BRACE YOURSELF for 2024! The Z’s REVEAL HUMANITY’S Next Stage of EVOLUTION! with Lee Harris

On today’s episode, we welcome the ever-insightful Lee Harris, a visionary guide who channels wisdom and clarity from higher realms. The conversation we dive into today is a testament to the transformative times we are living in, and Lee Harris offers profound insights into the shifts we are collectively experiencing. His words resonate deeply as we navigate the complexities of the modern world, providing both solace and a call to action.

In this profound conversation, Lee Harris discusses the rapid changes we have seen and will continue to see between 2017 and 2024. According to the Z’s, his channeled entities, this period is marked by intense transformation and upheaval, leading to a new timeline beginning in 2025. He highlights how this turbulence will challenge many but also awaken those who were previously unaware of the world’s deeper imbalances and corruption. “The intensity of this next seven years is going to be greatly challenging,” he says, “but it will also shock a lot of people awake.”

One of the critical themes Lee Harris explores is the coexistence of joy and heartbreak in these times. He shares a conversation with a friend who, despite the global stress, finds moments of joy and clarity. The Z’s advise that self-care is crucial not just for personal solace but for maintaining strength and purpose. Whether it’s meditation, spending time with loved ones, or simply walking in nature, these practices are essential for navigating the emotional and energetic turmoil of our times.

The discussion then shifts to the societal and global shifts we are witnessing, such as the increasing visibility of conflicts and the rise of new media voices challenging the status quo. Lee Harris notes how traditional media outlets are losing their grip as more people turn to alternative sources for truth and connection. He mentions the rise of influential figures like Taylor Swift, who use their platforms to promote love and harmony, creating ripple effects that inspire others.


  1. Embrace Both Joy and Challenge: Recognize that it’s possible to experience moments of joy amidst global turmoil. Self-care and finding personal peace are not acts of escape but essential for maintaining resilience and purpose.
  2. Awakening Through Turbulence: The rapid changes and challenges we face are catalysts for awakening. They force us to see beyond the surface and question long-standing systems of imbalance and corruption.
  3. Be a Lighthouse for Others: In these transformative times, we are called to be lighthouses for others. By cultivating light, joy, and heart within ourselves, we can positively influence and support those around us.

As we delve deeper into this enlightening conversation, Lee Harris shares a powerful directive from a Buddhist statue he encountered, which emphasized the importance of creating beauty and harmony in the world. This message underscores the necessity of focusing on positive contributions and the impact we can have on others, even in small, everyday interactions.

Reflecting on the changes in the world, Lee Harris speaks about the potential for systemic reform rather than complete destruction. He suggests that while some systems need to evolve or be rebuilt, the foundational structures can still serve us if they are updated with compassion and intelligence. This nuanced perspective encourages us to approach transformation with a balanced mindset, seeking improvement rather than total upheaval.

In conclusion, Lee Harris leaves us with a powerful reminder: our role in these times is to generate and sustain light, joy, and heart, both for ourselves and others. This approach not only helps us navigate the present challenges but also contributes to the collective healing and evolution of our world. By embracing our inner strength and compassion, we can become beacons of positive change.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lee Harris.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 386

Lee Harris 0:00
And they said, between the years of 2017 to 2024, will be rapid changes on the planet, and it will peak in 2024. And then from 2025 onwards, you're in a new timeline. And essentially, the new world can begin. But the intensity of this next seven years, is going to be greatly challenging. At times, it is going to be shocking for many people, and it's going to shock a lot of people awake, who previously weren't seeing some of either the corruption in the world or some of the inequity or some of the imbalance, they were perhaps just you know, in their own lives, maybe because they were just trying to survive because the system has most people in survival.

Alex Ferrari 0:48
I'd like to welcome back to the show returning champion, Lee Harris. How you doing Lee?

Lee Harris 1:03
Alex good to be with you! Thank you. What does returning champion mean?

Alex Ferrari 1:07
I mean, you are returning champion, you're you were the champion last time you were on, and now you're returning. So you're a returning champion. This is the price sir just coming back. You are no prize. It's kind of like on those game shows like they won the last night they come back returning champions back to the show.

Lee Harris 1:28
Why? Why not? It sounds it sounds fun. Whatever it is.

Alex Ferrari 1:32
My friend, it was such a great time. We had a conversation last time with the Z's and yourself and the audience really loved it. And they really loved when we got together and had a deep conversation. So I want to bring you back because there is I don't know if you were aware or not. But there's a lot of stuff going on in the world right now.

Lee Harris 1:48
I am aware

Alex Ferrari 1:49
There's a lot of stuff going on in the world. And I get a lot of questions from my audience about what is happening. Why is it happening? How are we dealing with this? You know, we, you know, we talk a lot about on the show about this consciousness shift this, this, you know, this great shift that's happening in the world, and how these conversations are much more prevalent now than they were five years ago? And how this is all going but how can we be growing as a consciousness and still have wars that have been going on for 1000s of years, you know, old beefs, if you will, or disagreements that have been going on for 1000s of years reemerging right now. You know, in over in, in overseas and things like that. So my first question to you before we jump in with disease, because I want to hear the Z's perspective, and this, but I also want to hear yours. How can we be going through this great shift in consciousness and growing spiritually, which I see everywhere? People are awakening, but yet we're on the same side of the other side of the coin, we're going back to two wars that were like, really, is this? Is this still happening? Are we still arguing about this piece of land? Or are we still dealing with this guy's ego? And like, how is that possible, so much suffering happen? So how can both coexist?

Lee Harris 3:07
I think you hit the nail on the head, like how how do we live in a both coexist world, and I think that's the challenge of being alive. So I was speaking with a very good friend the other day, and the friend was saying to me that even with the stress in the world, and even with the heartbreak that he's feeling, he's also having, you know, moments of joy, moments of clarity. And he's questioning that. And one of the things I said to him is that the Z's say, that is exactly where most of us will find ourselves right now. So I know for myself, even with a kind of spiritual, if you like, forecasting that this was the time we were going to be in. Even with that forecast, and it doesn't stop you. You're heartbreaking when you see these things, or the horror of what you're seeing, or what you can't believe is playing out for people around the world. And then I'll bring it one step closer to home because war ripples out. So the amount of people just in my personal life, or close to me or associated with me who on a daily basis are losing loved ones to sudden death or going through a major transformation that's walloping them. It feels like the nervous system of the world is just going like that. So the Z's have always said, you have to look after yourself and not because you're soothing yourself or escaping or putting your head in the sand. They've been saying for a few years that self care is vital for strength and for purpose, not for repair, not for soothing, not for feeling a bit better after you've had a rough week. They say that our self care practices whether for you that is meditation, whether that's playing with your kids, whether that's dancing around your house to music, whether that's taking long walks in nature, whatever it is that you can fit into your schedule, that helps you just go. Okay, I can release what I was just involved in, or what I've just felt consumed by the I'm seeing and feeling in the world, I can come back to myself and I can take a breath, which I think is a luxury a lot of our brothers and sisters right now don't have, especially if they are in one of the war zones, be they actual war or be they the kind of war zones that many of us have found ourselves in, in recent years through natural disasters and, you know, various things that have been going on. So, just to pull back for a second, the Z's I was channeling in London, in 20 2016, it was January 2016. And the Z's made this statement that really got my attention made me a little nervous, but got my attention. And they said, between the years of 2017 to 2024, will be rapid changes on the planet, and it will peak in 2024. And then from 2025 onwards, you're in a new timeline. And essentially, the new world can begin. But the intensity of this next seven years, is going to be greatly challenging. At times, it is going to be shocking for many people, and it's going to shock a lot of people awake, who previously weren't seeing some of either the corruption in the world or some of the inequity or some of the imbalance, they were perhaps just you know, in their own lives, maybe because they were just trying to survive because the system has most people in survival. But they said that for many lightworkers, for many people who are Lightworkers to them, just means that you have a mission of wanting to be here to uplift to help, you're still human. So you can still have an awful day, you can still be going through this stuff that you're here to learn you're not you know, you're not just a beam of light, necessarily, but your mission, your focus, what you consistently return to in your work or in your behavior, or in the way you show up for your family and your friends is I want to be here to promote love to promote harmony to promote connection, I want to be able to help harmonize the world rather than cause more war, destruction, aggression, if that's your focus, they said, many of you are going to experience simultaneously, somewhat golden times at times throughout this whole period, because you will, your purpose will become clearer for you, you'll know why you're here, you're here for these times, it's not a mistake. The other piece, I'll add, and then I'll you know, see if there's anything else you want me to elaborate on. I was struck by how much they've been talking about war disease the last two, three years. And they they said in 2020, that we were in the middle of an energetic war, which I think anybody who lived through that year and the years following whatever stance you took whatever side you were on, whichever, you know, whatever you were arguing for or against. It was like, you saw the division energy at work, you saw the post that the let's get people to attack each other. Let's get this group on this side to attack this group on this side unless there was some very insidious stuff going on. And so as they were talking about this energetic war that was playing out, at first I thought, okay, they keep mentioning war. And they're, they're saying that there is there is a war going on, that we're not even seeing or aware of. And then this year, after, you know, we've we've witnessed everything blowing up in the Middle East. And of course, there are countless other wars going on around the world. At the same time. They've been speaking a lot about the template of war that was seated on the planet over 10,000 years ago, that we have been in a way trapped in. And that this is a period of time where over the next 100 or 200 years, there is an opportunity for it to break. But, and this is the but and this is what I think is hard for most of us who wish the world was different, who wish it was a more harmonic place who wish you know, all this stuff wasn't going on. They said the amplification of consciousness and light will also make those who are more aligned with the wound of darkness. Even louder, even more kicking back even more attempting to control and hold on to Old Energy templates that have been on the planet for a very long time. And, you know, it's funny, I don't know if you've all had this experience. But isn't it amazing how you can be at a party or in a group of 50 to 100 people just take some one. One person with a very aggressive destructive, loud energies suddenly erupt in that room. And it changes the whole frequency. So one of the things I try and remember as we go through this, and particularly because the the media bombards us with these horrific images, and our media is so immature, like our media is not helping us, well, how can we transform this? How can we help transform the trauma that the people watching this are feeling? What are we doing to actually try and have a world that isn't just, you throw this that way, we'll throw this that way that the media is is is feeding us the same base fear, triggering information over and over again, without any maturity of what we're here on the planet right now, for this passage of time? What are we going to do, to see how we can get underneath this and change it but it's gridlocked to We The People. So there is a very for me, there is a very, I try and remember that, you know, 90% of people or more do not want any of this stuff that's going on. But we are held into an age old battle that has woven itself into the political and the corporate arena. And that again, we the people just have to kind of go along with it and suffer. And that's the thing disease SE is about to change. They say you are moving out of a paradigm. And this will they say this is going to be playing out over the next decade or two, it's not happening overnight, where the gap between the power system on the planet, and we the people has to close and how it closes? And what kind of collateral damage happens along the way? I don't know. And that's always the bit that makes me as a human being nervous, you know, I'm like, God, you know, how is this? How is this gonna play out. But the Z's also talk about there are people who we don't see or know, whose job it is to work on behalf of the dismantling of some of this, and that they're also doing their work to essentially move us out of what is a slavery to this kind of war system that we're in. And that includes the inequitable hierarchy that we're stuck in. So it's really tricky, because if tomorrow all the systems disappeared, which I sometimes hear people going, Oh, wish it would all just blow up tomorrow. I'm like, No, I don't think that's the way we disease have said, the more this is a slow curve, and the more people jump on board, and slowly become more aware. They said it only takes 30% of the population to create a massive ripple shift. And in 2021, they said the number was approaching 24% of people on the in the population who were beginning to wake up and go hang on a second, what just happened? Why is it happening? Whereas before we would have just gone along? So it's tricky. It's complex. And I don't know if I've just I may have added five more layers of complexity, but I'm trying to give you headlines.

Alex Ferrari 13:06
Well, you know, what's really interesting is that in even in our lifetime, I've seen people leaving the churches in droves, people leaving the media in the news, it's droves. I mean, they're not getting the ratings they were before. So now they're fighting wars harder and harder to become more fantastical. And controversial, because that's what's bringing people in is to scare them and scare them. So they're getting worse and worse. I mean, during during COVID I mean, you turned on the news. I mean, had a death rattle the death toll, like coming up there like and you're like, it was insane. The amount of fear. I mean, I was wiping Amazon boxes down. Nobody knew. With wipes, nobody knew what's happening.

Lee Harris 13:53
First week or two yeah.

Alex Ferrari 13:55
It's just so crazy. But I'm noticing now that shows like this, and even just alternative media, in different voices, different energies, different positions, are gaining steam in a way that the mainstream can't really control. You know, I mean, my show gets bigger ratings than CNN or Fox in some of their shows. And I'm not a huge I'm not Joe Rogan. Know who's getting 11 million, you know, people an episode. So it's, there's different there's different media's and there's just a shift, you can just see the shift, and it's even happening in Hollywood where I'm from, and you can see it in the music industry. There is such a shift now from where the power was. There's people like Taylor Swift who are coming in and going, Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm gonna do it this way. Because I've got the juice now to do it. And she's opening doors for a lot of other artists behind to restructure deals tonight even there's artists right now who are on the top of Top 100 who don't want a record deal?

Lee Harris 15:03
And can I share something? It's funny? Taylor up, I loved watching what she did over the last few years. Oh, wow, this is incredible what she's doing. And I divorced my music partner was here about four weeks ago. And I took him to the movie theater, the cinema to see the Taylor concert tour. And you know, it's in the middle of this time in the world. And for that almost three hours, I sat in that theater with him and the joy in that theater and the harmony between her and her dancers and performers. You could feel the love they had for each other. And the joy in that arena. And the joy from I mean, she's just inquire, like, I already thought she was brilliant. But when I watched her in that concert, I was like, Oh, my God, she's unbelievable. But the joy in that theater was palpable. And I was like, yep, this, this is the frequency that people all over the world, whether they're doing it on Taylor scale, or whether they're doing it by going around to see that friend that they know is depressed for a cup of tea. And I know that they're not going to have a very joyous time. They're not, they're not in it for their own needs. They're going, I can give that friend two hours of my time today. And maybe that will just be the thing that they need. That will just get them over the bridge to another day and towards transformation. I thought, yeah, this I was sat in that theater going, Yes, this is what we need. And I had a really powerful experience. There's a Buddhist statue. In blue spirit, Costa Rica, which is the most gorgeous retreat center, we run retreats that and I have chats with this Buddha, I didn't start the chats, the Buddha started to chat with me in 2019. And I've had a few chats with this Buddha when I've gone back, and usually the Buddha has messages for me. So I just go and stand there. And I wait. And on one of the last days I was there in June this year, the Buddha said, in 2019, the Buddha had said to me, now your work gets serious. And I remember thinking, That's odd, because it was November 2019. I don't take myself seriously. But I do take the work seriously. And so do all my team like that, you know, we so I thought that's odd. And of course what was about to happen? Everything in 2020. And lo and behold, I did work harder, do more like because it felt important. So this time the Buddha said, now your job is to create beauty and harmony in the world. And I was completely thrown by this. And I immediately my mind said, What about the suffering. And the Buddha said to me, there is enough suffering in the world. And people do not need to see more of that vibration, they need to see the opposite, so that they can feel it and become it. So I'm I'm not fully there yet, like this, I'm a bit half half with that new directive, this half of my ego and programming that is I'm having to unworked some stuff, but I got it and I'm like, Oh yeah, it doesn't take away your empathy or your compassion for people in suffering or what you're seeing in the world. But we do need, we need examples, whether it's someone like Taylor bringing joy to someone's life, or whether it's people out there doing brilliant things right now who are developing technology, whether it's for the ocean, or the environment or for for life, you know, there are so many, like you said, amazing examples of the evolutionary path and the Zs said, from 2025 onwards, it will start to become more crystal clear to us that this is the direction we're going. But we've got to get through 2024. And I hate saying that, because I don't want to I don't want to add to like anyone's existing anxiety about where we're at as a world. But it does feel like 2024 is is a really key year in terms of how we get through it, what gets revealed during during it, and I do know that destruction or destructiveness is going to be a part of 2024. But when I tune in on it now, I also feel like on the other side of whatever that looks like, whatever that is, the transformation will be will be for the for the good and positive. So there are things that we're learning now about things that have happened in the last two, three years that are suddenly being revealed as very shady, that two or three years ago could masquerade as not shady or getting enough people. So I'm interested as the dark shows its face and shows its worst. There's a period where when we get to the other side, enough of us start to see it differently that things click. And then when enough of us start to see that and start to create a different movement. That's when change happens. And it's interesting. You mentioned the internet because of course, that's one of the things now that certain powers that be want to start controlling and censoring and we've already been seeing it the last few years because it has the power. If you are in a country where the internet isn't censored yet, or hopefully never, it has the power to bring people to each other on a level of information and awareness that I think counteract some of the negative side of the internet.

Alex Ferrari 20:14
And I promise you that there, I mean, I could see it from the people who are tuning in and watching, I see where the countries are, and their countries that are centered. So they're finding ways really break through the system to get access to information that they would not be able to get normally. So there's always a way to get the message out, there's always there's always enough people are hungry, they will find the information, the universe will will set it up in a way that they can get access to it in one way, shape, or form. And it's really interesting, because, again, because of my access to so many amazing people like yourself and psychics and, you know, and the years and things like that, I've been speaking to a lot of people off the record and someone on about what was going to happen in the next year and the next 2024. And I've heard very similar things to what you said that there is going to be something that will be, it's not going to get better than where he is right now there is going to be a little bit more of a rough ride in 2024. But we will make it through. And on the other side of it, we will be a lot stronger. But without what happens in 2024. You can't move forward, there has to be an event or groups of events, or things that happen. That shakes us all up to a point where like, we don't want this anymore. And you need that negative to kind of come back up into the light so the light can shine on it and finally destroy it. But if it's still under the ground, it won't get the light shined on it. So it literally needs to bubble up. And it's been happening since basically, for the last decade. There's things I've said this on the show before when I when when you and I were growing up racism was a very quiet thing. You would hear it

Lee Harris 22:06
Unless you were a person of color. Yes, I think to those resumes, if you know if we were on the side where the racism wasn't existing 1,000% Yes,

Alex Ferrari 22:15
A lot of people think I am not I am Cuban. So I'm Latino. And I was and I've had racism against me as well. So there's no question. But it was always something quiet. It was always something a joke here at a party in a corner, you would never lead with your racism. Now people are building platforms based on racism based on sexism, based on so many things. So all of a sudden, you're like, This is insane. Like in the 80s, you would have never 80s or 90s, you would have never had a blustering person who was out in front of everybody saying what they're saying about racism or things like that. And it's not just one person, there's many that people do it a lot of celebrities and a lot of people on social media, it needs to come up. So we can actually see it and go, nope, that's not acceptable anymore. We don't want that anymore. And the more of it's coming up, there is a backlash. People are like, No, this is not the way you treat human beings. This is not the way you talk to human beings. So the message is that, unfortunately, we got to go through some dark times to get to the light. And that's, that's an that's a metaphor for our lives. We've all gone through dark times. And what happened after we went through the dark times you survived it, we learn and we became better people on the other side of it. And that is what as a collective, I think we're all going through right now and will continue to go through. So I think a lot of what you and Aziz are saying is what I'm hearing as well, from my side of the world. So it's really interesting to see how this is all going to turn out.

Lee Harris 23:44
Yeah, and you said something that's so key about, you know, how we how we respond. Because, because I'm someone who can. My my my first language, although it took me until my 20s to really work this out is feeling. So if I'm standing in front of somebody, and they tell me one thing, and their feeling tells me something different. It's fine. I mean, it's quite normal actually a lot, you know, because we as a people have not necessarily all been allowed to authentically kind of be our truth, our truthful selves. And one of the things I'm aware of whenever I speak about 2024 or anything big, I mindful because I can literally feel as we record this because I'm used to working with the camera and I'm used to timelines jumping so I can feel a portion of this audience who've gone 2024 Oh, my God, what? And we have to get really mindful of our own nervous system activation, because that's what went wrong in 2020 in 2020, if you get enough people scared about their worst fear, you can get them to do all kinds of things.

Alex Ferrari 24:55
We were wiping down Amazon boxes, sir.

Lee Harris 24:57
Well And worse, there were people being told All too Dobbin their neighbors like Dobbin in England means tell on their neighbors like if you see the guy I mean, awful. Yeah. Oh, yeah, it was it was Yeah. And we know that because that happened there will be around to have some version of that again at some point. So we have to stay really vigilant to our own fear. I've even seen in the spiritual community, which of course is not a unified community. I think people go, Oh, my friends spiritual, you'll really get on? And I'm like, not necessarily, it really depends if our values I'm also human, and they're also human. And maybe we have different values. And maybe they, you know, so there's this kind of miss this this training, we've all had, that we're all in these boxes. But none of us are in a box, even the most rigid box person, you know, is having an awful time because they're actually multi dimensional. And they haven't been allowed to let that out. So it's coming out in weird ways, or rage or anger or whatever. But why I'm bringing this up is the Z's have been very adamant about this. Watch yourself. So if someone who's someone who's doing a prediction says 2024 is going to be a rough year, what is your mind here? Does your mind go? Oh, 2024 is gonna be a rough year or does your mind go? I knew it in 2024, the internet's gonna go down. And I do need to ask the Astros. And I'm not judging anybody, like if you need to buy 800 cans of tuna or do it, you know, whatever is going to make you feel more safe. But I have met some people, especially in recent years, who have gone so off the deep end with their trauma response to what could possibly happen, then now living in their own inner algorithm, that's not feeding them good stuff. Correct. And we all have to be very, we'll have our unique traumas. Like if you were a child that was, you know, in a in a violent household, you might be so traumatized by what's going on in the war right now, not just because of the war, but because we're all more permeable, and we're healing. So anything that we see can like raise this to the surface, we have to be careful of our fear. And we have to get honest with ourselves about watching our fear I you know, there's something in my life that's going on at the moment with somebody that I've known for several years. And every time this thing comes back to me, I noticed my nervous system goes a bit. Oh, so because I now notice that I take a breath, I let my nervous system Calm down, and then I engage years ago, not at all wouldn't have even known to do it, I'd have gone Oh, no, I'd have I'd have had a, I'd have let my nervous system, have my voice, have my feelings have my mind. And I would have waited in. So we're all learning how to be in these challenging times and find our own center. And also notice our triggers. So by all means, if the you stocking the cupboard with extra food and water feels true, do it. Sure, absolutely. You know, but there is, there is a level of nervous system activation that that we all have to be better guardians of in ourselves, not just for ourselves, but for the collective.

Alex Ferrari 28:11
And I want to and I'll and before we get to The Z's I want to just add one more thing to that is that during every major crisis in human human history, every war, every downturn in the economy, as weather events, there's always people who have a rough time of it. And people that scale right through it. And then they're not even touched. There's people in the Great Depression, who didn't even feel it. Just didn't feel it. People through COVID didn't even feel it. People through 2008 didn't even feel it and actually benefited from you know, or prosper, not benefited, but prospered is a better word, during that time in whatever they were doing. So there's always people who have it in no matter what's going on, that can prosper, and people who are going to have a rough go of it. But it really does be it really does. I think the tag on to what you said, is having an understanding of what's happening within yourself, the nervous system, you know, because that energy does attract that energy. So the crazier you get inside of your own mind. And the more intense you go down to this algorithm, for God's sakes, don't go to social media, because it'll just keep feeding you the same. It will same diet of fear, fear, fear, and to the point where you think, Oh, my God, the entire world's burning? No, it's not. We actually have less wars now than we've ever had in human history. It just seems if you turn on, you turn on the news that the world's coming to an end, but it isn't. It isn't. It isn't. More people are fed in the world than has ever been fed before. Is there more room for improvement? Absolutely. We can feed more people, we can do better. But we're doing better now than we've ever done throughout human history. And I know it's difficult for people to understand hear that. But if you just look at the stat the data, it's it's just the way it is. So I think really having a self awareness is the biggest power, you can have self awareness of who you are truth of who you are, and how you react to certain things will determine how you will move forward in these times of change. And it's not the comments in that comment, the Dinosaurs aren't going to come back, you know, it's not going down that road. But how you move forward through whatever difficult times. And again, there's people who are right now going through horrific times, who are as rich as can be, or poor people who are living a lovely life. So it is all relative to our own journeys, regardless of what's happening outside of us. Again, not everywhere, some places you have no choice because you're in that zone. But other places, there is a choice, how you can do it. And even during war zones, there's history, there was Schindler, and in Nazi Germany, who was saving people, there was there's so many examples of people who, even in the darkest time in human history, was able to find hope, was able to go through things, and do good when everything else around them is falling around. So it really is your choice on how you want to move forward.

Lee Harris 31:18
And I love that as you're finishing those words, I just look over your shoulder, and I see Yoda behind you. It's like you're channeling Yoda, Alex. And I think what you said is, is so true. And for the people who follow your show and your channel, the thing that I feel that's really important is we can all be a lighthouse for others, whatever that means, like whether you're the person to soothe someone with words, whether you're the person who shows up at someone's house with a soup, when you know they're going through it, because you're a loving action kind of person, we all do it differently. But we can be a lighthouse for others. But we can only be a strong and good lighthouse for others if we also work out how to create and contain light inside ourselves. And you just said something very pertinent about social media. One of the things I've noticed because I work with a lot of a lot of my audience would identify as sensitive, not all of them, but a lot of them would. And one of the things that can happen to sensitives is they isolate, because it's safer than going out into the world. But what's different for a sensitive now than 3040 years ago as you've got this thing called a screen, and this screen can feed you things. So if you're watching your screen, and going, oh my god, the world is falling apart, then you aren't finding enough other content because the algorithm has decided this is what you like. So it's going to keep serving it to you. And if you are isolating yourself, you aren't in the actual natural feedback loop of other human beings that we all need so much. I know for me, it just in the last few years, I've really started to be very mindful about when I engage with the screen. And when I don't, and kind of keeping an eye on No, now I need real people. Now I don't want to answer those 810 text messages, I'll get to them in a day or two. Because I'm I'm just not in the mood to be constantly doing a, you know, a pseudo relationship tech through technology. So I think that's something that many of us are beginning to feel and crave. We need our good human community and allies. And if you don't have that in your life, I would make 2020 for that to be your strongest intention. Because we need each other like we need nature. When you're in the room with another human being or even if you're having a phone conversation or a video call with someone, it's better than just watching content that you're not necessarily participant in. Because we all need each other for our healing and our journey right now. And that's going to be even more important in the years ahead. So I just wanted to say that to anyone watching who is sitting at home, mostly living through the screen. It's really important to get your, your support systems, your feedback loops, your other sources of information with other human beings and I think a lot of sensitives because they can find it challenging, especially if they have trauma, to interact with other human beings. It's like oh, it's just easier to choose my programming, but pay attention especially if on social media as to what you're seeing and if you go oh my god, the world looks like it's falling apart. Well then you're watching too many. The world is falling apart videos, and not enough of the balance side. So that's just something to be mindful of. For some some people who might be tuning into this

Alex Ferrari 34:34
Beautifully said my friend beautifully said so can we have a chat with the Z's? Yeah, see what they have to say about all of this.

Lee Harris 34:43
Good, a pleasure to be back with you, the cosmic warrior who disguises himself as a laughing Buddha. It is good to be with you and your community for you are warriors, not necessarily warriors in the sense that many of you See how that word relates or pertains to war for we recognize that the word war has a very dense vibration. Very few of you hear that word and feel any kind of uplift or opening in your body, in fact, the opposite. But a warrior is one who can bring balance, if effective in the way that they hold themselves. So for all of you who are tuning into this, and for you, Alex, as the designated, we will say leader or conductor of what you are brewing here, there is a power inside each of you that is growing. For some of you, it's getting very uncomfortable, some of you are feeling angrier than you are used to, and you are a little concerned about it for you don't necessarily want your anger to be uncontrolled, and run out into the world in a way that is destructive. But bear in mind that if you are feeling the fire or the anger in your body, and you are not necessarily just throwing it like a flame at everyone around you or the world in general, you are simply powering up on what we would call your activism. So the part of your inner body that is beginning to recognize there are things you want to say do and ways you want to behave differently to bring change. Again, the word activism is tricky, for there are many negative connotations that have been given to this word, particularly by those in power, ha, you need to pay attention to that. Anybody who is threatening the status quo of the power system will of course, be branded or cast in a negative light. That is how people try and win battles. They try and dethrone or defame what they perceive as the enemy to them maintaining their power. So there are many of you who would never ever think of yourselves as what you might call an activist, that are going to be becoming that in the coming two to three years and not because you are forced to or it is your only choice or your only hope. No, because it is the part of you that was always going to come online. Even Alex if you pay attention to his energy in the last two years, he has become a little tougher, and a little fiercer still with love is still with humor, still with a focus on balance. But if you notice, and those of you who have watched him for a long time, he is mirroring your frequency for all of you are becoming a little more robust in your power and what you are here to stand for. So we refer to you Alex's cosmic warrior. And that is true of all who tune in you are cosmic warriors in that Earth is not your only home, it never was. And most of you came here with high awareness that this moment on Earth was a very important one. For some of you, you are clearing karma, when you have gone through what we would call galactic war or battle. In other times in other lifetimes. Some of you will have no interest or even belief in that idea, which is fine. For you are here for different reasons, there are many of you who have landed on this planet, not so willingly, you might think in your mind. But the truth is, those of you who are the most resistant to being here, right now are the ones who most wanted to come. Ha, take that in for a second. Those of you who are the most mad and sad that you have ended up on Earth right now you are the ones who most wanted to come and what you decided to come here to do was to first break down some of your own resistance to this planet. Some of your own memory banks of torturous events that you have experienced on this planet, be they physical, be they emotional, be they mental, there are all different ways that each of you feel tortured on this planet. And for most of you, it is rarely the physical, that you experience that energy. It is other ways it is where your freedom is stopped. It is where you are blocked. It is where you feel you are silenced. It is where you feel you cannot fully express yourself. Well guess what? Right now you are on a planet where the expression of consciousness is growing. And the attempt to control who and what you are allowed to be on the planet is also growing by what you would call the old guard the old system, who have been in many ways preparing for this time in their own way too. So you are in what we would call a battle of consciousness. And those of you who are here as activists, those of you who previously have been here to soothe and nurture others, you are becoming a little more the truth telling in what you are perceiving and seeing and feeling. And equally those of you who perhaps before were the harsh truth tellers in your group who cared not much for people's feelings are how they absorb that medicine. You are beginning to soften a little and you are beginning to recognize that you're being able to create harmony is a a superpower, it is not soothing for the sake of you not being able to handle conflict energy, it is not you trying to avoid conflict energy, it is you recognizing the power that conflict energy is always wounded energy. So when you are able to harmonize conflict energy in others in yourself for others, you are actually doing a great service of freeing consciousness back to the template of oneness that is possible on Earth, but won't be possible for some time. So there are a whole group of you who have come here, as an experiment in consciousness, to see how much oneness you can help seed and feed on the planet, while also experiencing your own personal, what you might call karma, we would sometimes call them real learnings on Earth, that relate to not just other lifetimes you may have had on this planet and others, but many of you choose to take on the karma of other beings, other people, there are many of you who come here and decide that you are going to clean up a lot of collective trauma by embodying it's so deeply for so many people that you will take the hit for sometimes hundreds, sometimes 1000s of people, and sometimes even greater numbers than that. So this old notion that many of you believed, where your life is linear, your karma is linear, you are one thing No, no, you have never been one thing. And this spell of making you believe you are one thing or even as few as 32 Things is breaking now on Earth, but it does not make sense to your human mind, or your emotional system which it has been tamed by your mind. Lee has never liked the word mental health, because it is not a true statement. And he is correct. The mind and emotions are highly linked, and the emotions respond to your energy field. And so the mind is what will keep everything in check and keep everything controlled. And it will replay things inside you to stop you repeating past lessons. But the problem with a rigid mind is if you were wounded around, let's say the area of abundance 1020 years ago, the minute someone invites you into an experience of abundance, your mind will start giving you all of the programming as to why you shouldn't, but your energy field might be ready, your energy field might be ready to allow abundance through your system now, because you have gone through so many other lessons and learnings and evolutions. But your mind if it is allowed to be the clamp, if it is allowed to be in charge of your emotional system and your energetic system, it is going to cost you and what you are seeing right now on the planet is what some of you might call mind control. And we don't want you running off to laboratories when we say that, but if you look at the way that your planet has been run thus far, there is a certain level of that playing out. And this is the period in your history where it all starts to break apart. The truth is, you have all all seen and been through all of this before. But it has never quite looked this way, at this time on Earth. So there is both an ancient template to running here that all of you are tapping into. And you are having to tap into old traumas past traumas, ancient traumas that you recognize. But there is also something very new happening on Earth, a whole new level of consciousness is being born and you are at the what we would call crossing over point with 2024 being what we will call a big trigger year. And 2030 Being a year where you will have had the potential opportunity to let the sun come out on the planet in an even bigger way than many of you remember even with challenge for the planet herself has changed rapidly in the last 20 to 30 years and there have been manmade changes and there have been Earth changes frequency changes, electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere itself. So you are in what you can call the middle of a tumultuous time, which is the human minds way of being afraid. The human minds way of acknowledging that things are rocky, but you are also at the beginning of the biggest rebirth of consciousness that this planet has seen for over 10,000 years. That is the potential that you are standing at. And it's frustrating for many of you that there are more people doing the heavy lifting with you but guess what? You develop the muscles and the posture for this time. Now you just have to let your mind and Your emotional and energetic programming, relax and shift and change, so that you can become a change to being on a changing planet. And that is hard for many of you to be fully willing to do. Because there is a part of you that says, Well, I want the planet to be different. But I'd like to experience the planet as different as I am today. Because that would feel good to me. And we say, No, it wouldn't, it wouldn't at all. Because the minute you experience that planet, you are not going to be the same person you are today, you will be wildly different. So what we are saying to you is, not only is the planet around you changing, but if you really pay attention, you are becoming wildly different. And you are being invited into that difference for both personal and collective reasons. And now is the time. Good!

Alex Ferrari 45:54
Thank you so much for that. My friends, I have a question for you. What specific changes can we expect as we transition into this new phase of human evolution?

Lee Harris 46:05
Well, for many of you, it will be that you are ahead of the curve, not for all of you. But for many of you, it will be that you are ahead of the curve, part of your frustration will be that you start to see better ways of doing things, you also start to feel things at a higher frequency. So for example, you could be sitting in a room with four friends, and you could be feeling incredibly peaceful. And in some kind of acknowledged bliss, because you are sat with these friends that you love and perhaps have loved for many years, but they are having a wildly different experience than you, you are enjoying their personality. And the point of focus that their consciousness is giving them you are enjoying the way they see the world. But you are also observing the way they see the world. And there is a part of you that is more all encompassed in a universal love and awareness than perhaps your friends are. And this is not a bad thing. By the way, it can actually deepen your appreciation of people around you rather than mean that you have to change friends or anything like that. The only times most of you will be noticing the relationships right now is the shifts in relationships right now will be when the frequencies just aren't a match for your evolution. And this can happen with people you deeply love. There are our relationships, separations, friendships, separations, shifts going on, when conflict is part of those shifts, you know, there are wounds at play. If two people can lovingly and easily let go of each other, maybe there is a motion around it, but they can do it with respect and love. And I wish you well on your part of the journey. And I'm grateful for all we have had, there is love and harmony at work, when two people have to fight each other about letting go of each other there is wounding involved, that is a given. That is inescapable. And so once you start to understand that and you understand your own personal role in these transformational times, you will actually get ahead of whatever is taking place outside you. And what we mean by this is we're not saying you won't be affected by what takes place outside you, we aren't saying you have to like what takes place outside you. But we are saying that many of you are waiting for the change to happen externally. And you are completely missing, that actually, the change is happening internally for all of you. So some of the symptoms you will be experiencing right now should and will be occasional confusion, feeling mystified by the world that you live in, and parts of your personality that don't quite know how to feel about it, what to do with it, what to think about it. That's correct. That shouldn't be happening more than 10 15% of the time for those of you who are on purpose who are finding new ways of being. But in terms of the actual world herself, what you are actually going to notice if you pay attention is a lot of push pull in multiple directions. So some of you are waiting for the big thing. Some of you are waiting for the spaceships to land or the bomb to go off or the country to collapse. So the major natural disaster to annihilate an area of the world. And we're not saying you want any of that to happen. But some of you are waiting for the big one. No, no, no, there are going to be a series of events that you will watch ricochet around the world much like you already have been. But the grouping of them will also change some of the systemic power that you are currently trapped within it goes back to what Lee was saying earlier. This We the People is beginning to rise. So before it's We the People are very small, and the power systems are in charge and driving the car. Now what is about to start happening in the next two to three years is the power systems will still want To show you that power, they will still want to prove their power to themselves and to you, but they are losing grip. And we the people are beginning to activate in power in purpose, and in your sense of direction for what kind of planet you want to see. So, you're going to go through major personal shifts, and most of you will experience that before, you see the shifts that start rippling around the world that will play out in 2024, and have a domino effect through 2025 that will start to allow light to be held, nourished and built on through the year of 2025. In bigger ways than this past six, seven years have truly allowed the people to influence

Alex Ferrari 50:51
Can you provide insight into the human suffering that is currently resulting in the ongoing wars around the world.

Lee Harris 51:00
The human suffering that is currently resulting is what we would call Lee use the word horror, we will say that it is the frequency of horror that many of you are witnessing and seeing, there are a couple of things we need to say here for one of the things we will explain to all of you that can be difficult, because it is how will we phrase this for you, we are going to go to the level of soul for a moment and forget the level of human so we are not in any way being dispassionate for anyone suffering when we do this, we're just explaining to you. Most of you have experienced what you would call horrors in your lifetimes, not all but most of you have either experienced being on the receiving end of a either a horrific way to die, or a horrific series of events on the planet. And many of you have enacted those when your consciousness was lower. So in other lifetimes and the earth was more what we would call barbaric, the further back in time you go or at least that energy was more allowed than it is generally now. Now the barbarism has become more organized. But before the barbarism was a little more, shall we say, wild and allowed to play out in wild aways. So you have all experienced those, what we would call high intensity deaths, or exits from your body. And when you cross over from an experience like that, your suffering is very quickly balanced those who cross over from intensely difficult or horrific deaths, ones where pain is enacted, or ones where their life is suddenly taken in a way where what we would call darker consciousness decides that the consciousness of light needs to be taken off the planet, you are very quickly scooped up at a soul level. And so there is a very fast repair, that starts to happen to the souls who have gone through those kinds of traumatic deaths. Now, that doesn't necessarily take away the fact that none of you want to witness or see or know that that is happening to anyone on the planet, or to yourselves. And that also gets triggered for many of you, you feel empathy for what you're seeing going on for other people. And then you also play out the horror of what if that were happening to me? How would I feel about that? Well, what we will say is, in many of those cases, you go into more of a we will say just associative blur in your mind when you are in those kinds of experiences. So your human mind right now will start telling you a story of what that might feel like for you or what that might feel like for the person. And we can say that things are a lot more electrified, than mental consciousness is allowed to, shall we say, experience or track when you are in an experience like that? So firstly, the story you might be telling yourself about that suffering might be different to the person experiencing it. Secondly, what you have to understand is, why is this happening? And how has this been allowed to happen in our systems that supposedly are equitable, and supposedly are governing us? How have we arrived at a time and a place in the world where these events are allowed to play out? What does this mean to all of us what needs to be repaired in the system? And that is the next phase for all of you. Because none of you have been given, shall we say the keys to war on this planet? You are invited to be spectators in the stadium and you are riled up appropriately so that you will agree to come to the next match. And perhaps this time, you will want the blood of the other side. So you see you are are invited into war. And that is how war is perpetuated. Even right now, there are people on the planet who are so focused on wanting to point the finger at who is the most wrong in this scenario, rather than recognizing how horrific the scenario is for all involved. So there are layers of ego and war that humans can get sucked into. When war is presented to them as a we won't say game because no one is stupid enough to try and present it obviously as a game. But there is a level of game that you are all playing out on a daily basis. Look at the war that you are shown in your entertainment, look at the war that is in video games, you are all shall we say, somewhat desensitized to and trained to accept war? Why you have to ask yourself, why is that something that is allowed. So you recognize that the system itself is perpetuating this ongoing suffering game that the system itself might win in? So those empower those in control those in governance, they don't get hurt by these games, but everyone underneath does. So oh, why we are broadening out? Our answer to your question is you are in a time, where more of you than ever before are more heart open and more consciousness than a more conscious than ever before on Earth, meaning there are more of you in that space. So there is a vibrational opposition to what you are seeing play out that is brewing in people and for you today, you watching or listening to this, your response might be well right now I'm just brokenhearted and horrified about what's going on in the world. And we would say yes, that is where you are today. But as you move that through your system, if you don't harden your heart and you don't stick your head in the sand, there will become an activation inside you as to what can we do about this? How can we stand for something else? i Yes, I see that the system itself needs reform, I will not just keep voting the same vote over and over again for parties and systems that do not change anything on a fundamental level. That is the activism that we are speaking of. And even in your politics, you are seeing outliers who are trying to get into the race. And of course they aren't allowed in because it is so shall we say gridlocked. But guess what, it's becoming less gridlocked. And the outliers are beginning to disrupt it from the edges. And the people who are paying attention to the outliers are saying, Ah, yes, imagine if things were run differently. So what we would caution all of you against, and we see this sometimes in the spiritual community, there is a perception that some of you want to say, well, the war is our fault, because war is in us. Yes, but that's like saying, a child that is very badly behaved, who was raised badly is that fault? Rather than wondering what would have happened to that child if it had been given more holistic parenting? What if it had been raised with love and kindness and taught to honor those values and stand for them rather than it was raised in a very limited way? So that is why we do not ascribe to the belief that, yes, all humans have war inside them. And until all humans have got rid of war inside them, war will not go away? No, no, you have some fundamental wiring into your systems that most of you are not allowed to interfere with thus far to cause change. So back to your original question. For many of you, the suffering is horrific. This is not a world you want to live in. This is not what you want to see playing out. So the bigger question becomes, when enough of us feel think and know that and we start talking about it, and we start taking those conversations to areas where change might be possible, then things start to move.

Alex Ferrari 59:15
And my friends, do you have any parting messages for the audience in this in this time, and in the time that is coming?

Lee Harris 59:24
Well, firstly, of course, understandably, given the time that this is happening in. There have been we won't use the word heavy, but we will say heavier conversation than many of you might wish to be having right now. But we and Alex have simply met the energy of the collective right now. So did Li. So there is a somber energy in the collective for many, but and this is very important. You are here to generate light, joy, heart Those are very important frequencies. And if they go away, your world becomes more shrouded in the other. So part of your role, and part of what you are needed for is to find those areas of light, joy and heart in yourself. Some of you are caregivers extraordinaire, you are either literally a caregiver in your life and your family and your work, or you are somebody who simply carries that vibration wherever you go. So you have to, if you aren't receiving light, joy and heart in those relationships, or the role that you find yourself in, in your relationships, you have to start, including some people who give back to you to where those energies can flow. And you have to start prioritizing, being a Guardian of Light, joy and heart in yourself as you navigate these tumultuous times, because it is those higher frequencies that allow you to move beyond the base frequencies of Fear and Conflict that are right now being pumped into your world. They want you to become them. Fear and Conflict want you to become Fear and Conflict. And the way you become something different is to see the Fear and Conflict for what it is perhaps even notice the parts of your body, mind and heart that respond to it. But then to remember that you, dear one, are far far bigger than those small sewn in vibrations that have been sewn into your planet for a very long time. But this is the period of time where that clamp around fear and around limitation on the planet is losing its grip. So it is a wild time on Earth for sure. And unpredictable. But because of that wildness. And because of that unpredictability, you have to ask yourself, how much more wild and unpredictable might your life belief system and way of behaving needs to become in order for you to allow more light, joy and heart into your daily life that will then ripple out to others. So it doesn't mean stick your head in the sand, which is what many of you immediately go to when you hear an invitation like that? Well, I can't stick my head in the sand, we will say most of you have got your head in conflict and fear more of the time than light joy and heart right now. So we don't think you're sticking your head in the sand. But we are asking you to take your head out of the sand, raise your eyes and your face to the light that rises on the planet every day, to the light and love that exists not only in the nature around you, but in the people and the animals and those other beings that you connect with on an energetic and a dimensional level. It is all here for you. And this is very important that you become a guardian of what you want to see in this world. Rather than a fighter, or someone who is an observer of everything you don't wish to see in the world, it is all about you finding the way of walking the balanced path within this very multi dimensional messy world. But this highly alchemical transforming world. Let yourself be activated by those highly alchemical energies so that you can become more of a superpower of your own heart. Connection to light and connection to joy. Good in peace and in love. In light. And enjoy. To all of you.

Alex Ferrari 1:03:48
How are you my friend? Good. Feeling good?

Yeah, good, good.

Yeah, they were. They were intense. Yeah. I've asked intense questions. So these are not they were not low, as they say low hanging fruit or softball pitches. Yes, tough questions that people really want to hear the answers to.

Lee Harris 1:04:13
Well it's where we're, you know, it is what most of us are dealing with. I mean, I think one thing I can say and this is because I'm, you know, channeling the Z's all the time, and paying attention and learning my own stuff from them, as well as learning my own stuff from all the other human modalities that helped me on a daily basis to kind of, you know, lighten up, brighten up heal expand. I definitely even with lots of good things that I'm experiencing on a daily basis that I'm recognizing and and I'm grateful for I think for most of us, even if you can say that's part of your life right now that those good things those gratitudes I think it really is this for people who feel deeply this this time where that energy is just rippling across the world and Even if you aren't choosing to look at the footage or you know, it's finding you because it's, it's, it's a universal thing. And I think what you said earlier about how our global awareness about what people of color have gone through for, you know, for so long, and how that came into sharp focus in the last few years, and I feel like there was more compassion and awareness in in all of us around that than ever before. Even as we saw the rise, of course of the opposite, of course, you will always see the rise of the opposite when the opposite feels like it's losing its grip. I think even within all of that, I think it's finding that way to walk a balanced path. And noticing if you're, if you're heavy and depressed, what can you do to change that? What are you eating? What are you doing with your body? What are you imbibing through technology information? And then look at all the people in your environment and the work you're doing on a daily basis and go, Where do I need to make some improvements, because it really starts with us.

Alex Ferrari 1:06:03
Yeah, and I think it's the final death rattle of a lot of these ideas that they're and they're fighting, they're fighting, to stay in control, they're finding that the ideas are finding the groups of people who are afraid of change, who don't want to let go of power, who are afraid of what you know, God forbid, it goes. I mean, I've said this on the show before, when I went to the Vatican this summer, I happen to be at the Vatican and looking around I go, this has nothing to do with Jesus, like has nothing to do with Jesus whatsoever. It's the equivalent of telling somebody, the power of God is within you. You don't need a middleman, or middle person, you don't need an institution to talk to God or the institution to forgive you for something that you've that they've told you that you've done wrong. These ideas are, are starting to melt away as the numbers of, of people leaving organized religion is growing and growing. People who are identifying more as their own spirituality, going into themselves meditating more, doing things better. For the, it's, it's becoming more logical, the fear that they had the grip that they had before, as far as religion, as far as politics, as far as economy, as far as all aspects of human life, you can just see, they're trying really hard to hold on, and they're gonna fight to hold on. But there's just too many people awakening to the point where like, no, that's, that's not good. You can't do that anymore. This is not right, people aren't getting angry, even if they don't even know what they're doing. They're like the system is not set up for us. And now with all this information to like, wait a minute, what? That you mean, if I shouldn't spend $190,000 on a college degree? That, basically and I can't ever get rid of that debt for a job? That's never gonna pay me that? Yeah. I mean, it's like in walk into life with 200 grand worth a dead on you. He basically slaves, you're basically creating slaves in that scenario, not for all I'm not saying it's a general blanket, please, if you're a doctor go to college, I don't want you to take that course online. You know, I don't want my surgeon to like, I just took a course on you. I'm just like, No. But but you know what I mean, as a general blanket statement in our generation was, that was an idea. These ideas are starting to fall away, even to the point where Google now hiring people straight out of high school, they don't want you to have a college degree, they want to train you themselves. They don't want any of that stuff. So it's just fascinating to see how the world is changing. But the old systems are holding their fight and, and that's the turmoil that we're feeling. And this is the rough spots that we're going through.

Lee Harris 1:08:47
And the elements of the old systems the Z's the Z's said this, you know, I have a members community, the portal, and every month I do a live broadcast there and the Z's were talking to my members, I think it was a month or two ago. And they were saying, you know, be very careful about wanting all the old systems to crumble, because they said, at least half of the old systems can be reborn. And some of the bones of the foundations of those things, it would be healthier for all of you if they were reborn updated. And so I thought that was very interesting, because I often hear voices of oh, it all just needs to fall down. And I'm like, No, I've never felt that and interesting that they talk about that too. So

Alex Ferrari 1:09:28
Well. I mean, the cars are a perfect example of that. The auto industry is all oil guzzling, gasoline guzzling, you know, kind of systems. But if, if the car industry went away tomorrow, that's not a good thing for anybody. But they are making cars that are more fuel efficient hybrid cars, electric cars, hydrogen cars, other options are coming out. So that's a great example of an old system that has changed has been be born. And could they go faster? Sure. But there's still things holding on to them. So they can't move as fast as they might want to oil and the old way of looking at things. And by the way, we all hate to break everyone's bubble, we still need oil. Like, for right now, we still need it, we need to change. But the system, like you said perfectly that tomorrow, oil goes away. The other systems aren't ready to take on what the world needs energetically yet, hopefully we can have free energy one day, we'd have to worry about these kinds of things. But, but the old systems have a place, they just have to move that all but some have to move.

Lee Harris 1:10:41
But it's funny, as you're saying this, I feel like that's the metaphor for our evolution too. Because when I was, you know, I'm 47 now. And when I was going to my first workshops in like my early 20s, you know, the way that we were taught them was, well, this is your resistance, and you need to heal this. And that was kind of the mindset like 25 years ago. And actually, you know, the opposite is true for me now, it's like, the parts of myself that are old, that need updating, that's not a problem. That's not a failure. That's my evolutionary path. And so if I can navigate my own evolution with kindness, compassion and patience, but also hopefully some intelligence or knowing if I don't have the answer, okay, who's the person I can find? Who has this knowledge? What mentor what book what, you know, we have all that at our fingertips. So I think what you just shared, or what we both, I guess talking about with the systems is the same is true for us. And our evolution, you know, all of us would be so different. If we were told, Oh, by the way, Alex forgot to tell you next Wednesday, you're dying. You're mad things that we would care about between now and next Wednesday, you know, oh, my God, this i I've just moved house, I have a whole list of things that I need to do for this house. I wouldn't, you know, it's like, all I would care about is the people I love the trees, like there would be things that I would suddenly go, Oh my God, I've got seven more days to take this in. What really matters. And so I think there is something about being able to be in the present, because, and this is one of the things I'm reminded a friend of mine. I don't know her very well. She's a friend of a friend. And she was really freaking out about two years ago. She was going oh my god, what if in 2029? And I said, what if we're dead? I said, we don't even know we'll still be here in 2029. Because you think the planet is gonna blow up? And I said, No, because you were I might be dead. It might be our time. You know, we don't know the Z's always say, it's so easy to die, they say you can die like that. If your soul if it's time, you can just be taken off the planet. So I think we also have to be careful of, you know, coming out of the present to such a degree that we're trying to control or worry about the future. It's like, okay, well, we'll get to the future through where the present. So I think there's something about that, too. That's one of the ways I stay balanced. Because I am a futurist and I do work with timelines. But I'm like, Okay, well, today is today. And the timeline is not set until it becomes today.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:13
Can you imagine if you're playing a video game, and the video game avatar that you're playing, is thinking about level 17. But they haven't even gone through level one. And then they get killed by an orc or something comes out and kills them. Like they, the video game player, or the avatar, it's in the moment, every moment, it by design of that video game. It's never thinking we might be thinking about what's coming up. But it never does. It's a beautiful metaphor for us. It's like if we could be more like Mario. Yeah. And just live in the like, there's a mushroom in front of me, I gotta stomp on it. Okay, I gotta get that coin. Like, it's literally that moment. It's not like, it has the overall goal of reaching the end of the level. But right, it doesn't worry about that. It's worried about what's in front of them at the moment.

Lee Harris 1:13:58
But you're nailing something that the Z's will say, they'll say we are Mario, they'll say we are right now in our weak, but our minds will overcomplicate it over and it's like, No, today, you're on this. This is this is your day, this is your level. So there is something about that, that I think is important to remember when your mind spins out because fear is activated in your body.

Alex Ferrari 1:14:19
And programming and hardwiring that we've picked up along our life is being triggered or brought in and I've talked about this so many times on the show, but the concept of poor people mentality is such a serious thing. You know, because if you were raised with a mindset of fruit, frugality, or money is very difficult to get or all rich people are evil or these kinds of mentalities. It completely stops you from growing. It'll stop you from gaining money you'll self sabotage yourself because I don't want to get rich because if I get rich financially, that might mean that I'm going to become a bad person and all subconsciously to it's fascinating. how all that works. So we have to also think about the programming. And that's where the self work comes in. Really digging all that stuff up and going, Nope, that doesn't stop. That doesn't serve me anymore. I have to get rid of that. And nope, that doesn't work for me anymore. I gotta get rid of that. And that's not the truth about relationships. That's not the truth about money. That's not the truth about the world. That's not the truth about my neighbor. All of these prebuilt things that we get picked up like they say, you spend the first seven years being programmed the rest of your life trying to deprogram. Yeah, to get back to where you were when you walked into this planet as a baby. Yeah, completely clean and free.

Lee Harris 1:15:36
And being kind to yourself that it was the truth at one point, like, if at one point, that was your truth, that's okay. Because we all out that's evolution, we all were supposed to outgrow things, there's no shame in who you are, or what you thought, unless you want to go down a shame spiral about it.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:55
You know, and I'll share one quick story before we go is, you know, I had a relative of mine, who had her mom who was dying. And at the time, she wasn't ready to let go. So she prolonged her life artificially, you know, like, so many feeding tubes are getting the whole pulling of the plug idea. Because she wasn't ready, though. And in her mind, she felt that she was doing the best for her mother at the time. But then, fast forward 20 years, and she looks back and goes, oh my god that was so barbaric. Oh, my God, I should have just let her go. I made her suffer for another six months that she didn't need to suffer. And she starts to beat herself up over it. And it was a friend of ours who's a doctor. And she said, You did the best you could with the information. And the place you were at that time, you can not beat yourself up over that. It's the equivalent of me, looking at myself as a teenager going. I can't believe I said that to Jenny. Of course you did. Because you're an idiot. You're an idiotic teenager. Boy, you said something stupid? Or you know, or you said something to a teacher? Or you made a mistake? And you beat yourself up? Why would you beat yourself up over it? It makes absolutely no sense. You just did the best you could with the moment that you were given at that time with the training you have. If you and I went back to our teenage years, imagine if you and I were freshmen in high school again. Can you with our minds? Now? Can you imagine what we could do?

Lee Harris 1:17:31
Oh, and can you imagine how we would observe ourselves? Because I often think that, you know, I Oh, I've gone through stages in my life where I've looked back at events or the way I treated someone or the way I handled something. And I'm like God, oh my god, yeah, I wish I could go back on a closet. And you know, the definitely, there were a couple of people in my life, I did go back to him with God, I'm so sorry. You know, and that was good. But at the same time, I think we all have those moments where we just we were doing the best we can. And it's a complicated world. And we're complicated. The world is complicated. So you got to give yourself as much grace as possible. Yeah.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:09
Lee, I appreciate this conversation so much, my friend, I love talking to you, I love talking to the Z's, saying we will definitely have you. We'll definitely have you back next year without question to continue these conversations. But I appreciate you, and and what you and the Z's are doing for the world. And for this conversation, specifically, which I do believe will heal, and will help a lot of people going through this kind of confusion. And just like, I think what's going to happen in the world, this conversation is also done in the sense that it wasn't a smooth sail, there are some rough, there's rough parts of this conversation that people have to kind of prepare themselves for. But at the end, we'll be okay. And at the end, this is the reality of the world that we're living in. And we have to deal with what is presented to us in the most loving and energetically positive way as we can. So I appreciate you and the Z's for doing the work. Where can people find out by the way more about you, and the amazing work that you're doing with the Z's in the world?

Lee Harris 1:19:10
Firstly, thank you for having me. And I love what you're doing with your platform. And if you'd have told me 20 years ago, when I first started doing this work publicly, there would be a channel like yours and other channels doing I'm like, Oh, this is a completely different universe to what I was doing 20 years ago when it was way more fringe. Yeah, so you can find me at So every month I do a Free Energy Update on YouTube. It's about 3035 minutes long, where I go through what you might be experiencing this month and how to deal with it. I have a course that's about to start, which funnily enough is called rebirth enter your next level, which is for 2024. It's in January, and it's basically a transformation course where you can look at where you're at in your life right now and decide where you want to go in the year to come On so even though we do it in January, people get full replay access. So some people take it in July or whenever they want to. And there's a lot of channeling in that there's a lot of energy teaching. And there is also music because I also create conscious music with my music partner devil bows eek. So, music features, we have some mantra songs, we just released an album called medicine mantras that you can find out there, which we do live, but DeVore also intuitively plays music while disease channel which is a whole other experience. So we have some of that and rebirth. But yeah, you can find everything I do at

Alex Ferrari 1:20:39
Lee I appreciate you everything you're doing in the world, my friend. I appreciate you. Thank you again.

Lee Harris 1:20:44
Right back at you. Thank you Alex.

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