EXPERT Scholar DISCOVERS The HIDDEN Realm That Shapes ALL of Our Fates in THIS LIFE! with Peter Smith

In the infinite dance of existence, we welcome Peter Smith to today’s episode, a seeker who delves into the profound realms of quantum consciousness. Peter, an adept researcher and author, guides us through the delicate interplay between the physical and the metaphysical, uncovering the mysteries of our multi-dimensional selves.

“It can’t be understood through the human intellect. The best way to understand it is to just experience it and to move outside of time and space yourself, similar to what you might do in meditation,” says Peter, capturing the essence of our conversation. His work, especially in collaboration with Dr. Michael Newton, maps out the afterlife, revealing the intricate tapestry of the soul’s journey. Dr. Newton’s deep hypnotic trances uncovered the space between lifetimes, offering a sweeping view across the lineage of the soul.

As we navigate through these cosmic insights, Peter sheds light on how time is far more fluid than we perceive. He shares, “Time is a linear construct for our learning, and it’s far more fluid than we know it to be.” This understanding resonates deeply with those of us who have felt time slip away during moments of deep meditation or creative flow, transcending the rigid constructs of linear time.

The conversation turns to the intriguing concept of the Mandela Effect, where collective memories of events differ significantly from recorded history. Peter explains this phenomenon as the thinning of the veil between different realities, allowing timelines to bleed into each other. “We have different timelines bleeding into each other, and people are jumping between those timelines because of the thinness of that veil,” he says, providing a compelling perspective on this mysterious occurrence.


  1. Fluidity of Time: Our experience of time is not as rigid as it seems. Moments of deep engagement, whether through meditation, art, or even mundane activities, reveal the fluid nature of time, encouraging us to explore beyond the linear constraints.
  2. Interconnected Realities: The thinning veil between realities highlights our multi-dimensional existence. By embracing this interconnectedness, we can navigate and integrate wisdom from various timelines, enhancing our spiritual growth.
  3. Soul’s Unconditional Love: The soul’s choice to incarnate as each of us is a profound act of unconditional love. Recognizing this can help us appreciate our unique journeys and the collective learning we contribute to.

Peter Smith’s insights also delve into the concept of quantum entanglement, where particles remain connected despite vast distances, mirroring our own interconnectedness. “The quantum entanglement is the personal experience of everything being connected,” he explains, urging us to trust our intuition and embrace the sensations that guide us.

As our discussion unfolds, Peter emphasizes the limitless potential within each of us. “We are magnificent beyond our knowing. We are multi-dimensional beings in a multiverse, and we will never die,” he asserts, challenging the societal conditioning that confines us to a limited view of existence. His message is a clarion call to explore and discover the boundless nature of our being.

In this profound dialogue, Peter leaves us with a vision of a great awakening, where humanity transitions from a focus on individualism to a collective consciousness. This shift, he believes, will pave the way for a more harmonious and enlightened world.

As we conclude this enriching conversation, let us embrace the spiritual takeaways and integrate them into our lives, knowing that our journey is part of a grand cosmic design. By exploring the depths of our consciousness and recognizing our interconnectedness, we can contribute to the awakening of a new era of understanding and compassion.

Please enjoy my conversation with Peter Smith.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 383

Peter Smith 0:00
It can't be understood through the human intellect. The best way to understand it is to just experience it and to move outside of time and space yourself similar what you might do in meditation. It's great question for some of the channels that you talk to as well, division concept of time. And all of us can have the conclusion that it's more fluid than we know. So best advice I can give people is just be open to the fact that it's not as locked in as what we feel.

Alex Ferrari 0:27
I like to welcome to the show Peter Smith. How you doin Peter?

Peter Smith 0:40
I'm real good Alex, it's good to see you.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
Good to see you too my friend, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm, I'm looking forward to our conversation. We're here to talk about your book, quantum consciousness, we're going to get into the weeds of this thing called consciousness. There's that word is thrown around a lot in quantum consciousness. It's even thrown around more nowadays. But also a little bit, I wanted to get started with the work that you were doing with a little known guy named Dr. Michael Newton, was it? Mr. Newton's work in life lives between lives, which is a fascinating concept. Anytime I talk to a channeler, or talk to a near death experience here, I always go. So what do we do when we're not here? We had a, we had a bar somewhere on the other side, are we sitting down? Or? I mean, the concerts must be amazing up there. I mean, the musicians who have died? I mean, come on. I mean, so what are we doing? So can you first discuss discuss your work with Dr. Michael Newton.

Peter Smith 1:40
Yeah. Well, Michael Newton was the first guy that thoroughly mapped the afterlife. And for him, he had a couple of accidental sessions with clients as psychologists, they flipped up into other lifetimes. And, you know, one person went in between looking for the source of her depression, and she reunited with a soul group. So he said, Well, what's in between these incarnations? If we accept the fact that reincarnation is a phenomenon? What happens in between those, and we've seen it as a sort of a mistimed sort of Bardo type area. Course mediums and all sorts of people had been, you know, getting snippets of the afterlife talking to people bringing through messages for, you know, now a long term. So he took people to the end of a past life, he crossed them over, he followed them in through the front door, through a live review, how do I go in that lifetime, et cetera, et cetera. And then they went into this nebulous sort of now time, which was outside of any of the incarnations, and as they run in linear time, he moved into the space in between. So he had a sweeping view across the lineage of the soul. And he can say to them, how many lifetimes you've had, where that happened? Or, and more importantly, how are you setting up this next one that you're going into.

Alex Ferrari 3:00
So how did he do? How did how did he do that? How did he do that?

Peter Smith 3:04
Well, he did it through a deep and profound hypnotic trance. But for me, having been in that work for 20 years now, I see it more as an out of body experience remembered while still in body. Okay. Okay, so he crossed them over into the afterlife, and were quantumly entangled, if you like, with the soul energy of who we are, that transcends time and space. So our soul is here. But Michael Newton found that part of the soul remains there, still in the afterlife. So we're he bridged that gap. So that we connected with that soul energy, and you could sort of have a look around and see what was going on on the other side and what your role over there is,

Alex Ferrari 3:45
When you say he mapped out the afterlife, what is exactly The map? I'm in is fairly large question. But, I mean, what does it mean? I mean, I mean, anyone who's listened to this show knows that I've spoken to over 100, near death experiences, so many channels, psychic mediums, so on so forth, I have an idea from just the mass amount of people and masters. I've spoken to what the afterlife is kind of like but still pretty patchy, even after all the research I've done. So from his experience, and from your experience doing this work. Can you give us kind of a little bit more of the lay of the land, if you will?

Peter Smith 4:24
Happy to Alex and let me tell you where I'm coming from on that as well, because Michael did this 7000 types. Wow, that was the client base before he started to publish his books journey of souls destiny of souls back in the 90s. So he found that and let me say as well that members of the Michael Newton Institute have reproduced his body of research 10 times over now. Okay, so we have 200 people around the world in different countries and languages. The model is still pretty much the same. But there are some shifts in the research and we talk a little bit about that too. If you aren't sure. Yeah, absolutely. But he found that when you go through this, you leave the body, somehow Your soul knows the way home, you rise up out of the body, you drift back towards this other dimension, that is the afterlife. And he found that you would usually sort of debrief that life either in the company of a spiritual guide, somebody like that, they'd help you to understand and glean the learnings from that life. You then move through your mind speak to a spiritual counsel, you might do certain activities in between life, that might be a creation of energy. Or some people work to progress planets and help to design. Some people work in different classes in like a learning type environment. And whilst you might learn the theory, there, you come back into an incarnation to do the practical exercises of how that looks in real life in 3d. So, spiritual councils would normally form a number of people around sort of a semi circle table, and they'd be offering advice and understanding. Usually, souls have a certain color and frequency to their vibration there as well. That's always great to ask. But most importantly, was the question I love to to ask Alex and that was, have you ever incarnated on another planet or in another dimension? And some of the stories that came out of that question, were just phenomenal, you know, stories of water worlds, stories of being an energetic type, being in an energy environment. You know, even being different types of animals that we don't have here, or different types of plant life aid, someone told me that they were a rock on another planet, just so they could learn stillness. But all of this is, is is really how we set up the learning through lifetimes that we take.

Alex Ferrari 6:57
I think we can barely wrap our heads around. Just incarnations on Earth. If you start to jump around the universe, it's hard for people don't even I don't think we're there yet. Most people, I think it's a difficult thing to kind of wrap your head around. So when when someone passes over, and they're they've gone through their life review. We've learned our lessons. What's the next step? Do they is there? Do they go to their quote unquote, house on the other side of the world that they've designed on the others, their condo, on the heavenly condo? For my understand, you create whatever happen you want on the other side? So do they go to that place, rest for a while, maybe, but there's no time on the other side. So how is that makes sense? You know, there's so many, it's hard, it's hard to wrap our head or our little heads around this stuff,

Peter Smith 6:57
It is and to understand the concept of now time when we live in a linear construct is difficult. And the more of this work I've done over the years, the more I've come to understand that time is a linear construct for our learning. And that it's far more fluid than we know it to be. And you know, people like Einstein, were always talking about the fluidity of time. But when we get over onto the other side, this sweeping view across the lineage of our soul, and we're both this persona, but beyond this persona. And we have people that sit in the chair, and they'll go back, we have a particular methodology that we use that starts with linear time, we go back, you've got a client that starts in the chair, then they become a past life persona, of you know, they might be Native American, ancient Greece, any of that sort of stuff. And they may speak a little bit differently influenced by the environment in which they live in their body. Then they cross over and they're in this other place, and they change into their soul consciousness, which is another voice again, often with another name, or say, Who am I speaking with now, and they may say, an ether or something like that some sort of a name that's quite different. But from there, they you know that the client will normally come with a list of questions what they want to know from the other side, and a lot of it's around relationships, who do I incarnate with regularly. And they'll say, someone will come forward and they'll recognize them in their soul form, but it will be maybe their sister or their husband or whoever it might be from, from this lifetime, and they recognize them through their soul energy. And so you can start to ask some questions. How many lifetimes have you hung out together? Well, you know, we've incarnated 50 times now together, because we just love learning together and we've played different roles and sometimes I've been the sister sometimes I've been the mother, sometimes the Father. And this dynamic that they've formed often takes multiple angles across multiple lives to round out But learning at the soul level.

Alex Ferrari 10:01
Now, this concept of there is no technically past lives or no technical future lives that all lives are happening now. Very difficult for you to wrap your head around. Do you have any clarification around that idea? Because again, we're coming from a linear linear, timeline based reality. So we have to say, past lives, if you just by the nature of the concept of like, oh, Ancient Egypt, well, that's in our reality a past life. But really, it's going on right now.

Peter Smith 10:35
Yeah, exactly. This bit of advice, I often people ask me that I say, Well, don't wrap your head around it, because it's not going to fit. Fair enough. And there's something about how we're cultured and in society, Alex to, to run with linear time, and to exist within linear time. And for that to be the construct through which we exist. But when we move outside of that time, you know, everyone sort of has had some sort of time slippage here or there along the way, where time has ever gone longer, or it's gone shorter, depends on what you're doing. What's happening. Time, as I said, before, it's far more fluid than we know. If we take in, you know, quantum physicists to answer this question as well in way, and I'm certainly not one, but what they'll do is they'll tell you that time is relative. Okay, so when we move into particularly long when you spend time with some of your relatives, but you know, there's something about the now time that gave us the sweeping view, and this is where Michael's work was so incredible, is it showed us the fluidity of time through the the eyes of our soul? And that we could say, well, yeah, I would say to somebody, how many times have you incarnated on Earth? And that will say to me, I've had 180 incarnations on this planet. Now say, you know, what are the themes. So what I, what I'd say to people who have trouble offering that is to, it can't be understood through the human intellect, the best way to understand it is to just experience it and to move outside of time and space yourself similar what you might do in meditation. It's great question for some of the channels that you talk to as well give us your concept of time. And all of us can have inclusion or it's more fluid than we know. So best advice I can give people is just be open to the fact that it's not as locked in as what we feel.

Alex Ferrari 12:40
And the idea that time is relative that I think everyone has, at one point or another has felt this, that you go beyond time, where when you're enjoying yourself, time flies, but when you're not enjoying yourself at the DMV, you know, where you get your license here in the States. Time goes very slowly, are you doing jury duty here? Time goes very slowly, generally speaking, but when you're enjoying yourself, time flies, I think we've all felt that. Or if you're an athlete, or a creative or an artist, that time you're doing your art that time you're in the flow state. That's another thing that people use that word a lot. Now the flow state time completely, almost disappears. And you know, I meditate a lot. And my meditation when I'm in meditation, when I'm in it deep, it will go like that, and I'll come out of it. I'm like, what was that an hour and a half? Like, I didn't even feel it. Yeah, you transcend time. So there are glimpses of that. It's not easily turned on and off, maybe more better. So within meditation, but these other aspects of things, it's difficult, but it is. It's, it's really, it's like you said, you can't wrap your head around it. It's very difficult to start wrapping your head around this stuff.

Peter Smith 13:58
Yeah, absolutely. Well, let me reassure you that the DMV experience is actually a global phenomenon.

Alex Ferrari 14:05
And it's, you know, there's just no beautiful DMVs in Australia.

Peter Smith 14:11
Well, I guess technically they're upside down. But they still along here.

Alex Ferrari 14:17
It's yeah, I guess that's a very universal truth. That all the invasive painful.

Peter Smith 14:23
Yeah, absolutely. You know, I once I once had a client say to me, and you know, what people love to use, I love to hear clients stories, because it makes it real. Sure. And I did one of these life between life sessions for guidelines and we crossed over from a past life. We went into the afterlife, we met a soul group. You know, he had a conversation with some wise beings there. He talked about how he set up the life he was in now and what his intentions and purpose were for coming back this time, which is a real power of the work. And he's starting to bring him back out of spirit and back into his body and all that sort of stuff. And he's got this frown on his face and he says blah blah blah or any any came back up and in any sort of reoriented and he looked at me and he said, Are you okay? Which you look a bit troubled? And he said, Why would you bring me back after 20 minutes? I was just getting started. And I said, you've been down there two and a half hours. Wow. So yeah, it's time slippage is a real phenomenon.

Alex Ferrari 15:26
And, well, this is really interesting. I'm assuming you've heard the concept of the Mandela Effect. Absolutely. So from your point of view from the work that you've done, and I've talked about the Mandela effect on the show constantly, because I find it fascinating because there are absolute things that I, you know, I remember and others remember, and they like, and when you ask, perfect example, this is something very American, but Ed McMahon, who was a comedian, I guess it is a comedian here, who was on The Tonight Show, he was very well known for working with Publishers Clearing House, which was basically you get a million dollar check. And he would go to people's doors and hand him a check with cameras and balloons, and it was a big thing. It's the 80s, mostly 80s and 90s. And for a generation of people, Ed McMahon was Publishers Clearing House. Well, if you go to Publishers Clearing House, and you ask them, they've said, I'm sorry, Ed McMahon has never worked for us, has never been part of us. And there's, there's just like, there's just no way. And I'm not the only one, there's so many people, and it goes on and on and on. Where do you think is happening? Because you said the word time slippage, what is happening to a large swath of the population that remember one thing and another large swath of population that remember something else?

Peter Smith 16:47
You know, obviously some of those stories about you know, the the front of a cereal box now something spelled and all that sort of stuff.

Alex Ferrari 16:54
I mean, Jiff, Jiffy peanut butter Jif. Peanut butter. Yeah, that kind of stuff. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Peter Smith 17:00
I mean, we had an incident just yesterday, here in the car, my partner and I were driving back home from having lunch in my partner says that hill wasn't there yesterday, like one side of the road is raised up. And I just said, she said, Do you remember that side of the road been raised up like about, you know, 10 feet above the other side of the road with this thing in the middle? I said, I don't really. So what's going on there, and he got you started getting a multiverse. And that's about how we move into different realities from the decisions that we make their splits in our timelines, we're continuing to unfold in different tracks and all of that, and some people remember one track and one people remember the other track. For me, this is about the thinning of the veil, Alex, and that all of those ultimate realities used to be beautiful, beautifully divided in our soul would go in a couple of different directions from a decision that we've made. And that's great, because that's multiple learning at the soul level. And this is another one, you can't get your head around a given form. But for me the same way the veil is thinning for the afterlife, which is why there's so many mediums now, so many people are channeling so many people having past life lashes, that veil is getting thin, but I actually believe that the the veil between the different realities is getting thinner as well. So we have different timelines bleeding into each other. And people are jumping between those timelines because of the thinness of that veil.

Alex Ferrari 18:30
So when you jump a timeline, so let's say, right now we're having this conversation. And then I decided to ask one question this way. And then in another like, oh, no, but let's go this other so we asked two different questions. So now there's two different versions of this conversation that are going to finish off how they're going to finish off. Are there two of me at that point? And is it if there is to have of soul level or versions of me? In this in this multiverse idea? Well, is it with every decision, because it's an infinite amount of you, in this incarnation? Let's not even talk about past and future lives. Let's just talk about this incarnation. There's a split off into literally an infinite infinite amount of versions of you learning at different levels. did I marry Susie? Did I? Did I take that job with Bob that I go to school or decided just smoke weed or like whatever the differences are? How many different versions are there? Is that kind of what's happening?

Peter Smith 19:32
I've got my own speculation on this because a lot of my work has been about blending the quantum physics with the spiritual side and consciousness is the common language between the two, which is so powerful. For me, I feel that some of these splits in the timeline doesn't happen with every tiny decision and in the book I write about toast. Do I have jelly on my toast? I have been a butter on my toast do I have Vegemite on my toast which is what we do a lot of down here. And does that give me three different toast realities? My take is that our timeline will split into the different realities in collaboration with our soul. And if the soul can learn something from that other line, it will follow into the other reality. I don't necessarily run with the quantum physics component that every small thing I pick up my pen or put my pin down creates all these different realities. I don't necessarily go with that, because I think we're powered by a greater consciousness ourselves. Even quantum physics is part of that beautiful soup of the all there is that is created by a power of which we're all part of that is far greater than we believe ourselves to be human form. So I think there's a threshold of where these realities do continue to form because there are other paths of learning. And I think if something is another path of learning, yeah, absolutely. Another reality. But the tiny little small decisions now, that's my take.

Alex Ferrari 20:59
I think your next book should be called the toast realities. And because it's such a fascinating idea, like, so you have three options for toast is a jelly said butter, so Vegemite. Okay, well, does that really evolve your consciousness, evolving soul? And any three of those options? Now, if the jelly toes is hit by a comet? Absolutely. You know, if there's an earthquake on the butter toast? Oh, absolutely. There's a there's absolutely, you know, if there's something else that happens and explosion happens at this. So those are that makes sense. But the toasts itself is not something that is going to create a new reality. So it's going to be a little bit larger. I like the way you put it. It's not like it's large event, it's events that your soul can grow from. So that means that the soul is growing at such a rapid rate down here, more so than it does on the other side. Is it the equivalent of reading about how to bake and actually baking or cooking?

Peter Smith 22:05
Well, I call it begging bootcamp down here, okay. Because it's such an intense experience with all of our human emotions and the vibrational frequencies that we have. And one of the things I've discovered, Alex is that these realities are closer than we know. I mean, it's like, we're just changing the dial on the radio, and all of a sudden, it's the same box, but you're in a completely different frequency. And I found that many, many years ago, when I was doing past life work, you'd have to sometimes labor to get these people across into these other lifetimes. But with the realities, they seem so much closer due to the greater level of quantum entanglement we hold with those other versions of ourselves in this type of body. So for me, yeah, they're, they're out there, and they're waiting to be discovered. And I think a lot of this goes back to the pre planning. Before we come here. I mentioned before and Michael Newton's model of the, the spiritual universe, that we set up a life before we come, I think we actually set up some of these decision points. As Okay, I'm gonna get to that decision point. Point in my life. It's preset, I'll end there, I'll go in different directions. And the soul follows in both. I've had people say to me over the years, I always knew my dad was going to die when I was young. Or I always knew there'd be a big car accident, my life that would change my life, I've been seeing flashes of things. And that's from the the precog that comes from the presale planning before we arrive.

Alex Ferrari 23:36
That's a really interesting concept, because I've never really heard it presented that way before the precog. I mean, we've, I mean, if you've seen the Minority Report, I'm a movie guy. So I always use that as a reference. Great, great movie, but the precog idea of where you know, the future before it happens. Well, there's elements of that in our lives all the time. Like you pick up the phone, and you know who it is before it rings. Yeah, or stuff like that kind of happens. But having large precog ideas or events that are almost haunting you, or that you have a gut feeling about is really, really interesting. I mean, have you met with a lot of clients who've had those kinds of things happen, that they they felt those kinds of things.

Peter Smith 24:23
There's this little thing called Soul CPH.

Alex Ferrari 24:27
What's that? We're never heard that before.

Peter Smith 24:31
Well, the soul is always there. I mean, the hardware and the software were a complete unit, you know, and the soul the software. And let me say that how much the soul loves us to Alex because it's really important to remember that the soul chose to be asked your soul chose you head of 8 billion other options on this planet. And you're the only one that would do. Okay. I believe that's the greatest act of unconditional love that we will ever experience. So that's that's how much our soul loves us. And our soul steers us. So some of these soul seepage are these funny little bits of influence, that move their way through into our life and they give us those moments of blissful insight. When we're that we know we're on track, or something happens that goes beyond coincidence, like Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity suddenly doesn't make sense, but still happens. And I remember when I first began journey of souls, Newton's first book, I was a young hypnotherapist looking for a gift for brands to run over at borders, bookshop, remember borders, they're gone. Yeah, I stood there, and I stepped forward, but I shot and I pulled the book off the shelf. And it was a journey of self it was. And when I read the when I read the back of that something happened inside of me there felt like an earthquake had happened in Borders Bookstore and I look around and everyone else is just reading books, or drinking coffee, or doing the stuff that people used to do at borders. And so it was one of those moments, that was a soul seepage, that was my soul saying, this is an important moment, don't lose the energy of what's just happened. And the rest was history. And, you know, I went learn to work or to work with Michael, ladies organization for 10 years. And that was because it was one of those quintessential spiritual moments of truth.

Alex Ferrari 26:24
You know, it's really interesting, I'm thinking about that, that that kind of scenario in my life where I didn't come from a movie family. I was far away from Hollywood is almost you can be in South Florida. And it was the 80s. So late 80s Not a lot of information about movies, movie making all that stuff. Yeah. Now it's everybody. Everybody knows how to make movies. It's, it's everywhere. You can YouTube everything. But back then it wasn't. So it wasn't even considered a career. But yet, I was looking for a part time job. And the job I chose was a video store. Oddly enough, it wasn't like I was all I need to work. It was oh, this might be cool. And then my grandfather gifted me a video camera, a little high eight, old school video camera, which I started to play around with. And I'm like, Huh. And then that just it just so fascinating how those things just started to guide me in the direction of this insane idea of becoming a filmmaker in a time where that wasn't even a thing, let alone from my Latino family who looked at me like, are you crazy? What do you what are you going to be Spielberg? That's not going to make this makes no sense. So it was it's fascinating that those there are moments like that there are books like that that happened Autobiography of a Yogi is one of those books for me. When I was given that book, it was just like, I've had books that have almost vibrate. When I picked them up, they just they're like it the information is so important to my evolution in this life, that after I read that book, it was a changed person, like completely changed. And there are a handful of those books that were gifted to me, or at least recommended to me that change your whole perception. So as we were talking about alternative realities, and like, well, there's then there's an all a reality where I didn't start the show. Yeah. And then I don't know where that reality would go, I wouldn't be happy about that reality. I don't want to go there. I don't want to be in that reality. But I wonder what would have happened? You know, what would have happened if I didn't get that job at the video store? You know, what if my grandpa hadn't given me a video camera? Like, what would have happened to my life? Where would I be? What interests would have been pulled towards? It's pretty? It's pretty, pretty fascinating. You start thinking about the what ifs. And then not only the what ifs of what, oh, if I would have dated her or if I would have gotten that job. But then thinking, Wait a minute, there is a version of me going down that road? What is that? Like? What is that? That that Alex? Or that Peter? Dealing with? Like? Yeah, it starts to really hurt you. You start thinking that much about it?

Peter Smith 29:14
Well, one thing was say that those books that vibrate as well is that books come through authors and not from authors. Read 100% And I remember the quantum consciousness book, Celeste Kelly book, the last two I've written. I remember going back and rereading what I've done and saying, Hey, this this sounds pretty good.

Alex Ferrari 29:37
I did I'd say that all it's up like who wrote this? This is fantastic. Yeah.

Peter Smith 29:43
So so it's like the messages are permeated with these frequencies that people made beautiful frequencies coming through from other places.

Alex Ferrari 29:54
Oh, I mean, Autobiography of a Yogi is one of those books. That those words still vibrating after years, decades after his passing, and many, I mean, from the Vedic texts to, I mean, so many ancient wisdom in the Tao de Ching and so on. It is pretty, pretty fascinating. The whole concept of the multiverse do you think now that the that there's so much talk about the multiverse and parallel realities, these these are concepts are being tossed around fairly in the zeitgeist in popular culture now, where 10 years ago, the multiverse was really on the on the fringe, either science or sci fi, comic books, you know, the geeks, that doesn't read comic books like myself, were discovering the multiverse idea. But now people are talking about this conversation. Like we're really having deep conversations about parallel realities, parallel, the multiverse, all that kind of stuff. Do you think it's, why do you think that's happening now, and not 50 years ago?

Peter Smith 31:06
My take is, it's the evolution of consciousness, Alex, we're ready to know that we are multi dimensional beings living in a multiverse. And some of the work that we've been doing is we've been, we've been connecting with some of these other versions of ourselves, because the quantum entanglement is so high, that we can have conversations with these others. And I've been training guys to do that for a number of years. Now, as you go to a decision, you wonder what would have happened in the other direction, and we take them out of their body, we got to a meeting place where they can talk to that other version of themselves, with the, the full and complete intention of raising the vibration of both. Because when we can swap Intel, share wisdom, offer advice, do healing, whatever it might be, that raises the vibration of our multi dimensional self, times to and even to offer information or your gratitude back. That's a beautiful exchange, in

Alex Ferrari 32:03
Can you explain the concept of quantum entanglement just a little bit to people who don't understand what that is, because it's a very important concept from quantum physics that the spiritual space is really grabbing a hold of, because it just really reinforces the concept that we are all connected. Yeah, absolutely.

Peter Smith 32:21
Well, Einstein called it spooky action at a distance. But that wasn't all that helpful. Yeah. The make quantum entanglement is the personal experience of everything being connected. And it's like that example, you mentioned before Alex, you know, who's ringing, when the when the phone goes, so you know what's going to be. And for us, there's the concept that wants to particles have a relationship, they can never be disengaged, even though they might be lightyears away from each other. And it's like, the connectivity with the people that were close to, is always there. I've had people say to me, you know, I knew the moment my dad died. You know, and I knew the moment that this happened, or that happened. It's because we are connected. And when we we move into this ocean of consciousness that connects us all. We can feel the sensations and trust our intuition to know things that we wouldn't know otherwise. So for me, it's about personal connectivity into this whole tapestry of all there is, and it takes many different forms large and small.

Alex Ferrari 33:35
But there's the quantum entanglement alone, just that one concept in quantum physics throws materialism and Space and Time Out the window. Essentially, it does, it does. So by doing that, I'm assuming there's been some pushback from the physics community.

Peter Smith 33:51
Well, I've talked to those guys really matched up with a couple of quantum physicists over the years, and some of them are really interested in consciousness. Yeah, absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 34:04
It's, it's interesting how these two worlds are starting to combine more and more and more. Let me ask you, what do you what do you think our understanding of consciousness is being impacted by this idea of this parallel realities and multiverse?

Peter Smith 34:20
I think we're slowly discovering that consciousness is bigger than we thought, Alex. You know, what is consciousness? You know, I think everything has consciousness, but there's an infrastructure behind it as well. And people say to me, you know, what is consciousness? And I answer it in a way that says that, well, the universe is energy. Everything's made up of energy. That's the infrastructure of the entire universe. And Reiki master will tell you that a quantum physicist will tell you that is that everything is energy. But then there's a layer on that energy that is like consciousness and that's what brings that infrastructure to life. We are walking examples of that if because we are consciousness in, we are all connected to everything and everyone on that infrastructure of energy. And then we serve our way through that through our awareness. So we put our focus where it's called our observer effect color whenever you want to where we put our focus. That is where it takes us in the experience of that consciousness. I'm an infrastructure of energy. So I mean, this gets complicated. So I'll try and use an analogy. If you look at the ocean, okay, the ocean floor is the infrastructure. Now the energy, the water in the ocean, is consciousness, because it flows everywhere, and it's all connected. And our awareness of the sea creatures that move through that ocean of consciousness supported by the sea floor to have the experiences that they have,

Alex Ferrari 35:55
From my experience is talking to near death, there's and I'm assuming from yours as well, from talking to life between life regressions. On the other side, there is no time or space. So things happen instantly. You think it, you're there. It's an instant scenario, that I'm assuming more of what quantum entanglement is at the high is level, were down here, it's as much as we can make it work in the three dimensional space in the material space. Is that a fair statement?

Peter Smith 36:34
Yeah, I think that's a great statement. The instantaneous manipulation of energy is a real characteristic of the spiritual realm and beyond. And I think a lot of the things, the experiences that we have on the other side are almost metaphoric, because we need to be able to integrate them. And this is back to my comment before about how human consciousness is at a stage where we're able to understand our multi dimensional realities, while still in 3d. This is a big shift for the evolution of consciousness, because more advanced races that are out there, apparently, express and live and know their multi dimensional nature of being, we're moving towards that as part of our own evolution. But yeah, when we're out of our body, and we're not restricted by 3d, we are limitless. We can do anything that we want. It's, it's a beautiful thing. But those experiences still need to be integrated here so that the awareness increases. So some of the things over there are a little metaphorical meeting in a garden with your spiritual guide, or going to a temple, that sort of stuff. Did you know Did someone build a temple over there? Well, no, it's it's a construct for learning that we bring back into here in a way that we can integrate it.

Alex Ferrari 37:47
Well, I mean, if you look at what, like the eternal Saint Baba Ji, from the ergonomists book, who's apparently still alive, been alive for about 2500 years or more, here helping humanity in the book, he creates a crystal Castle, instantly out of his own will, he's at a whole other level, let's just throw it there. He's He's Neo, for lack of a better word. He's Neo in the Matrix, he understands the code and can manipulate it however he likes. But that is also how a lot of the spiritual masters who've walked the earth, either Ascended Masters or walking masters, have understood our construct this simulated reality that we're in at such a high level that for lack of a better word, they understand the code. And because they understand the code of it, they can manipulate the code, hence, yogic powers, miracles, you know, things like that. What looks to us as miracles is just a manipulation of reality, because he just understand things at a different level. Is that a fair statement?

Peter Smith 38:53
I think that's a great statement. Yeah, you know, and I think we're in the process of gradually uncovering our magnificence so that we can know who we really are. And, you know, one of the questions I've had over the years from from clients has been, I just want to know that I'm normal. And I say, well, you're actually paranormal.

Alex Ferrari 39:14
We're all, Well, I mean, if you just even say, listen to what Jesus said back in the day, everything I can do, you can do and more. It's, it's there's not special beings that come down. There might be more evolved soul wise to get to these points, but we're all capable of it. Every single one of us during all of your work. Have you had a profound session? That really just rocked your world in a way that just changed you and what was that session?

Peter Smith 39:45
What happened to me as a as the facilitator or

Alex Ferrari 39:49
Both, either one?

Peter Smith 39:52
Okay. Let me let me offer a couple of little snippets that would be helpful for people as well and this goes back to That magnificence of who we are, and our mindset, a client, and we're in the life between life state, and they speak from their soul, Alex, they're in a different person's different voice, everything. And I said to this client, I said to her, why did you choose this body? And she says to me, Well, I'm, I'm a researcher from another dimension. And I'm researching the human brain. And I'm here to do research, the best way to do that was to actually incarnate and have one. I said, Oh, hell, let's go. And she says, going very well. She's Do you have any questions? I'm going to start for an answer. So I pulled something out of the air. And I said, Well, why do we only? Why do we only use a certain percentage of our brain lag 15 to 20%. And she, she said to me, very matter, effectively, who told you that? And I said, Well, that's what our scientists are saying. And she says, Well, they're wrong. She says, The only reason you think that is because you haven't invented the machines that can measure what the what the brain is actually doing. And I thought, wow, magic if you have one of those machines. Yeah. But that was that was just fantastic. Well,

Alex Ferrari 41:14
I mean, but to be fair, there are things now that we're able to see with machines and technology. 100 years ago, we would have been heresy, we would have been burned at the stake. Oh, absolutely. I mean, so that is not that far of a stretch. I mean, 100 years from now that we're able to check that we were able to measure, psychic ability, levels of consciousness, I don't know, whatever, whatever those things that the brain is being able to manifest and create your reality based on your focus. Those might be a measurable thing in the future. Why wouldn't it be? It is insane as a saying that there is radio waves in the air 200 years ago, like it people were like, What are you talking about? You're insane.

Peter Smith 42:07
Yeah, I love that example, because all of that is out there, and we can't see it. Correct. And all you got to do is turn your radio on and adjust that frequency, and you can get a dozen different stations in 10 seconds. It's just fantastic. And I love that as an analogy. And something that Bruce Lipton say once, which I loved about the radio as well. And he said, looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside the radio for the announcer

Alex Ferrari 42:37
That's a great, great, great great. David. What is the biggest some of the biggest misconceptions about quantum consciousness that people have out there?

Peter Smith 42:53
Yeah, well, let me define it first, because it's important that those two worlds two worlds work together. And for me, quantum physics is the science of possibility. Okay, you've got for example, M theory, which is talking about 11 different dimensions and the mass works. One of them is time the other 10 of space, you know, where mathematically condoning a piece other dimensions actually exist. So for me, quantum physics is starting to ask the right questions and they don't know. They have the answers. And and, and I think Tom Campbell said it beautifully. On one of your chats, you know, they got no idea. You know, quantum physics is the science of possibility and consciousness is the fabric of the universe. Okay, that's the all there is consciousness is the lifeblood that brings that infrastructure to life. When you put quantum consciousness together, you've got the science of possibility in the fabric of the universe, you put them together, and it's important to be able to know that we are quantum consciousness. Okay. So some of the misconceptions go into that. The misconceptions that we are limited. You know, people say quantum physics or science, it's as much philosophy as it is sighs. People say consciousness of I'm awake or asleep. That's not right, either. I think one thing that we've been trained to do in human form is to live our limit our limited lives, when we are so much more. So for me, the greatest misconception is that the truth has been hidden from us that we are limitless. We are magnificent beyond our knowing we are multi dimensional beings in a multiverse, and we will never die. We will continue and we're here to make a difference to the world.

Alex Ferrari 44:46
What would you say to somebody whose brain is frying right now because everything that we're talking about goes against the programming that they've grown up with?

Peter Smith 44:55
Yeah, move from the brain into the heart. because that's where that's the gateway to the soul.

Alex Ferrari 45:03
So what advice would you give somebody who is saying this is all a bunch of hogwash? This is all crazy. You're all nuts. Be the skeptic, what would you say to them?

Peter Smith 45:16
Yeah, well, I was a good set of skeptic in the early days. That's how I got into this is because I wasn't came from non believer, which I think is healthy. It is that is, yeah, I would say, don't take our word for it. If you're open to it, have the experience. You know, explore whether it's buying a book, or whether it's going to a workshop, or whether it's doing a session with someone who knows what they're doing, whatever it might be, you know, just explore. Because you don't understand your limitlessness until you start to explore it. And then it's like a trail of breadcrumbs that leads to your way,

Alex Ferrari 45:53
Are there are going to be any, do you foresee any significant advancements in quantum physics, that are going to shape our collective reality in what we're doing? In the spiritual space,

Peter Smith 46:09
Probably not my field of quantum physics itself. But if I could offer the quantum physicists something is to move beyond being a scientist, and be an explorer. And I think we discover more when we forget everything that we've ever learned. And we move beyond the scientific restrictions, which might have to do about research, funding, peer review. All of these things are designed to trap us into a materialistic sort of view of science. But my take is that science was originally invented to explore the new horizons, and do not do it with the eyes of Wonder of a small child. That's what I'd offer the scientists

Alex Ferrari 46:55
Do you believe that not only do we individually have consciousness, but there is a consciousness for humanity, and arguably a consciousness for the planet. That is shifting right now, in a way that has been more profound than any other time in human history regarding the last, not just the last 6000 years was what they what mainstream archaeologists say that we've been around, but more so 100,000 years, 200,000 years, however long we've been here, do you believe that?

Peter Smith 47:30
I do. Not just believe it, Alex, I get to live it through the eyes of my clients. And the people that we teach this work to were forever starting new projects, we're opening new boundaries, we're surrendering more and more, even Michael Newton's original work is now evolving. And then the mark on Union Institute, we're working on that at the moment as well, the quantum consciousness work that I'm doing, we're now moving further out from some of the quantum principles and exploring more from the consciousness and from the from the quantum end, I think everything is continuing to unfold. And not just that, but it's speeding up. And I think that we are the horizon of a whole new consciousness for humanity, as we discover more of ourselves. You know, I'm, I'm having conversations with people, like you said before, I'm having conversations, people I wouldn't have had 10 years ago. And you're right, 100 years ago, would have burned at the stake. And many of us did that. But, you know, I just think that we're in the middle of a great awakening. And what we see in the turmoil in the world is actually a characteristic of change. And the things that we're changing need to come into our line of sight so that we can feel into them to know that we don't want that anymore, and we're going to let it go. And I think that's going to set humanity free.

Alex Ferrari 48:49
So moving forward, because that's a good point that there is a lot of stuff going on right now, in the world. In this great time of great awakening, where there is these conversations happening more and more all the time. If the numbers of my show are in the indication, that means that there's people who really want this information, we're searching for this information. But the exact same time as this positive aspect of humanity is growing. The negative seems to be growing at a at a similar rate, where there's wars and conflicts from 1000s of years ago, boiling up, you know, ideas of racism, coming on to the forefront, on all all all fronts. It's It's fascinating to see all of that's happening at the same time. But do you think it's going to get a little bit worse, before it gets a little bit better, quote, unquote, from your perspective and your work?

Peter Smith 49:54
My take is it's always been Oh, yeah, no question. You can you can hear something that until it comes into your line of sight, can't decide that you don't want it anymore. And I think it looks like it's getting worse. But I sense it was always there originally anyway. But you know, when you're when you clean out your cupboard, you come across the cobwebs. Again cumene big time, you know, we did some research with Michael Newton Institute, and there's a I just put this to the side in case I could use it as a comment. But what we did, we took 25 people down into this in between spiritual type state and the other side. And when he said, you know, what's happening in the world. And this was with everything that's happened over the last few years. And I'll just do one little quote, which was really powerful. Imagine a table covered with debris, that this was about the whole COVID thing as well comes along with a sweeping arm and it completely clears the table off. Now it's got nothing on it. Humans being asked, What do you want to put back on the table? And what do you want to leave behind? And I think that summarizes where humanity said, what do we want to leave behind? Let's find the pieces. And let's bring them in to our line of sight. And let's let them go.

Alex Ferrari 51:19
That's beautiful. By the way, what is the most important message you want people to take away from the relationship between quantum physics, consciousness and our spiritual existence?

Peter Smith 51:31
You are a unique collection of subatomic particles. You are powered by consciousness, you are quantum consciousness. You are the spiritual being having a human experience. And you are multi dimension. So I would just offer to people that what you've asked him that question, Alex did a great summary of who they are. Because everyone is all of that. And when we transcend the societal conditioning that we've been offered, since we were kids, it permeates our business systems, medical systems, education systems, all of it. It's all permeated with you are limited. And I want to say that that's all based upon a lie. So when you find your own truth, you're set free from the matrix, if you want to call it that. I think everyone is now.

Alex Ferrari 52:23
Everyone has the potential to be now there's no question about it. No question about it. One of the things. You said that Mr. Newton's, or Dr. Newton's Foundation has changed a little bit of his findings over the course of their it's what were those some of the differences between his work and the institute's work?

Peter Smith 52:43
Yeah. Michael pass now seven years ago, so it's been a while that we've we've carried on his work, to in 40 countries 25 languages, reproducing what he originally found, but we're seeing a letting go of the structure. And some of the main trends that we're seeing is people don't need the hopless hold structure that I described to you earlier in this conversation. People are not needing that sort of structure to be able to get the information they need. We've got a lot of people who are here incarnated on earth now who have a lineage that goes off world, they have incarnated in other places, other dimensions, etc. And they've been drawn here to be part of this incredible change, we've got to change the ingredients of the cake, if you want to bake differently. And thirdly, there's this huge shift Alex from me to we are now going to be doing the life between lives work for 20 years. And I look at people 1520 years ago, when they were first coming to me and they would say, What's my purpose for this lifetime? What am I here to do? Now people are saying, I'm here to do something to be part of something that's far bigger than me. I've come here for the awakening of consciousness. So the shift from me to we I think, is a great indication of our shift into this oneness that we're starting to experience more of, and the way to experience one that seems to work out where you're not in the oneness. And those are the pieces that need to be fixed.

Alex Ferrari 54:19
Now, I'm gonna ask a few questions to ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Peter Smith 54:24
It's about being in resonance, in resonance with your soul and the plan that you came here to do, and to contribute to something beyond yourself, and I feel that that brings a level of resonance to your life that just allows you to experience fulfillment to know that you're on track, and that allows you to be at peace.

Alex Ferrari 54:49
You can go back in time and talk to a little Pete. What advice would you give him?

Peter Smith 54:57
Get out of the banking industry quicker.

Alex Ferrari 54:59
You but but, but in another reality you did get out of the banking earlier. So that is live in a live in a much higher life than you are sir

Peter Smith 55:15
20, 20 years in corporate life. But what that taught me It taught me a lot about leadership taught me a lot about communication. And when the Michael Newton Institute needed a finance policy, I was the guy to write one for them so that we were sustainable for future generations. Everything Everything serves. But I would, I'd also said more seriously, I'd say a little P. Maintain the eyes through which you save the world that are full of awe and wonder. And hold on to that as you get older, because they will steal you from the purity of your soul.

Alex Ferrari 55:53
Isn't that is that the reason why children have such a purity of heart because they're closer to source, they just got here. So they haven't been kind of muddied up by the by the system as much. And and also, as you get older, when you're closing in on the end, use start to change as well, in other ways, as well.

Peter Smith 56:18
Yeah, you're sort of revert back. And I've got a mum who's close to transition now. And she, she sees things, sometimes she grabs things in the air and what you're doing there, I know, this just needs to be fixed. If she opening a portal to the afterlife, and she, you know, having memory of picking fruit when she was a kid, not sure what she's doing, but I know that she is getting closer and the environment around her is changing. She sees things now. I think she's piercing the veil.

Alex Ferrari 56:51
How do you define God or source?

Peter Smith 56:54
Ultimately, it comes back to two things, it comes back to love. And it comes back to us. And if I look at that ocean of consciousness that I talked about, all those water droplets permeated with love. This, there's something in water and consciousness that is yet to be discovered and will be at some point, I've had clients tell me about that we're missing what the potential of water really is. And we're like 70% water as well. So there's something there that's going to be uncovered at some point. But for me, you know, I don't have a traditional biblical field guide, I have it as sort of a the oneness of which we are all a part. And together, in that oneness we are go.

Alex Ferrari 57:42
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Peter Smith 57:44
I feel it's to it's to learn and grow and evolve. But if I look at why do we take human form, the purpose of a life, I like to feel that it's about making a difference in the lives of others.

Alex Ferrari 57:58
And where can people find out more about you and the work you're doing?

Peter Smith 58:03
Mark Newton Institute, we're out there at The other work that I do with quantum consciousness is And we have an institute, again with 60 people around the world and Institute for Quantum consciousness. Yep. Is that book and more recently, I wrote a book following that one. The transcendence of Celeste Kelly, this is my worn version. In that book, I put together a whole aspect of all of the work that I've done over 20 years, I build it into a story about a quantum physicist that goes chasing consciousness. People tried to stop her. Her father died in mysterious circumstances, because he was pursuing free energy. And she accidentally stumbled across the metaphysical approach that quantum physics has been missing. And she finds a way in which to collapse timelines into a future Earth, that is everything, but we want it to be

Alex Ferrari 59:03
Beautiful my friend. And do you have a parting message for the audience?

Peter Smith 59:07
Go and explore, discover who you really are. And that will not just be great for you. But it'll be great for everybody around you. Because you'll encourage them to do the same. For me. It's the ripple effect. One person wakes up does another person wakes up, tells another couple who wake up and we can take humanity into a whole new consciousness, and finally understand the potential of who we are.

Alex Ferrari 59:33
Peter thank you so much for this conversation. I appreciate this conversation and everything you're doing for the world, my friend, so thank you, and I appreciate you.

Peter Smith 59:42
I've got to say right back at you, Alex. You're having some conversations that are changing lives. Thank you for what you do.

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