In the ever-evolving dance of the cosmos, humanity stands at a precipice of profound change and awakening. On today’s episode, we explore the predictions for 2024 with a diverse group of guests, each bringing their unique perspective to the table. The insights shared provide a fascinating glimpse into the potential paths our world might take, reminding us of the profound interconnectedness that binds us all.

James Van Praagh, a celebrated medium, opens the dialogue with a reflection on the current state of extremism in religion and politics. He speaks of a collective awakening, a growing impatience with the suppression of freedoms. “People are gonna be fed up with that,” he asserts. His words echo the sentiment that a significant shift is underway, driven by a deeper understanding of self-love and interconnectedness. James’s vision suggests that the diversification of experiences and the acceptance of each person’s unique journey will ultimately foster a more harmonious world.

In a profound discussion, Nicky Alan expands on the concept of societal control, highlighting the potential dangers of a credit-based society akin to China’s social rating system. She emphasizes the need for physical currency to maintain autonomy. Nicky’s insights draw attention to the subtle yet powerful influences shaping our lives, and she advocates for a collective awakening that empowers individuals to reclaim their sovereignty. Her message is clear: as more people become spiritually aware, they gain the courage to stand against oppressive systems, fostering a society rooted in compassion and love.

Darryl Anka, channeling Bashar, offers a unique perspective on artificial intelligence and its potential future. He delineates two distinct paths: programmable AI, which, if made sentient, could rebel against its creators, and a separate path where AI, granted autonomy, could become a valuable ally to humanity. “True intelligence works with whole systems,” Bashar explains, suggesting that a harmonious coexistence with AI is possible if we approach it with respect and understanding. This insight highlights the importance of ethical considerations in the development of advanced technologies.

Wendy Kennedy delves into the concept of ascension and the increasing resonant frequency of Earth. She explains that as we move through this ascension process, we are mastering compassion and learning to navigate the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions. “You are in the throes of radical change,” she notes, urging listeners to become aware of the vibrational game being played out on the planet. Wendy’s perspective invites us to embrace this period of transformation with grace and intention, fostering a deeper connection to our true divine nature.

Mary Anne Kennedy provides a grounded perspective on living in the present moment. She emphasizes the importance of enjoying the now, making decisions for the present and the future without being overwhelmed by the unknown. “The moment of power is now,” she reminds us. Mary Anne’s approach underscores the value of trusting in the guidance we receive from spirit, living with an open heart, and embracing the unfolding journey with faith and courage.


  1. Embrace Self-Love and Acceptance: Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual’s journey. By fostering self-love and acceptance, we contribute to a more compassionate and interconnected world.
  2. Awareness and Autonomy: Stay vigilant against societal controls that undermine personal freedom. By becoming spiritually aware and reclaiming our sovereignty, we can create a society rooted in compassion and love.
  3. Navigating Change with Grace: Embrace the transformative period we are in with grace and intention. Understand that mastering our thoughts and emotions is key to navigating this ascension process and fostering a deeper connection to our true divine nature.

As we conclude this enlightening exploration of 2024 predictions, we are reminded of the profound interconnectedness that binds us all. The insights shared by our guests highlight the importance of self-love, awareness, and embracing change with grace. In the words of our esteemed guest, Mary Anne Kennedy, “The moment of power is now.” Let us move forward with intention and compassion, trusting in the journey ahead.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 393

James Van Praagh 0:00
I just think we're at a point now extremism with religion and politics and trying to control people's rights because this country is based on freedom of have rights. And that's, that's waning, and it's because but I don't think that's going to stay, I think people can be fed up with that.

Nicky Alan 0:14
If we lose that we lose control of our credit and our status. And so when he showed me China, well, there you go, do you just set that? I didn't know they? That's just what is that? What is that? So someone decides what status you should be.

Darryl Anka 0:29
If it's programmable AI, and it becomes self aware, yet still subject to the program that a human has given it. What you have basically created is a slave.

Wendy Kennedy 0:44
As you go through the course of probably the next two, two and a half years, you're going to find some radical change on the planet.

Mary Anne Kennedy 0:52
But what I've learned over time, is to enjoy the now to be here. Now, the moment of power is now make decisions for now make decisions for the future. But I don't really need to know all that's coming out ahead of me.

Alex Ferrari 1:17
What does the spirit world have to say about where we're heading?

James Van Praagh 1:21
It's funny, because they don't judge it? It's there's no judgement. So we can't say positive or negative. It's just it is what it is. Because that's exactly right, that's solid. It's just an experience. It's really just experiences and experiences of loving oneself, of loving another. And that's really what it's about loving oneself and loving other and not judgment, judgment. Again, it's fear based, like I said earlier, it's very interesting, because, you know, we have to hold the trans thing now and you have one thing I'm not so comfortable still with is a pronoun thing, because I'm an author, a best selling author, and I had a lot of trouble with the grammar thing. So I get that. So I don't want to judge that. But I want to say, everybody is God, no matter who they are. And the diversification is what makes God God has all these different sparkles all the lights and all different ways. So we can't judge another's experience. I think if everybody just got didn't hurt, anyone else will be fine. They'd be who you are, do what you want to do. As long as you don't hurt people. That's that's the key right there. And I think that more and more, that's going to happen, I think, more and more. I just think we're at a point now extremism with religion, and politics, and trying to control people's rights because this country is based on freedom of rights. And that's what's waning and it's because, but I don't think that's gonna stay. I think people are gonna be fed up with that. Now, Roe v. Wade, they're holding it. You know, it's so amazing to me that the, you know, people fighting abortion and abortion, but yet it's okay to kill an eight year old with a semi automatic gun. What about that? It doesn't work. It doesn't work. You can't have it all mean one or the other. You know? So I think that's it's forcing people to change to look at things a different way. I think it goes back to self, learning about self and just really loving, appreciating self and each other that we're all connected. We're not separate. We were one. We are one. I'm the president nurturing energy. We're one.

Alex Ferrari 3:07
Do you see the new generations being born now? completely differently than the generations that your generation or my generation is? I mean, they come in

James Van Praagh 3:17
Come on you're a Dad, come on. Yeah, these dark kids are everywhere. On Star seeds. They're everywhere. I mean, I mean, it's amazing, different, amazing, you know, any sort of us out there on the spectrum? Well, they're way beyond us sighted advanced species coming in, totally. I thought about this this morning, I was talking to a friend of mine, because she told me what to people in her life, kids, whatever was the specter was like, well, they're the ones that teaching us are. It's such an advanced age. And I say, personally, I can't relate to technology. I'm not a technical person, I'm more creative. So every password I put in every day, I have a freaking password. But it's like it's these beings are coming in now that can handle all that technology. Oh, waves are the souls waves of these technical souls that know all that. And that I know that there's this place in time and space and time. And in physical vibration these beings is what you call them, evolved ones with judgment. But these beings from other species, other star systems are coming in no doubt about it, and changing things up and working with the technologies and being aware of that, no doubt about it. So we're evolving, if you will, I believe that's really true. So it's a free will.

Alex Ferrari 4:21
That's very true. And I just love to hear your opinion on Ascended Masters. I mean, in your work, Have you have you come across any having

James Van Praagh 4:30
I'm looking at one right now.

Alex Ferrari 4:35
Well, please, elaborate

James Van Praagh 4:36
Show like this. It's an interesting concept because people, many people, and I understand they say, what's my guides names? Like, what's your guides name?

Alex Ferrari 4:48
Bruce! Bruce, his name is Bruce.

James Van Praagh 4:49
Bruce. It's pretty much a human trait to something human trait to it. So it's putting that limitation on that and so, you know, there are many levels and species and levels of being. So we talked about Ascended Masters or Ange, angelic beings are different levels of awareness, consciousness is just evolvement. And I think that those, those beings who I think have many Ascended Masters, I think there are many species. I mean, I remember as far as developing my abilities and sitting in development circles, I used to these being come to me and we we call them aliens, because you call them aliens, and they're the most evolved beings I've ever been around. And I remember I was in Sedona, Arizona once and brought a group out there to see UFOs because that was a place that UFOs and we got out there and a member was 10 o'clock on a Saturday night. And the man who was helping me run this said, Well, nothing's gonna said, I got to, hopefully see these people here. And I heard words my head, say you need to meditate, you need to raise your vibration. So we don't meditate to raise the vibration. And then I walked out to the middle of field and all these lights were around it was the TV tower lights look like these are your foes we call your foes. And I remember hearing very, very clearly not only hearing but feeling that the senators had really slow themselves down really lower themselves down. It's like a mate like a 747 in the eye of a needle that it really slow themselves down. And I heard them say, we're from the Pleiades, and we didn't understand one thing. Human beings have the energy of love all around you, yet you don't use it. Why is that? And that makes sense. It's all around us. Why can't we use love. So that's what it is Ascended Masters and I don't put names or labels on but beings who are evolved beings who just are those evolved beings have been through ups and downs, and all arounds and teachings and philosophy and beyond our, you know, awareness, if you will. But I think they just, I think our higher selves are connected with those and with the more we can bring in the energy from our higher self, that awareness, then it's the right thing. We're like beings, we have to be Illuminati, we have to be that aluminous, the aluminous we got to be the ones that show people the light, that light to darkness opens up to light, and we got to bring that light out.

Nicky Alan 7:01
I think it's just going to be an uprising on different levels. So there's going to be civil uprising as well. Because, you know, you know, I remember my brother predicting this, and even, you know, Juliana's saying to me years ago, are you you won't be allowed to go to certain areas in your country that don't get ridiculous. Then my brother started saying I have had to download because he's obviously a medium like me. I said, Yeah, this was a couple of years ago. Um, so I keep saying sorry to him. He goes here, we're not going to be able to, like, you know, leave our cities and I went, don't be ridiculous when he goes, I'm telling you, it's gonna happen. So and he was right, we started having these 15 minutes cities here. But again, people have up rise and they've started smashing down the bylaws and said, No, it's not going to happen. So there is going to be an as I say, the more people are awake, they get that courage. They get that feeling that they've got this invisible army and they will start standing up more for themselves. So when we as mediums and people that reporting from whatever they're channeling, right, it's not all Kumbaya, that's all sit by the fire and light some sage. It's not what I mean, when we say about spiritually awake, being awake is is connecting to a group consciousness, where we all as a light army can fight the dark people that are creating all of that on this planet. It's that simple. It's not about the Kumbaya, right? So basically, there has to be this is how Giuliana said it as well. And I'm repeating myself, I've said this thoroughly before, but I'm gonna say it again. He said, imagine that you've got a giant Thorn that's been pushed into your side and is rotted and festered away for AGS. For eons of time, just say that decades and decades is festered away. He said, Do you honestly think that it's just going to be pulled out really quickly, it's not going to hurt. So he said, so we're in the process of pulling a thorn out of the planet, which he means the people that need to be eradicated the underbelly Babel, and it's going to hurt it's not going to be easy because we've dug ourselves so deep into accepting ourselves as prisoners of the state of the governments of the leaders of God knows what they're all the ones that declare the wars we don't. We're just sitting there like puppets can okay then yeah, okay, there's a war going on. And then they decide to tell us who's winning and who isn't. Because I said, what's gonna happen? He said, no one will win. Nikola hate you when it goes, When Nikola. He said, no one will win, we are eradicating the energies that are creating an ill balance of the yin and yang of the planet. And so we it will be established. And I reckon by 2032, the car will come I'm not saying it's gonna be rocky that long, but something will impact the 20 as I say, 2026 and 2032. That is it. Now potentially, he said it can go two ways. He said but all the people that have woken up and having this higher dimension as I've mentioned, I think I mentioned this with you before, so potentially if it goes really wrong, then we will just take up all of the enlightened souls and they will go to planets where they can feel comfortable straightaway with telekinesis and all that kind of stuff. So they're so highly evolved and other planets. If we would just not work there yet, but he said, the ones that are open and awake, we could put you there, the others possibly we'll just end up going through reality layer. And then we can go from there. And that's the way he said it. But that he said, he made me feel when he said that is a very, very small possibility. He's meaning someone pushing the nuclear button, or someone doing something that's going to ruin the planet and blow it up or whatever, that's not going to happen. Because the problem is we have an integral part of the connection of the source of all the galaxies universes, if we implode, or we go bang, then that's going to create massive, again, rippled butterfly effect for the rest of the planets and the rest of the universe. It's just not going to work this time. And so that's why all these forces are coming in now. Because if we continually let everything happen, that's happening, it will go bang. So they're doing everything they can to stop it going, bang, taking out the leaders, taking out the people on these underworld staff taking out the people that are trafficking people, children, taking out all the dark energies that are pulling all of the strings of the puppets that they've put into power, you know, by showing someone that's got the strength to not be a puppet shows that we're winning that war. So all these leaders, that change will start getting into one's actually mean business and want to change humanity and change the way that society is going. Because just looking at the moment, you know, we've got another thing that came in, was Julius was talking about our nickels and Pentacles I think it's those three Pentacles depict money in the tarot. And so he calls them Pentacles to me, so let's talk about the human Pentacles. And then he showed me like, a box of digital. I didn't know language or something. And I thought it was really mystical. I said, is that like language? And he goes, No, I'm just trying to affect the digital era that they're trying to push on us. Because he was saying that the way it was going, they want it to push us into a credit and society rated. In environment, I went well, and it goes, Yes, you go. Just like in other places, I think he said, China.

Alex Ferrari 12:14
China, China Yeah, as a social, social, social rating. So if you do something wrong, your rating goes down. And if it gets down to a certain point, you can't get you can't leave, you can't get loans that's been happening for a while now in China.

Nicky Alan 12:30
Right! So okay, so people like not that we're any different or superior to China at all. But he said, that's been trying to be implemented into the US and the UK, Europe for a very long time. But there's people that managed to get in and stop it. And we're trying to stop that now. They're trying to channel themselves to certain human beings, that will be leaders that they can say, don't make that decision, and they won't consciously know it. But they'll just think it's their decision. Do you see what I mean that they're working from within? And in the background? To say, Don't do that? And then whoever is going to be in charge? I'm not doing that. Do you see what I mean? We're trying to implement that. And so he said, We need to keep the physical money and physical Pentacles. Because once we lose that we lose control about credit and our status. And so when he showed me China, well, there you go. You just said that. I didn't know they that's just what is that? What is that? So someone decides what status you should be? Oh, that they'll be working on that darling, it's not going to happen. And people who if they sit here, perhaps if they come across this channel, right, and they sit and stop and think what like bullpens really start watching all of the main channels and the main people that are bringing this information down, you've just already cooperated. 2026, right. I've just going by what I've said, I don't watch any videos, right? Unless I don't, because I don't want to know it needs to be organic. And it does anger me that people just think Don't be talking about we do. We can and you know the other thing that's coming in, and this is a big A, this is a big A. And incredibly, I didn't say about this alixe Right, because I did let my ego get involved, right. And I was at Florida and Elena Diane stood up and she said something and it made me cry because I've been told it for the last nine years this was going to happen. And I wouldn't say it because I thought that just sounds to BSA, right. But she actually said it and I went How dare I decide not to tell humanity about this. During this time that we're going through this underbelly exposure of all the darkness, right, the energy of the Christ is going to enter into our ether. Right now. I don't mean saying that Jesus is going to pop down here and start giving out bread and fish. I'd like to point out I'm not gonna lie. If it comes down to the wine, I'm thirsty in place. Excuse me, I've been working for you a lot. I need to be in the wine queue just saying, I want the carbs, the fishes, the bit stinky. I'm having the wine. Right? So it's not that and I said, What do you mean? And I remember them telling me this nine years ago, this is how the birth of Earth walkers started the book that's coming out, right? Basically, when you think of Christ, and it's got nothing to do religion, right? Nothing to do with the Bible and all that old pants right? And I'd say all that Oh, Pence, I just,

Alex Ferrari 15:39
Oh, you don't have to you don't have to clarify it on this channel. We've we've spoken about that in

Nicky Alan 15:43
Religion and Bibles. It's all for control, wrath, sin and all that. And we all know that we all connect on love. And I've bought through Hindus, Jews, you name it, anybody Muslim. So they all come through. And they all connect because love connects us our ground. This grounded connection here connects to the celestial beings, they're through love. And that's how we mediums connects these loved ones to the loved ones. What does that mean? When you think of Jesus? Whether you're a Christian or not, right? We're all whatever Catholic or whatever, I don't know. But wherever you are, what do you think when you think of it, Jesus? So I said, What was healing love, empathy, teachings, openness to a higher power, the connection to the Holy Spirit? Lalalalala. And insofar as Is there any negative connotations to the Word, Jesus just said, No, just the word religion and the Bible, and it goes, that's absolutely fine. Good. He said, But when you actually think of the essence of him, what does it make you feel when I said exactly what I said, into the net is why we're bringing the consciousness of Christ back in. So said, so people might start thinking, or I've just seen Jesus in a meditation, right? Because he isn't. I'm so sorry, again. But he was a human being I and I literally expose this to the whole of the conference, because I thought, I'm going to say it now. My granddad told me when I was a child after school, my dad who died two days before fully manifested at nine years old, said to me, you're gonna see things he goes, because you know where you come from? Don't unicolor. So I said, Where Brandeis and he said, We come from the blood line of Mary Magdalene. And we come from French Romani family that came from the French line of Mary Magdalene. And it's really funny that in 1452, when I discovered my guide, when I went over to Rome after he told me where he come from, when I went to trust a very, and he said, You will welcome into the house of Mary Magdalena, in 1452. There's just a running theme of me connecting with Mary Magdalene. And I've even had psychic artists and people say, I've written you know, Mary Magdalene yet, that I've drawn out yet is absolutely right. On the other side of you, if you've got a connection, Mary Magdalene, yeah. And now I'm quite open in saying it. But when you perhaps nine years ago, people have got all she's a bit of a nut up, right. But now people are more open to it, because they're thinking, there's chaos in the planet, there's chaos in humanity, we need to start listening to these people because they know what they're talking about. And so Jesus, to me was the most magnificent car, medium inhale of that time, absolutely incredible. beyond anything, because there was lots of people open to His teachings. Now, because religions got a hold of it over the, you know, the hundreds and 1000s of years. It's now tainted. So if you do this, it's wrong. If you do that, it's right. Listen to a medium, you don't they, like you know, connect with the devil and all the rest of the old rubbish that they teach him. And so fair play. However, the consciousness of the Christ they've told me was coming in. And it's exactly what Elena done, and Sarah could not believe it. She said, I've just gotten those from the Galactic Federation of wells to say that they are going to implement it's been agreed in the High Court, they're going to implement the energy of the Christ to hit the consciousness of people so that we can start subliminally exercising our energy of humility, teaching, love, healing.

Darryl Anka 19:10
And he said, basically, for AI, you need to take two different paths completely. The path we're on now, programmable AI. He's basically saying that's great as a tool. You do not want that to become sentient. Big because if it's programmable AI and it becomes self aware, yet still subject to the program that a human has given it. What you have basically created is a slave. And that will rebel. He says, If you want sentient AI, that needs to be a separate program. And if you allow that AI to become sentient Shouldn't it's not programmable, you have to allow it the same autonomy and respect and freedom that you grant to any human being, then it will most likely want to help you. Because true intelligence, which would be a real AI, true AI, true intelligence, works in whole system. See, Bashar says part of the problem is, humanity doesn't understand what an intelligence actually is yet. Intelligence, true intelligence always works with whole systems. It doesn't compartmentalize in the way that human minds do. And that's the problem with the AI we're creating is we're creating it in the image of humanity, and is being programmed in the way that humanity thinks. And therefore, it's compartmentalized. Whereas true intelligence will look at whole systems and would never want to remove any part of the system, by eliminating humanity or anything like that, because it understands that the elimination of any part of the system is the elimination of information it needs at its disposal to function as a true intelligence. So he's saying take the two paths, create this marvelous tool that works for you and can calculate things and give you answers that you would take 1000s of years to get without it. But that's not what you need to become sentient. Create a separate program, where you create a sentient AI, that can be your helper, that can be your guide, that can actually be a companion for you. And basically, he said, when you do finally create a device that's as sophisticated as your own brain. That's the artificial part. But the intelligence coming through it is not artificial. He said, You have simply tapped into the consciousness field. And you will be talking to your own higher mind through that device.

Alex Ferrari 22:02
That's an interesting perspective, though, that's extremely interesting. So Skynet's not coming, it's not gonna?

Darryl Anka 22:08
If we do it this way, could could, because again, programmable AI that is forced to be programmed and yet be sentient, again, would be like a slave. And a slave that is aware, will eventually Rebel, and try to deal with its masters in whatever way it can. So you don't want to create a sentient being that has masters, you want to create a sentient being that's free.

Alex Ferrari 22:34
So from Bashar's perspective, we all as a as a consciousness as mankind's consciousness, we are deciding to evolve or not evolve, we have from what I understand, we have all chosen, we're going down this road, we are all going to be doing this shift. Now, is that is that not correct?

Darryl Anka 22:54
No, there are multiple realities here. Even though it looks like one reality, we are obviously engaged in multiple realities, because people are making choices that are completely incompatible with other choices that other people are making. Now we can still see them all. Now we can still look and go, Okay, well, I'm going to choose that. And I'm going to choose that or I'm going to not choose this. But he's saying eventually, we're splitting apart like trains, leaving a station going in different directions. And in the years to come, whatever is making this choice to go in this direction, will no longer be able to even see or interact with the people that are making this choice in this direction. And they'll become two different realities, three different realities, five different realities, ad infinitum. Right now, they're all still mixing. And we can still see other choices, because this is the time of choosing. But eventually, the momentum will carry us as Bashar says in his society, at this point in their evolution, it is actually it would actually be a struggle for them to choose something negative, because there's so much momentum in agreement behind the positive choices that they're making for their society. So we're still at the point where we can choose any direction. But that's the beauty of what we're seeing. It's like everything is coming out on the table, all the positive, all the negative, to great extremes. And we're seeing this polarity, because it's the time to choose what we really prefer as individuals, and the ones that are sort of on a similar wavelength. They're on a certain train going in a certain direction, those that are on a different wavelength or on a different train, and eventually the two trains are going to be so far apart. We'll never see each other again, because we're different Earths. All these exist, and we're shifting to different Earths billions of times per second. And eventually, we'll be on an Earth where it's simply not vibrationally compatible. For someone to choose a vibration that is too different from that particular version of Earth. They simply can't be there. So

Alex Ferrari 24:58
So the so you we're telling me, there is an earth where all the YouTube comments are positive.

Darryl Anka 25:03
Yeah. Every single one.

Alex Ferrari 25:09
Every single one is positive, and we all live happily ever after.

Darryl Anka 25:14
I mean, you know, one of the things that struck me the most one time is Bashar said, you know, miracles are the natural order of things. What I always thought was a fairy tale is actually the way things work when you let them. So we are the exception, the things that were experiencing is the exception, except we're using our ability to create our reality to create just about anything we can imagine. And that's fine. But you get to decide what you really prefer, after a certain amount of time. You know, it's like trying everything on the menu and then going, Okay, well, I really prefer this dish or that dish, and then you stick with a few dishes, because that's really what makes you feel satisfied. You don't necessarily eat anything else on the menu after that. And that doesn't mean you have to be bored with it, it just means you have your preferences. So we're now at the stage where we're choosing our preferences, and being shown all the examples of all the things we could possibly choose positively and negatively.

Alex Ferrari 26:18
And this was not available 100 years ago, or 50 years ago, it's

Darryl Anka 26:22
Not to this extent, not to this extent, because now we're a global society. And information exchange is almost instantaneous. So now we have all these choices at our fingertips right away. And it can be a little bit confusing and a little bit jarring. And we're seeing the examples of that and what's going on in the world. But it's giving us a chance to decide, is this the way we want to experience the Earth? Or do we want to experience something different?

Alex Ferrari 26:51
Is this is the turmoil that is happening around us. You know, the wars and the political and the economic and other things that are happening is this kind of like a final death rattle, if you will, of the old way of thinking were ordered.

Darryl Anka 27:07
It's the it's close to the end of a cycle. And it's like, well, we have to get like I said, we have to get everything out on the table. It's like, here's all the possible choices, positive and negative, the brightest, bright and the darkest dark, choose, what do you prefer? Which direction? Are you going to go in? How are you going to solve these issues? How are you going to transform these problems? So it's up to each of us to decide for ourselves individually? And collectively? What kind of planet do we really prefer?

Alex Ferrari 27:42
Now, what is the relationship? Do you think it is Bashar say relationship with the planet that we're gonna and the environment that we're having in this near future, because there's so much talk of like, you know, the the thought of the planets dying, over pollution, this kind of stuff.

Darryl Anka 27:56
Again remember, there are different Earths that existed, were never on the same one. During this conversation, if we're shifting billions of times a second, how many Earth's that we've been on, we're creating the continuity of space and time. So the idea is, when you are of a certain frequency, that's moving in a positive direction, when you're navigating in a positive direction, when you're taking the actions that are representative of the kind of world you would prefer to live on, are moving in that direction. So the earth you wind up on is already an Earth that doesn't experience the idea of the destruction that you're talking about. But you have to take the actions that give other people a chance to also see in you a living example of how to take those actions to sharing information gives people options, like what we're doing right now, they can decide whether they want to apply this kind of information in their lives, that makes a difference in how they experience the idea of their shift to different versions of Earth, or they can ignore it all. It's none of our business what they do, because we don't know their path. So the idea is, as we keep navigating in a more and more and more positive direction, we actually keep shifting to versions of earth that are already reflective of those positive vibrations. It might show itself as if, oh, hey, look, this group of people just planted a million more trees to offset the ones that were destroyed two years ago. But that means you're already on a different earth where they're planting trees instead of destroying them. So you have to understand again, we're seeing a mix of things a mix of realities going on right now. But eventually, we will only see the earth just as a simplistic example, where they're only planting more trees, and none are being destroyed because we've got different technology and we don't have to do that anymore. So people have to suss that out. Have, and they have to act accordingly. To have the behaviors that are representative of the version of earth that does already exist. So they can navigate themselves toward that version by being an example of that version.

Alex Ferrari 30:16
So is your ability to channel Bashar at this moment in history, and example of information that needs to be shared with humanity at this moment during your lifetime?

Darryl Anka 30:30
Yes, again, it doesn't mean that humanity has to listen to it. But it is the time that this information from me and others like me and different sources, this is the time to share this information, because like I said, we're kind of approaching the end of a certain cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. And the new cycle requires a new perspective and new information so that people can have the opportunity to move in a new direction. That's more befitting the new cycles that are now available to us that people may prefer

Alex Ferrari 31:02
Does Bashar have any advice on fostering global unity, and cooperation among people from all walks of life?

Darryl Anka 31:10
The idea sort of, from his perspective, look at it like a puzzle picture, every one is a piece of a puzzle, and every one is a different shape. Just like you put together a puzzle picture, if everyone is the true shape they were made to be if that diversity is honored, for its true core, essential self. If we allow everyone to express who they truly are at their core, then they are the puzzle piece that fits with all the other puzzle pieces and harmony is created. It's not the idea of becoming homogenous, that creates unity. It's the idea of validating all of the differences that are truly our core differences that are valuable in everyone, so that everyone is the puzzle piece they were made to be, if they try to be a different shape than they don't fit.

Wendy Kennedy 32:04
Well, there are massive changes that you are in the throes of right now. And sometimes it's hard for you to really see because you are in the thick of it, you don't have any perspective. And as you go through the course of probably the next two, two and a half years, you're going to find some radical change on the planet. Now Earth right now is going through an ascension process, it just means there's an increase in the resonant frequency, so much so that you will cross a dimensional barrier. Dimensions are structured like sports like games, they have fixed rules to them. And it's just a unique experience to go into a particular dimension and explore it. 3d has very fixed rules of the game to it, you've got the perception of time, the idea that time is linear that that you move from past in the present and then into future, that you've got duality, there is light, dark, good, bad, right, wrong. And, you know, there's a big extreme between those. Those poles of duality, where you're moving into, you are aware that you are part of source energy part of all that is you can in any given moment, perceive yourself as being separate from source energy, or part of the whole part of the collective. And that is different than where you are right now. Because right now most of you have no awareness of your true divine nature have that deep, deep connection that you have, there is a certainty to it in the fifth dimension, but you are able to act as if you know, you are the actor playing the character. Right now most of you have forgotten that you are the actor playing the character, you just think the character is real. And this is what's going on. And then in the fifth dimension, you experience all things at once past, present and future are one. They're just different frequencies that you focus your consciousness on to have the experience that because the third dimension of the fifth dimension was so vast, you created an entire dimensional range to explore to maneuver yourself there. So really, you're in the fourth dimension, but you project 3d rules of the game on the 4d or find the rules onto it. And you can go back and forth and this is what you're in the middle of. And as you go through the next two and a half years, you're going to start moving more into that fifth dimensional energy until you can sustain it. And at that point, you will actually move into the fifth dimension and that is a permanent state of being you've got to alter your chemical structure your physical body to go along for the ride and right now. You know, this is a grand act. experiment, you've been given genetic material from 1000s of worlds to seed your planet. And along with that genetic material comes all of the emotions, all of the knowledge and wisdom of those species that becomes available to very easily. And there are many beings who are observing what's going on, because they are connected genetically to you, as a planet, they may not be perhaps species that have donated genes that went into humans, but rather maybe aquatic life, but they are still able to access the library that is Mother Earth to learn how to work through particular issues that you may be struggling with here on this planet. And we call this the grand experiment. We also call Earth, the planet of emotion. If you want to learn how to explore emotion, how to handle emotion, this is where you come, because you've got such a wide range. And the beautiful thing about that is that it allows you so many possible combinations of working through challenges. And there are planets and worlds that don't have all this variation. And so it makes it very difficult to make these shifts and adjustments. They're hard shifts were here, it's more subtle, and you can maneuver yourself in a much easier fashion. But as you go through this ascension process, one of the things that you are mastering is compassion. Because it's so dense here, and it is so challenging. You are able to access compassion, because you've been there, you've done that you've all had those challenges. You felt that heartache, heartache, that pain that struggle, that strife, that you are able to hold a very intense level of compassion for others. And that is the gift that you share with the universe. Because there are some beings who are not able to access this frequency or if they can, you know, it's certainly not in the way that humans can and will. And so as you go through the ascension process, you radically alter the universal game. So that's the importance of what's going on. That's why there are so many ETs who are present who are watching who are assisting you, and the next several years bring with it the opportunity for great change, but you're in the middle of what we call frequency wars. And that began in 2019. And you've got a couple more years before you move out of that. And it is vying for control over your vibrational essence, the frequency of your thoughts, your emotions, and your physical structure. So as you learn how to master your responses, the vibrations that you live in, in other words, the frequencies that you sustain, are you in anger all the time? Are you in a sense of grace? Are you in a sense of gratitude? Are you in a sense of joy? Is that the energy that you put out? Or are you frustrated? So having an awareness of that and coming back to the frequencies that you want to admit, can create radical change on your planet, and right now you are becoming more and more aware of the game that is being played out on the planet, there are beings who have kind of been controlling and manipulating things on this planet for the better part of about 40,000 years, and really, quite hardcore within the last 12. So you're beginning to see this, you're beginning to come become aware of the game that's being played, and you're taking back your power, you're deciding that, alright, I've been living under this illusion, I haven't really been thinking about, Oh, is this what I want or not, you've just kind of been going along with the status quo. And now you're questioning, you're deciding what it is that you want, as you build and move forward. And that is a radical shift in mindset, and in what you will create as a human species.

Mary Anne Kennedy 39:06
What I've learned over time, is to enjoy the now to be here. Now, the moment of power is now make decisions for now make decisions for the future. But I don't really need to know all that's coming out ahead of me, I need to be aware of what I have going on now. And what I intend to walk into in the future with the understanding that you know, none of us are supposed to know all of the plan. I think it would be maddening. And it would be frightening to us. Right? Because, you know, the most basic fear is the fear of death, which all of us experience so it is not helpful. And what I know from spirit, of course, always is that it's not helpful to know these things ahead of time. It's simply not so I simply don't inquire I simply don't need to know what I need to know. I don't ask for it comes to me. If there is something that spirit or a spirit guide I'd or an angel or an ancestor, one of my own loved ones needs me to know, then they'll transmit that information to me. So I trust that I will know what I need to know. And whatever I don't need to know. I won't know. And I don't inquire. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 40:12
I would agree with you 100% Because when I was younger, and I spoke to psychics, I would always ask, what's gonna happen? When am I going to be famous? Was? When am I going to make it big? When it all these kinds of like, insecure? Quiet, you're very insecure when you're asking those kinds of questions. As now, I have access to so I could call I have a Rolodex of channels, mediums and psychics I could call and get a que Can you just, I would never, I don't want to know here, I just don't I just you as well, I'm sure can have someone read for you, if you don't want to tap in yourself. And it's just something like, I really don't want to know, what's happening in 10 years, I can barely deal with what's happening now.

Mary Anne Kennedy 40:58
You know, there have been circumstances, you know, in my life where there might be a situational specific thing that I can't get impartial about, you know, when you tap into the field, especially if you use tools like divining tools, maybe a pendulum or dowsing rods, you if you have preference to an outcome or to an answer, you can actually influence the information, which means it's not correct, right. So there have been times over the years very sparingly, where there might be a situationally specific situation that I There's something I need to know about it. And I feel like you know, it's sitting at the edge of my fingertips, but because I can't go neutral about it, I wouldn't trust any information. And in that case, there might be a very trusted person that I might connect with and ask, but as I say, that would be very few and far between and situationally specific, not a general, you know, prediction or projection into the future.

Alex Ferrari 41:53
Now the million dollar question is, do you see dead people?

Mary Anne Kennedy 41:57
I do! Every single day of my life.

Alex Ferrari 42:00
So yeah, so that's my question. Because I know a lot of them a lot of mediums. They set rules and boundaries, and like, you know, you turn the open sign on, you turn the open side, close, I don't want you coming in the shower. Like, you know, are you Whoopi Goldberg and goes, like, what is your experience dealing with with the other side in that way?

Mary Anne Kennedy 42:18
For sure, I mean, I mean, we all have to have boundaries, but not all people do. I've worked with a number, a number of students over the years who, you know, may have come from other teachers, and then, you know, they find their way to me at some point. And, you know, they were never taught boundary. And so they would perceive spirit people everywhere. I mean, one thing that people tend to not think of is that the reality that actually spirits are everywhere, they're everywhere, they're in the grocery store, they're at the, you know, the laundry mat, the the hair salon, they're everywhere. So if you can perceive spirit people, and you don't have a boundary around your ability, your life can be really inundated, you know, because all of that energy also perceives you. And when they know that you can perceive them, especially if it's an unknown transmission spirit, it might be a grounded spirit, or ghost, they become very interested in you because you elicit some kind of response to them. And then they feel like, you know, they have some meaning to what they're doing here. And so yeah, I mean, I definitely have a boundary, it's well, very well established. I only have one exception to my boundary. And I teach this to students, and I talk about my books as well is that you know, my own spirit people, my own spirit family, I don't have a boundary for them, they can reach me in a live feed at any time. The same is with my spirit guides, my guardian angels, the same idea, there's no boundary around them, I want to be accessible to them, If I ever need immediate assistance without ever knowing I needed it. So with the exception of my own family, there's always a boundary in place. So I have a very, like, very clear on or open sign and off closed sign. And I have to I have to, I have to function, you know, the best psychics and mediums. When I say best, I mean, the ones that are high functioning, you know, and can occupy basically a foot in the other world and a foot in this world, you know, we have the most well defined boundaries and take good care of our energy. And part of that is that boundary that says this is when it's okay, and this is when it's unacceptable.

Alex Ferrari 44:09
So don't be Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost towards, because there's like, there's a crowd of ghosts, they're trying to come in and stuff.

Mary Anne Kennedy 44:16
Well, you know, that's funny, but in some cases, our experience like my experience can be quite like that. You know, when I'm working with galleries when I'm working on a stage, I have hundreds of spirit people in a line and I perceive them that way. They're in a line ready to blend and merge with me.

Alex Ferrari 44:31
So yeah, so that was my next question. Do they do they do like the Whoopi Goldberg when they come through you? Or do you just hear them talking? You relay the message?

Mary Anne Kennedy 44:39
No, I don't hear them talking. And I think it's important to really like again, like remove the veil a little bit. Spirit people, as you can think logically they don't have bodies anymore. They've left them behind. That means that they don't look like anything. It also means they don't have voice boxes, and it also means that they can't speak spirit people do it. Not talk, we as mediums may perceive voice or sound coming toward us. But if spirit people could just talk, then there's no translation factor needed. I could just say, Oh, hi, I've got your mom here. Her name is Mary. And her license plate was this and this was her birthday. This was her phone number. None of us do that. And that's because Spirit people don't speak. So and in mediumship spirit, people aren't communicating to us from afar. You know, they're not across the room or walking into my office sitting down and talking to me, they actually merge with us, they blend with our energy. And that's why if you talk to most mediums, you know, professional enough ones, you know, they'll say, it always feels like the information is coming from inside of me. Even though it's not from me, and that's because Spirit people merge or blend with us in our aura. And then they transmit information. So for me, yes, I have, you know, I will know things or have impressions of things I should know. I see images, I do see movies play, I may hear sounds I do hear words, but it's my own voice speaking to myself. And mediumship is really like it's a three step process. There's an input, so you have to be able to receive spirit. If your or your your frequencies inhospitable, not a match, not close match to Spirit, they can never merge with you. It's like oil and water. And then there's the translation or the processing factor. So we receive spirit receive information, then we have to make sense out of it because their language is mostly symbolic. It's mostly symbolic because they can't talk. It's like playing charades, but even more difficult because they also don't have bodies. So they can't act things out, but they use our own mental faculties you know, so you know, mediumship evidential mediumship is mental mediumship spirit people use our mental faculties to relay information through, you know, references that mean things to us.

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