QHHT HYPNOTIST’S Reveals EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS of Atlantis & WARNING to Mankind! with Sarah Breskman Cosme

Sarah Breskman Cosme stands as a leading figure in the realm of metaphysical exploration and enlightenment. As a best-selling author of captivating titles like “A Hypnotist’s Journey to Atlantis,” “A Hypnotist’s Journey to the Secrets of the Sphinx,” and “A Hypnotist’s Journey from the Trail to the Star People,” she seamlessly weaves together ancient wisdom and modern insights to unveil the mysteries of our existence.

A Master Hypnotist and a Level 3 practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Sarah’s dedication to delving into the depths of consciousness knows no bounds. Under the tutelage of luminaries like Dr. Brian Weiss, she continuously expands her understanding of the human psyche and its connection to the universe.

In recognition of her profound contributions to spiritual and metaphysical exploration, Sarah was honored with the prestigious 2023 Dolores Cannon Award for her groundbreaking research. Her work resonates globally and has earned her a platform on esteemed programs such as Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, Coast to Coast AM, and Gaia TV, where she shares her insights with audiences worldwide.

Driven by a fervent passion to unearth hidden truths and illuminate the path to enlightenment, Sarah Breskman Cosme remains at the forefront of a burgeoning movement toward expanded consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Please enjoy my conversation with Sarah Breskman Cosme.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 432

Sarah Breskman Cosme 0:00
The two of us thought, well what is so important that humanity has been waiting for? Is it just the story about Atlantis and Lemuria. So I put her deep under hypnosis and I took her. I told her Higher Self take us to the beginning of this story that is so important for humanity that people will heal when they understand this. And I thought she was going to start from the beginning of Lemuria. And tell us more detail about Lemuria and then tell us more detail about Atlantis. That's what I expected.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
like to welcome to the show, Sarah Breskman Cosme How you doing Sarah?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 0:48
I'm great. Thank you so much for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
Thank you so much for coming on the show you are a hypnotist, if I'm not mistaken. And you delve into the world of Atlantis, which is one of my favorite subjects in the world. We've had a lot of people on the show talking about Atlantis, but I've never had someone on the show who's got I mean, I've had I've had people who had first account knowledge of Atlantis through past life regression, or things like that. But I've never had a hypnotist who's done multiple, multiple sessions, dissecting, dissecting what happened over in Atlantis. So what first of all, as a hypnotist, what sparked or as a doctor, what sparked your interest in Atlantis and go down this pretty insane? Just general hypnotist, don't do this. So I'm curious what caused you to go down this road?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:41
Well, I never actually became a doctor. But I wanted to, I wanted to become a psychologist. Because I was one of those children that everyone felt sorry for, you know, those kids that are overweight, they have phobias and all kinds of issues that was me, like I had so many problems. Of course. Now I know that that was to spark my interest into helping people because I had to learn how to help myself. So I wanted to become a psychologist. And I went to college to become a psychologist. But as soon as I had to do an internship on the field, I felt like everything that I learned in college, and this is my own experience, was to be almost like a lie. Because when I was in the field, and here I was like I had learned everything you can learn in college about how to help people and the different medications for people in the counseling techniques. As soon as I was in the field, I felt like there was something not right about this, because I never saw one person get better. I never saw a success story. In fact, I just felt like the more medications people would take the more side effects that would cause and there was a deeper, deeper rooted issue there. And I thought is this the leading edge of thought that we have for people to help other people. And granted, this is just my own experience for a reason to force me out of that, that, you know, road, so I didn't take that road. Instead, I wanted to help people get to the very root cause of their issues. And so I wanted to really help people where their childhood trauma started. So I thought I want to be a hypnotist because I'm going to regress people to the root cause of their trauma. Now, I never grew up with religion or spirituality. So I didn't know there were other modalities. I just knew there was psychology, then, you know, hypnosis and you could become a doctor or a lawyer. I didn't know that there were things out there that were like past life regressions. I just didn't know about these things. I was not spiritual whatsoever. So I had a scientific background going into this, and I did not believe at all in past lives at all. I thought when you died that was it. So in order to become a master hypnotist, though, before I started working on my patients, I had to do lose weight, quit smoking, you know, regular regression therapy, and then I had to learn past life regression. This was not by choice. I had to learn this in order to become a master hypnotist at the time. This is 2009 because it was really getting big this past life regression because of Dr. Brian Weiss, and he was on Oprah and everybody had heard about past life regressions through him. So my teacher made us take past life regressions because she claimed that when people sought out hypnotherapy, a lot of times it was for a past life regression. So I was forced to take that class and what was interesting to me was right away, there was something about the past life regressions that seemed to work better. I almost thought that people were just saying a story, or they were making up something when they would do the past life regressions. But people were healing themselves, like they will come in for things like a migraine. And then in their past life regression, they would sometimes find out that that originated in a past life or they were struck by board, and then this migraine will go away. And I thought, I want to help people with something that works, and the lose weight, quit smoking and didn't really seem to do very much. I mean, it was great motivation for people. But it was like putting a bandaid on cancer. And so I thought, you know, I've always wanted to get to the root cause of the issue. So let me study with the best, because I'm a perfectionist, and I wanted to be really good before I help people. So I studied with Dr. Brian Weiss. He was my first teacher. And I got very good at his method. And I did that for many years, and I loved it. But then I felt like something was missing in my life. So I contacted this psychic, and she's an amazing psychic. Her name is Emanuel McIntosh. And she said, Oh, this is the easiest reading I've ever done. Most people have so many future potential. So it makes it cloudy and tricky, but you just have one. And the reason why you feel like things are missing in your life is because you're supposed to do Dolores Canons method of quantum healing hypnosis technique. But she didn't say quantum healing hypnosis technique, she just said Dolores cannons method. And she said, you're going to get very good at that method, you'll be teaching it, you'll, you'll be writing books, and your books will be so successful that you'll be speaking about them all over the world. And so I don't know if you've ever had up like a bad psychic reading and your heart just drops and you're like, Why did I spend so much money on a psychic? Because it was like 100 bucks. It was, you know, 2015? And I just thought, Ah, why did I waste so much money, she obviously had me confused. I would never do anything like that. I would never write books or, or teach something. And so I disregarded it. I didn't even look into this Dolores Cannon person. And it was many, many months later, when I found out about more about Dolores. And I looked into her work. And just like the psychic said, I worked my way up from the beginning level to be a master at it. I started teaching and assisting Julia cannon her daughter, and we taught all over the world. Then I wrote my first book, it became a huge success. And I've been literally speaking about it all over the world. So her name is Emmanuel McIntosh, and she's a really good psychic. We've become friends now. And that's how I got into this type of hypnosis in a nutshell.

Alex Ferrari 8:12
So what at what point do you or what was your first revelation about Atlantis in your sessions? The first time you said, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Because I'm assuming at this point, you've already already I believe in past lives. I'm already starting to see this. I've already gone through these other things. So you've already kind of drank the Kool Aid a bit. But now you're going deeper into the you're going deeper into the pool, you're going really off to the deep end because now you're going into like a niche of a sub niche of a sub niche, which is like Atlantis, hypnosis recalls. What was your first time when you had in the session? That Atlantis popped up. And you said wait a minute, this might be interesting to go down this road.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 8:53
So I wasn't I mean, I wasn't an expert. I had never, you know, studied Atlantis, or anything like that. I just knew the basic understandings of what Atlantis was. And the way I got into the Atlantis work was I wanted to take the master level class, the Dolores Cannon class that was the master level. And in order to do that, you had to videotape someone and bring that video submission to the class and there were only three people super highly advanced. And then you would be critiqued on your video submission. And no one had ever passed right away. So I thought well, let me find a volunteer because all of a sudden it was going to be in Florida. And so I asked one of my friends who I had been friends with for 10 years, because I didn't want to have a paying client. I wanted to just have a volunteer who wouldn't mind being my subject. And I asked my friend Jen, if she would be my volunteer. And I instantly regretted asking her because she wasn't into any of this stuff. She was a teacher. At our kids school, so we both had young children. And I knew she didn't believe in any of this stuff because we used to sit after school and watch her kids play on the playground every day. And I would try to bring up some spiritual things. And she was not into it, you know, those friends. So asking her if she would be my volunteer, and I told her what method I was doing, I told her do Dolores cannons method. And you know how sometimes I try to bring things up with you? And it seems a little woowoo Well, would you mind being my volunteer, because if you were my volunteer, you could find out anything about yourself, you could find out your true purpose. And you can even heal yourself if you have any issues. And she just stared at me. And I thought, oh, my gosh, she already thinks I'm nuts. You know, What is she thinking right now. And she said, I didn't realize that you did this. And I thought, we've been friends. This is my thought. I thought we've been friends for 10 years. But yes, this is what I do. And then she shocked me, she said, because she had been suffering from this brain condition called pseudotumor cerebri. And basically, it was this flooding of her spinal fluid in her brain. And it was causing all kinds of issues, there was a huge risk of a stroke. And only her her husband knew no one from the school knew this. And she was working really closely with this team of specialists at the University of Miami. And they told her, there's no cure for this, but the best we can do is put you on this heavy duty medication. So she said, I will definitely be your volunteer, because at this point, I'll try anything. So in her first session, I just brought her deep under hypnosis. Again, this is my friend who doesn't believe in anything, the most spiritual thing that she was willing to accept was Esther Hicks, asking if it was given, she thought that's possible. So I regressed her regular hypnosis session. And she goes back to this ancient civilization, that she didn't believe, really in past lives. But here my friend who had known for 10 years didn't believe in any of this stuff, is talking in full detail about this ancient civilization. And it seemed to have been in the South Pacific because she could see it from afar when she was at certain points, as she's leaving her life. But in this ancient civilization, it was a very compassionate society. And it was run by women. And it was really interesting. They had all kinds of sacred symbols they were using, they would use the Flower of Life pattern as a method to communicate with their ancestors, because the Flower of Life pattern or these other symbols were actually holographic keys that would unlock transmission. And they had these temples built with the Flower of Life pattern. And that's how they would receive their information. They also use these very, very special crystals, that they would learn how to use it was within their bloodline, also, that gave them another spark to be able to use like an impulse to use these special crystals. And they could communicate with their ancestors, and also find out about different knowledge and sacred knowledge. And this society seemed to have been in the South Pacific, and they call themselves or they called their society online. Now it came to learn later that this was Lemuria. But it was such detail that I was able to explore this whole civilization and find out what kind of things they did, even what they ate, how they had their houses, or when they when my friend Jen was recounting her lifetime there, there were these kind of like a frame, stone buildings that were built from an earlier group of their ancestors, which we came to understand were not human. And so we got I got so much detail of this place. And then there were these visitors that started showing up. And they came in these like really interesting, high, highly advanced travel spheres, these these spheres where it had like a stealth like technology with a fan underneath them, that would suck in the energy of the earth actually. And then it would use a propulsion mechanism to be able to propel the ships. When these advanced visitors landed and opened up. They were human. They were human beings and they came out with this really advanced like technology that they were using that would regulate their temperature, and they were a lot thinner and they had a lot lighter skin. Then my friend is she's recounting her lifetime in this place. And these are the Family visitors were looking for something, because there was a lot of sickness and issues going on in their society. And when they couldn't get what they wanted, because they wanted the crystals that her society had, when they couldn't get what they wanted, they took her because she's recounting this life where she's next in line to be the leader of this place. They took her and she's She watched as they put these, they had nuclear power. But these nucular like devices under riffs within the ocean that created two huge, massive tidal waves. And it's sunk the entire civilization like millions and millions of souls perished. And since they couldn't get what they wanted, they made her watch as they sunk this island with these massive tidal waves. And she watched it all unfold. In fact, it was part of the torture that she endured when she spent 60 years with them. So they took her to their civilization. And, and let me know if I'm not explaining it all. And it's getting confusing. But they took her as a prisoner. And she spent 60 years in this highly, highly advanced place that was using stem cell research. They were you could clone organs, and they had really interesting cooking apparatuses that could cook your food really quickly. They have these bullet like trains that would zip around and go through the air, a lot of hovercrafts. And she can't, we came to understand that this place was Atlantis, and she spent 60 years as a prisoner in Atlantis. And so we were able to dissect Atlantis and find out so much about this place. Now, these time periods that I am looking at with her are the end times. So both of these places spanned for 1000s and 1000s of years, we came to understand, after the end of her life, the first session I'm doing with her, I asked her higher self because I'm doing a Dolores Cannon type method. I asked her higher self, which is the part of her that knows everything about her that could answer my questions about her. And it's the part that I speak with in order for to get healing for a person. I asked her Higher Self, why did you show her that lifetime of all lifetimes that they could have shown her. And they said the two of us have had decided before coming into this lifetime, that we would uncover this information like this and then share it with the world that the world had been waiting for 1000s and 1000s of years, and the consciousness hadn't reached a point where it was safe to share this information. And they said that the people will heal and change and this information is so powerful that it will create change amongst people. And so I asked, well, what what is the root cause of her brain condition? And they said it was just the catalyst to get her to come see me because she would have never had a session like this if she didn't have some sort of catalysts. And that's true. She probably wouldn't have done a session with me if she didn't. So then I asked while she did it. She came in we did the session, can you release this brain condition? And they said yes. And all of a sudden she felt it draining like behind her left eye. It was draining and draining. She comes out of the session. And she's starting to see clearly again out of her left eye. So she goes to our team of specialists. And they do a scan and they can't even believe it. She's healed. Like they were just so shocked. They thought they must have done something. What she said, well, well, I stopped taking my medication, and I didn't do anything other than you know, hypnosis. And so they just considered it a medical miracle. But we the two of us thought, well, what is so important that humanity has been waiting for? Is it just the story about Atlantis and Lemuria. So I put her deep under hypnosis, and I took her. I told her herself take us the beginning of the story that is so important for humanity that people will heal when they understand this. And I thought she was going to start from the beginning of Lemuria and tell us more detail about Lemuria and then tell us more detail about Atlantis. That's what I expected. I thought we were going to find out about her childhood know her Higher Self decided to take my friend who did not believe in extraterrestrials. I know because I asked Do you believe in extraterrestrials? And she said definitely not. The her Higher Self decided to take her to a memory when she was an extraterrestrial crash landing on earth for the first time and I thought she ordered He thinks I am so woowoo like, what is my friend going to think? And she's describing in full detail. I mean details that I, you know, as a hypnotherapist doing this work, I come across a lot of information all the time. But these details were astounding. I mean, her recollection of things were just incredible. And what was great for me was I knew her. So I knew she didn't have conscious memory of this information. So she's remembering her jumpsuit, she's talking about her ship and how it's powered and held

You know why they came to this, this planetary sphere. And so they came from this place. So we came to understand, because all my clients and my subjects, a lot of them don't have conscious memory. So they don't say, Oh, this is the Pleiades, they say, Oh, the home planet, you know, or the land before, that's kind of how they refer to a lot of these things that we both came to understand she was showing a live from the Pleiadian star system. And they were running out of this resource, which was these very special crystals that they were using in Lemuria. And they use these crystals and was really interesting, they would create this like new round where every single person would have to go into this round, and it would help them evolve, everyone went because when you went into this round that you they would create using these crystals and mind power, they would create like a vortex where they would be downloaded with the secrets of the universe. So I had her remember going through that because I was really curious, what are the secrets of the universe, please go back to that moment. So she remember that as soon as she went into this vortex, and she went seven times, she as a as a Pleiadian. As soon as you go into this vortex, it's like your body separates from itself. And then there's like a shock like an electricity current that goes through your body. And you're downloaded with just knowing. And what you know is that life is just a game, like it's all set up like a game. But in a figure eight pattern. And it flows like this, you're showing this pattern, and that there is no end and no beginning. But we're all like every single soul you see is part of this group and part of this game are part of this ancient grouping of beings that just travel from planetary sphere, or realm or whatever you want to call that to other realms, so that we keep evolving our consciousness. So we keep having these experiences. For our own, like growth and expansion, we're constantly expanding. So they were running out of this resource. And if they didn't have the resource, they would de evolve. So that was one of the reasons they came to this planetary sphere, because earth was full of this resource that they could use. And they also decided that they were going to create an experiment with humanity, because humanity is known as an experiment. So it's almost like a Petri dish where you watch humanity grow. And it teaches the rest of other versions of yourself because extraterrestrials, according to my clients are humans basically, they're just different timelines, but I can get into that later.

Alex Ferrari 23:39
Okay, so. So you, you, alright, so there's a lot to unpack there. There's a lot to unpack there, from the Marriott to Atlantis to other star systems, and then getting into timelines, all things I love talking about. So you've come to the right place. But let's dig into let's dig into Atlantis a little bit. What did you discover about Atlantis, his core spiritual beliefs? What do they have there?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 24:05
So using other clients who saw a different perspective, they had a very spiritual society in many different time periods. But what's really fascinating to me is that humanity evolves in cycles, not in a straight line. So we're hitting a point where, well, let me just say this, after the destruction of these two big places, there was so much karma, so much trauma to account for that we're talking millions and millions of souls abruptly lost their lives and that's a lot of trauma, trauma and karma. So we decided to come back now, so most of the people that are here, maybe don't have conscious memories, but they're usually in their dreams. Remember, feel bliss affiliated with Atlantis or Lemuria for a reason and that's because you You're you were there. So we're here to rebalance our karma, and to evolve past that point. So that's why we're all back again. Now to go through a lot of things that are triggering, triggering our memories, like what have what's happening with the government in the same situation is, is basically to trigger our memories so that we can do things a little bit differently, which what we're supposed to do differently is to really follow follow our own intuitive spark, and not stray from what we believe to be true internally. During the times of Atlantis, especially, a lot of us didn't listen to ourselves, and we came back to just listen better to ourselves, there was a big control element towards the end days of Atlantis, there was a lot going on. And it seems like there was a lot of corruption. And so when I was working on uncovering this information with my friend, Jen, and she was a prisoner there, we also noticed that they were doing a lot of experiments. And so they were starting to stray from being an organic human. And, and being an organic, you know, we're all a mix of all separate things. But they started using like animal DNA and splicing people with animals, and they use animal DNA for a lot of other things that started to cause a whole mess of different issues. And that was definitely leading to their downfall. When I use other clients to look in to this time period, there was a subset of Atlantis, who were staying true to themselves, who are very spiritual, who are receiving a lot of information from this being that kept coming through as three. Now getting my subjects my hit. Usually people that don't know other things, I don't watch these type of shows. They don't know anything. They're like a mom of three, you know, I usually use people like that. And they kept seeing this being named three, who kept showing up to help teach people and he was he was like a guide, and he told them, take some of these crystals take some of the sacred knowledge, and you're gonna go to Egypt with this. Now, a lot of these ancient really special crystals were hidden in Egypt for many, many years. Then they were brought to Europe, Europe, then they were given to the Knights Templar, and a lot of them are now hidden, like miles deep in Nova Scotia, and a lot of this sacred information for when the time is right for it to come back out. So the key spirituality of Atlantis, there were many different ones. Over the 1000s of 1000s of years when the beginning of Atlantis, the most recent beginning started, it was from an extraterrestrial That was why it was so highly advanced, the founder of the most recent extraterrestrial, also crashed landed his ship. So as I'm working with all these different clients, I thought it was a coincidence. But so many people started sharing under hypnosis, and I'm not leaving anybody sharing the same time periods, the same type of information, and I thought it was just a coincidence. But it wasn't um, I kept being told I needed to report all this stuff, I guess I have like a hard head or something I don't know just so hard to trust sometimes. But people kept sharing the same time period and this same information and there seem to have been a lot of extraterrestrial crashes around the same time period. And that was because it was supposed to be a one way mission where these beings these, if you want to call them extraterrestrials merged with society started seeding the population and basically just became or not, they were not supposed to leave and go back they didn't know. So that was interesting to me. Anyway to go, unless you want me to ask me a question to go back.

Alex Ferrari 29:31
Okay, so the one thing you one thing you've said a couple of times he was when the time is right, which I find very interesting. A lot of people don't understand the cycle of humanity of at least this gender, this iteration of humanity. If we If you study the yugas which is a 24,000 or 26,000, give or take cycle of evolution, Atlantis was in that the beginning at the high level and then we devolve to the point where we go to the Dark Ages, which is basically the bottom of the bottom of the barrel. And now we're on our way back up. Hence, when you say the time is right, the time is becoming more and more right every day, even in the last five to 10 years, it has changed so dramatically where these kinds of shows are not only doing well. But people are searching out. This information in these books like you've written in the work that you're doing is starting to get out you couldn't have done this 20 years ago, you couldn't have done this 50 years ago, it just was not ready. So a lot of this information that is supposedly going to be coming out in the next 100 years is because we as our consciousness has raised to a level where we can accept this conference this this information. Does that make sense?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 30:47
It does. It's actually written in the stars. So a lot of people don't understand this. But according to the higher consciousness, that each person is tethered to a star, almost like they're attracted to the star because that's the portal where they came in stars and not really stars they are portals. And stars move in a wave like pattern, almost like a snake. And how the higher self describes where we are, they call it a toroidal field. And so they call this where we are the galactic plane. And this are portals, our stars move in a snake like pattern when they are going down. You're headed for a dark age, when they are moving up, you're headed for a golden age now all of our stars are headed into golden age. So it's actually one of the reasons why we are headed for this amazing golden age because it's literally with there's nothing anybody could do about it. We literally aren't going up. And so yes, it is talked about foretold and written in the stars for real.

Alex Ferrari 31:51
Now, with the work that you've been doing. Did you hear in your travels at Atlantis, have you heard of any prophecies? Any any predictions for humanity's future that maybe was told at that time period to like, Oh, this is going to happen in the future? This is going to happen the future? And if you did, is there anything that's anything foretold about this time period? Other than what we're talking about right now?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 32:18
Well, I don't know if there was any prophecy from Atlantis. I never received information like that. But when people do ask me about the future timelines are what the most recent like cutting edge information that I've received from my sessions recently, is that right now, each person creates their own timeline, based on what they intuitively deep down believe. And so each person has a very different timeline than somebody else. But we're headed for what a lot of higher selves called the nexus point. And that could be there's so many different potentials for that. So right now, it would be really hard to say what will happen because of each person creating their own reality based on what they really believe. But one potential, one nexus point potential would be if one of the comments tails goes in front of the sun, it would trigger a solar flash, if that happens, it will dismantle our toroidal field veil. And so basically, there's like a veil placed over our toroidal field. If this veil was dismantled. Can you imagine your friends who don't believe and pass you know, like extraterrestrials and different beings, they would all sudden see into all the dimensions. Now we're kind of lucky that we have this veil because then we're focused on this, you know, reality and only this reality. So that would create enough momentum to push us into the three timelines. The higher consciousness always talks about these three timelines. So after whatever nexus point happens, and it'll be different, according to your, like frequency and belief system, too. So it's not like one person's going to have everyone's gonna have a bad time. There's it's very, so once we hit the nexus point, then there's three different timelines. The very top timeline is the one I hope I mean, it's where we start teaching our children consciousness we develop these like beautiful like schools, we actually start using, you know, speaking through our minds and like, learning more about energy medicine and how to actually read our body and heal ourselves and other versions of us other extraterrestrial beings will help us and start being teachers because they will be able, because their frequency is high, our frequency will be high enough that they will be able to match our frequency instead of right now where it's too much of a disconnect, and they will help us you know, with them cleaning up our oceans. That's the highest timeline that was spur off X right after the nexus point, the middle timeline goes down the same trajectory as the gray extraterrestrials, where they start to really advanced with their technology and forget about their spirituality, people think, oh, I want to get rid of my negative emotions, you know why I don't want to have this trauma anymore. So just take it out of me and give me this link in my mind that will create happiness and humanity goes down the that timeline, we eventually lose the planet, because it basically dries up and then live on ships. And you have to find another viable version of ourselves, which would be another version of humanity and start that process. Again, the lowest timeline ends abruptly out of a contract, there is no lower timeline on this planetary sphere, they'll just be taken somewhere else. And as I'm telling you this stuff, you can't do anything wrong, you could never do something wrong or even make a mistake. Actually, that's not how reality is set up. But the lightworkers are just strategically placed in the middle of timeline, because they will help shift the perspective of the middle timeline to go up into the higher realms. So that's why a lot of lightworkers have this feeling like they don't know what they're doing here. And they know they have some big mission, and they can't figure it out. A lot of times, it's because they're waiting for this. And it's like, when the time is right, when the time is right. Well, when the time is right, you will know when the time is right. But right now, the time is also right with, like you said, to start spreading this information. Because when you're playing a game, you want to get all your points, right and want to get all the bonuses. So it helps to know as much as you possibly can about all the different perspectives that you can listen to, and figure out from yourself. What intuitively rings true to yourself, because that is the most important person, because you are the one creating the reality. But that is what the future timelines are in a nutshell, according to the higher consciousness, most recently.

Alex Ferrari 37:15
So yeah. What I've heard is similar from other other sources that I've had on the show, it was very interesting that again, it doesn't it doesn't ever, I never forget, it never gets old that everything I talked about all these people, there's so much overlap. If you're talking to a channeler, or a psychic, medium, or near death, experiencer. They all are saying similar things just in different flavors. But that first timeline is the timeline that I've heard everything is going towards. And we're kind of being yanked up in that direction, by our teeth, and by our hair, because some of us are fighting it to a higher level of higher consciousness. So it's very fascinating. Back to Atlantis, what, what was the economy like, during those those years?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 38:10
Well, it was interesting because it depended on what level or ranking you were in. So they had these the system a moat system, where the very inner ring would be for the wealthy class, and it had science and all different types of new things and technologies. The middle ring was sort of like the middle class, and then the outer ring, at a lot of slaves. What I found interesting is that if a person didn't pay their debt, then they could become someone's slave in order to pay their debt. And there was a lot of rebellion towards the end times of Atlantis where people wanted to just not they just were so fed up with the government system, and they started questioning things. But the founder of Atlantis believed that it was best to wool a population when they were kept in the dark. And when they didn't know or understand certain things. And so he basically started out creating like human hybrid slaves, because he used technology that he had, in order to kind of change the dynamic of the people that he used to help him build his cities.

Alex Ferrari 39:25
Well, hold on one second, would that be? Would that be kind of what the Anunnaki had been known to do? I mean, it's very similar story.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 39:34
Right! Yeah. I, you know, I don't know much about the Anunnaki. A lot of times when my clients talk about, you know, the beginning times, they'll just say, you know, the extraterrestrials they won't know that they're called Anunnaki. So it was quite possible. But there was like a group that did, you know, manipulate humanity, according to many clients under hypnosis and their memories. that did manipulate and change the genes. And the original Human is the Sasquatch, they're the untampered with human. And humanity kind of evolved differently. But we're, we're basically Extra Terrestrial basically.

Alex Ferrari 40:17
Which is what, which is what the Annunaki is known for. And you can go into the ancient texts and readings about all of that. It's so let me ask you, what was what caused the final downfall of Atlantis from your research? What was the thing that you know? Was it a giant tidal wave? Was it a nuclear bomb that went off? What was it that literally caused the destruction of it all? And I mean, I would ask you, where is it? But yeah, that's, that's, that's a billion dollar question. Like, where is Atlantis now? And how come we haven't seen any remnants of it? But I guess the answer would be because we're not ready to yet. But my first question is, how did how did it go down?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 40:58
Well, there was a misfiring of these very advanced, powerful crystals. And so many of my clients remember the final days, it didn't all distract at once. So many people remember trying to leave and the terrible feeling of losing that whole civilization and the explosions. And they had, that was the very end time. So it would be almost impossible to find. Atlantis, although a lot of the remnants from the Capitol are still underneath the Bermuda Triangle, because that's why people talk about the Bermuda Triangle so much, because that is where the capital was. And there's still technology down there. And this technology is really interesting, because these crystals if they're aligned at a certain point, and it will actually bump you into a different version of yourself. And so person can actually disappear into another version of themselves. Like you'll be married to someone else, you'll still be you, but you'll be in a different version, because each time you make a decision, you have a different timeline that shoots out. But the one that's most important is the one you're focused on really right now. But anyway, that is where Atlantis was Atlantis, according to my clients, when they will leave their body after death, they will look up and hover over the area. And it was in the Atlantic Ocean, just very typicals what other people say. But Atlantis was humongous. It seemed to expand from like Europe to you know, North America, almost. But the coastlines look different. And a lot of areas looked a lot different back then when people would see it from above when they would leave their bodies because the Sphinx was the outpost of Atlantis. So Egypt was actually like a sandbar that went from that area to Atlantis was very close to Atlantis, one of the reasons why so many of the survivors went to Egypt, and tried to recreate a lot of that information. And those very highly advanced spiritual people went to Egypt, because it was close. And because they were told to use the Sphinx and start creating, you know, oh, save this information. And it's still in the Sphinx. So no matter what people rob from the Sphinx or take, and you know, that's all hidden. They can't take away the light code information because a lot of these very advanced spiritual people understood how to create light codes within these sacred places. Because all these places like in Egypt, and a lot of these megalithic structures are built on top of energy vortex points and ley lines. And so a lot of people don't understand this. But actually, if you go to some of these sacred places, about a foot and a half off the ground, emanate the light codes, and they actually work with your own crown chakra. So if you use the chakra in your hands, and you can touch some of these places, what happens is is actually uses your chakra to download this information. And so no matter what anybody takes from a lot of these places, just understanding some of that or some of this information is enough, you know, so it was really funny because after I published my book, hypnotist Journey to Atlantis, I was just self published and no one knew about me at all, but the higher self just kept saying, just self publish it. I self publish all my books on Amazon, and they told me they would share it for me. And as soon as I published it by myself, it's so sold over 1000 copies in India, it became like a number one best seller. And then I just started getting the feedback of it, people were healing themselves. And so what I've come to understand through the books that I've written, is that because I don't, I don't write these books, I love to take credit, but I'm literally transcribing them like a scribe, I'm just writing down, what the higher self is saying is that they want to spread this information to people. And so they just put me in places where it will share it will be shared with more and more people, which is really interesting.

Alex Ferrari 45:39
So, so again, when, when the destruction was happening, how, how long does it take for the destruction to happen? Where Where did where did it start? How I mean, how did it work? Because apparently, Lemuria was kind of wiped out by by these, these tidal wave that you were talking about earlier. But I'm really curious on like, how, what was the downfall of Atlantis?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 46:05
What happened was, they used to have this crystal technology that would power their entire civilization was set up kind of like, Have you ever seen a vogl crystal, it's got two points on the ends, and they would have a clear pyramid. And then inside a clear pyramid, but I don't know what it was made out of, I kept trying to find out, but I'm not sure in the middle was like a crystal, and they were all white, kind of opaque. They would work along with the grid system of energy, and it would power the whole place powered all of Atlantis and actually created like a Bluetooth technology as well. And a lot of their devices were powered not only with that, but with the sun as well on the energy. So there was a misfiring of this crystal. And it just took about a couple of days, and just first blew up the capitol where the Bermuda Triangle is. And then it ricocheted it out there were a lot of explosions. And there was so much devastation that actually people remember the sky turning black. It was like dark darkness for a long time. Some of the survivors had to try to find like, you know, rocks and stuff that was above water, because it did all eventually trigger a tidal wave. And then there was a tidal wave on top of that. And then there was a lot of trouble for people that were trying to go by with their ships. So we're like these big sandbars that were created because of the destruction of Atlantis as well. So according to my clients under hypnosis, it took about three days, and a lot of people remember experiencing those final days I,

Alex Ferrari 47:46
What year? Did you ever find out the timeframe? You're wise was this 100,000 years ago? It was, well, 1000 years ago, where was it?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 47:54
That has been too hard for me to find out, honestly. Because it seems like time can even shift. Like literally, it could be a different time next year. I know that sounds crazy. But I have noticed this weird phenomenon, where people will try to remember something and that will shift just like the Mandela effect. So putting in time would be really hard. That I guess, like 11,000 years or something like that ago, maybe.

Alex Ferrari 48:29
So when Atlantis was going on, were there other societies very similar to like, when Rome was around, there were other societies around the world that did not know about Rome, because of the technology hadn't gotten to that point yet, or anything like that, or like it is today, where there's, you know, life here in the States is very different than life in Europe, or life in Africa, or life in Australia, where there are other societies around at the same time besides Lumeria.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 48:57
I don't know about those other societies, to be honest with you. The information that always came through my subjects was just Atlantis and Lemuria during that time period, but I'm sure there was because even in Atlantis, there were people that remember, you know, doing the sacred ceremonies together and using crystals in a beneficial way and, and channeling, you know, extraterrestrials or light beings or other versions of themselves, and then, you know, just totally different than the people say, in the capital just like us today, you know, it's probably just the same, and other civilizations, other places, just like you said,

Alex Ferrari 49:38
What have you heard anything about the arts and culture during that time and imagine what this kind of old that old civilization that there would be some sort of art as well?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 49:50
So from Jan's perspective as a prisoner, the only art she really saw because they were so scientific is what she saw They were just so into their science, that was like their art that was almost like their spirituality for a group of them for the group that she saw. But at one point, as they were rebelling, they actually use different dyes and started dyeing their hair, just to show how bad they were with the government system. And I thought that was interesting. But from her perspective, looking at this, I didn't see any art or anything like that, although they did use crystals, like did help you do certain things. So like, they use crystal prisms that would help with help with your clarity of mind, they would do different things like that. And they had like texts, the ancient texts that were, you know, artistically done. Some some of the buildings had like, an interesting, it was interesting, because it was like, it would have like, bone in the wall, like, interesting pattern. And they use a lot of reds, but they had very high like, stone like buildings, and that had different material that I'm not really sure what it was. But it was like very advanced, very highly advanced technology for their buildings and their structures. But from that perspective, I didn't see any art whatsoever. But I love that question makes me want to go find out.

Alex Ferrari 51:31
Well, I'm sure you can go to the next session, ask them about is there a Picasso around? Is there a Van Gogh around, or, or the equivalent of it sounded like these guys that were from the point of view of your client, where they were radicals? We're on the outskirts, if you will, of Maine society, because they're doing things that they shouldn't be doing, obviously, keeping her prisoner for 60 years. I'm curious about what the laws were back then. But apparently, you could you know, you owe us a little money, you can become a slave, which would basically make most of the world today a slave, because of all the debt that we're all under. So, what what, what did you think about? Well, the one thing you did talk about was the hybrid experiments with animal DNA. That is a very common idea. I've heard that 100 times. And that that was the kind of beginnings of the Greek mythology of the the Spirit of God, you know, half man, half bull and half man, half goat, and all of these kinds of creatures, is that kind of what you understand as well, right?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 52:46
Well, in the very beginning of Atlantis, there were these other creatures, and a lot of them have kind of like, moved into a different realm. So in the very beginning times, there used to be like, half man, half horse, or like, you know, a lot more, there was a huge prevalence of like fairies and other creatures that are still here, but just in a different area of reality that can move in and out of reality.

Alex Ferrari 53:14
Well, yeah, I mean, it's Rain Man. I mean, if you want to go back to the 80s It's Rain Man, like, you know, he had was Rain Man was artistic, and artistic, he was able to have a memory and an ability that is so far beyond any us of what we can do. It's fascinating like his the way his brain and the other characters brain was able to see patterns, calculate things. He was basically a human computer, but had no social skills whatsoever. And, you know, had other disabilities. So it did his disability opened up abilities that we wouldn't have access to, or we don't have access to. But if, but he has deficits in other areas. So balanced that out, but yeah, so that's, I use Rain Man as an example for that but yes.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 53:59
So that was happening that was happening in Atlantis, where there were new abilities because of the disabilities that were opening up different channels that were not available to a regular person. And the government became aware of this. I started using these started using people I just say that

Alex Ferrari 54:22
Shocking, shocking, shocking.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 54:27
Yes. So with the animal DNA, there was a very fine line. So as right before the end days of Atlantis, there were there was a group of children that had like cat like features that were super, super advanced spiritually, because it had opened a new channel in their mind and what they were going to be taken away and so for, it was a coincidence, not on purpose. First, but they went to Egypt. And they were able to read information on the space. And they started a new society.

Alex Ferrari 55:10
I see, I see, I see where this is going, I see where this is going Yes. With Egypt, by the way, because Egypt is so connected to Atlantis in our psyche, because of Plato and his uncle, I think it was a great uncle or something like that, that went to Egypt and heard this story firsthand, of the of Plato's the only historical writing of Atlantis in our world, in our in our reality. length, so it wasn't how old? Well, again, it could have been 1000s and 1000s of usual because they at this point, they're still trying to figure out the Sphinx, how old the Sphinx was. And that's not it's not 3000 years old. By any stretch.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 55:52
According to my clients under hypnosis, the Sphinx was built before anything else. What the Sphinx actually is, is it's it harnesses and holds a record of everything that's ever happened that anything we do, and it's like a broadcast system. So the Sphinx was built on a very special rock that came almost like an asteroid in bedded itself. But this rock can harness and hold and magnetize information. So it's almost like a broadcast record keeper system. And basically, what's interesting is the Sphinx is sending out a signal to other planetary spheres have all the information and everything that's happening. And also receiving information in it then is connected to other spheres within the Inner Earth. So it's like a, like a radio, that's what the Sphinx really is, but it's only one of many spacers there's multiple Sphinx, and there's other things that are just hidden in plain sight with like, a lot of dirt over them. But the Sphinx, according my clients was built by extraterrestrials in their light bodies, not by humans, but the face was changed. According to my clients used to have like a jungle like cat, the facade because that was the apex predator in the area. And then it was changed just symbolically with because everything is symbols changed symbolically with the crushing of like, humanity, almost like the takeover of this, like greed and, and it became the face of the person that took it over, rather than its original. game though, it's all a game, it's negativity.

Alex Ferrari 57:38
Yeah, exactly. You know, it's it's fascinating that, as you keep telling us telling these stories in regards to Atlantis, it seems like it's just the same story we've heard a bunch of different times, we've seen it in our lifetimes. And also within the last two to 3000 years, we've seen this exact story play out read politicians, you know, ostracizing people war, you know, it just constantly just going in cycles, again, and again, and again. But it seems at least to me at this point that we are cycling upward, towards a better a better place. I mean, look, right now, you and I are not being tortured because of what we're talking about. We're also not, you know, shooting somebody on the street because they owe us money, or generally, generally speaking, you know, or because they cheated at cards like they did in the wild, wild west like that. We have all agreed, like, you know, that's probably not a good idea. So there's some evolution, even though we're still barbaric in so many ways, we're probably better than we've ever been in recorded history, to say the least. But, Sarah I could talk to you for a few more hours about

Sarah Breskman Cosme 58:58
I could talk for like days, straight

Alex Ferrari 59:00
Days and days. But I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all my guests. How do you define living a fulfilled life?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 59:08
Well, I think I would define living a fulfilled life being very true to myself and my inner self. And when I deep down, feel the impulse to do and staying along that impulse of line following to to me

Alex Ferrari 59:27
If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Sarah, what advice would you give her?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 59:31
I feel like don't worry about everything that you're going through. It'll all be okay.

Alex Ferrari 59:39
What is your definition of God or Source?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 59:42
I would say the definition of God or source or source is all of us because all the extraterrestrials are all the versions of us that are super, super high. Lee advanced when I asked them how do you become so advanced like what did you guys do? Because I want to know, what did you do? And they said Over the millennia, all of them came to understand that they are source and to fully believe it. So we are source all of us in everything and every thing you do or breathe, or touch is all source.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:14
What is love?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:00:15
Love, the definition of love, I think is so not what it really is. I think love is the vibration of the universe. It's love. It's this the communication of the universe is actually love.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:32
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:00:34
The purpose of life is to really understand who you are. And to become a master within yourself, to really master yourself, go through your traumas, because what happens is that leaves a permanent imprint in the consciousness. And if you want to do something that will help other people or help the whole world, work and master yourself, because that permanent imprint that you'll create will never go away. And don't leave that imprint in the consciousness. That's what like Jesus or Buddha have done. So become a real master of yourself. And that will help everybody else in every being and everything in this universe.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:17
And where can people find out more about you your and get your book and find out the work you're doing in the world?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:01:22
They can go to my website, theholistichypnotist.com And you can get all my books on Audible and Amazon. I write all the hypnotist journey books.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:33
And we're and do you have any final words for the audience?

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:01:38
I would say that we came here to do this again. But what we really came here to do is to really fully follow what we intuitively believe. And that is the most important person to follow is your inner guidance.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:53
Sarah, it's been a pleasure talking to you today. It was just so much fun. I can again go down the rabbit hole for another five or 10 hours easily. But I appreciate you and the work that you're doing to help awaken the planet. So thank you.

Sarah Breskman Cosme 1:02:05
Thank you. I really appreciate you too, and the work that you're doing to awaken the planet. Thank you.

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