Canada’s TOP Psychic Medium REVEAL Humanity’s FUTURE WARS & BIG CHANGES COMING! with Amber Cavanagh

On today’s episode, we welcome Amber Cavanagh, a remarkable medium known as the “West Coast Medium,” who shares her profound journey through life, death, and the in-between. Our conversation with Amber unveils the intricate tapestry of her abilities, her struggles, and the transformative experiences that have shaped her path.

Amber’s extraordinary abilities manifested early in her life. From childhood, she could see dead people, a gift that made her feel isolated and different. “I was born being able to see dead people. I didn’t know they were dead, obviously, but I just thought a bunch of adults ignored certain people,” Amber recounts. This early exposure to the spirit world, compounded by psychic visions of tragedies, left her feeling alienated and overwhelmed.

Her journey took a significant turn with a near-death experience (NDE), which not only affirmed her psychic abilities but also provided her with a deeper understanding of her purpose. She describes this experience as a moment of profound clarity. “When you’re on the other side, there literally is no why—that word doesn’t exist because you know absolutely everything,” she explains. This glimpse into the other side reinforced her belief that life on Earth is part of a broader, loving plan, and we are never truly alone.

Amber’s role as a medium involves conveying messages from the spirit world, a process that has evolved over time. Initially fraught with fear and responsibility, her abilities became more fluid after her stroke. She describes her current method of communication as telepathic, where her guides’ thoughts become her words. This shift has allowed her to deliver messages with greater clarity and ease. “Their thoughts become my words,” she says, highlighting the seamless nature of her connection with the spirit world.

In our discussion, Amber also addresses common misconceptions about mediums. One significant point she makes is the non-existence of demons and negative entities, a topic often misunderstood. “Hell doesn’t exist. There are no demons. There are no negative entities,” she asserts. According to Amber, all spirits, regardless of their earthly actions, return to the same loving source. This perspective emphasizes the importance of understanding and compassion over judgment.

Amber’s journey has not been without its challenges. From a difficult childhood marked by a lack of understanding from her family to the profound impact of her stroke, she has navigated numerous obstacles. Yet, she views these experiences as essential to her growth and purpose. “I am so grateful now that I had a massive stroke. Sometimes I’m not, sometimes I’m angry, but all of it has a purpose,” she reflects. Her story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the profound support that surrounds us.


  1. We Are Not Alone: Amber emphasizes that we are always supported by our guides, loved ones who have crossed over, and the divine presence. Even in moments of profound isolation, we are surrounded by loving energy.
  2. The Power of Compassion: Understanding the struggles and experiences of others without judgment fosters greater compassion and unity. This collective empathy is essential as we navigate through challenging times.
  3. Life as a Journey of Growth: Every challenge and hardship we face is part of a larger, pre-planned journey designed for our spiritual growth. Accepting this can bring peace and purpose to our lives.

Amber’s insights remind us of the interconnectedness of all beings and the importance of empathy and understanding in our spiritual journey. Her experiences, both challenging and enlightening, offer a powerful message about the resilience of the human spirit and the eternal support that surrounds us.

Please enjoy my conversation with Amber Cavanagh.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 415

Amber Cavanagh 0:00
I'm cautious, especially with politics, especially because I am not American. I live in Canada, but it's hard as like one of the closest neighbors to watch the collective learning happening. And just the, the, I don't want to say chaos, but a lot of fear of oh my gosh, what's to come, but in a way, again, people are coming together, people who maybe never would have understood each other are coming together for a collective purpose, whether it's your belief or another belief, there's a coming together and an understanding that what I do affects so much more than just to me, and that is where we are headed. Things are gonna get worse before they get better. But at least for our guides, they think, Wow, that's great, because we're learning so much and learning things we've never learned before.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Amber Cavanagh, how you doing?

Amber Cavanagh 1:10
Good thanks. I'm happy to be back.

Alex Ferrari 1:12
Thank you so much for coming back on the show. The first time you were on, we're really focused on your near death experience, which is, you know, eventful, to say the least. But you're also have another part of your life, which is a medium, and you're known as the West Coast Medium. So anytime I say the word mediums, it's assumed psychic medium, I assume? Correct. So I wanted to kind of go into that world with you a little bit because I've had a lot of psychic mediums on the show before and everyone's a little bit different. Everyone's a little bit different on how they how they approach the work. But yours is a I haven't I don't think I've had anybody on the show that received these abilities after a near death experience. So that's an interesting aspect to your story. So after your near death experience, how soon or when did you first?

Amber Cavanagh 2:02
I know it was before.

Alex Ferrari 2:05
Oh, it was before for you as well?

Amber Cavanagh 2:06

Alex Ferrari 2:08

Amber Cavanagh 2:08
So I was born this way I was born being able to see dead people. I didn't know they were dead, obviously. But I just thought a bunch of adults ignored certain people. And I didn't figure it out till much later, I was born psychic as well. But not in a good way. I would know awful things, horrible things, accidents, mass tragedies, animal attacks and stuff like that, because I didn't know how to set boundaries. And I was a kid and I. So I thought I was causing all of it, which obviously I wasn't. But when you're seven or eight, and you dream that there's a plane crash. And then a couple days later, there is a plane crash. It's like, Well, did I do that? Like? Are my dreams coming? True? So I knew I was different. My whole life, my family knew I was different as well.

Alex Ferrari 2:09
Is it typical? Is it typical for a psychic to be given those kinds of images or those kinds of messages? So Young? Or is the three of you I mean, I don't know if you've ever spoken to other psychics, but like, is it general. It seems like it's trauma. It's very traumatic, for you as a child.

Amber Cavanagh 3:23
Yeah, well, and it's, you just feel so different than anyone else so isolated, and didn't tell people what I was seeing and feeling. And I think a lot of people that are like born with these gifts and are aware do have some rough moments, especially if they don't have family that also is this way. So I think it would have been easier if like, my mom was psychic and could be like, You know what, just set these boundaries and you're in control of what you see and how you see it. But I didn't have that, you know, nobody in my family is like me, so it was scary. And when I was around 13 14. I learned unfortunately, if I smoke pot, or I drink alcohol, it turns it off. And I can completely ignore there's no dead people around. So it was like setting a boundary but not in a healthy way. Thankfully, I didn't go deeper into that. And because I'm sure something like, you know, bigger drugs would have just really turned it off. But I again, I'm a really old soul. And so I somehow knew not to do that. I did that just for a couple of years. Just because I felt so odd. And and I just didn't want to be that way. Right and I didn't want people think I was crazy. And then I moved to Mexico and I had like a spiritual awakening like a vision where I had to choose a path and one of them was the drugs, the alcohol, the parties, all of that. And the other one didn't show anything. It except light. And I was like, well, the light looks more welcoming. But I didn't know. And as a teenager, you want to know, right? We want to know, we're very ego driven when we're in our early teens. And we like I wanted to know, like, how do I make that choice? I don't know what's coming. Whereas on this side, it's all my friends and everything I'm doing. And I chose the light path, but my teenage brain thought that meant religion. Right. So, you know, I went down that path, I started going to church, none of my family went to church. And that also turned it off. Because, you know, I then was a sinner if I was participating in that. And so it, it kind of worked like the drugs and the alcohol to shut it down. And I did that for quite a while before I finally accepted my gifts.

Alex Ferrari 5:52
How was how did your family and people around you deal with this? And how did you deal with them dealing with it?

Amber Cavanagh 6:00
When I was younger, I was like, the crazy person. Like I was very emotional. I people would say sense that it was because I'm a really strong empath. So I feel everything. And so I wasn't like, approachable. And I was very angry. Like, from the moment I was born, I was angry. And I never knew why or the reason, but I was just angry at the world, I couldn't understand why everybody else's lives seem so easy. And mine was so hard just to get through each day. And I was so affected by people. And it was so frustrating. So, you know, I moved out at 14, because it was just too much. And, and I did go back and forth a little bit. I was homeless for a bit. I couch served stayed with friends, stuff like that. But I just never fit. I fit now, thankfully. But I never fit. And I never understood why. And I couldn't like I could see dead people, but I couldn't talk to them. I couldn't have a back and forth, which I can now so how do you ask? Why are you why you're here? Why are you sort of around me all the time? What do you need if you can't talk to them? And so that came later.

Alex Ferrari 7:17
So it was very much like sixth sense. And that sense. You were a child that could see dead people. But they really did they try to communicate with you.

Amber Cavanagh 7:25
And I think so but it just made me so anxious, and so angry. And then I would use my coping skills to shut it down. So until I actually sort of was open to it, and it happened like this, just one day it was on and I never looked back. And then it was so easy. And I was like How did I not know, you just have to listen, you just have to know and like, they don't necessarily have to speak out loud. They don't have to anymore, especially since the stroke. It's all telepathic. But it's so simple now. And it's not scary at all, if ever I'm uncomfortable or anything like that I can set a boundary and if that situation or that type of communication never happens again.

Alex Ferrari 8:09
Why do you think you went through that kind of traumatic upbringing with these abilities? Because there are psychics who, like you say, are born into a family who has been doing it for years and or generations, and they like, oh, it's your honey, you have the gift. You get to see the ghost. This is how it's going to work and explain it. Why do you think on a soul level, you chose to go through this?

Amber Cavanagh 8:34
I think my huge lesson in this life outside of my gifts and stuff like that, is that no matter what, I am not alone, and I belong, even if I don't feel like it. And for me, I needed to feel like I was alone in the world, to make sense of why I was born this way. And my family is very or was very chaotic. And I needed to get out of that in order to figure out who I was. And so none of it really made sense. Until the stroke until I accepted my gifts in 2015-16. The stroke was until later. And then I just it all made sense. I never would have gotten to this place. If I had a super supportive family. You know, I never would have turned to any of those coping skills. I never would have chosen religion and learned about that I never would have married my first husband, which was in the religious church. You know, it took all of those things to create the person I am now and I truly believe even this is hard for people to understand, but we plan these lives long before we come into them. I chose all of this The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. My human self did not you know a child isn't waking up choosing to be abused or you You know, some a person in an abusive marriage isn't being isn't choosing to be abused every day. But I did choose what I was going to do in this life and the path I was going to walk. And I did it with love, not hatred, it's not punishment. And so the steps I had to take to get here, how to purpose, even the stroke, you know, I am so grateful now that I had a massive stroke. Sometimes I'm not sometimes I'm angry, you know, my body doesn't work the way it used to. And that's frustrating. And I struggle with speech, when I'm not channeling which my guides are here. So I can speak quite well. But when they're not here, you know, I have aphasia and all sorts of other things. But all of it has a purpose. And all of it brought me here, I wouldn't be here doing this, I would probably be drug addict, or still living with my parents, because I couldn't function or cope.

Alex Ferrari 10:56
You chose the gift and you said, I accept it, then you had a stroke afterwards. Right? Then you had to do that. So what was the purpose? And I think I might have asked you this before. But if you can, if you can humor me? Why do you think the near death experience happened to you if you've already chosen the correct path, the path that you're on already? Why do you think that was needed? Because a lot of times for my understanding near death experiences are brought to a soul to shake them up, you're on the wrong path or to give them the do you want out and start again later. All these kinds of things that from what I understand happens in near death experiences. Why did it happen to you?

Amber Cavanagh 11:32
I think for that reason, I wanted to know always the why I needed to know why I was the way I was and if everything I was saying to the world at the time was actually true because I am a type a you know, used to be religious, very straight edge, like kind of soccer mom, dance mom, not soccer mom. But, you know, like, I have always just wanted because of how I was born, I wanted to fit in, I took social work, I worked in mental health and addictions. And after I accepted my gifts, I'm now saying all of these things that I would not have believed. And I needed to know, without a shadow of a doubt that what I'm saying to everyone made sense, and that everything that I am essentially like preaching, although I don't think I really preach but saying to people, you know, everything's gonna be okay. You have your guides, you have planned this life, you have this purpose, and it's wonderful. And why do bad things happen to good people all I needed to know the why. And when you're on the other side, There literally is no why that word doesn't exist, because you know, absolutely everything. And in a way, I needed a little bit to be shaken up. Because I was happy with my status quo, I would have been totally fine to sit in my house, do my occasional readings, and not participate much more than that. I didn't want to write a book I didn't want to do all public speaking and stuff like that. And my guides needed to kind of go you know what, like, even though you've had a difficult life, there's so much more that you could do so much more that you can give to people and I needed that sort of shake up to get moving.

Alex Ferrari 13:22
Now, what is your what is your process when you are explained to people the concept of the psychic medium because a medium is someone who speaks to the two souls on the other side, where psychics are, quote, unquote, seeing the future or seeing events before they happen? Can you explain your process and kind of what that is for you?

Amber Cavanagh 13:42
As far as I know, all mediums are somewhat psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. So I am both. So I'm a medium, a psychic, an empath, a healer, a medical intuitive, and an animal communicator, which I just think is fun. And so all of those things can come into any reading. Since the stroke, I have not been doing mediumship I don't know why. At first, I blamed it on I didn't want to die because there was this draw to go back to the other side. And when I saw dead people, I was like, it's so easy there. I wouldn't mind having another stroke tonight and going back and that now my purpose has shifted. And I'm really enjoying speaking to people souls. So when I sit down, I actually have a little prayer right beside me. And I go through that, and then I cleanse my energy and I asked spirit for their thoughts to become my words. I don't need a middle ground anymore. Before the stroke, they would talk, I would listen. And then I would try to repeat but there can be things that get lost in translation right or different inflections or tones, they use that I get wrong. And so now I sort of, in a way, put my human self to the side, and I allow them to sort of talk through be and so I often say I read people's souls, I know why you are the way you are, what you're working on what you're struggling with, and where you're going to go. And I also know what I can and can't say, just because you want to hear it doesn't mean you need it. And I have a very firm boundary about that, which I think some people maybe don't like. But what I say can impact your future. You know, if I tell you, you're gonna get cancer in five years, and there's nothing you can do about it, you're gonna miss, like, think about that so much that you will manifest it long before the five years. And that's just not helpful. I don't think so. I had the same process, always. But I talked to many, many different souls and energies and guides.

Alex Ferrari 15:47
So it sounds almost like you're channeling in many ways. Yes. Yeah. So it's, it's almost a channeling process. You don't go into a trance. But everything you said, it's verbatim what my channels I are friends with say that they do. Yeah, like, I put myself to the side, they come through me. I'm still conscious. But I'm just just kind of using me to come there's no middleman anymore. Like you said,

Amber Cavanagh 16:12
Yeah. And that was after the stroke before the stroke, I was not comfortable. I like to have my human self there. So I could say, I'm not saying that, like, that's not going to be I am absolute, like when people when they call people out or say something that I know is going to upset them. I would just not say it. And so after the stroke, that ability to sort of shut them down enough so that I can just talk is gone. Now it's their thoughts become my words, it's very telepathic. I'm not so tired when I do it anymore, because it's their energy. So I'm just saying what they're saying. I don't have to ask for clarification, like I used to, which is super nice. And the stroke really gave me that I don't have that fear of the human ego being damaged, or me feeling like there's something wrong with me that I, you know, saying the wrong things, I just trust that they're gonna say exactly what needs to be said, for the person sitting with me.

Alex Ferrari 17:14
And who is who are the spirits or entities you're speaking to? Is it your spirit guides? Or is it the spirit guide of the person you're, you're reading.

Amber Cavanagh 17:23
So kind of both, I used to try to always tune into the person's spirit guides, because they know them best. But on the other side, time and space don't exist. I'm more comfortable with my spirit guides. And so they talk, but the information that comes from the other person's guides, but I like my guides in the room, I don't like a room full of spirit. Like, if there's 10 People standing here, I'm like, Okay, it's a little, let's just stand back and not have so many. So mostly, it's my guides, my two main guides, Gail, and Jessica. And then I have a other kind of guide. I gave him the name Peter. He's a much love higher level of consciousness. But his actual name is something weird like ca or RA or something, I don't know. But I call them Peter

Alex Ferrari 18:15
Pete, Pete, Pete for short.

Amber Cavanagh 18:21
Much more palatable. And he is the only one I let fully come into my body to speak. He talks a lot different than me very slow. He articulate and he doesn't have a lot of feeling in his voice. It's quite monotone. So I only I haven't done one since the stroke. But if you go back and people go back in my old YouTube videos, there's full videos of me channeling him. And it's very strange. And it makes me more tired.

Alex Ferrari 18:51
When you're channeling but when you're channeling or the gals Yeah, you're good.

Amber Cavanagh 18:56
Yeah. Yeah. And I have slowly started doing a little bit of mediumship. Just when I know because I focus on what people need, not what they want, which some don't like when they go to a psychic to you know, I'm not going to tell you your life, it's going to be wonderful, you're gonna meet this great man or woman and blah, blah, because that's not helpful. I want to focus on what you're needing to do. So you actually can get to the place where you do all those things. But yeah, I I think I do it maybe a little different than other people, but I enjoy it.

Alex Ferrari 19:31
I think I think also that, you know, the concept of the psychic is is always the, you know, the Gypsy with a crystal ball in the room and that kind of stuff. And you know, one of the reasons I love having these conversations on the show is to kind of demystify this process for people because so many people think that that's what a psychic is, or medium is or even a channel is, and it's not like well, perfect example is Whoopi Goldberg and ghost like She literally was almost the that kind of like crystal ball kind of medium. And in that that image is still and throughout history and in books and everything like that. So that's why I like to kind of break down these barriers for people to kind of see like, look, there's a human being here. And I only say I always say this to people like what you're doing. You know, there are easier hustles out there. There are certainly, there's such easier hustles to do out there than this. Because you really put yourself especially if you're quiet and anonymous, it's one thing, but you're out there. You've written a book, you're Yeah, you know, all this stuff. Oh, and by the way, can you tell everybody that you don't get rich off the books? No. People think that like, Oh, they're just peddling books. I have two books. It's, you know, I can't support a family off of that.

Amber Cavanagh 20:55
Definitely, I don't think I could even pay for my groceries.

Alex Ferrari 21:00
It's more just to get it out there for people to read your story and read things like that. It's not really a rich making process. Unless your last name is, you know, King, or Patterson or Rowling.

Amber Cavanagh 21:12
Yeah, but no, other than that, it's just a kind of a heart project, right? So that people that can't get in to see me can hear what my guides have to say, and what I have to eat in my book, both all three of my guides have their own chapter, which is, I think super cool. That was yeah, no, you don't get rich, that's for sure. I've had some I've seen some comments on like podcast stuff. And the one the last one I did with you. It's like, every time and I'm like, what?

Alex Ferrari 21:42
Every time they're peddling books, I see that comment too from people. And I'm like, that's why I'm bringing it up. So people are listening in guy, you don't get rich off of books. If you publish it with a publisher, even worse, really don't get any money not, don't get money, a lot of money off of it. It's like having an album with a with a record label, you're not going to make money off. You make money on the tours, but you're not making money off the records. So during your all your work, is there a moment that a reading that was so profound, not only to the client, but also to you that kind of really changed you when that information came through.

Amber Cavanagh 22:24
I think I actually the first year, I did this in 2016. I journaled. I don't know why I just felt like I needed to journal each reading. And there were a few. One of them, I don't know why it stands out to me, because it wasn't the most profound. But it just was such a, I think gift for the person I was reading it was a parent who came to me who had lost their child. But the child was like 2021, something like that. And, you know, I go through the reading, and he was not a believer, somebody had bought him this reading to try and help him deal with the loss of his daughter. And so I'm going through the reading and she says a whole bunch of stuff. And she comes to the end. And I could tell he was still kinda like, you know, I just don't know if this is act. And then his daughter speaks up and says, you know, he has planted a beautiful garden, like in memory of me, but he's missing one thing. And so I said that and he's like, Well, what, like I put everything in there. And she says he needs to plant raspberry bushes. And I'm like, that's not even flowers, raspberry bushes. So I said it because, you know, that's what she said. And he starts bawling. And I'm like, Oh my God, what did I do? Like, I made it worse. And he's like, that gave me what I needed. He said, My daughter was like traveling, working on farms to make money and she was working at a raspberry farm picking raspberries. And she got stung by a bee. And she died. She didn't know she was anaphylactic. And I'm like, so it's such a strange thing to have to say. But I just in that moment could like visibly see the healing of she is actually okay, because he was so scared that, you know, her life was cut short. And a couple of times that has happened. I had another one. I used to do live events, live channel, channeling events, just mediumship and I had a couple there who had lost their son, and he was loud. Like he was not going to let me not talk to him. And so I'm like, All right, like as long as you keep it kind of clean, because I could tell he was a little rough around the edges and I'm talking to the parents and again, you know, I could tell they were kind of like oh, like Is this him because there was 100 people there. And so I I delivered the message there pretty quick. And I went to turn around to walk away. And he said, you have to say this. And I just thought he was like one last thing. But he made me turn around and say, in heaven, I can go as fast as I want on my motorbike and never have a consequence. And he's laughing. And I said, He's smiling. And both of them started bawling. I'm like, Oh, God, I've done it again. Why do you guys keep doing this to make me this bad? And they're like, No, that's what we needed. He died. Speeding so fast on his motorbike, and he was again, like 2021. And to them, it wasn't cemented that it was him because it was in their minds to general. And when he said that, they just knew he's okay. He's still laughing about it. It didn't devastated him. He's not getting punished. So things like that for me when I just see like, visible, palpable healing of understanding that their loved one is okay. I love it.

Alex Ferrari 26:06
It's not all about winning the lottery ticket numbers, basically.

Amber Cavanagh 26:10
My husband, my poor husband, last Sunday, I knew who was going to win the Super Bowl, but I won't say because

Alex Ferrari 26:21
I would have take you out of the house. I would have kicked you out of the house. Are you kidding me?

Amber Cavanagh 26:25
Well, he was at work. He was watching it at work. And so I texted him, I said, Oh, have the Chiefs won it yet. And he's like, Don't do this to me. It was right near the end when they were actually winning. But then they then they, yeah, right at all. That's right. And then I told why. And I said earlier, my kids, they're like, who's gonna win? I'm and I'm like, as long as you don't tell anybody, I'll tell you who's gonna win. And they're like, Okay, so I went back and forth with Mike. And I'm like, Just kidding. It's not that and then they the other team scored Right? Or whatever. And after Mike's like, you totally new, didn't you? I'm like, No. And so he got the kids on the phone. And I'm telling you who's gonna win the Superbowl? Like, yeah, it's like, couldn't you have sent that to me like 10 minutes before it ended when they were losing, so I can make a bet and make some freakin money. I'm like, no. So that part of it's kind of fun, but I try not to ever use it for especially personal profit. Honestly, I charged for my readings. But, you know, I try never to give lottery numbers give, like things that people can bet on stuff like that.

Alex Ferrari 27:36
Generally, from my understanding, that kind of stuff doesn't come through even.

Amber Cavanagh 27:42
It does. Sometimes we just are supposed to, not right. So I think a lot of people just try not to and set a boundary there. But because my husband's football crazy, that's the one area that I've kind of been like, oh, I kind of want to know. So I have notes in my phone, my psychic notes and so in, there's always who's going to win the big things that he pays attention to.

Alex Ferrari 28:05
Well, also, also, if you're a as a as a psychic, and this information is coming in there, it's a giant responsibility on your shoulders, to be to curate this kind of information. But also if you start using it inappropriately, for better men of yourself, or to hurt someone, or things like hey, you're gonna have cancer in five years, that kind of information, there's a karmic consequence to

Amber Cavanagh 28:30
There's consequences for the people you tell to you know, I, I don't ever anymore, tell people when anyone's going to die. And when anyone is going to get pregnant, because I see a soul. I don't see whether they live. So I used to tell people when they're gonna get pregnant, especially because I have had infertility and I always my heart hurts for them. And I told somebody, you're gonna get pregnant and whatever, June or something, and they did, and then they miscarried. And it was years before they got you know, so that's on me. I've just told this person that they're, and then they go through this huge loss, right? So I definitely have my my boundaries of what I can and can't say. And I think that's super important. But some people don't honor that. And, you know, it's not the wrong path for them to be on. It's a different lesson. It's a different set of things that they're going to go through, but I just try not to negatively affect anyone.

Alex Ferrari 29:31
Now, you also said that you put a boundary so there is a moment that you put up close signs and open signs for business, if you will,

Amber Cavanagh 29:38
I call it like a light switch. This is my office when I'm working. I'm in I'm tuned in I'm working when I walk out the door. I don't remember anything I've said for interviews I do. But like when I'm actually channeling and working with somebody, I don't remember their faces, because I just don't want to take any of that into my A personal life, the one thing I still struggle with is if people have lost children, just because it touches me on a different sort of level, and sometimes I'll take that with me, and it'll take me a bit to let it go. And if it's something I'm learning, I take it with me,

Alex Ferrari 30:17
Is there an instance where a message that came in from the spirit world surprised you or challenged you or your beliefs?

Amber Cavanagh 30:26
I don't know. I think once in a while, I really struggle with people who just don't, I don't know, like they, they want me to prove something to them. And as soon as that happens, it just shuts everything down. And I still know everything, I can't say it. So just like I can't tell you when you're gonna die. I'm not, you know, some people will be like it unless you tell me this word, or this memory, you're a liar. And you're, you know, the challenge, all of a sudden, I can't do it. And it's so annoying, because I do have a human ego just like everybody else. And I know that normally, I am capable of that. But it is not my job to give somebody faith. And it can actually be detrimental to them if they are meant to get like gain faith on their own. And I magically give it to them. It could potentially make them say, Okay, I've learned everything and then peace out and go back to the other side. Right? Like, it's not these little tiny moments. It's much bigger than that. And I think that challenges me I still once in a while, really struggles, cuz I'm human with this is my life now. You know, like, again, like, I was a social worker, you know, I was a stay at home mom on and off and I you know, was super well respected. And now I'm, especially in my town, this psychic medium that people run up to me and cry. And that's my life now. And that is challenging. It's, it just is.

Alex Ferrari 32:04
And so, I mean, that must be very interesting, though. Because you're known in town, I guess your town you're known as the West Coast media or, you know, psychic, you know, or that crazy lady. Right, so you get both of you people like oh my god, thank you so much. Oh, can you tell me something or, or other people are like, How dare you you're a charlatan? Or you're obviously you're talking to demons? Obviously, all the time going to hell? Obviously, you're going to hell with talking to demons? Well, let me let me ask you this question, then. How do you know? Because I get this question all the time. How do you know who you're talking to? Isn't a negative or evil entity as opposed to someone who's positive entity? I know it sounds ridiculous. A guy can see it in your face. Oh, no. I agree. No, no. The truth, the truth of who you are. I could see it in your face. Like, of course, it's not a demon. I always tell people, if they're demons, they're doing really, really bad job as being demons. Because it's talking about love and trying to help people.

Amber Cavanagh 33:07
Well, my face is like this because nobody likes a lot of people don't like my answer to this. But oh, it's even hard saying it because I know online people are so specially like religious and stuff, right? But hell doesn't exist. There are no demons. There are no negative entities. There's no people haunting houses. And I think people struggle with that. But spirit is on the other side, always. And when you think of them, they're right next to you. So whether it's somebody you love, or it's somebody you're thinking of like, The Grapes of the world, or right or whatever, their energy is right next to you. So people walk into haunted houses, they go, whoo, I wonder if we're going to see a ghost or hear a ghost and the people that like that house, or you know what died there are like, hey, somebody's thinking about me, and let me go down there and see it. But it's not possible for me to talk to demons because they don't exist. And I know people have a hard time with that. Because as humans, we base our lives on punishment and reward. That's just how we are our society is punishment and reward based. The other side doesn't work like that. There are no punishments. And I know so many people have a hard time with that and the things that always come up always the same name, Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy like all of these people, that is one small piece of a much bigger soul. You cannot punish one piece of an infinite being, you just can't. They're all learning together. So when I think of our souls on the other side, my little analogy is our soul is a rain cloud and all other lives worth living are raindrops, they come down, they learned they do stop, and they go back up. So that Hitler's raindrop is just one raindrop of infinite raindrops. And we understand on the other side, that we're going to live every facet of what it means to be human. You can't do that in one life, obviously. So there's loads of lives and in some lives, you're going to be a wonderful, great person, some lives, you're going to be a total nightmare, or an abuser, or whatever it is, and people don't like that. But there is no hell, there's no eternal punishment, there is no demons haunting everyone. There's nobody stuck here, low energies that can do that. My interest is my true belief.

Alex Ferrari 35:47
What my understanding is, because I've spoken to other mediums about the ghost aspect, and they say that you're very, very similar to what you're saying is that they don't, they're not locked in a house. They might go visit it often. Or they might be drawn there. But they don't, they're not stuck there. They kind of cope

Amber Cavanagh 36:06
Time and space don't exist on the other side, right? So the Spirit, even though for us, they lived 200 years ago, that's not a thing on the other side, right? In that in the Spirit's mind. Everything's happening all at once. So what whether you're here 200 years later, that doesn't really factor into why and how they come and visit.

Alex Ferrari 36:29
And then another kind of another brain twister, is that you just said it, everything's happening all at once. So that's, let's say, Betty who lived in the 1800s and died in this house. Well, that aspect of the soul is still around. So Betty can come back and forth. But at the same time, that rain crowd, Cloud has already dropped another drop and is living another life. And if you really want to get really screwy, all the raindrops have been dropped at the exact same time and all living at the exact same time.

Amber Cavanagh 37:03
Yes. And throughout time. Right. Yeah. So you have raindrops 500 years ago, 1000 years in the future. You have other raindrops at this time when my guides explained it to me and this took me a while to wrap my head around. Yeah, there are millions of souls. But there are billions of people on the planet right now. Right so how does that but I still don't fully understand Yeah. But they they have like explained that's just how it is. Yes, they're all individuals right? My all my souls don't look like me. I'm men, women, black, white, every other race, culture, color, everything. But all part of the same written cloud, you can't punish the entire rain cloud. Because rate one raindrop as an asshole. Right?

Alex Ferrari 37:56
Very, very, very true. Truer words cannot be said. No, now what is the biggest misconception people have of psychic mediums?

Amber Cavanagh 38:06
I think that we are always you know, we sit with our crystals and our cards and surrounded and all and we're always participating and always willing to channel you know, and some people are some people are much more immersed in it, I try to really strike a balance because I have teenagers, you know, and I, they have lives and I'm doing all those things. But I think that we're all kind of hippies that dance around fires with crystal balls. And you know, all of that's just not how it usually is. And especially as we are sort of working towards this collective awakening. So many more people are being born like me, so it's gonna shift and change. You know, when I was born in the 80s, the psychics were like the one 900 numbers, you know, where are you?

Alex Ferrari 38:59
Oh, yeah. That was Cleo, Cleo. Yes. Ms. Cleo Ms. Cleo.

Amber Cavanagh 39:05
Now children are being born fully aware of the other side, and it's going to change so much. Over the next 20 years. It's not even gonna resemble anything that was going on in the 80s and stuff like that. And it's gonna become very common place.

Alex Ferrari 39:21
Well 20 years ago doesn't resemble. Yeah, we are now I mean, yeah.

Amber Cavanagh 39:25
And so many people respect people like me. You know, even when I accepted my gifts, it was still like, like, that's, and that was only what 2015 You know, nine years ago, but it's changing so rapidly.

Alex Ferrari 39:41
Oh, God. Yes. Even I mean, I've had the show now. We've been since 2021. And even in the time that I've had this show, I've seen this. I've been seeing shifts. I've seen you know, I have I'm a unique in the sense that I get to talk to a lot of people like yourself, yeah, people have had very interesting experience. In life, people who do this kind of work, and my job is to shine a light on the work that you guys are doing, and normalize it and normalize it. So it's not this backdoor, you know, kind of crystal Bali, you know, carnival act, but like there's human beings here, and people are being much more, much more respectful for and much more curious about these kinds of conversations. And if the numbers of you know, of these interviews are saying anything, there's a lot of people around the world who are truly interested in seeing what this is all about, because you've always heard about it, you know, you would have been burned at the stake a couple 100 years ago,

Amber Cavanagh 40:41
I actually was,

Alex Ferrari 40:43
I'm sure I was at one point or another, because it took me a while to even get this show going. Because I was afraid. And I'm not even doing it. I'm just talking to people.

Amber Cavanagh 40:53
So there's so much more interest, I think, and it's not so frowned upon. You know, when I was still in the church, when I accepted my gifts, I was raising my kids in the church. And we were born again Christians. And they were okay with the mediumship. Because in their mind, like, we're close to spirit, right? They were not okay with the psychic, because then you're a false prophet. And I think now even that sometimes our is changing. Because I think people are starting to understand there has to be more to life than this, and not the punishment, wrath, judgment stuff, but the loving, Wow, I feel like there actually is a purpose here. And there's something to be said about having faith outside of where we usually have placed our faith.

Alex Ferrari 41:47
You know what's interesting about that, because as I as I joke all the time, I'm a recovering Catholic. And, and, in, in religion, and again, it's, it's fine if you're in religion, and that makes you feel good. As long as you're not hurting anybody else, not fear based. It's great, fine, walk that path, that's completely acceptable. But from what I understand, at least from my experience in the Catholic Church, they don't truly give meaning to things. There's just more fear based kind of stuff like hell, and, you know, hell and heaven and all this kind of stuff, and you get one life, and that's it. But the conversation we're having gives a lot more context, it's much more complex, of, of what we're of why we're here. And I think that's what people are searching for this, it's almost like a lot of these older religions are one note. And, and we're looking for a symphony. Yeah. To explain, because this is a very complex thing, it's very difficult to walk through life, life is not an easy thing. It is not for the Italia is that it's not for the faint of heart. Some people have a harder walk than others, but all of us feel everything at one point or another, you're going to feel pain, you're going to feel hurt, you're going to feel love, hopefully, you're going to feel wins and losses. And every everybody walks up and no one gets hurt. No one gets out of here scot free, everyone's gonna feel a little bit of something along the way. And the context of what these older religions have to say about it is very monotone. Just yeah. And I think people are like, this doesn't make any sense. But when they hear someone like you and me having a conversation, or they, you know, maybe read, you know, books about some ancient texts that have been kind of pushed away, because they've got, God forbid, you give people the power for themselves to talk to a god. Yeah, that kind of stuff. It's not about control. It's about inner power, which is what we're talking about, is about inner power and finding peace within ourselves and finding understanding of why we're walking this earth within ourselves. That's dangerous for people who are looking for control people. Yeah, well, for people who want freedom of themselves. It's really, really powerful. Would you agree?

Amber Cavanagh 44:04
Yeah. 100%. And there was a time when very strict religion was needed to get everyone to stop offing each other, right. If you do that, start that war, you're going to hell and this horrible life you lived is going to continue till the end of time, right? Like, there was a huge purpose, for religion to be created and to exist, but we are so much more enlightened, and we're so ready to understand each individual purpose here, and what we're working towards or not towards, and we have that power to decide. And I think it was scarier back in the day the people in power needed that control and religion was a very good way to maintain that control all the time, but we're powerful in and of ourselves and each person each bill If it's not wrong, religion is not wrong if they get if that gives you faith and purpose, it's not wrong. If you believe in I don't know, crystals or people like me or just yourself. That's not wrong, either. The part that I hope we are working towards and are going to figure out is that we all go to the same place, we all get the exact same reward, if you want to put it that way, there is no punishment, even the people who I kind of wish had punishment for their lives, there just isn't our purpose is to come here and to learn. And the path you take or how you do it is up to you. There is no wrong path. I think people get confused with that we're always on our, like quest for the perfect path and purpose and all just waking up every day. That's your purpose, you are accomplishing so much just by walking through each day, especially when it's hard. But then also respecting that just because I don't believe in a certain religion, doesn't mean it's wrong for those people. Right, I get a lot of hate. The most hate I get probably is from very religious people, because in their mind, like, I'm going to hell. And I'm now leading other people. And they truly believe that they're not just being hateful, they're trying to save my soul. But I went to the other side. And it was amazing. And God's love emanated off of absolutely everything. And there was not one moment of judgment, there wasn't one voice that said to me, you have to make this choice, you have to go back, you have to stay here, you have to do this. What about that, it was all up to me, and, but with really loving support. And so again, like I think hopefully, that is, the last time I do that, until I die. It was wonderful. But I definitely don't want to have another near death experience. But I now at least for me feel there's some more weight behind the words that I say because I experienced it, whether or not people believe that that's totally up to them. And it's not in some people's path to believe it and I never will. But it definitely has helped me to cement it in myself who's to say I wasn't making everything up before. Now I've really experienced it.

Alex Ferrari 47:27
And I do I do think that, you know, even my time in being exposed to Catholicism was really good for me because it was it introduced me to a concept of a god or a higher being or something bigger than yourself. And that the faith, you know, even though it was modeled with a lot of dogma, it is an introduction. And without it, I wouldn't be here today. So I know a lot of people who you know who who have religion, and then they decide they disconnect. I'm not that anymore. And I've now found the real path. And there's a lot of hate thrown towards religion. I wouldn't do that. Because without it, you wouldn't have gotten here. It was your one,

Amber Cavanagh 48:13
I am so grateful that I chose that light path. And I like I assumed that was religion. I don't think I'd be here. If I hadn't done that I would have been more than likely a drug addict and an alcoholic, something like that. And the church saved me, you know, I met beautiful people that helped me become so much more balanced in myself and helped me stop running away from myself. You know, yes, I completely shut my gifts down. But it wasn't the stage for me to do that. I met a family you know, and it helped me to feel like I belonged so that I could understand what that meant and how it felt because I had never felt that I wouldn't be me if I hadn't walked through all of that and I'm so grateful even still, I still pray to God in a traditional way like I still pray and God is a part of everything I do now. I just don't sort of base it on the heaven how religious type of God are the same God

Alex Ferrari 49:25
Yes. Your base God Yeah, yeah. It's so let me ask you from what you've seen on the other side, where do you see religion in 50 years in 100 years?

Amber Cavanagh 49:38
It is a little bit gonna go by the wayside. It See, I don't normally tune into this stuff because I don't always want to know but they say that. It's going to become more. What's the word like fanatic? So

Alex Ferrari 49:57
Yeah, zealots. zealots if you will,

Amber Cavanagh 50:01
Yes. But also more violent. If you don't believe what we believe you are no longer purposeful here as a you know, so it's going to become a very much more polarizing, and it's going to morph a little bit into sort of one common belief, rather than so many little ones. And it used to be, you know, I don't know, in the 1950s 90% of people were religious 10%, maybe not. Now, it's maybe like.

Alex Ferrari 50:34

Amber Cavanagh 50:35
50-50. And it's going to go to like, 25% of people will have a fear base not, like still not spiritual will be yes, like, my type of beliefs, but about 25% will be that fear based and scary type of religion. Yeah. So it's shifting and changing. Because there's people being born like me, that won't be able to participate in the judgement in hate that comes with a fear based type of belief, right? And so the kids that are being born now are just going to scoff at it and be like, What do you mean, that's, I didn't feel that because the human amnesia that we choose to be born with, of the other side is going to slowly go away. So we're gonna be having much more awareness of what it feels like to exist on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 51:32
Now, do your do your guides, have anything to say to the audience, or as far as like a channeling session or message that they'd like to say to the audience about anything?

Amber Cavanagh 51:45
I think. Sorry. So my guides, Gail is like a grandma really loving and wonderful. And Jessica is young, blonde, and a performer. And she,

Alex Ferrari 51:59
She's like, I'm in,

Amber Cavanagh 52:02
She likes, shocking people. So sometimes I'm like, she wanted to say that. Honestly, she feels like the main sort of theme for just humanity right now is to put our judgment aside, you know, even I judge, you know, when people are throwing their stuff out me and their hate and stuff, I Oh, I judge them. But the everyone needs to put our judgment is aside judgment of, especially the people in power and their decisions, because it lets us put ourselves outside of that, rather than taking the power back, if that makes sense. They really want people to start to see that this. I don't want to say a horrible five years, but like the last three years, four years has been rough, so horrible. And my one sister asked me all the time, like so many people are saying 2024 is going to be this pivotal, crazy. And my guides really do say it's actually going to start to come together, people are starting to come together rather than hating all the time. And they really want us to start to understand, as we move forward in this more collective enlightenment, there's going to be so much more understanding for why people do the things they do this, why I went to the other side, I needed the why. And we are starting to actually ask why rather than just judging people for the decisions they are making. And they just want us to check ourselves check our ego, and our ability to judge anyone that's not like us and understand that each individual is here to learn and those lessons look different for everyone. So who am I to say that your lessons are wrong, mine are better, your beliefs are wrong, mine are better everybody should be like me. That's just not going to happen. And as an aside, Gail steps in, says as more people are being born like me, start to try to understand them. This this is controversial. I hate saying this, but she's saying it so I'm just gonna say it, but it's them. It's not me so don't don't medicate them because they're so sensitive. Because it's it's exactly what I did. I medicated myself because it was painful to be born with this awareness of the other side. And that's the new thing. Now your child's too sensitive. Your child's too angry your child's too, too much medicate them and don't let them be who they are. And that's not to say don't medicate people All who have actual issues that really delve help your child set boundaries of the energy that they are picking up from the world, so that you can figure out if it's actually a chemical imbalance or something? Or if they are just being born with so much more empathy than previous generations.

Alex Ferrari 55:24
That's, that's yeah, I completely understand that. I mean, I would have been medicated in the if it is, if it was around in the 80s. I would have absolutely, I was a hyper, I was very hyper as a kid. I was, I love the ball, frickin energy. And I just was constantly and I agree with you 100%. Without question, now, you're saying that we are going to start coming together a little bit more, but the world seems to be falling apart more in the same time. So that's the thing that's really interesting, because we're in a, we're in an election year here in the States, which, you know, everybody in the world watches our elections, especially recently, because they've been very energetic, let's say, you know, and so there's, it's an election year. On top of that, where there's two wars going on, there's many wars going on, but the two big wars going on. There's threats of bigger wars, or world war three, and these kinds of like fear based things. How is it that during all of this insanity, we're going to start to come together more.You know, or is that other stuff. Or is that other stuff gonna start falling from the wayside again? Or is it gonna get worse before it gets better?

Amber Cavanagh 56:44
And think a little bit worse before it gets better. I hate that. But there are certain things that just have to be sort of hashed out before we can move forward. Again, it's the collective coming together, right? 200 years ago, when wars like this were fought between the same people, nobody saw it and less they lived there. And now, we are so aware of what's going on collectively as a world and even our energy being manifested and sent to the people that are suffering in these wars, changes, everything changes the outcome and changes the views, everything is on display. And it's not acceptable anymore. And people are finally going, Oh, my gosh, like, how can we have done this for the last 150 years? Or what? Even before that, like literally way before that? Same with? You know, I'm cautious, especially with politics, especially because I am not American, I live in Canada, but it's hard as like one of our closest neighbors to watch the collective learning happening. And just the, the, I don't want to say chaos, but a lot of fear of oh my gosh, what's to come. But in a way, again, people are coming together, people who maybe never would have understood each other are coming together for a collective purpose, whether it's your belief or another belief, there's a coming together and an understanding that what I do affects so much more than just to me, and that is where we are headed, things are gonna get worse before they get better. But at least for our guides, they think, Wow, that's great, because we're learning so much and learning things we've never learned before. And that is really helping us to move forward. I wish there was like a magical switch and everything could be sorted out. And I don't understand as a human, why there's wars happening that we thought were done, you know, decades, if not centuries ago, like what is happening, but it is bringing all the things that were at the below the surface, bringing it to the forefront for everyone to see. So we can all start to affect change. And all of us start to have empathy for people that we maybe don't see all the time or ever. having empathy for the human condition is not something that has always been at the forefront of our consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 59:27
And I think technology too, as is the reason for at all I mean without I mean look during during the Vietnam War. During let's say World War Two, there were newsreels. So people really only saw the war when they went to the movie theater and they saw a curated propaganda reel. It wasn't like open news. It was then television showed up and then we started seeing

Amber Cavanagh 59:50
And very manipulated views of whoever.

Alex Ferrari 59:55
Exactly. Then we had Vietnam, which was the first war was broadcast daily, we would see images of horror stories that were put on television, and then the internet. Now, instantly on our phones, the entire world can see when something happens and feel it.

Amber Cavanagh 1:00:15
And now it's not just propaganda created by

Alex Ferrari 1:00:19
Someone who says no, someone does videotaping.

Amber Cavanagh 1:00:22
And it's it's children, it's when it's full families, it's not a view of people dressed in military fatigues going to war, it's terror of the humans that are walking through this every day. And it's easy to think that's not going on, when we couldn't see it, we literally couldn't see it, we only saw what we were told to see. And now we see the horrific things going on. But again, it is another step in the direction of coming to one all together belief system, that will be the 20%, that that type of belief that type of hate projected over nothing, literally land, you know, like, we can all exist,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:13
Which we don't own because we're only amount of time and then we leave

Amber Cavanagh 1:01:17
In 100 years, you will be lucky if somebody remembers your name, like literally lucky if someone remembers your name, that's a gift. We're here for such a short amount of time. But we need these big wake up moments to come together. Because in fear, you do claim to whatever you feel is there for you. And hopefully, slowly, it will be this wonderful belief that we are here all together for a collective learning experience.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:50
What is if there was one message that your guides would have to say to us? That is the most important thing to take away from this conversation what would that be?

Amber Cavanagh 1:02:01
For me, always, especially because I've struggled with this, and I say it a lot. We are not alone. Even if you feel more alone than you ever have, we have become these people that sit in our houses on our devices and live through others rather than experiencing it. And we get angry and sad and hateful. And we feel like there's just no point. We are not alone. Even the people that are going through the most horrible stuff, you know, having a massive stroke at 40. Not ideal wasn't super great. And not recommend. And I don't know people like me, because not nobody survives my type of stroke. And it can be very isolating. I just have to tune in to the other side for a second to understand that all of this was planned with love. And I am not alone here for a moment. We have never been more connected as a society, and more isolated. How do those two things coexist so well? Like? We I can literally pick up my phone and go to Google Streetview and see the entire world? Will I ever go there? Am I seeing anybody else? Am I connected to an actual human, we're so connected, we can see our whole world and our world is getting smaller and smaller, and we are isolating more and more. So yes, energetically, we're not alone. But try not to be physically alone forever. As the world is getting more chaotic in order to get a little bit better. It can become that you don't see anybody you don't go anywhere you just hide. And you know, feel super alone. We're never alone. Our guides are always there. God is always there. Your loved ones that have crossed over are always there you are not alone.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:10
That is one of the reasons why it's so important to curate the kind of media that you ingest as well. Because if you're watching 24 hour cable news

Amber Cavanagh 1:04:22
I don't even watch the news.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:24
The world is coming to the end tomorrow or today yeah, like that's that's what they're selling all the time. All the time.

Amber Cavanagh 1:04:31
It's the same in Canada especially right I guess California to for forest fires, the droughts and stuff like that. And so it's it's all about global warming, but my guides because I have tuned into that because we've had droughts, we've had floods like it's just been a nightmare. But the forest fires are mother nature's way of cooling the planet down because when you burn it all down that dense dense undergrowth cools the earth. So we kind of Back at taking care of global warming, and so the world is going to do it for us by cooling itself down. But if I tune into any news outlet, it's like a word dead and five years, 10 years? What? 100%? No, the world is not ending before my children die. And my children are young. My guides have been very clear on that. So I know without a doubt, at least for the next, like 100 years, we're good. We're here. But the world doesn't tell me that. Right.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:32
Exactly. So Amber has been such a pleasure talking to you. And getting to know this side of you, as well as your near death experience side. Where can people find out more about the work you're doing? And the book that the books you're peddling? Obviously, millions and millions of dollars.

Amber Cavanagh 1:05:50
Yeah, gotta paddle out. Here you go. Right there. Here's my panel. Here's my book.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:54
There you go.

Amber Cavanagh 1:05:55
Yeah. So it's at the stroke of eternity. I self published on Amazon. But I know that I think is available in bookstores as well. In a few of them, Barnes and Noble chapters, stuff like that. And then you can find me on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, there's a lot of scam accounts that are offering readings and taking money. So I do not offer readings through messenger ever, ever, ever, ever full stop. I will never ask for a credit card. I don't accept credit cards. I just need that disclaimer, because there's so many scam accounts. All of my groups and classes and readings I only offer on my Facebook, which is West Coast medium. And it's the one with 17,000 followers. All the other ones are scam accounts.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:43
Gotcha. And you have your own website as well.

Amber Cavanagh 1:06:45
Yes, but as I pointed out last time, it is garbage. And I need a new one. So I'm slowly you know, I improved since so I got a microphone now. So my sound is better. I still don't have a website. I do, but I don't. Yeah. You said I honestly, you know, especially from being on your show last time a lot of people reached out for readings, I don't do that many. You know, I am raising kids. And I like spreading my story and stuff like that and talking and I do groups and stuff. But I really maintain a very good work life balance. Because, you know, I want to raise my kids and my husband works away so but everything is on my Facebook. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:29
Amber, it's been such a pleasure talking to you, my dear, thank you so much for the work you're doing in the world and helping us awaken the planet. So thank you so much. I appreciate you.

Amber Cavanagh 1:07:38
Thank you so much. I'm so grateful to be here.

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