CHILLING NDE! Woman Murdered By Husband: Holy Spirit SAVES Her with Ana Christina

In the luminous dawn of our podcast today, we embark on a profound journey with Ana Christina. Her story, woven with threads of resilience, faith, and an indomitable spirit, beckons us to explore the profound depths of human experience and the divine grace that accompanies us in our darkest hours. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, and migrating to Canada at the age of seven, Ana’s life has been a tapestry of cross-cultural experiences, personal struggles, and spiritual revelations.

Prior to her near-death experience, Ana’s life was marked by turbulent relationships and a quest for inner peace. Her first significant relationship with Sam, a tutor she fell in love with in Egypt, was thwarted by religious differences. Later, in California, she married Paul, a narcissist who brought years of emotional turmoil. Despite these challenges, Ana emerged stronger, eventually reconnecting with Sam and building a life together, albeit fraught with its own complexities.

Ana’s near-death experience, which she describes as her “sweet encounter with death,” unfolded in December 2008. After filing for an amicable divorce from Sam, Ana began feeling unwell, plagued by severe body aches and excruciating headaches. Her journey into the spiritual realm began with a vision while driving to work, where she foresaw a death in her family. This vision, coupled with a persistent inner voice urging her to “stop thinking and go home,” led her to an extraordinary encounter with the Holy Spirit.

In her account, Ana describes the Holy Spirit as a gentle, humorous presence, guiding her through a series of profound realizations. As she lay paralyzed, she felt an overwhelming peace and a connection to a higher power. This spiritual guide, whom she initially did not fully understand, revealed himself in every small detail of her life, teaching her the importance of trust and surrender.

The climax of Ana’s experience involved a series of physical and spiritual trials. She endured excruciating pain and a near-suffocation attempt by Sam, who had been poisoning her. Despite the physical agony, Ana was comforted by visions of Jesus and the reassurance of the Holy Spirit. She vividly recounts the presence of Jesus, whose rugged, olive-skinned appearance diverged from traditional depictions, and describes the transition to the other side as slipping out of a heavy coat, effortlessly and peacefully.

Ana’s return to life was marked by an immediate sense of purpose. She was to be an ambassador of the Holy Spirit, sharing the profound peace and love she experienced. Her message to those who have lost loved ones to violence or tragedy is clear: their spirits are never alone, and they are embraced by a divine presence that transcends physical suffering.


  1. Divine Presence in Every Detail: Ana’s story underscores the belief that the Holy Spirit is present in every aspect of our lives, from the grand to the mundane. This presence offers comfort and guidance, especially in our darkest moments.
  2. Enduring Peace Beyond Physical Suffering: Ana’s near-death experience reveals that despite physical agony, the spirit can experience overwhelming peace and comfort, highlighting the transcendent nature of spiritual experiences.
  3. Love and Forgiveness as Life’s True Purpose: Ana emphasizes that at the end of our lives, what matters most is the love and kindness we have shared. Forgiveness, even of those who have wronged us deeply, is essential for spiritual freedom and peace.

In conclusion, Ana Christina’s journey through the realms of life, death, and spiritual awakening is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound love of the divine. Her story invites us to look beyond our earthly struggles and find solace in the eternal companionship of the Holy Spirit.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ana Christina.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 245

Ana Christina 0:00
I went to bed. Assuming I'm gonna wake up in the morning, we never went to bed thinking I that might be my last breath. And when he said that I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to die. All I could think about is my daughter is going to wake up in the morning. And she's going to find her mother dead in bed

Alex Ferrari 0:30
I like to welcome to the show Ana Christina. How you doing, Ana?

Ana Christina 0:44
I'm doing good. Thank you for having me Alex!

Alex Ferrari 0:47
Thank you so much for coming on the show. As I was telling you before we came on, I've had many near death experiences on the show. You are first for me. And we won't give it away just yet on on how your near death experience is vastly different than many others that I've had on the show. But before we get into your near death experience, and what led up to it, what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Ana Christina 1:12
Prior to it? Let me tell you, I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, migrated to Canada, around seven years old. And then my father took us back to Egypt when I started to being 12 Just for us to learn our culture, our culture in Asia. There I was having challenges with the language, the Arabic language, my education was English and French. So my father hired a tutor, Sam, who we ended up falling in love. And I went back to Canada, but we stayed connected. And about four or five years later, we wanted to get married. And he proposed and my father said over my dead body, and even though he liked him, Sam was Muslim, and I'm a Coptic Christian. And in Asia, that's from dawn, it's like you just don't marry a muslim. So I knew I had to move on with my life, came to California, around 24 years old, met and married Paul. Paul kind of courted me swept me off my feet. We got married, it didn't take long to realize that he was a narcissist. But at that time, we that language wasn't even in my vocabulary. We didn't have internet, we didn't understand narcissists. Characters, it was he was very selfish and critical and argumentative about everything and broke my spirit and made it It was always my fault. And just, and he always threatened if I try to leave. He like once he said in front of people, he would hire a sniper, if I would hire a divorce lawyer, he would hire a sniper, because he would lose his mind. And no Court will hold him accountable. So that was his lighter. And I really believe he would do and I believe he would snap and do it. I did have two beautiful children from Paul come in and Andrew. But it took about 13 years to finally be able to get out and be feel safe, and hired and no nonsense lawyer got me a restraining order. And Paul was out of my life. Then out of nowhere, Sam calls we hadn't communicated for about 25 years, he calls. And I ended up meeting him in Asia thinking that my heart is guarded. I'm not looking for any relationship. I was born again. At that time. I didn't want to remarry. But once we met, all guards went down. And we fell in love again, and he was what I was looking for. I was very vulnerable at the time. Paul was very cold, just not a good marriage. And we ended up getting married. It didn't matter at that time that he was Muslim. And I was Christian because I saw the Christian, the Coptic one treated me really badly. So I thought God sent me this gentleman and we got married, lived in California. I was the breadwinner. Because I was the Chief Financial Officer Sam didn't have the language so he was more of a stay at home. Um, I, I supported him, I supported his children in Asia through medical and dental school. And we lived a good life. It was just, you know, think let's say he was a brilliant sociopath. But people like envied me friends with envy me about how he treated me like a princess and stuff like that. And I was working hard coming home not worrying, like letting him trusting him with the finances with the house with everything. And then some red flags happened. And I started seeing my, our account being depleted, my account was always NSF. I was making a lot of good money, and we were living from paycheck to paycheck. And just things were not adding up. So these red flags caused me to start like reevaluating this, and deciding that we need to divorce. And we finally agreed on an amicable divorce that we filed in December 2008. And that was it up to that point.

Alex Ferrari 6:30
My dear, you've already gone through a lot in that in that story so far, and there seems to be a pattern in the men that you are attracting somehow, universally what was going on? During that, I guess these are lessons we all have that we all sometimes attract these kinds of people. I have many people, you know, my parents, my grandparents, family members, attract people that are there to teach us lessons, I guess. Is that a fair statement?

Ana Christina 7:00
Yeah, yeah, I think it is fair. I learning about narcissism, they go after successful partners, like a trophy. And what they do is they they cannot come up to our level. So they break us down, because of their insecurities to come to their level. And I had no idea that this was a character disorder at the time, it was I thought he's gonna change, let's pray to change went to all the priests, the bishops, everybody at church to help marriage counseling everything. Because of the kids, I didn't want to do force. It's not something we take lightly back then, and also in our community, but he could never change. He was just who he is. Then the sociopath comes into picture. Again, they prey on vulnerable women or men. And I never knew what a sociopath is, I really, these were not vocabulary words that I understood. But I learned later that they like they're chameleons, they will be who you want them to be. And I remember when I met Sam, after all these years, he was just that perfect man that I've been waiting for. I don't remember. That's who he was. One. I fell in love with him when I was a young kid. But all of a sudden, he was that kind listener. Good looking just gentleman. And the more brilliant. They are like they're sociopaths. They have levels. And the brilliant ones are the ones that can last a long time. And were fooled were blinded or fooled. And you do learn lessons. You know, it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate that they are up there to pray.

Alex Ferrari 9:16
Yes, no question. So take us to the near death experience. What happened my dear?

Ana Christina 9:23
It was December 2008 that we filed for the amicable divorce. And then he asked me that he wanted to stay in the house in our place for about three weeks until he finds another place and I agreed. I didn't want to throw him out. So about it didn't take long after we find that that I started feeling sick. And my whole body was aching at a level that I I, you know, I have fibromyalgia but if my body didn't feel like this before, it was like a bus ran me over, back and forth back and forth like it wasn't just wake up with it. The worst part was the headaches, I started getting these headaches that they didn't go away. And they were so excruciating, that just blinking would hurt, just like I would try to stay, either just stay my eyes shut all day, or try to keep it open. And I asked him to take me to urgent care. And he wouldn't it took like I was suffering with this for about a week. And then finally took me to urgent care, urgent care, they didn't run any tests, they said, Oh, you're probably coming down with the flu, give me painkiller. And suddenly. So the painkillers helped with the aches, and my body, then Sam started giving me his blood pressure matters. Now I didn't have blood pressure, but he started giving me that. And somehow the pressure in my head started going down. And I was able to function again, aching, but not deplete ability. So this was year end, I'm a Chief Financial Officer, year end is the worst time to be away from work. And I was gone for about like two weeks or so. And then finally said, I need to go in, I need to take care of things. And January 8, as I was driving to work that morning, I got a vision at some time. Now, Alex, I never get visions. I'm not a person that get visions. And all of a sudden, I'm seeing this vision. And in it. There's somebody dying in my immediate family. It's like it's death. And I see my brother, my older brother, I see my two sisters. I don't see my younger brother, Steve. And Steve was born mentally handicapped. And he was actually the reason we came to Canada because we were seeking better health care for him. And I thought, This is a warning from God, that something's going to happen to Steve. And I need to go see. And I remembered like a year ago, Alex, my mum was ill. And she was calling for me. But I had a major project that I was in charge of at the company. And I couldn't go I kept delaying going until I finished the conversion. And the day I finished and it was a great project I call up to tell it was her 80th birthday. And I called her up to tell her I just booked my ticket. And they told me she had gone into a coma that morning. And she never came out of that. So that was the biggest regret in my life to put work before family. So when I got this vision of my brother, I didn't want to take a chance I felt God is giving me a warning. And I went to the office arranged everything so that I can leave. I told them I have to travel. I called Sam, I told him my brother is ill and I need to go to Asia. He goes okay, and I said, um, this was Friday, I told them I'm either gonna leave Saturday or Sunday, I'll let him know. And I started my meetings with my subordinates time to organize things, trying to determine what I'm going to take with me and so forth. And as I'm meeting with everybody, my head now was starting to hurt again. And I'm holding my head like this, and my elbows on my desk and I'm holding it tight. So nobody, like I don't want to show the pain. But somehow, I felt a power telling me leave everything. Stop thinking now go home. I don't know how I heard that. I don't know how that message came to me. But it was stopped thinking go home. So I did just that. I told them. I need to go. I'm gonna most likely come back tomorrow. I'll call you guys Saturday. We'll reconvene and but I need to go now. And I leave and I drive to Irvine and as I'm walking Keep out and walking to my condominium. I hear this voice. Now, Alex, it wasn't an audible voice. It wasn't an outside, it was a voice in my mind speaking to me, like I'm speaking to you right now. And immediately, I recognized it was the Holy Spirit. I have no idea how I recognized. I am not. I always connected with Jesus. You know, that was an easier connection when it you know, God the Father, but I really never got the Holy Spirit. I didn't understand it. So I ignored his presence, or I just didn't get him, you know, was to me all I can see Holy Spirit at Dove flying, but no, no real concept of who he was. And he starts talking to me, but immediately, he tells me to shut my mouth like I am not to reveal what is happening right now. So I continue working up the stairs, Sam opens the door and asks me, are you leaving tomorrow? Or the day after? And I looked at him and I said, I don't know. I can't think right now. I'll let you know tomorrow. That was it. And then Colleen came up to greet me and went back to her room. And Sam said, Okay, I'll I'll prepare dinner. He always cooked dinner. Okay, that was the good thing he did. He always had a homemade meal. So I said, Fine, I went and I changed came out to the living area and the kitchen. And my play was on the counter. He made me my favorite Egyptian casserole. It's a French bean casserole, with filet mignon, and then rice. And I looked at my plate, and I didn't have an appetite. So I said, I can't eat this. So I put back the bean casserole. But then I had the rice in my plate, and I'm looking at it. And I'm thinking, Okay, I'm not even sure I can eat the rice. Now, I just have no appetite. And the Holy Spirit tells me like I was standing there, the counter is in front of me and the refrigerator. refrigerator is behind me. And he goes Chai, turn around and get plain yogurt and put it on your rice. And I'm going come again, like you care about the yogurt I put on my rice. It was such a trivial thing to do that. It was it was hard for me to understand that he cared about that detail. And actually, that was my favorite way to eat rice in Asia, you put plain yogurt on rice. So I told I said you care about the yogurt on my rice. And he said child, I'm in every little detail of your life. And Alex, when I heard that, I felt like a fool to have missed out on that. I was 49 at the time, and I missed out on him all that time. And here. I'm discovering it now. I don't know what's happening. Why is he talking to me now? And it was just

I just felt like a fool. And I took my plate. And I sat on the couch and I started eating it. And he's talking to me. There's dialogue. And I remember he cracked a joke. Like he had such a beautiful sense of humor. I don't remember the joke. I wish I remember. But I started giggling. And Sam was sitting there and he actually looked at me surprised and he asked if I had had a drink before I came home like stuffed at a bar and I just looked at him and I didn't even want to respond and break the dialogue I had with the Holy Spirit and and I ate my whole rice and the yogurt. And I said good night and I went to my bed I kiss my daughter goodnight. And I'm puzzled. I'm brushing my teeth not understanding what's going on. Why is he talking to me? Just confused, but just went along with it. Got into bed. And I'm lying there. And just wondering what's going on? And he says, child, it's not your brother. It's you. Yes. I don't think any one of us is ready to hear. I went to bed, assuming I'm going to wake up in the morning, we never went to bed thinking I that might be my last breath. And when he said that I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to die. All I could think about is my daughter is gonna wake up in the morning. And she's gonna find her mother that in bed. And that broke my heart that was heavy. I just, it broke my heart to know that the pain she's going to suffer. And I'm just not accepting it, but trying to trying to accept it. And then he goes, he then he reminds me of a dream that I had several years ago, where I dreamt of Jesus. And it was Colleen and Drew, and myself. And we were walking with Jesus, down this beautiful metal. And we were all holding his waist. And we're all laughing. And he had his arms around Colleen and Andrew, they each of them, were holding him from the waist. And he just had in, I am with them. And I was always puzzled. I remember when I woke up that day from that dream, trying to understand how did the three of us walk down and are holding him and we didn't trip on each other's feet. But that night, as he was reminding me of that dream, it was like, you're there. But I'm like, I was going to be there in spirit. But he's got them. And when I remembered that dream and realize that he's got them. I was okay, with letting go. I was okay. I said, okay, like, they're in his care, then I was fine with that. And I accept the fact that it was me. And then he goes, child, you're gonna go on a journey, and you'll be back to be my ambassador. And as soon as he said, I was like, Oh, that's not a big deal that I can do that.

Alex Ferrari 23:31
It sounds it sounds pleasant. It sounds pleasant. Journey. I'd like to travel. Why not?

Ana Christina 23:38
I'll get back in I'll be the ambassador. And be honest with you, Alex, I don't feel that with most people. The ego. I kind of got this grand jury and I pictured myself with this big head, you know, the cones, that movie with the cones. And I was walking in Time Square. And I knew at all and I could only the ambassador's could see each other. It was just crazy. Okay.

Alex Ferrari 24:04
The ego came into play. You're like, Oh, I'm Jesus ambassador. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so be amazing. Look at my I know everything of Jesus imbassador. Wow.

Ana Christina 24:16
The Most High God. So it's great. So I said, Okay. I can do this what you want me to do? And he goes, I need you to stop thinking. I'm going. What? Stop thinking. Okay. And I try to stop thinking, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to stop thinking. I kept trying to shut down my brain. But I kept wondering that I stopped thinking, Am I still thinking? What's going on? You know, like, I kept tripping on my own thoughts. And I felt like he's gonna say Come on, stop thinking. He was soaked. patience with me. And I finally got to that spot where I stopped thinking. And I laid there and he could tell that I stopped thinking and he goes, okay child, then I need you to shut your eyes. And no matter what happens to not open, so, okay, he goes, No, no, no, no matter what happens, you are not to open. Okay? And I shut my eyes. And as soon as I shut my eyes, a bright light came into the room. Alex, it was a light that I've never seen before, but it felt wasn't just the light, it was a presence. And it was a presence I felt of God the Father. Now I know I am nothing and why would but but that's what it felt like it was a higher power. And I kept my eyes shut. And immediately the window to my right, started shaking, and it felt like an earthquake. But I think it was an earthquake just in my room, but the windows started shattering, like moving. And then my heart started palpitating, and started slowly. It was a simple computation, but then it got stronger and stronger. And it scared me, I got scared. And as soon as I got scared, the whole process shut down, my heart stopped helping the wind to start shaking, the light turned off, and the process stopped. And I'm going, shoot, I just screwed up my death. And he goes, try this one, you can't screw up, I just need you to relax more. And I said, okay, okay. I can do this. And he goes, Okay, I need you to stop thinking again. And he took me through the process. And I started it again. It's not thinking, he reminded me, do not open your eyes, shut your eyes. Do not open them no matter what. I obeyed. And as soon as I shut my eyes, the light came back. And I felt that same presence. The window started shaking again. My heart started palpitating, then it got stronger and got stronger. And this time because I knew the process. I didn't get scared. So I kept going through it, but it kept getting stronger. Like I thought, This is how you die from a heart attack. Like my heart is just in it's going to explode. But I didn't get scared. I didn't stop the process. And then my heart stopped palpitating, and I have tremendous peace. And then he said, Okay, Chai, the next step is only an annoyance. I said, Okay. He said, Only an annoyance, Chai. Remember, only an annoyance. I said, Okay. And immediately I started feeling like a whoosh of pain shooting on my legs. Like I describe it. Like somebody took a sledge hammer, and was breaking my bones. Mike, the pain was so hard. But he kept saying, Remember child, it's an annoyance. It's an annoyance. And as I was concentrating on what he's saying, I was able to endure that pain. It wasn't as excruciating as it first felt. And it was okay. And he kept saying it won't pass. It's an annoyance. It will pass. And it was like passing and, again, I'm not screaming, I'm not yelling. No one can hear what's happening outside. I have fibromyalgia and I'm not feeling I feel it. But it's, you can endure it. It was his presence was so sweet. And his coaching that it didn't matter what was happening to my body. And then the pain stopped. And it was again, a great peaceful few moments. And I could breathe again. And then I realize the pain was gone. But I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't feel my legs. I could, I couldn't see my body, like from head to toe. I felt no, like, there was no feelings. And I'm trying to figure this out. And I'm going, Am I paralyzed? And he said, Yes, child you are. No, no, no, no. And he goes, I'm sorry, child. I go, Can I move my legs? And he goes, No Child. Can I move my top? Notch choice, I got, can I try? Try. And I try. And of course, no movement. And as I am accepting this new reality, I hear Sam coming into the room. And I'm thinking, okay, he's gonna realize I'm paralyzed. And he's gonna rush me to 911. But he didn't realize anything. And he slept on his side of the bed, we had a two bedroom condominium. And even though we filed the divorce, we agreed, each of us will sleep on their side, because Colleen is in the second bedroom. And he went to bed didn't notice me. And I lie in bed, paralyzed. But the presence of the comfort at this point, was so overwhelming, that it didn't matter that I'm paralyzed anymore. I spent the best night of my life that night. I didn't sleep a wink. He was with me the whole night. downloading information in my mind, teaching me things, he was the perfect teacher. He didn't go too fast, not too slow. Just he was just perfect. I saw visions, just, you know, one of the visions just to tell you, I was like I was taking into a daycare. And I was this little child. And it was like Jesus's hand taking me to this workshop daycare. And it was a big change from this grand jury thinking I know it all to this child, that I was really a child in the spiritual world, you know, but just visions of so many beautiful things all night. And I didn't want the night to end. It was just amazing. But in the middle of the night, I wanted to go to the bathroom. And I forgot that I was paralyzed. And then I couldn't get up. So I'm saying I need to go to the bathroom. And he goes, Go child. And I'm going just go he goes, gotcha. And, and I remember wetting the bed, and it was a lot of fluid coming from my body. I thought I was gonna wake Sam up with all that water coming his way. But he didn't feel a thing.

And then around the break, I heard Sam get up. And he went to the restroom. And I thought, Okay, nice. gonna notice me. But now he went back to bed. And then I stayed there. The Holy Spirit, I believe another hour or so. And around eight o'clock, he got up, I could hear him turn next to me. And he turned towards me and I could hear him pushing on my back because I had my back to him. And he goes, Anna, Anna, are you up? And I'm not responding. So I'm going okay, he's gonna realize something. And then so he rolls me over towards him. And now my back is on the bank. And he he's looking over me and he opens one eye. And I could see him when he opens the eye and then he lets go of one eyelid and he opens the other eyelid and I could see his face right in front of me. And then he lets it go. And then he pulls one of my arms and then he drops it so my arm drops. And then he carries the other arm and does the same thing and dropped him So my arm is falling. And, you know, it's easy to know that something's wrong with me. So he gets up, comes on my side of the bed, he opened, I can hear him opening a drawer, gets medicine. And he puts a pill in my mouth now, because I'm paralyzed, my teeth are clenched. So you can't put anything in my mouth. So he took the pill, and he was squeezing it, you know, between my teeth, and tasted like Xanax. And I'm going, why is he giving me Xanax in the morning, I'm already like them. And then, all before he gave me the Xanax, he started taking off my jewelry, like diamond ring, my goal? And I'm thinking, why is he doing oh, maybe he doesn't want it to get lost in the hospital. That's so sweet. You're you.

Alex Ferrari 36:00
I mean, you're so sweet. I'm so sorry. I hate to laugh. But these years, you're so sweet. You still haven't caught on to what's happening yet.

Ana Christina 36:08
The benefit of the doubt. So he puts the Xanax. And then after the Xanax, he gets a mint. And he puts cement in my mouth. And again, you can't put it in my teeth. He leaves it in there. And I'm thinking, Oh, my God, I must have real bad breath. He's putting me into my mouth before he calls 911. And so I'm going okay, and then he gets on top of the bed and starts stripping my clothes off. And I'm going, okay, he's gonna put warm clothes on me. Because I wet my clothes, right? And he's gonna put one clause before he calls nine one. And to my surprise, he gets up and starts raping me. And that's when, like, there's no words to describe the feeling you get when you're read. And your limb, you're paralyzed, you're helpless. And it felt like to me, he felt like a dog. And I didn't understand it. We never ever made love, half asleep. Like it didn't make sense to me, not understanding what he's doing. Then he gets up, he leaves me naked in the middle of the bed. And he goes and takes a shower. And I'm just confused. He comes back. And as he comes back, I could hear the shower. It wasn't sure I could hear like a stronger floor as if he was filling the bathtub now for me. And he came around, and he started pulling me off the bed to carry me. And I'm thinking, okay, he's gonna care. He's gonna give me a bath that like it was what was he doing? And as he pulled me off the bed, he dropped me. And he couldn't carry me. So I fell to the floor crumbled on my side. And he lets go. And he goes, You're too heavy, I think carry you. And I'm thinking thing, God, I'm fat. Like that was really the first time seriously. I appreciate it being choppy, because I really didn't know what is you're trying to do with me. And as he dropped me, and he, I could tell his puzzle because I could see he's still standing close by not knowing what to do with me. Then Colleen wakes up. We could both hear her in the room. It's a Saturday morning, she turned on the TV. So he rushed to her and left me there. Close the door, of course. And I don't think we had the lock on our bedroom door. So he wanted to make sure she doesn't come in. And I learned later he told her mom doesn't want to be disturbed. She took a few Xanax. And she sat over her brother in Egypt and wants to sleep it off. So Colleen didn't think of coming in to check on me. And he got her cereal breakfast. And then he came back. during all that time he's doing this, the Comforter never left me. So I'm in total peace. I'm a little bit confused about him. But I'm in total peace, paralyzed or not. It didn't matter. Just in peace with what's happening. And then suddenly, I feel this ice water pouring all over my body. He, I don't know how much water he was pouring over me. And it was so cold, it put my body in shock. And it felt like Neil's going into my body. I've never had that feeling before I didn't realize ice cold water can do this to a body. Maybe when you're paralyzed, the body goes, I really didn't understand the pain wasn't it was like excruciating discomfort or torture, like, you know, like doing it. And the comforter is say, reminding me it's an annoyance. It's an annoyance. And as soon as he said that, I saw a vision of Jesus's hand next to me, just his hand, and they were hammering, piercing a nail in his head. When I saw that vision, with that needle going in his hand, my discomfort was nothing. Compared to his, I felt ashamed that I am complaining or not comfortable with what's happening to me compared to the pain he went through. So I was able to endure, it was like, okay, it's okay, I was ashamed for even feeling the pain. And then it stopped thinking he ran out of water. And I was at peace again. And it felt good, just being left there. And I could hear him go. And then he came back. And again, he did the same thing. He poured ice water. And it was, I don't know what the heck he was doing. And he's pouring it slowly all over my body, like back and forth. And I'm feeling the same thing with the nails in my body. And then I see the same vision with Jesus's hand again, I'm reminded of that, and I'm able to endure it. And the comforter is there coaching me telling me, it's an annoyance child, it's an annoyance. And I'm able to endure it and I'm able to be at peace with it as it's happening. The presence of the contractor again, was overwhelming. And then it stopped again. And I'm thinking, why, why isn't he calling 911? I'm still thinking, what's he doing? Just not understanding. And then he comes back. And this time, he bends down. And he puts his fingers on my nose, and he holds my nose sharp. Now, because I'm paralyzed, my teeth are locked, and I can't breathe from my mouth. So he's holding my nose shut, and I can't breathe. And he's holding it. He's not letting go. And then suddenly, a reflex happened. And I went, like my mouth just open. And as soon as my mouths open, he let go, he got startled. And he ran out of the room. And this is when I remember, my million dollar life insurance. I had not cancelled. When we filed the divorce. I didn't think of canceling the life insurance. He was a beneficiary of a half a million and my children got the other half. And this is when I remember that and going, Okay, this is not going to end well. He comes back. He does the same thing. Again. He bends down, he holds my nose. He tries to hold it gently as long as he can. I stopped breathing. And suddenly my mouth opens up again. And it's just a reflex. And he lets go and he runs out and he doesn't know what to do with me. And I'm lying there. Again, no anxiety, no stress, no fear. It didn't matter what he was doing. It was disappointing. But I was in so much peace with the Holy Spirit. That none of that matters. None of it And He came back. And this time, he held my nose again. But he Shankly put his hands like his remaining three fingers on my mouth. So he held my nose, covered my mouth. And he was gentle. I remember he wasn't pushing. And at that point, my mouse couldn't open up, I couldn't breathe. And my lungs started collapsing. And I knew this was it. There was no way out of that one it I was done. And the pain of suffocating, it's hard. It's hard to describe that torture of not being able to breathe. But as I'm suffocating, I see Jesus's hand. But this time he's standing, but I only can see up to his knees. He had a robe on like, an off white or something. And I could see only up to his knees. But his hand stretched to me as if he's like, stretching his hand to take me over like I felt he was escorting me to the other side, escorting me. But as I'm collapse, like, my chest is collapsing, I can't breathe. I'm looking at him. And I'm worried that he would stop the process. I didn't want him to lift Sam's hands. I wanted to go with him. At this point, I was ready to go with him. And I didn't want him to leave. And I kept singing in my mind saying I'm never gonna let go. Don't let go. Don't let go. I didn't want him to stop it. I was ready to go to the other side. And I did. And it was Alex, it felt like a heavy coat was just like, you take a coat and you just look back. Your body's done there. But you keep on going. And there isn't. You know, people fear death, and they think it's darkness. And there is no end and beginning. You know, like when you die. You don't. You don't suddenly feel okay, that now and it's dark. And now you just keep on going. It's like your soul continues. And I continue and started seeing seeing this. White clouds. Were covering the sky. They were beautiful white clouds. And they opened up. And as they were opening up, I could see the blue sky. Just beautiful blue sky opened up. And then I saw these big animals that I've never seen before. Fly. They were flying around the sky. And they had the most beautiful colors like amazing colors. You know what they remind me of? If you saw the movie Avatar, the first one it came out after like it came out the end of 2009. And I remember when I saw that movie, and I saw these birds that they were flying with right away I said whoever did that movie must have had a near death or something because the colors and they were so big. The colors were just beautiful. And then I saw myself standing or I can see myself I don't know, you know, you see through your eyes. And I saw this greenery like Meadows again, just beautiful greenery. And towards the end. I could see they're preparing for the bank. There's a banquet happening. And I see a bride, but it's the back of her. I see somebody dressed in a bride. And I want to go see who that is. And I'm thinking is that me like because in Christianity it says when we die we are the bride of Jesus, something like that. So is that me? I wanted to go and see who that was. I try going fast. And I tried and I missed her. I didn't get to see who that is. But then I found myself coming to an enclosed area. It was a corridor and I started walking in a corridor And as I'm walking to my right, I pass by imagistic chair that's on the side. That's an there's a lady sitting in there, but I couldn't tell who it was it was. It had a veil that cover the whole chair and her like it was just all over. And I was trying to look to see who it was, I couldn't make out who it is. And I'm passing by her. And then I see somebody. And I asked, Who is she? And he says, She's the purest of all. And I'm going, Oh, okay. And I keep on going. And then I come to a door. And at that door, I see my mother. And she was, she had no features. She was a body of light. But immediately, I recognized it was my mother, like, we knew each other, you recognize that. And it's just seeing her that was like, it's just beautiful, that she greeted me. And I walked in, I don't remember hugging her, you know, you don't hug you just you connect. And she took me in the hallway, and we kept on walking. And then I saw my sister Natalie. She was another body of light. And seeing Nadia in heaven was the most beautiful thing ever. Because Nadia had committed suicide when she was 35. And I always wondered where she was, you know, in, in religion, they teach you, if you commit suicide, it's an act of murder, and you gotta help. And that's not true. She was there. She, she was there. She when she committed suicide, it was deep depression she had, and we have a loving father up there, and he doesn't judge us like the world church. And seeing her wish she just I was breathless. But she took me in a room, we left my mother took me to another room, and I'm walking with her. And I have this joy that started to overwhelm me, it was too much. It was just so much that I started complaining to her. And I'm going nuts. I'm overwhelmed. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to contain it. It's too much for me. It's too. So like, how stupid could that be? You know, like, I'm now complaining about overwhelming sadness, and stress. Now the choice is too much to him. It was crazy to her because it was too much. And then she looked at me and she said, Anna was Jesus. It keeps on getting better. And uncle. How can you even get like it was something I couldn't comprehend. It was. And I went out with her. And we came to the hallway where mom was. And there my father was standing with my mom. And my father had been killed in a car accident when I was 22. And I don't know, like, you don't get over losing somebody so suddenly to a tragic accident. And I remember I always relive it. His accident because it was a really bad accident was head on collision with an 18 Wheeler. And I always relived his pain or his his fear or sudden or whatever it happened those last moments and it would torture me. But seeing him there was just amazing. And there I'm standing between my mom, my dad, my sister, and we're communicating and we're not talking we're just communicating. And then not just hurry up you guys, we have a banquet with Jesus. And I'm going what? Say that again? You guys are going what? Just you're going with Jesus like it's so easy. See, to go have a banquet with Jesus. It was unreal to me it was so surreal that you know, like, and they started going, but I didn't go with them. I don't know why, but it was not meant to be like ended up going to another room. And as I walked into that room, at the end of it, I see a man and now he's not a body of light. I can recognize his body. He was very old. He had white hair, and he didn't have much of it. And he was the late Pope Coronavirus. I think the sixth he was the Coptic Orthodox Pope who died in the 60s, and was very humbled sweet man, just just a beautiful soul. And I recognize it was him. And he looks at me and he goes, where have you been side? Where have you been? Now, looking behind them go? Ah, me? Well, you know, it felt like I was being called it.

I've been going to Calvary and I was talking to like a little child. Because since I married the Muslim, I left the Coptic Church. And we were going to Calvary and under denomination. So I'm telling him why I been going to Calvary. And he goes, Why? Why? And I say, Oh, I didn't find much compassion and acceptance. Which makes sense, because it was me. I did it. And he looked at me and he goes, What is your name? Chai. And I told him my Egyptian name. So Anna Marie Anna, Christina is my pen name. But I told him my Egyptian name. And he said, What does it mean Chai. And my name means compassion. In Egyptian, and he said, You looking for it outside you and what we need shine, there is no time. You are what we need Hurry up top heavy of China. There is no time. And he kicked me out. And he was kicking me out. And as I'm leaving, I walk back, the same color dorm. And now the chair is empty. That same chair that I saw is empty, but the veil is on it. And then I'm asking, Oh, what happened to her? Where did she go? And somebody tells me she's she's running an errand. And I'm going boy, they have Aaron set up in heaven. So cute. So I said, okay, and I kept on going. And I was kind of like, picked out. But then I suddenly started seeing a feast that was being revealed to me. And it was the face of Jesus. But he was revealing it really slowly. Like, you know, it was covering his revealing the eye, and slowly just revealing the nose. And all I could see was the face. And as he's revealing it, I remember his nose was long. And I'm thinking shame on me like how I stereotype going? You wish, right? Just because I'm seeing that long notes and I'm embarrassed from what I'm seeing in my mind. He must be Jewish. And as he finishes the face, I'm looking at him. And I'm in all but Alex, he did not look like the Jesus of Nazareth that I was used to see. She did not have blue eyes and fair skin. He looked more like in Middle Eastern. She was you know, olive skin. Not Not a pretty boy. Like Moreover, a rugged face. In essence seeing that my brain. I'm thinking he's not as handsome as I thought but I'm thinking that and I'm trying to shut my thought process because I knew he can hear me or he can read me and I don't want to hurt his feelings and I'm trying to stop thinking like, he's just. And then I left looking at him. And suddenly I'm watching. Below the freeway, I'm seeing the freeway of in California, we have like the five and the 405. I was right over the why. And I'm seeing the cars. And the Earth looks so dry, compared to where I was just night and day. And then suddenly, I was in my bedroom. And I could see Sam on the bed. And somehow he got me next to him. He managed to carry my naked body next to him. And as soon and he's holding, like, yeah, now he's sad over me, right. And as soon as I went in my body, I jumped up because I couldn't handle him touching me. And I'm standing in front of him naked, I didn't care. And I'm standing in front of him. And you see how your eyes roll? I wish I had a camera for the look on his face was crying.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:21
Oh my god.

Ana Christina 1:01:26
Yep. That was the end of it.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:31
So what happened? When you when you're saying like, you stand up, like he thinks you're dead.

Ana Christina 1:01:38
Right! And I'm there. And somehow I couldn't talk. I don't know why he didn't have a voice. But I was looking at him. And I, I didn't know whether I'm coming back to stay. Or it just temporarily. Like I thought maybe I'm coming back to scare the hell out of him. And just say goodbye to Colleen, I really didn't know. And I'm naked. And I'm a very conservative woman, like, I don't just know. And there was no carrying of that. And I'm standing there. And I'm giving him orders to leave the house. Like I'm telling him to get up. And I'm mad. And he's looking at me. And he's like, in astonishment. And then I started showing him that I saw everything he did. I'm telling him like, I'm acting it up, because he thought I was unconscious and slightly, but I acted it up to him and I'm going and cry. And I went to the the closet, I grabbed his clothes, and I want to throw it out. And he's now getting upset. As I'm doing this. He's getting upset. And he started saying, Okay, why don't you come down? Why don't you come? Just come back. Just come back and calm down. Why don't you go up in arms just angry. And, of course, I'm not going to come down at this point. And as he's getting angrier at me now he knows I'm not just going to be a sweetheart and come calm down and go next to the murderer. He starts started threatening that he's gonna go to Colleen, my daughter. And I'm going and um, again, I can't speak but I'm warning. And I'm standing behind the door, you know, locking blocking the door. And I'm like daring. Because this is my daughter now. And he manages to push me out of the way. And he opens the door and storms in Collins room. Now Colleen is sitting on her bed, watching TV doing her homework. And as soon as he went to her room I followed. And but I didn't realize that Colleen could see me like I didn't know am I in spirit still or anything? I wasn't thinking that I'm making it. And I ran behind him to protect her. And as soon as Colleen saw me naked there, she was like, Mom, what's going on? You know, like, of course it scared her. And as soon as I realized she saw me, I ran back out and she's running behind me. And we went into the bedroom. And I told her close the door and that's when I was able to speak out of she heard me say close the door quickly. And we close the door. Yeah, there was a lot in the room because we locked the door so the What's a lock on the bedroom? She locked in? She brought me a rope covered me. And he's now knocking at the door. And I told her and she doesn't understand she's never seen us fight. She's never seen anything she, to her. Like, Sam worshipped her mom, no one could see that there's any quarrels. And she kept me safe for a while. But so much happened. Alex after this so much, you know, the police was called, nobody would believe me. There was I wasn't paralyzed anymore. There were no signs of any attempted murder or anything. The kids couldn't believe I kept saying he tried to kill me and nobody would believe it. And they're all and he's crying them. She's having a nervous breakdown. She worked so hard. She's the Chief Financial Officer, you know, like, he's like this, and I look crazy at this point, you know, like, my hair is all fuzzy. When more gray when I visited the other side, I'm in a robe. I look like not what I look like now. And, and the kids are not believing because they've never seen him harm me. The specimen, they bring the ambulance, you know, to check me out because and they said, they checked on my vital signs. And I was a strongest horse. I was strong. I came back really strong. I remember pulling, like, you know, when they test you and say, pull on my fingers. You know, I usually can't hurt people. I pulled him off. He was I pulled him up like he ended up staying. And that's when he is this woman is as strong as a horse. And they didn't know what to do with me. And they wanted to leave me there. They didn't know what to do. And then and the police said, Well, man, we can take you to the hospital to run more tests. We can't do anything. And it's like, okay, take me to the hospital. It's just I need it. You know, to get out. I did that with him. And then it went downhill from there at the hospital. I was there. I see him. He shows up at the hospital now. His ultimate. He's dressed in a suit with a scarf. He's the business man. And I'm the crazy wife in there. i I told the so like a social worker came in the morning to ask me. They watched me online, they wouldn't leave me alone. In the morning social worker comes in says, ma'am, do you know why you're here? I say yeah, my husband tried to kill me. So right away, she calls the police. Two guys come. One is Persian. He goes talks to him. And the other one was this big man. Like with a very loud voice. And he walked in my room and I had fallen asleep by the time they came. And he goes, ma'am, we need to question you, ma'am. And when he did that historical. So I got scared. And I said, Can you please lower your voice? And he took offense to that. And he left. And in the report it says I did report something about harassed a police officer. Before I know it, they put me on a gurney and take me to a mental hospital, of course. And it for observation. I think there's like a 9 72 Yeah, yeah. So 72hours, actually or nine or 10 day thing. And they took me there. And they put me in the severe like the lunatics like the critical. What do you call it? There's in the mental hospital, there's dishwasher. Yeah, it was like the craziest area. And, of course, everybody believed his story. And I'm in a mental hospital. My whole family doesn't know where I am. And then at around the ninth or the eighth, there's a judge and a patient advocate that comes and kind of interviews to make sure you're not held against your will. And they're taking information from me and somehow it He asked, how much are you making on SSI? And I'm saying, Well, I make 2500. Or he goes 2500 a month. I said, No, a week. He goes, Ma'am, what do you do for SSI? Said, I'm a chief financial officer for SR snacks Incorporated. They thought that I am on Social Security, SSI, and that I'm so delusional, that I don't realize that I'm getting paid. I think I'm working for them. And so I am really a mental case. And when he realized that that was my net weekly, and I'm the Chief Financial Officer of a company that had the same SSI, they said, Ma'am, it seems like there's a mistake here. And then the patient advocate goes, but it says here, you said, you were Jesus coming to save the world. And I'm going, you know, I believe in Jesus, but I'm not Jesus, and I will never, I'm not. And there must have, she goes, they must have misconstrued your prayer. I said, they they must have. And it was they realized they made this big mistake. And finally they let me go.

Alex Ferrari 1:11:33
So how did this so at the end, what happened? Did you get the divorce? Did he get in trouble? What happened with with this, the final the end, the last chapter of this

Ana Christina 1:11:47
Well, I ended up losing my daughter because I was walking around the house naked. So I, so instead of going after him, I spent the next few months trying to get my daughter back. And they they put me that I'm a mental case. She's a mental hospital, she's naked. I couldn't see her without supervision. So I put all my effort on that. And they wouldn't believe that I was a victim, that I you know, and finally, my lawyer said, Go get a forensic hair analysis, because I wanted to know what happened to me that I have a heart attack, I did a scan, I did a head scan. i Why was I paralyzed? I was trying to find out what happened. And then when we did the forensic hair analysis, we found out that do you want to know what we

Alex Ferrari 1:12:43
Please! I'm on pins and needles?. I mean, don't give me the technical terms tell me like, you know, something that everybody could understand.

Ana Christina 1:12:50
Okay, well, the letter came from the doctor. Okay, I'll read you the letter. Please go ahead. Okay. I've received lab reports, which indicate indicate very high amount of several heavy metals on her hair analysis, consistent with toxicity, possibly induced by poisoning. These abnormalities include the mercury level, which is 60 Times reporting limit, Selenium 69 times the limit, and Timoney 49 times the limit left 280 times the business 40 times the limit and most disturbing variant that's 2750 times the limit the symptoms she described which were present at the same time of her psychiatric hospitalization in January, and thought to be psychotic in nature, were consistent with toxicity due to barium or perhaps mercury. Oh my gosh. So at least this report brought my daughter back. But we found out what he did. And then once I brought my daughter back, I tried to pursue him. Once I got this lab report, I went to the police station so that my life insurance showed them the lab report so that they can go and arrest him. They said the detective will call me active called me a few days later. She wanted to find out if I had a camera to video that he put the poison in my coffee. And I'm going if I had a camera, I would not

Alex Ferrari 1:14:44
Be here right now.

Ana Christina 1:14:46
And she goes well maam and there's nothing we can do right now. But I suggest you journal so that if this ever happens again, there's a record. What and she close is the case, which didn't make any sense to me until Alex, I read in the Orange County Register on June 17. That same year, look at what they the report. It says if it's America's safest city, it must be Irvine. That was where the attempted murder was. This was Irvine police. The article continued that Irvine in 2008, once again had the lowest number of crimes per capita in the country for any city with more than 100,000 people. They did not want to open and attempted murder case at that time. And not only that, the Orange County Register dated November 23, the same year 2009 listed Mission Viejo, which is where the hospital was, I was in as the third safest, safest city in the nation. And Irvine ranked fourth in the nation. So you wonder why she closed the case before she even opened it. I couldn't even get a restraining order on him. It was great. He's got away with it.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:17
Wow. So he got away with it. Wow, but you got a divorce.

Ana Christina 1:16:23
But I got a divorce.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:26
Okay, Ana this has been a wild a wild ride for me. And I'm sure for everybody listening to have a couple questions. Because we're so I mean, this is a true crime. It's a turd this turned into a true crime podcast. In many ways. This is like a true true crime near death experience. To go back into the near death experience. Excuse me, after you came back? Did you have any effects of the of the near death experience? Did you have anything that you brought back with you as far as you know, you're able to talk or, or feelings or anything like that? To the other side, just because you seem to be wrapped up in earthly affairs? And with good with good. So did you Did anything come? You know, did you come back with anything better understanding on anything?

Ana Christina 1:17:21
One thing that was very weird that I came back physically with. And I don't talk about it much, because it's hard to understand. When I came back, and I was standing in front of him. And I was trying to kick him out. And I was pacing back and forth. But when I was pleasing back and forth, I was pleasing in a way that was father was pacing. To the point, I remember, I was standing there and my father used to pace and he would put his hand behind his back. And he's walking back and forth. And then he looks, he looked at him, but it was me. And I asked him, Who am I? I remember that to say, who am I? And he looked at me, and he called my father's name, because he knew my father. And he recognized that this was my father that was walking back and forth through my body. So when you ask about something, come back physically, somehow, I feel like my father came back to help me fight this demon. When I came back, that was a weird thing. But other stuff that came back to me, I've been blessed with, with the gift that happens to me in prayer, but I'm not allowed to talk about it, what exactly it is. But it's, it's, it's an amazing connection that I have. And, and I'm so thankful for having that. Because, you know, some people will say, Well, you were delusional, you were, you know, but having that until today, this is what about 13 years later, every day. It's a confirmation. Like, it's this special thing that that he has given me and I'm really blessed. To have them. Gift with me. So that's, as far as like, I can share exactly what it is

Alex Ferrari 1:19:50
It's personal. It's personal. It's personal. I understand. I completely understand that. So let me ask you, why do you think you went through the Near Death Experience specific Lee, why don't you think you just, you know, passed? I mean, I mean, everything that you said, would basically kill most people. So you went through this near death experience. I'm curious, your thoughts on why you went if you had any idea about the actual near death experience?

Ana Christina 1:20:19
Yes. Definitely, there's a lot of people who get killed this way. And that's why I devoted the book to the souls who have been murdered by a loved one. And the voices were never heard, because there's so many people get killed, and they don't get a chance to talk about it. Apparently, first having to go through it, that what happened. I believe God needed to shut my eyes. So I can see what this man which was truly is. I was like, addicted to this man, hit me like he. And he wanted me to get off, you know, for me to see what he really is like, there was no way I could have imagined that that's what this meant. So he wanted me to see what this man is capable of, and how wicked he is. But coming back, after what I've encountered, it wasn't about what I saw. On the other side, I feel what I saw on the other side was like the cherry on top of, you know, it was just something sweet. He gave me the process of the death. My encounter, like I call it, my book, my sweet encounter with death, it was the encounter with death itself. That was phenomenal, and amazing encounter, even under horrific circumstances. And I believe what God put in my heart is to share with parents who have lost a child to a horrific method of circumstance. And they really live their child's class hours, or moments or the torture they went through. And they envision the pain and suffering and the fear and the anxiety and the loneliness, all of that, that makes a parent, it just, it can really shut not only Shatter your mind, it shatters your brain, it just can haunt you the rest of your life that you weren't there for them. I want them to know that their child was not alone at all. Because who am I to have had the comforter, comfort me throughout this ordeal. And he's not going to comfort a child or others like I'm not special. But I just it's a great message for them to know they will not alone. They were not anxious. They did not have fear. They had tremendous peace. It didn't matter what happened to the body, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't. It's like you're feeling kind of, but the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit. Like I call him the spirit of death. Like a lot of people. You know, they say the spirit of death is upon you. He is the spirit of death, but is the spirit of light. He is a spirit of peace. And he takes us and I remember, he wasn't on the other side. He was only up to the point of my last breath. It was Jesus that escorted me to the other side. The Holy Spirit was here and stayed with. He was comforting me here. And to have that knowledge, like I people, when they hear my story, they get somewhat comfort knowing that the child was not alone. So maybe that's why when he when he said I'll be back to be his ambassador. You know, we don't talk much about the Holy Spirit. There's a lot of talk about Jesus and God but we don't talk much about him. And the fact that he told me he was in every detail of my life, to have that blessing. Like I know a lot of people are going to meet him on their deathbed. He's going to reveal himself but he be too late. I am so blessed to have that knowledge of his partnership with me. He's become my true soulmate. He's become my best friend in it. 3d in so many detail. Like, I can't Alex I can't imagine my life without, I do not want to breathe one minute without him. Like the day, if God ever takes the Holy Spirit from me, I want him to take my breath away. Like that's it, I wouldn't be able to handle life. Without his partnership. He's amazing. He's such a sweet, sweet being, he's just a sweetheart, I'm sorry. It's just

Alex Ferrari 1:25:34
Ana I, I truly appreciate you telling me this story and, and telling my audience this story because it is a unique one, to say the least in the archives of what I've been doing, and speaking to wonderful souls like yourself, trying to bring hope and comfort to the world. And I hope we do a small part and doing that with this conversation. Now I'm going to ask a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Ana Christina 1:26:03
Definition of living a good life is impacting and loving others. Because you know, Alex, when it was when I heard that it was me, and not my brother, I said it's you time. What came to my mind? It wasn't the money, the work, the status. It wasn't if I live enough, but it was if I love enough. It was all about your loved ones. It was all about did I love them enough. Did I show them enough? Did I love others enough? did I impact other people's life in a positive way? In a good way? Just that's what it's all about. It's not about anything else? Not all that stuff becomes so meaningless when you're dying.

Alex Ferrari 1:27:08
All the stress all the all the like, oh, the my bills, I have to clean the bedroom. I gotta take out the trash. Gone. All gone, it's all gone.

Ana Christina 1:27:21
The mink coats the diamonds,

Alex Ferrari 1:27:23
The person who tried to kill me, the person who stole money from me, the person who cut me off in traffic, it's gone.

Ana Christina 1:27:36
And you feel really like a fool if you haven't invested in loving, and being Hi. She's being kind and forgiving. Even forgive me. I forgive that man. I forgive them. And I forgive him. Because he's not worth it to not free. He's not worth it to carry or to be bitter about. I'm done with it. I lift him up to the Lord. Let God deal with him. I don't deal with that. Having bitterness and anguish and anger. No, no. It's exactly it only hurts you. It's not worth it. And there's people out there not worth it. Because at the end of the day, they moved on with their life. It's you that are burning and thinking and really, it's not worth it. It's not.

Alex Ferrari 1:28:39
So my next question is if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to the little girl, who was you? What would you what advice would you give them? Besides, stay away from that guy, man, Sam. Obviously, besides that, there's going to be a guy whose name is Sam runaway?

Ana Christina 1:29:03
You know what I like? That's an interesting question. Because I would not tell her to run. You know why? Because if it wasn't for him, I would not have experience that beautiful blessing that I encountered now. I would go through it again. I am so grateful for all the screw ups that I've done growing up all the bad decisions. And thinking I understood that I screwed up a lot. I made bad decisions. And I trusted a lot and I lost so much money. I worked hard actually this week is my first actually Today's my first day in retirement finally. Congratulations, congratulations. I'm going enough. But I worked hard on In my life and I was taken advantage of because I trusted, but it's okay. It's okay. Because at the end, I encountered what I encountered. And that encounter is priceless. It's priceless to have encountered that and to come back and to live like knowing what I know what I see the compassion of God the love. I, I get taller, do it over again.

Alex Ferrari 1:30:35
How do you define God?

Ana Christina 1:30:37
Oh, wow. God is truly an endless love and compassion and sweetness, and just anything good? Is God. Anything good that we know, he's just goodness, he's so sweet. He's it's just there's no words to describe. You're just an awesome, loving, loving, loving God to all of us, all of us. Every child, every mankind, it's not he loves Christians and doesn't love Muslims or zoo is no, he loves all mankind, every one of us and He forgives, and a lot of us are screwed up. And there are a lot of people that are bad in this world, he'll give them chances. I think he will under this bent. He's not there to condemn us to love us.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:46
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Ana Christina 1:31:49
Wow. That's, you ask the deep questions.

Alex Ferrari 1:31:57
This is not my first barbecue.

Ana Christina 1:32:03
To me, you know, we all go through life looking for purpose. And wanting to find that purpose. And to me, I found my purpose is to be kind and loving and teach and grow and set a good example. And help people grow, help people with their hardships just be there. It's it's a journey that we're all on. And some of us choose the hard way. Because we listen to our mind. And we were stubborn, and we want to do it on our own. And others are wiser. It's all going to end up at the end, you know, a certain way. But some is going to be easier than the other. We all have different journeys, different purposes. It's hard to say there's only one for each one is us different. You know, each one of us is unique.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:12
Now, where can people find out more about you your book and the work that you're doing?

Ana Christina 1:33:18
I have a website So if they go on there, they can find the book and follow me or do something. And they can contact me I love to hear from them. Like this year is my first year that I'm speaking out now and, and reaching more people and I love when I hear from my viewers. It's just, it's amazing. And I love to hear how my story impacts them. To me that's so humbling to know that what I went through, helped somebody else in their trials that that's just what it's all about. So and if they can't afford to buy the book, reach out. I tried to tell my whole story. There's more detail in the book, of course, but I tried to tell it so people don't have to pay to buy the book. But they can reach me.

Alex Ferrari 1:34:21
Ana thank you so much for this. Do you have any parting question, parting messages for the audience?

Ana Christina 1:34:26
Don't wait till your deathbed to discover that you have a beautiful soulmate a partner that is with you in every detail. Don't wait.

Alex Ferrari 1:34:41
Ana I thank you so much for this thank you so much for telling this story and I really do hope it it brings comfort and support to people around the world. My dear thank you so much. I appreciate your bravery. And and thank you.

Ana Christina 1:34:53
Thank you Alex for having me. It was such a pleasure. God bless you!

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