Scientist CLINICALLY DEAD for 6 Mins; Leaves Planet & Tours the Afterlife (NDE) with Dr. Anna Stone

In the grand dance of existence, where science meets the spiritual, Dr. Anna Stone gracefully waltzes through both realms. With her profound near-death experience, she illuminates the mysteries that bridge the empirical and the ethereal. Imagine a scientist, once firmly grounded in the black-and-white world of research, suddenly finding herself floating above her own body, devoid of any emotional attachment. “I wasn’t in my body anymore, and I’m looking at my body, and I had no emotional attachment to it in any way, shape, or form,” she recounts.

Dr. Anna Stone spent two decades entrenched in neural engineering, working on contracts for the Department of Defense, DARPA, UCLA, and VA hospitals. Her life was dictated by scientific proof, and religion was dismissed as nonsense. But life, as it often does, had a plan to shatter her meticulously constructed worldview. A ruptured ectopic pregnancy led to internal bleeding, a blood transfusion, and ultimately, a journey to the other side.

In the sterile environment of a hospital room, Dr. Anna Stone experienced the profound detachment of death. “It was like losing a pair of clothes,” she reflects, describing her lack of emotional connection to her lifeless body. Her consciousness expanded beyond the confines of physical form, becoming part of a vast, interconnected web of souls. This ethereal existence was marked by a sense of unity and a profound understanding that transcended her previous notions of reality.

Emerging from this experience, she found herself fundamentally changed. Her life, once characterized by drinking and a lack of motivation, transformed almost overnight. She returned with a newfound sobriety and an unshakeable conviction to reshape her existence. “Dying saved my life,” she asserts, highlighting the paradoxical nature of her journey. Her scientific mind, once skeptical of anything beyond the physical realm, now sought to reconcile her spiritual experiences with empirical evidence.


  1. Integration of Science and Spirituality: Dr. Stone’s journey emphasizes the possibility of harmonizing scientific inquiry with spiritual understanding, suggesting that both realms can coexist and enrich each other.
  2. Detachment from Physical Form: Her near-death experience underscores the transient nature of our physical bodies and the enduring essence of our consciousness, encouraging a shift in perspective about life and death.
  3. Purpose Through Transformation: Dr. Stone’s transformation post-NDE illustrates how profound experiences can catalyze significant personal growth and a deeper sense of purpose.

In this profound conversation, Dr. Anna Stone shares how she embraced her psychic abilities, long suppressed by her scientific skepticism. From seeing auras to experiencing paranormal activities, she realized these phenomena were not figments of her imagination but integral parts of her existence. “I saw things; my person existed past this,” she recalls, challenging her former atheistic views.

Her journey did not end with acceptance but evolved into an exploration of how to marry her scientific background with her newfound spiritual insights. Dr. Anna Stone is now a teacher and researcher, contributing to fields that bridge trauma, DNA, and psychic abilities. Her work exemplifies the integration of rigorous scientific methods with the exploration of metaphysical phenomena.

Please enjoy my conversation with Dr. Anna Stone.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 288

Anna Stone 0:00
That thought that I had like I had this one like profound, you know, thought of like when I realized that I wasn't in my body anymore, and I'm looking at my body, and I had no emotional attachment to it in any way, shape or form.

Alex Ferrari 0:21
I'd like to welcome to the show Anna Stone. How you doing Anna?

Anna Stone 0:23
I'm good thank you so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:25
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I do appreciate you coming on and sharing your unique story, unique life journey that you've gone through the path that you are walking is interesting to say the least. So before we get into your near death experience, what was your life like, prior to the near death experience?

Anna Stone 0:43
Well, I was a research scientist for 20, about 20 years on it, like on different contracts for Department of Defense, DARPA, UCLA, VA hospital, like, all working in conjunction together, right. And I was in a neural engineering lab. And so I worked in with brain tissues. And it was pretty boring. To be honest, pretty boring. Despite the fancy, you know, contracts, we didn't know what we were doing, like, anytime, you know, until later, it's it's all piecemealed out. So I was a scientist, and I thought in very scientific, black and white terms of how things are and how they aren't, but by what we can prove, you know, scientific testing and instrumentation. So that was that, like, everything's black and white in my world. Up until that point,

Alex Ferrari 1:35
Were you religious at all?

Anna Stone 1:38
Oh, no, no, no, no. I grew up in a very, very religious, like Baptist home. And, yeah, we couldn't like it was really super strict. at around age eight, I had seen something that I didn't sit well, well with me. Because my family was reacting compared to what they were saying and, like, didn't jive. And so I made a comment about it. And you that was sort of my black sheep status. Going forward, and I'm okay with me. But no, absolutely not. I was, it was preposterous to me to you know, the whole religious thing was nonsense. As far as I

Alex Ferrari 2:21
Didn't make any sense to you whatsoever. It's interesting is interesting what some people will say, at church, but will how they'll actually act is a completely different thing.

Anna Stone 2:30
That's exactly what I I saw it, I was like, eight and I called it out and I got you in trouble.

Alex Ferrari 2:38
So tell me what happened to what were the events leading up to your your death?

Anna Stone 2:45
Okay. Well, like I had been doing the science thing, right. But then I had a period of kind of my life falling apart. And I was just a total loser. Like, at this point in my life, it's like the worst iteration of me possible. And I'm so glad it's not that way anymore. I was drinking all the time, like I had, I just completely lost my way. And total just a loser. Like I just was, I just had no motivation. Nothing. I had a new kid, like, my daughter was like, two, almost two at the time. And I was just being, like, totally waste of space. And I was feeling a little sick. I didn't feel so great. I was getting like dizzy and stuff. And, you know, I thought I was having my cycle, like, for a really long time. And I was like, God, and I came out the day that this happened. I was like, I think I'm bleeding to death guys. And I was joking about it, but not. And the next thing that I know, I'm in the hospital like, so I guess I fainted. Right, then I guess. You know, and that's when I found out that I had an Well, I woke up in the hospital and I had a blood transfusion thing happening, which was just, oh my god, like, terrifying to me, because the idea of that was just really gross. And to me, like someone else's blood in my body. And it didn't dawn on me what was happening, you know, other than that, and then I was told I had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured, and cause internal bleeding. And I had lost like, half of my blood, and they had to do this transfusion. And I was like, Oh, okay. And I thought to myself, like, I'm fine, but then, as soon as I thought that it was like, my body felt like I felt myself dying, like 100% Like, I know, for a fact that this feeling that came over me was death and like, how it felt was so unmistakable and panic inducing kind of, you know, somebody was very wrong, you know, like, very, very wrong and I knew it and then it was so intense. I felt like that was gonna literally explode like I felt like my there was so much tension building up from the inside out, like, inside of me, like I felt like I was gonna pop, but like they got to this point where it was like to me much. And I just, I did pop but like, only out of my body and then I like so I was out looking at myself laying in the bed and like, you know, I watched the next few minutes of them, you know, might be coding and then trying to resuscitate me and stuff like, just

Alex Ferrari 5:20
What's going through your head at this point?

Anna Stone 5:23
Well, immediately I knew what happened. Like, it was weird. It was like, immediately I was like, Oh, shit. And that's actually bad thought that I had, like, I had this one, like profound, you know, thought of like, when I realized that I wasn't in my body anymore. And I'm looking at my body. And I had no emotional attachment to it in any way, shape, or form. It was just a factual thing. Like, shit. That sucks. That was it. That's like, the only thing I said. And then at that point, I was like, Oh, crap, I'm still me. Like, my attitudes still here. My sarcasm is still here. Like, you know, like, interesting. Pretty much like that. Like, it was just like, oh, that that, Oh, that's too bad. You know, I, as if I could have made it longer, you know, but I guess not like no big deal. It was just very devoid of emotion, very detached from the human, that, you know, the human feelings and emotions that we're used to, and didn't have those.

Alex Ferrari 6:21
So it was very much it was very much like us, like, Oh, I lost a pair of clothes.

Anna Stone 6:26
Like, yeah, it was not a big deal. Like, and it wasn't a big deal. That was I guess, the, yeah, I realized it wasn't a big deal. But then I had this brief second of my kids, right, you know, and that the sec, like, instant, instantaneously. As soon as I said, my kid, I was immediately 210 miles away, where my daughter, Ashley, my oldest one was in college taking a test. And I was in her classroom, I could see what she was wearing, you know, her stressing out over there. On our test, with time, it was on the wall of the clock behind her. And I was like, typical. And then this. And then I was immediately back at the hospital, was looking at my little one who's in the waiting room, playing Legos, whatever. And I was like, fine. And then I went back into the where I was with my body for a minute and just watch them stop working on me and give up on resuscitating me. And one of the guys who the younger technician or whatever he was, he said, We're gonna stop now. Like, she's, you know, she's only 30 Whatever, you know, like, he's, I don't know if he said my age, but he said, she's like the woman in her 30s or something. And the doctor had made this offhanded comment about what to expect she's a former gun. And I was not a former deputy. That's not true. So I was like, but so that would make me mad, right? Like that normally would upset me that someone said that. I wasn't upset at all. I was just like, sent necessary. Like, that was the thought that went through my head was Was that necessary, but it wasn't upset. And it wasn't even like angry. It was just facts. And, yeah, so like that plays in later. Like, when I came back to ask them about it.

Alex Ferrari 8:14
Sorry. So what's what happened next, usually, you're outside of your body, you're looking down, they've stopped.

Anna Stone 8:19
So I'm there in my looking at my body. And I'm like, so I was like, standing to the right side of me, like, in the room. And so I'm looking to my right, and I'm in the room, but if and then I noticed that if I looked over to the left, I wasn't in the hospital anymore. Oh, somewhere else, like looking one way took me somewhere else. Like it just was in this other place. And it was like, like a waiting. It wasn't I don't want to stay in a waiting room. Because that's the best I can do, though, that the language that I have is it was like a room. And I knew it was somewhere I was supposed to be waiting for something to happen. There was no people I didn't see any tunnel. There was no ghosts or spirits of dead relatives. Um, I was just in this room and it's like, lit up from some unseen like, you know, source. And yeah, it was just like a waiting room, like no chairs or anything. So it's just a space, like a blank space. And so I went there and I didn't see anybody for a while but I could feel stuff around me like there was a lot of things going on but I couldn't see any of it. You feel it though. And it was like I was very aware that people people, energy souls, whatever, were all linked up together like sharing data, like, like, uploading their late I feel like if I had stayed, you know, posting I wouldn't be linked up and like, uploaded all my memories or something for that collective kind of, that's kind of what it felt like. I couldn't and I was at this point I realized I don't have a body though it didn't dawn on me, even though I'm looking at my body, like for a while, in the bed, it didn't dawn on me that like, Hey, that was the body so you don't have it now. You're just this form ish. And it was huge. Like, we're human. We're very big. Taking up a ton of space, like, so much space then there is like an outline ish to you, right? There's an edge of your consciousness, but it's not definable, really by anything other than, Oh, I have no idea. Actually, I can't even but um, you're just like, it was like little pinpoints of light, I guess. Like, it was weird. And I realized, Wait, how am I seeing? Like, I'm seeing 360 degrees, so I can see behind me. And I'm like, Alright, so I don't have a head because there's no bones in my head to block weight. There's no bone. I don't have a head. I have no eyes. So How the hell am I seem like, so I was kind of a little bit perturbed, not perturbed, but just like, interesting, I guess I'll figure it out. But like, it was weird. And then also, there was a person standing in for me. That, you know, came out of literally nowhere, and it was a woman. And it was literally me. Just another iteration of me standing in front of me looked a little different, though. Like her face was a little different had worn different lines, like different expression lines and things like that. Like we'd had different experiences, clearly. But it was me. And I just like, I guess I knew what was going on I because I didn't even question it. I just was like, oh, and then I heard what that word note that her note. And like that I just knew what that meant. It meant no, you're going back. You know what's going on? And like, I looked back at my body, and I was like, how am I going to fit in there? Right? Like, how the hell am I going to fit so I'm so huge. And then I went into the belly button is I got shoved like back through my navel. Why I don't know, like, That's so weird to me. And that's when I saw a tunnel, like coming back in was when I saw a tunnel. And that hurts so much. It was very painful on the way back in and that's what shocked me and brought me back. I was still hooked up to the machine. Right? Like they hadn't taken off the leads. Um, everyone's back was turned to me. Like they were all filling out paperwork and stuff. And, and I just shot up. So there was no like, warning beeps, let them know, like I was coming back. Um, you know, and I came back and scared the crap out of at least one guy

Alex Ferrari 12:42
I was I was about to say that must have been terrifying for you, but for everybody in the room.

Anna Stone 12:50
Well, right. Like, I felt like how I felt was like if someone had held my, like, literally, it felt like it's that somebody had my head underwater, and was holding me underwater until the second I couldn't like to take it and I was gonna, you know, drown like inhale water, like I could not breathe. Because the first six minutes I had no oxygen. So I was coming out of that and taking that first breath to like recuperate. The oxygen. I didn't, I was deprived out for like six minutes. So it was allowed. And shocking. And it. Yeah, it was very disorienting for me. And then the jumping around in the room and loud. audible gasps were also stressful, as well. And then I looked at the doctor and I was like, Did you as soon as I can catch my breath? I said did you say, you know Hey, like, she is former Jhanvi. And he went an anthem. He just looked at me like you know, I'm like, did you say that? Like, did you say that about me? Like, and I think I'm pretty sure he thought I was trying to like get him in trouble. You know, but that wasn't my goal. I just I needed to know did I actually hear that? Because upon coming back, it was very clear, like, Oh, my, oh my god, I just died. Like, we I knew what happened. Like, and this can't be real, because I don't believe in this at all. And so he can't have said that like, This can't be right. So I'm gonna ask him. And then he's gonna tell me no, right? It didn't say that. That's just neurons misfiring or whatever. But no, he, he apologized and he still thought I was trying to get him in trouble. He didn't realize what he didn't get what I was trying to do, like at all. He's trying to cover the ask, but I just like, I don't care. I just I just need to know if you said it. Did I hear that? Like, I hear it? And he's like, there's no way you could have heard that. You were clinically dead. Unless you said it.

Alex Ferrari 14:47
Right. I'm gonna get you in trouble. Just saying

Anna Stone 14:49
He's like, I'm very sorry. And I was like, I don't care like you know it because they didn't care. But that was bad. I didn't want that knew. I didn't so

Alex Ferrari 14:59
So what's intro thing is, this was fascinating what your story because you're basically walking in as an atheist, essentially. Right?

Anna Stone 15:07
Right. I mean, I believe, maybe something, but I know what the heck it was, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 15:10
Agnostic. So you come in, you don't have any real belief of anything, you go to the other side, your personality is the person who you were is still there, but it's devoid of emotion that you that we feel here you are uploaded to a mainframe, almost you can start feeling everyone's thoughts and feelings almost like you just like we're connected, like in the matrix in the back and you're connected to something else, and all this other information is there. And then you get swung back and you feel all the pain in your body, the moment he says slam back in, and then the emotions come back. And then the logic comes back that you had in your head before. So though, that logic, those beliefs didn't exist in the other side, because it just, there was a knowing on the other side.

Anna Stone 16:07
Right, right. Yeah, there is. So like, people ask me that a lot. Like, did you you know, there's that myth or rumor, you know, that you when you die, you get down, like, know everything about everything. Right. You know, people say that. i That's not what I experienced. But I do know, I did experience enough to understand I think what what it is, it's like, you don't you don't know what you don't know. Right? So you have to anything that I thought about, during that brief time, six minutes, right. Like, I got the I was able to get the answer to if I thought about it consciously like at and was like, what about this? It came, but it wasn't like all of it came at once. You know, I mean, like I had to ask for it. Right? So it's like, you have to know what you want to know. To know it.

Alex Ferrari 16:52
Yeah. From other near death experiences. They'll like ask a question. And all of a sudden, they're like, Oh, so that's how quantum physics works.

Anna Stone 16:59
Right! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I mean, it was like it. Yeah. Because I, I asked like, and that's why it's hard to describe it. Because I didn't ask out loud. Like, I didn't I just thought it in my head. And then I got answer about like, what is no mean? You know, like, going back, like I knew that, like it was just, it was like an instantaneous, not even an answer. It was just like a knowing I really hard to describe.

Alex Ferrari 17:20
Yeah, it's, it all sounds similar to forms of things I've heard before. That's really interesting. So when you come back, you obviously are essentially trying to verify that you were dead. So you have kind of a verified near death experience. Because you can start telling people, things that are happening in the room and everyone's like, what the hell's going on? Okay, so you're back in your body, you're dealing with the how do you psychologically process this from not only hours after days, weeks, months, and even maybe years after that experience?

Anna Stone 17:54
Oh, I'm like, it was, it's been a lot. I'm not gonna lie. Like, it's been a lot. It's changed my entire life. Like, everything about it out, my entire life is different out, like, I stopped, like, for instance, like, I can't drink alcohol anymore. So I literally came back, sober, like that six minutes, cleared me of drinking problem. I tried, and it couldn't, my body didn't wouldn't take it. And I just looked fine. Forget it. Now. I've tried that before, and it didn't work out. So this was weird. And the doctors couldn't tell me why they're like, just take it as a blessing. Because what I told them like, Fine, um, but at home, when they let me go the same day, like literally, maybe a couple hours later, you know? And so has insurance. And,

Alex Ferrari 18:38
Of course, of course, insurance.

Anna Stone 18:41
And, you know, I, I was, like, I was in tears, like, and I was, I was married at the time, though, to an atheist. And he would, he just kept telling me, I was imagining it, like, he kept saying, he kept telling me that it wasn't real. And like, I'm over here, the person that would say that to normally. Right, you know, so like, he knows he knew that. And it was frustrating, because I was like, you've got to understand that I'm seeing this right now. Like, it's serious. Like, I'm not, this is not a joke. Like, I saw some stuff, like, I can't, how to explain this. And he would argue, he was arguing with me by like, telling me I was just losing my, you know, like, I know that I guess maybe at the time, he's trying to help but it was not the right way. Um, at all and, and then, like, I just, like, at one point, I remember laying on the couch and just thinking, like, if you're all your life is, like, what the hell you have a new kid, like, what are you doing with yourself? Like, you just died? Like, it was really hard on me like, because I it was like, all the stuff I've been avoiding. You know, like, all that hit me. Like, I've got to take care of stuff. I can't do this anymore. Like, I've got to get my life together. And then it was like, oh my god, I died like, and I saw things like my person I existed past this. Like, I don't know what happens after six minutes. So I can only say for six minutes what happens, right? Like, I don't know, maybe it all goes, nothing goes away. I can't tell you. But those six minutes were like, like not, it was not cool. Like I was really upset about it because I still have a hard time with it, actually, because it's still like, it breaks my brain like, how? It's just a lot. It's a lot if I went 38 36, almost almost four decades of my life, thinking one way, and to have that all shifted in six minutes is a lot to take in.

Alex Ferrari 20:33
Yeah, right. That's why I was asking. And I asked a lot, I asked that same question to all my near death experience, guests, because I can only imagine if your foundation of your entire existence is based on this thought, and this goes for religion, non religion, God, Buddha, whoever you believe in, and someone's all of a sudden says, everything that you've known is now false. I'm sorry, this is another idea. And then it destroys the foundation of your existence, essentially, of what you've based on, because it's a chain reaction of, if I don't believe this, then they lied to me here, or I made a mistake here. And then ego gets involved, and it just starts to crumble your entire identity. And that's what someone's saying something, you reading something or you hearing something, you experience something that is so much more vivid than reading a book, or having someone tell you something, and then you have in the process and you're still processing?

Anna Stone 21:34
Yeah, I am. I mean, I'm in there. I'm in therapy, like actively like I, I mean, I'm getting my master's and doctorate, like second master's and doctorate in psychology, and consciousness studies right now. Like, I'm in therapy, too, because I know that I need to, you know, this is stuff that I've processed, though, like, there's because stuff keeps coming up. That's the weird thing about it is like,

Alex Ferrari 21:57
What do you mean, exactly?

Anna Stone 22:00
Like that word that I was given that note, whatever it was, like, it was like, almost like a file, like a zip drive or something. Because it keeps, like, things keep popping up. In my mind, now that like, just out of nowhere, I'll just know something or have some like, revelation about something. Like,

Alex Ferrari 22:19
So so. So in other words, there was so okay, this is interesting. So you were, you were so come on, someone downloaded a file into your head, essentially. And you've slowly it gets revealed at inopportune times, throughout your life, in the shower in dinners and things like that. Yeah. And all of a sudden, you're like, What? What? Yes. How do I know how to paint now? I mean, that that, but

Anna Stone 22:45
Right, because so I got really, really mad at myself, that I wasn't worried about my children, right? Because I was effectively orphaning, both of my kids, my oldest daughter's father had passed away from cancer. So she was that I was all she had. And I mean, if she's an adult now, but like, still, she'd still be, you know, like, without parents, both of them and, and Lucy was only like, just going to be to like, you know, I was, I wasn't even upset about the fact that I was leaving them. And, you know, like, not going to, like I was dead, didn't bother me. And I was really mad at myself. And I was like, what kind of parent are you feel that way? You know, and I was beating myself up about it. And then like, one day, couple months later, you know, it was just popped into my head, like, why it was that way. And like, why it was that and don't stress about it, if you're fine, because you knew you weren't staying you knew that that's why you weren't upset you already knew whose plan you'd already plan this as an exit strategy for you when your life back to off the rails like and so

Alex Ferrari 23:43
Let's dive into that for a second because that has been said many times in the show before and really exits the exit strategy. The soul plan, the soul blueprint, and the exit strategy is something I've heard from other from other near death experiences where like, you have a soul plan a blueprint. And throughout that, if you have your live 80 years, let's say this blueprint is good for 80 years, you can get out at 25 you can get out at 62 you can get out at 57 There's moments in your life where you can literally exit the highway if you want to exit strategy. And then that's when you have a near death experience and you choose either to go and that's it. Or you can come back so I don't know if you haven't heard that before that is that is common Believe it or not,

Anna Stone 24:28
I haven't I haven't. Like I haven't really researched them because it's been a lot like it's stressful enough was your own little little surplus. I mean, it is i the belly button thing bothered me a lot, right. Like why would I go back into my belly button. But guess what, you know, like in my consciousness and classes I'm taking turns out that's a thing apparently in like Buddhist tradition. I like the record. Like yeah, I was like, what? Oh my god, I did not know that like so. That was weird. You know? I mean, so that was like weird. things that I didn't know about that actually ended up being things that actually are talked about by many other people that do know about that stuff. And that was interesting to me very much. So when that keeps happening, it's been happening. It keeps happening. I don't know if it'll stop or whatever. But I keep getting more information, like, more understanding, rather.

Alex Ferrari 25:20
But it's being dripped out to you, but it's being dripped out to you, as opposed to, if they all came in at once you would you you short circuit essentially,

Anna Stone 25:28
Probably, right. Yeah. And this iterate Yeah, in my body. Yeah, absolutely. Too much, it would overload the system.

Alex Ferrari 25:34
So when you came out, when you came back from from you and your death experience, and you start talking to your husband, you start talking to other people about this? How did the people around you deal with this new version, the non drinker, figuring things out spiritually, all this new human being? How did that? How did they deal with you? And how did you deal with it?

Anna Stone 25:56
I'm still dealing with it. Because it's super drastic, I'm aware of that, like, most of the time, things like this would kind of change somebody's life in a way that is noticeable to people closest to them, right? But even they, they might know, they think differently, or something, but it's not that big of a deal. This is 100% different, it's almost like, like, I've heard the concept of a walk in, you know, like, I almost feel like, but I know, it's not that but like, I was so close to like that level of change. Like, I'm, I like everything about me, like, just from keeping my word to, you know, being like, having a goals and just the ad none of it before like I had had earlier in life, but then I got, you know, in this bad way, and like, just stop giving a crap and and now I also know, I was just like, oh my god, I have to go back to school. I have to become a teacher. I'm a teacher. What? I hated school. I was a bad student. I ditched all time. Like, what do you mean? Um, but ya know, I had to be a teacher all the sudden, and like, do all this stuff. And then a job literally fell into my lap as a teacher and like, I didn't even apply for it. Like, they called me. I was like, when did I apply for this job? And they couldn't tell me what I did this. I didn't like, it was crazy. I got that job. I worked there. For years. It was my first teaching job like, and it was just weird, like, weird stuff started coming together. Like, right after that, and my life just took a completely different turn. Like, totally. And now my friends and people when they see me, they're like, literally, like my friend Maggie. She's like, my best friend. She every time I talk to her, she's I just I can't believe I just can't believe this is you? And it's been years now. Right? Like, and she still brings it up? Like it's so drastic. Yeah, I mean, I see it too. I like, but mine's different minds that detachment from it. That's so like, completely settled, you know, like, it's completely done, that I can't even relate or resonate with the person I used to be at all. Like, it's hard for me to even put myself into my own shoes from back then. It's, I don't want to it was gross. And I'm like, it was pretty, you know, it's bad time. Like, I'm glad I got out of that.

Alex Ferrari 28:05
So it basically dying saved your life.

Anna Stone 28:09
Yeah. 100 100% Yep. Like, full on. And, and, and my daughter's because I was not the best parent, you know, at all. I know. That's not the case now. Like, my kids are happy and healthy and like taking care of like properly. Like, they're not like, I'm not just all about me anymore. Like, you know, I care. I put everybody else. I do everything for everybody now, like I didn't do anything. I used to just be selfish. Or you No, like really?

Alex Ferrari 28:38
Oh, I remember. Oh, I remember I was I was in my teens and 20s too

Anna Stone 28:45
So like that, you know, and like victim mentality. Like, my life sucks. And there's nothing I can do about it like that kind of. You know?

Alex Ferrari 28:56
Right. It's so it seems like, and don't take this the wrong way. But it almost seems like you're reluctant in this new version. In a way you're like, I got a job. I guess I gotta be a teacher. Now. I'm like, it's kind of like you're being guided. You're like, Okay, I'll go do this now. I can't drink anymore. I'm trying but it doesn't work anymore. Like, it seems like there's there's not a reluctancy and maybe that's not the right word. But you know what I mean, right? There's kind of like this weirdness this weird energy about how you're moving forward, now you're happier, but you're just like, what's going on?

Anna Stone 29:30
Well, I want answers now. Like so my scientific minds back, you know, and it's like, okay, well, I can't like, What the hell, you know. So now, but now I'm in a different way. Like before, I wouldn't never talk. So I've had paranormal experiences my whole life. Despite the fact that I didn't believe in any like, despite that, I was like, Nope, this doesn't exist. I had been tormented as a kid by like, the house we lived in was so haunted in theory, but I would convince myself it was my imagination, right? Because that's what I was told. That's Science. So, I would deny all of these experiences I had all the time. And my family would also say like things like, don't like don't act that way. If you're saying something, like telling somebody something's gonna happen before did like you'd get in trouble. I didn't travel for that kind of stuff, you know, like, like a bad thing. So, um, I just would be like, This is it like, it's not real. It's i just i brainwashed myself to believe nothing existed, right? Like, that was the safest option for me. And now I'm like, well, that's not true. So, and all the stuff they told me about tarot cards, and things like that, like I was gonna go to hell and like, well, the deal. Ya know, like, yeah, like, I know, like, I left that one thing that I was very grateful for, with all my Christian guilt, of like, my terror of like, being judged and like, burning in hell for eternity, who's completely just completely murdered that day. Like, thank God, they get wiped away. Yeah, like, it's not, that's not a thing. And like, for me anyway, like, you believe what you want. But like, I know, for me, I'm good. So I was like, thank you. So I don't have any guilt about being someone that reads tarot cards, I don't have any guilt anymore about that, which is something that was ingrained into me like, indoctrinated like, it was wrong as bad as against God. Right. So that helped a lot. That was a very big benefit for me. So yeah, so that's and I, I'm much more of myself now. Like, who I am weirdo. Like how weird and strange I am. And I'm okay with that. Like, before I was hiding it all the time, because it was against God.

Alex Ferrari 31:41
Right! According to according to what someone told you. Yep. How do you reconcile the scientific mind? And now this new spiritual understanding that you have?

Anna Stone 31:52
Right! Well, that's the, that's the fight I had in myself this whole time. And like, that's why I was in such a bad way. Like the denying, like, of myself. And my true, like, authentic self was causing such inner turmoil, like, within me that it was causing me to have addiction problems, and depression and anxiety and things like that. And I didn't know that, like I didn't, that would never crossed my mind to put those things together. So they were I was, like, have this, you know, this dichotomy, like this side, and this side, and they don't mix together, they can't. That's not true either. Like, what like that, again, now, it's like, I'm integrating all of that together and doing research on this stuff, like, in a scientific manner. So like, I've been able to now take the both sides of that I love about myself, like, the psychic stuff. And then this, you know, understanding now of what's real, really, on the other side, and be able to, like marry those two with science, like it works. Because now quantum physics and quantum mechanics like, it's become talk, we can talk about it now. Like, it's, it's being supported in actual mainstream science, which is amazing. I just got my research published, like, last week, for the for, like my actual research on trauma, and DNA and psychic ability, and people like, how they possibly are connected. And that's like a big deal like that would never have been published

Alex Ferrari 33:18
You would have been burned at the stake.

Anna Stone 33:19
Yeah, I know. I mean, and then, like, you know, that in my research was based on a study that was done in 2021, a real peer reviewed at, you know, the Nordic Institute of Noetic, sciences did it on genetic component, recyclability. And they found evidence that there is a genetic component. And, like, that's a big deal. So that's exciting. So yeah, I'm okay with that. Now, like this is all becoming now I can be myself fully and not have to compartmentalize and, like, deny certain parts of myself, I'm just, and that's a that's a freedom that I wouldn't have had otherwise, then I'm very, I'm super grateful for that.

Alex Ferrari 33:58
I have. So you've, you've, at this point in your life now have gone all in, you understand what you've seen, you are now using your skill set that you've built up over your life as a scientist, and now applying it into the metaphysics world, and the in the spiritual world, and all this kind of stuff. And combining the two worlds you are that an agent of that, if you will, at this point,

Anna Stone 34:22
Right! And 100% And it's, I'm, like, thrilled I like it's beyond exciting for me, like I never thought in my lifetime, I'd see this happen, right, like, you know, people being able to talk about it in taken seriously. And luckily, you know, I mean, it doesn't hurt that I have, like, previous research published from when I was just doing neural engineering has nothing to do with science, you know, spirituality. So like, that's helpful. But even if I didn't have that, like, it wouldn't matter because now there's some there's tons of emerging researchers coming out and doing these studies and working on it and people are listening so great.

Alex Ferrari 35:02
So, so let's let's dive into this other area of your life now, which is psychic abilities, and the tarot cards and stuff because I'm fascinated with the tarot cards. We'll talk about that in a minute. But but the psychic abilities that you when did they start to come out? How did they come out? How did you deal with it as well, against psychologically to have these kinds of abilities from the person who you were? And then also how that also, all of a sudden, you were like, when they came out? Oh, I was living in a haunted house. Kind of thing.

Anna Stone 35:36
Right! So but then growing up haunted house, like, you know, and then everywhere I lived, basically haunted house. Pretty much I figured out it's me, not the houses. So you know, that was recent. That was just last year that I came to that revelation. But, you know, my mom was hell, like, my mom had like premonitions all the time. And she i What, I witnessed one that was so profound, like, in my life, I watched her habit, I saw what happened. It was my grandma, my grandfather was dying, you know, at the house, and like, he had cancer. And she was making us food. She was making Jello pudding. And she just kept saying yourself, I have to feed your kids, I have to feed your kids. Like, she was like, almost like it kind of a weird state, like a altered state. She was like zoning out like, during this bowl. And then she just went like, and dropped it. And it went everywhere she goes, Papa died. Like, she was like, shaking and looking all weird. And I was like, What the hell, you know? And then like, literally, maybe 1015 seconds later, my Uncle Harry walked out. And he's like, we just lost Papa. And like, I was there. I was eight years old. I remember this. Like, it was yesterday. I have chills like, actually. And she's she saw like, she saw something like I saw her have this reaction to nothing. You don't I mean, like, I saw it. And it was so visceral. And it was terrifying to me as a kid. Right? Um, but then, you know, when we I tried to talk to her about letters, like, I don't know, you're talking about, right? Like, that kind of stuff.

Alex Ferrari 37:04
Is deep programming was deep.

Anna Stone 37:07
Yeah. And then like, the first time I saw someone's aura, like, I was terrified, I did not know what the hell I was looking at. I didn't know why this person's head was blowing. Like, why is it? What's going what's wrong with me? Like, aware, you know, like, Where's the light source? What's going on? And I, you know, and then I'm thinking, I'm gonna go to hell, because this is bad. Like, you know, so I had this problem, because my grandparents told me this whole thing all the time. So I was like, I didn't even want to talk about it. So I didn't write like, I never talked about it, anybody. I just have to incite bullies just trying to snuff it out?

Alex Ferrari 37:38
No, what, no wonder you were like, you almost self destructed because you were just holding down all of this knowing inside of you and denying so much that was inside of you? That you're just like, I gotta drink. I gotta do something.

Anna Stone 37:52
Right. Like, yeah, when I was working at UCLA, okay, the lab there might have here in LA, it was haunted again. And it was so bad that my babysitter quit and like, stuff like that, like other people, right? Were telling me and I was literally dealing with it and going, you guys are crazy. Like literally just telling them they're crazy, even though I'm experiencing the same stuff, because I refused. And at one point, they got really bad. To the point where I actually had to, I had to move and admit that something very off was something very not normal was happening. And my boss, I won't say his name, just because, but like, I could probably but he asked me like what was going on? I was like, well, you're gonna think I'm crazy. My house was haunted. And he was like, I should talk to my wife. And I was like, okay, whatever. And I like, just ignored it. And then his wife, he's like, She's a psychologist. I was like, great, great. Working great, right? She actually came to my house with me and bought brought sage and like, did a whole theory thing with me. Like, she didn't judge me at all. She like came to help me. And I was like, what? So that was my first. That moment was my first glimpse of like, wait, wait, wait, wait. You're the principal investigator, doctor, PhD in neuroscience, world famous, very well known person. And you're married to a woman that because that in your in, you facilitated this for me? What the hell? You know, I mean, like, that was really, like, I was really confused by that, but it was hopeful confusion. Right. You know, but it still it was just too too risky for me to like, be looked at like I was crazy. In that in my field of you know, work and stuff because I can lose my I was thinking I would lose my job. People wouldn't take me serious my work would be discredited whatever. So, you know, up until the day I died, like I just kept denying it. And yeah, and it wasn't.

Alex Ferrari 39:46
So what you came back though, how was how did the psychic abilities were they just now you knew what they were and you were like, Okay, I can open up myself up to all of this.

Anna Stone 39:55
No, I still didn't want to open up but my stuff kept happening really? out of my head, like it just kept getting worse and worse and like weird stuff like suppliant like literally coming off the walls and like hitting people in the head, like my friend Maggie got attacked by a spatula, like, just crazy stuff that was happening and my mother in law moment, you know, she's, we call I still call her that, but we're not related anymore. But she is from Trinidad. And so they practice like voodoo voodoo up there. And she says, me, girl, you know why they're doing this? Because you refuse to acknowledge it. You refuse. And so they're trying to get your attention. You're like a beacon. They come and they're like, Oh, she can help you. They GPS, and then you're ignoring them in their head. And I'm like, sorry. Like, you're trying to tell me that. All I have to do is just acknowledge it. And they'll stop this nonsense. And she's like, yeah, did I listen? Nope, sure. didn't wait another year with crazy stuff happening in my house. And finally, the end of that year, I was like, fine. Alright, guys, fine. And then it just stopped. And I was like, Are you joking? is a serious? Does not. I was so mad. And I like it was that easy?

Alex Ferrari 41:09
Oh, these all these decades, really?

Anna Stone 41:11
And then the other thing too was interesting is like, Okay, so I've been reading Tarot Cards since I was 12. Right. So anyone that reads tarot cards, since they're 12 should have them memorized by now. Right? Okay. Yeah. But I don't I if you asked me what this card meant, I would be able to tell you, right? And I was really irritated with myself by this. I was like, I can memorize lots of things. Why can't I remember these cards? Like, why can't I get it? And then I started reading cards online again, on like Facebook group. And I started recording it. And I watched the recording. And I was like, Oh, my God, what am I doing? What is happening in this reading? Because I think I'm sitting there reading card. But that's not what the camera shows. camera shows me not even looking at cards and like looking at the ceiling and asking questions. So something that I don't know, that I don't see. And I don't remember any of it. So I really quickly realized that I'm channeling channeling. This is not me. Like why don't remember what I say. That's why I don't remember what the cards mean. It's because it's not I'm not even, not even me reading it like, and it was really weird. It's very disturbing to see that. So I went to USC to get a psych evaluation done. Because I wanted to make sure that I wasn't at the front and that I wasn't having psychosis that I wasn't you know,

Alex Ferrari 42:25
You weren't not technically you weren't nuts.

Anna Stone 42:28
Yeah, I I'm not but I'm not let me

Alex Ferrari 42:31
Not not clinically nuts. You're just normally organically nuts. Like, we all have our special kind of nuts.

Anna Stone 42:38
I went for two weeks, this long process and two weeks, testing, assessed, reassessed, interviewed, you know, and there was a whole panel of doctors, like in Finnish in there. And they gave me my report, and it was no, you just have some complex trauma, but you don't have any mental illness or anything like that. So that was it. And I was like, Okay, so that's rolled out. So, you know, I've done the scientific method on myself, like, I've made sure that I'm not just mistaking something for something else. Right. You know, I know. Like, I can't tell you where it comes from. I can't tell you like, you know, why me but why I have it and you know, my like, brother doesn't or something. Right. But it is what it is. So I'm just at this point, kind of relinquishing that need to know the why and just going with the it's just it is so let's just work with it now.

Alex Ferrari 43:33
So okay, so let's dive into these tarot cards because I'm fascinated with Tarot cards. I know nothing of them. I've had a tarot card reading once or twice in my life. I think they're really fun and it can you explain. I always, always found that interesting, because just like, anyone could read a tarot card. It's kind of like, you have a deck, you shuffle it and whatever cards come out, it's, it's the universe kind of guiding the cards to tell you your future. But you need to have someone who understands what the cards mean. To tell you what's going on kind of

Anna Stone 44:04
No I mean, like anyone, anyone can read tarot, they come with a booklet tells you even they even have cards that have like the meanings printed on the face for people, but, um, that's like when when I retire, like that's not how I'm not looking at the books right anymore, but you can't do that. So they're amazing and whoever, we don't know exactly who made them first, but whoever made them was so smart, like so beyond their, the way before their time because they managed to make the 78 cards that will encompass any possible human experience that can possibly happen within someone's lifetime like the full journey like it's a storyline you know, it starts with the full and it's goes through this you know, like the growth and the trials and tribulations of a person on their path to individuation right like that's basically what it is. And it's like this person, you know, going through the ups and downs love and hate and like fights and all this but the way that they're combined with each other like, yeah, it's really, it's crazy. Like it's every time I read people are. And they I always get feedback people will be like, Oh my gosh, you read my cards. Do you remember? Like, no, I don't Sorry, do not remember. But that I'll take your word for it. And they'll tell me, you said this was gonna happen, whatever. And it did. And I'm like, oh, like, great. I'm, I'm glad, I guess, right. But I like don't know, I just don't know how they work. Like, it's just fascinating to me, because it's, they're accurate. So often. I mean, really, with details that you can't know, like, right? Like, it's just, there's no way I can know it. Um, but they work and you can read them, you know, you just yours would be a little bit more in the beginning, like limited to just what the cards mean, on paper. But there's a lot of symbolism in there too. So like, all of the cards have symbols and the different colors that are represented all mean something to to the side, because, you know, like Carl Jung said that we are souls beats in symbol, like, that's our symbol symbolism is huge. And that's what kind of triggers it's like a lot like so when I use cards, it's not really me using the car is that I'm using them as a key to open the door like, for I guess, information. Yeah, yeah. Like, yeah, so I'm not really I use them, but they're not. The end all be all. When I do readings. That makes sense. Like, what

Alex Ferrari 46:28
Anna what fascinates me about you, is that you're a scientist who reads tarot cards, But you have a scientific mind. Yeah. But you know what I mean? Yeah. You were a scientist, your, your

Anna Stone 46:46
Psychology now. And yeah, and, you know, college here in Los Angeles, like, I am a teacher. And I am a researcher. So I am researching in my program, and yeah, I have that analytical mind to do. And anytime I hear people tell me stories, I take it very skeptically first. Right. I do even. I'm still skeptic. I'm absolutely still skeptic, even after all this stuff.

Alex Ferrari 47:12
But you know, the skeptic about what you experienced.

Anna Stone 47:16
Right! And I can't, I can't I would love to try to try

Alex Ferrari 47:22
There seems to be like, there's been a battle inside of you. Yes. Yeah. I've been constantly, since before, during and after your experience,

Anna Stone 47:32
I'm stubborn. You know, I'm a very stubborn person. And like, it's really hard. It's because it's like, it's like, I don't ever want to. I am very humble. Like, I'm, I don't like people that are like very gregarious and ostentatious and like, you know, I don't like I think that's a very good characteristic to have. So I don't like to come across that, like, I don't want to come across as being like, Oh, I'm so cool or special ever. So it's hard for me to like, like, you know, it's hard for me to say this happened. Sometimes, because it's like, people tend to think it's really interesting, right? And so then I automatically get scared that I'm coming across as like, you know, like, because like, right, you don't want to be Yeah, it's really hard. For me, it's like a weird thing. I just, I don't like, like, I'm not to come across as inauthentic or like, you know, trying to get attention, right? Because I that's not it like this. I don't care if anyone believes me or not like about this, I could care less. I know what I experienced. And that's all that matters. Like, literally, um, and it's just, to me, it's crazy that I still don't argue with myself about it.

Alex Ferrari 48:37
I do good. Well, let me ask you this, though. So you are obviously publicly out you've you've stepped out of this NDE spiritual closet, if you will. How? How is this affected? Like your job? I mean, I imagine students look you up.

Anna Stone 48:55
Oh, yeah, unfortunately. Um, so I don't teach high school anymore. I'm good. Um, I would never have been able to talk about this stuff. When I was a high school teacher at all. At the high school biology teacher. That was my job. No way. Parents would have had a absolute lifted bid and had me fired. So I couldn't even talk about any of that stuff. Like if students asked me questions, I never answer anything, because it's just I couldn't, you know, I've been risking, and it's not my place to talk about that stuff in class. Anyway, that's not teacher's job. Of course, I'm College, though, is different because they're adults. So I don't have to worry about parents. You know, coming at me, a tribe and it doesn't work. And my students are great. You know, I don't talk about my stuff in my classes ever. But I do have students that find me online and like to talk and stuff. And I'm just like, Hi. Well, welcome, you know, but I'm still your teacher at school. So like, watch yourself. Watch your comments. I'm still grading your papers. But um, you know, like most of my students are my friends. And after they're out of my classes, like, most of them are, you know, people that come to me ask me for advice later, um, you know, and they I've had, yeah, like students kind of, you know, keep in contact with me and tell me how they're doing and stuff like that. So,

Alex Ferrari 50:16
Do you find in your experience being a teacher, that this new generation is so much more open minded about things like this as opposed to our generation? or god forbid, your parents generation or grandparents generation? Did you see like a significant change in this new crop of souls, if you will coming up.

Anna Stone 50:37
Um, I see. Yeah, there I see a lot of, I see a lot of looking for meaning because like, our generation, like, I'm, you know, 44. So, my generation was 90, you know, 80s 90s We're getting jobs already. Like, I was working at 14. I was out of my house way before 18. Yeah, I was already an adult, by the time I was like, teenager, so I didn't, like I didn't have time to think about this kind of stuff, really, you know, and other things to worry about, like these kids, they have more of that afforded to them, and they are looking for meaning anywhere they find it. Definitely. Um, and that's one of those things, too. That was hard for me, because, like, some of them, I see them, you know, kind of, like, looking at some stuff that might not be so great for them. Right, you know, as an option. And it's like, I couldn't say anything. So it was really hard for me to be a teacher in high school level. Because I couldn't help. I just couldn't. So I had to stop. Because it was painful to, you know, see, like, oh, no, no, no, no, that's not right. I can't even talk about it. Like, you know, so colleges, and they asked me to come and ask me like, stuff. Like they knew. They knew I knew the answer, but I couldn't tell them like, you know, so. I mean, like, I had kids that would wait till they're 18. I'm 18. How can we be friends online like that all the time? You know, I'd be like, fine. Okay, you're over 18 You're not my class anymore. Fine. You can now I'll let you read me on whatever but only because you're a you know what I mean like

Alex Ferrari 52:12
Sure I get your I get you. Yeah. Yeah,

Anna Stone 52:15
Yeah. Yeah, it's definitely more open to it. And they are not. They don't ridicule. There's no like bullying is not like the thing that was

Alex Ferrari 52:22
Oh, God, we were it was brutal. It was brutal. When we were

Anna Stone 52:25
Yeah, it was. Friday and stuff. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 52:29
Oh, my God. Physical, emotional. mental, psychological.

Anna Stone 52:37
Suffering for life. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 52:39
But you know, what made us a bit stronger. That's why we're more resilient than we then many of the newer generation might be sometimes.

Anna Stone 52:48
We have thicker skin.

Alex Ferrari 52:50
Without Yeah, so Gen X is just like, whatever.

Anna Stone 52:54
Yeah, like, whatever We'll get through it. We were like, left at home alone to fend for ourselves anyways,

Alex Ferrari 52:59
With three channels of television.

Anna Stone 53:01
Oh, my God. I know, music on the radio, at least, you know, at least it was that

Alex Ferrari 53:05
Fantastic music. Fantastic. So and I want to ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. How do you define a fulfilling life?

Anna Stone 53:14
So for me, that's a big one now is I've done a lot of things in my life, that don't match each other, like, you know, different jobs that I've had, because I want it to. And that like for me, continuing on that path of like, once I get my interest part, but I go for it. And I find a way to get into that thing. And for however long that needs to happen. Because at the end of the day, I don't want to be old and sitting there wishing I'd done things with my life. And I don't do them now. So like, none of that, like I am all about getting experiences in now. And like, not waiting for later. And I'll but then the big one on top of that is to make sure that I'm giving back to other people. So like, I give, like I help people with trauma, right? Like I help people like process trauma, because I had a really traumatic bringing up and like I'm maybe a little more resilient than some other people might be. So I'm going to help, because that's my job, because that's it. That's why I was put through that. Like, if you just go through stuff in life, and then you're just like, when it's over, you're like, whatever, you know, and you just get to go about your business. Well, happy for you. But like that is not my path. Like I have got to be there to help facilitate for other people, in order for me to have what I consider to be fulfilling life.

Alex Ferrari 54:26
If you can go back in time, and talk to that little girl. What would you what would advice would you give her?

Anna Stone 54:33
You're right. Keep it up.

Alex Ferrari 54:36
The great advice. Yeah. How do you how do you define Source or God?

Anna Stone 54:43
It's us, It's us like, we are it is that like, and it's the it's like we're here experiencing humanity and human emotions as this fragmented, one of 8 billion fragments of source you know And it's like each individual drop of in of water, you know, but like, all those drops of water together form that sea of consciousness and understanding and like, that's what we are. My that's how I like to describe it.

Alex Ferrari 55:11
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Anna Stone 55:15
That wasn't I don't know, like, I don't know. I think it's just too. I mean, gosh, dammit, I do maybe I just heard something. Okay, so, um, so learn to love yourself, despite your flaws, despite all your shortcomings, and to learn to like, be nice and kind to the people around you, despite their short shortcomings and their flaws. That's what it's about.

Alex Ferrari 55:41
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Anna Stone 55:43
Um, so I have my ResearchGate page with my research. Just, you know, it's Anna Stone ResearchGate. And then the is where my recent just published last week article is on trauma, DNA and psychic ability. Yeah, that's And, and then I have my website, a stone tarot and for tarot readings. I also do free tarot card readings on YouTube. And I have a podcast now video podcast about witchcraft. So I'm like all out there. Now. I'm, I'm really out of the broom closet. Right. Witchcraft, esoterica, and psychic abilities. Every Thursday at 3pm is the big and Friday at 7pm Pacific, on my channel, which is a stone, taro and magic. And we do free readings like on the channel for people that if you don't, can't afford that, I get it. And so we offer them for free on wives. And you can ask any questions you have about any of that stuff, psychic abilities, which are anything that you're curious about everything, everybody's welcome to come and check it out. And like, get some information, some accurate information, not, you know, tick tock misinformation. So, you know, like, actually academic backed stuff. So yeah, that's it. That's what, where you can find me.

Alex Ferrari 57:07
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Anna Stone 57:09
Yeah, like you guys. Just be nice to each other and to yourself, like, seriously, that's what it's all about. And like, we're not different. Literally, we're not different at all. We're different on the outside to your eye, but not on the inside. Everybody's exactly the same. We all come from the same place, we're all going back to the same place. So y'all need to get it. Stop being all twisted about your differences and like start looking at the similarities instead. It's kind of ridiculous.

Alex Ferrari 57:36
Anna it has been such a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey that it has been. It's been an adventure talking to you today. And it's been a long journey from when you were young, to where you are now. I appreciate your bravery. And for everything you do my dear appreciate it.

Anna Stone 57:51
Thank you so much. Appreciate you having me.

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