Man DIES in Car Accident; Shown TRUTH About Our Simulation by Strange BEINGS (NDE) with Malcolm Nair

Malcolm Nair is born defying the odds, his early years were marked by harsh abuse and adversity. Awakened by a near-death experience in 2010, Malcolm forged a new path, leaving fear and violence behind. For the next 15 years, driven by a thirst for holistic well-being, he delved into the mind-body-spirit connection. This journey led to the development of the Guided Intelligence methods, a powerful toolkit to tap into inner wisdom and shatter limiting beliefs. These techniques not only healed Malcolm from trauma and addiction, but also catapulted him towards personal fulfillment and purpose. His impact extends far beyond himself, transforming the lives of family, clients (ranging from psychologists and healers to scientists and celebrities), and anyone seeking to awaken their own inner light.
Please enjoy my conversation with Malcolm Nair.

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Malcolm Nair 0:00
Just driving so fast, I blacked out, I hit two cars, I bang my head on the windshield. And in a daze, I hit even harder on the on the gas. And I go up and I hit a house going 100 kilometers an hour. So I checked it out of the vehicle headfirst. And from that instance, I left my body. And right when I hit that a house, it was like a bomb bomb went off. And I started hearing voices immediately. Like, what was that wake up and I hear people going down the stairs. But I was done. My body was done. And I didn't realize what it was. But it was my spirit was out of my body. And I was able to listen and observe and notice.

Alex Ferrari 0:54
I like to welcome to the show, Malcolm Nair. How you doing, Malcolm?

Malcolm Nair 0:56

Alex Ferrari 0:57
Thank you so much for coming on the show my friend and sharing your story with us.

Malcolm Nair 1:01
Thank you. You're welcome.

Alex Ferrari 1:03
So we're going to talk a little bit about your near death experience. What happened during that process, and what happened afterwards, more importantly, but before we get into that, what was your life like prior to having a near death experience?

Malcolm Nair 1:17
I share this story so much. I want to I want to have a different approach today. But before my car accidents. So let me share how I grew up. I grew up as a I was I was self sabotage I was I grew up in a broken home. My parents divorced when I was one years old. And my mom was in a abusive relationship with my father. And she ended up leaving him when I was one years old. So my mom moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. And I grew up in Richmond, BC, New West and Len, downtown Vancouver Hastings. So down there it was Campbell in Hastings, East Hastings. So the BC housings, the it's the projects, and I grew up kind of you know, around a lot of scarcity, a lot of drugs, a lot of abuse, and negativity. So growing up, I would visit my father, you know, every every three months out of the year. And it was torment. Like I remember it being like rules and regulations. I wasn't allowed home, even by a minute, if I was late, I would get beat up. And I'm talking about like, you know, belts, wooden spoons, metal spoons. And so I was I was always told, you know, house, how dumb I am. And how I would be like, you know, my mother or be a loser. Like, I don't know if I can swear on your podcast, but I was I was called a lot of bad, bad names. And so growing up in that environment was very hard for me. And so, by the time I was about 910 years old, I've already went to eight, eight different schools. And as I got older, I started working when I was about 15 years old, but every job that I worked for, I was fired from, and I worked probably over 100 jobs. You know, I've moved into over 100 homes. By the there was one year I counted that I moved 25 times in one year by myself. By the time I was 15. I was homeless. I was addicted to crack cocaine and drugs. At 14 15 years old. I got introduced to marijuana and I was a smoker from eight years old. And I was heavy into alcohol and all that my entire life basically, I wasted 23 years of my life. Just manifesting cycles patterns and karma is from my generational past like traumas and jealousy. My mom was a very abusive and jealous woman. She I would see bloodshed her she would take a chopper into my stepdads head. I seen that at five years old I would be taking care of my baby sister and I would see like blood and like bleeding and it would be stuck in his head and cops my entire life and then whenever go visit my father for summer holidays, I would see my dad abuse women and be an alcoholic. So he would like pass out and start fights, drinking at people's houses at parties dinner and dancing, dinner and dances. And he would drink and drive while we're in, in the car, and he would go 100 kilometers an hour. So it's like, I manifested through the subconscious mind, all of these traits and emotions. And I started to live this way. As I got older, the abuse, the jealousy, the insecurity, I was a narcissist, I was abusive, I was toxic. You know, I was raped. When I was 18 years old. I was homeless. Like I said, when I was 15, and then drugs, you know, so when, when you're sharing your story, how you sold yourself to the devil kind of thing. I took that. And I, I felt, you know, I was leading my life to an inevitable death. My spirit was tainted, and I had to relearn a lot. But that was that's the gist of my upbringing, a lot of negativity. It's, it's hard to pinpoint a specific timeline, because there's so much back and forth. By the time I was 18 to 2023 years old, I've been to jail and holding cells over 10 times. I've been abused and jumped and beat up. So just a lot of cycles that I did not understand how to break. I did not know why I was manifesting and attracting these circumstances. And yeah, it was pretty, pretty difficult. But I was excelled in sports. And there was a lot of, you know, plus moments and stuff. But I remember just a lot of pain and suffering and turmoil and trauma and put downs yeah.

Alex Ferrari 6:44
Let me let me ask you this, because people ask me the question, you know, when you're referring to when I sold my soul to the devil is that that whole mob story of when I almost made a movie for the mob. A lot of people asked me, Would you go back and change it? Go back and change that pain you went through? Would you go back in, change the trauma, change the, the, all of that, that, you know, subconsciously stayed with me for 15 years, 17 years, until I finally discovered what that thing was doing to me. Would you go back and change anything?

Malcolm Nair 7:40
I would have listened to the whispers I was always receiving sooner. I was always getting downloads and uploads and whispers my entire life. But my my, the devil within me, I didn't know how to love it. I didn't know how to surrender to my ego. But it was always there, we always have this whisper this subtle guidance. And if I knew how to do it, like I do now, after my car accident, I would have I would have listened. You know, because it was always there. But I just chose the other route. And it always manifested for me it always would give me the crack or the cocaine or the mushrooms or the ecstasy or a car accident or abuse or sex or relationships, or different types of girls or relationships or buddies to hang out with and parties to go to I was manifesting all of the subconscious memories of what I was told I was less than I'm shit, I'm a loser. You know, I was also I would say, you know, grade three education. I didn't, I didn't have the lifestyle to finish school. You know, I was always pulled out and there was so much alienation and custody and child battles going on my entire life and going in front of social workers and childcare services and being exported from the police, police officers to the flight attendants and this was my whole life and then different schools. I was always the new kid. I was always the new guy and I also went to a school that was handy handicap and for the hearing impaired. So I had a liking to and an intuition towards people with disabilities and I learned sign language early on and I was very intuitive. Growing up, you know, my family had different religions and they always dabbled in different things and I understood spirituality and dark energy and magic and stuff like that. So it's very intuitive, especially with all the pain and suffering that I have to go through. You know, and I also suffered with migraine headaches and I would look out window and think I'm seeing like asteroids fallen down from the sky and UFOs. And I always had this fear of the unknown. Before I didn't, I didn't know, you know what my life was going to turn into. But I just kept going, I kept pushing forward, you know, I just kept believing in something, I just didn't know how to tap into it.

Alex Ferrari 10:26
So tell me what happened that day or that night that you had your near death experience what led up to it.

Malcolm Nair 10:31
So as I got older, I just became worse. Nothing was ever good enough. I I wanted to party hard. And I wanted to drink hard and do drugs hard and be very egotistical, macho and tough. And, and so I ended up attracting my thoughts and feelings and emotions. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I say, you know, what, what do I want to do today, you know, and I wanted to party I was I was bored. I was like, feeling miserable those days. And I had nothing to go for, except for, you know, chasing friends, acquaintances that weren't even like friends. And I said that I just wanted to drugs, alcohol, and have sex with girls. And, and, you know, I'm not afraid to admit these things. I'd be the first person to tell my truths now. But that's what I what I asked for. Next thing, you know, I make a couple phone calls and everything that I wanted, came into existence, the girls, the party, the drugs, the alcohol, everything that I wanted, except for, you know, the sex part. So while I was at the house, I was getting all the drugs and alcohol that I wanted, but I was feeling bored. I wasn't getting, you know, the excitement and that desire that I was looking for. So I said, you know, I'm going to leave. And, you know, I was asked by a few people, like, Are you sure you know, you just finished, you know, all this cocaine and mushrooms and you know, you're on alcohol, you did marijuana, and you're smoking. And I'm like, I'm good. You know, I had a high tolerance, right? And it didn't kick in until I got into my car. And I said, I'm leaving, I got the keys, and I get into my car. And I ended up saying to myself, I'm going to drive to this girl's house and they shoot her a text, I say, hey, where do you live? And she tells me, and I said, Okay, I'm on my way, I'll be there in five minutes. And I started driving, and I just start getting flooded with, with all these whispers and downloads, and, and thought patterns and, and all these lights flashing before my eyes. And before you know it was driving that fast in the residential residential area, I was going to boat 100 kilometers an hour before I sideswiped two vehicles. And I got confused and lost and dazed. So I forgot where I was going. And I go in circles, and I ended up just driving so fast, I blacked out. I hit two cars, I bang my head on the windshield. And in a daze, I hit even harder on the on the gas, and I go up and I hit a house going 100 kilometers an hour. So I eject it out of the vehicle headfirst. And from that instance, I left my body. And right when I hit that a house, it was like a bomb bomb went off. And I started hearing voices immediately. Like what was that wake up and I hear people going down the stairs. But I was done. My body was done. And I didn't realize what it was. But it was my spirit was out of my body. And I was able to listen and observe and notice what's going on around me in different places. I didn't have to go into the house, but it was like I was in tune with the thoughts, feelings and emotions I can hear see and feel things right away. And, and so, you know, they go outside and they see my body and they're like, and they're like, What do we do? Oh my god, you know, and when they did the investigation when they came, took pictures and everything. My body was located on the passenger side of the vehicle. So when they did the investigation, they didn't have solid evidence of who was the driver. They thought someone drove away and I was diagnosed with brain damage and short term memory loss. And I had severe I lost a lot of blood 50% of my blood. I was I was done and then was comes and they started trying to revive me And all I can see and hear and feel is everyone's emotions. And I can hear them working hard on me telling you know themselves that oh my god, let's get him back alive, like he's losing too much blood, I have shards of glass in my head and the back my neck and my body. And you know, my car was crushed, I have an SUV, it was an SUV, those just crushed, I hit that it was a brick, like concrete home, like the lower half is all concrete. And so I'm watching all this and I'm hovering around, and they start taking me to the hospital, but I was able to observe everything, and I even see the investigation to I'm able to be at all places at once. Like I can see things in the past and future at once. And it was like I could tap into thoughts and, and, and timelines and frequencies and stuff, but, but I'm folding my body to the hospital. And so I go to the hospital, and I'm hovering over the ambulance, and I can hear phone calls, and I can hear police officers, and I can hear the ambulance and I can hear them calling the family and going through my wallet. I can see all of this when it wasn't in front of me. And so then, as I get to the hospital, I see them rushing me to ICU and you know, taking care of me. And slowly, people started showing up like my mom shows up and sisters, cousins, family members. And before people can speak, I can hear what they're about to say or who they're about to call. And I'm able to tap I was tapping into you know, the telephone wire or the the phone calls and the frequency leading all the way to the other person on the other line. And and I still, I'm still able to do things as you asked me what else I could do, I'll tell you what, what else but those things started to happen. And, and it was strange because I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't know, you know what I should do with my spirit, you know, but I would follow my body everywhere for the surgeries, I was going for the for my leg, my my leg broke, my lung collapsed. I had a 75% of nerve damage, I was paralyzed on the right side of my body. And so whenever I would go in for surgery, my spirit would follow my body and be present be around. And I remember being very dehydrated, I needed water. My body was shutting down, I thought I was going to die. The breathing tube that was in me was choking me. And my neck brace had my neck in a position where I wasn't getting good, proper airflow. So my spirit came back into my body gave me the strength. And remember, it felt like it was a ton of bricks. I hit a house so I couldn't move. I was paralyzed when I woke up. And so but I get my spirit gave myself the strength to take off my own neck brace while I was on life support for two and a half days I was on life support. But in those days, I took off my neck brace. I even came back into my body to go like this and tell my mom to get me water. I didn't speak but I through through the mind, I was able to enter my mom's mind and tell her to give me water. And just a few minutes later, she said to the doctors, nurses, My son needs water. So I was able to do these things, certain things. And it would happen. And I and I still do them. But at that time, I didn't know. It was just natural. It was just like my Spirit knew it was doing all of these things on purpose. And and then do want me to go into the whole near death experience?

Alex Ferrari 19:13
Yeah, so yeah. So you're still you're still basically hovering at this point you haven't gone into. You haven't left realm. Yeah. So let's go into let's go into the part when you actually go to the other side as they say, sir.

Malcolm Nair 19:29
Sure. So when when when the nurses and the doctors noticed my neck brace came off, and my mom given me water. They started to say that it looks like he's responding. And so you have a decision to make. And you should discuss this with the family. What do you want to do? And they decided to have a conversation and they were debating to leave me plugged in or to unplug me. But ultimately they came to the decision to unplug me. And so when they, when my mom came into the Roman and told the nurses, okay, we decide. So she goes up to the plug in the wall, and I'm watching everything. And that at that moment, I was confronted with a, a compelling, I had a compelling to, to go somewhere that I was longing to go. And I had to surrender and detach. And as I was doing that, I started to feel like just just leave, automatically hover, and go up, and I was floating up up through the hospital, through the ceiling, and going up. And as I leave the hospital, I started to see the hospital from a distance. And I see it on on other platforms, like, overview, like the satellite GPS, and you can see the terrain, and you can see everything, and you can see the plane. And, and I just keep going further and further and further. And I get connected to a vortex like a wormhole. And, and I didn't know what to do, but it was just taking me and but I was going through these emotions and these feelings if I should, if I should, if I should just go and trust or if I should attach and stay and be in control. So there was a there was, there was these moments I was going through as a spirit of detachment, acceptance, and, and surrender. And as soon as I just let go of the control and expectation that trust felt better, it felt good. And then it allowed me to go in and I entered. And it started taking me up slowly. And the more that I started to think and feel about thoughts and emotions and everything that's going on, it started to take me up further and further faster and faster. And I started to see lights and black and and different glimpses and but I started to also see what I was leaving behind, like experiences and stuff. And I started to go faster and faster and faster really, really fast. And I started to panic a little bit inside. And and there was a point where I just didn't know where I was going. I didn't know if it was going to stay black, or if it was ever going to go become white, because you always hear stories of white light. And these things were in my consciousness and my awareness. And I was expecting but I had to learn to not expect in this timeframe. And and when I finally had surrendered into the fear the darkness and learn to trust in the darkness there was a stillness and a calmness of trust. And it slows down and and then the this white light glowing light starts to come through the darkness seeping through. And I'm like, and I relaxed, and I surrender and I'm going upright, and I go towards it and all becomes white. And I said, I thought to myself, Where Where am I going right? Like what's what's going to be after this. And behind me is all black. And in front of me is just white light. And I hear a voice saying uh, here like, he's here. Welcome. What do you want to do? And I'm hearing whispers and as I am welcomed in and as I go in, I see angelic beings, white light beings, and they're all. They're in their natural state bombing down, and they're in a surrender. Essence and the mood and the compassion and the love is all calm and surrender and open, welcoming and loving. And, you know, I felt, I felt like, this is where I belong. This is where I came from, I'm home, this is my people, right? And and then there was a large, another large being that was about 25 to 100 times bigger than the, the other humanoid light beings that were there. And he lifted up his head and said, What do you want to do? What are you going to do? And and at that moment, I see my life review. And I knew I had a decision to make. And I confronted my life. And I've seen every turmoil, every suffering, but not only what was done to me, but But what I've done to people and how I handled everything and how I judged everything and my perspective. And the perception that I was coming from. The way I seen everything, the way I left everything, the way I believed in everything, the way I felt and thought about everything, all the emotions, all the encounters everything. Like you, you hear when you're when people talk about, you know, the UFOs took me and showed me everything that I needed to see. It was like that, and, and I'm telling you like that emotion, of being welcomed, and I didn't have to go back I was home was so powerful. To to just, it's so easy to just stay. But I knew I had an oath and dedication to make a sacrifice to make that I didn't fulfill. And although it looked easy, when we're on Earth, this physical realm is it's very hard. It's very hard. And so I turned around, and I was asked, What do you want to do? What are you going to do? And I said, I want to go back. And I felt emotional. You know, and because I knew that it wasn't finished, but I didn't know how it was going to be done. But it was an oath. And it was a promise, it was a sacrifice to God, and to my higher self. And as soon as I made that commitment, and that dedication oath, I was welcomed back. And the same way that I entered, I went back, and I started going down back into the black. And I go all the way. And I show up into the atmosphere again. And I come down to the, to the, to the atmosphere and through through the terrain and, and I see everything from a distance and I see the hospital, and I started going back through the hospital, back into the ICU, and my mom unplugged me. And, and right when that happened, it took about 15 minutes before I I physically woke up. But when I woke up, I was back into pain and suffering and judgment and ego. And, and just justifying and resentment and condemning. And crucification and blame. And it was it was crazy. But I woke up and I lift up my body. I try to and I looked at my leg and I self realized everything.

And I said what happened to my leg? And that's what my first words were. And my sister and my mom look at me. And I can feel and hear and see their thoughts, feelings and emotions. And before they speak, I can hear that's what he has to say he's back. And I didn't I didn't care. I was just resentful. I was angry and full of hate and rage and blame and I wanted to take everything swept under the carpet and and sweep it back out and confront the world with my rage and my judgment and my anger and blame and tell them and crucify them. Because those were the same people that wish death on me they wish death months before I died. They said you know, you should get hit by a car you should get run over by a bus. And and I don't blame them because I was so strong willed and I was so defined and so, so angry that I could put people in that state of fear that I would make them see things and the actions that I took To make my own mother say, you know, I wish you died, I wish she died in my stomach. You know, when I drink bleach when your dad was kicking me in the stomach, when I drink bleach, you should have died. I wish you were never born, and you should go die. And these things happened just months before my car accident. And so I had all these memories, and all these curses, and even my dad spat in my face and said, You're gonna die lonely man before I died. So the fact that my dad was in the hospital, not in the hospital room, but I could feel the energy. And and I can feel and hear everyone praying and whispering. I knew what people were saying I even spoke it to each person, my stepsister would come and tell me her prayers when I was on life support. And when I woke up, I told I know, this is what you said exactly. And they were all in shock. Even my sister, my mom, but I still had this overwhelming blame of Yeah, I hear it all. I know, you guys want forgiveness. I know you guys are here now reaping what you sowed, and vice versa. But I just it was it was so hard and difficult. The rage. So it wasn't like I came back. And it was easy for me to change, I came back into the same thickness, but it was harder. Because I had pain. I had brain damage and memory loss. I was diagnosed I had nurses and doctors telling me that I wouldn't walk the same talk the same your legs broken, you're not going to leave here, you're going to stay here, you have blood clots, you have this, you have that. And, and but but while I was so toxic and negative, I had an innate knowing of know you are powerful, you are a creator, you can't that's not true. And it was hard to tap in. But I would I would get these downloads that were very loud, like in my ear in my face, like, no, show them raise your blood pressure and show them you can raise the blood pressure machine. And I would do it and the blood pressure machine would raise up and they would get scared or you know, certain things like, you know, telling the nurses that No, I know my bones are healing. And they would laugh at me and say, you just you hit a house, you don't know how severe your car accident is like, you should not be alive. It's a miracle you're alive. And, you know, doctors would come in and roll their eyes and leave. And they would just have this expectation that he's just another patient. He's going to be here for a long, long time. And his just ignore him kind of thing. But sometimes I'd get nurses saying, you know, we don't talk about that. But we've heard stories like this before, and but I've walked out of the hospital in six days. And I told myself that I'm going to heal my bones. And I would go into my cells and I would go into my body or go into my bones. And I would fuse it together, I would visualize it fusing. And I would feel it and come back. And I would know that done. And I would go back into certain blood clots and I would release my blood, I would be able to go into certain things the same way I would go into the telephone wires or go into people's thoughts and tell them what to do or how to, you know, certain things that I even did afterwards. You know, we're able to do we're able to heal. But it takes a lot of like what I my main thing is in the pain and suffering in the toxicity. It's a contradiction. There's a lot of people I know you've had amazing guests, like some of my favorites on your show, you know, Billy Carson and Dr. Joe Dispenza. And I don't know if you've had Tony Robbins yet but they speak these things. And it's like, I'm going against some of these things like being able to do things in the negativity. And I don't want to advocate being negative, I'm not saying being negative, I'm saying there's a way to use use that negativity and and still be able to do powerful things for positive outcomes. And so I didn't know what I was doing. But then as as I was going through this whole process, and you know, you've talked to a lot of people there's a whole process to you know, becoming to a to a point where you need to become I had to go through it all I had to rewrite my destiny even even you know, gurus read my book, you know, they'd say you're gonna do this, you're like this, you're like this, you're like this, you know, you drink and drive. You're gonna you're probably you're gonna die. And this was told before my car accident, you know, my destiny was written but I've made a decision to rewrite my destiny to change to quantify my life experience. And to prove it like breaking generational curses, being able to manifest in a track, being able to, you know, step out of my comfort zone and come off of all the pharmaceuticals and cold turkey quit the drugs. But it was a journey. I had to catch pneumonia. 456 times I had pneumonia. I had to sacrifice my own life for death, but for the right way, the same pharmaceuticals that were keeping me alive, I had to choose to flush down the toilet and sacrifice make that dedication, an oath to choose the spirit, you know, to live a different way. And when I did that's that we those sacrifices is what made me change my life. And so, you know, being able to come over criminal records and stop going to jail and getting into road rage and fighting and being abusive and a narcissist. You know, I hear people talking about narcissists. I was, I was beyond a Narcissus. I was I was worse. I was. I was a bad guy.

Alex Ferrari 36:14
So it's a pretty remarkable story. When you came back, Malcolm how long before you started to see a shift in this anger? Before you started to release a lot of this anger, a lot of the fear a lot of the programming that you have gotten over the course of your life, because I mean, those first 23 years, there's a lot of hard wiring going on in your head a lot. And there's nothing like a near death experience to shake up the exosketch a bit, if you will, but how long did it take for you?

Malcolm Nair 36:50
So I would question myself, like, why am I not changing? Why? Why is this so hard? Why, like, why is this rock bottom happening? I just want to kill myself. I wanted to commit suicide. I debated hanging myself on the tree or taking all the pharmaceuticals. I was taking 30 to 40 pharmaceuticals a day I was on sleeping pills. I was on amitriptyline something for the brain. When you're in the psych ward, you have to take something for your brain, they you know, and I was on Tramadol, I was on Percocet, morphine, oxy codon, and they were always increasing it, I had an infinite amount of sub prescriptions. So if I go to the doctor, I was on a special thing, because I had so much that happened to me, I could go and be like, I need 1000. And they'll give me 1000. If I want to 500 milligrams from 20 milligrams, they would give it to me and I would get our take advantage of the system apps, hopefully, I will take advantage of the system. And I was using the drug addiction that I had. And the I had an addictive personality. And I was still, you know, treating, you know, things and doing things and and you know, drinking and driving, I would get susceptible to doing things hanging out with girls. Yes, I would do good. Like go to college. And so I was doing counterintuitive things I was doing too good. One good thing and one bad thing at the same time. So I decided to go back to college, because I was covered under insurance from the car insurance from my from the car accident. So they gave me about $23,000 to live on for only for three years. And I'm like, and I went through that very fast. And so what happened was is I tried to get more they wouldn't give me more. They said you're you're in college now. So we shouldn't be supporting you. I said, What do you want me to do leave school so that I can stay in the system and you guys will give me money. I'm trying to benefit my life here. I'm trying to put myself through school. They had to start me back from grade six, because of my educational level. Right? I had nothing growing up as a kid. I was, you know, I was abused and all this since I was a child, you know, so I didn't even complete grade 3456 properly. You know, I left school after grade six. So I have no grade 678-910-1112 education. So, so anyways, I had to put myself through college. So I was manifesting, like you hear people with Asperger's or, you know syndromes, and they're able to see images and shapes and numbers. So I was able to do that pull in information and remember what we were learning in school, and I passed with 96 to 100%. And I got all the way through to grade 10. But at the same time I was hanging out with college girls, going for drinks, drinking and driving, dropping them home being an macho guy and going on the highway. Not speeding necessarily, but I wouldn't be on alcohol. So my spirit would remind me be like, What are you doing? And now blackout, just instantly blackout and all of a sudden, when I would get that whisper out blackout. So every time I'ma do something bad on blackout. And so blackout and that blackout when I would wake up from it. The cops are being in, it's on the highway, I'm at the intersection, people are honking at me. And I would wake up, and the cops would be furious. And they'd say, You're lucky that I'm not taking you to jail, but I'm taking your car away. And you're and they would be so mad and aggressive. They'd be like, you walk home, we're taking your car to the impound your car keys, what are they doing on the passenger side. And I would say, in my mind, I'm like, Oh, my gosh, like, what happened, I would know, my keys, you know, just like how my body was found. And my body, my neck brace was taken off. So these things would happen. And I would say, I'd walk home and I'd be in this stillness of surrender. And I'd be like, That's the Whisper. So more bad would happen, I would do more rock bumps. Or if I would start, I was still smoking, it was hard for me to quit smoking. My car accident happened was 23. I didn't quit smoking officially till I was 27. I was smoked two packets of cigarettes a day.

Alex Ferrari 41:11
So this so unlike other this is interesting, because a lot of near death experiences when they come back, it takes a little bit of time to gradually kind of get into their new reality, if you will, after that experience is a very jarring experience. But for you, it seems like, you're worse, it got worse, you got to fighting what you went through. To my understanding near death experiences, our Wake Up Calls, there's whispers, there's taps on the shoulder, there's a tap, you know, push on the shoulder till finally a sledge hammer hits you, or you hit a house at 100 kilometers an hour to wake you up. Because your path you're on is not good. When you came back, you didn't you didn't remember, you remember the life review, you remembered all this stuff, right? But you were just so far removed from that even still, that you still kept going down a dark path. Even after the enlightenment of a near death experience.

Malcolm Nair 42:05
I was still abusive. Domestically, I was still toxic towards my children. I was still I didn't know how to parent I had to I had to learn and discover what a parent was because my dad was abusive. My mom's my mom was abusive. I didn't know anything. I had to learn how I had, I had to remember, you know, I went to social workers, psychologists, but it was like, I can read their mind. And because I could read their mind, and I can hear, see and feel their thoughts, feelings and emotions. While they're working with me. I knew what they were thinking. And they couldn't figure me out the fact that we're, they were giving me assignments and things and techniques. I was like, they're not gonna be able to understand me, because I'm reading their mind while they're trying to figure me out. So it was like I was already 10 steps ahead. But I was still 10 steps behind in my personal life.

Alex Ferrari 43:04
So at what point did this start turning around for you? Because you don't seem to be that guy now.

Malcolm Nair 43:09
Right! So. So, like, all the things that would happen, I literally had to fight my way, through the sacrifice, I had to read mind and remember what a sacrifice was, and the sacrifice to me, just for you and your audience is the fact that I was in front of source and I had to surrender and, and remind and be a soul. I died to realize, I wish I could have done it again differently. But I'm here and we forget. So I have to remember that I have this ability that I died and I came back consciously chose to come back. So that reminder of remembering, standing there as a spirit. You know, being in being repenting, I had to repent. And I had to surrender. And I had to dedicate my life for that remembering. put fear in me. But it was not fear of God. It was fear of if I don't do this sacrifice, what rock bottom is gonna happen next. So I would I would be like, Oh, I would not. I wouldn't know. So I would smoke cigarettes. And I'd be like, okay, so if I don't quit, I'm trying to quit. I want to it's hard. I'm smoking, I'm smoking, then kill me. So I'd say kill me. I'm going to die. I'm going to sacrifice my death again. And I'm going to catch pneumonia. So I had to give it some substance. I had to give it some some tangible and practical, something real so I said if I don't quit, I'm going to die die for what what am I going to die for? I'm going to die for I'm not going to live the life I'm supposed to live, I'm not going to change my life, I'm not going to become a better father, a better boyfriend, a better person, to get better jobs, keep a job, you know, learn how to love, learn how to forgive, learn how to, you know, forgive my rapist, you know, I said, um, nothing's going to change for me. I'm going to, I'm going to catch pneumonia and die. And so I caught pneumonia. And so I'm shaking it and I'm smoking and I'm catching pneumonia, and I start coughing, and my lungs fill up with so much fluid. And I'm slowly dying. And weeks go by, and I go to the nurses and the doctors and my ex, she takes me to all these clinics, and they're diagnosing me, they don't know what's wrong with me. They're giving me stuff for bronchitis. And they're giving me all these things. And I'm taking the wrong medications, the wrong puffers for bronchitis for more several weeks, my lungs are at capacity. So if I cough, I'm filling up glasses like this full of lip liquid. And, and this is happening, and I'm dying. So finally, my ex takes me from the from the tub cold, like I'm laying in the tub, can't breathe. Liquid is just pouring out of me. And she drags me into the car drags me to the hospital. And the nurses are furious. They're like, you're dying, you're killing yourself. What is this puffer What is this, that's for bronchitis, you have pneumonia. And they, they, they, they're mad, they're literally yelling at me, and I'm like, dying, and I'm like, hey, you know, and I'm going blue. And, and they, they start, you know, you know, draining everything out. And, and so that was another rock bottom. And so that reminded me, and it became harder. So I would go through that. And then I was I was still smoking. I would I would stop it halfway and out there whisper would come up, like, okay, and I'd bust it out. And then that would be like, uh, I was talking to God, I was talking to my spirit, and spirit was watching me. And then the next one, I'd be like, Okay, I'm doing this, I can do it. And I would take four puffs stop. And I was still I still had pneumonia, I was still catching it. I was still getting in fights, going to jail. And I said, Okay, fine, don't stop going to jail, something else is gonna happen to me. I'm just gonna sacrifice what's gonna happen to me, I'm gonna lose my kids. And I said it, I spoke it into existence. And me and my ex. We got an altercation, domestic, all the nasty stuff. I go to jail. And she files, you know, the emergency protection order and all these emergency things. And I get my kids taken away from me child, this I'm in jail. And I'm in jail. And I'm laying on the, on the floor on the concrete with to bunkies. And, and, and I go through the whole process of jail. And I'm saying, in my mind, wow, I attracted this, I asked for it. I'm creating my reality. I spoke this into existence, what should I do? Well, you got to now change it you got to bend this reality how you're gonna now go into the minds of the police officers, you're gonna go into the minds of the judge in advance, and you're going to send a signal of you are changed your peace and harmony, they believe in you that you're not going to go through these struggles. So while I'm in jail, I'm using my technique of what I do out of body and all the spiritual stuff. And but I have to do it for real. I can't be a fraudster because remember, when I manifesting from dark energy, but I'm trying to get a good outcome, right, so I had to prove it. So I do it. And officer comes, like few hours later, Malcolm, you're right. And I go, the judge would like to see you and I'm like, what, but two and a half days, right? Just like my life support was two and a half days, two and a half days, they call me and I go in front of the judge and the judge sees the light in me that I'm projecting because I don't want to project darkness and and evilness and aggression, you know, and they request me to go to anger management and all this. So it's through that I go, I went to to the second one was by choice but I went to a 14 week anger management program with all men 25 different men, and I got to see perspective, real perspective. Plus, you know, I went to another program with 25 different women. I got welcomed was allowed I manifest I said, it would be nice in my spirit that I was I get welcomed be the only man for the first time welcomed in all women's program, anger management. So I got to witness domestic violence, abuse, like evil, bad things, and I got to listen to so many different women's stories, so many different men stories, how nasty and abusive and toxic and we're learning. And then I also had to go through life, I had to go through life not only my own life experiences, but but just the relearning of boundaries, not to justify. So it was a lot. And that's just two areas. In order to break cycles and patterns, you have to pattern recognize everything my abusive tendencies like rage and road rage. How do they change that? That's a whole other story. If I go through each each one, it would it would be a long time,

Alex Ferrari 50:57
It'd be hours would be hours. Yeah, sure. It's so you. So the the, the near death experience in source was a catalyst for you. But a catalyst that was a long tail took a while for it to come up. But you started to break through through help of spirit, to help with the whispers and all this kind of stuff. You started to slowly break the patterns to get to where you are today. But that near death experience was kind of the catalyst for all of that. And it's in a way, in a way,

Malcolm Nair 51:29
Then I started to realize what I was doing. I was parameterizing. And I was remote viewing. And that was affecting freewill. Because I would end up getting jobs that I'd never had in my life before. Because my education, I was never able to become a manager, I was never able to be a be a supervisor of a franchise. And I would do these things go apply for jobs that were for manager roles. And I'm like, I can do this, I'm going to do it. And I would go and I would rely on my resume that I have all the credentials and stuff. And I would remote view into the office of them looking at all the resumes and mine was at the bottom. And I would make them take my resume from the bottom to the top and believe in it trust in the process believe that I can really do this for my life experience that I could be a manager of 3040 different employees. And I would get a phone call. Two days later, we'd like to interview I would get the job. And I would realize that we are powerful that we could do things but you have to prove it to yourself too. You'd have to show up and be this person you're trying to become and not slap your spirit or God in the face that you know you're getting this second chance are you going to go drink and drive stop at the intersection have cops banging on the door, you know, like, next time I fight blackout I might never wake up. So it was like, it had to be scary enough. If your life is already scary and you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. What are you doing to change? What are you doing in the fear in the dark? What are you doing with your suffering? Are you suffering? Or are you using that as a catalyst like you're saying to reinvent your life through it all through the hardship right?

Alex Ferrari 53:21
Malcolm, your story has been so inspiring man. I appreciate you sharing it. I'm going to ask you a few questions asked all my guests.

Malcolm Nair 53:28

Alex Ferrari 53:29
What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Malcolm Nair 53:36
Being able to see through what fulfillment really is when you can commit and sacrifice and stay consistent. No matter how hard it gets. That to me is fulfilling.

Alex Ferrari 53:56
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Malcolm, what advice would you give him?

Malcolm Nair 54:02
It's going to be easy. But you're gonna go through a lot of hardship. You're not going to have your mom and dad. You're not going to have a lot of the things coping mechanisms and stuff but you have you have I have me you have a spirit and I would have told myself to trust that you are a spirit.

Alex Ferrari 54:26
How do you define God or Source?

Malcolm Nair 54:29
Surrender, admittance and compassion and forgiveness.

Alex Ferrari 54:39
What is love?

Malcolm Nair 54:41
Love is through the hardship, you know through thick and thin through the ups and downs and rocky roads and rock bottoms and still learning to love The Enemy Within and the fraudulence within and facing the fraudulence and still loving the devil within. So then the devil can serve your higher conscious awareness, the the ego, you can transform the ego and make your ego serve your conscious awareness, your subconscious to serve your higher conscious awareness.

Alex Ferrari 55:21
What is it and what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Malcolm Nair 55:24
Perseverance and learning and realizing that our Spirit is the one that's here as the student of life and we don't realize that we think it were the student as the mind body. But it's, it's the opposite. It's like we need to surrender in the fact that it's the soul is the spirit and, and the hardship we got to realize to build that relationship with our, with our, with our fears with our egos and emotions, thoughts, feelings? We're not it. We're not that that's not what we are. You know? And, you know, I would say that, you know,

Alex Ferrari 56:03
And where can people find out more about you and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Malcolm Nair 56:07
Guided intelligence, you can just search guided intelligence on social media, or my website or by name, Malcolm Nair.

Alex Ferrari 56:21
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Malcolm Nair 56:24
Before you forgive yourself and before you love yourself and go to the light, realize you can't have light without the dark, all light comes through the dark. So you have to be able to sit in your own pain and suffering and learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable in the dark, face your fraudulence and sit in that vulnerability, sit in the shame, sit in the guilt, and learn how to do it differently. You can transmute that stuff, by being able to sit in it and go through it, and respect yourself. After you've done the work. It's hard for us to stared ourselves in the mirror and self reflect and look at the blame. And look at all the shame look at all the guilt, you know and accept it. And look at how far we've come and bless. Bless it. Thank it, thank the darkness, thank the hardships. Look at it as a blessing. We're here to receive those as blessings. It's not what happens to us. It's what it's happening for us. So you can love the pain. You can love the injuries you can love the hurt going on in you. And that's that's, that's what we need to learn how to do.

Alex Ferrari 57:36
Malcolm, I appreciate you being on the show and sharing your story with all of us and your inspiration as well. So thank you, my friend. Appreciate you.

Malcolm Nair 57:44
Thank you very much, appreciate you.

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