MASSIVE Changes Are Coming for HUMANITY, & You Don’t Even Realize! with Sydney Campos

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Psychic Energy Healer, Embodiment Facilitator and Best-Selling Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. She is the Founder of the Embodied Ascension Academy, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ASCEND and host of the Visionary Souls Podcast.

Sydney is devoted to creating Heaven on Earth in all moments. Since 2012, she has guided thousands of visionaries globally in embodying their true selves and powerfully living their purpose. Whether advising conscious companies, mentoring visionary leaders, training shamanic facilitators or architecting the world’s next social community – Sydney illuminates bridges into new dimensions. Sydney is a sought-after expert in the fields of embodiment, sexuality, intuition and leadership. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sydney Campos.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 352

Sydney Campos 0:00
My guides will will just remind me to like look at everybody like a child like to really can we see ourselves and others as children? Can we really see like beneath the mask, right, this is the way that we help to unmask ourselves and then we help invite other people to unmask is just to like, welcome them into that childlike energy. And this is also where shame gets diffused, immediately just in presence just in that permission of like, for me, it comes through as like silliness or just being playful being in a childlike state. And it just pierces that, that mask of like the serious Control Freak adult that has to be perfect and is like holding all this stuff together in the background.

Alex Ferrari 0:39
I'd like to welcome to the show, Sydney Campos. How you doing Sydney?

Sydney Campos 0:53
Hi, Alex, it's so good to be here thank you!

Alex Ferrari 0:56
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate you being here and sharing your journey and your experience and knowledge with us. And we're going to talk about your new book. I'm ascending that what, which is a great title. You do a lot of stuff as I was doing research on you, you do a lot of different things and wanted to before we get into your abilities and how you help clients and how you help people through your work. What was your life like before your spiritual journey began because from my understanding, it was a little bit of a rough ride, like we all go through.

Sydney Campos 1:34
Well, it's all a spiritual journey. Just living and being human right is the ultimate spiritual journey. So yeah, it was born into a really awesome family that have brought up a lot of perfect traumas for me to learn and evolve through and that included, you know, a lot of trauma of alcoholism and different, you know, levels of emotional abuse and neglect. And yeah, just a really challenging environment. For someone like me that's really sensitive, really sensitive being and who knows, if I came in sensitive or my environment also helped to make me very sensitive. Most people with, you know, supernatural psychic abilities tend to come from upbringings of intense trauma. So we like learn through survival to activate our multi dimensional gifts and psychic sensitivities to really take care of ourselves. So that was definitely my experience. And yeah, when I was about 14, I started drinking and doing drugs because I just I really wanted to turn off my sensitivity, it was overwhelming and just crazy. And I didn't know how to live and it was just so hard to live. And I wanted to turn that off. But then I think also a part of me really wanted to connect with God with spirit and I, you know, found drugs and alcohol a great way to do that effectively, for a time. And I did that for about 10 years. And then I reached a point of, you know, choice did I want to live or die. And I think I had tried to die a few times I really, I didn't enjoy this, this body, this planet, I found it incredibly hard to just exist and live. And I had so much paralyzing anxiety and just really challenging you know, and I, I wasn't allowed to leave. That's what it felt like I had a lot of near death experiences and attempts that kind of like ending my life and none of them are successful. And then, you know, there came a moment where I was in a therapy session actually and my therapist just, it was a God moment really, it was an intervention of, you know, like, Okay, wait a minute, am I going to tell this person the truth of what's really going on? And it was in that conversation, I was actually being diagnosed as having, you know, bipolar, like a mental illness, basically, by nature of the symptoms, I was sharing, and I thought I was there to have career counseling, you know, I thought like, if I could just learn about my purpose and get on track with my career, so outwardly focused, like, you know, if I'm successful, then I could be happy and I could just start to relax. And she's like, you know, I think there's something else going on here. I think maybe we need to put you on this medication for anxiety and bite you know, this disorder. I feel like you know, this diagnosis, and like, well, actually, I don't think I can drink alcohol on that medication. So let me actually tell you what I'm really doing. And I you know, it was in that moment I kind of heard myself speak for the first time I heard the truth of my reality that I was living and it It shocked me genuinely and I and look on her face of shock also shocked me and I'm like, Okay, well I think if I continued the way I'm going, which was like blocking out drinking, you know, close to overdosing frequently, just hanging out with really dangerous people doing really dangerous things living a double life. I was gonna die. And yeah, it was my moment of truth. And I just chose I chose at some level to, to live and that will ultimately take me to choose to get sober shortly thereafter, not in that moment, but in a series of events. I eventually, you know, got sober and then that's really started my awakening process which just began you know, I began to take care I have myself,

Alex Ferrari 5:00
I love that you said that I was born into a perfect family. Because that is something that so many people have a hard time dealing with when you're, you know, when when you hear on the show and I talked to other people that say you choose your soul blueprint, your soul plan, you choose the parents, you come in on and I'm like, I didn't choose these abusive parents, I didn't use choose these neglectful parents. But your perspective on it is beautiful, because I know that they're exactly what I ordered. And they were exactly for what I needed in this life. And you look through all your traumas in life, and they kind of are kind of set up who you become. Without those traumas, you aren't the person who's sitting in front of you. You know, I've gone through traumas in my life, you've gone through traumas in your life, and you go back and people that if you had a chance to redo it, would you would do it again, sitting here, I would say yes. Because it's very easy to say yes, from this point. When you're in the crap, as they say, are in the trenches, it's a lot harder to say, yeah, yeah, this pain and suffering is amazing. We should again, but that perspective is really important for people listening, I think that, that they look at things like that. So when did you start beginning to feel these these abilities to come up and start, you know, what abilities first started to flourish? And how did you deal with them psychologically, when they started to come up?

Sydney Campos 6:29
I should say it's, it's sometimes hard for me to fully remember before a certain point, I feel like this soul that's talking to you now came into the planet, actually only a couple of years ago. So I have this awareness of like my life up until a certain point, and then, and it's like a memory, I have some memory, and I have some faint memory. And then I have a much more lucid recollection of my life, the last couple of years, where I feel like I've come into a deeper embodiment, and awareness of my abilities, my capacities, my journey, my path, so to speak, my purpose. And so, you know, I think I had some awareness of like being sensitive when I was younger, but I didn't really know I didn't really have any examples around me that were articulating these kinds of experiences. It was just in my world, I think a lot of us are like that. It's like, I'm just in my experience, and people are having their experience around me. And I don't know if these are sensitivities, or abilities, or empathic sensitivities, or whatever it is. And I didn't really have an awareness of being like different or having extra sensory capacity until after I got sober. And then I started to feel conscious awareness of being incredibly overwhelmed by what I thought was anxiety and emotional energy. And that's ultimately what can you know, I learned about being an empath. I was guided into energy healing, and I'm like, I just feel so overwhelmed. I feel so anxious and I don't understand because my life again, from that external lens, it looks really good. So why am I not happy? Why do I feel so anxious and you know, just this chaos and paralyzing like fear, it was harder to sleep at night, I was living in New York City at the time. So I'm in a really loud place. And I just felt really overwhelmed. And I had two different people. synchronistically send me to the same energy healer. I had my first Reiki session, Reiki energy healing, and I felt totally cleared out after that session. And I'm like, What is this like? What, what just happened, it was the most palpable experience I've ever had of like an energetic clearing, or even just an awareness of like energy in my body, and then that clearing out of my body. And that's where I learned about this term Empath, and that I had absorbed it made sense to me at the time, like, Oh, I feel so heavy and overwhelmed because a lot of the stuff I'm feeling isn't even mine, I'm taking on all this energy from other people and the environments that I'm in and the whole city, the craziest city on earth, no wonder and then I started learning more about energy and you know, energy healing and just self care and different, like protocols and practices that I had no idea existed, I had no idea how to even describe any of these experiences. And you know, just I had to start practicing to really learn about myself as an energy field that requires different support.

Alex Ferrari 9:20
So So you started to learn about energy and being an empath I understand because I feel very much that I am an empath as well sometimes because I feel energy and I feel you feel things a little bit more than most been sensitive like that most of my life so I kind of understand that. When did you begin your psychic abilities and this information coming through because I always ask channels, because you also kind of channel but I don't know what kind of channeling you do. So you could explain the kind of genuine you do. We kind of talked about it before before the show. But you you have psychic ability of channels, when those voices start coming in are those images To start coming in, or that energy starts coming in, it can be overwhelming for people who are not ready for it. So I'm just curious when that first started to happen to you. Wow. Like I was a digit crazy as you hear voices and things like that, so how did it work for you?

Sydney Campos 10:17
Yeah, totally. I mean, I thought it was crazy. I even thought before I read right before I got sober, and like I, I would, I mean, I was doing a lot of drugs and drinking. So that also makes you feel really crazy. And by the way, alcohol, just like, you know, for sensitive people, I've learned that that really just pokes tons of holes in your energy field, and allows a lot of external entities and interference to come into your field. And it can create a lot of confusion. And if you're really psychic, and then you're adding alcohol to the mix, it's recommended to like really be aware of that and really take care of yourself. And so, you know, of course, my psychic abilities really amplified when I stopped drinking and doing drugs, because finally I was like, in a more stable, feel to you know, receive and start to process, different energetic information. Now, let's see it probably around the time that I'm, you know, a big part of my journey was meditation. And I just started right away when I got, you know, when I got clean, I'm like, I have to, I have to learn how to meditate, my mind would be like attacking me, it would be like just the loudest inner critic and just the meanest voice you've ever heard. Like, I would never say to someone else out loud, horrendous and I had no awareness of the I've just liked this is normal. This is the voice I've had my whole life. And I started to meditate, learn to meditate and really sit with it. And that's also when, you know, oh my gosh, that was a huge awakening of realizing my voice wasn't the only voice that I had access to, that I had other voices, I had my intuition, I had my you know, just like more of the self loving, like inner parent. Again, I didn't have words to define these voices at the time that I just started to feel. It just started to feel relief, like, oh, wow, I don't need to be beating myself up all the time. Like there's a different there's a different level of, you know, peace I can I can start to access. And it's from there that I started to have more of an awareness of like, intuition. And like guidance are it presented more as like imagination or ideas, and it felt like, Oh, this is like something coming from maybe not from me from elsewhere. That's kind of how it started. And then I would start to see images and get different messages when I was doing energy healing is years later, when I was seeing clients and in person and doing like hands on bodywork and energy healing, I would often see, but not in the way you think like physically seeing, you know, like, we look at a movie or a picture, it would just be through like a Clairsentience like a feeling. But it's like through the feel almost like a synesthesia like you feel a color or like you feel an image, you feel a memory. That's really how I've usually received data that way. And then I could articulate it, you know, to whoever I'm helping to serve them. And and then later on, I was guided to learn about the Akashic records. I was like, magnetized to this term, it was like on a newsletter somewhere, and I'm like, I don't even know what this is. But I just know I have to learn about this. And I signed up for this weekend thing and, and I had a massive remembrance. And it felt like just a soul retrieval almost of like, Oh, I remember this from many lifetimes, I remember this, this energy, this work, I remember teaching this to other people, this feels so good. And, and it was huge. And that was a really big awakening that was in 2015. And that's when I started to learn the articulation, the words to explain some of the experiences I was having. And I think this is happening for a lot of people right now on Earth, who are having an awakening or just opening up to more energetic sensitivity, we're all we all have the capacity to be empathic. By the way, it's just part of being a human body. And as you become more sensitized to presence, your empathic sensitivity and ability to feel the experience of other living beings, because we're all connected just increases inherently. And so yeah, I started to just have more words come through to describe these experiences I had been having for a long time, but I didn't, I didn't know that they were psychic messages or that I was able to connect with gods or masters or loved ones, or, you know, all these different kinds of support, basically, that are here for all of us whenever we choose to access them.

Alex Ferrari 14:17
So what is your definition of channeling? Because from a YouTube, it's a little bit different than usual, because you're not a trance channel. You don't go you don't have an entity that comes in and takes over or anything like that. What is your definition of channeling? What is your flavor of channeling if you will?

Sydney Campos 14:32
Oh, I love this question. And I you know, we're all channels. Every single person your body is designed as a channel of energy as a tuning fork. And we all can access so many different types of energies, guidance and support. And this is like my favorite thing to explore with people. It's like what are your channel? What are you have access to is different than me like what are your gifts? How do they love to express? So I would define channeling For me as the ability or rather the capacity to bring through insight, wisdom, intelligence, wisdom, insight or direction, from higher consciousness, and that consciousness can be how I experience myself as a channel is that I am a channel for source, I am a divine being as we all are, I am, I am a divine being, and I'm in this body, but I'm just an extension, I am an extension of Source consciousness. And I have a unique articulation or transmission that I can articulate in a way only that I can have this one universal source that again, we're all connected to. But the fun part is that we all have a different way of translating this energy. And then it can land in different ways with different people and has different resonances. And, you know, I think you see, after, you know, you're on this path for a little while, it's like, we're all kind of sharing similar things at the end of the day.

Alex Ferrari 16:04
We're all in the same video game as a as a call. Yeah, we're all playing just a different perspectives. We're all we're all playing in different perspectives. So when you do when you've mentioned that you've channeled your spirit guides or your or Ascended Masters or things like that, how do you connect with them? Do you just go, Hey, Buddha, this gentle a Jesus or hey, you know, St. Germain are, how does it work for you?

Sydney Campos 16:33
Well, it really, it depends, especially if I'm in the context of like, you know, supporting someone in a session, and then I will have this like, maybe specific guidance as to what is needed to support them. And then, you know, I will bring that through. But for myself and my own practice, everything starts with presence, presence and deeper embodiment. So like really being present in my body, really inhabiting my body as deeply as I can, I like to breathe in through my fingertips and toes really connecting in with the earth. You know, it's like, contrary to some of what we've been taught, or what I had been taught previously about, like, you know, ascension is about being really, you know, out of the body and accelerating your consciousness up, up, up up to the higher realms, and like, ascending from Earth, ascending out of the physical plane. And I feel that it's actually you know, the other way around more and more, especially at this point, you know, it's like, wait a minute, the deeper we go into the body and inhabit ourselves more fully and connected with the earth. As extensions of also the earth, Earth's consciousness, the more access, I find, we have to so much more beyond like this galaxy, this universe, like so many more dimensions, and then we're able to ground even higher frequency energy, Intel insight, guidance into this plane, you know, so my practice is presence, it's continuing to clean out all parts of my body and feel that are obstructions to presence, which can include trauma, or just any kind of interference. It's like anything, you know, clogging my circuitry, from really receiving the full amount of light. And this is an infinite, you know, process that we can all go through. And, yeah, and, you know, usually also in my practice, I find, I'm guided to, like, detach so much from the like, the personality of like, I'm channeling the Pleiadians that happened for me a couple years ago, I was really excited at the beginning of my journey when someone was like, You are a star seed or know someone called me I was at some healing event, giving sessions to people and someone like, singled me out. And he was like, you're such an ET? And I was like, Yes, I am. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for finally, somebody is just seeing me right now. And it feels so good. And, and you know, and that's a part of the journey. Maybe we all kind of go through and then at a certain point, I was like, I'm a Palladian I've been arcturion Okay, cool. And then I realized, like, I am all of it. I've been everywhere. So have we all we've all have so many different realms of consciousness that we've inhabited and that we're connected to that we bring through it's so limiting to be like, I am a Palladian it's like you're so much more and then even beyond the last few years have been about exploring energies even beyond this galaxy and beyond the name the no names that we have for different consciousness that works really intimately with earth and, and working more in the realms of like sound and light and beyond, you know, the English articulation.

Alex Ferrari 19:31
So would you agree that that are you I love what you said they are going deeper into the body and connecting more with the body allows you to ascend even more? My studies of the yogi's and the yogi masters, to my understanding as they were able to start to vibrate their frequency at a high level of every cell of their body to be able to do some of the miraculous things that they did. And, but also the higher they started to vibrate themselves in the physical form, they started to access things on the other side even more. So yeah. So it's, you can't do one without the other. You can't have a disease, tough, rough body. That's very low energy or low vibration, and ascend in that in the way that we're talking about at those levels. It's a process you have to kind of bring everything up with us that Is that your understanding as well?

Sydney Campos 20:31
Yeah, you totally got it. And yeah, thank God for yoga. And, you know, that's been a big part of my practice in my life. And I love teaching yoga and guiding a movement and, and there's a detox process in ascension, it's huge. And a lot of people are going through that right now, that's a lot of my client work, honestly, is helping people detox their bodies and their energy system of old thought forms of old belief structures that, you know, really create just dis ease, just come for pain, you know, just the addiction to like control, the people's fear of letting go of control is a big one that we clear from the body from the nervous system so that you can be at ease, you can feel peace, you can be present. And then from there, your body can really regenerate in incredible ways. And just, it's miraculous what our body is capable of when the conditions are provided for it to do what it knows how to do naturally. Exactly.

Alex Ferrari 21:26
So instead of going out and eating fast food eating, a better diet will probably help that situation.

Sydney Campos 21:33
Even more than that, honestly, like, the thoughts that you're thinking because you can eat the healthiest food. And if you're hating yourself all day inside and eating that salad because you're gonna be fat, whatever the thoughts you're thinking, and you're eating meat, you're eating that energy, and that's making you sick. So you can have this like aesthetic, healthy, vegan, whatever you are your identities, but it's like, how are you being with yourself? How are you treating yourself? All day long? How's the voice in your head actually speaking to you? How are you? How are you taking care of yourself? And do you do it just to look cool on Instagram? Or to like, take a story of yourself looking like a great person? Or do you really like this is also a growing edge for me and my path? It's like integrity, you know, it's like, how do you show up? When no one is looking? When there's no validation? There's no attention. It's like, how do you value yourself? You know?

Alex Ferrari 22:30
Yeah, you're absolutely right. Because the thoughts, it's all part of the package. I mean, if you don't eat a proper diet, it's gonna hurt you. But your diet of your thoughts is even more important. Because I know a lot of people who come from that world of Hollywood, and I know a lot of people who look great, but are absolutely toxic, or absolutely destroying themselves. Or if one doesn't, one doesn't mean what it means. Just because it looks good on the outside doesn't mean the inside is, is really ascending, if you will,

Sydney Campos 23:07
And we can feel it, we can all do something, I'm sure you've been seeing this too. It's like we're all awakening, more sensitivity, no matter where you're at in your journey. Like we're all getting way more sensitive. Those of us that have been practicing for a long time, those that are maybe more at the beginning of their awakening. And you can feel the truth, like our bodies are really designed to be very pristine, barometers for truth, like the way our vessel is constructed, is to be like a magnet of truth, or not truth. And the truth usually feels really good, it feels welcoming. It feels inviting. It's like beyond the mind beyond the condition concepts of like, what you should want and these things, it's like, wow, we can really start to discern like even if something looks a certain way. But if you can feel underneath what's being sold or marketed to you or told to you, you can feel like something's a little bit off, you know, and it's so important to listen to that.

Alex Ferrari 24:07
Now, what is the what role does the individual's spiritual awakening play in the collective future of humanity?

Sydney Campos 24:13
You know, everything where there's no separation, and I make this point in the last chapter of my book about embodied ascension and to create the world that we really wished existed and the world that I believe we came in to enjoy. And this is triggering and for some people, but you know, try it on. What if all the problems and issues and challenges and things wrong you know, out there that you see in the outside world are at some level operative in your own being in your own consciousness, ways of being, you know, within oneself that are actually there out here in the world trying to get your attention to remedy and resolve within you You know, to what extent is, you know, like the lack of the amount of suffering that I see out on this, you know, everywhere suffering, loneliness, toxicity, manipulation, all the other things, infinite things, to what extent are those energies actually present in me? And how can I make it my practice my responsibility to clean those up to take care of what I can to resolve those energies in myself, so that the outside world isn't having to like create experiences to try to get my attention to like, wake me up and see, wait a minute, look inside, it's all mirroring back. And inside, you know, it's an inside job. That's what I found. And it's really edgy. It's very, like, controversial, and people will be like, what about the starving people in Africa? And what about rape? And what about all this, and it's been my practice, understanding, though, and also my guidance to be like, wait a minute, everything comes back to me, this is like, I'm the epicenter of this movie, or this video game or this reality. So if I'm seeing something out there, it's gotta be there's gotta be something like operative here that I'm like, meant to, you know, address or acknowledge or bring into the light in some way bring into consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 26:14
It's, it is a triggering thing, because it's something that has been said, by most about just the soul plan and the soul blueprint and how we create these things, on a macro level, but in the micro level, this kind of day to day stuff, if stuff is coming around you. At a certain level, you're bringing it to yourself, whether it's a person or relationship, a situation like that. And I don't know about you, but the only way we learn and grow is through challenges. If everything's going hunky dory, and you're, you know, you're hitting three pointers all the time, you're not learning. You know, you're really not learning. So it's with these kinds of things that come across your path that are there to teach you whether they're pleasant or not pleasant, do you agree?

Sydney Campos 27:06
And it's really I agree, and it's really hard in the moment when it's going down, and you're like, I'm dying. I'm dying right now. I don't I don't think I created this like No, and, and I and it's not always, you know, and I'll just say a caveat to is like, when I'm supporting people through really deep initiations and transformation, and it's really hard. And it's like healing core wounds, and going through the deep shame and the stuff you never wanted to share with anybody else. And, and you don't say to someone, like, how did you create this? You know, you know, that's not what I'm trying to say. Like, that's not, that's not helpful. It's, it's oftentimes Only later, it's like, after the integration and the lesson where you're like, oh, and that's this is how we really, we come into Completion, we get out of these healing loops, you know, wherever, like, I see a lot of people who go into the loops of like processing forever, and you're looking for digging for more of the, like, conceptual understanding of this problem, or, and it's like, okay, wait a minute, at some point, how do you interrupt the loop and complete it to say, wait a minute, what am I learning here? What am I learning? And yet is there a part of me that is creating this in my reality, just for a thought experiment, if there's an issue or challenge in your life, a way to like, really come into observance of it and separate yourself from it. So you can have some more like breathing room to like, maybe learn the lesson is to say, hey, just just as an experiment, like, is there a part of me that might have created this, even if it's something I really don't like? And I don't want to admit that I might have created it? Is there a part of me that kind of likes having this problem or this thing? Like, I don't think it would be happening? Unless there was something in it for me? What if I looked at it like that? And, you know, I love this term, existential King, which is a really great book by Carolyn Elliot. And it's just, it's this really cool philosophy of like, you know, even the stuff we hate about ourselves, and like, you know, like poverty, consciousness, or shame, or victim mentality, or whatever it's like, yeah, but even how are these things that are not super sexy about us things that actually at some level, I kind of, you know, I'm kind of getting something from doing that, because it's familiar, maybe because of the trauma or the chaos or the pain associated with this way of being, even though I don't like it. It's familiar, because it's what I grew up with my whole life. And so there's a part of me that stays in that to be safe, it's comfortable. It just provides a level of familiarity that I know how to like operate in keeps me from growing and evolving, that kind of thing. So, you know, we're just at such an exciting time in our evolution, where it's really about full empowerment and taking our power back and realizing that we are creators and what are we creating? What's the story that we're telling ourselves

Alex Ferrari 29:43
In your work, have you seen any markers or signs that a person should look out for if they are beginning to spiritually awake? I mean, listening to the show or watching the show is obviously step one, but reading your book is obviously step one as well. But, but generally speaking, are there anything like if someone's watching this and like, Am I ready? Am I? Am I walking down this path? What are their? What signs have you seen in people to just kind of indicate that you might be ready to start opening yourself up to other things.

Sydney Campos 30:21
You know what comes up Alex is just this feeling that I experienced a lot, especially being back in New York after I lived here for years is where my awakening started. And I just came back to see if I want to stay here for longer. And, you know, being here, I've just been really noticing, like, wow, people can feel it, like I can feel that people really are desiring connection. People want to feel connected, and they want intimacy, and they want nourishing, like real connection. Not just like social media, like a fit, you know, this like kind of superficial connection, but like real connection, like nourishing human attunement and presence. And, and that's why I love your show so much. Because I can feel that authenticity, people are like craving this. And so this is a real marker of awakening is like, if you start to feel like wait a minute, there's more. I want to feel more connection to myself, I want to feel usually will start as I want to feel more connection with other people. I want to feel like deeper presence with other people, maybe with your loved ones or feel a deeper sense of connection to your purpose, feel more fulfillment, feel more connected to the meaning of living? Like why are you really here? What are you here for, to feel grounded in a deeper sense of your purpose? And so this inherently will guide you to connect in with yourself and really start to ask like, what am I about? What do I really care about? What do I stand for? Why might I be here? Like, what am I really living for? You know, I'm really sitting with like, your values,

Alex Ferrari 31:56
You know, what's interesting is, I love that you brought this up that there is such a, there is such a hunger for authenticity. And that is what people connect to more than anything else, you can't fake it, you can construct it, you can build it, it is something that comes through whatever you're doing. And I think over these last, probably the last couple decades, there's been so much pride started in the 80s There's been so much non authenticity. And then social media shows up in this, like I'm living my best instant life. And yeah, that kind of stuff that people are just turned off it there's so much of it now and so much of it that when people see something real, see somebody without makeup on, see a really real moment between a father and a daughter, or see on Instagram, they see something real, and not kind of polished or painted or, you know, constructed, they gravitate to it and you start looking at things that go viral. Even now in social media. A lot of times it's things that are 100%, authentic, could be funny, could be not funny could be something that's a little bit more negative and out. But it's authentic, regardless of what area what spectrum it is to be someone losing their crap on an airplane, it's gonna go viral, but it's often it is authentic. Or it could be a soldier coming home, and surprising their parents that's also authentic, and everything in between. And I think that people are, I think this is where everything is shifting to I'd love to hear your thoughts that all media, including films, including television, even the rise of reality shows, yes, some of them are a little bit not. Honestly, I don't think reality shows are not having anything to do with reality anymore. But these are literally scripted, they can't go. Ga was on strike for God's sakes. But generally speaking, people are starting to venture out into things that are authentic, and even art that's authentic, when it's a movie that's authentic or a show that's not that or a book that's authentic. That's what they're going to do you think that's where people are moving towards. And is this a sign of humanity's humanity's consciousness? Kind of just ascending?

Sydney Campos 33:40
Yes. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, this has been my whole path. This is really you know, that I wrote a long book but the whole essence of it is like be yourself. How am ascending now what how can I be myself? That's literally what my book is about is like, I wrote a 12 it came through originally it was like a 12 step. I have a background in like AAA and you know, 12 step recovery, it saved my life really helped me a lot. And then I was like, Okay, what's next though, like, I put the drugs and the alcohol down, and I don't want to die anymore, and I really want to live but I'm still it's still hard. It's really hard to like, be awake, and the sensitive and also I want to be fully in my body where all this you know, memory is Oh, god, okay, how do I do this? And so that You know, it's like, oh, there's a 12 step program. Like there's, there's kind of this. There's a guide, there's a there's a step by step process and it's recovering your true self. That's like the next that's been my journey is like, how do I recover? My true self? I'm awake. And now how can I actually be my authentic self? What does that even mean? And how do I define that beyond all the jargon and the whatever gurus talking about me everywhere, and then the weird kind of like, it's like an inverted reality type of thing of like all these people teaching about authenticity, and it's like trendy now. But it's from this very superficial, weird, marketed like, commercialized place, like you can just buy it in this product. And it's like,

Alex Ferrari 35:41
Bbuy this product authenticity, by Calvin Klein.

Sydney Campos 35:47
Like that, and it's so weird in our whole video game. Reality is like, I see this everywhere. I'm just like, what they're telling me what, but it feels so off and confusing and blind, leading the blind. And at the end of the day, I feel like this is why this is Ascension. Ascension is the experience of awakening into your true self. And that this is a self guided process. We can work with teachers and healers and support but it's like, You're the master, you're the teacher, that you're here to work with that you're really here to remember. And learn to deeply trust and have confidence in your power.

Alex Ferrari 36:22
Now, I'm going to play devil's advocate Sydney because okay, everything you say I agree with, bring it on. But so many people have a problem with connecting with their true selves. Not only connecting it in private, but for God's sakes in public is so scary to be yourself. It's getting better from like, the times of when I was growing up as a kid, you know, it was all like, get in with the crowd. You don't want to stand out. If you're a nerd. Oh my God, look, you're standing out like you've got it can it be? And nowadays, it's, it's a little bit more of like, be yourself, but it's an and very authentic way. It's kind of like, these are key words. It's not easy look in the mirror and saying, oh my god, this is me. warts and all. What advice do you have for people who are having a problem? Which I think all of us do. You had a problem going through that process? I've had a problem going through that process all of us. Generally speaking, we don't show up and got me a perfect you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't be here. That's what's the point of this. This is this is what we're this video game is here to teach you. So what advice do you have for people who are having are at that stage in their development in their evolution, where they can't really look themselves in the mirror really can't connect with their true selves in private or in public?

Sydney Campos 37:47
Eye? This is my book is all about this. And I know I've I I used to hate myself when I went when I first woke up and I became aware of that my voice my inner voice. I was like, I hate myself. I couldn't meditate. I couldn't sit sit alone with myself. I couldn't do that. I would just beat myself up all day. It was horrible. And I was so afraid. I was like Is this what I'm this is like this is what I'm stuck with. It was it was really I'm like No wonder I did drugs like to wonder I wanted to shut off No wonder I wanted to numb out and I get it like I understand and I get that that feeling of looking in the mirror and really not wanting to see what's looking back at you. And and yet oh my gosh. I just think about the beginning you know, I called in so much support, I couldn't meditate alone, I went to groups I went to sit with groups of people around me that I could just feel safe to be with that first just meditation and silence eyes closed. Nevermind like eye gazing or anything like that, that happened like years later. But I mean, I wanted to feel better felt better when I did certain activities like yoga like meditation, like going to different you know, trainings and groups and energy healing and, and slowly by slowly started to, you know, open up a little bit more in that voice of that more loving self, the truth, my true self, which is loving. It's like loving and kind and more peaceful and not as talkative as that critical self actually, it's like quieter at first. And we're calm, it started to become more accessible. You know? And so for people that are in that experience of like, oh my god, it's so hard. It's like, it's so overwhelming to even imagine like I can't it's a fascinating process to like, I've had so many moments in my journey where I've just been, like, aware of the masks that I didn't even know I was wearing, and then feeling like how am I ever going to be able to take this off? I'm so terrified of taking this off because it's all I know. I know, conceptually there's something else underneath it but the process of imagining letting that go like it feels like dying. It is kind of like dying and the body registers it as a physical death. So it's like everything is Gonna come online to protect you from taking off that mask. So it's like this crazy paradox we're born into in this video game of like, you're here to be your authentic self, but also all of your reality and your body's operating system is designed to almost prevent you from really being your true self because of the survival.

Alex Ferrari 40:15
So good luck.

Sydney Campos 40:18
So good luck deprogramming that matrix. But that, you know, where you begin, where I would recommend and where it worked for me is like, asking for help. We're not meant to figure it out alone. And really, one of the biggest barriers to becoming your authentic self. And just again, it's like, I'm not a fan. I'm certain as you're alive, you're gonna have more layers to work on with like deeper authenticity, I have crazy awakenings all day long. I'm like, I'm still working on this thing. Okay, like, let's do it. And you know, but it's like, the biggest antidote to shame tends to be that I find that shame that a lot of my book is about shame that's spent a lot of my life experience like being so ashamed to exist, be, like, be who I am shamed of like, what I want, what I stand for, just like really feeling. You know, so, so ashamed of who I am. And, and this is a really core thing that a lot of people have in common, I find it's like the universal wound that we all kind of share. It's like this universal language. And it's like, this thing, we're all hiding from each other. But once we start to let some of it out and reveal and share what it is that we're afraid to let anybody know about us, I find that that's the thing that we most usually have in common with other people. It's like there's some unifying thread of like, the things we're all hiding are the things we most have in common. And they're usually the things that really help other people to connect more deeply with us. So they're just like this, this alchemy and shame that I love. And so if you're at the beginning of your path, like who can you talk to and connect with and start to just share in a supportive way, like, Hey, I have some, I have something that I feel like I've been kind of keeping to myself or hiding that I am aware of is like a heaviness might be a mask, you know, of some kind or an identity, something that you're just hiding? And what would it feel like to even just free write to yourself about it, just start to like, bring these heavy things that you're hiding, bring them out into the light doesn't have to be some like big broadcast on social media, like the live stream for the world or something like that, but just starting to share even with yourself or with a trusted friend or guide or healers, so that, you know, you don't have to carry these things alone. And this journey is not meant to be taken alone. When you say shame.

Alex Ferrari 42:32
What do you think causes that shame? That caused that shame in you? And also people? Is it the programming that were put up with? When were children that created? I mean, obviously, religion? I'm a recovering Catholic, I still feel guilty. So is it that is it religion as a society as a family? Is it just your group all of that? What do you think? Is that the unifying factor that you're saying, everybody kind of has this thing going along with them? What do you think it is?

Sydney Campos 43:05
All of it, everything you said, yeah, in my experience, it's been heavily oriented in my family and my lineage. So I pick the perfect parents, they pick the perfect parents, and so on and so forth for hundreds of generations. And there tends to be a really big pattern intergenerationally of shame, and like worthlessness, and you know, just like poverty and all kinds of things. And then that manifested in my and that manifested in my DNA, just by being born in this body, just because of my family's programming and all of their experiences of being migrant farmworkers on my dad's side of being like, you know, kind of evangelical religious people on the other side, and all the different layers and, and then shame can come from, you know, it's like, feeling that you're bad, like, you did something bad, you're ashamed of it. And it can really, for me, it came into my awareness. Again, after like doing work on this and looking at the root, it's like, when I was younger, and I felt like, you know, I didn't have the emotional attunement, like my parents, and I love my parents so much, they're such amazing beings. And like growing up how they grew up, they never really learn to have an attunement. And what I mean by that is like to be present, to be present and bodied, to be available, like to be really present and available with themselves, let alone with me, you know, and I didn't grow up with an example of someone with a healthy attuned nervous system to really create and myself to model and this is like I'm talking about from when you're in the womb, this all starts before you're even born before you take your first breath in your in your mother's womb. And this is called the pre limbic birth imprint. It talks about this to my book and birth sinkewitz English so much that happens that sets us up for our entire life before we even come out of the womb. It's like it's all there. And you know, what was your mother? Like, when you're in the belt? When you're in the belly? Was she in stress? Was she in, you know, was she going through intense traumatic experiences, and this can have an impact on the like chemicals in the body that you then get set up with for your life, you know, high cortisol and et cetera. And then this, you know, for me as a little one, I'm like, okay, it felt to me energetically, like no one was there. Nobody was there for me, like, in the way I needed it. I couldn't really sense that anyone was there. So I felt alone. This got wired into my consciousness as a belief structure later, it just, we're just meaning making machines. That's, you know, that's who we are, we make up meaning, before we really understand, especially as children before, we understand all the details of everything that's happening. So I felt like, no one's there, I'm alone, I must have done something wrong. To deserve this, how else am I going to make sense of this, what's wrong with me, I'm bad. There's the shame. So there's that level, but then it was also set into motion by in a long line of many generations of shame. Not good enough. You know, a lot of abuse, a lot of abuse on both sides, a lot of addiction, a lot of neglect. So we're up against a lot in these bodies again, and a lot of it is happening before we're even aware before we even are like developed. And even just in the first before coming out of the womb, and then the first seven years of our lives, a lot of our personality is just set up. And the way that we're having those first relationships with our parents, what they're modeling to us, in our nervous system is getting is getting wired in certain ways. And it's, it's just fascinating, we all have so much complexity, and I just frequently remind myself, like, just, you know, you never know how much someone has really been through, like we have all been through so much just by being born on this planet in a body. And it's kind of immense, when you really take that in, like, wow, this is like a hole in one person is an entire universe of experience and complexity, and pain, and also like capacity for love, and like incredible abilities. And, you know, I love to nerd out on that.

Alex Ferrari 47:14
Do you find it as well that, that, you know, not to generation shame, but like our parents, and God forbid their parents before them? There was a lot of like, what will the other people think? And that kind of starts like, oh my god, what will the neighbors think? What will the other family think, you know, all this kind of stuff, which is kind of the beginning of like, putting on masks? The shame that like, you know, oh, my God, you know, you and I are both Latinos. So it's like La penna. You know, that kind of that kind of thing. Oh, my God. With that, do you think that's where it kind of started. And then our generation, you're, you're definitely younger than I am. But generally speaking, our generation is a little bit more open, and our kids are like, generations, okay, behind us, there is no privacy anymore. So that everything is wide open things that our parents would have never said publicly. They're just like, Insta tiktok, and they're like doing this stuff. It's they would never have done that. And other times, would you agree?

Sydney Campos 48:17
You know, you bring up a lot in that. What I first see when you have what I first see when you're talking about is you're talking about this, there's such a huge, it's like a quantum leap in consciousness has been made between just like the last generation and then even though I'm 30, I'm about to be 36 Soon, which is so exciting. It's like number nine completion. And then, and then I look at people that are about 10 years younger than me, and they're totally different operating system. They're like, it's just they came in to a different template, they are operating at a different frequency, they have a very different consciousness, trauma is not as much of in their reality as it has been for my generation in those prior. And it's just things are not, even if they were born into a really traumatic family dynamic. It's like the stuff didn't stick to them as much. That's what it seems like they have a higher capacity to kind of process that out of their, their being and and then I noticed, you know, I feel like my generation or my experience has been that I'm a bit of like in a transitional period between this like really more highly evolved template, the younger ones coming in, and then yeah, I look at my parents and I'm like, Oh my gosh, like, so much density that they it's like normal to orient into. And like a familiarity with just like, I would say living in a more conceptual frame of reality, like three I don't really love to give the assignment of the numbers but it's like third and fourth dimensional consciousness of just like, logical intellectual, like a little bit more basic, a little bit less capacity, to feel and to be emotional and to have intuitive awareness and a lot of repression, a lot of more of the survival body really leading leading the way. And yeah, just feels like so much more density, you know, and then so much compassion because actually, like, I know a lot of people were just talking about this at breakfast this morning like a lot of our parents are also having awakenings, you know, even if they come from these generations with more density and heaviness and, you know, their own traumas and things with with the lack of resources and articulation, to be able to share in a more heartfelt or like, you know, self aware way, it's like, they're having their awakenings too, and they're starting to open up their heart and there's they want to learn and, you know, I love to see this, it's almost like, my guides will will just remind me to like, Look at everybody, like a child like to really can we see ourselves and others as children? Can we really see like, beneath the mask, right? This is the way that we help to unmask ourselves and then we help invite other people to unmask is just to like, welcome them into that childlike energy. And this is also where shame gets diffused, immediately, just in presence just in that permission of like, for me, it comes through as like silliness or just being playful being in a childlike state. And it just pierces that, that mask of like the serious Control Freak adult that has to be perfect and is like holding all this stuff together in the background.

Alex Ferrari 51:17
Yeah, exactly. And I think, as a lot of the Ascended Masters have said, Be childlike. You know, they are, when children come in, they're much closer to source than we are, you know, they're not covered up with all this stuff that we're trying to deprogram ourselves from. It's just been such a beautiful conversation, Sydney, I would like to ask if can you ask your guides or whoever you're channeling, or whoever wants to come through in this conversation that could be of service to this audience that's listening? What? What message do you have for the, for the audience in regards to humanity's future in regards to whatever they need to hear right now.

Sydney Campos 52:01
And I welcome everybody listening to also tune in to your own guidance as well or to feel the like other subtle energy transmissions that comes through in this sharing. And I like to do that by just really centering myself in my heart, connecting unconsciously with the Earth, taking some deep breaths. And then I love to ask what's most important for me to know right now, what's most important are of highest service to share in this moment, for all listening, here, and now or in the future now. And I immediately just feel an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. And I feel the awareness of many beings watching your video game, this reality show that we were playing in together. And I just feel an immense amount of joy. It's like there's so much joy, there's so much joy and love and surround just surrounding us really surround feel the joy surrounding you feel the love surrounding you feel the light surrounding you. You are an infinite resource, you are guided. I see this image of like, you know, Earth as part of this constellation of many other iterations of planets or Earth's, you know, simultaneous dimensions realities have, we want to play it. And then there's this reminder that like, everyone listening now, like we chose this very specific moment, this very specific template, this very specific structure, to come play and in our body, as our body as our true selves, on this planet that is like, this is heaven on earth. This is heaven on earth that we came for, this is the most beautiful place that we could ever fathom. why we've come back, there's really nowhere else that we can feel, remember that there's nowhere else that we can feel, period, full stop. I just feel this cracking up because the really the energy that I feel and receive when I tune in in this way is like it's almost like a tickling sensation. And I just, I feel wrapped with this love and this joy and this gratitude and this reminder of like to feel to feel through the body, the sensation and the capacity, that we have to really sense all of these different layers of our reality. All of these different layers have the insight and the intelligence that moves through each and every one of us in such unique ways. And that remember, we are the ultimate tool that we are the technique we are the technology we are the infinite resource and this being and there's a vessel it is all encoded in us and through us as us and for us, and that we are here to cultivate ourselves as the masterful beings that we are as the embodiment that we are of such incredible light of such incredible presence. It's meant to be light. They're meant to be as light we are designed to be as light. We're here for the light as the light of the light. We are meant to be as light. How do you allow yourself and welcome yourself to be more of the light that you are how do you allow more light to flow in and through your body, to flow in and through your channel to be the channel that you are to allow yourself to receive all that you are. It is safe to receive all that you are safe to receive. Oh, I just feel a big, emotional wave. Really strong message for everyone listening, it is safe, it is safe for you to be it is safe for you to be here it is safe for you to be in this body of the safe for you to be on this planet. You are welcome. You are invited. You are welcome here. Your full presence is welcome here. You are welcomed to be home here. This can be home here you are free to be at home, you are safe to be at home. Ah yeah, just feeling a heart healing coming through for anyone that would be open to receiving healing a light just starting to really expand or the center of your heart melting away any layers of protection, when you layers of resistance to receiving yourself to receiving the love and the presence that you are receiving your own presence for you that this is maybe why you are here is to receive yourself that your presence is actually the gift that you give to yourself. And then you give and share with all others that it's you first give your own presence to yourself. Ah, taking a deep breath and grounding that in giving gratitude to this beautiful planet. And this this body that is an extension of this planet and to all of our guides, masters, teachers and loved ones are always here supporting us and all moments. Thank you so much. Yeah, it just felt like a big heart opening. And I really feel an awareness Alex of just the people listening in here, this this field that you've assembled, it's like, there's so much love here. There's so much love assembled in this community. And this is why we're here is to create more fields like this where love, presidents authenticity can just can translate as wide and far as possible. And that more people are empowered to be that like walking permission slip out in the world of like, whether it's just a smile, or a kind gaze or just like when someone asks you How are you taking that extra moment to be like, well, actually, here, here's how I am I'm here, and how are you? And like really getting out of autopilot and really creating true connection in the world, even in really simple interactions that can be life changing.

Alex Ferrari 57:39
So beautiful. Thank you so much for that. I truly appreciate it. I know, the audience appreciates it said well, so thank you. I'm going to ask you a few questions into that. Ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Sydney Campos 57:53
Living a fulfilled life means being fully alive as yourself.

Alex Ferrari 58:02
Fair enough. Now, if you can go back in time and talk to the little Sydney, what advice would you give her?

Sydney Campos 58:08
Oh, I feel like what just came through was exactly that, you know? Wow. I mean, I would love to tell her now I'm telling her right now. You're welcome to be all the way here this exactly as you are as loud as you are as wild as you are as playful as you are as silly as you are, it is all welcome. And you are safe.

Alex Ferrari 58:30
How do you define God or Source?

Sydney Campos 58:35
The feeling of absolute knowing that you are loved.

Alex Ferrari 58:42
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sydney Campos 58:45
To remember that you are all beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 58:50
And where can people find out more about you and pick up your new book I'm Ascending, Now What?

Sydney Campos 58:57
Oh, well, that's the website imascendingnowwhat And then my other website is And thank you so much, Alex, I just I'm so grateful for connecting with you today.

Alex Ferrari 59:07
And do you have any other party messages for the audience?

Sydney Campos 59:11
Yeah, if there's any last message I could say it's like, you know, how can you add some more fun and playfulness and even silliness into your life like this is really the medicine of our time is like how we transmute all this heaviness and the shame and the intensity and the mass and like, through play. I feel like play is the highest expression of you know, presence and where more of our purpose naturally gets revealed. It's like how do you like to have fun? And it's so simple, but it's like, how can you add more fun and playfulness and adventure into your life even in simple ways and make it like a game for yourself?

Alex Ferrari 59:47
Sydney, I appreciate you and everything you're doing for the planet. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Sydney Campos 59:52
Thank you.

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