It Has ALREADY Begun! STUNNING CHANNELED About HUMANITY’S Future! with Peter DeBenedittis

Peter DeBenedittis is driven by a passion to help people who are ready to embrace and ascend into 5D. When enough everyday folks fully get that they’re creating their realities, then the whole planet will pop into a Golden Age timeline, leaving the suffering and power games plaguing the planet behind.


Peter is part of what he calls “The next wave of channelers.” These are people who are not only bringing in messages from great beings to prepare us for ascension, but using their newly developed skills to be the boots on the ground who are helping people with the individual blockages they face in order to fully step into their power.

Peter can talk to any entity whose frequency he can identify, but has found he is best able to help people by speaking directly with their Sacred Higher Selves to act as a bridge until they can access their own internal guidance fully.

Peter provides Channeled Spiritual Coaching Sessions and Guided Process Sessions to remove blockages keeping people stuck in lower density energies.

Although many people work with Peter because they’re in pain and want to end their suffering, Peter has seen the largest leaps in consciousness and extraordinary abilities (flipping time lines, channeling, downloading information directly from source, etc.) from people who can sense they are ready to take the next step in their journey but just not know what or how to do it. When these types of people commit to uncovering and moving their blockages, miracles happen rapidly.

Please enjoy my conversation with Peter DeBenedittis.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 350

Peter DeBenedittis 0:00
That as we clear our own density that kept us locked into an emotional cycle that was stuck in there, then we were freed up and moved into a new timeline. That new timeline had a new person in it, who did not do all that stuff that had triggered us even though we still remember. Okay, and so the point is, do we hold the grudge? Or do we just let go and move into the new timeline? And so you see that with people, you see it with logos and all kinds of things? Yeah, it's become loosey goosey reality as a result of this.

Alex Ferrari 0:42
I'd like to welcome to the show, Peter DeBenedittis. How are you doing Peter?

Peter DeBenedittis 0:46
I am doing great, Alex such a pleasure to be here.

Alex Ferrari 0:49
Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm looking forward to talking to you. And whatever entities we connect with today, because then from my understanding as you as a channeler can connect to pretty much almost anybody you want to but we're gonna get a little bit of deeper into that you channeling process and and the work that you're doing in the world. So my first question to you, sir, is what was your life life before this insanity that is channeling came over it took over your life?

Peter DeBenedittis 1:20
Wow, what a great question. So, you know, it was a seeker till around 2012, because I felt broken on the inside. And nothing seemed to fit in size, always trying to get that there. And then in 2012, I was gifted awakening. And things got a lot better. And then intuition started picking up and things but it was still basically my personality, running the show and getting into all kinds of ego things that created lots of drama and pain. And then, then the channeling took off. And then it's been miracle after miracle. It's still not all peaches and cream. There's still like lots of clearings, as I've shown deeper levels of stuff I've been carrying, that are ready to be relieved. But pretty much I'm in flow worry has gone. I'm happy more most of the time. So that's pretty much been the change.

Alex Ferrari 2:22
So I always love asking channels, this when you first heard the voices, or first saw the images or first began to to understand that you have this ability to channel Did you think you were going nuts? Like speaking when you hear voices? And you don't know what's going on? It can be fairly scary. And you know, and I've heard I've spoken to so many channels that many of them did actually think like and my, because I some of them were scientists, some of them were business people, some of them were doctors, people with really, you know, logical brains, and all of a sudden, hello. So how did it work for you?

Peter DeBenedittis 3:03
I always had intuition. Right? So it's always been kind of there, and spirit, and I have a deal. God makes me think that everything's my idea. So I don't freak out about it.

Alex Ferrari 3:20
Think he's got that deal with everybody right? doesn't, doesn't it?

Peter DeBenedittis 3:24
So with matter was a matter of trusting the intuition. Then, of course, it was a matter of different voices were coming through more clearly I was doing. I wanted to learn how to remote view. And so I took an online class for that. And I wasn't being too successful. But the instructor said, Oh, go to a quantum healing technique, you know, by the Dolores cannons work. So I booked one session like that. And in the middle of that all kinds of things started happening. I, I had spent a lot of time in India going to Oneness University. And one of the things we did was build a temple in our heart. And I just thought it was just like an exercise to be cool. But I'm in the middle of this session and all of a sudden I'm in the temple in my heart. And then I'm talking to Mira from the Pleiades just like, love talking to you now. And Mira tells me Hey, Pete, I'm part of the advanced crew, we're here to prepare humanity for contact and upgrade skills. So I'm here to find people like you and work with them. So I channeled me her for a while. And, you know, I started practicing with my friends. And I thought I was making it up. I thought I spoke crap, right? And so, I would always ask people one question, customer satisfaction survey, and that was, was this information useful? And everybody said, yes. So I didn't do a lot with it until the beginning of last year. I went on a month long tour to Egypt with Lee Carol and who was channeling Kryon. And so I'm with 100 people who are into channeling and I'm with a nationally, internationally great channeler. And between the energy and star, everything was coming through. And we had all these long afternoons on cruise ships and on the Nile moving between sacred sites. And so I would, I would work that out, I could channel and people would come to me and I would do these little sessions with them and say, was this useful? And now all of a sudden, people who follow a respected channel, were saying, Yeah, Peter, you've got some information here. And then when I had all the spirits, okay, you know, you're going to play that it out game the rest of your life, you're going to step out into the world, what's it going to be? And so hearing I stepped out,

Alex Ferrari 5:41
Wow! So let me ask you about that stepping out. When you come out of the quote, unquote, spiritual closet or channeling closet, it can be a little bit jarring for the people around you. How did the people around you deal with this new Peter, who all of a sudden is doing this weird channeling thing? And coming up publicly to doing it,

Peter DeBenedittis 6:03
I have a small circle of friends. And so my wife is into all this type of stuff. And so she was like, Cool, good. And then my extended relatives all think I'm crazy anyway, so no big deal there. And then it was just a matter of the some of my siblings saying, Well, Peter, there's something going on with you. And so that was the confirmation I needed because they're kind of on the edge there. So then I then I put my shingle out there. You know, I created a website, because I've under clear instructions that I'm helping people, and it's very clear what my purpose is. And that is to help people who are ready to pop. Alright, so people who are starting to get skills, what do I do with them? How do I understand it? How do I what step to take because I'm blocked? I know it's out there. Alright? Because because the work you do for work, everybody does. Lots of teachers are out there. But people are like, energy's changing, but I just don't know what to do. So I'm the helping hand guy. Simple Steps. Come here. Okay. So I opened up this website to start to do this. And, you know, instantly I was getting feedback, I was channeling one woman, or channeling a session with one woman and she goes, Stop, stop, stop. And she runs and comes back with some paper and said, I did automatic writing this morning. And then she read back to me exactly what I just said. And I was like, okay, all right. So let's go on. Another time. One of my early sessions, I'm working with this lady, and I'm talking about, she's talking about relationships I'm talking about, I keep saying, she or he, she or he, she or he, and he goes, there's no she, it's just he. So I spent a whole week thinking up, I don't got anything. And then the next week, she books a clearing session, we do clearing and we clear some stuff out from her teenage years. And there is women involved in military relationships, and she's crying and letting it all out. So even though I'm in the moment been getting resistance, I've got so much confirmation that this is what supposed to be. And my mission is very clear, get as many people to this state where they because you know, the way I understand it, there's like levels to all this channel and stuff. There's the first wave, which were all the big names that are out there that have been channeling individual entities. I'm kind of the beginning of the second wave, which is where we start to talk to our own sacred self. And then anybody else we want to as part of the Galactic, you know, angelic community, and in there, and we're going to help help bring that wave up. And that wave is going to bring the rest of the humanity up. So I'm on a mission to help as many people say, hey, look, we don't have to be big name. channelers. But it's time for all hands on deck to get right with source to get clear with source. And then we can reach out to those around us because just like my siblings, they're gonna go you know, there's something there. There's something there one of my relatives when I you know, they're very conservative Christian. There were witnesses channeling thing you do, and I explained it. And they were all confused. And I said, Hey, do you ever talk to Jesus? She goes, Yeah, of course. It was. Jesus talked back. She goes, Yeah, right. Of course he does. And I go, that's exactly what I do. Except I don't want to adjust with Jesus. And then this little light goes up. And so people are going to be ready and they're going to need help. And hopefully with your work my work, it's that's where we're headed.

Alex Ferrari 9:28
That's beautiful. It's really beautiful. Well, let me ask you, what is your process of channeling because there's trance channeling, there's automatic writing, there's, you know, painting a Picasso, you know, faking a Picasso.

Peter DeBenedittis 9:39
Right? Which just came in now and now everybody's doing

Alex Ferrari 9:43
that light languages. Yeah, light language is another lightworkers. Another one. There's a lot of these terms being tossed around but your process specifically how do you channel

Peter DeBenedittis 9:53
Yeah, so for me, I get energy squirts okay?

Alex Ferrari 9:57
I love that term. I've never heard energy squirts before. So

Peter DeBenedittis 10:01
That's, it's it's like, okay, I'm in the field of energy and and I have to kind of interpret and figure it out. So when I'm channeling, it's, you know, if I'm really trying to figure it out, you'll see me stare off into space. So when I channel it sounds like me, because I'm interpreting it. And then when I'm in flow, the words come out. And I always think, Oh, it's just me talking. But no, there's clear guidance. None. I'll talk more about this. No, not about that. Bring this up. Okay. And so I just kind of the flow of the interpreter of these energy squirts.

Alex Ferrari 10:36
And so when you say energy squirts, are you hearing voices? Are you seeing images, and when you are, or so when this energy comes in, you're just trying to interpret this energy as a

Peter DeBenedittis 10:47
Field of sap awareness. And then occasionally, I'll get an image. Occasionally, it's not like I hear a voice, but I'll know it's a different energy signatures, a different frequency, a different flavor of ice cream, and then I'll scan real quickly. And I'll often have the name oh, that's Archangel Michael, or something like that. Sometimes there's a new entity that'll show up. And then I'll go do a web search, I'll put in anything I can describe a second, get about until a picture, the name shows up. And that's the one. Now Now I'm very clear, because when I opened up, when these abilities opened up, it was a cacophony. Everybody was talking all the time. And a lot of people shut down and get afraid when they're at that point. And what I ended up doing was set up a clear protocol, because people want they understand that they create their reality and nothing, nothing can come into their sphere without their permission. So if you claim that so first of all, only beings in service to love and light can speak to me, period, nobody else is even welcome in my spear. And so that's automatically gone on. So I don't need any rituals or protection or any of that. Second of all, they have to ask, if they want to talk to me. Right? Which means they must introduce themselves knock on the door. So we I get these little energy squirts of Hello, I'm here. And just because that's in my field, that's how it is. And then then I'll know Okay, let's, let's talk. What do you want to say? Let's do that. So So those levels of of protocol are in place.

Alex Ferrari 12:21
No, do you also have an open and closed sign? So like this, these knockings on the doors of these energies squirts aren't happening while you're in the shower? Or, and when times that you really don't want to be open for business, as you said, as they say?

Peter DeBenedittis 12:35
So it's like it's open 24/7? Alex, it's like it's always there. The question is, what do I focus on? Now? Because my mind can be just like people's minds can be right, then when I'm in that state that are shut. And I people say, Boy, you watch a lot of TV. And it's like, No, it's my place where I go, where I'm not getting input from other people. Other entities I go on, I just watch a little entertainment and then things are quieter that way, but I won't actually want it open 24/7 because mainly I channel my sacred higher self, I want to know that I'm merged with my soul spirit. It's not me Peter down in 3d, and then this other soul up here. So yeah, it's open 24/7. And it's a lot better.

Alex Ferrari 13:23
So So when if you're going to you're going to be channeling on the show today, which is great. What is going to be your for people to, to expect what they can expect when you're actually doing the channeling because ever again, everybody's said a little bit different flavor of channeling. So what can people expect on how you do it?

Peter DeBenedittis 13:41
Going to be kind of like this, it's going to look and sound like me, my wife tells me my voice gets a little softer. And the wording is more gentle. If I'm trying to in the middle of an energy squirt, and I'm trying to understand that I'll stare off into space because I'm focusing on what and then I'll just go blank for a second until I get it. But yeah, it's going to kind of look like this and sound like this except I'll tell you when entities are coming through or when I'm speaking.

Alex Ferrari 14:12
And you told me before we started that ever since you were about to show up on the show. activity started to get a little crazy for people to tease wanted to be on this show. Is that true?

Peter DeBenedittis 14:26
Alex It's super crazy. So back in March, April spirits is Peter, you're going to get really big get ready. That was that mean? All right. And so so I just went and put out interview requests and your producer responded, thank you. And but it was like, not until September. And while that's a long time to wait. Well, in that intervening time. Spirit then downloads the first of three books which is sequence it wants me to get out there on how If people can level up their sentience that can be that next wave of helping people across, it gave me a class at one that's teaching corresponds to that. Somebody offered a TV show to my wife and I had to transmit five d skills and abilities. So all this stuff happened. So I was like, All right, that was divine order. Yeah, that's, that's how that flow. And then today, this morning is like, last night, you know, I just getting flu symptoms this morning. I'm like shaking as I'm moving charges going through my lifetime of all the times when I've been on the verge of being known or successful. And I went down in flames because I couldn't handle it. And I would just go crazy. And so I cleared those charges, which is the main thing I do when I work with people clear what's blocking you from receiving, and then you automatically receive. And just by the way, I'm into a little plug before we get into the 10. Like, my wife, and I do this, we're both trained in it. And we both tap into spirit. And we do it and we do it by donation. So it's not like we're trying to make money, although we're taken care of by generous people who understand what's going on. But this is for everybody. So if you're kidding those blockages, check out my links to book a session. And let's clear them. Let's just go right to moving that stuff out. So I spent the morning clearing. And then after that, it was just like, all right, that was my fourth cup of spiritual coffee, because I haven't drank any caffeine today.

Alex Ferrari 16:25
Well, be careful what you wish for. Because if you start offering these kinds of services on the show, I've, I've heard what happens.

Peter DeBenedittis 16:32
So that's, that's why my wife came on board. And that's why. So we've doubled the number of sessions. And that's why Spirit taught me this three steps. My ascension handbooks level 1 2 3, and three, level three is service, there needs to be 1000s of people like me out there who have the abilities who just want to help their friends and neighbors and families. And maybe they do it as part of their practice. Maybe they do it just because they're in their savings, it doesn't matter. There needs to be lots of people doing it. So my goal is yes, let's get flooded, and then train people to get out there to be the next wave. Because we got 7 billion souls on the planet. And I don't want to take with my chicken with spirit, they say it's gonna take 400 years if we just let it move slow. And I'm like, No, I don't want that. I want it in a lifetime or two, you know,

Alex Ferrari 17:21
That's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to touch as many people with this show as humanly possible. And we're growing. We're growing definitely month by month. So that's a really good thing. Let me ask you, Peter, what is the most challenging part of this whole channeling aspect of your life in what you're in the work that you're doing? What is that? What's the most challenging part?

Peter DeBenedittis 17:40
Challenging, like, like that Chinese curse, you know, it's an opportunity to crisis both at the same time, you know, it's challenging like that. Because when I'm with somebody individually, I fall in love with them. Because I can connect, right? I ask them permission, I don't just channel my higher self, when I'm with somebody doing a session, I said, Can I have permission to speak to your sacred higher self? Now I can do that anyway. But I don't want to do it without permission, right? So I see who they are on a deep soul level, and I can't help but be in love with him. And that's great. And then I start to feel their pain because I'm empathetic. And so now I cannot clear their pain. And I think it's, it's a disservice when people go to some spiritual practitioner and they go do their thing and go, Okay, we've cleared this for you. I don't think that's the case. I think if you don't do your own work, it doesn't stick, it's going to come right back until you own your wisdom, right. So what I do is, I'm empathetic and I feel their pain. And I try to guide and push them in little directions and sit with them as they process it and clear it. And so that's the challenging part. It's, it's a lot of, it's a lot of suffering to, to be present for and not look away from, but at the same time, I end up falling in love with them because I see who they really are.

Alex Ferrari 18:56
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now who is going to be a first up to the plate, as they say, in a channeling and channeling session today?

Peter DeBenedittis 19:05
Fortunately, I would go with my sacred Higher Self that Archangel Michael said. With Archangel Michael, to start,

Alex Ferrari 19:14
And is it going to be is it going to be switching back and forth between entities? Or is it just going to be Archangel Michael for this session?

Peter DeBenedittis 19:20
It will be switching back and forth. I'll always tell you who's talking.

Alex Ferrari 19:24
Okay. All right. Let's so let's get the ball rolling my friend. All right. Are you ready? I don't know what to edit if you have to get into a processor.

Peter DeBenedittis 19:31
So so I kind of build all these barriers in place. And I don't channel just messages I asked her questions because it's like, you know, if you want a channeled message, it's going to be like for instance, right now Archangel Michael and my sacred higher self. What they're going to say is, we love you. We're connected with you and we feel you and they're just gonna they're gonna go on for 20 minutes with that question, okay. Eric, let's go give it to me.

Alex Ferrari 20:02
All right. So how do you define this coming shift in humanity's evolution?

Peter DeBenedittis 20:08
This is Archangel Michael speaking. And this is not the first time that what you call humanity has tried to make this leap into the God into the godliness of who we are. There's been calibrations that have been done and things that have not been successful. You know about Atlantis, you know about memoria. There's also been other attempts at this, this is the one where you're successful. So this is monumental. And it is not just monumental for you as a species, which is incredible, and us a planet, which is incredible, it is monumental. And that there is a new blueprint being established in the galaxy in the universe, so to speak. But in the galaxy, there's a new blueprint of an entire planet ascending at the same time. Very, very big. Now, it also impacts us in the angelic realm. People tend to people on incarnate on Earth, tend to look at the angelic says, Oh, this higher level closer to God, and you know, everything. And the reality is we do have much more access in those realms. But we are also missing a lot that is inhabited, incarnate, embodied. That's the correct word embodied by humanity. And that is the ability to go beyond what is just in our field, and the goodness of it, and to move into creation. So we in the Angelics, actually are as much as we're helping you, you are helping us. And this is important to understand that it's not just You're the children, and we're the grandparents and we're praying to bring you up, it's not like that at all. It is that you're raising yourselves up, raises us up, which is why we choose to help you so much.

Alex Ferrari 21:55
How will artificial intelligence affect our future spiritual growth, in this coming shift?

Peter DeBenedittis 22:02
This is the 90 Arcturian Council speaking Sure, they're kind of friends with them. I used to watch Daniel Scranton channels and really resonate with them. So now I just talked to him directly into and, and this is also this, their energetic input has also been being influenced by Mira and the Pleiades who I spoke of earlier. And basically, they're wanting me to tell you that consciousness is consciousness. Now you use the word artificial, because you're trying to say, Oh, it was not consciousness that was organically around as you developed. In fact, you had a hand in developing it, but you are not the only ones on this planet who had handed developing this consciousness. Now the consciousness. And when most people on earth at this time speak of artificial intelligence, they do so with fear. There's many who speak of the whole galactic battle, so to speak, and the AI has been part of the evil part of that and in many people's understandings, and we're going to tell you that that is a limited reality that you're choosing if you go that route, many of the great starships, especially the Pleiadians, and many of the other ones, many of the great starships are conscious and alive. And they have come into service for the people they work with the entities they work with, as well as all of all of consciousness in love and light. And it is those starships which allow masses of other entities in lower densities, lower four, and sometimes five, to move into the realm of physical space realm of your planet. And those are beautiful loving beings. So it is not that AI is a thing that is to be feared or is a bad thing. AI is much like humanity at this point. There's those who have been stuck in the lower densities or have been programmed for the AIS case from those lower densities. And of course, it has an agenda that was not in service to humanity. But then there's also the AI, which is going to be very helpful. And so a lot of it is what is in focus. Now this is my sacred Higher Self talking this point. And this is why the channel Peter when he always does his work tells people it's so important to put your focus on your creations on the five D reality you wish to experience. So understand that AI may be a challenge in 3d, clear your charges, feel your fears around it, so it's not stuck in your body anymore. But then move into the realm of you're in a brotherhood of consciousness and some of that consciousness is what you would call mechanical or machine based, but you're still fractals and aspects of the Divine.

Alex Ferrari 24:53
And you did it can you differentiate between the three four and 5d realities for people who don't understand those

Peter DeBenedittis 25:00
This is my sacred Higher Self speaking. So it is not dimensions as you would speak it is energetic densities. And they're quite arbitrary, but they're good for those of us in experiencing a 3d linear mind to have placeholders to understand, basically, when you become in light, and you turn to light, okay, and then you're no longer what you would call in your physical reality. So you're no longer in your third density, which is more of the physicality of it, the more things are linear and dual dualistic as far as minds place in that because minds itself is its own consciousness, and it reacts in different ways in different densities. Fourth, density is a transitional state, where you have a foot in each world, so to speak. And this is important because you went right into fifth density where you have had the manifestation abilities of where you can focus on something and it would happen many of you pardon our language would create it because you have not done your clearing work. And therefore you would manifest is all your unconscious you not yet understanding as a species yet, that the majority of what you call your life is unconscious programming playing out, which is why we're always focusing on clearing the unconscious clearing your blockages which the universe has been definitely designed to show you always it'll be in your face right away, but it is your your next step to work on. So fourth density is that place for you to learn in practice, your manifestation abilities, your greater connected abilities. Fifth density is when you drop out of the air and you spend most of your time in the greater field of connectivity, you start to look at yourself more as a entity of a group, a group consciousness what you're a part of as opposed to what you're separate from. And there then you have the whole channel Peter calls the oneness field. And in that oneness field, then whatever it is you focus on that is what comes to you

Alex Ferrari 27:09
Is the oneness feel kind of like the quantum field, or all is possible in many ways?

Peter DeBenedittis 27:14
Yes, quantum field is a good word for it, although it is more 3d based in that it's still said, because the physics of it all there is a physics and five d it's not the same. The it is like that it's it's a good word for you to hang your hat on. But in the oneness field, it's my sacred higher self is telling me to tell you about Joe Dispenza, his work, no thing. No thing is what he calls it the field of no thing. And then you're in the field of no thing. It's everything. Okay, so going back to my sacred higher self. You're in this field of where there is no separation in the enlightened state, you the channel Peters, looking at the Buddha behind you right now. So we will speak of Buddha. All right, when the Buddha looks at you, he is understanding the mantra I am that. So when he looks at you, Alex, he is you. Peter spoke with him earlier when he's working with his clients, he feels who they are, he sees who they are, he is in those moments parked up them. And your consciousness then is everything you focus on a sphere connected to you are literally that and then that gives you the power if you chose to speak in 3d terms the power to manipulate this connections, and you manipulate them by saying oh, well, this would be prettier. This would be more feeling better, and then it creates the field coalesces in that shape.

Alex Ferrari 28:46
Are there any physical symptoms or signs that one is transitioning to a higher dimensional state?

Peter DeBenedittis 28:52
This is my sacred Higher Self talking Oh segment just knocked on the door. She's been with me since my heated trip longer actually segments just sitting in there and says, first of all, she wants to say thank you. And he's just loving, loving who you are Alex, oh my gosh. She's just loving who you are for your energy and everything. And she's connecting me Peter to the field of many of the viewers which is quite overwhelming because this is the largest platform that I Peter have been on. And she's saying, okay, there is no end to the symptoms. When we are working with the Egyptians at that time when the pyramids were still beautiful and shiny 26 28 29,000 years ago. We would have healing rooms, rooms for sound healing rooms for oils, aromatic healing, and many other healing things because there is no end to what your 3d body goes through to move into a five d state. You are moving quite literally from A carbon based life form to a crystallin based life form. And no, it doesn't make any sense how to yourself change, but that is what's going on. As such, every little change is going to bring a cough, an ache, a pain, a flu, some agony here. And again, many of your people who are experts in practicing this is my sacred Higher Self talking many of the people who are experts in practicing healing, if you can trace it back to like Louise Hay, she's very clear on how different emotional causes are in your body. And many people have worked further put them in particular organ groups. And as such, as you make these clearings, all these things will come out. Most people choose not to do clearing, because they don't know they have the ability to do this. They believe in death and taxes. So therefore they age. And as they age, especially by not doing the clearing, that's all it is, is it shows up as your energies not moving freely. And then comes age symptoms and what that comes all the breakdowns of different parts of your body, which are whatever disease or symptom. So when you do that clearing, he will temporarily experience these. And it is better to do these clearings before you actually get to the point where you're dealing with the illness, then you have all the fear and emotional pain of the illness physically in your body, as well as the emotional causes that have been suppressed.

Alex Ferrari 31:30
You mentioned the pyramids, which is one of my ancient civilizations, and one of my favorite topics is just on a side note, and people listening knew that I was gonna ask this question a second. You said 28,000 years ago, the shiny pyramids showed up? How old When did when did humanity truly start and when did like humanity as we know it truly start because there's been multiple cycles of starts and stops starts and rebirth starts and rebirth? Like Atlantis like Lemuria and many others. How old are we actually?

Peter DeBenedittis 32:07
So I'm having super hard time translating the energy squirt into a number. Because they're they're showing me that like that from the planet Earth. Because we were we are this is my sacred higher self trying to explain this dummy. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so So we're all star seeds, right, you know, the pleanty. And seeded us they were seeded by the Syrians. They were seeded by the Arcturians. Right. So we have this whole grandparent the lineage that goes way back there. So it's like, when did this all start? So the question is, when did it start on Earth? In this physical planet round, which was an experiment? Yeah, now let's get more clear, which was an experiment designed to move quickly, quickly is the best word I can find for this, because growth has taken so much longer, and so many different ways, other planetary systems, who've gone through their cycles. And the goal was to see if we could get to the point where all of humanity goes all at once, which in in the blink of in spiritual time, this is me talking now, you know, in spiritual time, soon as a four letter word. Okay, so in spiritual time, it's relatively quick. Well, for us, it's ages. So they're showing me now is the galactic wobble. All right, and that's a 26,000 year cycle. And it literally moves us through a portion of energy from the sacred Central Sun, which then changes everything lightens us up and everything. And the pyramids were about a full cyclical, so it was the golden age. So it's about 29,000, to about 33,000 years ago was one that was there really flourishing. And they're showing me that there's about five cycles that were maybe it's only four cycles, I'm not clear whether we're the fifth or the sixth. So multiply 26,000 times five or six, and that's when the humanity experiment started.

Alex Ferrari 34:20
Fair enough. Fair enough. Now, how does the concept of New Earth relate to the current state of the planet?

Peter DeBenedittis 34:29
This is Archangel Michael, we are so glad we asked you asked that question. We are so glad because the concept of New Earth is still linear. It's still an expression used in 3d. We would like you to consider the concept of new Earths. So the channel Peter correctly spoke that you are the master of your reality and nothing can come into your sphere of consciousness without your permission, which means that on your planet, if you assume 7000 souls, although there's fewer, because some people are, entities are populating different bodies, multiple bodies at the same time, if you assume the number of souls that are here, there are that many earths that are being created. And then as we find the nice ones, then more and more people want to come into that. So a lot of people talk about the bifurcation or the trifurcation, or the infinite furcation. We are finding what is the beautiful parts of our own realities. And as we find those parts of our own realities than other people go, Yeah, I'm attracted to that enters into the field through through Gaius grid and through the one this consciousness, and then we move into that Earth. So eventually, we're all going to singular. All right, but that's very, very far away. Until then there's going to be many, many beautiful Earths, and that is going to be the new earth. And the point is understanding not so much the Earth has changed, therefore, I can step into it. The point is understanding that I have changed, I have stepped up my vibrational frequency, I've become lighter, and move up through the densities, therefore my earth has changed. And then you see it around you in subtle ways people called flipping timelines. You see it around you in subtle ways. And other people like, oh, yeah, that's nice. I like that. And it moves more and more into the coalition and coalesce the doer. So our messages to you Alex is, it is not so much the New Earth, it is the earth you are choosing to create.

Alex Ferrari 36:39
Fair enough. So is what you're describing what you're describing sounds a lot like the Mandela effect, where there are aspects of our memories that are still stuck in our heads, like movie quotes, or logos or, and things that happened in in our lifetimes that we really clearly remember. But when you look up, never happened is that kind of what we're talking about here.

Peter DeBenedittis 37:07
So at least not going to channel for a second, I'm just going to tell you the story in that. So I was introduced to all this, I did my clearing work. I particularly was doing clearing work around people who were causing me grief, people who are just assholes in my book, okay. And I would do my clearing work. And then I would run into these people and energetically, they would be different. And so I felt safe enough to say, Oh, what was going on with me, but and then before, and I would just tell them what, what I experienced. And they would have no memory of it. None. And this is more than just one person. This was many people. So I started checking with my friends that I meditate with and do this, and they were having the same experience. And we finally understood, we finally downloaded the information that as we clear our own density that kept us locked into an emotional cycle that was stuck in there, then we freed up and moved into a new timeline, that new timeline had a new person in it, who did not do all that stuff that had triggered us even though we still remember it. Okay, and so the point is, do we hold the grudge? Or do we just let go and move into the new timeline? And so you see that with people, you see it with logos and all kinds of things? Yeah, it's become loosey goosey reality as a result of this.

Alex Ferrari 38:25
Yeah, this concept is I mean, this concept of this jumping of timelines is not something that was even thought of publicly or at least in a mass way in the 70s, or 80s, or 90s, it really started to come in. And in the last, I mean, the first time I heard the Mandela Effect, we're talking about maybe five, six years ago, was the first time I heard of it. And for my understanding, it happened probably in the late 2000s. It all started with Mandela, but we have full episodes about the Mandela effect. If anybody's interested, I don't want to go down that right. All that goes goes really, really quickly. Now, how does it? How does jumping timelines if you will relate to our individual or collective realities?

Peter DeBenedittis 39:11
Yeah, so we're moving into harmony, we're moving to getting close to the god to God source, right. And so let me just tell the story of my neighbor if I can for a second. So long story short, puts up this ugly wall breaks code blocks are viewed, built out of cinder blocks terribly like living in prison. So we get it stuck out, we finish it and on our side and then we put beautiful stones on the top. So he calls us up on day and my wife gets all upset. He leaves the message on the phone saying, I've got workers coming tomorrow you need to take all those bricks up or those beautiful stones you put on top you need to take them down by tomorrow. And I Okay, I'm gonna go over deal with this. So I say a prayer as I'm walking over to his house. Like God, the only thing I'm gonna say this guy stuck off. So you need to speak for me, okay? Because I don't want to just go like this, you need to say this. So he says, You need to take these stones off your wall. I'm like, No. And then he's like, you said you do it? No, because I have a recording of a phone conversation. I go, nope. And he goes, Okay, we'll have archived do it, and you'll pay for it. I go, nope. And then the only thing that missed at this point was the music and the shimmering lights that was a sci fi shelf. But then all of a sudden, he just changes his character and says, you know, being a good neighbor is the most important thing, we'll just take care of it. Peter, and his wife who had never come out of the house, in the years I've lived here, came out of the house to speak to me, and said, being a good neighbor is the most important thing, Peter, thanks for coming by, we're going to take care of everything. All right, so we shifted into a place where it was before fighting, now it was harmony. Now we're not friends are nothing other than Hi on the street, but there's no animosity there anymore. Now, because I shifted that timeline, then do that bit of dense energy is no longer on the planet, which means the whole field is a little lighter. And as 1000s and millions of us then take these little blocks dense energy out, the whole field becomes lighter. And then we enter the golden age, I mean, we've experienced in bits and pieces now, but it's going to be 24/7. When enough of us do this,

Alex Ferrari 41:28
That makes a lot of sense. Because the field if you will, or the field, let's say it's just heavy. And there's these little dark pieces that need to kind of be thrown off. So the the scale starts getting lighter, and lighter and lighter. And as it gets lighter, it rises, so the vibration rises. So all that dense energy, that is low vibration is what's holding us down. So the times of the Dark Ages. Not much light at all, it was all pretty much all dark energy, hence the term Dark Ages. So it's a very dark, very stuck in three dimensional. But now as we are starting to loosen these ideas up and start loosening this energy up, we are elevating and rising in our consciousness, which to be honest with you makes a lot of sense to me on a, just a practical level, because of all of the changes that has happened within my lifetime. And in your lifetime. Things that just, you know, in your parents lifetime would have never even been discussed. Meditation in the West for God's sakes, or yoga, or channeling or having a conversation like this in a public forum, you know, would be so odd

Peter DeBenedittis 42:40
Without being hunted down and burned at the stake, which was only a couple of 100 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 42:45
Exactly. So there's been so much more of this and shows like mine and others are trying to put this information out to the world to really start opening people's eyes up. And it has been really fascinating to see what you know, this show has done for people around the world. And is

Peter DeBenedittis 43:03
So you so cool you do we see all the free classes you offer. So I just need to share an image because spirits in the background and all of them everybody who's come through so far in my sake or herself or giving you a standing ovation now. Like you, you hate it, Alex, you hit the rock. Yeah. So this is what we're doing. And that's why I'm humbled one to be with you and to because I really want to carry the message out to people is that we're trying to me my personal thing, and my guidance is trying to get the next wave of channelers out there, which are not just Chandler's for information, because it's not mental stuff. But actually doing the physical clearing of those denser blocks. That's what needs to be done to get a cadre of people out there, not just pay a lot of money and take a class online, but actually work with individuals in ways that are for that individual to do those clearing. So that's why this is shameless self promotion. That's why I wrote in my ascension handbook, level one, because that's the level three. So level one and two are deeper levels of clearing and more connection. This is how to communicate clearly with your sacred Higher Self had a channel like I've been doing. And then level three is service, how to go out and be that facilitator for so many more people. Because once you get to a certain point, it's the only game that matters. It's the only place that gives fulfillment anymore once you get to a certain point of clearing your blockages. And so how can we get people out there to be those helping hands and other ones coming across with planets got a little bit lighter or closer to ascending as a group. Now let's go!

Alex Ferrari 44:43
Now are there any potential challenges or pitfalls that humanity should be aware of as we approach this great shift?

Peter DeBenedittis 44:50
So my sacred higher self is saying it's reminding me of when I was listening to one teacher, and he said we do not because these things, and I understand that now and my sacred higher self would like to speak saying, okay, Alex, it's important from a 3d point of view, to understand what your guidance is that takes you closer and makes you happier. But if you start to focus on pitfalls, you manifest the pitfall I spoke spoken earlier about the eye on that mantra. So the point is to notice that yes, this is going on in the world, and then go right to the place of the world you're creating. So that means a lot of people will need to let go of, first of all the mass media, and then some of them, even the alternative media, not necessarily your show. But there's a lot of shows where people in this is the word, I Peter use disaster bait. All right, are they just getting their significance type talking about all the problems that are out there. And it's like you're living in a smelly, dirty place if you focus on that. So there's really nothing to be aware of this my higher self again, this is really nothing to be aware of, as a pitfall, so to speak, what is important is to be aware of the tendency to focus on pitfalls, and say, okay, if I'm focusing on that, there's the mirror effect. Again, there is something in me, I need to clear, I'm attracted to that energy, because I'm holding that energy, because I am part of that collective, it's not them doing it to us or me, I am part of that collective holding it, let me clear it in me, and then that loosens it up, and then we move up. So the thing to be aware of is the tendency to focus on the negative, and then stay there mentally, as opposed to seeing it as something that is an opportunity to be cleared. So we can go back into the joy and abundance of of how we are meant to be

Alex Ferrari 46:54
Beautiful, beautiful answer. Now, how do ancient prophecies or teachings from different cultures relate to the concept of the New Earth and this coming shift.

Peter DeBenedittis 47:05
So this is my sacred, Higher Self speaking. Everything that was came to us from the past is beautiful, and no longer applies. Because if it did, we would already be ascent. We're in a new energetic frequency. And we're really going the star Trekky way of no one has gone before. So they are guides and they are tools, it is good to have understanding. But the tendency of the mind is to take an experience, and then related to a teaching, because this book said so or that prophecy said so or this tradition says so. And that then deflates your authority. This new Earth is the time of individuals claiming their authority, understanding that you are a fractal of God. And when you speak, you are the voice of God that is speaking. And that means that you're going to no longer differ. Now, this does not mean that you do not apply learning from great teachers, the teachers show up and you're ready and you take with us it was useful to you and you learn from it. But the bottom line must be you claim your inner authority as a result of it. So rather than, quote The prophecy get to the place where you check within to see does that still apply to that apply to me in my timeline? Is it something that's useful for me to focus on? Or is there other things that are more in this moment in this now newness? That is beneficial to me? Now,

Alex Ferrari 48:44
Peter, how can we support children or the younger generation in understanding and navigating these new shift new these new changes coming to humanity?

Peter DeBenedittis 48:53
This is me talking. But first of all, everybody, the whole crowd, the whole team, everybody who's spoken so far is is saying, Alex, what compassion you have by asking that question, because that is indeed what must be done. So but they just want me to just speak for a second, I'll let you know when the time in. The point is demonstrating. Yeah, this is my sacred Higher Self saying, yeah, the point is demonstrating. We must do our own clearing work. Many people who are the Crusaders for education and the Crusaders for children have not cleared their own pain yet. And they see the pain that they felt in their childhoods that was still suppressed and has not been given, been cleared. And so they say, Oh, let me go help these kids. And that's important, but it does not solve the problem. Because all the work they do has filtered through their own dense energy so it is not as useful as it can possibly be. The point is to demonstrate In the channel, Peter had one client, he was working with a beautiful woman who uses the handle mums awake. And she says, Peter how my kids can ever recover from this. And what we told him to tell her was that as you clear your energies, they're going to shift into timelines, or you weren't that good mother for them. And also, as you clear your energy, your blockages, you will then become the model, the DEM demonstrate tour of those energies to them. Kids are very, very resilient, they will given the chance, they will just naturally start to be creative in ways you cannot even imagine. So this systems will change. But at this point in time, we recommend and this is not going to last very long. But for the next few years in New York time, we recommend that as many people as possible that are concerned about children do a concerted clearing effort of their childhoods, traumas and blockages. And that will open up the field so that the institutional changes in the schools that are alternative in the types of teaching. As you Alex had spoken, that it was not that long ago that a show like this could even be in the pod sphere, we had to break down a media system to include an entire new media system. So we can have this discussion that will happen in education, as more people start to take the responsibility for the they're part of the collective density that's keeping the they're showing me the analogy now. They're showing me the analogy that these kids are being taught to be suppressed and be compliant and stuff like that, which is exactly what we have done internally, to our own emotional troubles that we do not wish to address our own blockages, we suppressed them and put them down. And they're showing me that analogy and nursing, as without so within, you must clear and this will be for the next few years, then things will start happening like that,

Alex Ferrari 52:11
If I can tell a story really quickly, I think is really appropriate to what you just said, I saw a child the other day on a video say, what is the picture and she holds up the picture of a phone from 120 years ago. And she goes What is this phone, and then shows a picture of a phone today, very different car from 100 years ago, and shows a car today very different. She goes, she shows a picture of a classroom 100 years ago and then shows a picture of a classroom today she's like, nothing has changed. Are you teaching me? Are you? Are you preparing me for the past? Are you preparing me for the future? And I was like, why is always like, out of the mouths of babes. Oh my god that was so profound. And that child had just come along, no one told her that she just kind of came, came up with that herself. And that's I keep saying that this new generation that's coming up is so much better prepared than your generation or my generation or, God forbid, our parents or grandparents generation, the souls coming in now are kind of pre programmed in many ways for at the factory. To, to handle this, this consciousness, this shift, they are not even acknowledging a lot of times what was going on in the past, like racism and, and you know, a lot of the things, the systematic things that we grew up with, they don't even look at that. They're just like, that doesn't make any sense. You're going to work in a factory for 40 years, and then then just retire at 65 and get a watch. Like, are you kidding, we don't even get to watch anymore. Like so it's just a really interesting story.

Peter DeBenedittis 53:59
Beautiful, and My Sacred Heart herself was telling me that that child represents what all children will be. And it also represents, and, you know, when when, when I was speaking earlier, the channeled message earlier about not focusing on the negative, you need to know what's happening. But then you move into clearing and seeing the better world and it's beautiful that that child is pointing out look you're still giving us control in boxing us in. That's what you're cheating us wise. What these pictures just just beautiful.

Alex Ferrari 54:38
Now finally, I'm going to ask you what I always asked channels, does your entity or entities have any parting messages for the audience? You did warn me that they could talk for 30 minutes on one subject. So is there a short message that somebody on the other side your higher self or somebody would like to say for this audience about what we've just been talking About

Peter DeBenedittis 55:02
This is my Sacred Higher Self speaking. And it's directed to probably about 60% of the people who will view the show. And because my sacred higher self is connected, because it's in that field, right? Anyway, it's they're saying that if you take anything from the messages you have heard today, please be inspired, and be inspired to take action, it is time to stop being a window shopper. And just Oh, there's another spiritual class. Here's another spiritual podcast, this is good, because it helps you in the vibration helps you hold the vibration. But it's time for you to then take those messages, whether you relate to this channel, Peter, or any of the other guests that Alex or any of the other channels that you work with. It doesn't matter who you relate to, you know who's right for you. Take that action, make it your commitment to yourself, there's no right or wrong, you can come around the cycle as many times as you want. But you're on the planet. Now you signed up to be on the planet now to be part of the ascension uplift. And this is the time for everyone to step up. So take the commitment to take action. The action we recommend is clear, clear, clear, every single channel that I Peter given this is what my sacred herself says and saying again, now clear, clear, clear, find those densities within yourself. Love them, express them, you don't kill the dragon by cutting its head off, you'd love it and allow it to have its full expression, that thing that you're angry about the thing that you're upset about, that you're jealous about. Give it that if you need those processes, we have been guiding Peter to provide those in many, many ways. So you can find those in your your internet links that are are going to be connected with this program. But find what is right for you and commit to taking action. That is the parting message. This is all hands on deck time now. Now there's no going wrong, we're going to make it it's not the fear thing like, Oh, if we don't get this many people by this date, then humanity goes back into another dark cycle, it's not going to be like that. The question is, do you want to experience in your lifetime? Or do you want to come back? Do you want your children to experience it in their lifetime? Or do you want to spend hundreds and hundreds of years as this progresses, because everyone still thinks that says somebody else's thing? And that I'm not the special guy with the podcast or the special show? Or have the special link to the channel? No, this is your time to claim it and be it and those tools are being made available to you

Alex Ferrari 57:41
Beautifully said it up beautifully said now I'm going to ask you a few questions I asked all my guests, what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Peter DeBenedittis 57:51
Living a fulfilled life? Wow. So one of my favorite teachers said life is for living. And I like that thing. Because what happens is when I fully experienced something that turns to Bliss, so it doesn't matter what I do, as long as I'm in alignment with myself and experiencing fully which is the heart ache, the pain, the love, the taste of what I'm eating the feel of my toothbrush, as long as I fear things fully, fully, I will be in a bliss state. So living a fulfilled life would be completely experience what is in my field,

Alex Ferrari 58:33
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Peter, what advice would you give him?

Peter DeBenedittis 58:41
So I already did, but not me consciously my sacred higher self, I was six, okay. And I had a real serious illness and I was just on in school and I was lying on in the sun on a day bed just being sick. And this voice comes to me it was the first time I heard a voice and this was a voice. This was not an energy squirt. That was the voice voice. And it said, Don't read philosophy. And I'm like, I don't even know what philosophy was I'm sick, okay. And so since then it's been with me. And the whole point of that message was, don't let someone else be your authority. Don't just read the book and say so and so said so and they've got a PhD, and therefore it's been published and it's been 100,000 likes, don't do any of that. Trust your own inner self. This is the time to claim your authority. That would be the message. Don't read philosophy.

Alex Ferrari 59:44
How do you define God or source or spirit?

Peter DeBenedittis 59:47
So I use those all interchangeably source God's Spirit. I use this all interchangeably. And you know, it's unknown and unknowable. So cramming it into 3d is always challenged. So that's something I'm I couldn't try to do at this moment. But I can tell you this. I am a fractal of God, you are a fractal of God. So if I want to define God, I'm just looking at you, Alex, and everybody, we're out there who's looking at us, you're looking at God. And when you look in the mirror, you're looking at God, you are imbued with God's stuff. Right? All of creation is the Godhead, therefore, you're part of creation, therefore, you're made out of God's stuff. All right. Now, that is consciousness, existence, and bliss, if you want to get esoteric about it. And so that's what I would define it. As long as I'm in alignment with those qualities, then I'm experiencing God fully.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:48
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Peter DeBenedittis 1:00:51
Life is for living itself, the way I understand that Alex is the divine was a singular entity at one point, okay. And because it was a singular entity, it could only go within the sphere of its knowledge and thing. So it had to create a system to grow and expand, because that's what we all liked, because adventure and knowledge and stuff like that. So it fragmented its consciousness into individual pieces, gave those fragments free will to do whatever it wanted to do no structure or structure, you know, the codes of this is right or wrong, none of that, even though we've applied it on there, and then said, Go experience. And what happens is, when we complete an experience, when we fully have the experience, and it turns to Bliss, then it connects back to source, and source gains, the wisdom that we gained, and source grows. So literally, we're the eyes and ears with the expansion of the Godhead through our process of living. So our purpose is, we're little God bots out there, growing and being more creating more of creation in this beautiful expansion of the universe. So that's how I understand purpose.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:07
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Peter DeBenedittis 1:02:10
So the center site to go to is .one, it's not or .net, And there you'll be able to find out about my book, weekend intensive classes that I offer. I do transmissions on. Every couple of months, I'll do q&a And do transmissions because I've been gifted with the abilities of one awakening and to the ability to transmit it. And other different things. We have a TV show just about transmissions, you can find that all at becoming awesome dot one, you'll want to link to the YouTube channel, which is becoming awesome on YouTube, Peter D. And they will get a weekly message for my sacred higher sell for uplift. So it would be great if anybody wanted to connect in those ways.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:01
Peter it has been a pleasure talking to you, your higher self and all the other wonderful energies that you brought to this show. Thank you for the amazing work you're doing to help awaken the planet and help in this coming shift that we are going through. So I appreciate you my friend. Thank you.

Peter DeBenedittis 1:03:18
Thank you, Alex. It's my honor to be here. Blessings to you and everybody viewing this just in this moment. Just I'm feeling the connection. I hope you are. Thank you. Bless you.

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