The GREAT Awakening Has BEGUN: Rise of a New Era of Humanity REVEALED | Alx Uttermann

In the profound stillness of the cosmos, we sometimes meet souls whose journeys illuminate the hidden paths to enlightenment. Today, we welcome Alx Uttermann, a radiant healer whose life story unfolds like an ancient scripture, teeming with mystical encounters and divine insights. Alx’s journey from a skeptical youth to a masterful healer reveals the transformative power of faith, perseverance, and divine intervention.

Alx’s spiritual journey began with deep reluctance. Despite numerous mystical experiences as a child, she compartmentalized these encounters, striving to blend in with her peers. It wasn’t until her twenties that she began to embrace her path, largely due to the influence of a spiritual mentor, a Dutch Yogi named Jack Schwartz, who possessed supernatural abilities. Alx recalls, “I saw energy pouring in and was kind of out of body briefly. And I’m thinking, Are you kidding? This is for real? Really?” This marked the beginning of her acceptance of her innate healing abilities.

Despite her initial skepticism, Alx’s path was filled with miraculous events that defied logical explanation. She describes an early encounter with Reiki, where a simple attunement led to an overwhelming realization of her healing capabilities. As she delved deeper into healing practices, miraculous occurrences became frequent, yet their underlying mechanisms remained a mystery. Alx’s quest for understanding led her to India, where she met her spiritual master, Swami Kaleshwar, a young miracle healing saint.

In India, Alx’s experiences transcended the ordinary. She witnessed Swami Kaleshwar perform profound miracles, including the manifestation of objects and the healing of severe illnesses. One of the most extraordinary events was a Christmas miracle in 1999, where a cross constructed on the ashram began to bleed. “It just starts deluging blood, everywhere,” she recounts, describing the overwhelming presence of divine energy that accompanied this phenomenon. This experience, among others, solidified her commitment to her spiritual path and her understanding of the intricate mechanisms of divine healing.

Swami Kaleshwar taught Alx and other students ancient healing techniques derived from 7,000-year-old manuscripts. These techniques, which included the Holy Womb Chakra system, offered a comprehensive approach to healing at the soul level. Alx explains, “The Holy Womb Chakra is a doorway into our enlightenment and our capabilities as souls on this planet.” This system, accessible to both men and women, involves meditations and mantras that connect individuals to the divine source, facilitating profound healing and transformation.


  1. Divine Healing Energy: Alx’s experiences highlight the immense power of divine energy in healing and transformation. By connecting with this energy, we can overcome profound physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.
  2. The Holy Womb Chakra: This ancient system provides a pathway to deep spiritual enlightenment and healing. By understanding and practicing the Holy Womb Chakra techniques, individuals can access profound healing abilities and clear karmic imbalances.
  3. Service to Humanity: Alx’s journey underscores the importance of being of service to others. Through her work, she demonstrates that true fulfillment comes from helping others heal and grow.

In the sacred dance of existence, Alx Uttermann’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Her journey from skepticism to mastery, filled with miraculous experiences and profound teachings, reminds us of the limitless potential within each of us. By embracing divine energy and committing to service, we can all contribute to the healing and transformation of our world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Alx Uttermann.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 225

Alx Uttermann 0:00
Jesus Christ is the greatest healer who has ever walked on this planet in its entire history. And all of us, saints, supernatural, yogi's whatever, we bow to him.

Alex Ferrari 0:21
I'd like to welcome to the show Alex Uttemann. How you doing Alex?

Alx Uttermann 0:24
I'm doing really well. Alex. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:28
Yeah, I think you might be the first Alex we've had on the show. Besides me. I don't think I've I don't think I don't remember. It's been over 200 at this point. So I don't remember. But I think it might be the first but thank you so much for coming on the show you have a interesting life journey. And the work that you're doing is fantastic. And very, very interesting as well. You're trying to heal the world. We're both trying to heal the world in very different ways. But yet very similar ways. And as well. So my first question to you is how did you start your spiritual journey?

Alx Uttermann 1:02
Ah, reluctantly. Oh my god. Okay. How much time do we have?

Alex Ferrari 1:10
Right Reader's Digest version.

Alx Uttermann 1:12
Okay, so I was a deep skeptic. I came to it kicking and screaming, despite having a lot of mystical experiences as a child that made no sense and a teenager. So is I had like one foot in the world of mysticism. But nobody talked about that. And there was nowhere to put it. So I just kind of come part mentalize it and sort of tried to blend in with everybody else. I just wanted to be a normal teenager. Yeah, no chance. And then in my 20s, or, hmm, I was not a seeker. I was living in the Bay Area in California and the Santa Cruz Mountains. And many of my friends were, you know, they were spiritual people. It's California. It's, you know, that's it's in the air. And people would say things like, oh, this great, you know, spiritual teachers coming to the bookstore. Do you want to go hear them? And I'm like, Nah, I gotta wash my hair. Like all night? No, I just didn't, I didn't go looking. Things came to me. Or I had read about the great Yogi's, I had read about the great saints, I knew who the real ones were. I knew also that there was a fair amount of charlatanism in the spiritual kingdom in general and amongst guru culture and all like that. So pretty much I was like, nope, not for me. Or I had read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, and I adore him and immediately felt him. I knew about TM with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That door was kind of close to me. Even though I was surrounded by tea, embers and Yogananda people. I'm like, Huh, that's strange. But anyway, so I live my life. And then I had a spiritual mentor, who sort of got thrown in my lap, who was a Dutch Yogi named Jack Schwartz, who had supernatural abilities, and had gotten enlightened, partly at Auschwitz, or where he was not interned as a Jew, but rather he was forced into labor. As a young Dutch man, when the Germans invaded the Low Countries, they, they took the young men for the workforce. So he was he had tremendous supernatural abilities. And it was a pure love being. Or when I never went looking for him, he got thrown in my lap. So it was a series of, I would say the divine was conspiring. To wake me up. I had a colleague, who was I was working in the computer gaming industry at the time, and she was a Reiki person. She introduced me to Reiki kind of against my will. I went to her workshop, because I had nothing else to do that weekend. I really went on a lark, honestly. And the moment she began the thing they call an attunement, or the initiation, well, guess what, it's real. I saw energy pouring in and was kind of out of body briefly. And I'm thinking, Are you kidding? This is for real? Really? Oh my gosh, so by default, I became a healer. Or I should say, you know, found a technique to, to deploy my already nascent and native healing abilities that I kind of vaguely knew were there but didn't pay any attention to really.

Alex Ferrari 4:31
So it sounds like you're basically the theme getting here is you were reluctant, the entire way,

Alx Uttermann 4:36
Entirely kicking and screaming and skeptical as the day as long as and anyway, so I began working as a healer and I reluctantly came to the understanding that I had come to do that. was not thrilled about that on one level, and the deeper and I went with whatever random tools I had Reiki breathwork make it up by the seat of your pants. Things were happening that were miraculous, but nobody seemed to have any idea why

Alex Ferrari 5:13
In your life in general?

Alx Uttermann 5:14
For the healing clients that I was sad it remarkable things were happening. And I would say yes, in my life for sure. supernatural things, miraculous things, and none of it made any sense. I would go and ask the Reiki people, like, how can I do Reiki for somebody's ankle pain with a broken ankle and their ankle still hurts, but their asthma cleared up? And they'd get that mystical look and say, well, the energy takes care of itself. I'm like, okay, so you don't really know. So I became a Reiki Master to try to get to the bottom of it, and I still have no answers. That's where I was in the fall of 1999. When a guy named Jonathan Rosen came into my life. By then I was so sensitive. And I would say psychic abilities were expanding, just through being an energy and doing healing work. That, for some bizarre reason I could tell if somebody had been to India simply by looking in their eyes. I couldn't tell you why I had never been to India. But I could see India in people. And this guy came to my door. Having been a student of college bar here, who was a young miracle healing saint. He Jonathan had been a student of college force for about two years. And he was on a back and forth commute, like a month in India, a month in US a month in India and a month in us. And he starts telling me about a Polish worker who is a miracle healing saint who was at the time very young, he was 27. When I met him, he was 24 when Jonathan had met him, and he had healed a colleague of Jonathan, longtime TM teacher and practitioner from a terminal lymphoma, which caught Jonathan's attention, big time, and made him want to study with him. So I'm hearing about this young lion of a healing master. And I'm thinking, Wait a second, this is very interesting. This isn't meditating for the sake of meditating. This isn't. You know, I hung around a lot of Buddhist and Vedic practitioners who were very serious, you know, many kriya bonds from the Yogananda tradition and or Zen Buddhists who were very serious meditators. And they would say things like, Oh, I can't wait till I get enlightened because La la la la la mala. And I'm like, Okay, first off, what do you mean by enlightenment? If you ask 100 people, you'll get 100 different definitions. Sure. And mostly seems they have to do with some kind of blissful feeling. And then you don't have any problems. Maybe, and I'm like, Okay, so first off, not interested. Secondly, once you get there, what are you gonna do with it? I'm restless, like that. Here comes Jonathan explaining about this college for our fellow who, within, I don't know, 30 seconds, manifested some ash into his friend's mouth and put some ash on his friends third eye. And his friend had he five weeks to live prognosis for a terminal lymphoma that just disappeared. And I'm thinking, well, this is very interesting. There's a girl out there who's using the meditation energy that he's accrued over God knows how many lifetimes, to shift things for people very quickly. How does he do that? I'm interested. And that's kind of how I got.

Alex Ferrari 8:43
And that's where I am now. And then then you went over to India and spent some time over there?

Alx Uttermann 8:48
Oh, loads of things happen. So I have to say it was a belief system struggle for me, because I was so skeptical of so deeply.

Alex Ferrari 8:59
Did you have a religious background?

Alx Uttermann 9:01
No, not at all. Okay, I was raised by or No, I wouldn't go that far. Okay. I would say very cynical. Yes. Very heartbroken. Got it. an agnostic at best. I was raised by a surgeon, small town surgeon and a nurse. So science was sort of the law the house which is great. I mean, good education and all. But the people who were worshipped in my home were Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Albert Schweitzer. All ironically enough men of great faith who were activists from their faith. But my family was like that we were left wing up in the system stand for the little guy, no matter what are and the joke of the family was that through crazy circumstances in our small town, I ended up going to Catholic school for eight years. So there's really nothing kept In the entire history of that school, so I went to Mass three days a week, and I started having mystical experiences with Jesus, which were disturbing to say the least. Because I had nowhere to put it, because I wasn't.

Alex Ferrari 10:12
So when you say mystical experiences, what do you mean? Exactly?

Alx Uttermann 10:15
Oh, God, man. So one of the first things that happened in Catholic school was the eighth grade kids every year would put on around Easter time, a version of the passion play, right, the passion of Christ, the last week going into the crucifixion and the resurrection. And they would use music from both Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar, which meant there's an eighth grade kid in a sheet at a certain point, holding up a cross that had a handle on it, you know, going through the Last Supper and the betrayal and the garden, and then the crucifixion of Christ. And I would go on, glued, I mean, like, I wouldn't even say crying, sobbing, hysterically, doubled over tears coming out of everywhere, including my nose, unable to breathe, lipped out every time. And I kind of loved it. And I kind of was terrorized by it. And I couldn't understand why there was this painful, ecstatic meltdown going on, every time it happened. And every all the other kids are looking at me like, Oh, I'm not even Catholic or Christian overtly. So that was while. And then when I was about 12, or 13. So I'd been in Catholic school since I was about seven. Because we went to Mass three days a week, it was a Catholic Church, built in the 1800s. And the French architecture style is I'm from rural Missouri, and that side of the Mississippi River was settled by the French and the French traders going up and down the river. So everything was very white marble, and oh, my god, exquisite. They had a huge crucifix right over the first row, the pews in the church, I mean, a big crucifix, like Christ hugely displayed on a cross. And I would look at him and look at him, and I was livid. Why did you do that? Why did you do that? I have to know. And I was so upset. Because I knew that he lived. Historically, I had no doubt about that. I knew that he had let this happen to him. I knew that. But why? Because their explanation wasn't cutting it. I knew there was more. I knew it. And so I'm like, I can remember working myself into a absolute frenzy of upset because he wasn't responding. And I knew there was power in it, and I couldn't, I could not understand it. And I'm hurling myself and useless in my head. Like, why did you do that? Why did you do that? Why did you do that? Why won't you answer me? You know what, and crying and furious. And then I'm about maybe 13. I think in my sophomore year, I was accelerated in school. So I was like, two grades ahead of myself in some things. But anyway, so we're in a religion class being taught by a priest who had a master's in dogmatic theology from seminary, didn't even know you could get a degree in dogmatic theology. But there we are. And he was teaching us from his master's notes about the four major Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible was great, good study, anyhow, I'm sitting there with the Bible open to one of the accounts post crucifixion, when Mary Magdalene sees Jesus in the garden. Exactly after crucifixion, he she is the first person to whom he shows himself. And she doesn't recognize him. She mistakes him for gardener. And when he makes her realize, Hey, it's me. His next words to her are woman Don't touch me. I'm not yet myself. And I'm seeing I'm reading this and this video place in my head. I didn't make this up. It just started to play that she went to embrace them. She went to hug it. And he said that to her. And I'm thinking, Oh, how come they don't say in here that they were married? That's so obvious. Like What? What? What? Sure. How can they left all the stuff out of this book? Much more interesting. Read. Yeah, they had that.

Alex Ferrari 14:36
The question of the century. Yes. of centuries.

Alx Uttermann 14:41
Many centuries, actually. A couple of millennia. And there. Yeah. So I'm like, this is fascinating what is going on? So these kinds of things were happening and they were alarming. And nobody else I knew was having anything near this, even though they were all Catholic kids and it was all very confusing. And I should say as a footnote to it, I did find out the answers to what I was so desperately asking about the crucifixion. But it took me going India to figure that out.

Alex Ferrari 15:11
It took Jesus going to India to to figure some things out as well,

Alx Uttermann 15:15
As it turns out, and that, as it turns out, is precisely the nature of my study in India, I lived in a place where he lived and meditated and trained and left things there. So physical things.

Alex Ferrari 15:33
Physical things, so, so you're in India, and you were there for how many years?

Alx Uttermann 15:38
Well, I live I wound up living there for five years. So when I met Jonathan Rosen, and he was telling me about college bar, then I got kind of stalked by God, I guess every people I met after it, there was a couple week period in there where I would say, you know, I'm hearing about this girl from India who's a healing master. And they would their faces returning to this young brown man, and they say, Yeah, what do you really want? I'm like, Okay, this is disturbing. This is 1999. So there weren't websites, you know, you couldn't go look somebody up. And at what point I met Jonathas home, and he showed me a photograph of a college bar. And he went off to make tea. And I look at that photograph, and I'm like, Alright, man, who are you? Because I am not jumping into something. If this is not like the real and the highest, you know what I'm saying? I don't want I just Oh, my disdain for all things. Woowoo was pretty pronounced, right? And I'm like, Alright, straight up. Show me who you are. And the picture came alive. I mean, three dimensional. It's a person and it's talking to me. And I'm just like, Really? Really? You found me? It has to be now. Huh? Really? So yeah, so then and Jonathan had told me is very interesting, college worse position in the world. He was known as a miracle healing saint. And he demonstrated a lot of in your face miracles, I mean, crazy miracles. And, you know, traditionally the yogi's are like, yeah, don't look at that. That's not important. Don't, don't focus on the miracles, they can turn into a big ego wisdom trap. And also there are plenty of people who are not enlightened. But they have some siddhi. They did some mantra, they can talk to snakes, or they can manifest something or whatever. But it does. It's not a mark of an enlightened soul. And that opens the door to a lot of charlatanism. And like that, so the the traditional, dignified yogic stances, let's not focus on the miracles sure they happen, but which is a curious thing, because 2000 years later, we're still talking about the miracles that Jesus did. Right? I'm still talking about he demonstrate like that.

Alex Ferrari 17:53
I just had a conversation with a yogi the other day, and we were talking and I'm like, Isn't it amazing that basically what Jesus was doing 2000 years ago, were yogic powers. Yes, exactly. They were all yogic powers are all things that saints and Yogi's have been known prior to Jesus and after Jesus. Yes, these powers, so it's just Yes. Fascinating to say the least.

Alx Uttermann 18:16
Yes. And he learned to them. That's the important piece that humanity is missing. He learned to them.

Alex Ferrari 18:25
Well, that was the thing. That's, and I said this in the show before. It's like Jesus was born, yada, yada, yada. He comes and starts to save everybody. The yada yada yada is the part that I always was wondering about myself. Meet him. There's, there's like, and then as I've talked to more and more spiritually enlightened people. And in my own studies, even someone like Yogananda, who's in most more recent times, he he didn't come in fully formed, none of them do. They all some of them come in young. And they make it fully formed younger than everybody else. But they still have to go through stuff. Pre or prior to their enlightenment here to achieve a certain level all of them do. Yeah, you can't just show up and go, I'm here to save you all. It doesn't. It's kind of not the way that the world works in, in this this reality, that there is a level that you have to kind of level up. If you work, you

Alx Uttermann 19:27
know, yes, actually, one of the linchpins, of that is you have to find a Master who could open your channels and if your channels are extraordinary, as in the case of Jesus, or Yogananda or Maha Avatar, Baba Ji that has to be an exceptional master as well and there aren't that many of them. That's a dew

Alex Ferrari 19:45
point, but they do appear when they when, when there's a soul or when there's a soul that needs that Baba Ji will show up. Or Yogananda will show up or of course, he will show up These to help along the way whether whether and you know, however they come up they do they do. They do show no question they do. There's no question. Yeah, it's really it's a really fascinating thing. So because I mean, I love that you your path because I haven't spent time in India but I have studied a lot of the same people you've studied. And I've had, you know, yogi's on before and it's fascinating to talk to Yogi's at a deep level about these deeper conversations. Now, you're, you're over there in India, you're learning healing techniques. I mean, this is a tough question to answer. But what is the biggest takeaway from your time in India? Oh, god.

Alx Uttermann 20:45
Okay. Well, I want to precede that with two things that happened before I got to India. The the first thing was the one Jonathan was telling me about college where, and I was kind of all yours, which was the player, the guru, of course. One of the things that he said that was really tough for me to digest initially was College Board's position is this. And I heard Swami Clif Bar, say this himself, which was, yes, I have supernatural abilities. That's true. I did very hard work to gain these. If you're willing to do the hard work, I'm willing to teach everything that I know. Because the world sorely needs supernatural spiritual masters who can handle the heartbreak and the suffering of this planet at a very high level. He didn't want devotees, He didn't want hundreds of 1000s of people clinging to him. Yes, they did anyway, but he wasn't for the masses. He came to the US, he came to Germany, he came to Japan, he came to a few other countries, he would fish the particular souls that he wanted, he would lower them to India, the fishing lure metaphor holds. And they're the real work would start. So when I'm hearing this, I think part of my soul was thrilled. Because I think my soul already knew, hey, you can be a master. And the rest of me my entire belief system was so dead set against that, for all the reasons, you know, ranging from profound unworthiness through No, there's only a few masters in the world that that did that. And who is this upstart? Young 27 year old saying who's suddenly come to up and everything. So that was kind of a hurdle to get over. And, of course, the divine being what it is. Jonathan says to me, Well, he's coming to us that a couple of weeks Do you want to meet him? Yeah, yeah, of course, of course. And so I actually met him initially college smart er, in the fall of 1999. In Seattle, in fact, I met him in the sea tech baggage claim, airport baggage claim area, which was pretty funny. And immediately, of course, I mean, I already knew him on the subtle for some weeks prior to meeting him in person. So it was sort of like, oh, right, that's your physical. Okay. But I already knew him internally. And I knew that that contract was signed, done, sealed, delivered, which again, as I say, was quite disturbing to me, because I wasn't so sure I was down with that.

Alex Ferrari 23:20
Let me ask you a question. Because I always love asking this of people who've met masters. There is an energy that they put out, that is intoxicating for people, that people just want to stand around them. They just literally just want to sit there all day around them. Did he have that kind of energy? Or did he kind of hold that back? Depends on the master. Right? It is like it was I was asking. So

Alx Uttermann 23:49
Yes. So my experience of him is that he could turn it on and off it will majority he kept it off. And what I experienced around him was he was shockingly intense. In incredibly intense. Like somebody put a live tiger in the room. Yeah, he was slight, you're shorter than I am five, five and a half. His energy would fill an entire room. He was super relaxed, and informal and joking around. And also there was no doubt who's in charge in this room. It's stunning. And I remember looking at him initially and thinking like is that real? Because there's such a glowing Enos. He's almost trans. Lucent. Is he solid? Is he physical? Oh, yeah. Okay, he is. Hmm. Interesting. So in his case, where he I think, when you're around a magnitude of A being like that, if you had any glimpse of what they really are You would be so dumbstruck that you can interact with them. And collaboration so heinous. Yeah, well, and the intimidation factor would just be like, Oh my god, like, I'm not worthy. So they have to disguise that in a way to be able to be interacted with. So I met him in us, I saw him do ordinary things in the US. And one of the points that he would make a couple of things, one, that the miracles that He demonstrated were, he would call them chocolates for children. You know, if you have something serious to say to a child, you won't get their attention. You give him a piece of chocolate first, you have their attention for five minutes. And so many of the cities and the miraculous things that he did, were along those lines to get a soul to pay attention to him for longer than five minutes so that he could give it some energy to wake it up. Point 1.2 He would say, I want to train soul doctors who can handle the broken hearts of humanity. You know, we have plenty of hospitals for broken minds, we have plenty of hospitals for broken bodies. We really don't have the hospital for the broken hearts, nor do we have the practitioners who know how to help heal the broken heartedness of the world, which is by the way, the number one disease that humanity is facing. 90% of human beings are so heartbroken through loss.

Alex Ferrari 26:33
But when you say who are broken, you mean loss, trauma, things like that.

Alx Uttermann 26:37
All of it. Yes, not romance. That's certainly in there. But you know, anyone who grows up in a warzone? Anyone who has lost a family? Sure, yeah, betrayal. Yeah, betrayal and business betrayal and friendship. Heartbreak with God. I've had a hard life, how could you do this to me? Betrayal with religious figures or teachers? Right? Oh, my God, I put my all into them. And they turned out to be a charlatan and made off with everybody's money. And we're all screwed. How could that happen? It's heartbreaking. All of these things. And just as every human being is slightly different configuration, right? We're snowflakes, no two are alike. The way that we process pain, trauma, heartbreak and so on is slightly different. And toward that end, if you're a physician on that level, just like a medical physician would need to know the full range of conditions to know also what medicines to prescribe to treat something a sole doctor would need to know the full spectrum of human suffering, and the formulas to be able to address that. And that was my training in India.

Alex Ferrari 27:40
So what was the biggest instead of what is the biggest takeaway in India? What was your biggest takeaway from him?

Alx Uttermann 27:46
That anybody who wants to work hard can learn the same abilities and can demonstrate the highest level of healing, which is, I think, soul healing in this planet, and help clean up the mess of suffering. So you mean, I think that's the highest thing that I can say.

Alex Ferrari 28:03
So you need to tell me it's exactly what Jesus says. Everything like

Alx Uttermann 28:07
All these works, you'll do you will do and greater. And if you go back and look at the Hebrew and the Aramaic for works, yes, miracles, he wasn't saying Be nice. He's very specific, in his native language. All these works, I did, you will do in greater. Yes, so I saw college bar in Seattle in various situations with different groups of people, his own students, and then other spiritual movements had invited him to give talks, I also saw him around management people from Boeing and Microsoft. How it was hilarious. He was on their surface more like a Tony Robbins character, you know, and yet he was pumping out so much energy doing healing for these crazy skeptical souls that that everybody was like rope a doping in the room, they could not keep their eyes open. They're getting heavy and thick and going into a trance and trying to hear what he's saying. And on the surface, he's just this urbane, lovely, nice messages guy. And at the depth, he's putting out this incredible vibrate. It was really funny. And then I saw him in Northern California. So I had seen him with all these different people. I was really observing, you know, who is this guy? And how does he operate? In Northern California, he gave a beautiful talk in a place called Layton Ville in Mendocino County, where their local physician had been in college for student for a couple of years. And the town was pretty up in arms because they felt their doctor was being stolen by this exotic Indian goose chase guy. So they all came out to see like, Alright, who is this? You know, so called Saint who's still on our physician. Anyway, he gave a talk that night and then he asked everybody in the hall, do you want a healing, which he would always do after a public talk? And, of course, everybody said yes. And so you had him turn off all the lights. He was just this little die. I was sitting in the back, little guy sitting on a stage with a candle on some flowers around him and He started to recite a mantra. He had mentioned the heartbreak again. And as he said, This mantra, I felt like a, it was a fireball in my heart. It just was hot. I'm like, what? And then it started to spread, like when you take a shot of hard alcohol, it get that warming, but it went everywhere. And then I just went blank, I was gone, completely gone, black out, gone. Okay. When I came to sometime later, I'm definitely becoming aware that my body is rotating, which is strange. I had been a meditator for some years, and I'm like, Okay, I've never had that experience before. I'm like, going in semi circles here. I'm like, what? In the dark Pin drop silence. Everybody's still in this healing meditation thing. And then I'm like, huh, and my shirt is damp. That's strange. Did he throw something on us like rosewater? Which I had seen him? Do I already? I open and I he's just sitting absolutely immobilized? No. Oh, there are tears rolling down my Oh, my God, I've been crying for a while. Attached to nothing. I wasn't even there. But enough that my shirt is noticeably damp. I'm like, what. And then as I become aware of this, I hear that people around me in the dark coin. And I'm like, oh my god with one mantra, one mantra. He hit 400 People in the heart. Instantly. That was the real miracle. And to me, I was like, I know I already promised you I would come to India. But this I would follow you to the ends of the earth to learn how to bring that much relief to people like that. That was like that felt like that sealed it for me. And so within within a month and change. I was on a plane to India for in December of 1999 for the first time. Wow. And that's where the gloves came off. Like I had seen him in US manifest objects out of thin air. I had seen him manifest ash out of his fingertips. I had seen him based an entire group of singers with ash that they didn't even know he was standing behind them. And like it was like snowing on them. They didn't even know they were in such a bliss. I had seen. I knew that he had healed people from serious illnesses. I had seen him give transmissions of energy that were like I was saying the origins of creation. I mean, I had seen a lot by then and in India. Oh my god. This scale? Oh my god. It I kind of feel like I should tell this story happened at Christmas. 1999. Sure, please. It is it is wild. I warn you. Huh? Okay. So India was a shock to me last place in the world I ever wanted to go. So of course, I'm on a plane to India in mid December 1999. For Christmas, Chris was programming in South India. Okay. So we converge on his ashram, which is out in the middle of nowhere. It's a place called Pennock conda. Anaconda is a small, small ish village about 30,000 people, or maybe like three and a half hours to the northeast of Bangalore, big, big city, High Tech Center and all that. Right. So we're out there a middle of nowhere. It's a half constructed ashram at this point. I mean, he was 27. It's just like, putting buildings.

Alex Ferrari 33:31
He's a he's kind of a kid.

Alx Uttermann 33:33
He was a total kid. One level. Yeah. Complete kid. And then this. Oh, my God, this intolerant ancient soul that sat in there. Sometimes I would sit and chat with him, you know. And the advice he gave a young woman like me, was like a 90 year old grandmother would give and I'm like, Whoa, who is talking right now? How do you know all of this? Well, so we're, we were like 150 people from worldwide from America from Germany. And Japan mostly are with like some Austrians and some other European countries in there, but majority Americans and Germans great interesting. Karmic and undoing there, you know? And he is lecturing. Oh my god. Okay, first off, let me say the energy of Anaconda. I've never been in a place like this in my life. The energy is so strong that I could not actually function for days I could barely walk around. It felt like walking in a waking dream through walls that molasses could just the energy is so thick. Like what is this place and it's escalating every day is slightly ramping up and I'm like, How can this be what is this place? Like God, you know, people talk about Sedona, or Machu Picchu, or whatever kind of conda is its own unbelievable place. Very strong with the energy of Mother Divine in particular, like, oh my god, okay. So that's weird. And I'm experiencing that. And then every day he's lecturing like, oh, I don't know, six hours a day, the exact mechanism, precisely how to heal every condition you can imagine for humanity. I mean, literally, somebody comes with depression, anxiety, here's this mantra, here's this formula. Here's this way to draw another divine energy, to help someone who's suffering in such a way. If someone's been afflicted by black magic, here's how you help them. And all of this knowledge he was getting wasn't he wasn't making this up. He was getting it from ancient manuscripts written on palm leaves by ancient rishis. There were like 2005 1007 year old texts that he would decipher because they wrote in code, he would see what's relevant right now for the world and the people right now. And then he would test it. If it worked. He'd give it to us. So this was a soul science, as you just were would say, he's not messing around. Okay. And I'm thinking, finally, somebody knows the exactitude of how to heal precisely this is I was like medical school. I couldn't write fast enough. It was so thrilling. And every day he's saying, and Jesus studied the same mantras. He knew the same techniques. I'm like, I'm sorry, what I knew about Jesus in India, I had no problem with that. It made sense to me, even since a little kid, one of my older sisters had mentioned it when I was quite young. That that was a rumor around in the 60s, you know, of course. I was like, okay, sure, why not. But he's talking about Jesus in a very specific way. And I'm like, Okay, first sound like, are you talking about Jesus? Because that makes this wild tradition and miracles a little more acceptable to the Western palate? Mostly Christianized nations, you know, Germany and us. I'm like, No, every time he talks about Jesus, there's an energy. And then energy is very intimate. I'm like, wait a second, he knows him. Oh, the plot thickens. Okay. I mean, really knows it. Okay. And then he says, on Christmas day, with the blessing of Jesus, I'm gonna do a huge miracle. In cooperation with Christ, I'm like, What's the big miracle? Because I've seen him do some pretty radical things by now. Really supernatural really out of the box. Okay. Christmas Day comes along. He grabs for men, Jonathan, who was by then my partner, we become an item like super quick, of course. takes them out shows them a tree says saw off these branches. rather big thick branches, bow five feet, pieces. D bark them one notch, one nail build across. Okay, now that's just plain eerie. We all know a cross has been constructed on the ashram, there's maybe 150 of us so it's, everybody knows everything is going on. Right? The energy was so off the charts. I remember like the air was sparkling. Like I can visibly see I don't see things. I could see the air like luminous the whole day. I'm like, Oh my God. They finished by the night because they had like Swiss Army knives and a hammer or some ridiculous I mean, we're out in the middle of nowhere. There's no difference. The parking is huge. They bring the cross into the main temple there. It's propped against the altar. It's about as little less than five feet tall, I think. Okay, eerie. Strange. We all get candles 150 candles on the altar. Oh my God is so divine. It's a festival time so all the women are wearing red Saudis in South India you wear red when it's a big festival. Jasmine in the hair. So everything is like oh my god, reeking of jasmine and the mineral and why it's it is angelic. Right? college work came out and gave a talk about Jesus. Majority of which I remember he said the following Jesus Christ is the greatest healer who has ever walked on this planet in its entire history. And all of us, saints, supernatural Yogi's whatever, we bow to him, he did things no one before or since has ever done. And I'm thinking I can't even begin to understand that. I'm gonna file that away for later contemplation. Oh my god. And then after that, he takes the four men and the cross out of the building. destination unknown, leaving the rest of us there to meditate on Jesus. And I gotta say the second that cross went out I got it just descended. The energy was just in the room like, like a velvet curtain had come down of pure silence, pure love. So blissful. And I remember thinking, Oh, this is you? Oh, how funny. I've known this my whole life. I've known this feeling. I know you. I didn't know this was had the name Jesus attached to it, you know? And then after about 25 minutes, maybe, I don't know, it could be 45. I don't know. It's a while we're meditating. There's no time, space, whatever. There's this commotion in the back. And some of the nervous German ladies are like, gasping and I flipped around because I was sort of up toward the front. And I see college wires come in the room. His whites are stained with blood around the cuffs, bright red blood. I'm like, Whoa, what? He comes up to the front of the room, sits in his chair, guzzles liters of water. I never saw him do that before or since. And I'm like, is he showing stigmata? Because a few days before somebody had explained to him what stigmata was and he was like, Oh, that's interesting. But like, I'm reduced to looking for are there holes in his feet? I'm not sure I can handle that. No, there are no holes in his feet. Okay, where the blood come from? No. And then I look in his eyes, and they are like, I don't know who it is. But it's not him. I knew him pretty well by them. And I was like, Oh my God, who is that? That his eyes were blazing. They were like supernovas. I've never seen anything like this in my life. There were universes of fire. Wow, which explains the guzzling liters of water I suppose. I'm like, what? And after some time, he says go get the four guys. They bring in the men. They are covered in blood. I mean, head to toe spattered like bad beam movie, special effects, spattered and they're all wearing white. So it's dramatic, right? And on top of that, their faces are so emanating light that I can't make out their features. And Jonathan by them was my my partner. I couldn't recognize him. It was blinding. I'm like what? So you've got this red blood and this white light of like, what is going on? And he has him sit up on the altar at the feet of a very large living statue of Shirdi Sai Baba his master and they're meditating. And we're, I can't speak for anybody else. But I was jumping out of my skin like what happened? Where did all this blood come from? What is this? And I'm realizing as we're sitting looking at these four bloodied guys emanating all this light that we're receiving the energy that they're transmitting of what just happened? By just simply looking at them? Okay, and then finally, after an eternity college courses, okay, guys tell what happened. So they had taken the cross down to a subterranean it's like a basement kind of thing. He called it a Shiva cave, where there was basically a square room with a slight floor one light bulb, rickety stairs going down under the ground, and and rather large, I mean, large, ancient stone, Shiva Lingam is there, okay? 2000 year old Shiva Lingam.

And he had them hold across. Or because it didn't have a base, it was just not. He put Jonathan who was fairly Burly. To sit on the ground, cross legged, put the cross between his legs, hold it between his arms. And don't let go because it couldn't fall during this process. One guy holding a cross beam, one guy holding a crossbow and the other one touching that ancient Shiva Lingam. And they said then college were very softly began to say some mantras, and they were like we've never heard these is a very mantra heavy tradition. Nobody knew these mantras, and then he's clapping. And that's when the bloods started come out at the heart of the cross. It just wells up and Jonathan said is dripping on my face. Drip, drip is getting in his eye. It's getting his mouth. Oh my god, what is this, then it's like a faucet. That is like a stream. And then Jonathan said it was like a fire hose. It just starts day losing blood, everywhere want to explain quite a lot about why they were also bloody. And Jonathan, who was a TM meditator and practitioner and teacher for 30 years at that point, minimum three hour a day meditations, minimum 30 years never missed a day. He used to do the 18 month programs and this was house with Maharishi. I mean, this guy was a strong yogi, a real yogic so he said the energy filled me up in two seconds. I couldn't hold it. I thought it was going to explode. Oh my god. And then came a thought not his thought that said send it and he said every single person he had ever met in his entire life flashed and his third eye and energy was just going to them and blessing and blessing everything, whatever they need. And the blood is gushing. And he's like people and people and people and people it is third eye and he runs out of individuals, that it goes through organizations. He had been a management consultant with Fortune 105 100 companies, universities, hospitals, same thing. It's a blessing everybody what they need. He said it was like a fire hose of pure unconditional love that would accept no resistance. Oh, my God, and then they got called up. So that's what happened. So college wire looks at Jonathan and says, Hey, Jonathan, did you ever feel while you were holding the cross that it turned into a person? Jonathan said, Well, I mean, are you asking me do I think Jesus was there? Yes, I'm pretty sure Jesus was. Did I feel the would like turn to flesh? No. Polish was said for 20 seconds. He was there, physically. Jonathan being Jonathan said, swabbing. I'm a Jew from Brooklyn. I don't even know anything about Jesus really? Like yeah, I know. He's an Ascended Master. I respect him as a great teacher on the planet. But I don't feel that I have any connection with him. Why am I involved in this? College bar is laughing and he says, wait, just wait. And so what happens is we get sent down in small groups 10 to 15 people to go experience this to see it for ourselves. Or the instruction was touched the blood. I'm in the last group is probably an hour since a little thing happened. I'm guessing I mean, 150 people in groups attend that's going to take awhile. As we're running out the door of the temple, we hear Kalash worse say tell the people to hurry. I can't keep this channel open much longer, or I will start to bleed internally. Dude, we're like racing down the stairs, we get to the thing. We're down this little Shiva cave under the ground. There's a group ahead of us. I remember thinking, you need to flip on your journalist mind and record every detail of this because this you don't ever want to forget. So the scene is the cross is leaning against the wall near the Shiva Lingam. The cross is spattered in blood, the wall of spatter and in blood, there are dark places where it's clotting. Coming off of the crosses about nine or 10 foot river of blood. It's a lot of blood. I've never seen that much blood in one place in my life is probably a foot and a half, two feet wide and probably about yay deep. And there's light all over it. Oh my god. Again, I don't see things like you really have to knock me over the head for me to see stuff. There's light dancing all over this. As I'm staring at the cross. It's still welling up at the heart. And almost imperceptibly still trickling, I'm like, Oh, my God, I think is still active. The group ahead of us are on your hands and knees with your hands in this river of blood. It makes sense to touch the blood, right? The absolute holiness in that room. unspeakable. And I know without knowing how I know that this is the blood of Jesus Christ. How is that possible? I couldn't tell you, but there's absolutely no doubt in my mind. So then the group ahead of us gets up and leaves and now it's our turn to get down on our knees and put our hands in this unlock. How did I get here? Who am I to do this? To touch the blood of a holy divine soul like that. It's one of the highest transmissions you can receive in your life. We carry a lot of our karmic and our soul essence in the blood, hence, shedding the blood for humanity, Lamb of God, etc. Why he had to shed blood on the cross and all that. I'm like, to connect to Christ like this. Okay, well, he told us to put our hands so I just do okay. And it dries and it's sticky. And it's blood and like that, right? That night, a colleague of mine goes down to clean up with buckets and towels. Can you imagine ringing out all that into buckets, pouring it in the garden? And while he's scrubbing the floor, he looks up and he sees Jesus standing there in front of him. And he said the weird thing was it was so normal. And then for the whole night my friend can't sleep he's just shaking, like as you would, as one would with a magnitude of a divine soul like that. People who had severe illnesses, chronic problems, they touched that blood cleared that night done finish later that night. Kalish were said Yeah. You guys you need to burn any of the clothing that caught spattered from the men who were there and also the cross itself. He said put it my fire pit burn it everyone will get the ash from that fire pit. You said that blood is so powerful if somebody had a mind to misuse it in the world. They could create unspeakable havoc. No way. No smart Guy didn't trust his students. Very good. And so they burn the cross, we got the ash, which I still have that I still use for healing, and I put on people for healing and so on. Next day, we're sitting out under a tree with college board. And he's like, at least like a five year old. He's so jolly, and so kicked back and so giggly. And I cannot reconcile this guy with the blazing eyes. Character I'd seen the night before. And he's like, yeah, so why are you sitting on a swing? He has like a cane swing hanging from a tree, you know? Why would I make a cross bleed on Christmas Day? That's a little weird, isn't it? And I had been thinking that that juxtaposition of birthday and instrument of whatever torture and death if you want to call it that, and a German colleague of mine, without missing a beat, said, Oh, because no baby comes into this world without blood. Polish for said, Exactly. This is Christmas 1999. In one week, it will be the change of the millennium to 2000. For the last 2000 years, Jesus's presence and energy on this planet has been very back dormant. Once we cross into the new millennium, his energy will come up super strong. The exact nature of his life, and his times in India will be restored to humanity as will the precise mechanisms of the healing miracles and the Enlightenment channels that he received. And we have opened that door here with this cross bleeding

Alex Ferrari 51:39
Really powerful.

Alx Uttermann 51:40
I can't even tell you to be front row seat to that in the middle of rural India. Coming as I did from a skeptical background, so yeah, skeptic no more obviously. Um,

Alex Ferrari 51:55
That's an amazing story. And your journey has been interesting to say the least.

Alx Uttermann 52:03
No kidding. Good Lord!

Alex Ferrari 52:05
If people are if people are watching this video, this interview with this conversation, the energy just coming off the images on your background, are are fairly strong, just a little bit, just by the energy of the of the saints that you have hanging on the wall behind you. It's been a pretty interesting conversation, to say the least. There's one thing that you talk about, and I'm not sure how long it'll take you to kind of explain it. The holy womb chakra. Ah, yeah, can you because we basically we've just taken most of this conversation to talk about your journey. I would like to talk at least one healing thing, modality, if you will, of what you do in the world today. So can you talk a little bit about the holy womb and what is the holy womb chakra?

Alx Uttermann 52:57
I can, I can say so I spent five years studying this sort of PhD level of miraculous healing and spirituality with Swami caliche for which led us to experience Mother Divine as Maha Kali directly, like in person, like meeting her. In order to command and unlock the energy of the miracles, we need to know who is our real mother? Where did our soul really come from, in the same way that every human child has the right to know their human, their biological mother, we have as souls the right to know who is the Divine Mother and not intellectually, and not in a vision or a hallucination, but eyes open seeing a solid form of Mother, we need to know the womb for we recreate it every so hmm. That happened. And along the way, he gave us a system he gave he taught umpteen systems, of miraculous energy of learning different aspects of how our creation operates, like really at the nuts and bolts level of energy, if you if you like that term, and how to how to understand it as an outgrowth of the energy of the Mother Divine and of Shiva. And if they're, let's say, Romans that creates this whole creation. Okay, so we were all schooled in that and then he brought out this thing called the holy one chakra in 2006. To that it's a 7000 year old technology from one of those ancient manuscripts written on dried palm leafs, and it's all about this incredible doorway into our enlightenment and our capability of souls on this planet called the Holy womb, which everybody has male and female both. You don't generally see it in the books on chakras and where they define things and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, they don't need left this one out. It is located variously it's kind of interesting. There is a chakra like sitting sort of behind all the chakras. which is more or less where a woman's physicalized womb is. However, it's also part of our soul. And men through the womb chakra, each individual person has like a spark, right of the big light, you could say that spark connects to the big light, the big source of the mother through this mystical doorway called the womb chakra. So women go directly through it, because they have it physicalized, which is also how we create life, right? We can conceive a child. We can even do it without a man like Mother Mary or the way Rome was created out of a fire ceremony. Through the womb, chakra. Men are a step removed, they go through their physical birth mother to connect to the womb, chakra from other divine. So number one, in our relationship with the cosmic mother, all of the miraculous abilities are there all of the understanding of the creation is there whatever she can do, we can do. But it gets muddied and distorted because this plays into Yogananda teachings very nicely. The womb chakras, I think what we would call the causal body in his parlance, which is where all the cameras are stored lifetime to lifetime to lifetime to lifetime to lifetime. And from where they come due, in the course of a given life. Let's say you see a small child with a terminal illness. They didn't create a Karma this life, why are they having that system? Why is that happening? previous lifetimes where they created enormous heartbreak and suffering for other human beings, is like all come together and through the womb chakra has gotten spit out in this lifetime as a large karmic bill to be paid with interest. Here's the kicker, if you know the technology, the holy womb chakra. very good chance that you can heal somebody in that predicament. You can reverse it. College Board would say Yeah, four out of five cancer patients he would say I can heal. And we saw that all the time. Terminal horrible last ditch, he would say that the fifth one no mother won't permit karma is what it is they have to experience it. But when you know the womb chakra, when you have yourself a very strong stable womb chakra. Through doing it's a meditation system. And it involves drawing a there's a certain Yantra that corresponds to the individual womb chakra. There's a whole technology and a whole system around it. It is so miraculous. And the the ripple effects are gigantic. But one when one practices that system, then there are certain healing abilities that already start to get a lot from that. Also, we're cleaning up our own crazy karmic balance sheet in the process of doing those meditations as month thrusts and the yantra technology, college for I would also say, and this plays into Jesus and his mother. It's very interesting, he would say the two strongest womb chakras our planet has ever seen our mother, Mary and Jesus. And what we know from some manuscripts that Jesus left behind in South India, or is that Mother Mary herself had extraordinary divine channels. She was not an innocent 15 year old girl got hit in the head with an angel and then suddenly having a baby. She was like Kali, she had meditated millions of lifetimes to gain that lifetime. When she has Christ in her womb, as a little human being baby developing, she's already teaching him all the layers of the creation. So it is true when he came out he was a little bit extraordinary. But still, he needed a physical eyes grow to open his channels for which he went to India. So I think we all know in the last years, but she was his first girl. She gave him information through her unbelievably strong womb chakra. And the plot thickens when he goes through the crucifixion. And it's time to wake him up to bring his soul back into his body. She's the one who does it. Through her physicalized very, very divine direct line to Mother Divine capability, womb Chakra which makes so much sense mechanistically and every other which way so

Alex Ferrari 59:12
There's a technique so there's a technique on how to activate it, how to understand it, all this kind of stuff as well.

Alx Uttermann 59:18
Yeah, I teach it. Um, so I could say so he gave us many systems over the years, dozens of systems with mantras and Yantras and different ways to approach the healing energy and different sorts of specialties of these different healing systems. I teach them all but the wound chakra is a kind of central, amazing healing system. It is really powerful, both for self healing, obviously, for many kinds of traumas, heartbreaks, cynicism, etc. are and to be able to turn around and use that energy to heal other people very powerfully at this sort of fundamental level of what we call the womb chakra.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:00
No. Did he pass already?

Alx Uttermann 1:00:02
Oh, yeah, he took off in 2012. On the Ides of March. Oh, he was 39.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:07
He was a young man. He was. He was a young man when he left.

Alx Uttermann 1:00:10
Yes. Yeah, I was surprised he made it that long, to be honest. Why? Since I met him in 1999, he was like, Ah, I'm looking for the exit. You did not want to be in the body frickin hated being in the body. And he would say, I will be so much more powerful. When I take somebody when I'm out of the body. I, I have to come physically, I have to endure this. I have to hook you guys up to certain things. And then I'm out of here. And I really think he thought it would be faster.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:40
And why did he choose to choose to come down then?

Alx Uttermann 1:00:43
Oh, it's his duty. He can't escape it. He has to.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:47
He had to come down. Has to? Yes. Um, Alex has been a fascinating conversation. And I know we can definitely keep going for another four or five hours without question. No doubt. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a good life?

Alx Uttermann 1:01:03
Oh, being of service to other people and helping as much as I can

Alex Ferrari 1:01:07
What is your mission in this? How do you define God?

Alx Uttermann 1:01:11
How do I define God? Yes. GOD, generating, operating, destroying pure love behind it. But generating, operating, destroying the cycles of the energy of things coming into form things going away from form things coming up things dissolving? Constantly. It's in constant motion. It's not a static principle.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:36
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Alx Uttermann 1:01:38
Service to others

Alex Ferrari 1:01:41
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing?

Alx Uttermann 1:01:44
Ah, multiple places, but the easiest entree is my my organization called the Universal Church of Baba's kitchen.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:54
It's great, great, great brand story.

Alx Uttermann 1:01:58
But it's the initials the acronym is And everything is there. There are many I do some live teaching still. And there are a lot of pre recorded all the college war systems like the basic levels of things including holy war chakra system is there people can learn it. And I'm also for the last couple of years, I've had a one year Mastery program running with a handful of students are that I'm working incredibly, you know intimately and immersively indirectly with to bring them up as fast as I can to be able to handle this kind of energy to do the miraculous healings and to be able to share and teach some of the basic systems as well. So that's the bulk of my focus these days are however, we also do live satsangs every Thursday via zoom. And they are recorded for later listening, whatever we also do college or in making masters the idea is that it's someone who can be a master of the five elements of nature, the Earth, the fire, the sky, the water, the air nama shi y. And toward that end, the training in the elements is very deep, and very mystical. We use the fire element every full moon and new moon doing fire homeless, you know, yeah, I guess, like the bosses on Yes, behind you. They're doing their beautiful fire Homer agnihotra. So we do very high powered fire homeless, which we live stream and everybody is welcome to attend from all over the world, we get quite an audience and the energy is like knock you down from those firehose. So, we do a lot and however, you know, we can help spread the healing information and the knowledge and the exact mechanisms. You know exactly what Jesus studied in India. Exactly. We have the same source material, the ancient holy books from those reissues and are going through systematically college bar would say, you know, I want to create the Jesus generations on this planet generations of souls who can handle the miracle energy to the same level that Christ did. Literally bringing to life all these works I did you will do and more colorful I would say he told his students that didn't he? But when 2000 year cycle, now we're in it. Now it starts.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:36
Do you have any final words for the audience?

Alx Uttermann 1:04:38
You know, I think everybody should taste the divine energy for themselves directly in our lives. Reading about is one thing. Meditating is one thing, tasting the dynamism of God in motion, through miracle energy through doing healing. through being of service on that level, having a palpable direct experience of God. We all have that birthright. And I think, my wish, my hope is that anyone who's really interested in in, you know, tasting it directly. You can sit outside of a swimming pool and read a book about swimming, but you're not going to know swimming. Right?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:24
Right. Did you jump in the water?

Alx Uttermann 1:05:26
You can put a toe in the water and that gives you an idea, but you still want to know how to swim. So my wish is that more and more people will get interested in well what it how do you actually swim in these divine waves? And how can we do that and then teach other people that that's, that's my wish for humanity. And short of that everyone should be blessed and happy.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:47
Alex, thank you so much for this amazing conversation for the work that you're doing in the world. I really, truly, truly appreciate you. Thank you again,

Alx Uttermann 1:05:54
Back at you Alex. Mirror Mirror!

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