CHANNEL Predicts: You CAN’T STOP What’s COMING! Humanity’s NEXT Stage is Upon Us! with Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker is the creator of Business Energetics, a transmitter of the Nine Angelic Frequencies Series, and a trance channel for Angelic wisdom. She is supporting awakening souls on their journey through community, spiritual connection, and healing so they can take advantage of this time of rapid growth and ascension. You can find her weekly videos where she shares channeled messages from the Angels on her popular Anne Tucker YouTube channel.

Anne lives (and enjoys her huge veggie garden) in Seattle, WA.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anne Tucker.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 325

Anne Tucker 0:00
You must find within yourself the love of one another of humankind, you must find within yourselves the compassionate heart, the love to bind yourself to one another and to find within each other's arm the solace that you seek to help to aid to reach out to one another. And this is the pathway forward. It is not not to be found within the confines of I keep of I save of I guard, this will only create lack and suffering. We wish each and every one to find amongst each other the hearts and minds of your own self.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I'd like to welcome to the show Anne Tucker. How you doing Anne?

Anne Tucker 0:52
Wonderfully! Thank you so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really excited to talk to you about your journey and to talk to the angels who apparently are knocking on the door ever since we've logged on who want to get on their their hands, they want the spotlight and they are just begging to get on so don't worry guys you get on soon. But so my first question to you I always like to ask is What was your life like before this insanity that is channeling in your life?

Anne Tucker 1:22
Oh my gosh, I was very, I guess you would say like conventional. I was very conventional. Before all this started. I have a corporate background. I was at Microsoft in the heady days of all the fun I wasn't a negotiator and negotiated some of their their you know their largest deals with their largest customers. I went from that into leadership development I was an executive coach for for the largest companies in the US that for the you know for an attack and med tech sectors. I was I had a whole career I had a whole life and and then this happened

Alex Ferrari 2:00
And I'll stop you there for a second because I love that love channels like yourself who you know you weren't like you know, on on Venice beach somewhere. And like hey, man, I'm a I'm a channel and you'd like know you had a full on lucrative career making good money and you know enjoying yourself and then you make this shift into the obviously millions and millions that you make here doing channeling. I mean, I want people to understand that because people that oh, it's all about the money that she had a job. Oh, great. I paid a hell of a lot more than channeling and also didn't clear the room.

Anne Tucker 2:43
Yes. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 2:46
So So So what happened when you first started hearing the voices?

Anne Tucker 2:52
You know, it's funny because it didn't start it didn't start with channeling trance channeling the trance key channeling came in, down the road. I didn't know at first I was meant to be a trance Channel. In the beginning, I was channeling but I was I was healing I was doing and I would have clairvoyant visions, but I started having all kinds of crazy psychic phenomena that could not be ignored. And it was my own curiosity. I just could not. I couldn't resist it. It was it was I had stuff where I would think of a friend and I would be inside their body. And I would be seeing what they were seeing. And I would be and it would oh my gosh, what just happened? You know, I mean, all kinds of crazy things that I couldn't explain. And so I then thought, okay, if I'm going to be my own executive coach, what would I tell myself to do? And I would say double down. If you really curious about this, if you really want to know what it's all about, then plan a year, do a year where you just commit yourself to figuring this out to engaging fully. And that meant leaving my job and I scheduled out and I did a bunch of trips, and I and I traveled around the world and I did all this stuff. And I read all the books and went to the workshops, and I did everything. And I will tell you that quitting the job is a one way ticket because once you come out as this, like you cannot get back into the boardroom. It's a closed door, you know, I mean, so it was big, a big choice. But it was really like eating my own dog food. It was like, Okay, if I know if I if I'm thinking about this as someone not me, this is what I would tell them and so, so let's do it.

Alex Ferrari 4:24
So were you spiritual, or did you have any of this growing up? They mean, was this completely foreign to you? Or did you have some inclination?

Anne Tucker 4:32
It was I would say that I always knew that I was I always knew I was spiritual. Definitely not religious. I had four parents like two parents divorced and remarried to had four parents everyone had a different religion. So I was I had no religious background of any kind. And but I always knew that I at the time the only reference I had was psychic so I thought I always known as psychic but it always be stuff I couldn't control would happen where I would always be surprised by it. And I remember a conversation And I had when I was five. I remember sitting up in bed and having a conversation with what I thought was myself except I was getting answers. And I know now that I was channeling, and I remember the voice saying that you were going to grow, I was going to grow up and help people know how to live, it was something phrased in a way that five year old could understand. And I remember laughing out loud and saying, How do I know? How would I know what to tell people? I'm only five? You know what I mean? Like, how would I know what to say? But I remember that conversation because thinking how funny I thought it was. So and I had I mean, I know I had imaginary friends, it was always happening. But as I got older, I you know, the the coping, my coping mechanisms for the difficulties in my life were to close my heart, and, and go very much into my left brain. And so I veered towards the masculine expression. And so as I got, you know, got older, and then I got into my first karmic relationship, which there's a lot of stuff I was trying not to see. And that, again, just shuts down the third eye. And so when the moment came for me to wake up, it was it was swift, and it was fast. And everything I needed, showed up on my doorstep. And I was literally just ushered in.

Alex Ferrari 6:10
Yeah, well, let me ask you this, because you just said something that's really interesting. And, again, I always like pointing this out. For people who might be skeptical of this. This isn't an easy path. No. There's like, like, some common sense. And I agree with them. There's easier easier hustles out there than doing this. So what happened when you decided to kind of come out of this closet, if you will, that you've been gone off on this kind of like, Eat, Pray Love, spiritual journey? To find out about eat, you know, it's like a medium psychic channel journey that you did?

Anne Tucker 6:50
What's happening to me and all of that, yeah.

Alex Ferrari 6:52
When you finally came out to your family, to your friends, to your colleagues, what was that like? And how did you deal with it psychologically?

Anne Tucker 7:00
I would say it was, it was tough. I needed a whole new set of friends, that I remember sending an email out to a bunch of friends that I had, and just saying, Hey, does anybody want to get together, you know, once a month and have a, you know, a meeting to talk about, you know, and I kind of phrased it in like self development, and I tried to make it as soft as I could. Not a single one even responded. And these were friends of mine. They didn't even write back. Right. And I was kind of crashed. I was heartbroken. So what I did is I just, I thought about it for a while. And I rented a theater in downtown Bellevue, which is a big city here where I live in a beautiful theater. And I put a thing on meetup saying spiritual meetup, who wants to come and I put myself on the stage as the first sacrificial speaker and I was like, I need new friends who was going to come. And I had no idea that anybody would show up. And like 25 people came. And it was awesome. And some of those people are now like, my closest friends. And I've been it was so meaningful to me that I have been doing it every month. Even when I moved. I moved down to California, I flew back up once a month to hold the meetup. And I still have it, it's now like, 1500 people, and a lot of friends. Now, I didn't have any then but now I have a lot. But um, but yeah, so it was I mean, it was in terms of personal cost. Yeah, it was, it was I'd say it put a ton of distance in my then marriage, how to distance. It was my children. Here's the cool thing, though. The way I want my children over was by by reading for them. They would want to know, like, does this does this boy like me? What does this person think of me? And so when they figured out I could do that they were like, sold up until then they were kind of like, what's mom doing? This is weird. Then they're like, oh, wait, what did he think of me?

Alex Ferrari 8:48
Yes, I have. I have a psychic on tap. That's that's kind of helps. The whole this is weird. Woowoo stuff.

Anne Tucker 8:56
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Exactly. That it was not a process that was in any, any way easy. And I don't mean to say that to scare off. I know, there's a lot of people out there who are contemplating their own journeys. And all I would say is that just trust it that to not worry, like yes, you're not gonna you're not the people that you know, now might be supportive. But you have to be willing to close that energy in order to free your resources up you have to stop investing in the negative negative relationships, free up your energy and invest in be ready for what comes new, you know, open up, you have to free your energy episodes. It's something else that is supportable show up for you. So I think in my world, that's more often the case that people don't want to come out because they're worried about censure and losing relationships and all of that.

Alex Ferrari 9:42
One thing I want to just kind of really dig in on a little bit for bigger people, because there's such a lesson there is that as you shift, your friends and family and colleagues might often not shift with you. Sometimes they do. Yeah, sometimes they do. But a lot of times they don't That's not only shift as a channel, but just evolve as a human being as a spirit, there's going to be there's going to be a volute. So that's why, you know, people you were friends with in high school. I tried to tell my kids and like, Oh, my friends, I'm like, Honey, guys, I promise you, the chances of you even knowing the names of these people in 10 years is going to be astronomical. So a lot of people, they only see what they see in front of them like you did, like all I had was my close friends. But when they all rejected you, essentially, yeah, you were so brave to do that. By the way, that meetup thing is a genius. I do like shiny new friends, everybody. Let's talk spiritual stuff. I'm here. Let's do this.

Anne Tucker 10:42
Just for fun.

Alex Ferrari 10:44
Yeah, that's, that's amazing. Now. So your channel now. So can you explain the process of your, the way you channel your trance channel, and apparently a deep a deep trance Channeler as well. So can you explain to the audience what your process is, and then also what it was like, when it first started to come in? Because that energy is fairly powerful. Oh, my word and that nervous and that nervous system? And if it's not ready, it sounds like you were primed a bit for the trans channeling aspect. So can you explain that, please?

Anne Tucker 11:17
Yeah, absolutely. So before I was a clairvoyant channel, and clairvoyant, can clear, sentient clear knowing so I would, the way I would work as a healer is I would, I would get visions, and I would talk through the visions, and I would get the vision, and then I would get an associated knowing in the body. And I would feel in my body, what they were feeling in their body. So I could sense when energy was released. But it was a very, I was very, like, this is how I do it. And I was working, and I'm like, I'm on path and doing my thing. But the minute you get comfortable, they're like, and guess what, here's the next thing. So one day I was out meditating, in my usual spot, and, and, and I was a healer, my guides always came in through the back, they would enter through the back. And I was very familiar with that. All of a sudden, I'm sitting, the minute I close, my eyes do meditate, boom, it's like one of my guides is sitting on me. And the pressure was so extreme, I couldn't breathe. It was like it was here and here. And it was just intense pressure. And I thought what is like, come in, like, what's the deal? come in through the back? Why are you trying to, I thought one of them was literally sitting on me. And I couldn't understand what was going on. But I just kind of went with it. I thought, Okay, let's see what happens. Well, that went on for six months, six months, at the minute, I would close my eyes and meditate, boom, pressure, and I couldn't breathe. And that and I just kind of kept trying to breathe. And at some point, this is going to break, something's gonna happen. You know, this is like, this is not normal. So six months later, it finally dawns on me that they are not trying to come in, they are trying to lift me up. And once I the minute I got it, I was like zoom, and I was up and the pressure dissipated, it comes down over me like a helmet. And all of a sudden, I'm in the space. And I'm looking around and I see all these angels that I see Yeshua. And I see, everybody's you know, it's the way you would expect everybody's wearing white and all this kind of stuff, which is like probably my perception of how I would see it. And I'm like, great. This is awesome, amazing. And then nobody says anything. And I'm sitting there waiting, going like, Oh, now what like what happens? Nothing awkward. And I'm just standing there. And I'm like, can you write it for me? Like, what can I read? You know, can you show me nothing. And they would just everybody's standing around smiling. So this was like another six months of me going up and seeing everybody and now standing around awkwardly for six months, until I finally one day had the and it was really I would say the confidence. It was the confidence or the trust or the faith that it would work. I sat down and I started I went into that state. And I just put pen to paper and I just said okay, give me one word at a time. And I just started writing the words. And they came through and I figured if I did it one word at a time, I wouldn't be able to follow what was coming through. And I would know it's not from me. And so I just started doing it. One word, one word, one word, one word, and I thought it was gibberish. I was like this is not working. I don't know what's going on. I'll just keep it was like words coming down a pipe was like a pipe right here. It'd be like word word word. I'd be like that. Okay, whatever. I'll just write them down. And I get to the end and I read it. And it was profound, absolute and poetic, profound and poetic. And it blew my mind wide open. And so in the beginning, I channeled like that I channeled to writing and now I don't write now I just channel just they they worked on my vocal cords for about four months. They told me they were going to do it. And for about four months, I had no voice literally where I could talk for about 20 minutes and then I would lose my voice performance. And they were working on doing something so they could come in and speak through me. And now that's what happens. So now they come in and they just they just do their thing and I'm there I can I am there. They're communicating to me visually as they're speaking and I can remember some words but I don't like when I channel my Friday live messages. I have no idea what's being said i don't i don't understand it until the next day when I go back and put in the punctuation.

Alex Ferrari 14:57
Interesting. So it sounds like that Have you during those that sick the first six months were that they were sitting on you essentially in the next six months where they were just staring at you. This process to the way I interpreted at least is this is a priming process for you to get kind of ready. And also, they can't pull you up against your will, you've got to figure this out a bit. And that that too. So there's those two things. And then the working on the vocal cords are literally priming your vocal cords. And your I'm assuming your nervous system to handle this kind of energy, the energy that flows through, what was it like the very first time it came through like that first?

Anne Tucker 15:41
Oh, I mean, shocking. And the one of the biggest surprises was that it was painful, is that it was literally like being at the bottom of the ocean, you know, where you are at the bottom of a deep swimming pool with the pressure on your head. It felt like that down to about here. So it felt like I was under intense pressure. So I could only hold it for a little while I remember the first time they told me I was going to have to do they wanted me to bring through these nine angelic frequencies. So So I'm also a portal. So I bring through energies to the planet. And they wanted me to do this with these nine different frequencies. But they told me I had to hold it for 90 minutes. And they said people would come from around the world. And I was like, how is that going to happen? And of course it did, because it's the angels. And but I remember if you listen to the nine recordings, I did one a month and if you listen to the first one, my voice is shaking through most of it that I you can tell I'm struggling like to hold the energy for that long, it was hard. And by about third, fourth, fifth one, it's like starting to smooth and smooth. And by the end, it's like butter. You know what I mean? By the end, and I'm like talking and it's going and it's easy. It took me a while to integrate it. But but now I can channel them and it's not I feel the pressure. I feel the sensation. But if there's no pain at all.

Alex Ferrari 16:50
That's so so amazing. And do you get wiped out with the energy? Or do you get I get it wipes you out? It doesn't energize you and wipes you out?

Anne Tucker 16:57
Yeah, if doing that. Other things like when I do when I'm channeling healing energy, super energizing. But when I'm doing the trance channeling, that if I do a lot of it exhausts me. So I do retreats. And in those retreats, I'm channeling, I'm channeling like three times a day for an hour or two a day. They're very, very intense. And I'm sustained. But at the end of it I collapse.

Alex Ferrari 17:19
Wow, it's so fascinating. Because again, I have a very unique perspective of being able to talk to so many different channels around the world and everyone's process, I always try to look at common denominators for everybody's process. That's why I'm like you're primed, I understand certain things that have to happen in order for this energy to come through. And some people get supercharged up. Some people get wiped out, it really just depends on the individual. So it's Yeah, and you don't, and you don't Channel Live, often you don't do it on your YouTube channel. You do it pretty much on either retreats, or you do it behind the scenes. And then you read what they say, is that correct?

Anne Tucker 17:59
I do. I do. Yeah. And they're there i doing that gives me the time to go through. Like I said, I don't understand what I'm channeling. When I chant most of the time, sometimes I'll get like, they'll show me things. And I can follow along. But there's a ton that I missed because it's one of the interesting things about channeling the angels is that the angels are not linear, they see everything all at once. And so in their word choices, they will frequently choose words that have three meetings, and they mean all three. And so it takes a deep read to really get everything from the message. So a lot of times I that's one of the reasons I like with your Friday live messages, I will channel those in advance and then take my time and break it down because you just you miss so much.

Alex Ferrari 18:41
Right so and you have agreed to come on, they've agreed to come on to the show, which is a rare occasion. So I appreciate it. So many people are going to have to watch this thing a few times to understand what they're saying. Yeah. So when before we bring the beep or the bring them on because I know I'm sure they're knocking on the door. To come in you give an example of an event A life that you changed or client's life that you changed because of what came through your channel.

Anne Tucker 19:12
Oh my gosh, you know, that is one of the most fun, amazing, inspiring things about doing this work is I feel so incredibly honored to witness people's journeys that I like one of the most profound things is I I just ended what I called the Golden Circle. It was a group that was meant to be every six months or renewing group of six people that I would be the seventh we would be a circle of seven and I would work intensely with these people. The problem is no one ever left that they just kept renewing and renewing and so I developed these incredibly close relationships with these women. It was all women in the group. And And the amazing thing is I got to see because of the nature of the work is the depth of the work and that it took place over two and a half years. I was able to see these these stories these life histories that blew my mind every session was like, absolutely blew my mind. And the the voyage that those women made, they went from being, you know, closed and scared, and having a lack of self confidence to being completely out in the world games, sharing their work, you know, very successful in their work, health issues resolved. I mean, all the things, all the things you want. So it's yeah, it's it, it was an amazing process. But crazy, crazy things came up certain things like one person who's who's every male, in her family, was the same soul, if you can imagine, and I know sounds wild, but every historically all the way back. And, and so I mean, there's just crazy and there's patterns and things about that, and that we had to unwind and unwind. And it took, and you know, it just amazing people who, that anyways, it's the stories could just go on forever. But the stuff that I was able to learn about even what's possible, because of the depth of that work, as like I said, and then just the gratitude of, of these women having so much faith, and willingness, like the trust that takes to do that kind of work to be willing to just go in and go in and go in again, and again, and again, it just takes a lot of really willpower and trust and faith, all the things. So, yeah, I'd say it's been amazing.

Alex Ferrari 21:31
The idea that that idea of the of everything happening all at once, you've mentioned it a few times. Now, when they say it, the angels are saying it and also now with the sole idea which I haven't heard that one specifically, but it makes all the sense in the world to me. Because this idea and I keep hearing this from channels, I keep hearing this from near death experiences, that all of our lifetimes are happening at the exact same time that we live parallel lifetimes. And we're our I, the way I explained it is the needle on the record. For us old folks who know what a needle on a record are. Is right here where we are right now. Yeah, but the record is deep and long on both ways. And when we shift something in this life, where the needle is, it ripples back, and it ripples forward. Yeah, as well. So it's, it's hard for the brain to comprehend compute this because our hardware sucks. For this kind of work. It's like trying to wash dishes with a with a tire. Like it doesn't really make sense to do so. But it it's it's interesting that these ideas are starting to come are becoming more in vogue. And people are talking about these ideas more with quantum physics, and in movies with the multiverse idea, and then parallel. It's really a fascinating idea, but I always look at everything with a spiritual lens. So what does this all mean? Like Great Multiverse? What does that mean spiritually for us?

Yeah, Soul evolution. Yeah, it's cool. The Doctor Strange can jump back and forth. That's awesome. Awesome, I love it really entertaining. What does it mean spiritually? For us? What does it mean for our souls evolution. So, alright, so let's get let's get the angels in. Let's do this is gonna be exciting.

Anne Tucker 23:25
And I would just ask for you if you don't mind because the angels rarely come in without doing a little healing. So if you just when they do, just keep your spine relatively straight, if you can, because they tend to work on the spine a lot. And then just ground and if you'd like, I'll go ahead and ground myself and get started. Alright. We are within we are within we are speaking we wish to begin by announcing that you are coming to a point in your life of fruition, that you are holding within you now the fruits of longing, the essence that you bear, the self that you are is coming forward, and you will meet him once again. He will bring within you a sense of yourself a sense of your mission, not commonplace, not ever after bearing what you now expect, it will be an alteration and alteration from where you have been going. You have miss understood something, something deep and ancestral to your being. And we wish to bring this to your attention. We speak now your name of Ever After Alex in the remembering of your soul song there is a repetitive pattern of announcing of announcing what has been and then coming to terms with what arrives And then beginning in the strumming of new focal chord. And we wish to draw your attention to this to speak into you now the rhythm of this new offering, if you will have it. Yes, we thank you, we draw down and around you now the soul spark of your origin, your point of recognition what you are, and this does spark within you a longing to understand your own beginnings. And from this space, you will recognize there is an orchestration happening now, in the combination of this life, there are the important forces, which you acknowledge, and there are those unseen, who stay who have or who are near, who are waiting for the transition of this time. And as they come forward, you will feel within the body in the bones in the very fragments of your being and beginnings, that you have come to an understanding that all that was no longer is and you will feel within yourself, there is an important fragrance within the very essence of yourself that must be shared. And no longer will you culminate the hours with the repetition of others minds, but you will take for yourself the standard of speaking. And we'll come into the world in other ways, and we'll find yourself being spoken to have one mind with the essence of who you are, and this will come through and you will find this in times uncertain to be strong, and to carry the rhythm of the forces that support you and to elevate the minds of those to whom you enter with the solemn song of your own beginning. Do you understand us? I do. Do you have questions for us?

Alex Ferrari 27:10
I do. What global events do you see coming for humanity in the coming years,

Anne Tucker 27:18
There is the shift the change of which you are aware that changing of the times on offer there is instrumental into the humanity's evolution, there is an uncertainty that you bear currently, currently, you are in meshed in the beginnings of this next offering. And you feel it as a tumultuous. Now, your existence feels as though you plow on into the effort to recreate what was and yet the New Beginnings erupt all around you. And there is the struggle and the turmoil, the resistance and the purge. And this evolution continues, it is the demise of the carrying on of the masculine light, the vibration of that which has helped humanity to structure and allowing to structure and forbearing there is within this duality, the resistance of one another, the resistance within the mind, the resistance within the happening of the human body. There is the sense that there is one above and one below. And we would bring humanity into harmony into an understanding of itself as something balanced of having within the sense of the Divine as to equal parts. And for this to occur, there must be the elevation of the feminine mind which has been repressed, which has been subjugated, which has been left behind. And there is within this duality within each and every soul each and every person in every facet of this life. This duality exists and there is the cacophony of voices which permeate the world which speak to it and hold it now and keep it as it stands. And there must be a gentle yet vibration to begin this interference to create this change and this will arrive soon now. Soon now. There will be an instance energetic that comes before your eyes. A presence you will feel it yes and a shifting happens Internal inside. And this is yet the beginnings of a multifaceted approach to the shifting to the shifting, that arrives, there are yet other instantiations of difficulty which will come. And we Herald these as an aspect of the change that will arrive. And there are those who will inhabit these times, who will feel their arrivals and will know themselves transported, and the demise and c's are functions which are bound and held humanity into forms of repression, these will subside and in the end, you will find yourselves in a place and spirit evolved, evolved from the place and understanding of self as one dimension of expression, as one aspected union and instead see the myriad of choices you become to be the one among many souls, the oneness, the oneness comes, do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 31:23
I do, I do. Are there any specific signs or symptoms of a shift in consciousness that we as individuals should be aware of?

Anne Tucker 31:34
Yes, you are held now, in a frequency that is changing as we speak as we speak, you are finding following your Pathways to your each and every one held differently among yourself, there is no one path, there is no one moment now, no one time that must come for all, there is yes, yes the instantiations of energies which come which flourish which a which help and you are held, you are held each are held in their own ascension to understand yours, you have time, time to understand what happens within there are aspects of each soul which must be revealed. For the knowledge gathering time is now the time to glean your lives from all that is learning from all you have experienced the time is now the time is now for understanding soul and self. This is the opportunity before you now to take these moments of tranquillity, to take these times of awareness where confrontations around you and you are showing yourself and deep relief and pattern and you may glean from this the deep furrows of your own worry and come to understanding of what has formed you. And these as you come into fold will disappear. By the time though long it seems it withers. The time for self learning draws to a close and then begins and next phase of opening. And you will find in your hearts a gentle gliding without fear, a sense of self and a harmonic balance. And this is not to say that all will perform their life without conflict or constraint No, it merely says that a harmonic balance is achieved, that you may orchestrate a life of presence and self awareness and from within that context, experience yourself within this plane of existence. And then the times forming around you now this opportunity remains to confront the self for self learning. This is the time it is now it is Now do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 34:08
I do thank you. How can we help others who are struggling with a spiritually awake spiritual awakening process.

Anne Tucker 34:18
There are many in the tide of resistance who conform themselves to what was who wish to know know more of their own inner vision, whose stay perturbed by the external and they are in difficult times ahead. And we will feel their sorrow and their pain and we wish for them The Awakening. We wish for them the feeling of support that we offer. We wish for them to be transported as you are toward the awareness. And you ask you say what is it what is it that creates the separation between us and they hear nothing. And we say merely the awareness that you are the separation from all that surrounds you, as external, and the comprehension that What does provide this vision is your own inner landscape. It is this separation that occurs. And those who cannot be freed from the outer illusion, cannot find the relief that they seek, they find themselves distraught. And for them, we ring the bell of compassion in each and every heart, we wish for you to separate no longer from the who are in resistance, but to yield to them your greatest spirit, your truth, to yield to them the honesty with which you seek your own transference and to allow them to see your journey, to reveal yourself to those who reject you, and to allow them to understand you are different to peruse your beginnings, to see perhaps, an opportunity for themselves to reek of your compassion, and to feel no judgment, to feel no separation to see yourself as they are and have been. And to feel only love. This we ask,

Alex Ferrari 36:27
Could you explain the process of a dimensional shift in the terms of human understanding,

Anne Tucker 36:34
We see not the category of dimensional purge, we see instead of frequency which evolves among humanity, we see the frequency within dimension now that T exists always and is immutable. But the constitution of who you are and how you carry yourself forth within it. This does shift in times coming and you create there for a separation from what was, it is yourselves who are creating the reality that you perceive. And as you shift and she who transports you the earth herself or consciousness evolves beneath you, and together you shall rise into a frequency and dimension should you wish it that is different? Does this answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 37:32
It does. Can you explain the concept of how a soul could be having all of its lives at the exact same time and how our actions in one ripple to others?

Anne Tucker 37:50
Thank you for asking this. Alex We are pleased to speak upon it. We say you are made as one as one soul one in carnation at a time you are breath of life, you are breathing into existence at one pinpoint one moment one thought form you exist and you exist always and from this placement of I am and I begin you ripple out into many layers, many aspects of what you are. And these each consecrate and perform into differing dimensionality you become one with everything. And all that you are is separated into the many pieces and fragments of all that ever was. And you feel this in the existence of your very beginning. You sense your self internal fractionalized as though you are the many sides of glass, the many panes of a diamond. And from this place of your beginning, beginning each and every dimension of self must be explored for your choosing. You find within the many different varieties of environment and ways of living. And each of these are patterned upon your choices and your choosing. And each one inhabits the soul itself all come from the same one with everything. And from this space you begin again and again and again. But each always the same start the same origin point. And thus there can seem to have been sequence sequential sequential aspects to these pattern things. But all were decided and decided upon equally in the same moment. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 39:52
I do. I do. Well, how do you perceive time and space in higher dimensions in a way that we can understand,

Anne Tucker 40:01
There is not the rhythm of time that you are speaking of where we are, we exist always everywhere we are an essence, an essence that permeates everything, including yourself, we are within you, we are everywhere. And we speak to you now from the awareness of all things. And from this space, we will recognize that time is an essence of your own projection of understanding into the now frequency, that you create the moment by moment through virtue of your own attention, that time is a function of your own present awareness. Thus, you catalogue the moments you experience into the rhythm of a day and a year and it becomes past and present. But there is all at once only. Now, you understand us,

Alex Ferrari 41:06
I do are there any specific signs or symptoms of a shift in consciousness that we should be aware of?

Anne Tucker 41:16
Indeed, there are many of which we have laid breadcrumbs for your perusal. There are many instances of happenings which we have told of and which have YES, COME TO there. We have instructed yourselves through many channels, things of the happenings that are earmarks, earmarks, of what is to come. There have been the machinations of supply chain difficulties, there have been the sequential illustrations of illness, and economic upheaval, the rising and falling of currencies and the inflation of goods, there have been simultaneously heat and flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes there have been shootings, war, conflict, all of these hearken the arrival of these times, and we have spoken of these each, each intalling. To warn, we say now, for fear is nothing we approve of. Fear is nothing we can don't we speak of these tidings before they come merely so that as you encounter each you develop within the self, a solidity to your nature, a sense of self, as solid as real as here is present in the moment. And as these events occur, and as you lose your presence in the calamities unfolding, as you begin to become inured to their existence, you do not miss you do not miss the importance of what comes to bear these happenings of the earth herself and the energies that must come pouring forth the purging of her source her spirit of that which she contains, it erupts through and from your cells where you are but the neurons of her existence, you are her thoughts and feelings, and she must clear herself and you contain the very rhythm of her own anxiety and anger. Thus you see the world these patterns as they emerge around yourselves and we wish you not to lose your presence. We wish you not to disappear into the haze and fog of your own regrets. We wish you to stay and witness and to be aware of self and all that is and to see these happenings as a process of new beginning. As the endings come as the combination of these times rises around you and as structures fall and that which you have counted upon becomes diminished and is no longer found. We wish for you to reach not backward into the existence that no longer can be had. But instead to find yourself accepting the flow of the Hereafter to move into the welcoming beyond and to find yourself guided into an experience of this next now. That is one of joyful celebration of self and soul united. Do you understand us

Alex Ferrari 44:57
I do what are potential challenges humanity faces during this shift in consciousness?

Anne Tucker 45:05
There will be hardship and we wish this to acknowledge, there will be times coming for humanity in which difficulties will be had there will be much transference of illness through water and we wish all who are near, who are willing to find for themselves methods by which they can clear and purify water to aid themselves in the recognition of what comes to aid themselves in health for passage, there will be in times to come much flooding much flooding will happen. And this will come as a result of the Three Waves of occurrence, three waves, three waves have occurred, the first is coming soon, of which we have spoken of and it will be light of energy and it harms none. It harms none, it harms no one, it is awareness that dawns upon you, awareness that seeps into your bones, that cannot be ignored, a sense of I am different and it will be the turning point it will be the moment that you acknowledge in your historical findings, as when things changed. And this will come soon. And we say it is followed by the structural disintegration of many things, which currently occupy the hearts and minds of humanity which are destructive. And these will fall a tumultuous time envelops humanity and there will be distraction. And this is not judgment. This is not meant to harm yourself. This is not meant to be disfiguring to the lies as you wish to lead them, we wish for you to find joy to be joyful to find presence to be in and among the experiences of this life. Without part of your passage. However, there is much clinging to how things have been and these structures enslave humanity, they maintain a rigidity and a barrier to the evolution which must come through therefore, they will fall it is a demise which we have spoken off and there is beyond this happening yes a great eruption that will occur that will traverse traverse this plane that will traverse all waters, waters, waters will empty upon the world and cause flooding. And this will happen happen as New Beginnings begin around you this is not to say that waves of the ocean encompass the earth this is not this is not not not what is coming this is not what is coming. It is not this. There are yes, yes, the energies of enormous risings of the ocean, which does happen as a ripple from the occasion of one great dimensionally rupturing explosion, which happens from the bed of the ocean and which projects into the column of light outward great quantities of water to understand us,

Alex Ferrari 48:49
I do I do.

Anne Tucker 48:53
You have questions?

Alex Ferrari 48:55
Yes. What? What effect or what impact will artificial intelligence have and not only are shifting into this new consciousness, but our reality as we know it,

Anne Tucker 49:06
There will be a period of darkness Alex, that period of quiet which will erupt and calm and so do all that is not gentle to humanity, or that does not carry the consciousness of the new and this includes technology. It will be quieted it will be subdued, it will be taken offline, it will be in darkness for some time. And this will create the opportunity to really start to really begin begin again begin again a new beginning for it must be infused with the new consciousness. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 49:47
I do. I do. Well how can we maintain our mental and emotional balance during this process of spiritual awakening?

Anne Tucker 49:54
You must find within yourself the love of one another of humankind. You must find within yourselves the compassionate heart, the love to bind yourself to one another and to find within each other's arm the solace that you seek to help to aid to reach out to one another. And this is the pathway forward, it is not not to be found within the confines of I keep of I save of I guard, this will only create lag and suffering, we wish each and every one to find amongst each other, the hearts and minds of your own self and to provide for one another, and this will pave the way forward for the unity of each other, there is rising among humanity a greater understanding of one another, there is gently held within the balance of this infusion of energy that will come the illumination of your mind's eye within which you will begin to feel as aspects of yourself the feelings of another and you will sense them as well as you sent your own and this will shift and change the MindScape of the collective consciousness. So that war and peace are one, so that all beings find amongst each other, the family that they are and they are all welcomed home, do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 51:30
I do The to provide guidance on how we can foster a deeper sense of connection and unity as our consciousness evolves.

Anne Tucker 51:39
Yes, Alex, we wish to guide you to a place of reverence internal, a sense of I am and within the column of light at your center, you find the will to bind yourself to all others and from within this space of equality within the self internal harmony erupts. And this is then projected outward, and create among you. And among all cells, a sense of loving balance, it starts internal with the self with the self with internal balancing of your nature, do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 52:20
I do. I do. What role does personal transformation play in the larger collective shift in consciousness?

Anne Tucker 52:29
It is everything. Alex, you are the thoughts of this plane, you are the patterns of existence, you are the forms brought into reality. That's what you are is what is created. Thus, every moment of transition, every awareness you claim becomes the knowledge of the universe instills in the collective, a greater sense of its own knowing and creates differently, what you share within this current reality. Thus, it is the crux of the matter. Do you understand us? I do.

Alex Ferrari 53:15
In the wake of our spiritual awakening, what possibilities open up for humanity's future.

Anne Tucker 53:20
There are many things most broadly, we wish to paint a beautiful existence for yourselves, we wish for you to feel within your heart your very tremble of excitement at the possibilities before you now there is such enjoyment as will readily be hard but different and we wish to say and to express most emphatically that the greatest gift you can give yourselves is to release the expectation of what was to release the happenings of what will come in the form information of your thoughts to let them come and arrive as they shall be and to be open and allowing for you cannot surmise, they're happening you cannot expect what you have never experienced. Thus we would say in your expectation to disregard all that was all that has been and to simply open and allow and to feel the flow of life move through you and to trust in the now arrivals and to see each with new eyes as though you are freshly made. Do you understand us?

Alex Ferrari 54:30
I do. I want to thank you for your time today and your wisdom. Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anne Tucker 54:38
We wish to say to each to each and every one that we are with you always that we surround you now as you are listening as you are watching. We are near we place our hand if you wish to feel it. If you say yes, we place a hand upon your shoulder now and to take a breath and to say Feel our existence for the veil that this part is now is thin and thinning. And soon we will be revealed. And there is not such distance between us as you are want to believe, thus allow this happening and feel the connection between us developing. We are closer, closer still and coming. And we wish to be your guides your angels, your assistance in this passage in this great shift of humanity. We wish you blessings. We thank you and say goodbye

Alex Ferrari 55:46
Oh man. How are you feeling?

Anne Tucker 55:51
Good. I feel really good.

Alex Ferrari 55:53
Yeah, it didn't take too much out of you.

Anne Tucker 55:55
No, no, no, no one is good. It's when I do it. Like again and again, the healing that was just channeling when I'm channeling healing. That's what really gets asked me the healing. Okay, God channeling words is not not as much not as hard.

Alex Ferrari 56:10
Do you? Do you remember anything that they said?

Anne Tucker 56:13
Umm some, I kind of do. Like if you talk about it, it'll come back. I've had a lot of visuals of stuff they were talking about. So if you say stuff, then I will I may have a second line of information they were giving me as they were speaking to you, because I see what they're saying.

Alex Ferrari 56:28
Well, the one thing, the one thing that I would, I'm sure people will want to know is about what is coming in regards to these darker times that that have to happen in order for this new stuff like the old has to come down before the new can rise up. Yeah. Any advice on how to prepare for this?

Anne Tucker 56:46
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And that has been I've gotten a ton of messages that have been, I think, very specific they'd given us. And here's the cool thing in the in the beginning, I was trying to make sense of all of it. Because that's, I told you, I was pretty left brain, I'm analytical, all that kind of stuff. I was trying to figure out what does this mean, and what does that mean? But what I found is that I need to take it absolutely, literally. And like for example, they said they said before, some of the things they've said that that happened that I couldn't have understood at the time, they said truck drivers will abandon their routes. And then right after that, we had all the crazy stuff around the world that were happening with truck drivers. And this was happening everywhere. Even in the UK, there was 100,000 truck drivers that didn't show up for work because of Brexit there was we had the truck driver stuff happening in the US and in Canada. We had the truck driver March and we had Australia truck driver strikes. And so it was it was so this was so I'm like What is the importance of this. So then, and then they said other things like like one night, I was waking up and Jesus came as I was waking up and said, there's going to be a chicken disease. And right after that we had the bird flu. So why is that important? And I'm realizing that each of these things that even said, at one point, they channeled a message and said, Okay, we're gonna have bank closures. And they talk all about two years ago, they talked about the bank closures. And they described it exactly as it happened. They said the people who would lose their money would be the people who had a lot of money in the bank, and that everybody else would get their money back. They said, don't worry, you will get your money back. And so I believe there may be more to this bank closure thing, but but they specifically talked about the happening. So why these things and to me, I see them as breadcrumbs. I see them as like, Okay, here's a little piece letting you know, we're it's getting hotter, it's getting hotter, it's getting hotter, right. And the big event, so just recently, like two weeks ago, they came through but then the other thing is also building up my faith in them and the confidence of the people who are listening to them to say, look, we're going to tell you about this stuff before it happens, trust us. And so they have done, they've given us previews of all this stuff. And it's all happened exactly as they said it they talked about the they said there would be a simultaneous inflation of the value of the dollar inflation of the dollar and inflation of consumer goods. How could that happen? Except that it did, right? It did with the US dollar went up crazy compared to other currencies, at the same time that consumer goods went way, way up during COVID, which is it's not typical for that to happen. So it's just been very, very specific things. And so these are the breadcrumbs letting us I feel it's like trying to help us get settled in our skin to recognize, look, there's all this stuff happening around you and you're fine, and you're going to be okay. And they always say don't worry, don't fear that that the biggest thing is if we are in a state of love that what they've described, and I saw it at the end is this. I don't know what the words they use, but they saw the column of light which they always talk about as being we achieved that as we bring ourselves into harmony as we settle all of our past issues with our male and female sides internal that the yin and yang energy, we come into the internal as we balance that we come into a state of of loving compassion. And when we're in that state of loving compassion It's like we are not, it's restrict, we create our reality around us more and more in the stuff that's going around. And they always say you could be in a place of total chaos out in the world, and you'll listen to the news. It'll be like, Oh my gosh, it's terrible. But if you pull your awareness back to your four walls, you're fine. Right? Like, if you look around you right now is this craziness is happening out there, you are fine. And they're saying, if the more people do that, the more that this is gonna go smoothly. But unfortunately, lots and lots of people are gonna get really pulled into the the desire to hold on the way things were. And that is that the biggest things I hear from over and over again, are to allow and to let go of expectations. And, and that's one of the hardest things and expectations is like, what about my 401k? What about my all the things, you know what I mean, and people get really scared about it. And they keep saying, like, don't worry, you're going to be fine, you're going to be fine. But if we're really, really worried, we are in fear, and we're creating fear. So, so the I think the reason they're telling us this stuff now is to help us stay in balance to help us to develop and build trust in ourselves and in the fact that we're going to be all right in them. And then this first wave of energy that so in the beginning I did, I knew there was going to be three waves, I didn't know of what I knew it was going to be I thought it might be that COVID was a wave, I thought I thought maybe it was a financial and maybe you know, because I knew there was going to be economic turmoil, I know there's going to be political turmoil, there's potentially going to be a global war. And I didn't know if those are the waves, now I'm understanding their waves of energy. And that the first wave is a really, really lovely wave that we're all excited about, because it changes us forever. And they've said that will be the moment that we look back to as a time when everything changed when we change our awareness. And that's coming soon. Like they they started talking about it just recently, they're like in soon in the angels like soon, like they never say because they don't have time. But I think soon soon. And then and then. And during all of this, I think we have that they've talked about the US separating, becoming no longer one country anymore, that it becomes multiple countries and that it separates, they said it doesn't have there's no war about it. It's not a civil war that it happens. Peaceful, relatively peacefully, they said they just recently and the reason I think we're getting close on this is that I from what I can tell it's pretty reliable sources on every side are talking about it. So so they talked about things like this, and then there's potentially the death of a leader. And that then spurs the division of the United States. And then once the United States has its eye off the ball is not as busy with its own stuff. My understanding is that opens the door for China to take Taiwan. And since the US is not there to protect Taiwan, then my understanding is that Japan steps up to try to combat China and that they said Japan rallies the rest of the world against China, and we have a war and then they sit in the midst of all that chaos. And all that craziness, then is when the chaos hits, and that's when there's a giant natural disaster. And that natural disaster, quiets everything. And it makes everybody realize that all of this fighting doesn't make any sense. And that we are all just one we need each other and we help each other and it changes the world. And it's our opportunity, it's our opportunity to go through a war without destroying yourself with using it as an instrument of learning. So, so that is my understanding. And and as you know, timelines shift and things change. But but in a nutshell, that is my understanding. And so how do I go about my life right now? I say, okay, they say they say that, that I all that the big calamity thing doesn't happen. It happens in the middle of everything else. And the US is still a country, there's no global war. So I'm still traveling, I'm still doing all my things. And the biggest thing we have to think about in terms of that big calamity. The other thing they've said, which I think is really reassuring, is they said not everything happens everywhere. That that certainly all these things are happening, but think about it. Now if you read the news, it sounds like the world is on fire. It's so crazy, but none of it is happening necessarily where you live, or maybe one of the things are happening where you live, and we can deal with one thing do you know what I mean?

Alex Ferrari 1:04:29
So everything all at once. I mean, yeah, yeah, even in the middle of wars, even World War Two, not everybody wasn't World War Two, South America was fairly not involved.

Anne Tucker 1:04:40
Right! Exactly. Right. And even for the people who were living in the middle of it, they had times of celebration and they had times of calm and there's you know, there's it's not everything all at once and not everything everywhere. So so the biggest things they say that we can do is they do not want us to be in fear. They don't want us to adopt that mindset of like I better you no build up. And like certainly to a degree, they say if you have, like, the biggest thing they always say is have a way to clean your water. They always say that. And that's because I believe with this, the big Earth event is I understood, they called it an earth rift. And I think it's some sort of volcanic thing. That location, I believe, is the Indian Indian ocean somewhere close to Indonesia. That's what I understand from dreams that I've had and from messages that I've gotten, and my understanding it is does create a huge tsunami. But that like a very big tsunami, and that it said, they said we would hear it around the world, it would ripple which is when when Tanga happened I was like, is that it? Because it we could hear it around halfway around the world. I thought maybe it was Tonga, but it wasn't. So but if Tonga can be heard around the world, that gives you an idea of the volume of what this would be this is this would be bigger than that, because it would be heard around the world. And that I believe, then changes the atmosphere. And we end up with a significant rainy season like rain like you wouldn't believe Rain, rain, rain, rain rain. So we have the flood, yes. But then rain. And and, and so certainly I have gotten a lot of channeled messages about this stuff. But I also look at other people's dreams. So I have a huge student of dreams. And, and I cannot tell you the number of dreams, I have seen that confirm the messages and my own dreams. And here's an interesting one. I don't know if you've ever looked at Leonardo da Vinci's work, but what a channel he was right? Look at what he saw before it happened. And he has an entire book that he wrote, that was like his last work. So he kept hidden because it was, you know, at that time, not accepted sacrament issue. Yeah, totally. But it's called the de luz. And it's picture after picture after picture of massive flooding. And so that I think he was seeing it, just like he saw elevators and planes and everything else, I think he saw the de Lucia and I think that's what's coming is a lot of flooding, and flooding messes with the water supply. And so it will contaminate the water. And so that's why they keep saying have a way to clean your water. And then other than that, I would say take the time now to build local community and find what is it that you need that you'd have to have? Find out locally? Who do you live around? That that grows what you need? You know what I mean that are can or can you grow, grow stuff and share it with other people. So it start to build a local economy for yourself as much as you can, and recognize the ones the other thing they said they said shipping would be calamitous, was another thing which makes sense because if there's a giant tsunami, all the ports will be destroyed, all the ships will be destroyed. But the specific word they used about shipping was calamitous, a calamitous industry.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:37
So and this is, it's pretty intense.

Anne Tucker 1:07:43
Pretty, pretty. I hate talking about this stuff. I don't want to be the gloom and doom person. But right, but this is nice. I meant to

Alex Ferrari 1:07:51
Right and the thing is, too, that, you know, I've had so many other channels, say and other people say that on the show, it's like, look, things have to fall in order for the new to grow. You know, things have to die in order to fertilize the ground for the new. Yeah, come out. It's not a pleasant situation. Yeah. But again, the one thing that's really one thing I want to kind of really hone in on what you said is like, it's not everywhere, all at once, right? It everybody is not going to all of a sudden have some everything happened to them all at once to the right. It is going to be parts of the world. And it's going to be okay. Yes. It's going to be okay. And not to live in a fearful state where you're not prepping for 5 10 years of food and water and I get it, I understand. But just relax. And it's part of this process. Yeah, just like your process of channeling was painful for those first, that first six months. You're just like, oh my god, I can't. It is part of the process. Just like birth is painful. Yeah, no, you know, in making changes in life are painful you coming out as a channel, leaving your old, you leaving the old behind. Opening in the new is painful, is part of this process. So it is It was a pleasure having you on and pleasure to listening to the to the angels as well. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. Yeah. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Anne Tucker 1:09:25
Oh, I like that question. I would say it is to be engaged. And by that, like, I think there's a million different definitions of a good life. And it might surprise you how many, but that when you are engaged, what I mean by that is that you are committed you commit to your choices. And the reason for that is that when you commit to your choices, something magic happens. And I don't mean by just deciding like just handing over your credit card is not a commitment. It's only a commitment if you hand over your credit card or if you make the choice and you burn your bridges and give up your alternatives. In other words, throw weigh the receipts, take off the tags, all of it. And when you do that something in your in your brain changes in how you think about it. And all of a sudden, rather than trying to find out, which is the better among two things, all of a sudden, which is a comparative process, and when you compare things, something's always losing, you're always finding picking things apart, finding fault being dissatisfied. When you fully commit to something, your brain changes, and all of a sudden, you take the thing you commit to and you start trying to find out what's best about it. And you see everything that's good in the thing you chose. And so when you're engaged in your life, when you're committed to your life, you feel fulfilled. You feel love. You love your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:40
Yeah, it's it's kind of like burning the ships at the shore. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, there's no way but through. And if you leave a ship on shore, there's always the back of your head like, well, this doesn't work out.

Anne Tucker 1:10:54
That's exactly right. That's exactly I have a way out again. And if you do, you're you're half your energy is going into the other option, right? You're not fully engaging your energy and creating the reality you chose.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:06
Now if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little an advice would you give her?

Anne Tucker 1:11:19
My first thing is don't eat dairy. Yeah, I haven't really terrible dairy dairy intolerance and had no idea. So um, yeah. And then I think I would say it's a big lessons from myself as a child, as I would try to tell myself that nothing is happening to me that everything is happening for me to see as much as I could try to understand that in my childhood self to try to see everything as an illustration of what was happening inside of me. And then, yeah, and then and then I would probably try to tell myself that I have the opportunity to change the things that happened to me by deciding, deciding how I'm going to feel about them. By being aware of my feelings and deciding how I'm going to feel.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:01
How do you define God?

Anne Tucker 1:12:04
When I tune into God, it feels super, super different from channeling anybody else. It feels like absolute presence. It becomes it's like if there's a window or screen that I normally would see beings on, the entire screen is filled. It just fills everything. It's absolute presence.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:24
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Anne Tucker 1:12:29
Ultimate purpose of life, I think, started with source with God choose your word. With that original question of what am I? And I think we were each born from that question. And we were born with the question, What am I? And so I think we go through our experience of life trying to see what what am I? And we we are in all different circumstances. And we say, What do I do when I'm an Tucker as opposed to all the other lives I've had? How do I respond? What do I do? How do I feel? And it's all about feelings and thoughts don't matter. Knowledge doesn't matter. What matters is how we feel. And so what are my feelings and the feelings or knowledge? That's what's important? And so that's what we're understanding about ourselves?

Alex Ferrari 1:13:10
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Anne Tucker 1:13:13
I would love for people to find my YouTube channel, which is under my name Anne Tucker. and my website is It's Anne with an E. Anne Tucker.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:21
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anne Tucker 1:13:25
I think, you know, to say that sharing the information, so especially the hearts hard stuff about bad things coming as my it's really hard to do, because I don't want to scare people. And that is the thing that angels say over and over and over and over and over again is they don't want us to feel fear. And I know it's so hard as you're like, Well, how am I not supposed to feel fear, like all this stuff is coming? And what I would say is that, that it is that that understand that not everything happens all at once. It is understanding that when you are in a state of loving compassion, you see the world differently. And the best thing we can do in terms of having faith and trusting and allowing is that letting go of expectations and allow life to flow through you and to trust yourself at what's inside of you is what's going is what's going to come forward.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:11
Anne thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your messages, the good bad saw perspective. Everything, all the information you've given us and and the hope as well. So I appreciate you my dear.

Anne Tucker 1:14:24
Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.

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