take me on and on and on. They showed me things all along the way. And every time it was a major event they would stop. And I remember them believe taking me to what I believe are these times right now. I believe that our world as a people have to come together. I believe there's always been a fight between the light and the darkness. And I already can tell you something I have in my books. I talked about the fires. I wrote these books. My first book was written in 2000. All right, but I talked about the fires that are happening now in different places of the world. I talked about these times of hate. And this shouldn't be. We have to come together. I talk in my books about two children missing. I believe that we are at a point of change. And it's right now. We're at a time where it can go on and on for a while. have to come together. And we just have to recognize what I believe in my heart is people are being used for on all different sides. And we have to come together as one. And this time when we come together, we've already won the good outweighs the bad. And I can tell you at this point, we've already won, and everything is going to be okay. The point is, everybody is going to realize, soon, within the next six months to a year, that we don't have to have these in differences around the world for everything. And there doesn't have to be battles anymore. Because this has taken us to a point which drastic, and I believe, not only good people are stepping in, I believe God stepping in to help us at this point. So that's the whole of event. Art.

Alex Ferrari 41:10
Did you see anything past that, or this is as far as you went?

Bill Tortorella 41:15
I saw something past that. And what I saw is two, they showed me at the beginning of my next cycle, while they take me to a place and they show me they take me through a final level, the three of them, I was just getting into that. They show me outcomes, specific outcomes. One outcome is so wonderful. It's so magnificent. It's like, we live in a complete utopia, because people finally accept the light and become part of the light here on earth. And the other outcome is something that's so drastically bad. It's, it's a horrible world. It's a horrible world. So we could either lead into a world that's like Mad Max, where people are fighting over simple things like water and food, and actually killing just to survive. Or we can live in a world of peace, and a world of love. And we have this because this is the one, the one thing that God gives us to us on Earth is our we're able to have choice. So it's totally up to us, what we want to do with the future. So these two outcomes are specific. One is really very, very, very bad. And one is extremely wonderful. So we have that choice to make, and this is what we're at. We're at a beautiful, enlightened place with angels all around us now. And I'm being bombarded with knowledge and experience of world and wisdom, and light, and numbers and music. I'm one one of the angels after they explain the two outcomes to me, comes right up to me as explaining a number sequence that was magnificent ours. It was magnificent. It was like these crystal numbers floating down, and they put light and the crystals would reflect each other. That reflection was the reflections of the universe by good. Like the nebulas, the colors were were magnificent, but the numbers with light, light, light, and they were showing me specific numbers. I know this because they would brighten up in front of my eyes that was showing me ones and eight. And number nine, that was explained to me. Now, this angel explains to me the number nine is the highest number in the universe. And the number one represents God. Eight represents eternity. I mean, we have this in our in our Christian Bible. So eight and one of course is nine. If you take all other religions take Buddhism, for example, or Hinduism, the number 108 is really, the zeros really don't exist. It's going to be the core number. That's the important number that everybody's going to be interested in. That's 36 you hear these numbers like 369 from Tesla numbers and everything. But I I know and believe that Tesla had either near death experiences or out of body experiences, because he experienced those similar similar numbers. Now the one in the eight is 18 the 369. The zeros come in when you compound the numbers, the root number is 36. Now you have to understand why this is important. If you look at the Buddhism and I was getting into Buddhism and Hinduism, they use the number one away. And like their prayer beads, there's 108 beads on their prayers they recite. In Hinduism, in their temples, they have steeples, and in some form or other that represents 108, Staples. And they have mantras where they recite 108 mantras, or you take that 100 Nate number, you divide that by six, you have your core number of one and eight, one representing God, eight representing eternity 18. Okay, so these are these, this spec tag, this is amazing what they're what they're showing me, because they're now they're showing me how to measure things in existence is how I, a universal system works. They're showing me physical distances, like the distance between the Earth and the Moon, and there is showing me the distance between the Earth and the Sun. And when you take those numbers, like the moon, for example, the diameter of the Moon is 20 160 miles across, but you measure that, and divided by the distance to the earth, the numbers 108, the radius of the moon also is 108. Now this one weights going to appear over and over again, you take the now how does the Hindus and Buddhists know these numbers, you take the you take the number of the earth in the sun 93 point 7 million miles away from the Earth is away from the sun, and divided by the 164,000 mile diameter of the Sun. And you get the number 108. So if we didn't have these specific numbers, this is in alignment with our whole being these specific numbers, and distances, if they weren't exactly that amount, if God did not put these in alignment perfectly, we wouldn't have our tides, we wouldn't have our chains, the seasons, and we wouldn't have on earth. And that part was wonderful, magnificent. And that's where I remember getting acknowledgment by several angels of nine principles. They taught me nine principles of enlightenment that could change our our complete values, and could make us all one and unite in the world. These nine principles are so important. They brought these into my life and gave me knowledge. That was that was unbelievably wonderful. Wow.

Alex Ferrari 48:15
So So what point did you leave? What did you when did you come back to your body?

Bill Tortorella 48:21
This is what happened. First verse, They showed me the principles. The first principle, this is one of the 10 commandments, when we should not take another life of somebody. But there's other reasons why we shouldn't take a life than just taking a life. If you take a life, or change a person's life path, you have no idea what you might have done to the future of our world, that person's grandson or granddaughter might have became the scientist that actually made the real cure for cancer. So that's how it was explained to me everything is so advanced, been so much knowledge up there. So one was taking you must not take another life but in self defense, you're allowed to self defend yourself because no one's allowed to change your life path either explained my life path as being number three, that was my life path number. This path number would follow me my holy my whole life. And it was part of the Holy Trinity. They told me as the number three I was part of that to believe in that. And this this part was magnificent, because then they show me my intuition which was aren't. Theirs was the principle The second principle of enlightenment, they've been showing me these principles along the way. I don't even get it till that point. So there's surely that my number two, like are the nine principles of enlightenment is choices. What I mean is intuition and lessons. And I read my book there's about four or five pages Just about the intuition part, it's so it's so important. Sure. And then the third principle was choices. The choice is our development in life. That's how our spirits grow. Our spirits grow through a segment of choices that we make throughout our life, through lessons that are handed to us every day, and gifts, we get gifts handed to us every day. And these are some further lessons of, of the gifts and things like that. But number four, is another one of the principles. It's the principle of service. And I'm skimming through these principles, because, you know,

Alex Ferrari 50:43
Don't don't, don't give them all away, let them buy the book, buy the book,

Bill Tortorella 50:48
People learn about these principles, because it's unbelievable. This principle of service, and choice and intuition, they all run in sequence. So everything runs together. And the service is so important. Every time we provide something, or do a service with someone else. I believe that I was enlightened. And given these principles of enlightenment, because of those years that I was in being a paramedic, and doing so much good and bringing some people back that was dead. And then in delivering babies, there was some good things that I've seen, the paramedic side, too, we didn't always deal with, you know, bad things every day. But the important thing is that they learn these nine principles of life, and the power of love. There's another principle love has nine ladders, when you get to the ninth ladder, it's so extremely important. It's the love for Mother Earth itself. Because without without the Earth, we would cease to exist. Without her rivers and streams that flow, we wouldn't have water to drink. Without her trees, we wouldn't have oxygen to now, our trees are burning down for some reason. This is all going to stop some. All right, we're going to have plenty of trees, we're going to have the oxygen we're going to have the water, but the Mother Earth is so strong because it's less real. And the spirit itself, Mother Earth is a spirit of self. She lives acts and reacts. So those principles are so so so important that people understand them as a whole. The last part, a beautiful little spirit approaches me. Glowing, glowing beauty. And she's right in front of me. And she says, You have the nine principles of enlightenment, you must return. And at this time, Alex, I'm trying to love. I'm part of God. I feel Jesus. I mean, I'm part of the light itself. It's it's magnificent. And she says to me again, you must return and I remember fighting. I was arguing. I wasn't paying too much attention. And all I could think of that I'm in this light, I'm part of this love. I don't want to return to that. What I that body anymore. I didn't have no one or need for my being is whole. And she said to me the final tired dead, you must return. I am six of six. I did not know what she meant by that. Other than them showing me the 66 number. During the point when the angel was showing me the number sequence, he explained to me that that was my alert system number. She said I am six of six. Now my wife was at home with my middle son. Billy was about to be born that September of 1994 I had an older son Joey it's 45 today when I didn't have a daughter and this was a girl's voice and I'll never forget at that time, the final time returned and I'm being whisked and pulled back through vortex being pulled back and it wasn't quite as pleasing as going and I get I'm settled back in my body now and I can do nothing but I take in a breath because I don't know how long my body had no air in it. I have no idea that time length, but I remember going and I couldn't even move my I'm still take my arms up to, you know, brace myself. Nothing moved in my body but my throat. And I took in this gigantic breath to get air back in my lungs. But I'm laying in bed now and nothing is moving. Nothing is moving. And it's amazing because time has gone by and I'm finally getting tingles. And I'm getting these things that coming into my head immediately I am six of six. I am six of six. And what does that represent? Oh, my daughter was born in the year 2000 On the sixth month, and the sixth day. And finally, I had tangles in my fingers, and my legs. And my body is thought functioning again. And I'm in this painful her body, just wrapped back in pain and still sick as a dog. I remember reaching over picking up the phone and having the opera essay calling about I had people working for me at the show. I said I think she called them up. I don't even remember because at that time I passed out and I woke up in the hospital there. And that story.

Alex Ferrari 56:20
Wow, my friend. But that's unbelievable. That's a heck of a story. Bill, I have to tell you, I've heard a bunch of them.

Bill Tortorella 56:28
She's with me today. She's 23.

Alex Ferrari 56:33
That's amazing.

Bill Tortorella 56:36
My mind wasn't done yet. I guess

Alex Ferrari 56:38
No, you had to come back yet to come back yet to come back. And yet to tell the story. And Well, Bill, let me ask you, I'm gonna ask you a few questions I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Bill Tortorella 56:51
My definition of living a fulfilled life is in through hour of service that we could give to each other. Our power is within us to fix everything. We have the choice to do what's right or wrong. But what's right, and how our spirits grow. And enlightenment is through a series of services that we do throughout our life. So the more good we do, that's like we get this amazing checkmark up in heaven. And our spirits grow. You've heard people say old spirits, young spirits and things like that before, right? Our spirits grow through this process, and we go and live with but 1000s and 1000s of years, Alex, we don't die. We Don't Die, we just transport into a different realm. So my fulfillment is God is with me all the time. I have my angels are guiding me in the direction where I should be. I speak to people. Now there's that sick. They talk to me through my emails every day. Since I've been on doing these podcasts, I've had over well over a million views on some of my podcasts. And the fact of the matter is that I believe that I'm doing a service and helping people understand. And once people get the Enlightenment part, and they learn the principles that are so easy to follow. It's just a matter of choice. And it's a matter of giving. And yes, we have to give of ourselves to expand our spirits to become great and lightened spirit. And like

Alex Ferrari 58:53
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Bill, what advice would you give him?

Bill Tortorella 58:57
Everything is done. I did a lot of great things. I wouldn't change any of that. You know what my friends and everything. But it was such a big pack of friends. And we had about 30 of us and so and we were very close tight knit people. But what I would change is, I probably would, I would try to bring that enlightenment into my life earlier than being more selfish.

Alex Ferrari 59:27
How do you define God?

Bill Tortorella 59:29
God is the light. Okay. I define God is this. I wrote something before I came to talk to you today. The question that some people might ask, who is God? I said God is a light source. We are all part of God's light love that we become. We be physically in our heavenly realm. We are a part of his life. We use parts of our mind that you couldn't imagine here. It's so advanced. I mean, you know, I can speak in terms of vibrations and everything like that. But I'd like to speak where people understand it. Because if we started to talk, Alex, I could explain what God is in a single sentence and make it easy, or I can make it difficult for people to understand. And God is basically love. Yeah. That's a great answer. Simple this way of explaining God. And all he wants us to see is that love. And we have to grow into love here on Earth, which is coming. And it's coming very soon. Okay, now, I believe that my heart, I believe.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:03
And final question, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Bill Tortorella 1:01:06
Well, our spirits go through a process of our choices that we make. So when our Spirit makes the right choice, to do the right thing. Our ultimate goal is to enlighten our spirits, because in heaven, I believe we have choices. I believe we've might have done this over and over and over again. Until Until we get it right. I believe that some days, we all have the capability of becoming angels, that I believe you don't get there. Until you learn how to live on earth as we live in heaven. And that's my belief.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:00
And where can people find out more about you, your your amazing book and the work that you're doing in the world?

Bill Tortorella 1:02:05
Well, people good, I have a website. My website is simple. My name BillTortorella it's So it's I'm on Facebook. My book was published by Christian faith publishers. They have a website on their website about my book, as well. And my email is Bill Tortorella, same spelling And Instagram as well as Facebook.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:51
Bill be careful what you be careful what you wish for that email by start getting a little bit full again. So prepare yourself.

Bill Tortorella 1:02:57
It gets filled up quite a bit now.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:00
Bill, I appreciate it. Well, Bill, I appreciate you coming on the show and telling us your amazing story. And I hope it does help others listening on their life's journey. So I appreciate you my friend. Thank you again.

Bill Tortorella 1:03:12
I appreciate you have me Alex, you have a wonderful day.

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