Abraham Speaks! LIVE Channeling That Will Leave You SPEECHLESS with Benny Ferguson Jr.

In today’s thought-provoking episode, we are honored to have Benny Ferguson Jr. join us. Benny is an extraordinary individual who channels the entity Abraham, offering profound insights and wisdom to those on a spiritual journey. His path to becoming a channeler is both fascinating and inspiring, highlighting a life dedicated to understanding the deeper truths of existence.

Benny’s journey began with an inner turmoil, a quiet desperation that many can relate to. Despite appearing successful on the outside, he felt a persistent void, a sense of not living up to his potential. This inner conflict spanned decades until a pivotal moment in his late 30s sparked a transformative out-of-body experience. This profound event led him to question the control and power he held over his life, setting him on a path of spiritual exploration and eventual channeling.

“Even in your experience of anger and frustration, now, you’re triggered to that emotion, something happens outside of you in your experience that triggers that emotion, what happens? It starts off small. And if you’re paying attention, you can feel it begin to swell. And it gets bigger and bigger to the point it causes you to speak and act in a way that afterward you say, ‘I wish I hadn’t done that,'” explains Benny Ferguson Jr. This observation underscores the importance of awareness and mindfulness in managing our emotional states.

Benny’s encounter with Abraham, the entity he channels, marked a significant shift in his spiritual journey. Initially hesitant to identify the source of his channeling, Benny eventually embraced Abraham’s presence, recognizing the profound wisdom being communicated through him. This acceptance led to a deeper understanding of his purpose and a commitment to helping others navigate their spiritual paths.


  1. Understanding Vibration and Frequency: Benny, through Abraham, elucidates the concept of vibration and frequency. Our dominant thoughts and emotions emit specific frequencies that shape our reality. By focusing on higher vibrational states such as joy and love, we can transform our experiences and attract positive outcomes.
  2. Surrendering to Spiritual Guidance: Surrendering, in the spiritual sense, means letting go of fear and resistance. It involves trusting in the guidance of higher entities and our inner wisdom, allowing us to align with our true selves and life’s purpose.
  3. Connecting with Inner Wisdom: Our inner guidance is always present, but it can be overshadowed by negative thought patterns. By raising our vibration and focusing on positive emotions, we can strengthen our connection to our inner wisdom and spiritual guides.

In conclusion, Benny Ferguson Jr. offers invaluable guidance through his channeling of Abraham, helping us to understand the intricate dance between our physical and spiritual selves. His teachings encourage us to embrace our inner wisdom, elevate our vibrations, and live in alignment with our highest potential.

Please enjoy my conversation with Benny Ferguson Jr..

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 248

Benny Ferguson Jr. 0:00
Even in your experience of anger, and frustration, now, you're triggered to that emotion, something happens outside of you in your experience that triggers that emotion, what happens? It starts off small. And if you're paying attention, you can feel it begin to swell. And it gets bigger and bigger. To the point it causes you to speak and act in a way that afterward you say, I wish I hadn't done that.

Alex Ferrari 0:37
I like to welcome to the show Benny Ferguson Jr. How you doing, Benny?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 0:40
I'm good. Alex, how are you today?

Alex Ferrari 0:42
I'm doing very good. My friend. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you. And also talk the entity that you channel Abraham as well. He's very wise as lots of profound things to say. So, before we get to Abraham, I really want to interested in your journey. How you got here? What was your life like prior to the insanity? That is channeling in your life, sir?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 1:07
Yeah, the unknowing the not, you know, how am I How am Why am I here? You know, I I think my life is similar to a lot of people's and that, you know, so I have only to say, like a quiet desperation type of thing. You know, you can't know you look like everybody else. Actually, you look successful. You look like you're doing everything right. And I remember in high school, I was told that I was the one that was the guy that was good, or whatever. But at the same time dying inside, angry, frustrated, because I feel like I've always felt like I wasn't what I could be. And that was always inside of me. And it was always making me feel bad. So I'm always walking around with it was always walking around with it until you know, late 30s was feeling that way that I was there was always more there was something else or I wasn't actually achieving what I shouldn't be achieving. I wasn't where I should be in life. And it was just a quiet frustration type of thing. Now, as far as the channeling side probably started channeling I think around 2012 that I knew of Alice I had had dreams. I call them nightmares. But they weren't I know now. But they appeared to be nightmares from the time I was in elementary school. I had the the night terrors where it feels like you're, if you're laying on your stomach, and I stopped laying on my stomach, lay on your stomach and you feel like you can't move. I had those type things. And I had dreams where it felt like someone was behind me. And I'm trying to run from within my dream, but I can't really get going really fast. But I knew somebody was behind me. And now I asked him I said, Well, I tell people I never thought to turn around and look and ask the question. You know, this was happened from elementary school. And then when I was in college, I would have episodes where I could see, I would be laying down I would be sleep. I know I was sleep, but I could see the room. And again, I didn't know what was happening at the time. I was just scared. It scared me. And then I went to college I majored in the sciences. I majored in biology, chemistry. And after college, before college ended, I got into different businesses, I was going to be in business for myself, and really excited about entrepreneurs here. But entrepreneur, they seem to be showing up a lot for me nowadays. But I was in sales. And I was coming home one day. And you know, I've always been a steadier. And so I always learned everything that I needed to learn when especially when it came to sales in a company sales process. But I couldn't ever really get going as far as making the sales and being successful. Making money, which I was trying to get him to do. And one day I was coming home, and I just got so mad at myself. And I was banging on the stairs and we're like, what's the matter with me? What's the matter with me? I'm in a nice way. I know, I know more or as much as other people that were doing better than me financial wise, right? So I'm asking myself, what's the matter? Now, a couple of weeks later, I was asleep. It was about 1:30 in the morning. And I woke up in anger rage. And right before I woke up, I told myself that I was tired of being afraid. And I woke up and I felt like I was on fire. And I could feel like there was heat coming off of me and my wife came around the bed. She's asked me what's the matter? And I'm standing there and I'm just furious. I'm just mad. I'm really mad at myself. Right. And I had a spontaneous out of body experience. Just standing up beside the bed. My awareness was at the window. I could see my body I could see my wife in front of my body, asking me to calm down. And my vision was 360 degrees in felt like a long time, but I know it was like maybe a second or so. And then I was back in my body. And that's kind of what started everything for me. And with that, with that experience, I asked myself a question that's kind of driven me ever since that question was what control and power do I have in and over my life? That was the question. And that question has kind of guided me and honed me and what I'm doing now, as far as working with people, and realizing their potential, realizing that, you know, there's a, there's a, there's a you that exist, beyond all of the fear, and all the insecurity. And if you can get to that place and live from that place, now physically, there's nothing you can't do. So that's what I'm, that's my biggest mission is trying to help people to get there. And Abraham was a big part of that. I was listening to Abraham a lot. I don't know, I think when I first started, I made I was channeling others as well. And also also started, where I can channel or speak with individuals who had just passed. I did that for a little bit. But that wasn't really my complete calling. My mom passed in 2020, I was able to speak to her. As soon as she left her body. My family didn't even see me writing in a notebook. I was talking to her as soon as she left her body, and I knew I could do it then. And so I was ready. Right. So soon as she left her body, I started writing, I was communicating with her. And but I've really settled into the channeling and with Abraham. And it's amazing the things that come out when we're working with people, and being able to assist them in releasing the resistance that they have to trying to create what they want in their life.

Alex Ferrari 6:49
Well, let me ask you, when you when you first started to hear Abraham coming in, did you think you were losing your mind? Like you're hearing voices? Like how, how did that? How did that? How did you deal with that?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 7:04
You know, what, when when, when I realized it was Abraham, I think I had already started the channeling antenna truth. When I first started, I didn't ask who it was. And when I first started, I was right. I started writing a newsletter back in 2012. And I realized that I was doing it because I was using words that I didn't know, I didn't know what they meant. And at first it the strings would come and I would try to know try to pay attention to them and realize what what was being said. And I really quickly realized that not keeping my focus on what was coming through and just writing interrupted it. And so I didn't get it all down. So then I stopped trying to realize what was being said and just let it completely come through. And then I would read it on a computer I was typing and not writing. And then I would read it on the computer like well, this is not me. Number one. I'm using these words that I don't know what they mean. So I have to look them up and come back and say okay, this fits perfectly. This makes complete sense. And it's profound. It's not me. But I didn't ask for a while who it was. And I don't know if it was Abraham when I first started or not. I just know when I did ask. They said it was and you know, they have been doing a lot of work on our planet for years. I did ask about me at one point and they said I had done this before. So that kind of helped with Okay, wow. So this is what we're this is what we're doing you know,

Alex Ferrari 8:35
Well let me so let me ask you then when when you finally kind of accepted this situation, how did you process it like well, this is my new mission in life. Like that's a shift that's a massive shift from hustling and trying to do entrepreneurial work and doing other things what you went to school for all this kind of stuff and all of a sudden go I guess I'm going to be a channeler now and try to help people like that's a major shift and in your mind How did you process it?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 8:37
Well you're not the channeling part was interesting but the supporting people and leading wasn't knew us suddenly quietly had been doing that all my life and I didn't you know I didn't realize that people have always come to me like that and I'm not the most outspoken person but people have always gravitated to me like that. And I can remember instance you know back when I was 13 But people have always come with so that part wasn't surprising but the channeling part was but the overall of of supporting people wasn't something that was new.

Alex Ferrari 9:44
Got it so then let me ask you when you finally came out publicly with this, how did your family your friends colleagues deal with this because like I always say the channel there's like a you know, you walk into a room and say I'm a channeler kind of clears the room. It's a little bit outside the box. For most people,

Benny Ferguson Jr. 10:06
You know, when it was when my out of body experience first happened now I grew up in the, in the with Christianity, parents and most of my family are there. But even as a young even almost say before middle school, maybe elementary school I was in, there were things that were talked about. And were one that was taught that I didn't agree with even as a kid, but you know, where I grew up, that wasn't something that you said out loud around the adults, you know, but there were things that didn't sit well with me back then. And I realize now that I knew more than I realized that I knew. But when I first had my out of body experience, I kind of tried to talk to it, talk to my close family about it. And they did their best to reference the Bible and just kinda you know, I've had experiences things happen is God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and but it didn't sit right with me. So I went on my own journey of looking for the answers. And I went outside of the Bible. And you know, I'm sure my story. Well, I know my story is similar to others, I went through all the major spiritual traditions of the world. I went through quantum physics, how I went back to my sciences, I went through all of them. And what I was able to see Alex's that parallels between all of them, I wasn't looking for what was wrong with this one. And what was wrong with that one, I was looking for answers to what happened to me. And so in doing that, and religion was the main spiritual thing, right. And so that's where I started. And then I had the science to fall back on from school. And so I went through that also. And I saw the parallels, instead of seeing the differences. So it made sense. And I saw that, hey, these books are saying the same thing. You know, the Dow and all of these things, they're saying this, they have the same things they don't know, you take away the traditions, and, and, and all of that stuff from where they were demographically. They're saying very similar things. And so I was able to see that. And what I found also is that a lot of my family and the people that I know, I didn't really have to come out to them, because I already knew that they weren't not people. I already knew that. Now, if they come around, or somebody sees my stuff out there, and they asked me a question, and they want to talk, that's fine. But I will quit, you know, being an earshot of people and knowing where they are. Most of them are not my people. And so I'm about putting myself out there to the people that are looking for me that are on this journey, and looking for support

Alex Ferrari 12:43
Now. So is it possible to talk to Abraham, can we have a little bit of a session with him? Yeah, absolutely. Awesome. All right, let me know, what's your process? How do you kind of come in and out and so we can kind of prepare for ourselves?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 12:58
You know, if that's interesting, too, because everybody is so different, very, I really don't have to do anything. Yeah, like they're here right now in the stream comes from this direction. And I was when I'm talking to people, we will be having a conversation like this, and they will already be trying to talk. And I'm, like, you know, we're not doing it here. Like, wait, wait, but, but they're here now. And, you know, most of the time I close my eyes so that I can focus on. Focus on what they're saying. I've been working on trying to keep my eyes open so that I can. I've started doing workshops online, and I want to get to where I've can do live workshops and not have to sit. So I've been working on keeping my eyes open and I've been able to do it somewhat. On my YouTube channel, I've got channeling stuff now where I'm actually driving, and I'm talking and so I've been working on that so I may open my eyes and close them but really don't have to go through a process. They're here. They're here now.

Alex Ferrari 13:58
Perfect, my friend. We're waiting. We're willing and waiting, sir.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 14:01
All right. All right. All right. Hey, Alex.

Alex Ferrari 14:06
Hello Abraham how are you?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 14:08
Yeah, we're good. We're good. We're excited to be here. We're excited for you and, and the journey that you're on and we're excited for this co creation of events that we are able to support you and to support others any who are open to hearing these transmissions.

Alex Ferrari 14:25
My first question to you is how do collectives like yourself, pick the people that they're going to channel through?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 14:34
We channeled through individuals who are of light vibration. Everything is about vibration. And although we are where we are and then he is where he is and other individuals are where they are. We have a similar vibration. And it does help when an individual has when channeling has been an individual's mission before. And oftentimes before they come into their physical body, they, it is their mission, their choose to come back to your planet, and be of support in that manner again, and when they do that the alignment is already there. And as as been able to stay in, in his process of getting to this point to where he's actually able to be comfortable in delivering the message to humanity that we are desiring to offer and support.

Alex Ferrari 15:37
So let me ask you, can you can you talk a little bit about vibration and frequency for people who don't understand that concept.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 15:45
Everyone has given off a vibration, everyone has a particular energy signature. And their energy signature is the result of the dominant ideas that they have in their mind, we want to say just mind is often said subconscious mind. But really, those dominant ideas exists just below your conscious awareness if you want to use the high low analogy or example. But they exist just below your conscious awareness. And they are that which drives you they are that which separates you from the realization of your true self. You exist now beyond the body and beyond the mind and the contents of your mind are that which over, you're realizing your truth. And that's what we desire to support you in uncovering your truth that you can live from that space. Now, as a physical human being vibration, frequency, your ideas, they cause you to emit a frequency. And everyone really understands frequency, even though they they are not aware of it. When you are in anger or frustration, and you're given off the energy. What do you often meet in your home with your spouse and your children? What do you meet when you walk in your stores, you meet anger and frustration you meet the energy it gets reflected back, you know, when you're excited, and you're happy. That's what you meet. And the strength is if you're able to hold that excitement, and that joy in that love that you can express by choice. In the midst of another who is frustrated or angry, what happens, if you're strong enough to hold it, you will tune them to your vibration. And that's a simple example. But everybody understands that humanity understand the theory, sign it, and joyful. Someone who's not feeling all that great, if you hold it, you'll see their spirits lift. And vice versa happens.

Alex Ferrari 17:55
It makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense. Now how can we how can we as individuals, learn to surrender more to the path to the guides that guide us through life and not try to control so much in our lives.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 18:15
The idea of surrender is a tricky one, because humanity would believe that surrendering would be to give up power to something that means to control or is capable of control. With the truth is Surrender means to let go of that which is separating you to let go of that which is resisting your truth. Once you come into the idea that you have guides and you let go of ideas of fear, doubt and worry that they might somehow damage you hurt you or you might be condemned to some negative occurrence as a result of operating in that space of a guide or a spiritual support of some sort. Once you drop those ideas and open yourself up to the possibility of interacting with your guides. You have loosened your vibration, you have allowed your vibration to elevate to the point where you actually can match them to a certain degree and allow the communication to flow more easily. So what we're talking about is letting go of the fear because if any one individual lets go of the fear of what is possible. Once they come into the idea of a new possibility. Then they opened themselves up for the connection.

Alex Ferrari 19:48
Well, what do you how do you handle feelings of spiritual doubt or uncertainty when you're on the path?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 19:55
Spiritual doubt and uncertainty. The idea of of spirituality carries a lot of confusion in itself. Because we're operating under the idea that there is a spiritual and there is a physical can be confusing. There is no one or the other, they all they are one in the same. Your existence is a spiritual existence, your existence is a energetic existence. This is where we discuss that foundational understanding that you are not your mind, you're not your body. And everyone knows this, we, humanity understands that when the physical body ceases to operate, that they separate from that body. And if you believe in a religious standpoint, you go somewhere else, or if you've been taught in a spiritual standpoint, there is a, there is a process to the movement, the the movement from the body to another position of understanding, a new idea, a new location. So even within those ideas, you're not your mind, and you're not your body. So if you begin to operate and understand that the foundation of your being, then there's nothing to fear. Because that place that you are fearing, is normal and natural. It's more consistent, it's more permanent, it's more constant, is the body. And it's the mind and this this physical experience. That is not the constant that is very, very short lived. So it's really a understanding of the truth, understanding of your foundation as a being not as a human being, but as a bee. And if you begin to understand that, then a lot of those fears and doubts and worries, they fall away. They have to, because in your understanding of that, number one, your vibration rises. And with a rise in of your vibration, you allow in greater truth, truth that help you to understand the nature of your existence. And with that understanding, you get stronger, and your awareness expands. And like we said, those fears, those doubts, those worries, they incrementally fall away.

Alex Ferrari 22:33
How can we silence the negative voice and the chatter in our minds?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 22:37
A shift in your attention, the negative the idea of negative in itself indicates that you are focused your attention and your focus is on that which you do not want your attention and your focus is on that which you do not desire that which you may you believe will bring a negative consequence. And this is all activity of the mind, within the body, creating a motion creating feeling. Shift your attention, you have the idea. Use it as contrast to create the idea that you desire. And then you focus on that. And as you focus on this new idea, this more empowering idea, this more uplifting idea. And you give it your attention versus the negative chatter, it will fall away. The idea that is sourcing, that negative chatter will fall away, it only still lives because of your attention and your focus, your feeding of energy. You're allowing it to source emotion within the body. This is what feeds the ideas. But when you stop giving the given them your attention over time. They cease to exist, they fall away, they get weaker and weaker. The less you hear that voice. The more subtle the voice gets, the less the emotion the less the emotion, the less the strength of the emotion decreases. Because you have stopped giving it so much attention you will feel it come into the body. But it won't be as strong as it used to be. It won't drive you into a state of being that causes you to speak and act from it. Because you've stopped giving it attention focus and feeding it with emotion.

Alex Ferrari 24:23
How can we connect to our higher power or divine consciousness?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 24:29
Idea of higher create separation there? Your consciousness is not higher or lower. We're talking about vibration. We're talking about frequencies. We're talking about the difference between 90.5 and one Oh 1.9. We're talking about frequencies. We're talking about feeling. Think about the idea of frustration and how that feels. There's a level of by abrasion, think about the idea of excitement. And exhilaration being a references the feeling place of going over the crest of a roller coaster in that position of freefall, that exhilaration that you feel through your body, your body's admittedly, vibration, a level of frequency because of that experience. Now imagine if you held that exhilaration as you walked about your day seems weird, but it's possible. The same as being able to walk around in love all day is possible, once you condition yourself to that. And when you condition yourself to a new level of vibration, you open yourself up to all of the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding, that resides with that level of vibration. So when you talk about connecting to your higher self, you're actually talking about meeting it with your vibration. Coming to it with your vibration, for that's all that separates you from the ability to connect, that's all that separates you from the wisdom and the understanding of that level of vibration. And it doesn't come to you, you have to move to it. That's the secret of humanity, you have to lift your vibration that which resides on a higher level of vibration doesn't come down. You have to release the resistance that allows you to come up from your human standpoint, and many have done that

Alex Ferrari 26:47
Those are the Ascended Masters.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 26:49
Many have done that, not even the those who call the Ascended Masters, many have done that quietly. Many have done it consciously and many have done it unconsciously. But they have access to higher understanding higher knowledge because of their consistent consistently held higher level of vibration.

Alex Ferrari 27:12
Now, how do we approach forgiveness when someone has wronged us deeply?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 27:17
First is understanding who forgiveness is for forgiveness is not for those who have wronged forgiveness is for the individual, releasing yourself allowing the release of the negative emotion allowing the release of the idea of guilt or shame any pain that is sourcing the experience, we have to understand that which appears in front of you in the mirror of experience is a reflection in those the energies, the particles, the forms, whether they be human beings or animals or plants, trees, whatever it is that is assisting in creating the experience, they are collaborative components of yours, assisting you in the creation of that experience. So anytime you have any experience and you blame or are angry or frustrated with the collaborative component that showed up in front of you, all that collaborative, all that component has done is shown you that which is present inside of you in love, in love they have reflected that which is inside of you. And for each of you on the path of conscious creation for each of you on the path of spiritual growth and awareness that's a powerful thing because now you know what is operating inside of you and once you engage that idea and release the idea you have opened yourself up your vibration increases by releasing the resistance. We know this is a hard pill to swallow for men. But that which is appears outside of you is a reflection in the mirror and it is reflecting you in love. In love.

Alex Ferrari 29:25
How can we tap into our own inner wisdom and guidance on our path in life?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 29:31
Your own inner awareness inner awareness and guidance is constantly present. Your inner awareness and guidance is you communicating with you. It's always there. It's constantly present. The confusion is when the chatter of the mind born of ideas rooted in low vibration when that chatter is louder Then the voice of your inner being in your meditations, you can become aware of which is which you can become aware of those ideas that are rooted in low vibration, those ideas rooted in fear. This is the challenge, because your intervene is constantly communicating, your guides are constantly communicating in support of you. The reason you cannot perceive their communication is your level of vibration. And the level of vibration that you're in is the result of the dominant ideas existing within your mind that are most often rooted in low vibration. Thus, they are holding you there, you must become aware of first become aware of the idea that that which is present in my mind, my programming may be holding me in low vibration. So how do you overcome the low vibrational ideas? Well, you make a practice of moving yourself into high vibration. And it doesn't matter how you start to do that it can be a beautiful song, it can be the idea connecting to the idea of a rainbow, it can be imagining a beautiful location that you have experienced anything that takes you into a higher vibration, and the more you hold that vibration, think about your sound waves. That higher vibration begins to disrupt those ideas born of lower vibration, because they are born of a different level of frequency than the frequency your holdings. And if you are holding that frequency consistently, those lower vibrational ideas begin to dissolve. And as they dissolve, you realize that you are capable of being more consistent in that higher vibration. And that connection begins to open up between the communication between you and your guides, and your inner being. And you realize that level of support has been there all along. But it was, it is your responsibility to renew the connection, by first becoming aware that your programming is in large part of low vibration,

Alex Ferrari 32:21
How can we overcome negative karma and patterns in our lives?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 32:26
This is another idea that that is overcome by attention and focus. Those patterns that you speak of that karma, that you speak of that is often reoccurring, this is what we would like for you to understand that there are patterns occurring in your life. And those patterns, what is the source of those patterns, there has to be a call you live in a reality where there is a cause there is a seed to everything, there is a seed to the human body seeds, there is a seed to all of your plants, there is a seed to every living thing. Your experiences have seeds as well, the system is set up to have a starting point a seed, what is the cause of those experiences that continue to repeat? What is the cause are those experiences that recur, that cause you to feel that leave you feeling the same way? leave you feeling frustrated, leave you feeling powerless, leave you feeling like a victim? The faces change, but the experience is very similar. What is the cause of broken relationship that ends in the same way? Seems to end in the same way leaving you feeling the same way? What is the cause of your financial circumstance where you seem to get ahead and then you are pushed back further than you were? There has been repeating for years. There's a cause that causes the dominant ideas within your mind. And how do you overcome that? Karma? How do you overcome that programming? By being aware that these are ideas at their base? Operating and shifting your attention and your focus from those ideas to a an idea of your choosing? Of you're intending and focusing your attention? They're feeling in the present moment, the experience of that which you desire, and no longer given attention and focus to that which you do not desire?

Alex Ferrari 34:42
How do you overcome feelings of fear and uncertainty in our lives, which is so powerful and so demanding in our lives so many times?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 34:53
The question is, how did they get so powerful? That's the first question. How did they get so powerful? Because nothing starts off. so big that it takes control of you even in, even in your experience of emotion. Now, even in your experience of anger, and frustration, now, you're triggered to that emotion, something happens outside of you and your experience that triggers that emotion, what happens? It starts off small. And if you're paying attention, you can feel it begin to swell. And it gets bigger and bigger. To the point it causes you to speak and act in a way that afterward you say, I wish I hadn't done that. But it didn't start off as something big, something huge that was out of control, this huge monster started off small. And it's the same with those, those fears that seem to have so much power, and so much straight, and that commands your attention. They started off small. But by your attention to that fearful idea and feeling, by your focus on that fearful idea, and feeling it got bigger and bigger and bigger. Now, why did you focus on it so much? Why did you pay so much attention on it, we'll tell you why you focused on it, because humanity has taught you to fall by default by mistake. That to focus on that which you do not desire somehow makes it go away. And it does not focus on focusing on that which you do not desire you are feeding it, you are making it bigger, you are cementing the idea within your being. And once an idea becomes dominant, it resonates constantly, which again is why circumstances repeat in your life, because you have created a dominant idea that exists within the mind. The mind that exist, not here in this organ of the brain, but throughout your body, every sale every particle has mind and you as the being that is existing present within this physical body, the material that you are sowing into your mind, every sale knows, every particle knows. So when you establish a dominant idea, every particle knows that this is the idea you are focusing on. So this is what you are asking for. This is what you desire. And the whole body operates in unison. Expressing that idea energetically. The ideas within your mind your mind and body do not make the distinction between good, bad, right? Wrong, what you want, what you do not want. They only know what you're placing your attention and your focus on. And the ideas that you establish as dominant can be to your betterment to your empowerment, or they can be to your detriment, meaning lower vibration or higher vibration.

Alex Ferrari 38:24
How can we integrate spirituality into our daily lives and make it relevant in this insanely modern world.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 38:34
The first thing is understand that there are not separate first thing to understand is that everything is energy. And that you are a energy center center. You are an energy center as it pertains to your life experience. And that which you are emitting, that what you're expressing energetically is reflected back to you in creating of your world, your uni verse, your verse, your verse, your song, you're expressing vibrations, frequencies, because of a more to put multitude of ideas existing with your mind and body that are singing your song constantly. First thing is to understand that there's no separation. The energies come first, and then the particles and then the matter and then the forms that are the people and the events and the experience that you have at the restaurant, the experience that you have on vacation, good, bad or indifferent. They are the reflection of your song. That's the first thing you must understand. When you say spiritual and you're wanting to integrate your spirituality, your spiritual nature with the physical, there is no separation. There is only one thing that is the most important thing and that is you and your An energy signature, which is a result of your ideas. And when you begin to operate, they're at the foundation. When you begin to observe, they're in your meditation. Take and take one idea, take relationships, take finances, take him off. Focus on that idea and watch the thoughts, the thought patterns that are offered to you from your dominant ideas based on that one subject. And you will see, you will see not the result of your experience, but the cause of your experience.

Alex Ferrari 40:40
What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning their spiritual journey?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 40:46
Our advice would be to observe your inner reality, shut down all media sources, shut down all conversations that don't feel good. shut down all experiences that don't feel good, that are within earshot body shot of your physical senses. And as often as you can focus on your inner self. And notice, notice the thought patterns, because the thought patterns reveal the dominant ideas. Notice if they are what you want, or what if they are, of the nature of what you desire, or what you do not desire, the types of experiences you want, or the types of spirit or experiences you do not want. That's what we would suggest to one who was just starting on this journey, because that will reveal your truth at the moment. Your belief in harmony, your belief in healing and well being or your belief in sickness and disease, your belief in lack and scarcity, or your belief and wealth and abundance, your belief in unity and beautiful relationship, or your belief in broken relationship. That is what you will see. And that is where you should start.

Alex Ferrari 42:15
If someone has the idea or the programming in their mind that wealth and abundance does not coincide with spirituality that you have to be poor, and penniless. And live in a cave and meditate for 10 hours a day. Is that's the that's the image of spirituality to them, and that anybody who's wealthy or abundant, couldn't possibly be spiritual. Can you talk a little bit about that for people?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 42:44
We would suggest you look at nature. Look out your window into nature. And see what you see, as a pure expression of your planet as a pure expression of source. Do you see lack and scarcity? Or do you see wealth and abundance? In its purity? In its purity? Do you see lack and scarcity? Or do you see wealth and abundance? And the one that you see the one that you see is a pure indication of that which is true. And if you think feel or believe anything other than that. Then there's a misunderstanding somewhere. There's a misinterpretation, there is low vibration. There's low vibration, in accordance to the idea. Millions of seeds, millions of seeds needed to produce the level of plants that you see on your planet. Millions of seeds that go unrooted millions of seeds. Think about the idea you're a National Geographic being he has this in his mind, the number of the number of turtles, the number of eggs that are laid for the turtles, and then the turtles trying to cross the beach to get to the water. Many of them don't make it. A lot of them do. But those seeds those eggs that were positioned to birth the turtles are in magnificent abundance. The truth of source

Alex Ferrari 44:37
And do you have any final words for our audience Abraham?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 44:40
Look inward, the truth of you is inward. The truth of your experience right now as it stands, you will see if you look inward and work at the level of their foundation. So many are focused on a desired manifest ation, which is why they're in such turmoil dealing with or not even know not even knowing how to deal with the resistance that they offer when they look at a desired manifestation. And they're so frustrated with their inability to create that which they desire, money being one of them that's so powerful. And they don't realize that they, they want it so badly. That at the core, they're actually in conflict with it, they're actually focused on the lack of it, they're actually actually focused on the absence of it. And that is an idea that creates an experience. look inward to your thought patterns, they will reveal the truth of you. Take your eyes off just for a moment of any desired manifestation and look to the foundation of you look to your core, and begin to work there. And that will take care of everything else.

Alex Ferrari 45:58
Thank you so much, Abraham, for your time and these profound answers. I appreciate you.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 46:03
Thank you. We were excited to be here. I look forward to being a support as often as we can. Thank you. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 46:11
How you feeling Benny?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 46:12
I'm good.

Alex Ferrari 46:14
Does it energize you or weaken you?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 46:16
It varies. It varies. Sometimes I'm sometimes I'm tired. Like if I speak to someone, sometimes it's, it's a lot. And I can feel drained. And then sometimes I feel good. Sometimes I'm excited.

Alex Ferrari 46:30
How do you feel then?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 46:34
Kind of heavy.

Alex Ferrari 46:36
These are hard questions.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 46:38
But yeah, the questions, the questions were strong, they were very strong. And I don't mean heavy in a, in a bad way my body feels. Kind of like I've tired a little bit. But the questions were strong. Those were really strong questions.

Alex Ferrari 46:56
I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Yeah, we try to I try to dig in deep. And I try to dig in deep for, for people to get answers to things that they think about, but never verbalize. So that's what we try to do in this. But I do appreciate you doing that, my friend. It was really profound session with Abraham, and I think it's gonna help some people on their path. Now I'm going to ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. Okay, how do you differ? What do you define? What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 47:25
A fulfilled life, to me now is one who is able to follow their inspirations. That's where the highest life is gonna be for each of us as individuals. But the ability to follow our inspirations is the challenge is, and in speaking to people, we have those inspiring people people go to their deathbed, with their inspiration still inside of them never have been able to act on. And when you're not able to act on those inspiration that have been with you for years. It's painful. Oh, that's that's one of the most fulfilled life is if you can get to the point where you can actually act on your inspirations, it will take you down the path that you designed for yourself, and you'll be able to feel like you're doing what you're you will feel like you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Alex Ferrari 48:20
How do you define God?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 48:21
I don't use God so much no more. Because of the ideas around it. I say source now, source feels right to me more so than God does.

Alex Ferrari 48:34
So how do you define source?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 48:35
I define source as just all that is it's not really a it is not really a thing. Because to say it's a thing means this, there's something that is not. Right. If you try to say as one thing, that means it's not something else, and it's everything. Fair enough, they all that is maybe but that still kind of feels limited.

Alex Ferrari 49:03
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 49:05
Alex right now is to create experience, just to create experience, because when we leave I mean, I've heard you speaking to others, when we leave, there's the review, and all of those things. And and from a higher perspective, there's no good bad, right? Wrong. You know, if you can really hold on understand that, and that when you leave your physical body, it's going to be looked at, you're going to look at it and you're gonna decide from there, what you're going to do next. So it's just about experience that now the power is a lot of us then people that are watching this are in a place where they are looking to be a conscious creator, they have come into that information. So the power is in that now. You can start intending. You can start intending versus react and you can start intending what you want and then figure out how to actually bring it into fruition.

Alex Ferrari 49:57
And where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing Benny?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 50:01
First of all have a free training out there that that people can really benefit from that really speaks to that foundation in that set www.iamthediscourse.com. I have hundreds of hours of channeling sessions on YouTube, that bennyrfergusonjr/consciousnessascending. That's where you'll find that and to learn more about you know what we're doing, you can actually watch testimonials from individuals who have experienced Abraham one on one at www.abrahamoneonone.com

Alex Ferrari 50:40
And you do one on one sessions with people?

Benny Ferguson Jr. 50:42
Yes, yes. And one sessions we have started doing online workshops and hopefully in the summer we'll do our first live event, our first lab workshop.

Alex Ferrari 50:53
My friend I appreciate you coming on the show. It has been a pleasure and honor speaking to you. It's been really a profound conversation and I do truly hope it helps people around the world on their path. Thank you again, my friend. I do truly appreciate you.

Benny Ferguson Jr. 51:06
Thank you Alex. I really enjoyed it.

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