UK’s TOP Psychic Medium REVEALS What’s COMING for HUMANITY in 2024! | Nicky Alan

In the swirling dance of existence, we find ourselves on today’s episode welcoming back the luminous Nicky Alan. An intrepid medium and spiritual guide, Nicky offers profound insights into the cosmic rhythms that shape our lives.

The cosmos, as Nicky explains, is a symphony of energies, a delicate balance between light and dark. “More people are awake; they get that courage, they get that feeling that they’ve got this invisible army and they will start standing up more for themselves,” she shares, emphasizing the power of collective consciousness. In these times of turmoil, it is essential to remember that being spiritually awake is not about passive acceptance but active engagement in the cosmic battle between light and dark.

Our conversation ventured into the realms of current global conflicts, drawing parallels with the unseen battles of the spirit world. Nicky likened the turmoil in Israel and Ukraine to an epic saga from Harry Potter, where unseen forces wage war while the mundane world remains oblivious. She revealed, “There are layers of judgment day, layers of rebalancing, and people are coming in from galactic right down to angelic levels, working to eradicate dark energies.”

In this profound dialogue, Nicky Alan highlighted the necessity of these upheavals for spiritual evolution. The pain and chaos, she explained, are akin to pulling out a deeply embedded thorn. It hurts, but it is necessary for healing. This analogy resonates deeply, reminding us that the path to enlightenment is often strewn with trials.


  1. Collective Awakening: The rise in global consciousness is empowering individuals to recognize their spiritual strength and collective power. As more people awaken, they contribute to a collective light army that can stand against the forces of darkness.
  2. Energetic Influence: Our thoughts and energies have a profound impact on the world. By focusing on love, compassion, and sending positive energy to those in need, we can create a butterfly effect that brings about significant change.
  3. Divine Assistance: Higher beings, from galactic entities to archangels, are actively assisting humanity in this transitional period. They work behind the scenes, influencing leaders and events to steer the world towards a more balanced and harmonious future.

As our discussion deepened, Nicky shared a vision of a world where the energy of the Christ consciousness re-emerges, not in a religious sense, but as a universal force of love, empathy, and healing. This divine energy, she believes, is already influencing people, evident in the growing awareness and synchronicities experienced by many.

In these times of uncertainty, Nicky Alan encourages us to remain grounded in love and compassion. She advises against getting entangled in the fear and anger propagated by external forces. Instead, we should focus our energy on supporting and comforting those affected by global crises, thereby contributing to the healing of our planet.

The journey towards a new era is underway, and while the path may be challenging, the outcome promises a world more attuned to the higher vibrations of love and light. As we navigate this transition, let us hold steadfast in our spiritual practices, knowing that our collective efforts are paving the way for a brighter future.

Please enjoy my conversation with Nicky Alan.

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Nicky Alan 0:00
More people are awake they get that courage they get that feeling that they've got this invisible army and they will start standing up more for themselves so when we as mediums and people that reporting from whatever they're channeling right it's not all oh you know kumbaya Let's all sit by the fire and light some sage it's not what I mean when we say about spiritually awake being awake is connecting to a group consciousness where we all as a light army can fight the dark people that are creating all of this on this planet.

Alex Ferrari 0:40
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion Nicky Alan. How are you doing Nicky?

Nicky Alan 0:45
I'm fighting strong a fight shot look and I got my Happy holiday. It's top on for everybody. And I'm sparkly and I'm talking with Mr. Handsome 2023 Will you remain the champion of handsomeness for 2024? Look into my psyche predictions. I kid you not. I know I've just said this, but so many people have been discussing your mind channel. So they've come over to subscribe and watch you and just got Oh my God, he's so cool. He's so handsome. The English people are so handsome.

Alex Ferrari 1:25
Yes, I like I said before we started, my seatbelt is strapped on tight. I know this is gonna be another wild ride as it was the first time our first conversation was so well received. We're at this at this as of this recording, we're over 425,000 views. And it people absolutely adore you, my audience doors you Oh, and I wanted to bring you back to talk a little bit about a lot of the stuff that's going on in the world, your point of view of it, what you've heard from the other side, what downloads you've gotten, because there's a lot of uncertainty in the world and a lot of fear going on in the world. And I want to kind of give some people some solace, especially in the new year coming in and 2024. And we're we're all going so my first question I'd love to ask you is we've talked a little bit before in our conference in our conversation about this great awakening, that we're all going through that spirituality, the consciousness is all grown. If this is happening, then why are ancient wars being brought back up? You know, like, what's happening in Israel and what's happening in the Ukraine and so many other places around the world, but those are two very, very key points, key places right now. Why are we going through that if we are truly evolving?

Nicky Alan 2:44
Yes, we are truly evolving my darling. Don't you panic, and nobody panic. Now I use this analogy the other day, right? And it's the real it's a bit of a sad one, but I really don't care. It's like, do you remember your Harry Potter fan? Of course. Right. Okay. I was glad I knew you would be if you weren't you were gonna go down a tiny bit in my estimation. But no, this is good. So I'm only joking. Do you know when they're having like the wars in the in the score? I can't remember which one it was? Is it the Deathly Hallows Part One where the locals are totally oblivious to what's going on? But now they're doing the job of journalists and God knows what right. And they are having this big war and you know, there's mad eye moody up there. And there's loads of Harry Potter's pretending to be Harry Potter and it's all taken off. But then if you look down there there's people walk into Walmart not even knowing what's going on do I mean and this is exactly how I've been told what is going on now. It will blow your mind humans what is actually happening now because we've got layers of judgment day if you like we've got layers or rebalancing. And people are coming in from galactic right the way down to to angelic down to spirit Well, down to our consciousness down to people like you and me to say this is what's happening, okay? Because the people that aren't awake are not aware of what's going on, they'll be totally oblivious to how much work has been put in to eradicate all of the dark energy that's going on in the planet. So if we just look at for instance, I asked about this Palestinian and Israel that was one of the biggest hits I got, I've started doing channeling on my YouTube channel. And it is really, really getting very popular. And the first one that my guide wanted to address was the Palestinian Israeli war. I thought, wow, this is a bit iffy. You know, I was just wanting to love and light and butterflies and it's like we're going to talk about this for and with this war. What we haven't realized is for a very, very long time remember we've had freewill and all of the higher beings if you'd like nobody's in charge, really. We're all a collective have just let us run around and create freewill in that free will. There's been a lot of darkness and that is particularly gathered. And this was described as the underworld right in the Palestinian area right in the Gaza area. And so when I said What do you mean underworld Juliana's, my guide said, Well, it's twofold. It's under the ground physically. And also the underworld, as you would see it, the lower energy. So what so I was kind of like, what does this mean? So I just put underwhelmed, and then it came up because I google after not before, he says, push the button love is that push the button, push the button. And then in that means research what I'm trying to tell you to make it clear when you report it to humankind. And so they're literally eradicating all of these under earth structures used for, you know, children, trafficking and human trafficking, and where were the terrorism cells live out. And apparently, there's this whole underground network of evil that has been Manna Fest in and growing for you is, and this war, not only is going to expose the leaders, so that can turn around, but it's going to get he said all of the rats out of the sewer. So the problem with that is, and this is no please don't ever think that this is me being derogatory to all the victims of this, but there has to be collateral damage. Now the people who are victims of this war that are totally innocent, have ordinarily most probably signed in a contract before they came back down to say, I am willing to show and my earth experience this time around so that we can help rectify, and get this balance back to how it should be. And it's exactly the same with the Ukraine, you've got someone, you know, Putin. And believe me, I have to let viewers know I do not watch the nose, I have got no connection with live television. I record what I choose to watch because I cannot handle the illusion of these dark energies proliferating through society. I literally want to stay completely organic and connected to source so that I can say, well, this is my view, rather than get tainted by all the propaganda that's out there. And it's exactly the same with Ukraine. The whole point is, is that if they are you know, this is great thing. The other day, there was a brick in my on my front drive, right? And it's been there forever, right? It's been there forever. And it's right in the why. And I've got Why have I left it there. So the other day, thank you for bringing this to me the other day I picked it up and it was just full of earwigs, wood lice, and spiders. And it was like oh, and then so I put it in the flowerbed just to hide it right behind a bush. And then all of this scattered. Now I'm not saying our creatures are dark. What I'm saying is, it's almost an analogy of when you open out something and expose it, then these will flee. And when they flee, they lose their numbers. They lose their rank. They lose their strengths. And this is exactly what's happening with leaders with the big fat cats. And you know, Juliana's call some Cheshire cats, you know, when we talk about the likes of Bill Gates and people like that, that had kind of running a lot of what the propaganda that humans have been exposed to, that it's all working towards doing this even now to a galactic level, where for the first time ever, I've had Juliana's and Archangel Ariel say to me, we are also being helped by our brothers and sisters. And I'm not all that the bit that's a lot to take in that's a lot to like this is no, it's not you if you've had an Atlantean, you know, previous life, which is true, I actually woke up to it when I was at the Dusit conference recently. And I've woken up to it. And they said you you were part of it. And all we're doing now are fighting colonies of people that need to be eradicated turned up so we can see the underbelly. See how bad it is. And it's like exposing a worm to the sun. It'll just shrivel and die once it's exposed to a hot sun. And that's what they're doing. They're literally turning up all the rocks, and letting all of the little rats run out and then dissipate. And that's exactly what's happening at the moment. And one of the advice sessions that were given to me by Archangel, I think it was Ariel, that was saying we need your support in this. And the advice was, don't think of the atrocities and the people creating it and manifest anger and disbelief and why and how or when's it gonna happen to me because you're then entering into a script in the play of these wars that are taking place. So change the script and start sending your energy to the people that are victims of it, and send love and comfort. Imagine in your mind comforting a baby You are a puppy. It's okay. It's okay. Because what we forget is when we get in this material energy and when we sit in this physical body, we forget that we are the most powerful beings on this planet. This is most probably the only planet that affects freewill. It's very hard planet to learn lessons on. Apparently, other planets are easier, right? So when we come down, we can either choose to invest the sending our energy, which we think is nothing, absolutely not. If you go back to Harry Potter, the power of the wand, the power of our energy can change things, we can walk into a room and change the atmosphere of that room, by our demeanor without even talking, we can change an atmosphere straightaway, by us sending love and us sending complete compassion and humility to the victims and to the people that rather forget the angry bit or hate them. They're doing this it's really wrong. Send it send the love, the compassion, and all of that strong energy towards the victims, because the angel said that basically, you will create a butterfly effect that will eradicate and expose more and more and show the underbellies. They said you said they, they said, it frustrates us how weak you feel you are you honestly think you are just a human being. And that is a complete lie. You are energy, sound, vibration, color and light that is encased pretty much you know, that's where the auric field comes into it one of the days of ourselves, you are encased in this body for your school lesson this time around, and you've chosen the School of Earth, right? And so the same so the prop, why are we trying to send people like me, Portal mediums which this is all predicted, as I said to you last time, nine years ago, in that in my book Earth, well, because it's coming right. And you facilitating us bringing information to the masses, is because we will wake up, the more we wake up, the more we're connected with our consciousness, the more we're aware of our energy, we're aware of our personal power. And we can change our own personal scripts, as well as change a script that's going on in a war environment, a script that's going on. And you know, look at the likes of Mel Gibson, he's woken up, he suddenly boom, I'm telling you about what's going on in Hollywood. And this is what they're doing. And the wonderment of it is that they're actually going to now credible people, because when you come across, you know, someone like me with ohmic, crystals and dragons and all the rest of it's like, Oh, it's another one of those tree huggers. But they're actually going to credible people. They're like doctors, scientists, people that have got a, you know, an upstanding status. And they're waking them up. And even actors, you know, they don't care. They're saying this is wrong, this is what's going on, and it is going on. And so we're going through a massive, massive reset of exposing these people. And the people that fearing to the only fear, if they are within that evil energy, that dark energy, if they're listening to this, then they obviously live in the light, whether they know it or not, because this is what their soul is attracted to. Okay, and they just need to listen to us, the people that are channeling the information down, giving you a lifeline and showing you what's going on. So the beauty of it is if you think about it, darling, if we go back to the 50s and 60s, I didn't know about reincarnation, they didn't know about new age practices, they didn't know about the strength of what crystals can do. You know, we've slowly been integrated this information when we need it for the greater good. And then it's down to people like us to trust that source is completely true and right to then send that out to humanity. And that's why I always say to them, and it's been brilliant. I'm waiting for the site to up and now you know, every time I do a video or a podcast, something flies, bangs or crashes off the wall. Because they say and we really are here. Do you know what I mean? And I love that about them. And they are bringing credibility to people that are channeling galactic information telling celestial information, wherever it's coming from. They're creating predictions that are coming true. Even one telling I did live. Giuliana said those big flooding and devastation coming on the second of November just to backup the fact that the rest of what I said is true. And we got hit with Storm Karen on the second of November. There was so much severe flooding and devastation in the UK and surrounding islands. It was horrific. And so everyone's kind of oh my god, he predicted that. Yes, because this is real. We're trying to tell you Don't panic. But the more people wake up and are conscious of their strength and how they can actually manifest their energy to create change, that that's what they don't believe. I don't believe they've got the ability to change something right across the side of the planet. And that's what I'm trying to do at the moment and many people are trying to do They're trying to, you know,

Create this massive doorway for people to walk through and go, Wow, I actually do come from souls I actually am made of this energy and this light actually can make a difference. And you know, the same thing make a difference materially petition wise. It's like, for instance, back in the day, we were still whaling, I said this before, a little while ago, we were still whaling, we were still killing whales for blubber lipstick in the 60s and 70s. And that was down to the power of the peoples like no more, we're killing our creatures, sign the petitions, you know, so you can do material change, as well as spiritual change. We've got to start standing up and being responsible for ourselves because we are renting this place. And so again, Giuliana said, you leave this place as you'd want to find it. But at the moment, would you want to find it the way it is? No. So we've got a responsibility. And also when we are open, and when we are awake, we can start invoking that energy, and then they can work within us to create change. And then what happens then is, is we share this information, we share it with people that then share it to the younger generations. So the longer term will be that we will be teaching the new leaders of this planet coming up in the next couple of decades to be, you know, more humanity based and more compassion based more based on how we can look after ourselves on the planet without being decimated. So that's the slow progress going on. But the fast progress going on is there are galactic entities coming in and assisting us there are celestial entities working there obviously, is to help people it's like I saw, Oh my god, I saw the most magnificent site. I've been so lucky that I've had to surf in with him. I think I spoke about this last time since I you know my years of abuse. Do you mind a lesson so used to hear this song being brought to me? And it wasn't until my I think it was 30s. I was in a workshop and they said hello, welcome back. I'm not Oh, I'm thorough. I don't know you are awkward. Like said you don't remember us. But we sang to you during the times when you needed us. And it hit me that I thought I used to imagine hearing this song after bouts of abuse. Right? And it was you went yes, we've been with you all this time. And it just because I wasn't awake yet. I wasn't awakened to that frequency. You know, and it's like a radio, you know, we can listen to certain things. But there's other things that just white noise because we're not opening ourselves up to the frequency. But the more that we meditate, walk in nature, sit in our own power, the more we'll be able to actually fill those frequencies for ourselves and realize what's going on. So the seraphim that they came in this session, and also, hello, my God, they're just such fearsome creatures and one of their jobs is to work with Archangel Ariel, and Michael to go down to natural disasters and wars and pick up massive souls at one time. Normally, it's as Royals job but they come down on mass right there fear. So they end up manifesting, for face to face to south all have to face southwest, northeast. And they are just like Grecian warriors, and they come down and they collect all the souls. And their frequency works on song, right. And then they take them up to the celestial gardens, and then they bathe the souls and I've watched soldiers getting bathed. And you can see them, you know, eradicate all of this imagery of human uniform, and suddenly, they're a pure, pure soul again, and then they're taken to the reality layer back to their family. And it's the most amazing thing to say. So they said, We implore you to let humans now think of that imagery of us collecting those songs. When there is war, whether it's Ukraine, whether it's there, I keep feeling this, like something going on in China and Korea, again, there's something bubbling there, that's going to happen, but it's not affecting us good people. So people shouldn't be scared unless they are a terrorist. Or someone that's going to have their underbelly exposed. Do you know what I mean? And I totally get it darling, because I get thanks to you, you gorgeous creature. And to go into Florida recently, at the beautiful G tech conference, I get hundreds of emails now die, and most of my I'm so scared what's gonna happen what's gonna happen? Literally the gift of this all is that most people are not aware of all of the stuff going on behind the scenes. You know, Harry Potter, Amanda moody. It's like get out Bellatrix as we spoke enfold a while and it's literally all happening with and it's and they're trying to do it behind the scenes to try not to affect the human Go as much. And they encouraged me and to tell others recently because I said, What do you want me to talk about when I speak with Alex? And they just encouraged me to say, stop listening to the propaganda, stop allowing the illusions to take place and stay rented in your egotistical part of your human form? Because you know, it's really funny, isn't it? How people watch your television? And if someone says, oh, the sky is now turned green, we've just reported it. And they'll go, oh, did you hear the sky turned green? Yes. And no doubt if we continue telling this powerhouse, this brain, and we ignore the pineal gland that will end up seeing a green sky. Because we listen, and we take on board, what the people that are hurting us everywhere want us to hear. That's why I won't listen to it anymore. What's happening is we've had far too long of powerful people in their places running puppets. And this is what it's all about, literally, the strings are being cut as we speak, it's going to take time, but my lot have said 2026 is the year of reckoning, that is when we're going to really start seeing the results. And potentially, we could even get some sort of irrefutable evidence or contact from our galactic friends.

Alex Ferrari 21:20
Yeah, it's something that I've heard from other channels and other mediums. Yes. 2026. Yeah, it's the year of something happening that is, you know, look, there's it's not an accident that there's been so many, so much talk about UFOs, and things like that, because it's not just before it was the tinfoil hat people, you know, talking about it. But now, like, the US government is coming out talking about it, and it's been declassified, and they're like, No, this is what we're seeing. So there's a lot more of these conversations happening. And it's very interesting to see where it's all gonna go, I have heard that 2026 is going to be a year of something that's from others from others, as well. So I would have to concur with you. But

Nicky Alan 22:07
Cooperation, sorry, darling.

Alex Ferrari 22:12
So let me ask you, Nikki, you saying that there's other areas bubbling up as well. I've heard and again, this is just from me, talking to others on the show that 2024 It's gonna get rocky, it's gonna stay rocky for a little bit in we will, we will be fine on the other end of it, but it's gonna get a little rockier. And that there might be other things happening next year and in 2025, that it's going to be like a UK like when nothing happens in Israel, the horrific attack. I just said, the first words out of my mouth was like, I really, is this really happening again? Symptom for the UK? And when that was going on? Like, are you serious? Like I was so beyond that, and like, I can't believe that this is still happening. I feel that there might be something else like that coming up, like, what, really, Korea or China or something along those lines? Do you see something like that happening for humanity?

Nicky Alan 23:11
I think it's there's going to be an uprising on different levels. So there's going to be civil uprising as well. Because, you know, you know, I remember my brother predicting this. And even, you know, Juliana's saying to me years ago, oh, you you won't be allowed to go to certain areas in your country. Like, don't be ridiculous. Then my brother started saying I've had to download because he's obviously it made him like me. I said, Yeah, this was a couple of years ago, I'm sorry, I keep saying sorry to him. He goes here, we're not going to be able to like you know, leave our cities and I went, don't be ridiculous where he goes, I'm telling you, it's going to happen. So and he was right, we started having these 15 minutes cities here. But again, people have up rise and they've started smashing down the bylaws and said No, it's not gonna happen. So there is going to be and as I say, the more people are awake, they get that courage they get that feeling that they've got this invisible army and they will start standing up more for themselves. So when we as mediums and people that reporting from whatever they're channeling, right, it's not all Oh, you know, Kumbaya, let's all sit by the fire and light some sage. That's not what I mean, when we say about spiritually awake, being awake, it is connecting to a group consciousness, where we all as a light army can fight the dark people that are creating all of that on this planet. It's that simple. It's not about the Kumbaya, right? So basically, there has to be this is how Giuliana said it as well. And I'm repeating myself, I've said this thoroughly before but gonna say it again. He said, imagine that you've got a giant Thorn that's been pushed into your side and has rotted and festered away for aegs. For eons of time, just say that decades and decades is festered away. He said, Do you honestly think that it's just going to be pulled out really quickly? It's not going to hurt. So he said so we're in the process of pulling a thorn out of the planet which he means the people that need to be eradicated the underpaid people. And it's going to hurt. It's not going to be easy because we've dug ourselves so deep into accepting ourselves as prisoners of the state of the governments of the leaders of God knows what they're all the ones that declare the wars. We don't. We're just sitting there like puppets going okay, then yeah, okay, there's a war going on. And then they decide to tell us who's winning and who isn't. Because I said, Well, what's going to happen? He said, no one will win. Nikola hate you when he goes, When Nikola, he said, no one will win, we are eradicating the energies that are creating an ill balance of the yin and yang of the planet. And so it will be established. And I reckon by 2030, tow, the car will come. I'm not saying it's gonna be rocky that long. But something will impact the 20. As I say, 2026 and 2032. That is it. Now, potentially, he said, it can go two ways, he said, but all the people that have woken up and having this higher dimension, as I've mentioned, I think I mentioned this with you before, to potentially if it goes really wrong, then we will just take up all of the enlightened souls, and they will go to planets where they can feel comfortable straightaway with telekinesis and all that kind of stuff. So they're so highly evolved and other planets, we would just not work there yet. But he said, the ones that are open and awake, we could put you there, the others possibly we'll just end up going through reality layer, and then we can go from there. And that's the way he said it. But that he said he made me feel when he said that is a very, very small possibility. He's meaning someone pushing the nuclear button, or someone doing something that's going to ruin the planet and blow it up or whatever, that's not going to happen. Because the problem is we have an integral part of the connection of the source of all the galaxies, universities, if we implode, or we go bang, then that's going to create massive, again, ripple butterfly effect for the rest of the planets and the rest of the universe. It's just not going to work this time. And so that's why all these forces are coming in now. Because if we continually let everything happen, that's happening, it will go bang. So they're doing everything they can to stop it going bang, taking out the leaders, taking out the people on these underwhelmed staff taking out the people that are trafficking people, children, taking out all the dark energies that are pulling all of the strings of the puppets that they've put into power, you know, by showing someone that's got the strength to not be a puppet shows that we're winning that war. So all these leaders that change will start getting into one's actually main business and want to change humanity and change the way that society is going. Because just looking at the moment, you know, we've got another thing that came in, was Julius was talking about our he calls him Pentacles. I think those three Pentacles depict money in the tarot. And so he calls them Pentacles to me, so let's talk about the human Pentacles. And then he showed me like, a box of digital, I don't know language or something. And I thought it was really mystical. I said, is that like language? And he goes, No, I'm just trying to affect the digital era that they're trying to push on us. Because he was saying that the way it was going, they want it to push us into a credit and society rated environment. I went well, and it goes, Yes, he goes just like in other places. I think he said China, China.

Alex Ferrari 28:25
China has Yeah, he has a social, social, social rating. So if you do something wrong, your rating goes down. And if it gets down to a certain point, you can't get you can't leave. You can't get an otter that's been happening for a while now. and China. Yep.

Nicky Alan 28:41
Right. So okay, so people like not that we're any different or superior to China at all. But he said, that's been trying to be implemented into US and the UK, Europe for a very long time. But there's people that managed to get in and stop it. And we're trying to stop that now. They're trying to channel themselves to certain human beings, that will be leaders, they can say, don't make that decision, and they won't consciously know it. But they'll just think it's their decision. Do you see what I mean that they're working from within? And in the background? To say, Don't do that, and then whoever's gonna be in charge. I'm not doing that. Do you see what I mean? It's fine to implement that. And so he said, We need to keep the physical money and physical Pentacles because once we lose that we lose control of our credit and our status. And so when he showed me China, well, there you go. You just said that I didn't know they that's just what is that? What is that? So someone decides what status you should be? Oh, there'll be working on that darling. It's not going to happen. And people if they sit here, perhaps if they come across this channel, right, and they sit and stop and think what load bullpens really start watching all of the main channels and the main People that are bringing this information down, you've just already cooperated. 2026, right? I've just going by what I've said, I don't watch any videos, right? Unless I don't, because I don't want to know it needs to be organic. And it does anger me that people just think, don't we talk about? We do, we can. And you know, the other thing that's coming in, and this is a biggie. This is a biggie. And incredibly, I didn't say about this, Alex, right, because I did let my ego get involved, right. And I was at Florida and Elena Diane stood up, and she said something, and it made me cry, because I've been told it for the last nine years this was going to happen. And I wouldn't say it because I thought that just sounds to BSA, right. But she actually said it and I went How dare I decide not to tell humanity about this. During this time, that we're going through this underbelly exposure of all the darkness, right, the energy of the Christ is going to enter into our ether. Right now, I don't mean that Jesus is gonna pop down here and start giving out bread and fish. I'm not gonna lie. If it goes down the wine, I'm thirsty and plugs, go, excuse me, I've been working for you a lot. I need to be in the wine queue. Just saying, No, I want the carbs, the fishes the bit stinky. I'm having the wine. Right? So it's not that and I said, What do you mean? And I remember them telling me this nine years ago, this is how the birth of Earth walkers started the book that's coming out, right? Basically, when you think of Christ, and it's got nothing to do a religion, right? Nothing to do with the Bible and all that old pants right. And I'd say all that opens, I just,

Alex Ferrari 31:49
Oh, you don't have to you don't have to clarify it on this channel. We've We've spoken to about that.

Nicky Alan 31:55
Religion and Bibles. It's all for control, wrath, sin and all that. And we all know that we all connect on love. And I have bought through Hindus, Jews, you name it, anybody Muslim. So they all come through. And they all connect because love connects us our ground. This grounded connection here connects to the celestial beings, they're through love. And that's how we mediums connects these loved ones to the loved ones. What does that mean? When you think of Jesus, whether you're a Christian or not, right? What or whatever, Catholic or whatever? I don't know. But wherever you are, what do you think when you think of it, Jesus? So I've said, what was healing love, empathy, teachings, openness to a higher power, the connection to the Holy Spirit? Lalalalala. And he said, right, is there any negative connotations to the word Jesus Jr. said, No, just the word religion and the Bible. When it goes, that's absolutely fine. Good. It said, but when you actually think of the essence of him, what does it make you feel when I said exactly what I said, and so then that is why we're bringing the consciousness of Christ back in. So said, so people might start thinking, or I've just seen Jesus in a meditation, right? Because he isn't. I'm so sorry, again. But he was a human being I and I literally exposed this to the whole of the conference, because I thought, I'm going to say it now. My granddad told me when I was a child I ever saw my dad who died two days before fully manifested at nine years old, said to me, you're gonna see things he goes, because you know where you come from, don't you, Nicola. So I said, were granddad. And he said, We come from the bloods line of Mary Magdalene. And we come from French Romany family that came from the French line of Mary Magdalene. And it's really funny that in 1452, when I discovered my guide, when I went over to Rome after he told me where he come from, when I went to trust a very, and he said, You will welcome into the house of Mary Magdalena. In 1452. There's just a running theme of me connecting with Mary Magdalene. And I've even had psychic artists and people say, I've written you know, Mary Magdalene and I might yet I've drawn out Yeah, that's absolutely right. Other sides of you, if you've got a connection or momentum in Yeah. And now I'm quite open in saying it. But when you perhaps nine years ago, people have got all she's a bit of a nut up, right. But now people are more open to it because they're thinking, there's chaos in the planet, there's chaos in humanity, we need to start listening to these people because they know what they're talking about. And so, Jesus, to me, was the most magnificent seer, medium and healer of that time, absolutely incredible. beyond anything because there was lots of people open to His teachings. Now because religions got a hold of it over the you know, the hundreds and 1000s of years. It's now tainted, so if you do this, it's wrong. If you do that, it's right. Listen to a medium you don't like they like you know, connect with the devil and all the rest of the old rubbish that they teach him. And so fair play. However, the consciousness of the Christ they've told me was coming in and it's exactly what alone get an answer could not believe it. She said, I've just gotten those from the Galactic Federation of wells to say that they are going to implement, it's been agreed in the High Court, they're going to implement the energy of the price to hit the consciousness of people so that we can start subliminally exercising our energy of humility, teaching, love, healing. And I've never seen such a spike of emails and messages in my life 1000s a week, to me saying, This is really weird. I've had dreams of Jesus, I'd feel like I'm not touching things, because I feel like I'm not real. I'm getting synchronicity. I'm getting Angel numbers, I'm hearing my voice being called I'm gonna get in Welcome to the new world. And that is what's happening. But people think because they're in their physical bodies, I think it's going to be something physical, they think like I don't know, source is going to drop down and you do not owe a mashed potato counting. So close encounter third client in case anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about, there's actually talking about method names now, but you know, it makes about their accent. And you know, it's not going to be all physical, that it's all a lot of it is going to be frequency based, because that is, believe it or not, most nearly every other intelligence out there is made of frequency, light and sound. That is why sound energy's gonna be huge next year, sound frequency, sound frequency apparatus, sound frequency music, they have literally the High Court, whatever the sources are bringing in the element of sound for healing is even now been incorporated into hospitals, right. And the next thing they're bringing in is their crystal technology. Let's face it, right? These things that people think right are just lumps of like tree hugger staff isn't all of this has been left in the planet for us to use to our betterment. You know, people don't realize how many televisions are in your phones, we need crystals for everything. The pineal gland crystallization, it's now manifested into this meat brought up in our brains, but it originally was crystalline. And that's why it can connect and create this consciousness connection. And so they're going to start bringing in crystals that work with sound vibration that will bring healing. And it's been going on for years, people talking about med beds, you've got the med beds that the power people want to create, which are the ones that they say can trap your soul and all the rest of it and the propaganda around that we're not talking about those ones we're talking about the ones that are going to start coming most probably is going to get more and more spoken about from next year. And the med beds that are coming and we'll be using technology that's bought from up there into crystals to integrate a holographic he showed it a bit like oh, I don't know. Why would you pick me? Why did you pick me today? Star Trek, right? No, the holographic deck? No, the holodeck? Yeah. Yeah, the holodeck. It's a bit like that. So they showed me this bed. And then this crystal working it just like a crystal would power a phone or something like that. And then they showed like this holographic. I don't know, kind of like rays going up and down the body just like in Star Trek. So do you know um, I think that people that created Star Trek that they were channeling stuff there. Because if you get even go back to the ones from like the 70s, they had these magic beds, and they had gapping down there. But he didn't like to scan them and to see what's going on. And so really some of the stuff that actually comes through, you know, the powers that be are a bit too thick, don't realize that a lot of the things that are exposed to us are, you know, someone channeling to that producer or that director to say, this is what's going to happen, this is what we're bringing you and it goes past the egos of the people that just want them Pentacles whatever's going out on the telly. So sometimes and even Harry Potter, you know, oh my god, she must have had so much channeling because when you actually look into stuff like the power of the wands, and the power of the mind, and you know the different dimensions and the use of creatures on the wall, everything is just like an avatar that is the spirit world and the all the other celestial frequencies and layers, right the avatar people and the humans are literally the fact Cheshire cats wanting to just annihilate and consume everything including us. And when I first watched avatar, I must have watched it and that was a long film I just kept and when it when she goes,

I see you after the conference, I was totally unspiritual okay, we're going straight to Universal Studios. I go straight to Avatar and go straight right there. And literally, I went on that ride and I was straight in the queue again, because Oh, Mike, I was in heaven. I was literally there. And it just that is like the spirit world and it is so that is the light army. Right? Is the light it Pandora is a light army and a humans on the darker army. And they even try to infiltrate and get in our avatars. It's not happening, and people have not got an exciting what's happening at last. We're digging out the fields. I'll get off my soapbox now.

Alex Ferrari 40:33
It's really It's pretty fascinating. Yeah, cuz I've I mean, I've always said that about a while I've interviewed a lot of these people in Hollywood, that they had these big movies. And I always wondered like, how do you? How did you come up with the ideas when you write? Did you does it? Does it just come through you? And they're like, yeah, sometimes I'll write and then all of a sudden, I looked down I go read what I just wrote, who wrote that? I don't know who wrote that.

Nicky Alan 40:58
And what is that? It's it's goes back to Victorian times automatic writing? Well, yeah, you know, it's it, and then it will flow through. So you're exactly right.

Alex Ferrari 41:11
Yeah, I mean, Gene Roddenberry who came up with Star Trek, George Lucas, who came up with Star Wars, HG Wells, who came up with a time machine and all during the descent of the earth, and all these amazing war the world, these amazing books, they didn't exist. Before his time. I mean, Charles Dickens wasn't talking about spaceships. That was just not his time. Shakespeare wasn't talking about that either. It was this moment of time where it was time for these stories to start coming out into the world. And they they started to come out like crazy. So when the when the humanity is ready for the idea, it will come just like

Nicky Alan 41:53
Oh, my goodness, you've absolutely nailed it. That is why my books are going out as spiritual fiction. Right? Because they went out as fact, it will just be the certain few that will go well. So they created the most incredible fictional story with the most strongest characters. My editor said, I hate you. You can write fiction as perfectly as you can. nonfiction. He goes, How did you come up with this? I said, I didn't. It was a download. It was a dream of five hours. And then I just wrote it out. And so what happens is, is that these like Georgia goes, Oh, my goodness, I adore Star Wars, anything like that. I'm totally anything, not of this world. I'm on it. And they've just done this series here called the Lazarus projects. In the UK, I don't know if it's gone out is American version. Oh, it is just perfection. It is about a group of, you know, secret people that have worked out how to bend time and reset to a certain day. So if anything goes wrong, or the world is like, you know, endangered or it possibly, you know, the nuclear bomb might go, they can reset and put it back to a point like a computer saving, you know, files, go back to reset point and then carry on going. And I'm like, as if they don't do they don't have a worked out time bending cooks they have they've worked so late time, there's absolutely no doubt about it. You got this place in Liverpool. Oh, my goodness, it's going to totally escaped me because it wasn't going what's what's arrived? What's the road? And I think it's brookstreet or something. It's in the middle of Liverpool. And there are so many people, hundreds and hundreds of people that have experienced TimeSlips in that road where they'll go into a shop. You know the one I'm talking about linking name with the road or you go into his time slips Liverpool, it will come up right.

Alex Ferrari 43:55
Well, that's what's but that's the Mandela Effect. Yeah, it's just like the Mandela Effect. You're like, Wait a minute. Did that happen? Did that? I thought that happened. And so I always like to ask you this question. Since you're a Star Wars fan. Is it Luke I am your father? Or is it? I am your father? Do you remember what it's

Nicky Alan 43:56
Luke, I am your father!

Alex Ferrari 43:59
It's not. It's not in the movie. It says I am your father. Are you chunky man? There is no in the movie does not say Luke. I am your father though. Everybody. Whoever makes fun or parodies. That line always says, Luke, I am your father.

Nicky Alan 44:35
It's the same as Michael Caine. Never said, Oh my God, you know, I forgotten what they say now. I told you, oh, my goodness, I can't remember. He's never ever they quote him and do exactly the same quote. And he's never ever ever said it. And I can't even remember

Alex Ferrari 44:55
So many of those things. There's so many of those little things. But that's just the kind of that time slipping thing. which is fascinating because I've spoken to quantum physicist about it. It Oh, many, many have actually had two. I've had two to talk about it directly. I had him on the show, we just had long hour, hour and a half long conversations about the Mandela Effect and what has actually happened on a quantum physics level, not just as a tinfoil hat level.

Nicky Alan 45:18
So that comes out on the recording. Did you hear that band over there then?

Alex Ferrari 45:18
I think I think.

Nicky Alan 45:27
Someone just goes, boom, right. And I was doing an interview a couple of weeks ago. And then this one, this bloke just walks in, it turns out, it was the grandfather of the person who's interviewing me, Howard, I'm like, route hours road. So

Alex Ferrari 45:42
I hope it comes out on the microphone. Well, if anybody's there for me, we'll talk after after we after the finish.

Nicky Alan 45:49
You know, the other thing as well that they've shown me is teleporting. I've been shown that years ago, I don't care now I'm gonna say Oh, I used to worry that people are gonna judge me, but you know what, take it or leave it. But I've seen them change particles from one object or person into another tank thing.

Alex Ferrari 46:09
That's I that's kind of like science fiction aspects. But again, the more I talk, the quantum physicist, the more these ideas aren't as far out as they were 10 or 15 years ago, because now quantum physics is really explaining a lot of this. I mean, just quantum entanglement is it throws materialism out the door. And these kinds of ideas. So a lot of these crazy ideas that quote unquote, crazy or sci fi ideas that were insane, are just purely science fiction before. There are aspects of me look a rocket that lands itself. That is science fiction. And now we have a rocket that landed itself. And Mars was complete science fiction. And we're probably within 50 years of inhabiting Mars, if we want to.

Nicky Alan 47:03
We just haven't got to go into that. So it's already inhabited. From what I've been told.

Alex Ferrari 47:07
Well, hey, you know what, that's a whole other conversation.

Nicky Alan 47:12
Start sounding like a conspiracy theorist, because I kid you not, right? A year ago, if you said to me, you'd be talking about galactic influences. And you'd be talking about, you know, power and dark energy. So I'll be going oh, no, no, that's not me. No, no, no, now I just do love and light afterlife and all that kind of stuff. But I can't deny what I can't choose what I can and can't say because of how people take it. And literally, that is what they've been bringing, because the fear is palpable. The theory is palpable. People are thinking the new nuclear war is gonna take place, it's gonna get worse. But you know, yes, there is physical wars going to take place in front of us. However, the main war is a spiritual war to reset the balance. And literally, we will be filled with so much more tranquility, humanity, humility is just gonna be such a beautiful experience, because it's gone. So wrong, it needs to be rectified. And that's all that's happening. We're rebalancing what needs to be changed. That's it. It's that simple.

Alex Ferrari 48:11
So let me ask you this, in regards to we've been talking a lot about geopolitical stuff, meaning more wars and countries and things like that, but in the same battlefield, though, there is the financial systems, there are the corporate hierarchies. There is, I'm sure healthcare, there's so many other areas, specifically the financial systems. I mean, we as a, as a society, we're overdue for that. That next shoe to drop, like the 2008 thing, it happens every eight years, nine years 10 We're late. We're in a lot of people are feeling like oh my God, what's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? What's gonna happen? Do you have any information in regards to the financial system and what's going to happen to our money and where we're going to go?

Nicky Alan 48:59
First of all, as I said earlier, they told me that I say they it's either guide or angel energy, whoever comes through, first of all, they said that they're trying to, they're definitely going towards eradicating what they were trying to do, which was put us all digital and get us all controlled by Oh, you put your psyching out, you can have five more credit and be like Total Recall, there, eradicating that doesn't feel like that's going to happen at all. Now. What also has happened is and I feel I honestly feel like Did they say it was Trump, that sighted to try and implement this? They're trying to at the moment gain, he calls it equilibrium and balance with the intrinsic Pentacles that throughout the world, right, I don't do big words. So basically, what he was trying to say is, they're going to try and bring a balance that everybody has the same value everywhere. Rather than keep changing the rates and currencies of everything. We can all live and have the same values, like a carton of milk or cost the same here as it were. Over there in the US, they're trying to bring that equilibrium in. And they're working on that at the moment. And again, this is consciousness is coming in and incorporating themselves into the leaders that they're going to try and choose because what we don't choose our leaders, they get put in no matter what people say about, you know, I voted for this, I voted for that. I don't think that works out from what I've yet heard from this law. So they're trying to get a balance, where we all are at a level that we are pretty much the same. Or if we go over the world, which they think is going to be quite simply done. Don't allow Wow, so it's about Don't worry how it's gonna happen. No, it's gonna happen. And if we all say, I know this will happen, we're all affirming something and feeding into the energy to make it happen. I know it will happen. So we're gonna get that equalization. We're also that they've said, again, that we're trying to work within and what I think they mean, again, I'm not repeating myself, but it feels like they're gonna start subliminally, I know that we can't operate against free will. This is we said, we can't operate against free will. However, the more we rise, the vibration of the planet, and the more people we wake up, the higher the frequency is, the easier it is for us to whisper or perhaps speak to someone that is more open to that leader, and go, have you thought about doing it this way? Oh, yeah, let's put that this implement that plan in that's a good idea. Can you see what I mean? And so they'll then start creating better living circumstances, start investing more in health and worrying about any weapons they've got. So it's, that's a slow turnaround, that there, that's a slow turnaround. But there's definitely things afoot, as you say, it's gonna be rocky because I've never been exposed to the information they've bought me recently, ever. It's all been loving, like what angels do the afterlife, reality layer, and all beautiful stuff like that. But this stuff, they've been punching, I was like, Whoa, this is a whole new world for me. So I'm just being introduced to it to myself, really, because I'm just entering into this new rebirth. And incredibly, my dad even said, you know, back in 2014, from the spirit world, when you see this symbol, national, no rebirth, your new awakening, I'm not what another one you haven't a laugh. And it was a triangle with a circle on the top. And my God, when I go to the conference of Florida, the first screenshot that Lena Dunham puts up on the screen is it 19 symbol, which is that one triangle with a circle. And then I got all these flashbacks, all these dreams and stuff that I had all these colonial wars, and suddenly, boom, I've gone up this level, to get all this information about the world's you know, the state of the world, which I've never, ever thought I would work with. I didn't think that was my path, but it is. And so the incorporating people around the leaders that are either elected to then create, what about doing this policy? What about doing that, but the people still need to sign they said their papers, which is petitions, we still need to make our voice heard, and the petitions, the possible civil uprisings that will take place, there's going to be something else happening in Russia and Ukraine that's going to hit back in the nose, April, May, time next year. I'll say there's some rumblings in China, there's gonna be some rumblings obviously, natural disasters going to continue because people are still not being educated enough on how to look after the planet. So if you kick a dog too much, it's going to bite back at some stage and that's what's happening. So Indonesia, there's gonna mostly be some earthquakes. Hawaii, there's a hot spot there that could happen. Now, we could either get a volcano or an earthquake there. Floods, there are things that it's all eradicate, and it's not the end of the world. It is changing the script, the act, certain actors need to be retired, certain directors need to be out aid so that the script can run as it should, and we should play out the story of earth a lot differently. So people I've just got to keep saying so can't wait for 2026 years old gray, and picture the White army against the Dark Army and not think it's all Kumbaya. That's the problem. I think some people think being spiritually awake is you know, just turning into some okay, you're I'm gonna go and sit in the grass and just get out. It's not that at all. It's just being aware of your own personal power and aware of the energies going on in the universe. And as I say, so many people are feeling it and hearing it, you know, I keep hearing frequency in my ears. I keep hearing a low humming in the house and I can't find out where it is. Electrical things are going wrong or lights blaring and then going back down to normal. It's all part of it. You know, there have to create a bit of a disturbance in the Force, see what I did there to why they're working hard and trying to To eradicate all of this darkness, it's gone honest, it's just too much. You know, and I'm sure I'm sure someone said to me about Palestine and please forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm sure someone said is one of the biggest hotspots for pedophilia. And so when I then hear from Juliana Samer, eradicate in the rats and get rid of all of the underworld, perhaps that's what they're doing. And unfortunately, that involves a war. They need humans to go in and eradicate it.

Alex Ferrari 55:29
Well, that area of the world has been in turmoil for the last 2000 years. Yeah, interesting. There are areas of the world that have more turmoil than other areas of the world. There's so there is something I don't know what it is. But there's definitely some energy that is causing it that it's constant. It's constant. It's constant.

Nicky Alan 55:47
Yeah, there's a lot of portals. There's a lot of portals down to lower energy, definitely. Because he kept talking about the underworld. But I think it's like people I think not people but the hierarchy of the celestial planes, galactic planes, wherever they are, just like we've had enough now. Because there is a ripple effect, you know, with again, here. Oh, yeah, we haven't got this because the Ukraine war. What's that got to do anything? Or we haven't got this now. Food's gone up because of the Palestinian war war. And that's what you hear. That's what stuff here in the news, because of the Ukraine war, your electricity is now going up? Is it? Okay? And people are like leaving the lights off and using candles and turning their heating off? Do you like this can't this can't be sustained. We're supposed to be here, learning our lessons and going back after our incarnation and reporting back to souls, connecting with our soul cluster and waiting for the next exercise, we can't keep coming down into chaos, because all we're going to experience is just the karmic ramifications of all of these rats running around right in their chaos. So it's got to be eradicated to a certain level. Look, we're not going to be walking on Rainbows or floating around happily ever after, we're always going to have darkness here. We have to, you can't see light without experience some of the dark. However, it's just got a bit too much now, you know, and it's time to stop it before it gets too far. Because if we don't have all of this uprising, and all of this weird stuff going on, that people are worried about, someone will press that button or a flood will flood the world or whatever. So they don't want that to happen. That is a last thing they want to happen up there. And this massive disclosure of the energy of the Christ coming in I that was that's part of my book that I thought that was a fictional happy ever after this is happening, and I can't wait to find out. Not only did Elena corroborate, I'd love to find out if anybody else, you know, anybody watching this has heard it from another medium or another channel out or someone else. Because I was blown away when she said that because I know I knew nine years ago that they were going to incorporate that to Trump because there's so much hype, fear, worry, we're allowing our egos to imprint on our souls. And that can't happen. We've got to have our souls pushing out that and acknowledging we're on a human experience, but still remain intact in here. And so that is potentially why that beautiful tranquility of the Christ energy coming in are that is just going to be we've already started. It's already started. I've had so many people say Do you think I'm a nutter? I saw Christ site and I'm like, get in there. Embrace it and go for it. Forget the stories of the Bible. Yeah, I know we do Happy Holidays. But that's an idea because it's it brings so much festivity and joy and happiness to children. It's nothing about the Nativity. However, the actual energy that he created when he was on the planet and the energy is created for 1000s and 1000s of years, and that coming back into our consciousness, get in and you know what the religious people are, hate us for it. How dare you? What's the word blessed? You know, bless me, bless me are talking about the energy of the Christ. Well, do you know what you know? He's not going to be standing there giving out bread. All right, he will be bringing his consciousness if people think love not hate,

Alex Ferrari 59:21
If I may, quote, The Great Paramahansa Yogananda. Jesus might have been crucified on one day, but his teachings have been crucified for the last 2000 years. And that's pretty, pretty, pretty accurate to that. Is there any other message that you would like to say to the audience that the other side wants to portray to send out to the audience because there is a lot of fear a lot of people who are afraid because they're watching the news, or they think that the world is coming to an end or things like that? Is there any message of hope that you can give?

Nicky Alan 59:55
Every time that you watch something on your screens? This is what he's said to me Juliana's right and just remember guys, he's not a made up figment of my imagination. He's been with me my whole life, he told me where he came from 4050 to trust a fairy rhyme. And I went and found him. And he's in the sense of serious church and I found in there and exists, okay, so I'm not just sitting here and this is part of imagination shall believe me when I tell you that he says, apart from these screens, when you've got the channelers and the beauty of Alex, every screen you watch every word that you listen to, an every every horror that you see provide you is just an illusion, okay? They're trying to bring fear and hatred in so that you can manifest your anger. And that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to make you angry and scared. Don't enter into that. Remember the love. Remember the comfort in the child, remember, comfort in the puppy, hold on to the love, hold on to the love and let everything else rise above you, if you get something come into that says Sign for this petition for this, do it be the voice, but know that you are being carried, you're being held, you are not alone. And you are, we are working as hard as we can to alleviate all of this disruption. And it's like, it's like, just say a building needs a bit of, you know, repairing and you've got all the scaffolding up. And there's loads of chaos and there's, there's skips everywhere a workman it's all flourishing, it's like, Oh, my God, this is surrender. We all have to create scaffold, we will have to create chaos to get to where we need to get to repair. So just go with it and know that everything you see in here, one is most probably not the truth. But to is just another step to the form being drawn out for us to heal. So please don't panic, send love. Send your thoughts to the people that have honored this soul contracts and volunteer to go back up through all of this all for war, and all the others that are lost through natural disasters. Just send your love. I hope you're getting up. Okay, thank you seraphim. Thank you angels thank the angels thank your guides, because they are working in the background to change this world to make it better for you and generations ahead. Trust me, I promise you just wait and say this is all about regeneration, rebirth and a better planet, I promise.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:27
Thank you. Where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Nicky Alan 1:02:30
Well, you can come up to the planet Mars, I've got a nice little conference.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:33
I wouldn't, I wouldn't doubt it, my dear.

Nicky Alan 1:02:42 is my website. It's currently being rebuilt because it's very old. And I'm so excited to get a new one up and running for the new year. Or pop over to my YouTube channel. That's where you find me the most on my YouTube channel just hopping Nicky Alan. Nicky Alan. And you'll find me that to be quite honest with you put my name into Google on all the social media sites. And I'm here ready to hear your comments ready to see what you've got to say. And of course I address all the fears that you mentioned. And I really hope that I've helped to allay those fears and just say come on now with literally just going through change and change is never ever easy. But wait till we get the results. We're looking for money living society, everything will come to an even keel. Trust me just wait and see.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:32
Nicky, I appreciate you for coming back on the show. It is always a journey. having you on the show is such a wonderful time. Thank you again for everything.

Nicky Alan 1:03:45
You've had an easy ride because you've got me on my philosophy soapbox because I was gonna say that I don't want any of this slight sweatshirt stuff going on. I need a vest next time place.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:55
I appreciate you my dear. Thank you.

Nicky Alan 1:03:57
Thank you for having me. Thank you so much.

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