NEW MONUMENTAL Discovery FOUND in GREAT PYRAMID! You WON’T BELIEVE What It IS! with Robert James Comber

On today’s episode, we welcome the illustrious Robert James Comber, a modern-day renaissance man whose work spans astrology, art, and ancient wisdom. As our conversation unfolds, we delve into the depths of the cosmos, seeking to uncover the mysteries written in the stars.

We begin with a fascinating exploration of the origins of astrology. Robert James Comber traces its roots back to ancient times, illuminating the profound connection between the heavens and human experience. He speaks of the Dendera stone in Egypt, an ancient artifact that holds carvings of astrological signs, bridging the celestial with the terrestrial. This stone, housed in the temple of Hathor, tells the tale of our ancestors who looked to the skies for guidance and understanding.

In this profound conversation, Robert James Comber introduces us to the concept of the cosmic dance, a harmonious interplay of masculine and feminine energies represented by the Yin-Yang. He likens this dance to the first law of polarity, emphasizing the importance of seeing ourselves as both the dance and the dancers. “We are a spirit having a human experience, not just a human trying to explore the spiritual experience,” he explains, urging us to embrace the non-local consciousness and the initiation of ether.

Astrology, according to Robert James Comber, is not merely a tool for divination but a rich tapestry of stories and traditions passed down through generations. He describes the deacons within each zodiac sign, revealing how these constellations hold the key to our personal and collective narratives. These stories, he asserts, are embedded in every culture, from the Aboriginal star maps to the Dogon tribe’s celestial knowledge. The stars, he says, are a grand gallery in the sky, a divine movie for us to watch and learn from.

Our discussion then takes a turn towards the mysterious I Ching, an ancient Chinese text often used for divination. Robert James Comber shares his insights into the binary code of the I Ching, likening it to the computer codes of today. He explains how this ancient system of yin and yang evolved into a complex language that guides life’s decisions, from the mundane to the profound. “It’s a language that gives us a framework,” he notes, allowing us to fill in the beauty of our lives through its structure.


  1. Unity of Creation and Creator: Embrace the love of creation and the Creator, understanding that we are all part of the same universal experience. This realization fosters compassion and interconnectedness among all beings.
  2. Embrace Your Purpose: According to Robert James Comber, the purpose of life is what you choose it to be. By wholeheartedly embracing your chosen path, you align with your true purpose and find fulfillment.
  3. Astrological Insights: The stories written in the stars are not just ancient myths but personal narratives that guide our lives. By understanding these celestial stories, we gain deeper insights into our own journeys and the collective human experience.

As our conversation draws to a close, Robert James Comber leaves us with a powerful message: “We are moving through tremendous, amazing times. Often it can feel like everything’s falling apart, but knowing the stars and the star law of our story, everything is actually falling together.” His words remind us that in the grand scheme of the cosmos, we are all interconnected, and our stories are part of a larger, unfolding narrative.

Please enjoy my conversation with Robert James Comber.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 447

Robert James Comber 0:00
So now we have the procession and precession. Exactly like what happens in our solar system, that we move through the year, forwards, and then the Great Year moves backwards. And that's replicated in the king's chamber and in the last supper Exactly. And you can actually see that the images so the the way in which they're painted the way in which the figures are created, simulate the constellations.

Alex Ferrari 0:29
I like to welcome the show, Robert James Comber. How you doing Robert?

Robert James Comber 0:43
Very well, thank you, Alex. Good to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:46
Thank you so much for coming on the show, man. I mean, I can't tell you how excited I am to talk to you. We met in Robert, Robert Grant's little, the geek, the geek under the geeks in the basement. Meeting, this, this kind of like underground mathematician, Ollie mad physicists kind of meeting that I came into one day with you guys. And my mouth was just on the floor, just sitting watching what you guys were talking about. Because you're all like high end, academics, researchers, explorers, I mean, he's a group of amazing group of people there. And when I saw you, I was like, Oh my God, finally, someone who I could talk to you about astrology, and other things as well. But from a very grounded place, because as I was telling you, before we started, astrology has been pretty beat up over the years. You know, like, Oh, my future today? You know, you're on this, you can't do that. Because, you know, Venus is talking to the lawn? I don't know. So that kind of stuff. But you come from at it from a mathematic mathematicians point of view. And almost a scientific point of view as well. So my very first question to you is, and I know, barely other than I'm a cancer. I barely know anything about astrology. So how old? Where did astrology come from? And how old is it?

Robert James Comber 2:14
Well, it's yeah, it's a really good question. And, you know, to sort of, for me, the approach for this actually is my main background, I would say, is looking at everything from an artistic point of view. And so you know, all of the artwork that's in, you know, in my work, and everything like that is really how I started to see the lens of things like science and astrology and apply the artistic viewpoint to understand it. And so, really, I don't necessarily know in terms of astrology, like where that was, and how long ago but for me within this book, and this works, it took me back to the ancient Dendera stone within the Sahara stone, but then there is stone in the temple of Hathor in Egypt, there was this stone that's on the ceiling, in that template. And obviously, you know, how Thor is likened to the goddess of like ISIS, which is Venus, which is all connected to this whole project. And so really, on the Dendera, stone, there is sort of ancient carvings of where they don't really look like our astrological signs, but they were astrological signs. And there's been a lot of debate about, you know, were they Greek, or were they Egyptian, but they tell the same story. And I think it's kind of that's where we have to get over, trying to qualify what it is. And when we know the story of the stars, then we can qualify as to be truth, because it rings true throughout all traditions. And, you know, obviously, you know, primitive sort of early man, you could say, like, there's pictures in the aboriginals, you know, in all the originals, I should say, of Australia, you know, the star maps and the Dogon tribe of star maps, and they were visited by, you know, Syrian beings. And so it really goes way back throughout all history. But for me, it was linking back to the Dendera stone that gave this book, the wisdom of the star, the star stories to be told again, in this way,

Alex Ferrari 2:30
How can you explain the concept of the cosmic dance? And how do you use it within Austria astrology?

Robert James Comber 4:16
Well, it's I suppose it's likened to all those symbols of like the eaching, you know, the like the Yin Yang, it's really that the masculine feminine or the first law of polarity, you could say, you know, and I was even exploring because in in my work, we have what we call the initiation of ether. So this book this works, is the initiation of ether and of course, ether in its spelling. Most people only note with the starting with an E, but actually, its original spelling was the A and E together as one and you can actually do that on your, on your when you type the word a ye, and that is, it's Adam and Eve. Right? So it's like ether is Adam and Eve. And so it's this understanding really that you know, we We are this sort of we experience our selves within this dance. But then we are also the dance itself. And that's really where the initiation of ether calls us into that not just being local consciousness, but also seeing as non local consciousness, we are a spirit having a human experience, not just a human trying to explore the spiritual experience. And so that's the Divine Feminine pole shift that happens within us as a consciousness that we experience ourselves moving through, like a processional cycle, going through the zodiacs science in their audio in their order. But the precession, the greatest cycle, the great year, is actually moving backwards. And so simultaneously, we're moving forwards in time, so to speak, and backwards in time. But yet, it's actually one complete spiral moving through the same thing. And so this is the beauty that you start to see, as you zoom out, and expand your consciousness to see it from the ether.

Alex Ferrari 6:02
So the zodiac signs, I mean, is that go back to the to that stone, I forgot the name of the stone that you were talking about. It doesn't there's that is that, then there are some is that where the the original zodiac signs come from, essentially, that we know, at least?

Robert James Comber 6:18
I think they've, when you do the research, it can go even back to sort of like the Babylon times, you know, and sort of like, people speak about this, but then go back to the Teppei, for example, like they're doing depictions of astrological signs that we can actually see, like, sickness, you know, is very obviously, it's a bird in the sky. And so it's, in a way, everybody's had that knowledge. And in ancient Peru, you know, went to Machu Picchu. And on the very top of that, you know, there was this part that you can't get to, that was basically an astrological lookout, where they would map the stars, and actually how they got to it was actually walking through the mountains, it's like a secret path, actually walking through the mountains to get to this place. And so you know, they have like temples of the sun, temples of the moon. And so really, we can find this, everywhere throughout the world, all of our cultures have revered the stars and the star stories, because ultimately, the great key to this is that we are them, and they are us, that is the Grand Gallery, in the sky. It's God's free, so to speak, God's free, you know, photo album, free movie for us to enjoy. And all we have to do is look up at the stars and, and our story is written right there. And we can go really far into this. Because in a way, what I've realized through this is that those stars are us already ascended, which is a pretty trippy notion that we're, we're, we're seeing them and feel like we're going through that linear time, but actually, they are us already at the place in which that, you know, attaining ascension, so to speak.

Alex Ferrari 7:59
So when you say that this is a story of us, what is it? What stories have you been able to decipher from looking at the stars?

Robert James Comber 8:07
Oh, it's, it's so magical. You know, it's really as magical because most people only know of, say, 12 zodiac signs, you know. And so we kind of get, you know, this is where I think the why people don't trust necessarily, or haven't trusted up to this point as astrology and Zodiac signs, because it kind of puts all of humanity into a label of 12 possible labels, right? So it's like, this is going to happen to you, or this is you, that's what you're like. And that's not enough, that's not in depth enough to understand. And so there's characteristics that have been labeled, if you're Aries, or if you're cancer, you know, and things like this, but what the Dendera stone does, and the true what I call the star law, which is not law but lore, which means that it's it's the verbal transmission of the stories and traditions. And so this is what would have been passed down, you know, as if we were around a campfire looking up at the stars, we would have shared these stories, and that's the law, that star law, and so a lot of that has been lost. And so, inside every zodiac sign, there are three what they call deacons within each sign. So in a whole wheel, there's 36, deacons. So you have the 12 zodiac signs with 36 deacons. Now, each of those deacons are a constellation themselves. And so actually those four then constellations per zodiac sign. Well, that tells you a much richer story. And this is where we get all of the Greek myths from every single Greek myth is in the deacons and the star law. Every single fairy tale is from here every single movie idea is from the stars and even biblical texts are all In the Decon style or story, I haven't come across one story for our history that I couldn't pertain to the stars, which is crazy. And that's why it's been glossed over and lost all this time.

Alex Ferrari 10:16
So when you say that there's because now you're definitely walking into my territory of story, being a filmmaker for 30 years or so, and studying story for so long? Where are you seeing the is it? Is it through when you say the the Lord or the deacons? Is this a book? Is this an ancient text? What is this?

Robert James Comber 10:36
Oh, so the deacons is like, it's a known term within astrology, essentially. And so you there's different ways of looking at Deacon. So deacons can be grouped in like their elements, which they call tri polarities. Or they can be grouped as you know, they're constantly additional connections. And so there has been books about these about the deacons and about the style or in the past. But the issue with what they've done is they've just presented it as well, this constellation is in this sign. And this is sort of the myth attached to it. But nobody's really connected how that connects to their natal chart. And that's the disconnect. And that's what people need, as you know, from movies like, well, it's a great movie, but how does that really connect to me, and once that happens, and you say, ah, that's my fragment, that's my slice of the pie. That gives me an idea of what the storyline of my life should unfold with or can unfold with and what the gifts what the things I need to look out for in my life. And so this is where the story and it's the fastest way to learn, you know, like with children, if you want them to learn anything, if you add a story into it, and you add music into it, it's instantaneous understanding. And that's what that's what the, you know, the new Aquarian Age wisdom, which this book is about. That's what it's about instant understanding integration, because it's done through story and music and understand what how it relates to me and my life. And that's been the missing part of the star law with your birth chart. and now it's all mapped through the book,

Alex Ferrari 12:18
You mentioned the I Ching. And that's a bit been a very mysterious book, and text for so many years. I know. Not even enough that can be dangerous with it, I just know very little things. My understanding is it's kind of almost like a, you can almost guide your life through it by throwing it throwing down some stones or something, and then looking at the numbers or something along those lines. Please, please forgive me. What is the I Ching, please? Because, again, this is all new to me. And it is rare for me to have a guest on that I know very little about the things that they're talking about. You are my teacher in this world, sir. The I Ching is something I don't I have never delved so deep into it. So what is the I Ching, in general? And then how does it connect to astrology?

Robert James Comber 13:09
Yeah, it's a it's a beautiful question. And so super rich and deep. You know, and that's what I think is great, I would say for so how I sort of discovered it, I would say at first is that there was a modality called human design that basically placed astrological connections to the eaching. And I don't know whether there was already an astrological connection to the eaching previously, or whether it was just two separate things. But either which way I saw this map. And from that map from, you know, from my artists view, is where I could find the last octave this this missing gap. And so a lot of people have used, as you say, like the eaching, for things like divination, and all of these things. And of course, it's molded over the years. I mean, it literally started out as like first man literally putting like lines in the sand, so to speak, you know, breaking the Yarrow sticks and aligning them for sort of to try and understand the seasons, you know, it's a binary code, essentially, there's just, you know, it starts off as yin and yang. And then those multiples as you go into two lines become bigrams. And then three lines are trigrams. And then we end up with what we call hexagrams, which are six lines now. So it's kind of evolved over 1000s of years. And so this is where people like Confucius and the Tao de Ching, all of that influence of philosophy then got applied to binary code. So it's kind of like applying a philosophy to computer code now. And so that's really what they did. And of course, you can use binary code to understand law, should I turn left or should I turn right? You know, it's a flick of a coin heads or tails and it's moves us into is it probability or chance or is it kind of a In connection with the spiritual energies, cosmic energies, like runes, for example, at how they would cast roots on the ground, so people have used it in this way, for me, it's just a, it's a language that gives us a framework. And so from that framework, then we can start to fill in the beauty and grow the flowers through the fence. So I wouldn't necessarily say that many people have really gone into the eaching, and understanding it on so many levels. But for me, it's kind of like, if we're preoccupied with, with those details, too much like you need it to sort of satisfy the left brain. And that's why this book is very balanced, you know, if you really want to geek out on the math side, and the left brain side, it's all there, everything, every calculation, everything's in the book, I haven't heard anything back of that, but in a way, you missed the story. You know, probably, as a filmmaker yourself is like, you know, obviously, you can't help but sort of look at the quality perhaps, of the camera, the film, and, and then realize, if you're, if you're getting too connected to that side of it, then maybe it's missing the journey, right. And so that's why that's the Divine Feminine language this book is written through, because it's trying to balance us into saying, once you know, you've got all the ingredients, the fun is in the making, the fun is in the journey of that discovery. And to really love that and be present with that not necessarily too hooked up on the, on the details, you know, let someone else figure that out which I have all of the sound frequencies, all of the Hertz, all of the musical notes, or the musical tones, you can literally hear your natal chart in sound, you know, it's like, everything's done. So don't worry about that focus on the beauty of the story and go deeper into the consciousness of how that's going to connect to you and your life.

Alex Ferrari 16:53
So the I Ching, or the ying and the yang are basically the ones and zeros of that code, essentially. And that, and then that code over the over time, it's almost like a flip of a coin, like, is it? Is it actually predicting the future? Or is it chance? And then it got a little bit more sophisticated as it went on. So instead of one, just a one and a zero, we got six? Six pieces of code, essentially?

Robert James Comber 17:19
Yeah, so six ones and zeros, essentially. And so yeah, so there was, there was Yarrow sticks that they would use, and then it morphed into the three, or they call the three coin method where they would say, flip three coins and then write down the answers. And, you know, that's kind of like the divination side of it, that people use it like an Oracle set. But yeah, it's, it's really beautiful that how that all works, because it really ties into the cellular structure of DNA, because that's the same sort of essence, and really, zeros and ones, you can apply different meanings that could be male and female. You know, it's just that obviously, the simplest language that we could write about was zeros and ones, and they were doing this, you know, also in Africa, way earlier, where they were using these African priests were using shells, and they were drawing lines in the sand. And they were so they would ask be asked a question like an Oracle. And they would like use the shells to determine if this shell was turned over or, or on top. And then that would correlate to a line in the sand or a line this way. And so almost like every single primitive, first man, in a way, first man woman is, you know, we have to calculate and work out things. And so we use our fingers, we use ones and zeros, you know. And so that's the simplest language. And that's really what that's why I say it's the structure in a way of, of all things within this dimension, for sure, when you move into the other dimensions, then that's really when you start to move into what they now already have is like trial and error code. And the only reason why we don't use trying to recode in our computers, is simply because it needs a bigger processor, quantum processor. And it's a it's a interesting metaphor, because at the moment, you could say we're using a very uses a load of data, a load of memory, and it's very kind of, he actually makes mistakes in computer cobras, not many people know of like the transfer of data. And so really, when you move into try nary, it's faster, it's more efficient, it makes less mistakes, and it holds tight. It uses a tiny amount of memory. But the crux is that you need a bigger processor. Well, that is that's like us, we need to increase our consciousness expand our ability to harness this energy into the form so that we can as well move into that new code so to speak. And so that's really where I've unraveled the the you know, in the book, the the opening into the triple helix DNA and how that can work musically. And so it's Really exciting how you know, the potentials of this unfolding.

Alex Ferrari 20:03
And when you said the raising of the consciousness is kind of like upgrading your processor, it makes a lot of sense to me. Because as you raise your consciousness, you got to have to go outside of yourself of this, of this computer, you gotta have to, you have to kind of be connected to the internet, essentially. So you're raising your consciousness to a way to pipe into universal knowledge. And then the more stable that connection is, the more your consciousness is, that's how you start to grow, you still have the same computer, but it's connected to much more information, and can process a lot more because now you've got the processing power of the internet, as opposed to just your CPU. Is that a good analogy?

Robert James Comber 20:45
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. It really starts to give us a great again, a story and archetype of understanding like how do we then evolve from this point here with technology? And how can we connect to that and understand that as a human process also. And so yeah, that the fact is that it's going to use a lot less memory, that means that we're more present, we can instantly integrate wisdom, if we become a clearer vessel for that light, and we move into Universal Consciousness. And that's why I say it's the initiation of ether. Because once you get into that universal consciousness, then you realize everything is connected, there isn't one thing that isn't connected. And so everything works together in all languages. And so, with this book, I've been able to link, you know, the eaching, to the 72 names of God in Hebrew. Oh, hold on, wait. So you've got two completely different traditions. Now saying the same language that was written about 1000s of years ago. And so I found this with everything with, you know, with music with geometry everywhere. I tried to basically just everywhere I went, Alex, I tried to disprove the very thing that I found, because that's kind of like, you know, it was so unbelievable how it came through and unveiling this that I was like, Okay, this this try maths. Let's try geometry. Let's try music. That's right. There's got to be something there's not one thing is not even one degree off, like throughout every single language. And that's why I say every film fairy tale, this the stars, the solar system, the king's chamber, you know, and these are like huge, universal cultures of things. And everything fits together like a glove.

Alex Ferrari 22:27
Yeah. And it's very similar to wood. In one aspect of what you're saying what Joseph Campbell was able to find in the hero's journey, which is across all stories, many stories, at least. And there's a thing about seven or eight stories that just can't keep getting it retold and retold and retold and retold in different ways. Yeah, exactly. So let me just ask you straight up this all the you know, there's astrology is a, probably a, I don't know if it's a billion dollar industry, but there's a lot of money in astrology. And there's an Australia, there's an astrology in every newspaper, if you still read newspapers, and and people want to know what their astrological, what the astrological, astrological sign means for them and all of this stuff. What's your point of view on these daily? Well, today's Friday, and if you're a cancer, do not walk across the street, that kind of that kind of stuff, where people are really connected to? It means some people run their lives based on their astrological charts, and and all that stuff. Where do you fall in that they and is it? Is it woowoo? Is there some truth to it? Or if people taking it too far? Just I'd love to hear your thoughts?

Robert James Comber 23:37
Yes, a great question. I mean, I think what I found the most is that through there's 72 gates in that, that I found, so what the octave is a on top of the 64 hexagrams of the eaching. So it makes it 72 Gates. And what I found is that through any one gate, it doesn't matter where it is, or what what sign it's in, if you go through any one gate, you all the way through and you really have to tune in internally for this. It's a process of unlocking your own consciousness through astrology or through the eaching. And so you're using it as tools to open doors to open those gates to find what it is that essence that is the universal consciousness. And any single one of those gates if you go all the way through, you end up in the same place. And that's why I think that we can say that, you know, I'm this sign and that sign and when you realize that actually they work in pairs, you know, so although for you if your son signs cancer, then your earth sign is going to be Capricorn. Well, Oh, okay. Well, a lot of people don't even know that they work in pairs like that. So all of a sudden, now you expand your knowledge. And when you really look at a natal chart, you pretty much have all the signs so There's gonna be a planet normally in one of those, each of those signs. And so you realize, like, I've limited my view of like, I'm this, because that's focused on just purely the sun. And so really, you start to see that, wow, I'm all of the signs, if I learn all of it, and how it all works, and I really understand me and my journey through the solar year, because we go through every single sign in the solar year, so then if you know the story of each sign, every single year, it's not just applying to some one person that oh, this is my gate, it applies to everybody. So that we, we collectively understand the peaks and the troughs, and what we're expected to kind of deal with in a year. And so then the what you're saying about being kind of like a barrage of of galactic, you know, planetary energies and things. That's like the weather. So that's the weather forecast. So it is really handy to say that, you know, this is going to be raining today, or, you know, Mars is moving into this sign, because it's like saying, Well, do I need to put a rain jacket on today? Or can I be in my shorts? So I would say, it's the that's like the weather. But really, the true essence of astrology, if you really want to get into it is is to realize that you are, you are this whole design, you are going through all of the star signs, you are all of the star signs.

Alex Ferrari 26:27
So how does it connect? So this is a, this is the interesting part of astrology. For me. I'm born in February, which I have no idea what the sign is for February. But I'm born in February. And then just because of my entry point into this reality, all of this information is now attached to me, right? Where you could get what kind of like a weather forecast of where you are in the day. And like, oh, I can only use me as a cancer because I truly only know mostly about my own sign. So I'm supposed to be creative. We're supposed to be loving all this kind of stuff. And generally speaking, every cancer I've ever met, it feels like oh, yeah, that makes sense that you're a cancer, you know, whether you believe it or not, it's just it's fun to just like, Oh, that's interesting. Yeah, you have a lot of the same characteristics that all cancers are artists, not all cancers are carrying, of course, but there's some elements to it. So our entry into this reality automatically assigns us to this, the system, you know, or because if you're born in December, you're a Sagittarius. And it's a whole other kind of energy. So is that on a soul level you're choosing like, I'm going to come in in February, because February is gonna give me this, this kind of reality of what kind of person I am based on the stars. Is that makes sense?

Robert James Comber 27:51
Yeah, absolutely. And that's why it goes back to this hero's journey, you know, because it's, you know, there is an imprinting of time and space. So you know, we create anything or do anything, it's kind of logged in time and space, as with a certain, you know, certain qualities connected to it. But that's kind of like entering this world with like, saying, you know, like entering sort of a movie, that, you know, that, that hero or heroine, the movie doesn't stay the same. You know, the whole point is that they go through that journey to evolve and to adapt, but they are given in a way that certain natural abilities to sort of help them in certain ways and certain downfalls where they need to learn lessons to, you know, move themselves up in consciousness. So, when you're born, really, you've come in with a certain imprinting that's connected to the cellular form, because obviously, don't forget that, really, we're talking about the difference between consciousness and then who I am as a personality, and a physical form, which sort of two separate parts really, even though they want. So the body form gets incarnated when those cosmic energies are a certain way. And so therefore, we have certain physical abilities, certain physical traits, and certain, you know, things that we may be, you know, lacking or certain ancestral things that come into our body also. So we kind of like land in the body with this imprinting. And then the consciousness is like, Oh, wow, this one's like, I'm super good at this, but I'm really like, I react really bad at this. And so our journey for the hero's journey is to bring all of that into harmony and to understand that we actually aren't just one sign. It's just like entering one door, you know, we actually are, are all of these signs playing out every single year and within the greater, bigger, bigger wheel.

Alex Ferrari 29:46
So these so astrology in many ways, according to you, is kind of like one of nature's laws. So as you're being formulated in the, in the soup of your, your mom, your mother's womb, that time period that you come out is part of the formulation process. Period. It's very similar to if you've got a seven foot two and a six foot eight mom, good, chances are you're going to be tall as a generous as in our ways, but most of the time, that makes sense, because that's kind of the soup that you're being built in. Is that what you're trying to say?

Robert James Comber 30:25
And yeah, and exactly. And, you know, we know that the moon has an effect on the earth because of the tiles force. Of course, of course, you know, and so we know that when the when it's full moon, the waters rise in your body. And of course, that's where we get the idea of a lunatic from because the waters rise, the emotion, the emotions rise, all the way to the head. And of course, if you become emotional, and so that's really where the lunatic comes from. So all of this has been known. And in Ancient Alchemy, the only way to create the Philosopher's Stone was to work in conjunction with the planets.

Alex Ferrari 31:02
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Robert James Comber 31:39
Because it was an inner process and an outer process, and so you know, when they were trying to distill or, you know, extract mercury, for example, like they would write in their notes. And it's been, you know, all over, you know, ancient texts, that you have to do this in conjunction with this moon, you know, this mercury aspect. And if you do on this one, the whole thing falls flat. So, there's a deeper wisdom that it's about you working in harmony, and that's why obviously, it's called the last octave, it's about understanding octaves, and that everything's fractal and everything's connected to everything else. So, you know, if the planets are in a certain alignment, and you're trying to do a certain thing, that's kind of like going against that grain, it's like trying to, you know, swim up river is going to be you can do it, but it's gonna be harder for you. So when you know, the weather, when you know, you're imprinting and how that works, then your life, you can move through the life with a lot more grace, and you can avoid bigger catastrophes. And that's where I think that that's when you have wisdom, you know, because you can see things predict things have seen it clearly before you decide to jump in. And so that's really where astrology gives you. Transparency.

Alex Ferrari 32:52
Yeah, it's kind of like, you know, I used to live in Florida. So, you know, when hurricanes come in, they're like, hey, in 10 days, or five, Category Five hurricanes gonna hit you prepare. Without that warning, like the olden days, all of a sudden, the gods were angry, and they destroyed a whole bunch of stuff. But because of the warning, you kind of have a chance to prepare. So astrology, in many ways, if you understand it properly, and and do it properly, because there's a lot of improper or hokey ways of doing astrology. Am I right or wrong on that? Is there like a lot of woowoo ways of doing it? That doesn't line up with what you're saying?

Robert James Comber 33:29
Yeah. I mean, I don't to be honest with you. I don't really know. I mean, I've heard of different, you know, Zodiac sort of principles, and archetypal things. And like I said, you know, that's, that's been there. For me, it was actually fairly, I would say, fairly new, also, for me with astrology, and understanding this, because, you know, people think, Oh, you have to have learned 20 years worth to understand what I know now, but not really, because when you understand certain key patterns of the universe, then everything falls into place, like octaves like. And so that's why I say that in the book. And what I share with my work is that when you know, certain geometry, those geometries run through all dimensions. So you only need to know a handful of geometrical shapes, and then they go into hyper dimensional shapes. So then you only need to know one octave of music, because all the other octaves are the same repeating pattern. So when you understand as these universal sort of principles, that you can apply that to everything, and you can learn it so much quicker and integrate it, and so astrology is like that. But once you understand certain patterns, you know, like the zodiac signs, and in the deacons, then it really you understand the whole the whole cycle. And, you know, then you've got a beauty of then moving through that and getting your own sort of personal experience and nuance. But I think this is where Yeah, well, I think perhaps it's been run away with as like a We were subjected to or sort of like people have just put their own understandings on it without really looking at the science and going into consciousness with it. And that's what, that's what I say that, you know, the binary code was trying to understand of the eaching originally was trying to understand the seasons. That's why they invented the eaching. It was invented to understand agriculture, to the fertility, the weather, so they can grow things, and avoid floods and dangers. So they created that to understand how we move through the year. And so that's where I think this beautiful balance time is now where we can apply science, music, mathematics and geometry with the story. And we balanced both hemispheres of the brain. And then we get total understanding. And then we can see everything through that lens. Like I said, like all the biblical stories, the solar eclipse, you know, there was the summer to talk about that last Solar Eclipse to have, you know, all sorts of doomsday and everything. If you'd understood the star law, you wouldn't have had a worry at all because it's a natural occurring process that happens all the time. And in the star law, you know, that was the story of Pinocchio and his father being eaten by the by the Great Whale, which is linked to the avatar story that we've just had, you know, avatar to the way of water, where they go into the whale and extract the nectar from inside the whale, which is the Amrita, which is the Pineal, the fluid from the pineal gland of enlightenment. So it's like, when you see this story, it's an age old story of archetypes. And so when you can see that these things are about to happen. These conjunctions, it's it's, you can prepare for them, and you understand them on a much deeper, much deeper level.

Alex Ferrari 36:46
So you're essentially understanding the, these these octaves, these codes, the basic foundation of the universe in many ways. It's the basically the Rosetta Stone. And once you understand the Rosetta Stone that reading hieroglyphics are very easy. Yeah, and things fall. So a circle is a circle is a circle. In all dimensions. A square is a square is a square in all dimensions, there's no, there's it's just, well, that's why they say that math is the ultimate language, if we ever are going to connect with another species, from outer space, math will be the language because it's a language that can translate across the universe, essentially, because one and zeros math is, or geometry, another version of math is, is a universal language in many ways.

Robert James Comber 37:40
And I think that's yeah, I think that you could do it that way. And then I think also like, right brain, we could do it through sending music, obviously, it's mathematically calculated, but music or even color, because, you know, like, children respond, great to color. You know, like, instantly, they can literally change their whole emotional state through looking at different colors, and like, the colors they dress in. And so, you know, when we look at those things that you know, animals respond like the red to the ball, right? It's like, It's instantaneous. And that's a language. And so when we go into deeper understandings of language, like for us, it's easy to use ones and zeros. And that's where we get this idea that the world is a simulation, or like, you know, the universe is a simulation. It's, it's not that the universe is in ones and zeros. It's just that that is the language that we the simplest language that we describe it as, and of course, it has numbers within that universe. But we could easily explain it as it's everything's masculine or feminine, like the law of polarity, or, you know, everything's black or white, or, you know, so it doesn't really matter what we assign those two aspects to. It's really just that, you know, the field holds all of these things.

Alex Ferrari 38:58
Now, what role does the Lionsgate play in the astrological astrological interpretations and spiritual practices of, of what you've discovered.

Robert James Comber 39:08
Yeah know, beautiful to, to share that, because that's really how the whole this whole book came about this whole work came about because, you know, I was working on another project, which was actually about using a color ologists. So it's about using color as like a new astrology for the future time. And so I'm sure that will be released, after I've done these projects. So it's about it's imagined, like saying that you are like a blue or green. It's like, Well, okay, well, what does that mean? And so it's a whole thing to go into right, that your, your natal chart could be connected to a certain range of colors. So the same type of story but just done through a feeling way of understanding rather than just sort of, say, an analytical way so to speak with degrees you know, so the Lions Gate, ah, well, obviously, eight is a powerful number. And so an eight is a, what they call a master number. And obviously, a is a angel number or triple number. And we're actually going to have an AAA this year, Lions Gate, which is the one year anniversary of this book. Today, it'd be the eighth of the eighth and 2024 Is an 8

Alex Ferrari 39:08
Yeah, the 4s

Robert James Comber 40:29
So, you know, very powerful, you know, eights is, it's an octave, which means that the, the law of octave that's in the book is explains that the beginning note is the same as the end note. So the philosophy is that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. So really, it's a loop, it's a complete spherical understanding of it. And so this Lionsgate essentially is a is like a portal is when like, stars align, and it lines to Sirius, through Egypt through the the Great Sphinx. And that understanding of Sirius essentially was supposedly said to be the star of Bethlehem, as well. So it's the brightest star in the night sky. And it's connected to our us as a binary star system, which is essentially that our solar system is connected to Sirius is this binary star. So it kind of looks like a Vesica Pisces, if you can imagine that geometry. And so this is where connected to the great precession of the equinox of time. And so Sirius has been a special star, especially in Egypt, you know, and it's this time of when the galactic sun, you know, it's our galactic central sun, that energy comes through our Sun, and then onto the earth. And so it's kind of like galactic consciousness being opened to us. And that's why this Lions Gate you know, it's such a potent time because Leo the Lion is is like the king, the king and queen of the astrological signs.

Alex Ferrari 42:07
I love to ask you about this because one of my fascinations has been the yugas and the 26,000 year cycle. From what you just said, it just triggered something in me to ask you this question that right now we are going up towards enlightenment. So we're going up, we are evolving higher, now we're leaving the Dark Ages. And we are now evolving in anyone could just look at the last 100 years, and we've seen how fast it's growing, it's going extremely fast. So we're heading up towards the top, where the top of the of the the cycle would have set, let's say was Atlantis or Lumeria, or those that kind of in recent, quote unquote, recent history. And then it started to get we started to evolve. And you can kind of see how we evolved throughout even our short history, from the kind of the greatness of what at the Egyptian empire was to it just falling into disarray. And then it just kept going and going to dark. When you just said that there has to be a connection between the Yuga cycle and the star cycles, where we are in connection to Sirius, where we are in connection to how far away we are close. I was told by an I forgot who told it to me on the show, but that there is a central part of the of the universe. And that let's call that God conscious consciousness. And it's right there. And then when we are farther away from it, we go darker. When we're closer to it, we become more enlightened because we're becoming getting closer to source as a as a unit as a galaxy. Does that make sense at all to unit?

Robert James Comber 43:48
Oh, absolutely. You narrated that perfectly. So yeah. No, it's really good, because there's a lot of confusion as to how long is a great year processional cycle. And there's there's two main sort of numbers and the in the holy sciences, you're speaking about the Yuga cycle. schwa is the Yeah, I love his work. And so that's broken down into 24,000 years. But then there's also another and that's known as the short cycle or the fast sort of cycle. And then the longest cycle when we're further away, is 25,920 years. And I was really interesting is that 25,920 years, when you look at it through the lens of geometry, everything fits perfectly. Like the cube that octahedron like it's like it's an amazing thing. Well, what's really interesting with that is that that's kind of like more based with matter density because geometry and then 24,000 years is more akin to 24 hours of the day. So it's like time so all of a sudden we've got This difference of time and matter that when it's further away, it's kind of like more dense, and more, you know, and when it's closer, it's more sped up in time. So that's a really interesting thing. And so yeah, we kind of do this sort of slingshot as we go around. And now we're kind of getting slung quickly. And that's why it feels like everything is just evolving, like on a really rapid pace. But we're not even anywhere near at that kind of like fast pace yet. We're just kind of like warming up. So things are really going to speed up, you know, even more so. And so that Yuga cycle. Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of speak about the transition from the Kali Yuga, into the Dwapara Yuga. But I would say from what I've calculated is that we've really finished the transition, because there's kind of like transition periods between the Kali Yuga and the next ones. And so really, we finished that, and we're in the duart. But so we're kind of in this Bronze Age, this new Bronze Age, which I really prefer to say, it's more like a it's more like a rose gold. You know, it's not sort of that orange Ness. It's like, it's almost like Rose energy, and you can feel that with a lot of creative people that there seems to be this birthing of this rose gold, it's everywhere, it's on phones, it's on you know, people wear it. It's so that's a really beautiful sign that we are now starting to, you know, shift our energy frequencies. And of course, we're, you know, in a way already in the Age of Aquarius,

Alex Ferrari 46:25
And I, the first time I heard the Age of Aquarius was in that song from the 70s in the 60s or 70s. I forgot in a way to think it was the 60s. The age. Mine too Sir mine too I'm not that old, sir. But I remember hearing I'm assuming you've heard that song The Age of Aquarius, that one? What is the age of Aquarius? I keep hearing people say it, can you explain to the audience what the Age of Aquarius is because it is something obviously very connected to astrology.

Robert James Comber 46:54
Yeah, and so this, this, this book, The Lost octave and worked, I would say it's really I call it this from the future being sent back to now. Because the way in which it sort of narrates the story, and our evolution is, in a way, it's very futuristic, but because it's the divine feminine, it's so grounded. And it makes everything seems so easy. And you know, so we can think about that the Age of Pisces is water. So it's you know, it's the the age of water. And so the Age of Aquarius, although it is a water man or water woman, pouring water is actually an Air sign. So that's one of the easiest ways to think about it. And then the evolution, the elemental initiations of consciousness. So if you in the alchemy would be you start as earth, then into water, air, and then fire and then ether. And so really, we're, we're coming out of water, and we're kind of like growing wings, and we're learning to fly. So that this understanding, and that's in our bodies, we're coming from the emotional body, into the mental body. And so that's why we're seeing this boom, in mental and cognitive and brainwave patterns, and people, you know, all of this stuff about understanding these things. Whereas the previous age was so emotional, you know, it was so turbulent. And so this is how we can understand it. And so the balance is to, to help us move into that is to not get too heavy into the mental understanding and understand what the element of air is about, you know, it's really about that fine line of balance of expression. And so we've learned the emotional aspect of Pisces, and now we can bring it up and through and out the throat. And we can start to express that and speak. And that's why we're getting a lot of, you know, free speech, what we can say what we can't say, you know, empowerment. And so this is really, this understanding of the Aquarian Age is here to be the most emotional mastery, but with also mental discernment and balance, because if we go into air too quickly, and that's where you get the, this sort of archetype of the airhead, right, there's not much going on, or there's too much going on, you know, somebody's too much thinking. And so we're at this transition time of finding this beautiful balance of the mind, and the emotions and of course, that place is linked to from the heart. And that's really where the element of air is, in the chakra system, you know, is that the element of air is actually in the heart chakra, which is really interesting. And so it's this sort of ascension through the body that we're going into and, you know, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is, it's about expansion, you know, and Urania in the in the ancient philosophy, you know, She's the goddess of the stars. So it's interesting that all of this strategy and understanding this is all coming now. And so Aquarius really is the opportunity eat, to drink from spiritual waters, and to move into higher, higher wisdom in balance with the mind and the emotions.

Alex Ferrari 50:11
Are we destined as a species to continuously go through these cycles? Because we are now it's attached to the to the universe is attached to the galaxies into the stars? Well, right now we're in a, quote unquote positive turn. But if history serves me correct, we will go back past that time and come back towards the darker ages where we start to devolve? Is this just an endless cycle of our species? Or will we be able to eventually break free of that cycle, and either leave the plot leave the planet and go to another solar system, or it's very Star Trek II of me that we evolved to a place that we don't have to go back and learn those lessons. Again, this is more of a spiritual, ya know, esoteric question, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Robert James Comber 51:05
Yeah, but it's really out because in the Aquarian gate, which is gate 66, which is really interesting. So it's a master number gate. And so in there, I actually wrote about the history of the route races. And this is a very esoteric idea of what they call the route races. And so they're essentially this is where you speak about the Atlanteans in the mirror, and this is where it comes from. So the first route race where the proletarians, you know, the first sort of beings and they weren't, they were sort of almost like authentic beings without much form. And then we kind of had to, you know, add more form. And so the next evolution was the Hyperborean, which is kind of like, where we get these huge giants and Cyclops, you know, archetypes from and Bigfoot and things like this. And then we had the Lemurians were this sort of, we were then kind of inform, and, you know, my sort of view of them is sort of imagined, like Tolkien's elves. You know, like the Elven race. It's sort of like, where they're at one with nature and harmony, and they're, you know, understand things and crystals and music and animals and everything. And then we evolved into the Atlanteans. Then we went into the Aryan race, which has nothing to do with the normal term of Aryan. And then our we're moving into what they call the six route race. And I've done all of these calculations. And so we're at the end, the last incarnations of the Aryan race in the beginning incarnations of the new six route race. And so this wheel of going up and around is that the downward source cycle doesn't have to be about tragedy and loss of consciousness, it can also be about the fact that one will naturally have one evolution will stop and the other ones will begin. So it's like, we can do it as like a handover. So we don't have to actually fall in our consciousness and, you know, have cataclysms, if we can internally as conscious beings choose conscious parts. And so this is what it's all about is that, you know, you know, lots of myths about things like Atlantis, it's like, you know, people made the wrong decisions played with things they shouldn't have played with. And that's what caused disruption. And we have that a lot today, there's a lot of power that that can be used. And if misused, you know, could throw our Earth axis literally off course, could, you know, launching missiles at the moon could like move the moon and what would implement that for the tides. So there's, like, we've really got to be careful about how we choose to move forward. And I think that's becoming more self evident and people are, they want that they want to be involved in World understandings now of like, you know, not just things that are just happening, but like, how do we affect the whole? And so yeah, this this changeover is it can be it can be a smooth ride into this next route race.

Alex Ferrari 53:59
So when you're speaking route races, the first thing that came to mind is and love to hear your point of view on this because it is, these beings came from the sky, which is the Anunnaki, which is another fascination of mine with you know, from the Babylonians and the Sumerians. The whole story of the sky, or the sky gods coming down and basically giving civilization knowledge understanding. And that story is in every major culture, every ancient culture out there, there is a version of that, from the Bhagavad Gita to to what happened in the middle America, all of them have a version of this. What are your thoughts on this story? And how does that connect to astrology?

Robert James Comber 54:46
Yeah, it's a really good question. Is, is in a way, you can see as different points. I mean, it depends on how far we could say back that the Anunnaki beings or whatever came back I mean, it's the Pikul because is that in the same conjunction as when the fall of Atlantis happened? Or are we talking like our first ever being on the earth, you know, because, you know, in a way, like to try and get that understanding of like, how humans have evolved, well, perhaps we needed to have certain genetic modifications, or certain things added in order to have more solidified bodies, on the earth or to evolve in consciousness. So in a way, for me, I kind of see that whatever, whatever has happened up to now has happened for that reason, and within us, perhaps even bigger cycle, like a star story always has its ebbs and flows, you know, like the hero, he's just about to die, and then suddenly, he comes back to life. So whatever the story has happened up to now, like, the beauty is that we've already hit rock bottom before, the only way is up for us. And so in order to maintain that momentum, is to really tune into this galactic consciousness, understand ourselves better through these things like astrology, and deeper still, which all linked to the DNA. And as we're understanding DNA, and music, and things like this, it's it's empowering us to make better choices. And so, for me, I think the Yeah, like, the stories have been the stories. And, you know, for me, it's more about how does that apply now? And how does that apply for a better a better future, and I think that we've been actually given a great hand, you know, like a deck of cards, it may seem like we're kind of losing in certain ways, but actually, if we play our cards, right, you know, then we've got, we've got a couple of aces, which is our consciousness in our sleeve, you know, and so, if we learn to tap into that, you know, like, Yogananda behind you, you know, if we learn how to tap how to tap into the inner technology, which is what yoga is, it's technology. And so if we learn how to tap into that, then we actually move and we can do things like communicate without having to have mobile phones, we can evolve like exponentially, especially with Uranus being the planet, which is the planet of huge expansion, we could see things that we never even dreamed of, I mean, 100 years ago, they probably could never even dreamed where we are now. So within 20 years, we could be a double that again, if we, if we choose, you know, to study ourselves, and to get to know ourselves and each other.

Alex Ferrari 57:40
Now, one thing, one of the reasons we met, Rob, is that Robert Grant invited me to that amazing gathering of like minded minds. And you were there talking about some discoveries that you guys made in Egypt, and in the king's chamber, and the connections through Shakespeare, through the Da Vinci through artwork through mathematics through geometry, Ken and I already had Robert on and we kind of dug as deep as we could at the time and want to have him back on soon to do part two of that conversation. But do you have a little bit of your perspective on what was discovered in the king's chamber and stuff, and you have a little bit of a presentation that you can kind of guide us through correct?

Robert James Comber 58:25
This is really fun, because it's to get to this stage, where it looks like almost obvious and easy. You know, was it was a real work in process. And so, you know, to go back a little bit to that story is that yeah, like, Robert had discovered these petroglyphs, you know, on the walls and, and, you know, I was part of this group. And so he was showing the video of, you know, of the simulation that he has of where you can walk around the king's chamber and see the the petroglyphs. And of course, I have my whole book is about the star lore stories and the constellations and all of these things. And so he said, Oh, you know, there's a, there's an arrow over here, and there's, there's, there's a bird over here and, and I'm looking at it and thinking, wow, that's really, this is really uncanny. This looks like astrology, not in a typical way, but symbols are the same. So as we were going around the walls more and more and more. I said to Robert, that I said, Robert, I think these are the deacons of astrology, which is connected to that then they're a stone in Egypt also. So hold on a bit. Now we've got a connection between the Temple of Hethel in Egypt and then now the Great, the king's chamber the Great Pyramid. Well, that correlation hadn't been done. So now this is really interesting. And so it's because of the D deacons, not the 12 zodiac signs that I was able then to show Robert like, oh, this should be there on the wall. And so when we looked at that part of the wall, he could find what it is that I said that should be there. And so they actually run perfectly as the precession of the equinox. Okay, so this is amazing. And so now we can see on the diagram, you know, the king's chamber. And, you know, this is the entrance that you would would walk through. And this is a person say, standing there looking at this back wall here. As you can see, the astrological astrological signs are evenly placed, and on the parts of the wall, and that's great. What's beautiful about this is that this view of where this person is standing, looking at the king's chamber is the same view, as you see in the last supper painting of Leonardo da Vinci.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:58
So you're gonna, you're gonna be able to prove that obviously. Oh, yes, we already have. Yeah, this is a bit like to show us a representation. I'm teeing you up, sir. I read that slide.

Robert James Comber 1:01:11
Yeah. And so what I think's really beautiful about this is that a couple of things that I found is that the, essentially, we can see that this, this symbol here, which is Leo, this is pointing to the west, well, this would be the exact alignment of where the Sphinx is, you know. And so this, this is really this calibration of how we can start to date through this understanding start to date, how this parent when this pyramid was potentially built, which is really interesting. And of course, this aligns to Orion belt, which we've also placed on top of this, and found the position of Orion within this. And so we're really starting to get an understanding of how the pyramids were potentially when the pyramids were built due to the astrological connections within those walls. A couple of other things that are really beautiful in this is that through music, we can see that the sarcophagus was actually I think it was Jon Stewart read that measure that the sarcophagus was 117 hertz frequency. So the sound is sarcophagus itself, which resonates a note B. But what I found was when I did the calculations for 11 planets in our solar system, those 11 planets made the same exact note. So that means that the sarcophagus resonates at the same note as 11 planets within our solar system, what is quite, that's quite, that's quite interesting. That is still is it the, the actual King's Chamber itself, when you measure that, then that works out at the sound frequency of the note C, which is the note of the sun. So now we've got, we've got the note of the Sun, which is the king's chamber. So the sun going through the astrological signs, and the 11 planets is a stargate because it creates the same sound as the entire solar system. It's a replica, it's a micro representation of the macro, all in that all designed all there on the walls, the sound, the geometry, everything, if there isn't one thing that isn't connected to the solar system, and it's all found in the king's chamber. So the last aspect, I'll say before I move on to that next slide is that this person is essentially how we see the loss of a painting and the back of them is connected to Aquarius. So, hold on a minute. That means that when we look at the Leonardo da Vinci's painting of The Last Supper, we are standing in the very position of the Aquarian Age. And he put that in the drawing back then.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:28
So he knew that this was going to happen.

Robert James Comber 1:04:31
This was time encoded, that how we see the Last Supper is from the perspective of our Aquarian Age.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:41
Before anybody knew or really understood about the Aquarian Age at a large scale,

Robert James Comber 1:04:47
I have a I have a belief that he knew astrology and so he pre planned in there, and

Alex Ferrari 1:04:54
He knew things that we had no idea about. You just Yeah, I mean, I So what's the next slide? Please, I want people to see it.

Robert James Comber 1:05:04
So so, as we look at this picture, we're in that King's Chamber, and we're standing with our back to the Aquarian Age. So we're standing in Aquarius looking dead center. Remember, Leo was in that western point. And that's exactly where the Christ is in the center. And so what's interesting is that the, it moves in a precession, backwards from right to left. And that's that mirrors the great the great year. And then the actual disciples are apostles, they actually move in the procession. So now we have the procession and precession exactly like what happens in our solar system, that we move through the year forwards, and then the Great Year moves backwards. And that's replicated in the king's chamber and in the last supper, exactly. And you can actually see that the images, so the way in which they're painted the way in which the figures are created, simulate the constellations. So the angles of their body you can see this here and see this one of Virgo, this constellation Virgo. What's really interesting, I haven't spoke about this before Alex, but I think it's a great place to put it on your show, is the constellation Virgo here, well, this little bit this jutting out, basically, where they're touching, and obviously, this image is often, you know, depicted as Mary Magdalene. It was supposedly St. John, but you know, it's kind of favorite to be Mary Magdalene, which fits astrologically, as this would be Virgo, or right here, this star that's right in here, where they're touching exactly, on that button V, which is the representation of the chalice or the womb, right by the womb, here, in the side of Virgo, which is the womb of Virgo is a star called spiker. And okay, that's great. What does that mean? spiker in the mystery tradition is how we start the whole mythology through you start in Virgo, and you have the child in the womb, a Spiker, and then the child is born. And he grows up to be another constellation. And that constellation is booties. And within booties constellation, you have the star, Arcturus, and who is Arcturus, he is the cosmic surrender, Christ. So between them two, it's the Christ child that happens to correlate exactly where they're touching. Really, essentially encoding, from my view encoding, to tell us that there was a child, or the Holy Grail, the child in the womb, there's a Holy Grail bloodline that Mary Magdalene is with child, because it coordinates with the Virgo constellation, connecting in with the Christ touching her at the exact point of where the child is.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:28
So you're telling me that the Da Vinci code was real?

Robert James Comber 1:08:33
Yeah, wave is even more. I mean, these are new, you know, these are brand new, because obviously, through our discoveries of the king's chamber, and the astrological signs, you know, we is now able to put this together. Really, exactly, and see that it's understanding, and that's why I'm able to share this and see how all of this aligns perfectly and this was just like a gem to see because if you didn't know the star law of what that star is there, then couldn't understand what the Leonardo da Vinci is showing us encoding into this painting.

Alex Ferrari 1:09:13
How in God's green earth DaVinci encode so many things in his paintings, because Robert also showed me some of the things that are on the if not all of the things that are on the wall in the king's chamber, are actually also in this painting.

Robert James Comber 1:09:29
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Here is Taurus and there's a Taurus ball that Robert found on the wall here. So it's, we've we've come at it from so many angles from the petroglyphs. So me knowing the deacons to Robert studying Leonardo da Vinci to then me looking at Leonardo da Vinci through the astrological eyes, and we're all coming up with this, come up with the same answer repeating over and over again. And it's just it's too That's what I say there's, there's not one thing that I've looked at that doesn't fit and it and the beauty is because it a picture says 1000 words we know. But when you know the star law, you know the message that Leonardo da Vinci is trying to show. And that's, that's the beauty of knowing astrology, you know, really on a deep, conscious level

Alex Ferrari 1:10:24
Absolutely amazing. Well, you have any other any other slides?

Robert James Comber 1:10:30
No of that, but lots of other things.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:35
But that's amazing. That's remarkable. absolutely remarkable.

Robert James Comber 1:10:41
Yeah, I think that's a that's a, you know, it's a really great one to share. I literally haven't even shared that with only with Robert in the in the group privately. So it's great to be sharing it with you,

Alex Ferrari 1:10:54
I appreciate that so much. It is. Man, it's like it starts to make the head hurt. There's so many different things you could so many different, like, I have to ask him and how did you begin to discover this stuff? You mentioned to me, before we show there was a download of some sort, something that started leading you towards this direction? What what happened, that you opened yourself up to all this? Because you weren't an astrologer. That's not how you were born, that you've kind of like, just kind of fell into it. Afterwards? What is your original? I mean, I know you do. You're an artist. And where did you start from? And how did you fall into this man?

Robert James Comber 1:11:35
Yeah, no, it's a really good question. And it goes quite far back, I will share this part. And then I'll share about my sort of so you could call awakening, so to speak. But, you know, when I was 18, I actually had an I wonder why people call it a near death experience, because I actually had a death experience when I was 18. And so I didn't really understand that, at the time of what that what what happened. And it was only really until when I was 33, I had my so called spiritual awakening, then I can start to understand what had happened in that in that time. And so essentially, what it was was when I had that experience, I basically went into this white space of where I just heard this voice that said, you know, do you want to go back? And I'm thinking, to I want to go back? I'm thinking because I didn't realize what happens, you know, obviously I'm out, I'm gone. So I'm like, go back to where and it's like, oh, like I just hadn't dawned on me like, oh, wow, like, Okay, I'm like in the white light on, like, have a choice point just was really unusual. And that's really where it was sort of a sense of like, do you want to go back but and so I was like, I just thought I had the one thought as soon as I thought it instantaneously I was slammed back into my body at like Lightspeed and I was like, Yeah, I want to go straight back into the body, boom. So nothing really happened after that apart from a lot of for a lot of pain and trauma. But after my spiritual awakening, then I started to understand going into the inner, inner self, they started to have visions for it was very shamanic at first. And then I wanted to learn lots of different modalities. I was I was just hungry for all of it, you know that probably most people wanting to learn healing crystals and trying to figure out like, what is this internal thing I'm experiencing. And over seven, the last seven years, then I actually started to develop my own modalities. And I started to actually help people guiding them through like their own consciousness to help them with healing. And I did a lot of like remote healing and connections and things like that. So I was very used to guiding people through consciousness. And so when the eighth Lionsgate happened, you know, I was just having my normal sort of doing my work and everything else, and there's just this wave of like, stop everything you're doing. And this is going to be the only thing that you need to do for this point for the foreseeable future. And then that's when I started to see this code, I understood started to really understand the the E Ching like on like, a real high level, and I was seeing codes after codes that were unraveling, and then geometries and then the music and then putting all the astrology connected into it. And that's why I say this book, you don't have to be an expert. You don't have to know this stuff. Like you can learn it. So simply because I've translated like how you can learn music in like, you know, one octave, and then you're and then you're set for the, you know, the understanding the basis of music for everything else. And so this is where it's been a it's been a wild ride. And it's I mean, this book is, as I said to you, it's 250,000 words. In eight months, and off the back of that is, all of the website, all of the artwork, I've got another six or seven courses off the back of this, that it's, you know, completely different aspects of this. And, you know, it's gonna take me into understanding quantum physics and linking that to astrology, learning the human genome, I had to learn literally, like one weekend, I was just like, went into the human genome, and just crash course debt. And because this sense of patterns fit in other patterns. Yeah, it's actually it's actually quite easy, and you only to be an expert and know, all of the amino acids and stuff, even though I went right into all of that detail, and DNA sequencing and all of that, but you don't need to know that. It's just that it's all like this binary code. And so once you kind of no one, and it all applies. And so I felt like this book was like said, it's this universal consciousness that started to amalgamate from the DNA to the quantum to Hebrew to the Christ stories to everything as one cohesive way to learn, really what we should have known up to now. And that's what I say this book is, it's like, it's like the update Providence, download. It's like the update of what we should have known up to this point, that's going to help us move into that new new era for us.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:27
I mean, you sound like John Travolta in that movie called phenomenon. If you ever seen that movie, if you haven't, you have to, oh, my God, you have to see it now. Because it's basically exactly what you just said. He's a normal guy, and all of a sudden, a white light hits him from the sky outside while he's drinking with his buddies, but his buddies are inside, he comes back, and all of a sudden, he's able to learn at an obscene amount of rate, he becomes not only super genius, he's able to then do he's able to move things with his mind. He's now evolving, he's a consciousness is growing so rapidly, but he's a small town guy from a small town. And, and people are trying to figure out what the hell's happening. And there's a scene that he's like, there's a girl who fell at a farm, and they're rushing to help her. But she's a migrant and only speaks Portuguese. So he takes the book. As they're driving, they're in the 10 minute drive, he starts learning Portuguese. And at the end, he starts talking to her and he goes, Did you just learn Portuguese? In 10 minutes? Because not all of it? You should absolutely rent that movie tonight.

Robert James Comber 1:17:39
Oh, yeah, no. But that's, that is so true in a way. And I can see that how you could do that. Because, as I say, once you have a certain number of patterns, then they kind of apply everywhere. And so then even if you're not, it's like being when you're good at sports, you know, like, you know, I was very good sportsman. And so, you apply it, you go and play any other sport, and you'd normally pick it up pretty quick. And you're normally pretty good. Because there's certain mechanics, like in your body in your perception, your ability to understand how things move in space and time. That really is like, the rules are slightly different, but everything applies. And so that's what I'm saying, like, this is where we need to update so that everybody has this, everybody has this disability. And in the book, funnily enough, I actually I actually put in there as something fun as a testament to the to the Vedic systems, because I, that's where I started all of that. I put in about the the eight mystical perfections which is about where you can, like the states and when you, you know, through attainment of your consciousness, you know, you you unlock these, what they call Mystical perfections. And that

Alex Ferrari 1:18:52
Please, which are the eight perfections, please.

Robert James Comber 1:18:55
Yeah, so, so they're in the, sort of the Vedic names, but they're essentially like the ability to be like, super large, like, as large as you want to be. And, like, that's an amazing concept to think about, like, that you could be infinitely like, you can be bigger than the solar system, like, like, it's just, and so you know, the other one is to be like, infinitely small. So it's the ability to completely shrink into the size of like an atom or or into the quantum. The other one is to be like, super heavy, like that. And I had to really think about that. What what benefit would that be to be as heavy as anything I want it to be? Well, if you were heavier, or as heavy as you could be, you are gravity, you will literally pull suck the universe towards you. It's magnetism, right? It's like it's like, you literally would then time the fabric of time and space and warp space time. Whoa. That's an ability that the yogi's were able to do in the States. Like this is like it's not even It's not even science fiction that these are things that are natural occurrences that happen when we tap into, like you said, like these genius genes, these universal abilities, because we are part we are part of that universe, or we are that universe. And so then we understand these universal laws. And so the other ones are the ability to acquire and obtain anything. I mean, can you imagine the response

Alex Ferrari 1:20:25
The secret. The secret, if you will, the law of attraction.

Robert James Comber 1:20:31
I think it was, I think it's more like, I think it's a bit higher than the secret level, I think you'll love it. Yeah, just a bit. And so but thing is yoke, is I've had these powers, like, I think it's coming, which one would show he was now but he used to go into the river. And he could just pull out like rupees, like 1000s of rupees. And so it's like, he just always goes underneath the tree and just pulls out gold coins, it's like, because it's this level. And so I use them as ways to help us understand like, embrace our own limitations of what we think is possible. And so you can use them as a way of like using it in meditation, I think about like, being huge, like, as big as you want to be, or being small or being able to acquire if you could manifest anything instantly. Think about the responsibility and the accountability, you would need to hold that amount of wisdom, because whatever you do, then affects the whole on a huge level, you know? So these are the ways in which you we can expand our consciousness. I think the other one is like a Jedi mind trick as well. It's, it's the ability to influence anybody at any time. So, again, think about that's why, you know, there is controversial understandings of Yogi's and things and people have had really bad experiences with with gurus and things, which I think is a shame, because I feel like, actually, we really do need mentors and people to help us understand these things. Because sometimes they are way bigger than what we've ever encountered before. And so but this understanding of being able to influence somebody so strongly that you could make them feel a certain way, or make them do certain things, you know, is that Jedi mind trick? And so, with great power comes great responsibility, right? And so, it's, that's what's beautiful about this is it's, it's giving us the power back saying, okay, like, you want to go into that higher level of consciousness, here's all the gifts of a yogi, like, how will you keep the balance of life of the universe and the best interest of all beings? Or like, even just contemplating that is like, wow, this is what my life can be about that that sort of level of understanding.

Alex Ferrari 1:22:50
So now, it's also it's very, I mean, when you're talking about these attainments, you're just you're describing Baba Ji Baba Ji has the great Baba Ji, the yogi who apparently is still alive, still walking the universe, walking the planet, helping humanity. But I'm fascinated everyone who knows watches the show. I'm fascinated with Yogi yogic philosophy, yoga attainment and that path, the Vedic path, if you will, and it is, it is something that we all do I keep saying, Well, Jesus was a great yogi. Even in India, they consider Jesus a great yogi because a lot of the stuff he was talking about, he manifested, you know, loaves of bread, he turned water into wine, he walked on water, the, these are all yogic powers. You know, these are these very, very similar yogic powers. But the ability when you get into the cosmic, and now we're gonna go deep, deeper than we're already at. But if when you go into the into the cosmic or the astral, the idea of being heaviest thing you've ever wanted to be, and being able to be essentially gravity and pull things towards you. I mean, we're walking into the world of Neo in the Matrix, which I bring up constantly. Because essentially, that's what that was. I mean, if you look at the suit that trilogy, and towards the end, it became so he became so powerful. And then Smith, the the opposing balancing force, negative was so powerful. But he was literally tapped into the code. It was just so remarkable. But that's, that's what we're talking about. In many ways. It's, it's cool to start contemplating all this.

Robert James Comber 1:24:46
And yeah, and so so going to the Vedic essence, you know, my greatest love is really it's about the study of consciousness, you know, like, all of these things that we were doing like with astrology. And, you know, numbers and colors and geometry, they're all like our, our things to play with and work with responsibly, you know, and it's what it's the things that we can learn things, the everythingness, you know of that in those parts. But my love is, is really the true essence of what consciousness is. And I think because I did a load of work through studying all of the Vedic texts going through unlocking different chakra systems, I mean, I even created a whole modality, which was about unlocking even more chakras. So I found out way more chakra system parts of the chakra system that had been spoken off through the ancient tantric texts. And so going through those processes myself, and many hours of like, just sitting in meditation, trying that out trying all different things, once we move into that, the creation is, is the fun part, it's the hologram that we can play in, and work with, you know, and that's where the binary code is, but really consciousness is, is prior to, you know, and so that's really where we reside. And so when you again, when that element of ether when you can move into the world of things, but from that space of spaciousness, emptiness, or all things, pneus, you know, or nothingness, then you move through the world and understand the world as a whole as a connected thing. And, you know, you realize that we're, it's not, you know, nothing is an ending, it's just a different evolution and those, you know, as age old wisdoms become very true to how you experience reality. And that's, that's that step deeper than creation, you know, we're speaking about things, you know, like, what is your astrological sign mean? They're all gateways to discovering yourself as consciousness. And so that's the deeper part of astrology, if you can go really into it, everything else dissolves, and you can start to really experience yourself in that space.

Alex Ferrari 1:27:13
What I've noticed from the people I've spoken to, on the show, so far, and I've had the pleasure of meeting is that when they start to open up their minds, to higher concepts, to higher ideas, to downloads, if you will, it's in direct relation to their consciousness, evolving at the same time, generally, even even scientific people, even people in math, you know, mathematicians, scientists, scientists, people very grounded in the material. You look at Einstein. And Einstein was playing music, he discovered, essentially, he went so deep into the makeup of the universities like, this can't be by accident, there has to be a organizing consciousness behind all of this. Because it's like this, it can't be random, it's too perfect for it to be random. These ideas, I think that that combination of awakening, like you did, had this kind of spiritual awakening and understanding of things opens up. I don't know if I've had a spiritual awakening or not, I truly don't. But I can tell you one thing, I failed science in high school. And I knew nothing about it. And yet, I'm able to have conversations with you, with Robert, with quantum physicists and rocket scientists, and I'm able to hold my own, you know, talking to them, and having a very deep conversation with them. And it fascinates me to what I'm doing, at my level, you know, nowhere near what you're doing or what you're trying to do. But it's interesting how that combination of where my consciousness has evolved to now very different than it was five years ago. Oh, my God, like astronomically different than where I was five years ago. And I'll be astronomically different five years from now than where I am right now. So I'm just trying to make the point of consciousness has to rise for the information to be released, or the understanding to be opened. Does that make any sense to you?

Robert James Comber 1:29:27
Yeah, it's completely and you know, and don't get me wrong, Alex, you know, for me, like, if you were to look at my school grades of maths, it was like, yeah, it was average. Right? So it's average. But the thing is, is that once we find languages that really connect, then it's amazing how how we blossom so fast. And that's what I say about you know, children understanding stories. They understand archetypal consciousness, like our rate of knots, and that's why they love films and they want to rewatch films because it's like they're trying to process all of those nuances. So they can't be more socially connected, you know. And so the same thing goes with this, once you find your languages or your your path or your, you know, your beliefs or whatever it is that you want to go into, wow, if that if when that hits, it's like boom, and everything starts moving into higher, higher things quite quite rapidly. One thing I would say what I found with the E Ching, which should be really interesting what you said about the organizing principle, this is kind of an interesting concept as you move into that quantum field is that the bigger the bandwidth, the bigger the processor, the ability to process that the amount of data, it actually becomes self organizing. And it does this through error correction codes. Now this can be it's like slightly, like technical but slightly expensive as well. And so, data when it's transferred from one thing to another, what a lot of people don't really realize is that actually tagged on the end of them, are what they call error correction codes. So if you have like, so like the last octave, there's eight gates, and when you tag them to eight, lots of eight, which is 64. Each one of those master gates becomes the error correction code. And this is where it starts to self organize. Because the harmonics are perfect, there's no more dissonance, because the bandwidth is working efficiently. And so in terms of number frequency, we can see this because the eaching is 64 hexagrams times six lines, it gives us 384 archetypes. Well, when we add in the last octave 72 times six lines, we end up with a number 432. Well, if you know anything about numbers and frequencies 432 Is the harmonics of the earth. It's the measurements of the Great Pyramid, it's everywhere, it is like the number of our natural reality. And so interesting that the last Octave has come in as this octave as an error correction code to pull the collective archetypes of be at the resonance of Mother Earth. Like these things are amazing. And so that's why I think that as we as you're right, as we expand our consciousness, you know, we actually start to everything becomes self organizing, it's not so much about trying to control things and learn things, it just naturally unfolds and blossoms. And in a way, like I think one of the great sages, you know, says life takes care of life. Like, all we have to do is just move into that which is already available. And that's why it will feel like we've moved into genius genes or expanded exponentially. But really, we were moving into what we what we are what we should have always been no but that's the joy of this this Aquarian Age Pisces to occur in age, we get the joy to be the first to do it.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:09
Now Rob, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests Sir. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Robert James Comber 1:33:15
I would say it comes down to asking. Spend your time to ask the right question to yourself. Because that is the only place that you are going to authentically value the answer that comes? And the answer that comes then becomes the fulfillment to which you live your life by and through

Alex Ferrari 1:33:42
Gorgeous answer beautiful answer. If you had a chance to go back in time and speak to little Rob, what advice would you give him?

Robert James Comber 1:33:50
I don't know what advice I would have given him I would have given him this book.

Alex Ferrari 1:33:57
This yet, you can't read this yet. You're five, but you will eventually when you can enjoy it.

Robert James Comber 1:34:03
Yeah, just look at the pictures and you'll get it? No, I think the best advice is to say that you know, like, follow the very thing that you love like that will that will put you where you want to be. Don't do what you feel that you should have done, what you should do or what other people feel you should do is that, you know, be yourself follow your heart and everything will blossom exactly how it's meant to.

Alex Ferrari 1:34:30
What is your definition of God or Source?

Robert James Comber 1:34:32
I think to define it not to sound cheesy, but to define it with then limit it. I think it's just that intimate, intimate knowingness that it is present and it is. It is in essence who you are. And I think in that knowing you can you can move forward with with joy you know, knowing that there Isn't there isn't any distance between new and that? What is love? I think there's the love of creation, and all of the things that can be created, and then there's the love of the Creator itself. And so I think that when those two, marry as one unified viewpoint through through humanize, then then that's when you start to understand that everybody else is experiencing the same thing you are from that view. And therefore, you know, we really are this, the compassion and love can be can be shared, you know, in this in this human realm, which we need,

Alex Ferrari 1:35:40
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Robert James Comber 1:35:41
The purpose of life is, is the purpose that you want, what you wish to choose, if you want to make it something, and you want it to be that, then choose that wholeheartedly. And then that really becomes your purpose, you get to choose that purpose. And it's in your power right now, today.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:05
Now, where can people find out more about you and your new book that is coming out or has come out as of the release of this episode?

Robert James Comber 1:36:12
Yeah, so just on on there, I've actually got some free resources, you can get up to speed because there's so much information, you can get up to speed about looking at the deacons and your astrology. And on there, it's got a link to order the book, and connect on there. And then of course, on social media, you can just on Instagram, you can just be Robert James combo on Instagram, you can follow me on there and keep up to date with everything that's going forwards. So yeah, lots of lots of great stuff.

Alex Ferrari 1:36:45
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Robert James Comber 1:36:49
Yeah, I would just say that we are moving through tremendous, amazing times. And you know, often that can feel like we're everything's falling apart. But knowing the stars and the star law of our story that we're moving through, everything is actually falling together, we just yet to see that unfold. And so I would say that this is meant to this is meant to happen, it's written in the stars this way. And just as we can, if we can learn more about ourselves through things like this, then that will really it will really change your life and how you interact and understand other people and other people's opinions and their journey. And I think when that comes together, that's when we find this harmonic between, you know, between beings, which we really need this one family to realize that we are we are connected.

Alex Ferrari 1:37:42
Rob, it has been such a pleasure, man. And I look forward to our next conversation. I know we have just scratched the surface of this, of these new findings and of astrology and everything that you and Robert and all these guys are doing, to bring this information on to the world. So I appreciate you for helping awaken the planet in your way, my friend, in your part in this lore, the story that we are all going through. So thank you, my friend.

Robert James Comber 1:38:11
Thank you so much, Alex, for everything that you're doing and for having me on the show. It's been a it's been so great to chat to you and really go into this on some great cosmic levels.

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