Woman DIES, SHOWN the Hidden REALMS & Her LIFE BETWEEN LIVES! (NDE) with Mariko Frederick

Meet Mariko Frederick, the visionary founder and CEO behind Soul Priority. With a mission to redefine the nexus of life and business, Mariko is dedicated to aligning individuals with the profound purpose encoded within their souls.

Drawing from her fervor and expertise, Mariko guides people across the globe to unearth and embody their soul’s calling, leveraging what she terms the Four Soul Archetypes—a transformative framework for activation and healing.

Through her renowned Astral Therapy® sessions, Mariko empowers individuals to manifest the clarity and abundance they’ve long imagined. Her specialty lies in collaborating with those who sense an untapped potential within, ready to merge their life, business, and spiritual journey into a harmonious whole.

As an esteemed author, spiritual healer, mentor, and board-certified practitioner by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Asian Bodywork Therapy, Mariko embodies a holistic approach to personal and professional fulfillment.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mariko Frederick.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 437

Mariko Frederick 0:00
I remember the whole process of dying. I remember lying in bed and having my friends and family around. And again, feeling familiar, even though I didn't want to die. And I was like clinging to life, also feeling that this process was very familiar. Going through my life review, and this is the one that really hits me. When they took me through that life review. They showed me what I could have done. My potential, had I lived the assignment on my soul, had I done what they told me to do all along. This is what would have happened, you would have helped people exponentially your life would have been more impactful for others. And so I said, Okay, send me back. I'll do it. I understand now. I'm sorry, I'll do it. Let me back in and they said, you can't. You're dead. It's too late. And you'll never be that person again.

Alex Ferrari 0:44
I like to welcome show, Mariko Frederick, how're you doing Mariko?

Mariko Frederick 0:57
I'm well, thank you. How are you?

Alex Ferrari 0:59
I'm doing very good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. And I'm looking for I'm looking forward to it to listening to your interesting journey so far in life, as they say, You've, you've done a few things that we haven't, most people haven't. So my first question to you is, what was your life like, before you had your near death experience?

Mariko Frederick 1:19
It was good. You know, I would, I would say that I had arrived. I was 29 when it happened. So before that, I would had a full time, you know, pretty successful practice and Chinese medicine. I was an avid rock climber, I was fit. I had a friend group. I was like, everything was good. I was newly married. And everything was really good. I feel like I had reached like the pinnacle of what we're supposed to have in life. And then I died.

Alex Ferrari 1:47
So so there was nothing. So you weren't off track? Or what? Maybe we'll discover later that you were off track I don't know yet. Normally, maybe that experience has happened that like, Oh, you're off track, we got to kind of remind you of what you have to do. Or oh, there's a shift here, there. But let me ask you before we get to your near death experience, were you religious growing up? Did you follow religion?

Mariko Frederick 2:06
Not really. So my mom's from Japan. So I think her family was Shinto. And then I've been to a lot of Buddhist funerals and things like that growing up, and my dad grew up, Catholic, and then Christian, but both of them had some experiences in the church that weren't really positive. And so we didn't grow up with religion.

Alex Ferrari 2:24
So you didn't have any preconceived religious beliefs, strong religious beliefs before you went

Mariko Frederick 2:30
Not strong. I think I got to go to Sunday school a little bit. But I I kind of joked that I wonder if that was just like babysitting for the church.

Alex Ferrari 2:41
So life is going along. Great. You've reached the pinnacle of what you think you're supposed to reach at 29. And then you you think you die? So how? So how did that happen?

Mariko Frederick 2:53
So I was so I kind of the story I don't want to get it triggers people. But what happened was I went to somebody practicing alternative medicine who should have been licensed, and was practicing basically as like a licensed alternative doctor. And later, I found out that she was not licensed had never been to school and was ordering it through somebody else's doctorate license, her equipment she was using on me. So she injured me to the point of having a near death experience. I was I found out later, the fifth person she had injured one person was in intensive care. She had already gone up against the Attorney General of that state. And that is basically what happened. So but yes, I guess it was a wake up call. Because it was I mean, I was on track. And then there was a missing piece. So that's how it happened.

Alex Ferrari 3:41
So did you so when you I mean, did you? Did you die on the on the on the table where your hospital? Like? Yeah, how did that help? Like, where did it go?

Mariko Frederick 3:51
Yeah, so I kind of wish because I think it would make it almost it would have made more sense to me. I actually didn't, I got sicker and sicker and sicker. But it wasn't something that I could pinpoint and say, Oh, this is happening. I just felt off. I felt very off very weird. And it was actually like the next day that I had the near death experience. And I was just like, something's wrong. I don't know if you've ever had anything go wrong in your body. I mean, anything from like, I've had my appendix out, right. And you just know, something's wrong inside of me. And it was like that. But since I've had both experiences of an appendectomy, and that it was like, times 1000, like, Something's very wrong. But I couldn't put my finger I wasn't like, nothing hurt in one place. Right. And I had worked in a neuro trauma intensive care. So I'm kind of like, you know, nurses and doctors, we make the worst patients in a way because we're like assessing and like, oh, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. And so I went to lie down. And that's when it happened. It was like all of the lifeforce just drained out of my body. And that's when I had the experience. So it wasn't in her office. It was actually a little later.

Alex Ferrari 4:54
So did you pop out of your body? What was when you died? What happened?

Mariko Frederick 5:00
I was lying there feeling this like crushing weight on my chest, it felt like iron, like, like an iron weight was on my chest. And I felt like breathing was so hard, right? It was pushing this weight up and letting it fall and pushing it back up and letting it fall. And eventually, I just thought, I think I'll let it fall. And when I did that is when I died. And in the same moment, I recognized that I wasn't going to die because there was no death. But I remember feeling my you know, before that moment, my blood felt like it was made of lead. Everything was so heavy. And breathing was so difficult. And I just thought, you know, breathing is really hard. Like, why am I doing this? Because it was like, all of a sudden, this epiphany that I don't have to do this. This is I don't have to do this. And it didn't feel again, like I was dying. It didn't feel like the scary or sad thing. And so I did take my last breath. And that's when I'm, you know, feeling that the lifeforce drain out of my body, like, like you would drain a pool. And then I saw this, it was like it was almost always there. But this light like 1000 sun shining at my forehead. It was so familiar and so warm, like it had always been there. And I just remember feeling like wow, breathing is really overrated. It's funny, we think we have to do it. And I just felt like, oh, wow, this is so much better, right? And still having this idea that I guess I'm dying, but I'm also not. So it wasn't, it was so familiar. This process felt very familiar to me. And so after that, I guess I was floating above my body. Because I remember watching my husband in the kitchen. He was actually brewing like a medicinal tea, because we knew I didn't feel well, we weren't sure what. So I'd asked him for something Chinese medicine wise, like put those herbs together? Maybe I'll feel better. You know, I mean, I'm like, Yeah, I didn't believe I was dying. I just thought I didn't feel well. I didn't know what was happening. So I watched him. And I remember saying goodbye, and feeling so much love for him and just knowing that he would be okay. And he would remarry, and everything would be okay. And it might not be the same as what we have. But he would be okay. And then from there, I sort of went into more of the, I guess, near death experience where I said goodbye to my family. And then I it's funny, I'll use terms that don't make sense because it's, it's but I'll say I stepped behind the veil. Now wasn't stuffing because I wasn't in my body anymore. And so beyond the veil was where everything started to unfold and take place. And that's where I had like my life review. And

Alex Ferrari 7:48
So let's let's go step by step. I want details. This sounds very exciting. I know it's old hat to you. But a lot of people have not heard this. So when you step beyond the veil, what's the first thing you see?

Mariko Frederick 7:58
I didn't see because you don't see with your human eyes anymore. So I it's feeling for me, and I'm super empathic, and all that. But for me, it was feeling. And then I did, I guess I did start to see my life review. And I got to see everything, everything that was important, right, that was a moment of decision and interaction that matter, not every time I tied my shoes or brush my teeth, but like these moments of interaction. So the first one that I really remember, because it's sort of like everything was good, good, good, good, good, lots of love your toddler, your baby, everything's fine. And then I was like four or five years old. And I was mean to somebody on purpose for the first time. And that's where my life review really started, was I was using my energy, my power, even it was in kindergarten. So I was four or five years old, even at that age, but I was doing it intentionally to hurt somebody. And I was teasing her about some something and I made her cry. And in that life review in that first there are several moments but in that first one was so pivotal, pivotal for me, because I realized, just because you're a little doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing right? Just because I also just because I was little didn't mean I wasn't accountable for my actions in this moment. And so I got to experience that moment, from my point of view, being mean to this little girl. And from her point of view, like I was inside her body feeling what she was feeling. And I was just being mean and teasing her about something had to do with like dog prints in the in the cement was really silly. And she thought it was funny. And I told her that the dog had died and how would you like it if you died and people laughed at you and I was just being really mean. And I was feeling from her standpoint I could hear in her head Why is she doing this? Why is she being so mean to me? Like she didn't understand and she started to well up and cry and at the same time I could feel it from that God consciousness of zero judgment, just love and holding space and watching from zero judgment. So I felt all three simultaneously. And then I stopped being mean to her because I made her cry not want to get in trouble. So that was my first big life. That was my first. My first experience in life review. It didn't matter how little I was, I was doing this on purpose, and we are not to ever intentionally hurt somebody. And so I learned really never to be that way. By the way, she doesn't remember that moment. And she's forgiven me, as well.

Alex Ferrari 10:21
So, so, before we keep going, you're in this, are you in a room? Or is it just screens in front of you? How was that?

Mariko Frederick 10:28
No it was like a void, everything was black, but not without light. So the way I describe it as like a single ray of light would have been a foreign object. It was just this void of love, bliss, joy, peace ever expanding. And there was a being there, whose job it was to help me through this process of my life review. So I went through the life review, and I saw, again, all the pivotal moments of the way I describe it as when I was soul aligned versus when I was ego aligned. Right? Because it's not really bad or good. It's just are you coming home? Or are you going away from home, within yourself within your soul? And so you know, seeing a lot and just feeling gratitude, I guess, and then willing, we could put it as like gratitude from the universe gratitude from God when I was doing a good job, but so much gratitude that it would explode me if I could feel it in this in this human body. And also my own deep regret and disappointment when I did something ego based, it wasn't from the universe, the universe was impartial. It was non judgmental, except when I was doing something good. And there was just like, tremendous love. And it made me it was my love for my own soul. Right? Because there was nobody else right? We're all one. But I was experiencing duality still. So feeling that love, and then also feeling that deep regret when I was when I was out of alignment.

Alex Ferrari 11:52
But it wasn't, but it wasn't it didn't. It doesn't seem like there was judgment. No, it's just no judge. There's nobody there, like a courtroom that like okay, defend your life. Look what you did at five years old. What's wrong with you? Nothing like that.

Mariko Frederick 12:05
No, it was like watching two toddlers, like if you're, I think you have kids, if you have given your parents. So like watching your little if they were little when they were little watching them, like make a mistake. Um, you know, my daughter the other day was like pouring a glass of something. And she just kept pouring. And it was like overflowing. Like, it's kind of like, we've all been there, right? So I'm just watching it happen. Like up here we go. Well, this is how she's gonna learn. It was that kind of judgment, right? It was like very sweet. It was. It's funny to say parental because I don't feel like God is our parent in that way. Because in the highest consciousness, we're all one. But I will say in my life review, it felt very much like this benevolent being watching over me kind of with a smirk. Like, yeah, I know, you know, but there was just so much love, there could never be there was no duality to love. So there couldn't be judgment, because there was no opposite.

Alex Ferrari 13:00
So then during your life review, was there I've heard before and some other near death experiences of parallel lives. So in other words, you're like, Oh, I wonder what would happen if I would have met marry Joey, instead? And you kind of see how that plays out? Did you get anything like that?

Mariko Frederick 13:16
I didn't, I just saw the life I was in. I think the whole purpose of my near death was just to remind me to get to work. So I didn't see that I did see I got downloaded with what I didn't know what it was, you know, they, you have this huge experience. And so after that life review of seeing everything, and I was only 29. So I hadn't lived that long. And a lot of it was just mistakes I made. The biggest mistake, honestly, was the intentional one when I was little. That was the that was the biggest thing I came back with. Because I think we can excuse ourselves. And I realized, no, we can't know that you're in trouble. But don't do that. So after that, they actually, I guess, cleared me of something. I remember seeing this, this silhouette, dropping through a big round light. And I remember asking this guide, who is what is that? And they said, it's the part of you that gets attached. And we just like in the silence, watched it move through this tunnel of light. And then we moved on to the next phase, which was meeting these four beings. But I can't tell you what they looked like because they weren't informed. So it was like these beings of just infinite love, but I could tell there was four of them. And they just showered me with this intense, unconditional Divine Love Again, it would have exploded a human body. We couldn't accept that much in our incarnate and I felt so connected to them. And then they did we it was almost like we were having a meeting. But again, I'm not in I'm not in a physical form. They're not in a physical form. So I can't tell you what it looks like. But I could feel that we were connected. And it was is a very sacred moment with I could tell they were connecting to me and giving me some information that I would use later. And so we just sat in the quiet and that's when it said, but we were there in the quiet the stillness. And then when that was complete, I was like, okay, that's, that's whatever that is I'll use it at a later date, I didn't know what it was. And I remember just, again, it's so funny, these human limitations, the words we have has also standing. I'm not standing anywhere, because I'm not in the body. But it felt like I was standing and watching out throughout the universe, and I just had this full realization of who I am, that I was never Monico I was never a rock climber. I was never anything I thought I was, and that I was finally me, and I am love, I am Joy, I'm bliss, I am peace. This is who I am. And everything. I was just kind of melted away. And I realized and felt that we are all one. So I could never be Monaco, because we're one. So I'm having this awakening realization and just feeling the bliss of the universe for people have asked me how long and it was like, I don't know, 800 years, you know, it felt like I had a whole lifetime many let me just lifetime here is just a blip, right? So it just felt like, that's where I was experiencing infinite time as my true reality, my true identity as the infinite soul. And that's when I heard the voice say, it's not your time, you have to go back. To which I responded No. Because, like, go back and be who, right? I'd been here so long. I was like, what? And then they said, you have to go back, you have to go back and help people. It's not your time. And the way I communicated was what I call through a thought wave. So it was like a wave of everything I'm trying to communicate, but in a thought, but it wasn't through words. It wasn't verbal. And I commuted that back. No. And then again, they communicated to me. It's not my time, I have to go back and help people and explain that everybody has a time. And you can't go before and you can't go after. And this is not your time, you have to go back and help people. And I understood at that moment, okay. Okay, I'll do it. I've got something big, I've got something more to do whatever that is. And I remember I was like trying to get back in my body. And I didn't know how, because how do you do that. So I was like, okay, and nothing happened. And so I told them, I can't get back in my body, to which they then like, I felt like I was being hurled through space. And then I was in my body, I took a breath, and there was just raking pain. And I thought, I've got to get to the hospital. And as soon as I had that thought it was almost like I was back again with them just a little bit. And they said don't use Western medicine. And they let me know that if I did it would interrupt whatever had taken place, whatever light codes, I'd gotten whatever was happening, I realized that was not the path. Which was hard because I had worked in a trauma intensive care. And so you know, my logical mind is like you need to go to hospital. And so they sort of let me know, but on such a deep level that I really understood it. And then I came back.

Alex Ferrari 18:13
And when you came back with all this information that you just told me, did you remember it all at the time that you came back after you started getting better? You remembered everything correct? All of it? Yeah. Did you think you were Did you think you were like a dream? Or did you really have a clear understanding of what it happened?

Mariko Frederick 18:31
Both. I knew it was real. And at the same time I wanted it not to be. It was hard. It wasn't fun. It wasn't, there was no podcast back then there was no people talking about near death experiences back then I felt it was like I lost my identity. And now I have to come back and be Monaco, and I don't know who that really is. And I've got this whole other piece that I brought back with me. I don't know what to do with it. I'm 29 I I don't know. So it was like it was like, simultaneously both. I sort of did have my self doubts and like maybe, maybe I was dreaming it maybe maybe I made it out maybe maybe maybe. And like I knew no, you can't make that up.

Alex Ferrari 19:12
I mean, in 29 You barely figuring things out yourself. Figured out but oh no, of course we think we have it all figured out at 29

Mariko Frederick 19:23
Even as an old soul like we think we do. But we just the more years we get to be here the more experience we have.

Alex Ferrari 19:29
What year was, what year was this? You don't mind me asking.

Mariko Frederick 19:35
I guess it was 2023 May or so. 2020 sorry 2000. And so I've had some brain damage. I'm sorry. It was 20 years ago.

Alex Ferrari 19:50
So it's in 2000 2004.

Mariko Frederick 19:53
Actually, I think it was 2003 because it was I think it was late fall. It was fall. So I had had some Other issues leading up to that. So I've had my share of mini strokes and absence seizures too. So I don't always remember everything.

Alex Ferrari 20:08
So 20 years ago, yeah, you're absolutely right. They were not there were no podcasts yet. Or if there was, it was Joe Rogan in his office somewhere. recording something. So yeah, podcasts were really a thing back then, near death experiences were talked about, but not nearly as openly as it is now. And not nearly as many as there is now with that. So you really didn't have a support system when you came back to deal with this kind of like a, psychologically this had to have screwed with you.

Mariko Frederick 20:35
Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah. I mean, it's like a gaining and a loss of identity all at the same time. But the gaining of identity as this light being like, what do you do with that 20 years ago, right? Even having been in alternative medicine and having this sort of woowoo practice at the time, I still didn't know what to do with this amount. And what I knew I was meant to do. So my support system was my husband, who was there when it happened? And, you know, he's just been my constant. But did I have an outlet to express this? And to digest it? No. I knew they happened, though. I knew because working in the intensive care, you hear a lot of stories when your patients come back, and they tell you what happened. So I knew it was a thing. But you know, in my mind, I was like, doesn't that happen in the hospitals? Like, can that even happen at home? I just think your mind is trying to get out of it.

Alex Ferrari 21:29
Yeah. Because yeah, because your mind is trying to process something that it's unprocessed unprocessable. Something that can't be really processed, because it's so beyond the hardware that we have. I mean, this whole experience is so beyond the hardware that we have infinite knowledge downloads, no time, infinite love, no duality, this goes against everything that our, our hardware our brains are built to understand. So as you're coming out of this, did you, you have your husband, so your husband, at least is there to support you, and you talk to somebody about this, which is great, because a lot of Near Death Experiences. Can't talk to anybody about this, because they think they're nuts. At what point did you come out publicly out of the closet out of the Near Death Experience closet, and start telling family, friends, colleagues, things like that,

Mariko Frederick 22:22
I did tell some family and friends at the time, but we had just moved to a new state. So I didn't really have a community there. But I did tell some friends and family over the phone, because I was explaining why I was so sick. Because I was sick for 10 years. It wasn't like I just got all better. The next day, you know, I always I lost a chunk of my life, I gained a lot back. But I lost like my 30s were just, you know, sick and going through a lot. And I didn't know what's going on. And I need to interesting enough when I did go see a Western doctor. So I didn't go to the hospital. But I did go see a Western Doctor weeks later, to see if there was any permanent damage damage, because some big things were happening. And I was like, Well, I don't know, you know, great, I'm not going to die, because they won't let me but what's happening to my physical body. And when I found this doctor, he had had a near death experience eight years prior, and understood the assignment of do not use Western medicine. So we did get to have a talk, which was really nice to feel like okay, I'm not crazy. This does happen. And then it took I'm sorry, what was your question?

Alex Ferrari 23:27
The when you came out of the Near Death Experience closet?

Mariko Frederick 23:32
Um, I think I did my first podcast and shared it publicly, maybe four or five years ago, five years ago, maybe?

Alex Ferrari 23:43
And then how did you deal with people around you, your family, your friends, your colleagues? I mean, I'm assuming that everybody was open to this, or maybe they were I was it?

Mariko Frederick 23:51
I don't know. We don't i don't really talk about it with my family. Um, it's like, they know, my parents have passed on now. So you know. So now they know everything. So I didn't really talk about it a lot with my family and one family member later that I could talk to about this kind of thing. That it wasn't like a big conversation. I think in the beginning, people wanted to know, like, after it happened, and people maybe that I didn't even know that well wanted to know about it. And they would send me email links to like other people's stories. I think we had blogs back then. And so it was a people wanted me to read other stories, and I couldn't do it. It was like, whatever happened was so sacred. I couldn't, I couldn't take in more information of somebody else's experience. I couldn't do it. I felt very fragile, was very sick. So it took a long time to be able to talk about it publicly. And then when I did, you know, I wasn't prepared for some of the trolls online. And that was really hard, you know, of whether or not somebody believes you or whatever. And it so it was it was a it's been a difficult journey. You know, it took a long time for me to share this publicly.

Alex Ferrari 24:59
Now did you come? From my understanding? You came back with some abilities that you didn't have before the near death experience is that true?

Mariko Frederick 25:08
Yeah, I think I mean, I think one is just like that awareness and the connection, right, which I did have. I think that the near death experience, you know, remember who you are and go back and help people. I think that means something different for a lot of people. And for me, I knew exactly what they're talking about. But I was resistant. I didn't want to because I wanted to be normal. I mean, I really wanted to be normal. My whole life. I've never been normal. I've always had weird things happening to me that I thought were normal. And then I found out they weren't. So for me, I didn't want one more thing that put me outside the box of normal. So it was it was hard to feel grounded in who I was now. And some of the abilities I had my intuition was just, you know, magnified.

Alex Ferrari 25:56
Now, do you work, but you work with past lives? And kind of like between lives as well. You're able to do you remember yours and other people's as well correct?

Mariko Frederick 26:04
Yeah. So that was the big message when I came back. And they said, Remember who you are, I was like, really have to do that. So I stayed conscious between lifetimes. And I thought everyone did. I thought it was totally normal. I didn't know until I was nine, about 19 years old when someone told me that people don't remember in between lifetimes. So for me, remember who you are go back and help people was them calling me to start sharing my story of what happens to us in between lifetimes. Because I thought I didn't know I didn't know that people didn't remember that or not remember, like they forgot. But I didn't know that everyone didn't experience one long lifetime.

Alex Ferrari 26:41
So what is what happens between lifetimes, it's I don't remember, I don't remember. I'd love to know.

Mariko Frederick 26:48
It's funny, because in some ways people say don't remember. But every time I tell my story, it's like you do remember, there's a remembrance inside of you. So when in my last life, I died, and I died probably around the age I am now I think I was in my 40s I had a young daughter, I was a male. My wife had died. And it was hundreds of years ago, even though when I mean it could have been 1000 years ago. And I was living in a very two story. brick building. And I remember coming upstairs, into my home and processing, what I just learned was, which is that I was going to die. And I was wearing brown pants and a linen shirt, standing at my window, watching the guy push the cart with vegetables on it. And like he was selling vegetables. And he was going home for the day. And I remember he had three daughters and I knew where he lived. And I was feeling very light itself, I was having a little pity party. And I was feeling like, Okay, this guy sells vegetables, and I'm gonna die. And I was like, I don't know, I was some sort of official, I was some sort of mayor or something of the town. And I remember the last project I worked on was like getting the windmill backup. And if somebody, somebody's house burned down, I'd make sure that everything went okay, and they got what they needed. And I had this role in this town I was in, and I was processing that I was gonna die soon. And I was I remember the whole process of dying. I remember lying in bed and having my friends and family around. And again, feeling familiar, even though I didn't want to die. And I was like clinging to life, also feeling that this process was very familiar, going through my life review. And this is the one that really hits me. When they took me through that life review. They showed me what I could have done my potential, had I lived the assignment on my soul had I done what they told me to do all along. This is what would have happened, you would have helped people exponentially your life would have been more impactful for others. And so I said, Okay, send me back. I'll do it. I understand now I'm sorry, I'll do it, send me back in and they said you can't, you're dead, it's too late, and you'll never be that person again. So I live with that every day, that deep regret, of wanting to live the assignment on my soul, and at the same time feeling like, you know, a little nervous about it. And I was like that my whole life. So I went from there. And actually I didn't go right into the higher realms, because I had this young daughter, and I felt like I didn't want to leave her. And so I sort of stayed in this in between watching her almost like I was watching a movie. And and she was crying and she was in bed all the time. And it wasn't until she started living her life and started to like, feel happy again, that I realized I need to go on with my life. She's living her life and it's time for me to go live mine. And at that point, I went into the higher realm I went into the astral realm, which is a world made of light and you come into a light body. And it's where you're using your chakras and you're telepathic. I think a lot of people would feel that this is heaven. I remember when I first got there, I couldn't move or see anything. It was just like everything around me was white. And then I realized I have to open my spiritual eye. Not that I had that thought, but it was like, oh, right, I know how to do this. And then as I opened it, I remember the world around me just came alive on this was like a planet. It's a higher realm, but it was a planet. And I remember just looking at my body and feeling like, oh, right, this is who I am. And I felt a lot taller, and very young and just healthy. So healthy, like being sick was like impossible. And feeling just this radiant love and peace. And I remember looking down and just seeing the grass underneath my feet are bare feet. And just looking down and seeing this emerald green grass shooting up all around me. And recognizing that this world, like we only see half the rainbow on Earth. And there's a whole different category of color there. And again, it's so familiar when you're experiencing it, you're like, oh, right, I knew that I knew that right? And just experiencing water moving through this river, but it was made of light and everything there is made of light. And I had this entire lifetime there. Where at first i A lot of people when they go into death, they go into a death sleep, they sleep for a little while. Sometimes they sleep the entire time until they come back for me I like I took a nap. And I found this meadow. And I went into the meadow and I lie down and I took the most epic nap ever. And what it was like a nap for probably days, weeks months, I have no idea. Because you don't need food in the same way. It's different as you're just an energy body. And I remember my teacher coming to the meadow almost like are you up yet? Are you ready, and I was like five more minutes. And days weeks later, I don't know what it was. But it was like he would come back and I could feel like he was male even though there you could be male, female, whatever you want. You can change bodies, you can be a male body, you can be a female body, it's it really doesn't matter. It's not a big deal there. But eventually I was ready. And at that point, I remember there was some teachings happening with me, I played a role there where I would I just had this oval shaped meadow that I would hang out in all the time. And I remember seeing all these spiritual people over by the river in a circle having talks and I was like, Oh my gosh, I want to go there. But I couldn't because I hadn't reached the consciousness to be able to go communicate with them and have that relationship. So I worked on myself I meditated. Sometimes people would come into my meadow and I would heal them I had a role as a healer, that eventually I could go and join those that group of people right at the river and talk. And it's interesting, because as I did that some people would leave and we're like, Why would you leave this is like the most amazing spiritual community ever, right? And we're like talking and communicating and. And then it happened to me. And I realized, oh, my gosh, I am playing a role of a spiritual person. And we're not here to play any roles. We're here to release all of the roles that we think we are on earth, in the astral realm, you don't want to have a role. So eventually, I also left went back to my meadow and meditated and just continued working on myself connecting trying to connect with God consciousness on the deepest and highest level I could. And that's really what I spent a lot of my time doing while I was there.

Alex Ferrari 33:13
Did you? Did you see any relatives or ancestor?

Mariko Frederick 33:16
Yeah. Oh, yeah. When you first get there. So before I took a nap, when I first got there first it was this, this epiphany of okay, wow, like everything's made of light. And then yeah, all of your relatives are there. And the neat thing is, it's not just from this lifetime, it was also past lives. So I could see other beings, other souls that I was close to. So you could say, like my family, but it wasn't just from one life. And I got to see everybody, and they were just so happy. My wife was the first being to greet me, the wife who had passed away. And so that was like, the closest person and from there, it was like, all these other people from the current life and other lifetimes. I'd like Good to see you again. Right. It's been a couple of lifetimes. And then there were some people that I didn't like. So it really is a lot more casual than I think sometimes we think it would be because it's home. It's normal. So and then there were some people that I wouldn't say they were enemies, but we didn't like each other. And there was just this mutual respect. of, you know, maybe they had done something bad in the past life to me, or I've done something bad to them. But it was just this understanding of I get it. We don't need to like hug and be friends. But thank you. I appreciate you. I respect you. So there was, yeah, two different types of reunions. But mostly it was joy and love.

Alex Ferrari 34:36
That's a very interesting concept, because I haven't heard that before. And it makes sense that if there was other entities or with souls, let's say we say people, for lack of a better word, but let's souls on another soul that you might have wronged in one way, shape or form. There's no judgement, but there's an energetic thing there. That you're you're You're just not vibing for whatever reason, you're where you are at the same time, but you

Mariko Frederick 35:05
Deep respect deep respect and gratitude deep.

Alex Ferrari 35:09
Like, what is that? But but it's not? Yes, but not hugs and kisses?

Mariko Frederick 35:14
Not like, no, it's like we did.

Alex Ferrari 35:18
Thanks for murdering me in the dark ages, like none of that.

Mariko Frederick 35:22
Thanks for let's cut that karmic tie, let's be done with that. We don't have to be friends, but we don't have to be enemies and I and there's a lot of gratitude. Because whatever we worked out, there are things that we can't work out on any other planet, but earth, there things that you can't do in the other realms, right? There are higher realms and there are lower realms, earth, in my experience is a sea average planet. That doesn't mean it's not important. It's very important. But the energy here is very sea average. And then you have lower realms. And then we have the higher realms and people are incarnating. From both to me,

Alex Ferrari 35:54
What do you mean see average,what you mean see average?

Mariko Frederick 35:55
As far as consciousness, it's just a see average planet. As far as the consciousness of the people, the consciousness that it's meant to hold, is the average. But we're not done here. I think that's how we can be in these bodies, and worked out a lot of our stuff.

Alex Ferrari 36:11
Got it! So there's, there's realms that are not as conscious as we are. And and there's other realms. Do you from your understanding on the other side, are we on a constant? upward swing right now, as far as consciousness is concerned? Like, it seems, it seems even in our lifetime, we've been we've been we've been rising in consciousness from where we were born to where we are, we're not going in a downward spiral. At least I don't think we are. What do you know,

Mariko Frederick 36:39
But I will tell you what's happening as far as my understanding, yes, we are moving up. We are all one. So we're all moving up together. higher realm beings have incarnated here. So it's not just that everyone here is average. This is this planet, there are a lot of like average consciousness beings, sure. But we're all working our way up to oneness reality back to remembering who we are right to, to come here and play this role. And then to go Oh, that's right. I'm not this. I am. I am one with Universal Consciousness. I am cosmic consciousness, I am love. So coming here, there are beings because after the astral realm, I incarnated on an even higher realm, it's not where I stayed, I went to a higher realm. From there, I went to the causal realm. And then I incarnated into this body and there are other people doing that there are other people here who I call them higher realm beings, they've been incarnated on higher realms, in this dimension in other dimensions there incarnating. And then they came here to help uplevel the planet, then there's also beings for working their way up, they're not bad, we're all one. They're working with their way up from the lower realms. But we're all one. So if we think of it like a body, as a higher realm being you might say, Okay, I'm at the level of my eyes. But a lower realm being might be at the level of my knees or my feet. Well, we want all of it right, we're not getting rid of, we're not chopping anything off, we want all of it because we are one. So as the higher on being start to shift the planet, even the low roamings get pulled up, because we're one, the higher realm beings, a lot of times I feel like they're hiding. They're shy. They they're not coming and stepping into their full putout power and potential in their gifts, or the lower realm beings are living their best life. They are creating genocide, they are trafficking, they are creating new drugs, street drugs, they are I don't need to name all of it. We know, they come here and they're fully aligned. They're like, yes. Okay, I know who I am, unapologetically, I'm gonna live my best life, because they're holding that energy from the lower realm, which is their comfort zone. So they're living in alignment with who they truly are, as that lower realm being not who they truly are as the infinite soul. But still you catch me right? You understand that? Then there are people out there, who are from the higher realms they've been in, they've already gone through earth, they've incarnated on the higher realms, and that's where they're most comfortable. And then they come here and incarnate, and they're playing small, and they're second guessing themselves, and they're having impostor syndrome. And they're not creating podcasts or publishing their book or whatever it is that they know they're meant to do. Because they're hiding, because the conversation in this planet is too much about the lower realms stuff. When you look anywhere on the media, it's all about what the lower realm beings are doing. There's not enough media or there's not enough publicity around what the higher Rome beings are doing around all of the good stuff happening. And so therefore, we're focused hyper focused on the on the lower Rome and I'm not going to say good or bad because we're all one again, my eyes, my knees, I like them both. Right? So it's not a judgment. It's not an us against them. But it is time for the higher realm beings to wake up and level up and start living the assignment on their soul. Because the Earth can shift into a higher age and we are shifting into a higher age. But the question is, if you're here to help shift into a higher age and usher everyone into a higher age, like, are you doing it? Or are you hiding? Are you second guessing yourself? And I feel like there's a lot of that happening. I feel like a lot of people are waking up, but they're still moving slower than some of the lower realm beings that are completely living their best life.

Alex Ferrari 40:19
Yeah, it's never heard of a bank robber going. I don't know if I really should rob a bank? I don't I don't feel confident enough to write a bit about rob a bank. Yeah, like, like, no, they just robbed the bank. They don't they there's no, there's no blockage whatsoever.

Mariko Frederick 40:35
There's no locks, I'm not worried about their lower chakras getting cleared before they can go wrong. You know, like, Are my chakras clear enough to do this? Right? The lower bound beings are like, Yes, this is great. Let's do it. Let's create all this havoc. And in the higher realm beings, like they're meditating, they're shifting, okay, great. But like, get into action, you are on earth, you have a physical body, go do something, go do the thing that only you can do. Is it hard? Is it uncomfortable? Yeah. But only you can do it. There's not a there's not a replacement.

Alex Ferrari 41:07
So the life between lives memory was that before after the near death experience?

Mariko Frederick 41:13
Before I was born that way, and I didn't know until my whole life. And that's why the near death was so hard when they're like, go back and help people remember who you are. And I was like, you want me to share that story? I mean, can I just stay here? I would rather. So no, I've always known when I was a baby, I would go into the causal because after the astral realm, there was a celebration, which was really neat. It's kind of like a celebration when you get there, because you're home. And you get to have this reunion with your friends and family. Even animals, my favorite reunion was actually with a horse, who was also a cat. And so one lifetime, we were a horse, there was my horse, another lifetime, it was my cat, and that that being was there as well in a human form. And it was just a wonderful reunion. So from there, I'd worked on my own consciousness and realized, Oh, this is also Lila, this is also a play happening. In this realm, people are playing the roles of spiritual beings, people are playing whatever roles even though we're in our light bodies, I want out of this. So I was able to move into the higher realms of the causal realm. So we had this experience meeting my teacher, my spiritual teacher, my husband, who was going to be like, basically planning our lifetime, right, my daughter, and just sort of planning that, and I don't remember the details, it was just love and joy and excitement. And from there, it almost felt like a celebration with so many of the beings in that realm, I got to go into the higher realm and incarnate in the causal realm and have a whole lifetime there. And that's where again, it was a whole lifetime. So each lifetime were an infinite time. So I don't know how long I was there. That's where they did a life review with me. Because I wanted the higher teachings. And I was screaming, I want the higher teachings. And kind of summarizing really quickly, I did write about my book, but that in summarizing really, really quickly, um, and that's where I had a life review, but for my entire existence incarnate. So from the plant kingdom, to the animal kingdom, to the human kingdom, I got to see my entire all of my lifetimes and experience all of them. And even on other planets, right, because we don't only incarnate on Earth, so I got to see all of that. So all of that is also in my memories when I'm born. And I thought that was normal. I didn't know again, it took me until I was 19. And I had some clues that it wasn't normal. But I literally because I was so young. When I got my first clue. I was in preschool. And I did so for me, when you turn off the lights, and it gets dark, I see lights everywhere. It kind of looks like TV fuzz to me, if you remember TV fuzz, just like billions of white lights are everywhere. When I was younger, they're big. And they were colorful lights everywhere. And I just thought everyone had that at that time that we all you turn off the lights and you see all the astral lights. So at one point, and this is sort of my first clue that people don't remember this, because I thought wow, you know, they're like, Okay, time for bed. And I was like, awesome. This is gonna be so fun. And I remember feeling or seeing all these lights moving back and forth. And at one point I reached out because I knew I could get one. And so I reached out and my hand just went through the air. And so I was like, No, this is real. So I reached out again, my hammer through the year, and I reached out again again. And then I finally reached out and I pulled it back. And I knew it was real. And I woke up and I had this toy in my hand. And it wasn't until I read actually autobiography that I learned about astral projected objects. So in the morning I was excited to share, like what did you get last night right? When you pull out of the lights and so I'm sharing this thing I got And, and nobody believes me. And they're like, where did you get that? And I'm like, from the lights like, you know, when you turn off the lights and we start to go to bed, all the lights are flooding on it was one of the lights and I knew I can get it. So I did I thought they'd be proud of me. And it was like, where did you get that? And I'm like, Oh my gosh, they thought I stole it. And I'm in preschool. I'm having this epiphany that I can't talk about this. So then I thought I told myself, it's just taboo. They know, it's just taboo to talk about, we're not supposed to talk about this. So again, it wasn't until I was 19, that someone directly told me that people don't remember or talk about these things. So it took a long time.

Alex Ferrari 45:38
It seems like it took a long time. Do you remember any other in between lives or even other past lives that have affected the course of this life?

Mariko Frederick 45:47
Yeah, I think all of I mean, some of them are fun. So yeah, I mean, I remember being you know, eating myself to death in one lifetime. I remember being very wealthy. And just very greedy. In another lifetime. I remember being in a theater, a performer on a theater on stage and another lifetime. So I remember, I remember so many of them. One of my favorites as two of my favorites are actually from the animal kingdom. One was when I was a bird, I think it was a bird of prey. Because I was up high on this hill and I, I was the second to last egg to hatch. And I remember leaving the nest and feeling really nervous, and the other birds had left first. And then I was like, because it's funny, the essence of me was still there, even in the other lifetimes, the essence, not the personality, but the essence of me has always been the same in the insect kingdom in the animal kingdom and still need still us, we are the same essence of who you truly are. Even if you're having a lifetime experience, as you know, an insect kingdom or, or in the in the animal kingdom. And so I would just I remember flying through this large valley, and almost like GPS would show me that there was a, I don't know, mouse or something. And I would just head toward it without thinking was just pure instinct everywhere. And then the life that I remembered the most right before I incarnated as human was as a wolf. And again, it was like this family unit. And I had my job to do and it was a beautiful lifetime. And then, and then I was human living on a farm.

Alex Ferrari 47:15
How did you deal with all of this information? I mean, I gotta believe this is a lot the process in this little brain of ours, it seems you know, it's tough enough being a teenager or somebody in your 20s Without this information, right. So how did you process a deal with it live a normal life with knowing all this stuff?

Mariko Frederick 47:36
Well, first. Yeah, I didn't know. I thought everyone knew to I thought, How would I know no one had told me that I couldn't pull a naturally projected object out of the lights. Nobody told me I wasn't allowed to do that. No one told me I wasn't supposed to remember in between lifetimes. I didn't know. So for me, it was normal. But we just don't talk about it. Right. That was my thought. And I think that was why I had such a pull to be normal. I just wanted to be normal and fit in. And I think that was how I processed what I was able to do. And what I knew and the experiences I had, right, because I had lots of interesting experiences working in the trauma Intensive Care Unit Two, lots of interesting spiritual experiences with patients, you know, there. But I was trying to do it within a normal setting of a hospital, right? Very normal.

Alex Ferrari 48:29
Did you? Did you ever have a near death experience at the hospital when dealing with trauma, patient of yours die and come back and talk about something?

Mariko Frederick 48:39
Well, not in the way of going into the higher realms, they would tell us like, you know, there'd be like a family meeting with the doctor, maybe talking about their condition, maybe taking them off life support, something like that. And they go down the hall into one of the Double Door conference rooms. And you know, the patient is in the ICU, they're not leaving. And they would tell us about the meetings, the family meetings that they were at, but it was outside down the hall. And that actually happens quite a bit. Like more than people even know. I think a lot of patients are having experiences when they when they code when they die. And when they're close to death.

Alex Ferrari 49:19
Did that seem weird to you? Before you had your near death experience? It just seemed normal to you.

Mariko Frederick 49:24
I just thought, you know, I live in a world where things that are not normal. I thought were normal. I guess like I would, I think that's how I processed it. Oh, we just don't really talk about that. Right. And I just, I think, I mean, I look at myself and I can kind of laugh. Like I was so dense that I processed it. It was sort of an innocence to like, you know, we all remember this, but we're just not talking about it. I didn't know I didn't know why. And then again when I was when I was about 19 Someone told me and admittedly I had a huge crush on this guy that told me so it's sort of getting a little more So you're a teenager, all you got to do is fit in. And he was a light being. So I think I'm talking to a light being, and then talking about, like, you know, remember the police, but with all the lights before we're born, and I'm talking about, you know, moving into higher realms and how we can travel from that realm into higher realms because we can, and he's just like, he's when he was from California tonight was like, dude, like, nobody, like, people don't talk about that. And me wanting to be a normal girl was like, okay, so I think the near death experience was like, stop at Monaco wake up. Stop acting. So I always tell people,

Alex Ferrari 50:36
So do you have any advice for people on finding what their true soul plan is? There's their blueprint, their mission, their sole mission is in life, because so many of us are trying to figure it out. And you might have an insight that could help somebody listening. So do you have any advice?

Mariko Frederick 50:52
I mean, the first thing is, so keep it simple. You guys, I think people are over thinking it, they're over pressuring themselves, like take the pressure off, the only thing you're here to do is not a doing. It's a being the only thing that we're here for is enlightenment, to be self realization, at the very beginning, right to realize and remember who you are as the soul, and then move into Oh, I am oneness consciousness, there is no one else. That's the only thing we're here for. That's the experience the universe is having through us, of moving away from itself to come back to itself. And then we complicate it with jobs. And we complicate it with these roles that we want to play because we want to, we do want to do something, and I just said a little while ago, get up and do something. The doing comes out of your soul, right? So the doing comes from our soul of like, this is what I have to do. Like for me, I had to create my own modality called astral therapy, I had to do it. Nobody else was doing it. Of course, I had impostor syndrome. Of course, I thought, This is crazy. And then I had no choice. And I feel like a lot of our soul assignment when we feel like what am I here to do? It's the thing that you don't want to, I'll speak for myself. It's the thing I didn't want to do that I resisted the most. It's the story I resisted the most. And it's creating what I was resisting the most because it's bigger than me because it has nothing to do with me. And I think that when we're looking at what is my soul assignment, first, keep it simple. Who are you? And ask yourself, Who am I? Who am I until your soul answers back. And then mission accomplished. That's what you're here to do. Now anything that that that that that is born from that identity of this is who I really am beautiful, Sharon, get to work, but you can't really live your soul assignment. Without feeling and recognizing who you are as a soul. That would be kind of difficult. So the first thing is take the pressure off. You know? Yeah, be

Alex Ferrari 52:54
Now Mariko I'm gonna ask you a few questions ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Mariko Frederick 53:00
I think what I just said realizing and remembering who you are that's all we're here to do. That you start to have that no one can take it away from you.

Alex Ferrari 53:09
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk a little Mariko what advice would you give her?

Mariko Frederick 53:14
Oh my gosh well that's something that can happen actually. I'm stories don't worry. It really is like just do it don't worry, I believe in you. And feeling that my future self believe in me got me where I am.

Alex Ferrari 53:30
How do you define God?

Mariko Frederick 53:34
Oneness, Oneness consciousness it's ever expanding Oneness consciousness.

Alex Ferrari 53:40
And what is love?

Mariko Frederick 53:45
You and me, it's it's our true identity. You know? It's It's It's the ultimate reality with no opposite.

Alex Ferrari 53:54
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Mariko Frederick 53:57
To remember who you are.

Alex Ferrari 54:01
And where can people find out more about you and the work that you're doing in the world?

Mariko Frederick 54:05
I have a website soulpriority.com And I've got a Facebook page Instagram at Mariko Frederick and a YouTube page as well at Mariko Frederick so they can find me on social media or my website. And

Alex Ferrari 54:18
Do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Mariko Frederick 54:23
Get to work. You know, I think a lot of people listening are higher on being stupid incarnating on the higher realm, you know who you are. Quit playing small, quick, get off the sidelines and start elevating humanity do what you know your soul has been called to do.

Alex Ferrari 54:40
Wonderful. Thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your story with all of us. And I hope this helps awaken some of these higher beings into action because God knows we need it. So I appreciate you my dear.

Mariko Frederick 54:50
Thank you for having me. This is fun. Thank you!

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