Clinically DEAD Woman Dies During Stroke; Shown FUTURE Versions of Herself! with Amber Cavanagh

The tapestry of existence is woven with threads of mystery and profound insights, and today’s conversation is no exception. On this episode, we welcome Amber Cavanagh, a psychic medium whose near-death experience (NDE) has deepened her understanding of life, death, and the spiritual realm. Amber Cavanagh’s journey from a life of profound psychic experiences to a transformative NDE is a testament to resilience, courage, and the boundless nature of human consciousness.

Amber Cavanagh has always known she was different. From a young age, she experienced psychic phenomena that set her apart from her peers. “I was born gifted,” she recalls, describing her early struggles with understanding and accepting her abilities. Despite her gifts, Amber led a relatively normal life, marrying and having children, until a near-fatal stroke in 2021 thrust her into a profound spiritual journey.

The stroke, which paralyzed the right side of her body and robbed her of speech, was a life-altering event. As Amber recounts, she found herself on the brink of death, saying goodbye to her family before being airlifted to another hospital. During the flight, she experienced an NDE that took her to the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. “There was no in-between, no going towards the light. I just closed my eyes and opened them, and I was in this beautiful garden,” she shares.

In this divine realm, Amber encountered her spirit guides, loved ones, and even her pets. She describes the garden as a place where everything radiated God’s love and energy, and where she felt an unparalleled sense of peace and connectedness. Her guides presented her with a choice: to stay in the spiritual realm or return to her body. They showed her the potential outcomes of both choices, emphasizing the difficulties she would face if she returned. “You will do amazing things, but the first 18 months, you’ll want to die. It will be so hard that you will question why you came back,” they told her.

Amber ultimately chose to return to her body, driven by her love for her family and a deep sense of purpose. This decision marked the beginning of a challenging journey of recovery and spiritual growth. “The second I made the decision, I was back in my body,” she says, describing how she felt herself being pulled back into the physical realm.

Her NDE provided Amber with profound insights into the nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all life. She saw all her past and future lives, understanding that they were happening simultaneously. This realization was a revelation, helping her comprehend the non-linear nature of time and the concept of parallel realities. “All of my lives are working together perfectly in their imperfection,” she explains.


  1. Embrace Your True Self: Amber’s journey underscores the importance of accepting and embracing our true selves. By recognizing and honoring our unique gifts, we can live more authentically and fulfill our spiritual purpose.
  2. Interconnectedness and Support: We are never alone on our journey. Amber’s experiences remind us that we are always supported by our guides and loved ones, both in the physical and spiritual realms. This interconnectedness provides strength and comfort during challenging times.
  3. Living with Purpose: Amber’s decision to return to her body and face the challenges of recovery highlights the importance of living with purpose. By understanding our higher purpose and aligning our actions with it, we can navigate life’s difficulties with resilience and determination.

Amber’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of spiritual experiences and the resilience of the human spirit. Her insights offer hope and inspiration, encouraging us to embrace our true selves and trust in the support of the divine.

Please enjoy my conversation with Amber Cavanagh.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 347

Amber Cavanagh 0:00
All the family came said goodbye, I got into the helicopter. And they let my husband come because I said I was probably going to die before we got to the other hospital. And we took off, and the sun hit my face. And my husband tried to block it out. And I closed my eyes when the sun hit my face. And I woke up on the other side, there was no in between there was no go towards the light. There was no one telling me to come or calling me there. I just close my eyes and open them and I was in the most beautiful garden I have ever seen in my entire life.

Alex Ferrari 0:38
I like to welcome to the show Amber Cavanagh. How you doing Amber?

Amber Cavanagh 0:51
Good! Thank you. Thank you so much. Good to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate it. I'm, we're going to be talking about your near death experience today, as well as a couple of gifts that came back with you intensified gifts that came back with you at that point. So my first question is, what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Amber Cavanagh 1:14
So I was actually born gifted. I what I was a psychic medium from the moment my earliest memory, so super, super young. And so, you know, I was always kind of different. I didn't really fit in, I didn't know what was wrong with me when I was young. And so I was fairly isolated. I struggle with making friends and stuff like that. But I grew up I learned to deal with it. had kids got married all that. So it's a much longer story. But that's in a nutshell. And in 2015 I actually accepted my gifts. So started, it just happened very suddenly, my husband actually heard a little girl in our bedroom that was there trying to get my attention. And I was so used to ignoring them, that I ignored it. But he actually heard it. And he thought was one of our kids because we had young kids at the time. And as soon as he could validate that I wasn't crazy, because I always worried people would think I was crazy. As soon as he could validate Oh, no, I heard it. Like I thought it was one of our kids. There was nobody in the room our kids were sleeping, my gifts turned on. And it was nonstop from then on. So I have been working as a psychic medium since 2016. Because it was around Christmas when I accepted my gifts. So before the stroke, and D I was happier than I'd ever been, like I finally was me for the first time i i would say like in my small corner of the world, I was very successful, I was quite well known as a psychic medium in my area. I was doing live events, like just like, you know, glitz and glamour, hundreds of people where I would walk around and do live readings, mediumship readings. And it was awesome. My life was really, really wonderful. And people say you know, what kind of psychic Are you? If you didn't know you were going to have a massive stroke and almost die. I use and still choose not to know anything. I can't help fix or change. So I am not a psychic that likes to necessarily know our future, like humanity's future. Things like hurricanes, big earthquakes are huge things that the average person doesn't have to worry about. I don't want to worry about it. Because I don't think fair for me as a human. And so there was nothing I could do to change the fact that I was going to have a stroke and I was going to have an n d and so I didn't know it. I knew something was gonna happen. I it was Christmas time and I prepare food for weeks and baked goods for weeks and it was going to be the first Christmas pre or post COVID And instead of baking and stuff, I was making freezer meals and I couldn't understand why I wanted to make like spaghetti sauce and chili and soup on all fill up the freezer with freezer meals when I needed the room for all the Christmas stuff. But I kept doing it so I actually had six weeks of freezer meals. So after the stroke my husband actually didn't have to cook because he kind of can cook breakfast not so much.

Alex Ferrari 4:37
Some eggs, some toast.

Amber Cavanagh 4:39
Yeah, very good. Toasted, Eggs.

Alex Ferrari 4:43
I mean, it's chef level those eggs. So before we get to your near death experience, I wanted to kind of go back a little bit to what you said that you knew you were you were different from the very beginning as your gifts but you rejected them and

Amber Cavanagh 4:59
Not only did I reject them, I turned to religion because I felt, oh, wow, like I felt something some sort of calling. And when I was 15, I was going down a bad path, you know, smoking pot, not being a good human. And I ended up moving to Mexico with my family to open a restaurant of all things. And I had a vision while I was there of there was like two paths. One was all the friends and smoking pot drink and all of that. And the other path was just light, I couldn't see what was in the light. I didn't know what it meant that I chose the path of light yet. I didn't know where to go from there. So my 15 year old brain said, well, light, like awakening bright light. That's religion, right? That's like a religious calling. Because that's all I understood at that time. And I wasn't raised religious. So I started going to church. I went to like 10 to 15 different churches trying to cut the stuff in my head down. Like I didn't want to know, when planes were gonna crash. I didn't want to know, when faculty members were going to die. I didn't want to see all of these people that nobody else thought and I even convinced myself, well, maybe I'm mentally ill like, maybe what I'm seeing is actually in my imagination. But it would be you know, somebody died, who I knew. And I could see that, you know, like, I know, I knew I wasn't imagining it, but I tried anything and everything to stop it. I did not want to be a psychic medium. It was frowned on I was born in 1981. You know, it was still a one on one 900 numbers, you call it for your your reading, right? $2 a minute or whatever

Alex Ferrari 6:48
What was her name Cleo. forgot her name? Yeah, Miss Cleo, Miss Cleo.

Amber Cavanagh 6:54
Yes, Miss Cleo. And I didn't want that I just wanted to be a normal person. And I didn't know how I didn't know how to shut it down, shut it off. Religion did actually help with that. Because my mind sort of took over and said, You know what? Now, I would be judged, like eternally if I, like, you know, if I go forward with this, and I was able to, for a few years, really shut it down. But once I had my kids, I was like, you know, I, why am I pretending I'm a different person, I want to show my kids that they can be who they want to be whether or not, it's socially acceptable. And so it slowly became, hey, this is me, I shouldn't be sort of ashamed. I feel like the 20s are kind of a wasted decade. We're still young, we don't know what is going on. It's like an extended childhood, right?

Alex Ferrari 7:52
And it's, and we're at our physical peak, and we're wasting it away and get me started. Like, I look back in my 20s. I'm like, why didn't you travel more? Why didn't you do this? Why didn't you invest in Apple? What?

Amber Cavanagh 8:09
When, when I sort of turned away from religion and, and actually moved to Asia of all things, and sort of found myself a little bit there, came back, and then that's when I met my husband. And he also was religious. So I kind of turned back to religion. My kids were raised in the church until I accepted my guest. And then the church kind of kicked me out. I sort of said, You can't do this, and teach Sunday school, you can't do this and be an active member. And so I was like, You know what, no, this is me. And this is who I want to be. So I didn't turn back. I didn't look back, I just became me.

Alex Ferrari 8:48
You know, and that's one of the things I love kind of highlighting on the show is when I talk to people like yourself who have gifts, it's, you know, people think, Oh, they're just just trying to scam us out of money. Or this is just, you know, a hustle or this or that. And I try to really bring the human aspect to it. Because this is not an easy road. By any stretch to have

Amber Cavanagh 9:08
I like almost got down on my knees to pray that they wouldn't be like me, because it was so hard. You know, at seven, I woke up one morning, and I knew I didn't want to go to school. And I said to my mom, I don't want to go to school, somebody's gonna get hurt. There's gonna be a lot of blood. I'm not going, but my mom was like, you have to go. She has to work. And I went and a kid on the playground was on the monkey bars. He slipped, he hit his face, fell, broke his arm, and the bone came out. And there was blood. And it was horrible. And I thought I can't see it. Because I had seen it. I knew it was going to happen, and I couldn't stop it. So in my mind now seven years old, I call it hidden plane crashes, bear attacks, all these things that I'm seeing all the time. I blamed myself No wonder I turned to pot, right? Like holy, that's a lot of responsibility. Like 13 year old to sort of manage or walk through. So but I so much hoped my kids wouldn't be like me. I don't wish it on anybody. And that sounds bad because I love my gifts now. You know, I haven't worked a lot since the stroke, but it could give me a really good living. I helped so so many people always, like, so many people say, you know, like, that really has changed my life. But I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Because getting to this point, a lot of people don't survive. It's a super hard life.

Alex Ferrari 10:43
No, without question. You're lucky. It was just part that you found to numb to numb this kind of stuff.

Amber Cavanagh 10:48
Oh, I went back and forth. I liked alcohol, those types of things. Yeah. But yeah, I, I am grateful because it could have definitely gone another way.

Alex Ferrari 10:59
Yeah. And it's in I can only imagine, I mean, growing up with this, these kinds of abilities and not having any guidance. It's not like your grandmother's like, oh, come here, Amber. It's part of the family heritage, we all get this gift. Let me teach you about it. You were just completely lost in the wilderness. And you're right. I mean, you could very easily if it probably wasn't for some guidance on the other side. And working with you, even though you didn't know it was working with you to kind of guide you through this process. Because it it? I mean, I always that's the first thing when I talk to channels or mediums or psychics I go. So when you heard the voices? Like, did you think you were crazy? Because any human 100% normal human being would say is that mom, grandma, like

Amber Cavanagh 11:47
About maybe five? I thought everybody could see them. I just didn't understand why my parents didn't talk to some people and did talk to other people. I thought that's just what people did. Right? So I, I didn't know that all of these spirits. And all of these voices weren't in existence. And I think that can be said for a lot of kids, right? Imaginary friends and talk to other people that aren't there. Right. So it's not outside the realm of normal. But if it doesn't go away after about five, that's when you need to start thinking like, Is my kid special? Does my kid need some? I just needed protection. I taught my kids protection super, super young, so they can do like energetic protection. That's all I needed to just turn it off until I was old enough to be able to embrace that. But I had no idea.

Alex Ferrari 12:38
Do you do? Is it like sixth sense for you? Do you actually see

Amber Cavanagh 12:41
See, feel, hear scent. Yeah, it's telling since the nd it's also telepathic, they don't even need to speak it just their thoughts become my words.

Alex Ferrari 12:51
And but do you have I always have, do you have a closed sign? Like, hey, I'm not open for business.

Amber Cavanagh 12:56
Yeah. And they are super respectful once in a while, like I always did, I don't want to be that person who has to go up to you know, that makes good TV. But I don't want to have to go to the coffee shop, the coffee shop be like, Oh, my God, that guy's dead. Mom is here. And I need to say this. And in the first year I did that, because I didn't know how to shut it down. And they wouldn't leave me alone. Like it's very likely. Or they would I went to apply for my business name. And the lady helping me her mother was there. It was her 100th birthday. And she needed to say, I'm so glad you brought me flowers, or whatever it was to her. And I shut the computers down at the government office, nothing would work. And I'm like, Are you freaking serious, and the dead person was like, I'm gonna stay here all day until you say this. You're not getting your paperwork. I'm not letting the computers turn back on. And I'm like, Are you and the ladies bringing people because they've never had it shut down like this. And I'm like, oh my god, I'm gonna have to see this. And this is so embarrassing. There's like a huge line. It's a government office. But I did. And so within probably a year of accepting I guess I learned how to set up boundaries. And I got to know my guides, and they're super protective of me. And I also have like, no go zones. Like if I'm at my kids school or the mall or the fake or the grocery store. Nobody's and they're very, very respectful. It's not like the movies where it's like dead people bleeding like limping everywhere. That's just not reality.

Alex Ferrari 14:32
So it's just so what you're telling me it's not very much like Whoopi Goldberg and ghost though I've heard others say it kind of is unless you put the boundaries up. Yeah, it can be it can be she

Amber Cavanagh 14:44
In the beginning it was it was like non stop and now it's like no I am since the stroke. I haven't been doing mediumship I've only been doing psychic readings. Just because you die and you go there and you kind of want to go back and I still have this like law. on you. And when I see loved ones over there, and they're so blissful and peaceful, and it's so simple, it's there's a longing there. So I'm just not ready yet to talk to people again. And they're very respectful.

Alex Ferrari 15:14
Really quickly before we get to your nde what did that lady at the government office do when you think about her mom.

Amber Cavanagh 15:21
So she was shocked. And I just said, like, I, as you can see, like, I'm just getting my business license. Now, this is new to me, um, story, but your mom just really needs me to say this, if you actually want to talk to her. That's my business name. She had my phone number, give me a call. And that I thought nothing of it. And I think, again, timelines are hard after a stroke. But within a few weeks, she did actually message and set up a meeting so she could actually talk to her mom properly. Wow. Yeah. That's amazing. Not fun for me, though. Oh my gosh, like, before, before I accepted my gifts, I worked in social work and mental health, like, Oh, I was, right, like, I was very much because I always wanted to be this type a person so that nobody would ever guess that I had this whole other side of me. And so yeah, I was at the time working still in mental health and medical detox, and a homeless outreach team and all this sort of stuff. And then there I am talking to dead people. So

Alex Ferrari 16:26
You were really hell bent to build out this persona, this shield this mask, to hide your true self, it's pretty remarkable. So on a psychological standpoint, what you were doing is pretty, pretty remarkable. Not only just like, I'm going to kind of act this way, I'm gonna get a degree, I'm gonna go to like, you, really, they really played out.

Amber Cavanagh 16:51
I just wanted to be a normal person. And you can't, especially me, like I'm not to toot my own horn, but like, I am very gifted, you know, I am one of the strongest empaths in the entire world. And that's really hard to shut down. And I'm glad now that I don't have to, it's still it's hard with the judgment from other people, you know, at least 40% of the planet thinks I'm completely that. The other, you know, 60% are probably still split down the middle half, like period, maybe. And then the other half. Okay, I could almost go, you know, so it's not for everyone. But this is me, and I have to be me. And I'm definitely not a social worker. Although I kind of do counsel, I guess.

Alex Ferrari 17:44
Fair enough. Fair enough. Sorry. So tell me what happened on the day of your, of your nde.

Amber Cavanagh 17:49
So I have always been Christmas crazy. Like, I, for me, that was the one time I just felt everybody's energy shifted. And it just felt like home always. And so it was coming up to Christmas. I should have known because December 23. Nothing good ever happens in our family. But we had spent the day the 22nd making gingerbread houses with my kids and our old foster kids because we've been foster parents on and off. And so it was a busy day and I knew our prepping for a big dinner there was going to be like, I think 30 People coming for dinner. And so we had a big huge day. And we were gonna watch a Christmas movie, my kids and my husband and I are sitting down watching the movie. And I all of a sudden got the worst headache headache of my entire life. I couldn't even function I just but I've had headaches kind of chronically tension headaches, stuff like that. I have, you know, some back and neck issues. So it's not wasn't totally uncommon, but it was really painful. So I said, You know what, guys, I just not feeling well. I have a really bad headache. I need to go to bed so they stay watching the Christmas movie. And I went to bed and about an hour later, I guess I don't fully remember it. I texted my husband and said, this headache is really bad. Can you bring me some Tylenol and Advil? And he's like, okay, and so we brought me that. And I guess I fell asleep. The doctors think I fell into unconsciousness because the headache was caused by my carotid dissection. Left carotid dissecting it, I guess can be really painful. And so I fell asleep probably around 1030 At night, and I woke up at 445 in the morning. And I had no idea what was going on. I thought maybe I had sleep paralysis because I couldn't properly move and I didn't understand why. And it turns out we found out like I was completely paralyzed on the right side of my body. I didn't even have a shadow of movement. felt like they poked me nothing. And I also lost all speech. And so I was in bed, but my husband wasn't there. And so I was like, what is happening? What is going on? And I thought I was dreaming. So I wanted to get to the bathroom, which was right beside the bed. And so I pushed myself off with my left hand, and somehow sat on the edge of the bed. And then I tried to stand up, well, I was paralyzed, and I fell, and you have a really tall bed for some reason, the whole bed on the way down. And then I realized I was not dreaming, and I had no idea what was going on. And I just needed to get to my husband. And it turns out, he had fallen asleep on the couch. And so I was trying to like poke army crawl with one arm to the door. I couldn't move. Paralyzed weight is dead weight. You can't you can't do anything can't move. But there was a wall. And so I banged on the wall really, really hard. And I guess my husband had kind of stirred when I fell out of bed. But when he didn't hear anything else, he had fallen back asleep. And then I banged on the wall. And he came in, and it's like, you didn't turn the light on? He's like, What are you doing while you're on the floor? And I'm I couldn't talk. I could say two words, Michelle, which is my sister's name for some reason. That's not helpful. And I could, yeah, cuz swearing is on the other side of my brain, which is wonderful. And I could like, kind of grunt or something. And he's like, why are you on the floor and he tried to pick me up and I weighed a ton, and he couldn't under so he turned the light on came around. And he is a level three first aid attendant for work. And he looked at me and something you shouldn't say when somebody is having a stroke. I think you're having enough and stroke. And then he put me through the test, put your arms up, smile talk, like the be fast thing, and I couldn't do any of it. So he called 911. My parents live in our basement suite. And my mom had heard the banging. So she came up, of course, because you know, everybody's still human. I didn't have clothes on I had underwear. And so I'm trying to tell them I'm cold. Can I have some clothes before the amulet, but I couldn't talk and they couldn't understand what I was saying. And so with my not paralyzed arm, I started hitting myself, but they thought I was saying I'm in pain. I strokes aren't painful. You cannot feel and you don't it doesn't wake you up. It's not. Yeah, it just doesn't hurt. Paralyzed thing feels weird, but it doesn't hurt. And so I kept doing that. Finally, my mom got it and put on a pair of pants and like a fancy sweater. I don't know why. And they the paramedics came and they said they didn't think it was a stroke. They they thought it was drunk. And so or fly because we live in a nice neighborhood, a nice house. And they just thought I was a drunk housewife. And they were really rude and moving really, really slow. And my husband was getting super angry. And he's like, she doesn't drink. She doesn't smoke. She doesn't take birth control. This is the stroke. Look at her. She can't smile. She can't talk. What are you doing? Let's go. So they very slowly got me into the ambulance. And my husband couldn't come in the ambulance again. COVID. They're super strict about stuff, because it was into 2021. So we were just starting to be able to gather. And so halfway, they didn't turn the sirens on. And I know now because after having that first stroke that first two, I had a few TAs and as soon as they suspect stroke, they call it on an radio and say, stroke code coming in. And so they didn't call it halfway through to the hospital, I grabbed the guy, I grabbed his hand because I was so scared. And I looked at him like trying to say like, I can feel like I'm dying. And he looked at me finally and he said to the guy in the friend, I think it actually is a stroke. Still didn't turn on the sirens still didn't call a stroke code took me to the hospital in triage. And then they were all kind of shooting the shit with all the other paramedics while I was just sitting there. And finally a guy and the guy who checks you in triage, turned around and looked at me and said, What are you guys doing? She's clearly having a stroke. And then a stroke called Code was called and everybody came running. And in that time, my husband was on the way he had called my one sister and she's on the way my kids didn't come My husband was trying to protect them and wasn't sure what was happening or anything like that. So they took me straight to CT and I started going kind of in and out of consciousness. This might be too much detail let me know if it's too much detail.

Alex Ferrari 24:54
What would sell when Yeah, because it is very fascinating and obviously the paramedics need to be fired. 100% So you're, you're on the table, you're there, you're coming in and out of consciousness. At what point do you actually go,

Amber Cavanagh 25:09
Oh, all this stuff happened that they found out, it's an I had a massive stroke, a completed stroke, and it caused a secondary stroke, and I'm dying. And so they need to light like me. So they got everything arranged to lifeflight me, because I needed brain surgery, that was the only option. They gave me TPA, it didn't work. That's the one that reverses strokes, didn't work, and didn't even get a shadow of anything back, I couldn't talk still. And so all the family came said goodbye, I got into the helicopter. And they let my husband come because they said I was probably going to die before we got to the other hospital. And we took off, and the sun hit my face. And my husband tried to block it out. And I closed my eyes when the sun hit my face. And I woke up on the other side, there was no in between there was no go towards the light, there was no one telling me to come or calling me there, I just closed my eyes and open them. And I was in the most beautiful garden I have ever seen in my entire life. Like or felt like there were colors that don't exist here I had no shoes on. And so just even the grass between my toes was like nothing you've ever experienced, it was more peaceful than any moment I've had as a human in this life. I there was a creek and I could put my toes in it. And it was like everything radiated God's love, and energy. And there is a certain Glock kind of like Avatar, you know, a certain glow to everything. So every molecule could connect energetically with everything else. So the grass could feel the water, the water can feel the feel the flowers, I could feel all of that there was no separation. And my guides were there. And I had already known my guides. So I recognize them. There were a few of my loved ones sort of standing to the side, as well as my husband and my kids. Because I was there to make a choice, I had to choose whether or not I wanted to come back. And if the choice was I have to leave my husband and kids. And when it would not even be a choice, I would just come back. But our higher selves are always there. So there's always a piece of be there. There's always a piece of you there, every human in existence as a higher self or a higher being that is always on the other side, kind of like the puppet master for all of your life. And so I needed to know that my kids, and my husband would be with me, no matter the choice. My mother in law was there, she passed also on December 23. And bad day. Some of my pets were there. I didn't talk to any of them. I didn't need to I didn't go up to them. Everything was telepathic. They were just there in support. And then off to the other side, there was a huge group of people. And when you cross over, why no longer exists? So everything that we wonder or think why would that ever happen? Why? It's gone? There's no why because you know, everything in the second year, they're all of your hand, human amnesia is gone. And so there was this big group of people and I looked and in a millisecond, I was like, Oh my gosh, those are all of my other lives. They look different than me men, women, children, old people, young people, all different time dimensions. So past, present, and future, some looked like 1800, some looked like 2300s. And they were they're also in support because we all kind of work together on the other side, not here necessarily. And so my guides didn't tell me what to do. They didn't say you have to go back or not. They did. Tell me what would happen for either outcome. So they told me, you know, if you choose to stay here, that's totally fine. And this is what your kid's life will look like your husband's life will look like your family. This is what's going to happen or sort of the future of everything you leave or choose not to go back to. And then they showed me what would happen if I chose to go back and they said you will do amazing things. But the first 18 months, you'll want to die. It will be so hard that you will question why you came back and let He tell you, it was it was the first six months especially, it was horrific. I did want to go back. And but they said, the reason for that is in 18 months, you are going to learn a lifetime of patience, because that's the main theme in my life. This This one is patients. And I've always struggled with it patients with myself and others. And I needed to learn a lifetime's worth of patients in 18 months, because after that, I would switch from like a 70% learning life, and 30% teaching life to like 60 to 70% teaching life and only 30% learning. So essentially, putting some of the lessons I might have learned aside, so I could teach more people about, I don't know, awesome things, which hopefully is now what I'll do. And so I felt like I had 50 years to decide, there was no rush, there was no judgment, God didn't tell me to come back or not. God's energy was there, I could feel it. But there was no suggestion of, you know, if you don't come back here, you know, I'm judging you and you're failing and whatever. There was nothing, nothing, nothing like that. And so I wish my feet in the grass, it felt like for a long time, because it just felt so amazing. stood in the water. And I could see myself here, I can see my family, I could see them bargaining with God, saying, you know, if she lives, I will do everything and anything you ever want, I will change my life, all this sort of stuff, I could see them all packing because they were going to drive to the second hospital, I could see my body. And I could see, it was still clinging to life, my I was still in the helicopter, my temperature was rising. Because my brain was shutting down, I saw the helicopter land, and come to me get to the hospital. And my guides explained that I needed to make the choice. By the time I had a grand mal seizure, because of the brain swelling by the time the seizure was done, because I was going to go back into my body. When the seizure was done, if I was going to die, my brain would keep swelling, and I would be brain dead, because that would keep having seizures. And so finally, it felt like finally even though it was It wasn't that long that I was, you know, out of my body. I said you know, I'm gonna go back I really want to do this. And the second I made the decision. I wasn't not so I wasn't in the garden anymore. I was in this like light filled waiting room, because my soul chose to not be in my body for the seizure because it's painful. So I was in this light field, right kind of, I think I've heard stories of people like above a hospital bed, when they're getting surgery and stuff like that. I think it's it was kind of like that, like this sort of little waiting area. If you don't want to be in a body that's super painful. And as soon as the pain was done I was not in the waiting room anymore. I was in my body and I was unconscious for a couple days a day two days yeah, and that's then when sort of the battle with my human self started. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 33:34
So before we get to the battle fascinating near death experience. When you came back in were you just kind of slammed in or did you just kind of like Oh, I'm here now. It was it was a subtle was it rough.

Amber Cavanagh 33:47
No, it was kind of the same as when I left. Yeah. Okay, right back in.

Alex Ferrari 33:53
So let me go back into your near death experience for a second one. You said you saw your pets. And a lot of people.

Amber Cavanagh 34:01
One of them was actually still alive. He died four days after the stroke. He was almost 18. And so a piece of her must have been already ready to quit because she had dementia and people with dementia. They're one of the only humans but I personally see that can even if they aren't gifted can access the other side. But when you have that grandpa who's like I went to work today and saw so and so and didn't when they're you know, 90 and dying from Alzheimer's. They actually can do that because they can see their loved ones and they can see the time dimensions and so yeah, I think maybe dogs are kind of the same when they have dementia that they can sort of feel the other side.

Alex Ferrari 34:46
Yeah, because there's so many listeners who wonder about their pets like what happened yeah. Do All Dogs Go To Heaven as they say Yeah, they do. And they were there for you as a support as well. I mean, I'm assuming

Amber Cavanagh 35:00
And then there's another two dogs from your from your wife. Yep, yep. Yeah, hanging out in support. And they came closer to me than like family because they're not as distracting you know, family, you want to talk to them. I haven't seen you in 10 years, I want to talk to you. The dogs just get to walk around and be with you.

Alex Ferrari 35:21
Oh, that's beautiful. All right. And you said something really interesting, because you saw all your past lives or people in those lives all in a group. I've heard that before. I've heard people having access to images and scenes from their past lives and their future lives. But let me ask you this, because this is something I have been fascinated with. And it's something that our little human computers can barely deal with, is that everything is happening at the same time. Okay. Yeah, the past the present the future, because there is no past, present or future in the other side, which is also very difficult for us to understand. Can you shed a little light on that, from your perspective of being a psychic medium, having access to the other side and your near death experience? Can you explain it to somebody who goes, this sounds insane? How do you? How can you do it all?

Amber Cavanagh 36:12
I have a little sort of image of how I explain it. So picture God, or the highest power, whatever you feel that is as a rain cloud. And all souls are raindrops. They come from him and eventually go back to him. So there's all these are raindrops, as the they come, they become their own ring. So my higher self, is it rain cloud, right, here it is on the other side, it never leaves the other side. But it creates all the all these other raindrops. And those raindrops go into multiple lives simultaneously, like a big rainstorm, and they go about, they go around the planet different time dimensions, and go back to the rain cloud, eventually, each raindrop is a hole in and of itself, that is also a piece of a bigger hole. So all of my life can, when you're on the other side, they are happening simultaneously, which is so extremely hard for humans to understand because we need linear time to make sense of our existence. But on the other side, they don't need linear your linear time, because we can see absolutely everything I could even feel, you know, if I chose to go back into my body, yes, it would be a bit harder life. And a couple of my other lives might get to take a break, because I'm now choosing this difficult path. And none of them will have to now so nobody else will have to have an ND after a stroke, thank goodness, nobody else has to do it. And so everything is perfectly planned and put together. And it's so hard. And there's almost not words to explain it in a human way. Because we can't understand it. Because we think of age, right? Age and birth and death. And that just doesn't exist. And so all of those lives that I saw, really, were just small pieces of me, I just needed that visual to know. Okay, like everything they've been telling me, since I accept it, my guess is real and true. Because look, this is what they've been saying that we are all working together perfectly in in our imperfection.

Alex Ferrari 38:39
So this this is, as you're saying that the thing that comes to mind is each of those raindrops are basically video games, and worlds that are being created with new characters, new avatars, if you will. And they're all being played at the same time. So multiple, this one rain crowd, which is the overt let's call it the oversoul, if you will, is kind of the master player, but has a lot of little players playing all along. And then if you in this life, decide to do something that you truly have free will to do. It will ripple backwards, quote unquote, and ripple forwards, quote unquote. So like you said, a few of my future labs, I have to they could take a rest now, because they're not going to have to go through all of this.

Amber Cavanagh 39:28
Or past lives. Again, linear time doesn't exist, right? Oh, it could be one of my lives living in 1600. Now won't have to do X, Y, Z because I have done that.

Alex Ferrari 39:42
Right, because it's all running at the same time.

Amber Cavanagh 39:47
Right? It's so hard to explain.

Alex Ferrari 39:50
So if so let's say Okay, so right now I'm just this is an experiment. All right. So you and me we sit down where the oversells You and me of ourselves, right? And we go okay, we're going to Do 500 lives guys, we're gonna plan out 500 lives, which are, let's say called 500 video games for people to kind of grab a hold on to. So 500 video games, we're going to be in each video game is going to have a different theme, different challenges, different things that we have to do in each of those games. So one, you'll be a woman in a time where women have absolutely no power, and our views and digital data, the next life right afterwards, you're going to be in a position of power. And you're going to have the choice to either be kind or be mean or, and all these things. And it's hard for us to comprehend all this. But when you start thinking about like quantum computing and algorithms and stuff like that, it starts to kind of make sense because you can process so much at the same time.

Amber Cavanagh 40:46
And they, I don't like some people like this, and some people don't because it makes them feel insignificant. But if you think of this one life when, when humans think, like how do you plan an entire life, and that's a long time, when time and space don't exist, it's not that long. So planning one life, they say is like one grain of sand in all the beaches of the world. That's how simple it is for them because they have infinite knowledge. And so

Alex Ferrari 41:13
And computing power and infinite power

Amber Cavanagh 41:17
All the time, right? So it's still hard for us to kind of get that. And people also don't like when I say this, but you know what? It was eight anyways. So people who kind of go, you know, Heaven and Hell and there's going to be punishment and all this sort of stuff. You know, what about murderers? What about what about abusers? Every one of us and this is true, even if people don't like it, every single single one of us will murder someone we will be murdered, we will abuse we will be the abuser we will be differently abled, we will be rich, poor, narcissistic. We will live a life to to experience everything being human has to offer because this is our school, that is our home. So we come here to learn to grow and to appreciate how could you ever understand a murderer's position or learn about it unless you live it? Right? Because do I don't want to study it? Like why would I ever want to delve into that person's mind? So all of that, like your higher self? is innately good no matter what. So if one root raindrop is evil on this planet, does that mean you punish the higher self who is taking care of or oversee infinite other lives? Know that one raindrop will bring back energy and knowledge to share with the whole and keep moving forward? How can you punish one small part of a soul when the soul is good? And that's it's easier to understand with good people. You know, I don't want horrible people, like, you know, all those things. I don't know. I don't know how filtered I have to be. But you know, like, you just file Yeah, all that stuff. Yeah, you don't you don't ever want to think oh, that they're being celebrated. Not that they're being celebrated. They're being brought back to the other side and not judged for existing.

Alex Ferrari 43:25
But the way you're presenting it is people listening who get upset about that they're attaching a motion to it. Where if you're in a video game, and you do things like that, it's very disconnected stuff that that you could do in Grand Theft Auto. I mean, I mean, people are like killing people left and right, you know, raping, pillaging, doing whatever they want. And the player is just could be a churchgoer or a spirit, you know, I'm just very kind. I'm just enjoying this simulation. If you look at it that way, which is very difficult for us because we are attached emotionally and and if anything, God forbid, happened like that to us, or you were mean in our life right now. I promise you, you and I would probably get emotional about it. Because that's what we that's where we are. And you've gone through stuff. I've gone through stuff. You know, we've had things happen to us we've had traumas happen to us, in our life, every human being does every human being goes through some of that. So, but if you look at it from that distance or that perspective, it kind of makes sense if you can really really release the emotion from it

Amber Cavanagh 44:31
Which is so hard for humans we are an emotionally emotional right so it's so and we like to judge we like to say this is the way we're supposed to do life everybody else. No USAC just raised we're ready to go. And it's getting a little bit better I think anyways, able to see the collective it is getting better and there's so much more room and space for different opinions and different ways of existing or believing But, you know, there still is that over noise of? That's not great. No, you don't want to do that, or live or have that belief. So as you know, a lot of people will not get it until they get there a younger soul will, until their dying day think I'm crazy. And that is okay. Because they are learning much different lessons than me they're learning by thinking people like me or not, right, they have to forget the other side, because they're still too attached to it. Whereas I can see it and feel it and know what's there and why and how, not only because I'm gifted, but because I went there.

Alex Ferrari 45:42
And just on a side note, we've talked about all these lives happening at the same time. And you saw your future self in 20 2300, let's say yeah, I'm assuming you had a spacesuit on obviously. There was a Reagan of some sort. You kind of saw that kind of that world where we're going to eventually our perspective is going to be what is your position, from your knowledge on the other side and of your gift of alternative realities, parallel realities? And is that part of the infinite soul? So like, if you and I make a decision to go left instead of right, that kind of spews off one possibility, like you were talking about, if you will, down it? So is there a place where you didn't come back? And that timeline is

Amber Cavanagh 46:31
100% Yes. And honestly, like, we live so many lives, but we can also live this life again, multiple times. That's where the Mandela effect comes in that and sometimes the other side, depth in and goes, Okay, well, this time or spot really affected XYZ, we got to go change that, and it can change the future of things. But honestly, who's to say that we aren't, you know, I created this life for me and everyone in it so that I could learn, and maybe nobody else actually exists. And everyone is here, just for my life. Same could be said for you. Maybe you created this life for you to learn. And what's that called the NPCs. Maybe everybody else is only there for you to learn. We don't know that we cannot understand that I do know, going to the other side and seeing how much I my one little self could or good or might or will impact this world is literally infinite. The smallest thing can change the course of Humanity, and also changed the course of the world do many times we have destroyed this planet. Infinite, the world has ended so many times that it's not you can't even count it anymore. We just keep going back. Same can be said and again, people don't like this. The dinosaurs still exist. They're just in a different dimension. And because we're getting more enlightened, we can kind of cross dimensions. So datasource is still existing in a little bit higher, not higher, but like not quite. How do I explain that on our lowly play? Yeah. All right. So we are starting to understand some of the stuff even scientists, they're starting to. Oh, yeah. Holy smokes, there's so much we don't know yet or are just starting. And they're starting to not think people like me are as crazy as they used to think.

Alex Ferrari 48:35
I mean, well, first of all, what you're saying is The Truman Show were absolutely like, literally, Jim Carrey and Truman Show is, yeah, the entire, the entire world of his is other actors there to teach him or he is the star of that world. So I like that kind of analogy that you put, and everyone's ego will like that as well. Everyone's ego will like, Yes, I am the only person in the world. And you're all here for my bidding. My children feel that way. But

Amber Cavanagh 49:06
Mine too teenagers.

Alex Ferrari 49:08
Exactly. So you said something really interesting, the Mandela effect. And I just recently released an episode on a UC Berkeley, a physicist who is talking about quantum jumping, and the Mandela effect, and it's like giving it really studying it like truly Yeah. Going into if not from a hey, it's the Berenstein Bears. No, it's the Berenstain Bears like, you know, it's Jiffy peanut butter. No, it's Jiff peanut butter. From your perspective. What is the Mandela effect for because I haven't asked anybody who kind of has maybe a better understanding of what is actually happening, because I've never seen so many comments on an episode of mine before everyone's going. Of course, it's Luke. I am your father, of course is if you build it, they will come these are famous lines and movies changed, like you and I might remember. Yeah, I am your father. or it's not that or that, of course it was, and feel the dreams. If you build it, they will come not here.

Amber Cavanagh 50:12
Especially, again, I think, I guess, give me a little bit of, I don't know, a one up for understanding these things. And so for me, I can see and remember both dimensions. So when that dimension or that plane changed, because of whatever. So there's a few things that cause the Mandela Effect. One is, the other side goes, Oh, that really messed up XYZ. And so it's not the the effect or the Mandela Effect wasn't changed the Berenstain Bears it was changed this person in this moment in order to prevent or change or bring forth this. So the Mandela Effect are just a little pieces that they didn't necessarily think, Oh, crap, yeah, we got to make sure they that this is the same.

Alex Ferrari 51:02
It's just if Jiffy peanut butter, not Jiff peanut butter,

Amber Cavanagh 51:05
Yeah. So the the thing that shifted wasn't actually the peanut butter, it was something at that time, or a person or an event, dot. And so another idea had come up, whatever. So the by one guy that's big, I'm not explaining it that well. But you know what, I gotta get to the point. So the the dimension change, or the parallel or the lesson, or the reason that something needed to happen or not happen in order to change or prevent something in the future. And so the little pieces that we're now seeing as we are becoming more enlightened, that's not actually the thing that was changed, it was just a step after after effect of that change, or that person, maybe one person didn't go into a certain job, because if they went into that certain job, they were going to create something that would end the world or, you know, contribute too much to the globe or global whatever.

Alex Ferrari 52:07
So perfect example is, um, Cuban. So my history as a Cuban if, if Castro would have been drafted by the New York Yankees, because he was he wasn't AAA, he was about to get drafted. And he didn't. If he would have been drafted by the New York Yankees, he would have never gone down and done a revolution to Cuba. I don't know I wouldn't have been born in the United States, or I wouldn't I might have not been born a Cuban or anything, it would have shifted everything. So that's

Amber Cavanagh 52:35
My guarantee there is a parallel where he was, yes, he was drafted.

Alex Ferrari 52:42
Or Hitler or Hitler became an artist. And yeah, you know, went down that path percent.

Amber Cavanagh 52:47
Yep. It's just before we were able to grasp this, we're just now getting to a point where humanity is collectively enlightened enough to be able to start seeing these things.

Alex Ferrari 53:00
Well would you agree that now the concept of multiverses parallel realities, these are in the in the mainstream simulated reality simulation theory with the matrix in 99, which kind of shifted the world, all of these ideas are coming up now, in the last 20 years or so? Yeah. Where you talk about simulation theory in 1980. Are you kidding? Like, nobody? Nobody wouldn't even only geeks, maybe some philosophers, maybe some physicists, and a dark room somewhere, we're talking about it, but like to have an open public dialogue like this. 20 years ago, 40 years ago

Amber Cavanagh 53:39
Yeah, absolutely not kids being born, like me now are so much more accepted. You know, although we'd like to weigh over medicate them. Because almost always they're very, very anxious because they're feeling the way that the world, but so many more people are being born like me, which wouldn't have been possible, you know, 20 years ago 30.

Alex Ferrari 54:03
The planet wasn't ready for it. Yeah, I see it with the new generation as well. They are coming in wired so differently than my generation, your generation, my parents generation, for sure. Yeah. They're just wired differently. This is fascinating, because it's, it went from your gifts to a near death experience to a talk about stuff that I love talking about quantum physics and spirituality. So it has been a very eye opening. So let me ask you, what was the biggest takeaway you had from your near death experience?

Amber Cavanagh 54:37
I think really recognizing and being able to tell people, we truly are here to learn in a very loving way. And we're never alone. Ever, even when we feel so very alone, and we feel like nobody my whole life, I felt like nobody understood me and you know, I was wearing a mask. trying to prevent people from seeing it. And I was never alone in all those moments where I was going to make a really bad decision, go to some party that I knew wasn't going to be good, I would always have that little niggling of, Oh, you shouldn't do that. And I almost always listened to I didn't realize that was my God is saying, You know what, you go down that path, this and this, and this could happen. And that would be awful for you and harder for your soul. And they are always whether you are old soul, a young soul, and I mean, not age wise, but enlightenment life, you always have that support from the other side. And they truly are there, to walk with us and support us and are excited and interested for what we're doing. Which I think people don't quite understand, like, they cheer with us, when we cheer. They they don't cry, because they don't have negative emotions there. But they celebrate when we're learning and when things are super, super, super hard. And you truly think you just kind of want to give up and you're you're never going to get it and you're going to be alone forever. They are sitting right beside you. And I think that can't be said enough, as we as humans have, you know, developed so much technology to connect us. We've never been more lonely. You know, we sit at home on our phones, and participate in the world through live streams and videos, which I'm doing right now. You know, like, it's like we're building these prisons to live in forever, rather than understanding that we are so much more connected than I think we have ever thought or ever have been. And I just want everyone to start to realize the power that they have to affect change. We have free will even though our lives are planned. We have infinite free will. We can do what we want when we want till the end of time. And I think people don't understand that there's such a duck mentality. And I think that's really hard for people. The loneliness is deafening in our world. And so my hope at least for from, you know, sharing my story is for people to truly understand that they're never alone. And there's always someone there to help to talk to, to listen, even if you can't hear them. I'm lucky because I can but it doesn't mean I have better communication than somebody else does. Everybody is capable of listening to their gut their intuition and feeling connected and feeling like they're here for a purpose.

Alex Ferrari 57:53
Beautifully said my dear. Now I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Amber Cavanagh 58:00
Learning ups and downs learning honestly, that's it. If you can come into this life you know you and leave this life knowing a little bit more than when you came into it. Good math and trying new things. I after the nde, I came back more gifted, but here you go just I also could picked beautify magically and I want to take the other side. So beautify, try to paint all the flowers on the other stuff. I just have to ask them stuck with painting. I don't do anything with them. I just

Alex Ferrari 58:42
That's awesome. No, if you can go back in time, even though that doesn't exist. But if you could go back in time in this life, what advice would you give little Amber?

Amber Cavanagh 58:52
Again, that I am not that different. On the other side, I'm the norm, you know, coming into this world. I'm not and I never will be at least in this lifetime. There's time in the future, where more everybody's like me, that for me. I was so lonely and I have more siblings. And it was always busy. But I literally felt completely isolated and lonely alone because I couldn't understand why I was the way I was. And if somebody had just told me, you know, it's going to be okay. You plan this and your soul is good. Even if you don't feel good. What uh, helps so much.

Alex Ferrari 59:36
How do you define God?

Amber Cavanagh 59:38
God is love. God is not an old white man standing there with judgment finger.

Alex Ferrari 59:44
Literally what, what Michelangelo did, painted the Sistine Chapel literally.

Amber Cavanagh 59:52
God is love and is everything on the other side. I this necklace I bought it was delivered to my house. four days before the stroke, and I couldn't understand why I was so drawn to it. And it's because that color, like the golden color with all the rainbows, that is the energy of God. God is literally everything. And God does not have the ability to judge to hate anything God is just loved. I did not give me an opinion of what I should or shouldn't do. God made me feel strong enough to make the decision on my own.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:30
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Amber Cavanagh 1:00:33
Again, it's to learn to come go back to the other side, slightly higher vibration than what when you came in, and to live the plan that you had sought out before you came here, you know, you put a lot of thought and love and energy into this life before you even created it. So Trust yourself, trust that you knew what you were doing. When you laid out this life. And nothing you are doing is wrong. It's all within your plan. There is literally nothing you can do to get off of your path. You're on the right path at every single moment of your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:18
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Amber Cavanagh 1:01:21
I'm on. I'm on Facebook and Instagram and tiktok. I have a mailing list because I wrote a book. And hopefully it is out before Christmas. I hope and yeah, I have a YouTube channel. I'm not very techy. So I you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:01:41
Do you have a website?

Amber Cavanagh 1:01:42
I do. It doesn't really need a new one. So I mostly am active on Facebook. I post all my readings there all my events and all my classes because I occasionally do classes and groups do and far between since the stroke

Alex Ferrari 1:01:59
Do you do personal due to personal one on one. Okay, yeah. And they can contact you through Facebook, through messaging.

Amber Cavanagh 1:02:05
That's yeah, I don't contact anybody on TikTok just because there's so many fake accounts pretending to be me. And taking people's money. So yeah, Facebook is an Instagram, I will contact people or respond.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:21
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Amber Cavanagh 1:02:23
I think I just hope that even if only one part of this sort of spoke to you. I hope it makes you feel like you are doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing right now. And there is no question there is nothing you should ever feel guilt, shame or regret for because that just keeps you in the lessons you're learning in that moment and you're ready to move forward. So just know that you plan this life perfectly in its imperfection. And your Higher Self your guides your soul and you know what you're doing, even if you don't feel like you do

Alex Ferrari 1:03:02
Amber has been such a pleasure talking to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And hopefully this will help someone listening out there to awaken a little bit more so I appreciate you my dear.

Amber Cavanagh 1:03:12
Yes. Thank you for having me.

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