EXCLUSIVE: NEW Discovery in GIZA PYRAMID, UFO/UAP & Shifting to 5D DIMENSION! with Robert Edward Grant

In today’s episode, we welcome Robert Edward Grant, a polymath and visionary whose insights stretch across the realms of science, mathematics, and spirituality. His discoveries and ideas challenge our conventional understanding of reality, inviting us to explore deeper dimensions of existence.

Robert begins by questioning the traditional narrative surrounding the Anunnaki, suggesting that they may not be a single race of aliens but rather a consortium of different species. He prefers the term “extraterrestrial” or “interterrestrial,” believing these beings have always been present, and it’s humanity’s evolving consciousness that allows us to perceive them. This aligns with the idea that as we expand our awareness, we unlock higher-dimensional perspectives that reveal the true nature of our reality.

Our conversation delves into the mysteries of the Great Pyramid. Robert recounts his groundbreaking discoveries inside the King’s Chamber, where he identified the Alpha Omega symbol on the sarcophagus rim. He explains that many etchings on the walls are petroglyphs that defy conventional understanding of ancient Egyptian art. These intricate carvings, which appear to be in a 3D perspective, suggest an advanced form of knowledge and artistry that predates our historical records.

Robert’s exploration extends to the connection between the Great Pyramid and other ancient wisdom, such as the secrets encoded in Leonardo da Vinci’s works. He discusses how Da Vinci’s time in Egypt and his cryptic references to the Giza Plateau, known as Rostow, hint at a profound understanding of the Egyptian Mystery Schools. This knowledge, Robert argues, has been preserved and passed down through symbols and esoteric traditions, offering us glimpses into a more profound, interconnected reality.

As our discussion unfolds, Robert touches on the concept of quantum jumping, where all lives are happening simultaneously. He shares a personal experience from his youth when he had a prophetic dream about a tragic accident involving his girlfriend. This dream, which accurately foretold the event, illustrates the idea that our consciousness can access different timelines and dimensions, allowing us to perceive events outside our linear understanding of time.


  1. Consciousness Expansion: Our ability to perceive higher dimensions and the presence of extraterrestrial beings is linked to our spiritual and conscious evolution. As we raise our vibration, we gain access to broader realities.
  2. Ancient Wisdom: The advanced knowledge and symbols found in ancient structures like the Great Pyramid and Da Vinci’s works suggest that ancient civilizations had a deep understanding of the cosmos and human consciousness. This wisdom is encoded in art, architecture, and esoteric teachings.
  3. Quantum Reality: The concept of quantum jumping and simultaneous lifetimes challenges our linear perception of time. It suggests that we are part of a vast, interconnected web of existence where past, present, and future converge.

Robert’s insights offer a compelling narrative that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science. He reminds us that the journey of discovery is as much about expanding our consciousness as it is about exploring the physical world. By embracing a holistic view of reality, we open ourselves to profound truths that can transform our understanding of existence.

In this enlightening episode, Robert Edward Grant challenges us to rethink our place in the universe. He invites us to explore the hidden dimensions of reality and unlock the mysteries that lie within and around us. His perspective is a testament to the power of curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge, urging us to continue seeking and questioning.

Please enjoy my conversation with ROBERT EDWARD GRANT.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 441

Robert Edward Grant 0:00
I don't believe the Anunnaki were one race of aliens. Right? You could say it was like a consortium, a bunch of different alien species. And what is alien? I don't know, like the word alien. You could call them extra terrestrial or extraterrestrial. I believe they've been here all along. It's not a function of whether or not these so called aliens or extraterrestrials, or interterrestrials are here or not, they're always here. The only question is, is humanity in a cycle, where we are allowed access through higher dimensional perspectives, to be able to perceive them?

Alex Ferrari 0:39
Welcome to the show, Robert Edward Grant. How you doing Rob?

Robert Edward Grant 0:53
A pleasure to be here in your studio. What an amazing studio basically, put together here. I'm like, really blown away. It's state of the art.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Thank you, brother. I appreciate it, man. Yeah, I'm so excited to have you here man. We've been talking about this for a while.

Robert Edward Grant 1:07
I know.

Alex Ferrari 1:08
So this is going to be a fairly epic conversation. I have a feeling. So last time you were on our last episode did okay.

Robert Edward Grant 1:14
Yeah, it was a million views, probably. All the platforms. It's got to be over a million.

Alex Ferrari 1:18
Yeah, I think at this point, it's, it's getting it's getting at least to a million in a month or two.

Robert Edward Grant 1:25
Just on YouTube. But don't you also post on all the other platforms?

Alex Ferrari 1:27
Yeah. So yeah, over all over everything over a million questions. So people were really interested in what you discovered in in the Great Pyramid, and what you're doing there. What I wanted to talk about in this episode, among other things, where I'm sure we're gonna go on many rabbit holes on this conversation with the pyramid itself, there's so much mystery around the pyramids and what you discover, can you give a short description of what you discovered inside the king's chamber.

Robert Edward Grant 1:54
So what we discovered the first discovery that I made inside the King's Chamber, the Great Pyramid was the Alpha Omega on the rim of the sarcophagus and, and then after that, my wife Susie actually found in 2020, a bull on the wall. And then my assistant, eaten visor, she basically found a bird up on the wall as well, that then I then saw another bird next to it. So we started seeing all of us started seeing different patterns on the walls. And so it was really a collaborative effort. I was the first to see Alpha Omega. But now we found that there are many many etchings on the walls, and they're all petroglyphs. And they're not done in a style of like, what you would consider for Ancient Egypt. And so, and they all overlap each other, too. It's really kind of amazing. Some of the etchings are done in a 3d perspective. So it's a unique type of drawing that we only learn how to do and around the, you know, 15th century. And so they're very advanced from that perspective. But even then, we didn't use it the way that it's used here. So how in the heck did these end up? It's almost as if it was done in the future. How did these petroglyphs end up on the walls and then we didn't know what the patterns were of the petroglyphs, we knew the Alpha Omega, and we knew that the bull and the cow that we found on the wall, were related to that because the ape is bull is the alpha. And the Omega is the shape of the halfwords hair, right. And so that's very well known. But what we didn't know was the whole room because we knew that there are petrakos all over the walls. And we knew that those same matching petroglyphs showed up in the last supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci. We knew that he spent three years three and a half years in Egypt because he wrote about it. And he was serving the great mount tourists that everybody in history thinks was actually a mountain in Armenia. Well, he spelled Armenia incorrectly, even for that time. He called it Erminia. And that was an encryption for an Irvine, which is a weasel looking animal. And he made a painting called the lady with an ermine. The ermine is related to a magic order of hermetic wisdom that was called the order of the mind. Okay, and this is the same little animal that they use to make the robes of kings and around the rim of a crowd, you know, the first that you see with little black dots on it. It's the tip of the tail that makes the black dots. So what we found was actually, divinity wasn't referring to Armenia, he was referring to the Egyptian Mystery Schools, he was referring to the great mount Taurus is the great mountain of Rostow. Rostow was the original name of the Giza Plateau. It's in Taurus backwards. And the original name of the Great Pyramid is bull mountain. So that's the hieroglyphics of it. In fact, you have two Chevron's right on top of each other represent mountain and then you have an ape is bull right next to me. That's the ancient symbol in hieroglyphics for the Great Pyramid.

Alex Ferrari 4:51
So I wanted to say yeah, I'm sure I'm sure the Great Pyramid was named by some English explorers. Hey, you know what we're gonna call this Great Pyramid

Robert Edward Grant 4:58
They named it after Khufu The story goes that there was a Explorer from England who had gotten about a million pounds in investment to go and try to figure out the treasure and find the treasure in the Great Pyramid. Lots of people tried Napoleon before him as well. And, and basically, he couldn't find anything. There was never anything found in the pyramid except for the sarcophagus one stone box. It's not very interesting from a treasure perspective.

Alex Ferrari 5:24
But that stuff, by the way, that that stone box is not an actual burial.

Robert Edward Grant 5:28
No, they never found it. There's never been anyone found in nothing.

Alex Ferrari 5:32
Right! So it's, they call it a sarcophagus, but it really is just a box.

Robert Edward Grant 5:36
Yeah, no, no, it's just a stone box that nobody knows what the real purpose of it is, or was, and it's not elaborate, like, there's nothing that you could see on it. No one noticed the Alpha Omega on the rim until I noticed it in 2018. And now, nobody really disputes that at all. It's there. Right? How did it get there? People don't know. That's the thing. I remembered being there when it was put there. That's how I found it. And all week long, I had been writing and drawing Alpha Omega my notebook and 2018. And the night before I discovered an Alpha Omega Under the Dome of the Rock under the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. And I was there for I was having a steak dinner that night with a bunch of my YPO CEO friends. And and I was one of the hosts. So I said, Oh, I was the chapter chair at the time. And I said, Oh, I'm gonna go deep into the cave. I may find the bathroom. So I asked where the bathroom was. And there was a harpist there, it looked like a straight up Illuminati dinner with these long tables with these big candelabras by shot in their car keys in this bowl. No, I mean, it was all guys. So that would have been a lot of sausage. But anyway.

Alex Ferrari 6:43
Definitely a sausage, sausage party.

Robert Edward Grant 6:44
The only the only woman in there I think was literally probably the harpist. Okay, it was a giant harp in the center of the room. So I kind of said, oh, where's the bathroom, I gotta get ready for my speech, because we had like dignitaries there and stuff too. So I didn't go to the bathroom, I jumped the fence and said, Do not enter and I went deep into the cave, because I knew that's where the Ark of the Covenant was supposed to been hidden for a long time after the reign of Zedekiah. So this these, these names of the caves were originally Solomon's quarry, because it was what they built Solomon's temple from. And then it became Zedekiah his cave, as well. So when King Nebuchadnezzar came and attacked Jerusalem and 589 BCE, and that causes the first diaspora, right, the first dice for basically, he destroyed the Temple of Solomon. And they took the Ark of the Covenant down to dedicate his cave. And it was hidden in there for a long time until apparently, the Knights Templar took it out. Right, and took it somewhere else now. So that means it would have been in there for at least 1000 years.

Alex Ferrari 7:45
What is that night? What is the Ark of the Covenant?

Robert Edward Grant 7:48
The Ark of the Covenant is in the Bible. Yeah. So it's described in. So if you if you know the story, the Bible wasn't really written until, you know, comes Moses, right. So Moses comes along, and he wrote The Five Books of Moses. And so those are the ones that you would know Numbers, Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Genesis, right. These are the stories that we have write about and Hebrews and that we have about the people that had been taken into captivity river, they were taken in captivity, because of Joseph Wright, was sold by his family. So you had Abraham, Isaac and, and Jacob, right. And Jacob's other name was Israel. So he had 12 sons. And one of those sons, the youngest son was a fella by the name of Joseph. Joseph was favorite of his father the most. And he got the coat of many colors, which is probably just rainbow consciousness. Right? And so his brothers despised him for it. And so they sold him off into slavery. When the Egyptian traders came along, they sold their younger brother off into slavery. So of course, the father was upset. And for his whole life, they didn't see him again. So what happened to Joseph? Well, he was psychic, and he had special abilities. And so he ended up like making his way there was a story about him with Potiphar and Potter for his wife, and then he becomes close with the Pharaoh. And he becomes like this adviser to the pharaoh at, and the Pharaoh has a dream, and he's able to interpret dreams, right? And so one of the interpretations was we're gonna have seven years of feast and seven years of famine. And so he told the Pharaoh we have to make storage of all the grain, right? Because Egypt was always a breadbasket, even for that time. And and so, because of that, when the famine came, Egypt became very rich, because it had food to basically make it through. And all the surrounding countries, right were desolate. They had no food. And so that's when his originally family came back as a result, family came back and was begging for food effectively, and he found them a place there because he was very well esteemed by the Pharaoh. So from that point in time, the family of you know, that was the progeny of Abraham ended up in Egypt, and we're taking at least as far as bye history goes into captivity. And over time, they just became slaves, you know, and, and so they, when when the next Pharaoh came that knew not Joseph, that's when the people started to really suffer. So that went on for a few 100 years until Moses came along. Right? So this story was supposed to be Abraham was supposed to be around 2200 BCE. Right? And then you've got, you know, this period of time would have been somewhere around, you know, the time of Moses was probably around seven they think is like 1500 BC, right? So, who knows if these timelines are even correct, you know, that it could be, it seems like that's kind of a really long time.

Alex Ferrari 10:38
But let me ask you a question. Real quick, Abraham, cuz I have I've not I mean, I know who Abraham is, obviously. And he's like, the basis of the Abrahamic religions, essentially.

Robert Edward Grant 10:46
Yeah. I mean, you got three religions basically.

Alex Ferrari 10:48
Off of him off of him, essentially. So it was he an avatar? Was he like a Jesus figure or a Buddha figure in any way, shape or form? Because he, I mean, obviously spawned off three of the major world religions. So he was pretty important.

Robert Edward Grant 11:03
Oh, he was very important. There's no doubt I mean, he was supposed to have been from, you know, the Mesopotamia area, land of Earth. And but he paid tithing. So his spiritual leader, he paid tithing to Melchizedek. So Melchizedek was the word Melchizedek means Malik, or king. So if you know someone, like my partner's name is Vic Malik, my business partner. Malik means king, right? And that's an old word that's been used, you know, it's mainly referring to people that are probably more of Muslim or in orientation, and ethnicity, but it comes from the word Melek. Melek means king in Hebrew. Okay. So Mulkey said deck is like King or Prince of Peace, Prince of Peace, Prince of Justice has another meaning for that. So Zedeck So, and the place where they lived was in the land of Salem. Right, so the land of Salem was Jerusalem. Right? So originally, it was just called Salem, and the ruler of that land was Melchizedek. So Abraham was given though this, you know, blessing that his remember his wife, Sarah, and I'm going deep into my memory of like, Bible studies and everything. But his wife, Sarah was 90 years old, couldn't have a child. And so he ended up having a child instead, with the, you know, one of the handmaid's have Sarah so lived in the house, and would be considered like a concubine. So they had a child and that child was Ishmael. Yeah, right. So we have a bad estate plan. And by some miracle, Sarah gets pregnant, got it at the ripe old age of 90 years old. Right and they live longer than that's the other thing. We live longer from the pre flood times everyone lived much, much longer. Like Adam lived 930 years Methuselah was said to live 969 years, right Enoch live 365 years to Moses was 120 something years. So this, this thing caused the schism that we have now in the Middle East, because Ishmael was the older son, and then so should have gotten the birthright. But because his mother was not, you know, was was was actually just this handmade of, of Sarah. The birthright didn't pass to that. And this is why in Judaism, unless your mother's Jewish, you're not automatically Jewish. Correct? Right. Yeah, that's the thing. That's why it has to pass through the mother. And I always ask people to go to Israel. It's the only way to be sure. God chose us we didn't choose him.

Alex Ferrari 13:44
Okay, so going back to going back to the Ark of the Covenant, what actually is in the covenant? What's in it? So we started Indiana Jones

Robert Edward Grant 13:50
Yeah, that's right.

Alex Ferrari 13:51
So what is it exactly?

Robert Edward Grant 13:52
Okay. So the Ark of the Covenant. I think there's the Bible story, which I don't totally buy into.

Alex Ferrari 13:58
Shocking. Go ahead.

Robert Edward Grant 13:59
Okay. This is your, you're going down a path. I've never gone down on podcasts generally. Why we that's why we have that's why we have our conversations. Okay. So the Ark of the Covenant was this box that had certain dimensions. It was made of acacia wood. Acacia Wood is the tree that is pretty prominent down there. I was just in Aswan with Matias de Stefano. And we were looking at these islands that were on there. And all the trees that were acacia wood, the acacia wood tree has DMT so we start talking about the burning bush. Burning Bush was Acacia Okay, so were there psychedelics involved for Moses that he had this you know, God like experience? That's interesting. As a burning bush was DMT. Okay, and it's a well known DMT. In fact, I have this new geometry set coming out that's made of acacia wood boxes. Please don't burn the boxes. They're really hard to make. But I want it to be something really special like that. So, but Acacia Wood has this unique property. It's like kind of like an Ayahuasca. And there are ceremonies that you can have with Acacia. It's a full on Iosco type ceremony. Just thing. Yeah. And I know lots of people have done it.

Alex Ferrari 15:11
So it's made out of this wood. Yep. And then what? What's inside of it?

Robert Edward Grant 15:14
So, what's inside of it is subject to a lot of speculation. Yes. Right. It's supposed to house the power of God. Okay. Okay, now, this box. Yeah, let's go back to the story of Moses for a moment. And then we'll edge into this part of the story. So the box has these perfect dimensions, the perfect dimensions with the poles that fit it. So they had to carry it a certain way. And only priests that were of what they call the coal, you know, the Cohen family, right? Which these would be the sons of Levi, right? So the sons of Aaron and Levi, this whole story where you've got Aaron, who was the mouthpiece for Moses, because he was a better order, he was a better public speaker. And so Aaron's line was blessed, right, and this was the Levitical tribe was blessed to be the the not only the rabbis, but the high priests that would actually be allowed to work in the temple, right? And the ark, they were were the Ark of the Covenant was, and until they built the temple, which didn't happen until around 1000 BCE, which would have been with Solomon right, though, so you know, you've got Solomon, and you got Saul, David than Solomon, right. And until the temple was built, they had this tabernacle, right. So when Moses escaped from Egypt, and they followed him to the Red Sea, and then, you know, the pharaoh Ramsay's was like his army was sort of destroyed because they got stuck in the Red Sea, just like in the Cecil B DeMille. Movie, right? What what happened was, no one really knew why all of a sudden, because Ramsay's had said, you can go get out of here, we're tired of you remember, they already sent the pestilence and the plagues and they already sent the locusts and the frogs and they already lived in the water and the firstborn son, right, and the loss of the firstborn son of Ramseys, as well. So he's like, just go, just go, well, something happened. That made those you know, dynastic Egyptians run after Moses, they no, come back. We're not letting you go. What was it? Well, interestingly, the Ark of the Covenant proportions and dimensions perfectly fit inside the sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid. It's a perfect match. Okay, so there are many that posit, and I'm in, I'm in that list, that the Ark of the Covenant was actually in the sarcophagus, and it was the conductor for the Great Pyramid, and made of gold. So the box even though in in the book, right, it tells the story in the Bible, about how they have to, they're told how to make the Ark of the Covenant. And there is more than one ark either way, more than one ark. There were probably in several different pyramids around the world. The Ark of the Covenant supposed to be made of these proportionally as two and a half cubits by one and a half cubits. And it had these poles that had to go on it, you couldn't touch the arc, and the outer surface of it was gold. Well, gold is one of the best conductors, right. And it had the, the, the unique attribute as well that at the top of it, there were two angels. And these, these terrible angels had wings that basically stretched out to each other, just like in the movie. And there were four faces if you could reach in there and look at it, there are four faces on each of the angel's faces. And the four faces were the face of a man, the face of a bull, the face of an eagle and the face of a lion. Okay, now, if you know your zodiac, you would know the face of a man is Aquarius, you would know that the face of the bull is Taurus face of the lion. Of course, as Leo, you might not know the face of Eagle Scorpio. These are what we call the fixed signs, right in the zodiac. Right there. They're the ones that sort of mark the positions of the Zodiac The most right, they're the center of them, there's a central thesis also of each of their, you know, their element relationships. So, so basically, the Great Pyramid is also built with that orientation. The Great Pyramid if you haven't seen this film, there's a great film called The revelations of the pyramid is a French film that's translated in English you can find it on on Gaia now. I think they took it off YouTube now. It's probably the best show that there is that explains a thesis of what the pyramid actually was. And they, they present it the entire Giza plateau is a giant clock that's based on the Zodiac, and they show the orientation of each of the sides where they have the orientation of the entrance of the Great Pyramid because it's bull Mountain is the bull, the North side and that's where you enter the pyramid from. So the North sides the bull, the the the south side would be the eagle, but actually it starts off with a scorpion. Then the scorpion transforms and gets redeemed into a snake and the snake transforms and redeems into an eagle and then that dread redemption process continues to turn the eagle into a Phoenix and then the Phoenix because comes eventually, a Phoenix becomes the mucus, okay, which is the 13th zodiac sign, and it's the serpent bearer. So it becomes the story of a Scorpius. Right? It's clypeus is the one who saved the life of Orion when he was stung by a scorpion, which was really just the scorpion venom is the most expensive drug in the world right now. $39 million per gallon. And it's an ego death. It's like a Boga or like Bufo, or any of these things that people are all doing right now to experience ego death. There's just a more intense way of experiencing ego death. And that's what I believe is the actual metaphor story of the story of Orion, Orion and Oh, Fucus are just opposite each other in the night sky. Right? They're exactly opposite each other. So the orientation of the Great Pyramid being according to the Zodiac, is matching the description in the Bible in the book of Ezekiel of the Ark of the Covenant, also having all four of the faces on it, because they represent the four sides of the walls in the Great Pyramids, Kings chamber, that also you asked what we discovered in there shows the Zodiac of all of those, but not just the 12 zodiac signs, it shows the in total 48 zodiac signs, because the Egyptian year was split into 36 segments. So 10 days for each segment, you know, they would look at okay, yes, you're in Taurus, but there's a subset of tourists. And the subset of tourists is Orion, or Riga and Eridanus. Right, and, and so these different aspects give you more specificity. So if you look at the degree of where you're born, right on your birth chart, or your natal chart, you can actually find out that there's way more complexity. It's like the next dimension of the zodiac. And this was the Atlantean calendar also. So you could find out like I was born in the week of Orion, right, May 16 is the week of Orion in the in the Vedic Calendar, right. So that means I would take on certain Orion characteristics, right. And, and that's always had some resonance for me. So it was, you know, I never knew that that was a thing, right? Until I started studying all this stuff. Well, this deacon of astrology has been around a long time. And all the walls are etched with all 36 of the symbols of each of those constellations. And so, on the west wall that's behind the sarcophagus, there's a big lions face. You've seen it? Right? You've seen it. And you actually saw it on Apple vision Pro on my new, you know, sort of virtual reality game thing that we created. What do you think of that by the way?

Alex Ferrari 22:34
It's pretty badass. I would say I was I was, I was, I was like, wow, this is kind of ridiculous. It was pretty me. I was there. It was pretty amazing.

Robert Edward Grant 22:42
It's like you're there. And you come out of it. You're like, whoa, we live in a simulation. As soon as you take that off, you're like, we live in a simulation. There's no question about where this technology would go in five or 10 years.

Alex Ferrari 22:52
It's like, 100, just 100 years from now. What do you think that's gonna go?

Robert Edward Grant 22:56
I mean, smell everything. It's all going to be there. It's gonna, we're gonna get we're going to the holodeck. You know, Google just came up with this whole new thing called Google knows. Have you seen this? Oh, no. Yeah, it can smell it. It's like Shazam for like, smelling.

Alex Ferrari 23:12
Of course.

Robert Edward Grant 23:13
Can you believe that?

Alex Ferrari 23:14
Of course. No, no, I have no doubt.

Robert Edward Grant 23:16
There's a possibility. It was an April Fool's joke when I saw it, but I looked it up all over the place. So they really took the April Fool's joke really far. And then I ran out of time to find out if it was legit or not, but but here's the thing. The room is basically giving us a map of time. And it's oriented backwards. So it's not just giving us the map the way that it should go clockwise and counterclockwise. It shows us the two directional nature of time. See, we go forward and procession of Equinox. So if we just think of the 12 zodiac signs, right, I we go from Capricorn into Aquarius, right then Aquarius into Pisces, then Pisces and Aries and Aries and Taurus and Taurus into Gemini and Gemini into cancer and cancer into Leo, right. And then you go into Virgo and Libra, right, and you're going through this whole cycle. But by the same time that we're doing that, we're also going backwards. If you look at the sky, don't look at your clock, look at the sky instead. Because what happens is as we move from Aquarius into Pisces, on a month to month basis, we're slowly but by the same degree of proportion, moving backwards. And this is why we just went on a AON basis, which is 2000 years. So you Teshuva 24,000 year cycle, right? So each of the aliens is 2000 years. Right? And within that there's fractals that then have these trends. Like sometimes people like gold and sometimes they like silver and sometimes they like, you know metals and stuff like that. It's matching all the collective consciousness as well. It's all part of the simulation game that we live in.

Alex Ferrari 24:58
Is that why gold is a little bit higher. The price now than it's ever been before?

Robert Edward Grant 25:01
Because it's more popular here because you know why? Because we're in Aquarius now. And what is our opposite sign from Aquarius, Leo? And what does Leo represent?

Alex Ferrari 25:11
Gold? Does he?

Robert Edward Grant 25:13
Yeah, the sun.

Alex Ferrari 25:15
So where's gold going 10,000

Robert Edward Grant 25:18
Gold's gonna go up, it's gonna go way up, right? Because the dollar is gonna I believe dollar is gonna go way down.

Alex Ferrari 25:22
Well, yeah, that's that mean, anyone can see that coming.

Robert Edward Grant 25:25
Well, yeah, I mean, this is why Bitcoin speculation has been so big this year. And I mean, we could spend a whole different podcast just on that, but, but the point is that we go backwards in time, by the same degree, like a mobius strip or a klein bottle, your A klein bottle is I don't claim bottle would be like a bottle like this, right? But it has a spout that comes out of it, and that it wraps around itself and then comes back into itself. Right? A Mobius strip would be if I had like a piece of paper, a strip of paper, and I was gonna make a little bracelet like we did in elementary school. If I twist it 540 degrees, right? And I put her on my wrist with that twist in it, it'll look kind of like DNA. DNA is a mobius strip. DNA is a Mobius. Strip. Yeah, so you twist this strip. And then if I have a little Mattel car, right, little ones that kids play with, I can I twisted a thing like that. And I could defy gravity, I could let the car go, it would end up going on both sides of the paper. Okay, because of the twist. This is the nature of the Mobius strip. So what this basically shows is that time can loop back on itself.

Alex Ferrari 26:37
So I'm gonna stop you there for a second because this is something I wanted to talk to you about. I was talking to some channels the other day, some scientists the other day. And this concept of there is no past life. There's no future life that all lives are happening at the same time. Yeah, that concept, which has been explained to me, and I've spoken about it on the show how you can kind of wrap your head around that. But there was a scientist or researcher who told me that well imagine that we're looking at it at linear time is actually stacked on top of each other. So it's all happening at the same time. And quantum jumping, is being able to jump between between with ease, because we're not going back or forward. It's all at the same level, but just a different times. And then we get into the spiritual aspect of it is that well, that's the oversoul living all of its lies at the same time. And when you were talking about what we were talking about earlier of, it looks like someone in the Great Pyramid, someone came in and did it afterwards. Or we were talking about our future selves, our past and our future selves coming back to talk to us in in a way. That's a form of quantum jumping. I talked to someone yesterday, who was transported, not a vision, not feel felt like physically, her essence or conscious of transported back to Atlantis, where she was in the room and started to explaining everything to me. I was like, I mean, it was pretty mind blowing. So what are your thoughts on what I'm just talking about this idea of?

Robert Edward Grant 28:21
I've experienced it.

Alex Ferrari 28:22
So tell me tell me.

Robert Edward Grant 28:24
I experienced it. Once, okay, I've always been able to see the future. Okay. Right. When I was 19 years old, I was a Mormon missionary in Korea. And I'm not Mormon anymore. But I left when I was 30 years old. But I had a dream. In the middle of the night, I woke up my missionary companion. And in my dream, my girlfriend who was going to BYU at the time, was driving a car. It was a base Toyota, and she was driving it was around Christmas time. So she was driving home to Nebraska from Utah, and which is like a long, straight drive through cornfields. She fell asleep at the wheel. One of my friends was in the front seat with her. And she rolled the car into a ditch in the dream. I saw the license plate number I'd never seen the car before. I saw the license plate number I saw blood covering her and the other guy and I saw that he broke his neck. And I was so worried about it. And as a missionary we were not allowed to call home. You couldn't call him that was sort of the whole thing. Like you're there for it's like being you're in a monastery, you know, unless you're going to leave, they're not going to do anything and I wasn't going to leave. So I called the mission president I said I'd like to call home. And and kind of like, I don't know if this has happened or not. And he's thinking okay, this kid might just be crazy. Well, I didn't call home. And I found out about a week later because they didn't want to tell me on Christmas Day. You sent me a letter that the same exact thing happened nine hours after the dream. Wow. So it was like exactly down to the license plate. In the car, and the car had never seen before, and the guy died. And so what is that is that because that was a dream, though, that was a dream. That was a dream. So is dreaming a form of quantum jumping? Yes, it can be it can be right. So because once you dreams can be connecting your subconscious, right, it's from your subconscious, your and your subconscious is where you're closest to your oversoul. Right. That's where and so the way that the oversoul can communicate with us is through synchronicities. And through dreams, that's one of the most common ways until we learn how to master the balance that's necessary because we have to be able to achieve a high degree of Hemi synchronization of our two left and right brains, which is really the Alpha and Omega. And once that happens, then the Chi comes in, and what is the Chi, the chi is the optic nerve that connects the right eye to the left brain and the left eye to the right brain, it crosses over at the pituitary gland, the pituitary gland. This is called the optic chiasm. Right, and then it connects back to the occipital lobe, right. So what we're seeing inside of our brain, there's no photons in there, we're just doing an interpretation from what's coming into our retinal receptors of what photons it would be picking up, then flipping the image upside down. Because for us, if we actually could see what we're truly seeing, it's an upside down image, just like a camera. Right would be. And, and then it's getting interpolated, there's no photons in my head, right, that you would think there are that are just from the ambient molecules in the church. And you know, the the electrons that are inside my brain, right are the elements that are inside my brain that make it up. But basically, we are doing an interpolation of a matrix simulation already inside of our brains. It's just happening in the back of our brains. So when we finally find this balance, then we get into this what's called Heart brain coherence. The heart brain coherence is what mystics what shriek Tesh wha what all the baba Ji, all of these guys became masters at, they learn how to balance their feminine energy with their masculine energy, and bring them so that they're no longer in conflict one with another. And it even comes down to the point where you have to finally realize you know what, maybe my rational mind will never fully grasp my irrational mind. But it can value it. Right? Like, I may never fully understand the reason for irrationality. But look, I do love the curve. The curve is something I've been eternally fascinated by, it's like, oh, it's so beautiful. It's like, life would be boring with only straight lines. Right? So I've learned to value that and so therefore, the feminine aspect that might seem totally emotional to the left brain has an incredible value and intuition and allows people that have the balance to think and feel at the same time and when the heart thinks, and the mind feels that's when the river of wisdom flows. And that river of wisdom is your Kundalini lifeforce. So this is when it starts to light up your chakras, right. And this is all the stuff I know you've studied because I know all the books you've read. Right, but this is just maybe a different way of looking at it. I came at it more from the Western esoterica than from the Eastern and then I went back and studied Eastern. But it's still the same thing. hermetic wisdom is the same as Eastern you have hermetic Alchemist that were in China, as well. They're all doing the same thing. It's learning how to transmute the metaphor of led into gold. And that metaphor is taking the negative experience of our suffering. And once we finally have the context of the meaning behind the suffering, and it makes us more divine, and it also makes the one even more aware of itself, because it's dividing itself into all of our eyes of perception so that it can perceive itself through our unique eyes of perception. Nobody with my eyes has ever seen the world before and no one will ever see it again. Because I have a unique parentage, I have a unique condition by ascent, I have a unique, you know, environmental factors I have unique world, this play stage that we have this background of, we all have like one big oversoul and humanity I believe is represented by Orion constellation. It's the story of the hero's journey. Orion is the hero. We're all in our own hero's journey, that oversoul has many names, we could say it's Yahweh, for some, the lesser Yahweh for others Metatron for some thought, I mean, you can go to a whole list of different names, that this could be something there's 100, Nate names something there's 72 names. They're all the same because there's only one thing there's you and your experience and your you inverse around you. It's just divided light so they could perceive itself. And then we finally learn our oneness and we come back together as one and that's also joy for Source Creator.

Alex Ferrari 34:52
So the idea of the the quantum jumping to be able to go back and forth. Do you believe that There's a lot of times people talk about aliens and those kinds of interactions. What's your experience with that? Have you had any experience with not only because UFOs are now becoming very mainstream, everyone's talking about them. But even in the past, you know, from the Annunaki, to all these kinds of things, what kind of experience do you have in that? Or are stories have you heard?

Robert Edward Grant 35:24
You know, I don't believe the Anunnaki were one race of aliens. Right? You could say it was like a consortium. A bunch of different alien species. And what is alien? I don't know like the word alien. You could call them extra terrestrial or extraterrestrial. I believe they've been here all along. It's not a function of whether or not these so called aliens or extraterrestrials, or internationals are here or not, they're always hear. The only question is, is humanity in a cycle, where we're allowed access through higher dimensional perspectives, to be able to perceive them.

Alex Ferrari 36:05
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Robert Edward Grant 36:47
Yeah, the stuff that I've been finding in the Great Pyramid, right? It's always been there. Yeah, it's always been there. I mean, I go back and look at photographs. Now you could say maybe there's some strange Mandela thing going on. Who knows? But what I believe, because I can go back and look at photographs that I took where I walked in, I didn't see any of the stuff that I now see all over the walls. For me, it's like a color Technicolor experience. I walk in, you got a glimpse of it today through the apple vision Pro. Right. And then once you see it, you can't unsee it, right. And as DaVinci said, there are three types of people, those who can see those who can see what's shown, and those who don't see, not everyone will see, right, and that's okay, because it's a higher dimensional experience. So the way you get to that higher dimensional experience is through this Hemi synchronization of the minds, the left and right brains coming together the Chi forms, right, and that creates this electrical canopy over your hypothalamus and thalamus is that walnut, and that's the knob on the staff of Hermes. So the knob on the staff of Hermes go straight through your spine, the 33 vertebrae goes all the way up to that central point of your brain where the pineal and pituitary gland are. And it's just like through a breathing exercise, you can actually move your pituitary gland because it sits slightly lower than the pineal gland does. You can actually take it as you breathe just like what the heart if you look as seen a fluoroscopy on the heart. As you breathe, you'll see the heart pumping, right pumping in and out, our brains do the same thing with our breast just nobody thinks of it like that. We think of our heart, it's not encased in this hard, you know, cranium, right? And so we don't think of it like that. But if you look at an MRI, right or one of those motion CAT scans, then you'll actually see how the brain expands and contracts with our breasts as well. So as you take in a breath, and you hold a deep and you how you do that extra thing when you're meditating, kind of like I do breath work and it's hidden. And then to get extra breath, you go through your mouth sometimes that last one, that extra leap and with your intention can push your pituitary gland so that it can almost like the two fingers in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel depiction, where God is reaching out in touch to Adam and touching those two parts of your anatomy can basically touch and create this electrical connection, which then sparks an enlightenment.

Alex Ferrari 39:18
The one thing I love talking about is obviously spirituality in raising our consciousness. And I'm now starting to connect these ET's, aliens ideas behind that I've long I've been telling you telling people I'm like look if and I'd love to hear your thoughts, independence day is not going to happen there if you're traveling across the universe and you have the technology to cross the university you're generally a higher vibration higher frequency being you're not going to come to conquer there's no aliens like aliens, like you know predators are. That's wonderful for Hollywood, but that doesn't exist. So if we do enter encounter, you know extraterrestrials are now we're starting to see them. They're going to be at a higher level of consciousness and frequency than we are. So much so that when we talk, you know, our mutual friend, Darryl Anka, who does Bashar yeah. He said very often, like, if Bashar would show up, we wouldn't be able to handle his his frequency vibration, he would we would be just like literally just by him walking near us.

Robert Edward Grant 40:24
Some people might not even be able to see him.

Alex Ferrari 40:26
Correct. And that's the other thing that now we're starting to see so many more things. This things that you've started to see. I've said this the other day, I said this to somebody the other day, I was like, well, all the technology we have right now our phones, the cars, all the materials to do, everything has always been here. All of it. All of it. The concept of the internet

Robert Edward Grant 40:48
100 years ago, this is straight magic.

Alex Ferrari 40:50
Oh, absolutely.

Robert Edward Grant 40:52
I could do with this.

Alex Ferrari 40:53
Oh, my God. Yeah, the internet would be it's essentially, you know, essentially,

Robert Edward Grant 40:57
All the libraries of Earth can be stored, and I can access all of it in

Alex Ferrari 41:00
In an instant. Instantaneously, that all of that technology has always been here, but we were not allowed to see it. Yeah. And we are now seeing things so much faster. Because even in our lifetime, how much has changed.

Robert Edward Grant 41:16
So imagine now, because people ask me this all the time? Yeah. Why are things hidden? Because we're not ready for them. They're hidden so that they can be found, but only found by the people along their journey of raising their conscious, correct, right. So here's the thing, the reason why there are some people that would see aliens and have all these experiences or extraterrestrials is because they were already vibing at a higher frequency. So birds have different frequency of vision, we we can see a limited spectrum of light, right, we can see something between on the very, very lowest end one octave of light, starting at 360 nanometers, right up to 720 nanometers. That's exactly like one octave, right? So 720 nanometers, is going to be pushing you towards what we call the red spectrum. So it's going to be in for you're gonna start to get in near infrared. And then 360 nanometers, you're going to be in the blue light spectrum, which is going to be, you know, the more feminine side of this, which is, you know, ultra violet, and blue. So that's the range that we can see, but birds can see beyond our ranges. So, like, you'll see these birds that have all these iridescent colors and stuff. And I couldn't really see iridescence that well before, not until I tried mushrooms. And then I could start seeing iridescence that I couldn't see before I can start seeing auras, right, I can see your aura right now. These are things I couldn't see before. But as I wasn't looking kind of orangey, orange and orange, yellow,

Alex Ferrari 42:47
What does that mean?

Robert Edward Grant 42:47
Golden. Oh, that means your, your general balance, not as much green. So you can open your heart a little bit more. Those are the things and a little less on the feminine side. So some of the higher chakras right now. I mean, they have cameras that do this and capture this stuff. And you could do this better than what I'm doing right now. But I'm pretty sure this what you would see. And so your higher chakras are not fully vibing all the way yet. So the pineal pituitary, but it's it's not that it's not there. It's there. I could see it. And and psychics and others who basically have this ability would be able to read this on you as well. But where you're very good, like you're almost overbalanced is in your kidneys, your kidneys, that's why you've got a lot of kind of orange light. And solar plexus light, you use a lot of your willpower. You right now you use a lot of willpower. And what I would say to you is you could probably reduce the willpower a little bit and things would go you're almost just like surrender to it. And things would actually go just as smooth or better without having to exert yourself so much. Was that resonated sorry about that you asked?

Alex Ferrari 44:01
No. Yes, no. No, it's very true. Because if I if I would I I'm a director by nature.

Robert Edward Grant 44:07
Yeah, you want to control everything I'd like to I mean, come on. I mean, there's ways I mean, like I can see you walking around. You've got the little Indiana Jones head over to of course there's like cabal

Alex Ferrari 44:18
The holy grails behind you of course come on of course there's easter eggs all over this place.

Robert Edward Grant 44:25
You've even planned for the love over there. I love waking up this place is like wow, this is like a little playroom for me.

Alex Ferrari 44:33
So but it's it's it's very fascinating because a lot of people a lot of people aren't starting what like in our time in our lifetime we've had so much growth and things are growing so fast now it's so fast it's daily monthly something news popping up. And And as I'm watching it all because what I do with the show and with my own journey As I'm trying to connect the dots, like I've said before, I'm trying to see the whole elephant. And not to just, you know, just not the tail or the leg or the E or something like that. I'm trying to put all the elephant together and put the puzzle pieces together. So by talking to every speck

Robert Edward Grant 45:13
When is your birthday?

Alex Ferrari 45:15
June 20.

Robert Edward Grant 45:16
June 20 okay, so you're a cancer.

Alex Ferrari 45:18
I am, sir.

Robert Edward Grant 45:18
Yeah. So you, you've got a lot of heart. But there's also a resistance that you have to being too weighted on the heart side. Which is interesting, right? So, but actually, it's who you are. Because I feel like first of all, I said that to you already. I feel like I've known you forever.

Alex Ferrari 45:33
Yeah, same here.

Robert Edward Grant 45:34
And it's kind of like I told him like, definitely, we run the Millennium Falcon together.

Alex Ferrari 45:39
And I'm not sure you're not sure, but I am not Chewbacca. I love I love Chewbacca. But I am not Chewbacca, it could be Han Solo, or Luke or even Obi Wan.

Robert Edward Grant 45:47
Are you hairy?

Alex Ferrari 45:48
Well, yes. I'm Latino, sir.

Robert Edward Grant 45:56
I'm just kidding. So anyway, to your point to your question, yeah. Why is this all happening now? Well, people are raising their consciousness as they raise their consciousness, everyone's gonna start seeing more and more of it. But a blow global contacted everyone talks about global content is about where we are not about where the aliens are. They've been here all along.

Alex Ferrari 46:15
Let me ask you then do it because there's been talks of. Okay, now we're gonna go a little bit more esoteric.

Robert Edward Grant 46:21
But that also answers your question, right? Because, yeah, you cannot be in higher dimension. Unless you've already mastered these lower dimensional principles, of course, have Hemi synchronization of your brain. So you can't be in higher dimensional. So you know, we're in the 4d right now. Now, Arcturians are what they would call themselves future humans future from our perspective, but time becomes irrelevant. Once you go into the fifth and sixth dimensions, it becomes less important. At the fifth dimension, you start realizing that that's what we're going into now. That time flows forward and back. There's only now, which is the stacking the stacking. That's exactly so you can jump there all these different dimensions of you through all your different lifetimes that are happening simultaneous to now the avatar state of consciousness, just like in the show that's on Netflix right now, which is Airbender. The Avatar State is when you can tap into all of those lifetimes, and capture all the knowledge that you learned in all those lifetimes. You didn't know how to be a sculptor in this lifetime. But you were in the last you can now access them.

Alex Ferrari 47:25
Let me ask you this, though. That's a very interesting point. Would that be what Yogi's are doing?

Robert Edward Grant 47:31

Alex Ferrari 47:31
When they find enlightenment,

Robert Edward Grant 47:32
Yes, enlightenment is not just, I'm in love, you know, no. Light from dark.

Alex Ferrari 47:38
No, but they connect to something. They're connecting to something that opens them up to a place that where they're connected to the universe, essentially.

Robert Edward Grant 47:46
That's right. And all the knowledge comes from is there. So the science, the math of everything, is there. Yeah, we don't need it's like, we all think that we have to go to school to learn. No, doesn't whale need to go to a whale school to learn to be a whale? No, it knows how to raise its own consciousness to do all the things that whales do. It knows it from the start. It's like certain animals that are born like a horse can run right after it is born. Right? Yeah. We start thinking about our lives differently. We start realizing that wait a minute, this is my birthright, I have access to all the information in the world. This has just been a little training wheel for that. Yeah. And catalogued it for us, but actually, we can take it all in and what we have to do to be able to process it is understand the quadrivium quadrivium is you know, Pythagoras said all his number, Plato says always number. What the quadrivium is, is it's arithmetic, geometry, music and cosmology. Arithmetic is number in itself. Geometry is number and space. Music is number and time. And cosmology is number and space time. Just Okay, once you study these four discipline areas, that is like figuring out a way how to titrate your receiver, so that the con savor the oversoul. The higher self is the con server. Your brain is the receiver and your consciousness and its divided state is the perceiver. This is what Darrell told me during my podcast with him, he said, This is what Bashar explains con Seaver receiver and perceiver. And that so resonated with me, like it was like, Oh my gosh, that's like, wow. So when we start to realize that we can tap into this higher conscious state, and there are different levels of it. It's not like something it's just instant, you know, you you're like in between stages. And so that's where humanity is right now. Some people are experiencing fifth dimensional experience right now. Many people are and that's the people that have chosen love over more judgement. Judgement is the opposite of love. It's not fear. And it's not hatred, right? Those are different aspects that feel kind of similar. But I never felt comfortable with the idea that the opposite of love was either hatred or fear, right? But judgment, nails it for me. Because anytime you have judgment, you've placed conditionality on something. And if you're here to learn a precept of love, if you're here to learn unconditional love, then you will have a lifetime of experiences of conditional love. Because we learn through opposites. If I'm here to learn pleasure, I'm going to experience pain over and over and over again, until I no longer either judge negatively pain, right or fear the pain anymore. The moment I no longer judge something negatively, is when I've actually learned it's opposite. You understand what I'm saying? We learn through opposites. So our entire life experience here is about experiencing all of this as a dimensionally limited avatar that has an oversoul. The oversoul has chosen to experience itself through our eyes. There's no mistakes, no mistakes, we're not making mistakes. The one wants to learn empathy for every possible circumstance and perspective. And it can learn its greater wisdom, because it's a Philo math, a lover of learning and a lover of wisdom, philosopher in the ancient sense, it divides itself so that it can experience all these different perspectives of Angular degrees of perception, through our unique eyes, that can become billions and billions of millions of people, it will always become more and more and more, so that it can learn itself. Because, as Alan Watts said, an eye can't see itself without the aid of a mirror. Consciousness can't perceive itself, a knife can't cut itself, a tooth can't bite itself, a fire can't burn itself. So as we go to these higher levels of consciousness, and once we balanced our brain, and we know how to process because there's a little bit of a processor in there, too. We have to have some understanding of things. So by studying quadrivium, we can tune the tuner.

Alex Ferrari 52:12
So then how, when when Yogi's, I'll go back to yoga when Yogi's are meditating, what's actually happening in their chakra system that is opening up or leveling up their frequency to the point where they can start to access more and more of this universal knowledge. Because from my experience talking to near death, experiencers, there has been many of them that they go in there, and they just ask a question, and it just as answered, or they get downloads of the oh, that's what quantum physics says, oh, that's all of mathematics. Oh, that's all of that. And it's all in there. They can't bring it back. Because our, our processor can't handle it. But they bring back moments of it or clips of it, or little little legs of insights, insights, like, Yeah, but they, they the brain literally can't grasp it.

Robert Edward Grant 52:58
But that's why it's so important. Because you can if you studied quadrivium, but you know it well, correct. But then with a yogi like Sri Teshuvah. Yeah, he good example of this holy science. Yes. So he brought forward a lot of knowledge and information. That was very scientific, but it was couched in the context of spirituality.

Alex Ferrari 53:19
Correct! The what, from what I understand. And correct me if I'm wrong is when a yogi or an Ascended Master or an avatar of some sort, gets to a certain level, they're literally hooked up to the internet, of the universal use or universal internet. So in other words, our our iPad or our computer is limited. But when it hooks up to the internet, it's unlimited. So what is it that changes in them? Yeah, what is it and changes in them? Is that true? Is what I'm saying is that makes

Robert Edward Grant 53:50
100% true. Okay. 100% true, okay. So you can think of like, your spine as a meter. So think of it as a meter. And it's probably about a meter as well. Think of it as a meter that you can use for metrology for measurement of things. And the more base you are, the more judgment you carry. So you can think of this as a judgment love meter. So as you go up higher and higher states of consciousness, you're moving more and more towards states of love. The highest is love, right? Bucky Fuller, you know, Bucky Fuller was named Buckminster Fuller was a famous like architect, geometer. Right, and polymath. And he says, that love is metaphysical gravity. Interesting. So love is the thing that holds the universe together. Right? And maybe that's why it's the darkness of the universe because we don't understand it. We think that darkness is the absence of light. It's not. Darkness is the absorbed condition of light. It's the absorption of light, not the opposite condition of it. If we turn or turn all the lights off in here, you did it right before you did that. I'm not gonna do it right now. Yeah, we're gonna say the word. Yeah. But you said a word that starts with a l e x a, and then, you know, it's like, you can literally turn everything off correct instantly. If we did that right now, yeah, right. There's still light in the room. We don't perceive that light, right, because our eyes are not tuned to ever see that

Alex Ferrari 55:24
Whatever leakage is in what you mean light leakage, or

Robert Edward Grant 55:27
The very first light in the universe is hydrogen. So if there is a element of hydrogen in the room, even one atom of hydrogen, it's emitting photons of light. Fair enough, okay. And it will emit those photons according to its resonance frequency. So its resonance frequency can be defined in what's called spectral reflection and spectral absorption. So I can look at the spectral reflection, which looks like a band, all black, right. And there's like four lines of pinks, and reds and blues, and violet, that represent hydrogen. This is how we know we look in outer space. And we could say, oh, we see these nanometers of light these exact combination nanometers than we know the composition of what's in outer space, it's hydrogen. Because those are very unique light signatures, you have a light signature, all of your body is made up of DNA, right? Ultimately, that DNA is made up of a combination of the elements that basically go into the building blocks of our DNA, which is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, right? Those are the four that you got sulfur and phosphate, phosphate backbone. But those are the combinations of things that can make your entire light signature. So by this token, you could look at other star systems and say, Wait, so if if we have a certain light signature associated with a certain star, is that star really just a gigantic as above? So below element of carbon? Maybe cobalt? If it's more blue? If the star is red? Might it be something altogether different? Right? You see, I'm saying is it more hydrogen related? Are we just looking at gigantic versions of atoms? I believe so. Yes, that's what I believe. I believe what we're actually looking at the reason why our Sun has its yellow color, because it's a carbon sun. We are in that dimension, which would tell you that we're in the fourth dimension. Fourth Dimension is going to be associated also with carbon.

Alex Ferrari 57:30
So different some colors will determine the different consciousnesses.

Robert Edward Grant 57:34
Yes. Notice how the sun when we were young was way more orangey yellow. Now it's more white. When it's at noon day. We notice that it's changing. Because it's moving up to the next octave. The next octave is going to take it beyond Florian. So when we were growing up, we had nine planets in the solar system. Yes, for Pluto, right Pluto. Pluto is a planet. Now they downgraded because they said, Oh, it's too small to be a planet, they call it a dwarf planet. But okay, it's still a planet. So what would be nine electrons. So nine electrons on an atom would give you fluorine. That's the last element. Before going into the octave jump, the next octave jump would take us into the silica range. So silicone is the center. So you've got the center of a wave is hydrogen, the center of the next wave, right of elements on the periodic elements table. It's actually a wave of elements is carbon. And the next one up from there is silicon. Right? Well, as we're going through our transition in our DNA, right, we're moving up to a more complex structure of elementary makeup of our atoms, that more complex structure means that that which was more carbon oriented before now moves into a more silicon orientation. crystallization, what is quartz crystal? It's silicon dioxide, right? Okay, we're moving more into a crystal form. Even our DNA is now taking on that characteristic. We're up leveling from the carbon octave. So what does that mean? Well, it means that very soon, I'll make a prediction, they will discover probably as we continue this expansion, it's as above so below, as within so without, as we discover, and go more and more and more into the fifth dimensional experience. They're going to discover three new planets

Alex Ferrari 59:36
In our solar system. How could they discover farther than Pluto?

Robert Edward Grant 59:40
I guarantee if you look it up right now, on the internet, you will find that they are now positing at least two if not three new planets that are not necessarily new. They think they've been there all along, but they're seeing the gravitational signature of them now.

Alex Ferrari 59:55
Is that past Pluto?

Robert Edward Grant 59:57
Yeah, there'll be in the Kuiper Belt, right or called exoplanets. But that would be also true when you look at electrons, right? That are moving into these higher states. So you go into magnesium, magnesium would have 12 electrons, right, that's how it works, you've got an equal number of protons and electrons for the stable elements, right? The stable elements go all the way out until you get to the lanthanides, and actinides. But the point being that we are just moving through our higher states of awareness. And there's only actually one element going through it's periodicity. Starts with one electron and one proton. And then it just adds electrons and protons until it becomes unstable. And there's in total 137 elements of which we've discovered 118. There's still 19 Other elements we haven't discovered, and some of them are actually prior to hydrogen. Really, they're called Hydra knows. Yeah. So if you look at it, the number of elements on the periodic elements table is, you know, you've got hydrogen, which is the peak of a wave, the whole structure, we were how we looked at this as a table doesn't really make sense, because that's not the way nature does it, it would be a spiral or something. And so you look at the next octave, which would then go from hydrogen, the next element is helium, right? Then you got lithium, they've got three electrons, three protons, then after lithium, you've got beryllium, then beryllium goes to boron. Right? So boron has five elements, or five electrons, excuse me. And then you've got six electrons, which is carbon. So it makes a cube. Wait a minute, this is genius. How the heck did the ancient polymaths know like playdough? That carbon an Earth was a cube? That would have six electrons, six protons, and six neutrons. What's the sum of angles of a cube? Well, 2160 degrees. And if I took each side, right of of the six sides of a cube, right? It's comes out to the exact same math, it's the exact same math.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:03
So is it possible?

Robert Edward Grant 1:02:05
Six electrons, six protons.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:06
So this is a hypothesis. Is it possible that some of the great minds of our, of our past, yes, past Galileo, Plato's, all of these, all of them, just lay them out? We're at a different vibrational frequency and level in their in their journey to raise their consciousness. Some of them were even if you were like one or two steps above everybody else, you were so far beyond everybody else, that you would look like a genius. It would be the equivalent of you, or am I walking into a place that, you know, a tribe that's never seen a man. And all of a sudden, we are absolutely at a whole other level, intellectually. But this is on a spiritual level, even though they might have not even known.

Robert Edward Grant 1:02:50
So this is the great secret is the great secret. The great secret is in the why Sri Yukteswar named his book holy science, because in order to go to higher states of knowledge, the doorway must be through raising your vibration, which must come through higher spirituality.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:06
And yet the signs that the hard science or the materialism of today,

Robert Edward Grant 1:03:08
It works in exactly the right way. So everybody that discovered things, so you look at mathematicians through time, who discovered things whether it's Plato who came up with photonic solids, right? Maybe it was someone else at the Egyptian Mystery Schools who didn't want to be named because basically they could be killed also. Right. Okay. Galileo, Galileo, right. Or, you know, Jordan, Bruno Giordano, Bruno burned at the stake type of thing, right? So, every time you had this massive expansion in human awareness, it always came through a spiritual doorway. Always, always DaVinci. Right. He was a spiritualist without a doubt, Einstein, Einstein, Einstein also, right. And then everybody wants to take the spiritual aspect out of the equation and just say, no, no, it's just about the science. If you just focus on the science, you will never discover anything. You'll never discover anything. You'll only push things around the table and the paper, you're not actually going to move the needle in science, mathematics will only come whenever we go to a higher dimension, we have to first get a download of the new source code for that higher dimension of consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:23
Robert, could talk to you for another four hours.

Robert Edward Grant 1:04:26
Likewise, my friend.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:27
It has been such a pleasure and honor talking to you, my friend. We have to do it again. Absolutely have an open invitation. Anytime you want to come down to the studios.

Robert Edward Grant 1:04:36
Next time I'm here. I'll let you know.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:38
But I appreciate you my friend. Thank you again for everything you're doing to awaken the planet as well.

Robert Edward Grant 1:04:42
Thank you. Love you, man.

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