MUSLIM WOMAN Dies; Meets JESUS in Near-Death Experience! Given URGENT Message! with Honi Borden

Life often leads us to encounters that illuminate the deeper mysteries of our existence. On today’s episode, we welcome Honi Borden, a remarkable individual whose near-death experiences (NDEs) have provided profound insights into the nature of consciousness and the spiritual realm. Honi Borden’s journey from a childhood marked by mystical experiences to becoming a medium and spiritual teacher offers a compelling testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true essence.

Honi Borden’s first near-death experience occurred at the age of seven during a fatal car crash in the Middle East. This traumatic event marked the beginning of her spiritual journey. As she recalls, “I was able to transcend out of my body, becoming a larger being while my little body remained in the car.” This mystical experience revealed to her the truth of her existence, showing her the vastness of universal consciousness and her place within it. From that moment, she began to see beings entering and leaving the world, experiencing angels and ascended masters early in her life.

Her childhood was filled with otherworldly encounters that were not understood or accepted by those around her. Raised in a family with a background in folk medicine and healing, she struggled to fit in, especially within the context of her Muslim upbringing. Despite this, her experiences with the spiritual realm continued to deepen. “I was able to see spirits, hear the sounds of flowers, and experience the rhythm of their musical tones,” she shares. These abilities set her apart, leading to feelings of isolation and the challenge of integrating her experiences into a world that often dismissed them as mere imagination.

Honi’s spiritual journey took a significant turn with another near-death experience in 2012. During this event, she encountered Archangel Haniel and was shown a life review that spanned 844 past lives. These profound experiences led to a transformative realization of her soul’s journey and the purpose of her current incarnation. “I was shown my soul agreement with my biological family and why I had to experience such trauma,” she explains. This understanding provided clarity and a sense of mission that would guide her future work.


  1. Embrace Your True Essence: Honi’s journey underscores the importance of recognizing and embracing one’s spiritual gifts. By accepting and nurturing these abilities, we can unlock profound insights and connect more deeply with the divine.
  2. Understanding Life Reviews: Her experiences highlight the significance of seeing our actions from a higher perspective. This understanding can lead to greater compassion and self-awareness, helping us live more aligned with our true selves.
  3. The Power of Sound and Resonance: Honi’s encounters emphasize the power of sound and resonance in spiritual practices. Sound can facilitate deep spiritual experiences and healing, connecting us to higher realms of consciousness.

After her 2012 NDE, Honi’s abilities as a medium and channeler became more pronounced. She began receiving guidance from a collective she refers to as the Elohim and other high-dimensional beings, including Archangel Michael, Yeshua, and various ascended masters. These beings communicated through her, providing wisdom and insights to help humanity navigate the complexities of life. “They are the Elohim, the breath of God, the form-giving forces in service to the one Infinite Creator,” she explains. Through these sessions, she offers insights into the current state of the world, emphasizing the importance of choosing love and unity over fear and division.

Honi’s work emphasizes the interconnectedness of all life and the power of intention and focus in creating our reality. Her insights encourage us to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the divine, recognizing that we are all extensions of source energy, capable of profound transformation and healing.

Please enjoy my conversation with Honi Borden.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 371

Rev. Honi Borden 0:00
Blinding lights started sort of like more like descending in the center, and the, the room in where they were started getting lighter and lighter and, and the, the even it was blinding to my consciousness and, and as my, my my consciousness was getting pulled towards this light and this was descending my consciousness was going more towards it as it got closer and closer, a figure appeared and that figure and remember my conscious aside like this again there's the no words for it. It was beloved master living Yeshua, the Christ, but he's not known as Jesus. Like how does an earth it's Yeshua.

Alex Ferrari 1:05
I'd like to welcome to the show, Reverend Honi Borden. How you doin Honi?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:08
Wonderful. Thank you so much for having me Alex.

Alex Ferrari 1:11
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you about your interesting journeys on the other side, and with your near death experiences and all the pretty remarkable stories that you have to tell us today. But my first question was, what was your life like, before you had your first near death experience?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:30
Um, no, my journey, my first near death experience was at the age of seven in a fatal car crash. So the journey really started relatively early on. And in that car crash, I was with my parents in the Middle East that I grew up. And we were going to see one of the ancient ruins of Persepolis, which I had quite a bit of fascinations with, because I would always dry these ancient ruins ever since I started being able to draw. And my parents finally wanted to take me there. And on the way they're the night before I had a horrible dream. And my mother had a horrible dream, and that they that we were driving, we ended up having a fatal car crash or head on collision. I was seven at that time. And it was in the middle of a desert. And nobody really there during that time was after the 1979 revolution. So people weren't traveling as much. And because there was a shortage in oil and what have you. So people would put their put gasoline in the back of the car to Travel Advisor have to wait two, three days behind the gasoline stations to be able to go anywhere. So in this fatal car crash, it was really horrific because I was I was in the backseat and the way they had our collision happened, my parents were severely damaged, the My father had gone into the window, my mother, their real of the car had broken into her face, there was smoke coming out things everywhere, everything was smashed, I could see the other car that, you know, they had the data really horrific impact. So in that experience, in a split of a second, I had what's called mystical experience. But when we experience such things, such things, they're no longer mystical. They're actually our natural state of beingness. So I was able to transcend out of my body, quite large be this larger being in while my little body was still there. And I was able to observe from both that essence and also the tiny body of a seven year old and and then I was able to a point where I was screaming, really frightened that the car was gonna blow up because of this smoke coming out. I was able to experience this incredible supernatural power, where everything became weightless, and I was able to work in a weightless state open the door like there was no effort. Meanwhile, I was screaming before I couldn't even do anything I was trapped in the car. So make a long story short, I was able to pull bring myself out effortlessly, and left my father with one hand, pull him out of the car open and pull them on the side of the road. And I thought my mother was dead because of all the blood and the way the wheel was broken in her face. So my journey really began there because I was able to experience in that mystical experience who I was the truth of what I am not just this little body but the full essence of of universal consciousness at that time was shown to me with what is possible, what is capable and it's not a miracle, we actually have these gifts. So with that, the journey began with me being able to see beings going in and out of the world, and in and out of the wars like spirits, you know, loved ones, and what have you other ones, and I was able to experiencing angels and ascended masters very, very early on and being able to have some other interesting experiences, such as hearing the sound of the flowers, it was so beautiful, because I could, I could see flowers, and I could see them and see the rhythm of their musical tones, and also hear it. And I thought all of these were natural, only to learn. They weren't quite natural, and other people couldn't experience. So the journey really started my crash in that car crash as awakening.

Alex Ferrari 6:12
So then let me ask you before that, you know, first seven years, where were you a spiritual family? Was this kind of information talked about? Were you in a different religion? And this came as a shock to you what was before?

Rev. Honi Borden 6:26
Thank you for that question. So my mother's side they are healers, they, especially my grandmother side, they practice some folk medicine, you know, healing and herbs and what have you. And my mom was not into it, my both my parents were not practicing Muslims what their families were. So that was on that side. But before before the age of this, I also had much earlier on another near death experience. But that was when I had pneumonia at the six month old in the hospital. So that caused me that I was getting ready to die. But that was very early on, I have just a few faint memories of that one. So with this, you have to understand it, the Middle East, anything of these things is not really accepted. Because the Islam, you know, quote, just the religion looks at at any of these things kind of like for me, they call it a jinns, like their evils and what have you, they don't embrace this. So I would have these experiences my grandmother with would embrace them, and I will be able to have also communication with those who had crossed over. Especially like my great grandmother. And I remember the day my great grandmother transition then we had gone to for the burial because it has to be done in 24 hours and and I was walking with my mom and they're all morning, you know, it's really sad to have to go take the body in a white cloth and put in the ground. And rewind. My great great grandmother was walking with me on the side and I'm trying to fool my mom saying mom, which is right here, she's not that's not hurt. This is her talk to her. But they couldn't. And it wasn't fully embraced in any way I have to say yet I had, I was kind of had a lot of these experiences. And it was uncomfortable for school. Because I had the record, imagine friends but there was a blue ID being with me. Ever since after that the very top looping, which later I discovered who it was. And it was my guardian, I did everything he was there with everything I did to cause problem in school quite a bit. And, and my parents just didn't know what to do. Because I had other experiences, I would tell them I came from here, I'm trying to explain to them and I would I remember five years or three my parents I came to help the people of Earth like just so frustrated. And then what do you mean, I'm like, but I came to help the people of Earth. So all of these were Tennessee.

Alex Ferrari 9:08
So it's really fascinating because I've I mean, I've never had a Muslim who's had an or someone in the in the Middle East with a Muslim background, in one way, shape, or form have a near death experience or multiple near death experiences. Because in my culture where I mean I was raised Latino, I'm Cuban. So it's really it's kind of embedded in our culture. From a very early early I mean, we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of years ago when Spain came over to to Latin America. It's great isn't just it's in the fabric. It's still not mainstream in the Latino culture, but it's except in Oh, yeah, there's a grandma who's uh, you know, when a bruja, brujo and, and these kinds of ideas, but in the Muslim world, I had to imagine that it's just not you can't even Begin even in the Jewish faith, and I'm no expert in the Jewish faith. But even in the Jewish faith, there is mystical aspects to Judaism that go back 1000s of years. And same thing for Catholicism and Christianity. But in Muslim, is there any mystical aspects?

Rev. Honi Borden 10:17
Yes, Sufism is also like that. But my family is exception because my, my mother's side were on like when I say healers because it was always helping others. And they did a lot with herbs, herbs was a lot specialty teas, and I'd have it and my mother besides the Kurdish, and my father, they're Iranians. And so one of the things that was really part of them was to create and changes, changes with Not, not spills, not magic, but they knew how to create changes, and it was part of their, the way that we're very connected to Earth. So there's that deep shamanic aspect, if you want to call it they were part of that the mountain people, they were very much part of the land. And also they were part of understanding the wisdom, the nature of the land. So that was very much part of my mother's side. But my mother was not didn't embrace it. She was She didn't want to go more in that direction. And I was, I grew up with my grandmother. So I felt like I there was that support. But my mother just fast forward, my mother always was able to, sort of at nighttime when she would speak she would, it was always known that she would speak. But she happened to speak with those who had crossed over and she was always scared of this. So never wanted to talk about it. So but for me, so when I when when my journey began really taking off being able to share this it was all over. I didn't know any different, obviously. And but it was difficult, because in that side of the world, they they want to kind of you make people really uncomfortable, because especially the blue being with me, my parents, were thinking maybe it's imagination. But for me, it wasn't imagination, I needed him to sleep here, I needed him to sit next to here and in school. So school became a huge problem. When I was in elementary school, they will call because the kids the parents of the kids would say she's being Jen's or like, spirits, you know, but but for me, I could see, I could see the relatives, I could see the uncles, I could see the grandfather's grandmother's next to them. And I couldn't understand why they couldn't see them until this day.

Alex Ferrari 12:48
But let me ask you such a young child having these abilities, how did you deal with this psychologically? For you, it's just a normal part of life, I'm assuming sounds like that's the way it is. But all of this kind of negative attention that you're getting from people around you, your community, your family, something all of this, how did you deal with that?

Rev. Honi Borden 13:05
It was really, it was really hard, Alex because I could see things. So clearly, I could see both the good spirits and the bad spirits, I could see those that were coming in to the house, and they did not have good intention. And I will attempt to communicate that. But I didn't I was not supported just like many others that these gifts will not support it. And years later, I understood why but what it did it it shut me down. So I could see clearly through people, I could see the structures of what they were made of, at a level that it's kind of like a matrix like if you know the movie Matrix, I got that level, but not I didn't have the support for the language in communication. So I did shut down. And also during that time, please understand that in the Middle East, in Iran, it was the Iran Iraq War. So we were dealing with the aeroplanes and the bombings and, and the Revolution had happened. So there was a lot of trauma and I incarnated into a very a family where the the severe trauma was part of my journey. So all of these were taking place behind the scene and and not the voice to be able to communicate it yet. However, I do have to share this. The times where we had to go for example, when there was shut the lights off to the town because they there were airplanes would come and you wouldn't know where they would drop their bombs. You know, when we would sit we would go into neighbor's house we would grab a pen or something and wait. We didn't know whether we would live live or die the next day. We would just wait I remember there was this joy in me though at the same time. I wasn't a fan Read. And this being the blue being was between and this is a very significant part because of my nd later. And I wasn't afraid Alex, it was I couldn't fully express everything because they couldn't, they couldn't understand me. So for a very long time, my asthma journey began, I began feeling like I'm alienated because I don't belong. They don't understand me, I'm really weird and outcasts and strange and other so I shut everything down. We migrated, us couldn't speak English. And I had to start everything new and, and then that was on itself off for through middle school, but I could see things but I had to just I like, I don't want this world anymore. I just, I don't want to interact, I don't want to see any more angels, I don't want just horrible things that are happening, or I just don't want it. So I just shut down as much as I possibly could. Until my father when I was 21. In a tragic fatal car, car crash, he died. And then it blasted open, I had to, I had to open these doors again. And, and it was rough. I didn't want to I had that experience too much. And

Alex Ferrari 16:17
Also, let me so then when was the next near death experience or the next significant near death experience in your life?

Rev. Honi Borden 16:23
Okay, so then the major one after this was in 2012, January 8 2012. So if I can backtrack for just a minute with you, in my 20s, when my father transitioned, I that door open because then he was he started communicating from other side and, and I had shut the store rotators we migrated in the US, I just didn't want it and I was forced to communicate. So then I was very angry, I was very bitter, and I became quite depressed and suicidal, I have to say, during that time, because I couldn't again, I was back in this space. I had this phenomenal experience in the fatal car crash, which 30 years later I wrote, I was total credit to write this book called the day I became a superhero. It's children's inspiration, memory to assist children, no matter how awful you experience, you have this power inside of you, that is always with you. It's God's sources power. So anyway, backtrack again. So during this 20s, I was, I was suffering around a lot of this. So I just there was this battle inside of me not again, wanting to because I couldn't fully be myself. So few years later than I had my first son. And through my first son when he was born, he was because he was ill during men who came into this incarnation during that week. It was a horrible week, Alex, of what the tragedy that I faced and from such a place of anger, I can't even tell you how angry I was, I was so angry at God. And I turned to God and I said, You did this you better have answers for me. And from that answers, that door open up so the door started to slowly open up. And I opened up an entire center, just to dedicate a holistic healing and also medi spa because I wanted to find a way to educate to to help people to not go through what we went through. I didn't feel any mother and father should ever face what with their child that stuff and meeting all these medical community they don't understand. But what happened as I opened my center, I began experiencing people from mediums and psychics coming in meanwhile, the store started open and I had I had been fighting it I just didn't want to because he felt so lonely. I couldn't relate. I was just I just wanted to be normal like everybody else. But that was definitely like the plan. So long story short, during the during this time, I began having a lot of things started open up so the doors were opening I was having a lot of amazing experiences with the angels started knocking in again, the Ascended Masters and I again, I'm kind of pushing it I'm kind of hiding in and out. I have the seventh probably more of a spiritual closet because I just didn't want people to know what I knew. I wanted to be able to divide because I was so afraid to be judged. So let me just go back and I happen to be married. I got married really young. I was married to a special agent with Department of Defense who was a top secret engine. And meanwhile we're having a lot of experiences with the birth of my first son a second son with you know with plasma sheet Epson some of these other star being experiences in our house, he had seen us to the blue wings. And so these are starting to happen until January 8 2012. I feel a little bit before that I was very ill, I became very in doubt. And that's when my heart stopped on that day. But 7:30pm and I crossed over into spirit side and my entire world changed.

Alex Ferrari 20:33
Again, again, it changed again. Because it gets it was constantly changing throughout your life. It's been very interesting journey so far. So what happened when you when you when you, I guess died, essentially, you start heart stopped and you shifted to the other side. But what happened on the other side?

Rev. Honi Borden 20:50
Okay, so what happened, the very first thing was when I left this body, when I left this body, I was not in this body, naturally, it was not physical anymore. Yes, still was the spirit body. So as the spirit body came out of the room, above the room, and just looking at the physical body than the physical body just looked at, just lifeless, this, nothing yet this, there's my spirit, while the body was excited that it was finally out of that body that had suffered so much experience so much pain, it was so happy to be free from it. So as it came out, it looked at it quickly. It wasn't anything of I have to say was any compassion and you have that you have just the freedom finally out of our body, so then it lifted up. And the very first thing that happened is sort of like my spirit party came out of Earth. And it was like around the stratosphere, if you want to call it that. Again, it's very hard to put this in the language, the proper language. The very first thing that happened for me was this incredible, luminous, angelic being this mighty angelic, gorgeous, with a golden, pink, whitish red, appeared before me, and it was more of a feminine energy. And, and she put these three, sort of like, dusty pink rings around me. And she introduced herself as Archangel Haniel. A lot of people don't have that experience. But mine the first one that made me was Archangel Hania, and it was just the most incredible loving experience my, my spirit body was experiencing, which was very much looked like this, except was in like, lighter form. So from there, she took me to this, she kind of like, lifted my consciousness a little bit and I came to this place that had two sides. One was a quarter on my right, that was my loved ones. My uncle, my grandmother was there my grandpa, my cousins, my other two uncles, my aunt, my great grandmother, although I could see them they're like clapping and they look so radiant and gorgeous, radiant luminous and and they were so excited to see each other so excited to see them. And, and would this ark Angel looked at me and Luke said no, this way. And to my left was a again, like another quarter. It the colors inside of him was very dark blue with a bit of a silvery and bit of like an indigo color. And she telepathically communicate there had to go through there. And I had no understanding why. So I went through that and it went really fast like a lightspeed kind of like when you see Star Wars is going lightspeed. Exactly, so it went through that and when I came on this other side, it was a different complete different dimension. It was a different consciousness place where I there was no body Alex anymore. It was just consciousness. And it was exuberant. It was gorgeous in the colors, colors that on Earth we've never ever, ever even experienced. And again, lack of a better word would be like nebula if it's like I was incited a star Deus Nebula, like the most exquisite, gorgeous like, I can't even know what that was. So from there, my consciousness was risen again. So I was going through dimension of course. Just as shifts. So as it lifted, I was brought into this place where it was more of a structure. And inside of the structure, it was a, it was a very large room, semi circular, more circular, and they were windows on to my left, and it was all gold and windows to my right. And there were 12 tall, very tall, blue beings. Six to my right six to my left, and they were more translucent in color couldn't see their face, there was a kind of like a white hue behind them, no feet. And they were waiting. So my consciousness is was brought there. And there was the communication, as they introduced themselves as the arcturion Golden council of 12. I had no clue that was, you know, like, at that consciousness, but all I knew at when I was when my consciousness was that I inside my consciousness was that. Finally, it was this feeling of finally, I didn't know how I knew that. But I just knew that I've been waiting, so excited to be there. So within that, I was able to the broad the six that were here, and the six that was the side there was a space gap, Alex in between. And within that the broad some kind of like a, again, lack of better word, like a screen. And this screen started going through very fast, extremely fast, many, many lives. So for mine, it was 844, fast flashing lives that they showed me very significant points in time of history and different incarnations that my soul had come in,

Alex Ferrari 26:59
Can I can I stop there for a second, because I just want to kind of before I forget, for a lot of people listening, it doesn't if we're looking at this through the eyes of the material world where we live in, obviously, a lot of things don't make sense. But the life review of all these images of the lives reviewing your case of all these images, you're able to compute and accept this information at a almost an instantaneous processing of this information. As opposed to if this would happen to us here, we wouldn't be able to even process this stuff. So you're getting this at a different level,

Rev. Honi Borden 27:35
Yes, we weren't able to see it the way it goes. It's completely understood recognize the lessons were there so much is shared within these lifetimes that this soul had chosen to incarnate. So what was what was happening in there was, I was being shown these many, many lives. But in that I didn't know why was being shown. So I'm gonna walk you through what was so. So within that telepathically, the first the first thing that happened is lives were short, the lives my life in Lemuria was shown very specifically the work that I was doing with breath. So I'm, since this 30 years, I'm teaching meditation and breath in this incarnation. So finally, this was understood why, why in that condition, the life in Atlantis was shown the life a few very other very significant was shown, the time when Jesus walked amongst us was shown very specifically, many other other lifetimes in between were shown. And as that was shown, then my consciousness and this arcturion Elder beings, they brought my consciousness into the middle, but they wanted my DNA to come in there. So they brought the consciousness or my DNA right in the center. And they started really shifting things with reshift thing. They were these color coding sequences with keys that I have no language for, and it was readjusted, and they said something about the eight strand. And at that time, I didn't know what that was, until, you know, I was sent back which I'll get to that in a minute. And so few other things like this took place in there and telepathically it's all communication and I'm and I'm seeing my consciousness is seeing not the bodies. And then after all of this, then this in the center, this blinding, blinding, blinding light started sort of like more like descending in the center and the In the room in where they were started getting lighter and lighten, and the, the event, it was blinding to my consciousness. And, and as my, and my, my consciousness was getting pulled towards this light, and this was descending, my consciousness was going more towards it, as it got closer and closer, a figure appeared, and that figure and move in my consciousness side like this again, there's the no words for it, it was beloved master living Yeshua, the Christ, but he's not known as Jesus, like how does on Earth, it's Yeshua. And he, he appeared, and it was the most incredible experience of that side that seeing and, and my consciousness was pulled into this in the way that he began communicating and very quickly, he said, You cannot be with us, my child, you must go back and share this, he took his hand. And with this, it was a body of knowledge that he showed that had to come back and share and and then he also said you will be with us soon go back and a few other things that he shared that I cannot share here. And with with that, so quickly, without Alex, me having any opportunity to negotiate my classes was, besides itself to finally be there. And this feeling of whom I was finally I was finally right. My conscience was finally right. This is where I'm, this is where I belong. And just like that, I was sent back again back into lightning state and event through those those different planes of consciousness very quickly dimensional consciousness and dropped into my, into this body. And I have to say, as it dropped into this body, it was not that the old honey, it was a newer honey that dropped into this body. Because within within three days, my entire body was healed. I was completely completely healed. And I came back with as I came back return, there was these other unusual abilities because I was then sent on a very specific planetary mission with 14 location on Earth that I had to go on. So that's where my entire life changed everything. Like my marriage, when my center had closed, my product line, everything, everything went down to me having been who came to aftermath, to then answer this mission, the call to serve this, this planetary specific work. So I'll leave it at that for now.

Alex Ferrari 33:23
That's a lot. That's, that's a lot. That's a lot to say the least. So, when you're when you're basically we're left with a council of elders, for lack of a better term with with the group that you were with, that you didn't see any of your relatives or any other spirit guides,

Rev. Honi Borden 33:39
Not their darling, not their riddoch turions What the elder Arcturians that I was with the 12 that were there, what is very important to share as as my consciousness was there, I was also one of them. So they wanted me to come back to the part of me that was also there. This is very important because when I was sent back to come into this body, different version of me, this part of the arcturion had to had to sort of like reunite come back so that it can deliver this planetary mission which I'll get to in a second. And, and I also want to share that that blue being that was with me, since I experienced as a child, it was recognized it was understood it was inner stood that it was also one of these arcturion beings that was with me watching over, especially after that fatal car crash that was supporting and assisting and I had other experiences as a child to because of the they had been around I didn't know but experiences I had special in Iran. On with being able to see their plasma chips, for example, and telling my parents in the car, but they couldn't see the crane see what I could see. So this, everything finally made sense, everything was understood. I also skipped this part, which is important. The when, in in when I was on the other side, I was also shown Alex, my soul agreement with my biological mother, biological father, my, my brother, why Middle East, the Middle East was so important, why am I sorta had to come in the Middle East in this incarnation to deliver this mission afterwards. So and it's part of the a lot of the tenders and inviting a female form. So all of this was shared very explicitly and details that finally the battle aside a week ended.

Alex Ferrari 36:00
So you were basically shown or at least explained your soul blueprint or your soul mission or soul plan in this lifetime?

Rev. Honi Borden 36:08
Absolutely. This one why, you know, for example, why this much this much tragedy in this incarnation, why this level of heart of why my soul chose, specially at a very, very early, early age to experience experience, you know, the sexual abuse at age one, why it was so important, because I will tell you, this was such an important part of why I became a transmission transgendered, but how deep as a total chance I get into, this was part of the gift because I was able to leave the body very quickly. So everything was explained to me. But what happened, the pain and the suffering in this incarnation that I don't like, just the unfairness? Why like this, why why has the support is that right? Just, just wind is the passion, I always had that passionate, wanting to help others. And it is, the suffering was way too much. And I knew, you know, for a while, I remembered that I should say this to you, too. I remember when I had my center, I had all these mediums and psychics were double coming to my center. And they wanted to tell me, they were trying to point to me, you have this other point, you have this other mission, you got to do this, you're going to be doing this and that I'm like, no way that nothing to do with it, I want nothing to do it. I'm just them. I'm a mother, I have this about no part in this so far. It's so hard, Alex. And, and, and I remember somebody there was another mystical experience had happened, that somebody out of nowhere, showed up in my center, and said, and said that I have a have a specific message for you. And she had brought something to me and and and I had just come back from California, I had another mystical experience. But I hadn't told anybody other than my former spouse or my brother, they were the only two that know. And this person came out of nowhere and said, I have a message for you. I was told to find you because you have to deliver this. And they pointed out to Abraham, I had never known about Abraham. I didn't know about Jerry Esther Hicks nothing. And somehow, there was a message from Abraham that had come to this person that had brought to me that I had never heard of. So I went to I went to Abraham's first workshop, this is all before I had even had my MD. And and I remember sitting there, and I remember hearing, you're going to be doing this, but you're going to do it in a full trance. And I was like I said, There's no way we knew I just came because I don't I don't even understand what's happening right now in my life. So there was a lot of these. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 39:08
So did you have any? You didn't have any other near death experiences after this, right? No, no, no, no, that was that was enough. Thank God, no more, no more near that experience. So you channel is your channel as well then

Rev. Honi Borden 39:20
I'm a full transmitter of transchanneler. So I tell you what came after after this. So one of the remember I said after being sent back, it was a different expression in this in this body. So what I came back with a few different abilities when I told you that DNA so so one of the things that happen is as I had began my healing, facilitating healing sessions, what have you. This is when the Arcturians began communicating in they're going to be training. So my training really began to show me different ways of seeing through the body. So One of the things that started happening was, I began being able to see into people's bodies in like, like an x ray, what was happening, what was happening in the liver, what was happening in their gallbladder, like so data, I could see like hairline fractures and all of these things. And then I was able to see the geometric patterns of their bodies, like when it was, for example, imperfect Harmonia harmony, which was in God's radiance, and when it was not, so then how to be able to assist in for it to come back into harmony. So some of these gifts had come in. And I was also I had to get on the road to begin this planetary healing, there was very specific, I had to get to these locations to transform the energy. And it was to bring this, this crystalline light into this planet to these things. So Mind you, it was very difficult, Alex at that time, because I didn't have a language to tell people what was happening. My family were, you know, my friends and family were, they thought I had lost it because I couldn't fully explain it. I knew I had to go and serve this mission. And they had, they had told me with a full team, we are going to be assisting you. So for example, Saint Germain, the order of Melchizedek, Master Lanto, Master Hilarion, all these other ones began coming in, it was like a full full like house, that they will begin the training. So being on the road, one of the things that began happening, that we wanted, they wanted to enter into my body for temporary to bring certain material through. And so this is one of the things that happened. But again, what was very difficult about this because I had learned about other channelers other things. And again, I was this weird Vacutainer I wasn't like I wasn't like for one entity, one consciousness. There were many different ones. They were all beautiful beings of light, because Yeshua, mother, Mary, Mary Magdalene, they were right there. So they were the doorkeepers with Archangel Michael. So that in which wanted to commune through this vessel had to go through sort of like their gate to bring their message. And again, because it wasn't like one for like, let's say how Bashar you're there, how it's just Bashar or as the hexes for Abraham mine was unlike that it was different ones that could come in and bring it and I felt again, kind of like I started weird in this round. Like, why aren't other ones like me that could, you know, do this I kind of felt like I have to like hide a little bit more until and this became very useful because on the road, I would go into this insane level of for trance. And the best I would do is like put the recording on the side because I know it's coming and I'll be like passed out so I had no memory what was happening yet all of these things were shared through me so until shortly after my now spouse who I've been with, he entered my life and and I was shown that was another one that will be coming we can deliver this together. So he began recording all of this so for better two and a half to three year period. They would come in they would meet him my consciousness would be completely underside it would only see things imagery, no memory whatsoever what was said he has full recording. So that's part of our book that will be coming out 2020 for channeling the masters and they wanted to be more toward what was said very detailed, explicit information. But like right now I couldn't do it because it goes it's a very very deep trance which will take me a while to come back out. Once I go into that place.

Alex Ferrari 44:16
Just says yeah, you can't do a like an impromptu channeling today.

Rev. Honi Borden 44:20
No, no, if Michael was here, I would because it's extremely high. Do I want to say it's not like so it's fully incorporated. I don't know. I mean, you have had a lot of channelers in here. So you know many speak it sounds just like them, you know other than not in this, this the facial structure changes, everything changes. And it's a full presence that takes over the body and you hear you hear that entity that presents that speaks through and and it was really uncomfortable. And they pushed me a lot because they wanted me to go public with this too. So had a two year of them sort of more of a content group of like 3040 to 50 people in different countries that will come so that they could come and bring the message through for the people. But Michael was there because it will take me quite a while I haven't, it's still I still have so much to learn because of how deep it goes. And we've had we've had, we've had information from, from beings that people don't even know about, like, for example, there was a tribe on earth before the Aztecs, they came through, they had so much wisdom about the cheese they wanted to share, like, you would never know this information. And so there's a lot of material deep material shared.

Alex Ferrari 45:47
So do you when you're when you go, when you go in you kind of like just step aside, do you remember? Do you hear? Do you see what's happening as a as your consciousness? Or are you just completely just

Rev. Honi Borden 45:58
Okay, so I'll share with you what my processes. So what happens is, so let me share this the way it's this came sort of like with my, my husband, Michael. So he's a body worker is an acupuncturist, massage therapists and also energy work. So a lot of time, my body will go through this pain, I'm like, what he's working on me, for example, I remember like exam one time is working on me like as like, Ow. So I'm like out, this was out. And the minute that sound of awe would go up, and it will go, Hi, my consciousness would step on the side. And then, and then one of these different beings would enter. And then I would need that's talking to, you would not have any recollection of what was said, at all. So but my consciousness, like, shrunk to a size of an orb, about two feet here, which see things in imagery, and not the image. We love the way we're seeing images, very, like cosmic universal images from from the light stream, the explanation, what have you the cool, then all of that. And so the Michael would be meeting that presence, and he has it recording, so they will communicate with him. And what they did a lot of this for that period of three years, that would educate him, teach him how to how to do the how to do the healing bindings. Like, for example, for those of us who are one of the most one of the most profound, there's so many of them, but one of the most profound was my guys to win them. This elder antarians that came in, that communicated those children that on this plane were when they were being sexually abused, what what would what was happening on their soul. So they came shared how they would take care of the soul. So while the body was going through that, they would be with these other children. So it was so beautiful what was happening so that the person could go through that process because he was they recognized it was part of their journey. It was part of their journey in the earth incarnation. However, they could manage it better. So about 95% of my private sessions are sexually abused. Because of the journey I've taken being on the other side, I can see the divine perfection, I saw what was the purpose so I'm on the other side, I can truly assist those transforming those severe sufferings, pain and rock of suicide into like, that divine gift that it is. So my call being part of it, you know, he was able to with that they were able to explain to him then they showed him how to heal, how to help me heal my body, what to do all of this. So it's been this incredible collaboration between Michael and I, and to be able to, you know, part of the healing work that we do with individuals.

Alex Ferrari 49:11
So when you're done with a channeling session, are you weakened or are you energized?

Rev. Honi Borden 49:16
Okay, great question. Because of the nature of, of the way I'm a full trance. So like, I can tell you, like, you know, how Edgar Cayce would sleep. Okay, so, I may be sitting but like, my, my, like, it's like this or like this, or it's like this. So my body is is it hasn't as much relaxed was it's so intense. It's like as I'm plugged into 1000 watts. And what happens is, when I come out when, when when I come back into the body, my body there's there's like a separation until it integrates. I don't want to talk to anyone. I want to just be a Wanna go in a closet? And just, just just just to come back and I want to produce a blanket over me, I'm cold in temperature. I literally can talk and it depends. It depends who who's speaking. For example, the one that knocked me out the most not my body at the most was when actually Yes, yours came in, in turn. Its energy is love. I, yeah, twice, three days, the love. You know, you're not Alex. But he, what what happened that day was he, through that interaction when I crossed over. I didn't meet Mohammed, enemy Buddha. I didn't meet any others the study it was Yeshua. And it was the love what he shared with me he, through my consciousness, pulled into the I Am that I Am, I was able to re experience what I experienced when I was seven, and remembered who I am, because I was able to taste it a better seminar, I couldn't do much with it until years later, to go through many experiences. So I can get strong enough so that I can live to the mission and not turn this away and literally answer this call. So when when that presents, and I got to experience it, the presence of the truth that I am that crystalline light, what that love is truly is. And that is what we're here to embody. And that embodiment that comes into this body opens the pathways of the pain that we have received, that we have stored, not just this lifetime, all these lifetimes. So it's an actual, incredible mechanic tool that we're here to utilize for our own individual transformation. But it's been, it's been sort of like as a how to, I will say, people trying to do it through the thoughtful mental field, it doesn't work that way. It is embrace the depth of the sorry, the depth of the hate the depth of the grief, the depth of the hurt, so that you can meet it, and then allowing that love that you're there to pull through to transform it to transcend it. So I got to taste what is truly on conditional. When they says unconditional loving, that means you're really loving, there is no more judgement. And we can see it like this intellectually, but it's a whole different experience when you allow it to be in your body. So that's answered your question in a long sentence.

Alex Ferrari 52:58
So it sounds from my experience, you know, talking to so many channels on the show, it sounds that when your nervous system is still getting used to this energy. It didn't sound like you had a priming, or very long priming session where you were kind of prepared for a lot of this energy to come in. Because you can it's it's not easy to channel. It can be when you're ready. But it is the physical body, the nervous system has to be prepared for the wattage. Yeah. And it takes time to get there. It doesn't it sounds like you were somewhat there. But you're still in the process of developing, like, you know, Darryl, obviously who does Bashar, he just on off, he's been doing it for two years, his body is completely attuned to Bashar, there is no, he comes out and he could, you know, talk, he could have a conversation. He's feels energetic, it doesn't bother him. But you seem to be still on that process of dealing with these large energy that a completely not only wipes you out, but it affects you physically, very well until you're getting better at it.

Rev. Honi Borden 54:07
So actually, yes and no. So in my experience, thank you for that. Thank you for that communication. And let me just reframe a couple of things for you. Sure, me, with me. Part of it is because of this incarnation, and has been very traumatic that my soul chose to go through for a very specific purpose and its purpose is to transform these very heavier energies, the capability for it to be transcended, transmuted into the light. So the central nervous system has been a huge part of it. Up until that point, it was this these things have not cleared so when when I was sent back as I went on the road, these other capabilities, bringing bringing these other capabilities and there are a lot of those capabilities. To them, anchor them embody them, it met some of these frequencies. And with each, they had to open up the heart to opera. So it was like literally the can of worms that had to open up. And this is why some of the people I interviewed many that crossover didn't want to follow the mission, didn't want to take it to that level. Because it truly isn't easy. That means you have to be willing to face all that it is time to truly face damage the depth of it. And within that, when you're able to face it, the central nervous system starts going through the change. So for me, it was a period of this, this two years of publicly sharing these different masters as in the Masters and other ones that had to come and deliver it. And then that period ended, because it needed to, it was now ready for the next phase. And let me bring this forward. Because I was then I was then told because this physical body was able to interact with like a mock is that a consciousness then with the Saint Germain, when did the Yeshua then with the mother, Mary, then with even like Nikola Tesla, or like Martin, like we had one with Martin Luther Jr, mother, mother, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other ones that came in. So my this vessel, I was explained, is utilized for a period of time for certain information to come through for humanity, that was it. And it was a certain duration. And I was told once this duration is done, then is my next phase, which I have entered the next phase to not channel, anyone, anything, they utilize what they needed. They assist that this physical body, you need it, because now then that next phase, which I've been in it for the past year and a half is the embodiment of the I am the voice of the I Am that I Am that presence to speak through within its frequency. So it's the accumulation of all of honeys, incarnations. They're the angels, the beautiful spirit guardians, all of them coming in, sort of like it's like a retraction of all together to come into the body to fully be in the body, because I've always wanted to leave this body so that this full range can speak through. And that's where I'm at. So I decided it's served this purpose. But now, it's a different place now.

Alex Ferrari 57:41
It's fascinating, too, that you come from a Muslim Middle Eastern background, but yet Jesus, I'm assuming, or Yeshua was not included in that upbringing. So it's fascinating that you came into when you came to the aside, you didn't meet Muhammad. You didn't meet Buddha. You didn't meet Shiva. You met Jesus is? Yes, yeah, sure. Well, I'm using Jesus for, for lack of a better word here. But yeah, it's it's it's really fascinating. Let me ask you what was the message?

Rev. Honi Borden 58:17
I like to share something. What is this this is also significant. There were four times in my human journey before the NDA on January 2012. Alex, that there was a voice that spoke very short sentence, very precise. I didn't know whose voice that was. I did not know includes that day before my book was published on 11 1111. But before that, it was a five in the morning, this voice came it is time to write what happened that day. And I just got up from there. I didn't know whose voice that was. I've been sent in the computer, I started typing, I was transported into what happened at when I was seven. And the book was written three hours. I never wrote it. I had no intention of writing it because my I always felt embarrassed. My English is not full like grammar is wrong and what have you, no confidence in that. And but this was written and it was that voice again. So when I crossed over, I recognized it was Yeshua as voice. So for some reason, this was there. But I saw the relation during the time on earth what that relationship was. So all of this had come back. So returning back here, it was to carry there was a specific mission that I'm here, as many of us are here to carry this specific. It's a frequency. It's a frequency of this crystalline light. The way I show I was at my class Since my consciousness received that when I was seven, and then I receive it, and I was later on, this presents the omnipresence of the fullness of what we already are, that we are now here, to embody in our walk of ascension, to truly live from there. Because this is when the heavenly good can finally bless each of us and bless humanity as it moves through us. This is what was so clearly revealed to me like my own book of Revelation was open. So it wasn't, again, it wasn't it goes not in support of Islam, it doesn't go support of there because I still can't be fit into a box.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:48
Exactly. Well, then. So is there a message that Yeshua wanted to put out into the world? What did you come back with, as far as a message for humanity in this state that we're in, which is a pretty much of a, we're in a little bit of a rough state right now. And it's but it seems like

Rev. Honi Borden 1:01:05
It's from the human, the human limited perceptions. Correct. Yet the divine perfection of it is beyond perfect, very hard to, for humans to, to really see it there. The humans lens sees through a very narrow focus that has not remembered who and what it is. So from that, naturally, it is experiencing a lot of the suffering just as I had, I couldn't for long I could understand why so much trauma and suffering, I like this too much, until on the other side of it, being able to experience the divine perfection as a sole choosing to go through this. So that the lens of compassion completely can open up. And this frequency of grace, what is really grace, we talk about grace, but people don't know what grace is when you know what grace is, when you are living your life from that lens of grace is pure love. And the Pure Love is not a human love, my dear. It is a divine love that is here to bless this embodied incarnation. Also, everything and everyone through it the way it emanates, the way it uplifts, the way it moves that suffering into lightness. It's an upliftment energy.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:39
Now I do want to ask you a few questions asked all my guest. Yes. How do you define living a fulfilled life?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:02:48
It's exactly this for me, for me, is to allow that mighty essence, that gracious essence that we already are recreated from, to be allowed in this human vessel. To bless it, really bless it in a slough and bless everyone that come to its path. That to me is truly fulfilled life.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:19
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Honi, what advice would you give her?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:03:28
Brings tears to me, Alex,

Alex Ferrari 1:03:30
I'm sure it does. Sure it does.

Rev. Honi Borden 1:03:35
I would say too little honey. From now, I would say it is such a gift that you can feel the depth that you can feel. This is one of your most found gifts that you will do so much good with. Just allow yourself to feel allow it and don't be afraid to feel the depth of it. Because that's where the miracles are.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:16
How do you define God or Source?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:04:19
Source is that omnipresence of the fullness expression of all there is it is the purest of the love that we can truly experience and we're given the opportunity to experience in this incarnation. God's source is the source of everything source of where life flows, live streams and the creativity allows into coming to here to to to make the changes To alchemize the different ways is the source of nausea, the source of nectar. That's what that is the ultimate?

Alex Ferrari 1:05:15
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:05:19
To experience to joy, real, authentic, pure joy completely allowing,

Alex Ferrari 1:05:31
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:05:34
Social media is probably the easiest email is a wonderful one, or Honib, We're on social media I am. Instagram is honib1111. And also YouTube

Alex Ferrari 1:05:57
You have a website to right?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:05:59
The website, the new one is being built. So in the next couple of months, we have the new one, it's we had to, you know, you're upgrading always, always,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:08
Always, always. So do you have an end to end you have a parting message for the audience?

Rev. Honi Borden 1:06:14
Thank you for that. For this for I would say those of you who really walked the walk of not being understood, being lonely being isolated being you don't belong. Please note that has been a huge part of your journey in being able to have the space where you can get to discover you. And from that place, you can really also support others that that work of loneliness is no joke in this incarnation. And to know that even though it seemed that way, they were always always angels, ascended masters, so much love around. But the human journey had to go through that have a lot of compassion for your human journey, because you're not just your human journey, you're so much bigger than your human journey. Just be gentle and loving to your human journey, especially when it's going through these challenging times of it experiencing loneliness and suffering. Because it's a part of its experience, it will be on the other side, and it can experience it in a divine perfection.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:35
Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your experiences with all of us. I truly appreciate you and everything you're doing for the world. So thank you.

Rev. Honi Borden 1:07:42
Thank you so much, Alex. And I want to just really thank you so much for this platform that you have opened. I can't say you, you and others that have opened this have been really answers to prayer to many of us, because for so long, we've had this experience, but we couldn't really put it anywhere. So here finally seems like 12 years later, it's our time where these messages can be shared. And just so that people know that they're not alone. And they don't have to suffer especially if the loved ones have crossed over, especially if they're having these magnificent experiences. These are also the natural state of beingness if anything, the more natural. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this gift and opportunity. I really appreciate it.

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