Top Psychic REVEALS the AFTERLIFE Frequency: SCIENTIFIC PROOF of the Spirit World! with Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer (Psychic Lawyer®) is a fourth-generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is an Oxford educated attorney who has tried over 100 jury trials and is licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court. He was named Best Psychic Medium in the OMMIE Awards sponsored by OMTimes and iSpirit Media.

Mark Anthony is known as “The Psychic Explorer” due to his extensive background in science, quantum physics, survival of consciousness, near-death experiences, history, archaeology, philosophy, and theology. He examines mystical locations in the US and remote corners of the world to explore ancient ruins, mysteries, and supernatural phenomena.

Mark appears nationwide on TV & Radio. On the CBS hit show “The Doctors,” he conducted a reading which cracked a cold case murder. Recently, he was featured on Discovery Channel and Gaia TV. He is the co-host of “The Psychic and The Doc” on The Transformation Network.

He is a VIP Executive Contributor for Best Holistic Life Magazine. Mark’s latest multiple award-winning bestseller The Afterlife Frequency was designated by as one of the top books about faith in God and like his other bestseller Evidence of Eternity was considered for a Pulitzer Prize. His other bestselling book is Never Letting Go which is recommended by grief counsellors and hospices worldwide.

Mark Anthony is a headline speaker at conventions, expos, and spiritual organizations such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E., International Association for Near-death Studies, The Shift Network, Center for Consciousness, The Galileo Commission, Spiritual Awakenings International, Bright Live, Helping Parents Heal, Vail Symposium & universities including Brown, Columbia, Harvard & Yale.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mark Anthony.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 412

Mark Anthony 0:00
For a number of occasions in my life, they'll let me feel it. And I can only handle it for just a few seconds. And the best way I can describe it, Alex, it's like, when you're in a pool or in the ocean, it's that perfect warm temperature, and you go underneath, and you're just sort of like floating and you don't feel your body, you don't feel any pain, you don't feel you just feel like one with the water. But then I also get the sense that I'm everywhere, you know, to, you know, like, everywhere, everything all at once. I mean, I'm not trying to be funny, but it's like I feel interconnected with everything. But I can only handle that for a few seconds. It is so draining the way I would describe it is, I'm a single wire and all of a sudden, all the electricity from Manhattan is going through me.

Alex Ferrari 0:47
I'd like to welcome to the show, Mark Anthony, how you do Mark?

Mark Anthony 0:59
I'm doing great, Alex, thanks for having me on.

Alex Ferrari 1:02
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend. I'm excited to talk to you, man. Because I've had psychic mediums on the show before I've had channels on before I've had spiritual gurus on before, but I've never had a psychic lawyer. It's not something that that you see very often. Those are two very different fields. Yes, they're very different fields. I'm dying to find out how this this, this person who's in front of me has actually come to be. So before we start the conversation, what was your life like? Before the psychic medium insanity came into your life? Throw it upside down? Or was it always part of your life?

Mark Anthony 1:42
I think we need to reverse the question say what was my life like before the legal insanity came into it. And the reason that I say that Alex is that psychics and mediums it's an ability that runs on both sides, my family, both my mother's and father's side for generations. And I was about three and a half years old when I started seeing spirits, and which is not unusual for a toddler to be talking to invisible friends. But when mommy and daddy can see who I'm talking to, and my dad had been a US Navy Seal, and he was an aerospace engineer. My mother was a commercial illustrator. And we're, you know, talk about a no nonsense family. And I remember mom saying, Oh, he's got it and dad saying cheese. He's got it. And so the reactions were quite different. And the thing is, I've tracked the history of psychic mediumship on in my family back to the 1890s on both sides of my father's side of the family. They were very waspy Pennsylvania Baptists and my dad had four siblings, three sisters and a brother. And one of his sisters. Marjorie was a medium as was his mother, Isabel and their maternal grandmother grace. And then on my mother's side of the family, that family hailed from Italy. And my mother's father was born in Italy, her maternal great grandmother G Ivana came over to Italy, around 1900. And she was known in the Italian community of New York City and North Jersey, you know, Tony Soprano, stomping grounds as the woman who knows things. In fact, officials from the Catholic Church used to come in meet with her and talk to her. And in 2016, PBS did a special called the Italian Americans. And it was a four hour to you know, two hours two night specials, they actually did an entire segment on G Ivana and referenced her psychic abilities. So it was really cool seeing that I remember when it was on every commercial break, you know, my cousins are calling me I'm calling them and, and my older brother and sister, you know, we're all very excited to see how G Ivana was was receiving, once again, the respect that that she's so well deserved. And so I grew up in a family of people who were capable of anticipating future events and seeing spirits. I was drawn to the clergy, which is not unusual for medium. I know that you've had several psychics on and you know, we are drawn to the spiritual, but I felt that going into the clergy was going to have too many rules and regulations. So I ended up in law talking about jumping out of the rule and regulation fire frying pan right into the regulatory fire. But I appreciated law. You know, because certainly you help people but what I liked about it is I've always been a natural speaker, and it gave me a chance to use that I also liked the way because I was a prosecutor, then I was a criminal defense attorney then a complex civil litigation, a personal injury trial lawyer. And it puts you in everything. It was kind of like I don't know if you ever saw the movie The devil's advocate without you know, and canal Reeves. And now Reeves at the end, why? Why the law and Pacino because it puts you in everything. Exactly. It's funny on one hand, but if you look at it on the other, there is no aspect of our lives that doesn't have some form of legal regulation, which really is a good thing. I mean, if you're drinking water that is safe, it's because of regulations, eating food that is safe. Electrical Wiring has regulations that your house doesn't burn down. And then you know, of course, there's also the intrusive nature of regulations. But but the thing is, throughout the course of my legal career, I had to work with forensics, with physicists, with neuroscientists, with biologists with chemists, it put me in so many different disciplines, coupled with my natural curiosity for history, archaeology, philosophy, theology, and near death experience research. So that it gave me the solid background that when I left the practice of law, to go into this full time, I started using my work, because I specialized in head injury litigation. So I had a background and how the brain works, or you know, what we know of it. And I started to see parallels as to, oh, this is what makes spirit communication possible. So it's been a rather interesting lung and twisting road. But I also realized that all of these factors have come together to help me in the work that I'm doing now.

Alex Ferrari 6:53
Let me ask you this, because I've heard of, you know, I've heard that the oh, it comes into my in line to my, my mom's side or my dad's side, long, long term. I mean, I have I have it in my family. You know, I've had my grandmother, my grandmother had it. My aunt had it on her side. You know, my grandfather didn't know what my grandmother did. But every time he had a business decisions, like let me throw about grandma, and grandma would say, Nope, he's not a good guy. Yes. So that it's always been around, especially in my culture. The Latino culture is very, very into the into this this world. Is there a DNA aspect to this? Is there a something that comes with the the DNA or the the essence, I guess, was I can use the proper legal, not the legal term? The scientific term? Or genetics, if you will, genetics? Yes. Come in. Is there something like that? Is there that is there the psychic gene if you will?

Mark Anthony 7:51
I believe that there is because look at other things, there's a reason that you look like your parents. That's because of genetics. certain traits run in certain families. For example, in my family, brown hair, brown eyes runs in the family, but every couple generations, somebody with blond hair and blue eyes, pops up. And that's what's known as a recessive genetic trait or recessive means that it may skip a generation two, for example, did you choose to be right handed or left handed? No, most people are right handed 90% of the people in the world. But left handedness is also a genetic trait. So when you get two parents with the same recessive genetic trait, then the likelihood of one of their children possessing that trait increases exponentially. And in my family's case, that would be me. Both my older brother and older sister, they, they're extremely intuitive, but they're not mediums. My mother was the full package psychic medium, and I'm the most like her. My dad definitely had the mediumship ability. He had an uncanny ability to see auras, which, which sometimes was a good thing, sometimes not because he could see somebody tell if they're going to die soon, because he would see this dark line around him. And certainly when he was going into combat, he said, it was very, very upsetting when he'd see a number of his friends with it, and then they'd be killed in the engagement. So with all due respect to my dad, I'm glad I didn't inherit that ability. Because it I remember I'd be out with him when he was older. He's passed on. And he'd look at somebody and he'd look away and I knew I said, are you seeing it? He goes, Yeah, he said that that lady over there.

Alex Ferrari 9:43
That's a good question. How do you deal with this, psychologically, because you were born with it. So obviously, you've been in there. Yeah, it's always been there. You've also had a lot of support in your family as opposed to a lot of other psychic mediums who are watching handlers who aren't don't have any support or have parents who say this is crazy or try this or try to stomp, stomp it down or stomp it out of their children. But I got to believe that once you figured out that this is special, that you weren't, everyone wasn't like you on a psychological standpoint, even as growing up as a kid, because we all just want to belong, you pretty much were standing, you were pretty much standing out of the out of the crowd, even in middle school and high school where you just want to be part of the group. How did deal with it?

Mark Anthony 10:32
I was a big part of my life, Alex, particularly when I was a teenager, and you know, I just wanted to be one of the guys, right. But from day one, I was always different. I mean, everybody in the neighborhood knew that my family was different. And I always like to joke, we're kind of like the, you know, like said dad was a NASA aerospace engineer, mom's an artist, you know, I had a super athletic brother, very talented dancing and singing sister and, and I was gifted with I was always in the, like, top 2% of all my classes. But on top of that, you know, I would see dead people and, and that, you know, so it's fun, being a kid, but when you're a weird kid, and the thing is, my family was the weird family. We're kind of like the cool version of the Addams Family, you know, and, and but the thing is, I always had a lot of friends, I was always, but I never fit into any one group. But all the groups seem to like me. Like, you know, I hung out with all the surfers, I knew all the kind of the rednecks, I had a bunch of blanks and, you know, friends, you know, and I just sort of move through all the groups and everybody's like, Oh, that's just mark, you know, so so I'm very thankful for that. And that also served me very well as an attorney, people finding me approachable and opening up to me, and certainly is a medium as well. But but as far as fitting in, I'd like to turn to the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. He said, why stand in when you were born? Or why blend in when you were born to stand out? And and I think that for people that have any type of ability or talent, embrace that talent, embrace that ability. Now, obviously, when I was a little kid, my dad didn't want me in because I went to Catholic school. And I remember him saying to me, I was five years old, and I was starting first grade. Don't you tell anybody about this, he goes, you can talk about your mother and me all you want, but they won't understand. So I get into Catholic school. And they're teaching us about angels and saints in just burying all these invisible entities. And I'm thinking this is cool. And then I started listening to the other things they were saying. And I realized dad was right, it's best if I, I kept this quiet because there's this thought among a lot of religious people. And I'm a big proponent of religion, as long as people actually follow the teachings and not use it as a moral justification for anger, bigotry, hatred and violence. And that's where religion goes wrong. Because all the religions tell you to treat people, other people with respect, they all teach peace. All the religions have the golden rule, treat people the way you want to be treated. They all have that every single one. So so but I realized pretty soon that it's best if I kept this, these abilities to myself.

Alex Ferrari 13:38
So I always ask this to psychic mediums because your dad, you kind of said this with your dad that he could always see this line around people that were about to die. Yeah, for you. Is there a close sign? Is there like, Hey, I'm not open for business right now. So you know, ghosts and ghosts, but spirits that come in? Please. I'm not I'm not open for business right now. Or is it like you're in the shower and a head pops in Hey man! Can you talk to?

Mark Anthony 14:06
That has happened that does happen, but but I've learned to you have to, you have to let the spirits know. I mean, they're doing this or I'm not. And you also have to realize that I'm in charge or anybody that sees spirits you're in charge, not the spirits. And once you establish those parameters, they'll they'll they'll, they'll respect your privacy. You don't leave the doors and windows have your house open and unlocked. 24/7 So why should you do that to your brain to your psyche? And, you know, I meet a lot of mediums and the inexperienced ones will say, Oh, I see spirits all the time that around me all the time. It's like, Well, do you really want that? It also it denigrates the quality of the contact if you're constantly bombarded, as opposed to I'm doing this now. I mean, when I'm doing readings for people, that's what I'm doing and every A bit of my brainpower is focused on that. But there's times where you know, I gotta go to the store, I gotta get my car fixed. I gotta work on stuff around the house, you know, and I don't need, you know, this constant bombardment. But I will tell you a funny story. I was scheduled to do a, a video conference with this woman in India, she wanted a reading and that morning, I was taking a shower, you said the shower, and I kept getting this image of this, this dark complected guy clutching his heart going like this, okay? And I'm like, okay, sir, taking shower here, let me alone. Alright, so a couple hours later, I tune in, and there she is, and she's very pleasant woman. And all of a sudden, this man comes through and I start describing him and she goes, Oh, that's my father. He died of a heart attack. And I know, I know, I met him in the shower this morning. And she goes, what, what do you say about my father? I mean, it was it was really funny. Then she started laughing. And she goes, Well, that is like my father, he was very pushy and invasive. And if he wanted to get your attention, nothing would stop him. And it was hilarious. Because, you know, when it came out of my mouth, I met him in the shower this morning. I mean, it was just one of those, it was one of those things that is like, hold, hold on, I need to explain here. And I'm glad to that you brought up about the shower. A lot of people say that for some reason, when they're in the shower or the bathroom, that's when they tend to feel the presence of spirits. Well, in my work, I've developed several theories about spirit communication, one of which is the electromagnetic soul, which is what our soul really is, which is pure consciousness, the soul, the spirit, the who and what we are. And it is pure electromagnetic energy, eternal electromagnetic energy. And the reason people are under the impression that they see spirits a lot in the bathroom, is because of the conductivity of a bathroom, hard surfaces, lots of metal water, it's easier to pick up on the frequency and the vibration there. That doesn't mean that they're not, you know, with you in other places. And also, a lot of times when people are in in the bathroom, you know, you're focused on other things, you're taking a shower, you're a bit relaxed, it's private. So you don't have the typical distractions. Plus, you're in a hyper conductive environment, which makes it more conducive to the electromagnetic connection with a spirit.

Alex Ferrari 17:41
Now, when you went into law, which is fascinating to me, you you knew you were already a psychic medium when you're going into law. When you finally started to practice law, I feel it's like you're cheating a little bit, because you're a psychic medium. So you have inside information on stuff that you can't disclose to the prosecution. Because what are you going to say? Listen, I was in the shower, and this guy showed up, and he told me that your client? How did you deal with? I'm assuming that happened at one point or another you had information come in about a case or something like that? How did you deal with it ethically?

Mark Anthony 18:18
Well, first off, everybody has some form of an advantage. So let's say that in personal injury, here I am in a small firm, and I'm up against an insurance company's lawyers and they have millions of dollars and a whole team of lawyers talk about an unfair advantage. Sure. Okay, talking about when I'm representing somebody as a criminal defense attorney, and I'm up against, you know, the state of Florida with all their wealth and power and investigators. But people also need to realize that psychic ability mediumistic ability doesn't make us all knowing all seeing in omnipresent, it can give us insights. For example, I've consulted on a number of investigations with police, and obviously, intuitive information, psychic information. mediumistic information is not admissible in a court of law. It's the ultimate hearsay hearsay is an out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted. And to get around here say the person who made that statement or the statement itself or the material must be subjected to cross examination. So it's not like we can get your Aunt Martha to come through we put her on the witness stand. So spirit of Aunt Martha, you would have us believe that, but but this type of information can be given to the police to put them on the trail to locate evidence, which then is admissible in evidence. So that's why psychics and mediums are used by far more than the general public is aware. It's kind of Behind the scenes type of thing, and when I was a prosecutor, when you're a young prosecutor, they stick you with first appearance, usually on weekends. And first appearance is when people get arrested. But they have to be brought before a judge within 24 hours if they're being held. So the judge can determine if there should be bond, you know, a bail, or if they should be released. And so I'd be there with my co counsel and other prosecutor. And then the other table, usually the public defenders were there and people that had private attorneys, they'd come in, and we'd have a stack of police reports. And I'd say that one's sexual offense, that one's a drug dealer, that one's this before ever looked at the reports, and my co counsels would be going, how do you know that? You know, because people have been in the drunk tank all night, I'll have a grungy worn out look, okay. And it was because it was the vibration, it was the the, the what they were exuding. So it kind of got to be a game, too, when when we do first appearances to see if Mark can guess what they're charged with before we show him the arrest report. And so then it started getting around the legal profession that this guy's kind of weird, but but he sort of knows things. And where I found it particularly useful. My ability was during jury selection, oh, jury selection is before the trial starts. And the judge makes, you know, you bring in what we call the visionary. Those are the potential jurors. So let's say you bring in 30 people and depending on the case, most juries are six people with one alternate in major felonies and certain civil cases, it's 12 Jurors with with two alternates, and I had a case where I was defending, and so the prosecutor got finished asking the prospective jury questions. But during the whole time, I kept getting drawn to this one woman. I'll never forget her. She was an attractive Latino woman. She had this beautiful olive complexion, big dark eyes. But I felt a female spirit with her and I kept feeling this tightening around my throat. And I was like, Okay, so there's and I'm like, this is not the time, you know, for this. But there was a female around here, and I kept fell in feeling this this blockage, inability to breathe. So the judge says our defense counsel, you may inquire, so I stand up at the podium, and I'm going through my questions. And a standard question, is it because I was representing this guy who was a big bruiser, and he got into it, it was a barroom brawl. My client beat the daylights out of another big bruiser. So the loser of the fight file charges, that's not an unusual thing, right? So it was like big bruiser, a big bruiser B, but it was still a crime of violence. So I asked, Have any of you or has anyone in your family ever been the victim of a violent crime? Well, lo and behold, Alex, this this woman starts shaking and she raises her hands, and her hand and tears start coming down her her cheeks. And she said, a year ago, my sister was in a foreign country when an escaped mental patient strangled her dismember her body and threw her in a garbage pile like she was trash. So I'm standing there, like, you know, they didn't teach me how to deal with this in law school. And even the prosecutor was like a really annoying person couldn't think of anything to say or object. And my client I can hear and go like, Dude, what are you doing? And this woman, her sister, now I'm able to see her. And literally Alex, I had a foot in each world. And if your listeners want to find out what happens they have to get my first book now.

Alex Ferrari 24:11
I assume I have assume she wasn't the juror that I can say I could assume so much that that went she wasn't a juror.

Mark Anthony 24:17
Really what happened though, was really it was really quite positive. What happened there so Okay, good. But but it is it's one of the stories that I write about Never Letting Go as my first book. Never Letting Go as a guide on the journey through grief. It helps you when you're in that fog, like, oh my god, I can't believe it happen. And then when I was on the Never Letting Go tour, Alex, people started asking you really deep questions. Is there a hell is there a heaven what happens with people commit suicide? Do animals have souls? And so I started compiling those questions, and I'm always doing research. And so that was the genesis for my book evidence of eternity which was my second book and In evidence of eternity, I was blown away when I was notified by Columbia University that was up for a Pulitzer Prize. And then, my my last book, The Afterlife frequency. I wrote, I went more in depth into the science, the subtitle of the afterlife frequency is the scientific proof of spiritual contact, and how that awareness will change your life. And I want to explain to people how this happens. And I also want people to understand that it is not going to be none of my books are like reading an algebra textbook. I suffered through enough boring books in the practice of law. I am not going to inflict that on everyone, all my books, I Yes, I explained the concepts, but then I illustrate them with fast moving stories, all from all real true stories, to help bring that concept to life for you.

Alex Ferrari 25:59
So let's, let's do let's talk about that for a minute. Because there hasn't I've never been able to come across anyone who's got scientific or came came across approach this scientifically. Especially psychic mediumship. This is something that's really interesting. And I think we said that you said this to me earlier before we got started is that you're trying to bring the psychic mediums out of the the sideshow carnival vibe, you know, the Gypsy vibe, the that image that we all have, though, of psychic mediums are the crystal ball and here are the lottery tickets, you know, yeah, all that. All that kind of stuff, which has been popularized through movies and televisions and in books for for centuries. But this concept of psychic mediums have been around for 1000s of years. Yes, it in there. There's a reason why it is still being talked about. It is not just a myth, it is there's so much evidential proof for these things, whether you believe it or don't believe it. Anyone who's had a real psychic reading with a real psychic who really knows what they're doing. And says, Grandma did this, grandpa did this. Don't go around that corner tomorrow, you know certain things like that can really feel like oh god there's there's something else out there. Now you could be afraid of it, which I'm sure you've come across a lot in your in your profession, people who've just freak the hell out about it. So let's go. Let's go down a little bit with the scientific aspects. Can you break down some of those concepts and ideas for people how you can prove scientifically that this exists?

Mark Anthony 27:36
Let me let me start with my my electromagnetic Sol theory. We know from quantum physics that everything is made of molecules, okay, we all learn that in grade school science. Molecules, in turn are composed of atoms. Atoms are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. Yet those are made of a smaller particle known as a quantum which is pure electro magnetic energy. Now for our science friends, and electron is technically a quantum because it is 118 hundreth, the size of the proton. All right, so I want to make sure because there's always some picky science person saying Oh, electrons are quantum. What that means, Alex, is that everything on the subatomic level is composed of the same particle, or same type of electromagnetic energy. That means you and me our bodies. That means the headset that you're wearing the radio waves that this shows being broadcast on the light of the sun that we see the surface of Mars and beyond. Everything is made of electromagnetic energy, which vibrates at different frequencies. That's why this pen is made of the same electromagnetic energy that I am. Although I vibrate at a different frequency, ergo because we're alive. We know from the first law of thermodynamics and physics, that energy is neither created, nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. We know from the field of neuroscience that the brain the whole body has an electrical field, but the brain, which is barely 2% of the body's weight uses over 20% of its electrical activity the heart uses the most and we want it to because it's a pump, okay, it's a pump and that sucker needs to be pumping all day long and healthfully. Now, we know that every great spiritual teacher from ancient India through Zorro Aster Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Lao Zhu, Muhammad, Gandhi, Mother, Teresa St. Francis of Assisi, the Native American spirituality. spiritualists, the religions of Africa have all talked But the who and what we are the soul the consciousness pre exists the body comes into the body moves on after the body dies. So I developed the electromagnetic soul the term to describe what we really are, which is a soul, a spirit, a consciousness that come that is pure, electro magnetic energy that is eternal. Now, the brain and I work a lot with consciousness scientists and afterlife researchers. If you look in a neuroscience book, there'll be hundreds and hundreds of pages on the functions of the brain, but maybe a paragraph on consciousness. To date, neuroscientists are completely unable to describe consciousness. That's because the brain didn't create consciousness, it merely hosts it, for example, your computer hard drive, did it create the Windows program? Of course not, it merely hosts the programs that are on it. And when your hard drive slash brain crashes, the information doesn't disintegrate, it is uploaded. So when we die, our EMS electromagnetic soul leaves the body and then goes to a higher frequency, what I call the afterlife frequency, also called the other side, some people call it heaven. Okay, so now that we understand that our brain is a coherent quantum field that survives physical death, this is bolstered by over 50 years of Near Death Experience Research, where people die, and then they're there they feel themselves leave their body, they usually describe going through a tunnel into a light meeting deceased loved ones, and there's there's phases to a near death experience. Sometimes they just feel the floating before they're revived. Other times they get right up to where they encounter the divine power that we call God. And it's always it I mean, the divine power. So he's described in terms of light. Interestingly enough, every single belief system refers to the Divine power the God as as light. So then we also have studies in the last couple years in I always can remember this because it happened on 2.22.22 February 2, February 22, of 2022, in Tartu, Estonia, an 87 year old man started having epileptic seizures at the emergency room. They he was being monitored with an e g, which is standard protocol for for epilepsy, and then suddenly had a massive heart attack and died. The doctors were astounded by what they found. We have five different brainwave frequencies, gamma, beta, alpha, theta, Delta, Gamma, that's like when you're on Final Jeopardy and your brains cranking and floods you know, you're doing a calculus exam, beta activities of daily living the state we're in right now. Alpha, I call alpha groovy baby, you know, relax is when you meditate when you're drifting off to sleep, then the the theta fade is deep sleep, that's where you dream and then delta, very little brainwave activity when you're sleeping, but that's where your body heals cellular regeneration. There are different hertz for the brainwave frequencies, and the Alpha Theta border is right around eight Hertz. Eight hertz is where psychic and mediumistic activity occur. That's why when people are sleeping, and they have a dream, or a deceased loved one, they encounter them and you come out of it. And it's like, Oh, that wasn't a regular dream. I really had a conversation. Guess what spirits can tell when you're at that, that that vibration, that frequency and they adjust their frequency to align with yours. That's why the Bible is loaded with prophetic stories of prophetic dreams. Okay, you have all these dreams in the Bible, every religion does. So my electromagnetic soul theory, okay, they're a pure quantum field. They're coherent. I mean, that's who we are. It's just just minus a body is able to identify that frequency and align with it. So we have the Near Death Experience Research. All right, so back to Tartu, atonia Estonia on 2.22.22. All five brainwave frequencies of this man went off the charts at the time of death. The doctors didn't understand this. They figured things who just sort of go down and fizzle out. Instead, there was a huge surge of activity. It was been studied by scientists all over the world and they said, it appears to be consistent with What people say is a near death experience. Then, by the end of two of 2022, the lucid dying study, it was conducted with over 500 people at 20, I think 24 different hospitals in both the US and UK, people who were in cardiac arrest and being given CPR, or administered an E. G, those that came back 20% of them had a near death experience talked about leaving their bodies, every single one of them same thing. At the point of death, all five brainwave surges? So there's controversy, isn't a near death experience a symptom of a dying brain? Or is it more? And the thing is, it is more, because there are people who experience things that, for example, studies have been done with people who've been blind since birth, who have a near death experience, and their near death experience is visual. Now, if it's a side effect of a dying brain, why would it draw upon something that was never in the brain? One of my favorite stories of this, there was a woman who died her name is Diane Clark Sharp, and was a Diane Sharp Clark. Anyway, I got all three names, as you know. And I met her I met her. She died on an operating table and she said she was hovering above it in in and she could see the surgeons and the nurses and they were working to resuscitate her. And she said she started floating above that and she saw the light fixture. And notice there was really dusty on the top and she said, Well, I better tell the nurse about that because that thing's filthy and to wait a second. I'm out of my body. And then Alex the next thing she knows she's hovering over the hospital, and she saw in a rain gutter. She saw blue sneakers stuck in the rain gutter. Well then she's resuscitated and she she talks about the the sneaker, the search and said get two people up on the roof right now. They went up there in exactly where she said the sneaker was sure not just a sneaker, but a blue sneaker. Then there is there are several cases like that. These are just some examples. In Japan, there was a young woman who who was undergoing surgery and she died during surgery. And she was resuscitated. And when she came out of it, she said to her parents were there she said it was so strange. I went into this light and my sister was there, but that can't be because she's alive. And her parents burst into tears and said she was killed in a car accident last night you didn't know. So if if if an NDE is a side effect of a dying brain How are you encountering people that you didn't even know were dead who weren't dead? How are you getting vertical you know truthful perceptions of these things. And the thing is in afterlife frequency I explain even I go into much more depth with this. So what we're seeing now is that not only does your consciousness your electromagnetic soul survive physical death, but it's perfectly capable of communicating with human beings. So I can keep going on but that that's that's that's part of it.

Alex Ferrari 38:38
When you when you are given anesthesia. Are you in theta?

Mark Anthony 38:44
Yeah, I think that's that's a an artificially induced it's putting you into fate it I think they're trying to actually get you delta because the last thing you want is waking up during surgery.

Alex Ferrari 38:55
Right! So delta is the lowest Okay, so it's probably it's getting you down to delta. So right because I've interviewed people who've gone to anesthesia and they didn't, quote unquote, die, but they had a near death experience, right, like experience when they were down that low because well, that was that's their window.

Mark Anthony 39:12
Yeah, your consciousness your EMS will travel around even though your body is still technically alive. I've communicated with people that were in irreversible comas. I've communicated with people that actually were in advanced states of Alzheimer's. And so that also shows that the brain and EMS are two different things. The brain is a formatting device. And it is a perception device, which because he we're living here in the material world, and we live in a finite world, and our brain is geared to our five physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. However, once the EMS separates from that people will return from a near death experience talking about All colors you can't even imagine sounds you can't even imagine an entire realm you can't even begin to understand all of which exceed the five physical senses that our brain is designed to engage in. And I believe that think of our body as a bottle and the brain is the cork it's the arbiter between our material world finite existence and the infinity of the collective consciousness that is the the afterlife frequency the other side, for whatever reasons, Alex, we're supposed to have a finite material world existence. And then when we're done with that the cork is removed, and literally the EMS is out of the bottle.

Alex Ferrari 40:48
So when you're what happens in from your point of view and your perspective, what happens immediately after someone passes we when they die when they die? When someone dies? What happens to the soul? What happens to like what is the process?

Mark Anthony 41:04
Okay, and this is not involve a near death experience. This is

Alex Ferrari 41:08
No this is this is you're going one way one way ticket one way ticket

Mark Anthony 41:11
Near death experience is like a rubber band. It's like Berner you know, you're here, material world you're pulling out right, and then you touch, you touch the afterlife frequency, and then you get pulled back. See, as a medium, I do see the people I deal with the rubber band is broken.

Alex Ferrari 41:29
Correct. It's a one way street, it's a one way trip. One way trip.

Mark Anthony 41:33
Think of the EMS the soul is a drop of water. And when we leave this material body, that drop of water plunges into an eternal sea of consciousness. I call it the afterlife frequency also called the collective consciousness, your coherent, but now you're interconnected with other souls that are connected to other souls connected to other souls, you become part of this vast intelligence Infinite Intelligence Network, you can move at the speed of light. Why? Because everything in the EM spectrum electromagnetic spectrum, moves at the speed of light. In fact, in the time, it took me just to say that a soul could be back and forth to the moon about 10 times. That's how fast they move. It's thought it's the fastest thought is possible, which is which is electromagnetic energy. I've asked them, what's it like? Okay, now people and a lot of my colleagues, I think, with all due respect to them, I think they're 100% wrong when they say as above so below, they Oh, yes, they drive cars. And they're sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. And I hear this all the time. And I'm like, because the thing is, they're not drinking coffee at a cafe in Paris or driving a Ferrari. Sorry, fair enough. But I mean, hey, if you're gonna go to heaven and get a car, I want a Ferrari. Alright. So the thing is, what they're doing is creating a point of reference that you and I can understand them. And the first time that I really understood this is doing a reading for a woman and her parents came through, and her mother was in a vineyard in Napa Valley, this beautiful, you know, house overlooking rolling hills in her father was riding a horse in Wyoming and, and at a campfire and she said, That's so funny. I go, why she goes, mom's favorite place in the whole world was Napa Valley. And she hated horseback riding and camping. And that was my father's favorite thing. What they were doing is they're saying, like, look, we're both in quote unquote, heaven in the other side, but they were giving us a construct for her. Her father, being in heaven was getting to be a cowboy in Wyoming for her mom, it was sipping great Chardonnay, you know, in Napa Valley. And I've asked spirits are you in these places? They said no, because you couldn't even begin to understand where we're at, is they explained that it's just amazing. And, and a number of occasions in my life, they'll let me feel it. And I can only handle it for just a few seconds. And the best way I can describe it, Alex, it's like when you're in a pool or in the ocean is that perfect, warm temperature, and you go underneath and you're just sort of like floating and you don't feel your body, you don't feel any pain, you don't feel you just feel like one with the water. But then I also get the sense that I'm everywhere. To you know, like, everywhere, everything all at once. I mean, I'm not trying to be funny, but it's like I feel interconnected with everything. But I can only handle that for a few seconds. It is so draining the way I would describe it is on a single wire and all of a sudden all the electricity from Manhattan is going through me. And so I also want to say though, by me explaining how wonderful the other side is There may be listeners out there who are very depressed, that you're going through some terrible grief and terrible things that that maybe you feel nobody else can understand. I am and Alex is not in any way encouraging anyone to terminate their life because they are better on the other side. There are trained professionals there for you don't go through grief, don't go through depression alone call dial 811. That's the National Suicide Hotline. Because the thing is, every day that we're alive is a gift, many days may not feel that way. For good or for bad. We've got to get through this until it is our appointed time to leave this world. So I want to make sure because sometimes people say, Well, if it's so good there, why do I want to go on here? Because there's a reason that you're here. Do I know what it is? I don't know if anyone does. But we're all here for specific reasons. So we have to go through the grunge in the end a lot of times, so you go through like the worst time of your life and you think it's all and then something happens, which makes it all all worthwhile, something beautiful happens. Or maybe you have an influence on somebody in a way that you don't even know, which makes their life more positive. So I just want to make sure that that appreciate that. Explain that.

Alex Ferrari 46:28
No, I appreciate that. No, I mean, I wanted to ask you, because I've, you know, obviously I've spoken to a lot of people in this space. And I've heard so many different avenues and things that have happened on the other side. One thing that they've said to me from multiple sources is that as a soul, if you want to, let's say learn the cello, let's say you want to learn the cello, but you don't want to come to earth and have to learn it here. So you take quote, unquote, classes on the other side. So when you come here, you become you're almost like a prodigy because or you've done it multiple times in other lifetimes to build up to become a prodigy in this lifetime. Is that that that ring true to you?

Mark Anthony 47:11
My EMS theory is also an explanation not just for mediumship but also near death experiences. Reincarnation, which is what we're talking about here, that visions out of body experiences. In fact, I'm going to be on tour this year, and I'm speaking at the Edgar Casey Association's reincarnation conference. And my talk is debunking death, the science of reincarnation and near death experiences. One of the signs of reincarnation is talents that seem to be natural. For example, Mozart was composing works of music by the time he was four. Okay, how many four year olds start composing, like that. You hear about all these child prodigies, and it is believed that they're carrying over talents from a prior lifetime. Also, phobias, people that are terrified of the water is believed maybe they drowned in a prior life. I have several cases of reincarnation, which have been documented and in fact that if we could sometimes I'd like to come back and maybe just do a show on reincarnation, I think because there's so many fascinating stories. And that's the other thing in communicating with spirits, because, you know, people asked, is there a heaven and a hell? And they said, Well, essentially, the afterlife frequency is is a heaven, there's like different frequencies to it. For example, Mother Teresa is on a much different frequency than Osama bin Laden would be on. Okay. And chances are, he's going to have to come back. And it's like, I can only imagine what he's going to come back as All right, right. This time, I don't think it's going to be a multimillionaire who wreaks death and destruction upon people. He may be on the receiving end of that, you know, so you've always got to, you've always got to be nice. And that's why all the great spiritual teachers tell us this. But as far as hell goes, the archetypal hell of a guy with a pitchfork sticking in the butt for all of eternity does not exist, but reincarnation does. There are people right now in this planet who are in hell? Think about people, you know, who are coping with cancer. What about a parent who's lost a child? What about the people of Ukraine of Gaza, Israel, Somalia, I mean, you go all over the world, there are people in this country people who are homeless and suffering, hell exists in many forms. Okay. And but as far as this eternal damnation and in the afterlife frequency, I give the history of hell how it came about. And how, yes, it's a myth and metaphor. And unfortunately very real, at least here on Earth,

Alex Ferrari 50:09
Which makes which makes all the sense in the world. What are the what are some of the misconceptions of psychic mediums that are out there that you'd like to kind of debunk?

Mark Anthony 50:19
Well, number one that we're all knowing and all seeing, Oh, you should have seen that coming. Well, you can't read for yourself. You can't read for yourself. I wish I could. I'd be like Powerball Powerball, you know? And people always say, Well, if you're so psychic, why don't they give you winning lottery numbers? Well, they may give me six winning lottery numbers. But did they tell me when those numbers are coming out? I mean, seriously, they they may give me six winning numbers, but they're not telling me that they're going to come out 15 years, 11 days and two hours from now. All right, so so people need to understand that too. The other misconception is that we can just conjure up any spirit that we want. And I always It cracks me up when I like a celebrity eyes and they'll interview then media will interview someone. Oh, did that person come to you in the in the in the meeting was like, Oh, yes, they did. And it's like, well, unless there is a connection to in other words, I have to have a connection to a person that had a material world connection to the person in spirit. That's why you know, I just can't summon Sir Isaac Newton, that that type of thing. When I'm laughing because I was doing a reading for this woman once and she reminded me of remember that Show Gilligan's Island. Remember lovey, you know, thirst and how lovey the Rich Lady with you know, she was elegant. And she talked like love a I mean, she was just like a really sweet, but I can tell she's very a fluid. And so I'm doing the reading for her and her father comes through and I'm describing him and he kind of looked like the actor Clark Gable. He was like dashing debonair, the mustache tuxedo. And she goes, Oh, yes, father was very dashing and debonair, and he loved dressing up in a tuxedo. And then I said, I paused and she goes, Why are you pausing? I go, this is gonna sound really weird, but I could swear to God, President Ronald Reagan is standing right next to him. And she goes, Oh, daddy used to play golf with Ronnie all the time. And I'm like, what? Okay. And then and then. And then I realized that her father was this affluent billionaire who owned a golf course in California. And then I said, this is even weirder. I'm seeing King Edward the eighth. And Wallis Simpson. And she goes, Oh, them, I know what she does. They used to crash our parties all the time. He because he used to be a king of England, he thought everyone should pick up the tab for him. And she goes in, she was such a shameless social climber. And I'm sitting there like, Oh my God. I mean, I'm trying to absorb it. I'm talking to her father, the famous billionaire, Ronald Reagan, the former king of England and Wallis Simpson. And the thing is, though, she knew them all. Sure. And I need to know this. And I could go on and on, because I've done readings for a very, you know, know, famous people. But I was got a big kick out of that one, because, you know, I was just doing a reading and it didn't dawn on me until Ronald Reagan came through. But if she just been a regular, you know, I don't wanna say regular person, but but someone who is not affiliated with them, it is pretty much like 99.9% unlikely that President Reagan, you know, saying burden Wallace would come through.

Alex Ferrari 53:53
So let me ask you, if I would have met President Reagan at one point in my life, physically, would that be enough?

Mark Anthony 53:58
Possibly, possibly, like I was doing a gallery reading one time this lady stands up and Olson I go, I'm seeing David Bowie. And she goes, Oh, I met him once.

Alex Ferrari 54:11
And then Dave and David Bowie decided to show up. Then, the other thing that's interesting about spirit, and this is something I've learned over the over the course of my work on the show, is that spirit can be multiple places, and multiple times. So I always say Jesus is the hardest working man in show business because he's always at everyone's near death experience. Correct. He's always so it's not like there's just one David Bowie. And he happens to be there and he's nowhere else in the universe other than next to you right there. No, that's an essence of him essentially.

Mark Anthony 54:45
That's another aspect of the EMS you electromagnetic Sol is multi dimensional ism. And that also comes in with string theory, that there's more than one dimension. And also, you gotta realize the These these entities, these spirits are capable of moving at the speed of light. And they are multi dimensional, which also means that our soul our EMS also has a multi dimensional component to it. We think that the EMS is just encased in our brain however, it's electromagnetic energy and it's patched into the afterlife frequency. So one of the most asked questions is, what if I want to communicate with somebody who's reincarnated? Is that possible? Okay. Think of your higher self, the multi dimensional aspect of your EMS is being the librarian. And the librarian has read the books Warren Piece, the Godfather, Dyer, Potter, Frank, Harry Potter. Okay. And you want to talk to Anne Frank, but she's reincarnated as Michael Corleone from the godfather. Okay. The thing is, even though those characters don't recognize or know each other, the higher self does. And so let's say that yes, and Frank is now Michael Cortlandt. And I'm just using that because those are recognized and you can still communicate with Anne Frank, because the higher self multi dimensional aspect of the electromagnetic soul retains the memories and personality traits of the individual incarnations.

Alex Ferrari 56:25
As far as one of the other questions I get asked a lot Mark is about ghosts, bad spirits, negative energies, things like that. We've been talking everything, everything that we've been talking about is very positive. You know, ghosts, as this is their, you know, quote, unquote, bad spirits, quote, unquote, ghost entities on the other side that want our spirits on the other side that want to cause harm. And if there is, how do you protect yourself and how do you protect yourself dealing with that? Well,

Mark Anthony 56:55
I've done a lot of paranormal investigations, and there's three schools of thought on ghosts. First off, I don't believe in devils, demons or hell. So I'm not into the whole evil spirit thing. And I've done over 15,000 readings, and I've yet to have a boogeyman show up in any one of them. Okay, fair enough. Fair enough. Ghosts. Some people think that they're trapped here. It's a spirit trapped in this world. Nonsense. As soon as you die, you are an EMS, you are an EMS free to the body, you know exactly. That Your Spirit and look, why would you want to be trapped here? Why would you want to hang out in a garbage dump when you can be you know, on the beaches of Maui or Tahiti? Okay, and that's what secondly, is that certain spirits visit particular places all the time. So they're not trapped here they come back usually that involves things that involve trauma murders. Third, which I really think is is the the answer is that matter retains vibration. And in areas where something particularly horrible happens, like when I was a teenager, and I was in college, and I was in Europe, and I visited Dachau concentration camp, and suddenly found myself surrounded by all the spirits wearing the black and white prison garb shrieking okay. The thing is, they were no more ascension spirits, then your reflection in a mirror is you what you're picking up on is the residual energy echo of the violence, the murder and the cruelty that happened there. And lots of times people go into the do house clearings because it's like an unending echo. And the idea of the clearing or the exorcism is to deflect that energy away. Then there are this is the fourth categories elementals elementals, are non human spiritual intelligence that are more aligned with nature, with with plants with the earth, and they're not not evil. It's just that they're not necessarily concerned with humans. We know them by many names sprites, pixies fairies, leprechauns in Hawaii, the meta Hoon, a, in Japan, the Shinto religion, that CAMI que mi, they appear in many different beliefs. I've encountered several of them throughout my life, and they just assume don't have much to do with us because they have different focus. And a lot of times people encounter them and when you encounter a spirit, it's normal to get cold chills and tingles through your body. Why their electromagnetic energy their EM field is interfacing with your body's EM field. The physiological response is cold chills and tingles, which is also the same physiological response when we're afraid, fight, fight or flight So we immediately assume it's evil. You know, because I go to a place, I calm down everybody. And then the Spirit starts communicating with me. And it's like, okay, they're not, you know, they're not evil. So I take a more objective approach when I'm engaging in, in paranormal investigations, I'd like to apply the scientific method of objective observation, collect the data, and then analyze it as opposed to jumping to a conclusion. I mean, so many of these shows, they shake night vision goggles around and scream demon and everybody's running. And you know, and I've, you know, I've been on on a couple of those shows. And, you know, I'm telling them that it's more like certain parts of the earth, either there's, you know, we have magnetic field on the planet, some areas have positive charges, other areas have negative charges. When you're in an area where there's a lot of negative and natural energy, it's very easy to feel that the experience and the encounters are negative.

Alex Ferrari 1:01:09
Right, exactly. Let me ask you, let me ask you this. Do you see? Do you ever do predictions about humanity as a general statement? Do you ever kind of do like, hey, you know, what, before we get back, before I ask you that question, another question that popped into my head. When I was at 911, I was actually at at the World Trade Center. I was I wanted to, yeah, right. And when you walk, I literally walked from the street, the second I stepped foot, on to the World Trade Center area, near the fountains, this wave of just heavy energy, yeah, just dropped on top of me. And I felt it like the rest of the time, when I went into the museum and all this stuff. It was just, it was just palatable in the air, you could feel this energy there, there wasn't ghosts, or demons or spirits or anything like that. It was just a very heavy energy. And there are places like that, that I've walked into throughout the world, that you just walk in, and you just go, Oh, something just happened to it's similar to like, you know, your mother and your father and mother having a fight. And then the second you walk in there quiet, but you feel what just went down? You're like, Oh, I'm not in the right. I'm not supposed to be here. So is that something similar to what you're talking about?

Mark Anthony 1:02:28
And that's exactly what I'm talking about. And see everyone is capable of feeling that? That's a residual energy echo. And you know, there was over 3000 people killed there that day, and plus so many others wounded. You're picking up on that neck? Yeah, when I went to Ground Zero, unlike when I was hung over a college student at Dachau. Yeah, because we'd been at the halfway house the night before, and kind of beers and then we got there. And it was like, Whoa, I knew when I was was at Ground Zero, but I can only handle it for about 45 minutes. And I just said, you know, I have to leave. I'm

Alex Ferrari 1:03:08
Yeah, I'm good. I'm good. Yeah, I felt I felt that I felt the same way. And the same thing happens is like when you land in Maui, the energy in that whole place, you could just feel the energy is slower, more relaxed, chilled, as opposed to when you walk out of the subway in Manhattan. Like a different energy.

Mark Anthony 1:03:30
It's frenetic versus the Jimmy Buffett vibe.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:33
Yes, exactly. But that's but it's but but something that's palatable, you could really feel these, these energies out there. Now, do you do Do you do any sort of predictions or kind of readings of humanity as a whole, what's going to happen the next five to 10 years, in big, big, broad strokes,

Mark Anthony 1:03:54
Occasionally, spirits will transmit things to me, that are a commentary on what's going on. And what they've told me is the next decades going to be very, very difficult for humanity. And I don't think it takes a psychic for us to figure that out. I mean, we're on the precipice of the Third World War, but they're also telling me that that's not going to happen. But it's, it's like, it's like we're walking on a tightrope over, you know, between two buildings, we're on that precipice. And they're also telling me that a lot of the negativity, the racism, the anger needed to come to the surface, it all had to boil up to the surface so that we can be aware of it. So we're going through a very painful period of growth. And, you know, we grow in response to adversity. The last time I had something like this was in 2019. I was doing readings for a number of people and one called And in particular, her spirits kept showing up wearing surgical masks. And they kept saying March 2020, march 2020. So I was like, Well, are you scheduled for surgery? Or Is anybody in the medical field? And they said, No. And I noticed I can three or four, actually more. And it was like about a dozen different readings, this kept coming up. And so I didn't know what it meant. They didn't know what it meant. So then march 2020, rolls around, I start getting emails right and left saying, Oh, my God, we're all wearing surgical masks. Now, all my spirits said, and that's when, you know, the country went into lockdown. And we all had to be you know, wearing masks. So they were very aware of that. And they were telling us to take this very, very seriously. Okay. But now they're they what they told me is this next decade is is precarious, precarious. Now, once again, it doesn't require a psychic to tell us that. People need to be aware, people need to be aware. I find it particularly disturbing. And I always avoid politics, okay, because everybody has a right to believe what they want to believe. But I was just hoping by the 21st century, humans would have had enough of warfare. And apparently, we haven't. And once again, you know, we don't need an hell with the devil running around stickiness with the pitch for humans are doing a very good job of creating it on their own.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:35
They're very well put very well put. From your perspective, what is the most important thing that individuals need to understand about life after death,

Mark Anthony 1:06:43
That God exists. Heaven exists, our souls are immortal living spirits that we as humans can communicate with souls, and that we will all be reunited with our loved ones, when it is our appointed time to leave the material world,

Alex Ferrari 1:06:54
When you say appointed time, is that going accordance with the soul blueprint or the soul plan? Is that something that you've been exposed to?

Mark Anthony 1:07:07
It appears it appears to, from all the spirits I've worked with, they always tell me there's a day we're coming in the day we're going out. And what we have choice over is what we do with the time in between. and In I've had a number of friends in the medical profession, and they said, Nothing is more horrible than when you see somebody who tried to die by suicide, yet they botched it up and now they're paralyzed, or so severely brain damaged. So they're going to still live until they were supposed to die. It's just that they had a choice not to do that. Okay, they they had a choice to to seek out help and counseling and comfort. But instead, now they have to live out the remainder of that time in a very terrible state. And I'm not passing judgment on anybody minutes. What I've seen, and it's it's really, it's really heart wrenching.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:02
Yeah, it's, it's, it's very interesting, because I've seen I've heard so many, so many people talk about the soul blueprint. And to my understanding, it's like, there's markers in life that are put in front of you. And those markers are kind of part of what you designed to learn in this life, to how you get from marker a to marker B four, marker B, democracy, that's your choice. But you're good. That's like you're gonna meet, you know, Jane, and you're probably going to marry Jane, you could go another way. But more likely, Jane has lessons to teach you, you're going to become

Mark Anthony 1:08:34
And then when it's over, it's like, well, hopefully, that karma has done.

Alex Ferrari 1:08:38
Yeah, because in other words, so you chose when you were on the other side, you're like, I want to go into a place where there's a sec, I want to be a psychic medium. But you know what I want to I want to shake shit up a little bit. I'm going to be an attorney as well. So I'm going to be an attorney psychic medium, that really I think I can learn a lot from there. And, and then you know, and all this and all the lessons that you've learned. And that's kind of the choice you you've kind of put down. And apparently I wanted to be a podcaster. So, which is interesting,

Mark Anthony 1:09:07
You have a message, you have a message and a big part of your role in life is to to be a healer, through education. And the way that you heal is psychologically by bringing to the forefront these different topics because I mean, 30 years ago, what we're discussing now would have been very fringe element very freaky, scoffed at is blasphemous, sacrilegious, and all of that. And now, it's beginning to be discussed in in openly and scientifically. You know, this isn't hocus pocus. I mean, people say, oh, you know, how can you do what you do? And it's like, Well, why would I leave a very lucrative practice as an attorney to do this? And it's because that was the point in my life where I needed to transition take the skills, the transferable skills of speaking and writing and working with people and then transfer them into my work as a medium and author, a lecture paranormal investigator. And that's the beauty of life. You know, when people say, well don't you know everything want to you really want to know everything, it's kind of nice knowing that a large part of the future is a mystery. And, and it's an adventure. I mean, that's what makes humans explore. I'm called the psychic explorer. I've known as the psychic lawyer and the psychic explorer, because I examine ancient mysteries. I go to mystical sites around the world. You know, I've been to Machu Picchu and Mayan ruins in Central America and, and places throughout Europe and Asia, examining these places, and certainly the US Native American sites that are still mystifying as how do they do this? How do they build these things? What does this language mean? To me? It's fascinating to to study these things. Why do human beings want to explore space? I'm a big proponent of our space program. Technology breeds technology, the more we learn the science we gain can benefit us here on Earth. The one thing that came through during COVID and I was I was meditating and all of a sudden, I got this massive message. And it said that we were given a sheet we meaning humanity was given a glimpse of what we could do if we worked together. And then it dawned on me, while the whole country and the whole world was in lockdown. All the world's scientists, okay, medical researchers, biologists, chemists, chemists, what were they doing? They're all working on a treatment for COVID trying to figure it out. Okay, we knew as a Coronavirus, but we didn't know how to treat it. And and, and they were working together, sharing information and knowledge. Meanwhile, for the first time in 400 years, dolphins were spotted in the canal Venice sentence. Yes, Mumbai and Beijing people could actually see the skyline because the air pollution went away. And what the collective consciousness the afterlife frequency told me is that if your brain trust, we meaning the collective consciousness we meaning I guess, God, we gave you all of these intelligent people, and if they were working to gather, you could solve all your problems. And then it was all over because then humans went right back to our same egocentric you know, Putin had to go invade Ukraine and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. And here we are. And the thing is, think about it. If we stop trying to conquer each other, create empires and subject people to domination, if we stop the greed and the ego driven behaviors, and got all of our scientists working on clean energy sources, clearing up diseases, food production, air quality water quality, we can do it, we have it. So when you're asking what messages have they given us? That's what they gave us. And they gave us COVID. So that we got a glimpse of that. And I know I'll probably get some flack, oh, they gave us COVID. Look, it's a horrible thing I had, it's terrible. I've lost family members to it. Okay, I don't look at it as a gift. But it was, it was something which got the whole world for a few weeks on the same page, and how quickly nature responded in a positive way. So that's, that's what I see in the next 10 years. Well, here we are, again. Okay. Great Powers, clashing, proxy wars going on countries that and people that have no business having nuclear technology, trying to get it. Why? Because power and I think the late great rock star Jimi Hendrix said it best. When the power of love overcomes the love of power, we will finally have peace.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:30
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful quote. Now, Mark, I'm gonna ask you a few questions. Ask all my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Mark Anthony 1:14:38
When you wake up in the morning and the first thing you think of is that you're happy? You're happy and you're looking forward to the day as opposed to waking up and going, Oh, I gotta go to work.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:52
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to little Mark, what advice would you give him?

Mark Anthony 1:14:55
Buy Amazon stock

Alex Ferrari 1:14:59
Apple Apple too buy some apple, buy some apple buy Apple, Amazon. Just keep, you'll be fine. You'll be fine. Just those two alone you should be okay. How would you define God or Source energy?

Mark Anthony 1:15:13
Well, I think that's what I've been talking about through the entire interview. God is the energy that flows through us with us, connects everything when I was talking about the quantum energy on a subatomic level, I think the best way to define God is how Nikola Tesla did what some people call God, others call the laws of physics. What is love, love is energy. Energy never dies, energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another. Love is the reason for life. We grieve as deeply as we have loved. Love is is, is the is what makes life worth living. And grief, unfortunately, is the price of love. But a life without love isn't much of a life at all.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:12
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mark Anthony 1:16:14
Make each day count. And when I say make each day count, certainly do something for yourself. But do something for somebody else. Something positive, we're only given a little bit of time, whether you live 19 years or 90 years, each day matters. Each day counts and do something, do something that improves your quality of life and also that of those around you and realize that we are not the center of the universe, that we are part of a collective that we're all brothers and sisters. We're all energetically interconnected. That's what I think.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:04
And Mark, where can people find out more about you in the work that you're doing in the world?

Mark Anthony 1:17:07
Please visit my website, which is Just like my latest book, afterlife frequency, I invite everyone to sign up for my newsletter. I have a live stream show. Alex every Thursday 7pm Eastern 4pm Pacific called the psychic in the dark. And my co host is Dr. Pat the silly, world renowned behavioral psychologist. We have a lot of great topics a lot of great guests people call in I'll do a mini reading and Dr. Pat uses her intuitive insights to help people understand it's been a very healing show. And we just won Best holistic life's radio show of the year award. So nice. Very honored for that. Yeah,

Alex Ferrari 1:17:50
Congrats. And you have any parting messages for the audience?

Mark Anthony 1:17:52
I think that the simplest message, and it's It sounds simple, but it's a lot harder to do is treat other people the way you want to be treated. It's the golden rule. Jesus said it Buddha said it. You know, they all say it. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:13
Mark, I appreciate you and thank you so much for this amazing conversation. We'll definitely have you back in the future especially to talk about some ancient civilizations because that's one of my favorite topics as well. So I appreciate you my friend. Thank you.

Mark Anthony 1:18:25
Thank you, Alex.

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