CHANNEL Predicts in 2024: Humanity’s NEXT Stage of EVOLUTION Will HAPPEN! with Wendy Kennedy

The stillness of the cosmos often whispers secrets to those who listen. Today, we welcome Wendy Kennedy, a channel who bridges the realms of the seen and unseen. Wendy Kennedy has spent decades connecting with higher dimensional beings, offering insights and wisdom to those seeking a deeper understanding of existence.

In this profound conversation, Wendy reveals her journey into channeling, which began in her mid-twenties. Initially drawn to the paranormal, her experiences soon evolved into visions and a calling to channel. Wendy’s path was marked by moments of automatic writing and gradual development of her ability to channel verbally. She shares, “I started having visions, and I didn’t know what they were. As I was doing research, I came across channeling and felt a deep calling to connect with it.”

Wendy’s work primarily involves the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, a group of 2,500 beings of light who communicate through her. Their messages are not just words but frequencies that bring healing and transformation. Wendy notes, “My abilities got stronger as I processed more of my own stuff. The key to channeling is to stay in a heart-centered space, clear out the lower stuff, and then you can channel.”

Throughout our dialogue, Wendy emphasizes the importance of heart-centered living and the frequency wars we are currently experiencing. The Pleiadian Collective explains, “You are in the middle of frequency wars, a vying for control over your vibrational essence, thoughts, emotions, and physical structure. Learning to master your responses and sustain high frequencies can create radical change on your planet.”

The conversation delves into the challenges humanity faces, including wars and global turmoil. Wendy shares the guidance from the Pleiadian Collective: “You are being asked to wake up, to question, to make changes. High drama gets your attention and inspires action. Despite the chaos, you can live from a place of peace and abundance by aligning with higher frequencies.”

One profound insight is the future milestone of ET contact, which the Pleiadian Collective predicts will occur around 2026. They explain, “When ET contact becomes a part of your reality, it will radically alter your game. You will think of yourselves as part of the galactic community, which will spark new ideas and technological advancements.”


  1. Heart-Centered Living: Cultivating a heart-centered space allows for higher frequency living and better connection with your true self and others. It helps in accessing multi-dimensional information and finding solutions to life’s challenges.
  2. Compassion and Listening: Mastering compassion and listening deeply to oneself and others is crucial. These skills foster understanding and unity, transforming how we interact with the world.
  3. Empowerment and Inner Guidance: Trust in your own power and the guidance from within. You have the answers you need, and practicing listening to your inner voice can lead to profound personal and collective transformation.

As we conclude, the Pleiadian Collective reminds us of our inherent power and the support surrounding us: “You are never alone. Trust in yourself and the immense support from your guides and the universe.”

Please enjoy my conversation with Wendy Kennedy.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 377

Wendy Kennedy 0:00
Unfortunately, you might see in the next coming year, some more high drama. But having said that we don't see anything. In terms of nuclear war. We know many people have a fear about nuclear war. That's not to say that there won't be war, because that's been going on. But nuclear war that is so devastating, and especially at this stage of the game, you know, there, there's too much at stake in terms of this grand experiment. And so ET's will step in, because nuclear war affects the fabric of space time. And it has a very negative effect. And it ripples throughout many, many levels and layers of the web of life.

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I like to welcome to the show, Wendy Kennedy. How you doing, Wendy?

Wendy Kennedy 1:01
Oh, hi, thank you so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you, we were saying earlier, like I can't believe our paths have not crossed. We know so many of the same channels, and other people have mutual friends in minds. I'm so glad that we have you on the show today, and to talk to the entities that you channel and to find out a little bit more about your journey as well. So thank you for coming.

Wendy Kennedy 1:23
Thank you.

Alex Ferrari 1:25
So my first question is, what was your life like before this insanity that is channeling came into your life?

Wendy Kennedy 1:33
You know, I had a very normal upbringing, I think people are surprised by that. They think, Oh, you must have had a unique childhood. But really, things didn't start for me till I was in my mid 20s. And I always had an interest in the paranormal, and you know, ghosts, and UFOs. And that kind of thing. As I was growing up, I was always drawn to books on that, those topics. And I would watch sci fi movies and things like in search of, for those who are a little older and remember that project Bluebook. So that was always a fascination. But I never dreamed that this is what I'd be doing. But in my mid 20s, I started to have visions and things started to happen and kind of took off from there.

Alex Ferrari 2:21
So when did you first discover that you had these abilities of channeling?

Wendy Kennedy 2:25
Well, looking back now I can see that things actually did start a little earlier. For me when I was in college. And I think I've always been empathic. I think I've always been very sensitive and would pick up on other people's feelings and emotions very easily. But like I said, I was in my early mid 20s. And I started having visions, and I didn't know what they were. And so I started doing some research on the building that I was living in, I thought maybe it was, you know, haunting, or something like that, that I was seeing. And as I was doing research on that I came across channeling. And I felt very, very drawn to it, I had this very deep calling to connect with it. And I really didn't know what it was, I didn't know anybody who did it. And I can remember saying to friends, I know this sounds insane. But I feel like I'm supposed to be doing this. And so I did some exercises in books. And I would have, you know, some physical responses, my eyes would flutter and I would tingle. But I couldn't get the words out. And I was already doing work on myself at the time. I was meditating and doing yoga. But like I said, looking back now, several years before that, I think it was having past life memories that were surface surfacing. And I was processing through some of that, which allowed me then to open up to channel. And about nine months after I started trying to do some of the exercises because I'd come to it and I put it aside. And one day I knew I suppose to have pen and paper and I just sat down and started automatic writing and it just unfolded from there.

Alex Ferrari 4:04
So you didn't have voices coming to you like voices, hearing voices in your head or anything like that until later. But you were looking for this. This brought you were looking for channeling you didn't just all of a sudden you wake up and I'm like, what why are these voices coming at me

Wendy Kennedy 4:17
No that was not how things unfolded for me. So it I was having visions I was seeing a past life and it was not the happiest image. I was actually seeing somebody hanging and I was coming around the corner and I could see what they were dressed in. And it was always there were two elevators in the building that I was living in at the time it opposite ends of the hall and the elevator doors would open all the way to one side. And it always felt backwards when I went to one elevator because it open to the to the right and the other one open to the left and and so sometimes it was as if I could actually touch it. It was there as if it was real and other times it was just a pull I wish that I would have. So for me, it started more with visions. And as it turns out, that was a past life that I was seeing. And then when I started doing the automatic writing, I would hear the words as I was writing them. And then it got to a point, probably about nine months after I started, where I was hearing the words, well in advance of what I was writing. And the guide said, you know, it's time for you to put down the pen and paper, and try to channel verbally again. And once I did that, the guides that I work with now with the public, the ninth dimensional Pleiadian collective, they came through, because they were waiting for me to channel verbally because they work with tone and sound. So, you know, they take point whenever I work with the public, but I actually work with a lot of different beings from different star systems.

Alex Ferrari 4:23
When this energy comes into you. My understanding of channeling is that the you have to be kind of prepped for it, like your nervous system has to be kind of primed to deal with this higher energy coming in. If not, you can fry the circuits, if you will, was that was it like, I mean, it seems like you were being primed, during that the automatic writing stage?

Wendy Kennedy 6:09
Well, I think like anything that we we do, if you think about sports, you know, you only have so much endurance. And it's just like that in terms of, of your nervous system. And for me, I could go about five minutes, and then I fall asleep, you know, I fall asleep with, you know, the three ring binder marks on my face and wake up and then I go again for a little while, and then I would pass out, I just didn't have the endurance. And over time it it got stronger, my abilities got stronger, I processed more of my own stuff, which really is the key to being able to channel because you know, it's a difference of being in the heart centered space, or whether you're up in the ego mind where all the programs of lack and limitation and separation exist. So it's really learning how to move into that heart centered space and stay there more often. Because, you know, in order to sustain that high vibration, you've got to clear out that lower stuff. And as you start to process your own limiting beliefs, then you can stay in that space, and you can channel everyone has the ability to do this. It's just how skilled are you at remaining in your heart center space,

Alex Ferrari 7:23
Right! All of us can throw a basketball into hoop and not everybody's Michael Jordan, right? Hopefully, hopefully. So then so now, but are you now at a point where it it gives you energy when you channel? Does it take energy away from you? How long can you go now, without really getting tired?

Wendy Kennedy 7:44
I can go for hours. Now without really getting tired. It depends on the size of the group that I'm channeling for as well. Because there's a lot of space that also gets held in the frequencies that get transmitted. So the larger the group, the more I have to stretch the the bigger container, if you will, I have to hold. So there are a lot of variables with that. But my stamina is much, much greater now. And it actually does give me energy for the most part. I used to do many years ago, private sessions and I would do them even when I was sick, because the moment that I would go into the space to channel I'd feel well. And I would feel much better for probably a half hour to an hour after I channeled because I was still in that high vibrational state. And then slowly I would I would go back to where I was. So I always felt better when I worked when I wasn't at my peak.

Alex Ferrari 8:43
So what is your process of channeling? Does it come? Does it come through you you're a trans channel if I'm not mistaken correct?

Wendy Kennedy 8:51
I probably say semi conscious channel. Yeah. So I'm aware. I'm conscious of the information, but it's like a lucid dream for me. So it fades pretty quickly.

Alex Ferrari 9:01
Okay, so it is that way, but when you're so you kind of just step aside, essentially. Do you hear the voice? Do you hear the words that are coming out of here? I'm thinking of Chris Tucker from rush hour. Do you hear the words are coming out of my mouth? But is that the word you actually listen, you can hear it while you're sitting by or kind of like witnessing it.

Wendy Kennedy 9:20
Yes. Yeah. So I'm aware of it. You know, sometimes when we're when we're very present and the words just come out when we're when we're speaking naturally, there's no censoring going on. There's not that split second where you kind of hear and know the words and then they come out of your mouth. It's instantaneous for me so yeah, I'm I'm aware and sometimes it's just kind of a curiosity. It's it's what are they going to talk about today? Because I don't really know they haven't really prepped me and, and it's kind of fascinating sometimes to be witness to that because I don't really know what I'm talking about or where it's going. What

Alex Ferrari 9:57
How long ago did you actually start doing this? In a more professional, and when you came out of the closet, if you will the spirit, the channeling closet what, how long ago was that?

Wendy Kennedy 10:07
Well, I came out pretty quickly. I told people, that's what I did. And then I would channel for friends and I had some clients, but as a formal business in 2004. Okay, so So 20 years.

Alex Ferrari 10:22
Alright, so then 20 years ago, channeling, not as mainstream as it is, and still not super mainstream. But again, we're having these conversations now. So they're in a public forum, which is a lot more than it was 10 years ago. But let alone 20 years ago, how did the people around you, your friends, your family, your colleagues, just kind of look at you and go, your I'm sorry, your what? How did? How did they deal with you? And how did you deal with it on a just psychological standpoint of, you know, what other people were thinking about what you were doing at that time?

Wendy Kennedy 10:56
Yeah, I think I probably told my parents about six months after I started, and I wasn't quite sure how they would respond, but they were very open and supportive. And my brother, you know, has always been into metaphysics. And so that was always a relationship, or we could have conversations about this kind of thing. So he was always there. And he's one of my greatest supporters. And my family is tremendously supportive of me. My friends, you know, they got it. They were curious, you know, they were like, well, will you do it? For me? I've got lots of questions. So I think also, it was the time of my life in my mid 20s. And I was pretty bold. So I was pretty open about what it is that I do I probably today, especially living in the South, I'm probably not telling people are going into depth is probably what I should say about what exactly it is. I do in casual conversation, I think in my mid 20s, I just flat out and told people. So you know, now it's, I don't do it for shock value or anything like that. It's just, you know, if you're curious, I'll tell you a little bit more about what it is. And it's interesting people's responses. They they're like, oh, or they've got questions. So I know immediately, when I get the oh, they don't really know what it is. They don't really understand it. They're not sure if they want to ask. Otherwise, people get it. And then they're usually like, Oh, I've had this experience, or I've had that experience. And that's amazing to me how many people have had experiences, but nobody's talking about it.

Alex Ferrari 11:08
Isn't that fascinating, too, because I've had that experience as well, ever since I started this shows where so many people come up to me now like, you know, my grandmother had the gift, or, you know, I saw this when I was a kid, or can we really talk like, are we in a simulation right now? Like, and we have these? Can we talk about quantum physics really quickly, or spirituality and, and things like that, but they don't they don't come out with it publicly. But they will, you know, at a party sitting around in the corner somewhere they'll ask these kinds of questions there. There is a there's a massive curiosity about these kinds of conversations. I think they're becoming more and more, if the numbers of our shows and indication, there are more and more people searching out for this information. Because it's not readily available. It wasn't 20 years ago, I mean, 2004 when you started, the Internet was still pretty much in its infancy. And if you did find something about these topics, be careful. The websites you use.

Wendy Kennedy 13:31
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, for me, when I first started, I would do like the conscious life Expo the conscious living Expo. I mean, that's how you connected with people, because it was difficult to find on the internet.

Alex Ferrari 13:44
Yeah, but now it's it's a lot a lot more open. Definitely without question. Now we can you share a specific instance that you channeling had a profound effect on someone's life, a client or someone at an event or something?

Wendy Kennedy 13:58
You know, I'm still surprised by that, because I get emails all the time, just saying how much things have helped them to transform or just little hits that that I might give someone that will that will help them. I remember channeling for someone and it was just so random. The guides were like, you know, you've got a cookbook to write. And the next thing their mouse was, oh, we were just discussing that last night. So you know, it's little things like that, just little hits that can help somebody on their path. And sometimes when people connect with the material, you know, they don't always recognize when they first connect with it, the impact that it has on them. I channeled for a client once and she was coming back for a second session. And she said, You know, I hung up the phone after the first session and I thought, well, that was very good. I'm thinking okay, you're back. And she said, and then I listened to the recording again six months later, and I thought how Ah, okay, that's interesting. And then she said, I listened to it a year later. And I got answers to every question I asked. I just couldn't hear it at the time. So that was a big moment for me. I think, just to trust in that people get exactly what they need in the moment. And sometimes if we don't know what that initial catalyst is, that can create massive change. But I trust that people get exactly what they need out of it.

Alex Ferrari 15:31
What's the biggest misconception that people have about channelers?

Wendy Kennedy 15:35
Hmm. Well, why don't I think they think that just a few people can do it. And you know, like you were saying, is everybody going to be an NBA star? No. But it doesn't mean that they don't enjoy playing. And it's the same thing with channeling, we all have access to this higher vibrational energy. And the guides spend a ton of time talking about the process of manifestation and how we work with subtle energies. And how we connect with these higher frequencies, whether we want to access our guides, Source Energy, the Akashic records, doesn't matter what it is that we want to access, the process is the same. So really, it's just about moving from that ego mind and back to that heart centered space where you have access to multi dimensional information. So I think the fact that people think it's hard or just a few people do it is probably the biggest misconception that I experience.

Alex Ferrari 16:35
What's the biggest challenge that you face as a channel?

Wendy Kennedy 16:40
I think like everybody, there's still moments of doubt that I'll still have, especially if I am channeling information for myself. And I'm invested in the answer. Because there's a lot of weight, a lot of responsibility that to get it right, I think. So, for me, I'm always trying to make sure that I am is centered and as clear as I can possibly be. I think that program goes into past lifetimes, for sure. But it's not as strong as it used to be. When I first started, I think I trust a lot more. But when it's something that's important, when it's somebody who's close to me, I have to check in a couple times just to make sure that I'm getting the same information I'll ask a couple times in a couple of different ways.

Alex Ferrari 17:26
How do you balance this side of your world with like just living in every day, human existence on this planet? Because having, you know, universal knowledge at the tip of your fingertips as you're walking through life, is there's an adjustment period, to say the least. But how do you even balance I mean, the amount of knowledge that you've either gotten access to or just through your work over the last 20 years, you've heard so much and you understand what the game is at a deeper level than most walking the earth. Most of us are caught up in like, Okay, I gotta pay my bills. Oh my God, what did she say? Or what do they think of me? That kind of minutia. I'm assuming you're human, you still have you know, foibles, and all that kind of stuff as well. But you understand it at a different level. So how do you balance just the daily, I wouldn't say bs of being a human in the in the world, but the kind of stuff that is the monotony of being of this kind of stuff from other people, and you, and this other side of you as a channel?

Wendy Kennedy 18:29
Well, to me, it's just normal, it's kind of abnormal, to be disconnected. So it, it feels natural, and it just is how life is for me. For me, my guides are very respectful, they have never been ones who kind of bargin or, you know, it's not like I hear loud voices in my head or something like that, for me, they, I might get some hits, some signs that oh, maybe I need to stop and check in. Because if they were constantly at my door, I wouldn't be doing the work. I've just my personality. So if they want to work with me, they know how to work with my personality type. So you know, I think their lessons their life lessons, the way that we manifest that helps me to maneuver through some of the challenges that life presents, you know, I think I just have a slightly different lens to look at it. It doesn't mean that it's always easy. But you know, I put into practice the things that they've taught me and their message really hasn't changed in almost 30 years. It's it's really back to basics. How to live from your heart, how to recognize when you're running from a program of fear, you're you're running from that level, that perspective and shifting out of it to look at things in a new way. How can I express more of My Divine Light in this moment, what is this moment showing me? How am I expressing or suppressing my divine light? And I think looking at it that way, it just makes it easier to move through it. But again, that, you know, there are times where things are super challenging. It might take me a while to get to that space of like, okay, I need to go back and, you know, practice what I preach here, I need to go back to ground and center and kind of check in again. But like I said, for me, it's so engrained in my reality that I kind of check in naturally, on a more regular basis, where I think most people will go a longer period before they'll stop, they'll get some sort of high drama that gets their attention.

Alex Ferrari 20:44
Right, exactly like a pandemic that stops everything in your world. For sick, it's now I have to imagine that during the course of your career, doing this kind of work, you've run into a slight bit of skepticism. Along the way, how do you deal with skeptics? And if there's someone watching, who is going, This is nuts, this is hogwash. I can't believe people are buying this. I always like playing devil's advocate, because I have an answer to this question from my experience of just talking to so many channels. But I'd love to hear your point of view.

Wendy Kennedy 21:19
I don't get too much of it, I get some occasionally. And I used to get more of it. Because I think at this point, I really don't care. And because I'm not putting that out that fear of attack in the same way the attack doesn't come. And you know, I always say take what resonates. And if it doesn't resonate with you, that's perfectly fine. And most people who are that skeptical, aren't finding the information. They're not they're not, especially 20 years ago, you know, they weren't going to find it unless they were looking for it today, because it is a little more mainstream, some people who might be on the edge. But the interesting thing with that is that they might not believe it that first time, right? But then it's like that first exposure is planting some seeds. And they're like, Okay, well, I've heard this before. And then they have another experience. It's like, okay, well, this keeps coming up. And so I trust that I trust in the divine timing of things. But it's okay, if you don't believe it. And I hope that you would kind of question everything and kind of check in with yourself. And does this resonate with my version of reality? And if not, that's fine.

Alex Ferrari 22:30
Yeah, I always say to people just don't look at the messenger. Look at the message is what she or he is saying, resonating with you? Is it helping you in your life? If it isn't, discard it and move on? Yeah. But if it is helping you, then investigate more, but you should question everything. Absolutely agree with you be a skeptic, but not a pessimist. There's a very big difference between the two. Without question, we've been speaking about these guys for a little while now. So do you mind if we ask the guides some some deep questions about why and heck are we here? And what are we doing and all sorts of other fun stuff,

Wendy Kennedy 23:08
Sure so typically, the ninth dimensional Pleiadian collective comes in first and foremost, I'll tell you just a little bit about them. They are a group of about 2500 beings of light, they don't have physical form. A lot of times people say oh, the Pleiadians they must be, you know, blond hair blue eyed Nordics. But these beings are just light. And they do work with tone and sound, which is why their dialect is different than my own. It's really not any one particular dialect. It's a long gated vowels that they can modulate. They can work with the frequency in the vowel. And it's as if you're getting a healing. So, you know, if you're listening, you probably want to make sure you drink plenty of water over the next several days just to help move the energy through the body.

Alex Ferrari 23:51
All right, sounds good.

Wendy Kennedy 23:52
So I'll get out of the way. And we will see where we go. I appreciate you. Thank you. Ahh yes hello, Dear this is the ninth dimensional Pleiadian collective and it is a pleasure and an honor to have the opportunity to connect with you. So there's a lot of ground to cover with we've got a few things to say here. And then we'll take your questions that we've got the opportunity, we want you at this time to really start thinking outside the box. Because that's where all the new things are going to be coming from outside the box, you know what is inside the box. So really think about the frequencies that you want to hold that you want to experience in your reality. You don't have to determine the form of what it is that you want to see reflected back to you. But the essence of it. You want to experience joy, happiness, peace, abundance, connection, whatever it is, put your focus there, imagine what it would feel like to embody those frequencies. And as you do, you will start to create new institutions new avenues of expression and experience As for yourselves, there are new and unique things that you haven't done before. But if you keep looking for the old image outside of you of what it is you want to manifest, it's going to be hard for you to create something new. So start by focusing on frequency. And we can certainly get into more details about that if you wish. But we just wanted to put that out there. We'll go ahead and we'll take your questions and kind of see where we go.

Alex Ferrari 25:25
Thank you so much for being here. Appreciate it. What key changes do you see for humanity's future?

Wendy Kennedy 25:32
Well, there are massive changes that you are in the throes of right now. And sometimes it's hard for you to really see, because you are in the thick of it, you don't have any perspective. And as you go through the course of probably the next two, two and a half years, you're gonna find some radical change on the planet. Now, Earth right now is going through an ascension process, it just means there's an increase in the resonant frequency, so much so that you will cross a dimensional barrier. Dimensions are structured like sports, like games, they have fixed rules to them. And it's just a unique experience to go into a particular dimension and explore it. 3d has very fixed rules of the game to it, you've got the perception of time, the idea that time is linear that that you move from past into present and then into future, that you've got duality, there is light, dark, good, bad, right? Wrong. And, you know, there's a big extreme between those. Those poles of duality, where you're moving into, you are aware that you are part of source energy part of all that is you can in any given moment, perceive yourself as being separate from source energy, or part of the whole part of the collective. And that is different than where you are right now. Because right now, most of you have no awareness of your true divine nature of that deep, deep connection that you have, there was a certainty to it in the fifth dimension, but you are able to act as if you know, you are the actor playing the character. Right now most of you have forgotten that you are the actor playing the character, you just think the character is real. And this is what's going on. And then in the fifth dimension, you experience all things at once past, present and future are one, they're just different frequencies that you focus your consciousness on to have the experience that because the third dimension of the fifth dimension was so vast, you created an entire dimensional range to explore to maneuver yourself there. So really, you're in the fourth dimension, but you project 3d rules of the game on the 4d or find the rules onto it. And you can go back and forth. And this is what you're in the middle of. And as you go through the next two and a half years, you're going to start moving more into that fifth dimensional energy until you can sustain it. And at that point, you will actually move into the fifth dimension. And that is a permanent state of being you've got to alter your chemical structure, your physical body to go along for the ride. And right now, you know, this is a grand experiment, you've been given genetic material from 1000s of worlds to seed your planet. And along with that genetic material comes all of the emotions, all of the knowledge and wisdom of the species that becomes available to very easily. And there are many beings who are observing what's going on because they are connected genetically to you, as a planet, they may not be perhaps species that have donated genes that went into humans, but rather maybe aquatic life, but they are still able to access the library that is Mother Earth to learn how to work through particular issues that you may be struggling with here on this planet. And we call this the grand experiment. We also call Earth, the planet of emotion. If you want to learn how to explore emotion, how to handle emotion, this is where you come because you've got such a wide range. And the beautiful thing about that is that it allows you so many possible combinations of working through challenges. And there are planets and worlds that don't have all this variation. And so it makes it very difficult to make these shifts and adjustments. They're hard shifts were here, it's more subtle and you can maneuver yourself in a much easier fashion. But as you go through this ascension process, one of the things that you are mastering is compassion. Because it's so dense here and it is so challenging. You're able to access compassion. Because you've been there, you've done that you've all had those challenges. You felt that heartache, heartache, that pain, that struggle, that strife, that you are able to hold a very intense level of compassion for others. And that is the gift that you share with the universe. Because there are some beings who are not able to access this frequency or if they can, you know, it's certainly not in the way that humans can and will. And so as you go through the ascension process, you radically alter the universal game. So that's the importance of what's going on. That's why there are so many ETs who are present who are watching who are assisting you, and the next several years bring with it the opportunity for great change, but you're in the middle of what we call frequency wars. And that began in 2019. And you've got a couple more years before you move out of that. And it is a vying for control over your vibrational essence, the frequency of your thoughts, your emotions, and your physical structure. So as you learn how to master your responses, the vibrations that you live in, in other words, the frequencies that you sustain, are you in anger all the time? Are you in a sense of grace? Are you in a sense of gratitude? Are you in a sense of joy? Is that the energy that you put out? Or are you frustrated? So having an awareness of that and coming back to the frequencies that you want to emit can create radical change on your planet, and right now you are becoming more and more aware of the game that is being played out on the planet, there are beings who have kind of been controlling and manipulating things on this planet for the better part of about 40,000 years, and really, quite hardcore within the last 12. So you're beginning to see this, you're beginning to come become aware of the game that's being played, and you're taking back your power, you're deciding that, alright, I've been living under this illusion, I haven't really been thinking about, Oh, is this what I want or not, you've just kind of been going along with the status quo. And now you're questioning, you're deciding what it is that you want, as you build and move forward. And that is a radical shift in mindset, and in what you will create as a human species. All right, so as a very long winded answer to your question.

Alex Ferrari 32:37
We're very detailed. Thank you. Why are we currently going through such wars? Like over overseas in the Middle East and, and other areas of the of the world? Why are we going through these wars right now? And all the suffering that humanity is going through? Because of these wars? What is the spiritual purpose, or evolutionary purpose of these things?

Wendy Kennedy 33:01
Well, you haven't learned when that's occurred in the past, you haven't paid attention, you haven't questioned you haven't examined, what's been going on, or taken action on what's been going on you, you know, many times, people on the planet may have had an awareness of what was happening, but it didn't it, it didn't mean that they took action, they made change. And sometimes they might make a little change. But it wasn't enough soon enough, in order to kind of radically alter the game. And so now, you are getting what we call high drama. Drama happens when you're not paying attention to get your attention. And there are so many people who are still asleep, that you need high drama to really see what's going on. And you're seeing this and all the control mechanisms that are happening and all the very various levels within the worldwide institutions. And you know, whether you're talking about politics, whether you're talking about governmental bodies, whether you're talking about financial institutions, educational institutions, you're seeing all of this happening, and and you can't unsee it, and this will inspire you to make change, it will move you alright, and for those who have been hitting the snooze alarm, the time has come. All right, they can't ignore it anymore, because it's really in their face, and they're feeling very uncomfortable as a result of it. Unfortunately, you might see in the next coming year, some more high drama. But having said that, we don't see anything in terms of nuclear war. We know many people have a fear about nuclear war. That's not to say that there won't be war, because that's been going on but nuclear war that is so devastating, and especially at this stage of the game, you know, there There's too much at stake in terms of this grand experiment. And so ETs will step in, because nuclear war effects the the fabric of space time. And it has a very negative effect. And it ripples throughout many, many levels and layers of the web of life. And so that is monitored, you know, we will allow species to do it to a certain extent. And when it becomes too damaging, then then ETs, historically, those who have had a higher resonance, a higher perspective, have stepped in. And that is certainly the case here. So we don't see anything like that specifically happening. But it doesn't mean that it won't be challenging as you're going here. And again, it's just to get you all to wake up to take action, and to decide the frequencies that you want to see reflected back to you. And that's the other thing that we'll say right here is that, you know, even though there may be chaos, there may be challenges outside in the world, it doesn't mean that your life has to be filled with chaos and challenge in that same way. The world might have struggles with the financial institutions. But that doesn't mean that you have to live in a state of lack a state of fear about abundance. Abundance comes in many forms and your reality, what you're capable of perceiving, is based off the filters that you're holding. So if you have a belief that things are going to be hard, because the financial markets are going to be down, then that is the reality that you will create for yourself. But if you can imagine the abundance flowing to you in infinite ways, then you are not going to be struggling in the same way. And you will be the lighthouse, the living example for others to be reminded of a frequency, that is their true divine nature as you hold it, they can remember and they'll say, oh, that frequency, that feels really good, I want more of that. Or they may say, Oh, I remember the hacks I forgot about it, I forgot I can access that. And sometimes this happens through solely at the subconscious level, that they are reminded that there was more in life that they don't have to feel like they are being held down that they can open and stretch and rise. And so this is why it is so important. For those of you who are listening, who, you know, maybe this is your first foray into this knowledge and information, you don't have to necessarily don the mantle of someone who is into metaphysics, it's about Living from the heart centered space. And so as you do that, and as you extend kindness and gratitude, that frequency is of a much higher vibration, and you can have a huge impact on those around you. So do not underestimate your own power. You might say I'm not a healer, I'm not a channel, what can I do in terms of spreading higher frequencies? It's about extending kindness and grace, and joy, and be the living example for others to be reminded of who they are.

Alex Ferrari 38:17
What advice do you have for finding peace among all of this global turmoil currently happening?

Wendy Kennedy 38:23
It starts first inside of you, that you find peace within yourself. So where are you warring within yourself? Where are you torn within yourself and making peace with that? Because a lot of times these programs of lack limitation and separation, this idea, this expectation doesn't match reality, but you've had it for so long that you haven't really stopped to question it. And so when you feel that conflict within yourself, we would say go to the heart centered space. Now, you might say peace, you know, we've heard you say hearts, and let's face it dozen times, what does that mean? It means thinking of something that makes you smile, putting yourself in that frequency. You can think of a baby animal, their grade or a location that might make you feel uplifted, expanded, warm, tingly, that's usually the sensation most of you have when you find the right frequency. And this expanded state allows you access to multi dimensional information. And you can then get hits and ideas of what you need to do, what steps you might need to take, what changes you might need to make, what calling you might have, and one of the things that you all are being tasked with right now is to be better listeners. Not only for other people, but listen to yourself. Listen to that inner calling. Listen to that inner child, if you will. What is it that you really want? Many of you don't even stop Think about that. And as you do so as you start listening to you, and your own inner voice, your inner guidance, listen to what others have to say, listen with an open mind, because what you find out is that at the end of the day, most of you want the exact same thing. So you just think that there are different ways of going about it. And that's where the complex starts. So if you can get out of your ego mind that says, I have to be in a defensive posture, because if you take what's mine, then I have nothing because we live in a finite reality. And that's an illusion, there is an infinite amount of everything. And it is literally pulled and created and generated out of the ether. So as you can show up in that heart centered space to listen, you will also find solutions. That's the other amazing thing that when you go into the heart centered space, you are accessing solutions. So every challenge and every solution are created at the same time, because you live in a dualistic universe, there are two sides of the same coin. They're just in different vibrational ranges. So when you have your challenge, that's usually up in the ego mind, and then the ego programs. And you can only see that one side of the coin, because that's the setup for the ego mind. And then as you move into the heart centered space, you elevate your resonance, and you can start to see the solution energy. And this is what will help you, as you stay in that heart centered space that you can really hear what others are saying and really what you're fine. It's not the people, it's the government's it's those who are trying to control and manipulate the masses that are generating the wars, it's not the individuals for the most part. All right, when you really sit down and put a face to it, it's very hard for you all to war. For you to hold such hostility and anger, it's easier when it's an idea that is far removed from you. And when you get to know someone and you listen to them, you say, oh, you know, I want the same thing. But it starts first inside. And when enough of you start to hold that resonance, collectively, it impacts the whole, it makes it much easier for those on the planet to access that frequency to find that energy to be reminded of that energy. What is peace feel like? You are being fed as a steady diet of negativity in your mainstream news. And even in your alternative news, it's all focused on the negative. And so that is what you generally see in the world. There are many, many, many beautiful positive things that go on in the world. And if you had a positive news reports every day, you'd have a very different world.

Alex Ferrari 42:48
What are what are some key milestones in humanity's evolution?

Wendy Kennedy 42:52
Oh, there are many. Are you talking about the most recent

Alex Ferrari 42:59
No, we're talking about the key milestones that are happening in the future, in the next five to 10 to 20 to 50 years.

Wendy Kennedy 43:05
Well, the next big one, well, the next two years are quite intense. As you, when you get through the end of 2024, you're going to have a clearer idea of the pathway that you want to take. And it will be challenging for the two years that follow as you start to put these practices in place. And some will say yes, we want this now we don't want that. So it will take a lot of conversation, it will take a lot of listening and and that's a skill. And you will be building mastery over that skill of listening and holding compassion. So that's huge for humanity. Because remember what we said, compassion is the gift that you share with the universe. So it is affording you the opportunity over the next few years to really master that that energy. When you get into 2026. The probability of having connections with the ET community in a very direct way is that we don't make a lot of predictions. But this one is so strong that we feel confident in sharing it with you. When we when we make predictions or when people make predictions. Your focus on that as a reality impacts the probability of that becoming a reality. And we want you to have freewill. We want you not to be influenced so much in that regard of something coming in the future. We want to influence you in terms of you deciding the the energy that you want to project and creating your own future. So when we look at this is quite strong. And how that is going to play out exactly. We're not sure there's still some variables there. But it is quite strong that you'll have ET contact in a very direct way in a very global way that is beyond the shadow of a doubt and will become part of your reality, your understanding of yourself as part of the galactic community and when that happens, it radically alters your game. beings on the other side, those ETs, some of physical, some long physicals, we have been standing back a bit waiting for you to find your voice to stand in your power before we showed up, because if we showed up and you weren't in your power, that you'd still be playing the same game out just inter dimensionally, you know, right now you're giving your your power away to your officials, and, and some ETs who are behind those officials. So we're waiting for you to stand in your power, because otherwise it generates too much fear and that that is contrary to where we want you to go. So by then, you will have access more of your personal power, which will then be easier for you in terms of standing in your power inter dimensionally, so to speak. At that point, when itI show up, you will look at your energy systems in a very different way. How you relate to your planet, how you relate to each other, how you think about yourselves, you won't so much think about yourselves in terms of being American or Canadian, or Brazilian or Australian, you'll think of yourselves as being human. And that's very different. And it will spark many ideas and, and curiosities and humans are recognized through throughout the entire galaxy as being kind of amazing creators, because remember, all this genetic material and all the emotions and all the subtle nuances and ways of being creative. that you all are in genius, when it comes to new technology and new ways of creating systems and patterns. You are truly at the heart of who you are genetically beings who are curious and can think outside the box when given the opportunity, we know that there are many on the planet, as we said, who are stuck in the box. So once that illusion is shattered, humanity will contribute quite a bit to the collective community.

Alex Ferrari 44:01
With the pace of the change in our world, what guidance do you offer for those feeling overwhelmed or lost?

Wendy Kennedy 47:34
You need a practice. And by practice, we mean coming back to your heart centered space. It's very simple. You know, you don't have to spend hours in meditation, but it is it's about coming back to the awareness of who and what you truly are. And then checking in Where are you vibrating? Oh, I'm in fear, I'm in overwhelm. Overwhelm is about an expectation that you feel that somehow you aren't meeting. And it's a projection of energy into a future now moment that you're not standing on. Alright, so all your power lies here in the now. So as you come back to the now and you focus on what needs to be done right here, right now, what's showing up for me is my reality, then you're empowered. And you are able to make adjustments have awarenesses of things that need to be done, or things that need to be shifted in your perspective of reality. So having a practice is important. And you can set an alarm for yourself. So you, you might want to practice checking in once an hour. You know, where am I vibrating? Oh, you know, I'm in a pretty good space. And do I want to stay here? Yes, I like to stay in this space, and then imagine the frequencies you want again? And if the answer's no of Earth, you know, I'm exhausted. We'll start breathing. Alright, put yourself in a heart centered space. The thing with being in the ego mind is that there was a judgment. And you needed the ego mind to play in the third dimension. You needed judgment, you needed to operate under the perception of lack limitation and separation. This was a game of dissension and re ascension. You thought as a soul, can I go into density, forget who I am, and come back out of it. And so here you are the master level trying to achieve that. But in order to do that you needed some programs. Some illusions, and this is very special, this dimension because, you know, there's no other dimension where you get to explore this illusion of separation, this illusion of linear time, because if you don't know what's coming, you can't see it. It dramatically changes the experience of the moment. Think about it like a movie where you've seen the trailer and you've seen a particular scene and you know, around the next corner, there's somebody who's going to jump out. When it comes to that scene in the movie. You already have a sense of what's coming And so you don't have the same experience as you're watching the complete movie or experiencing the complete movie that you would have had if you hadn't seen the trailer. So it's the same thing. Here, if you don't know what's coming, it makes the moment unique. And that's why all of you love to incarnate here and play in this arena. So having the practice will help you. Because when you judge something, you say, I like this thing. I don't like this thing, or I want this thing because I want to avoid the negative, you're cutting off half of source energy, because even that thing that gets the label of negative is source energy. And it's an illusion, but you're still trying to to block half of source energy flowing through you. So this is why when you hold judgments, that energy gets stuck in your body, because you are trying to hold it at bay, instead of allowing it just to flow through it's an experience, it's a valid experience, it's a valid expression of Source Energy, whatever it is, doesn't mean that you have to align with it doesn't mean that you have to vibrationally support it with your energy, it just means it has a valid right to exist because it's an exploration and it is oftentimes a counterpoint or it is something that helps to define the light, if you don't know what the shadow side feels like, it makes it very difficult to know what the light really is. Or vice versa. All right. When you know what the absence of something feels like, then you have a greater understanding of the thing itself, that light itself. When there's no contrast, it's very difficult. So right now, as you are living in this reality, you will hold half of source energy at bay. So if you're feeling fatigued, all right, in any way, it's because of these fear programs. And that means putting yourself back in your heart center will allow the full force of source to flow through you because there are no filters of lack limitation and separation there. It is just pure source energy that can flow at that level. And it can recharge you quite quickly. If you can sustain that frequency, the challenge is that most of you can't sustain it, you know, back to what you were asking Wendy about before, there was stamina that has to be built up. And it requires a practice. And once you do that, you don't need sleep in the same way you don't need nutrition in the same way because you are living off pure source energy. And so the body can be sustained on the light, you're not there yet energetically to just be sustained. Because you're you're not doing it enough to sustain it within the physical structure, but you're getting there. And once you cross into the fifth dimensional level, you're not going to eat in the same way, you will just simply work with a photonic energy, you'll run off of that as you connect with it.

Alex Ferrari 53:05
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Wendy Kennedy 53:07
You are loved, you are seeing so many of you feel disconnected, you feel alone. And let us tell you you are never alone. There are so many beings who are constantly with you. You all have your own guides who have been with you throughout your entire life. And then part of your stellar family has shown up at different periods they're in there out. So it is it's a full house for all of you. And it's just a matter of you grounding, connecting with the earth. If you can get out on the earth with your bare feet great. If not just imagine connecting with the heart line of Mother Earth she will give you instructions about the resonance that that you are meant to be holding to connect with all it is. And as you do that, then put yourself in your heart set to ask you a question and listen. It might feel like your imagination at first but then we say go with it. And if you need confirmation, ask for it. And if you think oh well I just want repeated numbers or I overheard this conversation is that my confirmation? Then take it as such because the thought wouldn't cross your mind otherwise. But no, there is a tremendous amount of support that is always around you. You have everything you need within yourself. You have all the best answers within yourself. We don't have any answers that are better for you than the ones you have within yourself. So trust in yourself. You are quite powerful and you are quite magnificent. Until we hear from you. We are around. We appreciate the opportunity to connect. We are watching we are waiting and we are sending many many well wishes

Alex Ferrari 54:42
And she's back! How are you feeling?

Wendy Kennedy 54:49
A little Spacey. Basically to really come back.

Alex Ferrari 54:54
A little woozy like yeah too much to drink. lightheaded Oh they were wonderful, wonderful Yeah, they they they answer questions in depth without question.

Wendy Kennedy 55:07
Lot of tangents.

Alex Ferrari 55:09
Yes. But it's it was beautiful. It was great information. So I hope it really does help some people along their path. So I'm going to ask you a few questions I ask all of my guests now. If you're ready, if you're ready, I don't want to jump in and throw you in after you feeling too woozy. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Wendy Kennedy 55:30
I think it's about connection. And being able to connect with those that you love and with yourself and with Source energy. So fulfilled for me means connection.

Alex Ferrari 55:42
If you can go back in time, and speak a little Wendy, what advice would you give her?

Wendy Kennedy 55:51
Don't overthink things I think don't spend so much time trying to figure things out. Just be you know, I think is good advice for all of us trying to control and manipulate and figure out how we're gonna get from A to B. And if we just relax just a little bit, it'll unfold.

Alex Ferrari 56:09
How do you define God or Source energy?

Wendy Kennedy 56:11
All that is. It's interesting this one question, I have asked the guides, and that's the one that they say they can't answer. For several reasons. One, because of the level of consciousness that we're currently holding, we're playing in this game. So we're playing in lack and limitation and separation, so we can't even begin to comprehend it. But they say that the way that they see it, and the only way that they can explain it is that it is all it is.

Alex Ferrari 56:36
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Wendy Kennedy 56:39
Adventure, exploration of frequency.

Alex Ferrari 56:44
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Wendy Kennedy 56:47
You can find me over on our website at And then you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at HGR frequencies. So yeah.

Alex Ferrari 57:00
And what do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Wendy Kennedy 57:03
You know, I think it's probably echoing what the P's said that you are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for. And that we have a ton of support, sometimes we can feel a little lost a little alone. And you know, our guides are here to support us. So when we get quiet, and we get centered, then we can hear what they have to say, and trust what you're getting. Sometimes it feels like your imagination, but go with it anyway, after a while as you start to practice, you'll notice that that has a different energetic quality than just your imagination. It feels very rich, it feels very full. When you're tapping into higher information. I like to say even with the guides, when I channel, what I might say is that it's a nice day, but I know it's 75 degrees, the birds are chirping, the grass is green, their children laughing. So there's all this other information and enriched pneus that comes with it. And I think when we start to practice and we start to tune in, we notice that it doesn't feel flat like our imagination can sometimes feel.

Alex Ferrari 58:10
Wendy it has been a pleasure and honor speaking to you today and to the P's and I appreciate not only you being on the show, but for everything you're doing to help awaken the planet. So I appreciate you my dear.

Wendy Kennedy 58:19
Oh, thank you so much. And I would say the same to you bringing so much great information to people so it's been a joy.

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