Woman’s Life-Changing NDE Gave Her Miraculous HEALING; Shown TRUE MEANING of Life with Anita Moorjani

In the vast canvas of life, where every experience is a brushstroke of the infinite, today’s episode features the extraordinary journey of Anita Moorjani. A celebrated author and speaker, Anita’s near-death experience (NDE) offers profound insights into the essence of our true nature and the boundless potential of living authentically. Her story illuminates the deeper connections that transcend our physical existence, guiding us towards a life of fearless self-expression and unconditional love.

Anita experienced a profound spiritual awakening during her NDE, where she discovered the true essence that transcends our physical existence. “Not only do we leave behind our physical bodies, but we also leave behind our gender, our race, our culture, our religion, our beliefs,” Anita shares. This realization highlighted that the only thing that crosses over is our pure essence, a concept that fundamentally changed her understanding of life and death.

Before her NDE, Anita considered herself spiritual but driven by fear and a need to adhere to cultural and societal expectations. “I thought I was really spiritual, but my spirituality actually stemmed from a place of fear,” she reflects. She lived her life in a way that sought to avoid bad karma, constantly striving to meet the standards set by her upbringing, which emphasized arranged marriages and traditional roles for women. This internal conflict created a life filled with anxiety and the feeling of never being good enough.

Anita’s life took a dramatic turn when she was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2002, leading her to a critical decision about her treatment. Witnessing the deterioration of her friends under conventional cancer treatments, she opted for natural therapies, which led to a tumultuous journey of getting better and then worse over a period of four years. Her health drastically declined after a doctor’s grim prognosis, which she believes had a profound impact on her condition. “After I heard that, my health deteriorated dramatically,” Anita recounts, illustrating the powerful connection between mind and body.

On the morning of February 2, 2006, Anita fell into a coma, leading to her near-death experience. Despite her physical condition, she felt incredible, light, and free as her spirit left her body. She became aware of everything happening around her, including her family’s distress and the doctors’ conversations. “I was aware of things that were happening outside the room and the conversations they were having,” she describes. In this expanded state, she encountered beings of light, including her deceased father and best friend, experiencing a profound sense of unconditional love and understanding.

During her NDE, Anita realized that many of the beliefs and fears she held in life were constructs of her physical existence. She saw her life as a tapestry, understanding that every experience was interconnected and part of a larger narrative. “I was meant to express myself fully, not suppress myself,” she explains, emphasizing that her illness was a result of not living her truth. This profound insight led her to make the decision to return to her body with a new understanding of her purpose.


  1. Live Fearlessly: Embrace your true self without fear. Authenticity is key to spiritual fulfillment and physical well-being.
  2. Unconditional Love: Recognize that the essence of our being is pure love. This realization transforms our interactions and our understanding of life and death.
  3. Mind-Body Connection: The power of belief profoundly affects our physical health. Positive thoughts and beliefs can lead to miraculous healing.

Anita’s return from her NDE marked the beginning of a remarkable healing journey. Her tumors disappeared rapidly, astonishing her doctors and validating her experience. Despite initial resistance from the medical community and those around her, Anita’s story gained global attention, particularly after being championed by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Her message of living fearlessly and embracing our true essence continues to inspire and transform lives around the world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Anita Moorjani.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 276

Anita Moorjani 0:00
Not only do we leave behind our physical bodies, but we also leave behind our gender, our race, our culture, our religion, our beliefs. So many like all of this is a here thing, not their thing. And that's when I realized that the only thing that crosses over is our pure essence.

Alex Ferrari 0:26
I like to welcome to the show, Anita Moorjani. How you doing Anita?

Anita Moorjani 0:39
I'm doing great. I'm happy to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:41
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I've wanted to have you on the show for a while now, I'm so glad our schedules finally locked up that we could do because you're busy, very busy lately, spreading the word helping people around the world. So I appreciate you taking the time out to talk to our audience. And you've had a pretty interesting journey to say the least. Yeah. So can you tell first question is can you tell me what your life was like prior to your near death experience? Were you spiritual, not spiritual? What was your whole life like before, before the diagnosis, honestly.

Anita Moorjani 1:15
So I, I was actually I thought I was really spiritual. And I didn't realize until later until after the near death experience, that my spirituality actually stemmed from a place of fear. But I was very spiritual in that I, I would live my life in a way that would reduce bad karma, if you will. So I was always trying to be more spiritual, I always believed, oh, I need to be more spiritual, I need to meditate more, I need to pray more. And I need to go to more spiritual classes and, and meanings and temples and churches, you know, so I was very conscientiously spiritual. I had a lot of fears. During that time of my life, fears of the afterlife, fear of disapproval, fear of disappointing people, I never felt I was good enough. And I had always felt that my dad was disapproving of me my entire life, because of our culture. And because I was against arranged marriages, but in our culture, women are groomed for arranged marriages, especially at that time, the time that I grew up, so. So I would try to be the good daughter. And, but but the thing is that there was this big part of me that just didn't want an arranged marriage. In fact, my parents arranged a marriage for me and I ran away, which caused a lot of furor in our community. I wanted to be free, I wanted to work and earn my own money, and I wanted to travel the world, but in our culture, your father, your dad is supposed to take care of you until you get married, and then your husband is supposed to take care of you. And, and I was engaged to a man that I knew did not want me to work, and they did not approve of it. So that didn't feel right for me. And they wanted me to continue to improve my housework and my homemaking skills. And I'm going to admit here that I am terrible at house. But my, my worth was measured by how good I was at housework. And it's the same with a lot of women from my culture at that time, this is growing up in the 80s, particularly. So that was my life before my end, but I did meet an amazing man, daddy, who I married, who was with me through the journey, and that's the best thing that I ever did in that part of my life.

Alex Ferrari 4:02
So tell me about what happened when you had your diagnosis of cancer.

Anita Moorjani 4:06
So I was diagnosed, it died diagnosed in 2002. And it started with a with a lump on my literally on my shoulder, like between my neck and my shoulder. And it was, so I went to have it checked out and they did a biopsy, and it was diagnosed as lymphatic cancer. At that time, it was staged as a stage two. And then over the years, so the thing is, what was going on for me at that time, was that my two people very close to me in my life and the same age as me. Both had cancer. Both of them were dying of cancer. They had both had terminal cancer. They were dying of cancer. One of them was my best friend who's as close to me as a sister. We grew up together. So it was a shock when she was diagnosed. And, and then my husband's brother in law, also the same age as me, was diagnosed. And, and so both of them were having the best or most expensive treatments that money can buy in the best cancer hospitals. When we were living in Hong Kong, one of them was being treated in the best Cancer Hospital in New York and the other one in the best Cancer Hospital in Hong Kong. But both of them continued to deteriorate. And when I, from my perspective, it looked like every time they had a treatment, they were getting worse. So when I was diagnosed, and the only option I was given was the same treatment, they were given, you know, the chemo with radiation. I was like, No, I don't want that I'm going to take my chances with natural treatments, because I am seeing these two people very close to me, are deteriorating and dying, and they're having the best treatment that money can buy in the world. So I did opt for natural therapies. But interestingly, I would get better, and then I would get worse, I would get better. And I would get worse. And I went through this over a period of four years. And I reached a point where I started to really deteriorate, because it started when a doctor told me that I had to, sorry that who said that I needed to get some scans to get real about where it's at. And then he so this is what's really interesting. I was being treated by an ayurvedic doctor in India, and I was actually feeling a lot better. And the doctor was telling me, I was getting a lot better. And so I was feeling so much better. I looked better. Everybody said I was better. And then I fell into the you know, I fell into again, with people telling me, you need to get scans from a Western from a real doctor, you need to go to a doctor. Yeah. So then. So I succumbed. I went to a Western doctor, who did the scans and said, that said that I was being foolish going to the eastern doctors and everything, and did the scans. And then he told me you only have three months to live at this rate. And after I heard that, my health deteriorated dramatically, like dramatically. And I just, yeah, I was then started to then stop ate, my body stopped absorbing nutrition, I lost my appetite. I was my muscles started to deteriorate. I could not walk anymore. My lungs were filled with fluid, I just deteriorated I got worse and worse and worse very rapidly. And then on the morning of February, the second 2006. I didn't wake up, I was in a coma. And my husband was freaking out, rushed me to the hospital. And the doctors said this is it. She's not coming out. She's dying. But unbeknownst to everybody around me, I was feeling amazing. My I had left my body, my spirit, my soul, whatever we want to call it had actually left my body. And I was feeling incredible and light and free. Oh. And I also want to add one more thing is that at this point where I was at, where I went to the doctor and everything. At this point, the doctor actually said that whatever we have the chemo and everything that we have, will no longer work for you. It's too late. That's what the doctors said. They said, You know, we can throw everything at it, but it's too late. It's not going to save your life. They even said that.

Alex Ferrari 9:14
God love them. Really quick before you get into your near death experience, I just think this is a really important point to kind of, to kind of dive into a little bit is that your mindset changed by someone in authority who you believed and by that case, your body reacted to what you believed was to be true. But when you were with the arithmetic doctor, you were feeling great, everything was moving along, because he told you a different story that you believed you're like you're dancing healthier. I'm like I you know what, I am getting healthier. But the second you have three months to live you like I'm dying, boom and your entire body started to shut down based on that. Those few words. Is that what happened in your opinion?

Anita Moorjani 9:59
That's what I that's what it felt for me. Yes. Correct. That is what I know. And, and sometimes I hesitate sharing that part of it so definitively and clearly. Because there are people that are that have great doctors, there are some great doctors, and they're being treated right now. I don't I, you know, I don't want to disrupt anything that's working for them.

Alex Ferrari 10:24
Exactly. It is a case by case basis, but it does show the power of the mind. Yeah, the placebo effect, essentially

Anita Moorjani 10:30
100%. And this is why I like to appeal to doctors to please watch your words, this is the thing, they don't realize the power they have. And I've seen it happen time and time again, to other people who talk to me who share with me that my story helped them. They say exactly the same thing. What you and I just said that they felt worse, or they're really, really scared, because of what their doctor told them. But they were doing fine until they had the diagnosis.

Alex Ferrari 11:01
Hopefully this conversation will help a few more people along the way. So. So tell me when you had your near death experience, you said you were feeling great. At what point did you leave your body? Exactly. Do you remember seeing your body? How did that go?

Anita Moorjani 11:14
So I was aware, for example, that my husband was rushing me to the hospital when I didn't wake up. That was when he rushed me and he called the doctor, the doctor said bring her to the hospital, I was aware of everything that was going on around me, my husband, being frantic, rushing me to the hospital, my family being there, my brother and my mom, they were all there, they were all told that these were my final hours and that I was dying, and I wasn't going to come out of the coma. So I was aware of everything that was happening around me. But I was also aware that to them, I was not there like nobody was home, I was gone. And I was aware of that. And it was when I was in the hospital that I started to realize, Oh, I'm not just in my body, I'm more than my body. And it felt like I was expanding outside of my body. And I was and I started to become aware of things like what the nurses were doing what the doctors were doing. And, and I was aware of things that were happening outside the room and the conversations they were having, I was hearing and watching the conversations between my doctor and my husband. And they saw and heard the doctor tell my husband, that oh, she's not even going to make it. You know, the like basically said, She's not even going to make it through through tonight. And these are her final hours. And I watched him say that. And then I, I felt myself continue to expand though, beyond the hospital. And the next thing I remember is that I entered what I call like a state of clarity. But in this state, I was surrounded by other beings that were not on this world. So So I started to lose the awareness of the physical of the people that were physically around me, and started to gain awareness of people that were non physical that were around me. And some of them, I recognized as being people I knew in this life. One of them was my best friend who had passed from cancer. She passed two years prior. And she was there to greet me. Another one was my dad who had passed 10 years prior. And, you know, I'd always felt I'd let my dad down and we'd always clashed and that and that he was disappointed in me. But here in this other realm. All I felt from him was pure, unconditional love, just love and, and it felt like so, so we can't we don't have physical biological bodies. We don't have vocal cords, we don't have eyes. So it's a very different type of perception. And it's, it's pure awareness. So my dad didn't have to speak to me. It was I knew what he wanted me to know. It was like his energy and my energy, just just, you know, just just enmeshed we just merged together and I knew everything so, so what happens is, you you see them but not with physical eyes. It's like you know that their physical body is not there. But my awareness was able to have images of who that is. So I would get images of my dad as I knew him in this physical life, but he wasn't physical. It was just his essence. And one of the things I realized is that when we crossover. Not only do we leave behind our physical bodies, but we also leave behind our gender, our race, our culture, our religion, our beliefs. So many, like all of this is a here thing, not their thing. And that's when I realized that the only thing that crosses over is our pure essence. And our pure essence is, I would call it pure love, or pure God, or pure source energy or pure consciousness. We can call it whatever we want, but it's pure essence. And so here I was with my dad's pure essence and my pure essence. And it was like, we could just merge so I could understand him, and he could understand me. And I understood that just as I had always believed I was a victim of my culture. He was a victim of the same culture and just doing the best he could within the culture.

Alex Ferrari 16:00
And what else were you seeing around what kind of space were you in?

Anita Moorjani 16:05
It was, so this was interesting. It was wherever I wanted it to be. So when I would focus on my husband from this life, Danny, and when I'd focus on him, I would see other lives that I've had with him, I would see the potential future I have. So the space would be filled with other time and places that I have encountered with this person. It was very abstract and esoteric and and so my brother was there, my brother had flown down from India to get to me before I passed. And I remember, like, as soon as I put my awareness on my brother, I felt, Oh, I can't, I can't die just yet. And I immediately saw a lifetime. And this is what was in front of me a lifetime of him and me together, where I was much older than him. He's older than me in this life. But I saw a lifetime of him and me together where I was much older than him. And I was very protective of him. And, and it's true that even in this lifetime, even though he's older, I feel protective of him. So, and then when I saw when I was my awareness was on my husband, Danny, I was immediately aware of a scene in my future of this life, which hadn't panned out yet, of Danny and I fulfilling a purpose together. And I understood that we still had work to do together here. And I hadn't fulfilled it yet. And that if I didn't come back to fulfill it, if I crossed over, he wouldn't be able to fulfill his side of the purpose.

Alex Ferrari 17:50
That's fascinating. So it's almost like you're inside of a, for lack of a better word, almost like a holographic deck, versus almost star Trekky. In that sense that you see images, but they're really lifelike. And it's kind of like, is it like good giant screens? Or is it just different?

Anita Moorjani 18:07
It's like you're immersed in it, it's like it's around you. It's just like, yeah,

Alex Ferrari 18:07
So it's exactly like a holodeck, you walk in and you're like, dude, looking around, and you're in a virtual reality. Yeah.

Anita Moorjani 18:22
And, and this is why I often say that time is not linear on the other side, because I could access the future I could access the past, I could access any life that pertained to my experiences right here. So it's sort of like my experiences here in this physical life. It feeds into that narrative, that total narrative of who my soul is, my soul has this journey that's experienced multiple lives, but my soul has access to this holodeck of all the lives and all the experiences, to allow it to, to inform this current life. For one have a better way of saying it.

Alex Ferrari 19:08
So in other lives, from my understanding is that you don't address all of either karma or challenges that you want as a soul to achieve in every life. You have aspects of it. So life A and B, you have to do this or this, you and see you did this thing that you really want to get over. But in this life, you're only going to deal with A and B and C you'll deal with in the next life. Something along those lines, correct?

Anita Moorjani 19:35
Something along those lines. But this experience changed my view on karma. It changed my view on everything on spirituality or what it means to be spiritual on religion on karma on everything, because I thought of karma is straightforward. You know, it's like you do something bad you pay it back I this like what the next and I thought of it is very straightforward. And so when I was having going through With the cancer and it wasn't healing. I've had people, even spiritual gurus tell me, it's your karma, you need to do more good work. And when I crossed over, I realized it wasn't my karma, uh, you know, so. So basically, I was somebody prior to the near death experience, and I'm sorry to be jumping all over the place, it shouldn't be as relevant. I was somebody prior to the near death experience, who was very much a people pleaser, you know, I was always taught to serve other people to be subservient, to be groomed to be a good wife to her husband someday. So, so when I was told that it's because of your karma, there's something in your karma that you have to clean up and that's why you have cancer. So there were I was already a people pleaser, a doormat and everything. And now being told, Oh, I need to do more good work. And so that made me even more of a people pleaser, martyr charitable, so much, so that that I was, you know, practically, like prostrating myself, for anybody to walk over me, because I did not want to contribute to the bad karma that was feeding the cancer that was not healing.

Alex Ferrari 21:18
So how do you? How did your ideas of karma change, then?

Anita Moorjani 21:21
What I realized was that it was the complete opposite. I was meant to express myself fully not suppress myself, I was meant to come here and be a full expression of this soul that chose to come into this body. And that, and the fact that we believe that we constantly have to work at being good means our fundamental belief about ourselves is that we're not good, we're bad, we need to work on ourselves, that is actually the flaw, the belief that we're not good, we really have to know that, hey, my soul is amazing. My soul is a facet of God. So basically, what I learned is that each one of us is a facet of God, or love, or pure consciousness, expressing itself through this body. And when we do things that are not good, it's because we've lost our way we've lost sight of that we lost sight of who we truly are. And so I had been repressing who I am because of cultural conditioning, social conditioning, I had repressed who I am. So this was my body's way of saying, Hey, this is not who you are, the body is kind of fighting back, your soul is fighting back. And so when I learned that, Oh, my God, I'm much more powerful than I thought. And I'm an expression of God, that's when I made the decision to come back into my body. And I was, you know, and then I was, I had this message, it was actually my dad, that now that you know, the truth of who you really are, and who you're meant to be, your body will heal very, very dramatically. And exactly what happened.

Alex Ferrari 23:14
So really quick, before we get to that, finishing off your near death experience, the karmic aspect of things because from my understanding, I agree with you, this whole tit for tat thing, is not what I've understood to from speaking to so many near death experiences, and spiritual masters and so on. My understanding of karma is more of the souls choice to when they do come back, I have to experience the opposite of this, for me to continue this journey. And it's a choice it is not a rule is that kind of how you see it?

Anita Moorjani 23:48
Kind of let me tell you exactly how I see it again, it's all theirs, it's interpretation and people use different words. So I never want to make anyone else wrong, you know, when near death experiences, we all struggle with finding the right language to interpret it. And so sometimes you have to hear from a few different people to piece it together. So my version of it is that is that we do choose we definitely choose to come here. But I the way it felt for me is that my soul chose to come here and my soul had an intention. So it comes with an intention. And this addresses you know, what is freewill? And what is destiny? So for me, Destiny is not written in stone, following your destiny means following the intention of your soul. What did my soul plan to come here to accomplish and achieve and do and be? And how did my soul plan to come and change the world and be of service and so on? So you come with this intention. But while we're here, we sometimes get knocked off the rails we get derailed are things we learn things we teach, we lose our way. And in my case, I've forgotten we all forget along the way. In my case, I completely repressed who I am to the point where my soul was fighting back by giving me symptoms and wake up calls in my body that this is not who you are, you're not here to be a doormat, you're not here to succumb to all this fear, you're not here to be a people pleaser, you're much more powerful than that. But there I was repressing it, I was fighting it, because I felt that, you know, I can't let my dad down. I can't let my culture down. So So I was going against the intention of my soul, we always so the intention is what I call the destiny. And we can choose to follow that intention or not. And that is our freewill. So, so they both go into each other. So now, back to karma. I don't see it as simplistic as you do the opposite in the next life. I think what it is, is that when not even I think this is what it felt for me. When I was there, it felt like you review your life. For me, my life review came in the form of a tapestry, where I could see my entire journey of my soul of every lifetime it had lived, and how this life contributes to the journey, the entire journey of the soul. So you're not, you don't always need to, you can get your lessons even from between your lives or even from having experienced something, doing something horrible to somebody, you don't need to have it done back to you. You can even get your lesson from, oh my god, that was such an awful thing to do, I would do it differently if I could do it again. And you get a chance to do it again instead of having it done to you. So karma is not that straightforward. As I once thought it was.

Alex Ferrari 24:14
That makes I understand what I understand what you're saying. And it actually makes sense. In in again, the language is very difficult to kind of put into words with our limited language to express these things. Now you say your life review your life review is very interesting, because I've out of all the near death experiences I've heard, I've never heard. And I remember at least a life review that did all of the lives or at least all the lives that pertained to this life at one time, and seeing this giant blueprint of how each life is gaining for your journey, if you will. Did you feel that because I hear this from other other life reviewers that you feel what the other person is going through you that happened to you as well?

Anita Moorjani 28:03
Yes, 100%. And I was feeling not only I was feeling even the feelings of the people who were there around my physical body in the hospital while I was dying, I was feeling the emotions of my husband, my mom, my brother, the doctors, the nurses, the nurses were amazing. They're just you know, they're just beautiful souls, who really, really wanted to help me and they felt for me, they knew I was dying. And they were feeling helpless. But even the doctors bless them, their hearts are really in the right place. They want to help the patient when they see the patient is dying. I could feel all of that.

Alex Ferrari 28:42
So and in the in the life review as well.

Anita Moorjani 28:45
And in the life review, so I could feel that actually happening in the present moment. But when I was in, like viewing my life as a giant tapestry, I could feel like say what I had done to other people, but also what was really interesting is even things that I thought I had done wrong. There were there was certain things that I thought oh, actually, you were meant to do that you weren't wrong, you actually did good in the world. So for example, I ran away from an arranged marriage. And I thought, that's awful because I brought shame to him and his family and everything. Now, I paid for that shame here, but I didn't see it that way. Like I you kind of assume that, oh, you're gonna pay for it in the afterlife or in the next life because I it was really shameful for the my prospective husband, my fiancee at that time and, and the family and I brought my my family down and no Indian man wanted to marry me after I had done that. And so I thought I'm gonna really pay for this karma in my next life. And so you live with that guilt and you're suffering with that guilt that's kind of eating at you And what I realized when I crossover is that you owe you suffered enough, you're not going to pay for it in the next life. In fact, look at the good that happened. Look at all these young Indian women who were inspired by what you did, and who have actually said no before getting into that situation, because they're like, oh, I don't want to get, I don't, I don't want to get into a situation like I needed it. And they're standing up, and they're saying, good for you for doing that. So it's like, wow, you get the other perspective as well. And you also understand that you have already suffered enough for something that you think that you're going to suffer in the afterlife for. Because you've already carried that burden in this life.

Alex Ferrari 30:47
That's, that's really, really beautiful. And it's, it's another example of that good and bad, is really a perspective of social conditioning, and cultural conditioning, where something good in India might be something negative in the West, or vice versa. It's really about cultural, so but the ultimate, I guess, not judge, but the ultimate version of what's good and bad. On the other side, you're like, oh, what you thought was good or bad? No, you did the right thing. It might have not made people around you very happy. But you did the right thing. And it also did this, this, this and this, that helped you and you're obviously not going to suffer anymore, because you beat yourself up for the next 20 years after that situation. So you're solid is essentially what happened.

Anita Moorjani 31:34
Yes. And and the other thing is that, you know, culturally, many of us are conditioned to fear the afterlife, and we live our lives, doing things out of a fear of the afterlife, I realized there is nothing to fear. And that's really the big point here. Is that where I thought I was going to be punished and everything. No, it's very benevolent in the afterlife, very, very benevolent. And I felt as though all my loved ones and you know, everybody, my guides might, whoever you want to call like source energy itself, was revering me, it was like a big, like, welcome back. And you've been through an arduous journey. And it's, it feels like if I put human language or feelings or human words to it, it's like a feeling of coming home. But it's almost like a feeling of being thrown a welcome home party. And, and what I realized is, they revere us, it's like, you get kudos for coming through this journey. Nobody comes out of it alive. So

Alex Ferrari 32:50
But um, like, they always said, everybody wants to go to heaven, but just not right now. So So yeah, I've heard that before as well, that there this is like a celebration that you know that we're down here and that this is not easy. This is a very challenging process of learning and growing and going through all of this stuff that you can only do in this dimension. And this in this reality, as opposed you can't do that in the other reality on the other side, if you can't, you both have the same emotions and energies and ego and all this kind of stuff on the other side. What else did you see when you were on the other side, you're going through this life review? You spoke about spirit guides. So you did see spirit guides, you saw your relatives? Did any deities or people that you felt show up to help? Because I always say Jesus is the most the busiest man on the other side? He's constantly showing up and working. But I'm curious from your cultural background, did you see anybody that you connected with?

Anita Moorjani 33:52
For me, it was really interesting. And people challenge me on this because and I get challenged by different people who believe in different deities. Sure, I realized that they showed up for me in whatever way I want them to. So in other words, if I wanted it to be Krishna, it would be Krishna if I wanted it to be Buddha, it was Buddha, if I wanted it to be Jesus, that's who it was. But it was pure love. Essence, it was neither male nor female. It wasn't a physical being. You know, and I so if I wanted it to be Quan Yin, that's who it was

Alex Ferrari 34:33
I hear that that's because it's the near death experience or the afterlife experience when you're transitioning back to home. It's a custom built scenario for you. It Yeah, it's not a one size fits all.

Anita Moorjani 34:47
It's not a one size fits all. And I think I had a weird experience because I grew up in a very multicultural environment. I mean, my parents had Hindu, I grew up in Hong Kong, which is a primarily Chinese city that's Taoist and Buddhist. But I had a British education where all my peers, my school friends, all the way through, in my entire school life were all British kids. And so you know, and it was because of them that I learned, oh, I don't want an arranged marriage, I want to have a career I want I want to do what they're doing. And in school, we learned about the Bible. But luckily, in my high school, I went to a more secular school where we learned about all the different religions, but at the same time, I would go, I had a Chinese nanny, who would take me to Buddhist temples. You know, it's school, we learned about church, my parents would take me to the Hindu temple. So that's why I think I had a very weird and eclectic near death experience.

Alex Ferrari 35:52
So you go through your life review your you I see your father as essentially your main main guide through this process.

Anita Moorjani 36:01
Yes, and No, there was they felt like there was something beyond him as well, you know. And so this is where it gets a little bit interesting. Because it felt like we are all connected. Like even my dad and I, we were connected. And so my dad was the one who identified from this physical life. But there was still like, an overarching energy, which I just call pure consciousness, which is, the way I describe it, is that it is the consciousness of all of us, every being everything in the whole universe all put together all it is just the total consciousness. And when we are in this spirit form, that is also informing us for want of a better way of putting it. That is where the unconditional love when I say I was bathed in this feeling of unconditional love. And, and it was like, I immersed and merge with the state of being it was like that, that is what I would call God. It's not a person, it has no gender. But it's that energy that an all of us have access to it.

Alex Ferrari 37:24
So then when you're so you're looking at the life review, you're talking to your father, you have this bath of energy, I'm assuming, once you figure out like, I have to kind of go back because if not my husband, and I can continue what I intended to do in this life. what point do you are you saying goodbye? Are you instantly pushed back? Or is there a conversation about this? How did that go?

Anita Moorjani 37:48
So at first, no Part Part of me wanted to go back. So at first, I didn't realize that my body was going to be healed. But also, it's so amazing on that side, and life felt like such a struggle, right? So I said, No, I'm not going back. And then I get the information that my husband's purpose is linked to mine. And that if I don't go back, he would cross over, you know, quite soon, six months, wherever and I was fine with that. It's like, okay, he'll cross over and he'll join me over here.

Alex Ferrari 38:18
Oh, dare you, how dare you. Just come on over Die already, for God's sakes, no pun intended.

Anita Moorjani 38:25
And we don't have children. And so I felt we're going to be together anyway. And no part of me wanted to go back. But then I started to when I really started to understand that I had a bigger purpose. I had intended to come here. And in a way, and it was interesting. I didn't know exactly what the purpose was. But I could see that I was meant to impact a lot of people, but I didn't know how I was going to impact them. And I could see that in one way it was going to be a life of service, but not in the old way that I used to think service was, it was a way of being of service to people, while honoring myself and my own physical body and not and not martyring myself, for other people the way I used to. But I didn't know I still didn't know what how it was going to unfold or what it's going to look like. But they said basically you came here with the intention of making the world a better place. And in the first round of my life, I had gone about it the wrong way thinking by making the world a better place was really to be a martyr and deplete myself and be of service to everyone around me accept me. And what I understood is that I had grown up and spent the first part of my life being of service to people and learning to see God in everybody's eyes, you know, it's like be of service to everybody, because everybody is an expression of God. What I had failed to do was to see the God in my own eyes. And that's what I've learned on the other side. And that's when I knew it was okay to come back. As long as I remember that I am also a facet of God and always see the God in my own eyes.

Alex Ferrari 40:25
And then how did you What was the process of you coming back? Did you get slammed back in? Did you drift in? Did you come through the belly button? How did? How did that whole conversation once you realize I've got to go back? What was the next step?

Anita Moorjani 40:37
I actually once. So the last things that my dad said to me was, now that you know the truth of who you really are, go back and live your life fearlessly. And, as soon as he said that, and I knew that my body was going to heal. And so when he said that, literally just it felt like just seconds after he said that. It felt like my eyes started to open in my physical body. It was like I drifted. I drifted into my body, seamlessly. It was very seamless. I didn't have a hard bump or anything, seamlessly. My eyes started to open. But I wasn't really in this world yet. I was, I started to talk, I looked around and there was my family, my husband, my brother, my mom. And I started to say Dad's here, Dad's here, Dad says I'm going to be okay. And they heard me say this, and they thought, what's going on with her, but they were elated that I was opening my eyes. They were really, really elated that it looked like I was coming out of the coma. So they called the doctor. And this was a doctor who had just started his, like, he just had started working on me when I entered this hospital. I had never met him before. And I entered the hospital in a coma. So but I dressed him by his name. I said, I said, Good afternoon, Dr. Chan. And he said, How do you know my name? And I said, Aren't you the one that's been treating me and so I had been in the coma for about 3036 hours. And he said, but you were in the coma. And I just went, I was just, I was like, I had one foot on each side at that time. So he couldn't figure out what had happened. And after he left the room, I said to my family, isn't he the one that said I won't even make it through the night. And that's when my husband said he didn't even say that in the room. He sent it outside at the nurse's station. And they knew something had happened.

Alex Ferrari 42:34
So okay, so now you're coming back, you you're healing yourself. How do you process this psychologically, in this space? Because on the other space, your processors a lot faster? Here. We're running on older equipment. Not as sophisticated, if you will. Question. So how did you process this psychologically? And then how did the people around you because you came back changed? How did the people rallied you? How do the people around you deal with it as well?

Anita Moorjani 43:06
It wasn't easy. It people weren't as receptive as I thought. So the thing is, I watched my body heal dramatically, like really dramatically. I had tumors the size of golf balls, like all around my neck, and under my arm and in my chest that had grown very rapidly. And so I, I started to just see them shrink very quickly. Within three weeks, they could find no trace of cancer in my body. And so I was watching this happen, and the doctors were not, I mean, they didn't know what to say they didn't know what to write in my medical records. They were astounded. But at the same time, they weren't receptive to what was happening. They kept wondering whether they had misdiagnosed me or something which is impossible because I was dealing with it for four years.

Alex Ferrari 44:02
And there was physical golf. Yeah, I mean, it's, it's not subtle.

Anita Moorjani 44:08
It wasn't subtle. So but you know, you could tell that they were really having trouble processing but I was had so much clarity as to what had happened to me on the other side and why I had got the cancer and why it was now healing that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops I wanted everyone to know Now mind you, it took me a few weeks to gain my strength back it took me a couple of months to get that strength back in my legs and and all of that but I wanted to share with everyone that you that you are a piece of God that there's a God in you and and I wanted to share with everyone that you're more powerful than you've been led to believe you are and and that we are amazing beings and and I just wanted to share these things with everyone and that if you're sick, there's a reason why you're sick. It's you know, and I wanted to talk to people We're sick. But I didn't realize that people would not be receptive. It was I was seen as the crazy person. They would say, yeah, they would say it, you know, it's what's happened to you is amazing. And you've had a spontaneous remission. And it was miraculous. And it really was a remarkable healing. But, but it was, it's a one off, they wanted me to believe that I was the lucky one. And that, and even some people said, you know, don't give people false hope and don't stray them from what they're doing. And so I started to shut down everything that I learned on the other side, I started to shut it down, because I thought, okay, they think in fact, I'm dangerous for sharing it or that I'm crazy. And so I realized that especially the medical community, they were not open to it. A lot of people who were sick and who were entrenched in the, in the conventional way of treating their illnesses, were also not open to listening to what I had to say. So I learned very quickly to be very careful who you share with very careful.

Alex Ferrari 46:10
So at what point did you decide to come out of the Near Death Experience closet, Anita?

Anita Moorjani 46:15
So what happened is that it this was, so it started like, okay, very early on, I didn't know what to do with this information. I thought, I can't keep it to myself, I'm not going to do what I did before. And, you know, just repressed myself again, I can't keep it to myself. So I shared it on an N D website, my brother discovered this website, and this is back in 2006. He discovers this website called nd e RF Near Death Experience Research Foundation. I didn't even know that what I had was an ND E, that's the thing, you have this profound experience, the state of clarity. So he shares a link to the site and he said, Hey, have a look at this, there are people having experiences that are somewhat like yours somewhat different for someone like yours. So I go into the site, and there are like 3000, near death experiences in that people's testimonies and stories. And I started reading and I was like, Oh, my God, oh, my God, I'm not alone. I'm not alone. Suddenly, I felt, I just felt incredible. I felt I was guided to get this site. So here's the difference from the person I was before. And the person I was now after the nd II, I was able to trust the process, I was able to trust, I knew now that I have these guides helping me. And I would tune into them prior to the end. Of course, I didn't know that I was guided and I had guides and I have people helping me. So now, I knew that. Okay, I've been given this site for a reason. And then there's this, it says here, click this link, if you have if you've had an NDA II and you would like to share it. So I clicked the link, and, and it opens up to this page with these questions. I answered the questions. And then there's this part where you get to add extra, all your extra information. I added my own story about the cancer, everything, shared the whole thing. It was like really long. And I press submit, I press submit, and it says you will hear from someone in within three weeks. literally hours later, not three weeks later, later. But less than 24 hours later, I get an email from the owner of the site, Jeffrey long, Dr. Jeffrey Long, who happened to be an oncologist. And he asked to see my medical records. And he said, Oh my god, this is the most profound near death experience I have ever read. So he said, Do I have your permission to put it on the homepage of my site? I said, Absolutely. He did not put my full name. It was just a need to EMS and the from there. It garnered attention globally with people who are interested in that phenomena. And it wasn't my full name. I carried on with living my life in Hong Kong. I started to work freelance at work that had nothing to do with the NDA II didn't I stopped sharing. I didn't even tell the people I worked with that said happened to me. While the story was set free, so I thought I've set the story free. I've done my thing. People who need to read it, it will read it. In the meantime, there's things happening in the background, another oncologist picks up on it. He actually is somebody who lives in California, a Chinese guy lives in California. He says I come to Hong Kong from time to time, Ken, he writes and he says, Can I go to the hospital where this happened to you? And can I scrutinize your medical records? I said absolutely. He comes to Hong Kong, we meet he scrutinizes my medical records and he says, Lady whichever way I look at it, you should be dead. You should write a book on this and I will write the medical testimony to give it back validation. And then yeah. And then he gets me on the radio where he validates everything I say then he holds a medical conference where he validates everything I say that this is the timeline. This is how it happened. She shouldn't have healed and blah, blah, blah. And so he was the one that set me on that path first where I had, I had something like his medical testimony to, I guess, fight back, if you will, for the people who were trying to debunk me. And then Wayne Dyer discovered my story. And then that's when everything changed. And it was his birthday yesterday. Oh, Wayne.

Alex Ferrari 50:41
So Wayne is the one that kind of opened the door for you. And really kind of really exploded your story worldwide.

Anita Moorjani 50:48
Yes. But it all started with submitting it to NDERF.

Alex Ferrari 50:53
Yes, Jeffrey have had on Jeffrey on the show. He's wonderful. He's wonderful. And I did get a chance to meet Wayne once at a at a meet and greet and his energy was so wonderful. He was amazing. He was amazing. God rest his soul. That is, that's amazing. So then you're and then you're off the bat off off to the races as they say,

Anita Moorjani 51:15
Yes, Wayne, I toured with him for four years, when as soon as he read my story, he had Hay House tracked me down. He insisted on speaking with me on the phone. And he said to me, I am going to make you world known. I'm going to make your book and New York Times bestseller. He said no. He said I want you to write a book. I didn't have a book at that time. He said I want you to write a book. And I am going to make you a New York Times bestseller. And and he did and then that first book it got translated into 45 languages.

Alex Ferrari 51:48
Oh my god, that's so amazing. And you have such a remarkable story. And Anita and I really do hope that people listening, find not only comfort in it, but inspiration and hope and understanding and these lessons that you've brought back, which are profound lessons that people really need to understand because down here it is muddy. And there is a lot of it's very muddy, it's very tempting. Even the best of us lose our like, maybe I shouldn't do that. But you know, inside your guts a no do that. Like, but what will my mom think? Well, my dad, they go Oh, my spouse thinker. Oh my God, should I leave that job? But really like all these things? You question constantly, but it seems that you that I'll kind of say what your dad said. Live your life fearlessly.

Anita Moorjani 52:43

Alex Ferrari 52:44
It's beautiful.

Anita Moorjani 52:46
Thank you. And what he meant by live your life fearlessly is be yourself fearlessly. He's not. He wasn't trying to tell me go bungee jumping, if that's not your thing. But it's just be unafraid to unapologetically be you. Because to repress you mean, is really sending yourself the message that there's something wrong with me that I have to repress it.

Alex Ferrari 53:11
Now Anita, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Anita Moorjani 53:18
That's a great question for me a fulfilled life. So if it's the end of my life, I want to know that I've left the world a better place than what it was when I came into it. And I want to know that I have been of service, and that I have found joy, passion, love that I've loved enough. And I will feel fulfilled.

Alex Ferrari 53:43
If you had a chance to go into a time machine and go back in time to talk to that little girl. You were growing up? What would advice would you give her?

Anita Moorjani 53:50
Wow, I would tell her that you don't have to work at being spiritual. You don't have to work and being good. You are already spiritual, you were born spiritual. Just let that spirit shine, I would also want her to know that she is an expression of God. How do you define God? God is the infinite energy that runs through all of us, the infinite energy, and I sometimes call God the infinite net. Because because we are all a part of God, we're all a facet of God. It's like sometimes I'll use the analogy of a of a mirror ball. And if you think of a mirror ball, and imagine there's billions and billions of little mirror tiles instead of just a few, and imagine if each of those mirror tiles is one of us, and we're all connected to make this bright, shiny ball, and that is God. And because we're all connected, we actually when we tune in intuitively, we can to actually connect to information and when I say we're connected, each of those little shiny mirror tiles is not us our physical body, it's your soul. So each tile, your your tile, is all your lifetimes. My tile mirror tile is all my lifetimes. So imagine all our souls are connected. And so when you tune in telepathically, My soul is connected to your soul, and your soul is connected to everyone else's soul. And when you when you're intuitive, you have access to all the information. When you tap in when you meditate, and you get downloads, and you get aha moments, you're getting information from the infinite net, because we're all connected, it can come from anybody. So

Alex Ferrari 55:47
I was one of the things I always say is that work God's algorithm off, we kind of go off and do we have freewill. We can do it a little bit. There's an intention. But sometimes we go here sometimes.

Anita Moorjani 55:59
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. We are God algorithm.

Alex Ferrari 56:03
And finally, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Anita Moorjani 56:09
The ultimate purpose is, I'm going to give you my my short answer is to eat chocolate.

Alex Ferrari 56:18
There's a that's a very deep comment, my dear. It's deep is profound, and everyone listening to really meditate on that comment. Hello, where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Anita Moorjani 56:34
Thank you. Um, my website is Anitamoorjani.com. And I am I do have a YouTube channel. I would love for people to come and watch my YouTube videos and follow me on YouTube. And I also of course have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, I believe I have a Tiktok as well.

Alex Ferrari 56:55
You when I think Tiktok, I think you need it. So believe me, I have a Tiktok too. And my kids are like, Why do you have a Tiktok? I know, it's a spiritual thing. You'll understand later. Do you have any parting messages for our audience?

Anita Moorjani 57:14
I have so many, but I'm going to pare it down. I want everybody to know that you are more powerful than you've been led to believe you are. I would want people to know that you don't have to work at being spiritual. And I want people to know you have nothing to fear. And when you have a choice to make when you make a choice, make your choice from a place of love, not from a place of fear. In other words, what do you love to do? What makes your heart sing? Not? What should I do to avoid the consequences?

Alex Ferrari 57:47
Anita, thank you so much for coming back. Thank you so much for the work that you're doing to help awaken the planet. I truly appreciate you telling your story and for everything you're doing. Thank you again.

Anita Moorjani 57:59
Thank you for your amazing questions. I truly enjoyed speaking with you.

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