LIVE CHANNELING Reveals The EXPLOSIVE Purpose of CURRENT WARS & HUMANITY’S Future! with Kelly Bowker

Life often steers us toward moments of profound transformation and spiritual awakening. On today’s episode, we welcome Kelly Bowker, a remarkable channeler whose journey from a small-town life to communicating with higher entities offers deep insights into the power of belief, love, and spiritual exploration. Kelly Bowker’s story is a testament to the magic that unfolds when one embraces their true path and opens themselves to the wonders of the universe.

Kelly’s journey began in a rural town with a population under 1,000, where her spiritual inclinations led her to the Baptist Church. Despite her religious upbringing, she always felt a deeper connection to the divine, a connection that was not confined by dogma. “The love that I feel when I pray…this just didn’t make any sense to me,” she recalls, describing the dissonance she felt between her experiences of divine love and the exclusionary teachings of her church. This internal conflict sparked a lifelong quest for spiritual truth.

Her path took a significant turn about fifteen years ago when she discovered the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. These teachings resonated deeply with her and helped her shed the dogmatic beliefs that had constrained her. “When she [Abraham-Hicks] said that we are just an extension of source energy, it all made sense,” Kelly explains. This realization allowed her to embrace a more expansive view of spirituality, one that acknowledged the divine presence within everyone.

About five years ago, Kelly’s life took another dramatic turn when she began to experience health issues and a general sense of dissatisfaction. This period of struggle led her to explore new spiritual practices, including the Wim Hof breathing technique, which facilitated altered states of consciousness. “That was my doorway to meditation,” she says, describing how these practices helped her connect more deeply with the divine and ultimately led her to channeling.

Kelly’s channeling journey began in earnest about two years ago when she first started hearing and feeling the presence of her guides. Her process is both intuitive and disciplined, involving deep meditation and a surrender to the guidance she receives. “I lay there and just started saying, ‘let the words come,'” she recounts. This practice led to profound experiences, including encounters with light language—a form of communication she describes as “the language that your soul understands.”


  1. Embrace Your Inner Guidance: Kelly’s journey highlights the importance of trusting and following your inner guidance. By listening to the intuitive nudges and feelings of love, we can navigate our spiritual paths more effectively.
  2. Let Go of Dogma: Kelly’s experience underscores the value of releasing dogmatic beliefs that limit our understanding of the divine. Embracing a more inclusive and expansive view of spirituality allows for greater personal and spiritual growth.
  3. Practice Self-Love and Compassion: One of Kelly’s core messages is the importance of self-love and compassion. By nurturing ourselves and recognizing our inherent worth, we can create a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

In our conversation, Kelly shared the transformative power of light language and how it has facilitated her spiritual growth and healing. This unique form of communication brings through what is needed in the moment, allowing for profound insights and activations at a cellular level. “Light language can literally go within you at a cellular DNA level and change and activate that dormant DNA that we have,” she explains.

Kelly’s work emphasizes the interconnectedness of all life and the power of intention and focus in creating our reality. Her insights encourage us to cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the divine, recognizing that we are all extensions of source energy, capable of profound transformation and healing.

Please enjoy my conversation with Kelly Bowker.

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Follow Along with the Transcript – Episode 364

Kelly Bowker 0:00
When they practice the joy and the end is a patient of the glory and the wonder and the magic that is at your disposal, you will have your peace. The peace is now dear one, the peace is now. But where is the focus and the belief and the vibration and the frequency? That is the ride on the merry go round. Finding Your Way Back to that place of knowing that in this moment all is well, no matter what you see in your reality. All is well in this moment

Alex Ferrari 0:58
I'd like to welcome to the show Kelly Bowker, How you doing Kelly?

Kelly Bowker 1:01
I'm wonderful. Alex, how are you?

Alex Ferrari 1:03
I'm good, my dear. I'm good. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to talk to you, and the entities that you channel. And we'll get into all of that in a minute. Your story is pretty remarkable, though. How you got to this point as a channeler. So my first question is, what was your life like before this insanity? That is channeling happened to you in your life?

Kelly Bowker 1:26
Oh, it's so surreal to hear those words I have dreamed of the day when I would be sitting across from you. And you would ask me that question. I'm so in my life is just so full of magic. But I would describe my life as a small, simple country, girl life. I've lived a wonderful life. I'm 61 years old. I've been happily happily married for 42 years. So I got married when I was 18 years old. We didn't have children for four or five years. But we just we were young and in love and doing our thing. And I was kind of raised, I wouldn't say I was raised because my parents really didn't have much to do with it. I was a seeker. And the only thing to seek in this little rural town of population under 1000 was the Baptist Church. And what I have learned now is that that Holy Spirit that I felt in the Baptist Church is exactly the Holy Spirit that I feel now. And I when I prayed using the languages that I knew and understood at that time, I prayed to God through Jesus. And my heart just expanded and I was so filled with love. And I just felt that connection with the all that I knew there was something that was real there. But then I go to church and they tell me that all my Catholic friends sorry about this big guy, but all my Catholic friends were going to hell and all obviously, oh my god, the witnesses friends, we're going to hell. And I'm like, the love that I feel when I pray. This just didn't make any sense to me. So I I've lived my life seeking I you know, through my 20s lived a Christian girl life with all the guilt and all the struggles and you know, if if I swore which I swear like a pirate, I was making Jesus crying if I drank and I drink like a fish I was making Jesus cry, like making Jesus cry all done. That's not fun thing. So that was terrible. You know, that was terrible. But um, I'm a registered nurse. I went to school to be a nurse. And I actually quite quickly in my career began teaching. I taught the Certified Nursing Assistant Program for 23 years. And about five years ago, I've been retired for just over a year, about five years ago is when things started to change. I I embraced channeling probably 15 years ago, when I found the abraham hicks stuff. And it resonated about the time I'm sure that all of the people who listened to your show found the Law of Attraction I was finding it to be so the secret and and then the abraham hicks stuff and it resonated with me. And I was able to begin to let go of the dogmatic religious This is evil. This is bad. She's you know, she's bringing through the devil blah, blah, blah. I because it was the first time things really all made sense. When she said that we are just an extension of source energy. And it was like it all made sense. Finally, and it just resonated and I was finally old enough to let my heart and my own energetic resonance lead me and so I I lived for probably 15 to 20 years really immersed in that kind of stuff. But it left me it left some big holes in my life. I am a woman of faith. And if I'm creating my own life on my own, standing on my own completely alone, who do I pray to? Who do I trust? You know, it's like there was something big missing because I had, I felt that movement of energy, I felt that connection. And I missed praying with my heart open. And that's just, that's just it. I just missed the relationship of knowing the was a higher energy, something outside of myself as well, that cared about me that loved me that was interested in my well being. And I missed that. And so I, I definitely wasn't fulfilled. I was, I was on a journey, but I wasn't fulfilled. And then about four or five years ago, my life started to take some returns, I started to be a little bit sickly. My work wasn't going to that great. I just wasn't I've always been a happy person. I read the power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. When I was like, 10, I've always been this girl, you know, this is who I am. And that voice in my head that always had been happy, was getting awful grumpy. And I started to feel constrained, I didn't know who I was, you know, typical a woman approaching 60 Haven't been married before I could drink legally. You know, I mean, think about that. Who am I if I'm not Mike Volcker's wife, who am I, if I'm not my kids, mother, in the grandmother and a teacher and my, you know, Sister, I'm all these things. But who am I? And I started to feel this true pulling forward, this huge learning, yearning, that I think a lot of the people watch your folks show, and a lot of the people that reach out to me a feeling. It's like, there's something missing, there's a piece missing. And so I began, I had I had gotten really sick one winter, and my lungs got very debilitated. And as is my thing, if something's matter, I dive into the YouTube and not YouTube. But I dive into the internet and I figure out what's going on. And I found Wim Hof and his breathing technique. And through that breathing technique, I began to get that altered thing. All the self help books that I had read all my life. When it got to the meditation section, I skipped it. And when it got to the inner child work, I skipped it. Ah, that craps? Not for me, I don't mean that that's not for me. Well, when I couldn't settle myself down enough to meditate, but when I did the Wim Hof breathing, and I was, if you're familiar with it, it has rounds. Yeah. And in between, between the rounds, because you've hyper oxygenated, and then your followed by hypoxia, your wounds, you know, your it's an altered state, it's like doing plant medicine, like Ash, or whatever that is, or, you know, I will ask a thank you, you know, those things that help you disconnect from your logical thinking brain, your ego brain, and you start to feel that allness, that connection. So I started to play with that. And I started to stretch that. That is how I learned to meditate. That was my doorway to meditation. I don't have to do that now. And I didn't, I only probably used that as a tool as a gateway into meditation for probably about a year, I got into some of the Joe Dispenza stuff, learned about the space connecting with that beautiful space that is so powerful. And one thing led to another so I was having these, even as my life was kind of cycling down my meditations were getting really awesome. I was feeling touches. Oh, you making that up? I was seeing really crazy crap. Oh my gosh, like one day, I opened my eyes and I looked down. This was this. I was scared to death to scare the crap out of me. I looked down at my arm. And my arm looked like it looks scaly. It was big and thick. And the fingers were big and thick. And it was all weird looking. It just it's like it morphed into something weird. And then it went away. And I'm like, oh, okay, that's awesome. What's that all about? I had orbs come to me that I could dip my hand into and my hand disappeared. And energy mass is moving in the in the room. Oh, my God. I mean, all this stuff that, you know, I'm just kind of play in with and I don't really know where it's all headed. I began when things kind of hit the fan with me mentally. I decided to get some counseling. And I was going to counseling online via zoom. And I shared with her an experience that I had with meditation and whatnot. And she said, I think you need to look up what it means to be an empath. And when I did that, I dove into really dove into the metaphysical side of the internet and there As the rest is now history, I found Suzanne Giesemann I love her left brained approach her concrete, you know, all of that evidence and all of that, that, that helped me to let go the last bits of anything that was holding me back. And I, I followed her directions, she talked about doing automatic writing, but I can't spell. And so I would, I would get into a meditative state and I would start to write, but I'd get to a word that I couldn't spell and it would bring me out of my meditation. So that didn't work. So one day, my husband goes fishing for the weekend, and I have all kinds of time I take my iPhone, laid it on my chest, hit the memo thing, and lay there and and I, and throughout this whole time, my guides were queuing me, I didn't know that at the time, but they would say things like, lights on, lights off, air pods, in music, on music off, sit up, lay down. And now I know they were getting me so that I could get into that altered state, in in all situations. And, and that was part of it. So they, they were talking in my head, you know, I didn't know that completely clearly at the time. But they said, just start saying let the words come. So I just, I laid there and I just started saying let the words come at the words come. And like I said, I talked about that space, step into that space into that space, that space, let the words come let the words come. And then it just, it just started. And I channeled and that was it'll be two years in January.

Alex Ferrari 11:37
So when you first started the channel, so it wasn't something very subtle in the sense that you started to hear voices and you thought you were going crazy, you are actively looking for this. You are actively trying to bring it through you when it happened. How did you deal with the energy because for my understanding is is an energy surge that if your nervous system is not properly prepped for can burn out, literally pop pop busca gasket, if you will.

Kelly Bowker 12:04
Well, to give a long answer to that. I actually heard a gentleman talk about Kundalini and energy late lately. And he likened it to the movement of the Holy Spirit. And I have felt that energy all my life. And I didn't realize that's what Kundalini energy was. I didn't I thought it was some like thing all by itself. But it's not. It's that rise of that beautiful rise of energy. So my body was very familiar with that. In the videos, I had watched, they said that you should ask your guides their name, and my guides did give me a name, they gave me the name Lacroose. And that has come to represent the cross to me. Because as a young child, I was very lonely and I clung to the cross. And I had I actually had a cross that I would hold in my hand and brought myself to sleep because I was scared lonesome, and, you know, it was just who I was, you know, and it was a big part of my life. So the cruise the energy of the cruise was very familiar, there was a lot of it felt very much like the love of Jesus, the love of God, that it was familiar was very familiar energy to me. And I definitely shivered. My my physical tell, is my jaw shakes. When the minute when the guides are talking, my jaw starts to go and so that that happened to a degree. But it wasn't until light language came that the energy turned up so I was having like really big, like, knock me back energy kind of thing. So the cruise was my primary energy from January until June. And then in June, light language came through. And is that something you'd like me to talk about or?

Alex Ferrari 12:04
Well, so it sounds it sounds very similar to a few people I think I think Sheila Gillette, who does do Theo for a while when she started she had another entity for three or four years and it was a prepping energy a prepping entity to prep and then she say in one morning she just goes he goes your your your your true masters here your your true beings here, I'm leaving now my work is done. And she's like, what, what's what's going on? And then this this energy came in and just knocked her on her on her butt but she needed to get prepared to sounds like the grace was that preparatory energy for you. And then your light language.

Kelly Bowker 14:37
And that energy is still here. It's we're all one Alex. Sure. Of course. Of course. No, it's all one and so I don't have a great need of saying it's this or it's this words this. There are times when they will identify my angel team. When the angel energy comes in. It has a very distinct a distinctly different feeling to make to it. I can Almost always no. Okay, here we go angels coming in. And my voice tends to soften a bit. And this a little bit of a different, it's a very different feeling than when I do a normal thing. Go ahead. Okay,

Alex Ferrari 15:12
Let me ask you, you know, you've been a woman of faith for so many years and, you know, programmed from the womb, if you will, in in Baptists of dogma, dogma, same as I was with Catholic. Did you ever have a process of needing to reconcile what was happening to you? Oh, my Lord, for people listening, and because it's, you know, if anyone who's anyone who's been raised in either of our, of our religions, and all the other sects and Christianity, Catholicism to Protestant and so on, there is there is a deep programming in there. And hearing this look, I've never channeled at least not that I know of. But I had to, I had to reconcile doing this show. You know, yes. Oh, just to deal with it, just how to process it.

Kelly Bowker 16:08
I'm I on the right path. Am I doing?

Alex Ferrari 16:11
Am I crazy? Am I crazy? Am I gonna lose everything? Am I gonna lose everything I build, I'm gonna lose my family and friends, are we gonna lose all of this stuff? And so on a very, very smaller scale. That's what I had to go through. So I can only imagine with you, how did you deal with this just mentally, psychologically, and deal with this programming that you had to deal with?

Kelly Bowker 16:31
Well, the the years with the Abraham group, let go most of that kind of dogma. And then there's a wonderful statement that we all need to use, and it is judge things in your own heart. God has given you every one of you that are listening and me and Alex, we all have our own ability to feel does this feel right? When Lacroose's energy came in my gosh, Alex, it was like, being bathed in this love this pure positive love my guides, I can be a hot friggin mess. And they come in and it's just it's like, it's just beautiful. It's just beautiful. So as far as reconciling that it, that it is possible, and that people can do it, and that it's not of anything except love and light. That was the easy part. That Kelly Coleen could do it. Oh, dear God. I would say what does crazy look like? I said this to my husband one day, I said, What is crazy look like? Are you going to come home and I'm going to be a babbling mass on the damn kitchen floor? I mean, am I losing my mind?

Alex Ferrari 17:52
Right! What do you have? And you were looking for it? And you were looking for it and studying it and really trying to go after but even when you ask for crazy, crazy knocks on the door.

Kelly Bowker 18:02
That isn't exactly true. I wasn't looking for the channeling thing. I

Alex Ferrari 18:11
I'm searching but you were searching for

Kelly Bowker 18:13
I knew there was something more something was calling something. A greater level of understanding, okay, okay. And I didn't even know the difference between like mediumship and channeling and all that. I thought I felt a true calling to be a medium at that time, because I worked with a woman whose daughter had been killed when she was like 19. And I do believe that this young woman was an active part, she was kicking me in the head to get me to come around, I don't even do mediumship anymore. I've let that part of my of my abilities go. It's not that I can't do it, I don't enjoy doing it. Because if you think about what a human personality is, it's a fractal of the all. It's a little tiny fractal. When you are going to ask me questions, and I'm going to channel for you. I'm going to open my energy and open my heart. And I'm going to do this when I do medium to ship I have to do. And it's like pulling it in. And it's awful. I don't like I don't like it. And so I was doing it. And i i One day I said Why are you bringing me these people that need mediumship I don't like doing mediumship and I said that out loud. And when I heard myself say it, I was like, because if I were doing a one to one with you, and you said, How do I know if I should do this or this? My guides are gonna say follow your heart, follow your passion. What makes you get excited? That's how we know if we're on the right track is because we can't wait to do that. And that's when I said okay, you're given me permission. I can let that part of it go. So as far as reconciling it I would love to share coming home and telling my husband

Alex Ferrari 19:58
I was about to ask my next question like How did your husband of so many years go? Oh, honey, honey, I love you. But are you going nuts?

Kelly Bowker 20:08
Right, exactly. I mean, I've always been a little out there. I mean, I've always been the girl that Juju girl and positive energy girl, and that's who I am. I channeled the first time on, I think it was January 11. And I did my first medium ship, one to one, it lasted an hour, and I channeled the man white brought through. I didn't know everybody didn't do that. I'm just finding that out honestly, like in the last six months. I thought that was it. But it's not. I brought him through, I brought to concrete evidence. It lasted over an hour that I was crying, the snow was running down my face, we got up and I got tissues. We were laughing. And then he gave me a wave of energy. And I went, Oh my gosh, he's not done. And I sat back down. And he came through some more. I mean, there was everything I watched on on the YouTube said it. If you can hold your link for 15 minutes, you're doing good. There's no not holding the link. It's there. It's there. Until it's not there. And then it's not there. I've never had it not be there. When I've when I have tried to do whatever. So I've got to this point, Michael knew I meditated. He'd say things in the morning like, say hi to the gang. Follow me, you know, this kind of thing. Yeah, say hi to the crew zone. Are you okay? And I came home and I we went to we fixed our cocktails. We always have cocktail hour. And he goes to start the stereo. And I say, Honey, we need to talk. Let's not do the music tonight. And you know, because men, you know that hate those words. Let's talk on the right.

Alex Ferrari 21:47
Oh, yeah, this never ends off with. I just want to say that you're doing everything right. And really the project is me. You're perfect. You never know. That's no way those those conversations.

Kelly Bowker 22:00
No. So he feels exactly like you do. We sit down and I and I I explained it all what had happened. And that I had I had brought through this woman's father and I explained the evidence. And I mean, he's like his eyes are bugging out of his head. And he and I said, I said Mike, I can't not do this. And he looked at me Alex, this man of my love of my life looked at me and he said, with tears in his eyes. Of course you can't pay chokes you why but he's pretty special. And we don't talk about it. We don't share about it. It's not his thing. But he's 100% support 100% support. Because, you know, I don't know, I don't know where this is going to lead me. I don't have any great desire for anything. My only desire is to live happily ever after with Michael Boger that I'm going to do. I'm going to live happy with Mike. I want to do what the guides want me to do. I want to be I use the word I'm when I when we're talking. I say I'm open will lead me I'm open. not planning on work real hard. But I'm open. And it's just how you fell into this whole thing is so cool. how this all came together. I'd love to tell you Do you even know the whole story? Or did this all just kind of pop you in the back of the head? Do

Alex Ferrari 23:30
I know the whole story of why this is happening? What Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And I'm very firm. I'm very familiar with why this is happening to me. And why I

Kelly Bowker 23:40
Why you and I why you why I'm on your show. No, tell me how, oh, there's a very, very great story. And it was the most if I could bottle the moment in time, I have anything to be able to the feeling was incredible. I was being my process. I play on YouTube. If I see a face that I like, I think it might be fun to talk to him or her. I go to the About part of their thing. And I see if there's an email address. If there's an email address. I have this letter. There's not very well written. I'm not a writer, even though I've published two books. But I explain who I am. I send it off to him. He sends me back. His name's Trey. And he sends me back thing and says I like to meet with people. It'll take a half hour. We meet an hour and a half later after we have this wonderful conversation. He asks me if I'll do this live thing he needs to practice. I do the live event with him. We completely connect the energy is fabulous. It's the favorite thing I've done so far. That's out on the internet is my interview with Trey so far, the energy between us is fabulous. And I'm explaining to him one of the newest processes that my guides have given to me and we call it the sandbox process. When something's happening in your experience ants that is bringing your energy down, you don't like it. I'm immediately in my mind. I'm on the top of my castle because I'm a pretty princess. And I throw whatever the yucky thing is into my moat. And I let all the creatures that are in my moat, eat up the yucky thing. And then I fly with my energy over the moat. And I fly into whatever sandbox I want to play in. And so I'm explaining it to him. I said, I have a sandbox, where I'm being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, I have a sandbox where I'm being interviewed by Alex Ferrari, I have a sandbox that's full of beautiful unicorns, I have to say it and I'm just and I said I in this is legit, Alex, this is a true given to me by my guides process that works. You just take a minute and go into the fantasy of this play what whatever it is. Well, a few days later, he sends me a text and he says, check your email, and I checked my email, and I'm so backwards. When it comes to anything about technology. I don't even realize that it is addressed to people. And he says, Kelly, you are great. I love gym, blah, blah, blah. I want you to meet my good friend, Alex for Eric Ferrari. That is the host of next level soul. And then it's Alex, this is Kelly. Every bit of friggin blood drained out of my head into my feet. I start crying. And I start crying out of the magic of life. The magic Alex? How did I talk to him? Why him and that he has a good enough relationship with you that he just basically I think probably called you or something and say you got to talk to this check. How did that happen? This little girl from Lmain, and I'm talking as a half a million for good subscribers.

Alex Ferrari 26:46
I appreciate that. Well, it's funny that the that you know, I get pitched daily, daily, daily by literally probably we're getting 20 to 50 submissions a day. It's pretty remarkable. I didn't think there was that many people who want to be on the show. But apparently there is. So for you to get on the show now is become such a, it's such a harder deal. There's multiple layers of vetting and things like that, that we try to do. And when it's coming through a friend, or someone that I know, they kind of jumps the list a little bit. Not often not always depends. But because sometimes I'll get recommended by a friend. I'm like, Yeah, that's just that's not going to work. But he will take a look at it. And for whatever reason, we I you know, my team, and I said, Oh, yeah, let's have Kelly on the show. It'd be a few months out, but you can still get get on and we'll hook you in. And it's pretty magical. It's, it's kind of crazy. It's pretty, it's pretty crazy. It's pretty good.

Kelly Bowker 27:47
It's just it's just magic. It's just magic. Life is magic. And, you know, if anyone were to say, you know, like, what is the big overriding message that your guides bring to your life? You know, what is the big change? It is this wonderful perspective about life. It's the perspective of that everything is working out the way it's supposed to, and that everything is okay. Everything is okay. There's nothing to worry about. That, that we have the ability we truly have the ability to create the world that we want, we can create our own reality and we can create in other people's lives. That's that's the new thing. And I'm not the only one my guides are not the only ones that are saying that. And, and the reality of it. It isn't that you are not going to live Alex is going to create the timeline that that is going to match your vibrational output. Your experiences are going to be manifested by you. But I can have an experience of Alex. That is what I want. And the reason I know that is because I had a husband 15 years ago that was flat on his back. I was having to dress his feet. And I would not see him sick. I just wouldn't see him sick. I did I do everything I had to do in the day. Yes, I did. But in my mind, I saw abundance while I scraped together every penny to pay the light bill. And I saw him well and I saw us playing and I saw right joyful and in love not this sick sick man that was laying there. And he got better. He had two back surgeries right back to back and now we live this fabulous life and do everything. And I tried to use the abraham hicks stuff to make sense of that and it never quite did. And then it was your beautiful. I love her so much Sarah. Man Oh my god. I love Sarah and her guides just bring through such beautiful stuff. And when I listened to her it was like my guides were singing in chorus with hers. And I'm like the energy was just it was just shaking me from head If at all, and I was getting all of this understanding and I'm like, Oh my God, that's how it works. Okay, that's how it works. And it is that we. It's so simple, but humans make it so complicated. That's why the sandbox method works. If something's in front of you, that's lowering your vibration. Don't look at it. Just don't look at it. Look, look over here.

Alex Ferrari 30:26
Well, let me ask you, let me ask you this because you're, you're fairly new to the channel and game. You and I started some similar times I really didn't start taking the shows seriously till January of 2022. That's when you started to get your your mojo going. What do you say to people who and I don't know if you've already had encounters with these kinds of people who said that this is all insane. That this can't be real. This is all hooey. This is all all that kind of stuff. These these naysayers. If someone's listening to this conversation, right now, first of all, they're obviously a little curious about what's going on. But if if they're still thinking about it, as we're, as we're talking, these guys are nuts. What would you say? Or what would your guide say to people that are still struggling with this?

Kelly Bowker 31:14
I would say for the first time in my life, having been raised the people pleaser and a child of alcoholism, so you know, all of the stuff that goes along with that I've always had to make everybody else be okay and, and whatnot. So if you were to two or three years ago, if you looked and said what you're doing is wrong, and you're out to lunch, bla bla bla, I'd been like, oh my god, I probably am. Well, you know what, right now I would look at them right in the eye. And I would say I love you so much. And it's not my job to convince you of anything. You need to live your life Baby, you need to live your life and find your joy. Because there's no wrong path. There's no wrong path if you are I got the most beautiful download once Alex where they're very, they show me pictures, pitch a flash flash flash in my head sometimes when it's just me and them and they're given me like a big knowing. And they showed me like every different kind of church and every different kind of prayer and every different kind of ritual from beautiful tribal dances to the you know, being on the rugs, and all the different stuff. And they said, The love that what any person feels when you do your ritual, and you connect your heart. That's it, you're there. That's it, you've won the game. That's it is there is no one path. They're all the right path. If it is of love, if you are connecting, and it makes your heart swell with that beautiful, connected love, you're on the right track. And I know that there because I was that person I was the Born Again Christian, who because I loved people, I cried at night because I thought this one or that one was gonna go to hell. I cried because I loved them. And I thought that I believed in my heart that their beliefs and their practices were going to make put them into hell. And that broke my heart, my loving gentle heart it broke it. So I know that people look at me, I've had comments under my videos before and they'll you know, your, you know what they say you've had them too. And I just I send a prayer of blessing to them. Hoping because I'm free. I lived my life not being free, and I'm free now I'm free to be exactly who I am. I am free to express myself in any kind, damn way I want. And, and I don't have to make anybody believe or understand anything. But if they do, if they resonate with me, if sitting across from me and a Zoom meeting is going to benefit them, then I'm here I love that I can help you I would love to because I do love humanity. I know that sounds whatever. But I really do. I do have that love in my heart for the world. And I for the first time in my life, I don't feel like I have to explain myself at all. It's just a beautiful place to be.

Alex Ferrari 34:23
That's that's such a beautiful way of looking at it because hallelujah right? Considering where we came from originally where those beliefs and those dogmatic practices were all about converting somebody and, and and convincing you of that and all of that kind of stuff. And I always find it that if you have to convince somebody of your own beliefs, then you probably not secure in those beliefs in the first place. Because you could someone could tell me right now that you know that, that there's probably Are people walking around the planet? And I'd be like, unless they've drank a lot. And they happen to be in South Beach. I probably, I probably my beliefs, my belief system don't agree with that. But I'm not, I'm not insecure about it. As opposed to if you someone challenges that just by watching this, you know, I actually had in my Spanish channel, which I just launched, it was the best, it was the best comment I've ever heard of anyone that like I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian. You know, Jesus is the way. But I can't stop watching these videos. And I feel like I'm cheating on Jesus. I just, I just have to keep watching these things. There's something about these videos, I just can't stop binging them. And but but I still love Jesus, but I feel like I'm cheating on him. And then the comments underneath were like, Girl, I understand exactly where you're coming from,

Kelly Bowker 36:01
Oh, my gosh, I have what people save honestly, very, very similar things. There. There is an energetic shift. For those who watch these kinds of videos. Often, I'm long from the first person to say this, but there is an energetic shift that is happening on our earth. And if you by your heart, your true nature are vibrationally within the frequency of that you're feeling that pull you and if you've loved and served God, which, then you're you know, there is any you don't have too many of the dogmatic things holding you back, you're within that frequency. And so your heart is being pulled, because how can you know, I don't want to go into the details because I don't want to be like I'm dissing anybody because I'm known. But so much of what we were fed, we had to take on faith. Why did a little babies be born addicted to cocaine? Why does God you know, heroin? Why does God let that happen? Well, we have to trust and have faith that God has a plan. Well, what is going to include that baby being born, addicted to heroin, excuse me. I'm sorry about that. But now Now with the knowing that I have now and I know that that that sweet, innocent little baby is a beautifully mature, positive soul that has come forth with a plan maybe to make a change in that mother's life maybe to change the nurses who care for it, or that there's a plan there? Does that make a little more sense to Kelly, that makes more sense to me

Alex Ferrari 37:51
I always I always agree, I feel the exact same way that when I started to understand these kinds of truths that came from my from my experiences came from more of the yogic. And the Eastern philosophies, these ideas started to make much more sense because you could challenge them. See, anytime I would challenge a nun or a priest, they would get really upset. You know, like, they don't like it because Jesus was born, yada, yada, yada. Then he became the Savior. Well, what happened during the yada yada, yada are like, Oh, we don't talk about that. I'm like, No, but the yada yada, yada is the best part. What's teenage Jesus, like, you know, that kind of stuff. And anytime you would challenge anything, they give very, very upset. But when you start challenging these ideas, you're like, well, within the structure of it, it makes sense. And it just makes sense. And it's more of a loving place. And there's not a fear based scenario. So listen, let's let's let's do a little channeling.

Kelly Bowker 38:48
I can we talk about light language a little bit? Please go for it. Yes, go. Okay. Because Sara, talk to you about life language was like, holy cow. You've never had anyone that does light language on the show. Alex, what's the matter with you? And at that moment, I thought to myself, would it be cool if I was Alex's first person that does lately and so I don't know if I am, I think I might be pretty close to. But. So when I was in my 20s, I began going to the Pentecostal church. And they described speaking in tongues, and praying in tongues, right. And the way they said that it would happen would be if you loved God, strong enough, and you and they call it being slain in the spirit that you just could connect your heart so completely and so openly and honestly to God, that this gift would come forth and that you would begin to speak in tongues, and I did at that time in my late 20s. But then there was a lot of stuff that was so much dogma, stuff about Pentecostal, that that just whatever and so I kind of left that there for so years and years and years and years ago. So I had been doing my thing I thought I was supposed to be a medium. So I'm practicing the medium stuff. I'm doing some channeling, not really even understanding the difference between bringing through wisdom and knowings. Versus being meeting a medium. I just didn't, I was figuring it all out. I'm figuring it out. I'm meditating one day, and I'm channeling I've got my phone on my chest, I'm doing my it's my own thing. Right at the beginning, my guide said, because it didn't work for me to state a question out loud, and then channel, you just can't do that. So I think the question, but they know I wanted to have it on my recording. So they say you have asked blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then they answer the question. So we're talking along, I'm asking my questions, we're chatting, you know, you get up in the morning, talk to the universe. And all of a sudden, I started to feel this energy at my feet. And it started, it's like, it came up the front of my body. And I started to get scared and in my mouth, and, and all of a sudden, my mouth starts to speak light language. And my hands start to go with these weird gestures. And I don't have control over my hands and just going, and my mouth is just going and in my mind, I say, I'm scared, I'm scared. I'm scared to my guides. And my guides say in my mind, then stop. And I say no, this is all telepathy. It happens in a second, you know, but I say to them, is this for my highest good? And they said, Yes, it is. And I said that don't leave me. And they said, We never leave you. And familiar energy pull around me around my shoulders around the back of my head, my body, they held me while I was shaking, and thrashing and carrying on, my hands are gone. And this light language came through. It has been a journey of figuring out what this is. And it's new and awesome, more awesome sauce comes every damn day with it. Because it is it is a frequency, it brings through my dance that and go brings through from across the mentions, timelines, incarnations and realms. In other words, the all it brings what is needed in the moment. And so when people hear light language, if they set an intention, you know, like, if they have a need, if they have a problem, whatever you can, you can kind of ask that. And the light language can literally go within you at a cellular DNA level, and change and activate that dormant DNA that we have. And that's where these knowings and understandings come from. I mean, I know stuff that I have no idea how I know, I know what because the guides taught me. And I was able to learn it because of the light language. So when everything was quite gentle, until light language, once a light language came now it still can be very gentle. But sometimes, if I end it all, the question brings through the energy. So if you ask a really big question, the energy is going to be really big. And if it's a question that Kelly has no idea about me, then the the answer is, it's it, the energy comes through a lot stronger. So light language is the language that your soul understands. It's the language that the angels that understand it's, it's just beautiful. So for me, if I start digging for something, because they give me blocks of knowing, but then I have to find the words that I have access to to explain it. And sometimes that's tough. And so light language will come through. And it just it just like it's sort of one of the uses of light languages. It facilitates my channeling. It's like it brings through what needs to be brought through. And it also I call it light language blessings. I don't know if other people do honestly or not, but I because like there are some times when I'm doing one to ones with people, and they're just all over the place. I'll just say look, let's bring through a little light language and ask for clarity. And that energy of that light language, it's like it just it's like pixie dust it just settles over you. And then it's like okay, that now we can talk. You know, it's beautiful. It's just beautiful to gift Alex It's a gift.

Alex Ferrari 44:27
Well I look forward to feeling hopefully feeling a little bit of it so it's Can you tell the audience what is your channeling process? Your trance channel

Kelly Bowker 44:36
All those words I don't really get it.

Alex Ferrari 44:40
So what happens to you?

Kelly Bowker 44:41
I'm very I'm very conscious. And if they say something that is like really amazing to me, you might get a whole from Kelly comes through like I mean, that happens honestly in my recordings that happens all the time. Because they'll say something I'll be like You're kidding no way or something like that. It's a riot. And I argue with them once I said You have treat us like we're bugs in a petri dish. You know, I argue with. So I get I know what they want to say. And I have to find the words. I don't hear sentences that I repeat, you're going to ask a question. I'm going to take a couple breaths I'm going to bring I'm gonna start with light language. And then the the answer to your question will come right through.

Alex Ferrari 45:23
And will you still be who you remember what you said? Yeah, you remember,

Kelly Bowker 45:30
I'm right here. I'm right here and, and I can shift back and forth.

Alex Ferrari 45:33
And so will you be shifting back and forth? Or will you be staying in trance and this kind of trans

Kelly Bowker 45:38
I probably will shift. We'll just get it. We'll see how it all just.

Alex Ferrari 45:42
So alright, whenever you're ready, Kelly.

Kelly Bowker 45:44
Alright. We're gonna just start by taking a beautiful breath into our heart and create that beautiful space connecting to Mother Earth. That beautiful thanking Mother Earth for that beautiful love and support that she brings forward to us

*Speaking in toungues*

This one has been very excited in the days coming up to this event. With you, Alex, there has been great looking forward to and wondering about, but she has tried very, very hard to not practice the answers in her mind, she has wanted to be genuine as we know you would want her to be, we look forward to answering any questions that you have at this time.

Alex Ferrari 46:51
Thank you so much for being here. My first question to you is, could you provide any insight into the human suffering that is currently resulting from the ongoing wars that we have happening around the world.

Kelly Bowker 47:06
So you will start with something easy will you? We would be happy to address that it is a very difficult thing that you ask when you say, to explain a way human suffering, but you have to pull yourself back to the bigger picture, the bigger picture being that humans come from pure source energy, there is a decision made to come forward to the earth school and have the experience this is all understood this is this is not news to anybody, you come forth for the experience, if everything was going to be smooth sailing, there wouldn't be the experiences to have to create the growth, that you are all here to find your way to. You have come to the earth school for a ride on the merry go round, so to speak, a ride to seek how much you can remember your way back to being who you are. You forget that you are one, you forget that you are part of God. And so you come forth, and you spend a lifetime after a lifetime experience experiencing things and trying to figure things out. When you look at the horrific pneus of your war, you look at it through the eyes of human which means through the eyes of duality, that the human agreed on duality when they came forth. There were many such agreements. In order for the experience to be rich, you look at war as this horrific atrocity. From sources perspective, it is just another experience. It is another opportunity that is not easy for people to hear, and we understand that. But when you really think about it, from the stance of source energy, it is about the human having the experience, learning what they can learn or they don't. And going on to the next thing. So when you ask about why do people suffer, they suffer because they are collective ly putting their energetic focus in a particular direction, and it is creating the conflict that you are seeing. Would you ask something more about that?

Alex Ferrari 50:22
Yes, when will we finally be will be be at a point where we go beyond war, when we finally will understand that it makes no sense to do this anymore? When will we evolve to this place?

Kelly Bowker 50:41
There is a very complex understanding that is needed to facilitate the answer to that question. It is in the understanding of time, humans also agreed to the understanding of linear time when they came forward. All Time Is Now Alex, every experience that has ever been drempt, or fantasized, or envisioned, is all happening now. And a way that we have explained it is to think about the present moment being the point of beginning and infinite lines, timelines coming out from your present moment. There is a timeline that has the piece that you seek, where are you resonating? There is a timeline that has the earth, staying in the conflict and the disruption and the Armageddon and all of that that is also a reality? Where are you resonating? The more people who feel the pull forward to this new awakening of love and oneness, and learn the practices to turn their face away from these things that are happening in your reality due to the momentum up to this point, when they learn to tend to their frequency in this moment, and do it again and then again, and then again, when they practice the joy. And the end is a patient of the glory and the wonder and the magic that is at your disposal, you will have your peace. The peace is now dear one, the peace is now. But where is the focus and the belief and the vibration and the frequency? That is the ride on the merry go round. Finding Your Way Back to that place of knowing that in this moment all is well. No matter what you see in your reality. All is well in this moment. And you can know that every single person, the person that yes, your compassionate nature, it pulls you forward. But you can feel that compassion and that love without judging the circumstance as horrific. You can see jump over it and see the piece for that individual. And it that is the most power you have to help them Alex the strife in the conversation and the railing in the news broadcasts and the upset adds to the momentum of the power and does nothing to help that individual. But when you breathe into your heart, and you just sink in and you breathe out love unconditional love. It goes into the Crystalline Grid and lights it up and it will affect all that come in contact with it. And everyone can come in contact with it by simply breathing it in. Breathing it in in this moment. Breathe in the oneness, we are all one.

Alex Ferrari 54:51
So when you were mentioning timelines, were you referring to parallel realities or the multiverse as is being calm? When we call nowadays where there's almost a quantum shifting between realities that there isn't, there is a timeline in reality where Earth is on on the trajectory of destroying itself. And then there is another reality where humanity has chosen to become conscious and rise, raise their vibration to evolve to a higher place. Is that what you were discussing?

Kelly Bowker 55:25
That is exactly right. That is exactly right. It is a very, very complex thing for the human looking through the eyes of linear time and space, and the knowing of the reality that they see the hard things they see around them. It is very difficult to wrap your mind around that. In this moment. Now, it is all ready, happened. And so one would ask, then what can I do? You can think about your unicorns you can think about. For this one, it's talking with Oprah, he was talking with Alex, that fun thought that makes you laugh at yourself and not take yourself too serious. It feels good. You raise your frequency. And then you take that beautiful breath into your heart center, and you send it out, you send it out into the Crystalline Grid and it lights up your planet. And it will bring forward those that are within the vibrational pole that beautiful one that you described who can't stop listening, feeling that magnetic pole this energy has a magnetic as to it. So yes, it is absolutely the answer to these questions are in the understanding of time and dimensions. Absolutely.

Alex Ferrari 57:02
Can you discuss a little bit about this evolution of shift this human this consciousness shift that is happening in humanity currently, it's not truly coming it's already here. Can you explain it to people to not who don't understand or have given a better better idea of what this consciousness shift that is happening in humanity right now is

Kelly Bowker 57:28
*Speaking in tounges*

You're goal coming forward to this planet was to come forth and have experiences that would help you to remember who you are through out what you would call time, layers and layers of energy is collected this moment in time, there is a coalescing of energy, energy that is calling. So many forward to the higher knowings to the sensation of unconditional, unconditional, being unconditional love. The energy is of Mother Earth. She is a huge player in this and the energy is creating an unrest within people that is making you look for the more and the more is as simple as the present moment. The more that you are seeking is the knowingness that everything is exactly as it should be. And that nothing needs your judgment to be able to sit within this paradigm that includes duality, and not hold within your heart the judgment that is the frequency that we discuss. That is the enlightened state, that knowing of oneness.

Alex Ferrari 59:40
Now as as this earth undergoes these transformations, how can we best support and harmonize with these energy shifts?

Kelly Bowker 59:50
We often say to this one when she gets overwhelmed, to go back to basics, because there can be Many, many great understandings of things such as the multiverse, and all of these nuts and bolts, shall we say, of the reality that you think you're understanding. There can be all kinds of that kind of thing. But when it comes right down to it, the present moment is all you have. And all you ever will have. It is your moment of power. Tend to your present moment, dear ones, learn to love yourself. Learn to nurture yourself, this world at this moment is under this veil of understanding that you are not a good person, if you do not put all of these things before yourself, when that is exactly the opposite. When you are caring and loving for yourself first, when you are developing that relationship with yourself nurturing, loving, caring for yourself, you have a well within you that bubbles up and overflows and pours out to those around, and it pours into the Crystalline Grid and lights up. That is what we are talking about the interconnectedness of everything through the shards of energy. And if you just simply take a breath and radiate love out, you are turning that frequency up. And that will help the neighbor down the street. But if you are overworked and overtired and you your tank is empty, you're not helping anybody including yourself. So come from that place of self care. Be self ish, yes. Be selfish. Whoo wit, it is such a contradiction in what you need, that you have been taught from the time you were born, to always turn the other cheek and always give and always put others first No, because it doesn't work. These wars in this, these conflicts are absolute evidence that it doesn't work. But if everyone took the time, to care for themselves, and love and nurture themselves, think of the world that you would have. Because everyone has the ability to care and love for themselves. But they're all busy looking outside themselves and being disappointed. And then they're made angry, and then they're this and then they're that that is exactly it. So to sum up, what can you do? Breathe into the present moment. Tell yourself that you are worthy and you are loved because you are the angels in heaven saying, look down on your face and sing with love at the perfection that you all are you all are

Alex Ferrari 1:03:22
At the pace that the world is changing. What guidance Do you offer for those who are overwhelmed and just lost in general?

Kelly Bowker 1:03:31
Listen to your heart. That which is us, whispers in all of your minds. You all have an energy system. You all have an angel team. You all have guides and loved ones and non physical helpers that are just waiting to help you. Create that relationship dear ones, ask this another thing that you agreed to was freewill. We will stand back and watch you be as miserable as you choose to be. But when you ask, help me please help me find my way to love helped me find my way to loving myself helped me find the way to look at myself in the mirror and know that I am worthy. That is the beginning of it all. Everyone is striving and striving and overwhelmed because they think that that feeling is going to be obtained from external sources when it's going to be found within do the inner child work that is so difficult and so distasteful for so many. But those programs are running dry. Aren't those programs from childhood that keep you confused that you're not good enough, you can't do it, you're not going to make it. Those programs are running, but you have the ability to learn tips and tricks and perhaps, to overcome and reprogram your own mind. So that you can settle into the present moment with peace and love for yourself and love for humanity. And the things that are overwhelming you and confusing you. Will will sift down before you and you will have what you need in front of you. The overwhelming comes when you are so far ahead. In all of your thinking, your egoic brain has pulled you so far away from the present moment that you can't find who you are. When you settle into this moment. It's the knowing that everything you have this entire team that is working on your behalf, waiting for you to say, work with me, helped me to feel your nudges helped me to know when you're giving me a direction to go left and right. That is how you navigate this world. We are right here trying to give you those nudges, but you have to listen, you have to dry, you have to feel. And as Kelly hears the word you have to and she's hearing it fall on her ear she knows we do not say you have to anything, because you are perfect as you are. But the feeling of urgency that we do feel wanting you to understand these concepts brought forth that word from her. But we do invite you, we invite you to reach out, we invite you to learn who you really are that you are God. You are one with the grass, you are one with the angels, you are one with it all. And you have the ability to create the life that you want. From wherever you are. It isn't the doing. It's the being being in the present moment being all that you are.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:44
How do you see religion evolving? As we move through this shift?

Kelly Bowker 1:07:50
What do you think? Oh, I don't have a clue what Kelly's lips in and out.

Oh my goodness, let's see what they got to say about that. *Speaking in tounges*

The ideas on structured religion are evolving and changing on your planet. The way that it has always been is beginning to change already. I believe you would probably agree to that. The core church that had hundreds of people in the small town now has been a very, very few. The, the the access to the yearning that the human feels, the human feels a yearning. And in the old days when the you only had the small church in the small town. That was where you went to find the answers to your questions. There was no other way. But now there is such a vast amount of ability to get the answers to these questions that we would say that it is going to follow a very natural progression, excuse me, very natural progression of eating away, just not being feeling quite get what they're trying to say. But not not it the vital important part of life that was at one time. It was a huge, huge part of it. society and life for many, many, many years, and, and it's not needed to be that anymore. And so it is going to continue to morph.

Alex Ferrari 1:10:12
How will AI affect our spiritual growth as a species?

Kelly Bowker 1:10:16
Anything that comes into your experience can be held to the concept of duality. And both sides can be found for anything, that is the nature of the world that you live in. So is there a world where all of the fears that people have which when you have an emotion, it is an energy, energy never goes away. So the energy that adds to the, to the construct of fear when you when you are having all of that fear it all magnetizes together and creates this big pulling, that is fear. And so the one that has a little bit of fear gets pulled into that, and the one that has a lot of fear gets pulled into that. But then when you have that silly one, who sits in the present moment, knowing that all all possibilities are there? And which one are you going to choose to align with? Is there the timeline? With all the horror that you can imagine that the sci fi movies have depicted? Yeah. But is there the timeline when it is a supportive, positive part of the evolution of humans? Yes. There is no no's. It's all there. Alex is all part. And the game, if we were going to be flippant and say, the game is to come back to the present moment, how am I vibrating? What is my frequency? Am I in the frequency of fear? Do I feel vulnerable to anything, I'm not vulnerable, no one is vulnerable, we are all one. And when you sit in that knowing us today, and in that vibration, you are not vulnerable, you know that everything is working for your highest good, and you allow that to play itself out. So, again, establishing the frequency of the present moment tending to the frequency of the present moment, when this one shares the horror of potential horror story that they see that AI can be, turn your back to it and do not give it any credence at all. Because is that a reality? Yeah, but does it have to be yours? And this one's Absolutely not.

Alex Ferrari 1:13:18
And do you have any parting messages for the audience?

Kelly Bowker 1:13:23
There is a great power and facilitation, in the human learning to interact with and 10 to their own energy system, the chakra system, there is a great power in learning the relationship between your energy system and Mother Earth. And there is wonderful and great power in knowing the connection between that energy system and the all. And when you see yourself as the center of that beautiful flow of energy that goes into the cosmos, through your energy center, down into Mother Earth, letting go of what no longer serves, gathering the frequencies and the codes that are needed and changing any energy that needs to be changed that is going on all the time. And when you as the human add your intention, and you add the names of the angels and you add the colors and you work with that energy system, you will have a level of understanding and clarity that you have not had up to this point and we invite you to that learning.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:02
Thank you so much. How was that for you, Kelly?

Kelly Bowker 1:15:07
Awesome when you help, it's it's humbling. It makes me feel teary because, you know, those are questions. I don't have a friggin clue. I don't know the ends those questions. And their answers are so consistent and just so beautiful and so empowering, so empowering to all of us that how much we have control over our own our own vibrational output. I mean, it's just incredible is such a journey. Oh my god, I'm just so I'm so humbled to be a part of it. I truly am. So I have no idea.

Alex Ferrari 1:15:46
Same here, sister. So I'm gonna ask you a few questions. I ask all of my guests. What is your definition of living a fulfilled life?

Kelly Bowker 1:15:57
I think waking up in the morning and being the best version of yourself every day. Doing it again tomorrow, and maybe being a little better tomorrow.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:08
If you had a chance to go back in time and talk to a little Kelly, what advice would you give her?

Kelly Bowker 1:16:12
Oh, I would hold her wee little face in my hands. And I would say little girl, you were so so loved was so so loved.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:20
How do you define God or Source?

Kelly Bowker 1:16:22
Me and you

Alex Ferrari 1:16:23
And what is the ultimate purpose of life?

Kelly Bowker 1:16:25
Oh, this feeling right here. The oneness. The knowing the isness of a present moment, the isness of a moment that you are connected in Know your value, you know the value of those around you.

Alex Ferrari 1:16:43
Then where can people? And where can people find out more about you? Your book, establishing your frequency and the amazing work you're doing in the world?

Kelly Bowker 1:16:51
Oh, thank you. Well, I do one to one meetings with people. If you go online and you go to presentmomentmagic, all one word,, it will take you to my scheduling site. And I'm actually starting I don't know when this is going to air but on the 14th of November I'm starting a weekly community gathering thing that's a fairly small price. And just to kind of get to know me if people want to just get to know me a little bit. I will include all the stuff that we did tonight channeling asking questions like language, I like good stuff. And Kelly Bowker Channel is my Facebook page. And YouTube as well, right? Oh, yes, my YouTube channel. I love doing YouTube. YouTube is Present Moment Magic. That's that's they gave me that. And that's our thing. And you can also email me at and I'll help you if you're struggling to connect.

Alex Ferrari 1:17:57
Be careful what you wish were for by putting your email out there.

Kelly Bowker 1:18:00
I do. I do have two books to my first book is called. They're both available on Amazon. My first book is called redefining faith. And my second book is establishing your frequency.

Alex Ferrari 1:18:14
My dear, thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm so glad that you've decided to walk this path and share your gifts with everybody and help the world a little bit more your work is helping the world be a little bit better place to be in. So I appreciate you my dear. Thank you again.

Kelly Bowker 1:18:31
Thank you so much, Alex!

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