People DON’T Realize What’s Coming! CHANNELERS Shown Future of Mankind! with AJ Cavanagh & Thomas Workman

Life often guides us to the most extraordinary encounters, and today’s conversation is a beautiful example of that. On this episode, we welcome AJ Cavanagh and Thomas Workman, a unique pair of channels who have found a profound synergy in their work. Together, they bring forth messages from higher realms, offering insights into the divine and the interconnectedness of all things.

AJ Cavanagh and Thomas Workman began their journeys independently, each exploring their spiritual paths before fate brought them together. They first met through a meditation group in Raleigh, North Carolina, and immediately felt a deep, spiritual connection. “It was like spirit said, pay attention to this guy,” AJ recalls. This initial meeting set the stage for a profound partnership that would see them channeling together, a rare and powerful occurrence in the world of spiritual communication.

Their story is not just about individual journeys but about the beautiful dance of energies that occurs when two channels unite. AJ and Thomas discovered that their energies complemented each other perfectly, creating a unique dynamic in their channeling sessions. They began to realize that their joint meditations were more powerful than their individual efforts. “You only meditate so long until you start channeling,” Thomas explains. This realization led them to formalize their practice, combining their energies to channel messages from various spiritual entities.

One of the most fascinating aspects of their work is the way they channel different entities. Thomas initially channeled a group he called the Grandfathers, Native American elders who spoke collectively. AJ, on the other hand, connected with extraterrestrial beings, whose energy was described as very strong but no-nonsense, somewhat like Spock. Over time, they found that these energies would sometimes swap, with Thomas channeling extraterrestrials and AJ the Grandfathers. This unexpected development underscored the interconnectedness of all beings and the fluid nature of spiritual energy.

Their practice emphasizes the concept of oneness, a recurring theme in their messages. The guides they channel often speak about the illusion of separation and the importance of understanding our interconnectedness. “We are all part of one universal mind,” they remind us. This message is particularly relevant in today’s world, where division and isolation often seem more prominent. Through their work, AJ and Thomas hope to illustrate that we are all connected, not just to each other but to the divine source.


  1. Embrace Oneness: AJ and Thomas’s work emphasizes the importance of recognizing our interconnectedness. Understanding that we are all part of a greater whole can transform our perspectives and actions, fostering unity and compassion.
  2. The Power of Joint Energies: Their unique partnership shows how combining energies can amplify spiritual practices. By working together, they create a more powerful channel for divine messages, demonstrating the strength found in collaboration and unity.
  3. Living in Joy and Gratitude: The guides often stress the importance of choosing higher vibrational states such as joy and gratitude. These states not only enhance our personal well-being but also elevate our collective consciousness.

Throughout their journey, AJ and Thomas have faced challenges and doubts, much like anyone embarking on a spiritual path. However, their mutual support and the clear guidance from their spiritual entities have kept them focused and inspired. They record and transcribe all their sessions, ensuring that the wisdom shared is preserved and accessible.

Their messages offer hope and reassurance in a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain. They remind us that we are deeply loved and supported by the divine, and that our purpose is to expand and grow in joy. As AJ beautifully puts it, “There is no separation, and the Divine is a part of you.”

Please enjoy my conversation with AJ Cavanagh and Thomas Workman.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 341

Thomas Workman 0:00
It is interesting that humans focus much of their attention on what is wrong, and what is broken, which is why we began as we did. For it is easy for you to imagine that there is always something wrong. And yet what we see is light. When we look down upon you, what we see is your love. What we see is your hope, what we see is the brilliance of your individual creation, not the things that you do in the choices that you make. But notice that you set for yourself in your society's judgments a rules that have said, what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, as opposed to the single question, what is serving you best, or what is serving humanity best.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
I like to welcome to the show, AJ Cavanagh and Thomas Workman. How you guys doing?

Thomas Workman 1:09
Great! How are you?

AJ Cavanagh 1:10
I'm really glad to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:12
Thank you so much for coming on the show, guys. I'm doing fantastic. You are first for the show. I've never had two channels who channel together on the show. I know that is a very rare thing. And you guys are one of the few I've never heard of another pair. I remember when we were booking this I was trying to separate you two Oh, my God, do you first AJ and then I'll do you Thomas. And you're like, Okay, it's kind of like a two, you know, two person act. It's gonna work better. I'm like, Okay, so let's and then when I understood that I was like, Okay, this is going to be great. So thank you so much for coming on the show, guys.

AJ Cavanagh 1:46
Yeah, we're delighted. Definitely, it's very unique to have two channels channeling together. But as you move forward, I'm sure you'll see how that works.

Alex Ferrari 1:54
Fantastic. So first question, guys. How did you two meet? How did you guys get together?

Thomas Workman 1:59
Well, of course, through spirit. Obviously, I have just moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, and AJ had been there from a job relocation for just a little bit. And I signed up for his meditation group, and showed up at the store. And sure enough, I was the only one there that night, which never happened. They're always you know, seven to eight people there. And this one night, I was the only one there and AJ never cancels. So we went on. And so our very first meeting was in meditation. And that kind of I think we both kind of stood up and went, Oh, you know, I need to know you.

AJ Cavanagh 2:39
It was kind of like spirit said, pay attention to this guy. All your focus on this guy. And it was really interesting. You know, when people go into meditation, you can learn a lot about them, you can learn a lot about their approach about their energy centers, how responsive they are. And, you know, I just realized that the Tom had a very unique, balanced and refreshed energy about him, and really was someone who had worked on developing spirit practices.

Thomas Workman 3:11
And likewise, this guy, I mean, you know, so it really was amazing. And as our relationship developed, and we both had our own thing, and we both did our own thing. And we both realized that we were channels. And so when we moved in together, we actually chose to start a shared meditation. I'm like, you know, the altars moving into the apartment with us. So, you know, here's what I do every Sunday night, if you want to join me. And of course, he's like, Yeah, let's just combine our meditation practices. And of course, you just as a channel, you only meditate so long until you start channeling. And we both again, would channel independently. And so I was channeling at the time, for the most part, a group that I call the grandfather's, they were Native American elders. I was in the middle of the fire, and the drums are beating and they all spoke collectively. And AJ was channeling extraterrestrials. And that we would take turns when we were that meditation, I would channel and at some point, I just kind of got the cue that I was done and we could feel the energies move from one to the other. And then he would channel and I would facilitate him so we were kind of facilitate each other. And then one day, I channeled extraterrestrials

AJ Cavanagh 4:35
And I channeled the grandfathers and it was really quite remarkable because you know, we certainly didn't expect it you know, and, and those energies those frequencies are quite different. You know, when chart time is channeling the grandfather's you know, you can hear him shaking and you can see him dancing around the fire and everything going on, you know, and with the extraterrestrial beings, you know, they've got a very strong energy but they're kind of no nonsense. You know, they're a little bit like Spock, you I think I'd have wouldn't ever, humor were very unique as well. And so when we changed, we were just like, that is amazing. And so we asked, we said, you know, what's that all about? And then I kind of said, with a wink and a nod Well, you know, we know each other, there's no separation and sauces, no separation in the Divine. And in fact, you know, the native grandfathers went one step forward and said, Well, who do you think we learned from, you know, the, the extraterrestrial beings are our ancestors.

Thomas Workman 5:32
So, it was interesting. And from there, you know, we started to just continue to channel independently until we realized when he was channeling, I couldn't, I knew what he was saying. While he was saying it, or before he was saying it, and vice versa. And, and throughout that period, for almost about a year, at our weekly meditation channelings, the the guides, introduce them, to us and give us, you know, we're part of a collective that we really want to work with the two of you, and we're eventually going to have the two of you channeling at the same time and channeling together. And, and we think that the reason for that is an illustration of the universal mind, there's one mind. Yeah, you know, for example, one of the things that we recognize is our messages and the similarity to so many other channels, that there really are some very uniform messages across the channels. But they're very different styles.

AJ Cavanagh 6:41
It's interesting, too, because, you know, with all of the diversity of channels that are emerging, and of course, the wonderful channels that are already successful in their careers, you know, different people will connect with those individuals and hear those messages distinctly for them. And so you know, we're just one of the many that are out there right now, that is sharing these messages, and one of many more that is going to be emerging, I'm sure you felt that sense yourself.

Thomas Workman 7:09
But you can see the universe ascension, you can see sort of a universal evolution. And so it's not surprising that these messages are quite similar, because we're all moving as humanity in a similar direction and being guided by the one universal mind. You know, one of our questions when we started was why, why do you need us? You've got some great channels out there. You know, you've got Paul and Darrell and everybody who did a Esther Hicks when you need us. And they said for this very reason, because there's there's a voice that each human will hear. And they'll hear differently. Those styles are really designed for message delivery. So so we accepted that call.

Alex Ferrari 8:05
So let me so let me ask you guys, let's go back a little bit individually, when you first discovered, channeling, what was it like for each of you when the voices came into your head? Because it sounds nuts. And we all got it? I mean, everybody this is not, it's like, you know, you start hearing voices? Like, am I going crazy what's going on? Unless you had a guide, or someone walking you through this, which most channels from my experience don't, maybe they'll have a friend, maybe the book will fall into their lap. But generally, when this first starts happening, I'm assuming it's scary, or just off putting, so how did it feel for each of you?

AJ Cavanagh 8:46
Well, you know, I've always been that kid that grew up seeing lights in the sky, or, you know, could guess what was hidden in the Christmas present under the Christmas tree, you know, or the, you know, could sense spirits in a home. So, you know, from a very young age, I was always sensing into my environment and learning about my situation from from a psychic point of view, if you will. But as I developed as I went deeper into this, you know, I had a lot of alone time. And one of the experiences I had was that, you know, I finished my day job at the time, and I would just when I was living in Toronto, actually, and I'd walk through a park to get home. And as I was walking through the park, you know, sometimes I would post questions like, you know, why did this happen to me today? Or why did this happen in the world, or I always wanted to know about this. And I say, I've got this little socket here, and I can sort of hear messages in my socket here. But what was interesting was that I actually started verbalizing the answers back and I just thought, well, you know, it's it's just me figuring it out. But after a racial while I realized that no, I'm actually getting responses back and And the delight of it was that, you know, it wasn't until I met Tom, that he could actually see the dynamic in play, he could actually see what was going on, he could hold space for me and develop that through. And so Tom was a terrific anchor there for me to deepen my channeling practice. And to go from there and say that exactly what you're doing is channeling.

Thomas Workman 10:22
And I never thought I was a channel, I always have had an intense spiritual interest. I think I've been in conversation with something that's always been around me, whether it's the trees of my yard, or whether it's my animals, or whether it's just spirit. Prayer always felt like conversation to me. When I when I practice my spirituality, but I never thought I was a channel. And so I was really exploring when I moved to these, see, to learn and really allowing myself to ask those questions. And I came upon a really phenomenal manager who to this day, I really credit for my training, she Paquette and Sheila invited me to a private channeling group that she was facilitating, and, and I was like, Sure, hope you have good refreshments, because I don't know what else I'm gonna get out of this. But it you know, after a while, it just started to emerge, she knew something that I didn't. At the time, I was doing the same thing, though, that he was doing, I was sitting on my porch at night, and we'd go into full monologues and have no idea where that came from, I thought, well, you must be a frustrated playwright or something, you know, there must be sure, or you're nuts. There's that too.

Alex Ferrari 11:43
There's always that.

Thomas Workman 11:47
And, you know, honestly, it was, it was for me, never a voice that I heard. It was a download, it downloads a hard to explain, you know, downloads are just this knowing that you get sometimes it comes in colors, it comes in, in geometry, geometry, in a variety of ways. And yet, I would do a full 20 minute, you know, discussion out loud on my porch to me and Cardinal birds, you know, that was about it. And again, to until I read, that's what was going on and could get some training.

AJ Cavanagh 12:22
I just wanted to tell you, Alex, I can't tell you how exciting it was to actually, you know, go into a channeling session. Together with Tom, you know, when we first started, we would hold space for each other and, and as the guides introduced all of the other people, the angels, the Ascended Masters and the elemental, and we realized that we were really speaking on behalf of this collective, which is you know, why we call our business speaking from source, we're really speaking on behalf of the Divine, that wanted to share their energies and come through, but just how exciting that was to hear directly from from Source consciousness, and to get those perspectives. And you know, one of the things we did I guess, to our credit was we recorded everything, all of those sessions. And to this day, actually, we transcribe everything so that we have the written and the audio as well. And the insight from channeling is just been phenomenal. And I'm sure you found that with the other channels you've interviewed as well.

Alex Ferrari 13:25
Yeah, absolutely. Now, when you guys came out, publicly with this being a channel, I have a lot of gay friends who've come out. So please, no pun intended, when you came out as chattel as a public publicly and as a couple. Yeah. How did your I mean, how did your friends how did your family How did your colleagues kind of deal with and how did you guys deal with it? Psychologically, which is again, before you answer, you guys hate each other, most channels don't. So you're you were very blessed that way you at least each other? To lean on. Most channels have to deal with it by themselves. So please, what do you what happened?

AJ Cavanagh 14:08
Well, Tom's got a great story there about how he came out as a metaphysician and also came out as a gay person came in as well,

Thomas Workman 14:17
Well the two sort of happened together. And I think that what happens is gifts launch as you discover your authenticity that those two things are quite connected. That when you finally come to terms with who you are spirits, like Okay, here we go.

Alex Ferrari 14:32
Now, we're opening all the doors.

Thomas Workman 14:35
Yeah, here we go. Yeah, that's kind of what it felt like really, the truth. We were very blessed to have each other and even to have this as a central part of our relationship even before we decided to do this, you know, more formally. We still have our Sunday nights we still spend time with the guides ourselves. Yeah, every Sunday night just Because a we cherish it, we love it, it does feel so wonderful, and is so insightful for us. And so the decision though to go outward to that was challenging because, again, I wonder is, are we really needed? Are these voices really important? Is this message important? And, you know, honestly, we started with fellow practitioners, you know, Phoenix has quite a spiritual community. And so we gathered together what we call the practitioner circle, people who had psychic skills, or were healers or that sort of things that were just our friends, and we gather gather, we'd have some refreshments, and we would then channel for them. And that really gave us the encouragement to say there's something really important here, there's a message that wants to come out. There's a practicality that seems to be important. And so we want to be able to continue it. And they were the ones who really urged us to say and put this on the road, go ahead with this.

Alex Ferrari 16:01
You know, it's really it's I want to dig into something you said there, that you were really doubtful about your own reasoning for doing this, this mission that you've been given, you're like, why us like why the who needs to hear from us, I had, I went through the same thing with the show, like, really me as a podcaster, about spirituality, like, I didn't understand it. But I've come to learn and after talking to so many people on the show, is that voice is the ego egoic mind. It is not it is not the true self, once you extend if you can and cannot get rid of the egoic mind, you understand that we are all worthy. And we are all built for whatever we're here to do. Grand or small, it's irrelevant in the sight of source, just because you're the richest and the most powerful person in the world. Are you the most humble beggar on the street? He both have a purpose. And, you know, but when the and I can because I've talked to I have a unique position because I've talked to so many, you know, people like yourselves, who are called to do challenging work. And how long ago was this? By the way? Did you start?

AJ Cavanagh 17:10
2018, 2019?

Thomas Workman 17:12
Well, we started working together 2016 in earnest and started channeling together then but just down the road in 2018 made that decision.

Alex Ferrari 17:23
So yeah, so that's 2018 is a lot different than 1975. When it comes to channeling, and taking it on the road, so you came into this with with the society a little bit more open to this idea. It's not mainstream yet by any stream. But it's, we have these conversations publicly now. Where before we all be in like, do you know this guy? Go to this guy. I think he's a warlock. I'm not sure. Like,

Thomas Workman 17:54
Alex, you know, what else is really interesting, though, because the guides talked to us about this as part of our mission. They said, No, the era of the celebrity psychic or the celebrity channel is ended. You know, in fact, even this kind of era where we revere a celebrity, who becomes they do this sort of thing. This is these are abilities all of us will have in a very short time. I think there will always be a need for guidance from channels. But I also think that this kind of, look at me, I'm something special has really changed. And, and that's sort of the approach we take with this or sort of like, we're just we're just everyday people who have this access.

Alex Ferrari 18:40
You know, it's really interesting. It's really interesting that, you know, I don't know if you guys know this or not, but I come from a Hollyweird. So I've been around celebrities and all that stuff all my life. And I've studied that industry intensely. It was my life for almost 30 years. And I've noticed the power of the celebrity has diminished so drastically, and there's a date and I think it's because of social media, I think because of an awareness that it's so like, you know, all of a sudden, like you go on YouTube and this person has 80 million subscribers I've never heard of them you know like how and like in their household names are some households but not mine. I think it's becoming more democratic in that sense that there's not the the altar like the big movie stars, you know, they're really kind of going away. The only people we call movie stars are people from you know, when we were growing up the Tom Cruise's the Brad Pitt's, you know, that Robert De Niro's those kinds of people who are movie stars, but this new generation doesn't do that. And I think it's happening like you said in your world as well, where the SATs of the world and you know, you guys know, I know, Darrell very well, you know, and the Bashars of the world. They're celebrities, but I'm seeing more and more channels talking about collectives. Yeah, absolutely. It's not Bob Bob's not showing up every morning now. It's like, oh, you know, Bob, it's more of like this collective and only the names come in, if it's important to the message of Saint Germain is coming in, there's a specific reason if Jesus is coming in, it's a specific reason. Do you find that as well?

AJ Cavanagh 20:15
That's it. Yeah, you raise a very important point. You know, one of the big distinctions, you know, back in the old days, when people used to think of channeling, you know, they'd say, Well, I'm channeling Cleopatra, you know, and everyone would would rush to see, you know, Cleopatra being channel. And it would kind of be that cult of celebrity, you know, I'm the only one that can channel Cleopatra. And it was this whole, you know, a stick that would go on. But you know, you're quite right, as the primary channels that are coming forward are channeling these collectives. And it's because we are moving to a sense of oneness. You know, there's no separation. And so that's why you have emerging channels as well. People that are on YouTube, you know, that are developing this incredible following that don't have their television show or whatever it is that that might be. And there's of course, nothing wrong with that. But it is this emergence of consciousness that's coming through right now, that does not discriminate, you know, if you're, if you're putting, if you're asking if you're seeking, if you're connecting, you know, the divine and consciousness, that realm is there for you.

Thomas Workman 21:23
And that's part of what I think we have been tasked to channel together. Because it's an illustration of that,

AJ Cavanagh 21:32
Yeah, the collective mind.

Alex Ferrari 21:35
By the way, have you seen any other couple like couple channelers before?

Thomas Workman 21:40
No, we all kind of looked around. And we haven't found that. But that's either good news or bad news. You never know.

Alex Ferrari 21:50
I mean, because I've never heard of I mean, I've heard of coup like, teams, like somebody who facilitates for the other. And that's very common, but never to and I've seen you both channel before. And it is interesting, to say the least. So you guys are really interestingly you do, by the way, I have the guides have been knocking on your door excited about being on the show.

Thomas Workman 22:12
Yes, actually, they are. Absolutely. Yeah. Can I tell you why, though, what's really fascinating is what when the guides approached us and really continuing to have this discussion with us, they are very clear about their mission there. And that also sort of keeps the balance around ego. Because for us, this is very mission driven. It's not a big deal that we do this, it's a big deal that we're able to do this because we were asked, and what the guides have asked for us to share their messages with as many people as possible. And so that's really what made us launch speaking from sources like okay, well, we're going to have to do something formal to do that. We're going to have to hold you know, group sessions online or live, we're going to handle it's like sharing open up to clients, we're going to have to you know, we're going to have to take this out to beyond our own personal temple. Really, because that's the mission, the mission really is get this information out. And I think that's a shared mission with all of us. Right? That's really sort of as we grow in consciousness, as we realize new elements about ourselves about the universe, as well, as all this becomes revealed to us. It's so important that we're able to help others build that consciousness. And as you know, we still have many, many parts of humanity who don't think about any of this.

Alex Ferrari 23:39
No, absolutely. And let me ask you guys, both this, what is your feeling on this great shift that's happening in our world right now? This shift in consciousness? Because so many people say that, Oh, the world's going to hell in a handbasket. There's wars, there's poverty, there's, you know, politics and economy and all these kinds of things. Like and you know, one, you're not, they're not wrong. I gotta say, they're, and they're not wrong, because you know, like, Oh, God, like, we were just talking like, it's 108 109 I'm like, Oh, it's 99 today, it's pretty, pretty relaxed. Like, I remember growing up, it never broke 100 if it broke 100 And growing up, it was like, Oh, my God, you die. Now 108 109 So like, you know, the planets burning Maui got, you know, what happened in Maui is horrible. You know, and you just start seeing the hurricanes and the volcanoes. So the world is that you can are there's an argument to be made that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but on the same side on the opposite side of that coin, more people are awakening now more than any other time in history. So I'd love to hear your perspective on both those sides.

Thomas Workman 24:46
The guides really share with us those two things are completely connected. In other words, contrast is always used for us to build consciousness. And so you see things getting worse? Because it enables humans to make better choices and to say, Oh, I don't know if I like that. I don't know if that's the world I want to live in. I don't know if I'm really comfortable with that. And without that there's, there's no that is consciousness. Right? That that forces us to kind of look for what are other realities. And then that always comes back to personal choice. So the guides, for example, talk a lot about yes, we're moving towards oneness, it's a part of our evolutionary spiral, that as we move into higher dimensions, oneness is just a part of that. But that doesn't necessarily mean even when some of the problems get resolved that our habits haven't changed. Those are individual choices. So I can talk oneness all day. But if I still curse at the person who cuts me off in traffic, I'm not there yet. I'm not there are and so all of those things work together, right? So that we have this world, this planet and all the things going on, but it always comes back to what what do I recognize in that and what choices

AJ Cavanagh 26:11
I make. And there's always going to be contrast, for sure. But, you know, we did a channeling for ourselves, one Sunday, a couple of weeks ago, and the guides said, you know, the diets are burning up, you know, and, and what's interesting is, as you see things bubbling toward the surface, or, you know, see, you see the polar opposite of what you want, for example, in front of your face, it exposes it, it makes it aware to you, it enables choice, as as Tom said, but consider, you know, what is behind the dark cloud, you know, they always say it's darkest before the dawn. And, you know, we've got a great blog called the floor beneath on our website. And it's interesting, because, you know, think of it as you outgrow your clothes, you know, they no longer serve you, you need to get clothes, better clothes, more up to date clothes. And it's the same for us, as were evolving. There are new things right behind those clouds, for us to experience there is a new floor on, you know, waiting to emerge, new energy waiting to come forward, new life to come forward as these maybe institutions, things that we take for granted, our habits are disrupted or broken. And, you know, COVID was an interesting example of that it got us thinking in new ways and having relationships in new ways that we haven't had in a long time. And, and some of that has led to some systemic change. But we're still we're still choosing we're still figuring it out. We're still seeing where that's going to go, you know,

Alex Ferrari 27:49
Very cool. So, can we bring the guides and I think we've been talking about them so much. I think they want to get on the stage.

Thomas Workman 27:57
Yes, we'd love that. You're there. You two things.

Alex Ferrari 28:01
What's your process? Yeah, what's your process, the process

Thomas Workman 28:04
Process, though, we plan to speed it up? Because we've sort of set up some you know, we've been talking with the guidance for the for the time prior to all of this as we normally do. We're gonna start by shops and the reason why we do that is it was interesting when the gates asked us to do this they also showed us a good place to buy cool shawl that sounds like a first shell do I need to go to you know, the details?

Alex Ferrari 28:41
Where do you go to buy a shawl? Because there's not a shawl store?

Thomas Workman 28:46
That's that's well actually apparently there is. always says that was spirit but

Alex Ferrari 28:56
So before you get started, how does it feel coming into you guys? Do you get weakened? Do you get energized? Did you take a little bit of time before your body's acclimated to this energy coming through?

Thomas Workman 29:08
Yeah, well, you know, it's interesting and I know this has been the experience for other channels as well that when we started and especially when I started I think individually those grandfather's exhausted me. It was and it was jumping in it was bumpy. And you know, we've noticed a growing fluency, the longer we do this. The way we've had it explained to us from from the guides is that this is simply a gap in energy, the frequency. This is such a high frequency when you hit divine realm, right when you're going for these highest frequency beings, and you're human. You only go so high. And so there's this bit of a gap and that gap comes out and you know, fits and starts. We still channel with our eyes close I don't know if that will change eventually. But right now, it's the easiest way for us to stay focused. So yeah, there's been a lot of what I think we've called attunement, yes, that the guides have had to do with us.

AJ Cavanagh 30:15
Yes. And you know, one of the most famous channels that really started it all off with Edgar Cayse. And, you know, when he, when he channeled, he actually coined the word channeling. And when he channeled, he had to lay down and he had to, like, go into a sleep state. And I remember, you know, that was the same with me, I'm like, you know, somebody find me a couch, you know?

Alex Ferrari 30:34
But but now it's but now you're more your body's kind of acclimated, the battery pack is growing, and you can start the voltage, you can handle the voltage coming in now,

Thomas Workman 30:43
How to do that outreach, interestingly enough, the guides that really taught us about how our chakra system is a part of that, you know, a lot of times we think about chakras around physical healing, and physical health and get one of our chakras is a third eye. It's a direct window, and built in to our energy centers. And so they've been teaching us more of how to use that as a way to reach out and make that connection.

AJ Cavanagh 31:13
And so just one more thing about the shows as well, you know, we were the shores because it is our indication to say to source, you know, we're ready, where we're going to go into formal channeling now. And it's just a nice little ceremony or ritual to do so to speak. So that, you know, we're clearly channeling and then we're clearly Tom and AJ, you know, a lot of empaths have that situation where I keep getting downloads or messages, you know, at the grocery store, or while they're driving was, it's really good to develop a process and a protocol. And so we find the shows very helpful for not only ourselves, but you know, those that were interacting you to know that we're in the process of channeling, we've only channeling

Thomas Workman 31:54
But the guides also asked us to use them for protection. Because when you are reaching out, you're reaching out to all of the spirit realm and that setting up an intention. Now. That very specific indication for the type of entity that you're after, even with our familiarity with our guides who feel like our best friends. Even with that, and we feel them all the time. Even with that, it's important that we're quite clear of the level of vibrational frequency that we're we're wanting to connect to. We had a weird time once a couple of years ago, where all of a sudden, a spirit a human spirit named Harry walked in, and and came in and we're kind of like, why are you here? And he said, Well, I saw the light, I was just so curious. There was all this energy. So I decided, you know this. So this human spirit just kind of came and shared his human perspective in spirit, which was fascinating and then kind of wandering back upwards. So we really understand that aiming. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 33:03
You need security. You need a security someone at the door, before they allowed it. Yes, like so let's channel the guides.

Thomas Workman 33:11
All right, we're going to take just a second and do a little bit of deep breathing allow ourselves to get into trance. And we really invite your audience to join us with this. It's important that as we channel we utilize the energies of the intentions of those who are listening to us channel. And that we share sort of this relaxed open sense as we allow our each chakra system to guide us closer to the pathway, we open our third eye, we open our crown chakra. We enable then, our pathway towards the divine realm. We call upon those entities closest to the light we call upon those energies of the highest and greatest frequency, who share our desire for our greatest and highest good to come join us and to speak with us. We welcome our beautiful guides from each of their dimensional realms to join us and to speak with us today. We welcome you to this important conversation for all of these conversations that you have with the divine are important for your development for your evolution. They are a part of your growth. They are a part of your eternal path and we are grateful to join you in this efforts.

AJ Cavanagh 34:57
Notice how you are evolving And so to our all of the other conscious and sentient beings on the planet, indeed Gaia and Mother Earth herself is evolving into the higher vibrational realms and together with you, therefore, there is a necessity for us to come forward at this time so that you are aware of the wondrous opportunities that are available for you the insights and the expanded joy that is available to you in your incarnations to move past ideas of karma, restriction, not having to be held by your circumstance, but indeed to create and to choose for yourselves in connected consciousness, and

Thomas Workman 35:58
You do know he is that you are adored, we remind you of this for all we can do is remind you, for these are hidden away in your spirit is simply reminding you are adored by source Sancta therefore, must no longer spend time in identifying your flaws, identifying what is wrong for you, nothing is broken, not all is simply choice that allows for other newer choices as you learn as you grow. And this so we meet, of course, who by sharing with you, the divinity that we see in you the light that we see as we look down upon you,

AJ Cavanagh 36:56
And we are eager to have you as part of this important conversation and welcome your questions at this time.

Alex Ferrari 37:07
Now, thank you so much for being here. What is the biggest challenge for humanity's future?

Thomas Workman 37:14
Your own realization that you are not alone, that you are not the soul act or upon all that is occurring for you, we encourage you to recognize the your collective and your connection to all other things. separation has not served humanity well in separation has kept you from you your own evolution, your own progression. And this. So we are here to remind you of your connection. And your realization, we love this word realization for it is not that we have not realized you have not applied and this is why we have come.

AJ Cavanagh 38:16
Indeed there is no separation you are a part of it all you are connected to it all as many of you on that are beginning to realize for yourselves and yet Moreover, we wish to advise that your incarnation, your intention, your presence on the earth at this time is entirely intentional. For your perspective. Your experience is a unique facet on the diamond that is Source consciousness itself. You are a part of it all for your incarnation filled a valuable need in the universe or which it had not yet created

Thomas Workman 39:08
You are an idea that fulfills the universe. US separately individually, are part of an idea a single facet of this diamond that we speak of. And as a facet of the diamond shine in its own unique way reflects the light in its own unique way. And yet the beauty that is seen from the diamond is seen in its totality. It is seen when all of these individual facets are shining together are shining in a beautiful collective and this is who you are. This is what you are and we wish to urge you to think more of these connections then these individualities

Alex Ferrari 40:00
Now how will artificial intelligence affect our spiritual growth?

Thomas Workman 40:07
The reliance on human mind is fascinating to us. As we watch you invent new ways to do old things, you will have a collective mind do you have access to a universal mind and yet, you spend a great amount of energy us manatee in trying to create systems and machines that enable you to do what is in your natural creation to do for your ability to invent your ability to compose your ability to think beyond your own limited knowledge is always available to you met. So will you pay little mind to your technologies beyond reminding you that they do the greatest gift that is there for you, which is your own and connection to Universal Mind.

AJ Cavanagh 41:13
As these technologies allow for you opportunities to spend more time with yourself more freedoms with yourself their incomes, the opportunity for inspiration, in in, in introspection, introspection to be able to connect back to us your life or there must be a symbiotic relationship as your technologies developed. So to master your connection with the Divine with your turning within and knowing the two I am

Thomas Workman 41:50
The Reliance's key here, your reliance of four. We were not fussed at any of the inventions that came from the human mind. We were not fussed over a vacuum cleaner or an automobile for example, this to another intervention designed to aid you to assist you, then not to replace you, not to keep you from me you are ultimate purpose.

Alex Ferrari 42:20
Are there signs of spiritual awakening in society today?

Thomas Workman 42:25
It is why we are here. It is more to gives us the greatest joy for we see each day the clouds of choices made in past the cycles that are 1000s of years old, that are moving now in exciting directions for you, enabling you to it's in wonderful ways. It is interesting that humans focus much of their attention on what is wrong, and what is broken, which is why we began as we did, or it is easy for you to imagine that there is always something wrong and yet what we see is light when we look down upon you, what we see is your love, what we see is your hope what we see is the brilliance of your individual creation, not the things that you do and the choices that you make. But notice that you set for yourself in your society's judgments a rules that have said what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong as opposed to the single question, what is serving you best or what is serving humanity best? And it is this question that we wish for you to focus upon and see answered on a regular basis.

AJ Cavanagh 43:54
Hmm, dear one, we remind you that the door to the light has been opened, it is opened and cannot be shut it cannot be contained and it is only expanding nothing can stop this wave of expansion this wave of consciousness, for it is our evolution it is the natural order of expansion and it is the natural order of the being as the being resonates towards choices of higher frequency of new connection and new understandings and with this there is no going back to the old ways there is only the upward spiral of conscious evolution.

Thomas Workman 44:49
The light has been shining since the beginning and the light continues to shine. And to this day, your awakening Your advancement is the cycle, and will keep progress with you when they even without you.

Alex Ferrari 45:08
How will religion evolve in the future?

Thomas Workman 45:13
We are seeing rules that are being questioned. And we are seeing systems that we are grateful to see dissolve, or they are, though a pathway not now enabling for a level of consciousness. That is, what do we know will serve you best. And so, we encouraged we are in the dual relationships with source and the truth, which is that there are not a set of rules that you must follow. There is no one judging, there is no final call. And there is only in the ongoing set of choices that build and grow and expand. We wish to answer this question with a way of thinking that we teach and it is this, the universe is only able to accomplish two things, the only purposes of the universe is to create and to expand, there is no destruction. And yet many of your religious systems envision a universe in which destruction is one of its functions, destruction as a result of judgment. And yet, we remind you what your scientists already know, which is that energy isn't never destroyed, which means you are never destroyed, which means the universe is incapable of destroying energy and all things are energy and so, as you focus see your spiritual systems and there are many that will assist you should you discover that from a correct premise. That you realize your celebration the your connection is to creation and to expansion in both as an individual being as well as the collective, you are expanding. It is the nature of the universe, you are creating it is the nature of the universe,

AJ Cavanagh 47:31
The divine I Am that I Am the shift away from institutions or away from those that claim to hold power and the move toward personal connection with the Divine personal connection with light source personal connection to inner tuition to wholeness to well being, these things are there for you and there are energy systems and knowing in the body upon which the individual is able to respond to this is a frequency resonance, which is no one that shall indeed not be found in the external pursuits

Thomas Workman 48:30
We wish to join with you in the ability to reimagine much of what has been spiritual teaching and has been maligned and turned into something other than what it was intending. So you will know for you will feel the joy, you will feel the fun. Oh, your connection with the Divine

AJ Cavanagh 48:58
Freedom, yes, freedom.

Alex Ferrari 49:00
How does the field or does the field of quantum physics assist in the awakening or explanation of the universe in a more spiritual way for society?

Thomas Workman 49:12
Is your learning Yes, this is your discovery of what is and what is true. We are grateful. As we see these discoveries and becoming a part of your science as you are learning about the nature of the universe. It is an ongoing discovery process. And you have expanded in wonderful ways from what you believed even 100 years ago. And this so as you discover more and more about the universe about the nature of energy of vibrational frequency. These now become a part of your knowledge and yet, we would remind you that what your brain knows and Do what is in your spirits are not always the same. And so we encourage you to realize, what is it that this knowledge means for me? What is going that important for me to understand? And how does it change the way in which I enjoy this incarnation at this moment for this incarnation is what you were created for as part of your souls eternal journey. It has a function and a purpose, and you are using science now to begin to understand this on a higher level.

AJ Cavanagh 50:42
Indeed, your reality is not as it has always traditionally appeared to you. And the same can be said for your physicality for new our multi dimensional beings are able to extend your consciousness across in great or realms to be able to create and to manifest and as you step into this knowing of your self, so too, you shall be able to perform what was once considered impossible, or that other miracle

Thomas Workman 51:20
And this is why we teach a joy, for it is the frequency of joy. That is your wholeness and your fullness completely realized. It is a vibrational state of being that is yours to control that is not controlled by circumstance that is not controlled by any element of physics. It is simply within your control as a choice, and a state of being that you may adapt and we believe we'll enjoy much more,

Alex Ferrari 51:54
Will social media media evolve into a force of unity or division?

Thomas Workman 51:59
Yes. Are you in for there are those who are focused upon division, who will use your technologies to maintain division, and there are those who will use your technologies based upon their own awareness of their own consciousness, to create you, unity, we will remind you that not very long from now, you will not need some of these technologies for you will be able to understand one another on a entirely different level and you will know the word uses telepathy Yes, you are able very soon to know and not the to read, no need to watch,

AJ Cavanagh 52:52
We give you the insight here, as your abilities develop, you shall come to an understanding of how your actions your words, impact others and are received by others. And thereby, you shall find it in possible to create such levels of contrast, as it were for they no longer serve you or others this then is a transcendence,

Alex Ferrari 53:28
What will be the future of work and the economic systems that are currently in place,

Thomas Workman 53:33
You are being prepared for many changes here. For you have created systems that exclude and that separates as opposed to combining and connecting me it is its natural order, as is all of expansion for things to change. The realities of what it is that you need to do to maintain your human physical apparatus is changing as well. And soon you will find that the systems you have created are no longer in service to you, and the new ones will emerge and me, we will limit our discussion of this floor. We find you we love you so much 10 more towards you worry, then towards anticipation. And we would encourage you to trust that the universe expands for your greatest and highest good in the entire universe conspires for your greatest and highest good and therefore you have nothing to fear You have everything to watch, transform, and to trust that it will serve you best.

AJ Cavanagh 55:10
Consider the aspects of the universe, wherein there is only creation and expansion. There is abundance. Not various, for all and not just for some, these are indicators of the way in which things shall emerge.

Alex Ferrari 55:36
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Thomas Workman 55:39
We remind you that you are toward, we cannot say this enough to you, or you have yet to fully believe and realize it that there is an unending love, divine love that exists for you at all times. And do we wish for this to become a part of your consciousness in which means as you face each circumstance, each moment of your daily life, and that you are able to stop and say how is my thought about this serving me or not serving me before I remember that I am a divine being that is deeply loved from source, and that the universe is conspiring for my greatest and highest good, though at this moment, it may not feel as such it is. So it is the premise we wish for you to operate from. And from there to enjoy the freedom that is a part of your creation that is your birthright. So that you may focus in joy, and fully realize the purpose of this incarnation along to your eternal journey.

AJ Cavanagh 56:56
We are so grateful for this time together. And now we are complete, but never far away.

Thomas Workman 57:10
We always pause at the end, we didn't explain to your audience that we always pause at the end. Because the guides love to give hugs, as you can tell, they're really big on helping people realize how love they are. Yes. That is transformative. You know, they've been very clear with us that this is what is missing for humanity, this sort of realization, because we spend a lot of our time with our heads down finding what's wrong. It's interesting.

AJ Cavanagh 57:38
It's interesting, you know, even our entertainment is called drama, or action or even worse at heart, or is a new focus, a new achievement that is there for us. And it's interesting, just, you know, the more we hear from the guides to just how enthusiastic and how hopeful and and what a positive future there is for us, should we choose it,

Thomas Workman 58:00
You know, so the the guidance like to end with what we just call a hug. And it just is an energy that we, when we were first starting to channel them, we would not want to leave we kind of you know, they were complete, but we kind of like we're lingered, because it felt so good. And so when we started with our first group, so we kind of said, we want to kind of experiment with this. They give us a hug. We think they might give you one Yeah. And so at the end, just stay still and let's see what happens. And the first couple of times, we finally come out and look up and people have tears in the rise. Eiling so we thought okay, well, I think that works. Fine. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 58:42
Well, the The guides are adorable. I love them. They're wonderful. They great message. Did you guys hear that? I didn't ask you. Do you guys hear everything? Did you step away? Do you remember everything I was at work with you guys?

AJ Cavanagh 58:57
20% of that, which is why once again, we always record and transcribe everything. You know, what's interesting is channels, you know, because we embody the divine source as as we channel and so you know, I'm able to lock into Tom's frequency as he is to mine, which is how we dovetail that sort of relationship in terms of those answers. But you know, a lot is going on for us we're seeing light and geometry and sometimes you know, I have the presence of the extraterrestrials come through or we can see the natives, you know, or you know, an Ascended Master. So it's interesting from our perspective, which is you know, why we do what we call watching afterwards as well because there's just so much to unpack from from just the channeling alone.

Thomas Workman 59:46
You know, I'd say we feel more than we remember and a feeling really lingers with us and so when we go back and read the transcript it we kind of have that download still in our mind. Yeah. And that feeling So they always want to be Voc of frequency, which of course is connected to our emotions, our feelings. And so that's what I walk away with. And you know what that feeling was?

Alex Ferrari 1:00:13
So something that we've been you we've been saying a lot, you said it a lot in this conversation is the word frequency. For a lot of people, you know, we go back into the 60s, New Age, a man good vibes, man. They're good vibrations, dude, like, that is the beginning of this concept of frequency. We do it with tongue in cheek with the whole Hey, man, good vibes kind of thing is a T shirt at Target for now, for God's sakes now. Can you explain to the audience, truly what frequency is and how we are all kind of at, you know, lower, some people are at low level frequency, some people are very high level frequencies. And the combination of trying to reach or connect with a even higher frequency out of sight of out of sight of being human. I've heard from different people that it's kind of like we're covered in mud. And they'd like you got to kind of break through the mud for them to eat, because they're not going to get down here with the mud, you've got to kind of meet them up there or meet them somewhere in the middle, is that correct?

AJ Cavanagh 1:01:18
It is. So I think there's a very important point to keep, the high vibe thing is being, you know, put out there a lot right now. And it simply isn't a matter of just wanting to be happy, or just staying in the clouds. You know, if you look at the symbol of the yin and the yang, for example, it contains both the light and the dark. And what the guides are suggesting is that all of those frequencies together, the dark side of you, the masculine side of you, the feminine side, everything evolves in frequency together, you know, sometimes we see people and they're connected, like, you know, from their heart chakra up, and they're just like New Age hippie dippie, which is wonderful. They're often very fun people to be around, or we see others that are connected, just you know, from their sacral, chakra down and that are all about, you know, Action, Adventure and physicality. You know, we really want to harmonize all of those frequencies and bring it higher, again.

Thomas Workman 1:02:13
And really, this starts with a teaching about all of the universe is just energy. We're energy, everything around us energy, my glass of lemonade, isn't it, it's all energy. And one of the differences one of the unique characteristics of human beings is that we have some control over our frequency. And we have a range of frequency. Let's say it's in the range of divine. So one of the reasons why your spirit guides will never say, Well, you screwed that up, you're a mess, you're never healed. If you do, that's not your guide talk. And I'll tell you right now, it's not possible for the range of frequencies of the Divine to go that low. Not possible. Everything has energy is a vibration, right. That's how energy expresses. And that energy is able to form and that and what's interesting is we have this ability to manipulate that we can make choices. I think this is the real question. Right? Can I choose a higher vibration? And how do I do that? And the guides are very clear. In fact, a lot of what we teach from the guides is how do you do that? I'll give you one hint, appreciation brings you right up right away.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:34
Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

Thomas Workman 1:03:37
Gratitude appreciation takes you right there. So you know, even in the worst circumstance that you're under, just stop and go, Oh, that's a really pretty tree, changes that energy.

AJ Cavanagh 1:03:48
But it just, it really matters. Because you know, those vibrations that we're talking about, have a direct link that control your emotions, you know. So it really is important to really pay attention to what you focus on. And to make new and higher choices, you know,

Thomas Workman 1:04:05
The guides would like us get rid of the language of good and bad, because there's no such thing there is a frequency that produces an outcome. There's a frequency level that acts that helps us experience joy, and there's a frequency level that leaves us in sorrow or despair. And the fact is, when I feel the emotion, I have a choice. Do I let do I want to be in despair? Or do I want to change my frequency and I have the ability to do so.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:35
Yeah, I've used examples before but I think this is a great example of there is no good or bad. It doesn't and that's a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people. Yeah, very tough pill to swallow. Very condition. Yeah. But if you look at it to the point of if you're walking into you're walking with you know a little girl, your daughter, whatever in the forest, and all of a sudden, the tree falls and kills her on four Originally, that is neither it's horrible from the point of view of the person who's lost somebody, or of the person who got crushed by the tree. Right. But the trees, not evil, the trees not bad. It's just it is what it is. So it's a very difficult conversation to have. And in. And as I've gotten deeper into the spiritual realm, and spiritual conversations, deep, philosophical, spiritual conversations, this concept of like, there is no past or future, or present, it's all happening at the same time, including your quote, unquote, past lives. And that's a div you can't like the brain, the human hardware can't process us. God was never created, he's always been there very difficult to be eternity very difficult to constantly there's a good there's no good or bad, very different. The deeper you go into the weeds with all of these, you're starting to run into the wall of the basically the limitation of the physical limitations of the human mind. And then you got to tap into something of something a little bit deeper, which is that divine connection, the Akashic Record, the quantum field, the oneness that we're all talking about.

AJ Cavanagh 1:06:17
It's interesting, though, how sometimes our circumstances, whether they're joy, or whether they're tragic, often lead us to that, you know, introspection, and and, you know, often bring us closer to the Divine, in a way,

Thomas Workman 1:06:31
And expansion in many, many ways, ways that I don't think we understand. I will say this, that the longer we spend with the guides, the more we recognize, like oftentimes they'll say to us, they'll say to me, because I'm the I'm the Curie, I'm the academic, in this in this relationship. So I'm the one who always wants to know why, and what's the theory and all of that, and several times the guides have said to me, while I'm writing from them, they'll be like, We are not here to teach physics, we are not here to teach, you know, the mechanisms, because that's not going to help you with your choice making. Right? That's that's not a critical piece of knowledge. There are things that are behind the veil for a reason,

Alex Ferrari 1:07:14
Llike making like making hotdogs, you don't want to know how those are made. I want to know how hotdogs are made

Thomas Workman 1:07:24
I'm in Chicago, and I got it right.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:30
So guys, I'm gonna ask you, it's been such a pleasure talking to you and the guys, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I asked all my guests. What is what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

AJ Cavanagh 1:07:40
Oh, my goodness. I just think, you know, realizing there is no judgment that you always have the opportunity to choose again, and make the most out of any circumstances. You know, Tom has a great saying he says there's no trophy and heaven are waiting, waiting for you. Yeah, so it's not about you know, how many times you helped out at the soup kitchen, or how many times you cut someone off in traffic, you know, just make choices that increase your vibration that put you in states of happiness, and others in states of happiness and enjoy. And be in the moment, you know, when you are in the state of joy, you are in the moment there, you're not worried about, you know, if what you're doing is going to be have a good outcome or a bad outcome because you're in that high vibe state. And you're in that moment.

Thomas Workman 1:08:32
Let me offer though, a different perspective that the guides often talk to, because we have clients who will ask us about, you know, how am I maneuvering my life choices so that I have this great life and their maintenance, the guides will come back and say, you know, your life, as you understand it is this long. And it's part of an eternal trajectory. So you make choices before coming here, even a choice that your daughter would be hit by a tree. You make choices before you came here that said, here's how I'm going to use this incarnation. Because this is what my soul needs to develop and expand toward. And it's so important that we remember that I don't have to do it all this incarnation. It doesn't have to be perfect. There's actually no trophy right now. It's gonna go well,

Alex Ferrari 1:09:27
I mean, you are the most spiritual, you are the most of all, all unfolds in heaven.

Thomas Workman 1:09:33
Welcome to the dessert bar. Because you know, there

AJ Cavanagh 1:09:37
Its a never ending chocolate fountain just for you.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:40
And just like in the movie defending your life with Albert Brooks, everything tastes delicious. tastes delicious, and you can eat as much of it as you want, and never get enough. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Thomas Workman 1:09:56
Yes, again, I think that perspective is really helpful. because we put all this energy in, yes. So the real question that the guides would ask it is, are you expanding? Are you expanding? Are you using this time? Because if you're asleep, you're not. Right. If you're just going about bumping into whatever is there without consciousness, then you know, then I'm guarantee you, you're going to have very similar next life, I can promise you because the universe has with you. And we'll just keep doing it till you get it. That's the good news.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:36
You get nothing but time. Yeah, nothing but time, even though that doesn't exist. Nothing. Yes. Now speaking of time, if you guys had the chance to go back in time, and talked to little AJ, and little Thomas, what advice would you give them?

Thomas Workman 1:10:55
It's okay, that you were talking to trees all that time, that was really, that wasn't so weird. As you thought it was, you know, it really be for me the lessons that we that the guides have taught us, we're the first students, I just want to say that we're sitting in the front row of the classroom with a guide. So it's really important for us to apply everything that we're getting, which is why we need the transcript, to remember it. But you know, it would be for me to say you took things so seriously, you're so worried about doing it right. And as opposed to just living in joy. I wish as a kid, I knew that a little bit more

Alex Ferrari 1:11:34
And you AJ?

AJ Cavanagh 1:11:36
You know, I think for me, you know, they say, you know, you wanted an adventure, and you got it, and I'm just so glad you signed up for the ride, you know that you are courageous. And, you know, even when you were really vulnerable, and to keep putting yourself out there. And, and I take a lot of comfort in that because, you know, it hasn't been an easy road, it hasn't been an easy road. But it's certainly been insightful. And you know, it's certainly been incredibly rewarding.

Alex Ferrari 1:12:05
Now, how do you define God?

Thomas Workman 1:12:07
Hmm, that's a great question. You know, we've been given a vision of what source looks like, and the the images and light, it really is the center point of light. And it's, it is, as we are all energy, there is a central intelligence, that energy that is composed with, it's why we're divine, because we're composed of that same energy, we're, you know, off, branches have that were part of that. And that's changed my definition of God, because I think I used to see God as much more of this ruler King, which of course, is traditional religion, you know, Western religion, certainly, and exploring other religions with this freedom to say, you know, this manifests in all these exciting, different ways. But understanding that the uniformity is really an a high frequency energy of love, that has this desire for our greatest and highest good in mind,

AJ Cavanagh 1:13:21
I think it's interesting, you know, because I don't necessarily come from a religious background at all. So it was always just energy source to me. But for me, I need you know, it's one of those things where it's not for me to tell you, it's not for someone else to tell you what God is, it's for you to discover and to connect to for yourself, because there is no separation and the Divine is a part of you. And as you reach toward the light, as you reach toward that asking in that, that personal inquiry, it will be there for you to discover. And that's that's always been the case whenever I've asked, the answers have come sometimes sooner sometimes later, but they've been there. And that really says to me that there is the presence of the Divine that you know, the Ascended Masters and your guardian angels and your loved ones are close and supporting you and cheering you're on and it's even in their name the guides, you know, they're guiding you.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:17
And finally, what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Thomas Workman 1:14:20
To, to expand and to grow? Right again, in that view of life as part of a much larger continuum. You know, we sometimes treat purpose of life of my experiences that and certainly what I did was treat purpose of life as there's something I have to accomplish. There's something so I hit the musician saying, Oh, I'm fulfilling my purpose by you know, recording this song or a legacy of some earrings or legacy or what you know, purpose is self realization. Your purpose on this planet, is to realize your soul. Yes, to realize what your creation real is, and that's the ultimate consciousness, I know who I am.

AJ Cavanagh 1:15:05
And in doing so finding joy, you know all of those things as you create and expand and create and expand into that joy when you think of all of the things that come before you in a single day, that's there for your expansion. And that's there for you to overcome and to expand into and to find new realms of consciousness and even to find joy.

Thomas Workman 1:15:26
And your purpose is to know that,

Alex Ferrari 1:15:28
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you guys are doing in the world?

AJ Cavanagh 1:15:32
Well, we've got a great website with some terrific resources there for everyone called And, you know, we love to get the messages out about the guides, and we have a free sign up there, if you sign up your email will send you out messages from the guides every single week in something we call wisdom, Wednesdays. And it really is just a beautiful part of inspiration that we love to share from the guides every week. That is there for you.

Thomas Workman 1:16:01
But you'll be able to learn on the website more about who we are, you'll see again samples of the guides in their channeling. And you'll see about a different event. It's worth my monthly online channelings. And anyone from across the planet can join. And then we do local events as well. Were either here in Phoenix or in other towns where we can channel in front of a live audience so many opportunities.

AJ Cavanagh 1:16:26
And if you love to be a social media bunny, we're of course on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We have wonderful communities there.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:33
And do you guys have any parting messages for the audience?

AJ Cavanagh 1:16:36
Oh, I just think that your loved I mean, I I'm here with Tom and you and the audience. And I really do feel the love. And I really think that if you can expand into a knowing of how much the Divine Source loves you and how much others who and are encouraging for you and rooting for you. And all things are possible for you just test it, just try it.

Thomas Workman 1:17:05
So for me, it's really about how can I realize this moment? Right? How can I not let this moment just blur into the next and go through the motions? And to realize the miracle in every moment because there really is one.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:24
Thomas, AJ, it has been an absolute pleasure talking to you and the guides. Thank you so much for being on the show. And for the work you're doing to awaken the planet. My guys, my friends. Thank you.

AJ Cavanagh 1:17:34
I appreciate that so much. It's been such a delight. Thank you Alex.

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