Man DIES & Was Shown MANY WORLDS in This PROFOUND Near Death Experience (NDE) with Salvador Adatsi

Life often takes us on unexpected journeys, leading to profound insights and transformation. In this episode, we welcome Salvador Adatsi, a man whose near-death experience (NDE) has profoundly shaped his understanding of life and spirituality. Salvador Adatsi’s journey from a happy childhood, through a period of addiction and recovery, to a transformative NDE, offers deep insights into the nature of existence and the power of belief.

Salvador Adatsi recounts his childhood as one filled with joy and curiosity, often described as a “spaced out” kid who was more interested in nature and the mysteries of life than in everyday concerns. His teenage years, however, were marked by a period of drug abuse, which lasted from ages 14 to 24. Salvador eventually cleaned up his life, following a rigorous rehab program, but fell into a deep depression four years into his sobriety. This led to a profound desire to escape life, culminating in his first heart attack and subsequent NDE.

Salvador describes his NDE as a journey into a realm of pure energy and light, where he felt a sense of immense peace and connectedness. “It’s like you’re a fountain of energy,” he explains, recounting how he felt detached from his physical body and free from pain. He encountered a light at the end of his journey, which he moved towards at a speed determined by his own desire. This light, often described in NDEs, was not necessarily a tunnel but had the same effect of guiding him towards a higher state of being.

During his NDE, Salvador experienced a life review, where he saw his life from birth to the moment of his heart attack. This review allowed him to understand the motivations and emotions behind his actions and those of others. “Everyone was always acting out of pure love,” he says, describing how this realization dissolved any feelings of guilt, resentment, or anger. This understanding brought him a sense of closure and peace, knowing that all actions were driven by love, even those that seemed hurtful at the time.


  1. Understanding Our True Nature: Salvador’s NDE highlights the importance of recognizing our true nature as beings of energy and light. This understanding can transform how we view ourselves and our actions, leading to greater compassion and forgiveness.
  2. The Power of Belief and Focus: One of Salvador’s key insights is the power of belief and focus in shaping our reality. By focusing on positive thoughts and expectations, we can manifest a life that aligns with our highest aspirations.
  3. Embracing the Journey: Salvador’s experience underscores the importance of embracing our journey, including its challenges and pain. Every experience, whether perceived as good or bad, contributes to our growth and evolution.

Salvador’s return to his body was marked by a newfound sense of purpose and clarity. He describes how his NDE has influenced his approach to life, focusing on what truly makes him happy and aligning his actions with his inner truth. This shift has allowed him to live more authentically and support others on their spiritual journeys.

Salvador’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of spiritual experiences. His insights offer hope and inspiration, encouraging us to embrace our true selves and trust in the support of the divine.

Please enjoy my conversation with Salvador Adatsi.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 353

Salvador Adatsi 0:01
It's like you're a fountain of energy is like, like a fountain of energy. That I'm not struggling right now. Now I don't have a physical body. I'm just letting I'm just it. And I'm questioning myself, What is this place? What's next? And mesh light shows up at the end, the traditional light at the end, which the speed that I moved to the light, and that you asking is the speed that I want to go to the light. It's not necessarily a tunnel. But that's the effect that we get

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I like to welcome to the show, Salvador. How you doing Salvador?

Salvador Adatsi 0:47
Very good. Alex, thanks for having me.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend and sharing your unique experience with with the audience. So I have to ask you, my first question was What was your life like, prior to your near death experience?

Salvador Adatsi 1:05
It was I was very, very happy child. But always attracted. I was what we call a spaced out kid. The one that people don't know where it is, when he is is up in the tree or it's somewhere in the forest looking to a rabbit or something. But it's very good. Very spaced out, I did have a drug abuse period from my 14 to my 24th normal I guess, as you do and and then I got into rehab myself clean up everything by the book, you know, the service, the meetings, the all of the forget what you had tell you and follow direction. And then four years into my rehab a I went through depression. And on my depression, I had a clear desire to die. I was like I was so depressed that I said I'd rather go to be here like this, I'd rather go it was not because of being sober. It's not because I cannot have fun. If I cannot party, then I'm let me go was not that that's just life circumstances of life led me to depression, it happens to many. And that's when I had my first my first heart attack in three weeks, two to three weeks after I had that profound and honest desire. I'm done. I don't want to be here. It was two, three weeks I was going.

Alex Ferrari 2:45
So that so then one of the lessons we should learn here is be careful what you wish for. Because it just might it just might happen. So let me ask you, were you spiritual at all? Did you have any religious background before this experience?

Salvador Adatsi 3:00
Yes, very. Not only I was raised in a Catholic family, very traditional, very European very, I was going to church every Sunday with a family. Since I remember then I did a few years in telephony think I was 10 or something. And not only that, I would have had many episodes of when somebody would die a couple of days later, somehow I always had a weird reaction to when people die. Either close family or far or friends of friends was weird. I never took it as they're gone was weird. I don't know how to describe it, but I was not very affected by it. Sometimes I will try to try to look sad because otherwise people are gonna judge you or something but and then many times I would see them they will come to me in the most unexpected moments. And they would come as a typical ghost you know, the cloud of with their face and body. They usually would come smiling, radiating this joy and happiness and they would come to me and there would be that download of the message, the intention, their energy, and then they would disappear. And I was like, well what can I say to people?

Alex Ferrari 4:28
Okay, so when this first happened? I mean, did you think I mean was it during the times that you were you know dealing with drug abuse and addiction or was it after that point?

Salvador Adatsi 4:39
No it was before before during was different during was completely different it's we can speak about that a little bit too because I there's a topic I wanted to touch on that was always in. So first ones was before before that before I even know what drugs were.

Alex Ferrari 4:56
So you were a kid when it first happened. You were a kid so When that first happens to you as a kid, you can't even process that you're so young. How did you? Did you like lose your like? Did you get scared? Or did you have a feeling of peace around you? Or comfort? How did that feel?

Salvador Adatsi 5:11
The energy was so good and so pure. And reassuring that I didn't feel scared or worried or anything at all. I was excited with it. And did you see it? None of what he said everybody carried on doing what they were doing. And then I would have the what was the whole point of it? What was the message that I would have to share to someone and then go from there. And some people didn't even care when I told them? Yeah, whatever. Other people who are more spiritually inclined, paid attention to it. Okay, but nobody ever took it too seriously, as you know.

Alex Ferrari 5:52
And you didn't either at that point, either. It

Salvador Adatsi 5:55
was exciting. It felt good. It felt reassuring. And because I was a person at that time, I was already just looking at space constantly looking for signs, messages, what's beyond what's after that line? What's What are we, you know, I was always a kid like that I was always very into, I was never too worried about the normal concerns.

Alex Ferrari 6:17
So you said you wanted to touch upon this in that in that 10 year time period when you were dealing with addiction? How did this these abilities if you will, or this thing? Did it? Did it ever manifest during that time period? Or how did it change your outlook on spirituality, all that

Salvador Adatsi 6:36
It's different, it clouded it on the real honest connection, the cleanness and that purity of that loving energy that you have no doubt. And it's Oh, it's bigger than us and takes over as opposed to drugs, where it's a cloud. It's, it's like, it's like a train in a different direction. It's it clouded. My real spirituality. Yes, it opened, and I was, I was doing psychedelics for many years. For 10 years. My main thing was psychedelics, I was searching for that psychedelic knowledge. I wanted to pick up where they left in the 60s, as a people that was important, we need to pick up on what they were doing. And so yes, it did the drugs, do open many windows and do break many barriers. And they are very, very, very useful, if used to their purpose. However, they're still tools for the physical worlds. They're still tools for us here. And in the physical matter in our bodies and in our dealing with others. So they are very useful. But they are not. They are not the direct line of communication to the other side.

Alex Ferrari 7:58
To my understanding, I've never I've never partake in and I spoken about psychedelics on the show before, multiple times, because I'm fascinated with them, because they are this very unique doorway, into the beyond. But I think it was a yogi who said this to me once it's like you are when you take a psychedelic, you're walking in a door that you weren't invited into. And it and you might not be prepared for what is on the other side of that door. Is that ring true to you?

Salvador Adatsi 8:31
Yes. Yes. And I found that with with me, I always had the desire, I searched for them. Sure. So I read about it, that sorts of things. And I was like, that's what I want. I want it. That's what I need. So, in 10 years, maybe I had too bad episodes. Besides that i was i always use it as I wanted it, because I wanted it. It it was all yes, you get a lot of surprises, undoubtedly, you get a lot of surprise. If people take them without really wanting them or really being ready or just wanting them. If you don't really want then you know that either it's going to the movies or to a restaurant if you're not fully in, then you're not going to enjoy it fully. So there are many bad episodes of Mary stories. So the I agree with that. But I think I was invited,

Alex Ferrari 9:20
You were invited to a certain extent, to a certain extent, to a certain extent. So during all that time when you came out of this time period of experimenting with these with these drugs, what ideas or what vision did you have of the Beyond of why we're here? Because you said you went into deep depression afterwards? What was it that started to drive you down that deep depression? If you were basically I'm saying you got to see the other side you got to visit this other place you got to visit beyond the veil. You got to answers that most humans don't get by doing these kinds of, you know, opening these doors that we just don't get access to, unless you do meditation or other kinds of spiritual practices, that you can go deep into those things. You were going all the time. And then what what did what happened to the point where you had to kind of go down this? Because if you're, if you're showing the other side, you would think you'd be Oh, wow, this is happy. Oh, my God, this is great. What caused you to go down this depression level that led to your near death experience?

Salvador Adatsi 10:28
Well, so after, you know, after four years of not doing any drugs, alcohol, anything, no, no substances and being sober, which, which is really, I love being sober, being sober is I love it. The was just dealing with human, the human narrative that the social narrative, the human conditions, and at the time was just me realizing, well, first, I had to deal with the consequences of my usage, you know, there was there was things I've been involved with that had consequences on the social side of life. And so I had to deal with him. So that was stressing me out. And then, because I was such a changed person, so my spirituality came strong, sober. The clarity and the spirituality came very strong, sober, but I still had to deal with the consequences of my previous actions. And me being a new person, and not having the immediate acknowledgement of society around me, the my depression is my cause, like everything else that I experienced in my life, that was all my cause. So I started getting frustrated and upset that people could not see me by the new person that I was, I was still, for everyone else, I was still just a drug. So after four years, I think I lost patients, and then, you know, you go the rabbit hole, I started being depressed and upset that people were not I was not getting the reaction that I wanted, which is powerlessness. And that led me to being depressed things were not happening as I wanted. Yes, sorry.

Alex Ferrari 12:14
No, in some instances, instances,

Salvador Adatsi 12:16
In some areas, yes. In some areas, the ones that I would consider emotionally important to me. Yes, I was good for society. I have a job. I pay my bills. I am planed and nice clothes. And I do the right thing. And I, you know, I'm not just the wandering.

Alex Ferrari 12:35
Nomad, nomad. Right, right, right. No, I understand that that makes absolute sense. Because the thing that fascinates me about your story is that you had this this spiritual and in kind of insights, what is the biggest lesson you took? From seeing things from the other side, not from your addiction, which we I can, there's probably 1000 lessons you learn from your addictions. But from the other side, these glimpses these trips that you took, what is the biggest takeaway?

Salvador Adatsi 13:03
That's, that's one of the points I wanted to touch the steel on the substances. And then I can resume that possibilities shortly, because because, again, all the drugs that I tried, and I wanted to refer to the antique is recently I've seen a discussion of people comparing DMT experiences with or any psychedelic experience with a near death experience. And

Alex Ferrari 13:27
It is not apparently. That's interesting, because you've had both you've had both I haven't had anybody on the show that's had both experiences. So this is a good point.

Salvador Adatsi 13:37
I've had more or both more than once, and it's nothing to do. And that's why the lessons I took from my drug addiction, they were fun. They were fun. They lead you to conspiracy theories called new ways of living and changing the world. Yes, that's all nice and pretty. And it's all it I would call it folklore, because it's not folklore. It's all very needed to the evolution of society. But there's, there's, they're, they're physical matter based tools and experiences. So compared to the near death experience, they were fun. They were fun, drugs are fun, it's the same as having a coffee or

Alex Ferrari 14:12
It was a it was very, very, almost shallow. It wasn't deep, if you will, like they're fun, like shallow, like I'll fund it at, boom, boom, boom, but it's like dating a pretty girl is beautiful. But if she, you know, after a certain point, if you don't go any deeper, and you can't have a conversation, it's not fun anymore. So those are the combinations are a good looking guy, if you're a girl, so on and so forth. There has to be a deeper connection. So it's okay, so that's a really great point for people to understand for your psychedelic experiences. They only took you so far and they were fun, as opposed to the near death experience which took you to the play. So let's discuss how did you how did you get to your first near death experience or after you had you had your heart attack? What happened exactly?

Salvador Adatsi 14:57
There's Yes you were asking from my biggest take. So the process is strange. Because I was fighting it, I felt I was alone in somewhere isolated, I was 100 yards from the house, and I fell on the floor and there was no way around the end, and you start, your body hurts and your heart doesn't work. So there's no blood flowing, you cannot breathe. And there's, you cannot breathe for a few, a long time. And the pain is excruciating, that you, your soul starts moving away from your body. And that's when I realized, okay, this is something serious, and I must be dying. So I didn't want to die. And but each time I dissociate from my body. And again, this has nothing to do with with a meditation or out of body experience. It's different the words difficult to find, but but the experience is completely different. As you separate from from the physicalness. And this is where the lessons started. Because I see that my body, the molecules of my body, the molecules of the Sands, the trees, the brick wall, the wind, there is no transparency, there is transparency, but the air is not empty anymore. You see, the electric, electricity and molecules going through everywhere, you understand that everything is vital, the same thing. It's just different densities of electric current. And it starts not to hurt as I move more into this area. And then you see that the tree is alive, and the floor is alive. And my body is still alive. Even if even if I'm not in it. My body muscles molecules they still live in it still matter. And that's fine, except I was dying. And I said, Okay, leave it doesn't hurt anymore feels blissfully amazing, better than any cocktail of drugs I could ever imagine. doesn't even compare, doesn't even compare. And that's when I went to have a life review.

Alex Ferrari 17:20
When you say when you say shoosh what exactly is shoosh? It's there a tunnel? Are you instantly there by like the power of thought or intention? Like what is shoosh, but need the definition?

Salvador Adatsi 17:37
Acceptance and surrendering. So the barriers disappear?

Alex Ferrari 17:46
All the barriers here on Earth, this all of this, that it sounds like when you're explaining it, it almost sounds like you're you're seeing the code of the matrix. You start seeing behind you're becoming Neo in many ways and start seeing all the code behind what's happening is that that example?

Salvador Adatsi 18:04
And percent if you understand how you can pass through that wall through that coding energy, well, because you made it the same energy. So you just change it entity and you go through it. And as you because it's new information from the Anam accepting it, and I'm okay, so I'm dying. Oh, but I'm not that. So that's the first step. Like, I'm not dead, my body's over there. And it's broken. I'm not dead. And I'm going through changes, I see physical reality over there. And I'm going through this passage of a cloud confusion. But at the same time that you have a question that the answer comes immediately from, or what is this? And clarification comes to say, Oh, there's more. Then I go into a dark section. And then but then still feeling it's indescribable. The it's like you're a fountain of energy. It's like, like a fountain of energy. That I'm not struggling right now. Now I don't have a physical body. I haven't just letting I'm just it. And I'm questioning myself, What is this place? What's next, then there's a light shows up at the end, the traditional light at the end, which the speed that I move to the light, the that you're asking is the speed that I want to go to the light. It's not necessarily a tunnel, but that's the effect that we get. Got it because we're going to that light

Alex Ferrari 19:33
And then we'll get there. And so when you get to the light what happens?

Salvador Adatsi 19:37
By this time, I already see what I am as an energy body of a light, a light source, a light source connected to an origin but I am a light source I am energy. But this one is like huge and the energy that flows onto me it's So bright, powerful and full of information. It's a it's well, and I start censoring my questions like I am because the consciousness is the same keep in mind that this is I found that this is the most difficult sometimes to explain when you leave your body and your consciousness is the same, so you can still you can hear still still hear your way of thinking and asking questions and being your your you're still you even if when you get there before that entity, let me let me add something before that entity started speaking there was there was this moment, the relief moment after you go through the through the through the tunnel. It's like you arrive. And I heard this many expats expression for many near death experiences, because I did connect to men. And we all share the same feeling. It's like you arrive home after a long week of hard work and you throw your shoes off and they're off. It's a relief. It's like, Wow, what a week. But what a life. Right. And it's like you're connected to the other parts of you that you have not been using or thinking about the last week day, or 50 years, or hunting theater. So you get reunited with all of it. You not only feel amazing, as you feel whole, you feel your whole self, your whole identity, your whole essence of who you are. And I said the biggest relax the biggest relaxing and it's like, Ah, okay, I'm here, what's going on?

Alex Ferrari 21:45
So you're speaking to so you get here, and there's beings in front of you what happens? As you mentioned a life review? How did that happen?

Salvador Adatsi 21:53
I asked, What am I doing here? What is this? What am I doing here? And the What is this? I don't need? The answer is it's like embedded already immediately just by being in there that you get the knowledge, you get the knowing of you don't need that question anymore. Immediately that question is gone off the window. I forget that because I got the answer right to you. It's so obvious who you are. And what's going on. What was not obvious was what am I doing here. And he starts with like a screen between us like you seen those war movies in the submarine where there's gonna be a glass screen between the two officers and they can service the screen balls in front of us. And my life starts showing from the moment I'm birth and born two or three years old, when I'm put the movie has all the emotion and all the context and all the narrative of the time being of that time. It's like in the present. And we go through it. And then there was moments where I had some questions. I was like, Well, what was that what happened? And we, the movie would pause. We would have an exchange of information. What was it what wasn't what was at play? What was not what was the pressure? What was the condition? What was influencing the whole situation? Why I decided like I decided what do I chose? What the others around me chose? Oh, okay. Pure Love is exposed from all participants. Everyone was always acting out of pure love. So there's no guilt. There's no remorse, there's no resentment. There's no anger anymore. Because you can understand that people are acting out of love. They're doing what they believe it's the best. So we cleaned up that situation. Okay, carry on. Then we move on to the axon until the end, and then I was there until the moment I died on the floor. It was like you asked, and then you asked for this. And here you are. So there's your answer You asked for this.

Alex Ferrari 23:50
Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it so what was so what so after you went through your life review and you felt like I've heard in other life reviews? Did you feel both sides? So if you hurt somebody you felt what they felt and you also felt what you felt while you were doing it? Is that true?

Salvador Adatsi 24:09
Yeah. Yeah. And

Alex Ferrari 24:11
How did you deal with that? Is it did you look at it more from a because we hear so emotional and we feel everything so much. But when you are looking at it from a point of view of a movie quote unquote, or a life review, or you looking at it from a different perspective, you feel it but you don't feel it you it's more for information, and less for the pain. Did you feel pain? Did you feel anger? None of that stuff? How did you feel?

Salvador Adatsi 24:38
You feel it but you're not that person on the screen anymore. Now you're over self, your oversoul your your your whole self so you see what that is like if you hammer your nail. You're like, oh, the nail hurts, but I'm great with that. It's just a hammer in vinyl. So that's the the proportion of the whole self watching this lifetime, like, oh, yeah, that was that was complicated at the time for that person over there being me. But also you understand that whatever situation happened in there's no excuses, you see that it was you're asking, you wanted something you just didn't know how to get it. And that situation gave you. It's all comes from us. It's all the experience that we get here. It's all from us. It's a reply. It's a response to us. Even when someone is rude to me on the street. They haven't been rude to me for 20 years. But all those circumstances that we experience in life, they are self made, they are all from us, they're all a response their response to us. And to a larger scale, the same goes through seeing aliens, or not, their response to our requests, everything is energy and focus and expectation, and belief brings it to you or not. And that is just to a smaller level, everything that happened with family, with friends with co workers with. It's all the masking. However, like a theater play, you also need somebody to play the other role. And going back to family, as you know that we all agreed, we all chose to be here, I chose to be born, my parents, my parents chose to sound like me. We chose to play this role, this time, being born in Portugal and going through all of this, it was our choice in advance. Because we know we don't die. It's like, okay, let's let's, let's go to this, right, let's do this, right, who wants to come? Okay, you're going to play this, you're going to play that you're going to play that. So you see, so it was actually satisfying. From the other side, even the painful situations, they're satisfying to see the unconditional love and the the joy of understanding how the system works, because I was looking for that for I was looking for a consequence. So that was the cause. So we created the cause for that consequence. And it's all it's all depends on what we want and what we're looking for. So it will happen, matter will happen for our requests. It's what you wish for. It's what you wish for.

Alex Ferrari 27:04
So it's very, I mean, it is kind of like the law of attraction or manifestation you do truly control the world that you're around with what you think so your thoughts are extremely powerful. So if you think you're a bad person, bad things are going to be a bad person or you feel like things are always going bad for you. Guess what? Things are always going bad for you. If you think things are always gonna go good for you. Things are always gonna go good for you. It's like I think it was it was a Henry Ford he said he was like if you believe that you are if you said that I forgot the quote. But I think it was Henry Ford that said whether you believe you can do it or you can't You're right. And that's exactly it. So you kind of reinforcing those ideas from your life from your life review. Which is really interesting. I wanted to kind of spotlight that a little bit because a lot of people still have a problem with the whole law of attraction thing and manifestation is a real law it's how you do it and and that's a whole other conversation now you don't live your life with you. You've you've looked at your life you're like this This was nice. This was good. I had you know, I had some net quote unquote bad stuff which I wanted. I had some good stuff that I wanted. We all played our roles. Then what do you like you asked for this do you want the question come do you want to come back? Do you want to stay? How did that go?

Salvador Adatsi 28:29
This is making a long episode very short, but he has because you get exposed to in my case at least and let me also say that the same way that I know that on the planet we're all different perspectives are the same. And I know that many near death experiences then they divert on their own searches and they're on beliefs and they're on quests and they're on so I know many near death experience is different than mine. Even if the core is the same, like like the settings are the same, it's just different. It's different desires and questions my case so I'd like to say that in my case. You are in the soul if you were in a place where you see as this entity speaking with me, you can still see all energy fields around. Another thing interesting was each time I would phrase a question, the question has images and vibration to it as a frequency because am I talking about people or emotions, those have callers and they have an energy current other scenario, so it does the explanation of how every thought every emotion has. Essence it's a vibrate it's its energy. It's a They have colors and densities they have currently have speeds. So everything exists thought is, the thought is the most important thing I would say. And I see other souls, I see other worlds, I hear the possibilities of options. So there's a moment where we are neutral. And there's an option I'm facing the neutrality of I could actually choose where to go now, in every direction around me, like a globe of directions around me, I could go any direction, there's different ways to experience my soul to go have fun to go grow to go experience next, because that's the other thing. It is blissful to be there. It is the best feeling ever. You feel good. That was my conclusion at times as well. But now I feel great here. I don't feel like a stranger here anymore. I feel very comfortable here. This is great. This is beautiful. However, you also feel the constant growth, like energy doesn't stop. You feel the the curiosity, the Okay, well, what's next? So I had to make a choice. And I did have a lot of love for the planet for the people that I know for things I still wanted to try. So immediately it's understood between us that yes, I would like to come back. And, and I saw other souls floating around. So it's a weird place. And, but I did feel like I wanted to come back. And that's obvious. So then there is not even a question. There's not a discussion. He did. He was in that posture of okay, what you want to do that was the moment of neutrality. But from the moment that my first option was, I miss the earth. I love it. It was obvious, okay, then it's time to go back. And you answer your question is, then off you go. And

Alex Ferrari 31:58
You got slam back into your body,

Salvador Adatsi 32:00
Progressively like the same kind of speed, but seeing the light going away. Coming back to my body, I felt I was to our speaking with this entity, the doctor says was around 30 minutes. And out of nothing, I had the breath of air. And I'm still on the floor. I had to stand on my face. I think I like feel flies and ants and stand, managed to crawl a little bit and then tried to get up to get air. And I got home and just had the time and energy to say call an ambulance and then I fell back against.

Alex Ferrari 32:36
Okay, so before we continue, let's go back to this kind of waystation. I'll call it a waystation where you were where all these other souls are all choosing when you're in that space, you said you saw other realities. Other Worlds, what did you see? Like literally,

Salvador Adatsi 32:56
First I'm going to start by seeing the planet Earth, what now it looks gigantic and enormous and I need a plane to go to. As I move away, you see it becoming the size of a tiny bit of a time stamp great. And then that value, that energetic value that the Earth has the color, the energetic density that the energy is around it all day electricity, then you have endless of those endless,

Alex Ferrari 33:26
Endless Earths or endless planets?

Salvador Adatsi 33:30
I don't, I didn't see the physicality, I only saw the energetic value, I didn't see the if it's blue trees, or if it has giant lizards, or if it's yellow sand or, or jelly. I didn't see all in any of those details. But you see, when colors and vibrations, if that's the reference of the Earth, it's that color and that vibration with that speed. And that's what's around it, that everything makes sense. Then all other ones that have different colors and different vibrations is sometimes similar. They were and that was the part of the knowledge that was embedded in you immediately just by being there. I didn't ask about it. I didn't ask for is there another planet? It was just obvious. It's just it's just unknowingly you're just like, Okay, I'm back here. And then when he opens to that neutrality, the waystation you feel no restrictions to walk this direction, or that direction. And that's where I saw the power of focus. How important is focus?

Alex Ferrari 34:40
Where wherever you're focusing you could have instantly gone to another planet Kersey correct so so you only saw the energetic value of these other planets, but you didn't see the details of these planets you could just understood. Okay, that's a this is b that c this is d kind kind of energy, but you knew instinctively what you would be going towards. If you went to plan a D. You to go, Oh, I'm going to be able to experience this on that planet and so on. Is that kind of makes sense.

Salvador Adatsi 35:12
You feel it exactly. You feel the essence of where you want to step into the field.

Alex Ferrari 35:18
So then, what about realities, just as you also saw the realities, what does that mean?

Salvador Adatsi 35:25
Well, because I don't know if there would be physical or non physical, I don't know if there would be. You know that? How can I explain this. And because of the density, there, you see the density and the colors, and you see, you're free to get into that room. And you're free to get into this room. And this room is the planet Earth where I've been living lately. And the doors were open, there was options, there was freewill to move in either direction, but I'm moving not with his body and moving just with my soul's essence, are part of it. That's the other part that I still don't know, I don't think it's the whole thing. I think it's just part of it. But there was no interest, the vibrations that are felt from the other options, they were not as attractive as planetary, either by experience, or just because I don't know if I've been there before. I don't know if it was just not that attractive. But there was nothing more exciting than coming back to that. To hear,

Alex Ferrari 36:22
I hear I hear that multiple times from multiple people that Earth is, it's a really tough place to be. And from our point of view, is a very tough place to be. On the other side, it is a very exciting place to be because you can evolve so much quicker here. Because things are so much more difficult. Here, this is a tough, gym, you're gonna work out really hard here. You know, to get to where you are, is that kind of your essence as well, understanding?

Salvador Adatsi 36:50
It was before it's not anymore. And I'm very careful, it took me years of working on my on saying those words, for example, I had to remove those concepts out of my existence here. Because I know the power of this is very hard. It's not, it's not hard, if you want it,

Alex Ferrari 37:11
Exactly. But you have to evolve to the place on here to understand that it's not hard. You have the potentiality here to be as hard as you want it to be, which might not be which might not be in other realities, other planets, other other situations, that might even be a possibility, and another reality or another planet, but on this one, you can make this as hard as you want. But if you evolve past those ideas, then you start understanding the way the game is played here the rules of this game, and you start to elevate yourself or evolve to a higher state. Where then me because look, there's a lot of people who live a very blissful life here on Earth. And there's people who are absolutely miserable, and everything in between. So it is it is a very interesting place, isn't it?

Salvador Adatsi 38:08
Very, and, and yeah, it took me time as well, obviously, to get there. But I guess the biggest stick one of the other biggest texts that I could mention also on the subject, which is I gotta be honest, I think it's easy for me to say because I understood immortality understood eternity, I understood that the biggest concept and I tried to share to people all my friends and family when I came back if you don't worry with that, after the deceptive Don't worry, that doesn't matter. Just chill. Just chill. Feel it, just let it feel just feel once you shift that other version of you which are chilled just for being here now. Different world different, a different world, but it depends on you. So that was my biggest struggle after being here was and then as you know, some people are not interested in that now because I have to press press and I have to go I'm gonna get it and I'm and I'm to blame too. I'm look I'm at the job. I work I'm back and physicality. I have a job still I still do a nine to five I've been having incredible Yes, but But I still have you know I'm a period of change myself. I mean, a pivoting point I believe like the whole world. However, that was the biggest that's why I think I'm not worried. Because I know I'm not dying. What's the worst that can happen die? Sure. That's not bad. That's awesome. Go back the reset button. Okay, what's next? Let's go are feeling blissful again and choosing another point of starting? What's wrong with it?

Alex Ferrari 39:47
It sounds it sounds so it sounds so much like a game. It says literally like a video game. Like you'd go you change your avatar. You come back you die. You're like Oh, great. I get to go back and try the levels again. Then, or maybe I'll change it to a new environment or new world and try those levels. Maybe I'll be a guy this time. Maybe I'll be a girl next this time. I have a fun parent, maybe I'll have an abusive parent. I don't know, whatever. It's, it's kind of a game. You're making it sound very game like.

Salvador Adatsi 40:17
Yes, yes, and, and to not take that game seriously, at all, which I do that exercise regularly too, because again, because I chose there was another important understanding, to have full clear in me that I chose to come back. And this time I have the memory of it. I didn't forget about it, I chose to come to the planet, I chose to come back, because it's fun with all the issues that and again, I had I had added to another heart attack after this experience. So I still was hurting myself, I still did something. I caused me another event of pain. But still, this is a lot of fun. And I chose to come here. So having that in mind that you don't die. But you chose to come here should be enough. And then when you realize what here is what is here. Okay, it's a rock floating at 1000s of miles an hour on another massive rocks on an empty space. What are you stressing about? Well, tell me again, what's the problem?

Alex Ferrari 41:20
So you also, you mentioned that you had another near death experience? Is this your two or just the one?

Salvador Adatsi 41:26
Well, the same day that my first heart attack, I was far in the countryside. So it took time for people to take me to the closest Clinical Center clinics Center Medical Center. Immediately the doctor said, This guy's having heart attacks guys dying, call an ambulance, they put me on an ambulance. And when I get the ambulance I've asked the medics said give me some painkillers. I'm in excruciating pain, this this. This hurts. Please give me medicine. And obviously my family informed them that I was everyone around me that they thought that I was having an overdose. They thought this guy just went back. He went back strong. He was clean for four years. That thing actuate them too hard. is gone.

Alex Ferrari 42:10

Salvador Adatsi 42:12
I couldn't blame him.

Alex Ferrari 42:13
But I mean, to be fair, to be fair, that makes all the sense in the world

Salvador Adatsi 42:17
I was like, Give me what did you take? Nothing teach me now I need something, give me everything. I need something and they didn't want to give me anything. I asked at the clinic. I asked them when I got to the ambulance. I thought okay, these guys are with me. This guy's gonna give me the strong the good stuff. Like, and they know, we cannot give you because we think we're having an overdose. I was like, right. And that moment I had that moment of clarity. I forgot I'm dealing with humans again. Why did I come back here? I don't have time for this. So listen, I just came from there from the source. I'm telling you, I'm back and I'm telling you I need this. You know, they gave me I don't have time for this. I literally don't have time for this. And I gotta go back again.

Alex Ferrari 43:00
Wait a minute. Charlottes. That's not helping your cause at all. Telling you telling the ambulance people this.

Salvador Adatsi 43:08
I'm not telling like this. Okay, this was my reaction. This was my thinking.

Alex Ferrari 43:13
Okay, thank God because I thought you were saying this to the ambulance not EMTs Listen, guys, I just wanted the other side. And I can't I don't have time for this. I'm in pain. I chose to come back. I thought that was the conversation because that would have they would have put you straight into the psych ward

Salvador Adatsi 43:31
Just tie me up.

Alex Ferrari 43:32
Yeah. Okay. So this is what's going on in your mind. Okay, so then what happens?

Salvador Adatsi 43:36
Yes, yes, I was just asking for the stuff and as I'm asking, I have this realizations in my head. Oh, should humans I'm doing because I just came from a spiritual side. So you know, waking up where I am. And I realized the world to be like this again. Okay, now I don't I'd rather go back up. I rather go to the spiritual side then. And all these episodes that are happening I see the power of focus, intention and expectation. This for me has been the most powerful subjects to clarify to whoever I can whatever you think whatever you you believe and expect right because you need the expectation expectation is like like the the magnet to a belief that you have been good or bad regardless of good and bad things just perspective right. So from the moment I it was like wherever I was pointing my eyes okay, I want to point my eyes to earth again, I'm going back to my earth suit. I'm back on Earth as of now I want to point out to God again or to this source of energy that I was just. And from the moment I released and surrendered to the physical matter again and focused on my non physical life. I went immediately, I left the body and went straight up again. And there it was, there it was again, same universe again. This time was different was just being there and the loveliness of the being. There was not many questions at the time was just being being in that beautiful being. And, but then it kicks in again, the curiosity doesn't last long, because then you have to move you have to you have to grow you have to there's no stopping there was another thing is no stopping and, and they brought me back to life. This was a time that medics brought me back to life the first time. And I woke up, I was a bit angry with them at the time, because like, well, they don't take care of me when I'm on the planet and you don't let me be on the other side, what's going on? You know, just make up your mind. And they were like, okay, okay, we'll give you some drugs. Because they said that I backed up that I left the body again, right? They didn't tell me leaving the body. But they saw that I think I went flatline again, that I think that's what happened on their side. And they gave me some morphine and some stuff. And I was like, okay, nothing like a drug addiction. Compared to this. It's nothing. It's nothing. It's just another mental conflict. And a choice not to minimize, I get in trouble a lot. And I've done I think, five podcasts, interviews, different caliber of interviews. Not to this level, but I did get in trouble sometimes. And I did get some backlash. But if I'm not honest with what I know, and what I experienced, even if I know that is referring to my experience, then expanded. And, yeah, so mental conflict, it's all a mental conflict, and it will be free to let go of any mental competent doesn't serve you. It's just I know, I don't have time. I don't want to, I don't want to have no water.

Alex Ferrari 46:46
So when you came back when you came back, was that that was the last time you got to go back up.

Salvador Adatsi 46:51
That's that episode? Yes. Yes, because then they took me to the hospital to do some, some surgeries and some stuff. And, and I was, I asked for more drugs because I was still in pain. And they gave me more to the point where I was relaxed. And I knew I knew the knowing these those strong loans that entity, the connection with that entity, straight state presence through the whole time, it's like you'd like it was holding my hand through the whole process. From the moment I managed to wake up, get some more and more calm to the I knew I was going to survive all of this. It's just as easy or hard it was going to be but I knew I was going to go to to walk again and to smile again to be happy again. It was just the process to get there. Just and yeah, so that was the last time this time and then that's when I got introduced to channeling because at the time, I didn't know what channeling was. But that entity was present with me all the time. Not all the time. But each time I wanted to send my head the question again, or I just wanted to feel that loving, unconditional love out of worry out of judgment, that position. I'll just call it and let it come. And for one year, I was having conversations, I would let it come we would take over my mouth and speak words. And this was 1617 years ago, I had no idea what channeling was. So I stayed in that period for one year, two years, two years, five years, asking questions asking for help asking for guidance asking well, people would come to me and I will just tell them this isn't the way to live. You cannot live

Alex Ferrari 48:24
This is no way to live. You can't live like this.

Salvador Adatsi 48:26
That's not bloody here for Don't worry with that. That's not for you for you. Just focus on your joy. Just be happy. What makes you happy? So obviously I did get a lot of backlash on from people that I knew on on podcasts because sometimes sometimes that voice still takes over me and speaks and says things and sometimes I apologize sometimes, though today I don't apologize anymore because it's very blunt. Very everything was always back to the same. Do what makes you happy? What excites you? What do you want to do? You chose to come here so what what do you want to do with all of these users thoughts, your imagination, what makes you happy? You chose to come enjoy physicality along your journey. Enjoy physicality, I still happy that he's the one enjoy my physicality, then go do what makes you happy. That's it. Just do what makes you happy. People get offended people get I don't care.

Alex Ferrari 49:20
Listen, if from somebody who's now talked to, I don't know, 50 channels, or more at this point. From my experience, most of them if not all of them are pretty blunt, some a little bit more nuanced than others. But it always is from a place of truth. And truth is blunt, and truth is not accepted by everybody. Regardless, regardless if it's true or not. So I understand your point of view, you know, look, I think I get backlash every day. The best As I happened on this show, can you imagine? You know, I've millions of people watch the show sometimes. And I'm just like, okay, and they'll say something I'm like, that's alright. That's your that's where you are at that point. So I understand, I understand your point of view on that. When you came back and you started to look at life a little bit differently, did your How did your people around you deal with you? This new version of Salvador?

Salvador Adatsi 50:27
People gave me a lot of space. People knew I was lucky to start with a nurse at the cardiology ward, where I was there was me. And two more guys that day that survived the heart attack, one at the heart transplant and the other one, she survived. And we wake up, we look to each other. We could see light coming out of both of us is like the GCM is like, yeah, the GCM say yeah. So and the nurse that was doing post care of cardiology, she has years and years of experience. Like she knew where she was, she was used to dealing with all these spirituality, she was this beautiful, used to all of these happenings. So when my family came to pick it up, she was like, Listen, your son has been with God. He knows exactly what he has to do. You guys leave him alone. This was the message.

Alex Ferrari 51:19
Wow, she was an angel.

Salvador Adatsi 51:21
Yeah, it was a nice, beautiful, beautiful angel receiving all over these people back every day. But she does. So that helped a bit. And I changed completely my feeding habits, my actions, my thinking, mostly my thinking, my being changed completely. And family was very supportive, who I was living with, very supportive. And then I understood that it was like, I didn't even have time to convince other people of what I been through. I had so much to apply, that I needed to get going. I was like, wait, I need to fit in this. And I need to fit in that. Let me let me integrate that integrity. So I don't need to worry with that. And I don't need to worry with this. And what makes me happy. What do I really want? And who am I? So when I had contact with other people, the one that cared, they would be usually satisfied after the first conversation after the first minute of interacting with me. They'll be like, Oh, okay. All right. That's fine. They are things that worry them and concerns them. And maybe they're on their own quest. So at the same time, I didn't feel if someone really wanted to know, and I felt immediately like could help them like it's been happening. It's been happening. Since I did some podcasts. I had people emailing me or when I published my book, they emailed me and asked him for questions because they were going through grief through the CS family through mental conflicts, how can I do with it and I tried to help them as much as I could. So when you feel the person is receptive and open to something, I go all in I'm happy to share as much as you want to go as far as you want to go. But when they don't quite insisted on proceeds, you know, who knows their path?

Alex Ferrari 53:13
I would have to agree the same way because so many people you know, after the show, you know that meet me. Some people are curious, I'm like says near death experience stuff real? Or is this channeling stuff real? I don't? Whether I believe it's real or not is irrelevant to me. What is the message? Is the message bring you hope? Does it does the message bring you peace? Does a message bring you value? I don't care how it gets to you. It could be some crazy person apparently channeling some entity from another world or another end a reality or from an angel or whatever. I don't care. What are they saying? And does it ring true? If it does use it in your life, if it doesn't let it go and move on with life. And that's how I look at all of this stuff. Everything I look at regardless if I believe or not. It's irrelevant. You know, I do, on the record, do believe in near death experiences. I do believe in channeling there's too much proof out there. There's actual scientific proof on on the channeling side. Definitely. On the near death experience side there even started, you know, when you get neurosis, neurosurgeons having a near death experience and having, you know, sort of, you know, real proof of what happened to them. That's the impossibility of it. There's so many of those stories. So but I agree with you like you can't try to change somebody or try to project your ideas on somebody that's not receptive. So I just go hey, if it's for you, great, man, if it isn't, go watch another show.

Salvador Adatsi 54:51
I wondered that because I saw and there's another reason why I wanted to chat with you because I did have a glimpse of the amount of nd requests you have and all the channels are good spiritual teachers and which was a relief. And I wondered, well, do I have anything to tell them? Maybe not. But I wanted to chat with you anyway. I was very excited, that follow excited. So

Alex Ferrari 55:16
I appreciate that.

Salvador Adatsi 55:22
And that was, there is another thing. It's irrelevant if people believe it or not, because the people who didn't have a near death experience as much as they study, as much as they read books as much as they make medical examinations, any analysis method that we do here, not any, but we're still analyzing through the men through the physical rehab. We're still in this box, trying to analyze what's going on on that other box when you can't if you haven't been to the other box, you need to be on the other box to analyze the other box. So we can try. It's fun. Yes. And I love it. I love the people. You know, I love the curiosity. And I'm sure it's going to have its fruit and its results, even if not immediate, all the science exploring near death experience. I remember back in the 90s, I think was a movie called was it flatlines.

Alex Ferrari 56:10
Oh yeah, flatline. Kevin, Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, William Baldwin. Yes, this is that's, I can listen. There's a certain area of movies that I can hit every single time 87 to the mid 90s. No one can beat me at trivia. Yes. I love that movie directed by Joel Schumacher. Yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes. He that was I love that movie. And that was when they started to play around with the idea of dying. And coming back in the movie, of course, when they bring they come back, they bring back some demons or some bad stuff or, and things like that to make it a horror movie. But they started to play with these ideas. And it started to play with those ideas in the mainstream. And that's the power of movies, where when society of the consciousness of the planet is ready, these ideas start to come up. It starred in books, like in a Jules Verne, with his scientific ideas and science fiction. And all of a sudden, no one ever thought of a rocket ship before that. And then all of a sudden, 60 years later, 80 years later, many years later, we're on the moon, you know, we're in space, or we're doing things like that. So it's, I think these ideas come in. But yes, Flatliners was one of the first I think one of the first times I ever thought about that. At a deeper level, it wasn't a near death experience. It wasn't it wasn't. It had to be popcorn up.

Salvador Adatsi 57:41
Well, I felt at the time I saw the movie, and I was like, Oh, I'll try that. I did. That's how I saw that movie saying, Wow, this is cool. Look at that. I'll try that. That sounds interesting. Cheese, what am I going to be a designer or, you know, an architect or? I don't know, because I didn't try to be a designer or an architect. But that was like, you know, those things would captivate my whole attention since a young age? That will be like, Yeah, I mean for that. And then I'm not surprised that I've been through what I've been, because then I look Oh, yeah, that's me. Okay. I remember. Yeah. Yes. And there was another thing that I was having a recent. Since then, I've searched for all the information regarding the subject. And then I had, I've searched all channeled material, when I when I try to understand what is going on with me, I'm I'm on the physical. But when this entity speaks with me, if it comes through three, that like, like, I could see a channel, it was like this flower, the the leafs would go fuzzy, if there was like an opening of almost a portal, I don't want to say a portal not to be you know, have to be careful what we say these days, but that physical matter would change where I would feel that entity coming through and speaking and then going away, because if I had a question, you would come and answer. And then since then, I didn't know anyone. So after one or two years of dealing with this, and trying to find a job, I had bills to pay, I had to go back to being physical. I had to forget all this stuff. Not forget that I had to be physical. I started researching everything from all the subjects not everything but as much as I could. And the relief that it was to see channels and channeled material. Obviously, I found stuff first went through set, I think five times I've been through that books to set materials. And my relief was this guy knows that he's been there. He knows what I'm talking about. And then I met Esther Hicks or Abraham, and I was like, okay, Abraham speaking from this perspective, not because this is true, too. And I couldn't it was a relief for me to find real, physical information about what I've seen and what I've been through. Because people don't believe you. If you say yeah, now you create your own reality. Whatever you focus on, you start to be Your highest vibration and your life will be beautiful. People don't care about that people don't want to hear that. They want practical things, the law, everything depends on you, whatever you experience, you can change your reality. So having when I started digging on this channel, and then I found Thiel and then Bashar and Wendy and then digging in and finding another challenge, and not so well known, either I went through many, many channels. Because it was so gratifying. First to feel that I was not alone. And what I been through was not freakish. It was like, this relief. And then as you said, Before, the purity of the message when when the message, you feel it, and you you know it, and there is no questions and if it's helpful, if it's useful. Just run with it. And then it's good. And on general material, I don't know if you know, the books of Ra the law of one

Alex Ferrari 1:00:58
Ofcourse, of course, I've had episodes on that. Yes. And I've read that I've read a lot of Ra and Toth and Thor Toth Thot. The Emerald Tablets in the loved one. Yeah, of course,

Salvador Adatsi 1:01:10
On the on this one, the last one, he was explaining oneness, I think I'm on Volume Two, and he was explaining that the only chakra that has a connection, when we go from physical to non physical. six chakras only belong to the physical world. And only the third eye chakra your soul or your which makes sense, is the only one that it exists when you're on bed, or when you leave the physical body and you're over there. And I had one of those moments of your clarity of that makes so much sense because tunnel, the path to get there the light on the other side, this is a link that the soul that is you being used the third eye, you're accessing your you know, your, your pineal glands. And so again, you can judge if you want to believe it or not, however, been through the expenses that I've been and having other channel, sharing this type of information to me was one plus one is two was like it's obvious. Oh, so that's what I flew into the other side. This was the link. That was a ton of small things that only give respect to me. But I just find it too interesting. Like, I'm guessing you find him too.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:28
I find it semi interesting, because I have the show. So yes, I do like talking about it. More importantly, I like sharing this information to a large audience. Because it's information that needs to get out there. And I think that's one of the reasons why the show is in existence is to kind of put the stories out there in a big way. And also, I think, to hopefully attract people who would have never looked for it. You know, they'll come in through a near death experience. But then they'll listen to a channeling. Or they listen, or they'll come in through a channeling and they'll listen to a quantum physicist talk about simulation theory, or entanglement, then you start getting into those worlds. And then you start getting into ancient civilizations, and you start going to it all, it's all connected, everything we talk about on the show, it's all connected in different ways. It's kind of like when you were in that weigh station, there's so many different places so many points of, of light, if you will, it's similar to this. It's it's, it's, I think, my job to do that. So that's why I tried to do. So it's been such a great, great talking to you, my friend. I'm going to ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Salvador Adatsi 1:03:42
That's one following my, my true self, the satisfaction of true self, because I know the consequences of me being a true truly happy, thoroughly satisfied, if I'm truly satisfied, everything else benefits around me everything. Not only the satisfaction that it gives me. But that's that's what I see. To honor myself and to follow my my satisfaction. By satisfaction, you know that I'm talking at the deep meaning I'm not talking about you know,

Alex Ferrari 1:04:15
Drugs, alcohol and rock'n'roll. Got it. Now, if you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Sal, what advice would you give him?

Salvador Adatsi 1:04:26
Oh, that's a fun one. I would have told him. That's a difficult it's not difficult. It's pretty easy, because it's funny because you work with movies. When I was young, obviously I was like, I want to go to Hollywood. When I was 1014 Whatever. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to make movies I'm going to go to Hollywood. That's the place to be

Alex Ferrari 1:04:45
Sorry, sorry. I'm laughing I can't help myself. I can't help myself. I'm sorry.

Salvador Adatsi 1:04:51
Because you because you are there so you've been there so you know when you get it I'm sure. And, and then is believe in yourself. Just Listen to yourself. Everything is your heart. Your heart controls just obviously after a heart attack, it's easy for me to be heart centered. Just believe in yourself believe. Listen to yourself.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:14
How do you define God or Source?

Salvador Adatsi 1:05:20
A lot of sentences are coming through my mind. God, grand overall design, everything, lifeforce energy, love life. It's everything. It's it's everything. It's in everything you've either we want it or not, but it's in everything.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:35
What is the and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Salvador Adatsi 1:05:37
Experiencing it, to do it, to live it to to follow your, your signature is your signature. Nobody has it. So I see it, I see it this way. So if I'm if I'm here now in the physical and I would like to be an actor, but I also would like to be an astronaut. And then I would like to be a painter. And I would like to be a surfer. If I could split myself not split, but extend myself and leave all those experiences at the same time. Leave them fully without whoever I sent they're not asking me questions just do it just go surfing you just go be an actor. You go be rich, Hugo, Bing, whatever. I lost track why why this came to my head, I lost the point and went over

Alex Ferrari 1:06:22
The ultimate purpose of life and what you said that by the way, that's so I don't know why it rang true to me. Because I always say that to myself to us like that. Like sometimes I'll watch. I'm like, Man, I wish I learned how to play the guitar. I like man, I really wish I could just pick up a guitar and just just go, you know, because it's such a frustrating being a filmmaker is very frustrating, because you need 1000s of, you know, hundreds of 1000s of dollars of debt, millions of dollars for you to create your art. And you need teams of people to believe in your in your vision in order to create the art as opposed to an artist who could just sit down and draw and it's done. Or a musician who could pick up a guitar and play. You get to express yourself so much easier than a film a filmmaker is one of the more difficult artistic endeavors on this planet. And there's a reason why I chose that this time. I'm sure. Apparently, I wanted some abuse.

Salvador Adatsi 1:07:22
Oh, no, go through that. That looks pretty much.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:24
I could be just this easy. No, no, I'm gonna I'm gonna go through this. Yeah, I think it's gonna be a little more difficult. And my friend, where can people find find out more about you your book and the work that you're doing?

Salvador Adatsi 1:07:37
Oh, my! Yeah, I'm being a bit shy on that area. I haven't been promoting myself. Because I think as you I've seen on your podcast coming out of the spiritual closet, I'm, I've been, I want to evolve more in that sense. And I created a website two months ago, but I don't think it's ready to be inspected. I launched the book five years ago, but it was written seven or eight years ago, I do have a book, which on Amazon is called Captain Hearts. It's always good. But I'm working on my second one, which is just precise. Things that I want to say without too much narrative. Just don't jump on this. I think it's worth knowing. And that's it. Whoever likes it. And the rest is still in the making. I'm going to be honest, is still in the making. I tried to do too much right speaking because I feel the need to tell sometimes there's just I think that thing comes through me and I just feel the need you got to speak this. Now you got to put it on video, I'd say just go and say this. And so I'm thinking about that. But so far, I'm happy in the sense of making and I appreciate you asking, but so far, it's all in the making, wants to come here and chat with you.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:42
I will I appreciate that. Well, if whatever links are available will be in the show notes in the description for people to see. We'll figure that out afterwards. It's all good, my friend. And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Salvador Adatsi 1:08:57
Yeah, less is more. Just grab the subtle, shiny vibration that is you. And it's okay to let go of everything else. And the right step will show itself. It's just be happy to be happy. Just accept that it's okay to be happy. Just it's easy. It's easy. It's easy if you want just be easy on yourself. I think that's what I say to the people I work to all the time just be genuine just relax. Easy. But at the same time, I don't want to offend anyone that it's in a special quest. Right? But that's my message to the audience

Alex Ferrari 1:09:31
Offend not offend irrelevant. I mean, we're all just sitting on this rock spinning 1000 miles an hour in between other rocks. Doesn't really matter. Thank you so much for thank you so much for coming on the show my friend and in sharing and sharing your story with us my friend. So I truly

Salvador Adatsi 1:09:53
Thank you for having me. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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