Saint Germain’s CHANNELED Ancient Method for MANIFESTATION (Law of Attraction) with Tara Arnold

On today’s episode, we welcome Tara Arnold, a channeler who brings forth the wisdom of Ascended Masters like Saint Germain. Imagine being able to tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe, to have a direct line to insights that transcend our everyday understanding. This is the realm in which Tara operates, bringing profound spiritual messages to guide us on our journey.

Tara’s journey into channeling began with her unique connection to Ascended Masters. She describes her process as a blend of conscious and unconscious trance, allowing her to stay present while channeling powerful messages. “As I’m channeling Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, there’s other Ascended Masters bringing through healing frequencies,” she explains. This dual awareness enables her to deliver messages that resonate deeply with those who are ready to receive them.

A central theme in our conversation was the Law of Attraction. Saint Germain, channeled through Tara, provided a nuanced understanding of this principle. “The Law of Attraction is based on your vibrational frequency. Where are you vibrating in this moment? What is it that you are putting out to the universe?” he explains. This principle, often misunderstood as a mere tool for material gain, is actually about aligning one’s vibration with the desired reality. It’s about mastering both the light and the dark aspects of our experiences to create a balanced and abundant life.

One of the most profound insights shared by Saint Germain was the idea of mastering the frequencies of our experiences. He emphasized the importance of not judging our circumstances, whether they appear positive or negative. “You must take responsibility that you create all frequencies and everything in your reality,” he states. By embracing and understanding the lessons within our challenges, we can transform our reality.

Saint Germain also touched on the difference between manifesting and the Law of Attraction, highlighting the importance of connecting with the consciousness within everything. “Connect to the consciousness of money. Connect to the consciousness of love. Connect to the consciousness of wellness,” he advises. This connection, rooted in gratitude and respect, allows us to align more deeply with the energies we wish to attract.

In addressing the concept of parallel lives, Saint Germain expanded on the idea of multiple timelines and realities. He explained that our spiritual consciousness is vast, encompassing many lifetimes and dimensions simultaneously. “You can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time,” he notes, highlighting the interconnectedness of all existence. This perspective encourages us to see our lives as part of a greater tapestry, where each experience contributes to our overall spiritual growth.

Tara Arnold also shared practical advice on how to navigate negative thoughts and emotions. Saint Germain emphasized the importance of observing these thoughts without attachment, allowing them to pass without affecting our vibration. “It is the attachment to the thoughts that is blocking your manifestations because you are putting a judgment on it,” he explains. By observing rather than reacting, we can maintain a higher vibrational state conducive to manifesting our desires.


  1. Mastering Frequencies: Embrace all experiences, positive and negative, as opportunities for growth. By understanding and mastering the frequencies of these experiences, we can transform our reality.
  2. Connecting with Consciousness: Develop a relationship with the consciousness within everything. Whether it’s money, love, or wellness, respecting and connecting with these energies can enhance our ability to manifest them in our lives.
  3. Observing Thoughts: Practice observing your thoughts and emotions without attachment. This non-judgmental awareness helps maintain a high vibration, essential for effective manifestation.

Tara Arnold’s channeling of Saint Germain offers a rich tapestry of wisdom, guiding us to understand our power to create and transform our reality. By mastering our frequencies, connecting with consciousness, and observing our thoughts, we can navigate our spiritual journey with greater clarity and purpose.

Please enjoy my conversation with Tara Arnold.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 281

Tara Arnold 0:00
Observe it, observe the feelings and allow them to arise from your chakra systems of your perception of what bankruptcy feels to you or what lack of money feels to you sit with it, allow it to arise most of you as soon as you begin to feel it, you run from it and you get angry. And you say, I did not create this, I do not want poverty. In my reality. I do not want bankruptcy, and I refuse to look at it. And yet you were the one that created it so that you could master it. If you master the deepest depths of the frequency, and the polarity of the light, then you will know the greatest light.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Tara Arnold, how you doing Tara?

Tara Arnold 0:52
Hi, Alex. Thanks for having me back. Oh, nice to see you.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
A pleasure to see you as well. I mean, last time you were on the show, the audience just absolutely loved. You loved Saint Germain as he came in through you. You know, I remember, if I remember correctly, ask them pretty tough questions back then. And he was just like water, like didn't even think he just like didn't even matter. He was just answering them. So amazingly, so profoundly. So in our last conversation has done quite well. We've had a lot 1000s of people have watched it at this point. So why don't I have you back, I want to have you back. I want to have St Germain back, to continue to spread what the Word and the energy that you guys are doing together.

Tara Arnold 1:38
Awesome. Well, he's ready to talk. So that's great. Yeah, he loves talking.

Alex Ferrari 1:42
Yes, if I remember correctly, does so. So can you tell people who have not seen the first, the first conversation we had, what your channeling processes likes, because it's a little bit different than other channels, everyone has their own way of.

Tara Arnold 1:58
So I work with Ascended Masters. So as I'm channeling Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, there's other Ascended Masters bringing through Healing frequencies, through my shockers to the audience or to the viewer. So if anybody is open to receiving that, all you have to do is say that you're open to receiving it and your spirit will bring to the surface, what you're ready to let go of at this time. So it's bringing up emotions from like past lifetimes, or just fear based emotions and bringing it up to the surface, and then the SAS send it basters channeled through my shockers to you and transmute that from fear back to love. So when I'm in trance, there's like two aspects of me. So one's translating, and then there's another aspect that is like talking to them, or daydreaming or just having another conversation, and we tap into the energy frequency of the audience as they're viewing in real time. Because times, you know, an illusion. So it's like stacked now moments. So St. Germain can tap into the frequencies of everybody that's viewing when they view it. And sometimes he'll change the conversation to like, a certain person or a specific, like an emotion that everybody in the collective is carrying right now. And that needs to be brought to the surface. So sometimes he kind of changes the conversation to different avenues. And sometimes he stays right on point with what the questions are. So it's different every time. But I can, I'm a conscious trance channel. So I go into deep trance and unconscious at the same time. And I do teach this, this method of how to do that. So if anybody's interested in learning how to channel then, yeah, you've come to you can visit me on my website, and

Alex Ferrari 3:56
We'll check. We'll make sure to let everybody know about what you're doing, and then the work that you're doing. Okay, so this conversation, I really wanted to focus on Law of Attraction manifestation and creating our reality with our thoughts, which are very hot topics, people really, they really want to know more about it. And there's a tremendous amount of misinformation out there. The seek the secret, started the ball rolling in a mass way. But really not people are like, Oh, I just think about a new Tesla and the new Tesla shows up, it's generally not the way it works. So I wanted to clarify a little bit about that from St. Germain perspective, which I thought would be an interesting perspective, to say the least.

Tara Arnold 4:40
Yes, yes. So do you do you have like a specific question you want to start with?

Alex Ferrari 4:47
We'll start. Are you ready? Is my question for you? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So the first question is, what is the law of attraction?

Tara Arnold 4:55
Oh, yes. Welcome. I'm St. Germain. We welcome you all. We would be showing our channel The Law of Attraction is based on your vibrational frequency where are you vibrating in this moment? What is it that you are putting out to the universe it is when you have raised your vibration to that of a frequency of divine love, you would attract more delight divine love to you this is the law of attraction what and where you're vibrating at is what you will attract to you. Many of you watching this will already know this law of attraction, you are already familiar with this concept, you were already familiar with the frequencies, we would recommend tapping into the law of magnetism as well this would help accelerate. For those of you who are wanting to manifest more in your reality. The law of magnetism is opposites attract, ah, how could I do both at the same time I am doing and playing out the law of attraction and attracting to me what I desire. And the law of magnetism is doing the polarity of that we would say to turn both on at the same time by simply putting in the intention, I will step into the law of attraction and attract what a desire to me. But yet when I create something bad, or what I consider to be bad in my reality, in my perception, I consider it to be something bad or wrong. Then I say I didn't create that. I'm taking responsibility that I created the good in my life. But where are you taking responsibility that you created the bad as well you must take responsibility that you create all frequencies and everything in your reality you must take responsibility that you create. All in your reality. In order to change your reality, you must first master poverty in order to create wealth, you must first master love in order to conquer loneliness, you must first master illness in order to create wellness. Oh, what do you mean by this? How would I master the frequencies and we would say to stop judging them, you are judging them. From an ego perception. You were saying when something bad happens to me I did not create that. But when something good happens to me I did create it and you were judging the fact that when some something bad happens or someone is something in your perception that is bad, we wouldn't call it bad and our perception it just is simply is because we're not judging it. But from an ego perception you were judging it and you were saying that something is good, bad right or wrong. And we would say it is neither this is the spot you would be required to resonate in in order to attract what you desire to you this would put you in the fifth dimension reality this would put you into the Now moment if you had an experience without judgment. If you were standing in the middle of the polarities, instead of being in the polarities, you were saying that if something good happens to me, I created that but if something bad happens, I didn't and we would say you create it all when you are attracting to you with the law of attraction, attraction, you are asking those who hurt you, you were asking them to come and bring that frequency to you take responsibility for this, my spirit would go to another spirit and say, I have not yet get my power yet I keep I keep vibrating in lack and I feel like I am less than and I am not enough and yet I haven't mastered transmuting this within myself could you come and visit me and criticize me and put me down and tell me that I am not good enough. And when they show up to tell you you were saying that something is happening to me instead of for me but your spirit has asked them to bring these frequencies to you so that you can change and master that frequency within you. You do this by not judging it and giving it gratitude when somebody criticizes you give it gratitude if somebody left a mean comment under this video on the YouTube channel, Tara would give gratitude for it because it is energy and it is not good bad right or wrong. It simply is it is not negative or positive. It simply is if you stand in a fifth dimension perception than a negative a negative comment would propel the algorithms forward just as much as a positive comment it would propel the algorithms forward so give gratitude to this. This is the same in your reality when there is people coming into your life and you're feeling attacked and they are I'm being mean to you and you were saying this is happening to me and said give gratitude to it and you will master the frequency Do not judge it if you are being harmed by another Do not judge it stand in a place of non judgment and then you will be able to create delicious deliciousness into your reality you will be able to manifest anything you desire, but if you were still judging it, then it will show up the opposite if you're still judging poverty as wrong or bankruptcy as wrong or as less than or as embarrassing or humiliating, then you're not you haven't mastered it yet and it will keep showing up in your reality until you change the frequency within yourself of non judgement it is simple, but yet it is difficult when you're in a third dimension reality we would say to simply observe it observe the feelings and allow them to arise from your chakra systems have your perception of what bankruptcy feels to you or what lack of money feels to you sit with it, allow it to arise most of you as soon as you begin to feel it you run from it and you get angry and you say I did not create this I do not want poverty in my reality I do not want bankruptcy and I refuse to look at it and yet you were the one that created it so that you could master it if you master the deepest depths of the frequency and the polarity of the light then you will know the greatest light but if you are saying I will experience a little bit of poverty and my perception and I am afraid to go any deeper than that to look at it then you will only receive that in the polarity in money or in wealth ah there are many that would be quite rich on the planet are quite wealthy on the planet if they would face these fears allow it to come to the surface stop hiding the comfort zone is not where the Spirit wants to play it is within the discomfort that the spirit gets excited and is within the discomfort that the expansion of the consciousness within you it grows and when it expands out you can receive more abundance because you become more abundant within your consciousness. First master the polarity of what you are and then you will know who you are, you will know what you are in abundance once you master the polarity of that one moment, please. Okay, so he's told me to drink water. So

Alex Ferrari 12:35
Fair enough. Fair enough. So just so everybody knows that you need to be drinking water because you're essentially almost overheating as the yes coming through you so it's kind of like your, your radiator fluid, if you will, like off the edge.

Tara Arnold 12:50
Yeah, just because of bringing like there's other Ascended Masters coming through bringing frequencies through my chakra. So that takes more water. So I have to pause for some cooldown. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 13:01
No problem at all. That was a that was an amazing answer to a very simple question.

Tara Arnold 13:06
It goes, yeah, he kind of goes, he's no those things.

Alex Ferrari 13:11
Yeah, that was a beautiful answer. And there's a lot packed into that answer too. By the way, it's a dense, I'm gonna have to listen to that one again. My next my next question to St. Germain in regards to the law of attraction is that there's a lot of misinformation about the law of attraction about only being something for physical wealth, or things of that manner. And not anything really else in the you know, in the in the zeitgeist, everyone just thinks you just wish for something and it just shows up. Can he clarify what the law of attraction truly is meant to be for us?

Tara Arnold 13:48
It is to play with frequencies. Your spiritual body is put on a human costume and begin to play on Planet Earth. You already know the frequency of everything. This isn't your first rodeo. This isn't your first time on planet Earth, you know the frequencies you know what it is like to be everything and nothing and all at once, when you are on planet Earth, you have come to experience the frequency is because when you are love when you are compassion, when you are consciousness, then how do you know what you are if you have nothing to compare it to? You were consciousness you are in a universe that is created in frequency you see that everything is solid around you but we do not see it that way. It is an illusion of being solid, it is vibration and everything is vibrating and you put on your human costume and you come to planet earth to experience the frequencies of the polarity of that which you are. You already know the end result there is not a race to the finish line because the Spirit knows knows what it is like to be fully conscious. It is the universe separates itself from itself and then comes in has an illusion of being individual onto planet Earth. And you come and you play with frequencies. Oh these frequencies if you muster the pulse, what you are then you can have abundance in all areas. This is what we were saying it is you connecting with the consciousness and everything brings you more abundance in all areas. There is not one area that you cannot have everything it is right in front of you, but your glasses are foggy. And you cannot see it, it has never been not in front of you, because you are everything you are all energy, there is no separation, there is an illusion that you are separate. But we would say that it is about mastering the frequencies and playing with the frequencies here on planet Earth. In the Now moment, if you are standing in a third dimension, reality, meaning if you are standing in the past, or the future, where most of you reside in your mind goes to the past and worries about what happened in the past or your mind goes to the future that does not yet exist and you vibrate there. We would say to get into the Now moment and to connect with the consciousness of all in your reality. Touch the table and feel the consciousness of it in the abundance of it and give it gratitude for holding your plate while you eat dinner. Connect to the consciousness of the food, food and give it gratitude as you take each bite, and you will begin to notice that more food shows up in your reality. That more abundance shows up in your reality not only in wealth, but in joy and happiness. Because you are connecting to the consciousness within everything. This is the answer to complete abundance. Sit with it. Take your time, there are many speeding through life and you are in the past or the future. But neither exist be in the Now moment and to connect to the consciousness within everything to experience more abundance in all areas. If you see a child playing and smiling and having fun, connect with your own inner child, what does that feel like? Can you remember when you connected with your inner child? When was the last time did you play as a child? How did you play as a child? This will indicate where you will find your passions? How did I play with my toys as a child? Did you play with your toys? Did you teach or do sports? Or do arts and crafts or seeing how you played as a child will give you an indication of what your passions are for as an adult that would bring you more joy and happiness in your reality and more abundance? You will find your life purpose there we are tapping into a question from the collective One moment please. Someone is asking I can not find my purpose there is more than one person asking this how do I find my purpose and we would say that your purpose is on the other side of your deepest fears. Ah It is that the ego consciousness does not want to experience the frequency of these have the life purpose or the life passion, we would say the life purpose would be to experience vibration. But if you're having an individual experience, and you wanted to have a soul's purpose, to bring you and fulfill you in your heart, then we would say it is on the other side of your greatest fears. Tara has an intense fear of in her interviews, and so she is doing an interview. In order to get to the other side of that fear. She is wondering what is on the other side of that. But if she doesn't master the frequencies of the panic that arises when she does an interview, that she will never know what's on the other side of it. Could it be something delicious? Could it be more doors opening? Could it be more opportunities? Could it be meeting new friends or having new connections? Someone that would bring her a smile or some joy into her life? This is what we are saying if you were afraid to start something, if you were afraid to take that next step. Oh, this is where the Spirit likes to play. The ego consciousness will never let you face that fear because it wants to run the show. But if you face it and step into it and allow those vibrational frequencies of fear and panic to rise to the surface, your consciousness will instantly transmute it and each time If you do an interview, if that where is where your fear is, it will get easier and easier because you will have transmuted more and more. Once you have mastered transmuting all the frequencies of the fear, then you were set free, and more doors will open, you will find abundance that you have never imagined in your reality. There are many fears that people aren't facing, because they are afraid that it's not in my comfort zone. And we would say the spirit likes to play outside the comfort zone, what would be exciting. If you're not transmuting frequencies for the spirit, this would be a boring life, it would be a life of mundaneness. And you would get to the end of the life. And you would say why did I stay in the first chapter? Oh, why didn't I go to chapter two? Or three or four? Or the last chapter or start a new book? Oh, how many books could you write in your lifetime of life experience? This is where the Spirit wants to play. This is where you'll find your abundance and all things face your fears. Step over them on the other side is deliciousness. Ah. Yeah. So drink some water, drink some water.

Alex Ferrari 21:26
But he is definitely not playing around today. That's for sure. He's going deep without question

Tara Arnold 21:32
There was there was a lot for the Heart Chakra. And that one's quite short of breath. But yeah, so that was good. That means that people watching are bringing a lot to the to the surface. So that's good. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 21:44
Now let me ask you, just as a question to you, how do they know what people are thinking or feeling? If we are recording this just you and me? And no one's actually watching it yet? Are they tapping into future events? Are they tapping into what are they doing?

Tara Arnold 22:01
So everything's happening now? So even our past lifetimes, so it's like, now stacked moments is what they show me. So it's, it's like everything's happening now. So they just tap into future time of when people are watching it as if it's happening now. So it's like,

Alex Ferrari 22:21
Gotcha. So it's, it's already happening.

Tara Arnold 22:24
We're just so he says, like, we have an illusion of linear time of past, present, and future, but the only thing that's happening is now there is no past it doesn't exist in the future doesn't exist in our, like, in our third perception, they're like, only everything's happening now. That's why I'm we're like, multi dimensional. Every time that we make a decision. There's another aspect of us that unfolds into a different timeline in a third dimension reality, but it unfolds and creates that other decision. And so you can't get Yeah, like you can't get a wrong answer or make a wrong decision. Because there's gonna be another aspect of you that unfolds other decision. And this is happening like 1000s of times a day, and it just unfolds it into another third dimensional reality. So there's some people that he's saying, He's showing me right now. It's like, oh, I want to do this for my life purpose, or for to bring me joy, but I'm worried it's wrong decision. And he's like, let go of that fear and just unfold it. Because there's going to be another aspect that of you that unfolds the other decision. So just stepping out of the fears. And yeah, let go and let God

Alex Ferrari 23:36
Yes, I am. I'm an example of question. So my next question is, what is the difference between manifestation or manifesting and the law of attraction, which they kind of get thrown around to the same? That's right,

Tara Arnold 23:51
Right. Okay. Thank you for the questions. They're good ones. I appreciate it. Well, we would say it's perception everyone, everyone's perception of what manifestation means is a different perception of than anyone else. This is what we are showing our channel, it is your perception, ah, when someone looks at a painting, they will have a perception of it. But if 1000 Other people come into the room, and look at the same paint, painting, they will all have a different perception. There are many that we are tapping into, in the collective at this moment, watching this video, and we would say you all have a different perception of what manifesting and what law of attraction means. In your reality. It is your perception. So instead of focusing on what should I do, should I manifest and do this when I read this in a book and it told me to do this and I tried that and it doesn't work. And then I read a law of attraction book and I tried that and it doesn't work, we would say instead, tap into your own Knowing all of you have your own key to manifesting all of you have your own code to manifesting what's in your reality. And some of you will use the words manifesting or law of attraction. But we would say check in with your own frequency, drop the words, drop the teachings that you have heard and instead go in. When you were reading a book about manifesting or law of attraction who wrote those words? Did they write them from the ego or the heart? We would say you know the answers you know how to manifest and create anything in your reality. And it is by going in and finding your own code your own key, your own vibration that will bring that to you. We would say to do this in a meditation but for those of you who aren't comfortable with meditation, do it when you play. Ask the universe a question put the question out to the universe and go play. When you go play it raises your vibrational frequency and the universe can drop in the answer it can drop in the aha moment when you have the aha moment this is you channeling answers from the universe, this will give you keys or this will give you this will give you ideas of where you need to be in order to create your reality. Ask the questions when you do not ask questions to the universe, the universe cannot answer it waits, it waits for you to ask the question, ask the questions that you were seeking of what you wish to manifest in your reality. And drop all the other words drop the words we are showing our channel to drop the words. What if there was no words? What if I didn't have a human body? Who am I without a human body, we are showing you that all these words and all these vibrational frequencies of the words sometimes will take you to the ego consciousness, it will put blocks in your path. Instead Go in, go into a quiet meditation or go play and begin to connect with the child within you. This will raise your vibrational frequency to receive all that abundance that you were seeking, we would say to expect Oh, we are showing our channel when someone goes out to dinner, and they order food off the menu. They are saying I am ordering this food and I expect it to be delivered to me they never question that. They always assume it's will be true because this is how it's been in the reality they have always had the dinner order delivered. And when they have the dinner order delivered, they had expected it to be delivered. When you are ordering your abundance from the universe when you are putting your order out to the universe are you expecting it to be delivered? It is as simple as ordering a meal from the restaurant from the waitress. And as you were ordering your meal and you were putting that expectation out to the universe, it is getting prepared in the kitchen and then it gets delivered with ease. But yet when you are putting your order in for more abundance from the universe, whether it is money or health or love, you are having doubts instead of expecting it to be delivered you were doubting that it might not be we would say to be in the Now moment and play play with the inner child that you have neglected and this will bring you to a state of vibrational frequency of the fifth dimension because it'll bring you to the Now moment when it brings you to the Now moment you can create from there there are two aspects of you there's an aspect that is vibrating and third dimension and an aspect that's vibrating and Fifth Dimension move into the aspect of you and fifth dimension with putting the intention and manifest from there this will put you into the vibrational frequency that you are seeking to pull in the law of attraction or to pull in the law of magnetism magnetism or to manifest we would say to drop the words and instead step into your fifth dimension reality there is to have everything on planet Earth and it is vibrating in third dimension or fifth dimension. Which one would you like to receive? Because in third dimension, it comes with a lot of fear based energies. It comes with a lot of judgment but Fifth Dimension does not and it can be delivered quite quickly. It is like going to a fast food restaurant. It comes out fast you put in your order and your food is quite rapidly delivered and you expect like this, but then you go to a fine dining restaurant and it takes a little bit longer. And we would say, go through the fast food drive thru, for your manifestation step into a fifth dimensional reality. When you're in a fifth dimension reality connect to the consciousness of money. Have any of you talk to money before? Have you connected to the consciousness of money? Do you understand the vibrational frequency of money? Have you been receiving information from the consciousness of money and asking it, what it needs? And what it would like? Is it being respected? Are you respecting money? When you get money? Do you shove it in your pocket and not give it respect when you purchase something? Do you give it gratitude? Oh, this is what we are saying begin to respect the consciousness of money and the consciousness of money will begin to respect you. We know that there is more than money that you are wanting to manifest. But as we are tapping into the collective, there is a majority of people would like to create more money in the reality and health and love we would say so do this with each one. Connect to the consciousness of love. Connect to the consciousness of love and ask it what it needs. Connect to the consciousness of wellness. And ask it what it needs. Ask it to show you more. You have access to the consciousness within everything. Ask it to show you more. Ask more questions. When you put out a question to the universe the universe can respond. But if the question is big, the universe responds with badness. If the question is detailed, then the universe responds with detail. But some of you are afraid to ask questions. We are tapping into the viewers One moment please. Ah there are many that are afraid to ask the universe for questions because they do not feel worthy and we would say it is time to see your worth. Know that you are consciousness know your greatness when Ascended Master. Jesus walks into a room. He does not question his greatness. He knows his greatness. This is what we are saying you must know your greatness in order to receive it. This is greatness from the heart, not the head. When Jesus walks into a room he commands, he commands what it is he wishes in his reality to be so and then it it is so but when you use the word command, you are feeling small, your ego consciousness is saying, do not use the word command. If you use the word command, then you will run the show from your heart and I want to be the one running the show from the head. So I'm going to make you feel uncomfortable about using the word command. But we would say if you begin to incorporate that word, that vibrational frequency of the word command in your reality, then you would create much more in your reality because you were saying that you are connecting to the consciousness within you the God within you and you are creating your reality from there.

If you use the word command, it evokes the God within you to create your reality. We understand that some of you do not use the terminology God and so we will veer back and forth from universe or source energy or creator or God but we would say it is all based on your perception. And it is all frequency. It does not matter what you call it, but within you lies the consciousness of all connect to this consciousness within you and create from there. Command what you wish in your reality. command it to be so and you will create it in your reality. At first the ego consciousness will make you feel uncomfortable using that word after a few months it will let go the ego is not dying. There is someone in the audience saying I am going through a spiritual awakening and my ego is going to die I'm going through an ego death and we would say the ego does not die it only gets quieter because you lose the attachment to it as you are awakening you were getting louder from the heart instead of the head and the ego consciousness will quiet down but it will not be going anywhere instead simply observe it as It criticizes you When Tara is done channeling her ego will say you did not do a good job but she will not attach to it she will watch it float by begin to watch your ego consciousness float by rather than attaching to it. Command what you wish in your reality and it will be so

Alex Ferrari 34:49
Drink some water remarkable remarkable. My next question is how do negative thoughts and emotions affect manifestation and the law of attraction.

Tara Arnold 35:09
All thoughts are vibration, emotions or vibration. Where am I vibrating at? This is what predicts what gets created into reality. Where am I vibrating at? Check in check in to where you're vibrating at. But some of you are, we're showing our channel that some are panicking, I had a wrong thought I had a wrong thought. And now I've ruined my whole day. And I might as well just not go on with my day because I had so many bad thoughts and we are saying to ease up on oneself, you do not have to attach to these thoughts. There are some of you that are in the ego consciousness, there are some of you that are in the ego consciousness torturing yourselves, saying that I had a wrong thought and I ruined my manifestation, we would say to observe your thoughts, observe it instead, and it will transmute back to love and let go of the attachment to it. It is the attachment to the thoughts that is blocking your manifestations because you were putting a judgment on it, you are putting a judgment on yourself that when you have a thought that you have ruined your manifestation, these thoughts will come in, they feel intrusive to many, there are three aspects or three parts of the ego consciousness within the mental bodies consciousness. And it is the ID ego and super ego the ID is the aspect of your mental bodies consciousness that tells you whether something is we would say instant gratification or impulse control. And then the ego is what makes the decision Do not touch the hot stove. And then the super ego says, touch the hot stove and see what happens. When there we are tapping into the collective energy. And we're showing our channel that many have very intrusive, loud thoughts that are coming from the super ego consciousness. So when the ego tells you not to touch the hot stove, the super ego gets really loud, and is loud. For many, there are many that are run by their super ego instead of from their ego. The ego is needed on planet Earth in order to make decisions. And we would say it is not bad or wrong. It is a frequency of what you came to play with, Oh, I am in ego consciousness and I have to book a dentist appointment and you need the ego consciousness to do this. But as some of you are allowing the super ego to run the show, this is where we are saying to observe it and it will let go observe those thoughts as they come in. I am a great channel I'm a great Channeler Tara is saying and her super ego would differ. would say something different. The super ego would say no you cannot channel you cannot channel you're not a good Channeler This is where we are saying to see the argument that's going on in your head. There are many with voices that are telling them to do mean things to themselves or to others and this would be the super ego is louder than the ego you would like the to change the frequency of this in order to have more peace in your life. We would say to do spiritual alchemy you can do it by calling in Ascended Master Saint Germain you are all you were all able to do this you do not need Tara to connect with Ascended Master Saint Germain he is working with many on the planet and if you were drawn to this video that means you are already working with him on some level or you would not be here we would say to invite Saint Germain in to bring in the violet flame to balance the energies of the ego consciousness so that they ego and the super ego work in more harmony. This will quiet the thoughts and so that it's not as intrusive and that it does not we would say block your manifestations because there are some that are so loud in their super ego that is like creating chaos in the reality it reflects back to them wherever you are in your reality wherever you're vibrating at in your thoughts it gets reflected back as vibration outside of you this is that my whole day goes wrong everything I go to do it just messes up I can't get it right nobody can get it right everyone's attacking me I'm attacking me. This is the energy of those three the ID ego super ego we would say to do spiritual alchemy was St Germain by writing it on a piece of paper the vibrational frequencies of these words the ID ego and super ego hold them in your hand and command that your higher self and St Germain EVO The Violet Flame of transmutation to quiet the mind command as you hold these in your hand, there is nothing you have to do it let Saint Germain do the transmutation. Simply observe it command that your ID ego and super ego now work in vibrational harmony instead of repelling each other. This is the argument that is going on in many people's heads it is that the ego says Don't touch the hot stove and the super ego is saying you must touch it because you have to see what happens and it is being quite intrusive, ah, balance these energies and you will find your mind quiets instantly. Many of you would need to do this several times. And some of you only once. It depends on how loud the super ego has become you would wish for the super ego to not run the show in your reality in order to create more abundance in it. We would say that it is observation be in the Now moment and create from there. Ah

Alex Ferrari 41:11
How are you holding up?

Tara Arnold 41:12
Yeah, good. Good. Yeah, I feel good.

Alex Ferrari 41:15
All right. All right. Thank you. So we kind of touched on this earlier. And I really would love to hear St. Germain explain it. The concept of parallel lives, if that the soul can live multiple lives at the same time, which makes my head hurt. So I'd love to hear what he has to say about that.

Tara Arnold 41:36
Oh, yes, welcome. I'm St. Germain, we are showing our channel that you can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time you can be all that is and everything. And nothing at the same time. When you unfold into another timeline. It is that you are not conscious. Ly aware, you're not consciously aware that you are unfolding into another timeline, because you have a soul contract to have the perception that you are individual on planet Earth in this timeline and the year 2023. And so, this is the only place you are conscious, you are conscious on planet Earth, you are knowing I am here, this is who I am, I am here I am here on planet Earth in the year 2023. And you are consciously aware of this, and this is your life. And this is your only life. So the other aspects of you, we would say that the spiritual bodies consciousness is made up of fractals of light. And as you experience your lifetime on planet Earth, these fractals of light that you are consciously aware of being here as a human get added to the soul at the end of your lifetime. And the soul holds all the information. And we would say that the soul holds all the information of your parallel lifetimes, but you were just not consciously aware, you ever close a soul contract to be conscious in this reality on planet Earth in order to experience the game. Ah, it is all about where you have turned on or turned off your conscious awareness, some of you are able to know that you are multi dimensional, simply because it is in your blueprint, you are going to different dimensions, we would say you're going into different timelines in a third dimensional reality and seeing what it would look like in your other lifetimes. If you had unfolded other decisions. Some of you do this naturally. Some of you do this when you tap into a past lifetime. And some of you are doing this when you have a memory from childhood. It is the same thing when you have a memory from childhood. You were tapping into a third dimension reality that no longer exists in, in your reality. Are you not? Oh yes, I have a memory from elementary school or grade school and I am in grade three. And I have a memory of being in the classroom. This is you tapping into a third dimensional reality in a different timeline. You are able to do this. Yet you do not see the concept. Some of you do not see the concept of the parallel universes but we would say it is the same thing that you being in grade three does no longer exists. But it does exist in the Now moment in a different timeline. You were doing it naturally every day when you have a memory from the past. The memories aren't in your head. You channeled the men, you were all channelers you were channeling either in the third dimension or the fifth dimension you have access to the third dimension, the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension in this reality, you were tapping into these frequencies. Simply when you have a memory, could you see this? As a parallel lifetimes as parallel timelines, you can ask to see we are showing our channel that you could do this in your sleep. Ask your spirit guides or the universe you do not have to work with spirit guides, you can connect with the universe and ask them to show you more parallel lifetimes in your sleep. This is where they would bring in pictures of this or you would see it like a movie in your sleep. As this is the universe I would like to see more of other aspects of me that have unfolded in other timelines and what that would look like ah, the decision to marry someone in this lifetime or marry another person. Ah, what would have happened if I had married the other person show me showing me in my sleep, we're showing our channel that it is also beneficial to transmute many of your fears in your sleep. Ask your spirit guides to assist you with this. Ask the universe to assist you with this if you do not work with spirit guides. Ask the universe to transmute your phobias and fears that are coming up from your past lifetimes. Ask them to transmute it in your sleep so that it is not as difficult in your waking life. There is no difference in our perception from Wake life to sleep life. Oh, we are varying from your question Alex because we are tapping into some questions from the audience. And there are many that are struggling with the emotions that are coming up from your past lifetimes. There are many living in panic and fear. They are vibrating and fear and panic 90% of the day we would say and this is constant it is because you were feeling the emotions from your past lifetimes coming to the surface in order to be transmuted back to love. Every lifetime that you have had before this you did not know that God was within you, you thought the universe was outside of you and therefore you do not have the power to change and transmute the spheres back to love. But in this lifetime you were all awakening to remember who you are as consciousness and as you awaken to who you are. Remember who you are as consciousness all these frequencies are coming up through the chakra systems from past lifetime fears in order for your consciousness to transmute it. The spirit is having fun doing this but most of you are panicking that you're living in panic, you're fearing the fear. Relax into it ask the universe to help you transmute assist you in transmuting these frequencies while you sleep. I will go to bed tonight and I will see what comes to the surface I will allow the transmutation to come to the surface. We will give an example if you have a fear of if you have a fear of your husband cheating on you. And this fear is intrusive it is we would say for some of you have bigger than any fear you've ever had. Because when you are tapping into your past lifetimes to transmute fears you are tapping into a past lifetime where it happened. So the fear would appear worse to you and your reality it would appear more intense we would say as you are having these intrusive thoughts ask your ask your higher self or your spirit guides or the universe to help you transmute this while you sleep. Instead of having it happen in your wake life there is no difference between sleep state and wake state except for your perception. Ah If I transmute the fear of my husband cheating on me while I am in sleep state then it doesn't happen in my reality on planet Earth. It happens in my sleep, yet I can transmute the same frequencies back to love and not have it show up in my reality on planet Earth. Ah, if you are needing to transmute the fears of your husband cheating on you then and you do it in your sleep. It does not have to show up in your wake state. I have transmuted and mastered those frequencies in my sleep and therefore I will not create it in my wake state. Oh is this not more fun than you will would Stop panicking that he's going to cheat on you in real life because you will have transmuted it in your sleep. Ah Wow, we went way off the topic there. I don't even remember the question.

Alex Ferrari 49:37
Drink some water. I'm like, I'm like a nervous mom.

Tara Arnold 49:42
I appreciate it because I do forget

Alex Ferrari 49:46
I don't want you to overheat and on steam coming out of your ears while we're in the middle of a conversation. So one other question want to ask? And I love that he goes off and does his thing. But it still answers the call She answered the question, but then he started to Miranda off into other things. Again, this is a this is a conversation to be of service. So however, he believes that he's going to be of service to the audience. All right, right. All about it. Another question I had is kind of goes along with the parallel, parallel lives, is the multiverse. Multiple the multiverse is something that's been talked about a lot. It's being put out in, in a in, in movies now. Television, it's it's it's an idea that starting to get into the zeitgeist where 10 20 years ago, it wasn't even spoken about. But it's

Tara Arnold 50:42
So the multi verse is the is that like within the computers, or do you mean like like parallel lifetimes?

Alex Ferrari 50:49
Parallel universes parallel to our so it's like it just keeps going and going and going and going, and that there are multiple different universes are all you know, the multiverse so it's one of those like, there's another another meet somewhere else another use somewhere else going through another thing that you're an astronaut on another I was a fireman in another universe, these kinds of ideas that that I'd love to him to talk about.

Tara Arnold 51:14
Oh, there are many universes there are many universes this is this universe has 10 dimensions and you have access to five we would say that there are many universes and there are many dimensions within the universe's This is beyond your comprehension for watch is in your program on planet earth it is we're showing our channel it is not possible for us to explain the vastness of this. But yes, when you look out into your movies, Alex had mentioned the movies and if you were wondering where the vibrational where the collective is vibrating at watch your movies, what movies are coming out and you will see where the collective is vibrating at if they are transmuting. Much through the heart chakra, then you will find your movies are bringing up emotions of the hurt, and so on. When you are seeing movies in your reality that are about multiverse, multiverse multi universes, then this is a possibility because the collective is bringing it to the attention the collective meaning all of you have decided what to have in your reality on planet Earth. And you bring hints you all discuss this on a soul level and you bring hints to the surface through your movies. And we would say yes, it is correct. Many of your movies are showing what it looks like to have a multi universe you are all from different aspects. I am source energy and I am frequency and I have separated from myself from myself to have a good experience and many of you who have been on planet earth you were asking where are the aliens? What are the aliens? We would say? Many of you have been the aliens. Oh I am seeing an alien and in my reality and we would say that it is because you have a soul contract to see that alien in your reality. And there is many of you who have been that on that alien planet that you were seeing in your reality there are many that are having experiences of multi universes, in their dreams or in their thoughts and we would say this is correct. You have been everywhere because there are more than one universe there are many many universes This is huh you are seeing in the universe as solid but we are not seeing it as solid it is vibration you are seeing black holes and wondering what are they and we would say this is a chakra system. Oh you were seeing the universe as solid I am in this universe and I can touch things and it is a construct and it is solid. But that is a person only a perception it is on planet Earth and your game you are putting into your blueprint that you will see everything a solid in order to have a third dimension reality game but we would say it is not what would happened if you saw this frequency with the universe disappear. Would it spread out? Would it? Would you be able to be every where and nowhere at the same time? Would you be everything? And we would say yes this is where we are saying the vastness that human mind cannot comprehend And there are many universes and you have been on many planets and you have been to many universes, there is no limit you were asking these questions from a limited mind because you are playing the game of the polarities and this sets limitations. But what if there was no limitations? That is what we are showing our channel, there are many universes and you can tap into these, the same way that you tap into the parallel universe and ask to see them as to show show me more, you're asking the universe these questions because they're coming up in the collective. Alex, you are asking these questions because there are many people asking these questions as they the movies arise as the thoughts arise, then you are having more awarenesses of how vast you are as humans, you are having the awareness that how vast you are as consciousness. And when you were asking the questions, it is because your knowing is telling you that there is more, that there is more and what would this look like? If you saw everything in frequency and ask more questions, you would have more answers. Oh, we love your questions, Alex because it expands minds and it opens hearts and it unfolds into the new. The more questions that are asked, you do not have to ask a person we would say ask the universe, ask your higher self. Ask us the Ascended Masters. To show you more. The more questions you ask, the more that will unfold in your reality. And the more fun you'll have. We cannot interfere if you do not ask. When we are channeling with Tara, we had turned her head to the left and her neck was getting sore. And she said my neck is getting sore, can you and we said well then ask us to let go we do not interfere with your soul's journey. And we cannot intercept unless you ask. You cannot ask for too much. Ask us. And then forget about it. When you ask a question you are in a vibration of lack you are wanting something. This is where we would say to forget about it and go play when you raise your vibrational frequency to more joy, then we can connect with that and we can drop the answers in you'll have your aha moment is that is you channeling us? That is you channeling the universe? Go play, ask questions and have fun. Ah. Okay, so I don't know if that answered the

Alex Ferrari 57:50
It answered it. It definitely goes down the road a little bit, it is a very big question. And it's difficult to answer to be that but definitely did go down the road a little bit and started to make people think a little bit more about it, which is the point of the question.

Tara Arnold 58:07
And he's showing me computers and how we can talk to anybody through a computer from anywhere in the world. And it's that similar, it's like, it's so easy for us to do that, or have a memory from childhood and stuff. But yet the thought of a multi universe seems absurd. But yet you can talk to anybody anywhere. From you know, even we're in different time zones, everything's happening now. So it's like, you can talk even in different time zones.

Alex Ferrari 58:38
I never thought of it that way. That is such a brilliant analogy, because you're absolutely right. All of us are going through our lives right now with our own perceptions of reality. And yet, it is all happening at the exact same time to billions of people around the world. And if we want to connect to one of them, we just pick up our phone and FaceTime them or Zoom them or type in text them. It's instant. It's a route anywhere you are in the world as long as there's a connection to the internet. It's instant. And the idea of a multiverse is very similar to that essentially, because Right, right, yeah, it's all happening at the same time. We just don't have the FaceTime. Right right the Zoom technology to connect to those other potential out potentialities of what's happening right so it starts to make the head hurt. I have to be honest. Yes, that guy down into that. That's already dead.

Tara Arnold 59:48
Yeah. Yeah, it's just it everything's he just keeps showing me it's all energy. It's like this, this illusion that we've created that everything's like solid and But the whole universe is just frequency, it's just vibrating. And then that vibration can change at any time. And then we'll have a different experience might, you know, created, be in a different universe? Or, you know, it's like this endless possibilities. There's just so many possibilities.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:18
Right! And then quantum physics is already talking about, it's already proven that we are, everything is energy, if you

Tara Arnold 1:00:23
Yeah, and you're tapping in, and you can, like, you can have things change in your, like the energy frequency. So like I do, like, I used to do some medical intuitive readings, and there would be frequencies of maybe a past lifetime. So I would see, like a face of somebody's past lifetime, well, that, you know, just for a few seconds, so it's like, I tapped into that timeline and saw, you know, the vision of that on top of their face as I'm doing the reading. So it's like, you can see how it's just tapping into different timelines. It's just energy, it's just you can change so if I'm talking to someone and then their face metamorphosis into an old person for a few seconds, and then goes back, it's like, oh, I just tapped into their past lifetime. It's just you can see and that's why he's saying it's just we have foggy glasses, but it's right in front of us like all these dimensions and timelines are just right in front of us so

Alex Ferrari 1:01:24
So is that what you know masters who walked the earth now are able to kind of jump in jump out jump in jump out like yeah, they can you hear that with Yogi's that they talk about? Like Autobiography of a Yogi Yogananda. He literally said that he was like, I'll be back. I'll be gone for two days. And then like, if you need me just whispered in my ear, and I'll be back. Like he was off in another dimension, doing his thing. And then he came back. It's pretty fascinating. All

Tara Arnold 1:01:50
Yeah, it's exciting.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:53
Now, does the central member have any final words he would like to leave the audience with?

Tara Arnold 1:01:58
Okay. Oh, yes, welcome. I'm St. Germain, we would say know your worth, there are many that are not seeing their value, they are valuing other people, they are seeking validation outside of themselves to be worthy, I need this person to love me. And we would say that it is all within you go in and love your inner child, because when you were loving everyone outside of yourself, you have mastered this. I am kind to people, and I love everyone. And I give a lot of myself to other people. And I am showing God or the universe, how great I am and how loving and kind. But yet, the one aspect of God that you are not loving is yourself. And this is causing a separation in the universe. It is time to go in the planet wants to be whole again, the universe wants to be whole again, the separation is the third dimension reality of being human. And when you're human, you do not go in and give that love to yourself. But we would say if you began to go in, then the universe would balance easier and you would transmute more, you would transmute much and change much of the planet by going in. Because when you go in that consciousness within you connect to the consciousness of all and as that expands out, then it creates a balance on the planet. But when you are always seeking validation outside of yourself, then it keeps everything separate. You are the missing piece. When you have a pie and you have taken a piece of the pie out of the pie plate. You have caused a separation, you were all that piece of pie that you have removed and you were saying I am not worthy. I have to find that love outside of myself. But if you would go in and give that love to yourself. That piece of pie could be put back in the pie plate and the universe would become whole again. Ah, stop seeking validation outside of yourself. You are more than enough at all times. If you were doing something and you were saying I shouldn't be doing this, I'm doing something wrong. You are always doing the best you can. This is when you need the most love. Compliment yourself. When you are feeling the most down when you have messed up in your perception. That is when you need the most love. Give yourself that love if you spilled the coffee on the floor. Do you compliment yourself or do you say I did something wrong? This is where we would say to compliment yourself I did a good job spilling that coffee. If you saw a five year old child that knocked the coffee off The shelf, you would be gentle with them, and you would be loving and kind. But yet when you knock the coffee off the shelf, you are criticizing yourselves. It is time to go in and give that love that you have given to everyone around you give that to yourself. And this will make the universe whole again. Blessings.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:23
You're back. We're so, Tara, thank you so much for doing this again. It's been such a pleasure talking to you and also talking to St. Germain. Is there. Can you tell everybody where people can find out more about you and the work that both of you are doing?

Tara Arnold 1:05:37
Yes. Thanks for having me, Alex. And it's, and also my YouTube channel. So yeah, I'd love to see you. And thanks again, Alex, for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:51
Sure. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Tara Arnold 1:05:56
Well, thanks for listening. I appreciate it. And I appreciate all the comments and I appreciate everyone who came over to my channel from Alex's last interview that we did and you have really nice people that are on your come to your site, and we really appreciate them.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:15
Tara thank you so much for everything you do, and I appreciate you my dear. Thanks again!

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