Unseen FORCES: Discover the RAW TRUTH Behind These MYSTERIOUS Abilities WE ALL HAVE! with Sean McNamara

Sean McNamara, MA, lives in Denver, Colorado, and is a clinical mental health counselor in private practice. He also teaches meditation and consciousness development. In particular, he trains people to access abilities such as telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, out-of-body experience (OBE), and more. He is non-religious but takes his exploration of consciousness as his spiritual path. He teaches through in-person events as well as multiple books and online courses. His most recent project involved a year-long study concerning the effects of psychedelics on psychic abilities, and the results are vividly documented in his most recent book, Dewdrops of Infinity: Psychedelics, Psychic Abilities, UFOs, and the Puharich Project.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sean McNamara.

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Sean McNamara 0:00
Profound awakening about the nature of their mind, the nature of reality, these abilities can open up and if they spend time on that it could distract them from their goal. That's one perspective. And other one is if you look at a lot of the big meditation, skewed types of traditions, let's say Buddhism, even particular aspects of Buddhism, particular lineages, they say the same thing. Don't, don't get distracted by any abilities, you pick up, that if you read the liturgies. Or if you read the biographies of the teachers, or if you read on social media, when a teacher exhibits magical abilities, it's like, oh, well praise the teacher, look them look at what they can do. So it's like, the teacher will say, Look at me, I can do this, but don't do what I do this thing, but if one of their disciples suddenly exhibits these abilities, you have a problem. Now you have a student who's exhibiting the same powers as a teacher, and that's a power issue for teacher who has not overcome their desire for power and control.

Alex Ferrari 0:59
I like to welcome Sean McNamara. How're you doing Sean?

Sean McNamara 1:11
I'm alright. How are you Alex?

Alex Ferrari 1:13
I'm good, my friend. I'm good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm looking forward to talking to you about something that I've only seen in movies. I have spoken to a couple people who could do it. But never really talked to an expert about it. So I'm really curious to see what you where your work is all about. So my first question is, what is telekinesis, for people who don't know what telekinesis is?

Sean McNamara 1:39
For some people might be more familiar with the term psychokinesis. And that term is about causing movement. The Canisius part with the mind. And telekinesis really implies a sense of distance. So moving something from a distance, so without touching it physically, can you cause something to move with your mind? So that's the telekinesis is.

Alex Ferrari 2:00
So I've had I've had a couple of martial art masters who have come on the show who couldn't actually shown me videos of him that moving sheets of paper and, you know, they actually have other things that could turn fire on, create heat with their hands, other things like that. And I've seen a lot of documentaries that people could do that. But you teach people how to do this. So it's not like a special yogic power, that other people you know, are you need to be a martial, you know, Shaolin monk to do that. So what what do you how do you begin, how do you begin to teach a beginner? How to move things with their mind Neo?

Sean McNamara 2:43
Yeah, it's funny that that to say it's not a yogic power, it's, it's like it's a natural human ability. And I think all yogic powers sort of superpowers or the yogi's have or people in different religious traditions, what they're exhibiting is what's natural in the human being, but Their consciousness is ramped up. So they really are able to amplify that that I think, because all human beings are conscious creatures. And I'm not talking about just the physical brain, that there is a non physical consciousness. And that's just my belief. And some people believe that the non physical consciousness, every human being, and probably animals, too, I would have no doubt about that. Have, they're connected that at the root were this non physical consciousness, working through a physical body. So that's why these abilities are inherent in the human being. And since started to teach people telekinesis years ago now, I've gone on to teach different forms of clairvoyance and telepathy. And it's the same that anyone can learn these abilities because no one's giving it to them. I'm not giving anyone an ability, there's no blessings involved, no permission needed. It's just, hey, here's, here's what you have to deal with. The number one ingredient is patience, really, because it's a slow process. And it's a boring process for a lot of people, especially if people are not used to spending time in silent meditation. And that because that's what my, where I'm rooted in terms of my personal development is meditation. And so when I taught myself how to do telekinesis, I didn't have anyone to teach me I had to figure it out on my own. So I relied on my meditation training. And I, I reflected on in different meditation systems, you can focus on different energy centers in the body or different physical and mental and emotional experiences in the body, and cause change just by putting your attention. Some people use chakras, for example, and they'll place your attention on a chakra for a long period of time, for various purposes, and I thought to myself, Well, can I do that with something out there in the physical world? Can I place my attention on an object and what would happen if I did that long? Going off, if I put my attention on it, and I had the intention for the object to move or shift position, if I really dedicated my time to that, would it work. So when I was teaching myself to do this, it was many months, and many hours of me sitting there looking at this object, and what I used was, if you can imagine, like a sewing needle stuck into an eraser or a cork, with a piece of tinfoil, folded and balanced on top of it, and then a glass container over it, so that wind wouldn't move it. So there'd be no wind issue. So this thing was sit there on the needle. And I'd sit there for 20 minutes, half hour, 45 minutes, an hour, longer, day after day after day, week after week, and nothing would happen. And I, it's important for me to say that because a lot of people they sit down whether or not they have my instructions, they sit down and suddenly the thing starts moving. And they assume that it's the real telekinesis, but there are many other physical causes, and especially when someone just sits down, and two seconds later, it's swinging wildly while you have issues of vibration, heat, wind, if there's a leak under the container, people are waving their arms in front of the glass vase creating a static charge

Alex Ferrari 6:21
Blowing or blowing, blowing air.

Sean McNamara 6:24
So, so that's why I always stress it. I sat there for weeks and months for hours at a time and it wouldn't move. Which is ironic, because when I teach this in a classroom setting, I usually teach it in a two hour classroom. By two hours, everybody is doing everything that took me a couple years to learn how to do. And I don't know what it is probably the Seeing is believing kind of thing that they see me do it.

Alex Ferrari 6:53
It's a four minute mile. It's the four minute mile.

Sean McNamara 6:55
It's the four minute mile exactly. And actually use that analogy in one of my telekinesis books, it's exactly that they see that it can be done. They're no longer afraid or doubtful or skeptical. And they just go for it. And they have the instructions that took me months to figure out don't go in this direction, do this instead. And now they have that clear path. And then if they apply themselves, if they follow the instructions, and they wait long enough, they'll they'll find themselves doing the the actual legitimate telekinesis.

Alex Ferrari 7:25
There was years ago, I saw Deepak Chopra back and I think probably in the 80s or 90s, there's a video clip of him with Oprah. And he had a string with a weight at the end of it. And he just starts swinging it left to right. And he goes now I'm going to make it move front to back. And then with my mind and he just started to he's he was talking about a nice telekinesis but as intention. And then all of a sudden and he had Oprah do it. He's not make it go into make it go into a circle. And slowly within a few a minute or so you start seeing the thing, start circling when it was going back and forth, all using the mind. So this is not I think that's probably easier than making something Well, that's part of like just adjusting, I guess, or pushing. What would that be exactly?

Sean McNamara 8:17
Yeah, that's, I mean, in that case, his mind is talking to the muscles of his arm, hand and fingers, even the small muscles and the fingers. And they're producing the movement, which is fine. I mean, think he was indicating that.

Alex Ferrari 8:29
But while she was doing it, but if she was doing it while he was holding it

Sean McNamara 8:36
She's telling him you know, his still the body is the intermediary so the mind works through the body, which is fine. When people do dowsing Have you seen people with the dowsing rods? When people are this is an ancient tradition actually around the world for finding water underground, people would take a branch and split it down the middle and hold it like it would look like a like a wishbone on a turkey. This branch and they would hold it and they would just walk and their intention was to locate water right and as soon as they walked over and underwater water source the branch would lift up. People now use dowsing rods are L rods, these rods bent into an L shape and with the last question are they're looking for something and the rods will seemingly on their own cross or they'll open or they'll find their own way to communicate with the dowser but still their hands are holding it and I think what's happening in that case is the subconscious mind or the non physical mind knows the answer or knows the location of the water underground or knows what the person is looking for. It's not the information is not consciously available to the person but it's subconsciously available and civic subconsciousness response to the question and then transmits a signal to the hands that are holding the dowsing rods and then they move because they think of it as Sir if you put those rods like something to hold them up and you're not holding them with your hands. They're not going to move. Your hands are communicating the information from the subconscious mind. And they know how to move very subtly to create the movement in the rods. So although I have to say when I've seen people do it with the branch of the tree, it moves like lightning, bam, like there might be some other energy involved.

Alex Ferrari 10:23
So that was my that was. That was my question I was gonna ask you then if the subconscious mind knows about it, how does the subconscious mind knows about it? Is it connecting to a higher consciousness? Maybe your own Higher Consciousness is we can get into the soul aspect, you know, the higher self, if you will, that knows it? Or is it connecting to something else? Maybe some, some some universal field that has this information in it. And we're getting a little bit more into the esoteric, kind of like the Akashic records or spirit guides or things like that. But what's your thoughts on that?

Sean McNamara 10:58
Yeah, well, I mean, dowsing in telekinesis are beautiful ways to explore that question. And I asked myself the same question. After I became initially successful that telekinesis the day it actually moved doesn't Oh, my God. And then the question, How did it happen? How does dowsing work? So we have different levels of self, right? We're not, there's no singular self, we're process we're process of body and mind, and mind as different categories. So we can say we have the conscious mind and the frontal cortex, the subconscious mind, struggling to keep us alive and survive, and also holding a lot more information than the conscious mind can hold. And somewhere in here in this physical body is a connection with our non physical mind, which probably can communicate first through the subconscious. And then if we meditate or use some other way, we can actually perceive the information consciously. So it goes up to that layer. That what is this non physical consciousness? That's part of us that some people call the higher self, our higher self? And is it just my higher self that I'm tapping into? Or am I tapping into the higher self, like source, God consciousness universe, whatever people want to call it, or even dark energy, because there's a lot more of that than there is a regular visible matter in the universe? Is there a linkage from the most broad expression of consciousness, that's not individual, to the person that's bigger than all of us, or it's odd, maybe it's all of us put together, that gets filtered down to an individual, higher self. And that comes down into starting to communicate through the physical body through the subconscious mind of the brain, and then into consciousness, or through the body itself. So that's one way to think about it. Sadly, I don't know of any scientific way to really, to really give evidence for that. But it's a working model. And when I teach telekinesis, I tell everyone, these ideas that I'm putting forth, they're just working models, they may or may not be true in a scientific perspective, but the mind the human mind, needs to know who and why, what, why and how, like, if you can explain this to me, then I'll believe it, then I'll be able to do this. So this is a framework. I think all belief systems work that way. They may or may not be right or scientifically correct. But they work for people, people produce miracles all the time based on their faith system.

Alex Ferrari 11:31
Right. but the thing is to be that humanity, there's stories upon stories and actually proof and you know, film, people filming these things, that they do extraordinary things from levitation, that is not just a David Blaine, magic trick, actual levitation, actual bio location. Actual telekinesis actual Pyro, Pyro Kinesis is that the way it is called? Yeah, where you create fire create heat. I've seen I've seen videos of, of a monk in Thailand, who can after he does his meditation, if you touch him, you will get electrically shocked. Because he's now vaulted. He's like charged up these, these are things that are completely outside the normal scope of of walking the planet. But there are individuals who elevate their consciousness to a place or learn a skill by elevating that consciousness to a place that can elevate what we do as a human. And I bring back the yogi's as an example because there's there's just such a documented history of yogic powers, like levitation, like bio location, like ash coming out of the hands and these kinds of things. And I've asked a lot of spiritual masters. How do they do this in they go well, if you are trying to evolve as a yogi, you We're raising your consciousness to a certain level, you're trying to find enlightenment. In that journey, doorways are going to open the trap, but they're traps. Which is, which is really interesting when they said that to me like their traps, because if you if you are focusing on how to how to levitate, and that's your focus, you're losing the bigger picture, that is an ego based idea. Not saying what you do is a completely different conversation, but and then or if you buy a locate, or if you want to, you know, manifest, and then you start going back to Jesus, what am I? Well, Jesus had these kinds of I mean, Jesus had magical mystical powers. But it was really interesting to hear that there's a story of I've said on the show before, but it bears repeating, that there was two Yogi's, on one side of a river. And one so Yogi said to the other, hey, watch me I can do, I can levitate across the river. So he levitates and crosses the river by levitation, and the other Yogi just crosses on a bridge. And he and the other you'll get across the bridge, how long did it take you to do that? He goes, 25 years, he goes, that seems foolish. I just walked across the bridge. And I think it because it was like he, he spent 25 years to learn how to do a trick, a parlor trick. But the other one was focused on enlightenment. So it's just it's very interesting. Throughout history, and throughout cultures, there have been cases of humanity moving past what we consider to be normal. And I agree with you, every one of us has the ability, we're just all at different stages of evolution and of consciousness, would you agree?

Sean McNamara 16:39
Oh, absolutely. We're all we're all on our own path. We're all on the path. And I don't know if there's ever an end. And you know, what you bring up about these abilities being a distraction from the goal of awakening or enlightenment, whatever that is. That's a really complex issue. It's a cultural issue. And there's also a power dynamic involved with that. And there's also also the truth, the truth of it for someone who is seeking a profound awakening about the nature of their mind, the nature of reality, these abilities can open up and if they spend time on that it could distract them from their goal. That's one perspective. And other one is, if you look at a lot of the big meditation, skewed types of traditions, let's say Buddhism, even particular aspects of Buddhism in particular lineages, they say the same thing, don't, don't get distracted by any abilities, you pick up, that if you read the liturgies. Or if you read the biographies of the teachers, or if you read on social media, when a teacher exhibits magical abilities, it's like, oh, well praise the teacher look, the look of what they can do. So it's like, the teacher will say, Look at me, I can do this, but don't do what I do this thing, but if one of their disciples suddenly exhibits these abilities, you have a problem. Now you have a student who's exhibiting the same powers as a teacher, and that's a power issue for a teacher who has not overcome their desire for power and control over a social group.

Alex Ferrari 18:05
There's no question about that. Yeah, I agree with you. 100%, because there are, but then that teacher is not a true teacher, he's, you know, he's, it's, it's ego based. It's he's still in this ego base of power and control, where, you know, it's so rare to get some of these abilities in the case of not what you're doing again, but in the case of the yogic, again, we'll go to Yogi's, or even to, you know, martial artists who been around for 40 years, 50 years, practicing meditating, all these kinds of things, and they're able to do things that we just can't do. There are eventually students who get to certain levels, and then they spawn off and they create, and they go off to another. If you're a sushi master, and you learn from the master, and all of a sudden, you know how to make sushi. You open your own restaurant. You know, it doesn't take away from the original master, you're now you've just gotten to a level, maybe not even to his level, or her level, but you are now spawning off into your own. But that's a that's a real, that's a real guru disciple relationship, I think, as opposed to what you're saying, but I agree with you. 100%. There, definitely. It's a trap. It's a trap. It is. When you have these abilities they I agree. I just completely agree with what the yogi's were saying is like, they can be a trap because they're so intoxicating. You are doing something that no one else, probably in your area, you know, or a handful of people in the world have been able to achieve. I mean, walking around like Jesus did, or walking around like some of these Yogi's who just are so far beyond. Their consciousness is so far beyond everybody else. I can see how that the ego could just run away we can you imagine?

Sean McNamara 19:56
I see it all the time. I see it. I've seen it where If people who've learned telekinesis and other psychic abilities, like regular folks, I see it because they tend to post on social media and you see the response, once they learn an ability, it can quickly go to their head. And it's quite obvious to see. And it's like, yeah, that's a problem. And hopefully they sorted out over the Draper's duration of their life. I'm sure I've fallen into that trap at all. I mean, here's this, here's a special note, I don't think I've ever told anyone lately on an interview is that these abilities that I've spent so much time on probably in the last eight years now, or maybe longer, that I don't actually practice them anymore. For myself, I still teach them because people want to learn them that I don't, when I practice now is just meditation, to continue on my goal for that for that larger goal. But I had to, I did get lost in that for a while, like, wow, this is amazing and really explored to fulfill my curiosity. And it was very empowering. This is why tissues abilities not to distract people from a larger goal. But a couple of years before I started exploring telekinesis, I left a spiritual community that I was part of, because i There were cases of abuse with a couple of this, the leaders. And so I left that community, I left that tradition, I'm no longer affiliated with any religion. And I started exploring out of body experiences, because I realized I had this fear of death that none of their religious training or spiritual or meditation training I've ever received, answer that question in a way that was acceptable to me does something continue. So I bought a few books on how to how to body experiences, trained myself, had them and in the first one immediately dissolve my fear of death. And I was free. And it's like, in just a few months of training for the out of body experience, I answered this lifelong question that years and years and years of being in the spiritual communities could not solve for me. And I thought, how can how can I offer this to other people that some of these psychic abilities can set someone free? Or it's something they can use to explore their mind their consciousness in a way that keeps them engaged? They learn something about themselves. But there's no no rules. Basically, you don't have to pay a lot of money or go on retreats, or make yourself subservient to somebody else or ask permission. And I thought, well, I can't lay on the floor and have a roomful of people see me leave my body, if they would just see a guy laying on the floor. What can I do to show people like with their own eyes, and I had started seeing videos of other people doing telekinesis on YouTube. Half of them are most of them, I'm sure weren't real, but someone's like, I think that's the real thing. And that's what inspired me and I said, I want to learn how to do this. I'm gonna teach myself how to do this. So I can teach it to other people. So that they'll have something that's their own, to show them that we are more than our physical body, so that it can be shown in a roomful of people. And then you can teach a roomful of people that each one has their own set up and they're all doing it together. And it opens the mind. So now it's not really a distraction, but it's an opening. It's an introduction. And I often have energy healers and psychic readers come because they're looking for affirmation to okay, I'm doing this work with my clients. But once in a while, I wonder, Am I really doing anything so they come. And they experience what I teach because the way I teach is very evidence based with telekinesis, they see the movement with their own eyes. With telepathy and clairvoyance, they see the evidence from the results of what they're trying to perceive psychically, they see their accuracy and like, this is real. So in one classical Oh, thank goodness, I'm glad I did this, because now I'm really more sure that what I'm doing is real as a Lightworker, as a healer, as a reader as a guide, that I can trust myself a little more. And then they can go on their own path with more self confidence. So that I so in that way, I see these as practices as gateways as introductions as openers, as a way to gain self confidence and a way to set people free. That you if you're willing to put the time and effort and energy in you can achieve these experiences for yourself.

Alex Ferrari 24:27
And what I love about what you're saying is that you're not just here teaching parlor tricks. You know, that's not the goal of this because it very easily could be like hey, learn how to move something, hey, learn how to levitate a learn how to do this kind of stuff, which is very ego based. What you're using it for is a higher purpose. And you're right if if someone can learn how to do telekinesis in two hours, well, then there might be it spawns them into asking all sorts of questions that they would have never asked before and set some time. on a path of exploration of consciousness, exploration of what they're able to do of the meaning of life of is, it starts opening up a lot of doors, which is what I try to do on the show, I try to I try to tackle topics for people to start asking these kinds of questions which I, I appreciate you doing so in I have to ask you what was when you first did it? When you first did telekinesis, after months and months and months of sitting down, meditating quietly and you able to move something? What was that like man?

Sean McNamara 25:41
It was, um, it was really similar to what I had my first out of body experience. And I'll put it this way. And I hope this isn't too crude way to put it, but it's almost like losing your virginity. Sure. Brand new experience. We've thought about it. We've hoped for it or whatever age it happened, like, what's this going to be like? What's it really like? And then it happens is like, Whoa, that was powerful stuff. That was interesting. Hopefully, it felt nice. And I feel like I'm a different person. Now I've seen another aspect of the world. By having this physical experience with another human being, I'm different now. And so it was that way for me with the out of body experience with telekinesis, with all these abilities every first time is like the first time like PA and then usually followed up with a whole lot of doubt, especially with the telekinesis, I had to keep working at it, to prove to myself that I wasn't fooling myself, I'm really, that's my character, my personality, I'm super hard on myself, I'd beat myself up way too much still after working at it for so many decades. And that really showed up that just doing it once or twice wasn't enough, I had to make sure I wasn't kidding myself. Which was a good thing. Because eventually I became public about it and started teaching it. I wanted to make sure I wasn't fooling the public, because that would be pretty bad. It'd be very bad. So the end of the real the real thing that that upset me was though, after doing it a few times, I showed my wife she knew I've been working on I said, Look, check this out. And I said, you want to try? She said, Sure. And she sits down. And then I said, Do you want me to show you how to do it, you know, Mr. Big Head, like, oh, and she's like, No, I'll figure it out. And after five minutes, she's just sitting there in front of it. And she's going like this with her hand very slowly looking at it. And the thing responds to her and stress, it's really took me months that she sits down and she can do it.

Alex Ferrari 27:37
Listen, if I've learned anything, is that men are savages. And without the women in our lives, we would just be running around, you know, eating bananas and jumping on tracer. So, they are much smarter than we are much, much smarter. But hopefully they don't know that all keeps us all the time. All the time is given a chance. Listen, we still open up the jars when they need them. So that's why we're here.

Sean McNamara 28:08
Well, you know, it's a good point, like the support of a spouse or partner or even your roommate is crucial. If you live in a house with someone who doesn't support this kind of development, but the energy is tough. Yeah. It's tough. So I'm so grateful to my wife, she was patient. I spent so much time in the other room doing this weird thing. And she was supportive and encouraging. And she often said I've no doubt it's going to happen. Just wait. It's gonna happen.

Alex Ferrari 28:34
So what happened when you went public with this man, because this is when you came out of the telekinesis closet. I gotta believe some friends and families and colleagues were probably going, Dude, what are you doing, man?

Sean McNamara 28:49
Yeah, I did the worst thing. I started telling people that work. Oh, no. And I got that. Look, you know that. I'm sure many of us have seen this look where your friend or coworker is looking at you. It's a weird thing with the eye. They kind of grow called their mouth doesn't know whether the smile or frown and they're trying to hold it together. They're trying to be polite and not say, Have you lost your ever loving mind? Yeah, exactly. Like exactly. I thought you were a upstanding, intelligent guy. And now you're telling me this and I don't know what to think about you. And it's all in the eyes. Yeah, yeah. So I did that. I told people because I was so excited about it. And people already knew I was interested in meditation but then this is this is too far this is crossing a line. So I really and my family is what actually they're a little more accepting. And one night I brought it over at dinner the whole thing and my parents right away they could do it. It which is so strange, these people close to me. It's just in them somehow.

Alex Ferrari 29:53
I mean, let me ask you a question. Just you being in the room. Does that help the situation? Energy energetically?

Sean McNamara 30:00
I want to say no, because I want people to be self empowered so that they don't have to depend on another person. But what you just said, a lot of other people have said that maybe there's something about me being president, and I'm not like, oh, it'd be, you know, nothing.

Alex Ferrari 30:15
Anyone, anyone that has these kinds of abilities,

Sean McNamara 30:17
Yeah, could just be a confidence factor that here's someone who's done it, they're standing next to us. So you can do it, like teaching someone how to ride a bike, they'll have more confidence that they know you're there behind them. It can be that it could be, frankly, if it has something to do with electromagnetic energy in the body, which it could be, I don't know for sure. Maybe we're all affecting each other electromagnetically and the object itself and the air molecules surrounding it. Maybe it's the multiplication effect that, you know, anytime two or more of you are gathered, you can produce these miracles, you know, maybe it's just the group effect. Maybe it's not just maybe it's not about me at all, but two or three people can do it better than one person trying by themselves. So it could be that

Alex Ferrari 31:04
What are some of the key signs that you are progressing? Even though you're not moving something this man, I mean, to sit down in a room meditating about this. And then you said, if you took us months to do this, what kept you going? You like how? It because you had no proof. There was no you out there that you can focus on like, Well, Sean did it and you said, Oh, I know. Other people have said they've done about oh, no, these other people in there. Nobody. That's no one's teaching me this. So how did you kind of keep going? And were there any keys? Were there any signs along the path? That you were on the right path.

Sean McNamara 31:41
Yeah, absolutely. And before answer, I just want to give credit to one person, there was one person on YouTube who I used to watch his videos, Trevor seven people can look them up, I'm sure he's still out there. He's one that I thought he's legit. And just the memory of seeing him doing it inspired me to keep going and not give up. That I think is, which I think is huge. But what are the signs that I experienced along the way. So first was I enjoyed meditating anyway. And when I started doing this, I felt impatient, like, I wanted to move in the next five minutes, and realizing that it wouldn't move and I had to become more patient. And when I was impatient, my energy was too high. I was too, in my thinking mind, and my conscious mind. And I needed to relax. So as I learned to relax, I thought, I think I'm getting closer, just because I'm learning how to relax and give us a lot more time. Then there were times when I'd be looking at the object, and there's a specific way to look at it. That's not like eagle eyes. So actually very soft and diffuse, where you're not looking at the object directly, but you're looking around at the space around it. And I started to feel connected to it like that sense of separation between me and that thing out there was fading away, where they were both occurring. So instead of it was out here, and I'm back here, where we were actually in the same plane. It's just a mental experience that can happen during ordinary meditation, too. So we started to feel not separate, not to. So I thought, I think I'm getting closer now that it's starting to feel this way. And then I would look at it for long periods of time when we were like this. And I would feel movement, it wouldn't move visually. But it's like I could feel this very subtle mental experience of movement that we're both. It was like a feeling I don't know how to describe is beyond words of this. Like something a blushing like a beat, beat, beat. What was that? It happens sometimes, and I kept going. And the night or two before it actually happened, where they were moved. I was thinking about it. And then I fell asleep at night. And while I was drifting to sleep, this image of the tinfoil on the on the needle arose in my mind's eye. So it's nighttime, I'm laying in bed, my eyes are closed. And it just appeared like right here in my mind. And it was doing this. It was just moving back and forth. And I've never seen it do that in your mind, in my mind. So I've never seen it, seen it do that in real world that in my mind it was doing that. And I didn't create that visualization. It just appeared while I was drifting into sleep, just came up. And then it was a day or two later when it happened for the first time and I realized all those months. What I had to change was my deep seated disbelief that it could happen. And when I saw the image spontaneously in my mind, I think it was a sign that some part of me was now willing to believe it was real. Because as much as I thought it was real I saw people like Trevor seven doing it. And I thought that's real. Still, some are deep inside either thought there's no way this is really real or was scared of it. And these things can be terribly frightening to people who are not prepared to experience them themselves who do not want to, or that they have a religious system that says, This is the work of the devil, the programming, right? So I was raised in a religion that is very much against this type of thing. And I think that that programming was somewhere deep in the circuitry of my childhood mind. And I had to round it out with practicing and just working my way through it, relaxing through it, meditating through it, seeing evidence by seeing other people's videos of it happening and accumulating the belief that yes, this is real, this is real. But we always had that warfare, or at least I do between my conscious mind and its beliefs and a subconscious mind and its beliefs.

Alex Ferrari 35:58
Well, I mean, I've spoken to 100, over 100, near death experiences, in my in my show, and from what I hear from what happens on the other side, when your dad is that there is everything's connected. The quantum physics physicist that I've had on the show have talked about the the Akashic field, or the Akashic Akashic field, which is another word for Akashic records, but the Akashic field, that there is something in between all of us. So we are all connected. The biggest illusion is that we are not one that is the largest illusion that we have one of the largest illusions that we believe that we're all connected regardless of race and creeds and these ridiculous little lines on the land that we that don't exist when you look at it from a satellite, but for whatever reason, we put them there, these kinds of things. That when you're talking about telekinesis, it's just means you're tapping into and agreeing with this ability. You believe it's the placebo effect on steroids, essentially, is what's happening with with what you're doing. Is that makes sense?

Sean McNamara 37:07
Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I've read, I don't remember where I read this, but and shamanic traditions, in some first people's traditions, when healers operate, they'll often use something that's, it's not the real thing, but they'll almost fake it. So the person receiving the healing believes it. And then the healing actually works. You know, people used to talk about the placebo effect as being something bad that you want to eliminate from the,

Alex Ferrari 37:33
Get rid of that, get rid of that.

Sean McNamara 37:36
So you're tossing out the most important aspect is the power of belief, use the placebo effect, take advantage of it. You know, if someone's training and the tinfoil moves a little bit, and maybe it's because the downstairs neighbor hit the wall and it's vibrating. And they start to believe that they're doing it good, believe it, because eventually you'll be able to do it in a way that you prove to yourself that you're actually moving yourself. There's a way that you can change the direction of the movement speeded up or slowed down by will. And that's what proves that it's not just random heat or wind movement. So that's just an aside there.

Alex Ferrari 38:11
Did you ever see the movie phenomenon? With John Travolta? Yeah, Cedric, that movie, he does a telekinesis expert display to somebody who had just come over to meet with him. And he was moving the pencil with his finger without touching it. And the guy's like, what are you doing? He wasn't even he didn't think about it in the movie. He was just like, Oh, I'm just, it goes, How are you doing? And he goes, Oh, it's an agreement between me and the pencil. It's an agreement that I asked him to move and he's like, Sure, I'll move. And there's a conversation going on with the pencil. And in that, and I know it's a movie. But the concept and the idea there is profound. It's profound for energy healers, for shamanic healers, it's for telekinesis for so many other things that we do. It's an agreement. It is a communication with the object, maybe through the Akashic field, if you want to get quantum physics physicists on it. It could be it's so many things, but that was such a profound I remember, I never forgot that I'd love that movie. And never forgot that scene because it just like, makes it kind of makes sense. Now, how do you talk to the pencil is the question, right?

Sean McNamara 39:34
Well, in the in the, in the telekinesis classes, we have a specific way. And I'm so glad you bring this up, because that is one of the most beautiful messages of this and other psychic work is it's all about relationship and connection with ourselves and with the external world. We tend to think that the physical world is dead. That many people on earth know that it's not everything is alive. So in the class, I'll everyone take their piece of tinfoil hat And I'll have them smell it, look at it for a long time get to know the wrinkles in it and all the foals. And I tell them, you know, if you want to go ahead and taste that, what does it taste of what is the taste of tinfoil, get to know it, talk to it. And like mine, the one I worked, they were out after a while the needle drills a hole in them after a while, so they're stuck. But when I get when I call it tinny, it's my nickname for it. So think of hey, tinny, and I'm smelling and tasting and looking at it developing a relationship to it. And talking to it, after a while the talking has to stop, the mind has to get quieter than that. But in the beginning, establishing that sense of we're partners on this journey were part of the same reality. So let's not be so far apart, let's come closer together just by getting to know each other. That's That's how this is spiritual work, which develops people's relationship with the world. And that acknowledgment that we are all interconnected in the way, when someone's training or when someone's succeeding, they can tell when they become too stressed. When they get stressed or distracted, it stops moving. Right when they relax, it starts again. So imagine what we do to each other or to your family members at home at the dinner table. Where your co workers at work the way you feel and the way you think. I believe on some level those around, you can pick up on it, maybe not consciously, but it affects others. snout, this is just more evidence for that.

Alex Ferrari 41:31
So so let's go to the next thing that we're going to be talking about, which is remote viewing. Now I have had a few people on the show that talked about remote viewing, I'd love to hear your process. First of all tell people who've never heard of remote viewing what remote viewing is, and how it kind of ties into the other work that you've been doing.

Sean McNamara 41:49
So this is an extension of the principle that we're all connected not only to other people, but to events and objects. And across time across the future in the past that they all exist at the same time. Anyone who wants to can look up the definition of block universe that'll give you a clue as to how things occur.

Alex Ferrari 42:09
We talked on the show, okay. I thought that the show endlessly about there were no past lives, there are no future lives, all lives are happening at the same time, and all and all branches of those times, time, or timelines off those labs that are all happening at the same time too. And the higher soul can kind of jump back and forth. It's a very difficult concept for our little brains to understand. But I've beaten that idea up a lot, because I heard that from a near death or once and I was like, what do you what do you mean? Like, there's no real you. You're you're in Egypt right now. You're in Atlantis right now. And you're also at 2300 ad right now. And whatever you do in all those lives, kind of effects this life. And vice versa. I'm like, what is happening? What do you what? And my best explanation I've ever heard for this was from a channeler. He said, You have a television, right? Well, you know, when you're watching a show that there's 1000 other shows going on at the exact same time as that show was going on. It just depends on which one you tune into. That's basically what this is. I was like, Oh, God. So yes, I've explained that.

Sean McNamara 43:17
Well, that's a beautiful analogy, if you don't mind, I'm going to repeat the analogy. He just gave you the explanation of remote viewing. So everyone knows our clairvoyance is and remote viewing is a protocol for using the clairvoyant ability, it's a set of steps and practices to organize your thinking and your perception, and to measure the results and to use the results as a learning as a step in your learning to increase your accuracy. So the protocol in remote viewing is let's say you're trying to perceive a target, let's say a picture in an envelope that you're going to see one hour from now. And a person may assign, let's say, a coordinate number, like a random six digit number to that picture. And they give you that coordinate. And so the coordinate is a symbol that represents the image you'll be shown in one hour. So the remote viewer will consider the coordinate write down on a piece of paper, the coordinate. And some other things. I don't want to get too complicated, but they set their intention to receive information about the coordinate about the target represented by the coordinate. Then as things come to them, they write them on the piece of paper and there are different types of remote viewing different structures. Like some we'll start with the overall it's called the Gestalt to the overall sense is this is this a person? Is this outdoors, is this something involving water or land, you know, the overall thing getting down into specifics like what's present or what's happening is or movement, all the details and then drawing whatever images show up shapes, things like that and even describing Colors. And it's never about guessing what the exact picture is. It's about describing to keep the left brain out of the way, if we started guessing, you might say, I think it's McDonald's. Because you thought McDonald's, but it was really a rainbow. It's just your mind saw an arch. And then your left brain stepped in and said, Oh, the golden arches, oh, McDonald's, and it jumped and started guessing, and landed. So remote viewing is a protocol that helps avoid all that work that the left brain does. And then so that's your transcript, what you've written down, then there's the feedback stage where one hour later, you open the envelope, and you see your feedback, which is a target and compare it to your transcript. And that's where your mind goes. How did that work? Because even beginners, actually, beginners usually have the most excellent results. They don't know any better. They just go for it. And then the rest of their years is spent trying to do as well as they did their very first time. You know, it's just

Alex Ferrari 46:00
Beginner's luck. There's, there's a reason for beginner's luck? Well, I'll just I'll just do that, because I've never done it before. So you don't know how to do it. So you just try anything. And generally, that's the right way to get out of your own way.

Sean McNamara 46:12
Yeah, it's the most open state beginner's mind, it's beautiful. So working with beginners is great. But so that's a very general and basic explanation of the protocol that is remote viewing, that it's at its root. It's a way of using clairvoyance. So and you can use it in different ways you can use it to find out information about things in the future, or in the present happening somewhere else. You can use it for predictions, like I have a group of friends here in Denver, that we get together every once in a while and create a fun experiment just for us. It's a way for us to hang out as friends to practice our psychic abilities. And in 2019, I know some people are annoyed that I keep repeating this in 2019. Twice, we correctly predicted the pick three lottery in Colorado, which is not a big deal. It's like an $80. Jackpot. There's so that we use the team style design of remote viewing. And it's called associative remote viewing where you try to predict yes or no if something is going to happen. And so we did a complicated version of that, because with a pick three, you're trying to decide if the digits from zero through nine, three of them will be drawn in a lottery drawing which three. So we have to predict yes or no for each of the digits. And we know that the lottery will be drawn at a certain time later that day or the next day. So we know when we'll receive our feedback. So there's a whole lot of transcripts, a whole lot of targets involved. And some guesswork. So often it would be unclear about a certain number. So we have to bias certain combinations of numbers,

Alex Ferrari 47:51
How many combination? And how many combinations is in three, three numbers. Now is it 999? Or more than that?

Sean McNamara 47:59
Geez, I'm not a math whiz. It's a lot.

Alex Ferrari 48:01
It's a lot more than 1000. Yeah,

Sean McNamara 48:03
It's a lot. So we ended up I think each time we bought a handful of tickets with different combinations of numbers, usually the same two numbers were there. But with a third one we were unsure about or something like that. I have a book called signal and noise and all the results are in there as well. And the tickets that we bought, so people can see how we came to the numbers. And so twice, we won, there were also a few times we didn't win. So it's not like Don't, don't get on this to try and win the lottery.

Alex Ferrari 48:33
It's gonna, it's gonna, it's gonna take a minute,

Sean McNamara 48:36
It's gonna take a lot, especially a six digit lottery that's really, really tricky. I have this idea about the universe and meaning meaning being a natural force, like gravity and time, the sense of meaning. And I think that the times we won the lottery as a team was a gift. In a way, it's just a weird way to put a gift from reality, to show us that what we did was important to us. It's like, okay, I'm gonna give you this

Alex Ferrari 49:06
80 bucks, it's 80 bucks.

Sean McNamara 49:07
It's 80 bucks. You get the bragging rights. And that's it. You don't get to do this every time. Be Here it is. Because it produced meaning for us. It was so meaningful. And I think if you do anything several times the meaning wears out anyway. And I think it's an Attaboy. It's an ad it's an Attaboy. I think that's how a lot of miracles happen. A lot of psychic abilities, a lot of strange phenomena. They're attaboys from something larger than the individual person's ego. Like something beggars knows what we're trying to do and says, You got it. Now. I can't give it to you because you need to have your human experience. You are born a human for a reason not to become a superhuman or a god or have all the abilities and if I did, I'd be laying on a beach in Mexico, earning 20% sipping margaritas right. That'd be the end of my life. So I think it shows us your we're onto something that there is that reality. But we're here to learn the hard lessons of having this body that ages and making mistakes. And

Alex Ferrari 50:08
Well, that's the point of this. That's the point of this whole thing. Because if it's fascinating you say that because, again, I'll go back to the yoga traditions as you are climbing up the consciousness ladder. These things appear like levitation or bio located, these little elements come up. The Masters generally don't talk about it much. I feel like I'd levitated. It's kind of like markers in the highway. It's kind of like, ah, and if you you've learned it, and if you want to do it, you can. It's the people who like, Oh, let me get off this exit. Because I like this. And I'm going to show everybody I could do this. That's when you're not on the road anymore. You've now you've gotten off the highway to show people how powerful you are or how cool you are. And it's ego based at that point. So I agree with you is what you're what you're saying is, it's just an attaboy, because if you would have won the lottery, your life is over it, it's essentially over if you won the 100 million dollars. And yes, there are people who do win $100 million. And that might be part of their life of losing it, of dealing with it of because listen that not that I have $100 million, or anywhere close to $100 million. But that kind of energy coming towards somebody who's not ready, will destroy them. In we've seen it 1000 times, fame, I come from Hollywood. So fame and fortune, dropped onto somebody who's not prepared for it will just destroy them. And we've seen examples of after example, after example of that. So I think it's actually a blessing that you're not winning the lottery. Because it could be detrimental to your evolution, because it's a great temptation after that.

Sean McNamara 51:49
It was really screw me up. I mean, I have to admit, when I started when I was doing the telekinesis when I was practicing for myself, it was always about more heavier. Like I'm making the story a little heavier, because I wanted to do something like they do in Hollywood, in the sci fi movies. You bend the spoon, and it's done. Yeah. And actually, I've, I've taught people to do that. But there's, there's a self preservation limit. As, at least with me, I can only go so far and no further and I think it's a blessing that I can just continue to get stronger or better at this stuff. There's a limit. Because I don't want to if I'm angry at someone, could I make them sick? You know, that's how that's where this can go? Or will I just get prideful and start licking me look what I can do. And it's, it's sort of been a little bit of an ego Crusher in a healthy way people email me like, Hey, I've learned how to do this thing moving the temple. Can you teach me how to move something heavier, and I have to admit, I can't. Everything I teach is what I can do. And I'm not holding back. There's not like, some secret to something bigger, like, I'm limited. And for me, it's a blessing because if I could do more, I probably become a monster on some level. You know? It'd be really challenging.

Alex Ferrari 53:00
There's guardrails, there's universal guardrails on on an individual level, I think also on a societal level and on a species level, you know, because God knows we need some guardrails as a species, right now. Yeah, not to go too far. So there's something watching us to make sure that we can't go too far in one way or the other. And if you do happen to meet somebody who has gone farther than you and these abilities, it's their path to do so. And their challenges and what they asked for to do in this lifetime to deal with that kind of power just as as same as I was born to billionaire. Like if it's people are being people are born billionaires. They're born into families that have billions of dollars. And that is just the path that they're walking. It's something unconceivable to most human beings, but to have that kind of power and resources. It is. It makes it you're dancing a very thin line. It's a dangerous thing. When you were talking about remote viewing first thing of course, because I'm a filmmaker popped into my head was Ghostbusters, the opening scene of Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, you know, when he's trying to when he's trying to like the hot girl always got it and the poor dorky guy who was getting the answers right? Nope, sorry, wrong. And that's a form of telekinesis, which under the healthiness of remote viewing, but one thing I was very interested in, and I've spoken about it on the show before, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it is, this isn't just like woowoo stuff. The government actually had a program in remote viewing to spy on the Russians during the Cold War. Is that Is that correct?

Sean McNamara 54:40
Yeah, actually, we cannot be grateful for the people that developed the formal remote viewing protocols. The army was involved with at a certain time the CIA was involved at a certain time. The first remote viewer His name is Joe mcmoneagle. He is from the army he was recruited because he was unusually lucky in the battlefield. That's how recuperate like these people seem to exhibit an openness and a sensitivity. Let's get them and see if they're interested and then train them how to do this. And people like Ingo Swann and others, the psychics in scientists like Russell Targ, was a laser physicist, got involved to experiment with this stuff, developed a protocol, then teach it to others. And this was done for a couple of decades till the program was declassified, I think in 1995, I'm not sure it had different code names along the way, depending on who is funding the project. But it ran for years. And every year he had to reapply for funding. And it always got the funding because they did things like find downed fighter jets in the jungles of Africa, find kidnapped people can have to politicians. Learn sensitive information from foreign governments. There are cases where American remote viewers accidentally found secret material in an underground base in Virginia. And then the FBI was all over them, because they thought they were spying, they didn't realize what they were doing. There's a whole story and people want to learn more, they could watch the movie Third Eye spies. And it'll have a picture, it'll have a picture of an eye on the Russian flag. I see a lot of red when I see the label, but third eye spies, we'll go through the history. But the government paid for this because the remote viewers got results. And they weren't hiring woowoo super psychics, they were hiring ordinary people. And they realize that anyone can learn how to do some people are naturally just better at it. For whatever reason, whether it's genetic or attitude or belief system based for sure, it's complex, a complex of characteristics. But they realized this is something you could bring strangers in the room, teach them over several hours or days, and they will produce results. So this is a scientific approach.

Alex Ferrari 56:55
Isn't it interesting, though, because again, because of the nature of my show, I talk to all sorts of people, from quantum physicists to astrophysicist to rocket scientists, to psychics, the channelers and everybody in between. One thing I've kind of seen, and I love to, when I talk to everybody, I like to connect the dots of how everything's connected. And you said something really interesting is that some people have the ability more than others. And you said it could be genetic? I would argue that it absolutely is genetic. Because if you're a psychic, generally meet generally speaking, not always your mom was a psychic, your dad was a second grandma was a psychic, grandma, your grandpa was like it your aunt was a psych, there's always some sort of lineage in these kinds of things. Same thing for channeling and psychics. But I would imagine clairvoyance, the ability to do certain things. It's the equivalent of being born to an athlete, and having the genetic code inside of you to be able to do athletic feats that you and I can't do. But are being born, you know, a parents of two rocket scientists, probably you're gonna have a better chance and not to be good at math. Because of your genetic makeup. So I would agree with you there are there are always all of us can play basketball, but not all of us could be Michael Jordan.

Sean McNamara 58:19
Yeah, yeah, there's an interesting, this was a while back that those you know, Dean Raiden, for the institute, has had been on the show, of course, yeah. So maybe he already talked about this with you. But when they did the study about genetics and people's disposition for psychic abilities, and the people who whose families are closer to where the Spanish Inquisition was rooted, the, the witch trials, sure killed 1000s of people, many of them may have exhibited Psychic Potential well, they eliminated that those genes in those family lines by killing them. And now Now we can trace the bloodlines of people in this area. Not particularly psychic, you're not as psychic as the average. Because back then they slaughtered the people who exhibited those abilities. So I might be retelling the story incorrectly, but that's what I took away from, from what I heard from, from his research. So

Alex Ferrari 59:17
Well, let me ask you. Yeah, well, you know, there's a lot of stuff with this in the history that said, Sir, that is very sad, that we have not been an evolved species for very long and we're still not an evolved species were at work in progress as they say, a work in progress. How do you mentioned out of body experiences? Is there a connection between out of body experiences, telekinesis and remote viewing? Is there some sort of connection between them in your experience?

Sean McNamara 59:50
I think so in its heart of it is to achieve it. means training means looking inward means becoming proficient at moving once awareness down, I like to go down some bills and moving up, I go down, down away from the conscious functioning of the brain, to the subconscious to maybe let's talk about brainwaves. So moving from beta, which is active every day, moving down into alpha, theta, and so on. So being being proficient and moving through those levels of awareness, to perceive reality, in ways that alpha level functioning can't. So the deeper you go, the more relaxed, the more you open up to perceive and manipulate.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:40
Is this a frequency thing? Because when you just said that, like with the alpha and the beta, you had the vision of a moving tinfoil, when you were about to go to sleep, or you're about to wake up? And that's that magic moment, where if you can control or even think those where ideas come in, those were answers come in. Why? Because you are in a different, literal vibration in your mind, to accept information that arguably could be all around us, but we can't tune into it. That's what a lot of these psychics and channelers have taught me over the years is their ability to tune the radio station to where they need to either channel a being or listen to or get into psychic abilities, or, or clairvoyant abilities or things like that. It is a vibrational thing. So meditators are trying to lower it down into the gamma areas. Where is your supposedly asleep? Beyond asleep? Actually, you've gone past that, and they're able to tap into things that were unable to do before. So is this kind of what we're talking about an initial in a way?

Sean McNamara 1:01:50
Yeah, it's like when practicing telekinesis someone when they relax enough. And there's a special breathing technique that I teach their breath, directly as consciousness. So they breathe a certain way they relax. And when they relax enough, which can mean deepening, going down the levels and frequency, then the object starts moving, if they get excited, and they pop out of that, and they can become tense because the excitement it stops that disconnected. Frequency is interesting, because is frequency really what's happening? Or is our frequency measurements are a reflection of what's happening in the brain. So

Alex Ferrari 1:02:27
You know, well, you're the radio where the radio station where the radio, yeah, we are the radio. And when we're meditating, we bring our channels down to a level where we can tune into certain things. But then if we start waking up that channel, that dial is going to start moving up. So if you were connecting to the tin foil at 99.5. And you started to like, oh, wait, my ego starts to come in. Oh, what Oh, 5.3. You're not You're not connected to that vibration, or at that, that channel? Does that make sense in a way?

Sean McNamara 1:03:05
Yeah, absolutely. There's one exception, though. There's some people are see this all the time. And when I teach remote viewing, I help people relax first, but it's actually often not necessary. I've seen people just sit down, they're wide awake, they're in beta. And they sit down, you give them a coordinate, and boom, they just put it out. So that's an exception.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:25
Now it's can they do it? But can they do it again? And again? And again? Or is that beginner's luck?

Sean McNamara 1:03:30
Well, people who train and train and train and and there are people out there, even civilians just because it's their thing. I know sounder consistently good, because they practice they practice popping into that zone.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:44
But there's exactly what you just said, popping into that zone. So that zone could be a channel. And I'm not trying to force my theory of the radio station into this conversation. But what you just said they're popping into a zone, which is, what's the flow state, which is another, athletes go through it all the time, where time stops still, and some people can get there like this. Some people take meditation, some people take physical activity, there's different ways for different people to get to that place. So yeah, would you agree?

Sean McNamara 1:04:17
Yeah. So what you're describing is, it's really a two stage process. Like, here's the zone you need to be in. And there are two ways you can get it. You can either Relax, relax, relax, and then you tune in, or somehow you just know how to turn the dial, how to perceive it. Yeah, you know, it's not that this is the relaxation or the the frequencies, this is the zone, and you can dip down a frequency till you reach it or just get there.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:41
Well, it's like what John Travolta was saying, in phenomenon. You are building a relationship with the pencil at the level that the pencil is at, not at your level. So where you're awake, and this is something I've heard from spiritual masters who state that when you're trying to or even channelers just I gigs, when you're trying to communicate with a higher being, let's say even, let's not the woowoo state, let's go into the spiritual space of a yogi, when you're trying to communicate to, let's say, an Ascended Master, their vibration has set such a high level that they cannot come down to your level, it's like kind of going through the mud. It just you can't, but you have to train yourself to get above the mud. So then you can communicate with them. It's so it's, it's, it's a leveling up, to get to where they're at, to even be able to tune in to where they're at, because they cannot come down to where you are. So it's a relationship of you got to go to where the thing that you're trying to communicate with it. So if it's at the tinfoil station, you've got to learn how to get there, whether through meditation, or have the mat the innate ability to tune to that to the tinfoil right away. Makes sense?

Sean McNamara 1:05:55
It Yeah, absolutely. And, and I think, not to be cheesy here. But the best way to level up for all of these things is love. Yeah, man. Yes, the way the way it feels in the body, the way it feels in the mind. It's the most powerful way to tune in to all of you feeling of love.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:16
Sean, I can talk to you for a few more hours, my friend, this has been such a fascinating conversation. And thank you so much for coming on. I'm going to ask you a few questions. I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Sean McNamara 1:06:32
Having the courage to ask yourself the questions you'd rather not ask. Following the trails, others would prefer you wouldn't travel. But you suspect the answers there. And then sharing with others. Beautiful answer, sir, beautiful answer.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:50
Now, if you could get that into a time machine and go back in time, what advice would you give little Sean?

Sean McNamara 1:06:54
Go easy on yourself. And really get better at putting yourself in other people's shoes. Don't be so judgy.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:04
How do you define? How do you define God or Source?

Sean McNamara 1:07:08
This all pervasive universal field of self aware sort of self awareness. A natural field like gravity or time, undivided.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:20
What is love?

Sean McNamara 1:07:21
The expression of that field.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:24
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sean McNamara 1:07:27
To love.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:29
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world sir?

Sean McNamara 1:07:32
The best place is mindpossible.com. And I've got a bunch of stuff there. It's a huge site so.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:40
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Sean McNamara 1:07:43
Yeah, I found out that it's not necessary to develop psychic abilities to realize you're a special person from everything I've learned and experience. Every human being is intrinsic and special to the universe and deserves love and means something. So if you're someone who had never experienced this psychic abilities, or anything, woowoo or anything, you're just a regular person struggling to pay your rent. That is a sacred experience, and you're as sacred as everything else in the universe.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:19
Sean is has been such a pleasure and honor talking to you, my friend. Thank you for being on the show and for the amazing work you're doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you, my friend.

Sean McNamara 1:08:28
Thank you. You're welcome.

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