Doctor OVERDOSES Woman; She Dies & Returns with ANCIENT Knowledge to TRANSFORM Her Life (NDE) with Alysa Rushton

In the boundless ocean of human experience, where waves of hardship often give rise to profound transformation, we welcome Alysa Rushton, a remarkable individual whose journey from suffering to spiritual awakening illuminates the incredible power of resilience and self-discovery. Alysa’s story offers deep insights into the path of healing and the limitless potential that lies within each of us.

Before her near-death experience (NDE), Alysa’s life was a whirlwind of chaos and turmoil. “My story is sort of like this weird twists and turns, and it’s got every little thing,” she recalls. From leaving home at 14 and battling drug addiction to climbing the corporate ladder only to find herself in the “gray cubicle of death,” Alysa’s internal world was filled with unresolved trauma and relentless stress. This inner turmoil manifested physically, leading to severe health issues that spiraled out of control.

Alysa’s health deteriorated rapidly as she struggled with a multitude of autoimmune diseases and chronic conditions. Despite her best efforts to manage her symptoms through conventional medicine, she found herself on a cocktail of medications that only seemed to make things worse. “I thought, oh, I’m just getting sicker and sicker and sicker,” she explains. This relentless decline led to her pivotal NDE at the age of 30, a moment that would forever change her life.

The day Alysa died was marked by a perfect storm of medical mismanagement and overwhelming pain. She describes the surreal experience of floating in “God consciousness,” where she was enveloped in immense love and understanding. “It’s the most soul-expanding thing you’ll ever do,” Alysa says of her journey into the divine. During this time, she explored galaxies, understood complex concepts like quantum physics and sacred geometry, and felt a profound sense of peace and belonging.

Upon her return to her physical body, Alysa faced the daunting task of rebuilding her life. The stark contrast between the bliss of God consciousness and the pain of her physical existence was overwhelming. “The moment that I had that thought, I got slammed back into my body,” she recounts. This harsh re-entry became the catalyst for her transformation, prompting her to make significant changes in her lifestyle and mindset.


  1. Embrace Responsibility: Alysa’s journey highlights the importance of taking full responsibility for our lives. By acknowledging our role in our experiences, we can begin to heal and transform.
  2. Transmute Negative Energy: Even the most challenging experiences can be used as rocket fuel for growth. By shifting our perspective and embracing the lessons within, we can elevate our consciousness.
  3. Live in Alignment: Achieving spiritual alignment involves loving and accepting ourselves fully. This self-acceptance naturally leads to a higher state of consciousness and a more fulfilling life.

Alysa’s recovery involved a multifaceted approach, incorporating meditation, sound frequency healing, and significant dietary changes. She began by visualizing her body healing and gradually increased her physical activity, despite immense pain. “I would tell myself, my legs feel great, my legs feel great,” she shares. This mental reprogramming was crucial in her journey back to health.

As Alysa continued to heal, she realized the importance of addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects of her being. She engaged in deep inner work, confronting her traumas, and learning to forgive herself and others. This holistic approach allowed her to rebuild her life from the ground up, transforming her into a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.

In reflecting on her journey, Alysa emphasizes the importance of proactive self-care and listening to one’s intuition. “It’s so nice when you’re proactive and you get that intuition and you go with it,” she notes. By tuning into our inner guidance and making conscious choices, we can navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and grace.

Alysa Rushton’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of embracing our true selves. Her journey from near-death to vibrant life serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to overcome their own challenges and step into their highest potential.

Please enjoy my conversation with Alysa Rushton.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 233

Alysa Rushton 0:00
Anytime you're putting blame outside of you, you just are never going to transform this situation, you're going to still be in that situation and you're gonna keep attracting more situations.

Alex Ferrari 0:11
I like to welcome to the show, Alisa Rushton. How you doing Alysa?

Alysa Rushton 0:24
I'm so great, happy to be here with you today.

Alex Ferrari 0:27
Thank you so much for coming on the show, I'm so excited to talk to you because you have this beautiful story of, you know, of trials and tribulations and in survival and rebirth, and literally life and death all mixed into one. And I really hope that this conversation is going to do some healing and inspire some people out there. So my first question to you is, what was your life like prior to your near death experience?

Alysa Rushton 0:51
Yeah, so prior to my near death experience, you know, it depends on which segment we pick up in because like you said, my, my story is sort of like this weird twists and turns, and it's got every little thing, we've got drug addiction, we've got, you know, I left home when I was 14, I dropped out of high school. So there's that chunk, where I went at life on my own. And then, you know, pretty soon I got into corporate America, and I was a corporate sales trainer for a very large technology company. And I was a corporate worker, you know, so it depends on which segment we pick up in. But I think that for the most part, if I had to say what my life was like, internally, it was filled with a lot of inner turmoil and a lot of trauma that I had never dealt with. And my area and dealing with trauma at the time was smoke more cigarettes, drink more wine, work more, you know, how can we work even more? And so I think that sort of captures it in a nutshell,

Alex Ferrari 1:59
Before you had your near death experience. Did you already start going through your physical transformation as far as you know, you were overweight? And then you decided to change your life and start to lose weight? Was that before or after?

Alysa Rushton 2:10
Yeah, so what happened was, I was working in corporate America, and I had recently got a promotion, I call it to the cubicle of death, the gray cubicle of death. I don't know if any of your listeners have ever or maybe you're currently working now in the great cubicle of death.

Alex Ferrari 2:25
They might be listening to this in the cubicle of death.

Alysa Rushton 2:28
Oh my gosh, right. If you are, this is for you. Yes. So I was in the gray cubicle of death. And I had gotten a promotion to the gray cubicle of death. And I had worked so hard to get to the gray cubicle of death, but it was sucking my soul. And what started to happen is some little symptoms that I had had all my life, digestive issues and such started to become really big, and to the point where I couldn't help but do something. In fact, I remember one of my first days after I got this promotion, I heard two of the girls whispering Do you think Alyssa is anorexic is she believe it and they're talking about me because I was so thin, because I wasn't digesting anything. i My digestion was so horrible. I didn't know I was gluten intolerant. I didn't know I had all these eating things that I couldn't be eating. I didn't know that smoking cigarettes was bad for you, other than like, it's bad for your lungs, but I had no idea it had any other impact on the body. So I started to get sicker and sicker to the point to where I had to visit some doctors. And that journey of handing over my health to somebody else, who I thought knew a whole bunch more about my body than I did. And I started on the drug train of like, This medicine is going to fix this ailment and this medicine is going to fix that ailment. And before I knew it, I had a multiple laundry list of autoimmune disease diagnosis is Ms. Autoimmune arthritis, Lyme disease, the list of chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, the list went on and on and on and on. And irritable bowel syndrome, like it was just so much. Oh, celiac. So we started medicating it. And I ended up working with a doctor who was like, We gotta kill what's inside of you. And so I ended up on an IV protocol, which was I had a PICC line installed, and for three years, I was on medication every day, basically three hour blocks a day, but somewhere in there, I had to leave corporate America was I got so sick. I gained so much weight from the drug cocktail, right? I went from 95 pounds of me to 190 pounds of me in a pretty Fast, pretty fast timeframe because I was they put me on steroids as part of the protocol. And I tell you what, nothing makes you crave for pints of Ben and Jerry's like steroids.

Alex Ferrari 5:12
I've been there, it sounds like it was a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals dream, basically, yeah, you were just like, perfect young, we could have her on these drugs for years before she before she grew up, so we can make a lot of money off this body.

Alysa Rushton 5:25
Right. And you know, and what I didn't realize at the time is I just was getting sicker and sicker and sicker. And I thought, right, I thought, Oh, I'm just getting sicker and sicker and sicker. And I probably I always thought, I'm probably not going to make it till 30. I always had that thought ever since I was young. And so in fact, my near death experience was when I was 30. And so I just thought, well, this is it. I'm dying, you know. And that's the way of it I didn't, I didn't actually realize that it was the medicine that was actually killing me. It was the medicine that was, you know, really damaging my body.

Alex Ferrari 6:07
So alright, so you so you've gone through this horrific oh my god, I can't even imagine three years that IV plus all those drugs. It seems so overwhelming. So what happened the day that you had your near death experience when you when you died my dear?

Alysa Rushton 6:22
Yes. Well, first off, I always say to people, you know, because people have a lot of thoughts about death. You know, I don't want anybody to die before their time. But actually, my belief is you cannot die before your time. But when you do, oh my gosh, Alex, it's the most soul expanding thing you'll ever do. It is like being rebirth and reborn into such immense love and consciousness. And I mean, I can't, I can't highly recommend it enough. Don't do it. Before your time, though.

Alex Ferrari 6:55
Please, please, everyone listening as a disclaimer, please, please don't leave before it's your time.

Alysa Rushton 7:00
Don't do it. But because I can talk about that I actually because I was doing it before my time I actually went to a place after I went to God consciousness, I went to a different place where ones go when you do it before your time, and you actually don't want to be there.

Alex Ferrari 7:14
So we'll, we'll get to talk about that in a second. Okay, so what happened on the day?

Alysa Rushton 7:17
So the day that I actually died, you know, I had been infusing all day. And they had given me some extra drug cocktails, because I had a reaction to one of the main medications that they were infusing. So I had extra drugs in my system. And then when I came home, I was on end of life pain management. So think fentanyl suckers that they give to cancer patients, right? The ones that basically have a label, like I had labels all over my house that said, you know, if you're a caregiver don't touch these because it can kill you just touching it. So these are things that they only give to people that are going to die anyways, because you might die while taking it. So I had an extra sucker that day. And I ended up just being too much for me. And then that night when I went to sleep, I don't remember doing this, but I got up and I was having struggles and I went to the bathroom. By the way, if you are going to die do it on the toilet. It's a great place to do it.

Alex Ferrari 8:21
I mean, Elvis did it.

Alysa Rushton 8:24
Just such an easy place. So went to the bathroom, and my husband I was married at the time, I'm no longer married. But he found me on the toilet dead. Mike, he had thought I had had a massive stroke though. Because my face was sagging, my lips were blue, and my nails were blue. So meanwhile, that's back on Earth up in the cosmos. I was bouncing around in God consciousness, I was getting to explore galaxies and universes and understand how this whole thing is made and formed. I understood quantum physics, I understood sacred geometry and mathematics, that I have no way of knowing now, right? And I got to witness and see all that plus be bathed in such deep bliss and love. And I always say it's the most physical thing I've ever done without a body.

Alex Ferrari 9:22
So at the moment that you died, what was the first thing that you saw?

Alysa Rushton 9:27
So this is funny, because, you know, here's some near death experiences talk about like, pulling out of their body and all that I completely bypassed 100% of that. And I think that's because I died of a massive drug overdose. Right? So there was a level of consciousness that I wasn't I think if I was awake, I would have seen the body I didn't see that I got up to the place. That's God consciousness, what I call God consciousness or maybe some people might call it monad consciousness and literally So, the best way I can describe this is, if you can imagine Alex, a TV screen, have you ever seen one of those security cameras that are monitoring like 1000s of things at once? It was like that, only not like that I could pinpoint my consciousness in over a billion different places all at once. And I could, if I saw something that interested me, I could pull my consciousness in multiple places, all at once. And what was cool is I could actually go into that, and it felt like a, like an elastic, bringing my consciousness in. It was a it was motion, it was movement, it was consciousness in form, but without physicality. Got it?

Alex Ferrari 10:53
So then you were, you're jumping all over the place in consciousness, you're aware that you're, you're gone, you're dead at this point, right? Are we aware that? So you're totally aware of that you don't see anybody? Or don't hear anything else?

Alysa Rushton 11:06
No, I didn't see any friends or relatives. And you know, it makes sense. Because I don't have any friends or relatives that have passed on. Make sure you're young. You're young. Of course, yeah, I'm 30. So I don't have anybody that I would come to greet me and be like, Oh, it's you. And so one of my theories about near death experiences is is the consciousness you hold, when you die about the death is the first thing you experience. And right, and so you can listen to all the near death ears and hear everybody's experiences, similar but different, right? People see different stuff. So I just think whatever consciousness you hold about death, vets what you take with you and what you bring with you. And so for me, I didn't see people, I felt enveloped, what I felt like I was actually soaked into God consciousness or monad consciousness it at the level that I could be at that moment. I was bouncing around the universe, and learning and seeing what did you see?

Alex Ferrari 12:14
So what did you see? Well, you were like, oh, I want to check that out. Like, where did you like, go? What was this place?

Alysa Rushton 12:19
Yes. So some of it's really hard to describe because it was other galaxies, it was other planets that we don't actually have words for. You know, some of it was like, I would see sacred geometry, and I would see how it was formed mathematically and how the consciousness would come down from light, and then form the sacred geometry and then form form, form form form. So I saw all of that I was exploring, you know, near and far universes, and then some times I would, I would see this person who caught my eye and want to go down into their experience or see an animal. And I could the weird part is, I could do it all at once.

Alex Ferrari 13:02
I've heard of that is the the multiple, like, there's the theory of the multiple Live series. So you're living multiple lives at the same time that a soul can play multiple games, if you will, at the same time, so that that concept makes sense to me. Okay, so you're bound. At this point, you're bouncing around the universe, you're having a good old time. Sounds like in God consciousness, you're in full love. At what point do you go, okay? This is great. But where am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? Where's my body? Do you have any of these questions?

Alysa Rushton 13:36
So here's what's interesting is I saw this one place that I wanted to check out and it was Earth, so I was really attracted to it. So I go down, I'm checking out our earth all of a sudden, instead of being in God, consciousness, I am in earth, I'm here I'm back in earth, and I realize I'm here me Alyssa, this Alyssa, because up there, I was not Alyssa, by the way, I was consciousness. I was not the NI ash person that I am now. Now I'm back on Earth. I'm Alyssa. I looked down though. And I realized, oh, I don't have a body here. But I'm here in consciousness. And then I look around me and I see everything looks very much the same, except the sky is olive green. And kind of like this olive drab Green and I I thought we'll all go and check on my ex boyfriend from when I was 14. So instantly, I pop to his house. By the way, I hadn't been in touch with him for years. But I popped to this house where I had never known of him at but I saw him clearly in his condominium, and I saw exactly what it looked like and I was kind of hanging around him. He smoked and he drank and it felt very comforting to me. And so that's what I did. I just kind of popped around from person to person that I knew that had drug an alcoholic action. And I didn't ever really know what this was until years later, I read a book by Savannah orienta. And she, I'm reading this book, and Alex. And I think, oh my god, this woman is describing my exact experience. And because I always wondered about this experience, and what she said was, this is a place where people go from traumatic deaths, suicides and drug overdoses, and it's a healing place. And that's very much what it felt like for me, I felt like I was getting this deep healing and I was moving around from person to person. And as I'm there, a group consciousness came to me and they said, hey, you know, this is going to be a very healing place for you. And you can stay here, but you cannot come back and be Alyssa body. And if you choose to come back, and the Alyssa body, it's going to be the most extraordinary amount of hard work that you've ever faced. But it'll be worth it. And as soon as I was like, Yeah, I'm going to come back. The moment that I had that thought, I got slammed back into my body. It was like someone dropping me off 1000 foot building and slamming me down into concrete, and I hit my body with a thud, and I'm gasping for air and the EMTs I'm in my bathroom. Now I've got 20 EMTs, and my bathroom. My husband's kneeling beside me. And they're asking me questions that I don't even know what they're saying.

Alex Ferrari 16:37
Wow. And then so at that point, you are back. That you you go to the hospital, do you process this? How are you processing? This is like back here?

Alysa Rushton 16:50
Yeah. So back in the envelope in the hospital, Nagin understand they gave me Narcan. So I hear I am a total, you know, prescription drug addict and I my legs are flailing everything's going crazy. I used a walker to get around and my husband's kind of looking at me like Good lord, I didn't know you could move like that, you know, in that moment, I realized what I'm doing. Or what I have been doing is killing me. Oh, this, this, what I'm doing is killing me. And it was my big huge wake up call. So I got it right there and an instance and the pain, differential between being up in God consciousness, bathed in oodles of love and bliss. And just like, feeling the yumminess of physical like, is a very physical feeling of bliss and love, that I can't describe to it's like taking off the tightest thing you've ever worn and just feeling expanded. Right. And so, coming back then to the super pain of the body was very hard. But I knew in that moment, I had to make a change. And then really the next five years of my life, I set out to integrate the experience of dying, get myself off all the drugs, and work my way. It was my break apart moment where my vase shattered into a million pieces. And then the next five years, I spent gluing the pieces back together.

Alex Ferrari 18:28
So you basically it was a deconstruction of yourself. Yeah, you had to be you had to go be basically pulled apart. And then you had to kind of slowly pull yourself back together. When you came back, did you just start telling everybody that you had a near death experience? Or did you keep it quiet? And once you did come out of the the Near Death Experience closet that workout for you?

Alysa Rushton 18:50
Yes. Well, you know, it's interesting. At the time, only people I had to tell where my doctor, my medical team and my husband, you know, my parents were not really involved. They were not really around very much. And I didn't want to worry them to tell them. Oh, by the way, I just died. For a little bit though,

Alex Ferrari 19:12
A little bit was it wasn't a big deal.

Alysa Rushton 19:14
No, I'm right. It's Billy Crystal what they only partially dead, right?

Alex Ferrari 19:19
Partially dead that's a great movie.

Alysa Rushton 19:23
Right. And so I didn't tell anybody except my medical team. All my medical team knew. And so what they said was, they will that's a whole nother conversation. But it was a big oopsies right. It was a big oopsies and unfortunately, this doctor, I think I can say this, this doctor in the same year had killed three people from medical overdoses.

Alex Ferrari 19:48
Okay, so you can say your medical team. You're not talking about the medical team that saved you. You're talking about your medical team that's been around you all these years. Doing all this stuff to you? Yeah, got it. Got it. Got it.

Alysa Rushton 19:58
So she knew about it. And she, you know, I feel very lucky that I wasn't the fourth to be all dead.

Alex Ferrari 20:05
Well, all dead just partially did. Okay, I'm glad we can laugh about this now. Yeah. So you so can you can you talk a little bit about what that journey those five years was like coming back because it seems it sounds like you've gone through a lot of trauma in your life, you've gone through a lot of uphill battles, a pain, suffering, and you were essentially numbing yourself through drugs, alcohol, and then pharmaceuticals, as well. So you were just trying to numb the pain. And then you had a wake up call. And then you had the choice to come back. And then once you came back, you're like, Okay, I've got work to do. How did you? Can you talk a little bit about that for people listening? Because I'm sure there are people listening, who are going not exactly what you went through, but went through a lot of trauma and pain and trying to get through it.

Alysa Rushton 21:02
Yeah. And I think, you know, to your point, it's very traumatic, just being a human being on the planet, right. But just being a human being what I learned from being up there coming down here. And I talked about this with clients, it is traumatic being on this planet, we carry trauma, we've got trauma imprints it on us and my family, you know, family with addiction and all that stuff. I just thought, well, that's the way of it, we just numb it out. We throw some dirt on top of it, we bury that stuff deep and then we pile you know, we don't feel it, whatever we do. So yes, to your point, I spent the next five years unbecoming the person who couldn't feel or who was not willing to feel the uncomfortable thing. So I did. When you asked me what I did, I did everything I threw the book over, I'm sort of a classic over achiever, in the sense that I, I didn't know what to do. So I just felt called to do stuff. And the first thing that I did actually, was I started researching sound frequency, because on the other side, I got huge epic downloads about quantum physics, sound frequency, and the healing abilities of that. So I started researching and I came across Kelly Howell. In fact, I don't know if you've ever interviewed her. She's amazing. She's a meditation teacher, and a mentor of mine. And I started listening to her meditations. And literally, you got to remember, I'm 240 pounds, I use a walker to get around, I'm in diapers, I did not have the ability to just get up and walk and move around. So I literally for the first few months, would just lay in bed, listen to this healing meditation and visualize myself as being able to walk and move around. And I remember challenging myself with my walker to just walk from my driveway down to the end of my driveway. And every week, I would walk a little further and a little further and I'd have dear friend that would help me do that. And she would challenge me. And as I'm doing it, I would tell myself, my legs feel great. My legs feel great because it felt like my legs were actually amputees Stubbs they hurt so bad, it felt like I was just walking around on raw nerve endings. So there was a lot of reprogramming my mental mind as I was coming off the pain drugs, because I was peeling myself off all that my doctor actually wanted to keep me on every bit of the stuff are secretly behind the scenes. I'm backing myself down and down and down and down and cutting, cutting, cutting without telling anybody because I was so afraid that they would say no, you have to continue because I knew that that was the philosophy, like more drugs is always better. Mm hmm. So yeah, so I started doing the reprogramming work, I started doing the meditation, I started moving my body. And that's where I started. And then I ultimately once I got better enough to leave the house and be in more of a community environment. I signed myself up for I think it was a six week outpatient depression treatment program where you deal with this stuff. And I think it was Debbie for doing the work where we just did the work. And we wrote about our traumas, and our and all of that things that hurt us and did a lot of forgiveness work. So I started on the path. I did acupuncture, I hired a health coach. And one of the things for me the most significant thing, I think, along with a mental and brain rewiring, was talking to a nutrition professional and she looked at me and she said, Do you think he might be gluten intolerant? And I said, Oh no, I've been eating, you know, gluten and bread and dairy all my life I definitely find with those foods. She said, Well, okay, but how about you try something for 14 days and she I remember her name was Shelly and she had this magical sparkle in her eye. And she was older than me. But she had this vitality and this beauty and This youthfulness about her. And I thought, whatever she's got I want, and I'm willing to do whatever the heck it takes. So I just would do anything that Shelly told me because I can feel at that point, I could feel it was truthful, I could feel it was aligned, I could feel in my body, I was finally learning to be able to feel my body again, right. And because I had stopped numbing out, I could feel when things would inflame me, I could feel when a food would make my joints hurt more. So I then started to unpack my nutrition. And, you know, that's now it's about 2010 2011. I died in 2005. And I really started feeling good, I dropped all the ways I was back down to 125 pounds, my normal fighting weight. And I felt I was starting to feel really good. But boy, it was a long journey. And a lot of, you know, dips, and it wasn't all up. I mean, there was days where I felt like I want to die. This I'm so miserable. inside of myself, I've got so much trauma I've never dealt with. Right. So yeah,

Alex Ferrari 26:17
Well, so, so when you were going through your journey, you it sounds like you got physically, you got better, faster than you got internally better.

Alysa Rushton 26:26
You know, me if it feels like it, it did like I would go boost on a physical and then a dip. And then a boost and a dip on the mental it was way it was never like locks and steps together. It was waves of each. And it was for two steps back five steps. It was sometimes for a huge leap, and then back a little bit. And what I love about my journey, though, is I didn't do it as a fast 30 day thing that I'm just going to do. A literally had to strip away all the parts of my personality and reform a new personality, a new healthy behavior, new healthy coping mechanisms that you know, now is beautiful that I get to also help people understand that they can do that, too. And what I always tell people is, look, there's nothing special about me, right? I don't come from any core family. You know, we're totally running the mill average everyday Joe, folks, I don't have any special gifts, skills or talents. I'm a normal human being. So if I can go from the depths of illness and mentally unhappy to where I'm at now anybody can do it. It's possible.

Alex Ferrari 27:44
No, during your journey after your near death experience, did you kind of go into kind of a track or road of spirituality and start digging deeper into your own spiritual learning? What was your spirituality like before? Did you have religious beliefs? Did they change? How did that work?

Alysa Rushton 28:01
Totally! Great question. So I got raised in the Christian church, and in fights, my mom and I would go on these big mission trips when I was a kid to foreign countries. And I can remember when I was 12, we went to Thailand. And I remember the pastor saying, now we gotta help these people believe in Jesus, because if they don't, they go to hell. And I remember thinking this is hogwash. Because here I am with these gorgeous people who are coming from within there. Oh, the kindest, most magical people I've personally ever met. And he's telling me they're going to hell, and I have called them out on it. And I said, Really, Pastor, I can't believe that. And he's like, Oh, no, it's true. And I said to him, I said, Oh, but it's not right. And that was the moment I had to tap out of my religion, because I just couldn't believe it. It was such a break with a cognitive dissonance break with the reality that I couldn't believe that these people I know, I refuse to believe in God that would send people there

Alex Ferrari 29:04
Because because they were unfortunate enough to be born in Thailand and not in America. Like, luck. Sorry, sorry, I didn't even know. And then the question is like, well, if you didn't know about Jesus, it was fr some somebody's I think was a Buddhist once said, If I don't know about Jesus, would I still go to hell? And then and then I think it was a missionary said, Well, no, if you don't know about him, then you wouldn't have to go to hell. Then it's like, well, why did you tell me? I was like, Why did you tell me that I now have to go to hell.

Alysa Rushton 29:40
It's such an obvious, right? It's such a mental gymnastics. So the mental gymnastics broke for me at that point. But I still believed in a higher power I still believed. But as I was going through my health kerfuffle, as I call it, I stopped believing I couldn't believe that I had to go through this, but then obviously when I went up, you know, went out and had my near death experience, I knew for sure the there was a consciousness that surrounded everything that informs everything that infuses everything. So I totally believed and I, in fact, started into quantum physics, I started learning as much as I could I started, I tried to come back with all the math that didn't stick. The route is too bad. But yeah, so I started diving deep, I started going back to the spirituality roots versus the religious, created by mankind routes. And my my views ultimately didn't change all that much. Because I didn't ever believe in this petulant God that would bless these ones and not bless those ones and send these ones onward and Damn these ones to a worse place. My my view of the universe became much more expanded. And now it's one that I my current theory is that, even though I'm a near death survivor, and even though I've experienced more consciousness than many people will before they die, I certainly that wasn't the end, I could see that there was so much more to learn and know. And the moment I think I know something is the moment I know I'm wrong.

Alex Ferrari 31:26
Very true. Very, very true. Well, then, from your perspective, you know, you've gone through so much in your life, and obviously a lot of pain, suffering trauma. And there's people listening, who are doing that as well right now. And I want to hear from your point of view, why do we have to go through it? Why do we come down here? What's the point? From your point of view?

Alysa Rushton 31:46
Yeah, so from my point of view, we come down here, for a couple reasons. One, I believe that we're in multiple places all at once. Right, and that I believe that part of this journey, here in human form, is to unlearn a few things as a soul that may have been braided in to the larger experience. Meaning that if we can come here and deal with the trauma, that because on the other side, you acts like you get to inform that informs the other side as well. So my, my current theory is we come down here to learn some lessons. But that also those lessons inform consciousness above. So it's a two way street. It's not just a one way thing that's happening here. So it's informing consciousness, it's expanding consciousness. My feeling when I was on the other side was that I'm hopeful I can articulate as well, that God consciousness, divine creator, consciousness, Prime Creator, whatever you want to call it. It wants to be fully presents, in and through you. Meaning that it wants to be a two part thing, like, yes, there's the Alex consciousness. But Alex knows that Alex is a divine creator, and you're always acting as such. And there's that desire. And here on Earth, we haven't yet gotten to the place many of us where we can do that consistently 100% of the time. So what I think it's less about the human experience here and more about Can God consciousness come through you and cannot hold itself as God consciousness all the time without going unconscious.

Alex Ferrari 33:42
That's interesting. That's a very interesting point of view. And I liked that.

Alysa Rushton 33:46
Because it was it might change.

Alex Ferrari 33:48
Exactly, no, it's this. You know, again, from my perspective, I'm talking to so many people about these kind of topics, from different fields of life, it keeps keeps coming back. This theme, this trend I keep seeing is that the body is so heavy, like you were saying, it's like a big giant coat. Very, very thick, that coat is difficult to move around in. And the brain is this, also this kind of heaviness on top of your consciousness. But when you are able to disconnect or quiet that you become wider, your awareness becomes wider. Hence meditation. Even psilocybin and psychedelics take you offline, they don't ramp you up, they actually take you offline. And when you do that you can access to this stuff that you are you die, that's another way to go offline. And you get piped into the mainframe, if you will, of the universe. You have access to all of that. But while you're here, you forget about all of it and it's your job to kind of get yourself to remind you said you say have God consciousness come through you and stay there without going unconscious. That's a skill. But you have to raise your vibration to a point where it can hold. Make sense?

Alysa Rushton 35:05
Yes, exactly what I'm saying. Exactly. Yes.

Alex Ferrari 35:09
So you also talk about in your work about victim mode? And how did you break through from victim mode? Because I know I've met a few of them in my day. I'm sure I've played that part myself, here or there. But so many of us live in victim mode, what can we do to break free from that?

Alysa Rushton 35:28
Yeah, this is one of the hard parts, because when you're in victim mode, you don't want to believe that you're in victim mode. And if someone were to tell you that you were in victim mode, you'd use it as a reason to be more of a victim, right? So it's a tough thing. And I and I believe that part of the wake up process that we're here to do wake up and hold God consciousness, or divine consciousness, is having some stuff happen, where you have a breaking point. And your breaking point is I'm no longer willing to live as I have been. And I get that there's a different way to live my life that requires me to take 100% responsibility for every single thing that's ever happened to me, in my life. And that's a tough one, especially if you're a victim of abuse of any kind, which I have been, I'm a kidnapping survivor. So ya know. So the thing of it is you, you have to start to then take responsibility. So here's what I would say is, if you feel like your life's not been going well for you, if you feel like you can never catch a break, if you feel like you're mostly checked out and not living in what I call the magic and miracles zone, where most of your life feels like, wow, this is amazing. If you're not there, likely, you're in victim mode. And the only way to get yourself out of victim mode is to take responsibility for everything. And when you do that, you also get to take responsibility for healing your life. And then everything can change. But when I'm still blaming my doctors for getting me as sick as I did, when I'm still putting the blame, anytime you're putting blame outside of you, you just are never going to transform this situation, you're going to still be in that situation. And you're gonna keep attracting more situations to prove you, right? The Universe proves your beliefs, right? Whether you like it or not, like whatever you're currently believing it's giving you again and again and again. So you can hopefully change those beliefs.

Alex Ferrari 37:41
So you're saying that we do co create our existence or reality? I think so. Because, I mean, I've seen it for another people, like they just think, Oh, this is gonna happen. I have the bad things happen. Bad things happen like that things happen. And I've seen other people like know if everything goes fine for me, oh, this is gonna work out great. And if it works out great. It's, it's interesting when you start looking at people and looking at their experiences like that, because it's, it is very, very, very true. But I love the thing you said That's like when you tell somebody they're in victim mode, they use that as an excuse to go deeper into victim mode. So what did you need? Was it the whole experience that knocked you out of victim mode? Or did there's something or a technique or something that you found that? Oh, man, I'm I'm playing victim? I gotta get out of this.

Alysa Rushton 38:32
Yeah, actually, it was somebody telling me I was in victim mode. And you went, I went deeper into victim mode. I was like, I can't believe the audacity, they would have to tell me I'm here. But then I realized, actually, what they're saying is true. Actually, what they're saying what they just told me is absolutely true. And I had to at some point, look at that. But for the people who are listening to if you even suspect like if you if there's a part of you, because I still today will sometimes go into victim mode. It's we're so programmed to do that. Right? I still have those moments of I can't believe this is happening, right? Mm hmm. I think we all do. So if there's any part of you that's resisting the idea, or the notion that you might be in victim mode. That's your first clue. You probably are. Because somebody who knows like, oh, yeah, okay. This is a human tendency, we all have a tendency to do that isn't afraid to confront it. Right? So if there's a if there's something in you, and you're listening right now, and you're like, No, that's totally not me. That's I would never know. Right? Then probably you definitely want to go further into it. And here's the thing here's what's really cool that I want to tell everybody to what your what you just said Alex, which is like you've seen people who can have these awful bad things in life happened to me and these people who have amazing things in life happened to me, when you learn to become the divine creator of your life. Life, which is what I teach people how to become the divine creator of your life, how to use God consciousness in and through you everyday all the time, you can be in the middle of a horrific possibility situation where probably it's high probability that this stuff is going to go down. And you can use your vibration and your consciousness to actually shift. The outcome

Alex Ferrari 40:29
Well do you do you believe this? This this, this is a term that changed my life when I really accepted it. Life happens for me, not to me. Totally. Because that's what you're saying. Basically, it's like, even the worst scenarios, which you've gone through a few. And we won't have to, we don't go into we won't go deeply into the kidnapping scenario. But I'm like, What am I? How much more can they throw at you? For God's sakes? I mean, it for real for God's sakes? The if you stop and say, Well, if this has happened to me, there's a reason for it. And if it's if I perceive it as negative, I have to figure out what my lesson is here. So I could go through this quickly. learn my lesson and move on.

Alysa Rushton 41:13
Yes, there. Yes. And, and and and not only what's the lesson, but underneath of the hood, what is the belief that's driving some of these experiences? What do I believe about life? What do I believe about my ability to shift a negative situation? What do I believe about my ability to have a car looks like it's heading for a tree, what I believe about my ability to steer away from the tree, metaphorically speaking, right? And so it's a greater opportunity when life happens for you, no matter what it is, that you utilize it. And I always say you can utilize whatever experience as rocket fuel, you can use, utilize it as rocket fuel for your best life, or you can utilize it as rocket fuel to just have a horrible go.

Alex Ferrari 42:04
Now, I have to ask this question, would you change anything?

Alysa Rushton 42:08
You know, to your point, I believe, as unfortunate as it is, for me, personally, I needed the full reboot. I was so I had abdicated so much responsibility for myself. I was not willing to look at anything I listen along the way I got the little Hey, Alyssa might want to take a look at this. I got the book of sight of my head going Hey, Alyssa, take a look at this. I didn't listen to any of the pre ups.

Alex Ferrari 42:43
The Whispers the nudges, the pokes the sledgehammer, until finally the car came crashing down on top of you.

Alysa Rushton 42:50
Yeah, yeah, I didn't have it. So the universe is like, alright, let's, let's do the whole full reboot. Here we go. And which, by the way, is very, you know, it's very hard experience to go through all of that. So you know, I don't recommend it. If you're listening now. And you will already know, gosh, my life feels like it's a bit in a ditch, or I know that there's an area of my life where I'm being called and being nudged. To do something different. And maybe it's even just making a little little tweak in your dietary stuff, or a little tweak in your workout routine. And you just have been feeling this back of the envelope noise around it. Do it, you can be proactive. And what I've learned now, I didn't know this then but now I know. Boy, it's it's so nice. When you're proactive. And you get that intuition and you go with it, then what starts to happen is, instead of life's sort of waving, waving, waving on you to hit you with wave after wave, instead, you're more like the person who's getting the waves to push them forward in a lovely yummy length. Perfect. Surf, beautiful surf. Yeah, they're surfing those waves. And so it just feels totally different. When you're proactive. And you're listening to the cues and you're tuning in, and you're which I imagine a lot of your listeners are doing. They're tuning in, they're making changes. You guys are amazing. You're listening to next level cell. So of course, you're incredible. I mean, oh my gosh. And so but you might know somebody in your family who you wish is was a little bit more proactive and a little bit more taking responsibility. And that's it. It's just every and here's the thing, what I realize is we're in the midst of a massive wake up wave, right? We what we're about to go through, collectively in the next two years, is gonna blow people's minds. I put a number out there and a prediction video the other day, which I was hesitant to put out there but I really do believe you're going to see people waking up in probably wrong To like a billion people in the next two years, and what I know about a wake up is for most people that wake up is sparked off by some harder experiences that get them to tune in. And that's just how we do it. But what I also know is what's on the other side of that, for everybody who's woken up, you always will wake up, you will always, you know, in this lifetime, you have the best chance of it right in this lifetime, whoever your people are around you. This is their best opportunity to wake up right now. We're being given so much opportunity and wisdom and guidance and internet YouTube videos. To help us all wake up to that next level.

Alex Ferrari 45:44
Alyssa, you are an inspiration, my dear, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your story and I really do hope it does help people listening or not. Before you go I want to ask you a few questions that ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Alysa Rushton 46:03
For me it's being kind. The end of the day, if I can show just about everybody I come across kindness, and a little bit of like walking around radiating that feeling of where people just go, oh, wow, I feel I feel different. That to me is living a good life.

Alex Ferrari 46:25
Yeah, fair enough. How do you define God?

Alysa Rushton 46:29
How do I find the find God? God is you God is the computer. God is the earth we're sitting on God is every single particle and cell and amoeba in the universe. God is God is God is

Alex Ferrari 46:47
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Alysa Rushton 46:50
I think to expand consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 46:54
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing?

Alysa Rushton 46:58
Go to Only one S Alysa though it's weird spelling.

Alex Ferrari 47:04
And you have any parting words for our audience?

Alysa Rushton 47:06
Yeah, you guys, this has been a incredible years that you've been through already since 2020. And if you're listening, you're already awoken to a level and I just want to thank you for being here. I want to thank you for your light thank you for doing the work of being a next level soul because you are a next level soul and you're here so remember that the more you radiate that next level soul the more you help your brothers and sisters as human beings on this planet wake up to their next level soul to

Alex Ferrari 47:38
Alysa, thank you again so much for coming on and sharing your story with us. I really appreciate you.

Alysa Rushton 47:43
Oh my gosh, thank you for having me. This has been such a joy.

Alex Ferrari 47:47
Thanks for watching. Click on one of the videos below to continue your journey and don't forget to subscribe!

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