Woman STRUCK By BUS; Clinically DEAD 5 Min! Shown the AKASHIC RECORDS! Profound NDE with Anne Bayford

Anne Bayford is a multifaceted Psychic Medium and Past Life Practitioner now specializing in Soul Auditing – helping people know where they are on their soul journey and then coaching them towards what they are here to do through Soul Coaching.

She is the Co-Founder of Odyssey The Platform, runs her own successful private practice worldwide, and is also a Consultant at the world-renowned College of Psychic Studies based in London.

Anne sees many of her clients through one-to-one consultations on either Zoom or in person and in group online and in-person events, workshops, courses, and retreats. Those seeking Anne out often face various life challenges and changes and seek guidance. In her sessions, Anne connects with her spirit team and bridges the gap between spirit and the physical world. She also directly channels messages through from the Light Council, Master Teachers, and other beings to help guide her clients forward.

Anne is also a traditional Psychic Medium who is able to convey information from loved ones who have passed back to her client in the physical world. Uniquely, Anne can do this with both animals and humans and often works as an Animal Communicator.

Anne overcame her personal life challenges and past tragedies, which took her on the path to becoming a Soul Guide. She trained as a Counsellor, Life Coach, Therapist, Cognitive Hypnotherapist, and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner before developing her spiritual and psychic abilities through Reiki, Past Life Regression, and formal training at the College of Psychic Studies.

All of Anne’s personal development was catalyzed by her first of three near-death experiences. She began seeking answers to life to make sense of her own experiences and find purpose. Anne ended up connecting to that which she already knew – that she was psychic. As a child, she could hear and see things, and she also has a lineage of family members who also held this ability.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anne Bayford.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 313

Anne Bayford 0:00
What happened was something happened, she said by the newspaper. Now, because she had said, Go get the newspaper, I changed direction slightly, I was at an angle. So I was off to my right. And luckily I had crossed the road at a right angle and didn't go straight across. Later, the police said if I'd gone straight across my head would have gone through the windscreen of this van. There was no coming back. I mean, it would have been severed off.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I'd like to welcome to the show, Anne Bayford How you doing, Anne?

Anne Bayford 0:43
I'm good. Thank you. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:45
I'm doing very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. And sharing your very interesting life story with us. It's it's a fascinating story. You've not had only one nde but apparently you had multiple, which first question is what are you doing wrong? You got to stop it. You're dying way too often in one life. Generally, you get the one. And if you come back from the one, it's an expert. Now you do like what do you three think at this point? So we'll talk about that. And we'll talk about those in a minute. But my first question is, what was your life like before you had your near death experience?

Anne Bayford 1:21
Oh, okay. Okay, all right, let's where do we begin? Goodness me. Okay, let's have a look. Going back as a child as a baby, my mum, I'd always said there was something a little bit different about me. So all the way back as a baby. She said the cradle would rock but no one was in the room. Obviously, I don't remember that at all. And then I remember I can go back as far as when I was growing nappies. So when I was only a couple of months old, I remember a lot of details where we used to live, which I was always told it's impossible. You were a baby. And then I used to always see people walking through walls, and used to have conversations with animals as she turned Alex, you don't think that's weird when you're a child. Is this normal?

Alex Ferrari 2:04
Well, everything when you're a kid, your surroundings, your circumstances, you believe it's normal, because you have no other reference point. So if you're in an abusive house, that's just everyone has that if you're rich, and you're that if you're poor, you're that if you live on the ocean, on a boat, doesn't everybody. So it's very similar to that way. So during your childhood, as you're growing up, and again, as a kid, it does, it's probably like, oh, doesn't everybody see people walking through walls that's a thing.

Anne Bayford 2:31
And hear, animals speaking.

Alex Ferrari 2:33
Obviously, you know, the doctor dolittlesk thing. But after a certain point, you did have a reference point going, Wait a minute, I'm not. So what happens when that reality of the world hits you?

Anne Bayford 2:45
Yeah, it's a bit strange when you're the weird child at school, and then all the kids start picking on you because you're talking to worms and you're talking to other creatures, and you're in the playground, and they're all playing different games, like his chase, or whatever it was back in the day. And I remember I was a child that I am dyslexic, but I loved reading. And I remember going to the library and taking my granny's a shopping basket to fill up with books, but I never wanted. I got through the children's books. And I remember talking to my brother and my son, we were nine years old, or even younger, seven, about I wanted to learn more information. I remember I was fixated on the pyramids and everything to do with history. And I just didn't fit in. I remember I was always on the outside. And as I grew up, my mom then started to say to me that people are gonna think you're weird. And it's just your imagination. And I remember her say that, and I felt really odd. And I remember, you know, my first pet I bought was a snake. And I was the only kid in the area who liked reptiles, whatever and, and I took the snake everywhere. And I just didn't fit in. I didn't fit in anywhere, just not the typical, the female girl, whatever, whatever child. And then I remember I got to about 15 or 16. And my mum said to me, it was like I'd had very she'd been married a couple of times we'd have very up funny upbringing, different religion and everything. You know, Dad, one dad, Italian Catholic, another dad is a Jamaican Rasta fair. And the other day I studied Buddhism, and we had money one minute, and then we were really poor another minute. And so it was very strange. But she said to me that if you're not careful, they're gonna look you up and put you in a mental asylum. And so I then I was like, Oh, I gotta keep my mouth shut. And so that was that was difficult, because I just thought there must be something wrong with me. And I thought, well, maybe I am sort of making this up. Maybe this is my imagination, and I couldn't understand. And so that's what happened. And just as I became an adult, and work in a still herd animal speaking, and I really thought people I thought people could also hear animals. I was watching a program when I was a kid, and this famous presenter was called Johnny Morris and he used to talk And the animals it was like as if he understood what the animals were saying. And I only remember when I became a zookeeper, I was so devastated Alex, I really thought everyone could hear animal speak. And I was a zookeeper at times about 19. And I remember Johnny Morris came in for me, I was like, Oh, my God, childhood, you know, whenever. And I started talking to him. And I used to look after the big cats, lions and tigers and stuff, and I loved it. And I remember he was doing a voiceover to something. And I said to him, can you hear what they're saying? And he went, Oh, no, they don't speak at all. And I went, what are you? Are you saying that you just pretend that you hear them speak? And he said, nobody has animal speaking. And yeah, whatever. So that was

Alex Ferrari 5:41
End scene end scene. That's the end of that, that he's like, Okay, I gotta go, I gotta get some coffee. So, I have imagined, you know, psychologically, this must have been really difficult growing up, just, I mean, look, we're all we all consider me I consider myself a little odd to I became filmmaker, when nobody understood what a filmmaker really did. And, you know, I was on the on my parents to arguably still barely understand what I do, let alone now that I'd like a podcast or for God's sakes that like a what? Apart? What do you can you you surviving? I'm like, It's okay. But and so I, I've always been a little bit outside. So I think most people feel outside in a way. But this is a whole other level. You know, you're really I mean, to be fair, you're walking around with a snake, you're not helping yourself out at all.

Anne Bayford 6:32
I thought that was normal Alex. Oh, that was who wanted to bunny rabbit. You know, we had horses back in the day, we had dogs and cats, but then a bit boring. So yeah, you know.

Alex Ferrari 6:43
So So, so psychologically, as you continue to go into your 20s. You know, I mean, I guess dealing and just general relationships must have been difficult. And then also, the suppression of it is you're holding back basically a raging Dragon, if you will, inside of you, which I hear from so many different people when you try to be something you're not. It really is difficult to deal with. So how did you just process all of this?

Anne Bayford 7:13
Well, I did a bad job as a human. I didn't process it very well. I mean, I literally, there was so complicated, but there was a period of time that I ended up having loads of miscarriages as well. And I was like, Oh, my God, what's going on? And I did end up in a psychiatric hospital. And that's exactly what happened to me. I didn't stay there long. But I remember I was sectioned. And they said, because you're hearing voices. And I was like, but that's normal. Now, if we say someone's hearing voices, they're probably psychic or medium, or whatever it is, or their channel, we accept. It's normal now, thank God, back in the day, because I'm 54. But back in the day, it was I, you know, I was never talking to the doctor. And this is how I was feeling. And I was trying to make sense of my world. And you've been a child had loads of money with no money, and so much was going on. And I didn't know anybody else who had gone through what I had gone through. And so I thought, Well, okay, I am abnormal. So I remember being in this psychiatric unit, this, this might make you laugh might not. And I sat and I was like, I was sitting there. And I was thinking to myself, How the hell am I gonna get out here? Because this is not I don't feel like I'm crazy. But I'm around all these people that are crazy. And I was like, you know, that film? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. So I just was like, and that motel thing with Jack Nicholson worry hacks? The show. Yeah. Right. And I was like, Oh, my God. So I remember sitting there saying to myself, how am I going to get out of here? And then I heard this message. They said, and this was external. So when I teach this to my, to my students, they said, it's external. So not in my head. They said, pretend you don't hear us. And I dislike Oh, okay. So I remember when I had to see the doctor when I was there for a short time. And I said, I'm fine. I'm good. I just had an episode of stress. I'm fine. I'm back to normal now. And that's the only way to get out. But fro those experiences or being around other people that had literally gone through similar to myself. I ended up later becoming a counselor and I trained as a counselor in CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy. So every tragedy, every drama that's ever happened to me from my childhood or my adulthood, I started training because I knew then that okay, there must be because I always felt a child. There's a purpose. There's a reason why I'm here and it was bugging me. I never knew why or what I was meant to do. And this is why finding clients now who comes to me or Starseeds, or people who are human voices, and they can't make sense of all people who've gone through lots of trauma. You know, I survived it all. And I said you can survive it too. And if I can survive living my childhood you can do with all the abuse everything that happened And so I then decided, then I'm going to become a counselor. And I did, I became a counselor and therapist to help those who had gone through something similar to myself. So that's how I survived it. And then, as I moved on, you know, for the accidents, I was disabled for a while as well. So it's sort of it seemed to be, I laugh, no, it's a bit like it was my school of life, I need to go through everything I went through, to bring me to this point where I am right now. So that I can understand others, you know, like the work I do, I can be talking to all members of family VIPs, to people who are homeless, poverty stricken, it doesn't matter, because I've lived certain parts of my life that I can resonate them, I connect with him. So it's been a bit of a journey, Alex, but I keep bouncing back.

Alex Ferrari 10:50
And you know, what, that's all we could do is we could just continue to take these struggles and, you know, challenges as ways to grow. That's how you grow, you have to be challenged, and you have to go through stuff to grow. And nobody, first of all, nobody gets out of this alive. You're living proof of this. None of us are getting out of this alive. But secondly, there's nobody walking there that doesn't have a struggle, who doesn't have some conflict? That's what this entire this entire thing is built as a school. For us to go through all of

Anne Bayford 11:26
It's a program

Alex Ferrari 11:27
Yes, it's PhD level, PhD level. By the way, this is not elementary school or kindergarten.

Anne Bayford 11:36
Yeah, but the thing is, I always find like talking to my clients that I have now. And even looking at myself, it's through those darkest moments, it's learning how to, not struggle, fruitless learning to know that you will get through this. Yeah, but you have to be present in the moment to fully absorb it, those who can't just put it to one side, and like ignoring it, or I mean, and there are those who are not awakened to it, or those who are, you know, when I don't know, one, personally, I haven't got a problem. But then I'm a counselor for business like me again. So I'm going to meet those people, right. But honestly, there is nobody that's not going through something in life. But what I do is I help them to turn it around to see that this is your soul growth. This is where you're growing. This is where things are transforming. And you're transcending what has happened to you and just, you know, hold on in there that you can get through this. And that's, I know, that's my purpose. And that's what I do with my clients every day is you are here for a reason and a purpose. And whatever you learn, whatever your experience is, that you're we're here to help everyone else out. It's not just about, you know, just going doing it for yourself. And I'm out of here, and you know, I'm fine. It's about helping everybody else. We're all here to help humanity. Every one of us

Alex Ferrari 12:48
Preach girl preach.

Anne Bayford 12:52
Like, that's my soapbox.

Alex Ferrari 12:53
I love it. It's wonderful. So let's go to that night or the day that you had your near death experience. Tell me what happened to the day leading up to that other night leading up to that?

Anne Bayford 13:04
Yeah, okay, so, okay. Right. So, I had two children, I saw two children, when I say they're adults. Now. They're, like, 27 29. It's like, they're, you know, they're your children forever. But you know, it's now they tell me what to do. So it's a bit different. But at the time, they were seven, and five. And it's just like, it's like all of us, you know, when my ration the nine to five job, you got to pay bills and things are going on in your relationship, you're unhappy. And, you know, there's so much going on, and you just feel torn and pulled in different directions. And I remember that morning that I was rushing to get the children ready for school, and I had to go to work because obviously, I had to make ends meet and pay the bills and everything. And it's like, all of us, you then get caught up in the detail of like, you think that you think that time is always promised, you always think that you're always guaranteed the next breath. Yeah. And you just think you'll put things off or you think you do things later. And if I'd known that was that day, when the day before that I would never or wouldn't be able to put my son to bed or my daughter to bed for about four years because I couldn't walk, then I would have done things differently. So the night before the accident, he's got a bunk bed, my son and my daughter had her bedroom and I'd go up and I read them a story. And I think even the night before I was upset about my job, and I don't think I was fully present in the moment when I was reading them their stories, which pains me even today that experience that emotional still hold. And then the day that it happened, I was rushing them getting them into the car, and I've got them to school. So they're five and seven years old. And I remember I did kiss them on the forehead. But I was in a rush so I didn't fully embody that. I wasn't in that emotion. I was rushing so you know my lips were just kissing their forehead Bob I gotta go see you know that, that was it and diving off. So I wasn't fully in that motion, I wasn't that eye contact with them. I didn't hold them or anything. And that really pains me today. And I remember I was rushing, I got on the train and they were at school. And we always think, as I say, as a given, and I worked on a project in London, where it was for the elderly befriending scheme and my job, I built the project to charity, and about getting volunteers or to go out to the elderly to read their newspapers for them or whatever. So I loved the work that I was doing back then I coordinated it, and I would go out to visit elderly. And I remember on that day that I had to write a letter to social services about a particular client, I was really worried about her that no one was visiting her as like pockets of society, some areas that used to be rundown, they, they become sort of gentrified, and then the family extended family has to move out because it can't afford to live in that area anymore. And this is what was happening in this part of London. And I remember that day very clearly, I think was one of the tuition I thought, Okay, I have to get this. I'm not email, but it was had a letter in an envelope. And I remember that I was thinking, Okay, I gotta leave now I'm in a rush. I've got to post this later on. I got to pick the kids up, you know, like we do, we always rush ahead and our faults. And I remember when I left the community center, there was a one o'clock club and all the elderly was like, by and tutorial bla bla night. Yeah, by and I walked out the office and I was walking down the road. And my head was like, Okay, now 100 miles per hour, I was thinking, Okay, do I just go get the train? Or do I cross the road? Do I post the letter? Do I get a newspaper to read on the train? What's the time it was that my head was everywhere? You know,

Alex Ferrari 16:39
I'm, I'm exhausted just listening. I can only imagine how you felt continue.

Anne Bayford 16:47
Mom, you know, what can I say? Oh, working parent, you know men did?

Alex Ferrari 16:50
Yeah, I know. I know.

Anne Bayford 16:52
Okay, cool, say very well, and then you know, you're thinking about washing up and you're thinking about you for dinner. And you know, and I wasn't being in the present moment. I remember I got to the zebra crossing the pedestrian crossing in the UK in London, busy Central. It was the Essex Road in Islington, part of London. I remember getting there and I thought, Okay, someone would press the button. I like the with a press the button to say okay, then it's gonna go green man. And you can cross it, I'll do this note made my mind up, I'm gonna do this. So I was like, okay, walking across, there was a middle Island. And I remember that. There was some people by the side of me behind me, I think it's about five of us in total. And then I hadn't been practicing meditation that time I hadn't really been connected to my guides, I've been hearing information, didn't even realize we had guides. But I just thought somebody was always there to go after me like my nan who died when I was younger. And at the time, when I'm standing on this crossing in the middle of the road, I heard my nan's voice, and she looked after me to us 15, because I was taken out my home environment, she looked after me, because it's difficult times at home. So I was 37, or something like that at the time. And I heard her voice and everything's gonna be okay. And I was like, what, why? What's going on? You know? And I remember thinking, look, I've got across the road, should I post the letter or buy the newspaper? If I post the letter means I walk straight across the road? If I buy the newspaper, I've got to go an angle, whatever. So there was this going in my head and I still could hear. And that was it. The human that was it. I didn't hear or see anything. That was it. What happened was, something happened. She said, buy the newspaper. Now, because she had said, Go get the newspaper. I changed direction slightly, it was an angle. So it was off to my right. And luckily, I had crossed the road at a right angle and didn't go straight across. Later, the police said if I'd gone straight across my head would have gone through the windscreen of this van. There was no coming back. I mean, it would have been severed off. I mean, no me, I would have put the head down to my arm. I said I'm ready. Let's get on with it. It didn't happen that way. Right. So on the crossing, I crossed that the right angle. And the the van had hit me on my left hand side. I didn't feel it at all. I didn't feel anything when she said everything's gonna be okay. Go get the newspaper. That was it. And that must have been when the van had impacted me on my left hand side. And I bounced it threw me across the ground, I don't know about 30 feet or whatever it was. And I bounced off the ground and then I had broken I fractured my pelvis. I had broken my knee or torn the cartilage in my knee had seven breaks and my foot. I'd ripped my ankle. The Achilles was damaged. I had operations on that. My kidneys were damaged. They were bleeding internally, my spleen was damaged and my kidneys were bleeding. And my ribs on both sides were fractured. But I didn't hit my head. That was good. And I was out out, I was just out. And I didn't know that had happened to me. I didn't know what had happened. And all I know is the next minute I was aware it was that I was looking down at something. But I didn't know it was my body. I was looking down, and I could see and feel everybody's emotions or their energy, I could feel it all. And I could see that they were worried and panicking. And there was a lady that had owned a hairdressers on the other side of the road. And she came running out and I could always say, I've got a towel, I've got a towel, put it under her neck, and people go, No, don't touch her. And then I recognize there was a family member they had seen, he'd come out of the post office and he'd see me on the ground. And he, his face color had just changed from being pink and fleshy to white and I remember him or Whitey Gray, and he was just looking there in shock. And then he called my partner who was working on the road. Then I also ran by was sitting in this because he had stopped it stopped all the traffic in the road as you can imagine, silly woman got knocked down how dare she, this is what I was hearing from this. This guy who was in his truck, big lorry, he was talking to his boss and he's running late, you know, then these talking about the summit on the radio, the Capital Radio, which is the radio station in London at the time, said they were going to the whole road had been closed off, they were going to airlift this person who had been a road traffic accident. I could hear sirens in the background. This guy was talking about me. So I was in his cab of his lorry at one moment and I was hovering above this body and being in the energy. And no point did I feel any pain at all. And then while this was going on, I remember I felt that I just I felt this light around me this white light. And I felt very warm because this was in March to first and to 11th of March. And it was quite cold in the UK then, but I felt warm and had no pain. And for me, it felt as if I was in sort of like a circular library. And it's familiar because I do Akashic readings now and I do my trance work. And I work with Galactic Council and they, the it's familiar to me of what I witnessed at that time, which I didn't know like 20 years later, I was going to end up doing this work. And I remember being there. And I remember they were carried like like long corridors or long passages where there was loads of books and scrolls. It was like what my, okay, thank you. I just heard sorry, they just came in, it was a bit like, what felt safe for my brain to handle. So they showed me this the books and stuff. And I remember, the books I was has been opened, I remember I had a guide, I didn't know it was called a guide at the time. But the work I do now, my guide was standing by my side and sort of as the book open, it was like magical. There was like things coming out and showing me my my life, my journey of my soul. Scrolls been pulled out. And I was it was like this large blueprint of like, not paper. But this something that pulled out that like I think they said it was the like an architect of my life. So it's a blueprint of where I've come from, I can keep Sorry, I'm here as well into communities

Alex Ferrari 23:24
Just pretend they're not there, just pretend they're not there. Like they said before, just pretend you're not here

Anne Bayford 23:32
Give me a nudge. But then they know I'm bit nervous. So that prompted me. So it was like a scroll like a brute blueprint of my soul of the journey I'd been on and they were showing me some past life stuff too. And I ended up becoming a pass AI practitioner now learning about that. I understand now that our souls on a recycle button, you know, like a washing machine gets go round around nature said, and it's about our sole mission that each lifetime we're here it's for us to look at the lessons of why we've come here who were meant to me and why they took off certain things in our lifetime. So remember being there and this light and also remember feeling my my nan was there as well. Now, I'm not really mentioned this before, but I remember feeling that there were angels there as well. Because I knew they were there protecting me and archangels and stuff that are there obviously wasn't meant to die. It was meant to be coming to protect me that I was here for a great purpose, a great mission. And I remember feeling that everything I'd ever been through or all the work that I'd done all the work that I've done, that it was meant to help me to become the person that I'm becoming now and the person going to be in the future and they said Not that there is such thing as past, present and future is what the human likes to see as past present and future. Oh, they said they like you Alex, you understand this? Nations yes, they said okay. So you understand are they like that, though? They've seen your work. Sorry. I'm so sorry. Good luck you Alex has an understanding of the dimensions and time and space. He, he totally understands like, Okay, bye. So yeah, so on that day I was shown all this information and I could feel into everything, feeling to all the energy became very powerful, very strong. But I remember looking down and didn't even realize it was me, Alex, I didn't know that I died. I didn't know what I was experiencing was what I was experiencing, I had no idea at all. And I just remember looking down at this what was going on. And I was it was, it was always almost like that film Scrooge, where he looks in this Scrooge is taken to different parts of his lifetime about it's a Victorian Dickens.

Alex Ferrari 25:49
But it's just more life review. It's not a life review?

Anne Bayford 25:53
No, well, where I was in the Akashic records. It was like a life review, as wherever I've been from what has happened to me for my life I'd had gone through, we'd had domestic violence in our life. And there was abuse as well. And I designed out certain times when I'd had the abuse, and I didn't realize actually, they were always there. But I didn't realize if I if this is why I help people with that. If you know that you have guides, if you know that, you know that there is something there to help you, it'd be easier for individuals to go through what you go through in life. You know, I was disabled for years after his learning how to ReWalk you know, and what I've gone through, if I, you know, I did start reaching out, then I started meditating during trying to get better after the accident. But if we are brought up with that knowledge that there is something more than what we see, it's not just what we see in our 3d world, I'm sure we would manage our existence a lot easier, a lot better. So they will show me everything. But I only found out that was me when my partner or my ex partner had ran down the road, touched my head. And the first thing he thought of which was really annoying. He thought, how am I gonna look after Rebecca and Nathan? Not Oh, she's dead. It was like, how am I gonna?

It's all about me. It's all about

Yeah, well he is a narcissist anyway? So I shouldn't say that. I've done. I've done the therapy on that. I should let that go.

Alex Ferrari 27:23
That's amazing.

Anne Bayford 27:24
It taught me well. That's my human life experience. And yeah, it was then you can stroke in my head and hearing that I was like, wow. And then literally, I heard the ambulances come in and they had cut my clothes. And they had paddled my chest with a let you see.

Alex Ferrari 27:45
You're seeing all this. You're seeing?

Anne Bayford 27:46
Yeah, yeah, I hadn't, I didn't feel it. At first, I was seeing all this happening. I saw the paramedic the bike arrive, I could see that from where I was, I was being shown that I was being shown the ambulance. But I didn't feel anything at all. It was only when they paddled my chest, the electric my heart sort of jumped back. But then I felt so much pain. Now in the process of me not feeling that in my body. I was still shown and told so much information so much. I, I was happy to be where I was, I felt I felt like I belonged. I didn't feel abnormal or crazy, like I did in the 3d world. I felt I wanted to stay there. But I was being told constantly you have a mission, you have to go back I was constantly told this, I didn't want to go back. And then when I came back into my body, it was like, you know, the water slides that you get a theme park it felt like I was rushing all the way round and down. And I landed back in my body. And then I felt the pain. I was screaming in pain. And the from the ambulance taking me to the hospital. I literally lost consciousness I was in and out and I could see the top of the ambulance. I saw when I was taken to the Crash Team had three sets of teams working on me. You know, the the and if I was fully there, I'd be going, oh my god, they're cutting my bra off. I'm naked at this point, I would have been embarrassed, you know, the normal human thing, right? But I was above my body looking down. I was like, I could feel the tension.

Alex Ferrari 29:13
So you were kind of in between states because it seemed like you had one foot in one foot out. Because you you got thrown back in you got thrown back into your body. But yet with all that stuff was going on, you were still kind of above your body.

Anne Bayford 29:26
So you was an out of body. It was an out of body experience. So you know, the heart was still going but it was like an out of body experience at that point. So I could look down at the team. And then I could feel into all the team members what they were feeling. They were anxious. They were like they were forward they were going to lose me. So hollow body was scanned and there was so many breakages. And at one point this plane I mean 40 miles per hour was quite fast to hit the body. So the organs were still moving about so they had to wait until the organ had settled down and they couldn't go in to fix anything. It was just literally bad. to dim bruised, and so they cut everything off. And then I was taken to intensive care was there for some time. And I remember the nurse who looked after me, she said, There were moments she said, I could see your hand squeezing. I said, Where's my Nan? And she said, there's nobody here. And my nan who died when I was 15. in spirit form, she was by my side the whole time. So yeah, it was a good experience Alex.

Alex Ferrari 30:26
it was. It sounds fantastic. It sounds wonderful. I mean, part of the story sounds fantastic. The other one, that's so much, but it all depends on how you look at it. And it's all about perspective. It's all about perspective. Now, you didn't mention a little bit about past lives, did you get access to any of your past lives? And if you did, how did they? How did they those are any of those past lives affecting this current life?

Anne Bayford 30:49
Yes, yes, yes, yes. So I was shown a past life where the partner that I because I don't do numerology, but I've got a Numerology practitioner I work with and it was funny, my past my ex partner, he's a number eight, and there was something about our balance with money and stuff like that. Now, in my lifetime, he was very tight with money, very tight money, and it was controlling. So he used that to control me. And in a way that I felt that I couldn't achieve anything. So it was one of those people that Oh, no, you bet. I'll drive on the motorway, there'll be an accident, or no, you can't do this. No, you can't do that. So in a way, I doubted everything I ever did. Now, in a past life, it's interesting. So I do this as a past life practitioner, but we come in soul pods, and each the soul pod, your family unit. So they play certain roles in your soul development. And such I said, that's a soul development. So they can be many different shapes and forms in any lifetime. So you know, whether you come back as a male or female makes no difference at all, it's all about your soul. It's not about your gender at all. And where in one lifetime, you could have your mother as your daughter or your what a brother or sister, whatever. So in my past life, what's happened is, my ex partner that was in this 3d world was comes back from like, the Victorian times, where he would be somebody that I was child as a chimney sweep, I was a little boy. And I was, ah, okay, thank you. They just say mommy say, I was a little boy forced to grow up the chimneys, and then I would give him the money that I would earn. And in that lifetime, my children that are here now, they were my brother and sister in a previous lifetime. Now, the reason this is important, because later on in life, like this lifetime, I saw Dr. Brian Wise for a past life session with him. So he wrote many lives, many masters, Dr. Brian Wise. And then I ended up training with him, which was very strange, just about another 10 years later. And in he, I Ted sent me with my lungs in this lifetime, this 3d life have this what we call 3d, like, I had a problem with my lungs, and it wasn't asthma. And the hospitals couldn't work out what was going on with my lungs, and they had X rays and scan my lungs, and I've got my lungs are pretty damaged. So I've been labeled a condition and I said, Oh, you're never, you know, you get to a certain stage, this was 10 years ago, you'll be on oxygen, you can't breathe, you can't go out, you can't do this, you can't do that. And they labeled me as being disabled. And so my, my mind, sort of like, Oh, I'm disabled, I've got this lung condition. So every time I woke up in the morning, I said, I've got this condition. And then I can't move I can't get out and about that will make me interested because they have said to me, you only have this condition if you have smoked 1000 cigarettes a day for the last 2030 years. And I've never smoked in my life at all. So I went to see different practitioners different consultants look down in medical field, there was didn't they didn't understand how this had happened. And I was pretty ill. That's when I had my second needle accidents. My lung had collapsed. So I started talking Dr. Brian wires, because I thought this is coming from somewhere, you know, why is this happening? And during the performance on this weekend workshop he did in London, it came up that I was a chimney sweep, and I was like what, and through being a chimney sweep back in the day I had breathed in or the certainly had damaged my lungs. So that's what I find is price per side practitioners, some people who come to me, they have got ongoing medical conditions, or they've got a trauma that keeps playing out. We look at it and sometimes it's just literally a past life. And when you acknowledge that, it's like it's almost not dissolved, but it becomes part of you and you accept it and like now I should be on auction. I'm not because I thought this is never it's not gonna affect me or two years. I was home with acrophobia. I'm gonna leave my house because I was scared my lungs gonna collapse again. But I worked through it and I was like, No, I was watching Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza as we're looking at their work and it helped me To understand, but when I understood that my ex was part of my past life experience, I started to understand my journey. It was all about money and becoming financially independent. It was believing in myself moving forward. And now I'm quite successful in the work that I do, because I help other people unravel that. And so now, you know, building other businesses that I do, I moved away from that relationship, I realized that was the role that he played in that lifetime. So when we meet someone who's abusive or toxic, we have to look deeper at it, because it's shown us a lesson to teach us to move forward actually, that you can actually make your way out of this and move forward and live your own life you learn from that experience.

Alex Ferrari 35:42
Now, you didn't mention you had two other near death experiences, not going into, like, tremendous amount of detail. Did anything happened on the other side that you would like to share?

Anne Bayford 35:51
Yeah, I mean, the second one was my lung collapsed. And then I met an archangel. And I didn't believe in angels at all. So this was the weirdest thing ever. I remember in the bedroom, and I sat there and I wasn't feeling very well. I couldn't breathe, my lung collapsed. My daughter heard a thump. She came running upstairs, she didn't see it, but I could, I turned to the side, I was so scared. And there was this 30 foot being of some sort, and it was a shape of an angel. And I was like, Oh my goodness. And I remember them saying that you can breathe breathe into the rest of your body. So they would teach me not only to breathe into my lungs, but my body could breathe to was a different way of breathing. And I remember that saved me I was taken to hospital. And I remember then there was just seeing more of the Akashic records being shown around and then I was introduced them to Archangel Metrodome, where now I do work with Archangel Metrodome. So it was all these experiences sort of like preparation like introducing me to them. I mean, they could have thought of an easier way of introduce me to Archangel Metrodome, right.

Alex Ferrari 36:51
I've spoken to many channels who didn't die. So maybe you're special that way.

Anne Bayford 36:58
I don't know. I just lucky. And then the third time I was an operating theatre had an operation and my heart stopped. And I remember going into theater, it was all blue room. And then when during the experience, I then was in a white room. And I remember the guy saying to me, he was dressed like a dentist because I remember his haircut was really weird. It was straight across here and his glasses. And he kept on turning around and looking at me. He goes, I know, I'm telling her and he said to me, going back, you've been told before you haven't done what you needed to do. And I felt like a five year old job. And when I came back, I remember these bells were going off in your brain theater and listen needs citizens leaned over and they say she's back. She's back. And I think that was I don't know, it was I don't know, it was about six minutes I died or something. They couldn't resuscitate my heart. But I was back in the room again. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 37:48
That didn't happen long in that what didn't happen long ago?

Anne Bayford 37:52
That one was that. That was 2018.

Alex Ferrari 37:56
So what did you just say? The you told me off air that there was another thing that happened to you like, a year ago? Yeah. Anne you're amazing. You're amazing. And I love your energy. Go ahead.

Anne Bayford 38:11
Last year, January 2022. I was going through a difficult time and life was you know, as if we do humans things are going on stressed I think else. And it was lucky. My daughter had come back to the UK. She was living with me just for a short time for a few days. And I remember the day before I was exhausted, I felt really tired and drained. And I remember in evening it was well it was in the morning. It was two o'clock in the morning. Valentine's Day. It was brilliant. But never forget I want and I remember had to open a door because I felt that I was going to be sick. I felt this overfilled that I'm going to be sick. So I opened the door. And then I remember as I came out of my bedroom, I sort of crashed banged into the wall, and then I don't remember anything at all. Then next thing I know my daughter, she was she had pulled me into recovery position. So what happened was, I'd had an epileptic seizure, the first I've ever had in my life. And I'd lived in 1930s house in London, and there was a lot of stairs. And I whacked the back of my neck. And so I broke my neck. So I broke my neck. I had this brain bleed. She put me into recovery position. And then I had a stroke. So for 14 weeks, I couldn't talk I had when I came back from it I was I had to I was stuttering I couldn't walk. Yeah, so it was major and I couldn't feed myself, my children. My adult children had to come home to look after me and saw a consultant they did the brain scans and they said on this side, they'd been a brain bleed. And now they labeled me as being epileptic. I had to see the console. The January that's just gone and they had a little look. And she said I don't know what you've done, but it does not look like you've had a mini stroke. But hey, it's taken lion's mane. I'd started learning Italian. I started roller skating again. And I wrote skate now and got back to my yoga did my deep meditation asked for healing? And she should confess. And she can't believe how recovered but hey,

Alex Ferrari 40:23
Well, you didn't have a near death experience in that situation?

Anne Bayford 40:26
No, I mean, what happened was I was told that in a way they were rewiring my brain. So it became more suitable for more channeling that I do because I channel now light beings and I went with Galactic Council. So they sort of had to equip part of me to help me to understand what was going on.

Alex Ferrari 40:44
It's very interesting from my experience with channels is that the nervous system has to be prepared to handle that energy that comes through. I've heard of the rewiring of the brain to be able to pry it's like the computer has to kind of insert some new chips or rewiring has to happen in order for you to even deal with what comes in because it could pop pop a circuit.

Anne Bayford 41:05
Yeah. And I think it popped a circuit to some degree because I was channeling like crazy and Galactic Council and everything else. And just Yeah, so I needed to take some time out.

Alex Ferrari 41:16
So when when you came back from your first near death experience, did you? Did you keep it quiet? Did you stay kind of in the near death experience closet? How did people How did people around you kind of deal with this new version of you? Because you did come back different. You played by the way you believed everything right? That you didn't think you were going nuts. You understood it at a very deep level. So you were blessed with that. So you understood it. But you didn't know how to take your kids. You're your partner, any of that stuff. How did that work? And how did you deal with it?

Anne Bayford 41:50
It was really hard because I remember I was in a wheelchair for two years. And then I had to learn to walk for another two years with a walking stick. And I remember I was at, I used to go to church. And now having the family had come from, you know, telling Catholic stepdad and you know, and my partner was Jewish, and children go into a church of England School, I knew bits and pieces about religion. I'd read the Bible, I went to Bible classes, I was at church. But what I'd learnt from religion, it was an answered all my questions. And then I remember I went to see the Minister of my church, I was in my wheelchair at the time, and I told him what I'd experienced. And he said to me, we don't believe in that. And I said, but then you call me a liar. And he said, We don't believe in that. He's, he's a doctor originally. He said, We believe it's the brain. And I said, you know, it's funny that when I was a counselor, I believed in science. And I believed also that the brain kicks in somehow. And I said, but I can't explain to you that I know something's going to happen. I saw the Twin Towers before they ended up having a terrorist attack. I saw the what we had done on the planet last two years with a vaccine. And, you know, it was shown to me as an apocalypse, I won't many people around the world, you know, I work on murder cases with the police. So I find kidnap people or I work on cold cases and what how people were murdered. How do I how can I see that? If this is unreal? If this is not true? How do I know something about a complete stranger and I've never met them before. That was difficult. And that I went through I was labeled with post traumatic stress and had depression for a couple of years. And it was only literally through people like yourself that brought this to light that I started and not yourself. Sorry, addicts. But other people that I'd met at that particular time. We're going back you're too young Alex, you see, you're so young, he wasn't doing it back then I was on YouTube, and I stayed. I know it was a neater majority. I read her book, and I saw her interview. And I was like, Oh my God, that's what happened to me. And now it's making sense. And so then, yeah, it my life was like, Wow, maybe this is what I'm meant to do is to spread this word so people don't feel isolated and that they don't have to join, you know, a religion to connect they can do whatever feels right for them spiritually and soulful. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 44:16
So your, your when you came back, you you had it seems like you're always psychic or had some sort of abilities, metaphysical abilities prior, you can you can pre package like that from the factory, as I like to call it. You had some elements, right? You didn't get the instructions. It is very, very difficult. If you you lose those. It's It's rough. So, but then after this near death experience, it seems like things became heightened a bit. And you started to come back with some After Effects. Is that fair?

Anne Bayford 44:55
That's correct. Yeah. And literally, I needed to understand myself more or, and I became interested in healing because I remember some of the experiences I was going through. So I became a Reiki Master and I learnt that and then I remember the day when I was working with my tutor, and I said, Oh, that organs telling me something about what's going on in that person's body. And she said to me, that's not Reiki. And I went, Oh, I can feel someone here. She said, You're a medium, you need to go to the college of psychic studies. So that's when I went to the famous, well renowned College of psychic studies, who had loads of consultants there and teachers to help me to understand it more.

Alex Ferrari 45:35
So please explain for the layman what the college of psychic studies is, because it sounds like Hogwarts to me. It was just I just want everybody to understand what this place is, and, and the kind of history it has.

Anne Bayford 45:48
Yeah, so it's been around for over 100 years now. And it was so Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote all the Sherlock Holmes books, he is one of the cofounders. And there's some Americans as well, can't remember any of them at the moment, Edmund something or other, Edward. But he was also one of the co founders from America. And it was, it was a famous woman. At some point, she was a psychic medium that had received information about her own son that he had died. And the I remember the home office or something to do with the war. At that time, I thought that she was a spy, because she knew already that the submarine had been sunk. It wasn't it was because of as a psychic medium or her gift that she was already aware of it. So it goes back a long, long time, where it was a place where psychic mediums could go to feel safe, like the lighthouse and a stone really where it went from entertainment to like this is serious stuff that we can pass on information to others that help you to feel connected, that your loved one has gone somewhere else. Like what I do now is when people come to see me if I have an auntie and uncle or mother or father on the other side, or even their dog or cat or horse, it comes forward and so that they then know that they're safe on the other side, they're okay because sometimes people worry about that transitional stage. Or there's something they didn't say to them before they left or, you know, did I do the right thing. So at the college, it helps teach you train you up to be a psychic medium if you want to. And it helps you and then they are theirs. Yeah, so that they helped. That was my place where I learned more. And then I'm now a consultant there as a psychic medium. And that's what I do now. You know, even through my own platform, I help others to understand because to be honest, Alex, why would anyone want to become a psychic medium, to be honest.

Alex Ferrari 47:37
Yeah, it's not like, it's not like you're rolling around in cash, first of all. Secondly, it's not like you're a rockstar. So you're not like people aren't going to look at you going, Wow, subdue. Others are like, are you serious?

Anne Bayford 47:53
Exactly. But I think it's more important, like now what I do with people is more important about teaching people to be intuitive, so that they can help themselves. So like now what I do, like through my own platform is teach people to become more intuitive, so that it helps them to understand their journey of who they are. So they can work with it, they can have their guides and say, Oh, should I do that all connect to the highest self. So it's more now that I look at the soul wisdom and teach people from my new platform about connecting to their soul progression and helping them to understand who they are, what's their journey?

Alex Ferrari 48:29
What is the biggest takeaway you got, from your first your most impactful near death experience, but from all of them in general?

Anne Bayford 48:36
It made me see life really differently. It made me think that before it was seen as believing now It's believing you shall see, okay. And now I feel more connected as one with the universe. So I know there's more to this. I know now, it's not necessarily about individuals religions is that if that's how you connect, that's absolutely brilliant. You connect with whatever religion is absolutely fine. It's more about that spiritual soul message internally within you. And it's non judgmental, and it's is. It's like, there's this endless boundless knowledge out there that I've always had this thirst for learning so much. And this is about us learning and get as much out of this as we can. And it's about us being present in the moment to absorb everything as we can any particular moment. Enjoy your life as it is now. And if it's hard, just means you're learning cipher. It's one of those lessons it's soul growth, and you'll get through it you will get through it. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 49:39
Now you said now you say you're you've been talking about so the other side talking to you while we've been in this conversation, that they know my work tell them thank you for being fans. What is so you're essentially a trance channel. Now channels are multiple different ways and multiple different ways people We'll connect to the other side. Some just do it like hold on a second. Yes, like you kind of were doing now, others go like Edgar Cayce he style completely in what is your style of channeling?

Anne Bayford 50:11
I have selections. So it just depends. I've got my guides to hear that or when I'm doing this work, I already asked him to come in. So I hear them, they show me visuals as well. And they work with my dictionary of language that I have. So that's what they're doing. So those are guys, those are masters that have been here, I think many times before, so they are working with my soul and help me think of their thing is about humanity to be here to help humanity to transcend, to move forward. So they will work for me like this. And then there's other times when I go deeper, the eyes closed, and then I have different masters that step forward. And then they come forward for answers to questions. They like you've done this before.

Alex Ferrari 50:53
So do so when you do do a transchannel, like when you're completely out like and you close your eyes and everything. Are you still here? Or do you like step away? Do you sit in the back seat? Do you remember?

Anne Bayford 51:09
I never remember even if I'm even when I've got my eyes open, I'm having sessions with my clients, they guide their guides, my guides communicate Akashic records or communicate. I never remember the information because it's for them. It's not for me, can you imagine if Anne had to restore all the information, she would explode, she could not handle it, she would have another brain bleed, that would make so much sense. And then there's other times that when she zones out and we are allowed to come forward, there are many of us as one she would not be able to manage this. So all as one we need to come in. So she needs to then close down. She hears the information, she does not retain the information. But she always has an essence of the information there. It's not for her to old hold on to the information is just for her to be the pure channel.

Alex Ferrari 51:56
So you we lost and there for a second. So you they came in. They complain because I kept hearing them say she. I'm like, What are we? They just came in?

Anne Bayford 52:06
Yeah, they do it because I've given it's not that I'm possessed. It's not because I'm people like No, no, I know. I know. Yeah, you know this, but it's some people like would like get freaked out freaked out by it. But it's like literally I've asked them to be here present to help me through this in case I needed some assistance. And so they're here. But yeah, I'm sort of in the background, I sort of I think he they sort of like, like a tonic state, you just sort of stay still. So it's like in a cocoon. chrysalis, I stay there. And I just wait for them when they need me to come back. And they know how to do that.

Alex Ferrari 52:37
I mean, and like you were saying who would want to be a psychic medium, and we say that with all the love in the world. But it's taxing? Yes. Difficult. It's something that if what you say is true, which I believe it is, but if other was listen, you've got people kind of talking to you. In your medium as well. So you could actually connect with other past loved ones and past loved ones as well. I mean, you you've got to do you've got all of it going on girl, like you do a lot of different things. It's got to be taxing physically, mentally. And psychologically. I mean, I'm assuming you've grasped this a bit more nowadays. But still it has to wear on you does not

Anne Bayford 53:26
I can't wait for the weekends when I take my days off and I have fun. I love what I do you know what the best real for me Alex is when I have working as a psychic medium. I have a loved one that steps in. And they've had to pass a message on because they're so concerned about their loved one here that for me, I see sometimes I want to cry because it's so beautiful they pass on a message you know, we've all happened to a lady that comes to me she's had a miscarriage or she's lost her baby and everything for me. I'm of service to her, I see myself of service to her. Now, that is different. I enjoy that as a psychic when people come to me and they might sound horrible when I face it as a psychic someone says to me Well, I want to know what the lottery numbers are. Well yeah again them because who's to say that you're supposed to win the lottery in this lifetime. And you probably know, I hate telling the fortune. I'm not a fortune teller. There's no way it's more than mediumship or passing loved ones on bots. Something that's changed recently which is very weird and wacky which is quite new for me is loved ones that are on the other side with the loved ones sit opposite me where they're having physical contact and pleasure.

Alex Ferrari 54:36
What does that mean?

Anne Bayford 54:40
When they're actually physically having sex with their loved one that's living here and there on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 54:45

Anne Bayford 54:46
So prove it

Alex Ferrari 54:48
Very ghost, very ghost style, like

Anne Bayford 54:51
Yeah, like, like a Whoopi Goldberg moment. But literally they have have pleasure between the two of them and they're on the aside, and I didn't think was possible. I've had about 12 clients recently around the world, they've come to me, they found me. And they've like, do you think about my husband? And then the husband's showing me certain things on the other side? I'm like, oh, okay, now I don't get embarrassed. I sort of say what I'm being shown. And then that person sits there and says, Oh, yes, that's what happened last night. It's true. It's brilliant. I love it. It just goes to show different dimensions and time and space make no difference at all.

Alex Ferrari 55:30
Anne is your your you are living a heck of a life, my dear, I have to tell you living a heck of a life.

question. There has to be a book. While we have your guides here, is there anything that they want to come through and tell the audience in whichever facet about world about things, messages that would help people?

Anne Bayford 55:57
Okay, thank you. Okay, let's have a little look. We like you, Alex, because of the information that you put out. You're helping humanity to understand themselves much better is for them to tune in more to how they're feeling to be present, they have to be aware of their soul journey. Many people are moving too fast through the world, and not actually connecting to what's happening to them right now. We are always here and observing your planet, we are always watching. And our concern sometimes for your planning. We sense there is a great feel on the planet at sometimes, especially recently is for those to seek their own knowledge and wisdom for them to seek their own truth, wherever they believe or not bliss for them to go deeper into themselves. There is nothing to fear, all the dimensions are interwoven into link. But to be mindful of how they feel and what they are attracting back into their lives. That's all they have to be aware about. But to be open to the knowledge that there is more than what they see. And if they could spend a few moments are different times of the day to connect back to themselves to have a greater understanding of who they are, they will connect more to there is more to life.

Alex Ferrari 57:17
She's back.

Anne Bayford 57:19
It's funny, because it's like, I could see that it is like a council of wiser individuals

Alex Ferrari 57:28
Council of elders,

Anne Bayford 57:29
Yeah, that are just trying to transmit information. And it's just literally people like myself, we're just picking up on the frequency wave like a radio station. We're tuning into it. So it's out there, but and individuals can have it. It's just, you just got to tune yourself in to receive the information. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 57:46
And we got to bring you back just to do a whole channeling episode. Because that's that would be I think that would be very helpful. I think your guides would love that as well. Yeah, I'm going to ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Anne Bayford 58:06
Okay, I'd say, again, I feel it's to be present and to not only think or worry, because sometimes we send our brain out too far ahead to worry about something that hasn't even happened to you yet. So when we do that our bodies actually chemicals are going internally within your body, it's making you feel very stressed, you lose sense of reality, what really reality is, so we overwhelming I know that as a therapist that some of my clients do that. The idea is just to keep bringing yourself back to now and to have fun. You know, children do it so well. We should watch children more, you know, they put the music on they dance and that's what I do. I do roller skating I'm 54 and I can skate backwards and jump and everything. So it's about enjoying as much as you can about life to see the fun things and not to to get over consumed with like paying bills and worrying because that is not going to serve any purpose at all. It's about bringing yourself back to here and finding some fun whether it's free music or friends to laugh

Alex Ferrari 59:07
If you can jump into a time machine and go back in time and talk to your younger self what would you tell her?

Anne Bayford 59:14
Oh my god, get out of that relationship and pretty quick. He's a narcissist.

Alex Ferrari 59:19
Young girl, young girl baby.

Anne Bayford 59:21
Oh, young girl Yeah, I met him when I was 19 If I could go back to my younger self when I was younger, I would say do you know what everything that you're hearing? And is because you're gifted and talented? And not to think that you're crazy or mad and that people don't understand you if I could go back I would say you've got this just keep going with it.

Alex Ferrari 59:47
How do you define God?

Anne Bayford 59:49
Ah Interesting. Interesting. Consider no valleys religions. Okay. So to me. I'd see as the word God, but I would see it as the universe as well. I'm sure isn't as big as one, I wouldn't see it as this white man with his white beard. I wouldn't see that at all. And it's a bit like, Okay, thank you letter soon, because they reminded me, it's a bit like how we see a Christmas and Santa Claus. It's not necessarily Santa Claus days Christmas, it's more about the joy in the giving and the receiving and being as one together. You know, you can't see that spirit, you can't see that, that joy. But you all want to get home for Christmas, or you want to be with your loved ones is that feeling? And same for me when I think of God, is that feeling of being connected? It's been connected as one as the universe, and whatever label you want to put on it, that's fine with me, but that's how I see it is one with the whole universe.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:41
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Anne Bayford 1:00:44
With your soul growth to keep going round in recycling. Not to keep going around, but to find the understanding? Okay, thank you. They're just talking about particles and other go anything to them. Okay, thank you. They just show me you know, like, I don't if you've got these birds in your country, but when starlings fly together, or when you get birds that fly together, they're talking about, that's the particles of the soul. So it's like everything in the universe moves like that. And then something sort of like you know, where birds sometimes they go off in a different direction, that's part of a soul that decides, Okay, it's my turn, I'm coming in, I'm jumping in, it's my turn, I'm gonna have a go at this. And it's about having fun. The purpose of life and living, it's about exploring is about the growth these particles have an intelligence of their own. So the it's about learning absorbing, so it's just a recycle is someone sort of recycled up but so recycle of coming back and coming back and, and being as one with the planet. Okay, thank you. The needs to have that movement. It needs to have that to create the oceans and everything Kelsey said. And then someone just said, You are the noisy Planet of the universe in the universe, the Galaxy Earth, because of how humans are programmed with our brain. Yeah, sorry. I did that answered your question, because I was in and out with him.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:01
You are fascinating Anne. I love you. You're absolutely fascinating. Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Anne Bayford 1:02:08
Oh, okay. Right. So I've developed a new platform now. So it's Odyssey the platform on Instagram, please follow us. I've, I sit with some of my new practitioners and coach them. So my coaches, my guides come forward to coach my practitioners who will work with individuals in helping them to work through whatever's going on in their life. So the website is www.odysseytheplatform.com. Yeah, and just contact me through there. And you'll find all my beautiful practitioners who are here to help.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:37
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anne Bayford 1:02:39
Yeah, don't take myself so hard on yourself. And you know, don't just stop judging yourself. Enjoy. Be easy on yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:48
And it's been a pleasure talking to you, to your guides, unexpected special guests.

Anne Bayford 1:02:54
You're welcome.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:58
We definitely have to have you back to do a whole channeling conversation. I think I'll be but I appreciate you and what you're trying to do for the world and helping evidence so thank you so much.

Anne Bayford 1:03:08
Thank you.

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