America’s TOP Psychic REVEALS RAW TRUTHS About EVIL SPIRITS, OTHER SIDE, NDEs & More! with Matt Fraser

In the realm of human experience, we occasionally encounter individuals whose journeys offer profound insights into the mysteries of life and the afterlife. Today, we welcome Matt Fraser, a celebrated psychic medium whose unique abilities bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Matt Fraser has dedicated his life to helping people connect with their departed loved ones, providing comfort, healing, and a deeper understanding of existence beyond the material plane.

Matt Fraser’s journey began with a series of extraordinary experiences in his childhood. Raised in a family where his grandmother and mother possessed psychic abilities, Matt initially struggled to understand and accept his gift. “Growing up for me was like that little boy in ‘The Sixth Sense,'” he recalls, describing how he would see and hear spirits from a young age. His grandmother, who played a significant role in his early life, was the first spirit he saw after her passing. This connection opened the door to a multitude of other spiritual encounters, shaping his path as a medium.

Despite the initial fear and confusion, Matt’s experiences gradually led him to embrace his abilities. A pivotal moment came when he visited a psychic medium himself, seeking guidance about his future. The medium revealed that Matt was destined to become a psychic medium, a revelation that initially left him skeptical. “I was convinced that she was a fraud,” Matt admits, but the persistent signs and messages from the spirit world eventually convinced him to accept and develop his gift.

Matt’s work as a medium is deeply rooted in the belief that our loved ones continue to exist in a state of unimaginable peace and joy. “Your loved ones are living unimaginable, magnificent lives on the other side,” he explains. This understanding shapes his approach to readings, where he connects with the spirits of those who have passed to deliver messages of love, guidance, and reassurance. Through his readings, Matt helps people heal from grief, resolve unfinished business, and find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are still with them in spirit.


  1. Embrace the Continuity of Life: Matt’s experiences underscore the belief that life continues beyond physical death. Understanding that our loved ones are still with us in spirit can bring profound comfort and healing.
  2. Let Go of Negativity: Holding onto negative emotions like grudges and resentments can hinder our spiritual growth. Matt encourages us to release these burdens and embrace the love and peace that our loved ones experience on the other side.
  3. Trust in the Power of Love: Love is the most powerful force in the universe, transcending physical boundaries. By focusing on love and positive connections, we can create a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Matt’s teachings emphasize the importance of living a life aligned with love and compassion. His readings often reveal how spirits assist their loved ones from the other side, guiding them towards positive outcomes and helping them navigate challenges. This ongoing connection demonstrates the enduring power of love and the support we receive from the spirit world.

Please enjoy my conversation with Matt Fraser.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 362

Matt Fraser 0:00
You might think that you're protecting yourself, right? You might think that it feels good. Like she said it felt good was she feels good because she thinks she's protecting herself. She thinks that she's not being vulnerable. But what you're actually doing is you're holding on to negativity, you're holding on to a piece of yourself or a piece of your heart, right? That's not the world doesn't get to see. So let it go. If we let me say something, when I talk to the other side, your loved ones are living an unimaginable, magnificent lives on the other side, right? They're positive, they're happy. They're where we free, because they don't hold on to those past negative emotions. And if we could do that here, as humans, we could live a much better life, we would live a much better life. And we wouldn't have what's going on right now in the world as we see it.

Alex Ferrari 0:51
I like to welcome to the show, Matt Fraser. How you doing Matt?

Matt Fraser 0:54
Good. It's great to be here with you.

Alex Ferrari 0:55
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. I'm excited to talk to you, man. I've been a fan of yours from a distance. For a while now. And I just heard from you, you just discovered me as well on your on your journey. So it's a mutual mutual love for each other, my friend.

Matt Fraser 1:12
Thank you. Well, listen, I'm so glad to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:14
Thank you, my friend. So my first question to you is, what was your life like, before you became a psychic medium before you discovered all of this? I mean, I'm assuming you didn't pop out of the womb just going I got something for you.

Matt Fraser 1:28
Well, it's kinda like that in a different way. Right? Okay. So I grew up not understanding that I was a psychic medium. But what I did understand is that I was different, I could see and hear dead people. So growing up for me was like that little boy in the sixth sense. And what first happened is, is I was really close with my grandmother, my grandmother was my everything. Because my dad was in the Navy, he was out to see my mom worked a steady job. So my grandmother pretty much raised me I would be with my grandmother, you know, morning, noon, and night till my mom got home. And my grandmother was with me for the first three years of my life. And then unfortunately, she had passed away. And when my grandmother had passed away, I remember every being buddy being sad, and you know, mourning her passing and the house being empty at times. But I never went through that grief because my grandmother was the first soul that I saw, I remember being a little boy, and my grandmother would come back and actually visit me, she would sit at the edge of the bed and talk with me and have conversations with me. And it was a weird experience. Because here, everybody was crying over grandma, but yet, I could still see and communicate with her. So that was the first ever experience that I had as a medium. But I never realized that my grandmother had died. But what was interesting is that after that experience, it's like it opened the door, when I saw my grandmother, it was fine. Like I said, I didn't even know that she had passed away, all I can remember is that she just looked different. She looked healthy, there was this glow around her, you know, when she came in, it was a very warm presence. And she was oftentimes there with other family members who I didn't know at the time that had passed away. But looking back, I can kind of connect the dots. But after having that experience, what was crazy is is that I started to see other souls souls I didn't recognize it was like, all of a sudden, when I would be playing alone, I'd hear my name being called to next thing, you know, seeing a man that was there they had never seen before in my life, or when I would go to bed as a child, I remember there being souls that now I know, had died in the nearby area that would just appear. And it was petrifying to me because I will yell and scream for my mom and my dad, and they would come and they turn the lights on. And that soul would just vanish. And that's when I knew that something was going on. I didn't know that I was psychic, but I thought the house was haunted.

Alex Ferrari 3:47
How did you as a young child deal with that psychologically? Because that must have been not only traumatize me grandma's one thing, but one, all these other entities start showing up? You. I mean, Kip, how do you process it? How did you process it?

Matt Fraser 4:04
Well, it was really hard because I never wanted to be alone. I wanted to sleep with my parents every single night, I didn't want to play alone, I didn't want to leave my parents site, I didn't want to go to a friend's house because I was afraid that I was going to see a ghost to see a spirit. And what was really tough was that it started to happen outside the house, it would happen when I was alone, you know, in the school yard or off to the off to off to another room and my friend's house, you know, no matter no matter where I went, these things started happening. But what I found really tough was that I couldn't talk about this, I started to tell my friends that were around me at the time, you know, just being you know, five, six years old about you know, oh my god, I had this this soul that came to visit me or I see dead people or whatever it was, I was telling them at the time. And what I remember was that they had such a strong reaction because they would go back and they would tell their mom or their dad and then next thing you know their mom and their dad would tell them all keys just playing pretend Oh, that says an imaginary friend. He's making it up. And I remember as a kid getting so upset, because you know, the kids would come back into the school yard or come back to, you know, when they would come over to play. And I would share the experiences. And they said, Oh, my mommy said that you were making that up, or my dad said that that's not true. Or my mom says that that's, that's imagination. And I knew what I was seeing and hearing was real. And it got to the point where I was getting so mad, because I knew what I was seeing and hearing that, you know, I would fight back with these kids. And it got to the point where my parents had to get involved, because their parents would go and call, you know, my parents and say, Hey, Matt is saying that he's seeing dead people. He's saying that he's seen this, it's getting a little bit out of control to the point where even the school when I went to school, you know, the teachers had to have talks with my parents. So it was really tough growing up, because I felt so alone, nobody could see what I saw. And that's really what bothered me. And what happened was after that is that I had to learn to just shut it down. And to shut it out. I thought that there was some good see and hear and feel this. And, you know, my grandmother was a medium. My mom was a medium, but they weren't practicing. You know, it wasn't something that they did as as a job. It was something that they too could sense and feel spirit. But because they weren't practicing, they weren't always giving readings, if that makes sense.

Alex Ferrari 6:15
So then you like a lot of psychics and channelers I've spoken to and even near death experiencers they have to shut it down because the people around them just can't accept it. And you at such a young age, you pretty much were alone. So did you just shove it into a box somewhere and ignore it? Did you ignore the the spirits that showed up? How did you put a close sign up? How did that work?

Matt Fraser 6:40
So I did my heart. I did everything that I could. And I did everything that I possibly could to just live a normal life. Right? That was the goal. And what was really tough was this is that my mom being a psychic tried to explain to me what was going on. She tried to explain to me what was happening. And she tried to go and get me to open myself up. But I was so afraid because I was the only one that was seeing and hearing. So for example, I'll never forget the story. I remember that. You know, there were many times when I would see spirits appear when I was in bed, right? It was always a time when I was alone, or I was in bed. And by the time my parents got there, that soul was gone, that soul had vanished. And I'll never forget this time that really just sent chills down my spine. It still does to this day. I remember being a little kid, I had to be about five years old at the time, and this soul had come in and it was this man and he was there. And he was really scary looking when I was connecting with him. And I woke up to seeing him sitting at the end of my bed and I was screaming for my mom and my dad and my mom came rushing in. She turned the lights on. She was there in the bedroom and the soul was still there. So right away, I was pointing to him and I was like Mom, mom, mom, and she's like, what's going on? What's happening? I was pointing. It's just like, What what are you screaming about? What are you screamed, Mama, can't you see him? Can't you see him? And my mom's like, no, what are you talking about? It's a man right there. I was, you know, screaming and crying and I was in hysterics. And the soul was there. I could see him but my mom couldn't. And that really freaked me out because my mom was a psychic medium. So I figured why can I see this person but she can't. And I remember my mom sitting on the bed. And I remember her rubbing my back and saying to me, honey, it's okay. You know, even though I have this gift, she said that soul wants to talk to you that soul is only appearing to you that soul is not appearing to me. I can't see what you see. And I remember my mom trying to calm me down. I remember her going to the to the corner of the room and standing where that sole was and her saying, you know, Matthew was the sole hurting Mommy and I was like no. And she's like, okay, he's not hurting mommy. He's here, but he's not hurt hurting you listen to what he's gonna say, what asked him what he wants, right? But I wouldn't do it because I was too afraid. So it was really hard. Because, you know, nobody could help me with this journey. You know, I realized that even though my mom, you know how to gift her gift was different than mine. And if I wanted to understand it, you know, I'd have to go through it myself. And that at that age, you know, it was far beyond my comprehension of what was going on and what was actually happening.

Alex Ferrari 9:03
So what at what age did you start to investigate this a little bit more start to possibly train yourself or start to try to accept this because again, this is a this is a theme that I hear so much on the show is there's there's the reach, it's the it's the hero's journey, the rejection to the call of adventure. No, no, no, I want to be a normal person, I want to live a normal life. And they reject it. And then eventually, they're forced into a decision that like, my life is miserable. I have to accept my gifts. I have to go down this so what age did you accept it and start to actually investigate what the hell was happening to you.

Matt Fraser 9:38
So it's funny because I pushed it away for years and years and years, wherever where literally, I pretended like it wasn't there. If I saw a person, a dead person or a spirit, you know, I would just block it out. I would just go about my own life to the point where I got really good at it. I got really good at not sensing not hearing not not receiving messages from the department. I just went about my day. And even though I had pushed my abilities, outcomes Lately, what was really cool is that I always had a really strong connection with people, pets and emotions, right, I could feel people on a different level, I felt a strong connection with animals, you know, I could tell when someone's a good person or a bad person, I could tell when somebody had just gone through a divorce or just had a hardship within their life. And I felt when you know, somebody was going through a really tough time, or when somebody was having an issue within their body, whatever it may be, I always had that super closeness and connected connectedness with people. So because of that, as I got older, I always felt like I had to do something in the world of medicine. So my whole dream. And my goal was to be an EMT, and then paramedic, and then maybe even physician's assistant, I wasn't sure where it was that I was going to go with this journey. But I knew that I wanted to be in the medical field. So I actually started my career as an EMT. And I worked for the World Trade Center in Boston, I worked for the security operations department. And then from there, it was crazy, because I was at the point of going to become a paramedic. And I went to go and see a medium for the first time myself. And it was at that moment that I'm like, you know, what, a lot of my friends we had just gotten out of out of high school not too long ago, everybody was going to see the psychic medium in Boston, and they were all talking about what great experiences they had, they went to this medium, medium told them about, you know, where they're going to be in five years, who they're going to get married to what was coming on down the line, all these things. So I said, I have to go, not because of the fact that I was so much curious about what had happened when I was younger, but more so that, you know, I want to know that was going to happen in my life. And I thought it was cool. I believed in it. Because at one point, I could see and hear spirit as well. But you're gonna know what in that moment, when I went to see a medium, I was so good at blocking out everything, I really forgot that I had that connection that was even there. So it's funny, because I went to see that medium for the first time. And I was expecting to have the same experience that my friends had, right? I was expecting her to sit me down and say, Oh, yes, you're gonna be a great EMT. And I see you going and being a paramedic. And then I see you working in a hospital. I see you doing this. I see you doing that. And, you know, I was really curious, because at that point, I thought I had my career and my life all figured out. You know, I was really young. I wanted to say when I was like, what, 18 years old, 19 years old at the time,

Alex Ferrari 12:22
We all know, we all know what we're completely together at 18 and 19.

Matt Fraser 12:26
Yes, yes. So like, I like thought that I had the road set on where I want to go and what I want to do. So I went to see this, this medium, and right away, she sat me down. It had nothing to do with what I was doing at that moment. So she looked at me and she says to me, she goes, You know, I see that. She's shuts me I see that. You have a gift. And like no, I don't have a gift. And she's like, yes, yes, I see that you're a psychic medium. I'm like, No, I'm not a psychic medium. And she's like, and right away, she started she started pulling up my passions. Like I see that when you were younger. You saw her and her heard spirits. And I'm like, Yes, I did. I'm like, but not anymore. I'm like, that was just when I was a kid. And she was like, oh, no, you're still connected, the souls are still trying to come up come to you, but you blocked it out. And then she talked about my grandmother who had passed away. And she told me my grandmother was there and with me, and she knew that my grandmother was a psychic and my grandmother had this gift. But like me, my grandmother had blocked it out. And so did my mom. And she said to me, you know, your grandmother is here to help you on this journey. She says you need to embrace this gift, you need to embrace this thing, God given gifts, and you're pushing it get back in God's face, like, you know, you need to be able to help people. And I was so confused, because I'm like, I am helping people. And she's like, No, you can help people in a different way. And I remember like, being so confused that this reading like, to me it was like what like, she's like telling me like, you're gonna be doing this, you're gonna be a psychic medium. And I'm saying to her, I'm not going to be a psychic medium. I'm going to be a paramedic. And we're arguing back and forth over this reading. Right? And I'm saying to myself, like this lady, I don't know if she's like, like, had a drink before she had this reading but like what it is, but she's completely off. Like, I was convinced that she was a fraud. Right? So anyway, long story short, she says to me that she goes, Listen, I see you being a very famous medium. She says, I see people putting makeup on your face, and you're having a reality show and all of these things. And I'm saying to myself, what like this is this? No way. So anyway, I like laughs And I remember, I remember leaving and saying I want my money back. Like this is like the worst rating I could have ever had like, and I'm all my friends call me like, like, how did your reading went? And I'm like, well, it was nothing like us and like my reading sucks. And like what do you mean? I'm like the lady was so thought was she's telling me there'll be a psychic medium gonna have a TV show and all this stuff. But anyways, she saw something that I couldn't. And I remember coming back home and telling my mom and I was like, Mom, I'm like, You're never gonna believe it. And my mom knew that I was going to see you know, a medium and she's like, Well what happened like, well, Grandma came through and grandma said I have to do this, this this, you know, use this gift and go down this pathway and whatnot. So anyways, it was like a scene in Harry Potter on them. To get this, my mom said, Hold on a second, and my mom, like went into the attic and like went into these things. And she got me like this, it was in a sack like these these cards, and they had all writings on them. And she was like, your grandmother said this when you were born, she was like your grandmother had said to me that one day that you're going to be a psychic going to have the gift and that you're going to give readings to people. So my mom pulls out this these cards, like playing cards, but my grandmother had made them into tarot cards, and she's like, this is for you. She's like, grandma wanted you to have this. And in them were all these cards with old meanings and numbers and different things on them. And she had said to me, you know, one day, she says, when the time was right, I'm supposed to give these to you. And that's how it also happens. It's like, I went looking at these cards, and I delved in deeper. And, you know, I remember that when I went to see that medium, I'm actually missing an important part, she told me, all you have to do is ask for your abilities back, and they will come back. And she gave me some exercises to do she was just trying this. And I remember holding on to these cards. And you know, couple days later, I tried it was holding us in my grandmother's cars, I was looking through all the signs and symbols. And somebody just came over me where I felt like I had to, you know, do what she said, I feel like I had to ask for it back. And I did. And at that moment, it was like just this heightened sense of awareness. All of a sudden, I started receiving messages, I started seeing what I saw as a kid. The only difference was it wasn't frightening anymore. And I was ready.

Alex Ferrari 16:30
Wow. So let me ask you is this two parts your title, your psychic and medium. So I want you to explain to people the difference because from my understanding of medium is someone who is a medium between the other side and the living the the you know, the dead and the living, or the afterlife and living in the psychic is, for better or worse the telling you of the future and all that stuff? What is the process for you with both of them.

Matt Fraser 16:57
So the thing is, is that it's just one gift, right? We all have a different way to connect with the other side, you have medical mediums that go and connect you with health, you have pet psychics that communicate with pets, you have Angel mediums that connect you with angels. So to me, psychic medium is basically just a blanket term, it means that you are a psychic, but also a medium. So the way that it works is that I don't know anything, right? All the information that I get comes from your loved ones on the other side. So if you were to ask me, Matt, am I going to get married next year, I would have to ask your grandmother, ask your dad or ask your mom. And then they would be able to tell me that information. So doing what I do, you know, I connect with your loved ones, but your loved ones are with you every day, they're with you. When you go into the store, they're with you, when you're going through that job promotion, they're with you when you're planning out your future, and your loved ones have access to something called universal information. So that's the reason why when you come to a medium like myself, you get me connecting with your grandmother, your mom, your dad, your brother, whoever it may be. But also what you get is you get insight, right insight into your life insight, because our loved ones want to help us they've already lived their life, they've already went through their journey. Now they want to help you, right? They want to help you to find your soulmate to better your life to advance your career, whatever it may be. And that's why your loved ones in spirit come through to a medium like myself. And that's where the term psychic medium comes in. Because they sometimes will share things about the future, right? Or things that you can do right now to make positive changes in your life. And it's always positive, because they want good things for you.

Alex Ferrari 18:24
What do you actually see? Do you do you hear voices? Do you see images pop into your head? Because from my understanding, there's no vocal cords on the other side. So it's not like someone's actually talking? It's some other hours. So how has it worked for you?

Matt Fraser 18:38
So it's interesting, it all depends on that soul, right? All depends on how that soul communicates, some souls will come through, and they'll come through and tell me everything. Other souls are a little bit more quiet. But there's a different language on the other side that they use. So souls will use the same language that they're using to reach out to you the same way that you see signs and symbols that represent your loved one in your life, as the same way that they'll connect with me. So when I give readings, you might see me talking full sentences and saying, Oh, my God, your mom's here. She tells me she passed the cancer, she tells me that you were there at her bedside, she tells me that you kept her ring. But really, that's not what your mother sang to me. So what happens is, is and I'll go through the process behind the scenes, so when I see the departed, I see shadows and silhouettes behind the person. So for example, if you see me give readings out at performing arts centers in civic centers, you will know that when I look out onto the audience, it's like the audience disappears. And all I see is dead people. And it's funny because a friend of mine just came to one of my events. And he's like, Matt, what's the weirdest thing? It's like, you look through people when you're doing these readings. And it's true, because I'm not looking at the person, the audience, I'm looking at the soul that's behind them. So for example, a figure will appear and I've got to connect with that figure. And that figure will I'll hear whispers like, I'm the father, I'm this person's brother and this person's uncle, and then immediately I'll start to see visions of that person's life. They'll show me the car that they drove the house that they grew up in how they had died. And those visions are really, really For me, because souls are able to give me so much of their life and just a few short seconds. So people don't understand this, like a lot of people watch my YouTube videos or see me on television and they're like, how does this guy talk to the dead? When he shows up? Like, how is it that he's talking a mile a minute and getting this information? Well, it's not because it's not what you see in Ghost Whisperer, your mom's not over here saying, Hey, Matt, could you please just tell my daughter, she's, I think she's over there. Like in that row, can you just tell her that I'm here, and then I'm fine, right? I'm not listening and taking that information back, the information is coming through to me. So in a few short seconds, let's say that I connected with your father that had passed and he shows me ambulance, alcohol bottles, he shows me life support, I'll know right away that that person, passive alcoholism, he had, there was a there was a tragic accident, he was brought to the hospital and unfortunately was placed on life support, I can know that in an instant, right? And be able to tell what happened to that person. Right, because of the symbols that they show me. So being a medium, it's like learning a new language. It's like literally learning on Rosetta Stone, you have to learn how to communicate with the dead. And they also have to learn to communicate back with us, because it's a change in worlds and a change in energy.

Alex Ferrari 21:14
So it's, it's it seems like Well, first of all, you're so excited about this, when you're talking it's amazing to see the energy that you're talking about this, you're so vibrant, and the and the energy that you're putting out there. So I wanted to thank you for that. Because it's not like, so I talked to that person today. It's I appreciate that very, very much. When you're connecting with the other with the other side. Do you ever get a day off? Do you ever like put the close sign up? Because I know channels sometimes are like, like, No, I'm open for business. I'm closed for business. I'm open for business. I'm closed for business. It sounds like they're just bombarding you all the time.

Matt Fraser 21:53
So listen, I try to live a normal life, but it just don't happen when you're a medium being a medium. It's like a 24 hour call center for the dead. It is like being customer service. Listen, if I'm on the toilet ticket, talking to me if I'm in the shower, right washing the upstairs to downstairs, they're talking to me if I'm in bed, they're talking to me. So listen, the thing is, is that I really don't get a day off. That's just how it is. Now I treat the soles is actually funny, I treat them like I'm babysitting by like, I'm like I'm talking to my right. I say to them, listen, like at the end of the night, I say listen, I'm going to bed now. I see it in my head not and I don't say it out loud, like a lunatic. But I say that I said in my head, listen, going to bed now. Anybody who hasn't messaged before I go to bed. Tell me now because I do not want to be woken up in the middle of night do not wake me up in the middle of night unless it is an emergency. And it's funny because you know, they are respectful. As long as you have that ongoing dialogue. It's fine. You know, but like I said, it is a part of where I go. I'm always hearing it's always happening around me. And the funny part is, is that no, you just learn you just learn to live with it. It's just a part of who you are.

Alex Ferrari 22:57
What is the biggest misconception people have about psychic mediums?

Matt Fraser 23:00
Oh my God, there's so many misconceptions. I mean, one of the biggest misconception is that when I tell people I'm a medium, they immediately think that I'm a mind reader, right? They're like, Oh my god, what am I what am I thinking right now? Can you read my mind, don't read my mind. So people get so freaked out and read your mind speak to the dead, like, it's two completely different things. And the other thing about about the biggest misconception that I've seen is that people don't realize that when you come to see a media, right, people might come and think it's a fun thing. Like, oh, I'm gonna hear from my grandmother, or I'm gonna hear from my mom, or oh, I want to hear from my dad. But really, what you need to know is that nobody, no medium can guarantee that your loved one is going to come through with a message, because it's up to the other side. So there's this, this is backwards, things that happen when you go to see a medium, you might come to see a psychic medium to connect with your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother. But what's really going on is is that when you come to a medium, you're giving your loved one the opportunity to reach you. And it might not be your loved one, it might be your not so loved one, you might come to a medium looking to hear a message from your dad. But yet your brother that you are estranged from for 10 years that you're hated, comes through with a message. And that's one of the things that you just have to be open about because your loved ones in spirit have an agenda, they know what's going to help you to heal. And also the souls on the the side that sometimes have unfinished business. Maybe they left this world and they didn't get to say goodbye to you. Maybe they left this world locked telling you how they really felt. Maybe they left this world the two of you were stranger there was a fight and they want to come through and they want to make it up to you, right. That's why it's so important to know that when you come to a medium the messages can't be plans. And that's the biggest misconception because I can't tell you how many people come in and they are completely blown off. And I was one of those people right? Like for example, I went to that psychic medium back in the day. I wanted to hear about my career as a paramedic. And then when I didn't hear it and I heard that I was a medium. I'm like wait a minute later, you're like off track like that's not what and it took me a long time to process that message. So what I try to tell people is listen, the messages aren't what you want to hear that what you need to hear. I'm living proof of that, right? But it's important that you listen, some people come in, they plan it out and say, I want my dad to tell me that after he died, he approves is my husband, he see my two kids, he sees that. And then when all of a sudden, they have their ex boyfriend that came through that comes through, they're like, wait a minute, no, I why, why? And like, you can see like, they're completely like, thrown off, because they already had plans in their head. So the thing is, is that know that we have no control of what the souls are going to tell us. But it's important that we listen. Because many times when we lose someone, there's a lot of inner hurt and pain that we might be left with, that we don't know about until the reading happens.

Alex Ferrari 25:44
So everything that we've talked about so far has been pretty positive. And you know, very helpful and as far as the spirits inside, but have you ever experienced a negative spirit, a negative energy, a dark energy that comes in? And if you did, how did you deal with it? So

Matt Fraser 26:03
I will tell you that there is a higher vibration, which is heaven, right? Our loved ones and our spirits and our and the souls that watch over us, and there's a lower vibration where the souls that don't make it to the site. Now, I will tell you that some mediums work in both dimensions, I do not I will only talk to souls that are on the higher dimension, right? In heaven. I don't want to be a part of deal with talk to any evil or negative souls, because the thing is that they don't want good things for us, right? That say, think about evil spirits. Where did evil spirits spirits come from? Well, evil spirits were the people that were so nasty, evil and negative here in this world, that even God cannot change them. And the same way they tried to destroy people's lives here in this world. Their motive is the same in the afterlife. So why talk to them? So when I was a little kid, right, and I first started, you know, I didn't know I was opening up to these souls. My mom warned me about this. And my grandmother and my mom had told me, right, my grandmother had told her that when you're tapping into the other side, you have to make sure that you only talk to the soldiers, do everything with God, do everything for the right reasons, to wit to help people don't abuse your gift, and you have to do it to help people out here in this world only talk to the good souls. You can't let in the bad soul. So how do you do it? Well, the same way that there's a block button on social media when you get the trolls and the haters and the negative people that same block button exists to psychics and mediums. Here's the thing that evil spirits do not want you to know. Evil spirits do not want you to know that they cringe or I have this conversation is this is that the key they cannot enter into your life unless you let them evil spirits cannot come into your life. Talk to you connect with you unless you let them how do you let them play with Weegee boards, you go looking or calling out evil spirits. You go to someplace that's haunted, no one's would be haunted or something bad had happened and you go looking for evil, you go looking for evil, your angels can't help you. Nobody can help you. You invite them in. So what's the difference? Well, your loved ones in spirit already have access to your life, your angels grandmother, pet that had passed your best friend that had passed because you love them and had a connection with them. That connection remains the same on the other side. Evil spirits don't have a connection to you, they can enter into your life unless you open up that door. And this is something that evil spirits don't want you to know. And this is something that for some reason, there are some mediums out there that go against me and attack me on this right and will say, well, that's not true. Evil spirits can just enter your life. telling you right now listen and make. Okay, I can tell you right now they can. And if there was one evil spirit that was going to come and hurt somebody here in this world, or or cause issues to somebody, it would be me. I got the biggest target on my back. Okay, being America's top medium, I can tell you right now, I would be the person that would be hit the hardest. But the thing is, is that I'm not why am I not? Because I don't let those evil spirits in. And you don't have to either. So there's no secret. There's no secret here. The only secret is, is that I don't go looking for trouble. And I'll tell you, there's not a day that goes by that I get emails coming in. Matt, we want you on this television show. We want you to come explore this this haunted place. And I'm like, Absolutely not. I will tell you right now, you would not believe the money I turned down you would not believe that television shows that it turned down because that's just not me. I won't put myself in the path of evil, I won't do it. And because of that those souls can't reach me.

Alex Ferrari 29:27
So when you're talking to the other side, you've only spoken about people who have departed other souls. There are angels as you've spoken about as well. But do you ever speak to spirit guides? Do you ever speak to Ascended Masters you know, things like that when you're communicating?

Matt Fraser 29:43
So I only talked about the things that I've had experience with so I can also I don't know everything there is to know both death and dying. I'd be lying to you if I said that I do right. It's the reason why my books are only up till now. I'm still learning every single day and I won't know everything there is to know about death or dying in the afterlife and Till one day, I actually die, right and go through it. But when I'm giving a reading souls will give me an inside look into their life, they'll give me an inside look into their backstory into the people that you know that we're connected to. They'll give me this inside look into everything. So what's cool is this is that getting to know these souls on the other side, I've learned a lot about what happens when you die. What happens when we leave this world, what the angels what the angels do what our spirit guides do in our life, all of these things, and even sometimes about the Ascended Masters. I'll tell you that during readings, there have been times when angels have come through, there have been times and spirit guides come through. But that's kind of rare. I don't, I don't normally see them. And it might not be because I'm no more I normally talk to souls that have passed on like your mom or your dad or your sister or your brother, right. But sometimes those souls intervene, like I've always noticed that a guardian angel or a spirit guide might come through to me with a direct message, when somebody is really losing their path, when they really are on the wrong path. Or maybe they're about to give up or maybe something really bad is going on within their life. Maybe they're contemplating suicide or leaving this world. Those are the times when you know, I call it that the reinforcements right? These reinforcements come in and deliver the messages. But like I said, normally, it's souls on the other side that come through and take over or sometimes on a lighter note. Sometimes it might be that maybe you don't have someone that had died, that you were particularly close with. Right? So if you have all your people with you, when that are living, maybe sometimes a spirit guide might come through and deliver a message. But like I said, it's always it's, it's rare to me, it's not a reoccurring thing.

Alex Ferrari 31:38
Now, it's as you mentioned it, can you tell us what happens to a soul when they die? What is the process?

Matt Fraser 31:44
Yes. So first of all, if you look at it, and I like to look at it in a different way, right? Think about what if you've ever been around a person who's passing, who knows that they're passing something happens, and that is that we all gather around to be a part at that person's bedside, before that person takes their last breath here in this world? Well, as all the family members come and they say their goodbyes, and they're at that person's bedside before that person passes away, something else is happening that you don't see. And that is all the souls are gathering around that person as well. Nobody goes to heaven alone. Nobody goes to having kicking and screaming, that's really important. That's the reason why sometimes souls will hold down. So the transition process actually starts in this world. It doesn't happen when we go the other side unless you pass tragically. But if somebody passes up an illness, right, and they're sick for quite some time, normally about the three week mark four week mark, before person passes, they'll start to see souls that have passed before them. They might talk about their dad that had passed away their mom that had passed away and might talk about a sister, a brother that had passed away years ago, or they might see something that other people don't see like, oh, pull a chair up for that man over, then you'll be like what man, but that is a man right there. Right, he's a souls that are getting ready for that person to pass and getting ready for that transition to process the other side. And before a person passes away. This is why nobody is afraid to die, they might be afraid beforehand. But when they actually go through the process, and they get ready, souls are there that explain what happens them you see your grandmother, your grandfather, whoever that pass them before them, even your pets, and then you enter into this tunnel of white light. So white light is the purest form of energy. Think of it like a UV light, the same way that you can pass it with a UV light over this desk, and all the bad bacteria. Anything that can make you sick goes away. That's what that tunnel of white light does. So it's literally your soul separating from your body. And as you go through that tunnel of white light, it's like a cleanse, you get back to being the version of yourself without illness without pain. All of those things that were attached to your body is not attached to your soul. You go through this through through this tunnel of white light, and then you enter into a process called The Life Review. During this life view, you meet your spirit guide, you meet your guardian angel, you see all the ways that your spirit guide had helped you. Your guardian angel helped you and you look back on your life. You see the people that you've hurt the people that you've helped the people that you loved, the people that loved you, the people that betrayed you, the people that befriended you, what would have happened if you took this path instead of that path? What happened if you would have met this man? Isn't that man? What happens if you didn't meet your soulmate? Why didn't you meet your soulmate? All of these things are revealed in your life review. It's the most emotional thing that every soul goes through. And you will learn during this life of you know why you were put here in this world. How you made a difference here in this world, what talents, skills and abilities you were born with? What missions you accomplished, and what missions you didn't.

Alex Ferrari 34:40
So what from your experience have you heard or had experience in reincarnation of souls coming back and coming back and coming back again?

Matt Fraser 34:51
So I have not not yet there's been no soul that's come to me yet that has said to me that they've been recorded but I took that back there was this one time there was one time where I did a reading where this woman had lost her son. It was very early, early, early pregnancy. She was within four weeks of pregnancy, she had a miscarriage. And she came to me for reading Corona famous actually on my YouTube page. She came to me for this reading. And when she came to me, her dad came through. And she was expecting her dad to be with that child that was miscarried. But her father told me that that soul was reborn to her son. So she lost that child and miscarriage and then don't you know that when she got pregnant again, that same soul came back down, doesn't always happen. There are times when, you know, I'll read for people and those souls are on the other side. And I don't know, you know, I don't know when souls into the body when they don't, I think it's different on a per person basis, to be honest with you. But I remember that reading really sticking out. And I'll tell you that the reason why I don't think I know about reincarnation is because if a soul is reincarnated, how are they going to come back and talk to me? Right? So I haven't had a soul that has come back and told me that but from what I've understood from, you know, what I've pieced together is that souls reincarnate after many, many, many, many, many years. Yeah, exactly.

Alex Ferrari 36:11
They just hate that. Yeah, from my understanding, from my experiences, is that once they die, they wait for everybody that they knew in this life to kind of go through, then they all sit back out. They're like, Alright, what do you want to do now? Let's hang out. So that's perfectly my next question. So what happens on the other side of the aisle hanging out at a coffee bar? Are they you know, are they a dance clubs? Like what is what are they doing on a, quote, unquote, day to day basis on the other side,

Matt Fraser 36:36
So during our life review, when we look back, and we see the life lessons that we made, the mistakes that we made, we see the things that we helped the projects that we didn't finish, we actually take on divine jobs on the other side. Now, I don't know everything there is to know about divine jobs, because a lot of it is secret, but I will tell you that souls will come back, and they will help us out here in this world. So I like to think about it this way. I like to think of it like we're all on one big race, right? Think about we also at the same place, we all start the start line, right. And then our goal is to make it to the finish line. And in the meantime, the people that pass that finish line before us will go to the other side. And the same way in a race that people don't just leave the race, they'll go on the stand in the in the stands, and they'll cheer on those other people that are still in the race. That same thing happens within life, but we're still going through life. There were spirit guides, angels and loved ones that watch over you. And what your loved ones are doing on either side is that helping to open doors. So for example, I have I've seen so many times, I can list some examples. There was this woman that it was reading, I'm just gonna name you some there was this woman that I was reading for. And when her mom passed away, her mom was really hoping, really hoping that her daughter would find her soulmate. She was really hoping every single day that she would hang on long enough to see her daughter get married to see her daughter have kids, she saw her mother, her daughter go and you know, go from one bad relationship to the next to the next to the next without ever getting married. Well, don't you know that after the mother had passed away, within a year, within a year, her daughter was married, right? Found her soulmate. Got married, both it was all said and done. While when the daughter came to me for reading her mom had helped her to find that soulmate her mom left this world seeing the pain her daughter was going through seeing how a daughter couldn't find the right person helped her out by making that opportunity happen. Seeing a man came to me, his dad had passed away his dad son does business with one another could never make things happen. could never make a go of it after his dad passed away, boom, instant success. You know, this is what I'm talking about where when your loved ones leave this world, they leave knowing your problems. And if they can help you in some way they will if they can open a door make, you know, introduce you to someone they will. And sometimes one of the Divine jobs that they have is not just watching over their family members, but watching over other people. So for example, where do you think spirit guides have come from spirit guides were people that lives here in this world, just like me and you they were once human, lived their life, went to the side and chose someone that was about to be born to watch over. And I'm going to tell you that one day when I die may not be for many years. But when it does happen, I think that that's going to be what I signed up for when there's a volunteer list to be a spirit guide. That's me, I'm setting up myself on the list.

Alex Ferrari 39:13
Matt, why do you think that in this life, you were given this gift? Like what is it in your soul's evolution that needed to go through not only the early part of the struggles that you've gone through, not the struggles that we all go through in life, but the struggles of having the gift, then becoming famous, which is a whole other level of of crap. I come from Hollywood, I completely understand a lot of that as well. Dealing with all of this, why do you think your soul or you chose to kind of go through all of this?

Matt Fraser 39:46
You know, you don't really know when you look back, right? So for example, when you look back on the bad parts of your life, and the really tough parts of your life, the parts where you're like, I don't think I'm gonna make it right. You start realize you start to realize why you were put here on earth even though you don't know it in that moment. So for example, I'll share that when I was younger, I was bullied really, really bad to the point where I had to switch schools. I had to go to a completely different school. You know, we moved out to Boston, I obviously shouldn't have a Boston accent. I'm from Rhode Island. You know, I am a what's it called? Non athletic. I went to an all boys school in Boston, it was a horrible experience for me. I was bullied every single day in my life. It was a really tough experience. I didn't fit in kids made fun of me said things about me, you name it, I was constantly dragged down to the point where I didn't have not a single friends. I ate lunch alone by myself. Every single day. Kids were taught me say things, it was so bad that I at one point was like, Why me? Why am I going through this? Right? Why is it that nobody likes me? Why is it that you know, all these people are saying things about me, and I would want this horrible depression. And I cried. And, you know, it was it was terrible to the point where I wanted to drop out of school. Well, anyway, fast forward to now, right? I never realized why I went through that at the time, it was really tough. But then, being a psychic and coming out about my gift was a very tough experience. Because the people that I thought were my friends, the people that I thought were there for me, turned on me, right? They were like, Well, why is all of a sudden he's a psychic I never knew meant to be a psychic. I never knew he had psychic ability. Right? And the people were talking the next you know, I thought I was doing a good thing coming out about my gift and being a medium. But then next, you know, people were saying, oh, you know, that's fake. I don't believe in mediums on me. I'm a Christian on this. I'm not on the other thing, right. And next thing, you know, I got every name thrown at me in the book, from being a fake to being a con artist to being whatever, all these things. So then I realized, right, once I started going through that journey, and once I went and you know, became famous, I still don't feel famous, I still have to pay for my coffee at Starbucks. So until that happens, I don't feel famous. But anyways, you can say that I reached some level of fame, right? And then once I went through this, and we had the reality show, people started, it was the same experience. Like I was bullied back in the day, skeptics came out of the woodwork saying, Well, this is fake. He is a con artist. He's a fraud. This one here says this goes against my belief system. This person says he's way too feminine. This person saying this, this person saying that? Oh, that marriage is fake, whatever it is that they were saying at the time. But I realized one thing, I realized it didn't bother me. Right doesn't bother me when anyone says doesn't bother me that people write articles about me, call me a fake call me a fraud, call me all these things, right? Because I already went through that. And I realized looking back that this experience of bullying and people ripping you down and telling you all of these things built me I could never have if I was not bullied back in the day, I would never be talking to you right now. Or never be where I am, I would never be able to make it through a TV show where every single person is talking about you writing about you saying different things. So I think that I know my journey. I think that my journey was always supposed to be this helping people helping people not be afraid of death and dying, helping people to still communicate with their loved ones giving people a glimmer of hope. Because I'm going to tell you right now, I could not do what I do every day, if I didn't sense or feel my own loved ones with me. Every day, I'm in a good mood. Because yes, I get stressed out like everybody else. But I know that my grandfather is here. I know that my grandmother is here. I know that my stepfather is here, I know that my pets are here, I feel good every single day, I never feel without them. And I want to give that same gift to every single person that I meet. So that's what I feel my calling was right. But I'll tell you this, you don't really know your life path. That what you're what you're supposed to be doing here in this world until we die, we can get really close to it, we can understand it. Like I think I know why I'm here when we have this gift. But it doesn't get confirmed until one day we pass we look at our life. And then, you know, God comes through and says okay, this is why you were here. And you see why you're here.

Alex Ferrari 43:50
In your in all your communications with the other side? Is there a universal truth that you've come to know and believe?

Matt Fraser 43:56
Yes, and that the universal truth is love. That's what it is. You know, love is something that is felt so pure on the other side. And when we're born here in this world, all we know is love as a baby. That's it. And then unfortunately, outside influences and things you know, we start to learn jealousy, we start to learn hate, we start to learn all of these things. And then when we die, we go back to being that that clear version of ourselves that true version of ourselves without any of that we only know love on the other side. And that's what the souls want to teach us every day. The souls want to come through and say listen, let it go. Don't hold on to the grudge, don't hold on to the pain don't hold on to any of these things because it's not worth it. And in the end, it damages your soul. You might not think that like I was telling this to a woman the other day was Italian like me, and she goes but man my family always held grudges. You know, sometimes you gotta hold a grudge and she actually said to me, she goes you know, I feel good. When I hold the grudge. I'm like, you might think so. You might think that you're protecting yourself right? You might think that it feels good. Like she said it felt good. Well, she feels good because she thinks she's protecting herself she think She's not being vulnerable. But what you're actually doing is you're holding on to negativity you're holding onto a piece of yourself or a piece of your heart, right? That stuff the world doesn't get to see. So let it go. If we let me say something, when I talk to the other side, your loved ones are living an unimaginable, magnificent lives on the other side, right? They're positive, they're happy, they're worryfree, because they don't hold on to those past negative emotions. And if we could do that here, as humans, we could live a much better life, we would live a much better life. And we wouldn't have what's going on right now in the world as we see it,

Alex Ferrari 45:34
Which is, which is what was my next question is there is that the world seems to be going a little nutty. And we could say that about every single minute of every single day ever since the last 10,000 years, it's, you could feel like the whole world kind of coming crashing down around us. Is there anything that you see, for humanity? What do you see for humanity in the next 50 years?

Matt Fraser 45:54
That's a tough question. That's a really tough question. Because, you know, I think that we need to come together more I do. You know, and the sad part is this is that at the end of the day, we are this is the classroom, right? So as much as I say that, it's easy, right? Like, I make it seem easy. It's not like, you know, even me, you know, I'm not perfect, I still get pissed off. I have those humans emotions, I get mad at this one, or that when a certain family members, we all do, we're human, we can't help it. So here in this world, there's some things that we just can't help, but we can learn from it. Right. And the thing is, is that we're learning every single day, just like you go back through history books in school, and you go, when you look back through pages and pages and pages of you know how we've come in, we've evolved over time. Well, that's the reason why we're put here in this world. And it's all about making a difference. We can't change the world that we live in. But it starts with us, we can make a difference. And just like you with this podcast, you're making a difference right now, there was once a time, there was once a time, which is the reason why my grandmother was never a practicing medium. And neither was my mom, because back in the day, and I remember when I first told my mom, I was gonna start like, talking about this and coming out about my gifts. My mom was like, oh, no, you can't do that. Like, you can't do that. And I'm like, Why mom, and she's like, because my mom was so afraid about me getting ridiculed and talked about or being ostracized, like they would have done back in the day, because that's what happened back then. Back in the day, they didn't have television shows about mediums, they would never put a psychic medium out of date, time, talk, show, whatever, have a program like this, where you could talk about this belief system, right? But shows like yours is so powerful, because people right now need this information. And they need to be able to go into, you know, tap into what they truly believe in and get have access to this information and know that they too, can make a difference in their life and in the world. And that, you know, you might think that you're just a little shitness and a big punch, right? But it's the opposite. You have such an impact. And one day when we pass away, what the soul is telling me is that we are able to see exactly exactly how much we change the world, how our little footprint that we think is so small changes everything

Alex Ferrari 48:03
You mentioned this earlier, is holding by holding grudges. I mean, some of the things that we're dealing with in the world today are generational grudges, generational hate, because there's multiple levels, from my understanding, there's the soul level, then there's the group level, and there's, there's ancestral karma, if you will, are essential things that we have to go through. For somebody who wants to break the cycle, or somebody who wants to say this is enough, it stops here, just like an abusive relationship, or alcoholism or addiction in a family. When you say, this is the end of this, I'm not going to do this. It was done to me by my parents or by community, but I'm not going to do it to my kids. And the next generation. What advice do you have for people to, to just stop this and decide to change?

Matt Fraser 48:53
So it's about deciding, like you said, but it's also about becoming your own success story, right? That's how I see it. Think about all the things that have happened in your life, all the bad things that happened in your life, what did you learn? What were you taught? If you could go back and change things? Right? You could go back and change something about your childhood, your past your relationship, what would you change? And if you have that information, how can you use it now to help someone else it could be your daughter, it could be your son, you know, we all do this, we all do this naturally. For example, there were things in my life when I was a kid growing up, that, you know, I didn't like about my childhood. And to this day being being a dad, you know, I have a one year old now. And I'm thinking about his life. And I'm thinking about it, it's sometimes it's the things right, like I remember my parents always used to make a big deal. Like if I wanted, like my parents were always worried about money about spending money on this or that or the other thing. And now like with my son, I give him everything that he wants, because I remember going to the store, like my parents would be like, Oh, don't touch this. Don't have this don't have that. Right. So the thing is, is that we automatically do it as humans, right? We automatically are learning kind of implementing those things and we don't want to. We don't want to go and repeat the past so to speak. But the thing is, this is that you have to know that in your life when you go back and you see the bad things that had happened to the things that you could have changed, that don't just sit there and absorb that pain, use it as a life lesson use it to make good now. So, for example, there was this woman that was waiting for and this reading was really, really tough because she had lost her whole family of addiction. So when she was a little kid, it was not her fault. Being just 12 13 years old, she grew up around drugs and alcohol. So don't you know that her and her brother and her mom and her dad all were addicted with some type of in the form of either drugs or alcohol. So don't you know that she lost her mom, she lost her dad, she saved her, she saved her brother, or tried to save her brother. And she did save her brother. And then her brother eventually, unfortunately, had passed. And after all, these people died in her life. And she was all alone. She had turns back to her addictions. And then she realized, Oh, my God, I'm going down the same path. I'm, I'm part of the same karma, I'm going to die just like they did. And that was enough to make a change in her where she says she's she quit cold turkey. She stopped doing everything. And then she said, You know what? I can help out other people. I didn't get to save my mom. I didn't get to save my dad. I tried to save my brother. I couldn't. But what can I do now. So she started to get involved volunteering. And then now she's a speaker, going to all different all different schools and mentoring the youth and saving life after life after life, you know, she went through this hardship, but she's going through now and becoming her own success story and helping other people. And what's so beautiful is that I know that her well, I know from the reading that I did, that her brother and her mom and her data behind her helping her on that journey, right? It's not just a journey that you go through along that same journey that her that her dad and her mom and a brother went through that, unfortunately, had taken their life, they are now helping her to save other people. And that's what we can do here and now

Alex Ferrari 52:07
From you know, since you have an open communication with the other side, what do they say? Or do they ever talk to you about what's happening in the world? What's happening to humanity, where we're all going all that stuff? Do they ever just? Do you ever have broad statements or broad ideas about humanity as opposed to just an individual person?

Matt Fraser 52:27
So to be honest with you, I don't, which thank God because you know what, I don't think I'd be able to handle this to be able to sleep or sleep at night, right? No, I'm gonna be honest, because I'm the type of person where I have to have a resolution. And that's what comes out on my readings. Like, I'm like the Judge Judy, of psychics were like, I have to know the truth, truth and nothing but the truth that we have to have a resolution at the end of the day. So like, You're not leaving my reading until we resolve some, just how it goes. So to me, if I had access to that information, and Spirit told me that information, I would feel like I would have to act on it. And I would feel like I'd have to be an activist or do something in some way. And I'm not ready for that yet. Maybe later on in the future, maybe later on the future. But that's just who I am. Right? That's just my personality. That's just how I always am I'm a resolution is I have always have to have a resolution, I can't leave things open ended. So if you see any of the readings that I do, it's always tied up at the end, there are no loose ends with a reading. And sometimes that's really hard for me, like I was doing a reading for this man who had lost his brother, his brother went missing. And when I was connected with his brother, they he showed me visions that they found his clothes, but they didn't find his body. So I was like, Okay, we're gonna find this body right now. So like, I'm talking to this, this rather soul that had passed, and I want and I asked him, like, what happened to you? Where can we find your body? Like, where's the clue? Where are your remains. And then he had showed me unfortunately, that his body was destroyed, and there was no way that his body would ever be found. And that was a really hard reading for me to do. Because I remember like, center myself, like, how am I going to tell this brother this like, I like I wish that there was a resolution and they had to, you know, I realized that sometimes. Sometimes the resolution unfortunately, can't be found, but we can still be, we can still find peace. So that was a reading that I recently learned from and like I said, I didn't know how to tell the brother this that his brother just wasn't going to be found. Unfortunately, it was a gang related activity in his brother's body was it's kind of graphic by his brother's body was put into a solution and just strike. Sure, well anyways, at the end of the day, when I delivered this message to this brother, it brought him peace. I didn't think that it would, but it did, because he had spent over 20 years searching for his brother. And this one message allow his soul to finally find closure because he realized he didn't have to search anymore. So even though at the beginning, I didn't think that we're going to be able to resolve things right? Because here I am looking for a body and there wasn't one. It brought him peace just knowing that his soul could stop searching, and that his brother was at peace on the other side.

Alex Ferrari 54:55
How do you deal emotionally with these readings? Can you separate yourself from them?

Matt Fraser 55:01
So I have to constantly remind myself that that soul is that piece, right? So for example, it's like when we see the ASPCA commercials, right?

Alex Ferrari 55:10
The Sarah McLaughin song? Yes. I literally always just go nope, nope. Not doing it. No, it's fast forward. Nope, nope.

Matt Fraser 55:19
So that happens to me all the time. Like when I see those commercials, because I sit on the board of directors of an animal shelter. So when I see those, those, those commercials, they like cheer you up. But what you don't realize is that there's a happy ending, right? So when we see those animals being abused and in cages, I can't see they're going to turn the channel. What you don't see is that the end those animals have found happy homes because of the work that the ASPCA does. Those animals are in loving, beautiful homes now. Well, the thing is, is the same thing with the soul. So souls may have been through terrible things like murder here in this world. But when I connect with them on either side, those souls are able to find healing and peace. So when I see your loved one, even if they may have not have been at peace here in this world, they are at peace in the afterlife.

Alex Ferrari 56:03
Can you give any words of of hope for people who are getting close to transitioning, who are afraid of what is coming? Because I get that asked, I get asked that all the time of like, oh my god, is it? You know, I kind of believe it, you know that? And then if they're in the Christian faith, they're like, am I gonna go to hell, I'm like, and I always don't, there's no L, relax, calm down, you're gonna be okay. What do you what are your advice for people?

Matt Fraser 56:32
So my advice is to learn as much about the spirit world as possible, if you're afraid, if you're scared, if you're nervous is because you don't know enough. Right? Right. Because that's where fear comes from. fear comes from not knowing. So when you know that there's another side and then afterlife. And you know that the life after this exists, right? You, you don't get nervous anymore. For example, I'm gonna tell you, my wife, she is afraid petrified of death, dying the other side. But yes, she's with a psychic medium. And when I first started doing readings, she couldn't be in the room. Like when I was doing live events, she would leave 10 minutes in, she would like be looking for the nearest exit because she was so afraid. But it's funny, because now she's a completely different person, you know, after so many times of sitting in and listening to me talk to these souls and hear about the other side in the afterlife. And what actually happens when you die. She's not afraid like she was before, because she knows that there is another life after this. And I'm gonna tell you something, if I wasn't a medium, and this is why I really have my heart goes out to skeptics, it really does. Because I'm actually dedicated my book to skeptics, because I can't think of what it would be like to think about, if we just close our eyes and die, like to me, that is petrifying. I am petrified of that if God forbid, that was the case, I wouldn't be I wouldn't, I wouldn't be able to live my life, I would not be able to live my life, to think that you just close your eyes and die like that is that is petrifying. But you know, the thing is, is that I know something different. And it's changed my life. And it can change yours, too. So the more that you learn about exactly what happens in their worlds, when you learn about what a spirit is, like you learn about your soul, that you have a second version of you that it's a version that can't be destroyed. You learn about what heaven is like, where it is, where it's located, what what actually happens there, then you realize, oh, my god, like I gotta get to work these things are going to do here in this world. Because even if you live to be 120 years old, right? Where do you hope everybody listening to us? You live to be 120 years old? How do you live to be 200 years old was impossible, right? If you lived to be 200 years old, it's not enough time. It is not enough time, our lives are completely short. And what the souls tell me is this is that even if we live to be 200, when we look back on our life, on the other side, it's almost like, like, earth, it's like a waiting room where like, really, like, you know, we got we got we got 100 years that was it like I went by so quick. So that's one of the things that I want to tell people as well is that like, when you look back, and you see how short you're here on Earth, it's like we got a lot of work to do.

Alex Ferrari 59:02
You've said the word heaven a couple times in this conversation. Is that for lack of a better word, or the other side? Or because heaven is more of a religious idea. And there's many different names for it. Is that the name that you keep hearing? Or is it just because of the way you were raised? Why are you using that specific word? Because that's something specific for people.

Matt Fraser 59:21
I mean, to me having this happen, right, but I gotta be honest with you. I think that we have too many names out there. For example, I'm gonna be honest with you, evil spirit, Maleficent spirit demonic spirit. Earthbound spirits stuck, so they all mean the same thing. So listen, whether you talk about a demonic spirit, evil spirit, Maleficent spirit negative soul, it's all the same thing. That's all the same thing, right? So you can call it what you want it whatever feels comfortable for you. I happen to like the word heaven. That's just what I think of. But you know, some sometimes you'll hear me say, having other side's spirit world, it's all the same place. There's no different places. You know, that's that's just what it is. It's like It's like the United Kingdom a call it the UK. I mean, it's the still the same place.

Alex Ferrari 1:00:03
Fair enough. Fair enough. With you said something about skeptics. How do you what message do you have? Because there I promise you, there's people who watch the show who are skeptics. And they'll watch it just to, to say that they like, this is BS. But yet, if you're watching, and if you stayed this long through this conversation, you probably have some deep seated questions that you want answered. What advice or what words do you have for the skeptics listening to this conversation right now?

Matt Fraser 1:00:30
Well, the what I always tell skeptics is that you're more than welcome to come to an event, right? I think everybody starts out as a skeptic, right? Everyone does. I mean, it's normal. I don't see anything wrong with skeptics. It's normal. Listen, if somebody were to tell me, okay, that they were to speak to the dead, I'd be like, how the hell do you what is that? Like? There's no possible way. There's no possible way. Right. But it's, it's not until you experience it yourself that you understand how many skeptics, how many skeptics in you know, this, from your podcasts were skeptics until they went, they had a near death experience. And then suddenly, their mind is blown. So what I want to do is invite people in spite skeptics to come, you don't have to be closed minded. You can come to an event, you can come and experience then make your decision. Right now I've been I had a really good track record with skeptics, I've been many skeptics that have come to my events and have it's forever changed their life. There's some people, unfortunately, where they still, you know, have not been able to make that crossover from Skeptic to Believer. But the thing is, is that I want to be able to reach the skeptics, it's actually funny, because I secretly love the skeptics, I love them. Because the people know think about it this way. I feel like I need to reach the skeptics because the people who are here like me and you that believe in the other side that believe in the afterlife, but know that there's another side, they already know this and other side, they're already at peace. They already know that they go into another place. But what about that one person that thinks that their son is just dead? That thinks that their mom is just gone? That thinks that there's there's no return? Those are the people that I feel like needs to hear my message the most.

Alex Ferrari 1:02:04
You mentioned near death experiences. What are your take? What do you what is your take an experience with near death experiences? I've talked to over 100 of them at this point. I'd love to hear your point of view on

Matt Fraser 1:02:12
Well, I've never had any of that experience. But I was on read table talk with Gloria Estefan and Dr. Mary O'Neill, from the Netflix show life after death, and she had a near death experience. And it was cool, because we're kind of comparing notes like, Oh, this is what spirit tells me. She goes, Oh, this is what happened in my near death experience. And it was really amazing to me, I was amazed as as a medium to hear her story. Because how closely it connected to what the soul is telling me. You know, the soul is telling me when you die, this happens, this happens. This happens. This happens. I'm I was hearing her stories, because I'm when I'm tired. This happened. This happened. I'm like, wait a minute, that's what this whole stuff. It's like, Oh, my God. And it was really cool. Because I think it's just another validation for us. Right? The fact that somebody when she starts to go through her life review, she was, you know, saw some universal truths and some universal knowledge, she had this whole experience. And you know, I've read a lot of people who have had near death experiences. And I think there's a lot that we can learn from them. There's a lot that we can learn. And that's why this podcast is so important. Because when we all go and we start to learn, I have a little bit of information, you have a little bit of information, this person has a little bit of information, right? Because we've all experienced the spirit world in different ways, we start to really understand the worlds that we one day will be going to

Alex Ferrari 1:03:23
Now I'm going to ask you this really quickly. Can you do not a reading for me, but a reading for the show? I want to know if where this is going and how this is gonna help people. If it's going to if you might, if you don't mind? If you don't, if you buy, I'll cut it out. But I'm just asking you if you could do a reading for the show.

Matt Fraser 1:03:40
Well, the reason for the show, is this right is that I'm picking up and that's the reason why I agreed to be on the show right now. Right? Because I always I always get everything through my intuition, my own psychic ability and everything. And the reason why I wanted to come on this show was for this reason, because I know that people are finding out about this show in random, crazy ways. Because you're going to know that when you're at a point within your life where you're looking for answers spirit delivers to that person. So it's no doubt on why this show was successful. It is no doubt why people are here, they didn't just find you, they will lead here. And the reason why I felt to do this show here and now. So what's so beautiful is this is the I don't just see this as being a podcast or a radio show. I see this being a group, a group of people a community and that's why I agreed to do here and I just see it growing.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:33
Thank you so much. You agreed so quick to is like I think the same day I got the email back almost. I was like wow, okay, great. Let's book this. This is amazing. Listen, I appreciate that.

Matt Fraser 1:04:44
I appreciate you. I appreciate the work that you're doing. And like I said, there's so many hurting people right now that knew this and I know that you know by divine grace is getting into the into the hands of people who need it the most and that's why I wanted to be here.

Alex Ferrari 1:04:57
I'm gonna ask you a few questions asked all my guests, Matt. What is your what is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Matt Fraser 1:05:03
So living a fulfilled life to me is living your life to the best of your ability by making as many connections as you as you can, making as many memories as as you can. And making sure that you take every opportunity that's given to you. Because you don't want to look back and say, I regret this, do it all, while you're here, live the best life, take every opportunity, make every memory and surround yourself by the people that love and care about you.

Alex Ferrari 1:05:31
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Matt, what advice would you give him?

Matt Fraser 1:05:35
Listen to the spirits. I wish that I could go back and recall some of those souls that came to visit me. You know, looking back now, I said to myself, oh my god, I wonder what that man wanted at the end of my bed. I wonder what this who this soul was, and I can't go back in time. And I wish I wish I could go back and just find out who those souls were, what they wanted, what their message was, because I feel like I could have helped somebody at that time.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:04
How do you define God or Source?

Matt Fraser 1:06:07
Oh, a really good question. So God is all around us. To me, God is a person. Right? But to some people, it's a creator. So some people it's an energy I you know, to me, I think that we all view God in a different way. And I don't think there's any right or wrong way to, to see God, right. But what's so beautiful is you can see God working in our lives. Every day, I see God working in the hands of doctors and medical providers. I see God working to through social workers, and through guidance counselors, I see God working through the heat through the hands in the hands of the thoughts of teachers. So you know, I see God as a higher power and a person. That's how I was raised, being Catholic. And I still, you know, to me, to me, my Ascended Master is Jesus.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:52
Fair enough. And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Matt Fraser 1:06:55
The ultimate purpose of life is to do good, help others and more importantly, find your self. That's really what it is. Because when you find yourself and you will align with your talents, skills and abilities, you are unstoppable. And you also spark something and someone else in the world, and the world needs your gift.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:14
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Matt Fraser 1:07:18
So listen, you don't have to be dead to find me. I am all across social media. And I have a website. It's a So the good news is that I is that I am live on tour. Right now I'm coming all across the United States and Canada. So you can come and meet me in person. And if you can't come and meet me in person, I do want you to know that I do do online readings as well. So I don't do private readings. But I do do online group readings on Zoom, just like you're seeing us here right now. And during my live online readings, I'm able to connect with a ton of people and help them connect with their loved ones in spirit. So far, I've actually been able to read over 1000 people just on Zoom. It's pretty amazing. That's amazing.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:55
And do you have any parting messages for the audience Matt?

Matt Fraser 1:07:57
Yes, learn as much about the afterlife as you possibly can. Because in doing so you'll also learn about your own psychic ability. And what spirit tells me is that you have a gift, you have a voice, you have a connection, and you are able to go and to contact your loved ones on your own. They're already with you. They're sending you signs like numbers, dragonflies, butterflies, repeating songs, all of these are different ways that your loved ones are using to reach you. Signs are a language that both the living in the dead can understand. And once you learn that, it'll change your life.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:31
Matt, I appreciate you and appreciate you coming on the show. It's been such a fantastic conversation and I hope it helps somebody out there watching so I appreciate you my friend.

Matt Fraser 1:08:40
Thank you. Thank you for having me on.

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