Therapist REVEALS After 1000’s of QHHT Sessions the RAW TRUTH About PAST LIVES! with Suzanne Spooner

In the realm of human experience, creativity and imagination are our greatest gifts. On today’s episode, we welcome Suzanne Spooner, a dedicated practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) who helps individuals explore and understand the depths of their consciousness. Suzanne Spooner guides clients to tap into their inner knowledge and healing abilities through deep relaxation and hypnosis.

Suzanne’s journey into this fascinating work began unexpectedly in her kitchen while practicing a spiritual response therapy class. She felt the presence of her deceased father and began using a pendulum to communicate. “I started asking questions, and the answers came through the pendulum, spelling out words and sentences,” she recalls. This experience sparked her curiosity and led her to explore deeper realms of consciousness.

Suzanne was drawn to Dolores Cannon’s work, which involved guiding clients to access their subconscious through hypnosis. This process allows individuals to uncover past lives or stories that hold the key to understanding their current life challenges. “The technique Dolores developed helps people access a part of themselves that knows everything, which is incredibly empowering,” Suzanne explains.

In our conversation, Suzanne emphasizes the power of creativity and imagination in shaping our lives. She believes that humanity has been conditioned to distrust these innate abilities, leading to a reliance on external authority. “If we don’t trust our creativity and imagination, we remain in a state of confusion, relying on authority and not making good decisions for ourselves,” she says. This insight reveals the importance of reclaiming our inner power and wisdom.


  1. Inner Wisdom: Each of us holds all the answers within. By tapping into our subconscious, we can access profound knowledge and healing capabilities. This process involves trusting our inner voice and intuition.
  2. Empowerment Through Imagination: Our imagination is a direct link to the divine and a powerful tool for creating our reality. Embracing this gift can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.
  3. Healing Through Self-Discovery: Understanding past lives or stories from our subconscious can provide clarity and healing in our current lives. This journey of self-discovery helps us integrate and love all aspects of ourselves.

Suzanne’s work with QHHT demonstrates the profound impact of exploring our subconscious. Clients often experience significant healing and insights that transform their lives. “People heal themselves; it’s not a miracle, it’s normal in this experience,” she notes. This process highlights the potential within each of us to overcome challenges and live more fulfilling lives.

As we delve deeper into the conversation, Suzanne addresses common misconceptions about past lives and channeling. She explains that not every past life regression involves being a famous historical figure. Instead, these experiences provide valuable lessons and insights tailored to the individual’s needs. “We are all connected, and each life story, whether famous or not, holds significance for our growth,” she emphasizes.

Suzanne also discusses the broader implications of her work on humanity’s collective consciousness. She believes that we are witnessing a significant shift towards greater awareness and unity. “We’re in a unique time where the evolution of consciousness is unfolding rapidly. The more we work on ourselves, the more we help the collective,” she says.

In conclusion, Suzanne’s message is one of empowerment and hope. She encourages us to trust our inner wisdom, embrace our creativity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. By doing so, we can contribute to a more harmonious and enlightened world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Suzanne Spooner.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 380

Suzanne Spooner 0:00
We come into our lives with the two greatest gifts of creativity and imagination is how we create our life. And we've been dumbed down, over 1000s of years to not trust our creativity and our imagination. Because if we don't trust that we can create everything that we can know everything, then that keeps us in a state of confusion. And if we're in a state of confusion, then we rely upon authority and we we don't make good decisions for ourselves. It keeps us on the hamster wheel. Right. And it's been that way for a long time. Now, I say you know, it's the controller's the bad guys that created the solution for us, but we agreed to be a part of the solution so there are no bad guy

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I'd like to welcome to the show, Suzanne Spooner. How you doing Suzanne?

Suzanne Spooner 1:02
I'm doing very well thank you for having me.

Alex Ferrari 1:04
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm really looking forward to talking to you because this is you do part of your practice is this concept this modality of QHHT, which I get constantly people are all my all of you know, people who listen to the show. They message ohh QHHT He teach me like what in God's green earth is QHHT like I have no I started look quantum healing hypnosis tech, like what is. So when I started looking for someone who could be an you know, an aficionado, if you will a a leader in this space you kept coming up. So I was like, well, if we're going to talk to somebody, Suzanne on the show, to talk about this.

Suzanne Spooner 1:50
I'll be happy to talk to you about this.

Alex Ferrari 1:54
So first question before we get started is how did you first become interested in exploring human consciousness through hypnosis, meditation and channeling?

Suzanne Spooner 2:03
Yeah, well, I would say channeling came first, totally unexpected, completely unexpected. And I developed a process that I eventually was able to show people how they can channel and tap into their own self to receive information from you know what some people would call the high sell for subconscious or connect with loved ones that have passed, you know, God source whatever name you want to give that it's infinite, the possibilities. So that happened to me one day in my kitchen, sitting at my table, working on another process that I had learned. And it took me a little while to wrap my head around what this was and how to use it and what it was for. And, you know, a few moments of Am I going crazy, you know, is this? Am I am I doing what I think I'm doing? And especially once I developed the class, and other started learning it and receiving their own messages. I just thought, wow, this is so cool. And I think what what I was on fire about with that with this technique, it's called The Art of universal knowing or talk was that it showed that we all hold all answers within us. Which is different from what we've been taught. And so when Dolores Cannon came into my purview, I think that's what I gravitated towards, because her hypnosis process which I had never done, I'd never learned to hypnosis process before. What I loved about it was it wasn't her or the practitioner giving the client any answers or doing any healing on the body. It was guiding them to this very deep space within them where they could access all knowledge and all healing. And to me that just like talk or the art of universal knowing it's it's empowering. It's letting people know how to access this information. And so a few years after I develop talk, that's when Dolores popped up. And in my world, and it actually took a year for me to like get settled in with her. I can't remember the first thing she was talking about when she came across my YouTube channel, as she tends to do with a lot of people was a topic that I just wasn't quite interested in at the time. It was I think it was ETS. I mean, I was cool with it, but it just wasn't my cup of joe at the moment. But she looked just like my grandma. And my grandma had asked, you know what I'm like, Oh, she looks just like Graham and Nettie. You know, that's so sweet that she's talking about these really far out topics and like that's kind of cool. And so I put her away for about a year. And then a year later I saw another interview of her And she was talking about one of her, I think it was convoluted universe, but three at the time, it just come out. And it was many, many different topics of many different people's experiences what they were in hypnosis, and that just fascinated me. And so like everybody at the time I called down to the office, I wanted to have a session with Dolores and I got on her list. I think it was about two or three years long. Wait at the time. But then I discovered that she taught this and I thought, wow, you know, that'd be like, I would love to know this information that she's getting. And I'm very curious. And so I signed up for the first class and just hit the ground running with it.

Alex Ferrari 5:39
So can you talk for people who don't know who Delores is, can you kind of talk a little bit about Delores and her work?

Suzanne Spooner 5:44
Oh, my gosh, what an amazing lady. She she worked in the field of hypnosis, quite starting kind of accidentally her husband, when he was in the service, wanted to do hypnosis to help people with habits, smoking, eating, drinking, things like that. While working with I think it was an officer's wife at the time who wanted to lose weight, that lady spontaneously went into a past life. Dolores was her husband's assistant at the time with the big reels of recording devices and all that that they were using at the time reel to reel. And it sparked a curiosity within her. And not long after that. Her husband Johnny was in a horrific car accident and became a quadriplegic, I believe, at least couldn't use the legs. And so she had to put everything on hold. And it was quite a while later that she picked up this hypnosis thing. And she was studying different types of hypnosis and all that when she decided to create her own technique, which is what evolved into quantum healing hypnosis technique. And what makes her technique different than than other types of regression hypnosis is that not only are the clients going to other lifetimes, you know, if we're talking linear, you say a past life. But that's not always that. But they're also tapping into this part of themselves that knows flipping everything. And some will call it the high self or subconscious, divine self superconscious, any name is fine, that that part of them that knows everything, and they come into a session where they have already written up a list of questions that they want to have answered. And these questions can be anything, they usually will fall underneath kind of two categories one of life and personal questions and one of health and body questions. And so when they come in for a session, they'll sit with talk for a while, they share a bit about their life story. This usually takes a couple of hours. And it's fascinating. And then we take a quick restroom break come back, they get comfy on a table, you know, however, the practitioner has it set up. And they start being guided into this deep state of relaxation or hypnosis from there. It's amazing Alex, this part of them that knows everything has picked the lifetime or lifetimes or experiences with stories if they don't believe in lifetimes don't have to, it's just fine to the story or this lifetime, that relates to this current life and this most unexpected and very helpful way. So that's what we explore, we go through that, you know, we'll call it a lifetime. It can be anything, though, because we're everything. And then when we get done looking at that, we'll make this super easy transition over to that part of them that knows everything. And it's amazing to witness a set, I have the best job in the whole world. And then that's where I'll start asking their list of questions. And that's when I'm really good at and really good question. Asker I learned from the great Delores cannon, who was phenomenal at pulling information from people in this deep, deep reservoir of knowledge that we've all had for every second of every life. And and so we just have those conversations about the answers to their questions healing their body. Everybody can it's not a miracle. It's it's normal in this experience. And that's that's what divorce created.

Alex Ferrari 9:29
Wow. And so what part of channeling me because from my understanding she was a channel as well. Or am I mistaken?

Suzanne Spooner 9:36
No, she would not say that. She was a channel at all she would say she was a reporter. She would go into people's deep consciousness to pull out last and ancient knowledge and of course helping them on their own path but no, she never claimed to channel.

Alex Ferrari 9:53
Okay, so then when you started to kind of go down these roads, like you were saying when you were in in your kitchen, and that and you started, like asking yourself, am I? Is this happening? Am I going a little nutty? How did you process this? A lot of this stuff as just as a normal human being who's not? It doesn't sound like your background is this. So this was kind of out of left field if I'm not mistaken.

Suzanne Spooner 10:19
Yeah, I yeah, I was a real estate agent.

Alex Ferrari 10:27
Of course, that makes sense.

Suzanne Spooner 10:29
Stayed with that nice normal, you know, real estate job. But I've been I've always been curious and open and and I think that helped a lot. And yeah, so when that first happened to me, I'll set the scene just a little bit. I was in my kitchen, I was working on this class that my girlfriends and I were taking with a really sweet teacher named Malvika. Shaw, it was the spiritual response, therapy class, they call it SRT. And it's just, you know, use a pendulum and a bunch of charts and you clear out energy and you're, you know, you can learn energy from other lifetimes or your house, you know, whatever. So anyways, it was kind of a complicated process, but I was picking it up easier than I thought I would, which was, you know, a nice surprise. And that morning, my kids have gone to school, my husband had gone to work. And I was just practicing when all of a sudden, I felt the presence of my father, who had passed many years before. Great guy, he had chosen to end his life. So of course, very sad. We were very, very close. And we always had the just the wildest, esoteric conversations before he passed. So it wasn't a huge, I just knew in my heart of hearts, if there's a way we could connect, we'd figure it out. And he had, always, since his passing had come to me, periodically in very intense dream visits, and I knew they they were visits, they weren't just dreams. So we'd had that connection. But this time this morning, I felt him I knew he was with me. And I'm just like, thinking about, wow, you know, what can I do with this? And that's interesting. And I'm holding this pendulum to do this other clearing work, and I have a yes and a no direction for it. So I asked, you know, I, you know, it's kind of like, I'm obnoxiously optimistic, but I kind of like, because I didn't want to get my hopes up. And so I just said, it's asking us, my dad here. I said, is there someone here with me? And my Yes, goes this way. With a pendulum. It's kind of opposite of most. And it not only did Yes, it was like kinking. It was like going way up, and I'm like, okay, okay, figure this out. And I'm looking through all these SRT charts to figure out a way to communicate, but that's not what this process is all about at all. And so I decided to draw up a letter chart, which I had never in my life used a letter chart before. And my, my, my fear came up right away. And I went, Oh, I don't want this to be like Weegee crow. So you know, right away, it's like, you know, I was having this internal conversation with both sides of my head. And it says, No, just try it. You know, just see what happens. And I'm like, Yeah, okay. Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll just try it. And so I made this really crappy letter chart, because I'm, I have no artistic ability at all, or symmetry. And, but I put the letters around it. And I'm like, Okay, let's just, let's just roll. And I put the pendulum over the letter chart. And it started pulling two letters that were spelling out words, and then sentences. And I'm like, what, you know, like, I mean, it wasn't worse. I was thinking, and I had paper and pen. I have the message here, actually. But so I, I wrote it down as I went, and then I picked the pendulum back up, and it would start where I'd left off just perfectly, I mean, just perfect dictation. And it was this beautiful message, and I just had a go. This happened here, you know? And was that an anomaly? You know, that's really cool. And really weird. And you know, and I'm careful with the words I use, because I know words create things. So I didn't say crazy, I just said, interesting. And I had a ponder on it for a little while, I sat back down to kind of prove it wouldn't happen again, which again, totally against my nature, because I didn't know what the heck to do with it if it worked. And it did. It was another message. But this time, it was from my father. And it was short and sweet. And my heart just felt like I had like this huge heart explosion. My cheeks literally went red. And I'm like, we did it, we figure something out. And so that just started this conversation back and forth, back and forth. And I'd be thinking in my car about you know, I wonder, you know, what was it like for him right after he passed and I you know, when I get back home and I could sit and do another message, you know, then this beautiful explanation came out which was so heart healing. because, you know, especially back then, you know, it's 1991 I believe when he passed, you know, even at the funeral people who I know love me, were saying, Well, you know, he went to hell, because he, you know, you know, obviously, awesome. That helps me, right? They were trying to, you know, just just

Alex Ferrari 15:28
Just to know, he went to hell, but it's yeah, hope you had a great rest of your day. Like, it's so ridiculous, isn't it? It is so ridiculous. Like,

Suzanne Spooner 15:36
How ridiculous. And so when he explained to me what it was like, right after he passed it, he's like, you know, I went and rested for a while. And then I sat with God. And then we talked about my life. And, man, it was like it was it was amazing. But then it was kind of like, in the back of my head, there's like, there's still more to that story, I think. And it took, you know, I was talking to my girlfriends at the time about what was happening. And they're really curious about these messages. And one of my girlfriends asked me to ask him, I think it was describe transition or something like that. Well, that's when I asked him that I got the rest of the story. Now, of course, he had depression, obviously, and a lot of things that he couldn't process from his life. And he, he says, you know, when I was resting, there was a place I went before that, and he says, It was held. And he says, but it was my hell, I created it, I was in full control of that, because I felt I wasn't worthy to be anywhere else. And I think, you know, my, my breath, kind of, you know, excited, like, that's the last place the sweet soul should ever experience he was he was hurting. And in, you know, being the dad, you know, his essence was still the dad. And he says, Honey, I didn't stay there long. And then I asked to be with God. And I went right out. And I was in that garden that I told you about where I rested. And then I sat with God. And then a brother in law that had passed came through. And he was I was asking him about what his heaven was, like, kind of a funny ways to phrase it. But that's how it came out. And he says, Susie, everybody creates around heaven, he goes, you might want to think about what you want your heaven to be like, because it can be anything that you want it to be like. And for him, it was a little tiny town that he grew up in with his, you know, his bike and his freedom and his buddies. And, you know, that's what his was like. And then he mentioned talking to my dad, you know, like, sometimes I go visit your dad, they were good friends. And I'm like, How do you do that? And he goes, you just do it with a thought, because everything's so much easier here. Everything's with thought, you know, I just, your dad has a really cool heaven. You know, it's like, this little bungalow house, and he's got his 1957, Thunderbird. And, you know, and you know, that's where he he is right now. And so I just think, and we're together, and it's an agreement, and we spend, you know, our time at a time together.

Alex Ferrari 18:05
It sounds it sounds very similar to some of the scenes in what dreams may come. He created his own heaven based on the paintings. And he was basically in a walking painting and all this stuff. It was a long movie, the more I talked to people about these topics, the more I realized how on the nose, a lot of stuff is in that movie.

Suzanne Spooner 18:31
Well, then let's talk a little bit about creation, right? Because, you know, this is, I'd love to have this talk, because we're waking up from the illusion that we don't have this ability. But, you know, I tell all of my clients that my qhht clients that, you know, we come into our lives with the two greatest gifts of creativity and imagination, is how we create our life. And we've been dumbed down, over 1000s of years to not trust our creativity and our imagination. Because if we don't trust that we can create everything that we can know everything, then that keeps us in a state of confusion. And if we're in a state of confusion, then we rely upon authority and we we don't make good decisions for ourselves. It keeps us on the hamster wheel, right. And it's been that way for a long time. Now, I say, you know, it's the controllers, the bad guys that created the solution for us, but we agreed to be a part of the solution. So there are no bad guy. We are not victims, although we can really do that role. Superduper well, that in this work of qhht, where we've seen a huge shift in consciousness, which is like one of my geekiest happiest things about my job is I get to watch evolution unfold. Over these years that I've done this, where we had, about 12 years ago and earlier, let's put a time to it. Humanity had bought into the illusion that if you're making it up, it isn't real. And if we believe that, then we don't believe in our creativity and our imagination, because that's our direct connect to source to God to our high self, to the part of us that knows everything. So if we believe if we're making it up, it isn't real. Then we close down those gifts. Right? So when Dolores was doing this work 12 years ago, and earlier before she passed in 2014, it would be a client's natural experience in acute HHT session to not be aware during the session, not have much memory, or any memory after the session, you know, Dolores knew to record these sessions. And she taught to record them so that the clients could have them afterwards. So there was just like this, we call it the amnesia days, and you just state, it's like their left brain politely got up off the table went down the hall and around the corner set, then big comfy chair, and politely waited until it got called back in at the end of the session. It was so easy for the clients and practitioners at that time because of that. But one of my most favorite parts of my job is I get to hang out with a lot of high sells, and I'm super curious, I want to know everything. So when I started doing this work, it was in 2012. It was right at that time. And this change was happening where clients were starting to feel more aware in the session. So it was a really big quandary of like, why aren't they behaving the way they used to with this amnesia state? And so I started asking early on, you know, what's up with this with the high cells when I was at the end of a session with a client? And we've answered all their questions, you know, I'm just kind of rolling, having this great conversation. And what they said is no, Suzanne, this is what's going on. This is evolution, this is meant to be the amnesia days, were because everybody had agreed that if you're making it up, it isn't real. So if clever, people would have tried to have woken up, and they wanted to try this hypnosis process, to find their other lifetimes in this, these deep answers and great healing that they're capable of doing. If they would have been aware during the sessions at that time, they would have believed they were making it up, it wasn't real, and they would have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. So the high cells and source one upped the bad guys, the controllers, and they took memory away from the experience. So when they would get done with the experience, you know, say Dolores was giving you a session and and you came out of it. And she go, Well, you know, you were a blah, blah, blah, and blah, blah, blah, and they'd be like, and she said, Yes, here's your cassette tape, go home and take your cassette tape and listen to it. And they'd be like, whatever, okay, and they go home, and they plug their cassette tape in and they go, Oh, I was a blah, blah, blah. And then they call merge up and they go March, I was on top of law in March go, Oh, my God, I was. And it was this beautiful way of waking people up to know, somewhere deep inside them, they have this power, this knowledge, these gifts. And so they started to delve into topics more and these great awakening started, you know, it was a way one of the ways that people started waking up. So what what the high self tells me is that was for that purpose to help people start waking up. But what they say and this is like the newsflash of the day is we're all supposed to be like our highest selves and awaken were physical body, meaning you and I and everybody can tap in at will. You don't need a que HHT session, you can do this all by yourself, to find your answers and your understanding and heal yourself. So they say you couldn't go from full amnesia to fully awakened aware in a blink of an eye, it would have fried your brain, we had to take it in increments. And you know, here we're going on 12 years and that's a very short span of time and humanity but it you know, it feels longer. So in that time, what I've gotten to witness is more and more clients are feeling aware during the sessions, although they're still in deeper than they think they are. This is what you have need for is because like, I couldn't really judge well, where people are at these levels of consciousness. They need help or if they're doing okay. And the beautiful part of being more aware in the sessions is it's like you're trying on the clothes of your high self. So when you get out of the session, and you get back into life and some cred hits your life, instead of spinning your wheels and being in fear and worry, you can settle yourself down say Okay, now what do I need to know about this? And that voice or that knowing or that awareness that is always with you is all He's there will not over your ride your free will, because that's part of our experience will give you that that information that you need. It's it's so easy, it's so close. And it's always with us. It's just being aware of it and knowing how to tap into it. And that's what I'm good at is that I'm good with taking divorces great work and running with it and using talk and meditation, and helping people find these answers that are right under the surface.

Alex Ferrari 25:29
So let me ask you with your experiences in past lives, first of all, can you talk to somebody who's listening right now who's like, this is a whole bunch of hooey. You know, that's a technical term. This is ridiculous past lives. I don't even believe in reincarnation, of course, you go to hell, if you do something bad. If you hear if someone is listening, that has gone through that kind of programming still on their mind, what would you say in regards to what you've experienced with your clients in this quote, unquote, past lives and what they've done? And we're all of them Alexander the Great or Cleopatra, or we're all famous in our past lives. We can't just be cleaning up the poop behind Alexander the Great as he's walking on his work, we're not that we have to be Alexander the Great. But can you talk a little bit about what your experiences are with your clients in their past lives? And what the, like, what has been presented to them a little bit?

Suzanne Spooner 26:30
Yeah, so this is so fascinating, you know, I always come to wherever their level is I, I asked right off the bat, you know, do you believe in past lives, do you not is totally great, either way, where are you at with this? And if they don't, then I say, Okay, we're just gonna, we're gonna throw that past life word out of there, because they're a really good system to that. And I don't know, I mean, I'm a student of life, I'm learning as well, that, you know, I kind of think there's, there's a strong possibility that this occurs. But for them, I'll say, let's just call it a story, you're a part of your mind is going to tell you a story that's going to be super helpful for you to understand this life that were that you're in? And to answer your questions. You know, are you okay with that? And they mostly will do? Yeah, you know, I guess I mean, life's been hard, and I don't get it. And so let's try now, an example I can give you is, for some reason, I, for a while, I seem to pull a lot of couples wanting to have this experience. So husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, two sisters, however it was. And out of the two, there almost always was one person that was totally into it, they read divorces, books, or they loved it, let's just do it. And one was drug, and they, you know, like, I don't want to do this, I don't get it, I haven't looked into it, I don't care about it, you know, just in my own head, I'm just like, that's so brave, you know, to come in, you know, this is a big life changing experience that has the potential to be the best day of your life. So I really give a lot of kudos to those people. But when they are there, you know, I just changed how I talk about everything, so that it feels more familiar to them and safe. And so, you know, example was I did a husband and a wife and he was into it. She was not. And matter of fact, she was a little grumpy about being here. And I reminded her a couple times, you know, we don't have to do this. Like, you don't have to do this at all. And she's like, No, he'll be disappointed if I don't do as let's just get this over with. Wow, you know, this, I'm not saying this out loud. I'm just in my head like, wow, okay. And so I get done, explain to her what we're going to do and how this kind of works and how she helps herself through it. Because I can't make anybody do this. They, this is completely up to them, how far and how deep we go with it. And I said, okay, so does all that information sound good to you? Are you okay with it? And she says, I just want you to know, I think this is all BS. And I'm like, Okay, again, you don't have to do this. And she's like, No, we've made it this far. I wasted this much time. Let's just keep going.

Alex Ferrari 29:08
It's a rough situation.

Suzanne Spooner 29:10
Like wow, okay, let's do it. And so I get her on the table, you know, I begin it. I mean, 40 minutes in and she's fighting me to the now and I were like, come on, you know, like you can do this. And honestly, I mean, I have great patience with with this. But even I got to the point where like, I got like one more question and me and that I'm just I don't know what else to ask her. She's just not wanting to do this. And so I move her you know, to another place and I'm like, Okay, what's what's the first thing that you see? And I'm waiting for nothing. I'm still here. And she goes, Oh, I see stars and planets and oh, I'm on a ship. And I'm sitting beside her Alex going oh god. Wow. Oh, was amazing. I have that one up on my YouTube channel, I've got quite a few sessions that clients have allowed me to put up. But hers is on there it is flipping amazing. And it was so deep and so beautiful. And she had a lot of issues with the body, she healed everything, she has all the information to maintain the healing. And all of that came from her, not from me, which is, again, the empowering part. So yeah, I just kind of go to the level that the person is at, not high or low, but just where their belief system is, and help them work from there.

Alex Ferrari 30:36
So from your perspective, from dealing with so many of these of your clients with past lives, why do we reincarnate? Why do we go through life after life after life of quote, unquote, pain and struggle and, you know, lessons and you know, and you there's highs, and there's lows, it just seems like a complete devil's advocate. It's a colossal waste of time. I don't want to go through pain, I don't want to what is your perspective on that?

Suzanne Spooner 31:08
Okay, here's what I gathered over many years is that not all life is bad, or hard. That actually, it's to be on Earth is one of the toughest places to be this third dimension experience. Because we have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And in most places, they don't have that dichotomy. And in that, in that scenario, we learn lessons much faster and deeper. And the feelings of those emotions, both high and low, are actually a beautiful gift. And that's what they'll talk about sometimes after a life, you know, when we're kind of in that in between space between lives. So they'll talk about the emotions, and you know, how much they treasured, understanding the depth of the lows, and the highest of the highs, it was an experience, because in other lifetimes, they could be in other realms, other dimensions, other planets, where that experiences more of a neutrally type space. So that's very interesting. I think. I mean, of course, it's, it's the opportunity to learn many different things, because as a piece of sorcerer God, or whatever we call that, you know, it's, we want to, we want to know what everything is. So I've had clients that have been rocks, or trees or animals, you know, beautifully, highly evolved situations, just not the evolution that our current belief system supports. So I'm always learning. So I think, you know, you know, when I see it rock, I don't think I you know, it's just nothing, it's, you know, I like, go, you know,

Alex Ferrari 32:57
In any of your sessions. Did you ever hear something? You just like, Okay, I can't get on board with this. i This is a rock. I can't, I can't I'm sorry. Have you ever been a session? Where you? Are you just kind of just constantly learning and just accepting it?

Suzanne Spooner 33:17
Yeah, I, you know, there are definite sessions where I am flying by the seat of my pants to grasp what's being said, you know, there's actually, somebody had brought to my attention, a session that I put on YouTube, I was listening to it just real quick this morning, just a little bit of it. And it's a conversation with an 11th dimensional being. And that's what she went to in her session. And it was very, very high. Understanding is where, you know, am I, you know, I'm like, gotta ask good questions, you know, of this information. That's so beyond me. And so I know, I'm all in, you know, I know, without a doubt, wherever the client goes, is exactly where they need to go. And my job is just to ask the best questions on their behalf to get as much information as possible for them to get on the recording, so they can hem and haw with it afterwards and learn and better themselves from it.

Alex Ferrari 34:13
So they take that that session, and as an example, when you're saying that she or the client went to had an 11th dimensional being come through. That sounds very channel like, I mean, they you're they're channeling a setting that was that them in another life lifetime in a current lifetime, which we can get into that in a second. Or was it Bob? In the 11th in the 11th dimension is that Oh, Bob just wants to come in and give us some information.

Suzanne Spooner 34:43
Oh, it's so funny that you use the word Bob. That's a whole other story. Sometimes dimensional being that. Okay, so elevens dimensional, let's stay with that one. So, so in that experience, what we found out, I have never had a session like this Before or after, what this 11th dimensional aspect of her? I mean, because I mean, we're all one. So it has to be a part of her to a degree, said that she's actually a fifth dimensional prototype that came into this life to kind of see how does it go with a fifth dimensional body, being in a world that still pretty much 3d, I'm gonna tell you, it's been hard for her, it's very physically hard, lots of discomfort within her body, which is what she came into the session asking about and wanting help with. So you know, in a, in a typical session, we'll do a body scan, and they're going through the, you know, wherever in the body that needs to get repaired. And we're finding out great things like why they created it, because we all create our own stuff, what they've learned from it, how they're healing it, because if we can create it, we can heal it. So that's what goes on in the session. That's why people heal themselves, and what they need to change afterwards to maintain the healing because it's our thoughts and our beliefs and our experiences, typically, that create the illness or the discomfort. So that's a normal one, right? For her, we had to go into an operating system of her fifth dimensional body. And so we had to shift gears, I had to shift gears and follow their lead to, to find this knowledge that was going to be beneficial to her afterwards. It's everything is so every body is unique, and every session is unique. So if you don't it's like that proverbial box of chocolates. You just don't know what you get till you get there.

Alex Ferrari 36:47
No, this idea that I've come across from speaking to so many different people on the show, is that there technically is no such thing as a past life or a future life, that they're all happening at the same time, which always fries your brain. Yes. Can you explain in layman's terms to people how that is even possible that everything's happening at the same time, and I use the word time very loosely. And how one life might affect another one, quote, unquote, in the past, or critical in the future, depending on how we react in this life?

Suzanne Spooner 37:27
Yeah, okay. So yes, I can. Thank you. Yeah, it actually, my understanding that initially came through and a Talk message asking to understand it better. And it was this beautiful understanding of that, it's, it's, we're in this life. So you're Alex, I'm Suzanne, and we're having our reality that we've created individually, and now we're converging, right. But, you know, I, as a little girl had parents that got divorced. But what they're telling me is, I also created an aspect of me whose parents stayed together. And my soul could have that experience. And I, as a young adult, fell in love with somebody in Australia and went there in thought that was going to be the end all be all, and stay there. But then another one, had a big breakup and ended up coming back to the US and marrying somebody else. And so, you know, Dolores would talk about this too, she's, you know, same thing, every time we make a decision, there's another aspect of us that breaks off or is created to have that experience, perhaps we don't even break off perhaps it is all simultaneous, we just, our heads can wrap around, going down a different path and having that experience. I don't know, I'm always learning. But I do believe that is correct, because that is, it's a great understanding of deja vu of, you know, you go somewhere, it's like, Oh, my God, I've been here before you meet somebody and like you, instantly are in love with them, or you instantly can't stand them. And there's no reason either way for that. It's recognition. So I think we are very, very, very multifaceted and much, much bigger than we've ever considered thinking about. And that's the one that's the all. And I get to visit that place every once in a while with my clients, and you know, and then go into journalistic mode and, you know, ask questions about it. So it's an insatiable topic. Recently, you had Darryl Anka on and he gave a really great understanding about that about television channels. That's very similar, very similar.

Alex Ferrari 39:55
But so well, you sound like it's not past lives or future lives. It's parallel realities, almost,

Suzanne Spooner 40:02
I would say, that's closer to the truth. Right?

Alex Ferrari 40:06
So it's almost like a parallel reality as opposed to a past life or future life. And from what I've heard from near death experiencers, who have had life reviews, they said, oh, when I'm going through a life review, not only am I feeling what the other person's feeling, but then I would figure out oh, what if I dated Susie? And got married with Suzy? Oh, what would have happened if I got that job in New York and didn't take the job in Minnesota? And all of those are just and you in that life review, feel? Or experience how those played out? Like those those those levels? If you will? It does sound the more we talk about this, it just sounds like a giant video game. And you're like, Okay, I wonder what would happen if I went down this road? What would happen if I went down this road and experienced, you know, this as an instead of as Mario, I'm going to play Donkey Kong this time, and I'll be Donkey Kong walking down that road. It sounds very video game esque. And

Suzanne Spooner 41:05
Then you get to the topic of a simulation,

Alex Ferrari 41:08
Which I've discussed a few times on the show, which is this whole simulation of the third, the third dimension, which that there's a simulation theory is that we're all basically the matrix, we're in the matrix essentially. And that makes a whole lot of sense to me, completely makes sense to me. And now quantum physics is starting to catch up. They're like, No, mathematically, it's probable. I think it's, I think the people who just won the Nobel Prize, the group of physicists, were, basically because they proved that mathematically, we can

Suzanne Spooner 41:43
I could catch up, you know, to

Alex Ferrari 41:48
What we've been talking about all the woowoo stuff that they've been talking about for years.

Suzanne Spooner 41:52
Yeah, you know, I had, I had a beautiful opportunity once to work with an astrophysicist who was having severe health issues. And I actually flew to him, because of his, his, his body not being able to fly to me. And I stayed with him and his wife, which gave me a very interesting view into his world that I don't normally get with my clients. But, you know, here's this great mind. An amazing astrophysicist, very opened things, but within a scientific belief system, and one thing that made me kind of sad about that, I understood better after meeting him was how important peer review is, and, you know, you have to have that agreement, you know, in order to validate what you find, like, like, to me like, No, you just do you, you know, you don't worry about what other people think about it by those two worlds colliding. Right. But, you know, for him, let me think about this. He, we did several sessions, because I was there with them. And the last session I gave to him, he went into the future. So if we're linear into his next future, lifetime, and he was a little boy, and he was going to an academy for science, and he was kind of picking up the work from this lifetime. And starting it again in that lifetime. And they had a very special guests that day, in their classroom, it was an ET. And they were all the little guys were excited about, you know, getting to me and an ET and all this. And the ET walks in and my client goes Whoa, he's like, handsome, he looks like Like, like, like Clark Gable, you know, very. And what we found out later was the ET made himself look very pleasing to the children so that that they wouldn't scare them, right. But the lesson that day was how to create consciousness. So the ET holds his hands out, and just above his hand, he creates this ball of consciousness, he calls it and it's kind of orangey red color. And it's just it's hovering above his hand. And he says, I just create the Senate as consciousness. And the fun of the class was he took that ball of consciousness and let each boy hold it in his hands or it always hovered above and he was talking to them about creating consciousness. Now, my client is little boy in that life was the last one that got the the experiment, and from my perspective, watching him in this deep space of hypnosis, having this experience, his eyes lit up. I mean, his eyes are closed. was about his face lit up, you know. And, you know, it was he was so enamored with this new tech nology to him of understanding human consciousness, right? It was so amazing. And so in that way I think it gave him the hope that where he felt like his, his life work wasn't appreciated in this life, which actually caused problems. I believe it was Parkinson's, he was almost not being able to walk at that point. He could see, life goes on. And he recreates and learns new things. And that was a, that was like taking blinders off of him that it's not all about this life, everything plays into one another and it keeps building and there is no time anyways. So you know, this kind of our world problem. The time

Alex Ferrari 45:59
Right, time and space is in our world problem without question it through all your sessions. What is the farthest back anyone quote unquote, back as anyone gone? had they gone to Atlantis and they've gone to Egypt added on to farther back to other times that we don't know.

Suzanne Spooner 46:16
Oh, okay. So yeah, he's a piece of cake happens often, you know, not often, but you know, often enough that you get to explore it. Okay, probably the coolest farthest back one was before the Big Bang. thing. And this was a guy who in this life, has actually created a government agency that we all know. And he did it out of, at the time, just the goodness of his heart to protect people. It's kind of gone wonky. Of course, it's all things still in government, that, that that was his creation in this life. He's retired. But in the lifetime he went to, it was very abstract and took a lot of questions and answers between the two of us figure out what the heck he was, but he was plasma. And the plasma kept folding in on itself, and then folding in on itself and repeating and repeating. And then he realized he had he was folding over something. And he made the realization he was holding over a proton. And his role was to protect this proton. And, and then the Big Bang occurs and, and that proton goes out. And it's creation. And so that was that was probably the the earliest one early, pretty early, early. You know, and bless his heart, you know, as, as happens in just about all sessions when he came out of it. I mean, he's like a deer in headlights, like, where did that come from? You know, and I'm like, I know, is that awesome? Because you didn't expect to have that experience. But that's the experience that your high self pick for you to have to understand this and this and that, you know, we find it out that,

Alex Ferrari 47:55
That this was fascinating. Did you have any clients ever went back to places like Atlantis or places that are more mythical in scope, but they have really clear ideas of what was going on during that time?

Suzanne Spooner 48:10
Oh, yeah, there's, you know, one that comes to mind when you say that is Atlantis, there is a young lady that came to me for a session that was an architect in Atlantis and was very stoked about you know, the things that she was designing to make life better for people. And but amongst all that, there were people that were designing things that were not better for people. And, you know, that started, you know, the understanding of the downfall of that. The Marianas is another one that people will visit in Egypt is, is a place that people I think, just in our day to day lives, a lot of people feel pulled to Egypt, they don't understand why, what's going on with that the the watch TV shows about, you know, it's easier to find a show on Egypt than it is Atlantis, for the most part, or Lemuria. That I think that's changing. But that's why not long ago, I started doing these taking tours to Egypt, with the really the sole focus, one of three focuses is to help them discover their own lifetimes in Egypt while we're there amongst these great pyramids and temples and or the connection to the collective consciousness that just is all over the place. They're so easy to tap into when you're physically there and and then guided, you know, to have these self discoveries is an amazing thing that we all have it you know, we're all a part of the history. And it's again, it's not that hard to tap into it if you know how to and you're open to it.

Alex Ferrari 49:56
What are some of the biggest misconceptions about this kind of work and also channeling in general that you would like to kind of dis kind of like demystify for people.

Suzanne Spooner 50:09
Yeah. So I think you know what you talked about earlier, everybody's Cleopatra, right?

Alex Ferrari 50:17
Everyone's Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, or Yeah.

Suzanne Spooner 50:21
So so that can be a truth. So what we found in this deep work is that there are things that are sometimes called imprints, and life can be an imprint. So, say a young girl needs to come into her life, and she's going to be a great natural born leaders, she's just going to be something she does from a young age, and she just has this gift, right. And so what we find out in sessions is, you know, perhaps that soul has never had that experience, they have nothing to draw upon. But this is the lesson that they want to learn or this is what's been decided. So their soul will get imprinted with, say, the lifetime of Cleopatra. And that way back in the souls consciousness, that one can draw on those characteristics and those gifts and abilities and what do you know, like, at fifth grade, they're like, you know, groups of people are listening to what they're saying, because it's makes so much sense. And, you know, it's the prodigies, and the, the people that just have this innate ability, or gift of whatever it is. Having that, so sometimes in a session, I'll actually ask myself, Is this? Did they physically have this life? Or is this an imprint of life, and it's usually an imprint of life, but to that soul with that imprint, it's just the same as it being their life, it's no different. Which is, you know, it gets into that, you know, kind of mind blowing emoji, conversation again, of, we're all one. So, yes, it's all possible. Now, some people get really, you know, kind of their sweet little ego wrapped up around, I was Mary Magdalene. Let me tell you, about my life. It's Mary Magdalene, you know, and, you know, that's awesome. You know, they can be drawing on that too. But I don't believe one person is the only you know, I've had many, many clients that have had lifetimes with Jesus, or famous people in history. And they're, you know, or as Jesus, or as Mary, you know, and it's great, you know, it's something they're aspect needed to experience to understand themselves deeper and better.

Alex Ferrari 52:45
So when you say that, that socialists use Jesus as an example, so that when you had a client that comes in and says, I in, in the hypnosis comes out that Oh, and it's another life I was Jesus? Can you explain this imprint idea a little bit more, because it's just more kind of like, there's a bunch of characters on the wall, and you take off that suit and put it on to kind of experience what that character went through, I'm looking at as an actor at this point. So it's like, are you taking on the role? Because that role has these kinds of elements that I want to learn about in that life? Or it's messages that have to come in? I just want a little clarification, if you can, yeah,

Suzanne Spooner 53:24
I mean, you can use that analogy, it works really well. with it. I think when those experiences happen in a session, it's something that they it's an issue within their own life that they've struggled with understanding. And so to be showing that they were that they have that connection to that probably releases a lot of fear or worry or discomfort that they've carried in this life. I mean, this this part of us that you know, I'm calling the high self it has any name really is coming from a place of unconditional love. It doesn't work in the constructs of fear, that's more of a left brain experience. And that's a duality thing that we agree to, to have the fear and the unconditional love all wrapped up in the same life to learn from. So I think in the instances of having a session, we're there that showing that they are that person, that experience is to help them understand their own life, this current life in a much deeper and profound way.

Alex Ferrari 54:49
All right. Now, where do you think humanity's consciousness is going? This this great shift this great awakening? Where do you think because if you If you watch the news, we're all going to hell right now. And the world's burning. I don't believe that, but many people do, because that's the messages that are being sent to them. So I always like to ask this question about this great awakening that of consciousness that's happening. From your perspective, where do you think this is all going?

Suzanne Spooner 55:17
Well, from my perspective, I check in a lot with the high sell since sessions about you know, so how's it looking from your side? You know, how are we doing? You know? And really, I mean, the, the uniform answer that that comes is we're right on track, everything's fine. We're all experiencing what we need to experience. Now, we're in a really interesting place post COVID, that we're seeing everything we're seeing where people are at very, very, very clearly, we don't wonder what their thoughts are, we don't wonder where if they carry fear, or if they've moved beyond it. And that's no judgment, it's 00 judgment, because, you know, those that are plugged into the TVs, and, you know, that's their kind of religion, what they based their life experience off of, for their soul, they need to have that experience. You know, it's, it's their reality. We're seeing many modalities all at once now, right, from one extreme to the other. We didn't see that a few years ago, as clearly as we are now, if our eyes are open to it. And so what they tell me in sessions, and what I get in, in talk messages is, the more we're working on ourselves some more, we're helping the collective. And, you know, I just have this very unique perspective into watching how things shift and change and the information that comes through in the sessions over all these years to get a, I think, a nice grasp on it. So I'm very optimistic, I think there's a lot of stuff that's going to happen. And if that may not be pleasant or pretty, that we're all creating it so that we can learn from it. I believe what I've learned in sessions is the fear that we're creating in the outside world is because collectively, we've decided to look at that, ourselves, and how we handle it. And so we create all these wonderful examples of fear and and, you know, it's the movie, you know, is that it's the horror movie. Right? And, and then some of us are like, going, just, you know, I'm done with that, you know, I don't need to experience that anymore. I'm going to, you know, concentrate on the things that bring me joy and happiness and raise me and show me a better experience. And again, no judgment, that's just where some people are at. And so I have great patience, and, but in the meantime, I'm, I'm doing everything I can to bring myself into a higher state of awareness and being.

Alex Ferrari 57:55
Now I'm going to ask you a few questions, ask all my guests. Okay, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Suzanne Spooner 58:01
Following your heart, doing what brings you joy and happiness, being unconditionally loving and allowing others to do what they need to do.

Alex Ferrari 58:13
Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Suzanne, what advice would you give her?

Suzanne Spooner 58:18
The advice I would give her is that there is so much more than what you can perceive. And you have all the knowledge within yourself and trust your gut and your intuition at all times.

Alex Ferrari 58:33
How do you define God or Source?

Suzanne Spooner 58:35
I am

Alex Ferrari 58:37
What is the ultimate purpose of life?

Suzanne Spooner 58:39

Alex Ferrari 58:39
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Suzanne Spooner 58:43 for QHHT sessions to learn talk, ancient If they want to go and take a mind blowing trip through Egypt with me, and oh, gosh, my youtube channel if they want to listen to amazing QHHT sessions that my clients have generously, let me put out.

Alex Ferrari 59:04
Awesome. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Suzanne Spooner 59:08
You know, just, yes, my parting message for your audience would be to trust your gut. And when something comes up, in your mind, sit back and ask how do you feel about it and go with what feels right and good. Don't force yourself to do things that don't feel right, because it's usually not the best path.

Alex Ferrari 59:32
Suzanne, thank you so much for this conversation has been enlightening, and I hope truly it helps helps people out there in the world. So thank you again for everything. I appreciate you.

Suzanne Spooner 59:41
Thank you, Alex.

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