LIVE CHANNELING METATRON REVEALS: Shocking FUTURE of Humanity! with Addison Ames

Life often brings us encounters that illuminate the deeper mysteries of our existence and our place in the cosmos. Today, we welcome Addison Ames, a channeler whose journey from a corporate career to becoming a conduit for Metatron, a high-dimensional being, offers profound insights into the nature of reality and our spiritual evolution. Addison Ames’s transformation underscores the power of spiritual awakening and the profound truths that can emerge when we open ourselves to higher guidance.

Addison’s journey began in the corporate world, with a background in international marketing and business consulting. His life took a dramatic turn when he experienced a series of spiritual awakenings that led him to connect with Metatron. This high-dimensional being, known for his involvement in humanity’s spiritual development, began to communicate with Addison, teaching him about channeling and guiding him through a transformative process. “Metatron and my guides dropped in, in this awakening experience and started to talk to me,” Addison recalls. This mentorship led to Addison’s deep dive into channeling, where he learned to navigate the intense energies and profound teachings that Metatron imparted.

Metatron, often associated with sacred geometry and high-level spiritual teachings, works with Addison to bring forward messages that help humanity understand and navigate its spiritual evolution. Describing Metatron, Addison says, “He is a high-dimensional being that really doesn’t have form, doesn’t have personality, doesn’t have gender, but drops down into many different realms.” This fluidity allows Metatron to impart wisdom that transcends earthly limitations, offering guidance on how to elevate human consciousness.

One of the core messages Metatron delivers through Addison is the concept of humanity’s interconnectedness and the importance of recognizing our multi-dimensional nature. “You are and you are,” Metatron states, emphasizing that we are both our individual selves and part of a greater whole. This understanding encourages us to see beyond our physical limitations and embrace our true essence as beings of light and energy. Metatron’s teachings often focus on the idea that our reality is a construct of our perceptions and thoughts, which can be transcended through spiritual growth and higher awareness.


  1. Embrace Your Multi-Dimensional Nature: Metatron’s teachings highlight that we are more than our physical bodies; we are multi-dimensional beings with a profound connection to the cosmos. Recognizing this helps us navigate our spiritual paths with greater awareness and purpose.
  2. The Power of Thought and Perception: Our reality is shaped by our thoughts and perceptions. By understanding this, we can transform our experiences and elevate our consciousness, aligning ourselves with higher frequencies of love and light.
  3. Be Nice and Embrace Kindness: One of Metatron’s simplest yet most profound teachings is the importance of being nice. This fundamental principle, though seemingly simple, has the power to transform our interactions and create a more harmonious world.

Addison’s journey and his work with Metatron offer a powerful reminder of the potential within each of us to connect with higher dimensions and transform our reality. Their teachings encourage us to embrace our true nature, recognize our interconnectedness, and live with greater compassion and kindness. By doing so, we can contribute to the ongoing shift in human consciousness and help create a more enlightened and harmonious world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Addison Ames.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 368

Addison Ames 0:00
So, so the idea is this, as one knows and grows and as humanity knows, and grows, they are you are as a nice individual, just now trying to understand knives, and ice. So if you want to be part of the shift, if you want to call it that, but really that's very, very single minded in a way. There's all kinds of movement, beautiful movement, right? The movement, be the movement and lift. The overall thing that we see and we support and we engender humanity, and we mean everybody, not just the spiritual community, not just you who watch this, but all the humans on Earth, there's a lot of you is the shift, if you want to call it that, we would call it kind of the the work group, the work product, is this. Can you be nice? And ice? Can you not kill each other?

Alex Ferrari 0:59
I'd like to welcome to the show Addison Ames. How you doing Addison?

Addison Ames 1:12
I'm doing great Alex, thanks for having me on.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend, I'm excited to talk to you and to the being that you channel Metatron. And is this Metatron that the famous Metatron or just goes by that name.

Addison Ames 1:29
I would say he's the famous Metatron. He may choose different words than that. But, you know, I think people are either frightened by that name, or really love that name, I get lots of feedback on the name Metatron. But it is the one that people know generally. And I work with Metatron, in what he calls a high way. So I see him as a high dimensional being that really doesn't have form doesn't have personality doesn't have gender, but drops down into many different realms. And he even works in the all beyond Earth and humanity. But he is very involved in earthly humanity right now, and drops into our world and works in many different ways. Kind of like you have many different ways that people know Alex, you know, you've got a business card, but you're also this and that to other people. And you act in different ways. Depending on who you are. You're who you're talking to, or who you're working with. Metatron is much like that. So some of your audience members may know Metatron as an archangel. And so that is one of the business cards if you want to put it that way that Metatron has, but he does many different things. And the way that I work with them is not really as an archangel. Of course, he does do that. But he's a high dimensional ly high dimensional being that is specialized in spiritual development, and the overall rising of humanity and the earth realm.

Alex Ferrari 2:55
Fantastic. Yeah. When I hear the word when I first heard the word Metatron, I'm like, is that a transformer?

Addison Ames 3:01
I hear that a lot.

Alex Ferrari 3:02
I'm sure you do

Addison Ames 3:04
I think that's Megatron?

Alex Ferrari 3:06
Megatron is Yes. Especially especially of kids of a certain age will remember mega mega megatron from back in the day. So before we get to Metatron, I wanted to ask you what was your life like, before this insanity that is called channel happened to you?

Addison Ames 3:26
Well, it was very different. And the same in some ways. My background really is corporate and international marketing. So I was and I still am, but just in a different way, a business person. So you know, I lived in New York City, San Francisco, worked in Silicon Valley, and some other media markets around the world, in business, and then I had a series of spiritual awakening events, and then everything changed. And so Metatron, and my guides dropped in, in this awakening experience and started to talk to me. And so I began to really work with them in a very personal way. And Metatron began to teach me about himself. And then quickly after that teach me about channeling. So before that point in time, I really didn't know channeling at all, you know, so he began to teach me how it works, what it is and the way that we could work together. So he and I Metatron and I have kind of like what I call a deal together. We are supposed to be doing this and probably will do it for a little while. And so we had kind of one on one mentoring sessions and training sessions, sometimes pretty intense. That taught me how channeling works. And then over time, it got better and better. And then he guided me to real people in my life who were kind of like mentors and also in a way guides in the way that I could understand channeling and what was going on to me and through me and that whole experience. because it is a pretty big change, it's a very big life change for someone who is a channeler, I'm sure you know, you have a lot of channel channels on your show. And so it was a magnificent change, it's been a lot of challenge, quite honestly. But one that really is quite special, because Metatron and the way that he works with me, I think is just fantastic. He's kind of like Professor Oriole, in some ways, very academic, many people may know, Metatron is kind of highly scientific or mathematical, and will identify sacred geometry with Metatron, you know, structural understandings with with association to Metatron. So he's very much like that. He's definitely a teacher. And so you know, the work has progressed over that time. And he actually guided me to quit my full time job and start doing this work full time. But even that has changed over the years. So now I do everything from channeling and teaching courses to I even work with awaken businesses right now, and provide business consulting and executive coaching. So I kind of do a wide gamut of things in the spiritual world, which in a way has an anchor in channeling. And so it's been an exciting ride.

Alex Ferrari 6:22
So so when you first heard the voices in your head, did you think you were going nuts? Because I imagined that could be a little off putting when you start hearing your spirit guides? Or Metatron talking to you? How does it come in through you? Does it? Is it voices in the head? Do you hear them verbally? Do you feel it? You know, and how the first time it happened? What did you feel?

Addison Ames 6:46
Oh, for sure? Well, it was I would call it multi sensory. So I hear them very, very clearly in my head kind of as thought functions is the way that I see it. And sometimes externally, I definitely feel it many times I've you know, physically feel their presence around me. In the way that it started happening, Alex though, it was very structural, it was like kind of if you go to if you go away to college, and you start taking your 101 courses, you know, your intro to whatever it may be courses, the professors will start kind of like giving you the syllabus outlining the course materials and start to kind of guide you in a very intellectual and logical way through what you're going to learn. So in the way that Mettaton Metatron primarily came in for me, it was very structural, designed and very cogent. So it wasn't it wasn't at all crazy. Although it was a departure, it was a kind of like a new relationship or set of relationships that I had beyond the physical. So in that in that way, it was very different and definitely a departure. But the information that came through was so really beautiful, incredible well formed. And what I would call high knowledge that I as kind of a lifelong student of life said, Wow, this is really good stuff. And so I was kind of on the install, some days am on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next information to come through. So you know, it's really been like going off to college, and having a series of really intensive courses that I've moved through.

Alex Ferrari 8:31
So when you finally decided, I mean, this is all happening to you. Privately, I'm assuming at this point in the game, and you're developing, you're saying you're going to kind of like this private channel in school, that Metatron teaching you when you decided to come out of the quote unquote, spiritual closet or channeling closet, to your colleagues, your friends, your family. What was that like psychologically? Because again, like I always say, it kind of still clears a room. When you say Hey guys, I'm a channeler being his name is Metatron. Like it's not it's not it's more normal now than it was five or 10 years ago, but it's still in the wrong room. Good probably clear it. So how did that work out for you? How did you deal with it?

Addison Ames 9:16
Well, you know, you know, first of all Metatron guided me to bring in some kind of high minded spiritual people to help anchor me into the physical so I had those guideposts to really help me. But I learned pretty quickly that talking about channeling with the wrong people doesn't work. So I you know, like when anyone goes through a transformational change, which I really consider that a transformational change, a person loses friends gains new friends, and you know, kind of like cleans their email list, if you will, you know, or, you know, talking about oh, I know, I know. So if someone's on Facebook, even sometimes people will go you know what, I'm gonna go through my friends list and update My friends list, because people change, people Transform and move into new things. So this was definitely a big transformation. And some people just didn't understand it and just said goodbye. And some good friends who I've been friends with for a long time stood by me, some of them didn't really like it. Some of them, still don't love it, but they kind of appreciated or respected or put up with it. And then I gained a whole new group of friends. But I definitely cleaned my email list. And it was, I would say, for about a year, it was really hard. Because you know, when one goes through transformational change, like one needs to talk about it, like it helps you process helps you understand what's what's going on. And so I realized pretty quickly, I couldn't talk about this with everyone, otherwise, I lost a lot of people would lose a lot of people. So I kind of quickly learned, you know, I don't think I should talk about this with other people. Because some people just kind of don't get it or some people are scared of it, honestly. But But now, you know, it's everything is leveled out, I have a lot of new friends in my life. I've seen the old friends who want to stick with me, they've stuck with me, they're still around. But what I am seeing I want to talk talk to you about this, you mentioned is becoming more and more accepted, is really what I see is channeling is becoming much more palatable to a broader audience. And so I see channeling as as you know, audience development, it's going deeper and wider, more and more people even of what you might say kind of a mass audience are starting to kind of hear the word channel and starting to maybe see a little bit of it and appreciate it. You know, there's a whole movement happening right now called S v. In our Have you heard of that? I have not spiritual but not religious is what it stands for. Yeah, it's a great movement of many times younger people who are saying, Yeah, you know, I really feel I'm more than just the physical. And I'm looking for more spiritual inputs into my life, like your show, I think really reaches that audience. But I don't want to be involved in a religion. I don't want anything, anything organized. But I'm pretty open minded. I want to hear what's cool, what's great, what's new, what helps helps me be better, what helps to lift me. And so I think channeling is starting to reach that audience. And so I see channeling been around for a long time, I think more and more people are channeling, more and more people are realizing that really kind of we all channel at a level, you know, we're always bringing in higher consciousness. And that's kind of the way kind of the way we exist. I think we're not just here. We're like many places, but think we're just here. So so I definitely see channelling deepening and widening in terms of its audience acceptance. And, and I think it's a beautiful thing that's going to be around for a long time.

Alex Ferrari 12:56
Now, can you since I've spoken to so many channels on the show before every channel kind of deals with things a little bit differently as far as how the channel how it comes into them, to my understanding that there is a optimization stage physically to deal with the energy surge that comes in from these, these these beings, or these angels or spirit guides, that there is such a high vibration that our nervous system, if not trained, if not kind of prepped or primed to blow a couple of circuit. How was it for you during that process? Do you agree with that? What I'm saying? And how was it for you to build yourself up physically to handle this energy? And what is your actual channeling process? Are you a trance channel that you go completely under? How's it work,

Addison Ames 13:46
From what I hear from other channels, I've heard those similar kinds of things where there is a transformative energy state that people need to go through to be able to work with these high dimensional beings or ultra dimensional beings. For me, and I can only speak for myself, I would say there probably was about at about a year where I had to become accustomed to the energy and be able to handle the energy. Metatron is a very big energy in a very powerful energy. So it there was a time of onboarding, you know, kind of like you're starting a new job, you've got to get on boarded and understand the energies of that new career, that new job. It's very much like that, but it took me about a year. And there were some times where I really just had to take naps and you know, change my sleeping schedule and the energy was quite intense. I've become accustomed to it now. So I'm very familiar with it. I can tell by Metatron is you know, coming in or once my attention wants to talk to me. So it's been a process but I've been accustomed to it now for quite some time. And you know to answer your question about my process, and every channel has its has their own process for me. I work with Metatron in mind. So I mentioned before I see him as as a thought factor. And so when he comes in, it's like a mind connection that happens. And so he connects with me through mind frequency or mind waves or mind statements. And so that's how we connect. And there may be a part of your question I didn't know.

Alex Ferrari 15:19
You are. Are you a Trance, you're fully tranced.

Addison Ames 15:23
So I don't call it a trans channel. It's a pretty quick transition that happens, I kind of stepped to the back seat. And he comes in, and it's a full body experience. So I stepped back, he comes in, and you're really talking to Metatron. I close my eyes. And so I'm kind of in the back seat. And I'm not actively involved in the conversation. So I don't really know everything that he says. But I don't see myself as in a trance, I don't have to go into a meditative state or anything like that. I just kind of like back up a little bit and let him come in and let him kind of take the show.

Alex Ferrari 15:58
You don't remember everything you kind of remember, it's almost like a dreamlike state that you kind of remember a couple things kind of don't?

Addison Ames 16:05
Yeah, well, it's a good question. So when he's talking, I'm kind of following every word. But then I don't hold on to it. It's like, it's like the attention is he has my full attention. And so I'm not remembering what happens. At the very end, you know, he moves out, it takes me a few moments to come back into my waking presence. And I might remember a few things from what he said, but I generally don't remember quotes or much detail from it. Sometimes I'll go back and actually listen to the video and go, Okay, well, that was pretty cool. It kind of grab a hold of everything that he says, while I'm channeling.

Alex Ferrari 16:44
It's very dreamlike, in that sense, because it's dreams. Like when we're in the dream, we remember everything. But as the night continues to go on, and you wake up in the morning, like, oh, yeah, I gotta remember the dream. By if you haven't written it down by noon, it's gone. Or like you only remember a couple of little things similar in in your world. Yeah,

Addison Ames 16:59
I would say very much like that, you know, it's, it's kind of like, he holds my attention. Almost like, you know, like, I'm listening to you, I'm trying to follow your every word, and if he has my attention, but I have no receptivity of that. So it's kind of like, if you've ever edited film, you know, if you're working on a timeline and film, like you're following just that one little point where the timeline is, and that's where your focus is. And then you have to step back and go, Oh, wait, I gotta move the timeline back and forth and see what happened earlier or later. It's a little bit like that, but but I always enjoy going back and listening to the video after because generally, I learned a lot from it.

Alex Ferrari 17:42
Now, during your work, it was there ever a channeling session that you did that help someone in such a profound way? That it just kind of knocked your socks off?

Addison Ames 17:53
Wow, good question. I would say yes, I would call Metatron. pretty profound. So I think people generally come away changed in some way from working with Metatron. And a lot of people work with him over the long term. So you know, he has what's called Metatron teaching modules. They're on my website. And so it's a six week program. And so people come and really, every time they come to a class, they come away going, Wow, I really learned so much. And at the end of the of the course, I really feel levels up from it. So I would say, I would say most sessions, people come away feeling like they had a profound experience, honestly.

Alex Ferrari 18:41
Now, what do you think is the most challenging part of being a channel or doing this kind of work is general statements

Addison Ames 18:49
At a personal level at an Addison level? It's been really hard to find. When you when I when I meet new people, you know, if I'm trying to like make new friends, I'm out talking to people. It's hard to describe what I do. Sometimes I just say I have an internet business. Or, you know, I'll talk about my business work that I do, because I do do business consulting and executive coaching, which is like real world business stuff. So sometimes I'll just talk about that. But then some people will want to say, Oh, can I go to your website and see what you do. And on my website, I've got everything from channeling to courses to the business work. And so sometimes people go to my website, and then I never hear from them again, because they see the channeling stuff and they go I don't like I don't like that. So I'd say at a personal level. Making new friends can be a challenge because some people just disappear you know from from a professional level I might say as as a channeler. Metatron is always challenging me to move forward, always challenging me to change and transform and level up. So for me my life ever since I started doing this work has have been changed, change change. So lots of movement. So, you know, that can be very exciting. But it can also be very, unearthing sometimes. You know, it's sometimes it's hard to kind of be grounded and have your roots. So it's been a joy ride, it's been a wild ride, for sure. But I'd say that the challenge point is moving through a lot of change on a consistent basis.

Alex Ferrari 20:23
How do you balance like, being a human and all your knowledge and experience in the spiritual side, because from my understanding of talking to somebody near death experiences, and channelers, having this energy from the other side, is intoxicating sometimes. And you just like balancing this human experience with that side can be challenging. How do you balance it?

Addison Ames 20:49
Well, thank you for that question. It's been a, it's been very hard work to be able to get to a place of balance, quite honestly, for the first few years, I would say there was a lot of imbalance. And so I've worked over the last couple of years to balance human Addison, personal life, where I go to the grocery store, I'm a guy, I do guy things, I go on dates, I, you know, go to professional networking events, I speak at conferences, I do real world stuff. I also do kind of high knowledge stuff. And so I've gotten to a place where I really switch gears. And I even asked Metatron, hey, give me some space, please. And so it's been like a boundary assessment. Just like you have boundaries with people in your life, I have boundaries with that work with those energies and with that high knowledge. And so we've gotten to a place of good balance now. So you know, I have office hours, and I have a work hours, and I abide by those work hours, and so does Metatron. And then when I'm off, I'm off. I'm like a normal guy. And I try to connect with people in normal ways. So you know, I, I really, I really try to be just a normal person. Who does this work. Does that make sense?

Alex Ferrari 22:06
It does. It does. It's challenging. I can only imagine the chance. I mean, I'm challenged just by doing this kind of work. And balancing it out and trying to explain to people what I do, they're like, Oh, you have a show. While you have a lot of people watching? What's the show about? And I'm like, Well, that's about a whole lot of stuff. You know, it's like near death experiences, ancient civilizations, quantum physics, you know, channelers under the whaler, what was that? channelers? What is that, and then I have to try to explain it to them. And they just sit there fascinated. So I think it's a bit obviously a bit easier for me because I am separated from I don't do the work myself. But there is a fascination I've seen where people before wouldn't even have given it a second thought there is more of an open mindedness to the ideas. And this is what I always say to people, when they challenge the channel and thing I go, I don't care if the guy is acting, or she's putting on a show. First of all, it's a hell of a hard hustle to do if they're hustling. Yeah, I mean, there's easier ways to make money. I mean, seriously, seriously, and then instead of like, completely changed my entire life, losing all my friends, changing everything to do this work. A secondly, if the work the words that is coming out of their mouths is profound, and helps you take it if it doesn't discard it, move the move, move on with life, but that's I don't really care about the messenger, I care about the information I care about the message. And that kind of puts things in perspective. Would you agree with that?

Addison Ames 23:32
Yeah, I think so. And, you know, this whole idea of people fascinated with channeling and you know, I've seen that as kind of an overall movement and what comes to channelers and channeling pardon me, you know, I see really see the range of of experiences and you know, kind of those that don't turn it off completely or run away from it. Some people are scared of it honestly, of course. But those who are who will give it a chance generally start off with like a sense of wonder or fascination. What's going on and like you really so beautifully said is that the person talking what's what's really going on there and trying to logically understand what the mechanism is, which I think is beautiful, because the concept or the mechanism of channeling is pretty complex. You know, we have personalities people know us by our personality. So you know people know you Alex, you know, people know how you behave, this is the way you talk. These are the things you say this is how you smile. These are the jokes you tell they have a behavioral set in which they know you by so when a whole new personality a new behavioral set along with new information comes in people sometimes people say are you okay? I get that a lot. I'm sure you're okay. All the way to fascination to how you manage it. What is your process like? And then you know, kind of really getting to a place of comfort An ease and saying, Okay, I see what's going on here. Let me listen to the information. And I think that's kind of where you are. You've maybe you've gone through those different stages. And now you're saying, Okay, let me get with the information. Because the information is generally very good. And so you know, once people get to that range, then you're going to really listen and then decide what works for you what doesn't work for, you know, I tell people many times, you know, listen to the channeling, but you've got to be the judge, it's your life, what information do you use? What information do you think about? What information do you maybe say? Yeah, but or what do you discard? You know, I'm a big believer in sovereignty, you know, you're a sovereign being, I'm a sovereign being, I choose you choose, you choose what you want to believe what you want to hear. In a way everything is an offering, you know, that what a channeler brings through is an offering of information. So it's up to the listener, what they decide to hold on to us or not. So, you know, the whole gift of channeling, which I think it really is a gift to you, Matt to humanity now, is is, you know, kind of getting to know these high dimensional beings through personality, and then understanding new ideas that may not normally come through. So you're learning about all kinds of stuff that you're not going to read in the New York Times, or the Washington Post, or the LA Times, or the Miami times. You're learning about, about stuff that you don't get every day. And that uniqueness, I think, is is a great joy and a gift for humanity.

Alex Ferrari 26:37
One of the biggest questions I get about channelers is like how do you know what you're channeling? is, you know, positive, and it's not some sort of evil, you know, dark energy, or dark spirit or some quote unquote, demon. And I'm like, well, that's Hollywood. And that's where, you know, we all saw the Exorcist, we all say, the possessions and that kind of thing. But I always say, This is my defense to it, I want to hear what you say to it. It's like, well, if they're bad guys, quote, unquote, are demons within, they're horrible at their job, because the stuff that's coming out of channelers mouth are usually love, and peace, and helpful and like really empowering messages. I've yet to meet a channel that has not, in one way, shape, or form, said those kinds of things about humanity and trying to help some, like, these are horrible entities and negative entities, they're not doing their job really well. If it is, what do you what would you what would your take on that be?

Addison Ames 27:35
Yeah, well, so here's the way that I see it. I think there's a lot of stuff out there, there's a lot of life out there, there's a lot of energies out there. All different kinds. So, when I started channeling, you know, I knew very clearly it was Metatron the the energy was good, the information was very high, very loving, very profound, yet I still got with some people who are experts in the field, seasoned experts, talk to them about the about it channeled with them got their feedback, you know, people who are sensitive to energies and understood channeling, to kind of verify, verify, verify. So, you know, I went to experts, three of them, sometimes probably four or five at one point in time, just to verify, to make sure everything was good. Even though I felt like like it was so when people and I don't teach channeling, but when people are wanting to challenge it to channel at least and kind of like, you know, a full body kind of experience. I encourage them really to ask themselves, is this something that I'm supposed to do is does this really resonate with me is this part of my soul calling, and then if so, I really encourage them to work with an expert or multiple experts, just to make sure for their own integrity, make sure they're working with the right energy, that it is a high and light energy and and have the highest light and set up some protocols to manage the whole experience for their own for their own protection really, just because there's a lot of stuff out there. So you know, there's lots of channels, channels of all types. And I think on the world stage, there are some very good ones out there that are bringing through great information, who I think are very real, genuine and authentic.

Alex Ferrari 29:25
Now, can we talk we've been talking about Metatron for a while now. Can we bring him in and ask him a few questions?

Addison Ames 29:32
For sure, for sure. So, you know, I'll step out Metatron will step in, you know how it works. And he tends to be pretty interactive. So if he asks you questions, or if you'd like to ask questions, just jump in just like you and I are talking you can talk to Metatron in that same way. So I'm good.

Alex Ferrari 29:48
All right. Sounds fantastic. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you my friend.

Addison Ames 29:51
Sure. One moment Alex. And we are we are Metatron on Hi We dropped down low and When we speak to you, we speak to you with respect. Now Alex, dear one, what we will say to you is this you are and you are, do you know what that means you are and you are what do you think I do not know what that means? Well explain and write it down. If you're taking notes, we encourage you to take notes because you might learn something today, you know a lot, but there is always more. And here's the key point of our teaching today is you are and you are, which means you're more than just Alex and you who watch this, you are more than just your name, you are more than just a one, you are many. So to really break it down you are and you are means you are sure you're a guy you sit there and you're cheering you do this thing, but you are which means you are beyond the physical you are beyond the form, as high ideas drop down, which by the way you are and all of you who watch this, you are you are all high ideas dropped down into form write it down, I'm a high idea dropped down into form. And the way that we Metatron on high work is we see everything as ideas dropped down in the idea that everything all is it all is consciousness, it all is ideas, conceptual understanding, to then take form, the idea that you have form is really only an idea. And this is an old idea, but one that is certainly true, is that everything that you see really is but it isn't it is in a way like you said earlier talking to the guy that you see before you all a dream. They're all conceptual understanding that the mind understands or sees as hard and fast form yet it isn't. So the idea that you are in you are is that you are you think you are Alex inform you are so many things beyond the form. And in truth, a very high truth drop down is that you really aren't. The concept of form is a concept, which means it's an idea, just when you come up like just like when you come up with an idea for a show, you might say I you know, I have this idea I like to do this kind of show I'd like to do this kind of thing is a concept that you have way up here above your head. And as you think about it zigzags down and become something becomes a form. You speak it into existence, you use the idea, you talk with other people about it, you write it out, you type it out, you text it out, and you speak it out and you bring it into manifestation which is known as form. Now, the concept of form is again, just really an idea and nothing is now we take this what you might call an existential concept, and we bring it down into your hood, which is your physical realm and we say you are so in the physical realm, which is an understanding of yourself a very high understanding dropped down low. We want to not demean you, but to say that your earth realm is low in that in that habits very dense physical form. Are you familiar with this concept Alex?

Alex Ferrari 33:05
I am.

Addison Ames 33:06
Yes. Are you enjoying this conversation by the way?

Alex Ferrari 33:08
I am.

Addison Ames 33:09
Alright, stay tuned, there's more. So as you understand this deep, dense form, which is very dense, it's hard and fast. You have car accidents, unfortunately, in cars wreck into each other. And if you've ever heard a car accident happen, it's very loud and very disconcerting. Have you ever heard a car accident happen out?

Alex Ferrari 33:29

Addison Ames 33:31
Is it scary?

Alex Ferrari 33:32
It is.

Addison Ames 33:33
It is because it's density meeting density very fast. So that is your life in a way the life in this form that you have there. It's like car accident after a car accident, we don't mean again to scare you all. But as you meet people and have ideas, it is all ideas smashing into each other, just like in particle accelerators and atomic explosions and atomic let's say fusion things like that is there are things hitting things. So in your world and your place and space that you live right now, it is high, it has dropped down into pretend dense form that is always smashing together. So, in the area that you live in, which is and it isn't, but it thinks it is in dense form, it is always smashed together. So as you all are in this place of smash together like it or not, that is the way it works. If you think about particle physics, atomic energy and things like that, which is you you are atomic energy you are made of atoms. It is not something out there or something past or present or future it is you it is what comprises you. You are made up of atoms that smashed together all the time. You live in an environment of smash together as we Metatron and other high beams dropped down into your smash together what we do is we help you because it is a difficult existence. You meet people, you meet people and whenever two people We'll come together there is a relational understanding of this to that. And so as this happens, what you are always trying to do is manage, hold it together. And at the same time right now we are Metatron, we drop in and we help with ascension, which is a word that we use, but we use other words as well. And we think, you know, ascension, but we call sometimes rise and elevation as other words to use for ascension. Because what we would like for you to do humans that listen to this is know yourself in new and higher ways. And if you're taking notes, please write it down. I know myself in new and higher ways, because the way that you change the world, if you want to do that kind of thing is know yourself in new and higher ways. A way to understand ascension or rise or elevation, which are all different ways to understand the same thing is really humanity is moving through different mind statements, write that down, please, ascension is moving through different or higher mind statements. Now, you can say frequency and vibration, all these kinds of things. And that is a part of it. But there is more is really as all these things move. They are what we call mind statements. Because if you look at your world in 1950 versus now or 2050, things change, you think differently. And you act differently. The act is because of the think you all work and what we would call a consolidated no kn O W. And as you know, no, no, no, no, through the growth process of learning and all these kinds of things is you know yourself and you understand your existence existence in new and higher ways. And that really is what ascension is. What we do many times is try to debunk and demystify things so that you can see things clearly clear the mist demystify, Oh, I see clearly now. So a way to understand the ascension, elevation rising, the rising of all things, which is happening for everyone, no one is left behind, by the way, is that you don't act like it's 1930. Like it's 1940. Like it's 1950 anymore. If someone walked into your life, dear beloved Alex, who acted like they were in 1920, you would say, Why are you acting like that? Well, they know themselves and behave thereby in different ways, because they're no is based in an old understanding. And if you met someone from the future, let's say 2020 or less, that's in the past, let's say 2050 or so are timeless, so confusing. You would say to them, you act differently, because they know themselves in new and higher ways, which are more progressive ways. So as people No, no, no, no, no, no, no, they change. So that's why people come to your show. If you'd like to know why people watch your show. Yes, they like you, they love you, and all these kinds of things. But they come to learn and hear Hi things. And so as they learn, they they grow and they know new things. And that really is what ascension is new and higher mind statements, new and higher thought. And as they rise through, they change the way they see themselves and the world around them. And that changes the world around them and themselves. So humanity and earth is going through a rise and through an ascension. And that is built and predicated upon no K and O W A consolidated No. Now, many people say well, I try to quiet my mind, I try not to think so much. And that's fine. It is a way to be there's a way to see. But the truth is you have many different parts and pieces, you are multi dimensional beings living in a body, you are many things you are a multiplicity, you are multi dimensional, you have a heart, soul, mind, and many other kinds of things. So all those things have no in a way all is thought and think and so are you. So as a high idea, going back to this concept from earlier, you are a conceptual understanding a higher self, a soul and elevated consciousness. And as you drop in, it becomes more densified. And you understand yourself as a human, a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful human, as the human begins to kind of get inside of those high ideas and bring them in and yes, channelers and other teachers teach these kinds of things. The flower of life begins to expand and new ideas, new logic, new thinking, new ways to see yourself Yes, vibrations and all these kinds of things. But those are just manifestations of the thought. The thought and think happens first and everything follows. That's really how it works. So as people new new things, the vibe if you want to call it that rises and rises and rises. So the ascension of humanity which is happening, the ascension of Earth, which is happening, it's all predicated on no kn O W higher things. Now we pause for a moment and say Alex, what questions do you have for us?

Alex Ferrari 39:42
Well, how do you define the coming shift in humanity?

Addison Ames 39:45
Well, you all when we work with humanity, we enjoy you. We really do. We find you very in some ways amusing, but we don't have humor where we are but if we had humor where we are, we would say you are amusing. What do you think this coming shift is? What do you think would Do you think this is? Do you not think you're a part of it? You have a show with channelers on it? Are you not part of the shift that's already happening? What do you think?

Alex Ferrari 40:07
I think I am, you are.

Addison Ames 40:09
So the coming shift is not happening. That's not happening. That is an idea with your head buried in the sand. The shift is, you're a part of it. In fact, we'd love for you to stop saying the coming shift and say the shift is and we're in, it's happening. You're part of it. Alex, your one your key driver of it to mirror back to you that what you are, you are a high being dropped down here low really, to drive the shift. You drive it you do. And so your guests on your show, and everybody that watches your show, you have hundreds of 1000s of people that follow you like you, you are a leader of men, you're a leader of women, you're a leader of all of them, awesome them and everything. So the coming shift, stop saying that we love you, we thank you, we appreciate you. It is you're a part of it ride the wave ride the surf ride the shift, it is happening. So what many of you say is like, is there a big turn happening? Yes, yes. And yes, there are always big shift moments happening for sure you're a part of them, you've been a part of them. So the movement really is this ride, ride? Ride? You're a part of it. Stop saying I'm waiting for the thing. When's it happening? What's it gonna be like? Stop it, you're wasting your energy. With all due respect and love we say it is and you are and do it and write it and make it happen. Listen, the overall shift you ready for this one, you'll get a kick out of this Alex, the overall shift in humanity is this nice. In ice knives. If you want to say what's happening, the current movement that the overall humanity business on Earth and you all are professional humans, you do this, you're much more than that we teach you your many things. You're a soul, your heart, you're all kinds of things. You're a multiplicity, you're more than a one, you're a mini you are and you are. In fact, we'd love for you to say that to each other. You know what Alex, you are and you are you know what friend you are, you are, I won't limit you, you are, I won't say you are this you are that you're pretty you're ugly, or whatever you may be you are you are and you are I will not limit you, because that's who you are. Anyway, that's limitation we hope you understand it is teaching. So the idea is this, as one knows and grows and as humanity knows and grows, they are you are as a mass individual, just now trying to understand knives, and ice. So if you want to be part of the shift, if you want to call it that, but really that's very, very single minded in a way. There's all kinds of movement, beautiful movement, right? The movement, be the movement and lift, the overall thing that we see and we support and we engender in humanity, and we mean everybody, not just the spiritual community, not just you watch this, but all the humans on Earth, there's a lot of you is the shift, if you want to call it that, we would call it kind of the the work group, the work product is this. Can you be nice? And ice? Can you not killing each other? Can you be nice? Can you not be rude? Can you be nice? Can you not do this or that? But can you be nice? Does this make sense to you? What do you think about Alex, we'd love to hear

Alex Ferrari 43:30
It makes perfect sense. I completely understand what you're saying. I say the coming shifts sometimes purely because my audience says it so much. And it's a good cue for people like yourself and entities like yourself to explain the correct evolution. But I completely agree. We are in the evolution right now.

Addison Ames 43:48
There's no other way around it. So some key things for your audience and you if you'd like to consider is this, what are the many, many things the multitudes that I am a part of? What do I bring? What are my inherent skills? What are my inherent aptitudes? What do I do? What do I bring to the table? What do I offer? And how can I let them be the best that they can be? Just like if you have friends over for Thanksgiving, which is coming soon for you all we think happened for some of you in some countries, is that if you bring people over to your house, you say I want to give them the best that I can give them what's the best wine, what's the best food? What's the best song? How can I present to them the best, which says, I appreciate you. I honor you. I respect you. So take that concept into your everyday life and how can you say how can I show up and offer my best at this beautiful Thanksgiving Day party? This Thanksgiving Day Parade? Let my float be grand let my balloon be high and full of air. Because really what we are all doing here we have a high being working with you and through a human through many other humans out there too. This guy is not special. He's one of many is we're trying to get you all to a place where you say I show up each day and I give my inherent greatness I know myself is more than limited. I know myself as a multitude trapped into a body that is working through limited nature to rise and is a beautiful, beautiful, in a way tension environment that you grow just like a plant springs up from the soil by pushing through tension and tension and tension to grow and bloom and blossom and grow and reach the sun. Listen, that is tension that creates great beauty. So for your audience, we lovingly say to them, say you say this to you allow yourself to be BU and bring your best to the table each day for the growth is multiplicity, there is not one shift, there are many shifts that are happening each day. And if you would like to contribute, and we encourage all of you first, know yourself to contribute, know yourself and allow yourself to profound you asked about profound use that word earlier. Profound means something great, or the greatest, or the best you can be. And something that has an effect where people say that rings that rings in me. So allow yourself to be profound each day, not the profundity of you be. Now imagine that humanity where everyone is bringing their best to the table each day. It's a different world, isn't it? So for people to be part of the shift, which really is just ongoing evolution and change and rising, you're riding the wave, there are little things that happen here and there. We don't think anything big happening necessarily, although there are some pivot points, maybe, let's say, but really what's happening is give your best each day and be nice, be kind to yourself and others. Now this may sound very simplistic, but it's something humanity has not mastered. And many of you talking about love, love, love, love. Love is the answer. Great. You have not mastered love. If you look around the world today, you think Oh, well, humans. Yeah, love. Love is the answer all is love. Look around the world. The idea is humans need to become love masters, experts and love. But for many, many of you in your audience may be doing this. Some of you may be masters and love many of you may be advanced beings, advanced healers and teachers, maybe you Alex have mastered love. But really there is a rudimentary understanding or a framework or a foundation work that needs to be laid before that. There really we'd like for you all to master. And that's nice. Be kind be nice to yourself and your fellow. What do you think, Alex? Well, what else you got?

Alex Ferrari 47:35
I agree with you 110% Metatron. Now my next question is can you explain the connection between our current timeline and parallel realities, which is something that is becoming more and more the zeitgeist like multiverses and parallel realities and other realms? These are ideas that are now flourishing, were 20 years ago, they weren't really spoken about as much.

Addison Ames 48:01
Beautiful question. First of all, first of all, what we will talk about as timelines as a trend, right? So you have trends in your neighborhood, in your hood in your humanity. And so these trends are like new ideas that come into your consciousness and you will look at it and see something develop, you go, this thing is here, people are talking about it. It's a trend. So would you agree timelines have become a trend? Really? If you look at them, as people go to these movies, and they see timelines and movies, they watch channels, they see timeline stuff going on, would you agree timelines is like in consciousness now? Absolutely. Yeah. It's supposed to be because it is a trend to awaken people to know that these things exist. Now we're going to demystify timelines a little bit, and put it very simply, timelines hold their holders of stuff, like a time capsule, if you ever know someone who takes that time capsule, they fill it with stuff from a certain certain time region a certain time realm, they put it into a time capsule, and they develop it in the ground, they bury it. And then at some point in time down the line, people may open it up, and they may say, Oh, wow, look at that. Look at that stuff from that time, how quaint. How novel. So a timeline is a capsule a holder of energies, information, memories, and other so there are lots of timelines out there. Now timelines existed well, before you all started to talk about it and started to experience them and they'll exist way after it's the way all things work. We're Metatron Hi, we work on the all and really in the majority of all, even though there's different understandings of what time is and how to define time. And yes, there are what we would call parallel universes, but in a way not quite, but we'll talk about in a second is that everything has a sense of order and sequence, which means things come here, there and in between you put your shoes on today, probably put your shoes on, probably after your pants because you work in order in sequence. So time really in a simple way of understanding time and the way that you would know it at least is order and sequence. So really, time doesn't exist but order and sequence sense does. Does that make sense to you? It does. Okay, does it simple way to understand your time and how de-mystify Now, timelines hold, order and sequence. So that's an easy way to understand timelines is what you think of as time is order and sequence sequence, which is stuff that happens here and there, that dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk, and all that stuff that you what you call do is order and sequence. So in a way you are order in sequence, which is known as time. And all of that energy, all of those order and sequences are kept in time capsules, which are ordered by order and sequence. Are you with us? Okay, so the idea of other multiverses. And universes are very real, because there's a lot of stuff out there. So what we encourage humanity to do and listen to this, is be aware of all this, but the way it serves you and we were Metatron in some times, we are practical, not all the time. But sometimes practical, is as you work on yourself, and many people watching your program and we care about your audience, we love your audience, we love you, is what you are all trying to do is saying how can I improve my spiritual path? How can I rise? So you may say, How can I ascend? How can I be better? And all these kinds of things with that? What's the high knowledge Metatron teach me the high stuff so I can be better? Well, the high stuff regarding timelines is you all have your own personal timelines. Alex, you have your own personal timelines. Everybody watching you have your own personal timelines and where you keep them as up to you, you're big beings, many of you keep them either in the theorics or other places. But you should ideally become your own timeline Master. Master your timelines, just like you know, the idea of changing everything out there is great, but when you are in neglect of you, it doesn't work. So the idea of all these different parallel timelines, the message we give to you is everything is connected. You all are connected art, all geometric art connected. And so timelines are all connected. The best way for you if you care about improving yourself and the world around you in the multiverse around you is this I work on my own personal timelines, I become my own timeline Master, I realize how to fold close and collapse my old timelines heal old timelines organize my timelines appropriately, which are all energies in order and sequences that you can access. And I can open up new timelines as I wish as I will, as I like so I can build new things. So everything is connected. And you can be aware of multifunctional timelines. But we really, really encourage you to focus on your own personal timelines. First, focus on being nice before you worry too much about all this other all those other timelines. Does this help?

Alex Ferrari 52:51
It does help it does know what roles to our guardian angels and spirit guides play in the current consciousness awakening of humanity?

Addison Ames 53:02
A big role. Listen, all of you have will be called people. You have people, people watching this have people like your Consultative Group, you have guides, you have angels, you have guardians, whatever, however you work, listen, the beautiful thing about humanity right now is it is becoming more developed, which means you have all kinds of different souls who drop in and do very grand things. And the soul energy, which really is the essence of who you are, may have guardians, governors, and other who are here to help you through the very difficult human experience. The human experience is not easy. If you think life is easy. Well, you're very lucky. Life tends to knock one around sometimes. Have you gotten knocked around in your life at all, Alex? Oh, yes. Yes. So that is the governance of the earth realm. As it rises, it's kind of move through more densities, and it's getting nicer again, humanity. I mean, mean this from the bottom of our heart, but we don't have one so probably too much, is that humanity is just trying to understand nice, but the movement is nice. So if you're looking for a goal, say a goal for yourself and for humanity, it's as simple as be nice. Try one day, walk through your life and be really, really nice to yourself and everybody in your life and everybody that you meet people you don't know people that you know, be really really, really nice. That's ever gonna say why I'm pretty nice. All right, well try to be even nicer, and trying to make sure you do it every day. Because in that you change your own timelines and you change the world and you change all the multiverses around you everything is connected. So as the soul let's say tapestry of Earth changes it comes and brings with it many different kinds of beings and energies and things. So a simple answer to your question is generally from what we see guides, angels, guardians and others are all working to help them of humanity. That is the general movement. It's not even a spiritual movement. It's not even an awakening movement. It's not like those guys out there who know nothing about this or not helping, believe it or not, even though wars breakout, even though planes crash, even though bad things happen. And we mean this, what's happening is evolution, elevation rising. And awakening really even at the people that don't even know it. Every no one is left behind. The Awakening is really this, I see things that I didn't see before, which really is that concept of rising and knowledge. I know. And I grow shows like this and others, there's many different television shows and out there things out there that are all bringing high knowledge in and people are awakening. And here's one of the big components of this. Not many people talk about this not many Chandler's talk about it. But generational change is this. Now listen to this, this will help answer your question to, as with every generation, there are new ideas, awakened ideas, high ideas that are born in. So a lot of people, let's say maybe in your age group, maybe the average age group of your audience are saying, yeah, like looking around the world. Now in the complexion that you all may understand, you may not be thinking concerning the raising of humanity and the earth, you might not be thinking about the generations to come, watch the new generations. Watch them, they bring with them born in New high ideas that are probably very different than what you all think. They will bring new ideas that will help very naturally and organically help the awakening and the land, the lifting, and the elevation of humanity and earth. Does this make sense to you?

Alex Ferrari 57:08
It does. It does. Do you? Can you give us the biggest misconception that we people on Earth have about the other side?

Addison Ames 57:21
Would you like our honest answer, please? What is the other side? What is the other side that you're talking about?

Alex Ferrari 57:30
When you pass when you die and you leave this earthly plane, you go to the other side?

Addison Ames 57:37
We don't know where that is.

Alex Ferrari 57:38
The through the veil through the veil, if you will.

Addison Ames 57:41
Alright. So the idea that there are multiple aspects, multiple dimensions and multiple places and spaces, it's very complex. So the other side is a nice idea, but it's not really what happens. We are Metatron Hi, we are here to demystify, so we don't we don't offend people. But there are many different places and spaces and aspects, we can call them dimensions, we're gonna call them places and spaces where things occur where order and sequence is. So there really is no other side there are many different kinds of places where people go, but we would say the biggest misconception is ultra simplicity about how that works. Respect for sure for the crossing over in the movement there have but souls which really is what it is the soul energy goes to many different places and spaces. It really just depends from our perspective in what you're talking about. With all due respect to you and everybody watching this we don't see that there really isn't other side. We would say that there if you want to say like many different sides, but that's not exactly right. But there's many different places and spaces where solar energy goes. Now listen, all of you think your people we said this earlier, you may remember your high ideas, your conceptions, especially talking about like when you were conceived in the womb, right you know that concept. Conception your your ideas conceived, dropped in if you want to say to the womb, right your ideas in physical form, but you think you're like a guy or girl a physical being and other them whatever it may be. The truth is, is that you are you could say soul, light, soul energy, your high energy that drops in and takes a form. So the energy that is you which you could say is a soul. It's like an essence of you. It's probably the best way to say it leaves and the soul goes and does other things. But it just depends on the soul where it goes. It could go and drop into another body it could have another soul destination somewhere else. It could take some time to wait for the next opportunity which is all pre planned by the way to drop in somewhere and do something. But it really depends on what the soul needs to do. Does this answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 59:56
It does. It does. Every soul is different every everything has a different level of ascension of evolution. There are beings like Jesus or Buddha or Ascended Masters who evolve to other levels. Could you talk about Ascended Masters a little bit?

Addison Ames 1:00:13
For sure? Well, let's first say this is where the soul goes, is. It can be many different places. Let's talk about soul destinations for a moment, because you talked about this concept of, you know, crossing over Is that really your soul energy which could come from other places and spaces beyond Earth. So some souls on earth are earthbound souls, which means you're kind of destined to be on Earth. And that's kind of your job at the soul level. And then you drop in through what we call soul destinations, you pop up, you pop back down, and you keep going like this. And some of you are from your soul. Energy is from other places and spaces beyond Earth, but you spent some time on earth it can be one life could be multiple lives, it just depends. But then you go on. So Ascended Masters are soul energy, that have dropped in and live the lives of some of the ones that you mentioned. But that's not really who they are. That's like a life they live, but they're really soul energy. And it just depends on that soul path. Generally, ascended masters have mastered a certain realm, they've mastered a certain region, they've mastered a certain behavioral set a certain species, like the human species. So some of the ones you've talked about, and really master the human species. But there are soul energies that have come from other places and spaces, and came in and said, let's help humanity. The other students, you met human thing for a little while at soul energy, they behave in a body and they do this kind of thing. They do their thing. And then they kind of take their soul energy, which sometimes splices and splits and does the Ascended Master job or role or duty, but yet they're also doing other things. So again, if you want to demystify things you mentioned earlier about tell us the truth about this is really the human thinks about itself as a one thing, as we said earlier, you're not a one thing, you're a mini thing. So this idea of like I as a soul interview, go on and do this one thing may not always be true, ascended masters may have soul energy doing a couple of things at one time, if not, the Ascended Masters generally in the way that you all work with them are generally not one thing. They know themselves in the way that their soul energy is allocated in many different ways in different places and spaces in different roles. Does that make sense to you? Does that answer your question?

Alex Ferrari 1:02:24
It does answer my question. Yeah. And Metatron Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Addison Ames 1:02:29
For sure, we'll end with this. You are and you are which is where we started. Humans dear humans, gay, even Alex you think of yourself as more than you, you are and you are, which means that you are more than one you are many, you are a mighty thing dropped into a body, you are high consciousness you are elevated, who thinks it is here in this rural realm, which in a way is like asleep realm, like a dream realm? That really is not so hard and fast, yet it is. So all this teaching, which may lead to some of you going Ah, it gives me a headache. What is it talking about? Please stop it, Tom to be quiet. Is the challenge to you and all of you are really wanting me answer what's changing what's going on? It really begins with you. But it is think new. So we leave you with this idea. Broad mindedness as we kind of give you these mind elements to play with it is to challenge you think broadly, think more than just human. Think beyond the human experience. Think beyond the one think beyond the one answer. There really is very rarely just one answer to any question. So you ask these questions, which are beautiful questions, and we appreciate them. We will give you a couple of answers really. But there's a multitude of answers. There are multiple, many, many things out there. So as one works on their own elevation path, their path of rising their path of ascension, whatever you'd like to call it, their spiritual journey, their Betterment journey, their personal development, whatever you want to call it. Our message to you is think new, be broad minded. Try not to be judgmental, be nice, be good, be kind for it isn't that broad mindedness where you say I see or is it may not be me, you may not be who I am, I may not be my duty. My role may not be what I do. But I see it. I honor it, I respect it, even the bad things that happen instead of really getting down on those things that I see. Okay? And then bring it back to V bring it back to you and say how do I be in these situations? What do I do? How do I know how do I grow? How do I lift myself through this and thereby others? Humanity is in a special place and we leave you with another party message if we may, human is special. The reason why we Metatron high and many other high dimensional beings dropped down and we're work with humanity and earth and you and your audiences because we care about you. We care about things, they're generally important and have value to you. Earth and humanity. On the stage of the all, in in this existence, there's a lot out there to big plays in the stage or on the stage of the all. Humans matter. Earth, humans. Earth, humanity and Earth matters. So know yourself as important. Know yourself as someone beings who are helped to be lifted, and allow it to happen. Allow yourself allow yourself aliveness, anything else for us, Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:44
That is all for today. I will definitely have more questions next time we speak my friends. Thank you so much for what you do.

Addison Ames 1:05:52
Indeed. And we thank you, we bless you and we leave you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:57
How are you, sir? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. Metatron is he's he's, he's interesting. He is a lot he has a lot of energy has a lot of energy. Very professorial, like you said, in a great in a good, very good way. I like I said, I've, I'm unique, because I've experienced probably more channels than most human beings do in a lifetime. So I have a very unique perspective. I really enjoyed his energy. Thought it was very good.

Addison Ames 1:06:32
Well good. Well, thank you to Metatron Thank you. Metatron. He says, Thank you, by the way, and his energy is departing. And thank you for those kind comments. He he is unique. Sometimes he's challenging. I don't know if he challenged you on anything. But he is. He's very broad minded, very special.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:50
Now, I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all my guests. Yeah. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Addison Ames 1:06:58
Not wasting a moment of any and every day.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:01
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Addison, what advice would you give them?

Addison Ames 1:07:08
Think about this meant a lot. I'm just trying to decide what answer I give you. I probably would say, get ready for this. Something like that, like put your seatbelt on just strap in this is going to be a heck of a wrap. And I never expected any of this. So I would say get ready.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:27
How do you how do you define God or Source energy?

Addison Ames 1:07:32
Oh, wow. I would say I don't.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:35
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Addison Ames 1:07:37

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
Relation to?

Addison Ames 1:07:41
Just relation.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:43
All right,

Addison Ames 1:07:44
I think a very high understanding of why all is is relational understanding this to that. So I think existence is what if, if then this to that. So I think it's all in existence of relation.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:04
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Addison Ames 1:08:07
Thank you for that. is my website. I have a YouTube channel Addison Ames on YouTube. You can watch some channeling videos from Metatron. You can join me on Facebook at Addison Ames official and on LinkedIn at Addison Ames. And do you have any parting messages for the audience? Well, you know, I love your show, Alex. And I love what you do. And I enjoy watching your your podcasts and all your episodes. So my message to the audience is I hope you enjoyed this. I hope it benefited you helped you and and gave you some great ideas to think about

Alex Ferrari 1:08:45
I appreciate you and the work that you're doing in the world to help evolve and lift the planet, my friend, so I appreciate you.

Addison Ames 1:08:53
Thanks, Alex. I appreciate you too.

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